Wife accompanies husband on an Alaskan fishing trip

A wife joins her husband on a fishing trip to a secluded lodge in Alaska. The husband’s life is rescued by the lodge owner and fishing guide, who expects something in return from the wife due to his heroic actions. Will the pair hold their ground?

We had planned our Alaska fishing trip months in
advance. From Fairbanks Tom and I would fly into a lake
where we had reserved a seven day stay at a camp,
complete with guide, who was the owner of the camp. As
required, we had paid for everything in advance, and we
were eagerly looking forward to a great vacation.

With only five days to go before we left, Tom was
involved in an auto accident and required emergency
surgery, so he was definitely not going to be able to
go. This posed a dilemma as there was no way we were
going to get our money back if we didn’t fulfill our

I tried some other friends, but no one was able to go
on such short notice. At this point my wife Carol said,
“Why don’t I go in his place? I don’t have any
commitments and I would love to go.” She had gone
fishing with me a few times before, so she had some
fishing experience. Finally I was persuaded, thinking
it would be fun to be together on a fishing trip in a
wilderness area; so the problem was solved.

We worked on getting our gear together, buying some
additional clothes and tackle, things that my wife
would need on our trip. We were finally ready, and were
eagerly looking forward to this vacation, my wife
especially thrilled to be included.

It was a long flight to Fairbanks, where we stayed
overnight, leaving next morning on a float plane. This
flight took over three hours before we finally landed
on a beautiful lake, tying up at the dock in front of
the fishing lodge. We were really isolated; this was
the only camp on the lake.

Our host and guide, Mike, came to meet us, and after
introductions, we hauled all our gear to the lodge. He
was surprised to see a woman with me, saying this was a
first for his camp. I explained the circumstances, and
he said that a female face would be a welcome change.
We were shown to our room, and after setting down our
luggage, Mike showed us around the cabin. The other
guest room was vacant, and then there was Mike’s room,
and a room behind the kitchen. This was occupied by an
Inuit lady who was housekeeper and cook.

By the time we were settled it was dinner time. Carol
and I had showered in the communal bathroom; then
dressed for dinner. The main room was large, with a
fireplace, and it was cool enough for a fire. We had a
couple of drinks: we had brought enough for our time
there, and Mike seemed to have a good supply. Betty,
the Inuit women, prepared a very good dinner which we
had with a bottle of wine.

After dinner we sat around the fire, and Mike filled us
in on what we might expect to catch in the lake.
Throughout dinner and the evening I noticed him
glancing at my wife frequently. That was understandable
as she was a very attractive woman. Even in the city
she received many admiring glances, so it wasn’t
unexpected that a man who spent much time in the bush
would appreciate having an attractive woman guest. He
said the housekeeper was the only woman around during
fishing season, and clearly she would not be an object
of desire, as she was definitely unattractive. He was
captivated by my wife, and more that once said how
wonderful it was to have such a beautiful guest.
Jokingly I said “don’t get any ideas. She’s already
spoken for.” However, I noticed my wife glancing his
way a few times; he was an attractive man, and solidly

Finally we were off to bed, and when we were snuggled
in I said “he seems to enjoy looking at you, as he
spent quite a bit of time doing that; and I noticed you
seem to enjoy looking at him.”

“Well, he is attractive in a rugged sort of way, and I
guess I enjoy the attention.”

“Don’t get to enjoy the attention too much. I don’t
want him to get any ideas about you.”

We were up at dawn the next day. After a great
breakfast we boated out where Mike thought we would
have a good chance to land a few, and we started
trolling. We each were catching good sized lake trout,
and a few grayling. We were doing so well that we threw
some back. It was a wonderful day on this beautiful
lake, surrounded by rocky shores with large growth of
evergreens. We ate fish for lunch, prepared over a
fire, and done to perfection. Late in the day we
returned, utterly exhausted.

After showering and changing we joined Mike for dinner.
Carol looked lovely, wearing an attractive blouse and
clinging jeans which outlined her beautiful figure, her
hair framing her lovely face. Mike whistled when he saw
her, Carol blushing as he gazed at her, obviously
pleased at the attention.

We had some drinks and another great meal, Mike paying
a lot of attention to my wife, which she seemed to
enjoy. We sat around the fire, talking and laughing,
Mile regaling us with camping and fishing stories.
Finally to bed.

