Widespread Wife

One of mankind’s most basic, most important institutions is marriage.

Yet today, at least in the United States, matrimony is crisis-ridden at best, seemingly in a state of near-collapse at worst. The malaise chiefly affects couples in their late twenties and early thirties, products of the post-World War II baby boom, growing up during the Korean War and the dozen years of involvement in Vietnam, theft disintegrating relationship a reflection of unstable times.

WIDESPREAD WIFE is the story of one couple, Tom and Judy Baker, who are young, attractive and successful to all outward appearances, yet are unable to communicate at the most basic level. As a result, Judy is driven to seek a false kind of love in the arms of strangers, degrading herself and yet reveling in that very degradation, straining her tenuous marital relationship to the breaking point.

Tom and Judy — products of an uncaring society, and portrayals of an affliction that plagues many American marriages.


Judy Baker was stretched out lazily on the couch with her head in her husband’s lap. Her husband, Tom, was watching television. Judy was watching Tom’s cock. She found it a lot more interesting than TV, especially when the program was an interminable football game in which neither side scored. Along about the beginning of the second quarter, Judy had unzipped Tom’s fly and turned her attention to something far more thrilling than football.

Tom had only grunted when she opened his pants and gently drew out the sleepy white worm of his prick. His attention was riveted to the screen. Judy hoped to be able to change that. She laid his limp warm meat tenderly on her upturned palm and began to pet it, her warm smooth fingers running eagerly back, and forth, back and forth, over the silky soft flesh of his dick. Her breath was hot and moist on his naked skin.

“Honey, will you get me a beer?” Tom said.

Judy stared up at him. He was perfectly serious. He’d rather have a Goddamned beer than have his cock played with. She shook her head wonderingly as she went to the kitchen and opened a beer for him. They’d only been married two years. Apparently the excitement had already worn off for Tom. But Judy was as turned on by him as ever.

“Here you go, lover,” she said as she handed him a cold bottle of beer. She gave him her sexiest expression, but Tom just grunted his thanks, grabbed the beer, and stared at the screen. With a sigh Judy lay down again and rested her head in his lap, eyeing his pale cock with secret longing. It was just as limp as she’d left it.

Well, she wasn’t beaten yet. She curled her soft warm fingers around his flaccid meat and started to pump it gently. By God, she’d get him hard and horny if it was the last thing she ever did. She intended to get him so hot, he’d forget his stupid football game, throw her onto the rug, and fuck her like crazy. At least she hoped that would happen. She sure as hell could use it.

Fisting Tony’s drowsy prick, Judy felt the fierce heat of her hungry pussy, the fat swelling of her cunt lips, and a steady trickle of juice from her aching twat. She wondered why Tom didn’t ball her much any more. When they were first married, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They’d fuck before Tom left for work, when he got home, and again when they went to bed. Now she was lucky if she got laid once a week. Something was seriously wrong with their marriage!

“Jesus Christ, will you look at that guy go!” Tom yelled excitedly.

Judy turned her head and squinted at the TV screen. Some guy was racing for a touchdown, but he got tackled on the ten-yard line. She turned away with a yawn. She failed to see what was so thrilling about a bunch of overweight jocks running into each other and hurling a ball around. She and Tom could have been having a lot more fun in the bedroom, if only he’d realize it.

“Shit,” Tom muttered, “I thought he was going to score.”

Judy wished Tom would try to score with her. But he only took a long pull at his beer and remained glued to the boob tube. She pumped his silky warm cock a little faster. No go. Damnit, what did it take to arouse this guy, a brass band? Maybe so. When the half time activities came on, Tom started tapping his foot to the music.

It made his cock waggle when he moved like that, and the limp flesh slipped from Judy’s busily pumping fist. It was bad enough being a Football Widow, but now, judging from the squawk coming from the TV, she was playing second fiddle to a deodorant commercial. Enough was enough. She intended to confront this problem head, on.

“Tom,” she said, looking up from his lap, “what’s wrong with us? How come you don’t want to make love to me any more?”

“Huh?” Tom said, glancing absently down at her.

“Hey,” Judy said, more loudly, “it’s me, Judy, your wife. Remember me? I’m asking you why we don’t ball so much any more.”

Tom blushed. She should have remembered that he didn’t like her to use coarse language. For a guy who’d tried so hard to get into her pants before they were married, he’d certainly turned prim and proper. He didn’t like her to wear sexy clothes, either, didn’t like her to make too much noise when they balled, didn’t want to try anything new and different in bed.

“Why, we make love as much as ever, don’t we, honey?” he said. Then he returned his eyes to the screen, where the marching band was spreading out in the shape of an eagle.

Judy gave a loud sigh. Tom wasn’t even aware that their marriage was getting dull. But she was. She seemed to be perpetually horny lately. Her poor starved pussy was always aching and swollen with need. Their love-making sessions didn’t happen often enough and didn’t last long enough. In plain language, Judy just wasn’t getting enough.

But it was no use trying to talk to Tom about it during a football game. She’d just have to try something else. She rolled off the couch and started for the bedroom. As she’d expected, Tom didn’t even notice her leave. Well, he sure as hell was going to notice it when she came back.

Judy went into their bedroom and quickly stripped naked. She started briskly brushing her thick glossy brown hair, which she wore in a big puff like an Afro. She glanced at herself in the dresser mirror. She saw a moderately tall slim girl with deliciously curved waist and hips and flawless creamy-pink skin. She admired her grapefruit-size tits, perfect snowy mounds of silky flesh capped with little pointed beige nipples. She saw the dainty brown triangle of curls over her mons. It all looked good enough to her — but Tom no longer got excited about it.

She was only twenty-three, and she hoped to be married to Tom for the rest of her life. It wasn’t going to be much fun unless she could get him interested in sex again. She whirled around and observed her backside in the mirror, her pert round ass, perfectly firm and enticing. Shit, there was nothing wrong with her. As a matter of fact, she looked damned good.

Judy dabbed on a little perfume and strode out to the living room again. She walked slowly in front of Tom, swaying her hips, twitching her saucy little butt, making her lovely ripe tits jiggle invitingly. She gave him a blatantly sexy grin. He had to get the message. He just had to know that his pretty young wife was aching for his cock.

Judy flushed all over in humiliation and anger as she moved out of the way. The football game was starting again. No wonder Tom didn’t notice her. He’d far rather watch his stupid game than get his rocks off. Still not defeated, Judy slid onto the couch and once more laid her head in his lap. He hadn’t bothered to zip his fly, he’d been so intent on the TV. His pitiful limp dick still lay exposed, pale and laced with delicate blue veins.

Judy had once loved that, cock more than anything. The first year of their marriage, she’d thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. Certainly it had given her more pleasure than anything else in her young life. She’d lived for the moments when Tom skinned out of his pants, and out popped his stiff swollen cock. She’d get so excited, pussy juice would flood down her thighs. And then the fantastic moment when he stuck that swollen meat into her. Judy sighed with longing, even now, as she thought about it. She wanted to make those wonderful days come back again.

So she seized Tom’s soft little cock and popped it right into her mouth.

“HEY!” Tom yelped.

At least she’d gotten his attention. She glanced up at him. Tom was an outrageously handsome man in a clean-cut all-America way. His features were perfectly even, his brown hair cut short and neat. Ordinarily he looked like an ad for men’s clothing. Now he looked like he’d just been goosed. His blue eyes were wide, and he was gawking at her.

With a wicked chuckle Judy sucked his cock deeper into her wet hot mouth, all the way down to his soft-furred rosy balls. She felt her pussy blazing with excitement. She’d never taken his prick in her mouth before, but she’d secretly longed to suck his handsome cock. It was just as much fun as she’d dreamed. She gave a horny gurgle as she began to suck on his silky soft meat.

“Hey,” Tom said, softer this time.

He was still staring at her like he couldn’t believe his eyes, and when she started to suck on his cock, he very slowly blushed beet red all over. Judy’s big brown eyes rolled a little with dizzy excitement, and her thick brown lashes fluttered. My God, she should have tried cock-sucking a long time ago. It really was a turn-on, and at last Tom was paying some attention to her.

She loved the soft warm weight of his cock on her tongue. She loved sucking it. Her excitement mounted by the second, and soon she was sucking his silky prick very fast and greedily, and she was making a lewd wet slurping noise. Saliva pooled hotly in her mouth, bathing his prick in fiery liquid. She stretched his limp dick out and let it snap back. She felt she could have gone on sucking him all night.

“Judy,” Tom said sternly, “stop that. It’s not right.”

She stared at him, his spit-soaked cock halfway out of her pink-glossed lips. Tom pulled it the rest of the way out of her mouth, and it slapped wetly onto his thigh. He frowned at her as if scolding a naughty child. Judy couldn’t believe it. She knew her husband was a little modest and uptight, but she couldn’t believe any normal man would pass up the chance for a blow job.

“But, Tom,” she said, “didn’t you enjoy that? I was just doing it to please you.”

“You don’t have to act like a pervert to please me, Judy,” he said coldly. “I like things the way they are. Now will you please get me another beer, and then let me watch this game in peace?”

Judy couldn’t even speak, she was so pissed off. She stamped into the kitchen, her round full tits wobbling crazily, and seized a bottle of beer. She practically threw the icy bottle at Tom, and then she ran down the hall into the bedroom and slammed the door. She threw herself on the bed and started to weep with anger and frustration.

“My God,” she wept, “what do I have to do to get laid around here?”

Judy was no whore. She was just an ordinary young woman with an ordinary need for sex — and her needs weren’t being met. If Tom would just ball her twice a week, and do it with a little imagination would be great, she wouldn’t ask for more. But she wasn’t even getting that much. Something had to be done, or their marriage wasn’t going to last. She wanted it to last. She loved Tom with all her heart.

Well, if she couldn’t get him interested in sex, there was just one alternative. She wasn’t going to be unfaithful to him. She’d just have to learn to satisfy herself. Judy blushed at the very thought of masturbating. She’d never tried it before. But in her present state of hot aching lust, she was ready to try anything.

She rolled over onto her back and spread her slim shapely legs. She grabbed a hand mirror from the dresser and stuck it down to reflect her crotch. Again she blushed. She’d never inspected herself down there before. It seemed silly that women were built so they couldn’t even see their own pussies. She gawked open-mouthed at the strange reflection.

She saw her pretty brown muff diminishing into a fine circle of curls that surrounded ripe red glowing flesh. The fat scarlet lips of her cunt neatly guarded the tiny dark hole itself, and there was a little trickle of twat cream coming out, running down over the light brown wrinkle of her asshole. She parted the furry lips of her mons and saw the pea-size red lump of her clitoris. Blushing, she whisked the mirror away.

Now that she knew where everything was, she must learn to stimulate it all and bring herself off. That was the only choice Tom had left her. Blushing, feeling incredibly wicked, Judy put one trembling hand down into her crotch. The flesh seemed searing hot to her, tautly swollen and very wet. Now she knew what a hotly horny pussy felt like.

She stuck out one finger and moved it gently and slowly up and down her moist seething pussy. It felt very nice. She grew a little bolder and moved her finger faster and with more pressure. Her pleasure increased. Really interested now, she zeroed in on the plump red lips of her twat, massaging them forcefully with her fingertip. Sharp pleasure shook her body.

“Ummmmm,” Judy murmured.

She fingered herself all over, exploring to find the spots she liked best. She discovered that her tiny red lump of a clit was by far the most sensitive organ of her whole body. Just the most delicate touch of her fingertip on the hot little bump sent powerful waves of pleasure through her pelvis. So she started concentrating on her clit.

“Ohhhh, my God,” she gasped, “Nice!”

She pressed her fingertip more firmly against the hot pulsing button and began to rim it swiftly. Hot cream poured from her excited cunt, and she involuntarily arched her body upward to thrust her eager clit against her circling fingertip. It felt terrific. My God, if only Tom would play with her like this. But he never had. No doubt he found it perverse.

“Ummmm,” Judy moaned, “UMMMMMMM.”

She knew she must be making a spectacle of herself, lying stark naked on the bed, legs spread, eyes screwed shut, mouth twisted in a horny grin, as she fingered her own pussy, but she no longer cared. The exquisite pleasure of playing with her clit made her forget all modesty. Anyhow, there was no one to see her, not with her beloved husband plugged into the idiot box. She might as well just lie there and frig herself silly. She didn’t have anything else.

“Oh, my gosh,” Judy gasped.

She’d only been playing with herself for about a minute, and already she felt on the verge of coming. It was incredible how that funny little bump of flesh could give her so much pleasure. She decided to experiment again. She gently fingered her moist erect clit, and at the same time she started poking another finger stiffly in and out of her cream-filled cunt, just like a dwarf cock.

“Ooooooo,” she moaned.

That felt even better. Her clit continued to respond to her stroking, firing off salvos of sweet sensation with each touch, and her cunt reacted eagerly to the stiff cock-like jerking of her finger. Her cunt was red-hot and slippery inside. She could imagine how great that would feel around a man as achingly stiff cock. Why didn’t it appeal to Tom?

Well, to hell with Tom. If he wanted to get his kicks from watching football, she was certainly entitled to get hers from beating off. She moaned with excitement and forgot everything else but the mounting arousal in her pussy. She knew she was very very close to coming — and she sure as hell needed it!

Just as she felt herself hovering on the delicious edge of orgasm, Judy heard her husband shout: “SONOFABITCH!”

Then she heard him striding angrily down the hall toward the bedroom. Blushing scarlet, she whipped her cream-soaked fingers out of her crotch and hastily wiped them on a corner of the bedspread. She didn’t have time to get under the covers or pretend to be asleep. Tom burst into the room and found her lying naked on the bedspread, her tits swollen up taut with arousal, her pussy soaked.

“Damn it all to hell,” he muttered, sitting down heavily on the edge of the bed. “My team had it all wrapped up, and then they blew it. Lost in the last ten seconds of the game.” He took off one shoe and threw it across the room.

“Uh, that’s too bad, honey,” Judy said lamely.

She found it hard to say even that much. Tom couldn’t have interrupted her at a worse time. She’d been so close to coming, just a microsecond from release, she was sure — and then he’d burst in and cheated her of the climax she so urgently needed. Her body quivered and ached with horniness. Oh, damn, damn it all! Whimpering with thwarted lust, Judy clamped her teeth shut to stop the noise.

“Well, that’s the way it goes,” Tom said, calming down a little after he’d vented his rage by throwing his shoes and socks across the room. He pulled his t-shirt off over his head and flung it into the pile of rumpled clothes. Then he stood up and started unzipping his pants.

Judy’s interest picked up immediately. She stared hungrily at his crotch. He removed his pants and then started tugging down his jockey shorts. She saw his brown curly bush coming into view, then the milky-white stalk of his cock. To her intense disappointment, his prick was utterly limp.

“Me you all packed up for tomorrow?” he asked.

“What?” Judy said, bewildered.

Then she remembered. Tom, the salesman, traveled a lot for his company, and tomorrow he was leaving for a week in Florida and taking Judy with him. She’d looked forward to it, especially now that damp fall weather was hitting the northern city they lived in. But she wondered what would be the point in going, really. It would just mean lusting for Tom and getting no response. She might as well stay home and masturbate.

“I don’t think I’ll go after all, Tom,” she sighed. “What?” he said, gawking at her. “But, Judy, honey, you were so excited about it. What made you change your mind?”

Judy decided to tell him the truth. She’d tried everything else, and it hadn’t worked. “It’s us, Tom,” she said sadly. “Our sex life just isn’t doing it for me any mote. You don’t seem to want it as much as I do, and frankly I’m frustrated and horny. If I went to Florida with you, it’d be the same story only worse. I’d have nothing to do but sit around wanting you. I’d prefer to avoid the frustration.”

Tom was blushing hotly as he listened to her. “But, baby,” he said, “you’re all wrong. Our sex life is just as great as ever. Damn it, I’ll prove it to you right now — that is, if you want me to.”

Judy could hardly contain her excitement. “Of course I do, darling,” she said eagerly.

“Well, then, little lady, you just lie back and get ready,” Tom said with a grin. “I’m gonna make you forget those silly notions of yours — and this nonsense about not going to Florida.”

Judy lay on her back and purred like a contented cat. This was what she needed, a good long fuck from Tom, not that kiddy play with her own fingers. Tom finished removing his shorts and stood naked before her. His body drove her wild. He was so firm and tan and virile, his chest lightly furred with brown hair, his leg muscles taut and prominent. He grinned at her and took his flaccid cock in his fist. He gave it a couple of pumps, and to Judy’s surprise it lurched into stiff erection.

So Tom could get it up, when he wanted to. She didn’t have tithe to think about that, though, because he was climbing onto the bed beside her, taking her into his arms, kissing her. She could have used more extensive and imaginative foreplay, but nothing beat the hot heart-pounding excitement she felt when his rigidly erect prick rubbed against her tender mons.

“Ohhhhh, Tom,” she sighed happily.

As he nuzzled and kissed her, Judy reached down and touched his rock-hard throbbing erection. He didn’t mind if she touched him a little, but that was as far as she was allowed to go. She rubbed the big knob-like purple head of his dick, and in response, to her touch, hot juice trickled out. She wished Tom would use his hand on her pussy, that they could play with each other for awhile, but suddenly he was climbing onto her.

“Now you’ll see how wrong you’ve been,” he panted, settling down between her hot silky thighs. “Our sex life is just as good as ever, baby, and I’m gonna prove it to you.”

Judy sincerely hoped so. With a happy sigh she opened her legs wider and let him work his hard trim pelvis into position. She gave a gasp of excitement when she felt the bulbous head of his cock poking around in her aroused swollen slit. He found her cunt and pushed into her. Judy felt such excitement, she didn’t even breathe during the long delicious moment when his thick meat slowly stuffed her hungry little cunt. Then as his dick-head came to rest against her womb, she gave a helpless moan.

“Oh, my God, YES,” she whined, “yes, Tom, darling, fuck me. I want it so bad. Fuck meeee!”

“Ssshhhh,” Tom replied. “You know I like it when you’re nice and ladylike and quiet, honey.”

Judy bit her lip. She’d felt such pleasure, she’d just had to shout it out. But now she remained as quiet as she could while Tom started to work his cock in her tight slick little hole, fucking her in quick eager jerks. It felt terrific — but she knew from said experience that it wouldn’t last long enough to suit her. He was a considerate husband and always brought her off once — just once. Judy would gladly have come a dozen times, but Tom said only whores did that.

His delightfully hard long cock probed and jabbed and stuffed her grateful cunt, and Judy grabbed for all the pleasure she could get. She let herself go, moaning softly, creaming furiously around his jerking cock. It felt so great, damnit. It wasn’t long before she felt a powerful orgasm ripping through her body, and she screamed with pleasure. At the same moment she felt Tom’s sperm blasting into her.

“There,” he said smugly.

“But, Tom,” Judy moaned, “I could have come again.”

“Once is enough,” he said.

“No, God damnit, it’s NOT,” Judy snapped. “I want to be fucked silly. I want to be balled till I can’t walk. I want…”

“STOP IT,” Tom yelled back at her. “Judy, I’ve told you again and again, I want you to be more ladylike. I want you to stop using dirty words, and I want you to be consent with normal decent sex. I’m afraid I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. I wouldn’t take you with me to Florida now even if you begged me to. Maybe that will teach you to do as I ask.”

Fuming with anger and frustration, Judy turned her back on him and turned out the light. Damn him, anyhow — let him go to Florida alone. She didn’t give a shit. Or did she? Though she was furious with him, she felt hot tears rising to her eyes, because she still loved him.

“Oh, hell,” she mumbled. What was she going to do about this impossible man of hers? Maybe while he was in Florida she’d figure something out.


Judy and Tom hardly spoke to each other the next morning as he left for his trip to Florida. They were still angry at each other. But as the day wore on, Judy began to think she’d made a bad mistake, that she really should have gone with her husband. Now she’d be alone for a whole week, missing him, wondering if he’d forgive her.

By evening the feeling was unbearable, and Judy decided to go out for awhile just to get her attention on something else. She went to the neighborhood cocktail lounge that she and Tom usually patronized, Tony’s. She felt a little odd about going in there alone, but she was prepared to deal with any man who tried to make a pass at her.

There was no problem, because at that early hour of the evening, there was nobody in the place except the owner and bartender, Tony De Franco, a handsome dark-haired man who was built like a bull. Judy had always liked Tony, and she flashed him a big smile as she sat down at the bar.

“Hey, Judy,” Tony said, returning her smile, “where’s Tom?”

“On a sales trip,” Judy sighed. “I’m afraid we had a little fight, Tony, and I’m here to drown my sorrows.” She tried to make it sound like a joke, but it must have come out serious, because Tony hastened away from the TV set to look more closely at her. He seemed very much concerned, reaching out to pat her hand.

“Hey, kid, that’s really too bad,” he said. “You guys are a great couple. But don’t worry. I’ll bet Tom will be more than ready to make up when he gets home.”

“I hope so,” Judy said.

