Accidental facial in the Vietnamese Doctor’s office

Spontaneous male orgasm is at best inconvenient and at worst
unbelievably embarassing.
Consider, if you will, what in the
world you would do if in the matter of a few seconds, and quite
without warning, you went from your normally flaccid state to
fully erect and pumping massive amounts of semen into your jeans;
and of course, your face would be your best combination of
surprise, dismay, and “cum face”. Of course you learn ways to
lessen the damage, some of which are inconvenient and
embarassing, and some of which are just common sense, like
jerking off when it’s convenient to lessen the load you dump in
your pants at inopportune times.

So how it was that I ended up at the dermatologist one morning
having not ejaculated for four days either intentionally or
unintentionally, I have no idea. But there I was, with the
receptionist escorting me into the exam room and telling me to
strip down to my underwear, as usual. The normal 10 minute wait
for the dermatologist passed quickly as I caught up on the news
on my phone. When the doctor came in, a small not incredibly
attractive but not ugly Vietnamese woman in her mid 40’s, she and
I chatted for a few minutes, the normal small talk that people
use to set each other at ease, about kids, spouses, schools, and
the usual life events.

“So are there any problem areas you need me to look at today?”
This was the first bit of embarassment because I had recently
noticed a few small dark spots on my balls. “Well, there are a
few dots on the… um… south side of Johnsonville I was
wondering about.” She laughed and said in her Vietnamese accent,
“So that’s what you call it? We’ll take a look.” After she had
examined the remainder of my body she went about the task of
examining my scrotum. “Okay, let’s take a look.” I was standing
and she pulled my briefs down a little past my knees and then
crouched down to look. She took my balls in her hand and lifted
them up so she could see the affected area.

And that’s when all hell broke loose. I felt the blood rushing
to my penis and it occured to me then that I hadn’t cum in
several days. As my penis quickly grew I wondered, “Why isn’t
she moving away?” I don’t know if she was too surprised to move
or what. Clearly she had no idea what was about to happen. Even
though I was watching all this happen in slow motion, all I had
time to get out was, “UH!…” before I erupted.

The first blast caught the right side of her face, spanning her
high cheekbone and her black hair back about to her ear. With
that warning shot she simultaneously jerked her head and turned
to the right as she started to say “AHH!” Of course opening her
mouth to say anything was a bad idea, as the second blast was
aimed dead center at her open mouth. This caused her to gag a
little and close her eyes tightly as she moved to stand up. The
remaining three strong ejaculations caused less damage, but
managed to spray her neck and blouse over her left breast before
she was fully out of the line of fire and my cock was left merely
twitching up and down with small bits of semen pumping out and
splattering on the asphalt tile floor.

“I am so sorry!” I said as she looked at me with her eyes and
mouth wide open, not quite knowing what to do with the cum in her
mouth. “Um…” she said. And then she turned her head slightly
to the right and downward, and… swallowed. “It’s… okay. No
problem,” she said in a somewhat dazed voice. “Let me help you
clean up,” I said and I used my thumb to wipe some of the
ejaculate off her cheek. My cock, which usually returns to
“normal” after such an event, was still popping out of its skin
in spite of my embarassment. She didn’t pull away as I had
thought she would, so I used my other thumb to wipe some of the
semen from her blouse and in doing so I was basically caressing
her left breast. After a swipe or two I have to admit I was
turned on mentally as well as physically, which was obvious from
my unflagging erection. I placed my fingers under her breast,
beginning to feel her up in a more obvious way, and with my left
hand still cradling her face, pulled her ever so slightly towards

It must have been an odd scene, the tall naked white guy with his
underwear around his knees, dick at attention dripping cum,
holding the little Vietnamese doctor in a clearly inappropriate
way, splatters of semen at their feet on the floor and streaks of
cum in her hair, on her face, and on her blouse.

After what seemed like a long time our lips touched, tongues
began to play, and I could taste my semen in her mouth. To be
honest I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and that
feeling was multiplied by ten when, before anyone could react,
the door opened, and we heard the voice of her assistant say,
“Dr. Nyugen, can you… oh… ah… sorry,” and then the door
closed. Of course I was in way too deep to do anything but what I
was already doing. My right hand found its way into her blouse
and under her bra and my left hand dove down the waistband of her
skirt, under her panties to grab her tiny ass. My dick was
pressed hard against her blouse as she straddled my leg, and we
gyrated as much as we physically could. Eventually she pulled
her skirt up above her waist and yanked her panties down so she
could rub her naked clit on me. It wasn’t long after that that
she pulled her face away from mine, bit my neck painfully hard,
and in a burst of energy returned the favor and came on me, her
juices running down my right leg.

I desperately wanted to penetrate her, but after a few deep
breaths she said, “I have to go, I have other patients waiting.
Come back in two weeks.” Then, looking at my dick, I heard her
say, “Oh shit” under her breath, and she crouched down and gave
me the quickest blowjob I’ve ever had. When she was done she
stood up, kissed me again, and passed me the load that was in her
mouth, which I had no choice but to swallow. With that, she
smiled at me, straightened her clothes and walked out of the
office, apparently unaware that she still had cum stains on her
blouse and a rather significant streak of semen in her hair. I
cleaned up the office as well as I could, and got the hell out of
dodge. Of course checking out was interesting as apprently the
receptionist was the one that had walked in on us.

The following week I received a text from her, “Masturbate to
this” was all it said, and attached was a picture of me holding
her tits from that day in the office. Out of context it
completely looked like I was molesting her, and I realized then
that I had no choice but to do anything she wanted me to. Not
that I minded…