The next day was a repeat of the day before. We caught
fish again, which we had for lunch. Later in the
afternoon we boated to the end of the lake, Mike
showing us around. There was a river emptying into the
lake where he said there were artic char, and if we
were interested we could fish for them the next day,
but he said we would have to use our waders if we were
going to be successful, so that was our plan for the
next day.

After showering and changing we sat around the fire,
again enjoying our drinks. A good dinner with wine
followed; that woman certainly knew how to cock. We
were lounging around the fire again, enjoying after
dinner drinks, pleasantly inebriated, and listening to
his stories about the wilderness, and the animals that
were all around us.

He paid a lot of attention to Carol, and she was
enjoying his stories. Looking at us he asked if we knew
the custom of the north woods, where a man would share
his wife with a visitor. I said, “I heard about that,
but it was about Inuits who shared their wife with a
visiting hunter.” He laughed and said, “That’s right,
but sometimes when there was only one woman it would be
reasonable for the men to share her.”

I knew where this was leading, but I refused to bite. I
said, “That might be the custom in areas up here, but
it’s not our custom.” He laughed, and soon we were off
to bed. The conversation must have stimulated Carol,
and we enjoyed great sex. I’m sure they heard us in the
other rooms. Afterwards I said, “I think you were
fantasizing about Mike while we were doing it.” She
admitted it but said, “I couldn’t help it; I did enjoy
his attention, and he is very attractive.” I did enjoy
the spin-off, but told her not to get any ideas.

The next day we boated to the end of the lake again,
and went up river to a falls. We pulled the boat up on
the bank below the falls, and walked along the river
above the falls.

Finally we came to a bend where Mike said we would
fish. The river was a little fast from recent rains,
and he cautioned us to be careful of our footing in the
river. Carol was timid and wanted to fish from the
bank; that was probably safer. I put on my waders and
walked into the stream, and you definitely had to be
careful, the bottom was slippery, and the river was
fast. I was doing great, catching some large artic
char, and Carol was having some success from the bank.

Later I had a very large fish on, and I got a little
careless with the excitement, and lost my footing. The
next thing I was floating downriver towards the falls,
and was unable to regain my footing in the fast water.
Mike raced along the river, and caught me on a bend
just before the falls, holding on to a limb of a tree,
and hauling me in. He had saved my life.

I was shaken by the experience, and that was the end of
our fishing that day. We both thanked him profusely for
rescuing me, and returned to the cabin.

We had returned early, and sat on the shore, enjoying
some much needed drinks. The day would clearly be
disastrous without the intervention of Mike, and I
thanked him again. By the time dinner was ready, we
were both feeling our drinks; he opened a special wine
which we enjoyed with our dinner. After dinner we sat
around the fire, still sipping on our after dinner
drinks, enjoying the evening.

He was looking at Carol again, who looked gorgeous as
usual. Then he looked at me and said “I would like you
to let her be with me tonight.” I was startled out of
my reverie, and my first response was one of shock that
he would ask to have sex with my wife. He went on to
say, “I saved your life today, and the least you could
do is let me be with your wife.”

I said, “That’s not fair! I do owe you for saving my
life, but that doesn’t mean that your reward if to have
sex with my wife.” I looked at Carol who was wide-eyed,
her mouth hanging open, startled by this conversation.
He said, “I’ve been without a woman for a long time,
and it isn’t as if I want her forever, just for now,
and you do owe me.” I looked at Carol, and she looked
as if she was considering the proposal. That did it,
and I took her arm and headed for bed.

We started to undress, and when she was standing in her
bra and sheer panties, she said, “Why not! We do owe
him, and it’s only sex that he wants.”

“I suppose that you find him attractive has nothing to
do with it.” At that moment there was a brief knock on
the door, and he entered. Mike moved to my wife, still
standing there in her bra and panties, and took her
arm, leading her towards the door. She looked at me
beseechingly, but I said nothing as he led her into his
room, closing the door.

I stood outside his room, listening to the murmur of
their voices, and I heard her moaning. A smiling Inuit
women appeared at my elbow, and she led me along the
wall to his room, removing a couple of large pine knots
in the wall, and gestured me to look. I could see them
standing there, embracing, his hands caressing her as
he kissed her, my wife still moaning. He slowly removed
her bra, then sliding her panties down till she was
standing naked in his arms. He undressed, revealing a
very large and very hard cock, which he pressed against
her. She was wide-eyed, looking at the size of him.