“What can I bring you?” Tony asked.

Judy decided to have whatever would relax her fastest. “A martini,” she said.

Five martinis later, the bar was full of noisy patrons, but Judy hardly noticed them. She was lost in thought. Nobody had bothered her, thanks to Tony, who steered away all the leering drunks making in her direction. Occasionally Judy looked up and watched Tony, admiring his broad shoulders and the soft cat-like way he moved in spite of being such a big man. She wondered what he’d be like in bed.

Stop that! she told herself. She felt mere than a little attraction to Tony, but she was never going to cheat on Tom, and she had no business ogling the handsome bartender like a dirty old woman. Nevertheless she found it hard to take her eyes off Tony. She also found it difficult not to think about being in bed with him, his cock hard, moving into her. Perhaps unlike Tom he’d bring her off as many times as she wanted.

She couldn’t stop thinking about it, wondering what kind of lover he’d be — so it was obviously time to go home. Go home and masturbate, that was the answer, get rid of her dangerous lust. No more bar-hopping, either. Booze just brought out the feelings of horny longing that she was trying to suppress. Judy climbed off the bar stool and started to take a step, only to find that she was very drunk.

“Oops,” she gasped, stumbling.

Tony happened to be passing by, and he almost spilled a tray of beer as he lurched to catch her. One big hand got her by the arm, and Tony steadied her, keeping her from falling. Judy blushed beet red. She felt like an idiot, getting drunk, not even able to walk to the door. She sat down on the bar stool again and waited for the room to stop spinning.

“Thank you, Tony,” she said.

“It’s okay,” he said, “but don’t try to go anywhere till I can help you, Judy. We’ll be closing in just a few minutes, and then I’ll walk you home.”

Judy didn’t like putting him out, but she knew she wouldn’t make it back to her apartment without assistance, so she sat and waited while Tony cleaned up the bar and turned out the lights. Clinging to his huge strong arm, she managed to make it to her apartment. He walked her right to her door.

“Tony, how can I ever thank you?” she said. “I feel like such a fool.”

“Hey, everybody’s entitled to tie one on now and then,” he laughed pleasantly. “As for how you can thank me, how about asking me in for a drink?”

“Of course,” Judy said.

She finally managed to get her key in the door, and she let Tony into the small but attractively furnished apartment. She started for the kitchenette to make drinks, but again she stumbled, and Tony caught her. She fell against him, her breasts flattening against his big hard chest. When she felt the warmth of his body and his good masculine scents, she experienced a wave of lust so powerful that she almost moaned.

“God, I’m clumsy,” she laughed nervously, wriggling out of his embrace.

“You just had a few too many martinis,” Tony laughed. “Sit down, and I’ll make the drinks.”

Judy sat on the couch, and in no time at all Tony was beside her, pressing a drink into her hand. She took a swallow, and he got settled next to her. He seemed to be very close. In fact their thighs were touching. It made Judy more excited thaw she wanted to be. My God, she had to remember that she was a married woman and loved her husband!

“So Tom’s gone for awhile?” Tony said softly as he slipped one big brawny arm around her shoulder.

“Y-yes, to Florida, for a week,” Judy stammered.

She tried to lean forward to escape his arm, but he simply curled his powerful fingers around her and held her in place. Judy gave up the struggle and leaned back against him. Hell, there was nothing to worry about. Tony was an old acquaintance, and he was just being friendly.

“So what are you gonna do with yourself for a whole week?” he said.

“I don’t know,” Judy answered. “The usual, I guess. Cook and shop and clean, watch TV, do a little reading.”

“Sounds pretty dull,” said Tony. “I could think of a lot more exciting things for you to do.”

“Like what?” Judy said.

“Oh, like this,” said Tony.

He leaned down and kissed her. Her reaction time was way down from all those martinis, and she didn’t even move her face aside. She felt Tony’s firm warm lips pressing aggressively, then his slick hot tongue creeping into her mouth. She knew she should put a stop to it right away — but she was overcome with such horny, dizzy longing that she felt paralyzed. She gave a little gurgling sound, half lust and half fright.

Tony’s tongue seemed to be halfway down her throat. She tried to push away, but there was no fighting that big brute of a man. He held her and kissed her for as long as he wanted to, and her feeble efforts got her nowhere. But she had to fight it, because she was in real danger. She wanted this man. Her heart was knocking, and her pussy was growing hot and swollen and wet with juice. Oh, God, how she wanted him!

But she loved Tom. How was it possible to love Tom so much and yet have the hots for Tony? She didn’t understand. She only knew that if she didn’t get away from Tony, she was going to do something she’d regret the rest of her life. She was practically lost already. The crotch of her panties was soaked with her horny cunt cream, and she ached to surrender, to feel his cock inside her.

At last Tony paused for breath, and Judy jerked her flaming face away from his.

“Tony,” she gasped, “I’m shocked. I thought you were Tom’s friend.”

“I am,” he grinned. “I’m looking out for his interests, baby. I’m teaching you a lesson. I’m teaching you what happens to foxy little chicks who go out drinking alone.”

This was a Tony she’d never seen before. He was actually leering at her — big gentle Tony who’d always been so polite and soft-spoken at the bar. It was like she’d created a monster. Horrified, Judy started backing away from him on the couch. He grinned and moved right along with her, his eyes focused hungrily on the big firm rounds of her tits.

She wished now that she hadn’t worn such a provocative outfit. She had on tight pink stretch pants and a matching jersey that clung, outlining every curve of her body. As she’d gotten aroused by Tony, her nipples had gone stiff and pointed, and they were apparent now even through her bra.

Tony was ogling her luscious figure like a starving man at a banquet.

“Tony, please,” Judy said weakly, “I love my husband. I never want to be unfaithful to him.”

“Then why did you go out alone?” Tony said. “You were asking for this, Judy. I saw you looking at me all evening. I know when a woman wants me. What’s wrong, you and Tom not making it enough?”

Judy blushed furiously. Tony had hit her problem perfectly, but she wasn’t going to admit it. That would just be inviting more trouble. She kept backing up till the arm of the couch stopped her. Tony moved in till their knees touched and she could feel the radiating heat of his big muscular body. He was licking his lips.

“There’s nothing wrong with Tom and me,” she said defiantly. “I just missed him and wanted to get out of the apartment for awhile. Damnit, that doesn’t mean I was looking for someone else. Please, Tony, I think you ought to leave.”

He laughed as he reached far her. The next thing she knew, he’d dragged her down on the couch, onto her back, and he was half lying on her, kissing her, licking her, and panting. His strength was incredible, and there was no way she could move his massive weight off her. She was in real trouble now. She burst into tears and started pummeling his huge shoulders with her little fists — to no avail, of course.

“Oh, Tony, no, no,” she sobbed. “I don’t want to hurt Tom.”

“What he don’t know won’t hurt him,” Tony panted. “I’ve had the hats for you a long long time, Judy. I’ve been dying to get into your pants. Why don’t you just relax, honey and let me make you feel good?”

Oh, God, she was tempted. She wanted him desperately, and she had years of frustration to make up for. There’d been times during her marriage when she would have done anything for a decent fuck. But the image of Tom kept popping up in her mind. Her marriage was already in trouble. If she balled Tony, she’d probably destroy it beyond repair.

“No, Tony, I can’t,” she wept. “Please, get off me. You’re not going to rape me, are you?”

He snorted with contempt. “I never raped anybody in my life,” he said. “I never had to. And. I won’t have to rape you, either, doll. I’m gonna make you BEG for it.”

He pushed her tight jersey up over her bra, and then he reached under her and found her bra catch. Judy gasped and struggled, but his huge weight pinned her in place. Impatiently Tony literally ripped her bra in half, then pushed it up out of the way. Her gorgeous big round tits were just inches from his flushed and sweaty face, the light brown nipples standing up erect and saucy. Judy blushed hotly.

“Christ, you got beautiful boobs,” Tony sighed. “It ain’t fair for one guy to monopolize these knockers, baby. They oughta be a national monument.”

Judy was so mortified, she couldn’t even reply. No man but Tom had ever seen her naked breasts before now, and no man but Tom had ever fucked her. She felt shy as a schoolgirl as Tony stared at her tits. Then he was lowering his face, and she felt his hot slick tongue tickling over the tender pale surface of her jugs, rimming the sensitive nipples. In spite of herself she felt hot excitement.

“Tony, noooo,” she whined, “for God’s sake, think what you’re doing. I’m a married woman.”

“So what?” he laughed. “Come off it, Judy. I know you want me to make love to you. I could tell by the way you were acting at the bar. Just relax and enjoy it, for Chrissake.”

Had it been that obvious? Had every man in the bar been able to tell how lonely and horny she was? Judy moaned with humiliation. Tony chuckled and started licking her tits again. His slippery tongue sailed around and around the reddish-brown buds of her nipples. Tom had never done that to her, never used his tongue on her tits. It felt wonderful.

“Ohhhh, God, noooo,” Judy moaned, knowing how close she was to surrender.

Far from stopping, Tony clamped his smooth lips around one rigid nipple and started to suck it. The surprise and pleasure made Judy gasp, and she involuntarily arched her body up against his. She felt the hard long line of his cock right through his pants. Oh, God, he had a hard-on for her, and she knew he didn’t intend to leave till he’d done something about it.

“Tony, stop, stop,” she sobbed.

He just went on sucking her nipple noisily, sending maddening ripples of pleasure through her body. This was the kind of naughty, delicious foreplay she’d always wanted, but she hadn’t expected to get it from another man. If only Tom had done this to her, she’d never have gone out alone to Tony’s bar. Things hadn’t turned out right at all.

“You dig that,” Tony chuckled, “I can tell. I can feel it in your nipple. Now I’ll do the other one.”

Before she could protest, he left the spit-soaked rigidly erect nipple and moved to the other, sucking it swiftly into his mouth, bathing it with his blazing-hot saliva, tickling it with his tongue. Judy felt a powerful helpless spurt of juice from her long-deprived cunt. Oh, God, she had to do something before she completely lost control of herself.

“Tony,” she gasped, “If you don’t let me go right now, I’m going to have to tell Tom what you did.”

“No, you won’t,” Tony laughed. “He’ll ask you how you ever got into such a fix, and you’ll have to tell him you went out alone. He ain’t gonna like that. No, baby, you’re not gonna tell ol’ Tony anything?”

Damn him, he was right. Tom would be horrified to know she’d gone out drinking by herself. He’d say that she asked for whatever she got. He’d probably leave her. So what was she going to do? Tony’s big hard body was pressing down on her, harder all the time, and his erect dick was rubbing her tender mons. He was sucking her responsive nipples into stiff points, making the big creamy globes swell up tight and hot. She was almost beyond the point of no return.

“Tony,” she wept, “I’ll never forgive myself if I cheat on Tom. I couldn’t live with that.”

“Bullshit,” Tony laughed.

He suddenly ripped her pink stretch pants right down the front. It was nothing for a man, of his strength. Judy gasped with shock as she felt him pulling her tight pants right off. He tossed the ruined garment onto the floor. Now she was wearing nothing but a tiny pair of pink bikini panties.

“You promised!” she wailed. “You said you wouldn’t rape me.”

“I ain’t gonna,” Tony said. “I’m gonna persuade you, baby, not rape you.”

“Like hell,” Judy spat. “By tearing my clothes off, you ape?”

“No,” Tony replied softly, “by doing this.”

He slid one big hand down inside her panties and cupped the dainty fur patch of her mons. He pressed ever so lightly, and Judy felt a burst of lusty excitement that made her blush scarlet. Her whole muff was in his big hand, and he was squeezing and releasing, stimulating her mons. It felt terrific. With horror, she realized that she was starting to cream rivers of hot juice. She’d be so embarrassed if he noticed.

“You got a small snatch,” he said appreciatively. “I like that. I don’t like to struggle through some damn jungle to find what I want.”

“Thanks loads,” Judy said coldly. “Now will you please take your hand out of my pants? You’re not persuading me to do anything.”

“Oh, I will,” Tony chuckled, “I will. For instance, here’s something you’re really gonna dig.”

He eased a big sausage-like finger between the furry lips of her mons and touched the hot little button of her clit. The moment he touched it, Judy knew she was in the worst danger yet. Her one experience with masturbation had taught her how exquisitely sensitive her clit was. If Tom had ever played with her there, she’d have had no complaints about theft sex life. But instead it was Tony who was touching her there for the first time.

“Noooo,” she wailed, “no, no, not that!”

Tony chuckled. He began to stroke her clit with the tip of his finger. It was a very delicate movement, very light, and yet it gave her instant wild pleasure. Her whole belly seemed to melt with it. Her cunt spewed out a flood of hot juice, and she couldn’t hold back her shrill cries of delight. She was only human, damnit, and having her clit stroked was the greatest thing she’d ever felt in her life.

“Ahhhhhh,” Judy squealed. “Ahhhh, no, no, Tony, please, don’t do that! Oh, my God, OHHHHH!”

Tony just chuckled and went on playing with her clit. He seized the slippery little lump between his thumb and forefinger and started kneading it. Judy screeched with pleasure and practically rose off the couch. More steamy rivers of juice gushed from her cunt, soaking her panties. If he didn’t stop doing that to her, she was lost for sure.

“Let’s see what kind of box you’ve got,” Tony murmured.

He stopped the almost unbearably good movements on her clit and slid his hand down lower into her hot steamy crotch. Judy just lay there gasping for breath, too overcome to move or speak. She felt him easing one big stiff finger between her swollen cunt lips and then into her cunt itself. She moaned hoarsely as his finger slowly crept into her, exploring the seething wet interior of her twat. If only she could have his cock like that.

“Tight,” he said excitedly, “real tight — and hot as hell. Jesus, you’re almost as tight as a virgin, Judy. Don’t ol’ Tom ever ball you?”

“That’s none of your damned business.” Judy said angrily. “I want you to get out of here, Tony, get out right now.”

He just laughed.

“I ain’t going nowhere till I get me some of this sweet pussy,” he said.

He began to thrust his finger stiffly in and out of her wet hot cunt, like a miniature cock, and Judy bit her lip to quell her cries of pleasure. Damn him, damn him, he was getting her so frantically aroused, she could hardly stand it. Yet she still thought of Tom and her marriage, and she knew she couldn’t stand the guilt of adultery.

“Oh, please, Tony, let me go,” she sobbed. “You can have other girls.”

“I want you,” he said, “and I know you want me, Judy. You want me real bad. Shit, you’re creaming right into my hand.”

To her mortification, she was. She could feel it now, her steady hot cunt cream pouring out into Tony’s palm. She blushed deeply and closed her eyes, unable to meet his leering, knowing gaze. He pumped his finger in her twat a moment longer, then withdrew it. She heard a zipper opening, and in alarm she looked at him again.

“Here’s what you want, doll,” he said, displaying his naked erect cock.

Judy gawked. The man was hung like a horse. She hadn’t known cocks could be that big. Tony sported nine inches of incredibly thick meat, a great pale blue-veined giant of a cock that ended in a huge purple head that looked as big as a doorknob to Judy. Looking at that fantastic prick, she almost fainted with longing.

Tony seemed to be able to read her mind. He chuckled and said, “Yeah, it’s a big one, ain’t it? Just the kind you been dreaming about. Well, be patient, baby, ’cause you’re gonna get it in just a second.”

He reached down and ripped her panties off. His pants were already down to his knees. He let himself down on her, his huge hard erection poking eagerly against her steamy pussy. Judy screamed and tried to close her legs, but it was too late. He used his powerful legs to open her thighs effortlessly. She felt the enormous rock-hard head of his prick butting the mouth of her cunt.

“NO,” Judy screamed, “TONY, PLEASE, NO!” He clapped a hand over her mouth, and then she felt her small cunt being slowly invaded by the enormous length and thickness of his cock. He pushed and grunted, stretching her small box almost to bursting. She pushed at his shoulders, but it was no use. He was all the way into her, impaling her on his great sausage of a prick — and she was lost.

“UMMMMMM,” she mumbled under his hand.

It felt plainly and simply terrific, and when he started moving in her, she knew it was the kind of fucking she’d been longing for all these years. She gave herself up to the deep hard strokes, creaming furiously all around his slamming dick. She threw her legs around his waist and moaned. Tony took his hand off her mouth.

“No more bullshit now?” he panted. “You dig it, don’t you, Judy? You like me to ball you?”

“Yes,” she whined, “Oh, God, yes! I love it, Tony!”

He fucked her harder, faster. “You love my cock?” he hissed.

“I love your cock,” Judy babbled.

His huge dick was raping her tiny hot box, plunging in and out savagely, but she was going crazy with pleasure. She tightened her legs around his waist, digging his meat even deeper into her hungry cunt, and she clawed his big shoulders. Her voice got hoarse because she couldn’t stifle her delighted cries.

“Tell me, tell me,” he gasped, “tell me how you love it, baby. I wanta hear it.”

“Ohhhhhh, GOD,” Judy shrieked, “fuck me, fuck me, Tony, don’t ever stop. I love it. OHHHHHHHH!”

It went on and on, just like in her wildest fantasies, and she came again and again. She could hardly believe she wasn’t dreaming. This was the way she’d always wanted to be fucked, the way she wanted Tom to make love to her. She was sorry about Tom, but all she could think of just then was Tony’s super prick banging her into crazy dizzying joy.


Hours seemed to have passed when Judy finally felt Tony’s cock blasting off inside her and going limp. She’d lost track of how many times she’d come. She breathed a loud sigh of fulfillment and satisfaction as the burly bartender rolled off her. It had been the kind of love-making she’d dreamed about for years.

“You get enough?” Tony chuckled as he dressed.

“Ummmm-hmmmm,” Judy murmured lazily. She felt exhausted. That much balling was really hard work.

“Well, you rest up,” he said, “because I’ll be back tomorrow night. I’ll be over as soon as I close the bar.”

He walked out of the apartment before Judy could say a word. That made her a little angry. He hadn’t asked her if she wanted him to come back. But, then, didn’t she? Her blood boiled with excitement at the very thought of being with him again.

But another feeling was taking over rapidly, a horrible feeling of guilt. Judy got off the couch with a moan of anguish and staggered down the hall to her bedroom. She looked at herself in the minor. Her hair was tousled, her body sweaty and bruised from the rough prolonged love-making. Tony’s jism was leaking down her legs.

She felt completely disgusted with herself. Tom hadn’t even been gone a whole day yet, and already she’d gone out and picked up a man. She’d been unfaithful to her husband for the first time. Tom might be an unimaginative lover, but he didn’t deserve anything like this. She was no more than a slut, fucking the first man who picked her up.

“Oh, my God,” Judy sobbed, “what have I done?”

She didn’t get much sleep, her conscience was bothering her so much, but when she got up the next day, she firmly vowed that she wouldn’t let Tony in the apartment when he came around that night. She couldn’t repair the damage she’d already done, but she could do the next best thing. She could see that it never happened again.

She was watching a late movie on television when the doorbell rang. Judy blushed furiously, knowing it had to be Tony. At the same time she felt a burst of hot juice from her cunt and an eager tingling in her pussy. That part of her had no conscience at all. But her brain was functioning just fine, and it reminded her of her resolution never to cheat on Tom again.

She had the door chain locked, and she opened it just an inch. Tony was there, gorgeous and grinning. She knew she’d love to be with him again, that she was more than ready for another session of his fantastic fucking, but she firmly put those thoughts away. She had to think of her marriage.

“Go away, Tony,” she said quietly. “I’m not going to see you again.”

He scowled down at her.

“What kinda bullshit is that?” he said angrily. “You loved it last night when I was balling you.”

“Ssshh,” Judy said nervously. “The neighbors might hear.”

“Oh, yeah?” Tony snarled. “Well, they’ll hear a lot more than that if you don’t open this fucking door, baby. You want me to describe what we did last night?”

With a gasp of horror Judy unlocked the door. That was all she needed, for everyone in the apartment building to hear the details of her infidelity. Tony barged in and helped himself to a drink. Judy tapped her foot and fumed. How was she going to deal with this creep?

“Look,” she said angrily, “this can’t go on. You have to get it through your head, Tony — I love Tom. I don’t want to cheat on him, and I don’t want to have an affair with you. I was crazy to do what I did last night, but I was very drunk. I’m not drunk now. I’m telling you, I want you out of my apartment and out of my life.”

Tony drained his drink in one long swallow and followed it with a satisfied belch. He wasn’t even bothering to be polite around her any more. That friendly bartender routine was just an act. He walked over to her and stood towering over her, huge and powerful and menacing. He grinned, but there was no warmth in his expression.

“Baby,” he said, “you will do whatever I want, or your precious husband will find out what you did. You got that?”

“He won’t believe you,” Judy said, trying to sound confident.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Tony replied, “but you wouldn’t wanta take the chance, would you? Anyhow, what’s your beef? He won’t know about us if we’re careful. We had a ball last night. Why not one more time?”

“Absolutely NO,” Judy said. She started walking toward the door. “I want you to leave now, Tony.”

