Whipped And Bound Niece

“But I want to be an actress!” Cathy screamed at her mother.

Shiela Harp just went on knitting and staring at the television.

“You”ll soon get that nonsense out of your head,” Shiela said rather grimly, “and you”re certainly not going to give up that restaurant training to chase off after some stupid dream like being an actress.”

Shiela flipped the channel with an irritated flick of her hand and then flipped it back.

“But Uncle Conrad has an agency,” Cathy said defiantly. “I”m going to ask him.”

“You are not!” her mother snapped. She flipped the channel again. “I haven”t spoken to my brother in ten years, and I don”t intend to for the next ten.”

“I know where he works,” Cathy jeered, flicking her long dark hair over shoulders. “I don”t need you.”

“Don”t you dare go anywhere near my brother!” Shiela snapped, finally looking up. “That”s an order, I don”t like the way he lives. And he was the one who got your father to run off with that… that actress! Or so she said. I”ve never seen her on the television.”

Shiela returned her steely gaze to the TV as Cathy stormed out of the room.

There was another thing her mother didn”t know. Not only did Cathy knew where her Uncle Conrad”s agency was, she had also saved up the money to take the bus. She stared at the mirror in her room, working up her courage. She knew she could make it big, after all she had the right attributes for it. Her dark sensuous looks already got more than their share of attention from the boys in her college, and the slim, curvaceous lines of her body had caused a full-scale assault on her purity from one of the teachers. But Cathy was an old-fashioned girl, she was going to save herself for marriage.

Cathy had it all planned out, seeing herself as the next Miss American Purity, star of the silver screen.

Her mind was made up.

She turned away from the mirror and checked the bus timetables. There was one at midnight, that was perfect, there was no sense in waiting. She crept down the stairs with her suitcase.

“Just off to see Jackie, Ma!” she called.

“Don”t be late!”

Ten hours later, Cathy was in a state of highflying excitement as she arrived in New York. The skyline of Manhattan, the bubbling life, all infected her with energy despite the long bus journey. She asked a cop and got the directions, and soon she was heading up an elevator.

A beautiful, dark-haired woman of about twenty was polishing her nails behind a desk in a luxurious office.


“I want to see my Uncle Conrad,” Cathy said, putting her suitcase down.

“Your what?” the woman sneered.

“Conrad Williams is my uncle,” Cathy said, standing her ground.

Very slowly the woman got up. Cathy noticed that her blouse was stretched tightly across her low-slung tits and her leather skirt was cut very short, almost revealing the tops of her black stockings.

She looked at Cathy over the desk. “What”s your name?”

“Cathy. Cathy Harp.”

“Yeah.” The woman walked around the corner, disappearing from sight.

There was a knock, and a door clicked open and shut.

“Oh, she”s here, is she?” said a man”s voice, angry and loud. “I”ll deal with it.”

The door opened, and a tall, dark-haired man in a blue suit came around it, pacing as if he didn”t have much time.

“Now look here!” he snapped. “Your fuckin” mother just called me and she wants you back right…” He tailed off, staring at Cathy. “Jesus! You grew up!”

“Yes,” Cathy said slyly. She hung her head a little under his strong gaze.

“So you want to be an actress, huh?”

“Yes, Uncle,” Cathy replied, blushing wildly. Behind him, the receptionist leaned against the wall, a sneer on her face.

“Call me Conrad. And come in here! We”ve got a lot to talk about!”

He led her past the receptionist, who had lost her sneer by this time, and into his office.

“Well,” he said, stand there a moment, “let me look at you. Head up, come on, if you want to act.”

Cathy was still blushing, but she got her head up. “What did my mother say?”

“Oh, fuck, Shiela,” Conrad replied. “She never understood a thing anyway. Now, take that coat off — my God you”re beautiful!”

He walked around her, examining her inch by inch. Her soft, sensuous face with its very slightly snubbed nose and wide-spread fawn eyes. The generous lips, open slightly, red and full, curving as if in invitation. And Cathy was still blushing, making her look even more beautiful. He made her turn, pull her shoulders back, admiring the soft lines of her young body, her thrusting tits, her swelling ass and wonderful, long, shapely legs.

“Here,” he said, “put these on.”

It was a pair of five-inch heels, and Cathy had some trouble with them. They also made her a little nervous: her mother said high heels were the devil”s work and tempted the lusts of men, but then Cathy felt safe with her uncle, so it didn”t matter.

“Just walk a bit.” He watched her. “Jesus H. Christ! The things those do to your legs! Not to mention your ass. Well, fuck me, sit down and let”s talk.”

His language made Cathy feel nervous, but then he was her uncle so it must be all right.

“You act at all?”

“Just in school,” Cathy said, looking at him more closely now. Her uncle had to be in his early forties, but he was still a wonderful figure of a man, tall, commanding and very secure in his movements.

He leaned back, studying her. “So where are you staying in town?”

“I-I don”t really know. The Y, maybe, I hadn”t…”

“No, not that!” He chuckled. “You must stay with me. Now how about you head on to my place and relax, and I”ll see you about six tonight?”

“Oh, great, yes!” Cathy gasped, getting up.

“Get Renata to give you the key — Renata, my secretary,” he added as Cathy stood there, looking a little lost and confused.

Conrad”s condo apartment was as luxurious as Cathy had imagined. She took a shower and then fell asleep for several hours, waking up feeling very refreshed. When Conrad came home she was dressed in a plain flowered dress.

“Ready to hit the town?”

“Tonight?” Cathy gasped.

“Sure!” He chuckled. “We move fast in this a city. I got a small group of us together, so it should be a great party. And these two guys you”ll meet have got contacts, so be real nice to them.”

“Oh yes, Uncle, I will!” Cathy was unable to believe her luck.

“Just one thing,” Conrad said. “You really can”t go out in New York dressed like that. I got Renata to get you some clothes, so put them on. They”ll fit. One glance and Renata can tell exactly what size anybody is.”

He tossed her a large bag which Cathy took and went into the bedroom.

She wasn”t sure about the clothes, they were almost as revealing as the ones Renata wore, but it was New York and Cathy wasn”t going to argue.

First there were white stockings with lacy suspender straps to hold them up. Cathy had trouble with them both, her mother had never let her wear things like that, but she got them on at last. The suspender straps were attached to a matching white waist-cincher that stopped well below her tits. There was a matching bra and panty set, also white, and very small. The panties hardly covered her ass and the bra was a quarter-cup one that pushed her lovely tits even higher than normal.

Cathy examined herself in the mirror as she put on the little lacy slip, realizing that she looked very sexy indeed. That made her feel nervous.

Then there was the dress, a modern fashion Cathy was sure, loose and high cut, but it was so short it almost showed her stocking tops, and Cathy didn”t want to look like Renata. But she put it on and the belt, then finally the shoes, heels like the ones Conrad had made her wear earlier. She brushed her hair and went back out to him.

“Heeeey, great!” he exclaimed, admiring her. “Let”s go!”

There were six of them at the restaurant. Renata was there, being a real snit whenever she glanced at Cathy. Her hard but beautiful face, with brunette hair falling as low as her tits, was pouting most of the time. She wore a slightly longer leather dress than before, but it was slit to her upper thigh and showed the lacy beginnings of her garter strap.

Then there was Alisha, an actress, or so she was introduced to Cathy. She was a strange, giggly blonde with a pretty, innocent face, darkbrown eyes and straight hair. She played up to all the men, trying to keep their attention from the more beautiful Cathy. Often she leaned forward, letting her open-necked dress fall forward, revealing her small, thrusting tits. And she let her hemline slide dangerously up her thighs whenever she could.

The two men were business friends of Conrad”s. There was Eric, medium height, fair hair, slim and tough-looking. And there was Nolan, who was obviously a body-builder, since he bulged dangerously out of his suit. He seemed pleasant enough, chatting more easily than any of the others.

It all passed in a blur for Cathy. She let them talk while she took it in. She was in New York and about to make it to the big time. She could hardly contain her excitement.

“Back to my place?” Conrad asked as they sipped cognac.

“Sure,” Eric replied.

“Oh yeahhh!” Alisha giggled.

There was a strange tension in the taxi. Cathy dismissed it, rather upset that she hadn”t got to see more of the city. With visions of nightclubs in her head she got out at Conrad”s place and followed them.

“So how do we get Cathy”s career started?” Conrad asked as they were all getting drinks.

Cathy blushed again and looked at the great view from the window that overlooked over Manhattan.

“Got to teach her how to audition,” Renata said and there was a strange tone in her voice.

“Oh yes,” Eric agreed, “got to teach her that!”

He sat back in a large stuffed chair and grinned.

Conrad pushed, some buttons. The curtains closed and the lights dimmed. Part of a wall slid open, and there was darkness behind it. Cathy felt fear run through her, but she had no idea why.

“Would you like Alisha to show you how too audition?” Conrad asked, coming over and taking his niece by the waist.

“Er… sure,” Cathy said uncertainly.

“Well, sit down here. She”ll show you with Eric.”

Her uncle sat beside her on the massive couch, his arms around her shoulders. Cathy felt even more uncomfortable. Renata was perched on the other side of her and Nolan lounged in a chair between the sofa and the door.

The lights dimmed further.

Eric pushed a desk out onto a raised about a foot above the rest of the floor. He in a soft chair behind it, studying some papers, Cathy swallowed nervously as she saw Alisha come out of the shadows and knock on a table, posing as if waiting for a door to open.

“Come in,” Eric said.

Alisha swayed into the stage area, and Cathy knew at once that she was in the middle of some depravity. But her uncle”s grip got firmer around her shoulders and there was nothing she could do but sit there.

“Hi,” Alisha said breathlessly. “I”m an actress!”

“Tell me something new,” Eric replied coldly, keeping his eyes on his papers. “You got something special, tell me. Otherwise the door is behind you.”

Alisha dropped her purse on his desk and leaned down over it. “Some men think I”m special.”

She pushed her tits together, close to his face. She held there, her loose dress falling well away from her body, so Eric could see whatever he wanted.

“That”s all?” he said at last.

“Oh noooo!” Alisha purred.

She stood up and swayed her way around the desk. She slid her hands down the front of her dress and eased it up, inch by inch. Her red stockings outlined every curve of her tight calves and thighs as the dress hem slid higher, to the tops of her stockings.

“I pay cash for every part I get from you,” she said in a low, sensual voice. “Graduated scale, what shall we say? Blowjob for a commercial, two blowjobs for a speaking part? And if I get a speaking stage role, or soap, then it”s anyway you want it for as long as I run in it. Sound good? Have a good look, I”m worth it.”

Eric was leaning back in his chair, staring at the young blonde.

Alisha worked her dress hem up the last few inches until the very bottom of her panties could be seen. They were also red, but pulled so tight that they looked semi-transparent and showed the curly blonde hair of her pussy mound beneath.

“Deal?” Alisha spread her legs, thrusting her pussy at Eric”s face.

Very slowly he raised his hand, slid it along the curves of Alisha”s calf, then on up over her stockinged knee to her thigh, closer until he reached the clip of her garter strap.

“Look, Uncle, I-I think I made a terrible mistake!” Cathy gasped, “I think I…”

“Sit still and watch!” he snapped. “You could learn something.”

His voice sounded so harsh that Cathy fell back, blushing and trembling. She wasn”t going to learn anything from this, but she would have to wait. She knew she would be on the next bus home.

Eric”s fingers moved on slowly upward, easing over Alisha”s creamy thighs. “You know, you”ve got something. But, shit, I get offers like this every day, why should I take you?”

“Because I fuck better than all of them,” Alisha said, her voice trembling with excitement. “And I can deep-throat you, for as long as you want. Ever had a three-hour blow-job?”

Eric smiled. “Okay, maybe we got a deal. For one month, we”ll see.”

“Great!” Alisha replied. “Now how about your signing-on fee? How would you like that?”

She took his hand and held it to her pussy, rubbing it over her hot cunt. Already the crotch of her panties was wet and the insides of her thighs trembled.

“Well, first you gotta prove that you can deep-throat. Then… who knows?”

“Would you like to lay on your desk?” Alisha said softly. “That way I can kneel over you and you can play with my pussy if you want. Or do anything you want, I love it all.”

She slid her hand to the back of her dress and pulled the zipper down, holding the dress over her tits as she did.

Eric slipped his jacket off. He climbed onto the desk and lay on his back. Cathy could see the massive bulge of his cock in his pants.

“Uncle,” she pleaded, “I-I”m tired, I think I”ll turn in. How about…”

“Sit still, I won”t, tell you again!”

Cathy wanted to break into tears. She sat there, trembling as she observed the horrible, depraved scene being played out.

Alisha very slowly dropped her dress to the carpet, standing revealed in nothing but her bra, panties and her red stockings with their matching red heels. She leaned over Eric, easing the clasp of her bra off, holding the cups over her tits as she grinned at him.

“Take it off for me,” she cooed.

Eric reached up and slid his hands over Alisha”s bra, playing with her tits as he moved it slowly away.

Alisha reached for his pants. She unzipped them and slid her hand inside, taking his cock and pulling it out until it sprang loose, sticking up like a long hard pole.

Cathy as horrified. She gasped and put her hand over her eyes. Eric”s cock was at least nine inches long — thick, hard cockmeat! It was terrible, her mother had been right, Uncle Conrad lived in the most disgusting way, holding orgies in his condo. She had to find a way to escape. Alisha moved her luscious thighs around Eric”s head, spreading them until her panties were stretched tight and the damp patch from her pussy juices was against his face. Then she bent slowly, holding his cock all the time until her soft lips came in contact with the hard, swollen cockhead. With a purr of lust, she licked it, then slid her soft lips over the throbbing flesh, sucking at it gently.

“Aaahhhh!” Eric sighed, sliding his hands over Alisha”s ass. “Ooohh, that”s great, honey! I can see a commercial for you, just around the corner.”

Alisha pulled her soft red lips back a little until she was just kissing his cockhead and licking it softly.

“You wait until I”ve got you right down my throat.” She gave another moan and moved her mouth downwards, taking his cock in slowly, in one continuous slide.

Cathy almost screamed with horror. She had never imagined anything so degraded.

Alisha”s mouth slid the whole length of the monstrous cock, taking it in, her lips moving down until Eric”s cockhead was thrusting into the throat and the muscles swelled to take it. She held it there, moving his swollen prickhead up and down in her throat, her fingers playing with his balls.

“Aaahhh, honey!” he gasped. “Oooohhh! I can see the very part for you, guaranteed if you can blow the producer too.”

He gasped again, pushing his hands inside Alisha”s panties, running his finger in her ass crack.

Alisha”s gurgle left no doubt that she was willing to suck any cock to get the part. She stayed there, sucking Eric”s massive fucker, her mouth bobbing up and down, her tits swaying with each movement.

“So, that”s how you get a part,” Conrad said with a grin. “See, it”s easy, particularly for a chick as great as you. Fuck, you”ll knock their eyes out, and their cocks”ll get hard so fast they”ll break their zippers.” He gave a huge laugh. “So, you ready to try it?”

Cathy was shaking so hard she could hardly stand up, but she managed it. Avoiding the terrible things that were going on across the room, she picked up her purse.

“I”m… I”m not that kind of girl, Uncle. I”m not going to sell myself to get to the top.”

“You show enough of your fucking body,” he said with an uneasy grin. “Now get over there with Nolan and show us, bitch!”

“No!” Cathy shouted. “No, I won”t be a part of your perverted life! I should have listened to my mother!”

She turned and ran straight into Nolan who gripped her arm and spun her round to face Conrad again.

Conrad pinned at her. “You”re a fuckin” tease! You come on, all blushed and head down, and then, no dice.”

“I don”t!” Cathy protested.

“You wanna see what happens to bitches who tease us?” Conrad sneered.

“No — just let me go! I”ll catch the next bus out, I won”t say a thing to Mom, really I won”t! Just let me — aaahhhh!”

With a brutal heave, Nolan had spun her around and pushed her back onto the sofa.

“Sit still!” Conrad said. “Okay, guys, let”s see what a bitch deserves.”

Both Eric and Alisha gave a groan. “No Conrad!” Alisha gasped. “Lemme suck him off! I can get it up again, you know what he”s like. Come on! I”ll make it fast, you know how much I love cum.”

Quickly she sank her hot mouth over Eric”s cock again.

Conrad laughed. “You”ll be punished.” Alisha gurgled, her throat full of cock.

She rammed her mouth deep on Eric”s throbbing prick until she had it all inside and her wicked little tongue flicked around his cockshaft.

“Let me go!” Cathy begged. “Uncle, let me go! Please, stop this, please!”

“Take your hand off and watch, or take the consequences.” Conrad”s steely eyes were on her. He waited.

“Please, Uncle, please!” Cathy sobbed. “I”ll count to three. One.”

“Please, don”t!”


“Just let me…”

“Three! Tie her up. Any way you like.” Cathy screamed, struggling against Nolan”s iron grip. “Let me go!”

She lashed out at him, her hand hitting him on the shoulder.

Nolan held her in one hand, while his other one swung back and smacked her right across her face, then back again until she was screaming and dizzy.

“Cut it out!” he snarled. “Stand still!” He pushed her upright, and Cathy stood dazed, rubbing her face.

“Hands down,” he ordered and Cathy obeyed, bursting into floods of tears.

On the desk, Alisha was working up and down on Eric”s cock. He groaned with rising lust, one hand working her ass and pussy, the other on her tits, playing with them, pinching her nipples until Alisha gurgled and moaned with passion.

But Cathy was only dimly aware of that. Nolan”s steel-hard hands gripped the neck of her dress and heaved. The material gave way as he ripped it open, almost to the waist.

“Noooo, you beast!” she screamed.

Cathy went for him, pummeling his chest as he held her. He just grinned, picked her up in one movement and carried her a few feet. Then he dropped her and grabbed her wrists.

Cathy looked up.

She screamed.

She had no idea where the thing had come from, but Renata was leaning on it, grinning, and Cathy saw the tracks on the carpet, leading into the darkness beyond the section of wall that had just opened. The thing was a massive piece of apparatus, standing eight feet tall, with shining metal pipes at all angles and heights and straps attached at various intervals. It looked like a piece of gym equipment.

“What are you going to do?” she sobbed. “Oh no! No!”

But already the leather straps were going around her wrists, and Nolan tightened them with one pull of his hands. He reached for the rope that led from the straps, over a pulley on the highest bar and back down. With a casual heave, he pulled and the rope swung up, taking Cathy”s hands with it.

“Aaahhh! Help!” Cathy screamed as she was pulled up by her bound wrists, hanging from the straps, her feet only just touching the soft carpet. “No, you can”t — no!”