He lowered her to the bed, and lay down next to her,
continuing to caress her, his mouth on her erect
nipples, his hand stroking her naked thighs, gradually
pressing them open. She moaned again when she felt his
fingers stroking the lips of her vagina, giving a
little cry as he pressed a finger into her, crying out
again as he found her clitoris. She was really
responding to him, her body flushed and trembling. He
continued working on her, my wife groaning now, her
legs spreading wider, surrendering to him.

He had her ready, and he moved between her legs,
mounting her, directing his extremely hard cock against
the moist lips of her vagina. He began pressing into
her, beginning to open her, beginning to stretch her,
my wife bending her knees up, and spreading her thighs
more, trying to relieve the pressure of his advancing
cock. She was groaning loudly as she felt herself
stretching to accommodate his size, then a cry as the
head of his cock entered her, penetrating her,
stretching her fully.

Unbelievably, I felt myself hardening. It was as if I
was watching another woman, not my own wife being
serviced. He continued to advance his cock into my
groaning wife, gradually filling her, moving back and
forth till his cock fully entered her, impaling her, to
a hoarse cry from my wife as she was filled by his
invading cock.

He stayed fully into her for awhile, beginning to
gradually move back and forth in long slow strokes, his
cock completely disappearing into her with each stroke.
Finally he began stroking faster, to the moaning of my
wife, faster still till she was crying out with his
thrusts, her body jerking each time he pushed into her.
Her groans became louder, nearing orgasm, her beautiful
long legs clutching him, crying out, shuddering as her
climax was full upon her.

His own climax followed soon afterwards, groaning as he
ejaculated into her, filling her with his semen. He
stayed inside her, holding her, kissing her, till she
felt him hardening again, swelling inside her. He took
her again, fucking her thoroughly, taking a long time
with her, plunging in and out of her till she erupted
with another orgasm, feeling him spurting into her,
filling her even more.

Then, after a long while he moved off her, my wife
lying there with her legs spread wide, their juices
leaking from her open cunt. The woman beside me enjoyed
the show and we both moved to our rooms. Finally my
wife returned, looking exhausted, clutching her
underwear in her hand.

She looked thoroughly fucked; that stud had really
serviced her. She got into bed with me, and she was
surprised to find me erect. She gripped my erection,
stroking me, and before I could mount her I erupted,
much to her amusement.

She said, “I know you were watching us through that
hole in the wall, I could see you. It seemed you
enjoyed watching your wife getting thoroughly fucked by
that stud. He really did it to me; I have never been
fucked like that, never come like that.” I said, “I
couldn’t help myself; I never thought I would be
aroused watching my own wife with another man.

And then I thought about birth control. We did not want
children; we each had careers. She couldn’t take the
pill, so we used condoms during the time when she was
fertile. She said, “God, I didn’t think about that!”
She was calculating, and she said “I think today I am
just entering my fertile period. I hope he didn’t get
me pregnant.”

We finally went to sleep. In the morning I relived the
events, remembering the scene. We were called for
breakfast, Mike looking like nothing had happened, but
smiling when he looked at Carol. After breakfast we
went fishing again, this time by boat. That night we
drank more than we should have, and at bedtime we were
in our room when he came for her. She looked at me, and
I did not object as he led her away, taking her to his
room again.

This time I observed them through the door which I had
partially opened. Betty took her place against the wall
again. He delighted in stripping her, gazing admiringly
at her naked body. I watched the whole thing, watched
him making love to her, entering her and fucking her so

I listened to the moans, the groans, the cries as she
was serviced once again by this stud, seeing his cock
thrusting into her till she cried out, her body jerking
as her orgasm overwhelmed her. He continued plunging
into her till he climaxed, once more filling her
unprotected cunt with his sperm. He moved over, pulling
his softening cock from her. He caressed her and soon
he was hardening again. This time he placed her on her
hands and knees, spread her thighs, and thrust fully
into her. I had a clear view of his wet cock moving in
and out of her, and once again I was aroused.

I never had sex with her on her hands and knees; that
wasn’t a position she liked, but she was responding to
him doing it to her that way, and very thoroughly and
competently, till she was crying out again and again
with one orgasm after another. After he had flooded
her, he released her, and she fell to the bed, lying
there exhausted.