He scooped her up in his arms with no noticeable effort and grinned at her. “Let’s try it in the bedroom this time,” he said.

He started down the hall with her, Judy shrieking and pounding him with her fists. It made her feel so helpless. It was like he hadn’t heard a word she’d said or didn’t care about her feelings. She was nothing more than a cunt to Tony, but she’d found it out too late. How could she possibly fight off this enormous strong man?

“Tony, for God’s sake,” she wept, “I don’t want to do this. Please, please, go find yourself somebody else if you’re horny.”

“But I want you,” he said. “You really turn me on, Judy, and I dig a woman who loves to ball. You sure do, judging from last night.”

Judy’s face flamed. She couldn’t deny that she’d encouraged Tony’s return by her sluttish performance the night before. Sire remembered all too well how she’d kept begging for more and more fucking, more of his huge erect prick. It was no wonder he thought he could barge in, day or night, and ball her without asking permission. She was in a trap of her own making.

Tony put her down on the bed and stood there ogling her and licking his lips. She hadn’t thought he’d be inside the apartment, so she hadn’t bothered to dress. She was wearing a long blue negligee which was practically transparent and cut very low in front. It showed the plump ripe cleavage of her breasts, the dark dots of her nipples, and the shadowy triangle of her mons. In short, it showed everything.

Blushing, Judy tried to cover her tits and bush, but she didn’t seem to have enough hands to go around. Tony laughed as he started to undress. Judy felt rage, humiliation, and utter helplessness.

There was no way she could fight him off. He was far too strong for her. And words seemed to have no effect on him at all.

“I’m asking you one more time,” she said wearily. “Please don’t do this. It will be on my conscience, Tony, and I’ll never be able to look Tom in the eye again. Don’t do that to me.”

Tony removed his shirt, uncovering his hugely broad hairy chest. “Will you forget about Tom?” he said impatiently. “I keep telling you, if he don’t know about it, it can’t hurt him. Jesus, what’s your problem, anyhow? How come you can’t just relax and enjoy yourself?”

“My problem,” Judy said dryly, “is that I love my husband. Can you understand that at all?”

Now he was skinning out of his shorts, his crisp curly black bush popping into view, then his pale blue-veined cock. Judy was surprised to find that although his dick was limp, it was still enormous. She felt another tingle of excitement in her crotch, but she struggled to ignore it.

“Yeah, I understand,” Tony said, “and let me tell you something, doll. Anybody who’s in love is a Goddamned fool. I know that from hard experience. Love gets you nothing but a kick in the teeth.”

“Thanks for the philosophy lecture,” Judy said angrily. “Now will you get the hell out of my life?”

She started to get off the bed, intending to attack him with a lamp, an ashtray, anything — but she’d forgotten that the big man could move so fast. Before she knew it, he had seized her wrist painfully hard and was forcing her back down on the bed. Judy moaned and went limp, knowing he could hurt her badly if she resisted.

“That’s enough of that bullshit,” he growled. “I don’t wanta hear any more of it. You’re gonna be a good girl and do just as I say, or I’ll knock your fucking head off. You got that?”

“Yes,” Judy whimpered, believing every word of it.

“Okay, that’s better,” Tony said. “Now take off that gown.”

Blushing hotly, Judy obeyed. She decided it was better to submit and get it over with. She didn’t want a fractured skull. She’d already fucked him once anyhow, so one more time wouldn’t make that much difference. Tomorrow she could figure out what to do about the dilemma she’d gotten herself into.

She pulled the filmy negligee off over her head. Her big round breasts jiggled delicately, and Tony reached out to fondle them. She wished to God she’d worn some underwear, but now she was completely naked. His big firm hands cupped her soft tits and began to squeeze and release gently but eagerly. To her horror, Judy felt an answering glow in her pussy. She tried to blot out the excitement she felt as Tony rubbed his thumbs over her pert pointed nipples.

“Lie back,” he said huskily. “Just lie back and do what I say. It’s gonna be good, baby, I promise. It’s gonna be even better than last time.”

Judy lay back with a moan. How could it possibly be better than last time? That had been the fuck of her fantasies, the best love-making she’d ever had in her life. And if it really was better, God help her. She knew she’d lose control of herself again, scream her pleasure, beg for him never to stop. She tried with all her strength to resist the mounting pleasure she felt as Tony massaged and squeezed her sensitive ripe boobs.

“Tom ever play around with you like this?” he asked softly.

“No,” Judy said regretfully.

“Dumb shit,” Tony said. “He don’t know how to treat a woman. No wonder you were looking for another guy.”

Judy bit her lip, deciding not to argue with him. Just get it over with. Get it over with and not make a spectacle of herself, that was the best she could hope for now. Tony was opening her legs, and she braced herself for the first thick thrust of his cock. But glancing over at him, she saw that his prick was still limp.

Then to her astonishment, he crawled between her widely stretched thighs and pressed his face to her golden-brown muff. She felt his hot moist breath against her most intimate parts, as he began kissing her curly bush. She went red all over. She’d heard of pussytating, but it had never been done to her. She didn’t know, whether to be excited or shocked.

“He ever do this to you?” Tony asked in a muffled voice. “Ever go down on you?”

“N-no,” Judy stammered.

“Well, baby, you got a treat coming up,” Tony said. “I guarantee, you’re gonna love this.”

That was exactly what she was afraid of. Trembling, Judy lay on her back with her legs spread obscenely wide, just as Tony had positioned them, and waited to get some head for the first time in her life. Often when she lay in bed writhing with need while Tom snored, she’d fantasized a man licking her pussy. She’d longed to try it. Now she wasn’t so sure. She didn’t want to be any more in Tony’s power than she already was.

His scorching breath fanned her moist pink pussy. With his face right down there in her crotch, he could see everything, secret parts of her pussy that Tom hadn’t even looked at. He parted the curly lips of her mons and exposed the red pea-size lump of her clit. Just his breathing on it made Judy squirm with pleasure, but then a blast of sensation made her gasp with joy. Glancing down, she saw that Tony had stuck out his wet red tongue and was using it on her clit.

“Ohhhhh,” she gasped.

She couldn’t hold back that cry of delight. Tony was tonguing her clit, running the slick tip of his tongue around and around the tiny moist shaft. It felt so incredibly good, she couldn’t believe it. For long delicious moments she forgot all about Tom and her conscience. She felt nothing but that wicked little snake of a tongue tickling and lashing and licking all over the eager bud of her clit.

“Ohhhh, my GOD,” Judy whined, clawing the bedspread.

To hell with resistance, to hell with everything. Nothing could equal the stunning joy she felt as Tony licked faster and faster around her throbbing wet joy button. Voluntarily she opened her legs even wider, bending her knees and drawing them up to her quaking tits, giving Tony more room to maneuver. Hot cream gushed from her cunt like lava, soaking his chin.

“Ummmmm,” she moaned, “UMMMMMMM. Oh, dear God, that feels so good. OHHHHHHH!”

The sudden orgasm surprised her. She hadn’t thought she was anywhere near coming, but suddenly her curvy body was convulsing with pleasure, and she heard her own hoarse voice wailing with bliss. Tony’s slick tongue tip pressed and released, pressed and released, on her pulsing clit, making her climax prolonged and intense. When she finally came down from it, she heard Tony chuckling.

“You really got off on that, didn’t you, baby?” he laughed. “Jesus, I thought you were gonna rise right off the bed.”

Judy blushed with shame. “I never had that done to me before,” she said, “I didn’t know it would feel so good.”

“Well, there’s more coming up,” said Tony, lowering his head into her crotch again. “You got a lot to learn, kid.”

That was certainly true. There was a whole universe of sex she hadn’t explored, thanks to Tom’s uptight morality. She just wasn’t sure that she wanted to explore it with Tony. However, she had no choice. She decided to take his advice and just relax and enjoy. She felt his tongue creeping between her swollen pink pussy lips to rim the oozing mouth of her twat.

“Ahhhhhh,” she sighed.

Even though she’d just had a body-wracking orgasm her horniness returned immediately. With Tony’s expert tongue teasing the gasping mouth of her cunt, she felt all ready to go again. She knew women were capable of multiple orgasms, a whole string of climaxes, but she’d never been allowed to try it with Tom. He didn’t believe in it. Now Tony was showing her just how incredibly lusty she could get.

“Hang on,” he chuckled. “Another surprise coming up.”

Judy quivered with expectation — then yelped with pleasure as Tony suddenly thrust his thick tongue right up her cunt.

“OHHHHHHHH!” she wailed. “Ohhhhhh, my God, YES! Oh, oh, I can’t believe this. SO GOOD!”

His scalding-hot tongue was just as thick as a cock but more flexible, probing and tickling and wiggling around in her cream-filled box. It drove her wild. She simply couldn’t control her wriggling hips, her jerking pussy, or the hoarse little cries of pleasure that rose to her throat. She’d never felt anything in her life more delicious than Tony’s fat slick tongue fooling around in her long-starved cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, sooo nice,” she whined.

He began to thrust his tongue hard and fast, and before she knew it, he’d triggered another orgasm. It occurred to her that Tony had a powerful hold over her, that he could make her come with no effort at all — but the thought was lost as she sailed off on a wave of blinding pleasure, her convulsing cunt sucking greedily at his jerking tongue.

“Ohhhhh, my God, Tony, I’m exhausted,” she sighed as the delicious spasms finally ended. “That’s enough.”

“Don’t you believe it,” he said. “I can make you come a lot more than that. But I’ll give you a rest, because there’s something else I wanta show you. Come here.”

He rolled onto his back and patted a place beside him. Judy dutifully crawled over to him, too far committed now to fight about it. Secretly she had to admit that she waited him now, wanted him to teach her everything there was to do in bed. She sure as hell wasn’t going to get that kind of instruction from Tom.

“You ever play with his cock?” Tony inquired.

Judy blushed and stammered, “He doesn’t like me to do that. I can touch it for a second, that’s all. He doesn’t think it’s right.”

Tony moaned. “Jesus Christ, where’d he get those nutty ideas? He’s cheating himself and you out of a whole world of fun. Well, here, let me show you this, just in ease he ever changes his mind. It’s something great to do for a guy.”

He seized her hand and slipped it, palm up, under his soft warm limp dick. Judy quivered with excitement. She loved touching cocks, playing with them, and she never got enough of it with her husband. Tony’s fat sausage of a prick felt satiny-smooth on her palm, and she could feel the veins throbbing with hot life.

“Pump it a little,” Tony sighed, watching her intently. “Squeeze it, but gently.”

Judy already knew how to do that. It was the one liberty Tom permitted her. But she’d never been allowed to do it with the light on, to see the cock she was playing with. She couldn’t suppress an eager grin as she started pumping Tony’s big limp prick. It was such fun, so smooth and warm and pleasant to touch. He grinned back at her.

“You get a charge out of doing that, don’t you?” he laughed.

Judy blushed but admitted, “Yeah, I guess I’m addicted to playing with cocks. I just wish Tom would let me do it more often. I don’t know why he thinks it’s so awful.”

Tony shrugged. “Some people have pretty screwy ideas — but that’s their problem, not ours. Now I want you to go down on me, baby. Lick, kiss, suck. You ever do that before?”

“No,” Judy said breathlessly, “but I’d like to learn.”

Tony laughed. “Well, here’s your chance. Go to it.”

Eagerly she dipped her curly head into his lap. Still holding his limp cock in her palm, she stuck out her little pink tongue and applied just the tip to Tony’s warm silky cock-meat. A shudder of excitement and arousal went through her. This was going to be tremendous fun, she just knew it. She started to lick his cock from base to head, lapping greedily.

“Hey, all right,” Tony sighed. “That’s real good, baby. Just keep doing that for awhile, okay? I like it.”

Judy was only too happy to obey, for this was another dream come true, being allowed to play with a warm smooth prick for as long as she wanted, being allowed not just to touch but to pump and lick and kiss and taste. She licked from the soft rosy head of his prick down to the bushy base, then back again, leaving the milk-white flesh gleaming with her saliva. His cock had a faint salty taste that she found delicious.

“Yeah, good,” Tony sighed. “Now do my balls. Lick ’em just like you did to my cock.”

All her modesty seemed to have fled. Without a blush she licked right through his crisp pubic curls and onto his soft rosy nut sacs. They were hot and silky and had a downy layer of black hair. She lashed and tickled them with her tongue, making them flop and bounce, Tony sighed with pleasure.

“You learn real fast, kid,” he said. “I think you got a natural talent for it. Now I want you to get me hard. I want you to take my meat in your mouth and suck on it, okay?”

Judy felt a brief moment of hesitation. It really was a rather bizarre thing to do, putting a guy’s dick in your mouth, and she could imagine Tom’s horror if she’d even suggested such a thing to him. But what the hell? She wanted to learn, and she could only learn by doing.

With trembling hand she picked up Tony’s big doughy prick and stuffed it into her mouth. It was limp and she got the whole thing in easily. She began to run her tongue around and around his sleepy dick, then to suck on it. At first she felt silly, but excitement rapidly took over. His heavy soft cock lay on her tongue as she sucked faster and faster, stretching and releasing the tasty meat. It was FUN.

“Good,” Tony panted, “real good. I swear to God, you’re a natural, Judy. You suck dick just like a pro.”

Judy didn’t know whether to be flattered or not. She just went on sucking, really getting off on it, especially when Tony reached out to where she was squatting and mischievously grabbed her clit and started kneading it. She almost bit his cock, the pleasure was so intense. Moaning blissfully, she sucked even more strongly at his silky soft cock.

“Look out,” Tony gasped, “I’m getting hard.”

His warning didn’t come soon enough. Judy suddenly felt her throat stuffed with thick hard cock. She fought back a gagging sensation and let half his swelling meat out of her mouth. It was enormous, stretching her lips almost to bursting. The head seemed the size of a golf ball at the back of her throat. Delicious salty cock juice dripped onto her tongue.

Tony laughed. “Let’s see you get all of that in your mouth,” he said.

No way! She’d choke on that horse-prick of his. She still enjoyed sucking it, though, as much as she could get into her mouth. In her excitement she made lewd wet slurping noises. Tony was getting very excited, too, starting to move his hips, gently feeding her his drooling dick. Suddenly, though, he jerked his huge swollen cock out of her mouth.

“Jesus, that was close,” he gasped. “I almost came.”

Judy wondered what it would be like if he came in her mouth, filling her throat with tasty jizz. She didn’t have long to think about it though, because Tony rolled her over onto her back and wriggled eagerly between her legs and thrust his great hard cock into her. She wanted it so much, she creamed a flood of juice around him as he pushed swiftly to her womb.

“Oh, yes, YES,” she moaned, “fuck me, Tony, fuck me all night.”

Later it seemed like all night. She’d come a dozen times, and her small snug cunt was sore from Tony’s piston-like fucking. She felt blissfully fulfilled and content. She lay back limp and submissive as Tony got dressed, watching him admiringly. She knew she was hooked on this man.

“We’ll do something a little different tomorrow night,” Tony said as he left. “I’ll pick you up after closing time and take you to my place. I’ll have a little surprise for you there. Okay?”

“Yes, Tony,” she said dazedly, “whatever you say.”


Judy couldn’t help herself. She trembled with horny anticipation all day while she waited for Tony to return. She felt terribly guilty every time she thought of Tom, but her stored-up need for sex was so great that she had to have Tony again. At least for a week, while Tom was in Florida, she’d get her fill of delicious love-making. She’d worry about her conscience later.

Somehow the day passed and it was time to get dressed for her date with Tony. She even chose her under year with the greatest care, selecting a skimpy blue lace bra and panty set she’d purchased in the vain hope of arousing her husband. Over them she wore a clinging blue silk dress, cut very low in front to show off her ripe cleavage. She was just putting on her earrings when the doorbell rang.

Judy practically tripped getting to the door, she was so anxious to see Tony, and when she opened the door this time, there was no coyness, no hesitation. She flew into his arms and wantonly pressed her curvy body against him, rubbing her soft mons against his crotch. Tony grinned and kissed her.

“Glad to see me, huh?” he laughed.

“You better believe it,” Judy said breathlessly, rubbing against him.

“Well, grab your coat and let’s go,” Tony said. “I got a real treat waiting for you at my place.”

Judy began to wonder why they had to go to his house, she was so eager to be back in bed with him, but she decided to humor him. It didn’t matter where they made love, as long as she got laid. She was really ready, too. All during the drive to Tony’s, her pussy boiled and swelled with need. She only had to think of his super-big prick to start creaming. She breathed a big sigh of relief when they finally pulled up in front of the luxury apartment building where Tony lived.

“Pretty nice for a bartender,” Judy remarked as they entered the plushly-carpeted lobby. “How do you do it on your salary, Tony?”

“Aw, I’m a bachelor,” he said casually. “I don’t have many expenses. Then I got a couple other deals going besides the bar. I get by.”

He certainly did. Judy almost gasped as they walked into his apartment. It must have cost a fortune to furnish and decorate the place. He had a beautiful view of the city, a huge fireplace, a portable bar, and a carpet so thick you could get lost in it. She suppressed a wicked giggle as she caught herself hoping he’d ball here on that carpet.

“I’ll get us some drinks,” Tony said. “The surprise should be here any minute.”

Judy was puzzled and a little annoyed. Apparently the treat he’d promised her was some kind of gift, something to be delivered. But all she wanted was to make love, and she wanted it urgently. She finished her drink in a few absent-minded swallows, then sat looking impatiently at Tony. He just grinned.

The doorbell rang. “Here’s that surprise right now,” Tony said, going to the door.

He opened it and admitted a tall silver-haired man. The guy was distinguished-looking, dressed in an expensive gray suit, and could have been in his late fifties. He wasn’t carrying any package. He just walked into the living room and stood looking at Judy with a strange sort of hunger in his eyes.

“Art, this is Judy,” Tony said with a grin. “Judy, honey, meet Arthur Dale.”

“How do you do?” Judy said, getting more puzzled and irritated by the moment. Damnit, she hadn’t come over here to meet Tony’s business friends or whoever the hell this guy was.

Dale didn’t acknowledge her greeting. He just turned to Tony, nodded crisply, and said, “Yes, excellent. She’ll do just fine.”

“Okay,” Tony said, starting for the door. “Judy, I want you to be nice to Art. Know what I mean?”

Understanding flooded through her, followed by a hot blush. Tony was going to leave her alone with a perfect stranger, and he wanted her to put out for the guy! It was so outrageous, she could barely believe it. She leaped to her feet and angrily stalked over to Tony. She was so furious, she was shaking all over.

“Now, just a damned minute,” she began. Tony reached out and gripped her wrist cruelly hard. He glared at her, but he spoke very carefully. “Now, listen, doll, and listen real good,” he said. “You’re gonna do exactly as I say, because if you don’t, I’m gonna tell your precious husband that I been balling you. You got that?”

Judy nodded miserably. Blackmail! For a moment she couldn’t decide which would be worse — to go to bed with a complete stranger, or to have Tom find out about her cheating. But it didn’t take her long to conclude that she loved Tom, couldn’t bear losing him, and that she’d do anything to keep him from knowing that she’d made love with another man.

“You gonna do what I asked?” Tony hissed.

“Yes,” Judy said, trying not to cry. “Let go of my wrist, please, Tony. I’ll do what you want. You’ve just got to promise me you’ll never tell Tom about any of this.”

“I won’t tell him a damned thing as long as you cooperate with me,” Tony said. “Now, you give Art a nice time, and I’ll be back in an hour or so.” Tony left, and she was alone with Arthur Dale.

She couldn’t stop blushing as she turned to face him. What could she possibly say in a situation like this? It just wasn’t real. That bastard Tony had done a terrible thing to her, practically giving her to this unknown man, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Dale saved her the trouble of thinking what to say.

“Undress for me, please,” he said coolly.

She didn’t think it was possible to blush any harder, but she did. Knowing she had no choice but to obey, Judy reached around and found the back zipper of her dress. As she slowly drew it down, her hand shook. She couldn’t believe she was being commanded to strip for a guy she’d only met a moment ago.

Dale had fixed himself a martini and gotten comfortable in a chair. He looked completely unembarrassed by the situation, as if he’d been through it many times. He watched her with interest, but he didn’t go ape. He just sipped his drink and studied her tall slim body as she worked down her zipper. He looked completely cool.

Judy took as long as she could with the zipper, but at last there was nothing to do but shrug the slinky dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. As she was suddenly revealed in nothing but her bra and panties, Dale’s cool blue eyes glinted a little and his mouth twitched slightly. That was the only sign of excitement he displayed. Judy moaned softly, wishing there was some way out of this nightmare, as she reached around and unhooked her bra.

Blushing hotly, she drew the bra forward and away, unveiling her large perfectly round breasts. To her shame, her red-brown nipples were erect and pointed. Dale licked his lips briefly as he ogled her firm creamy-white boobs, but he made no move to get up and touch her. Judy reached for the waistband of her panties, then stopped. She just couldn’t take that last step, showing him her most intimate parts.

“Go on,” Dale said calmly.