Nolan tied off the rope and took the belt from around her waist. Then he reached for her torn dress and held the two sides as tie grinned at the helpless girl.

“You just wait,” he growled, “you”ll see exactly what we can do. And to a nice girl like you. Oh, it”s criminal, that”s what I think.”

With another huge grin on his handsome, square face, he pulled. Cathy”s dress ripped right to the hem.

“Ohhh, God! Save me!” Cathy screamed.

Nolan slapped her across the face again. “You”ll have plenty of reason to scream later, so knock it off?”

His huge hand ripped at the shoulders of her dress, tearing it until it came away and Cathy hung on the rope with only her little slip covering the waist-cincher and her bra and panties.

The slip was already pulled up by her stretched arms almost to her ass, showing lots of her creamy white thighs. She twisted desperately on the rape, but there was no escape.

Then she saw what Nolan had picked up and almost fainted. It was a riding crop, the thin, leather-covered length trembling with menace.

He came up close and whispered in her ear: “Now watch Alisha suck Eric off, cunt. You get one stroke for any crying, any pleading, any fucking around at all. Got that?”

“Please, please!” Cathy begged. Her eyes bulged out as she saw him raise the riding crop. “Noooo, I — aagghhhh! Ohhh God!”

He lashed her right across her tight, swelling ass. The little white slip and panties were no protection at all. Utter agony burst through her as she wept and hung on the bar.

“Now you gotta listen,” Nolan said, “just watch and keep your fuckin” mouth shut.”

Through her tears, Cathy stared at the room. The others were carrying on as if nothing was happening. Renata leaned against the wall watching. Conrad sat on the sofa, watching Alisha”s mouth slowly slide aver Eric”s cock.

“She ready,” Conrad asked.

“I reckon so,” Nolan replied.

“Fine. Okay, Alisha, have fun.”


With a gurgle of lust, Alisha sank her mouth right down the length of Eric”s rock-hard cock. He gave a gasp and heaved up off the desk, holding her head as her skillful throat worked over him.

“Watch this, baby,” Nolan said, leaning on Cathy as she hung helplessly from the leather bindings. “You could learn a lot. I mean look at that chick”s mouth work. Look, bitch, or I”ll whip you!”

The horror overwhelmed Cathy. She did she was told, staring at the degrading sight taking place on the desk.

Eric was going out of his mind as Alisha”s throat slurped his cock right down. He groaned constantly, shoving his fingers into her pussy, puffing the little red panties aside so he could get into her sopping-wet fuck-hole.

“Ooooh, yeahhhh!” he moaned. “Ohhh, fuck! The mouth on this whore-slut!”

Cathy saw Renata mow slowly over to the sofa where Conrad sat, casually watching. She saw her hands around his neck and then down over his chest, leaning over him, stroking him, kissing his neck.

Nolan leaned in closer, his hips thrusting at Cathy”s ass which still burned from the strokes of the riding crop. He reached for the lacy top of her slip as he pressed against her ass. Cathy could feel the bulge of his cock shoving at her ass crack, thrusting against her sore flesh.

He gripped the slip, tearing it from beneath her tits, don to the hem.

Cathy screamed, but Nolan ignored her, ripping the thin shoulder straps off and tossing the ruined garment aside. Then he reached for the cups of her bra.

“No, please! Don”t!” she wailed as he pulled one of the cups down and reached for her tit.

His hand went away and he stepped back. “No, please! Not that again, no! Not — aaaggghhhh! Ohhh God!”

Cathy twisted on the thongs as the riding crop lashed her ass, biting deep into her flesh. Another blow landed, beating sheer agony across her asscheeks.

“Tell me how much you love me to touch you,” Nolan growled, whipping her again.

“Uurrghhhh! Help! Uncle, help me!” Cathy screamed, but Conrad ignored her, and the riding crop lashed her swelling ass, driving her almost out of her mind with pain.

“Stop him, please! Stop him!”

The riding crop whipped her, slashing another thin red line of pain into her ass-flesh.

“Tell me how much you wanna have me feel your tits,” Nolan growled as he whipped her again.

“Oohhh God!” Cathy choked, twisting on the apparatus, her arms straining, her legs twitching with the pain and horror.

She saw the riding crop going up in the air and knew she couldn”t take it. The pain was breaking her.

“Aaagghhh!” she screamed as the leather covered crop lashed her ass. “Yes, you can touch my tits!”

Cathy broke down, sobbing, her body hanging limp on the rail.

The riding crop ran over her ass, just touching it through the tiny white panties.

“I”ll give you a chance, baby,” Nolan said softly, “since you”re new at this. You don”t just tell me I can touch your tits, you tell me how much you want me to touch you, want me to do what I like with you, got that?”

“Ooohhh God!” she moaned in her horror.

She screamed as he whipped her.

“Yes! Yes! I want you to touch me, do what you like, I love it!” Cathy twisted, staring at the crop that trembled above her ass.

“That”s better,” Nolan said softly.

He came over and ran his hands over Cathy”s lovely tits. They were just the right size for her body, swelling, standing out with no support from the bra she wore. She felt soiled as his hands ran over them, then he reached for her nipples, but she managed to stay silent.

“Nice, real nice, what a pair of tits.”

Alisha was swallowing Eric”s cock with long fast strokes, her mouth pistoning up and down while he groaned, his hands running over her ass and pussy. Suddenly he gave a great heave on the desk, grabbing Alisha”s head as her blonde hair tossed wildly to the pace of her fucking.

“Yeahhhh! I”m coming!” he roared.

“Oohhh, Nolan! Whip that bitch while I shoot!”

“Sorry, babe,” Nolan said as he twisted Cathy”s nipples. “What the man wants, the man gets, that”s the rule around here.”

Cathy jerked on the ropes, begging him to let her down.

“Sorry, babe,” he said, then stepped back, raising the riding crop.

“No, stop! Not that, I — aaaaghhh! I did what you said, I — aaaahhh! Ohhh, Uncle, save me — aaaghhhh!” Her legs trembled as the riding crop whipped her ass with terrifying precision.

“Yeaahhh!” Eric roared as he thrust his cock deep into Alisha”s mouth. “Ooohhh, yeahhh! That”s right, Nolan just like that — aaahhh!”

Cathy screamed, weeping and begging at the top of her voice. But nothing stopped the agony. She saw the huge jet of cum shoot out of Eric”s cock as Alisha eased her mouth back, grinning as the fuck juice poured all over her mouth and cheeks. Alisha held her mouth above the shooting cock, her hands working the shaft, her tongue flicking out over the throbbing cockhead.

“Aaahhh, fuck! That”s wonderful!” Eric yelled, his hands tangling in Alisha”s blonde hair, his cock thrusting, shooting hot wads of spunk into her willing, open mouth. “Oooohh, look at that! Ooohhh, honey, you”re the best!”

Alisha slid her mouth back over his jetting cockhead, sucking up the cum as it poured out, her tongue licking out to take in thick gobs of it.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck!” Eric yelled, his cock fucking in and out of Alisha”s lips while his cum smeared all down the length of it even as she swallowed the hot juice and sucked harder for more.

Cathy shrieked as the riding crop lashed her ass. Her little white panties were beginning to fray, tearing at the sides as the vicious leather bound crop whipped her. Her ass burned with feverish pain, and each lash of the riding crop added another line to the swollen, crimson mass that was her ass cheeks. The agony seemed unendurable, but Nolan kept on until she was twisting to the beat of the riding crop, thrashing around, her legs heaving upward at each horrible whipping.

“Ooohh yeahhh!” Eric gasped as his cock shot the last of its load.

Alisha began licking up the cum. She held his still-hard cock and began licking it from cockhead to base, rubbing it over her cheeks, then licking the cum off it.

“Okay, Nolan,” Eric gasped, “you can stop now.”

The beating stopped, and Cathy hung, her legs unable to support her, her ass a throbbing, burning mass of pain. She wept.

“Right,” Conrad said, getting up off the sofa, “now for my niece.”

Renata kissed him and Conrad ran his hand over the front of her tight blouse, feeling her large tits.

“You want me to take it off?” Renata asked. “Later,” he said, then walked over to the sobbing Cathy.

“Ooohhh, not fair!” Alisha said, pouting as she still held Eric”s cock. “You said we had to show her what happens to teases in auditions. Come on, Conrad, I earned it and Eric needs to get his cock back up.”

Conrad grinned as he reached Cathy. He turned toward Alisha and ran his hand over Cathy”s ass, making her groan with pain.

“I think we”ve already shown her,” he said, “but whatever your little heart wants, baby, go ahead. I can do two things at once.”

“Ooohhh, yeah!” Alisha hopped off the table, then paraded away from the desk.

With a grin on his face, Eric got up and sat on the desk again.

Alisha walked up to the table and knocked on it.

“Come in,” Eric said.

Alisha sashayed in.

“Where have you been?” Eric said nastily. “I got you the speaking part, you little shit, and you ain”t been near me in a week.”

“Well fuck you!” Alisha said with a sneer. “There are other agents, you know, they”ll get me jobs for nothing.” She pouted and sat down on the desk. “I want a better part, then we might talk business.”

Conrad turned to his sobbing niece.

“Watch this,” he said, “this is what happens to whores when they go back on deals. Oh, and another thing, beg me to take your bra off.”

“Ooohh, please, Uncle! Please, don”t make me — aaghghhh! Oh, please take my bra off — aagghhh! Uncle, please!” Cathy wept as Nolan lashed her ass twice more.

“Slow learner,” Conrad commented as he reached for the cups of her bra.

Behind him, Renata stood, a nasty look on her face. She opened the neck of her blouse, undoing three buttons until the sides fell away, revealing the center clasp of her bra and the deep cleavage of her tits.

Conrad held onto the cup of Cathy”s bra and heaved. The clasp held for a moment then broke, revealing Cathy”s wonderful tit-mounds for the first time.

“Fuck me!” Conrad gasped. “I”m glad you came to New York!”

Cathy sobbed as he reached for her tits, playing with the soft flesh.

“Watch the play,” he said, “this is the price of fucking around.”

“Well fuck!” Alisha leaned over Eric. “I”ll get another agent!”

“We had an agreement,” Eric snarled. “I get you a speaking part, I get to have you anyway I want, as often as I want, as ions as you”ve got it.”

“Tough nuts,” Alisha said, getting off the desk. “I ain”t giving you nothin”.”

“Oh yeah?” Eric grabbed Alisha”s wrist, twisting her around and slamming her facedown over the desk.

Alisha gave a gasp of excitement before she realized she was supposed to be acting.

“Let me go!” she screamed, twisting under his hand. “You can”t do this to me!”

“Wanna bet?” Eric pulled out a length of rope from his desk.

“You see,” Conrad said as his hand moved off Cathy”s tits and down over the tight waist cincher. “Lots of agents have rope and leather straps in their office, just for bitches who play us false. Wise, don”t you think?”

Cathy gasped and moaned.

Conrad slid his hand up and took one of her nipples.

“Wise, don”t you think?” He began rolling the tight nipple bud between his finger and thumb. He increased the pressure slowly.

“Aaahh, yes, Uncle! Yes, it”s wise!” Cathy sobbed, staring down at her tit that was being twisted and pulled around.

“You must learn to answer faster,” Conrad went on softly, twisting her nipple harder, sending arrows of pain through Cathy”s body.

“Aaahhh, yes! Uncle, yes!” Cathy wept, her legs shaking with fear and pain.

“Tell me what”s going on at the desk,” Conrad said, keeping his grip on Cathy”s throbbing nipple.

“He”s… he”s tying her up,” Cathy moaned.

“Go on, tell me in detail.” Conrad took hold of her other nipple and began twisting that too.

“Aaahhh — ohhh God!” Cathy sobbed. “He”s tying her ankle to the leg of the desk and the other one, he”s lashing that. Her legs are open wide and now he”s going round to her head and…”

“Why do you think her legs are fled open?” Conrad interrupted.

“I-I don”t know, Uncle I don”t know!” Cathy sobbed.

“Think,” he said, twisting her tit-flesh viciously, making her scream.

“I don”t know, Uncle! I don”t know!”

“Whip her.”

“No, Uncle, no! Aauugghhhh! So he can do what he likes to her?” she screamed as Nolan cut her ass with the riding crop.

“What”s between her legs?” Conrad asked. “Her, her, vagina!” Cathy moaned. “Say her cunt and her asshole.” Conrad twisted her hard nipple buds.

“Her cunt and her asshole!” Cathy screamed. “Good,” Conrad said. “Now put it all together and tell me why her legs are tied open.”

“So he can, uh, have her cunt,” Cathy sobbed.

“Now I”ll tell her this one more time. So he can fuck her cunt if he wants — say it!”

“So he can fuck her cunt if he wants!” Cathy moaned.

Cathy didn”t know what he was getting at. “And what, Uncle?”

“She has two holes back there, doesn”t she? Now get it right, or you know what happens.” His fingers still rolled her nipples around as he stared at her.

“Ooohhh, no! Uncle, not…” Cathy saw him nod to Nolan. “Noooo!”

The riding crop lashed her ass, whipping a long rip into her tiny white panties.

“So he can fuck her ass!” she screamed, not able to believe she had said such a horrible thing.

“Better,” Conrad said. “Tell me what”s going on now.”

Impatiently Nolan slid the tip of the crop into the tear in Cathy”s panties and pulled. The material ripped. He left the tip of the crap as a reminder, playing it over Cathy”s ass, thrusting it into her ass crack.

“He”s… he”s got her arms tied down over the desk!” Cathy sobbed. “And he”s going back round to her — to her ass. He”s reaching in and taking her panties and he”s-he”s tearing them off!”

Trussed lightly over the desk as she was, Alisha gave a squeal of excitement as her little red panties tore away from her ass. She twisted to look at Eric, rubbing her tits into the desktop.

“Don”t you think it would be a great idea if we ripped your panties off too?” Conrad asked Cathy.

“Y-yes, Uncle,” Cathy wept.

“Who would you like to do it? Would you like to do it, Renata?”

“Yeah, why not?” Renata strolled forward, sliding her blouse even farther open. “You like my tits?”

Cathy choked. It seemed as if every degradation and agony under the sun was being piled on her. She stared in horror as Renata undipped the bra and let the cups fall away, showing off her full, heavy tits. With one hand, she undid the rest of her blouse and then pushed her tits closer to Cathy.

“I asked if you liked my tits.”

“Ooohhh, no, I don”t want to — aaaghhh!” Cathy screamed as Nolan whipped her ass. “Yes, yes, I like your tits!”

“So if Nolan lets you down a bit on that rope, you”d like to kiss them, right?” Renata said with a nasty glint in her eye.

Cathy struggled for a second, but she couldn”t take any more of the pain. “Yes… I”d like to kiss them.”

“Good,” Renata purred, “now watch as Conrad takes my skin off.”

From behind her, Conrad reached around and undipped her leather skirt, sliding it down Renata”s long, shapely legs, then holding it as she stepped out of it. Renata”s black stockings outlined her legs to perfection as she spread her legs and held her tits, waiting.

Cathy felt the rape being loosened, and she started to drop to the floor, struggling with the pain in her arms as the pressure came off. She was allowed to go as far as her knees and then the rope jerked tight again.

Renata advanced on the kneeling girl who sobbed, her arms still up in the air.

“Kiss them,” Renata ordered.

Her head throbbing with pain and disgust, Cathy leaned forward and kissed the warm, soft skin of Renata”s tits. Renata made her kiss all over her tits, repeating how much she loved it, while Eric came out of the darkness of the unfit room with a cat in his hand, the many tails shiny with use, the knots tight and hard. He walked up to the moaning Alisha as Renata grabbed Cathy by her dark hair.

“Lick my nipples,” Renata said.

Cathy felt the flesh crinkle under her tongue and the shudder of excitement that ran through her uncle”s mistress.

“Okay,” Renata said, “haul her up again.” The rope jerked and Cathy was back as before, hanging, weeping desperately. Renata leaned in and took hold of Cathy”s panties. She put her mouth to the sobbing girl”s ear.

“You got a problem, honey,” she hissed. “Conrad wants you so bad, he”s gonna fuck the shit outa you. Well, okay, he”s fucked a lot of whores, and they all loved it, but you try and take him away from me and I”ll get you.” She laughed nastily. “Heads you lose, baby, tails you lose.”

Then, with another horrible laugh, she ripped Cathy”s panties, tearing them completely away.

Cathy wailed as the soft dark hair of her pussy mound was revealed for the first time, but her voice was drowned by the scream of mingled delight and pain that Alisha gave as the cat whipped into her ass.

“This is what you get for playing me around!” Eric yelled. He had dropped his shirt and pants somewhere, and his cock stuck out of his loins like a rising flagpole, getting harder with each stroke.

“Aaghghh!” Alisha shrieked, her ass trembling. “You bastard, you shit! I bet you”ll fuck me at the end of this. I bet you do.”

She gave a moan as another stroke of the cat whipped her ass into a red mass of flesh.

“You got it, whore!” Eric snarled and laid into the screaming actress for all he was worth. Renata slid her fingers over Cathy”s whipped ass, making her groan with pain, but then she moved on, into the crack of her pussy.

“Open your legs,” she said.

Cathy slid her feet apart, her high heels just staying in contact with the floor. She sobbed louder as she felt Renata”s fingers probing slowly into the crack of her cunt.

“Nice pussy,” Renata commented, “just the kind of cunt you like me to get for you, hey, Conrad?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “How long you want to play with her?”

“Whatever you want.” Renata turned toward him. “Do you want her now?”

He grinned slowly. “I know what you wanna do. Okay, you can have her for a bit. Want me to get the small cat?”

“Yeah,” Renata said with a grin, keeping her hand on Cathy”s shivering cunt.

Cathy sobbed as Conrad walked into the darkened room and Renata kept her fingers on her pussy. The horrible brunette caressed her flesh almost tenderly, playing with her.

Then Alisha began leaping on the desk, her body thrashing with each stroke of the large cat.

“Aaaghhh! Yes!” she screamed, her body heaving. “Ooohhh whip me, Eric! Whip me! Make me come — aaahhh! Ooohhh Eric, I”m coming! Whip me till I come — aaggghhh! Then fuck me, Eric, fuck me — aaagghhhh! Yes! Yes! Yesssss!”

Alisha gave a series of unearthly shrieks of lust, her body pounding into the desk top and then she collapsed, panting on the hard wooden surface. “Ooohhh, fuck me, Eric! Please, fuck me!” she begged, her legs straining wider, her ass a crimson mass of whipped skin.

Eric threw the whip aside and advanced on the bound actress. He took his massive cock, which was as hard as it had ever been, and rubbed it over Alisha”s trembling cuntal entrance.

