Victoria’s Dirty Secret

On a warm evening in mid-July, Rob Farrow decides to go for a ride on his
motorbike. When he gets to his lock-up, he is horrified to find his
motorbike is not there and there is a bloody great hole in the back wall.
Some bastard has stolen his motor bike!
Rob steps through the new hole he has in the back of his lock-up and into
the field behind. He is over-joyed to see the familiar glint of polished
chrome handlebars in the long grass and sets off to retrieve his property.
As Rob gets closer he can see a figure hunched over his motor bike and stops
to think about how they will react when they see him. Things could get
nasty. Rob goes back to find something to defend himself with. He finds the
chain he had used to lock the motor bike and wraps one end around his fist.
Now he is ready.

Victoria hooks her blond hair behind her ear as she inspects the motor
bike’s ignition switch.
“Come on you fucker, ” she thinks to herself, identifying the wire she needs
to short out, “I can’t push you across this field, I’m gonna have to try and
get you started so I can…”
Victoria freezes when her work is suddenly thrown into shadow by a figure
beside her. She is too scared to turn and see who it is and decides on
abandoning the bike and making a run for it.
But she is barely on her feet when a heavy chain lands around her shoulders.
She struggles but the chain is pulled tight, crushing her arms into her
ribcage and making her stumble to the ground. Without the use of her arms to
break the fall, Victoria lands on her face, adding pain to the humiliation
of being caught stealing.
With half her face now in the mud, Victoria recalls the words of her mother
during her last visit to see her in prison.
“Your old Mum isn’t in jail for stealing. I’m in here ’cause I got caught!
Always remember girl, if you can’t be good, at least have the sense not to
get caught!”
But Victoria has been caught and all she can do now is hope that she doesn’t
end up sharing a cell with her mother.
When she feels the buttons being popped at the front of her trousers,
Victoria’s attitude changes. It looks as though she might be in for a
different form of punishment.

Rob hauls the girl’s ass into the air and peels back the denim, exposing the
white cotton of her underwear. He pauses for a moment before ripping the
thin material at either side and with a sharp tug, the girl’s ass is naked.
This girl took his property and now she is going to pay.

Victoria is very worried about the current state of affairs. Not only has
she been caught stealing but it looks as though she is about to be raped.
She doesn’t even know what the man looks like. As if that would make any
difference to what he is about to do to her.
She could scream. But the chances of any body hearing her are slim. She is
in the middle of a field with nothing but a block of garages behind her.
Even if someone did hear, there would be questions about the motor bike and
it would probably be the police asking them.
Victoria has a choice. She can scream for help in the hope that someone will
hear or she can keep her mouth shut and take what is coming to her. Of
course, there is no telling what her captor will do when he hears her
scream. He might beat her. This thought worries Victoria even more. It is
bad enough being raped without being black and blue at the end of it.
Victoria has to bite her lip as she feels a finger tracing a path from the
top of her ass and then down between her buttocks. She feels the finger tip
pause over the opening to her anus and wonders what the guy has in mind.
Surely he isn’t going to take her up the ass? Victoria’s worry turns to
panic and she shuffles to be free of the chain around her arms.

Rob sees the girl doesn’t like having her ass touched. It makes him feel
powerful to know that he can do what he wants and there is nothing the girl
can do. Just for the hell of it, he wets a finger and jabs it in to make her
squeal. She does and it is music to his ears.
But Rob doesn’t want to be heard by anyone passing by. The bitch could spoil
his fun by attracting unwanted attention.

Victoria feels the balled up underwear she had been wearing until a minute
ago being pushed into her mouth. How disgusting is this guy going to get? A
girl should never have to taste the stains on her own underwear! If this is
the sort of thing he gets off on, Victoria wonders what the hell will be
A zip comes down behind her and she hears the squelch of foreskin being
peeled back and forth. Hopefully that will be it. He will toss off, shoot
his lot and be satisfied. The post orgasmic bliss will be beset with remorse
and he will see what he has done to the poor girl in front of him, and send
her on her way, begging forgiveness.
Well, Victoria can hope.

The sight of his fist around his cock, so close to the girls cunt is driving
Rob wild and he has to hold back on the speed of his strokes. It wouldn’t do
to waste what should be inside, on the outside.
Eager for the tease, Rob delights in the softness of the fur just beginning
to grow at either side of the girls cunt. The lips have darkened but are not
yet those of a woman. They are still narrow and have not seen enough cock to
be hanging loose from the rest of her pussy. This girl still has some
growing in her.
The virgin landscape of the girl’s cunt excites Rob to the point where he is
almost cumming before he has done anything. He has teased himself for long
enough. He separates the inner lips of her pussy and guides his cock to its

The guys cock is hard and slips easily into Victoria’s waiting cunt.
Victoria senses surprise in the pause of his stroke when he is fully buried.
He must have thought he was taking her virginity! He thought he would be
breaking the hymen that Simon, her 23 year old next door neighbour and
ex-babysitter, had torn. He is about a year too late.
But he continues anyway. Thrusting fast and hard until Victoria feels him
lose his rhythm completely. His fingers grip tightly and his clutch is a
little painful on Victoria’s hips but she is too pre-occupied by the thought
he must be almost done.

Rob gives a last, hard push and spills his cum into the girl’s cunt. Holding
her tightly, he grabs more and more of her ass until his eruptions subside.
The girl has been silent the whole time and Rob wonders whether it is
because she actually enjoyed it. The act is finished a little too soon for
Rob’s liking but the thought of having a girl enjoy being raped fills him
with pride. Maybe she liked the size of his cock. He has given the girl her
first taste of a real man’s prick. And now that she has a pussy full of his
cum she wants more. If he removes the chain around her arms, maybe she will
turn over and spread for him, properly. It is a risk but Rob is confident he
has satisfied the girl and she will want more of the same.

Victoria doesn’t know what to do when the chain falls away from her arms. Is
he wanting her to run just so he can bring her down and rape her again? Or
is he, as she had speculated, remorseful and full of self-pity. She to take
the chance. It is now or never.
Without looking back, Victoria gets to her feet and doesn’t stop running
until her lungs burn from the exertion and the front door of her house is
securely shut behind her.
Her father must have heard the door being closed and shouts through from the
“Is that you, love? Missed your tea I’m afraid. It’s in the dog now.”
Eating is the last thing on Victoria’s mind and she makes her way up the
stairs to her bedroom.
As the door closes behind her, she looks around the room at the soft toy’s
and boy-band posters on the walls. She sees a girl’s bedroom and Victoria is
not a girl anymore.
Pulling at the crotch of her jeans, she feels the cum stringing from the
denim to her cunt. And that is when it hits her.
Like a rocket going off in her head, Victoria suddenly realises that the guy
hadn’t used a rubber. Victoria might get pregnant!