“Oh, please,” Judy breathed.

He gave a little sigh of impatience, “You’re new at this, aren’t you?” he said. “Well, let me advise you, my dear, that there’s no way out. Tony De Franco is an utterly ruthless man. If you don’t do what he wants, he’ll make you sorry you were born. Believe me, it will be easiest just to do it and get it over with.”

Something in his slow cool tone told her he wasn’t kidding. Moaning with mortification, Judy slipped her thumbs inside her panties and started easing the garment downward. The panties were cut very low, bikini style, and it wasn’t long before Dale could see the first fine black hairs of her muff. It was all too short a time, in Judy’s opinion, before her panties slithered down her long legs and puddled around her ankles. She stepped out of the tangled heap of garments and stood there naked and trembling.

“Beautiful,” Dale said. “Tony has certainly picked a winner this time. Turn around for me a few times, please.”

He watched intently as Judy nervously turned around, showing him her pert little ass, then again her big quivering tits and the neat black triangle of her mons. She wanted to fall through the floor. At last Dale signaled her to stop. He set aside his martini and stood up.

“Now undress me,” he said.

Judy reminded herself of how Tom would feel if he knew of her shameless adultery. Then she walked over to Arthur Dale and quickly took off his necktie. Fortunately he was wearing a lot of clothes, and it wasn’t too embarrassing to remove his jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, shoes and socks. But when he was just standing there in his shorts, she could hardly bring herself to touch him.

Avoiding his eyes, blushing hotly, Judy seized the waistband of his shorts and started drawing the garment down. Dale’s skin was cool, like the rest of him. He was immaculately clean and smelled nice, but she felt no lust for him. As she saw the first salt-and-pepper hairs of his bush, she felt panic. Was she really going to have to ball this man?

She tugged his shorts down a little more, and there was his cock, limp and pale. It was a long thin prick, no match for Tony’s giant cock but respectable in size. She couldn’t help ogling the pale blue-veined flesh and the soft rosy head of his dick. She hadn’t seen very many cocks in her life — only Tom’s before this week.

She knelt to help him step out of his shorts, and Dale touched her shoulder to steady himself. It was all she could do not to yelp and draw away. She was beginning to wonder if the man had blood or ice water in his veins. He didn’t seem to be the least bit excited as he finally stood naked before her.

“Lie down,” he instructed. “On your back.”

So here it comes, Judy thought miserably.

Now she was going to have to spread her legs for this stranger, allow him to poke his cock into her body. But how did he expect to do that with a limp dick? Dale’s cock was still utterly flaccid as he bent over her, swinging lewdly from its nest of black and white hairs. Dale knelt beside her, but instead of mounting her he began to touch her. He caressed her body, starting with her toes.

“Yes, you’re very beautiful,” he said. “What was your name again?”

“Judy,” she said, almost sobbing. “Please, Mr. Dale, could we just get it over with?”

He looked impatient. “No, we’ll do it my way,” he said. “I want to touch you first. You might as well just lie back and relax, my dear. You might even find it pleasant.”

Pleasant? To have that cold bony hand crawling all over her body? Judy almost laughed in her bitterness. But of course Dale was right. She had no choice, so she might as well take it easy. She went as limp as she could. Meanwhile Dale had worked his hand up her legs and was just touching the delicate black fur of her mons.

“Open your legs a little,” he said.

Judy obeyed, blushing miserably. She opened her legs just enough for Dale to get his hand between her silky warm thighs. He cupped her glowing-hot pussy and squeezed gently a few times. In spite of her revulsion, Judy felt a little tingle of pleasure. Then he drew his hand back and pried open the plump lips of her mons. He drew back the black-furred lips and exposed the rich scarlet flesh and the pea-size lump of her clitoris. Judy could practically feel his cold blue eyes boring into her flesh as he leisurely studied her exposed slit.

“Excellent,” he remarked.

Again Judy suppressed a bitter laugh. Excellent, indeed. She wondered what standards he had for judging pussies, how he rated them. Maybe that’s all he did, just look. Glancing over at his crotch, she saw that his prick was still dangling loose and limp, showing not a trace of arousal. Maybe the creep just got off on staring between women’s legs.

“Perhaps this will relax you,” Dale said.

He seized her hot little clit between his thumb and forefinger and began to knead it gently but swiftly. It relaxed her, all right. She felt a lightning bolt of pleasure that almost lifted her off the rug. She had to clench her teeth to keep from moaning, and she felt hot cream pour out of her suddenly aroused cunt to puddle on Tony’s expensive carpet. My God, it felt great!

“Don’t be afraid to make noise,” Dale said. “I enjoy it.”

Well, that was good, because she could hardly keep from screaming. Dale kept speeding up his delicious frigging of her clit, and sharp pleasure was wracking her body. Helplessly she let her legs fall wider open, exposing all of her ripe red pussy with its delicate circle of black curls. Dale might be some kind of weirdo, but he sure as hell knew how to play with her clit. He was working it like an expert.

“Ahhhh,” Judy whined, unable to keep quiet any longer.

“That’s good,” said Dale. “I like it when you do that, Judy. I want you to be very very excited.”

Judy didn’t have much choice in the matter. She was already excited enough to climb the walls. Dale held the tiny marble of her clit and rubbed with dazzling speed, so that the tingling pleasure never stopped. She was panting, moaning, writhing, creaming all over his hand. Then she felt his other hand creeping into her steamy little crotch. She felt his stiffened middle finger sliding slowly into her soaked little box.

“Ooooo, YES,” she wailed. “My God, yessss! Ohhhh, that feels so good!”

Tony would have chuckled, Tom would have blushed, but Dale merely licked his lips in an almost delicate way as she helplessly moaned her joy. He went on pushing his finger into her flaming-hot cunt, and all the while he studied her reaction with his cold blue eyes. But it didn’t bother Judy any more. The things he was doing to her felt just too great. She didn’t give a damn about anything but her own feverishly excited pussy.

“Ahhhhh,” she whined, “ahhhhh, deeper!”

Dale thrust his finger into her clear to the last knuckle, and then he began to pump it like a little cock. At the same time he went on kneading her clit like crazy. The combination was just too much. Her fact twisted in a horny grimace, Judy began to howl her delight and to jerk her aroused cunt up and down on his stiffly impaling finger. In just about one second she was going to come, she could feel it.

“Faster,” she panted, “frig me faster! Just a little more. Oh, God, yes. Yes. Keep your finger in deep. Don’t stop playing with me. I’m going to come!”

But just then Dale drew his hands away, leaving her panting and writhing like a beached fish. He sat back and watched her as she moaned with frustration. What kind of kinky game was he playing, anyhow? Judy caught her breath and glared at him, but she could see no special satisfaction in his eyes.

“Damn you,” she whined.

“Be patient,” Dale said. “I’ll let you come later. I dislike rushing things. Now I want you to get me hard.”

Before she could move or say anything, he was climbing over her, squatting right over her boobs, his skinny ass just lightly grazing her thrusting nipples. His floppy limp cock tickled her face. Judy blushed, but her excitement was undiminished. She’d get him hard, all right. She had to have a stiff cock or die of frustration!

She reached up to touch his flaccid meat, but Dale shook his head. “No, no,” he said briskly, “use your mouth. I want you to lick it. And take your time, please. As I said, I don’t like to rush things.”

Well, fuck you, Judy thought.

Not only was she in a hurry, she thought her poor swollen pussy was going to explode with need if she didn’t get fucked right away. But she had to do what he wanted to get what she wanted. That limp cock wasn’t going to do her any good at all. With an impatient sigh she stuck out her little glistening pink tongue and started to lick Arthur Dale’s prick.

“Yes,” he said, “that’s what I want. Just go easy. Lick it all over. Yes.”

Judy found his cock as clean and nice-smelling as the rest of him, and it didn’t take long for her excitement to rise to fever pitch. She wriggled her little hot tongue under his soft silky meat and tickled and lashed and licked the floppy little worm till it bounced and glistened. Then she did the other side, her tongue wet and wriggling and eager. Damnit, she just couldn’t help it — she loved tonguing and tasting cock, even when it belonged to a stranger.

“Very nice,” Dale murmured. “You do that very well, Judy.”

Did she detect just a trace of excitement in his voice? Was the ultra-cool Arthur Dale finally getting turned on? She studied his face, but she could see no change. Well, damn him, she’d take care of that in a hurry. She seized the soft rosy head of his prick between her lips and sucked the whole flaccid organ into her mouth. She began sucking his cock fast and hard.

“My God,” Dale muttered. “You really enjoy that, don’t you? You really — AHHHHH!”

She’d gotten him excited at last. As she sucked furiously on his good-tasting dick, she felt it lurch into erection. The head of his cock went hard and knobby, the stalk lengthened and fattened and stiffened. It wasn’t as big as Tony’s prick, and she could keep all of it in her wet greedy mouth. She gave a gurgle of excitement as she sucked him, but to her disappointment, Dale sighed and stood up, his spit-wet prick popping from her mouth. It snapped up to hug his belly, beautifully stiff and full and ready.

“Get up,” Dale said briskly. “Go over to the sofa and lean over the arm.”

Judy was ready to jump through hoops in order to get laid, so she didn’t hesitate to do what he asked. She hurried over and leaned over the arm of the sofa, her pert pale butt stuck up in the air. Dale followed leisurely, as if he weren’t the least bit excited, but his erect stiff-standing cock was oozing pearly bubbles of juice and his rosy nut sacs were swollen up big and taut. At last those steely blue eyes looked human, a little glazed and sparkling with lusty interest.

“Now hold perfectly still,” he said from behind her. “Stop wiggling. You’ll get what you want in just a second.”

Judy sincerely hoped so. She was so horny, great streams of hot juice were running down her thighs. She waited, ass raised, legs slightly parted, and she felt Dale putting his hands on her hips to steady himself. Then she felt hot hard cock flesh sliding between her legs, the bulbous head of his dick touching the gushing mouth of her cunt.

“Ohhhhh, my God, yes,” she moaned helplessly, “put it in meeee!”

Damn him, he was taking his time. He just held his erection between her legs so that her scorching pussy rode the rigid pole and the fat hard head of his prick teasingly touched the drooling mouth of her box — but he didn’t go in. Judy panted and clawed the couch, ready to shriek with frustration, until finally Dale popped the big head of his dick into her steamy little box and started to push into her. He did it with maddening slowness, but it felt terrific to have her frantic cunt finally stuffed full of hard pulsing cock-meat.

“Yes, yes, YES,” Judy whined.

Even Dale was getting excited now. Glancing around, Judy saw that his eyes were blissfully closed and there were faint small beads of sweat on his forehead. He began to move his cock in her, and he even smiled. She figured that was the most she could hope for from that zombie, so she turned away and gave herself up to the pleasure of being fucked. At least he didn’t do THAT slowly. He jerked his dick fast and stiff in her blazing hot box, just the way she wanted.

“Ooooo, that’s so GOOD,” Judy squealed. “Yeah, yeah, ball me! OHHHHH, YES!”

She started coming almost instantly. Dale fucked steadily away, his flat belly going slap-slap against her little round ass, and Judy got off one more time, squealing and clawing the couch, before her fiery-hot gripping cunt squeezed Dale fiercely and made him come. He only sighed mildly, but Judy could feel her cunt deluged with sizzling come. She wriggled her ass in happy satisfaction as he shot his load into her.

“Ummmm,” she murmured, “that was nice.”

“Oh, yeah? I’m real glad to hear that,” said Tony.

TONY? He wasn’t supposed to be there. With a shriek of surprise, Judy whirled away from Arthur Dale, his limp meat whipping out of her flooded box. There was Tony standing near the doorway of the apartment, grinning. Judy blushed with humiliation. Damn him, how long had he been standing there watching?

Dale got dressed, looking as cool and unperturbed as ever, and then he handed Judy a folded-up piece of papa. “Thank you, my dear,” he said. “That was excellent. I hope to see you again.”

He left, and Judy stared at what he’d put into her hand. It was a hundred dollar bill. She began to blush all over as she understood what it meant. Tony, chuckling softly, came over and snatched the bill out of her hand.

“Your cut is fifty,” he said, taking out his wallet.

“My WHAT?” Judy gasped.

“Oh, don’t play innocent, baby,” Tony said, handing her fifty dollars. “You just went into business for me. In plain language, you’re a hooker and I’m your pimp. You did a real good job tonight, too. You and me are gonna make a bundle.”

Judy staggered back, her mouth hanging open in shock. HER, a whore?


“You’ve got to be kidding,” Judy cried. “I mean, I did what you wanted, Tony, I let that man make love to me — but that doesn’t mean I’m a whore. If you think I’m going to make a habit of this, you’re very wrong.”

“Oh, no, I’m not,” Tony snarled. “You got to do whatever I want, baby, or when your husband gets back, I’ll tell him what you’ve been up to. You don’t want that, do you?”

Judy thought of the prospect of going around balling perfect strangers at Tony’s orders. “I’ll take my chances,” she said stubbornly. “I’m sure Tom won’t believe you, and you’ve got no proof except your word.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” said Tony with an evil smile. “While you were getting it on with Dale, I got the proof I need. Your husband will have to believe this.”

He reached into his jacket pocket and brought out a photograph. He handed it to Judy with a chuckle. Judy looked at it and felt sick. It was a Polaroid shot of her being fucked from behind by Arthur Dale. She had no trouble recognizing herself. Her face was twisted in a blissful lusty grin as she took the deep thrusts of Dale’s cock. With an anguished moan, she ripped the photo to shreds.

“That won’t do you no good,” Tony said, unperturbed. “I took others. You were having such a hot time, honey, you didn’t even notice me standing here with the camera. Now, get your coat. I’m taking you home. You need your beauty rest because I got another job for you tomorrow.”

Judy rode home silently, in a daze of horror. Now that Tony had those pictures, there was no way out of her nightmarish dilemma. Rather than let Tom see her like that, she’d do anything Tony asked. And apparently what he wanted was for her to be a hooker while he did her pimping. That must be one of the business sidelines he’d talked about.

“You get over to this address at ten o’clock tomorrow night,” Tony said, handing her a slip of paper. “You better be there, and you better be good, or I’ll hear about it — and good ol Tom will get a new photo album. Got it?”

“Yes, Tony,” she said wearily, “I got it.”

She tossed and turned and got a little sleep, but by the next evening she felt like she’d been through a wringer. Her conscience kept shrieking at her that she’d mined her life for one lousy fuck. If only she’d never gone out alone and hooked up with Tony! But it was too late now. She had no choice but to obey the man. She dressed with care for her “date” and went to the address Tony had given her.

At first Judy thought it was some kind of practical joke, that she couldn’t possibly be wanted at this house. It was an honest-to-God mansion, a huge stone house in the wealthiest part of town. Any man rich enough to own such a place couldn’t possibly need to buy his sex, could he? Still, Tony would be furious if she didn’t carry out her assignment, so very nervously she went up and rang the doorbell.

The door was answered by a maid in uniform. Judy wondered what to say. Hi, I’m your friendly neighborhood hooker? She cleared her throat and said in a small voice, “Hello, I’m Judy Baker. I believe I’m expected.”

“Yes, ma’am, this way, please,” the maid said, completely unruffled. Maybe she thought Judy was the Avon Lady. Judy followed her into the enormous richly-furnished house. She was led through a maze of hallways and up a flight of stairs. The maid paused outside a door and knocked.

“Mr. Taylor,” the maid called, “the young lady is here.”

“Ah, yes,” came a voice, “let her in.”

The maid indicated the door and left. Judy stood there on trembling legs. Now she was supposed to walk through that door and fuck a man she’d never seen before in her life. Damn. Tony anyhow! Her hands were sweating as she reached out and turned the knob. She opened the door and walked hesitantly into a bedroom that looked like the setting for a Roman orgy.

“Come in, come in,” a man boomed heartily. “Don’t be afraid. Tony tells me you’re new, but I know we’ll get along just fine.”

There was such a clutter of chairs, cushions, plants, sofas, and other stuff, that Judy took a moment to figure out where the guy was. Then she saw him seated in a big chair near the fireplace. He was perhaps in his early sixties, a big man with white hair and a pink face. His nose was pretty big, too. He wasn’t attractive, but he did have an aura of power and money. He smiled and beckoned at Judy to come over closer.

“I’m Lawrence Taylor,” he announced, “Larry for short. What’s your name, my dear?”

“Judy Baker,” she said timidly.

“Well, Judy, you’re lovely,” Taylor said, “and I want you to take off your clothes right away so I can admire more of you.”

He said it all so calmly, even friendly, but to Judy it was like a bad dream. This would be the second time in twenty-four hours that she’d stripped for a stranger, a stranger who was going to be fucking her. She couldn’t suppress a blush as she took off her coat. She stood there for a moment, letting him admire her cherry red jump suit, because apparently he wouldn’t be seeing her in clothes for the rest of the visit.

“Just relax,” Taylor said. “I don’t bite. Here, I’ll give you a little music, and you take your clothes off nice and slowly for me. That will be a treat.”

He settled back, smiling and sipping at some kind of liqueur. He pressed a button built into the arm of the chair, and soft pleasant music filled the room. Judy licked her lips, took a deep breath, and started unbuttoning the front of her jumpsuit. Taylor smiled pleasantly.

She followed his instructions, unbuttoning slowly, and the pleasant music helped her relax. Dale had been right the other day. The best thing was just to take it easy, get it over with. Taylor seemed like a nice enough guy. She actually found herself returning his smile as she got the suit open all the way and let it wriggle down from her shoulders.

But as the jumpsuit fell to her feet, leaving her in just her black lace bra and panties, she got nervous again. Unlike Dale, who’d showed almost no reaction when she stripped for him, Taylor went wild. He grinned hugely as he ogled her tall curvy body, and he got red in the face and started to pant. He leaned forward in his chat. Judy, thinking he was going to spring at her, jumped back.

“You seem awfully nervous,” he said pleasantly. “Don’t you trust me?”

“Well,” Judy said lamely, “it just struck me as kind of strange that a rich man should have to pay for sex.”

“Go on undressing,” Taylor said, “and I’ll tell you about that.” Judy reached around to unhook her bra, and he went on, “I prefer it this way. If I pay for it, there’s no mess, no fuss, no strings. Ordinary women all want to marry me for my money, but this way I buy whatever I want and that’s that. Besides, I like to do some things that most women don’t go for.”

So THAT was it. As she removed her bra, Judy looked around nervously for whips and black leather costumes — but she saw nothing to frighten her. She hoped that whatever he liked to do, it wasn’t painful. She tossed the bra aside, and her full round tits wobbled into their natural thrust. Again Taylor got red-faced and started breathing hard.

“Lovely,” he panted, “just beautiful. Dance a little for me, Judy. Make your tits move.”

Blushing, Judy started swaying to the soft music. She’d never felt so self-conscious in her life, with that old guy looking pop-eyed at her gently jiggling boobs. There was something faintly creepy about the old dude, that was for sure. His pale blue eyes glittered as they followed the bouncing of her pert brown nipples. She glanced at his crotch but could see no sign of arousal.

“Now your panties,” Taylor said with a happy sigh.

That was the part she liked least, showing her naked pussy to a stranger. But of course there was nothing for it but to do what he wanted. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and started inching them down. Soon her fine black pubic curls started popping out from under the descending garment.

Taylor moved up to sit right on the edge of the chair, his glass of liqueur forgotten. Judy thought he was going to have apoplexy, he was so excited. His eyes bulged, his nostrils flared, and his breathing became very loud and heavy. Sweat appeared on his ruddy forehead.

“Yes, yes,” he hissed, watching her eagerly, “yes, take off your panties, Judy, let me see all of you.”

She wished she could get the hell away from this leering old fart, but she was stuck. Blushing deeply, Judy inched her panties down and down, till finally they popped over her pert round ass and over the sweet black triangle of her mans. Taylor sighed loudly and hungrily as the little garment tickled down her long legs and puddled on the carpet.

“Excellent,” he said, sounding like a man who’d just run ten miles. He moved back in his chair again, getting relaxed. “Now I want you to perform a little trick for me, Judy. It shouldn’t be too hard. Do you think you can jump up here and stand on the arms of my chair?”

“WHAT?” Judy squawked. Then, remembering she was supposed to be a professional, she stammered, “Well, yes, Mr. Taylor, I suppose so, but why?”

He waved his hand impatiently. “Larry, not Mr. Taylor. And never mind why. Just do it. You’re being liberally paid.”

“All right,” Judy sighed, “here goes.”

Feeling like a complete idiot, she took a short run and jumped up to stand on the wide padded arms of Taylor’s chair. As soon as she did it, she understood WHY. The old goat could look right up between her legs and see the whole scarlet moist expanse of her naked gash. And he sure as hell looked, grinning like a schoolboy.

“Now, very slowly, squat down,” Taylor instructed.

Judy obeyed with a huge blush that covered her whole body, for she saw his game now. With her feet resting on the arms of the chair, squatting would give him an even better, closer view of her pussy. She felt exposed and humiliated as she brought her steamy red crotch to within inches of Taylor’s broadly grinning face. He must have seen EVERYTHING.