“Jesus, whore,” he growled, “You get so fuckin” wet when you”re whipped!”

“Oh yes, I know!” Alisha moaned, heaving her ass back, trying to get his cock inside her. “I”m such a bad girl you must punish me for liking it! You must punish me — aahhhh!”

Alisha gasped as the full nine inches of Eric”s cock sank into her sopping wet pussy. She pulled at the ropes, her back arched as she moaned with the wonderful prick filling her cunt.

“Ooohhh!” she groaned. “Fuck me! Oohhh, fuck me!”

Eric rammed his cock hard into Alisha”s pussy and then began a long slow fucking, driving his fuck rod in to the hilt with each stroke, getting a moan or scream of lust from the bound blonde at each long shafting.

At the same time Renata”s fingers were probing the entrance of Cathy”s cunt. “You fuck a lot of boys?”

Cathy couldn”t stop sobbing as she hung on the rope. “I-I don”t do that.”

“You what? You don”t fuck?”

“No, no, honest, I…”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Cathy sobbed.

“Who the fuck reaches eighteen and doesn”t fuck!” Renata demanded. “Shit, and with looks like yours — Jesus! So you just fucked one or two boys then?”

Renata”s fingers probing into the very entrance of Cathy”s pussy.

“I-I”m a virgin,” Cathy confessed. Conrad came out of the darkness with a smaller version of the whip that Eric had used on Alisha. The tails had the same knots, but they were only about a foot long, though they looked just as vicious.

“Fuckin” Jesus!” Renata exclaimed. “Did you hear that, Conrad?”

“Yeah,” he said, “so find out.”

On the desk, Eric was increasing the pace of his fucking. Alisha gasped and moaned, her body jumping as his massive cock slammed into her cunt. Her fingers gripped the edge of the desk and she flung her head back, screaming out to the whole room.

“Oooohhhhh, Eric! I”m coming! Ooohhh Eric! I”m coming!”

Renata leaned close to Cathy again. “I”m gonna find out if you”re a virgin or not. If you lied to me, then Nolan”s gonna whip the crap outa your ass and we”ll take up where we left off.”

Cathy broke into more tears as she felt Renata”s fingers probing into her soft cunt.

They pushed up inside, closer and closer, and finally they came up against the tight drum of Cathy”s cherry.

“Well, fuck my ass with a bean pole! The little shit was telling the truth.” Renata eased her fingers out of Cathy”s cunt, leaving her hanging.

“You sure?” Conrad asked.

“I know a fuckin” cherry when I feel one.” Conrad chuckled. “That I gotta have — I mean, fancy saving your cherry for your uncle. How thoughtful, how nice. Give the young lad some appreciation.”

Cathy wanted to die of shame.

His cock speeded up, throbbing and swelling in the little blonde”s cunt as the cum boiled in his balls and began to rush out and down his cockshaft.

“Ooohhh, fuck, I”m coming!” he bellowed, throwing his head back as his thick fuckrod went out of control, slamming into Alisha”s pussy faster and harder with each stroke.

“Yessss!” Alisha shrieked. “Ohhh, fill me with cum, baby! Fill me with it — ohhhhh!”

She wailed with uncontrollable lust as she climaxed, her body tossing wildly on the desk, her ass heaving higher and harder for the shooting cock.

“Ooohhh!” Eric gasped as his cock exploded, jetting thick wads of jism deep into Alisha”s throbbing cunt.

He shoved her up until the bonds on her ankles strained and her high heels came off the carpet, while all the time his fucker shot white spunk into her fuck channel and she screamed with unbearable lust. As his cock pistoned in and out, cum oozed from the red hole and ran down Alisha”s thighs, running down her trembling thighs and into her red stockings.

“Yesss!” she screamed, arching back for a final series of hard thrusts from Eric.


“Aaahhh!” Alisha screamed as she clutched the desk, her whole body shaking, her tits rubbing into the leather top. “Ooohhh, come on, Eric, come on! Fuck me, fuck me! Make me come, honey, make me come!”

She thrust back at Eric”s massive cock as it slammed into her cunt, filling her fuck passage. Her blonde hair tossed wildly as she strained against the bonds holding her over the desk. Her mouth was open wide, gasping, shrieking with lust.

“Yeahhh!” Eric yelled as he gripped her ass, beating his cock into her hot wet pussy. “Come on, whore, come on! I”ll make you come, whore, I”ll make you come, or I”ll whip the shit out of you!”

She collapsed over the desk, gasping, her ass still waving slowly as she came down.

“Ohhhhhh, that was sooo nice,” she purred, “if you untie me, I”ll get your cock hard again, baby, and you can watch what they do to little Miss Cherry over there.”

Eric grinned as he reached for the bonds around her wrists. “Shit, you little bitch, I reckon you could get a faggot”s cock up.”

Renata turned away from them and back to the sobbing Cathy.

“Enjoy that?” she asked.

“Please, let me down!” Cathy begged. “I won”t — aagghhhh!”

She heaved on the ropes as Nolan cut her ass with the riding crop, beating another thin red line into the general mass of pulped and bruised flesh.

“Enjoy that!” Renata repeated.

“Yes, yes!” Cathy screamed, her ass burning with the most terrible pain.

“Good,” Renata said, “because now Conrad is going to take that little cherry of yours. But first, we must get you warmed up, a little foreplay you might say. How would you like that? Would you like a little foreplay?”

“Oh God. Yes, yes! I would!” Cathy moaned, struggling with her bound hands against the leather straps that held her to the apparatus. “Open your legs, baby, real wide,” Renata said with a nasty smile. She stood there watching as the helpless little girl shuffled her feet put until her ankles came to the side supports of the apparatus.

“Open your legs, baby, real wide,” Renata said with a nasty smile. She stood there watching as the helpless little girl shuffled her feet out until her ankles came to the side supports of the apparatus. It was turning Renata on, watching Cathy”s helpless struggles. She slid her hands up to her tits and played with her nipples as she grinned at the weeping girl.

Cathy stood there, her legs wide open, her dark pussy mound trembling with fear. She looked at Conrad, wanting to beg him, yet knowing what would happen if she did.

“Tie her ankles, Nolan,” Renata said, her fingers playing with her nipples, making them hard and crinkly.

Cathy wept fresh tears as the leather straps were put around her ankles.

They all watched her, no pity on any of their faces. Renata kept the slow squeezing going, her nipples and he was getting more and more aroused. Conrad stood waiting, playing with the cat, running it through his hands, staring at his helpless niece. On the sofa sat Eric, a grin on his face while Alisha lay along the cushions, playing with his soft cock, caressing it, licking his cockhead, taking it between her skillful lips.

“Good,” Renata said as Cathy was finally completely trussed up.

She knelt down in front of the spread-eagled girl and ran her hands over her thighs, playing with her stocking tops and then moving up over the creamy white of her thighs, up toward the puffy lips of the young virgin”s cunt.

“What a nice pussy,” Renata”s finger slid between Cathy”s pussy-lips and over the bound girl”s clit. “Ooohhh, the things this cunt could do if it was taught right. Would you like us to teach you how to use this little cunt of yours?”

Renata continued playing with Cathy”s clit, sliding her fingers over the hard bud that was hidden so deeply between Cathy”s pussy lips.

“Oh please, I — yes, yes!” Cathy wept helplessly. “I would like that.”

“Good, because that”s what we”re going to do. I”m going to play with your pussy, because I love pussy. I might even suck it a little, if I led like it. And Conrad is going to whip your tits and — ooohh, that so nice, you know, that”s real nice. Gets you all horny for the real thing. Don”t you think so?” Her finger played along Cathy”s pussy crack and stroked her sensitive clit.

Cathy stared at her horrible uncle and nearly passed out. He was grinning, playing with the whip. He was going to beat her with that thing, and the massive bulge in his pants was getting even larger. His cock looked as if it was bigger than Eric”s. His prick would split her in two, it would kill her! And he was her uncle, that was the most horrible thing about it all.

“Don”t you think that will be fun?” Renata said softly, playing with the bound girl”s pussy.

“Oh no, oh please! No, please — aagghhh! Ohhhh, God, stop them! Aaagghhh!”

Cathy twisted in pain and horror as Nolan lashed her ass with the riding crop and Conrad stood there smiling, playing with the cat, the tails slipping through his fingers with terrible menace.

“Ooohhhh, God help me!” Cathy screamed as Nolan continued whipping her with the riding crop. Her ass exploded with agony, the searing pain shot ail over her body while Renata stroked her cunt, massaging the sensitive flesh.

The combination of the agony of the whip and the soft caress on her pussy was doing strange things to Cathy. Her head spun, her mind collapsed into surging, whirling pain that rose over her in almost sensual waves. She straining against the bonds as gasped, her legs the riding crop lashed her ass once more.

“Yessss!” she screamed. “Yessss, I”d love it!”

The whipping stopped and she fell, the bonds on her wrists keeping her up. She had no idea what she had agreed to, only that her body still throbbed with exquisite agony that was burning, rushing into her pussy where Renata”s fingers played with her, gently, insistently.

“Stand up!” Conrad snapped as he moved closer to his helpless niece.

In a daze, Cathy obeyed. On rubbery legs, she wavered, hanging on the ropes, staring at him through misty eyes.

He took the cat and ran the tails gently over her swelling tits, easing them over her shrinking, terrified flesh.

“Now, are you ready?” Conrad asked.

Cathy choked and almost fell again. She suddenly remembered what it was she had agreed to. She stared down at the cat”s tails running over her tits and the hard buds of her nipples. As Renata”s fingers worked on her pussy, stroking her flesh, caressing her clit, it set up like most terrible conflict in the young girl. The horror and fear battled with a sensual awakening that was slowly churning in her cunt, making her virgin pussy walls throb with sensations that Cathy had never felt before in her fife.

“If I have to ask you again, then Nolan will whip your ass as well,” Conrad said. “Now are you…”

“Yes, yes, Uncle, yes!” Cathy screamed. “Excellent!” Conrad smiled and drew his arm back.

Cathy”s eyes bulged at the sight of the cat as the tails swung through the air and lashed her tits. She saw the tight knots whip her titflesh, saw her right tit jump and heave, then slide back into place, but with red marks and lines all over it. As the cat swept back and lashed in toward her left tit, the pain exploded over her.

“Aaagghhhh!” she wailed, her whole torso jumping and jerking, her arms straining, her legs giving out.

The cat lashed her left tit and the agony erupted again, rushing through her body and beating back on itself, like waves rolling into each other.

“Uuurrghhh!” she moaned as the cat lashed her, changing with each stroke, hitting each of her lovely tits in turn. Soon her tits were a mass of red flesh, the cat beating marks of pain into them with each stroke.

Conrad changed his pattern, whipping her tits upward, then down, spreading the pain around all of the delicious tit-globes that thrust so temptingly out from her rib cage.

As Renata kept up the soft caresses on Cathy”s cunt, awful emotions started building in Cathy. Her pussy was burning with a different fire than the horrible ones in her ass and tits. The one in her cunt grew with each lash of the cat and each gentle caress of Renata”s fingers. It grew, and the pain of the whip diminished, but the feeling in her cunt embraced the agony as well, as if it was a part of it.

Cathy screamed and wept, her body thrashing, her tits jerking as the cat lashed across them. She had lost all sense of time and place, and she could only feel the eruptions of agony, and the slow growth of that unknown passion in her cunt.

“Yeahhhh!” Renata exclaimed suddenly through Cathy”s screams. “She”s getting wet, I knew she was ready!”

“Don”t count your chickens,” Conrad said, lashing the cat casually across Cathy”s tits. “I know her mother only too well. That bitch wouldn”t get wet in a thunder storm.”

He whipped Cathy again, laying the cat across the girl”s swaying tits.

“She”s ready for you,” Renata said, her fingers playing with Cathy”s cunt. “You want her the usual way?”

“Yeah, just one more. There,” he said as he lashed Cathy and dropped the whip. “Let her down.”

Cathy dropped to the carpet as the bindings were taken off her hands. She wept and moaned as she rubbed her tits, trying to stop the pain, but it didn”t help much. In fact, the touch of her hands increased that strange feeling that had been growing in her cunt.

“Stand up!” Conrad snapped.

Cathy got to her feet as fast as she could and stood facing her uncle.

“Put your stockings straight.”

Cathy was confused. She bent down and tried to straighten the seams of her stockings, but it was very difficult, particularly as her hands were trembling, almost out of control.

But Conrad seemed satisfied. He looked at her and grinned. “Now take off my jacket.”

Cathy moaned as she walked forward to obey. She could see Eric on the sofa, with Alisha”s mouth around his cock, sucking at hiss now-hard prick, while she played with his balls.

Cathy reached up and slid Conrad”s jacket off his shoulders, walking over and putting it on a hanger in the closet as he ordered.

He sat down in a chair. “Now my shoes.”

“Alisha!” Renata said sharply. “You”ve had enough cock to last you. Bring Eric here and undress Nolan, he”s busting to get laid.”

“As long as I get him,” Alisha said, staring at Renata with almost open hostility.

“You get what I say,” Renata replied coldly. “You reckon, bitch?” Alisha said, licking Eric”s cock. “You wanta go over that bar with me and see who can take the most?”

Renata went a little white. “Just bring him here, and get Nolan ready.”

Alisha got off the sofa with a great big grin. She took hold of Eric”s cock and led him over by it.

“There!” She laughed. “There”s a nice lady who wants to hold your cock, honey. See how she does with it.” She swayed over to Nolan and ran her hands down the front of his pants.

Cathy pulled Conrad”s second shoe off and went on to his socks, weeping the whole time. Behind her, she could hear Alisha giggling as she undressed Nolan.

“Now my pants,” Conrad said, standing up. Cathy”s trembling fingers reached for his zipper and cased it down. She could feel his massive cock, and it terrified her, it was so enormous! She got his pants off and then his shirt. All that was left were his shorts, and they bulged almost to the tearing point with his cock.

“Take them down.”

On her knees, with tears still rolling down her cheeks, Cathy reached up and took hold of the waistband of her uncle”s shorts. She pulled, and the head of his cock appeared. His cock was so large that Cathy moaned and lost her breath for a moment. She pulled his shorts lower and his massive thick cockshaft began to show. It would take both her hands to reach around it, and she would never get it in her little virgin cunt!

Her sobs got louder as she saw more of it. His cock had to be a foot long, and as thick as her arm. She would be helplessly skewered on that, split in two.

Conrad stepped out of his shorts and stood naked in front of his niece, his massive fuckrod sticking out and ready for action.

“You like my cock?”

“Y-yes, Uncle!” Cathy wept.

“Then kiss it, right there,” he said, sliding his fingers up his shaft to his cockhead.

“Oh, Uncle, that would be wrong! Please, let me go — I won”t say anything I won”t.”

“I need a whip here!” Conrad growled.

Renata turned from Eric”s cock and pouted. “Shit, I ain”t had anything tonight and I got her ready. Here, Alisha, take that and do as Conrad says.”

She tossed the riding crop to Alisha.

“What the fuck? Are you gonna take both of those cocks and…”

“Alisha, come here,” Conrad said.

The little blonde scurried over, the riding crop in her hand.

“Be patient, honey,” Conrad said to the little blonde actress, “my little receptionist is getting above herself. Now, whip this cunt”s ass everytime she fucks up.”

Cathy stood in front of him, trembling from head to toe.

“Bend down and kiss my cock,” Conrad said.

Cathy took one look at Alisha with the riding crop in her hand and slowly bent at the waist. Her soft lips drew closer to the horrible, swollen cockhead. It bobbed at her lips, and she gave it a quick peck of a kiss, keeping her lips firmly shut.

“Is that the way to kiss a cock?” Conrad asked.

“I don”t know, Uncle,” Cathy said, trembling, waiting for the blow of the riding crop.

“Did Alisha kiss cock like that?”

“No, no, Uncle!” Cathy wept.

“So she should whip you and then make you cry again, shouldn”t she?”

“Yes, Uncle,” Cathy whispered.

“Good, just one stroke for now.”

The riding crop lashed Cathy”s ass and she screamed in pain, but it was as if the pain was more distant, as if the riding crop was hurting less.

“Now, kiss my cock.”

Cathy moved her soft lips to the head of Conrad”s monstrous prick. She had to hold the shaft, because it was so long and jumped around so much that she couldn”t keep her lips on it. She allowed her lovely young mouth to open and her soft lips to slide over the cockhead, taking in the thick hunk of cock meat.

Incredibly she managed to get her lips around the enormous cockhead. It filled her mouth and thrust at the entrance to her throat, but it was in, and it didn”t taste as bad as she had been sure it would. There was a slightly salty aroma, but that was all. She held the massive, thick rubbery cock in her mouth and sucked on it, her long dark hair failing over her face, her body heaving in the tight waist cincher.

Cathy burst into tears as she looked at the prick that she had to impale herself on. She felt even worse as she turned and saw Renata taking two cocks deep into her body, groaning with lust at each long ramming fuck-stroke. Renata”s throat muscles bulged with Nolan”s cock, while Eric slid his cock into her cunt with long slow strokes.

“Sure hope you can take it, babe,” Eric said. “Because I got a long way to go before I come again.” He grinned at Nolan. “You”ll probably shoot twice before I unload.”

Nolan grinned back, his muscles swelling as he slid his cock in and out of Renata”s mouth. “Change places after I come?”

“Sure,” Eric replied, “as long as it”s warm and wet.”

They both chuckled before they went back to fucking Renata”s squirming body. Nolan held her ankles, stretching her stockinged legs downward so that Eric could work even deeper into her cunt.

“Get on it!” Alisha snapped.

Cathy turned back to the desk, shivering. She looked at the huge prick and knew it was impossible.

Alisha was tapping the riding crop in her hand and looked very ready to use it, so Cathy [missing text].

Renata was propped up on cushions on the sofa, her head hanging over the edge. Her legs were drawn up as Eric slid his cock into her hot little cunt and Nolan worked his big thick hunk of cock into her ready mouth. She moaned with delight, making sure that if Conrad was going to fuck his niece, she would get the most out of the other cocks around. Conrad didn”t even seem to notice.

“Now I”m going to lie on my back on the desk and you”re gonna get on my cock and fuck me, take your own cherry,” Conrad said.

Cathy wept, her mouth full of the cock that was about to take her virginity, but she knew she had to answer. She cased his cock back out of her mouth.

“Yes, Uncle,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said, “let”s go.”

He slid his hand into her hair and pulled her to her feet. Cathy gave a low groan, but after what her ass and tits had been through, it was more degrading than painful.