I went to our room, and she soon joined me, getting
naked into bed. As I moved to take her she refused me
saying, “I’ve had enough for one night. I suppose you
enjoyed seeing him taking me on my hands and knees. I
certainly enjoyed being used that way – I never thought
I would like being serviced like that, used like a
whore, and you are not going to have me again on this
trip.” I said, “What about him; what if he wants you
again?” She didn’t respond and we slept, awakening to a
rainy day.

We sat around that day reading, drinking more than we
should, and I wondered what would happen in the
evening. I had my answer when he came for her again,
saying, “I’ll return her when I’m through with her.”
She followed him without protest, and I watched and
listened to them as he fucked her again, servicing her
like I never had done. Once again he emptied himself
into her unprotected womb, likely getting her pregnant
by now.

It was raining a little the next day, and we went
fishing as that was our last day. The same thing
happened that night, Mike servicing her again. I
watched them, hearing her moaning as she was used by
him. He seemed insatiable, taking time after time. I
suppose it was because he had been without a woman for
a long while, and my wife was certainly the most
attractive woman that came his way, in or out of

The next morning it was raining heavily, and clouds
hung over the lake. Mike received a call from the pilot
on his short wave radio. He said they were socked in,
and there was no way he could fly. He said the front
would probably last at least two days. He was wrong-it
was three days before the weather cleared enough for
him to pick us up.

That was not good news! I was scheduled to be back to
work, but I also thought what might happen in the
meantime-that he would be enjoying my wife for another
three nights; and that’s what he did. Carol began to
protest; she needed a rest from him, but he was
insatiable, coming for her each night, and ignoring our
protests. Even on our honeymoon, I never had sex with
her this often.

Each night he slowly undressed her, relishing her
helplessness as he stripped her naked, enjoying
relieving her of her sheer panties, the last barrier to
her sex. He would gaze at her, at her beauty, her
lovely firm breasts, her slim waist descending to
gorgeous rounded hips and ass, which he delighted in
stroking, arousing her again. The last three nights he
fucked her in every position, my wife responding to
him. Mostly he did her on her back with her legs lifted
and spread, but he also liked to take her on her on her
hands and knees. I watched him, servicing her time
after time, listening to her moaning as he thrust into
her, bringing her to one climax after another till he
spurted into her, filling her with his semen. Her loud
cries when she had an orgasm filled the cabin.

I’m sure her cunt and uterus were always awash with his
sperm. He had filled her with so much and so often that
I was sure she was impregnated. The last night, after
he did it to her again, she said she was glad we were
leaving as she couldn’t take any more, her cunt was
just too sore.

I said, “You really got into it-you really enjoyed
being serviced by him, and he probably made you
pregnant.” She said “I couldn’t help it, the size of
him and the way he did it to me. He was so big I didn’t
think I could take him, but I was wrong. I never felt
so filled; I couldn’t believe the way he stretched me
out. I think it will be a couple of weeks before my
cunt shrinks back to normal. And I was really excited
by the possibly that I would be pregnant. I could feel
him swelling more each time he came, and I could feel
him spurting into me, into my uterus. Yes, I think I’m
very likely pregnant.”

Next day we were packed when the plane arrived. Mike
said very little as we boarded, just waving good-bye as
we taxied into position for take off. We slept most of
the two legs of our journey home. When we weren’t
sleeping, Carol had a dreamy, far off gaze in her eyes,
and I know she was thinking about Mike, how he had
seduced her, and taken her time after time.

After we were home, and back in our jobs, we discussed
what happened. We both came to grips with the emotional
experience. Carol talked about what she felt, how his
huge cock filled her and stretched her, her whole being
centered on his huge organ filling her, and bringing
her to wrenching climaxes. Then she directed the
conversation towards how I felt watching her being
fucked by this stud.

“You know that I was excited seeing him doing it to
you. I never believed I would respond that way. Seeing
his thick cock in you, seeing him thrusting into you
was totally erotic. I was mesmerized, watching him
fucking you so thoroughly, your legs around him, seeing
him coming in you. I won’t forget those scenes.”

It turned out that she was pregnant and she wanted to
have the baby. As the weeks went by and her abdomen
began to enlarge, I relived the experience and I know
she did also.