“Now just relax,” he sighed. “I want to look at you.”

Relaxing was out of the question, but Judy patiently held still while the old man inspected her slit. She could feel his breath, hot and moist, on her exposed clit, cunt lips, and even on the little wrinkle of her asshole. Then she felt the light touch of his fingers on the raven-black puff of her mons.

“Don’t be nervous,” he said softly. “I just want to play with you awhile. It won’t hurt. You know, Judy, you have a very pretty pussy. Some are quite ugly.”

She was hardly going to say thanks. She just squatted there, blushing, while the old dude tickled his fingers through her bush and then spread the fat lips of her mons to uncover all of her tiny red clit. He pressed one fingertip to the hot little button and gently rimmed it. In spite of her anxiety Judy felt a little ripple of pleasure.

“Come just a little closer to me,” Taylor whispered.

It didn’t matter, he’d already seen everything between her legs. With a patient sigh, Judy hunched a little closer to his face, so that his big beak of a nose was actually buried in her glossy black fur. She waited — and then suddenly a delicious burst of pleasure ran through her body.

“Ooooooo,” she squealed.

Looking down, she saw that Taylor was using his juicy red tongue on her clit. Snake-like, his tongue darted back and forth, teasing and tickling her highly sensitive little button. It felt terrific. Judy instantly forgave him for being a weirdo. She’d take a weirdo any day if he could lick pussy like Lawrence Taylor.

Taylor’s tongue started to move faster and faster around the throbbing sensitive shaft of her clit, and her pleasure increased with the speed. She had to lean forward and grasp the back of the chair to keep her balance. That slick hot silky tongue rippling furiously over her wet little nubbin was driving her wild. She couldn’t contain her cries of delight.

“Ooooo, that feels GOOD,” she whined. “Oh, yes, yes, keep doing that, please.”

“I will,” Taylor gasped, “if you’ll just keep telling me how it feels. I enjoy that, Judy.”

There was no way she could help telling him. She was losing all control of herself as he tongue-lashed her clit into fiery arousal. Thick steamy cream began to leak from her cunt, right onto Taylor’s chin. She started to jerk her hungry pussy, pressing her red-hot clit back and forth against his playing tongue. She moaned and babbled her pleasure.

“Eeeeeeee, I love it, I love it,” she whined. “Go on licking me there, please, Larry. Oh, my GOD.”

She wished with all her heart that her husband Tom would do this to her. She wouldn’t be wandering, wouldn’t be a whore, if only Tom had overcome his hang-ups and gone down on her. It was the wildest pleasure she’d ever felt in her life. Taylor used his wet slick tongue superbly on her greedy little joy button, and within a minute she was reeling on the very edge of orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, make me come,” she shrieked. “Make me COME.”

But when she said that he stopped licking her clit. She could have clawed him in her frustration — until she felt his wonderfully mobile tongue sliding even lower into her crotch, tickling and arousing as it went.

“I’ll make you come, my dear,” Taylor whispered, “but I think you’ll like it even better this way.”

Judy was sure she would, because this old gent seemed to know just what he was doing. She whined and trembled with excitement as he slowly and deliciously worked his tongue into the steamy swollen depths of her crotch. He lashed her puffed red pussylips, rimmed the dripping mouth of her cunt, and then dipped lower, tickling the light brown wrinkle of her anal mouth.

“Ohhhhh, my God,” Judy groaned, “don’t stop. That feels great.”

He didn’t stop. He just kept getting her hotter and hotter, his fantastic tongue licking and tasting her everywhere. Judy held her breath in anticipation as she felt him finally zero in on the eager pulsing mouth of her twat. His tongue slowly crept into her, slowly stuffed her burning box with wiggling slick meat. The pleasure was so intense, she thought she was going to fly through the ceiling.

“Yes, yes, YES,” she panted, “put your tongue in my cunt. Oh, OHHHHHH. Yes, I’m going to come.”

She waited, twitching on the edge of climax, as Taylor probed and tickled her blazing box. His incredibly elastic tongue seemed to stretch all the way to her womb. But just as she started to get off, he withdrew, leaving her frustrated again, the tiny blaze of orgasm fading.

“Be patient,” he whispered. “Now you’ll get your reward.”

Judy sincerely hoped so. He was driving her wild with that crazy tongue of his, raising her almost to coming, then letting her drop. She was actually starting to sweat with, need, her poor aroused pussy soaked and swollen and aching. She didn’t think she could stand it another second. She moaned with lust as she felt Taylor’s tongue tickling even lower between her legs.

“Ahhhhh, no, no, not there,” she gasped, shocked as she felt him eagerly licking the wrinkled mouth of her asshole.

“Yes,” he insisted, “this is the best place of all. Just relax, Judy. You’ll see.”

As she was in no position to argue, and because she was willing to try anything once, Judy held still and let Taylor lick around and around the clenched mouth of her brownie. As a matter of fact, it felt terrifically exciting. She hadn’t realized that her bumhole could be a source of hot pleasure, just as powerful and exciting as her pussy. But when the old guy started poking his tongue right up inside her asshole, she was shocked again.

“Oh, no, Larry,” she gasped, “you don’t have to do that.”

“Ssshhh,” Taylor replied.

Well, whatever turns you on, Judy thought, giving up the fight.

She waited, and he was at it again, thrusting the slick tip of his tongue right into the tight mouth of her brownie. She relaxed the opening as much as she could, and then his whole tongue was easing into her, satiny and wet and fiery-hot. Judy had only expected to feel embarrassed, but what she felt was the most stunning pleasure of her life. He thrust his tongue clear to the root in her tight little asshole, and she almost fainted, it felt so terrific.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Judy wailed, “EEEEEE!”

Cream gushed from her cunt right into Taylor’s face as he began to tongue-fuck her in the asshole. Judy clawed the back of their chair and screamed in her hot excitement. Nothing could match the incredible pleasure of having her hot little bumhole probed and poked by that slick tongue. Best of all, this time he let her come.

Judy felt the ripping orgasm staring in the hot depths of her bowels, then exploding through her whole body. She heard wild screeching and screaming, then realized it was her own voice as the stunning pleasure blasted her in great waves. She rocked up and down, full tits swinging, but somehow Taylor managed to keep his tongue in her ass till the convulsions died away.

“Ohhhh, my God,” Judy gasped wonderingly.

Taylor’s red face emerged at last from her crotch, gleaming and wet with her come. To her astonishment, he licked his lips, actually lapping up her thick cream. The old guy continued to surprise her. He might be a little kinky, but he sure as hell knew how to bring a woman off. Her body was still quivering from that fantastic anal climax.

“I thought you might enjoy that,” Taylor chuckled.

“Enjoy?” Judy moaned. “I practically fainted.”

“Well, now you can return the favor,” Taylor said with a mischievous look. “Stand up a moment, change places with me.”

Here it comes, thought Judy as she sat down in the chair. Taylor took off his clothes, watching her all the time, and she saw that now his crotch was lewdly tented with a big erection. Maybe he liked to fuck women in chairs instead of in bed. He dropped his shorts, and Judy saw his short but stubby cock, pale and swollen and drooling as it stood out stiffly from a nest of silver curls.

Then to her utter amazement, Taylor hopped up on the arms of the chair just like Judy herself had done, just as nimbly. He chuckled when he saw her surprise. He squatted down till his bubbling cock was just inches from her face.

“Not bad for an old guy, eh?” he laughed. “Now, Judy, I want you to get me off just like I did you. Use your tongue on me, and take your time. You understand?”

“Y-Yes,” Judy replied.

She wasn’t sure she liked this idea at all. That ugly stubby prick looked so menacing. His white-furred balls were swollen up like small oranges, so stiff they hardly moved. She could even see his brownie, a clenched wrinkled hole much like her own. She knew he wanted her to lick him everywhere, just like he’d done to her, even on the ass.

“Wouldn’t you rather ball, Larry?” she said weakly.

“No, I don’t care for it,” he said. “I prefer to get off this way.”

Well, at least she’d found out what HIS special hang-up was. With a sigh, Judy set to work. She had to please the customer. She leaned forward, stuck out her little pink tongue, and started licking his short fat cock from stem to stern, swishing her tongue around and around. Taylor grunted happily. Juice bubbled continuously from the dark slit mouth of his cock, and she couldn’t avoid eating it. Fortunately he tasted nice.

When his prick was gleaming with her spit, thoroughly licked, he sighed again and said softly, “Now my balls.”

Judy wasn’t too excited about that, but she did it, licking down through his sparse white bush and onto the taut pulsing surface of his rosy nut sacs. Taylor began to quiver and pant as she licked his nuts, and even more thick juice rolled from his cock head. She licked his fat rosy balls till they were soaked with her saliva.

“Now my asshole,” he panted.

Judy gathered her will power and dove for it, running her slick little tongue quickly down to his brownie. To her relief, there was no bad taste or smell. As she ran her tongue back and forth over the wrinkled surface of his anal mouth, she found herself getting off on it. Part of the fun was making the old guy so excited. He actually squealed with pleasure as she tongued and tickled his bumhole.

“Now, quickly, Judy,” he gasped, “bring your head up and take my cock in your mouth.”

Judy did as she was told, quickly sucking his hard drooling dick between her lips. It was a short one and she had no problem getting all of it in her mouth. She looked forward to a few minutes of delicious cock-sucking-then gasped with surprise as Taylor yelped and shot her mouth full of sizzling come. She gulped it all down in order not to choke, still dazzled by how quickly he’d climaxed.

“Very good,” he sighed, climbing off her. “You may go now, Judy.”

She couldn’t help smiling as she dressed. It had been a crazy night. All that sex, and she hadn’t even been fucked, yet she’d known more pleasure than ever before. My God, if only Tom would play with her like that! She’d never cheat on him again. She wouldn’t need to.

Taylor walked her to the door and pressed some money into her hand. When she got home she found two hundred dollars in assorted bills wrapped around a pair of gold earrings. It was a pleasant surprise, even though she’d have to give Tony half the take. As she undressed she had a brief guilty thought of her husband, but then she fell asleep easily, glutted with sexual satisfaction. Perhaps she really was becoming a whore.


“I’ve got a hot one for you tonight,” Tony said when he came to get his share of the money. “This old dude is so kinky, you wouldn’t believe it.”

Judy frowned at him. “I don’t think that’s very funny,” she said. “I’m not exactly overjoyed at doing these things, Tony…”

“Well, that’s just too bad,” he replied, “because you’re gonna go on working for me as long as I need you, unless you want your husband to see them pictures of you and Taylor.”

“But what about when Tom gets back from his trip?” Judy said. “How can I possibly get out of the apartment and do these things, when he’s home?”

Tony shrugged. “That’s your problem, baby, not mine. Now here’s the address for tonight. I want you there at nine sharp or you’ll be in big trouble.”

Judy sighed and accepted the slip of paper Tony handed her. She really was very worried about how she was going to handle things when Tom got back, but right now she had a more immediate problem. She had to go to yet another strange man and allow him to make love to her.

“Now, there’s just one more thing about this guy,” Tony said. “He wants you to dress special for the occasion. He wants you to look like a junior high kid. You got any clothes that will do?”

“I guess,” said Judy, “but why doesn’t he want me to look my real age?”

Tony shrugged again. “Baby, don’t ask me. Since I been in this business, I’ve seen more weirdoes than you’d believe. Some guys just can’t get off unless they have things set up a certain way. This guy you’re seeing tonight, he must just go for extra young chicks, that’s all. Anyhow, you’re supposed to dress like you’re about fourteen, and when you go to his house, you say you’re the babysitter.”

“The babysitter?” Judy gasped. “But…”

“Never mind,” Tony said, “Just do it.”

Well, at least she didn’t have to decide what to wear. After Tony left, she went to her closet and picked out a pair of jeans and a tight little jersey and some sneakers. That was the best she could do.

She scrubbed all the make-up off her face. Her short curly hair wouldn’t go into pigtails so she did the best she could, putting a pink ribbon in her hair.

Examining herself in the mirror, Judy decided that she might, just be able to pass for sixteen, but if the guy wanted anything younger, he was out of luck. Sighing, she went out to her car and drove to the address Tony had given her. It was a high-rise modern apartment building. Judy went in, took the elevator, and found Apartment 612, where she nervously pressed the doorbell. The nameplate on the door read “Cyrus Engel”.

The door opened, and a burly white-haired man smiled at her. She guessed him to be in his early sixties. He was wearing a silk dressing gown that must have cost a fortune. He had a neatly trimmed mustache and beard. All in all, he reminded her of Santa Claus. He looked her over with great interest as she cleared her throat and spoke.

“Hello,” she stammered, “I-I’m the babysitter.”

The old man beamed. “At, yes, of course,” he said warmly, “won’t you come in?”

Judy entered a luxurious big living room with a sweeping view of the city. Cyrus Engel led her over to a long couch and gestured for her to sit down. Judy started to do so, when to her astonishment, Engel slipped, under her and forced her to sit on his lap. That was all — for the moment. He didn’t paw her or try to kiss her. Still Judy felt acutely embarrassed and silly.

“Now, what is your name, dear?” he purred.

“Judy,” she said, raising her voice, trying to sound like a young girl.

“That’s a pretty name,” Engel replied soothingly. “What grade are you in at school?”

“Uh, seventh,” Judy said, thinking quickly. She had to keep in mind that she was supposed to be only fourteen.

“Do you like school?” Engel asked.

“Some of it,” Judy said, wrinkling her nose, “but not math.”

Engel grinned approvingly.

Jesus Christ, Judy thought, what kind of nut is he? He knew she was a whore, knew she was nowhere near fourteen years old, but he was playing it out just like she was, for real. It was eerie. Nevertheless she was being paid to go along with it, so she decided to really get into the spirit of things. She shifted uneasily on his lap and looked around nervously.

“Hey, what’s going on, mister?” she said in a childish voice. “I thought I was supposed to baby-sit, but I don’t see any kids.”

Cyrus Engel chuckled and patted her knee. “Well, this isn’t your usual kind of babysitting job, my dear,” he said. “I’m a lonely old, man, and I need some company. I want you to baby-sit ME.”

“But that’s silly,” Judy giggled. “You’re a grownup, you don’t need a babysitter.” Actually what he needed in her opinion, was a padded cell.

“Oh, you’d be surprised,” Engel chuckled. “Anyhow, you’ll get lots of money, more than you usually get. Is that okay?”

“Oh, all right,” Judy said, “I guess so.”

“Fine, fine,” Engel chirped. “Now, go on telling me about yourself, Judy. Do you have any boyfriends?”

“Oh, no,” Judy said, “my parents won’t let me date yet.”

As she spoke, Engel was slipping an arm around her waist and moving it upward until his fingers just grazed her tits. He felt the outline of her bra under her clinging pink jersey. His other hand slid onto her leg and gently squeezed, feeling the taut healthy thigh under her jeans. Judy finally realized what she’d gotten hold of here — a genuine dirty old man.

“So you’ve never even kissed a boy?” Engel said. “Never even held hands?”

“Oh, no,” Judy said with mock horror. “Daddy would kill me if I had anything to do with boys.”

Engel reached for the fly of her jeans.

Judy was able to offer him a genuine blush as she turned to look at him. She felt like squirming off his lap, but then she remembered she was supposed to be just an innocent little girl, not knowing what was going on. She turned away and stared vacantly out the window while Engel unzipped her jeans and opened the front. His hand slid inside and came to rest on the puff of her mans, gently squeezing it through her panties.

“Have your mommy and daddy told you about sex?” he said. His voice seemed a little more excited now, but it was still soft and soothing.

“N-no,” Judy said.

She found it hard to keep playing her role while the guy had his hand in her crotch. He squeezed steadily, gently, and she began to feel an answering warmth in her pussy, a little moisture. He might be just an old creep, but she still liked being touched down there. She’d never gotten enough of it with Tom. In fact she hadn’t gotten any at all.

“Would you like me to tell you about it?” Engel said. “About where babies come from and all that?”

“Oh, sure, mister,” Judy said, trying to sound eager and innocent. “Yeah, I’d like to know about all that stuff. MY mother won’t tell me anything.”

“Well, let’s start with you, then,” Engel said. He quickly raised her shirt up over her tits and deftly undid her bra. He pushed that up, too, revealing Judy’s round firm breasts with, their red-brown erect nipples. Very gently he cupped her heavy boobs and tickled them with his fingers. “Do you know what these are?” he said.

“Oh, sure,” Judy said, “my tits.”

“Very good,” he said. “But I bet there ate other things you don’t know about. I’ll show you. Just stand up for a second.”

Judy stood up between his legs, and just as quickly and expertly as he’d unfastened her bra, Engel pulled down her jeans and panties. They tangled around her ankles, making it impossible for her to walk, even if she had tried to escape. He leaned forward and took a hungry look at her little black puff of mons fur. Then with a contented sigh he pulled her back onto his lap.

“All right,” he said, “tell me what this is.”

He slipped a finger between the furry lips of her mons and touched the hot little button of her clit. He sure as hell knew what he was doing. Judy practically shot off his lap as a sudden electric burst of pleasure ripped through her belly. He gently tickled and rimmed her responsive nubbin, and she felt hot cream leaking from her cunt as her whole pussy started to get amused. Involuntarily she slumped back against his chest, her head resting on his shoulder, and let him gently frig her.

“So what is this little thing I’m touching?” Engel asked again.

“I dunno, mister,” Judy sighed, “but it sure feels nice when you touch me there.”

“It should,” he said. “It’s your clit, my dear, and it’s just for pleasure. Here, tell me how this feels.”

He seized her moist red clit between thumb and forefinger, drew it out a bit like a piece of elastic, and began to knead it. The pleasure was so intense that Judy couldn’t even breathe for a moment. She creamed hotly, hugely, all over his hand. Engel was looking down over her now, watching his own work. They both watched his expert fingers kneading her soaked red bud.

“Ohhhhhh, it feels wonderful,” Judy sighed. And she wasn’t kidding.

“Good, good,” Engel chuckled. “Now, I’ll touch something else, and you tell me what it is.”

He let go of her clit and reached lower into her now steamy and flaming-hot crotch. His fingers tickled briefly and deliciously over her recessed pee hole and the plump pink lips of her cunt. Then his stiffened middle finger was briskly rimming the dripping mouth of her twat, arousing her hotly. He began to ease his finger up into her cunt.

“Ooooo,” Judy squealed. Again she wasn’t acting. The old fart might be way out of his tree, but she loved what he was doing to her, and he really knew how to do it. It seemed ridiculous that this old man should be able to turn her on so violently, while her young handsome husband didn’t even know how to get her hot.

Engel’s stubby stiff middle finger slid with tantalizing slowness into her red-hot moist clinging cunt. Judy helplessly juiced all over his finger and began to whimper as the pleasure became more and more intense. She thrust her pussy forward eagerly, wanting his finger in her as deep as possible. He pushed as she thrust, and finally the finger was lodged to the last knuckle, deliciously stuffing her little silk-lined passage.

“Now what is it?” Engel said. “What’s this little hole I have my finger in, Judy?”

“Uh, I dunno, mister,” Judy managed to squeak.

“It’s your cunt,” Engel told her, “your box, your twat. Do you like it when I put my finger in there, Judy?”

“Ummmm, YEAH,” Judy moaned. “It’s terrific.”

“Then I think you’ll like this, too,” he said.

He started working his stiff fat finger up and down in the wet clinging hole, just like a tiny cock.

Judy moaned with excitement and started thrusting her pussy in time to his finger strokes, really getting off on it. She knew she was creaming all over his hand and his dressing gown, but she couldn’t help it. To her amazement, this strange old guy was getting her hornier than she’d ever been in her life.

“Oh, wow, yessss,” she whined, “SUPER. Oh, please keep doing that, mister, it feels so great! Ohhhhh!”

Engel obligingly kept working his stubby finger in her gushing cunt, in and out, in and out, while Judy moaned and grooved on it. In the meantime, he managed with his free hand to pull off her shirt and bra. One hand kept working her pussy and the other started fondling her boobs. Engel might be old, but he certainly didn’t need any help!

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this, Judy,” he purred, happily finger-fucking her creamy little box, “but we must proceed with our lesson now. Just lean back against me and relax, all right?”

“All right, mister,” Judy sighed, so dated with horny pleasure that she was ready to do anything.

She relaxed against his burly chest, and he popped his thick finger from her cunt with a lewd juicy slurping noise. My God, she’d creamed buckets during that naughty play with her pussy. She waited with hot excitement to see what he’d do next. She felt his finger tickling even lower down between her legs, rimming the tight-clenched mouth of her brownie.

Then Engel slipped his cream-soaked finger up her ass.

“Ohhhhhh,” Judy waited.

It was unexpected, wicked, and it felt fantastic. He managed to pop the whole finger into her little bumhole in one smooth painless thrust. The fat penetration felt just as great as it would have in her cunt. She whimpered with ecstasy as he started pumping his finger in her velvet-lined bumhole.