He led her over to the desk where Eric had fucked Alisha. The bonds were there to remind her what would happen if she disobeyed. Conrad stretched out on the leather desk top, his cock sticking out like a rampant flagpole.

“Get on.”

Cathy climbed up onto the desk and crouched between Conrad”s legs.

“Up there,” Alisha said, “don”t make me use this.”

Cathy sobbed and moaned, but she crawled up between Conrad”s legs and finally reached for his cock, holding it as she trembled, wondering if she would ever get that monster into her virgin pussy.

Conrad grinned at her, waiting, his cock throbbing softly in her fingers.

“Get on it!” Alisha laid the riding crop across Cathy”s ass. “You think I like pissing around with you? I wanna cock, so don”t fuck me around, bitch! I”ll take it out on you like you wouldn”t believe.”

Cathy moaned and lifted up so that she could slide Conrad”s cock into the crack of her pussy. Incredibly her cuntal slit was damp and his thick cockhead worked over her trembling pussy-flesh easily. She wept as her uncle stayed just as he was, making her do all the work.

“Lean forward and spread your legs,” Alisha said, tapping Cathy”s ass with the crop.

It was horribly degrading, because Cathy wasn”t even sure what Alisha meant, but she soon learned. The crop whipped her ass, and she screamed as she was made to lean forward, her hands on either side of Conrad”s chest, and then she spread her legs wide open.

Conrad”s cock was just at the entrance to her soft little pussy, and Alisha held the enormous, thick shaft while she pushed Cathy”s ass dawn until the head of Conrad”s fucker was just inside the entrance to her quivering cunt. There Cathy had to stay, holding herself up, her body splayed wide, above her uncle.

“Now slide him right in,” Alisha said, “but make sure I can always get at your ass, you little cunt. One wrong move and I whip the shit outa you. Here”s one.”

She lashed the riding crop into Cathy”s throbbing asscheeks and the helpless young girl screamed with pain, but she managed to hold herself up off the horrible cock that was just at the entrance to her cunt.

“Go on!” Alisha ordered.

Conrad still hadn”t said a word, but his face showed that he was delighted with his niece”s humiliation and pain. He put his hands behind his head and waited while the sobbing Cathy tried to push herself down on his rock-hard fucker.

The walls of her cunt grated with pain as the swollen cockhead slid another inch into bar cunt.

“Ooohhh, God!” Cathy moaned. “I can”t, it hurts!”

She bent forward, trying to hide her face from Conrad”s amused grin, but the riding crop whipped her sore flesh and she arched, screaming with agony, her cunt pushing down farther on the horrible cock. Her pussy walls spread wider, her cunt throbbed with pain, but the cock went in a little more, and she stopped, gasping, her body bathed in sweat. She could feel the very tip of Conrad”s fuckrod pushing at the hard drum of her cherry.

“One more push should do it,” Alisha said, leaning over the shaking, sobbing girl. “Now!”

“Ooohhhh, please!” Cathy sobbed. She wept, horrified at the approaching loss of her virginity.

“Do it!” Alisha yelled, raising the riding crop, lashing it down on Cathy”s crimson ass.

With a terrible scream of agony, Cathy lurched up, her body shaking, then rammed helplessly down on the thick pole of her uncle”s cock. Her cherry stretched for a moment, then tore, and the massive cock rammed up into her cunt. Her pussy walls erupted with agony as they were stretched almost to the breaking point. She shrieked as Conrad”s cock filled her cunt, then she fell forward across his strong heaving chest.


The riding crop lashed into Cathy”s ass.

“Uuurghhh!” she screamed and heaved on Conrad”s enormous fucker, her spasming pussy sliding up and down on the huge pole.

“Fuck him, bitch!” Alisha snapped. “Fuck him real good!”

She whipped the suffering girl again, and Cathy shrieked as her ass-flesh burst out with new agony. She tossed violently, her pussy once more sliding up and down the rampant pole of Conrad”s hard prick. He just lay there, grinning at his helpless niece.

“Do it!” Alisha yelled.

Cathy worked her aching cunt up the length of Conrad”s fuck rod, feeling her cunt walls close up behind it. Weeping and sobbing, she held herself up on her hands and feet when just his cockhead was fully in her fuck passage, and then she lowered herself back on the enormous, thick cock. This time it was easier. Her pussy walls stretched to take it, and sparks of something other than pain shot out from the contact.

When the full length of his cock filled her again, Cathy sat across him, panting and gasping. Her stockings were out of line, wrinkled and torn, and the waist-cincher was also pulled to one side, the lacy straps all crooked. She wept and tried to pull up on the huge cock that was embedded in her helpless cunt.

Alisha came up and whispered in her ear: “You do it right, you little heap of shit! You”re where I wanna be and if you fuck up, I”ll beat your ass until you plead with me to lick my ass out after I”ve taken a shit.”

Cathy broke into fresh tears. She knew now that Conrad would let Alisha do that to her and the very thought almost made her vomit all over her uncle.

“Fuck him, bitch!” Alisha snapped, lashing Cathy”s ass again with the horrible riding crop.

Screaming and lurching, Cathy did her best, working Conrad”s huge fucker up her cunt and then down, feeling her pussy walls spasming and contracting around it. She didn”t dare look at him, hoping she was doing the right thing. He just lay there, his cock throbbing slowly in her hot cunt.

“Tell him how much you love fucking his huge cock!” Alisha demanded.

Cathy choked, her cunt moving up and down on Conrad”s cock as she tried to speak.

“Y-yes,” she wept, “I-I love it! I love it!”

“Love what, you stupid bitch?” Alisha yelled, whipping Cathy hard.

“Aaaghhhh!” Cathy tossed wildly, her cunt tightening on Conrad”s cock in her agony, squeezing it until she felt him jerk and thrust with pleasure. “Love fucking his huge cock!”

Cathy gasped reaching back and rubbing her whipped ass.

“Stop that!” Alisha ordered. “Your ass is mine. Rub your tits, show Conrad how you love to rub your fuckin” tits, whore.”

As soon as Cathy had her hands away from her ass, Alisha whipped her again, laying another thin red line of pain across her ass.

“Uuurghhh! Ooohh, God!” Cathy sobbed as she squeezed her tits, her cunt fucking up and down on Conrad”s throbbing cock.

Once more her cunt closed on Conrad”s cock, sucking at it, sending spurns of excitement through Cathy as well as making Conrad”s huge fucker grow even harder and thicker.

“Did you like that, darling?” Alisha asked Conrad. “Does her cunt go like mine when I whip her ass?”

She leaned in and kissed Conrad, her hot mouth running over his greedily, her fingernails rasping over his chest.

“If you promise me you”ll let me take her place later, I”ll whip her till you come,” she whispered.

“When I say so,” he answered. They were his first words in so long that Cathy was almost glad to hear them, despite what they meant to her. She kept her cunt moving up and down on his rock-hard cock, her tits swaying as she ran her hands over them, trying to soothe the pain that the cat had beaten into her.

Alisha went behind her and laid the riding crop across Cathy”s shrinking ass. “Lean forward.”

Cathy leaned forward. She ended up on Conrad”s hairy chest, her body flat on his, her knees drawn up, her hands still holding her sore tits. Her ass was stuck up, a perfect target for the riding crop, and Alisha kept the tip just touching her crimson, whipped asscheeks.

“Remember,” Alisha said, “you get whipped whenever Conrad says so.”

Cathy sobbed and wept, working her tits, her little cunt moving up and down on Conrad”s cock. It was filling her cunt with each stroke, engorging her pussy until her cuntal walls throbbed against his massive hard cock-pole. She gasped with each desperate thrust of her fuck-hole, thrusting it down until Conrad”s swollen cockhead slammed into the entrance of her uterus. Then she pulled back up, holding just the round, purplish cockhead inside her pussy.

And always there was the riding crop, just touching her ass, reminding her of what was coming. She moaned and worked her tits harder, twisting her nipples as the expectation of another beating rose in her.

But things were becoming very strange for Cathy. Her hands were creating sensations from her nipples that she had never felt before, sparks of passion that rushed over her body and closed in on her cunt, swirling there, mixing with the throat. Her throat spumed around the hard fucker. She squeezed his balls, while her tongue licked, driving Nolan into a fury of lust.

“Jeez!” he roared. “She”s gonna bring me off! Oohhhh, fuck, that”s great! Get ready for a mouthful of cum, baby, and let me see you lick it up.”

He leaned over the spuming receptionist, grabbing her tits, squeezing them, pulling the soft flesh as his excitement mounted.

Renata writhed in orgasm, gurgling and screaming into the delicious prick that filled her mouth. Nolan”s cockhead was deep in her throat, and her legs trembled as she thrust her cunt at Eric as hard as she could to get every last inch of his fucker inside her. The way Nolan worked her tits made her orgasms even harder and her nipples stood out more with each hard tweak he gave them.

“Yeahhhh!” Nolan yelled as his throbbing, swollen cock drove deep into Renata”s throat, thrusting harder and faster between her willing lips until it was just a blur. She screamed and clutched at his thighs as he rammed his cock right into her throat with each stroke, filling it with his throbbing cock. Cum exploded from his balls and rushed out of his cockhead, great spurts of white goo pouring into Renata”s open rushing thrust of Conrad”s cock as it fucked into her cunt. She was moaning with a deep, welling passion, her pussy walls pouring out juices that allowed Conrad”s cock to fuck ever deeper into her cunt.

And then there was the riding crop, just lying across her ass, waiting. Even that sent her passion soaring, climbing in a churning mass of terror and excitement that she didn”t understand.

She kissed Conrad”s chest, her mouth drawing over the hard flesh, her tongue licking at him as if she was trying to devour him. Her passion soared higher, her cunt throbbing on the enormous fuck pole and she wept helplessly for what was happening to her.

On her back on the sofa, writhing under the attack of the two hard cocks, Renata moaned into Nolan”s thick prick as it invaded her throat, sliding in effortlessly as she sucked him to the balls, her fingers caressing his heavy nuts. Eric fucked her pussy, his cock hard again, but the two great spouts of cum he had shot had left him a long way from the next one and Renata”s cunt was getting fully reamed out.

She screamed as the first climax of the evening rushed over her from Eric”s fucking and the delicious feel of Nolan”s cock in her mouth and throat.

“Take it, take it, bitch!” he roared.

With great yells of release, he eased his cock back as cum jetted out of it, filling Renata”s mouth with salty juice. His balls drew up while his cock shot another thick wad of cum over Renata”s lips, pouring out into her mouth, overflowing and running over her checks.

“Ooohhh, fuck!” he roared, watching as his cockslit shot a stream of white cum over Renata”s face, then another load into her mouth where her hungry tongue licked it up. “Not bad for a whore!”

His cock thrust back into Renata”s mouth as her bubbling screams of climax echoed over the room. Nolan shot another thick stream of cockjuice into Renata”s throat, then pulled back, letting her lick his cockhead as the last of his cum oozed out of his cockslit.

“Yeahhhh!” he gasped contentedly. “That wasn”t bad, baby, not bad at all.”

He eased his still-hard cock out of her mouth and slid it over her cheeks, picking up his cum and pushing his cock back into Renata”s mouth until it was all gone and Renata”s face was slick with saliva and cum smear. He grinned at Eric, who was still rooting away in Renata”s cunt, his cock getting more and more excited each moment.

“I know what she needs,” Nolan said with a grin.

“No, no!” Renata screamed.

She was picked up violently and rammed down on Eric”s cock as she screamed in horror. But her orgasms still raged and she writhed on the rock-hard prick in her cunt, shrieking with climax. As she came, she worked her stockinged ankles around Eric, sliding them until they were crossed high up his back. Delirious with lust, she was still begging them not to do it as Nolan clicked a pair of handcuffs on her wrists and Eric walked up to the apparatus, still bouncing her on his cock.

“Ooohhh, don”t! No, please!” Renata screamed as Eric forced her cunt up and down on his prick and she exploded in another raging come.

“I”m gonna whip your ass with this and then fuck it when I”m hard again,” Nolan said with a grin, showing Renata the thin wooden cane he carried.

“Uuurgghh! No!” Renata screamed, but her orgasms erupted, her cunt sucking at Eric”s cock like a suction pump.

Nolan grinned and grabbed her wrists, slipping the links of the handcuffs into the leather restraints and pulling them tight.

Renata”s shrieks rang off the walls as she hung there, her cunt embedded on Eric”s cock, her legs crossed almost at his shoulderblades as she moved up and down on his cock. Her arms were stretched out over her head, her brunette hair tossed wildly as she stared at Nolan. He lined the thin cane.

“You bastard!” she screamed, her ass jerking as the cane slowly played over it.

“I”ll kiss your ass if you don”t come on the first stroke.” Nolan chuckled, drawing the cane back.

“No, no, no! Don”t, don”t — aaghhhhhh!” She heaved up on Eric”s cock at the beat of the cane, her pussy throbbing as she came, her climax shaking the whole apparatus.

“Shit,” Nolan gasped as he drew the cane back for the next stroke. His cock was already hard and he reached into the tin of cream that he had placed on a ledge of the apparatus and smeared some over his cock as he whipped Renata again.

“Uurrgghhh! You bastard, you dirty, assfuckin” bastard!” Renata shook as she tossed up and down on Eric”s cock, her pussy rubbing at the hard prick faster.

“Wouldn”t you love me to fuck your ass?”

Nolan whipped Renata again.

“Aaahhh, get lost, you piece of shit!” Renata screamed, her body shaking with the beat of the cane. Her ass was redlined, jerking and heaving, as the cane hovered and Nolan played with his rock-hard cock.

“Right up your ass,” he said, lashing Renata again, the cane bending as it slapped into her flesh.

“You pimp! You dick-happy fucker!” Renata shrieked, her bound arms jerking desperately, rocking the apparatus as another orgasm surged over her.

Her cunt streamed juices as she pumped up and down on Eric”s cock. She stared at the cane, then it lashed in, beating yet another surge of orgasm and pain into her.

“You shit!” she yelled. “Come on, fuck my ass if you”re going to! Fuck it, shit-face!”

Nolan chuckled and whipped Renata, lashing the thin cane across her asscheeks with a sound that carried clear across the room.

“Yeah,” he said, “I might do that.” He walked forward with the cane. Then he grabbed his cock, running it into the crack oil Renata”s shivering ass.

“Oooohhh, shit!” she moaned, clinging to Eric, her legs tightening around his back as she felt the push of Nolan”s cock into the crack of her ass. She gasped and thrust helplessly back at Nolan as his cockhead found the tight ring of muscles that protected her shitter.

Then he pushed, and his cockhead worked inside the tight entrance, pushing her anal walls out, filling her shit-pit with his hard round prickhead.

“Ooouggghh!” Renata screamed, her body tossing on Eric”s cock as Nolan”s monstrous prick began working into her ass.

She arched, screaming with a deep guttural moan as Nolan pushed and half his cock rammed into her ass. The thin wall between her ass and pussy throbbed as the two cocks began to work up and down, rubbing it as they rammed in and out.

“Ooohhh, fuck you, you bastards!” Renata moaned, gasping as Nolan slid the cane across her tits.

He pushed and rammed his cock into her ass right to the hilt. Sobbing and coming helplessly, her twin holes full of cock, her arms stretched over her head, Renata tightened her legs around Eric”s back and surrendered to the rampage of a double fuck.

“Now!” Conrad snapped.

Cathy screamed, feeling the riding crop fuck across her ass, rushing up into the air to lash down on her again. She wailed, her mouth sucking, licking at Conrad”s chest as she fucked her pussy up and down on his cock, her ass jerking in expectation. Her hands clutched her tits, working her nipples over and over again, pinching, twisting them, feeling the increasing surges of passion that soared out of the tight buds and over her body.

Her ass throbbed and twitched, waiting for the blow of that leather-bound riding crop. As her cunt moved up on Conrad”s cock, the blow came, whipping into her assflesh with unbearable agony, adding yet another thin line to her crimson ass.

“Uurrrghhhh!” Cathy screamed, her soft lips raking over Conrad”s chest.

Her ass shook and she tossed wildly, her cunt shoving up and down on the enormous fucker that filled her pussy. The passion that had come from her tits and cunt was now spreading to her ass. Along with the pain, there was that horrible excitement surging out; a hard burning that made her pussy throb, and her fingers tighten even more on her nipples.

She tossed and heaved, her pussy rushing up and down on Conrad”s cock, but the next blow didn”t come. She moaned, the passion rising, throbbing, threatening to overwhelm her.

Conrad slid his fingers into her hair and lifted her tear-stained face to his. He held her there, waiting, as she worked her cunt up and down on his cock, her beautiful face a mass of conflicting emotions.

“Now,” he said.

“Aaahhhhh!” Cathy screamed, her head tossing along with the rest of her body as the riding crop whipped her ass.

Conrad held her hair tightly.

“Keep working your tits,” he said as the girl”s pussy rushed up and down his cock. His eyes bored into hers as she fucked herself on his thick fuckrod, but there was a change in him. His hips were jerking up to meet her thrusts, and his cock had swelled even harder in her young cunt.

Alisha lashed the riding crop across Cathy”s ass again, and the young girl screamed in pain, her passion rushing over her. Suddenly her eyes flamed at Conrad and she screamed.

“You, you monster!” she yelled, her ass circling, thrusting her pussy onto his cock. “I hate you, I hate you! Uncle! I hate you!”

He smiled, his cock fucking harder in her cunt.

“Yes! You shit!” Cathy screamed. “You shitfaced shit!”

She screamed at him, her fingers tightening on her nipples until she almost passed out.

“Now,” Conrad said and Cathy leaped as the riding crop whipped her hard across the ass. “Would you like to bite me? Bite me because I”m such a bastard!”

He smiled, keeping his grip in her hair.

Cathy gasped, her anger and passion conflicting with each other and bursting out in emotions and lusts that she had never felt before. Her pussy throbbed and raged around his cock, her eyes sparked fire and her ass throbbed with seething desire.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Even if you whip me for it — yessss! Why don”t you let me, you bastard! You couldn”t take it, could you?”

Her dark hair pulled at his hands, but his grip was like iron.

“You can,” he said, “you can bite me as hard as you like, and I won”t whip you for it. Not unless you beg me to.”

“Yahhhh! You creep, you fucker! You”ll whip me until I beg you to do anything, I know you, you fucker! Bastard, you shit!” Cathy screeched at the top of her voice, her body heavy big almost out of control on Conrad”s cock.

“I promise you,” he said, “never because you bite me, unless you beg me without being forced at all. I promise.” He grinned and softly ran his hand over Cathy”s cheek. “Now.”

Cathy leaped and screamed at the lash of the crop. She didn”t understand at all. He seemed so sure that she would beg him to punish her. There had to be a catch, but she didn”t care. She wanted to hurt him so much.

