Jenny – the little asshole

Hi again. This is the second installment in my life as a dirty little
lesbian ass licker. I know that sounds crude, but why pretend to be
anything that I’m not. I love licking girls’ asses and I’m quite good at

My senior year in high school I had reached my peak (so I thought) of
being a slut. The women at the downtown dyke bar I frequented on a nightly
basis were using me. During the day I was a good student. At night, I was
doing unimaginable things with total strangers. In fact, it was that year
I got the nickname “asshole dyke.”

My taste for girls was insatiable and I yearned every day to suck and
lick asshole. At school I daydreamed about the girls in my class. I spent
a lot of time in the toilet masturbating, dreaming of licking the girls I
saw in class. Although I had the fantasies about the girls in school, I
knew they could not be acted upon. Besides, at night I was downtown
whoring myself to every girl who walked by.

Anyway, one spring day I finished up with school and quickly went home
to change into a miniskirt, red thong, matching bra and tight blouse for my
night out. I went to my fav bar, a hole in the wall called Candy’s, where
I knew they’d let me in despite my age.

As I walked through the door the bouncer, a big girl named Sam, flashed
me a grin and let me in without a word. I walked over to bathroom and
stood there as I often did, knowing it would only be a matter of time until
someone approached me for sex.

As I waited anxiously, I noticed Sam waving at me. Wondering what was
up, I walked to the door. To my shock I saw standing there with Sam, a
girl from my gym class. Her name was Lindsey and I knew very little about
her other than the fact that she was one of the toughest girls in school.
I’d always thought she was a dyke but didn’t dare approach her for fear of
being rejected and having all the nasty rumors sweep through school that
went along with that.

“Jenny this girls says she knows you, is that true?” Sam said. Stunned
I looked at the girl’s and mouthed “Yes.”

“Okay I let her in this time but don’t be bringing your friends down
here, we’ll get in trouble,” Sam said.

The girl walked past Sam and grabbed my hand.

“Thanks for inviting me Jenny,” she said. Then under her breath,
whispered, “I know you don’t know me well, but I know you. You licked my
cousin’s ass here a few weeks ago and she told me about you. She said you
were a hot little slut. So I thought I come down here and make you MY
slut, understand?”

I was getting so wet. I could feel the cream soaking my thin satin
panties. “Yes Lindsey,” I said. “I’ve watched you in school. I’ve
masturbated to you in the bathroom before.”

It’s true, I had. Lindsey had short dark hair, a lovely tan and was
very athletic. Her arms were ripped and I could only imagine what that
toned body looked like naked. I wanted her – BAD.

“So you’ve masturbated to me in the bathroom, huh? Why don’t we go in
the bathroom right now and you can show me you little whore.”

Then to my surprise, Lindsay grabbed me by the hair and led me to the
bathroom right in front of everybody! It wasn’t the first time a girl had
dragged me into the bathroom for a fuck and I could hear the other girls,
who were clearing out of Lindsey’s way, snicker as we walked by.

A tell redhead looked me right in the eye and said, “What a fucking

Lindsey just kept walking till we got to the toilet stall. She
forcefully opened the door and yelled, “Okay, bitch, show me how you

I pulled off my skirt and sat on the toilet, pushing my sopping wet
panties to one side as I fingered myself in front of her. However, soon
she lost patience with that.

“A little whore like you belongs on the floor in the fifth,” she said.
“Get on your knees! Now!”

When I didn’t respond quickly enough, she grabbed me by the hair again
and pulled me to the floor. By now I was furiously masturbating, so hot I
felt like exploding. There with the stall door wide open, I sat on the
floor in front of Lindsey and various other girls who were watching and
fingered myself. I felt so dirty. It was wonderful.

“Okay slut, tell me what you want now,” Lindsey said with a knowing

“I, I dunno,” I stammered.

“Yes you do Jenny, she said. “You want to lick my ass don’t you you
little asshole dyke. My cousin told me about you. She told me you licked
her asshole for 30 minutes and begged for more. You wanna lick my ass
don’t you cunt?”

“Oh yesssss,” I said.

“Then beg for it, now, in front of everyone!”

“PLEASE,” I cried. Please let me suck your ass Lindsey. I promise I’ll
do a good job and I’ll make you feel good…please I will lick your ass for
as long as you want and anyone else’s you tell me too.” I couldn’t believe
I was saying this. I’d never been with multiple girls, much less done THAT
with multiple girls but I was soooo hot I needed it and would do anything
to get it. Soon there was a group of girls watching me beg Lindsey on my

Finally she relented. “Okay whore, you can suck my asshole now,” she
said with an evil grin. With that she pulled down her skirt and panties
and bent over in front of me. I attacked her ass with my tongue as she
hurled insults at me.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s sooooo good you fucking stupid dyke,” she said. “Eat
my ass slut. Taste me…Yes, YES, stick your tongue up my ass you fucking
bitch. Oh yeah I bet you’ve dreamed of this forever huh cunt? Tell me how
good I taste. Slurp my ass. MOAN for me bitch. Tell all these girls
watching you whore yourself how good it feels to have that nasty little
tongue up my ass!!!!”

As I ate her, I slid a finger up my own ass, bringing myself to orgasm
as Lindsey soaked me with her juices through a thundering orgasm of her

After she shivered for a moment with my tongue up her ass, she pulled
away. My entire face was drenched with her cum. Just for effect, I slid
the finger out of my ass and sucked it in front of Lindsey and the other
girls. She smiled wide.

“That was great my little whore. But you’re not done yet. I wanna
watch you lick someone else’s ass now.”

I looked at her surprised, but soon my pussy was dripping again. Who
would it be? The tall redhead? The bleach blonde in the corner? Maybe
the leggy brunette who was fingering herself on the sink.

Then Lindsey walked back into the crowd and grabbed someone else. It
wasn’t any of the girls I thought. It was this mildly attractive, shy
overweight girl, who I always saw back in the shadows watching everyone
else dance.

“Jenny, this is my friend Kate.” Lindsey said. “You ARE going to lick
her ass for as long as she wants.”

I leaned my back against the toilet and motioned Kate to come forward.
She pulled down her panties to her knees under her skirt and leaned in
front of me.

Still hot, I licked her greedily, pushing apart her plump cheeks and
sucking her asshole. In fact, she tasted so strong, so different, I
actually got hotter!! I began to yell…

“OHHH, Kate, you taste so nasty…I love it.”

Kate was sopping wet and her juices were running down her things and
into my face. Now the shy Kate came out of her shell. “Yesssss,” she
yelled. “You are such a fucking slut Jenny. I love your tongue up my ass.
I’m gonna cum on your face just like Lindsey. You fucking whore, I want
you to eat my ass every day, bitch.”

Kate and the others just laughed as I came again and Kate drenched my
face with her pungent fluid.

When I was done, Kate, unlike Lindsey, bent over and kissed me deep,
sucking on my tongue, giving her a taste of the ass I just licked for 10

Lindsey helped me to my feet.

“Jenny, you were everything I imagined. This is not the last time I
will use you, understand?”

I just grinned and smiled. “Yes Lindsey, I will be yours whenever you
want. Maybe sometime you can join me in the toilet at school where I’ll be
masturbating to you much more often!”

Lindsey took me out into the bar again and I sat there talking with her
the rest of the night, with the lingering taste of ass in my mouth and
pussy cum in my face and hair.