“I bet you know what THIS place is,” Engel chuckled.

“I sure do,” Judy giggled.

“You like my finger in there, Judy?” he asked.

“Oh, wow, yes,” Judy squealed, “it’s fantastic.”

She could imagine the obscene picture she presented, seated naked on an old man’s lap, her pants down around her ankles, squealing ecstatically as he worked his finger in her asshole. She didn’t care. She had years of dull routine sex to make up for, a whole world of thrills to discover. Cyrus Engel, bless his rotten old heart, was helping her discover those thrills very fast.

Engel’s finger gave a sudden deep lunge in her aroused bumhole, and Judy felt herself coming. “EEEEEE,” she wailed, grinding her little butt around, creaming in floods.

The delicious climax seemed to go on forever, his jerking finger spinning it out, making it more and more intense. When her spasms finally died down, Judy felt totally satisfied and limp as a rag. Chuckling, Engel popped his finger out of her juicy tight asshole and then gently lifted her off his lap and set her on the touch beside him. He stood up and winked at her.

“Now,” he said, “I’m going to show you about boys.”

Still a little dazed from her huge orgasm, Judy watched with open mouth as he untied the sash of his dressing gown and quickly stepped out of the garment. He wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing underneath. His body was still hard and fit and muscular, his broad chest heavily furred in white. Glancing down, Judy saw that his cock was rampantly erect, his balls swollen up hard and round.

His pubic thatch and the light fuzz on his balls were snow white. His cock was a good seven inches long and very thick, a milky-pale pole of flesh with a faint tracery of blue veins. The head was swollen up like a little purple doorknob, and the dark slit mouth was oozing gleaming bubbles of juice. His cock was so stiff it hugged his belly like a young boy’s prick. No, Cyrus Engel was definitely not over the hill yet.

“Come here, Judy,” he said with a leer.

She stumbled to her feet and approached him, and when she got up close, he gently put his hand on her head and pushed her down to her knees.

That put her face right in line with his stiff thick cock and his rosy nut sacs. Reaching down, Engel took her hand and placed it lightly on his scorching-hot balls. Judy resisted the urge to squeeze — she was supposed to be innocent.

“Do you know what these things are, Judy?” he asked.

“No, sir,” she panted.

“My balls, my nuts,” Engel said, panting a little himself. “You may pet them if you like.”

“Okay,” Judy said eagerly.

She slipped her hand under his taut-swollen balls and gave them a little light massage, gently petting and pumping. She wanted to lean closer and lick them, but he hadn’t asked her to, and she supposed a fourteen-year old girl wouldn’t think of that all by herself.

Engel sighed softly as he allowed her to play with his white-furred balls. But after a moment or so, he reached down again, took her hand, and laid it on the stiff hot pole of his dick. He moved her little hand lightly up and down the throbbing flesh a few times, during which it was all Judy could do to keep from curling her fingers around that big handsome cock and pumping it.

“Now, what is this?” he said. “This thing you’re touching now?”

“I guess it’s what boys pee with,” said Judy. “I dunno, I never saw one before.”

“It’s good for a lot more than that,” Engel laughed. “It’s my cock, my prick, there are a lot of names for it. Do you know what else it’s used for, dear?”

Oh, boy, do I ever! Judy thought. Surely this was it, time to get it on, and she was hotly ready. Surely now he’d give her a demonstration of what his cock was for. But she had to play it his way, do what she was paid for. Looking up at him with big innocent eyes, she answered his question in a high girlish voice. “No, mister,” she said, “I don’t know. What else do you use your cock for?”

Engel chuckled, obviously appreciating her performance. “I use it for fun,” he said. “Just like you can use your clit I use my cock. Come over here and lie down, and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Without a moment’s hesitation Judy hurried over to the couch and lay down on her back, her long legs eagerly spread. Even though she’d already had one terrific climax, she was dying to fuck this guy. That hard cock of his was no midget. She licked her lips and panted with excitement as Engel got onto the couch and crawled over her.

But to her disappointment, he didn’t try to ball her. Instead he squatted over her chest, his hard ass lightly brushing her tits, and trailed the oozing tip of his cock over her mouth and cheeks. Maybe she’d gotten another weirdo who didn’t like to fuck.

“It’s very fun for me to have a pretty young lady touch my cock,” Engel said. “It would be even more fun if you licked it and sucked on it, Judy.”

“Okay, mister,” she said dutifully.

She seized his hot hard cock and began pumping it in her fist, leaving the fat purple head sticking out. She stuck out her moist little tongue and used it to tickle and rim the head of his prick. Engel beamed with delight. More tasty juice bubbled from his cock, and she lapped it up and ate it as fast as it came. She was almost developing a fondness for this crazy old coot, and she liked giving him pleasure.

“Very nice, Judy,” he purred. “Yes, I like that very much.”

Well, it was going to get better. Grinning wickedly, Judy suddenly popped his cock into her mouth and began sucking on it like she was starved. Engel gave a gasp of surprise and pleasure, and his eyes rolled crazily. A look of utter bliss spread over his face.

“Wonderful,” he murmured. “You’re a very sweet little girl, Judy.”

The sweet little girl was hoping, like hell that he’d stick his cock in her, but to her disappointment, Engel drew away after a few moments of loud juicy cock-sucking. He moved over and sat down near her on the couch. Judy tried to stifle her annoyance. Was this it for the night? Weren’t they going to use that super hard-on of his?

“Come and sit on my lap again, dear,” Engel said.

Angry but obedient, Judy got up and walked to sit down on his lap, and Engel put his hands on her hips to guide her. She was almost sitting on him, too late to straighten up again, when she felt the hugely-swollen rock-hard head of his cock shoving deep into her cunt.

“EEEEEE,” Judy squeaked.

As she sat on his lap, his cock stuffed her juicy ready box all the way to her womb. She gurgled with delight and leaned back against his hair-matted chest, letting him fuck her from behind. Engel chuckled contentedly and went to work. Balling was another department in which he was an expert. He fucked her hard, deep, and fast, showing no signs of age. It felt so good, she couldn’t help whimpering and panting.

Engel patiently brought her off again and again, a super fucking that went on for almost half an hour. She couldn’t figure out how he lasted, but she, certainly wasn’t complaining. While he fucked her, he played with her wildly jiggling tits and tickled and teased her hot little clit. Judy creamed heavily and continuously into his lap, shrieking with joy each time he brought her off.

“Oh, my God,” she whined, dropping the little girl role at last, “this is GREAT. I love it. AHHHHHHH!”

She thought of how it was going to be when Tom came home. Back to dull routine marital sex, no more surprises, no more deliciously naughty foreplay. She wondered if she could stand it. She loved Tom, but her new and unexpected life as a hooker was spoiling her for ordinary sex. Maybe Tony was right, maybe she was a natural-born whore. WHAT was she going to do?

Engel gave her a hundred dollars and — for Chrissake — a teddy bear, inviting her to come back and “baby-sit” him soon. As Judy staggered to her car, sated and glowing with sexual satisfaction, she wondered again how she was going to go back to being Tom’s wife’s [missing text].


Tony didn’t show up to collect his money until late the next day, and his manner seemed unusually pleasant and friendly. Judy couldn’t help glancing at his big powerful body and recalling how great it had been to make love with him. So she was delighted when he announced that instead of sending her out to some stranger, they were going to his place.

“You get dressed up real nice, doll,” he told her, “and we’ll go over to my apartment for a few drinks.”

Judy obeyed quickly, already getting excited at the prospect of going to bed with Tony again. She had a lot of reason to resent the big bartender, but she couldn’t get over her attraction to him. It would be nice just to be with Tony instead of prostituting herself to some old man.

Judy dressed in a long clinging blue gown which made Tony whistle when she came out of the bedroom. He embraced her and gave her a deep slow tongue kiss that made her blood sizzle with arousal. She returned the kiss hungrily, half hoping that he’d just throw her on the floor and make love to her then and there. But, no, with a grin he led her out to his car. Never mind, she could wait.

All the way to Tony’s apartment Judy was literally creaming through the crotch of her panties, thinking about his huge prick and its incredible staying power. Tonight, she hoped, she’d get really well balled, and there’d be no kinky games, no embarrassment. As soon as they entered Tony’s apartment, she turned to him expectantly, waiting for him to embrace her again.

Instead he merely made them a couple of drinks and sat alone in a big overstuffed chair. Judy perched on the edge of the couch, wondering what had caused the change in his manner. Or had he just been nice in order to lure her over here for some other activity? She knew Tony was a snake, capable of all kinds of deception.

“Tony,” she said impatiently, “are we just going to sit around all evening? Aren’t we going to make love?”

“Who?” he said. “You and me? Are you kidding? I don’t make love to, whores.”

Red-faced, Judy rose in indignation and was about to leave, when the doorbell rang. Tony hurried to answer it. He led in three attractive young men in their late twenties, all of whom looked like football players. As a matter of fact, looking more closely, Judy saw that they were football players. She’d seen them on TV.

“Judy,” Tony said with a grin, “meet Ron, Bob, and Jim. I don’t need to mention last names. I can see you recognize these guys.”

Judy nodded nervously and said, “Hi.”

It wasn’t a very original greeting, but it was all she could think of to say under the circumstances. What in hell was going on? Had Tony brought her up here just to insult her, then introduce her to a bunch of jocks? That didn’t make sense for Tony. Everything he did was aimed at making money. But in this case Judy didn’t understand just what the caper was.

She soon found out when Tony grinned at her and said, “Okay, honey, I want you to do your stuff for these guys. Give it your best, and you’ll be very well paid.”

Judy’s knees felt wobbly as she realized what Tony wanted of her. “All of them?” she gasped. “All three?”

“Yeah, I figure you’re ready for it,” Tony said casually. “Old Engel reported to me about you, says you’re the best. So when my friends here called and said they wanted a party, I thought of you.”

Judy was too shocked to speak for a moment. She looked at the grinning young men. None of them had said a word so far, but they’d certainly been busy looking her over. She couldn’t see much difference, between them. They were all huge burly young men with modishly long hair and casual clothes. They were nice enough looking but nothing exceptional. The only thing to distinguish them from each other was hair color. Ron was a blond, Jim a redhead, and Bob’s hair was black.

Yes, they seemed like nice average young men, but that didn’t mean she was going to take off her clothes and ball them one after the other. Tony had gone too far this time. It was bad enough taking on complete strangers, but she was definitely not going to do it with THREE at once. Judy snatched up her purse and headed for the door, flushed with anger and defiance.

“Just a minute, baby,” Tony snapped. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

“Home,” Judy said coldly. “This is too much, Tony, way too much. I’m not a damned sideshow.”

“You ain’t going anywhere,” Tony hissed.

One big arm shot out, and before Judy knew it, Tony had hit her a stunning blow in the head. She wasn’t knocked out, but she was stunned, falling to the floor, unable to think or move for a moment. Meanwhile she could see all those big men standing over her, hear Tony talking to them.

“She’s new,” he was telling the jocks, “and she don’t always behave fight, but once you get her going, she’s real good. Just don’t take any shit from her. Do what I did, hit her if she don’t cooperate.”

“Right on,” said one of the jocks.

Well, at least they could talk. Still reeling, Judy got to her hands and knees and tried to think what to do next. She didn’t get a chance to figure it put, because one of them picked her up as easily as a feather, hoisted her over his shoulder, and started for the bedroom.

“Have a good time, fellas,” Tony called.

“You bet,” said one of them.

Judy knew she didn’t stand a ghost of a chance with these men. It was ridiculous to think of trying to fight them off. All she could hope for was that if she told them her story, they’d take pity on her and let her go. She did her best to clear her head as they reached Tony’s palatial bedroom and she was dropped roughly onto the bed. She looked up to see Bob, Jim and Ron grinning at her. Saying they’d understand, she cleared her throat and started talking.

“Look,” she said, “I’m not really a hooker. Tony is blackmailing me into it. I don’t want to do it. I love my husband, and he’s coming home from a business trip soon, and…”

“Shut up,” said Bob.

“We don’t like a lotta chatter when we make out,” said Jim.

“We don’t care if you’re little Orphan Annie,” said Ron. “We paid good money, and we’re gonna have you.”

So much for engaging their sympathies. Judy knew now that she’d just have to submit and get it over with. She hoped her slim body was up to balling all three of these young giants. As she waited nervously, they began to take off their clothes. Judy couldn’t help admiring the powerful shoulders, the broad hard chests, and the flat bellies of the three young men. Her attention picked up even more as they began to remove their pants.

What Judy saw were three hugely erect cocks, all about the same respectable size, three hard pricks oozing driblets of juice, stiff and throbbing and ready to go. She was supposed to take care of all that? No way! Her poor little cunt hurt lust to think about it. She waited till all three men had their pants puddled around their ankles and then she leaped off the bed and raced for the door.

“Hey, get back here, bitch!” Bob shouted.

“Get her!” Jim yelled.

Judy got halfway up the hall before she heard the thunder of bare feet behind her. She wasn’t worried, knowing she could still make it to the door — and they couldn’t pursue her naked. But when she glanced ahead at the door, there was Tony, arms folded, blocking her way. He gave her an evil grin.

“You can’t win,” he said. “I figured you might put up a fight, so I stuck around just in case.”

“Get over of my way!” Judy screeched, getting ready to claw him.

Just then they grabbed her from behind. Again she was lifted and carried to the bedroom, kicking and screaming. They threw her on the bed and proceeded to literally tear her clothes off. While she sobbed and fought, her beautiful blue gown was ripped to shreds. Her fancy bra and panty set didn’t last much longer. Huge strong hands tore the flimsy garments from her, leaving her naked. Panting, the three young giants stood back to ogle her.

“Jeez, look at that body.”

“Tony sure picked us a winner.”

“Dig the size of her boobs.”

She wept in humiliation. She knew there, was no escaping now. These animals were going to rape her, and there was nothing she could do about it. As she watched, they went through some coin tossing to see who would have her first. All three men were hugely erect and obviously horny — but Jim, the redhead, won the toss.

“Okay, baby,” he said with a wicked leer, “this oughta shut you up for awhile.”

“Oh, God, DON’T,” Judy moaned as he threw himself at her.

The impact of his huge body knocked the breath out of her. Then he seemed to be all over her. As Jim kissed and licked and fingered her slim but curvy body, she felt like she was being mauled by a wild beast. He started with her face and hair but quickly worked his way down to her swollen creamy-white breasts. She felt his lips and tongue, hot and slick, eagerly exploring her big quivering jugs.

“Nice,” he chuckled, “real nice tits.”

Judy blushed deeper than she’d ever done in her life as the strange young man licked and fondled her bare boobs and his two leering friends came to sit on the edge of the bed and watch. As Jim got into the spirit of it, licking her pointed brown nipples with a loud wet sound, Bob and Ron were glancing at Judy’s face to see how she was reacting. She hoped they were disappointed. All they could see was anger, shock and outrage.

“Hey, relax, doll,” Ron laughed. “Me and my buddies are gonna ball you like you never been balled in your life.”

“Yeah,” Bob chimed in, “that ain’t nothing to cry about.”

“But all three of you at once,” Judy sobbed, “that isn’t right.”

The young men looked puzzled. “I don’t see nothing wrong with it,” Bob said. “We work together, we fuck together. We’re a team.”

“Anyhow,” Ron added, “let’s cut the chatter. Get on with it, Jim, give this chick some good stiff cock.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jim said, “I’m getting there.”

He was. After licking Judy’s gorgeous big knockers and making them wet and tingling, he kissed on down over her ribs and belly and into the fragrant black fur of her mons. When she felt the first searing tickle of his tongue on her clit, she steeled herself not to react — but too late. A blaze of pleasure shot through her whole pelvis. Damn him, he’d found her vulnerable spot, that treacherous little joy button where she couldn’t resist being touched.

“Noooo,” Judy whined, “please.”

Jim just went on snuffling and licking in her muff, using his wet stiff tongue on her sensitive clit. She felt her immoral pussy swelling tip, getting hot and eager. She knew herself all too well by now, knew that once she was aroused, she’d act like a whore. She used all her will power to blot out the sweet sensations. She didn’t want to give in to these creeps.

“Must be pretty tasty,” Bob laughed. “He’s been down there about a year now.”

“Hey, Jim, how is it?” Ron taunted.

No answer from Jim. His coppery head was buried between Judy’s silky thighs, bobbing up and down as he licked and tasted her steamy swollen slit. Judy gritted her teeth as she felt his tongue racing back and forth between her aroused clit and her eager moist cunt mouth. Damn him, he seemed to know all her favorite places. She struggled with all her might against her growing arousal.

Then she felt Jim’s thick slippery tongue sliding into her cunt. It came too fast and hard for her to guard against it. Her legs were forced wider apart by his big skull, and his tongue lanced into her, deep in her velvety hole. Pleasure dizzied her, and she felt herself starting to cream around his licking jerking tongue.

“Ahhhhhh,” she gasped.

“I don’t know what our buddy’s doing down there,” Ron chuckled, “but it seems to be working.”

“Right on, Jim,” laughed Bob, “get her hot.”

Judy couldn’t stand their mocking glances. She closed her eyes and blushed as Jim continued to work his long wet tongue in her furiously creaming box. She managed not to cry out again, although the pleasure of having her cunt licked was almost unbearable. At last, to her enormous relief, Jim raised his tousled coppery head from between her legs and wiped her cream from his face.

“Got her to juice up a little,” he reported. “I sure as hell hate a dry hole.”

There were grunts of agreement from his buddies, and then Jim reached out and used his giant arms to roughly pull Judy’s shapely legs wide apart. She gasped as her whole bright red swollen pussy was revealed to the three leering men, scarlet wet flesh with a fine circle of black curls, her drooling little cunt mouth right in the middle.

“Nice box,” Ron remarked.

“Not bad for a pussy,” Bob agreed.

Judy didn’t have time to feel the full humiliation of these comments, because then Jim was crawling between her legs and settling himself heavily upon her. Grunting impatiently, he seized his huge swollen dick and butted the head roughly against her tender gash, seeking the mouth of her cunt. Judy made feeble efforts to push him off, but it was like trying to push a sack of cement. He paid no attention to her resistance.

“Awwww, Jesus, she’s got a small one,” Jim sighed. “I can’t even find the mother.”

“The smaller the better,” Bob laughed.

“You need help?” Ron teased.

Jim didn’t answer, for just at that moment his big bulbous cock head found its mark, popping roughly into the small slick mouth of Judy’s cunt. She gasped as the big man pushed into her. He was every bit as big as Tony, hung like an elephant. He wasn’t gentle, either. Her little box was suddenly stuffed full and deep, so full she could hardly breathe.

“Christ, YEAH,” Jim moaned. “Real small box. You guys are gonna really dig this one.”

“Then hurry up, damnit,” said Bob. “We want our turn.”

“Yeah, man,” Ron complained, “you’re taking all fucking night.”

“Tough,” Jim laughed.

Then he proceeded to fuck Judy like a stallion. He raised himself up a little so his buddies could see the action, his thick pale sausage of a cock zipping in and out of her tiny hair-fringed cunt mouth, stretching her dainty pink pussylips almost to bursting. He banged her mercilessly, each deep thrust slamming clear to her womb and making her gasp.

“Go, baby, go,” Bob encouraged. “Slam it to her.”

“Yeah, bring that little bitch off,” Ron panted.

Judy felt the full humiliation of it, being raped while two leering men watched and shouted comments, having her whole naked gash exposed to a grinning audience. Yet at the same time she felt completely contradictory feelings, a wild excitement and a mounting pleasure. Jim’s fucking was just top damned good to ignore. It was the kind of hard thorough balling she’d needed for so long.

“Ohhhh,” she gasped, “OHHHHHHH.”

She tried to get control of herself, hide her enjoyment, but they didn’t make it easy for her. While Jim went on balling her like a piston, Bob and Ron, seated on opposite sides of the bed, moved closer and began to play with her jugs. Each seized a small tender nipple and began to roll it between thumb and forefinger. Judy felt the searing tingles of pleasure clear down to her pussy. Her whole body was being aroused and excited, and she was creaming floods around Jim’s lunging cock.

“Nooooo, oh, no,” she whined, “please.”

Of course they paid no attention. Ron and Bob went on leering at her and kneading her nipples, making her big tits swell up hugely with arousal, while the tireless redhead, Jim, slammed his cock in and out of her soaked hot box like a machine. She struggled not to come — but Jim was her undoing. Even as he went on furiously fucking her, he reached out and seized her little red clit and gave it a tweak. That was all she needed. She felt her body begin to convulse in climax.

“AHHHHHHHH,” Judy wailed, arching her body, “AHHHHH!”

For a long delicious moment she was blinded with pleasure, and then, as she came down from it, she heard Jim bellow and felt a searing rush of jism in her cunt. He poked at her a few more times, till his cock emptied and went limp, and then he crawled off her with a happy sigh, his wet flaccid prick popping from her tiny box.