“Okay then, shit!” she screamed. “Okay, let me bite you, prove what a man you are!”

Smiling at her, he let her head go down slowly onto his chest.

“Now,” he said, “all of it, Alisha! All of it!” Cathy was dizzy, her mind a mass of emotions that she didn”t understand. Her mouth came into contact with Conrad”s chest just as the riding crop lashed her ass. She screamed, her ass shaking, her head spinning, and she bit Conrad, her teeth chewing at the flesh of his chest.

The riding crop whipped her harder, lashing her ass. She felt herself going out of control. Her ass erupted with agony, but it surged over her body, rushing into the passion from her throbbing cunt and aching nipples and exploding back on her, sending her shrieking with a lust that rose higher with each lash of the crop and each throbbing fuck of Conrad”s cock.

“You bastard!” she screamed, then growled as she bit him again, her teeth closing on his flesh, biting, shifting, biting again, all over his chest as his cock throbbed in her cunt and Alisha whipped her ass with the riding crop.

Her ass thrust wildly, her cunt sucking harder at his cock as Conrad”s huge fucker beat into her body, filling her with the wildest lust in the world. Her teeth closed, tore at his flesh, and his cock swelled even more, fucking into her cunt, throbbing as the cum started to boil in his balls.

“Go for it, Alisha!” he yelled. “Do it and I”ll let you have her later, do it!”

He grabbed Cathy and pulled her closer, holding her head to his chest as she bit him, chewing at his flesh.

The riding crop whipped Cathy”s ass in a fury of lust. Alisha”s arm was a blur as she rubbed her hot little pussy with her other hand and beat the screaming Cathy for all she was worth.

Cathy”s screams rang out constantly as the riding crop lashed her. Conrad”s cock swelled to twice its size, pulsating, as hot cum rushed through the shaft. He lifted up off the desk, giving a long yell of lust as the first hot wad of cum shot out of his cockslit, deep into Cathy”s little pussy.

As the first stream of white-hot cockjuice splashed into her cunt walls, the crop landed on her ass and her pussy exploded like a bomb. A lust she had never known existed surged up over her, shattering her body. The climax sent her screaming, tearing at Conrad”s chest as her mouth pulled away.

“Yaaahhh, you glorious bitch!” he roared. “Come on, bite me! Show me what a bitch you are — yaaahhh!”

He pulled Cathy back down onto his chest as he poured another geyser of cum into her cunt.

“Uurghhhh!” Cathy screamed and bit him again, her teeth chewing wildly in her passion, her body shaking with lust, her cunt sucking at his spurting cock.

As another lash of the whip set off more shrieking climaxes, she rubbed her tits, her ass jerking up for the next blow as Conrad”s cock streamed out more hot cum in her throbbing cunt.

“Ooohhh God! Fuck! Fuck!” she screamed, her mouth running aver Conrad”s chest, her teeth biting, then pulling back as her tongue licked his skin. Her ass thrust back again, and the riding crop met it, lashing into her, sending another screaming orgasm rushing through her.

“Yurrgghhh!” Conrad roared, his cock shooting hot jism, his back arched off the desktop. “One more, yeahhh! Two more! Yeahhhh! Three more — ohhh, yeahhhhh!”

He collapsed back on the desk, his stiff prick still oozing cum into Cathy”s throbbing, sucking cunt.

The whipping stopped.

Cathy gave an unearthly shriek and rammed her cunt down on Conrad”s cock, rubbing it there frantically for several seconds until she gave a long moan and fell, limp across her uncle”s chest. A soft tide washed up over her and she snuggled close to him, weeping helplessly as her pussy slowly relaxed, sucking at his still-hard cock with slower and slower pulses. Cum ran over her thighs, and her ass burned with a deep pain that reached all over her body, but she felt very strange, her emotions in total confusion.


“Oohhh, fuck, you bastards, ooggghhh!” Renata screamed as she twisted in the handcuffs, setting the leather bonds to jerking and shaking the apparatus.

There were deep marks in her wrists, but she didn”t seem to notice them as she heaved up and down under the double rape of the two huge cocks in her cunt and ass. Her long, graceful legs in their black stockings were tightly wound round Eric”s back as her throbbing pussy sucked at his thrusting prick. Her ass trembled and gyrated as Nolan”s thick fucker reamed out her shit-pit with long strokes.

“Ooooohhh, fuck I can feel you bath, you bastards, you”ll split me open!” she screamed and climaxed, her two hot holes spasming with the impact of her surging orgasm.

“Yeaahhhh, right,” Eric snarled, “you can”t get enough, you whore. We know you, so get to it, you still got a lot of fucking to do to bring me off, Alisha took most of my cum.”

He tweaked the helpless receptionist”s tits, and Renata screamed with pain and lust, her body tossed more wildly on the apparatus, her arms straining against the bonds.

“Well she”s gonna get another load from me pretty soon,” Nolan gasped, his hot stiff cock sinking back into Renata”s sucking shitter. “Christ, she”s got a real tight ass, ooohh, yeahhh, but soooo good.”

He grinned as he slammed his cock back in, his whole nine inches vanishing between Renata”s asscheeks and deep into her spasming shit-pit.

“You bastards, you shitty fuckers!” Renata screamed, but she climaxed again, sobbing and gasping as the two cocks worked her passages over.

The two men were in a rhythm that sent her wild; one cock pulling out while the other one rammed in. So the thin membrane between her cunt and ass was constantly being rubbed hard, one way and then the other. It was driving hey into gasping, sobbing orgasms of ever-higher intensity.

“Uuuurrgghhh!” she moaned as eruptions of climax burst out of her cunt and ass. She heaved herself up on her hands, gripping the chain of the handcuffs, then sank down again onto the two massive cocks.

“Uuuurrghhh — fuck yeah!” Nolan roared suddenly, his fucker speeding up, ramming faster and harder into Renata”s ass. “Alisha, come here!”

The sexy little blonde actress turned and stared at him.

“Only if I get it next,” she pouted.

“You get over here, or you”ll get more than you bargained for!” Nolan snapped.

Alisha still stared at him. “I did it for you all. I get it next.”

“Okay, okay!” Nolan snarled. “You get it next and I hope you fuckin” like it.”

“I always do.” Alisha strolled over, tossing the riding crop onto a chair.

“Here,” Nolan gasped, handing Alisha the thin cane, “whip her tits as I come.”

“Nooooo!” Renata screamed, twisting op the handcuffs. “No, you bastard, no!”

She hauled herself up a little as if to try and escape, but Eric held her around the waist and returned her back down on his cock as she screamed again.

Alisha took the cane and laid it across the nipples of Renata”s luscious, low slung tits. They trembled as her body tossed. She stared at Alisha, snarling at her through another seething orgasm.

“I”ll whip the shit outa you for this!” she screamed.

“Promises, promises,” Alisha cooed, a mocking glint in her eye. She played the cane over Renata”s tits, sliding it up and down the smooth curves. “When Nolan tells me to, I”m gonna do this.”

Without warning, she raised the cane and lashed it down, right on Renata”s nipples.

“Aaaaghhhh, you bitch!” Renata screamed, tossing wildly as a red stain spread from where the cane had lashed her.

“Bitch?” Alisha asked, lashing again, beating Renata”s nipples.

“You fuckin” bitch!” Renata yelled, her tits throbbing with pain. She struggled, but the two men held her firmly in their grasp and her arms could only strain against the bite of the handcuffs. “I”ll get you!”

“Who me?” Alisha asked innocently, sliding the cane along Renata”s nipples again. “Little me? I only do what these big macho men tell me to do, I”m a good girl.” She slid her fingers over her hot cunt. “Oooooh, come on, Nolan! I need it bad! I”m going crazy watching all this!”

“You wait, you horny little cunt!” Nolan snapped, but his cock was ramming faster and harder into Renata”s ass, his loins slapping into her whipped asscheeks at the top of each stroke with a sound that carried over the room. “Fuuuuuck! Do it now, honey, do it!”

Alisha lashed the cane down on Renata”s nipples once more, whipping them and driving an agonized scream from the bound brunette.

Renata”s legs gripped Eric harder, her stockings wrinkling as her thighs twisted around his chest.

“You cunt!” she screamed. “Aaghhhhh, fuck! My tits — ooooohh fuck!”

Renata squirmed and burst into tears as the cane lashed down, always catching her tits close to the same point, just where her rosy nipple bud emerged from the creamy white tit-flesh. As Nolan”s cock slammed into the hilt in her ass, she screamed and came, her head thrown back, her body twisting out of control, her tits thrust out for the beat of the cane.

Eric chuckled as he stared at the reddening flesh, his cock driving hard into Renata”s soft cunt.

“Yeahhhhh!” he roared. “Keep it up, Alisha! Keep it up! I”m gonna shoot again — ohhhh, fuck, I”m gonna shoot!”

He gripped Renata”s waist and held his cock hard up in her cunt, letting her spasming pussy do all the work.

Alisha slashed the cane over Renata”s tits just as Nolan gave a great roar and slid his hands up Renata”s body. He grabbed her titflesh, squeezing, pushing the nipples out even farther for Alisha to whip.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” he roared, heaving Renata”s beautiful globes around, watching as the cane lashed them, beating Renata”s nipples into crimson points. “Here I come, baby! Here I come — aaahhhhh! Do it!”

He thrust his cock into Renata”s hot ass to the hilt, ramming it with hard strokes while Alisha whipped Renata”s tits. Cum poured out of his cockslit, splattering into Renata”s ass, filling her rectal hole with salty goo.

“More, more, more!” Nolan bellowed as Renata”s sucking asshole took more of his hot spunk.

“Aaaghhhh!” Renata screamed, her twin boles jerking, sucking, spasming at the invading cocks.

She shook with another orgasm as a jet of cockjuice poured into her ass. It began to squirt out of her tight ass muscles with each stroke of his throbbing rod.

“You fuckers! Oooohhh, you fuckers!” Renata moaned, twisting as another blow of the cane beat her nipples at the very moment more cum burst into her hot wet ass. “I hate you, all of you!”

Climaxes burst over her body as the final jets of Nolan”s cum shot out of his cock and into her shitter. She hung there as Nolan held her tits, his throbbing prick slowly going down as gobs of cum oozed out of her ass and over her thighs.

Alisha gave her one last slash of the cane and stood back.

“Oooooh, baby!” Nolan moaned, working his softening cock in Renata”s ass. “That was great, wasn”t it?”

He caressed Renata”s nipples gently, sending shudders of lust over the hanging woman.

“You shit-faced cunt!” she hissed. “I hated it! I hate you! All of you!”

Renata moaned at the touch of his hands that drove sharp arrows of lust into her body.

“Say that again and I”ll make you lick my cock clean,” Nolan said softly, playing with her tits while Eric continued his rampant assault on her cunt.

Her body still heaving to the beat of Eric”s cock, Renata leaned back and captured Nolan”s ear with her teeth. Slowly she chewed on it, twisting his earlobe as he held her, his cock still moving in her ass.

“I wouldn”t lick your cock clean if you were the last man on earth?” she hissed through her closed teeth, her legs tightening around Eric”s waist.

Nolan gave a groan of lust as she slowly let go of his reddened ear. “We”ll see about that, whore.”

“Pull out, Nolan?” Eric yelled. “I want Alisha to whip her ass — I”m coming! Yeahhhh?”

Renata gave another scream, and her body jerked as Nolan pulled his cock out of her ass. She moaned as her shitter walls tried to clutch his cock, to hold the massive thick prick in her guts.

“You shits!” she screamed, then leaped as the cane whipped into her ass. “Slut! Shit, you little shit, you do everything they tell you — aaahhhh!”

She tossed up on Eric”s cock as the cane whipped her aching asscheeks again.

“You bet?” Alisha yelled, laying into the bound brunette again. “I love it, whore, I love it!”

She whipped Renata”s ass, timing her strokes to the heave of Eric”s cock as he built up to another massive climax.

“Just like that, Alisha!” Eric yelled, his cock throbbing in Renata”s cunt. “Whip her just like that! Ohhhh, fuck! You”re good! Ohhhh fuck, you are!”

He slid his hand around Renata”s body and held her tightly as she screamed and heaved on his cock, her cunt tightening at each stroke of the cane, sucking on his swollen cock.

“Come on, whore, come for me!” Alisha yelled as she lashed. She was rubbing her cunt fiercely, her eyes alight with lust, her thighs trembling. She whipped faster as Eric”s cock went out of control, slamming deep into Renata”s cunt.

“Yeahhhhh, I”m coming!” he roared and heaved Renata higher, so that the weight came off her arms. His cock slammed high. The cane lashed Renata”s suffering ass and he shot the first of his load. “Uuuurrrgghhh, yeahhh!”

“You shit!” Renata screamed. She felt her pussy sucking at the cock, felt the cum gushing out of it, running over her pussy walls as Eric howled and fucked her with even harder strokes.

“Do it, now!” he yelled as his cock poured out jism. “Ooohhh, that was the greatest! That is the best! The best!”

In a final lunge of lust, he fucked the helpless receptionist up on his cock and held her there while his cock gave four or five final spurts of cum and Alisha whipped Renata”s crimson asscheeks to the beat of his ejaculation.

“Aaaghhhh!” Renata screamed, her body going rigid as the cum poured out and the cane beat her to the peak of her orgasm.

As Eric began to drop down, she gave a final shriek and collapsed, her body shaking with the power of her final climaxes.

“Shit,” Eric moaned as he almost fell away from the hanging woman and collapsed in a chair.

Nolan undid the bonds and Renata fell to the carpet, groaning, her hands still handcuffed until Alisha bent down and freed her. Then the double-fucked receptionist rubbed her whipped ass and tits and lay moaning softly.

Cathy came to, still lying across her uncle”s chest. She moaned, rubbed her aching ass to soothe it, and then she felt her nipples harden as she moved them over Conrad”s hairy chest. She felt his almost-soft cock sliding out oilier cunt as she moved and crouched up, her head dazed, tears rising into her soft eyes again.

“Now wasn”t that the greatest?” Conrad asked softly, reaching out and caressing Cathy”s tits, his hands stroking her nipples.

Instantly his cock began to harden, and Cathy gave a sob as she felt it. She looked down at the cum-smeared thing, rising slowly, the bulbous head already swelling.

Then she saw her teeth marks all over Conrad”s chest. There were scores of them. Horror and guilt surged up over her, tearing at her as she saw what she had done.

“Oh, my God!” she wept. “Did I really do that?”

“You did. You challenged me, said I couldn”t take it, remember?” He was smiling slightly and his cock was getting harder by the moment.

“Oooohhhh, yes!” Cathy sobbed as that memory came back clearly. “Ooooohhhh, I”m sorry! I didn”t mean to hurt you.”

She bent down and her soft lips kissed his chest. Weeping and kissing, she worked her way over the teeth marks, while Conrad lay there, watching carefully.

“Oooohhhh, no! Why did I do that?” she moaned.

“Was it very bad of you to bite me?”

“Oohhh, yes, yes, Uncle! Yes, ohhhhh God, I hate you so much!” She wept fresh tears and kissed his chest, her mouth moving over the marks restlessly. “Ooooohhh, please, forgive me!”

“Perhaps,” he said, “perhaps.”

“Tell me what to do, Uncle, I”ll make it right!” Cathy wept, her hands caressing his skin, her mouth kissing him desperately.

“Oh no, you have to find out for yourself, if you want to make it right. If you really want to make it right, you”ll know what to do.”

Cathy almost choked with the shock. She didn”t know what to do to redeem herself for the agony she had inflicted on him. She kissed his chest, moving over it, her dark hair brushing his skin.

Some deep instinct made her move lower, over his belly. She slid off the desk and bent at the waist, still kissing and caressing her uncle. Somehow her fingers came into contact with his cock and she stroked it, feeling it getting harder.

She kissed lower, moving her mouth until it was at the edge of his thick curly cock hair. Her chest heaved, her head spun with the horror that was still burning inside her at the terrible thing she had done, and she kissed the base of big massive cock.

The huge hunk of his cockmeat hardened in her hands. Her tears flowing like rain, Cathy kissed it a little more, holding the shaft in her fingers, moving them up and down as she kissed the stiffening flesh of his prick.

She closed her eyes and sank her mouth around his cockhead, feeling the swollen monster fill her cheeks. Sucking at it, she felt his ass lift off the desk as his cockhead swelled even more, thrusting at the entrance to her throat. She was dizzy with the awful feeling running over her, a terrible shame and guilt that she had done such an awful thing to her uncle. She eased her mouth back over his cockhead, sucking him gently until she had her luscious lips at the very tip of it.

“Please, Uncle, am I doing it right?” she asked.

She held his cockshaft and sank her mouth over him again, but still he didn”t answer. Horror swept over her. Perhaps she was doing the wrong thing. Perhaps he wasn”t pleased with her at all. She sucked his cockhead, running her tongue all over his cockflesh, weeping bitterly.

“Please, Uncle, please, speak to me!” she begged as she eased her mouth away again. “I”ll do anything to make it right. Please, say you”ll forgive me, and let me stay and be an actress.”

Her tears were making his swollen prickshaft wet. She sucked him again, even moving his cockhead to her throat and trying to case it in as she had seen Alisha do. But she just gagged and pulled back.

“Please, Uncle, please!” she begged. “I”ll do anything!”

“What would please me? Think, bitch, think.”

“Would you like me to suck your cock, Uncle?” Cathy wept.

“Is that right, Uncle? Am I doing right?” But he didn”t answer, just lay there on the desk. His young niece sobbed even harder as she kissed his cockshaft, her lovely sensual lips rubbing over the cum-smeared length.

Desperately Cathy licked and cleaned off some of the jism. The prick hardened even more, and something told her she was pleasing him. Sobbing and gasping, she held his cock and licked the cum away, cleaning a little bit at a time, moving up the hard shaft toward the already swollen cockhead. Her tiny hand couldn”t reach around the shaft, and, as it hardened even more, she had to use both hands to keep the throbbing monster in place for her mouth. Her lips were covered with cum and she could feel more of it running over her thighs and into her stocking tops…

She licked and caressed Conrad”s stiff cock. She held her mouth at his cockhead, licking all around it, then up the smooth flesh to the very top where she licked his piss-slit. He gave a low moan of lust, and his massive cock throbbed in her tiny hands. She closed her eyes and sank her mouth around his cockhead, feeling the swollen monster fill her cheeks.

He ran his hands over the nape of Cathy”s neck.

Cathy sobbed, almost gurgling with terror and shame as she sucked her uncle”s cock and felt it swelling harder in her soft mouth. Her ruby-red lips were closed fight around it, while she sucked at the massive bulbous flesh and her tongue probed and licked the smooth surface.

Obediently she spread her legs, easing her thighs even farther apart when Conrad told her to. She stayed where she was, bent at the waist, her mouth bobbing up and down on Conrad”s massive fuck pole, her white stockinged legs wide apart in their high heels.

The effect was sensual beyond belief and Conrad watched his young niece in the large mirror on the walls. Her long, tightly curved legs were being stretched just perfectly as she bent over, and the glow of her whipped ass set off the white of the stockings and the lacy suspender straps. Her wonderfully curved asscheeks slowly churned as she sobbed and waited for her uncle”s pleasure.

Nolan grinned at Renata. “Get me the cat.”

“Fuck you,” Renata said, “get it yourself.” Instantly Nolan grabbed her and hauled her off the floor as if she was a sack of wheat. She hardly had time to scream before she was fucked face-down over the back of a chair and Eric had hold of her hair, pushing her head farther down.

“Fuck you, I — aaaghhh!” Renata screamed as the riding crop lashed her ass. “No, stop, you shit, stop!”

“Get me the cat,” Nolan said, whipping her again.

“Uuuurghghh! You fucker, why the fuck can”t you — aaghhhh! All right! I”ll get it!” the writhing brunette screamed as another lash of the riding crop whipped her ass.

“Better,” Nolan said.

Eric let Renata go.

“Any more of that and you”ll be in the big trouble,” Nolan added as Renata rolled off the back of the chair and rubbed her ass.

While the still weeping Renata went off for the cat, Nolan strolled over to where Cathy was still in position, sucking Conrad”s cock. Casually Nolan slid his hand between her wide-open thighs and played with her young pussy, easing her cunt-lips apart and rubbing her hard clit.

“Heeyyyy!” he said admiringly. “She sure gets wet, Conrad!”

Conrad grinned as his hard cock stroked in and out of Cathy”s mouth.

In a fever of excitement, Alisha grabbed Eric and shoved him into a chair. She knelt between his legs and took his cock, licking and sucking at it for all she was worth.

“I was promised this,” she said. “Now get it hard for me, you bastard, I know you can.”

“If you”re good enough,” Eric said lazily and leaned back to watch.

Renata came up and handed Nolan the cat. The long tails swayed as he swung it, estimating the distance. He stepped back and stood, legs wide open.

“Clean my cock off,” he said to Renata. “On your fucking knees.”

Renata did as she was told, kneeling close, taking his cock in her hands and sucking at it, cleaning the cum off, along with her ass juices as she licked her way over the rapidly stiffening flesh.

Cathy knew there was pain coming. She braced herself, her legs straining, her mouth sucking hard on Conrad”s cockhead.

Almost casually Nolan swung the cat. The tails swung down, brushed the carpet and sweeped upward, right between Cathy”s open legs.

Cathy screamed and rammed her mouth down on her uncle”s cock as the knots of the cat whipped into her pussy.


Agony rushed out of Cathy”s pussy and surged over her body. Her mouth sank further on Conrad”s cock as her legs trembled with the pain bursting from the impact of the tight cat knots on her cunt and particularly on her sensitive clit bud. She gripped the shaft of her uncle”s prick and moaned as his cockhead thrust at her throat.

“Wider!” Nolan snapped, swinging the cat. “Wider!”

Cathy broke into more sobs. The humiliation was almost as bad as the pain, but she had to do it. With a whimper of submission, she spread her legs more, her white high heels shifting slowly over the deep pile carpet.

“That”s enough,” Nolan said. He jammed Renata”s mouth on his rapidly hardening cock and swung the cat, waiting.

Cathy gave a sob as she bent low, her mouth rammed with Conrad”s stiff cock, her thighs wide open, already red from the cat.

The knots beat in, lashing expertly between her legs, lashing the area of thigh between the stocking tops and her pussy as well as the delicate flesh of her cunt. She jerked, screaming into the fuckmeat in her mouth and ramming her head down helplessly on the massive prick.

Conrad”s cockhead rammed against the back of her mouth and, incredibly, the monstrous cock entered her throat, just an inch or so. The pain of the cat was more than the pain of taking the thick prick in her throat for about three seconds. Then the pain from the whip diminished a little. Immediately Cathy gagged, her throat spasming around Conrad”s cockhead as she pulled back desperately, knowing she was going to throw up.

“Again,” Conrad said, caressing her dark hair. “She”s getting it.”

Cathy wanted to plead with him, to stop the torture, but she couldn”t, she had to please him first, that was her punishment. She gagged on Conrad”s cockhead as it pushed at her throat, then she screamed as the cat beat into her cunt, lashing her flash with unbearable pain. She gripped Conrad”s cock, rammed her mouth down, and the massive cockhead slid a little farther into her throat.

“Again!” Conrad demanded.

Nolan whipped the cat upward, right between Cathy”s trembling legs.

Her scream of agony rang out from around the massive hunk of cockmeat in her throat. She spasmed, and her mouth sank farther, taking the cock in until her throat began to bulge with the huge cockhead filling it.

“Keep it like that,” Conrad said softly, caressing his niece”s hair, thrusting his cock at her trembling throat. “Keep it there and there won”t be any more of the whip.”

Cathy tried. She sucked at the massive cock, shoving her throat downwards on the huge pole, but without the pain, she began to choke. Her throat closed and she pulled back, moaning in horror.

“Please, Uncle, please! I”ll try again!” she begged. “Just don”t whip me! I”ll try again, really I will!”

She frantically sank her mouth over his cockhead and sucked at it, caressing his shaft with frantic fingers, but it was no use.

“You were a bad girl, weren”t you?” Conrad said softly, his hands still running in her hair.

“Y-yes, Uncle!” Cathy wept.

“To make up for that, you have to learn to take my cock right down your throat, don”t you?” His fingers played with her dark locks.

Cathy sobbed louder. She sucked his cockhead, feeling it growing in her mouth. “Yes, Uncle!”

“And for that you have to have the pain of the whip, don”t you?”

Cathy felt her head swirling with a deep dark horror, one that was so degrading that it gripped her guts and didn”t let go. She choked on Conrad”s cockhead, pulled back, her eyes streaming tears.

“Yes, Uncle!” she moaned.

“Then spread your legs wider and beg Nolan to whip you until you can take my cock right in your throat, to the balls!”

It was something in his voice that destroyed her, Cathy new that. She moaned, wept, her mouth trembling.

“Please, Nolan,” she sobbed, “please whip me until I can take Uncle Conrad”s cock right down my throat!”

She burst into more sobs as she sank her mouth back over the throbbing prick.

“Spread your legs!” Nolan commanded.

He swung the cat as Cathy opened her thighs once more, spreading them until she was almost doing the splits, her inner thighs pulled to the limits, her tendons and muscles aching with pain. Nolan swung the whip, lashing it upward into Cathy”s tender pussy.

The whip lashed into her pussy with long hard strokes, driving her out of her mind with pain. Her flesh was crimson red, and her legs shook constantly as she tried to keep her feet, her high heels digging into the carpet while the agony lashed into her pussy.

Her clit was on fire, burning with the flames of hell as the cat lashed up, the knots landing in tight bunches around her puffy cunt-lips. She shrieked with pain, driving her mouth deeper onto Conrad”s cock as the cat beat into her cunt with a regular rhythm. Now she knew when the next lash was coming, and her thighs would tighten in anticipation, her cunt-lips swelling and trembling as they waited for the hard leather knots.

But that wasn”t all that was happening. Her mouth was driving deeper on her uncle”s cock with each lash of the cat. He held her hair as he thrust his cock at her innocent young mouth, smiling the whole time as more and more of his cock vanished between her lovely young lips.

The constant, rising pain was making Cathy”s throat open up. As if to compensate for the agony in her cunt, she was forcing his fuckrod deeper, straining her throat muscles around the massive cockhead. Her throat spumed around the thick meat, but each time she thought she would gag.

“Uuuurrrghhh!” Cathy sobbed, her mouth working down on the cock, taking the inch or so of cockhead back into her throat that she had managed before.

She felt her throat choking, but she held there, sucking at the cock, ramming her mouth down as the cat lashed her again, driving the pain all over her, making her legs shake with the power of the blows. Another lash and another, and her screams were drowned in the mass of cockflesh ramming into her throat.

Nolan took hold of Renata”s hair, eased her mouth off his cock and grinned at her.

“If you get me off before Conrad comes, then you know what to expect.”

“You fucker!” Renata spat, but she was rubbing her tits against his thighs, her body alive and pulsing with the most depraved lust. “Fuck, I”ll swallow you better than that little cunt ever will!”

She plunged her mouth back down over his cock, sinking it into the wet pit of her throat instantly.

Nolan grinned, his cock thrusting at the little receptionist”s mouth as he leaned back and concentrated on whipping Cathy.

And there was something else, something almost too horrible to think about. Her pussy was getting wet. She could feel drops of her juices oozing off her clit as the cat landed over her thighs.

Behind Cathy, Renata grinned as she sank her mouth around Nolan”s cock and worked it in and out of her throat. She had him almost to the point of shooting and she was playing him, keeping him just on the boil, never letting him go over. She heard the sound of the whip changing — the slightly wet sound as the tails lashed onto Cathy”s clit.

Very slowly Renata eased her mouth back up the length of Nolan”s cock, grinning up at him as she licked his cockhead and played with his cockshaft.

“Do you hear what I hear?” she asked.

“Yeahhh,” Nolan replied. “The little bitch is getting turned on. Just like you and Alisha, whore, you”re all the same — whores, real whores.”

“Watch your tongue or I”ll make you shoot here and now,” Renata said softly. She played with his cock, sliding her fingers up and down his shaft.

Nolan swung the cat into Cathy”s pussy, hearing her muffled scream ring out from around Conrad”s thick cock.

“You bring me off now,” Nolan warned, “and I”ll hand you up with nipple clamps until I get hard again.”

“Ooooooh!” Renata crooned, her mouth playing with his cockhead. “You”re such a man, Nolan, such a shitty little man. Think you can scare me, huh? Well, try this!”

She slid her mouth over his cock and sucked him to the balls in one movement. She stood up, spreading her legs to get a better angle. Her lips formed a perfect circle around his cock as she worked his prick in and out of her throat, her fingers playing with his leg.

“Aaahhh!” he moaned, and his hand speeded up with the whip, lashing it into Cathy”s pussy harder and faster as Renata”s mouth worked his cock into a frenzy. “I mean it, you bitch! I mean it!”

But Renata wasn”t listening. She sank down to the base of his cock, working just a few inches up and down, keeping most of the thick fucker in her throat where her incredible mouth worked over it, sending messages of lust down his cockshaft that would bring him to a screaming climax before long.

Over in the chair, Alisha finally slid her mouth off Eric”s throbbing fucker. Her skillful lips had drawn it back to its full length and hardness, and now she played with it, sucking his cockhead, licking over the taut, stiff flesh.

“How about you put me over the sofa back and stick this up my ass?” she crooned. “That way we can get that little whore to lick your cum out of me later.”

“Ohhhh, shit!” Eric moaned. “I don”t know why I come to these parties, I always end up fucked out, I don”t know if I can shoot again.”

Eric fell back in the chair, his hips heaving with lust as Alisha played with his cock.

“You fucker,” Alisha said, sliding her mouth over his stiff boner, “you always get it up and you always come, fuckhead, so stop the shit and fuck my ass, baby.” She stood up and held his cock. “Come on! I gotta have it, or I”ll die!”

“I know what you need,” he growled, then went into the other room.

Grinning, Alisha went and spread herself over the low back of the sofa, propping herself up on the cushions that she piled under her, her tits pressing into the soft fabric. She spread her lovely long legs and dug her red-heeled shoes into the carpet. Then she looked and gasped with pleasure at what Eric had in his hand.

It was a massive, thick vibrator with straps attached. He brought it over to the gasping Alisha and ran it over the wet lips of her pussy. She moaned with delight and thrust back at the thick rubber dick, moaning as he turned it on.

“Which hole do you want it up?” he said, playing with her spasming clit getting another shriek of lust from the heaving actress.

“Uuuuooohhh!” Alisha moaned. “Oh, up my cunt, honey! Stick it right up, then whip my ass until I beg you to fuck it! Oooohhh, please, I”ll do anything you want if you do that for me — uurgrghhh! Ooohhh, fuck me, stuff it right up!”

She gave a scream of lust and rammed her ass back at the vibrator as Eric thrust it into her hot wet cunt.

“Yeeahhhhh!” Alisha shrieked, a series of climaxes bursting over her. “Ooohh right up me, baby, right up meeeee!”

Eric pushed, and the big vibrator slid easily into Alisha”s hot cunt. Half of its bulk sank between her spread pussy-lips in one movement, and she reared up on the sofa back, screaming with passion.

“All the way, bastard! Fuck me all the way!” she wailed, her ass shaking. “Fuuuuuck me! Fuuuuuck me!”

Eric whipped her hard, his hand blurring as he laid the cane across her suffering ass. He played with his cock, watching the thin lines of crimson pain on Alisha”s ass spread and merge into one mass of red flesh. Still she screamed for more as she tossed on the sofa, the vibrator churning in her hot pussy.

With her mouth ramming down harder on her uncle”s cock, and her pussy throbbing from the beat of the cat, Cathy was in a terrible state. Her whole body ached and burned with the pain she suffered, but that wasn”t the worst that was happening. Her pussy was getting hot and wet.

The beat of the cat on her clit was setting off another feeling that spread with a slow, churning roll through her suffering pussy. At each lash, the sensation got stronger, an awful, burning lust that filled her pussy and grew. Her legs strained wider apart so her cunt could get more of the cat. Her ass circled, jerking out to meet the knotted tails, her spread pussy-lips glistening with her juices as the cat whipped her. Her moans were getting deeper, more guttural with the rising lust, and her throat was opening, taking more and more of Conrad”s huge fucker.

“That”s it, Cathy, my little girl,” her uncle crooned, stroking her soft dark hair, his sinking between her perfect, red lips. “You”ll make a wonderful slave for me, and the better the slave you are, the more rewards you get.”

She clutched the pillows and gave a long scream as Eric pushed the monster into her cunt to the hilt, filling her pussy with churning rubber.

“Uuurgghh, yeahhhh!” Alisha screeched. “Now whip me, whip me! Please!”

She wailed as Eric took the straps and lashed them around her upper thighs, trapping the nine-inch vibrator inside her cunt. Then he stepped back and picked up the thin cane.

“You want this?”

“Uuurgghh, yesss!” Alisha screamed. “Oh whip me, I wanna come more! Whip me!”

“Kiss it,” Eric said, his cock swinging from his loins, getting even harder than before. He eased the cane across Alisha”s sobbing mouth.

“Uuurghhhh!” she moaned as she kissed the thin rod. “Oooohhh, whip me with it — please, whip me!”

Alisha licked the thin wood, kissing it as it slid over her lips.

“Ooohh, you bastard, whip me! I need it, I need it!”

Eric stepped back and lashed Alisha”s asscheeks.

“Aaaaghhhhh! Yesssss!” Alisha screamed, clutching the pillows, burying her mouth in the soft mass, screaming her heart out. “More!”

He roared with lust as the jism shot out of his balls and through his shaft, headed for Renata”s mouth. In a frenzy of lust, his arm swung high and circled down, swinging the cat into Cathy”s wide-open cunt.

The cat circled, never stopping, brushing the carpet, sweeping up into Cathy”s clit as she jerked and screamed. Then it lashed back into the helpless girl”s pussy again.

At the third vicious, circling stroke, Cathy”s orgasm rushed out of her whipped clit and overwhelmed her, sending her spiraling into a pit of sensation the likes of which she had never even dreamed of before.

Her throat opened wide, sinking Conrad”s cock to the hilt, so deep that his cockhead felt as if it was almost in her stomach. Her deep, guttural screams of lust gurgled around his cockshaft as she rammed her lips to the base of the monster fuckrod and sucked at it for all she was worth, her tongue swirling around the meat as it pounded into her throat. Another series of orgasms broke over her, sending her heaving and jerking, her mouth trying to take even more of the long hard cock in her throat.

Masses of hot jizz burst into Renata”s mouth, and the sexy little receptionist gurgled with pleasure and swallowed it, playing with Nolan”s balls as he whipped the cat upward into Cathy”s hot cunt. Renata held his cock in her mouth, taking the cum over her tongue so she could taste it before she swallowed his hot white seed. Her lovely large tits swung wildly as she took another hosing of cum that filled her mouth and spread out over her lips, white good hanging from her chin.

“Yaaahhhhh!” Nolan roared, whipping Cathy for all he was worth. “Yaaahhhh, this is great, baby! This is great!”

His eyes were glazed as he whipped the knots into Cathy”s spasming cunt.

Cathy felt Conrad grip her hair tighter. Her mouth rammed up and down on his fuckrod, filling her throat, as she caressed his balls and came again. An orgasm brought on by the cock in her mouth and the horribly delicious beat of the whip on her pussy.

Suddenly Conrad”s cock began to throb and swell, his cockhead growing even larger in her throat.

“Oohhh, yeahhh, baby! Yeahhhh!” he yelled. “Here it comes, all for you! Now swallow it like a good little girl!”

He gave a gasp and a moan, and suddenly his turn was squirting deep in Cathy”s throat.

She held his cock there, her throat muscles sucking the cum out as the last beats of the whip lashed her cunt.

Nolan was slowing as his orgasm ran out, and only drops of his cum ran into Renata”s mouth to be licked and swallowed by the depraved receptionist. Finally Nolan dropped the cat, panting as he held Renata”s mouth to his cock and made her suck the last of his cum away.

Cathy was so far gone that not even the end of the whipping could stop her climaxes. The pumping, heaving cock in her mouth was more than enough to keep her orgasms going as her throat filled with her uncle”s cum, sliding into her stomach with slippery ease.

But something made her move her mouth back up as Conrad held her hair and yelled with the endless pulsations of his come. Her tongue flicked around his cockhead as another great geyser of jism gushed into her mouth and, for the first time, Cathy actually tasted cum.

It was nothing like she”d imagined, just salty, thick, creamy, filling her mouth and rolling over her tongue until she swallowed it. Another jet shot out, and Conrad yelled with lust, shoving his cock at her mouth. He gripped her hair suddenly, so she couldn”t get her mouth deeper, even if she”d wanted to.

“Jeeeesus Christ!” he roared. “This chick”s incredible! Oohhh, suck it! Just like that, baby, suck it!”

His spurting cock shot another load of spunk over Cathy”s mouth, and he pushed her head even farther back, watching as his cock shot the next wad over her luscious lips, covering them with creamy white.