“Man, that was great stuff,” he sighed.

Judy started to catch her breath, but before she could do so, Bob was on her, having won second place in the coin toss. He crawled eagerly and roughly between her legs and lifted them up over his huge shoulders, exposing her wet pussy lewdly and thoroughly. Hungry eyes watched as he fitted the great knobby purple head of his dick to the small shadowed mouth of her twat.

Judy moaned and tried to twist away, but with her knees up over his shoulders and held in place, she was impaled like a bug on a pin. She gawked in horror as the dark-haired ball player grinned and worked his big prick into her. It was like Jim’s, unbelievably long and thick, stuffing her tiny wet passage so full she could hardly breathe.

“Hey, baby,” Bob panted, “if you thought my buddy was hot stuff, wait’ll I get through with you.”

“I bet you can’t bring her off like I did,” Jim replied.

“You’re both full of shit,” Ron said.

It wasn’t enough for them just to rape her, Judy thought miserably. They had to talk about it as well. She just lay back limp and panting as Bob started to work on her and his two grinning buddies hovered close by, watching with undisguised lust. Bob’s great pale prick began to hinge in and out of her hugely stretched cunt, making a lewd wet squishing noise.

“You dig this, baby?” he leered down at her as he fucked her. “You getting off on this cock?”

“Oh, for God’s sake,” Judy sobbed, “just do it and get it over with. Don’t torture me.”

All she got for that remark was a chorus of rough laughter. She felt beyond mortification now, not even bothering to close her eyes. She just lay back and took Bob’s cock, thrust after savage thrust, and watched in stunned disbelief. This just couldn’t be happening to her.

But his machine-like steady fucking finally began to get to her. She couldn’t ignore the powerful waves of pleasure that stung through her body each time he shoved that enormous hard prick clear to her womb. All too soon she caught herself creaming around his big dick, panting, moving her pussy in eager time to his stokes. My God, what was the matter with her? Was she going to get turned on even by a gang rape?

“She’s digging it, all right,” Bob chuckled. “I can feel her getting wet.” His buddies laughed harshly. “Now watch. I’m gonna bring her off.”

Like hell, Judy thought defiantly. Yet she wondered just how long she could hold out against his superb stallion-like performance.

Sweat glistened and dripped from Bob’s face and chest as he revved up and started to ball her even faster and harder than before. Judy gasped and gritted her teeth, determined not to lose control this time. She closed her eyes to shut out the grinning sea of faces around her. She felt her big full tits bouncing like jello as Bob rammed her again and again.

“Come on, baby,” he gasped, “give in to it.”

“Noooo,” Judy whimpered.

But then she felt herself passing helplessly over the edge, into a body-convulsing climax. She hated herself for it, but that hammering cock brought her off in spite of her resolve. She felt her searing pussy juice flooding out onto the bed, felt her body arching to take his pounding prick.

“Ohhhhhh,” she wailed.

She could hear harsh male laughter as her body began to rock and twitch with pleasure. She was ashamed that they should see her like that, but she couldn’t stop it. Blinding pleasure carried her away, and for a long delicious moment she forgot everything else, even Bob’s squirting dick as he yelped and came in her.

“Oh, man, you were right,” he sighed as he crawled off her, “that was one nice tight pussy.”

“Out of the way,” Ron said briskly.

Having had to wait till last, Ron was very impatient. He almost knocked Bob out of the way in his hunger to get to Judy and use her flaming-hot little box. Judy herself was just coming down from her exhausting orgasm, and she couldn’t have made a move to defend herself even if she’d tried. She lay limp as a rag while the blond giant, Ron, crawled toward her.

“Over you go, baby,” he said.

He seized her and easily flipped her over onto her belly. Judy didn’t have the strength to rise to her hands and knees, but that didn’t bother Ron. He just reached under her and raised her pert little butt high in the air. Again her whole scarlet slit was exposed to her leering audience, and again there were lewd shouts of encouragement to the man who was about to fuck her. Judy was almost beyond caring. She didn’t even try to move away when Ron, kneeling behind her, poked his big hard cock head into her soaked little cunt mouth.

“See how you like this one, baby,” he laughed.

Another big cock, another piston-like fucking. To Judy it was nothing new. Her poor ravaged cunt was so bruised and exhausted by now, she didn’t think she’d feel a thing. But she did. She gave an involuntary gasp as Ron eased his mammoth hard cock into her small clinging hole. As before, she was stuffed so full it was hard to breathe.

“Yeah, take it, baby, take it,” Ron whined as he slowly tilled her tiny hot passage with his thick sausage-like cock. “I’m the best, believe me. Them two pussycats were just for openers. I’M really gonna give you the fuck of your life.”

There were hoots of disagreement from his buddies, but Ron paid them no attention. He started balling Judy in the hard, fast, brutal way she was now used to — but with a difference. He fucked just like his friends, savagely and swiftly, but at the same time he reached around Judy, found her pussy, and started rubbing her clit.

“Ohhhhhh, noooo,” Judy squealed.

She knew she was lost if he kept doing that to her. She loved having her clit rubbed and teased, and combined with his delicious hard fucking, she simply couldn’t resist. Powerful waves of pleasure shook her body, and in moments she was coming for the third time that evening, shrieking her joy and clawing the bed.

“Yeah, I figured you’d dig that,” Ron laughed. “Now open up wide, baby, ’cause I’m gonna shoot.”

And with a savage shout of pleasure, he did, filling her tiny bruised box to overflowing with his sizzling jizz. Judy took it submissively, holding her ass up in the air till she felt his cock drain and slip limply from her. Then she crashed onto her belly with an exhausted sigh. She didn’t know how she’d done it, but somehow she’d managed, to survive three brutal fucks in a row.

She lay there panting, hardly believing she’d made it through all that punishment. She hoped they wouldn’t want her to stay around long. She needed to get home and get some rest. She wouldn’t even wait for Tony to return and give her a ride. A taxi would do; anything to get her home to a hot bath and a long sleep.

She finally raised her head and looked around to see what the three jocks were doing. They were sitting on the bed grinning at her — and all three cocks were hard again.

Judy couldn’t believe her eyes. “Oh, no,” she gasped, “forget it. I’ve HAD it. If you’re still horny, find another girl.”

“But we want you, doll,” said Ron with a wicked leer.

“Yeah, we think you’re hot stuff,” said Bob.

“We won’t accept anybody else,” said Jim.

They all lunged for her at the same time. She didn’t have a chance in the world to escape. She screamed and kicked for a moment, but the huge strong young men bore her down and held her still. Sobbing, Judy realized she was in for still another punishing session, no way in the world to escape. She wondered if she could take it.

“Please,” she whimpered, “I can’t do it again. I’m finished. PLEASE.”

“Hey, relax,” Bob laughed. “You’re gonna dig this, honey. We’re gonna give you the team special.”

Before Judy had time to wonder what the hell that was, they were moving her into position. Bob and Jim held her on her hands and knees, and Ron approached her from behind, his huge prick wagging heavily and lewdly before him. Judy gave in with a whimper of resignation, waiting for the brutal thrust of his meat into her exhausted and bruised boxer.

Instead she felt the cream-slick head of his dick poking insistently at the tiny clenched mouth of her asshole.

“NOOOOOOOO,” Judy wailed.

With surprising strength, strength born of terror, she lurched out of their grasp, but they quickly had her again, holding her immobile while Ron again poked the slick bulbous head of his cock against her tiny brownie. Judy gave, a shriek of terror as she felt the monstrous prick splitting the mouth of her bumhole, pushing thick and long and hard right up her ass.

“Relax,” Ron warned her, “relax or I’ll tear you.”

It was hard to relax under the circumstances, but Judy did it to save herself from being split by his wrist-thick meat. It worked. There was no pain as he slowly lodged his erect cock clear to his balls in her fiery little bumhole. Ron whined and shuddered with pleasure, then, holding Judy around the waist, he rolled aver onto his back and took her with him. Impaled from behind, she had no choice but to follow.

“Next,” Ron panted.

While he held Judy belly-up, his cock thrust full into her clinging hot asshole, Jim, the redhead, crawled ever and got between both their legs. Judy stared in horror and disbelief as Jim grinned and shoved his erect cock into her cunt. My God, they were both going to fuck her at once, one in her ass and one in her twat!

“My God, NO,” she screamed.

Kneeling, Jim roughly completed his penetration of her cunt, and her belly was so full of cock she couldn’t even more. But the worst was yet to come. While Judy still reeled from the shock of getting it from two men at, once, Jim called, “Next,” and Bob crawled over and squatted by her head. Roughly he pushed the fat creaming head of his cock toward her mouth.

“NOOOOOOO — UMMPPHH,” Judy cried.

It was a mistake to open her mouth for that scream. Bob shoved his huge prick into her mouth, down to her throat, then held her head so she couldn’t get away. Now she had three cocks in her — and they were starting to move. Judy moaned in disbelief as she felt the big jerking pricks working hungrily in her cunt, mouth and asshole.

“Hope you dig it, baby,” Ron laughed.

Judy lay there stunned, losing track of time, until at last it began to dawn on her that nothing hurt, nothing was unpleasant. Strange as it seemed, she was able to take the three cocks and even feel little tingles of pleasure. Soon it grew to great powerful blasts of sensation. She had to admit that even this sick orgy was getting her aroused.

She gurgled excitedly as Bob fucked her mouth and gave her his tasty cock juice. Jim’s lunging prick felt terrific in her eager little cunt. But the biggest thrill, to her great surprise, was Ron’s jerking meat in her pencil-tight asshole. She began to cream, moan, and writhe as the three men balled every orifice of her body.

“UMMMMM,” Judy moaned, “UMMMMM!”

She started to come, her blissful cries muffled by Bob’s thick cock. As she came, her mouth tightened hungrily around his prick, and he answered with a howl of pleasure and a blast of delicious come. Her cunt and asshole tightened, too, and Ron and Jim wailed and filled her belly and bowels with steamy loads of jism.

Judy sailed off on her dazzling orgasmic ride. Moments later, panting and exhausted, the revelation hit her like a shock wave that she’d just balled three men at the same time — and loved every second of it.

How in hell was she going to go back to Tom?


When Judy woke the next morning, she had no more doubts about what to do. Tom was due home the next day. She loved him. That was all that mattered. She had to get out of the evil life she’d been living. She had to escape, no matter how Tony felt about it. After all, what were those cheap sexual thrills compared to her marriage?

Tony had given her an assignment for that evening, but she didn’t show up. Instead she went to the bar, where he was still working, prepared to confront him. Tony glared at her as she came in and quietly took a table near the back of the dimly lit room. As soon as he could, he hurried over to her.

“What the hell, you think you’re doing?” he hissed. “You’re supposed to be on the other side of town, taking care of a customer.”

“I’m through with that, Tony,” Judy said firmly. “My husband is coming home tomorrow, and I’m not going to do anything that might hurt my marriage. Even YOU can’t ask me to give up Tom.”

“We’ll see about that,” Tony said angrily. “You wait around till I close up. I wanta talk to you.”

Judy sighed and waited. She hadn’t expected Tony to give in easily. She was a big source of money for him, after all. But she was sure that when they had a chance to talk, she’d convince him to let her go. He still had all those incriminating photos of her, yes, but somehow she’d talk him into destroying them. Everything was going to be all right, she assured herself nervously.

After he closed the bar, Tony stalked over to her and said, “Come on, we’ll go over to my place and talk about this.”

Judy didn’t really like to be alone with him on his own territory, but he held all the cards. When they got to his apartment, Tony mixed them a couple of drinks and sat frowning at her. He didn’t seem quite so angry now, but there was a grim determination in his eyes that Judy didn’t like at all.

“So you’d rather be married to that pussycat than have a good time and make good money?” Tony asked sarcastically.

“I love Tom,” Judy said quietly. “My marriage is the most important thing in the world to me. I’m sorry, Tony, but I’d rather die than give it up. I won’t be any use to you that way. Please, give me back the photos and let me go.”

“Not so quick,” Tony said. “You may be right, baby. You might not make a good whore if you’re always thinking about him. And I may even give you those pictures. But I’m losing an investment, remember? So I want just one little thing in return.”

“Of course,” Judy replied. “What is it?”

“One last night with you,” Tony said. “Here and now.”

Judy was surprised. She didn’t think Tony was especially attracted to her. She also felt a stirring of lust and excitement. With Tom home again, this might be her last chance, ever, for sexual adventure, her last time with a man who could really turn her on in bed. Besides, if she turned Tony down, he might turn nasty again and show Tom those horrible photos.

“All right, Tony,” she said with a blush, “just this one last time. Then you’ll let me go? You’ll give me the pictures?”

“Yeah, it’s a deal,” Tony said, getting up. “Come on, let’s go in the bedroom.”

Judy felt rather guilty at how her pussy blazed with heat and wetness as she accompanied Tony down the hall to his bedroom. She was so obviously horny for this man, for any man who would make love the way she needed it, that she wondered again how she was going, to endure Tom’s uninspired, routinized fucking. Well, tomorrow she’d find out — because she swore she’d never be unfaithful to him again.

In the meantime, though, she might as well enjoy herself. She had to fuck Tony to get those guilty pictures, but there was no reason not to enjoy the fucking, was there? She felt her whole body tingling and glowing with anticipation as they entered the plush bedroom and Tony closed the door behind them.

“Let’s hike our time and really enjoy this,” he said, smiling at last. “It’ll be our last time together.”

“Okay, Tony,” she said, returning his smile.

“Fine,” he said. “Then if it’s okay with you, Judy, I want you to undress real slow for me.”

He switched on a tape, slow and sensuous music, and Judy blushingly obeyed. While Tony lounged on the bed and watched her, she swayed to the music and slowly unzipped the clinging yellow dress she was wearing. As it slipped from her shoulders to reveal her in black lace bra and panties, she was grateful that her husband couldn’t see her, Tom certainly wouldn’t understand that she was only trying to save their marriage!

“The customers really like you, you know?” Tony remarked as he ogled her tall lush figure.

“That’s nice,” Judy said lamely as she reached around to unhook her bra.

“Yeah, they thought you were great,” Tony went on, following her movements with hot eyes. “Like I told you before, doll, you got a natural talent for whoring.”

Judy blushed. That wasn’t something she wanted to hear, not now when she looked forward to a life as a faithful wife. She let her skimpy black lace bra slide off her arms and away. She drew back her shoulders and naughtily pointed her big ripe naked tits at Tony, who ginned approvingly. The great silky cones wobbled delicately as she moved in time to the music.

“People with natural talent oughta use it,” Tony said. “Think how many guys you could make happy — instead of just one.”

“Please, Tony,” Judy said nervously, “I’m through, I tell you. The subject is closed. I only want Tom.”

“Okay,” Tony shrugged, “whatever you say.”

Judy hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to inch them down, smiling and swaying to the music. She felt pretty good. It was that Tony was being so sensible about everything. And she had to admit that she was very excited about the prospect of going to bed with him again. A nice few hours of love-making, the return of the incriminating pictures, and then she could go home — free at last of the nightmarish life she’d fallen into.

Grinning at Tony, she slipped off her panties and danced naked before his frankly admiring eyes.

“That’s great, baby, just great,” he said. “Now do one more thing for me. Lie down on the bed here, and just let me look at you.”

Judy obeyed, wanting to please him in every way she could. She lay down an her back in the center of the king size bed and wantonly spread her legs, giving Tony a good view of her lush wet scarlet slit. She was getting very excited and she hoped the naughty sight would stimulate Tony to fuck her very quickly. He seemed interested enough, ogling her and licking his lips as he stood at the end of the bed. He began to unbutton his shirt.

“Real nice,” he said huskily. “Now just close your eyes, doll. I got a surprise for you.”

Glancing at his crotch, Judy saw a big lewd bulge. She could guess what Tony’s surprise was going to be! With a giggle, she closed her eyes and waited.

The next thing she knew, Tony had put something around her ankles. She gasped and opened her eyes just in time to see him fastening a strap around her left wrist. Too stunned to speak, she watched in horror as he went to the other side of the bed and drew another strap from the bedpost. He reached for her right wrist, but she snatched it away.

“Tony,” she gasped, “what are you doing?”

He didn’t answer. His face grim and determined, he seized her right wrist and bent it cruelly down to the strap. He was much too strong for her, and she couldn’t get away, since all her other limbs were strapped firmly into place. What was he going to do? Why had he strapped her, naked and spread-eagled, to the bed?

“Tony, answer me,” Judy said in a terror-filled voice. “Why are you doing this? Why do you have to tie me down?”

He stood flush-faced at the end of the bed, still fully clothed, but now starting to undress. He sneered at her, his eyes full of contempt. As he unbuttoned his shirt and drew it off to reveal his massive hair-matted chest. That sight no longer aroused her. She was scared.

“I strapped you down so I could take my time with you,” he said. “I know you just wanted a quick ball so you could get your pictures and go home to your precious husband. Well, baby, I’m gonna keep you here till I prove something.”

“Prove what?” Judy cried.

“That you’re a natural born whore,” Tony spat. “When I get through with you, you’ll know where you belong — on the streets.”

Judy turned scarlet and bit her lip. She tried vainly to move, but the straps held her down. She was at Tony’s mercy. She watched helplessly as the big man took off his clothes. His huge cock was rampantly stiff, hugging his belly, drooling big bright bubbles of juice — but the sight did nothing for her. She just wanted to be away from this lunatic, safe with Tom.

“Please,” she whimpered, “don’t hurt me.”

“I ain’t gonna hurt you,” Tony snarled. “Like I said, I just wanta show you what you really are. You love to fuck, baby, you like real fun in bed. You ain’t gonna, get it from Tom. I wanta show you that you were cut out for hustling. I won’t hear any more of that crap about being a faithful little wife.”

So that was the game, win her over to the life of a whore, get her to leave Tom. Well, Tony was going to be awfully disappointed. As he crawled onto the bed, naked and erect, Judy gave him an icy stare. He knelt between her legs and slipped his huge hands under her little round butt, raising her pelvis up in the air.

“You’re wasting your time, Tony,” she said coldly.

“Yeah?” he growled. “We’ll see about that.”

His head dipped down, and Judy felt his hot moist breath on her naked red pussy. He burrowed into her fragrant black muff, kissing and licking, and she felt his tongue glide snake-like between the fat furry lips and touch the tender bud of her clit. She steeled herself to shut out all pleasurable sensations as Tony noisily ate her pussy. His slick hot tongue flicked quickly, hungrily, back and forth in her crotch, stimulating her plump pink pussylips, the, moist lump of her clit, and the pulsing little mouth of her cunt.

“You’re wasting your time, I tell you,” Judy gasped. “I’ll never leave Tom for your kind of life.”

Tony didn’t reply. Instead he fastened his lips on her tiny hot clit and began to suck. Judy felt a blast of pleasure that almost made her cry out, but she gritted her teeth and kept quiet. Unfortunately there was nothing she could do to prevent the other tell-tale signs of arousal — the sudden gush of steamy juice from her cunt, the hot swelling of her pussy, the taut erection of her sucked clit.

“Nooooo,” she whined, “let me go. Stop it, Tony. I’ll never do what you want, never. I love Tom.”

Yet how was it possible to love Tom and still go wild with lust for strangers? She really did love her husband, but here she was creaming into the face of a sadistic pimp as he sucked her pussy. Judy moaned in confusion. Was she really a natural whore? She refused to accept that. Yet Tony was getting her so damned hot and excited, she couldn’t control the horny jerking of her hips.

He sucked her tiny red bud noisily, with lewd wet slurping sounds, and he bathed the dainty button with his hot saliva. His firm lips kneaded and released, till Judy’s whole pelvis seemed to melt in hot lusty excitement. She wanted very much just to let herself go, to sink into a dark sea of pleasure and come and come again. But, no, it would be unfair to Tom. She had to start practicing fidelity again. She must vow never to enjoy herself with anyone but her husband.

“You might as well untie me, Tony,” she said, using all her will power to sound cold and unmoved. “You’re not doing a thing for me. Let’s just fuck and get it over with. I want to get home.”

No response. At least there was no response in words. Tony didn’t raise his dark head, but he moved his mouth off her seething wet clit — just moments before she would have come — and licked lower into her, fiery little crotch till he was rimming the drooling mouth of her twat. Judy gritted her teeth and steeled herself for another round of resistance.

Tony’s treacherous tongue tickled and wiggled just at the tantalizing edge of her cunt mouth. She wanted with all her heart to resist him and remain true to Tom, but some other part of her screamed for him to put his tongue into her, bring her off. Again she moaned in confusion and frustration. God, why couldn’t he just ball her and be done with it?

“This is insane, Tony,” she gasped. “You’re not proving anything.”

But they both knew she was lying. Her words were contradicted by the flood of eager hot cream that poured from her cunt to soak Tony’s face. Rapidly rimming her gushing cunt mouth with the slick hot tip of his tongue, he began to inch inside, poking and retreating, licking and tickling, driving Judy crazy with lust. She wanted that big tongue up her cunt more than anything in the world. But Tony was maddeningly slow in its tickling penetration, licking and retreating, teasing her into a frenzy of frustration. At last he thrust his thick wet tongue fully into his, and Judy sighed happily as she tightened her cunt muscles around it and teetered just on the delicious edge of orgasm. Then Tony abruptly popped his tongue out of her twat.