“Ooohhh, fuck!” he gasped. “Your mouth, baby, your mouth!”

Conrad watched, his cock almost exploding the last shots of his cockjuice as he saw his once innocent niece taking his cum into her mouth and swallowing it while groaning in the grip of another orgasm.

Renata played with Nolan”s cock, her fingers working it as it got soft, slowly shrinking. She licked it, slid it into her mouth and back out again.

“Yeahhh, you pissy little shithole,” she jeered, “if you can hurt me enough, I”ll beg to do this again for you. If you can hurt me enough, shit-face!”

Nolan stared down at her, his chest heaving. “One day, somebody will, you cunt!”

“One day,” Renata sneered.

Cathy swallowed the last shots of Conrad”s cum, taking them down as her organ diminished and the pain in her ass returned. She moaned, tasting Conrad”s cum, sucking it out of his piss-slit as a rising horror climbed over her. She knew what she had done, but she couldn”t believe she had sunk that low.

“Well, I promised,” Conrad said, his fingers in her hair. “I promised that I wouldn”t whip you for biting me unless you begged for it, and you did.”

Cathy felt tears of shame and horror rush to her eyes. She slid back to her knees and crouched on the carpet, weeping her heart out. She heard screams of lust and she looked up to see Alisha gyrating on the sofa, her ass jerking up for the cane.

“Aaagghhhhh! Yeahhhh!” the little blonde actress screamed. “Aaahhhhh — that”s it, Eric! That”s it! Oohh, come and fuck my ass, baby! Come and ram it up me!”

In front of Cathy”s horrified gaze, Eric threw the cane aside and advanced on the wailing, moaning Alisha. He took his cock and slid it into her ass, right to the hilt as she screamed with joy, reaching back and ramming the vibrator deeper into her pussy.

It was too much for Cathy. She fell face-down, on the carpet and rolled into a ball. She had tot get away, even her home was better than this dreadful place.


“Get up!” Conrad snapped, standing over his weeping niece.

“No, please, Uncle! No more, please!” Cathy sobbed, holding her whipped pussy and rubbing it.

The pain began to subside, but that terrible passion began almost immediately, surging out from the contact of her fingers on her clit. She tried rubbing her sore tits, but that was just as bad. She fell forward, even closer to the soft carpet, as if that would save her.

“Little shit!” Nolan said, appearing beside Conrad. “Give her the best orgasms of her life and she pulls a stunt like this. I know what she needs.”

Cathy looked up at them furtively. They both stood watching her, their long thick cocks swinging. But already their cocks were getting hard again, stiffening slowly.

“I think she could join Renata, don”t you?” Nolan said. “A bit of lezzy action never hurt anybody.”

Conrad grinned slowly. “Sure. One last chance, baby, get up, or take what comes.”

Cathy burst into louder sobs. “No! You”re all perverts, sadists, I hate you!”

She tried to crawl across the carpet, her already torn stockings ripping further in the rough pile.

Nolan”s foot landed in the small of her back and he pushed her face down, hard into the floor. “You ain”t goin” nowhere, bitch!”

“Let me go!” Cathy wailed, struggling, her tits pushed into the thick carpet.

“Turn over!” Nolan lashed her ass with the cat.

“Aaaahhhh!” Cathy screamed and turned rapidly, staring up at him, her hands over her tits.

He looked down at her, his cock stiffening as he watched her tears and helplessness. “Get your hands away.”

“P-please!” Cathy wept as she slowly let her hands fall away from her lovely tits.

“Now hold them, close together!” he snapped.

Cathy put her hands on the sides of her luscious tits and pushed them together, forming a cleavage for him.

He dropped to her knees, straddling her body, and shoved his cock between her tits, ramming it up until his cockhead slid over her chin at the top of each thrust.

“I”ll make a bargain with you, honey,” he said. “You bring me off before Conrad has Renata tied up and I”ll let you go. If not, you go up with her.”

He slowly fucked his cock between her tits, pushing upward until his balls also slid between them. Then back down, the thick hunk of meat was getting harder by the moment.

Cathy didn”t understand what Nolan was talking about for a moment. She could hear the moans and screams coming from Alisha as she lay over the sofa back, her cunt throbbing to the beat of the vibrator, her ass writhing as Eric rammed his thick cock in and out. Alisha was coming in constant, screaming heaves of climax, her body twisting, her mouth open and sobbing with delight as she played with the vibrator, ramming it high into her wet cunt.

But then Cathy saw Renata and Conrad.

Conrad had Renata on the floor, and he was standing over his receptionist, the riding crop in his hand. Mound him were several ropes from the apparatus. The horrible thing had been extended, and now there were two bars reaching horizontally across the top, about a foot from each other, and they were almost at the ceiling. From them hung the ropes that dangled around Conrad.

“Put them on,” Conrad said.

“You shit!” Renata yelled, but she reached for the leather bindings and slipped one of them over her right ankle. “You nasty, cocksuckin” little shit!”

Conrad nodded and she reached for the other binding. Staring pure hatred at him, she slipped that one over her other foot and glared at Conrad.

Suddenly he reached over, grabbed her by the hair and twisted her head back. He pulled he around until she had her back to him, her shoulders at his knees. Viciously he shoved her head between his legs so that she had to stare up past his massive cock and into his eyes. He held the riding crop over her tits.

“What did you call me?”

“How the fuck should I remember?” she spat. “Something too good for you — like cocksuckin” little shit!”

Conrad raised the riding crop and Renata gave a half sob, half yell as it lashed down, whipping her nipples.

“Cocksuckin” little shit!” she screamed. “You”re — oooohhhh fuck, cocksuckin” little — aaaagghh, shit!”

He whipped her tits again.

“What did you call me?” Conrad asked, panting, holding Renata”s hair, his cock thrusting out over her face, a glint of admiration in his eyes.

“Can”t you fuckin” hear right!” Renata yelled. “I said you”re a cocksuckin” little shit!”

Her chest heaved as she waited for the riding crop.

Instead Conrad reached behind him and pulled on a rope. Renata”s legs lurched up into the air, pulled apart by the ropes. She still wore he high heels and the heels were pointing at the ceiling by the time Conrad stopped hauling on the rope.

“Changed your mind?” he said to Renata as she lay on her back, bent at the waist.

“Cocksucker!” she screamed. “You think — aaahhhooo!”

She screamed as Conrad pulled again and the rope went higher, dragging Renata”s back off the rug. Then he pulled again and Renata was off the floor.

Renata screamed as she hung upside down, her ankles pulled well apart by the ropes which ran to the sides of the apparatus, her hands dangling toward the floor. She glared at Conrad as he came over, her tits falling toward her face.

“Not high enough,” Conrad said, then gripped the rope again.

“You”re the cocksucker!” Renata screamed. “Not me!”

She wailed as she was pulled even higher. Now her feet were right at the top and sides of the apparatus. They stretched her legs apart even more, and her face was just at the level Conrad wanted.

He walked back to her and put his cock to her lips. “Now we”ll see who”s the cocksucker.”

“Fuck off!” Renata screamed, staring at the riding crop.

Conrad slid behind her and lashed her ass with the leather-bound crop.

“Yyyayahhhh!” Renata screeched, her body swinging from the apparatus, jerking with pain.

She put her hands over her ass, so Conrad stepped around and lashed her tits, beating the red line of pain into the soft under slopes of her globes.

“Aaaaaagh!” Renata”s brunette hair tossed wildly, her body jerking on the ropes.

“Ready to suck cock?” Conrad asked, whipping her tits again.

“Get lost, fucker!” Renata screamed, rushing her hand to her tits.

It didn”t do her any good. Conrad stepped around and lashed her ass once more. He beat her again, setting her body swinging wildly from the apparatus.

“Suck my cock.”

“Fuuuck offf!” Renata screamed as the riding crop lashed her ass.

She slid her hands back up, so Conrad lashed her tits, beating them until she was screaming constantly, jerking uncontrollably on the ropes.

“Yaaaahhhh! You stinking fucker — aaahhh! You heap of trash can shit! You”re a faggot! You want me to do it “cause Nolan won”t! You”re a faggot, a shit-eating faggot — aaaaaghhhhh!”

As Renata”s body tossed on the ropes, she began to spasm.

Suddenly Conrad turned the riding crop vertical and lashed her right between her legs, the thin leather-bound crop whipping Renata”s soft pussy.

With an unearthly shriek, Renata came, sobbing and twisting, her mouth twisting violently as she shook with orgasm.

“Fucker, fucker, fuuuckerrr?” she screeched, twisting as the riding crop whipped her pussy.

She collapsed, breathing heavily. Conrad stopped and grinned at her, the riding crop in his hand.

Tears ran from Renata”s eyes, but she grinned at him.

“Okay, fucker,” she said, “I”ll suck your cock now.”

Conrad came up and slid his massive long fuck rod over her cheek.

“You love cock, don”t you, bitch,” he said, as his cock slapped her across the face.

“Fuckin” hate it, and you,” Renata crooned, sliding her hand up Conrad”s thigh to his balls.

Conrad slapped her face with his cock again, the sound quite clear in the room.

“You love it, don”t you!”

“I hate it, you fucker!” Renata gasped as slid her hand down his massive cockshaft and pulled her mouth to the tip of his cockhead. “I”ll show you how much I hate it!”

She sank all of the enormous cock into her mouth and up her throat. Hanging as she was, the angle was easy for her, but the complete way she sucked his cock into her throat until she licked her tongue out over his balls made Cathy gasp.

“How can she stay with a man who does that to her?” Cathy wept, staring up at Nolan as he fucked his cock between her lovely tits. “What will he say to her on Monday, when they go back to work?”

Nolan chuckled. “You”re real stupid sometimes. Well, not stupid maybe, just naive.” He grinned and worked his fingers over Cathy”s nipples. “Now you better get going. Conrad”s nearly finished and if you don”t bring me off, you”ll be up there too.”

“Oohhh, no!” Cathy wept. “You just came — I-I can”t get you off before then! You”re a beast!”

Nolan leaned forward, his fingers tightening on her nipples. “You still don”t get the point, do you? I wanna get you up there far too much to come right now. So you”re going up there, baby, I just wanted to give you a fighting chance, that”s all.”

Nolan leaned back, roaring with laughter. Cathy sobbed louder, but she kept her hands on her tits, making a trough for his massive cock as it slid in and out. His fingers tightened slowly on her nipples, until pain started surging through her tits.

“Lick my cock,” he ordered, and Cathy was forced to fuck her tongue out and run it over his thick, throbbing cockhead.

Suddenly Alisha”s screams of lust rose to a new pitch.

“Ooohhh, yeahhh!” she yelled. “Ooohhh, yeahhh, shoot it up me! Come on! Fill my ass with cum! Fill my ass with cuuummmm!”

She grabbed the pillows harder, clutching them to her tits, and Eric fucked his cock into her ass faster and faster.

“Christ, I”m coming!” he roared. “Ooohhh, Jesus, fuckin” Christ! I”m coming! Oohhh, work that vibrator in your cunt, baby! Roll it over my cock — oohhhh yeahhhh!”

His frantic fucking drove Alisha”s hips into the sofa back as his balls slapped at her at the peak of each deep fuck.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Alisha screamed, running her hand back between her thighs, grabbing the vibrator and fucking her cunt with it. Eric”s balls emptied their cream, and, jizz between Cathy”s luscious tits. “I got a job for you, baby, a real nice job.” He got up and pulled her to her feet. “Over to Eric.”

Cathy stumbled past Renata and Conrad as she moved to where Eric sat in the chair. Conrad”s huge prick was moving slowly in Renata”s mouth as she hung upside down from the bars, one hand on his cockshaft, the other running slowly over her pussy. Alisha had rolled over the back of the sofa and now lay on the cushions, running the vibrator at low power into her hot cunt. Her thighs were wide open and she lay there, a dreamy smile on her face.

“On your knees,” Nolan said and pushed Cathy down between Eric”s thighs. “Now lick it clean.”

Cathy looked at Eric”s cock. It was smeared with cum and Alisha”s ass juices, and Cathy was sure there was some shit on it.

“Oh no! Oh no, not that, please!”

“Lick it clean,” Nolan ordered, leaning over the sobbing girl. “I mean, fuck, you”re gonna be sucking pussy and ass soon, so why not a cummy cock?”

“Oh no!” Cathy wept.

Nolan left her and she sat where she was, sobbing in horror.

Eric just looked at her and grinned. “Better do as he says, honey.”

Nolan came back and knelt behind Cathy. He pushed a couple of tiny clamps under Cathy”s terrified nose.

“You know what these are?” he asked.


“These are nipples clamps. Or pussy clamps, depending on where we wanna put them. Now you start licking that cum off like a good girl, or put these on and tighten them until you do start.”

Cathy sniveled as she looked at the tiny things. They had little jaws and screws, but she couldn”t believe that they could give enough pain to make her want to lick the cum and other stuff off Eric”s cock.

“Oh no! No, please! Don”t, please!” Nolan had hold of one of her tits and was sliding the tiny jaws over her firm, thrusting nipple. Cathy felt the first bite of the jaws. She winced, but it wasn”t too bad.

“No!” she whispered as the second clamp slid around her other nipple and Nolan tightened the jaws. They closed on her cunt-flesh, biting a little, causing her to wince and moan.

“Suck cock, baby,” Nolan said. “And hurry, Conrad and Renata are waiting for you.”

“No!” Cathy gasped.

Nolan tightened one of the clamps. Cathy could feel his huge, muscular body against hers as he screwed the clamp. Suddenly a fierce rush of pain gushed from her nipple as the clamp tightened, biting hard into her flesh.

“Aaahhh!” she hissed, her body rocking in pain.

Nolan tightened the other one, and the pain doubled, surging through her body.

“Suck cock, baby,” Nolan said. Cathy stared at Eric”s cock through eyes that were misty with pain. It suddenly didn”t seem so bad, and she knew she would have to give in. But not yet, not just yet. “No!” she whispered.

Nolan leaned over her and took hold of the one clamp. As he tightened it, Cathy”s nipple throbbed in pain and her body jerked, almost flinging Nolan aside.

“Yes, all right! I”ll do it!” Cathy wailed, feeling the agony rushing from her nipple.

“Good. Now the other one and we can…”

“Nooooo!” Cathy screamed as he reached for her other tit.

“Take your pick, honey,” Nolan said as he took the clamp in his fingers and played with the screw. “I”m real happy to put you up on the bar and whip you till you beg me.”

He slid his fingers over the screw and it tightened slightly. Cathy shook as the pain soared out of her tits. She knew Nolan would do as he said, so she crouched there, pain beating in her tits and wept.

“Shall I?” Nolan”s huge cock thrust into the crack of Cathy”s ass.

“Yes!” she wept.

Very slowly he tightened the other screw until the same agony erupted in constant explosions from each of Cathy”s tits. She screamed as she crouched on the floor between Eric”s knees, her whole body being torn apart with pain.

“Now you can suck him,” Nolan said.

The agony was so intense that Cathy didn”t even notice the goo all over Eric”s cock. She leaned in at once, took his soft cock and licked at it, cleaning the shaft in a terrible rush, her hands shifting on his flesh as she cleaned every last inch of it. She didn”t notice any taste, or anything else. When it was done, she moaned and fell against Eric”s leg, her mouth moving up and down his flesh as the pain throbbed through her. She felt Eric”s cock getting harder tin her hands.

Nolan grabbed her by her hair and hauled her upright. “Now the bar.”

“Nooo, you said that — aaaghgh!” Cathy screamed as he whipped her ass with the riding crop.

“Come on, bitch!” Nolan hissed in her ear as he led her over to the apparatus. “Tell us all how much you love it. Come on!”

Cathy stared at Renata, still hanging upside down, her legs spread wide, her mouth full of Conrad”s cock as it slid in and out, ramming deep into her throat.

Conrad grinned at his niece as he played with Renata”s tits and pussy, making his brunette receptionist moan around the massive hunk of his cockmeat.

“Yeah!” Conrad said, “tell us, baby.” Cathy sobbed, then saw the riding crop moving up, over her ass.

“Yes, yes!” she wept. “I love it! I love it!” Desperately, she tried to unscrew the nipple clamps, but Nolan slapped her hand and showed her the riding crop.

With a grin, Conrad pulled his cock out of Renata”s mouth and stepped away.

“You scumbag!” Renata screamed. “You”d better make this worth my while, you shit-eating motherfucker!”

Conrad grinned. “Patience, my love. Lots of goodies for all of us.”

“You shit!” Renata screamed, twisting helplessly on the ropes.

Cathy”s tears flowed even more freely as Nolan took her arms and lashed her wrists together to a rope that hung from the very top of the apparatus. He pulled, and her arms were hauled up, then the rest of her, until she was hanging from her arms, her feet inches from the floor.

She hardly had time to moan before Nolan took her feet and pulled them apart. As she hung there, he lashed each of her ankles to the sides of the apparatus. The agony from her nipples continued, burning through her, but what was worse was that her face was almost level with Renata”s wide-open pussy.

Renata”s legs strained on either side of her face and suddenly Cathy knew what was coming next.

Nolan cranked the horrible thing, and she was rolled slowly closer to Renata”s wide-open cunt. She wailed in horror as her face was pushed almost into the soft curly hair of Renata”s pussy mound. She hung there, her nipples aching with pain as Conrad walked up to the two of them.

“You see, we got a slight problem. I mean I have to look after my niece, don”t I? Have to put her up and look after her real nice.”

“So…” he flicked the thin cane over Renata”s tits, “… you two have really got to get along, got to learn to share, got to learn to love each other real good. So we”ll start right now and see how it goes. Okay, girls, it”s time for some nice good pussy-sucking.”

“You bastard!” Renata screamed. “You think I”m gonna suck this little shit”s pussy?”

“Sure I do,” Conrad said.

He stepped back and whipped Renata”s ass as she hung there. Renata screamed and heaved on the ropes, hit it was Cathy who got another dose of real terror. The cane lashed into Renata”s sore flesh only inches from her eyes.

Then Conrad came around to his young niece. “So, how about it then?” he said. “Are you the girl to get the ball rolling?”

Cathy twisted her head and saw the cane above her suffering ass. “Yes, yes! I”ll do it!”

With a moan of surrender, Cathy leaned forward and let her young lips come into contact with Renata”s hot, wet pussy.


“You cunts!” Cathy heard Renata yelling from between her thighs.

She moaned in horror and licked over the hard bud of Renata”s cunt as she felt the brunette”s hair brushing against her skin. Then, inches from her nose, there was the thin cane, resting on Renata”s crimson, whipped out.

“Now, be a friend, Renata,” Conrad said, his voice silky with menace. “Be nice to her, she”s being soooo good to you.”

The cane trembled on Renata”s heaving ass. “Jerk off, you cunt-faced shit!” Renata yelled, her legs straining wide open as she tried to twist away from Cathy”s mouth. “Get this little whore off me!”

The cane went up, hovered for a moment, then lashed down, beating into Renata”s flesh so close to Cathy”s nose that she was sure she was going to get hit.

“Yaaaaahhhh!” Renata screamed.

Her legs trembled as she hung from her heels, her pussy throbbed over Cathy”s tongue and she panted with desperation.

“Fuck off!” she yelled defiantly.

The cane lashed Renata”s ass hard, bringing another scream of anger and defiance from the hanging receptionist.

“Now, come on, baby,” Conrad said soothingly. “Let”s have a bit of all-girl action here.”

His hand went up and whipped Renata again. Cathy gave a start as she kept up her desperate sucking on Renata”s pussy. Nolan was playing with her whipped ass, his hands running over it, his fingers probing deep between her thighs. She felt so degraded, so helpless that she screamed, but hurriedly sank her mouth back on Renata”s quivering cunt.

Conrad went on whipping his receptionist, his hand blurring as it swept in, his other hand playing with his cock, drawing it right back up to full hardness.

Cathy wanted to scream at them all, to run away, to expose the horrors for all to see, but she was helpless, and a massive climax was rising over her, threatening to break free at any moment. It wasn”t just because of Nolan”s hands probing, caressing over her ass and into the soft wet crack of her pussy. There were other things too.

Her nipples burned constantly from the clamps, a deep dark excitement flowing over her tits, throbbing, burning with lust. And she had to confess to herself that the sight of the cane, lashing into Renata”s ass, sent thrills right through her. It whipped Renata so close to her face that she could see the mark as it landed, the red line, the shiver in Renata”s ass flesh. She stared, almost choking as she realized she was remembering the cut of that cane on her own flesh, the pain, the excitement, the incredible orgasms it gave her. She swallowed, hardly wanting to think about her feelings.

She pulled against the ropes, but that sent shivers through her too. She was helpless, a prisoner, they could do what they liked to her.

Nolan”s fingers probed her pussy and the sensations that erupted from the contact sent her into a thrilling climax. She struggled against the bonds, each hopeless movement making her more and more excited.

And finally, there was the incredible effect of sucking Renata”s cunt. The smell of another woman, the rush of Renata”s pussy juices as she licked and sucked the red gash, all of it sent the most depraved excitement running through her. She sucked Renata”s clit into her mouth, holding it between her teeth, giving a sharp rasp and suck across the sensitive bud everytime the cane landed.

“Yaaaahhh!” Renata screamed, her body heaving out of control. “Your fuckin” niece is bringing me off, Conrad! Ooooohh, fuck! Aaaahhh! Whip me you fucker if you want it, whip meeee! Aaaghhhh, you shit, you cuntfaced whore, you — aaaghhh! Ohhhh yeaahhh! Ohhhhh fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

She came screaming as the whip lashed her and Cathy”s mouth sucked at her pussy. Her thighs trembled around Cathy”s face as the dark-haired little girl sucked as hard as she could at the spasming flesh, driving Renata further out of her mind.

Renata screamed as her cunt poured pussy juices into Cathy”s hot mouth. “Conrad, you mother-fucker, you shit-faced cocksucker — oooohhh yeahhh!”

Cathy screamed too, as Renata”s heaving body jarred the nipple clamps over her tits, dragging on them, puffing on her tits, driving the agony higher, along with the lust.

Renata gave a piercing scream and crested, tossing out of control, her body shaking, overwhelmed by her incredible orgasm. She sighed as she hung there.

“Okay, honey,” she purred, “I”ll suck her fucking pussy.”

“Take her down,” Conrad said.

Renata moaned as they lowered her to the carpet. She lay there for a few moments, rubbing her ass and moaning with satisfaction. Then she crawled up and came over to Cathy, who was still hanging by her wrists from the apparatus.

“I”ll suck your cunt, baby,” she said, her hand running softly over Cathy”s cheek, “but you watch out, you wanna tit in here? You learn, real fast, or your precious uncle”ll send you home so fast your cunt”ll churn butter.” She took hold of the nipple clamps and held them, staring into Cathy”s eyes. “Well, fuck me! I think she”s almost there. You shit, Conrad, you got it right again.” She twisted the clamps, tearing at Cathy”s hard nipples, dragging at them. “Keep fingering her cunt, Nolan. We”ve got her.”

Cathy shrieked as the clamps twisted her nipples. She hung on the ropes, her body shaking, her cunt throbbing in Nolan”s expert hands. She knew now what Renata meant. She was going to come, and there was nothing she could do about it. She screamed desperately, but nothing stopped the surging orgasm from bursting her pussy.

“You bitch!” she screamed at Renata. “You fucking biiitch!”

Cathy flung her head back as she came, rocking on the ropes, her dark hair tossing wildly.

“See?” Renata said letting go of the clamps. “Just like me, whore, can”t do without it. I”ll make you lick my ass and beg for it soon.”

She slowly slid down Cathy”s wonderful young body, her mouth teasing the soft skin, until she reached Cathy”s wide-open thighs. Then she took over from Nolan, her mouth playing with Cathy”s pussy as it ran juices.

Conrad came up, a small cat in his hand. He straddled Renata”s kneeling body and leaned in close to his niece.

“Fuck,” he said, “you”re hotter than a cat in heat!”

Cathy moaned and wept as she hung on the ropes. She had no idea what she was going to do. They could make her come whenever they wanted. She was a slave, not only to them, but to her own perverted desires. Somehow she had to get free.

“I”m going to show you exactly who you are,” Conrad said softly, his fingers playing with the nipple clamps. “Renata”s right. If you don”t learn, you”re going back to mommy. If you do, well, think of the fun you can have.”

Cathy wept as the nipple clamps came off. She wanted to rub her tits, but her hands were bound. Conrad did it for her, rolling her hard nipples in his fingers as he watched her.

Then he stepped back and lashed the cat across her tits, beating on her soft mounds. Cathy”s tits throbbed and heaved from side to side, bouncing with each lash.

The effect on Cathy was beyond her wildest nightmares. She came on the third stroke, and went on coming, the whip beating the most exciting and delicious agony through her body, while Renata”s mouth worked her pussy, driving her to peaks of climax that she had never imagined.

“Waaaaahhhhh!” she wailed, thrusting her tits out for more of the whip, straining to get her legs wider for Renata”s mouth.

Conrad stopped the whip, leaving Cathy still hanging there, sobbing, the climaxes washing over her.

“Do you know what”s coming next?” he said. “Aaahhh, nooooo?” Cathy screamed. “It”s time to get your ass fucked.” Cathy wailed, struggling on the ropes. She wanted to plead with them not to do it, but she couldn”t, all she could do was hang there and moan.

“And then a double-fuck, one cock in each hole, how does that sound?” Conrad caressed her tits, stroking the store, whipped flesh.

Cathy”s mind clouded with pain and lust. She came again to the soft squeezing of her nipples as Conrad played with her tits.

“Now you have to plead with us for Nolan to fuck your ass,” said Conrad, “so why don”t you do it?”

His fingers tightened on her nipples, sending Cathy jumping and screaming on the ropes.

She tried to speak, but her whole body was churning with a fire that just wouldn”t go out. Her nipples burned, her pussy throbbed with lust, and she sobbed.

The cane lashed her ass.

“Now beg us, baby,” Conrad said as he twisted her nipples.

The eruption of agony coming from her ass sent her screaming in total abandon, her ass thrusting out for the cane. It whipped in, Nolan laying it into her swollen, throbbing ass-flesh with hard strokes.

“Jesus, fuckin” Christ! She”s the biggest whip-bitch I”ve seen!” Alisha gasped as she looked from the sofa, still playing the vibrator over her cunt. “Shit, it turns me on — but fuck, look at that!”

Cathy”s screamed as she came, her body tossing and gyrating on the apparatus. There was one, tiny clear point of her mind left and that refused to plead for her ass to be fucked. She was going to make them whip her to a real climax, just as Renata had done. Shame rushed all over Cathy as she realized it, but it was submerged instantly under her raging desires.

The cane whipped Cathy to a fury. Her surging orgasm shook the whole apparatus as Renata sucked her pussy, and cunt juices ran down Cathy”s thighs and into her ruined stocking tops. Conrad”s fingers tightened on her nipple, twisting viciously until she gave a final, greet scream and collapsed, her mind swirling with the satisfaction of a crashing orgasm.

She fell, hanging from her arms, sobbing, her body a mass of sweat, her ass burning with agony.

“Yessss! Yesssss!” she screamed. “Come on! Fuck my ass!”

Renata took Nolan”s cock and ran it in Cathy”s pussy juices that still flowed like a river. Thea she guided his cock deep between Cathy”s asscheeks and to the very edge of Cathy”s tight little shitter.

Cathy felt the thrust of Nolan”s fucker driving into her tight ass. Her body was so excited that the ring of muscles gave at once, and Cathy screamed with excitement as Nolan penetrated her virgin shitter. Pain rushed out as his massive cockhead slid inside her shit-pit. But pain only sewed to drive her excitement and lust higher now. She thrust back at the invading cock, her body shaking, sweating with passion.

“Ooooohhhh, you fuckers! You bastards! You — aaaaahhhh!” She heaved in a sudden fierce climax as Nolan”s cock slid into her ass, pushing all the way into her throbbing anal passage. His balls slapped against her asscheeks, and his cock throbbed and fucked deep in her guts. It was as if she was skewered on his enormous fucker, as if it drove right up her guts and into her throat. She fucked up and down on the fuckrod, driving her helpless, spasming ass over the hard length.

“Come on, baby, admit it!” Conrad crooned, sliding his hands over her nipples. “Admit what you want, beg us for it, we”ve got all you want!”

But Cathy couldn”t, it was too much. She wept, her body betraying her constantly as her asshole slammed up and down on Nolan”s cock, making sure she got all of his massive cock into her ass. She gurgled, her dark hair tossing wildly, matted down with her sweat.

“Well then,” Conrad said easily.

He stepped closer and slid his cock to the entrance of her pussy. It was just as big as ever, and Cathy stared down at it, wondering how she could get two such massive fuckrods in her body. Conrad smiled grimly as he worked his cock over her clit and to the quivering entrance to her cunt.

Then he shoved and his enormous, foot-long fucker worked into Cathy”s cunt, sliding along the thin membrane that separated Nolan”s cock from his own, spreading her cunt, invading her body with its enormous length.

Cathy was being crammed full by two massive fuckers, and they were driving her out of her wind. Her body was throbbing with rising lust, beating over her body, exploding with endless pulsations of climax. She screamed, tossing in helpless lust, as Conrad”s cock filled her cunt, and the two of them stroked and rasped over her two passages, making her thrust back for everything she could get.

“Aaaahhhh!” she shrieked, orgasms crashing all over her.

She strained against the ropes, gyrating as she came, her body sucking at the two cocks, demanding that they fill her to the brim and more with their thick hard cocks.

Conrad gripped her hips while Nolan played with her ass, the two men working together, driving their cocks up one passage while the other pulled back, sending Cathy into more pulsations of depraved lust. She wept and screamed, her ass and cunt throbbing, exploding with each thrust of a cock into them.

Somehow she found that her hands weren”t tied any more, and neither were her ankles. With her head spinning, she slid her arms around Conrad”s neck, hanging from him while she drew her legs up, holding him around the waist, giving Nolan an even better angle into her ass.

She clung to Conrad, burying her head in his shoulder as she came and came, her body raging with a fire that was still growing, still demanding more.

“Confess, you silly bitch!” Conrad whispered as another round of orgasms shook his niece to the core.

“Nnnooooo!” Cathy wailed, while her body tossed and thrust, sliding up and down on the two cocks.

“Ooooohhhhhh, fuck!” Nolan gasped as he fucked deep into Cathy”s ass. “I”m gonna shoot! Her ass is just to much — oooohhhh help!”

Grinning wildly, he drove his fuckrod deeper and faster into Cathy”s heaving ass, driving it to the hilt as she screamed and thrust back, her ass sucking at his cock, demanding another load of cum from him.

“Aaaaghhhhh!” Cathy screamed as she felt Nolan”s cock swelling in her shitter.

His cockhead grew as his shaft filled with cum, and suddenly hot streams of jism poqred out into her ass.

“Oooohhhh God!” she choked as his hot goo set off another orgasm shuddering through her body. Conrad held her tight, keeping his own massive fucker working over her pussy walls. She moaned as more hot jets of cum spurted high in her guts, filling her shit-hole, sliding up and down the pumping cock until gobs of it oozed out of her ass with each frantic heave of Nolan”s cock.

“Yyyyyyaaahhhh!” Nolan roared as his cock shot endless rivers of spunk into Cathy”s ass. He twisted his nipples, sending her into another raging climax, making her ass suck at his cock, making short hard shots of cockjuice spurt out of his piss-slit. “Ooohhh, fuck this is it!”

With the last thrust of his spurting cock, he held her there with Conrad”s cock still stroking away in her pussy, driving her even wilder with each heave.

The screaming, climaxing Cathy hung on the two cocks until Nolan”s fucker gave out the last of his cum. He held her for a little while longer, his cock throbbing slower, and then he fell away, gasping, his cock smeared with jism and Cathy”s ass juices.

She wept, screaming as his cock pulled out of her. Her ass throbbed, demanding more. She clung to Conrad, fucking up and down on his fuckrod, trying to send herself into another orgasm.

Conrad smiled. He let his moaning niece struggle on his immense thick prick for a minute or more, her cunt pouring juices as she rammed it down on his cock, screaming with an orgasm that went on growing, out of control, but never quite breaking.

“What do you want?” He chuckled, walking her out into the middle of the room, holding her on his cock as she fucked up and down.

“Aaaahhhh!” Cathy screamed, her cunt pumping at his massive prick, exploding with lust, but unable to crash over into the satisfactions she needed.

“Lick her ass out, Renata,” Conrad said.

“You shit-faced fucker,” Renata replied, but she did as she was told, kneeling behind Cathy, running her soft tongue over Cathy”s asscheeks.

“Ooohh, fuck!” Cathy wailed, clutching her hands around Conrad”s neck, her legs, sliding higher as she strained to open her asscheeks wider for Renata”s tongue.

Renata slapped her on the ass, and Cathy almost passed out with the surge of passion. Then her uncle”s receptionist leaned in and licked her tongue over the insides of Cathy”s asscheeks, moving deeper all the time.

Cathy gasped, her eyes glazed, her head thrown back as she came helplessly in front of them all. And all of them watched her struggle. Renata”s tongue licked over the tight muscles and Cathy”s ass, licking up the cum oozing out of her shit-pit, caressing the spasming muscles. She pulled Cathy”s asscheeks farther apart, licking harder at the tight little brown hole.

Cathy screamed, struggling, her legs locked around Conrad, her ass pumping at Renata”s face as she rammed herself down on Conrad”s cock. Orgasms crashed over her, but never finished her off, and Conrad still held his fuckrod stiff and hard in her spasming cunt.

“Enough,” Conrad said.

Renata pulled away.

Conrad chuckled. “Now, little girl, what do you want?”

Cathy felt her head spinning out of control. She knew what she wanted. She sobbed, her ass thrusting, beating up and down. She screamed helplessly.

“Promise you”ll come if I confess!” she wailed.

“If you”re good enough,” Conrad said easily. “No promises to bitches, none at all. Now, what do you want?”

Cathy twisted, saw the cane in Renata”s hand as she stood behind her, waiting. She would be forced into the ultimate humiliation. She sobbed, climaxes breaking hard over her body as she stared at the cane and knew she was lost.

“Whip me!” she begged. “Whip my ass!” Alisha grinned and fell back on the sofa, hers legs wide open, the vibrator playing over her pussy.

Nolan chuckled and so did Eric as he leaned back and stroked his hard cock.

Renata stepped up and laid the cane across Cathy”s pumping ass. She leaned in on Cathy and whispered to her.

“Beg me, beg me now, call me Renata.”

“Ooooouuuhhhh!” Cathy screwed. “Whip me, Renata! Please, whip me!”

She heaved up on. Conrad”s cock, holding his cockhead just inside her throbbing cunt as Renata stepped back and whipped the cane into her ass.

“Yaaaahhhh!” Cathy screamed, her cunt rushing down the length of Conrad”s cock as she crated into the hardest body-shaking orgasm she had ever known. “Again! Whip me, you shifty cunt, whip me!”

Renata laid into Cathy, lashing the cane across her wildly tossing ass while the little girl came, her body shaking with the most depraved satisfaction. Her cunt sucked at Conrad”s cock with double the demand of before, and his balls surged with cum.

“Jeeeez!” he roared, lifting Cathy upward as the cane lashed her and she crashed over into another series of orgasms. “I”m coming, bitch — that what you want?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Cathy screamed, her cunt going wild with lust. “Harder!”

He came and she felt the jets of cum gushing into her pussy.

“Ooooooohhhhh, Uncle!” she wailed. “Ohhhhh, fill me up, Uncle? Fill me up with cummmm!”

Her pussy went out of control on his cock as she came, and her cunt filled with his jism, which poured out of his swelling cock.

“You got it, baby!” he roared. “You got it all — ooohhh, fuck!”

His cock shot the last of its goo as the cane lashed into Cathy”s ass. She gave a final scream of total satisfaction and collapsed, her body hanging from Conrad”s cock.

“Oooohhh, fuck, that was… that was, out of this world!” she sighed and nuzzled his neck, rubbing her tits against his chest, her mouth kissing him all over.

He let her down onto the carpet as she moaned with satisfaction. “What would you like now?”

“Ooohhh, a nice soft, gentle pussy-suck,” Cathy replied. “Just until I”m ready to fuck again.”

With a purr, Alisha slid between Cathy”s thighs and grinned at her.

“I know just how you need it,” she said and her soft mouth kissed Cathy”s still-throbbing clit bud.

Cathy moaned as the delicious slow kissing and licking calmed her pussy down and at the same time set her up for what she knew she needed.

The phone rang.

Conrad picked it up. “Oh, hi, Shiela. What the fuck are you calling at this time for? Huh? Yeah, if you want to.”

He gave the phone to Cathy.

“Hi Mom. Why am I breathing so hard? Lots of stairs to climb in the elevator.” She giggled. “No, Mom, I”m not coming home. No, I”ll call you tomorrow, but I”m staying here. Yeah, Uncle Conrad”s been real kind. No, I”ll call you tomorrow. Bye.” Cathy hung up. “Now, what more can you show me tonight?”