“Ohhhhh,” Judy moaned in frustration.

Still no sound from Tony except the lewd wet slurping noises he made with his tongue as he licked even lower in her steamy swollen pussy. Judy again braced herself for some new temptation. She’d almost given in just then, almost allowed herself to come. She had to be strong, had to keep her mind on Tom.

But it was awfully hard to think about Tom when Tony started slipping in his tongue up her ass.

“NOOOOOOO,” Judy wailed. “Oh, God, no, don’t do that.”

His slick tongue tip was only half an inch inside the clenched mouth of her brownie, but already she felt such dizzy pleasure, she wanted to scream. She clamped her jaw shut, went rigid, and fought with all her will power against the sweet sensations as Tony doggedly worked his fat wet tongue deeper into her tight asshole. It was the hardest fight of her life. Nothing had ever felt so good as that hot mobile tongue slowly stuffing her bowels, tickling and probing and jerking.

“S-Stop,” Judy whimpered, “please, no more!”

He kept pushing till his tongue was lodged clear to the root in her steamy little bumhole. Judy was sweating with the effort to resist, but she knew it was a losing fight. She felt the familiar sensations building up in her belly, the first sweet tingles of coming, as Tony started to tongue-fuck her sensitive hot asshole. She had to stop him before she humiliated herself completely.

“All right, damnit!” she sobbed. “You’ve made your point, Tony. Let me go!”

With mingled frustration and relief, she felt his thick tongue retreating from her tight asshole. Tony raised his head and wiped her cream from his face. She’d expected him to be grinning and triumphant, but instead he still looked grim and determined, as if he had some further thing to prove.

“Okay, bitch,” he said, “I’m gonna untie you now, but you gotta cooperate. You gotta do what I say. I asked for one more night with you, and I ain’t gonna get short changed. You gonna do what I want?”

“Yes, Tony,” she said meekly. Anything to get it over with, anything to get those restraining straps off her wrists and ankles.

“All right, don’t make a move unless I tell you,” he growled.

He quickly untied her and then went to stand at the end of the bed. His huge prick was still stiff and hugging his belly. He stood there looking surly and determined. What else did he have to prove? He’d already humiliated her by turning her on, making her forget her noble, words about Tom. He’d already licked her pussy till she creamed all over his face. What more could he possibly want from her?

“Come here, bitch,” he snarled.

Judy got shakily off the bed and walked over to him. He put his huge hands on her shoulders and forced her to kneel in front of him. Her wide frightened eyes were just inches from the menacingly thick pale pole of his erect cock and the swollen rosy bags of his balls. Tony grunted and seized his giant prick, gingerly bending it down to rub her face.

“Suck it,” he commanded, “and suck it good. I want you to take this meat right down your throat, whore.”

Judy knew from the tone of his voice that he meant business. She quickly opened her mouth, and Tony stuffed his huge hard prick inside. She gagged briefly as the huge knobby cock head touched the back of her throat, but the gagging sensation was replaced by sheer terror as he shoved his rock-hard cock even farther, right into the tight silk-lined tunnel of her throat.

“Don’t pull away!” he snapped at the terrified girl. “Hold still. Take it all, damn you.”

Judy just managed to keep still, but her heart pounded as Tony worked his giant cock all the way into her mouth, till her lips were painfully stretched and his furry taut balls were rubbing her chin. Somehow she managed to control the gagging urge and take half his enormous length into her throat. When he was all the way in, Tony grunted his satisfaction.

“All right, cunt,” he growled, “blow me. And do a good job, understand?”

Judy started to suck his cock, not wanting to anger him any further. She was still terrified of choking on that monstrous thing, and her mouth and throat were stuffed so full of his sausage-like prick that she could hardly breathe. She just closed her eyes and sucked mechanically, praying that he’d come fast and get it over with.

“Play with my balls, too,” Tony commanded.

Judy reached up and cupped the swollen furry bags of his balls and began to knead them gently but steadily. Another grunt of approval. Somehow she didn’t think Tony was getting all that much pleasure out of forcing her to suck his dick. She had the feeling that his real satisfaction came from shaming and humiliating her. At this point she really didn’t care any more. She just wanted to get away from the creep, forever.

“Good, good,” Tony panted, “just keep on doing that. I know you like to suck cock, baby. The customers tell me you’re really good at it. So get that pained expression off your face.”

For God’s sake, what was she supposed to do, smile? Judy did her best to fake a contented look as she continued sucking his cock, but she was sure she must appear ludicrous, her small mouth grossly stretched by his thick meat. Tony looked down at her with an evil leer as she worked his swollen dick in her wet slick mouth and throat and pumped his balls.

“Now stick a finger in my ass,” he ordered.

Judy blushed furiously, but she knew she’d better obey. Still fucking his giant pale dick and massaging his swollen red nut sacs, she reached between his legs, found the wrinkled mouth of his bumhole, and wriggled a little finger inside. The hole was tight, steamy and searing hot around her pumping finger.

“Awwwww, Christ, yeah,” Tony moaned. “I tell you, baby, you’re a natural. You oughta do this for a living.”

He was finally getting excited, finally losing his icy composure. Judy prayed he’d come fast — but he just stood there grunting softly for a moment or so while she worked his cock, balls and asshole. Surely he had to lose control soon?

“Okay,” Tony suddenly gasped, “that’s enough. Back off.” Judy stumbled back. “Now bend over the bed. Yeah, that’s it.”

She obediently rested her hands on the bed, her pert round butt poked up in the air. Tony, breathing hard and loud, seized her slim hips and poked the huge hard head of his cock into her crotch. At last he was going to fuck her, get it over with. She waited patiently — only to feel that gigantic cock head suddenly slamming up her tight tender asshole.

“Ohhhhh,” Judy wailed.

“Shut up!” Tony snarled. “You’re gonna take it up the ass, whore, and you’re gonna love it.”

There wasn’t much she could do about it anyway. His powerful arms held her in place as he drove his thick long cock savagely up the pencil-thin steamy passage of her little bumhole. Judy relaxed the anal muscles to save herself from being torn, but that only allowed him to penetrate her deeper and faster. Then he began to bum-fuck her with brutal strength and speed.

“Oh, NO,” Judy whimpered, “NO!”

“Come off it, slut,” Tony panted. “You know you dig it. You were born for this, baby. I know, I’ve seen you in action. This is the life for you.”

She hated him, but even as he spoke his taunts she could feel her naughty little asshole responding eagerly to the deep hard thrusts of his cock. The pain and fright were gone, replaced by hot desire, and her immoral pussy began to swell and dream. Then to her horror, Judy felt herself coming, her aroused asshole tightening around the ramming pole of his cock.

“Ohhhhh, my God, YES,” she wailed, “yes, give it to me, fuck my ass, OHHHHHHH!”

She heard Tony moan, felt the fiery blast of his jism deep in her bowels — and then he was pushing her away roughly, like something to be used and discarded, a throwaway girl. She landed on the carpet, sobbing.

“I made my point,” he said. “You’re good for nothing but hustling. You show up for work tomorrow, or I’ll be around to show your husband those pictures.”


Tom came home the next day. At first Judy was so glad to see him, she forgot the terrible dilemma she was in. But as Tom hugged and kissed her, she remembered that at any moment Tony might show up with the incriminating photos — and her marriage would be over. What was she going to do?

She’d thought about it all night, and she’d finally come to the conclusion that she’d have to tell Tom everything, tell him herself. That could end their marriage, too, but at least it was better than letting Tony break the news that she’d been a hooker. It almost killed her to have to tell Tom so many things that would hurt him, but thanks to that rat Tony, he’d find out anyway.

“Tom,” she said uneasily after their hugging was over, “I have to tell you something.”

“A little later, okay, honey?” Tom said with, a grin. “Right now I got something else on my mind. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

Judy blushed with shame. Obviously Tom had been faithful to her during the week he’d been away, because all he could think of now was sex. HE hadn’t played around, hadn’t seen any reason to stray. She felt so guilty she could hardly meet his eyes as they walked down the hall to their bedroom. She was going to have to tell her awful story now, before Tony got there.

“Tom, please listen,” she said as they sat down on the edge of the bed. “This is very important.”

“Ummm-hmmm,” Tom murmured, kissing her neck. “Can’t it wait a few minutes? I really want you, Judy.”

Glancing down at the crotch of his pants, she saw that he wasn’t kidding. His aching erection grotesquely tented his fly. She wished she could just forget everything else and make love with Tom — and then she remembered that she’d be doomed to disappointment. Tom was a lousy lover. Maybe the shock she was about to give him would make him change. In any case, she didn’t dare put it off any longer.

“Tom,” she said grimly, “I’ve been unfaithful to you. I’ve been with several other men while you were gone.”

He jerked away from her as if he’d been stung. His face went pale and his erection withered. Judy saw a look of disgust and hatred coming aver his handsome face as she slowly and haltingly told him the whole story — about how she’d gone out alone, connected with Tony, and then found herself forced into prostitution. She could hardly keep back the tears as she watched Tom’s love turn to revulsion.

“So that’s it,” she concluded dismally. “I’m not apologizing, Tom. That wouldn’t be nearly enough. It just happened, that’s all, and I thought you had a right to know.”

Tom leaped to his feet and raised his arm as if to strike her. Judy waited feeling she deserved it, but the blow didn’t come. Instead he lowered his arm again and gave a deep sigh. The look on his face was icy cold.

“No, I won’t hit you,” he said wearily. “That would be too easy. I have a better idea, whore. I’m horny, you’ve learned a whole bunch of new tricks — so why don’t you just give me a little demonstration? Treat me just like your other customers.”

Judy wished she could sink through the floor.

So this was the ugly ending to her beautiful marriage! Tom stood sullenly before her, not making a move to touch her. She was the hooker, she was in charge. Miserably, Judy stood up, went to him, and started to remove his clothes.

“Part of the service, I assume,” Tom said coldly. Judy couldn’t reply. She was too close to tears.

She gently helped Tom out of his clothing, once again seeing the tan muscular body she loved, the crisp mat of black hair on his chest, the pure clean pale flesh of his cock, his flat hard belly and trim ass — this body would never be hers again. This would be her last time with Tom.

“Do you want to undress me?” she asked mechanically, just as a call girl might ask her client.

“No thanks,” Tom snapped.

“Then go lie down,” Judy said, “I’ll be right with you.”

She switched on the little bedside radio and got some rock music. She began dancing to it as she undressed. Just part of the service, like Tom said. Yet secretly she hopes to arouse just a spark of warmth in those cold blue eyes. He watched her with interest but not, with love. He watched her like an interesting but not very important toy.

Judy slithered out of the sexy pink negligee she’d worn to greet him in. She stood in matching pink bra and panties, tiny lacy things which she’d hoped would excite him. He was excited, all right, but not in the way she wanted. He didn’t give a damn about her any more. He only wanted her cunt. She picked up the tempo of the music as she reached around to unhook her bra.

“Very good,” Tom said sarcastically. “You sure have learned a few things, Judy. I hope you have a very happy career.”

He wasn’t even hard. He lay there naked, gorgeous to Judy’s eyes, watching her expert striptease, but all he felt was anger and resentment.

Well, she’d do her best to change that. She flung aside her little pink bra and let her big round boobs swing and jiggle with her dancing, the small reddish-brown nipples jerking wildly. Tom’s eyes got wider.

Still keeping up the fast tempo of the music, Judy started wriggling out of her tight pink panties. Tom pretended to be lazy and indifferent, but she could see him straining for a better look as she inched the skimpy panties down over the top of her glossy black muff. She proceeded with tantalizing slowness till at last she stepped out of her panties and kicked them aside.

“I never even knew you could dance,” Tom gulped.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Judy said, smiling grimly.

For instance, even though he was her husband, he’d never bothered to find out how she liked to make love. They always did it his way, whether she liked it or not. Suddenly powerful resentment flared up in Judy’s mind. Damn him, he had his faults, too. She wasn’t the only guilty party. If he’d treated her right in bed, she would never have gotten mixed up with Tony and the other men.

Wantonly, Judy danced nearer and nearer the bed, her big pale breasts wobbling wildly, her cute little black muff brazenly thrust forward with just the moist red tip of her clit poking out. She saw Tom’s eyes settle hungrily on her crotch. She might just be able to use that hunger to teach him a lesson.

She swung close to him and actually brushed his face with her soft furry muff. Tom reddened but didn’t draw back. He was definitely interested now. He made a grab for her, but she danced out of the way, she stuck out her saucy little ass in defiance. Tom looked shocked at her lewd performance.

“Uh, that’s enough of the dancing,” he said, trying to sound like a bored customer. “Why don’t we just get it on?”

“Sorry,” Judy said calmly, “but you said I was supposed to show you my tricks — and I’ve hardly started. You’re going to get the whole show, so be patient.”

His face went tight and angry again. For a moment she’d caught him off guard, made him reveal his need, but he seemed determined not to weaken again. He watched her with cold eyes as she again approached the bed in her wanton tit-wobbling dance. She poked her belly forward, almost into his face, then away again, taunting him.

She could see he was torn between shock and lust. Good old uptight Tom was no doubt shocked out of his mind to see his dear little wife acting like a whore — but he asked for it, damnit and he was going to be a lot more shocked before she was finished with him. So shocked, perhaps, that he’d wake up and started living in the Twentieth Century, get rid of his old-fashioned inhibitions.

Judy crawled onto the bed beside him and gently but firmly drew his muscular legs apart.

Tom was trying to look cool about it, but he blushed deep red all over. Judy grinned mercilessly as she crawled between his legs. He wanted to see a whore in action? Then by God he was going to see the real thing.

“J-Judy,” he stammered as she started to dip her head into his crotch, “I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“Oh, yes, it is,” Judy said. “It’s part of the service you requested, sir. I’m just doing what you asked.”

That shut him up. He didn’t want to appear weak. He settled back on the pillows, but he looked very very nervous as Judy once more prepared to go down on him. No wonder — in the years they’d been married, he’d never permitted her to do that. He didn’t think it was “natural”.

Judy almost chuckled with glee as she bent over his crotch and slipped her hand under his soft pale cock. She’d been longing to go down on Tom since the clay she met him, and now he was going to have to let her do it to her heart’s content. She knew he was cursing himself for his angry request that she act like a hooker, but that was just too damned bad. She salivated heavily as she lowered her flushed face towards his handsome milky-white prick.

“My God,” Tom muttered.

Yes, he was shocked, all right. She heard him gasp as she stuck out her little pink tongue and started to lick his warm flaccid cock-meat. She did her lewd best, running her slick tongue tip swiftly up and down the delicately-salty meat, licking from his crisp brown bush right up to the rosy soft head of his prick. She, could hardly keep from drooling. She’d wanted to taste his cock for years.

When the flaccid meat was glistening with her spit, Judy licked even lower, through his tight-curled bush and onto the hot seething surface of his nut sacs. Tom gasped with surprise and, no doubt, disapproval, then went grimly quiet. He seemed determined to prove that he could be cold and indifferent. Well, let him try to stay cool for her next trick!

“AWWWWWW,” Tom yelped as Judy popped one of his soft rosy balls into her mouth.

If her mouth hadn’t been so full, she would have laughed. She sucked strongly, taking the round ball of flesh all the way inside her mouth, applying a wet vacuum pressure that, made Tom groan with helpless excitement. She sucked his nut, licked it, lashed it with her tongue. She could feel it swelling up hard and throbbing in her mouth. When it was fully distended, she spat it out and sucked in his other red furry nut sac.

“My God, my God,” Tom chanted softly.

Of course he’d never had his nuts sucked before. He was a good boy, a highly moral person, a believer in just plain, old-fashioned sex with no fancy additions. In short, she was a fool. Judy intended to prove that to him. Today she was going to show him all the wonderful things he’d been missing because he was a prude. Like having his balls sucked — she was willing to bet he wouldn’t want to miss THAT again.

“Uhhhhhh,” Tom groaned, “ahhhhhh.”

In spite of himself he couldn’t help moaning with pleasure as Judy sucked his flaccid balls into round, taut fullness. When she’d finished that task, she dipped her curly head even lower in his hot crotch and applied the tip of her tongue to the tight wrinkled mouth of his asshole. As she pushed her tongue tip into his searing-hot brownie, Tom seemed to rise right off the bed.

“AWWWWWWW!” he wailed. “Judy — no. No, it’s — OHHHHHHH.”

He meant to protest, of course. It was inconceivably wicked and “unnatural” of her to stick her tongue up his ass. She knew just what he was thinking. But he couldn’t say it, because the breathless pleasure of having his asshole licked was overwhelming — just as Judy had planned.

Chuckling wickedly, she shot her slick tongue far up his red-hot bittersweet bumhole, poking and probing as deep as she could. Tom was panting and whimpering as he took the incredibly delicious inner strokes, felt his sensitive asshole reamed and tickled by her silky wet little tongue. When she finally drew her tongue out of his brownie, he just lay there wide-eyed with disbelief.

Hardly containing her glee at blowing his puritan mind, Judy again picked up his flaccid warm cock and went to work on it. She’d saved the best for last, the thing shed always wanted to do more than anything else. With a hungry excited moan, she took her husband’s handsome limp dick and stuffed the whole thing into her wet fiery-hot mouth.

“Judy, my God, NO,” Tom gasped. “That’s not right, it’s not — ohhhhhh, Jesus, OHHHHHH!”

Again his prudish shock was washed away in a powerful flood of pleasure, and he lay back panting and goggle-eyed as he experienced yet another kinky and delicious new aspect of love-making. Judy drew his cock into her mouth all the way to his swollen spit-soaked balls, gurgling greedily as the soft fleshy weight settled on her tongue. It was a dream come true, having Tom’s dick in her mouth. She’d meant to go slowly, but she was so excited, she started sucking his meat hard and fast, like a starving woman.

“Judy,” he moaned, “I can’t believe this is you.”

Judy thought, of course you can’t, dummy — you never let me have any fun with you before.

But of course she couldn’t reply because her mouth was happily stuffed with his silky salty meat. She sucked away ravenously, making lewd wet sucking and slurping noises, while poor mind-blasted Tom lay there gawking and groaning. She could imagine the turmoil in his mind-strong disapproval of oral sex versus the dizzying pleasure of having his cock sucked.

“Judy, stop, for God’s sake,” he groaned hoarsely.

He sounded like he really meant it — and Judy quickly discovered why. His cock was getting hard. Rather than admit cocksucking could turn him on, he was ready to give up the pleasure of it. Well, not while Judy was in charge. She applied just the edge of her teeth to his ballooning meat, not enough to bite but enough to show him that he’d damn well better not move. Tom got the message, lying still and blushing as his dick grew hard and long and stiff in Judy’s eagerly sucking mouth.

She felt the great hard knobby head poking into her throat, but it didn’t gag her like it had with Tony. She felt no revulsion. She wanted all of this gorgeous cock she could get. As she sucked strongly and swiftly on the stiff slick meat, she reached out and tickled his swollen furry balls. Again Tom almost rose off the bed in helpless ecstasy.

“Judy, enough,” he moaned. “Awwwww.”

Judy decided it was enough cock-sucking, too, but for different reasons. She wanted very much for him to come in her mouth — but not today. She had other plans for that fantastic erection, and she wanted to save it. With a wistful sigh she let his stiff throbbing cock slide from her mouth. She stared at it in hungry admiration. It was the handsomest cock she’d ever seen, even after all her adventures with other men. It was the only cock she really wanted.

“My God,” Tom panted, “what were you trying to prove? I can we just ball now, for Chrissake?”

“Sorry,” Judy said coolly, “but the show’s not over yet. You wanted a demonstration, and you’re getting one. I wouldn’t think of short-changing a client.”

Tom looked almost defeated. “Judy, I take it back,” he said. “I don’t want you to act like a whore. Hell, I’ll even forget what you did, this week, let it pass. I just want you back the way you used to be.”

It was the hardest decision of Judy’s life. She wanted so much just to fall into his arms and not struggle any more, just have their marriage back. But she knew she couldn’t do that because she’d go crazy if Tom went on making love to her in the same old dull inhibited way. He was too embarrassed and repressed to try changing, but she wasn’t. She either had to get him to change — or leave him.

“No, Tom,” she said firmly, “I can’t go back to the old ways. Our sex life was boring me to death. That’s why I did what I did — I was driven to find somebody who could turn me oh. You’ve got to become a better lover, darling, or I’ll have lovers. Take your choice.”

They looked at each other for a long tense moment, and then Tom sighed and said, “All right, Judy. You win. I’ll try.”

Judy could barely contain her excitement. This was the ultimate test. If he passed, she’d have everything she wanted in life. “All right, Tom,” she said, “if you really mean that, go down on me. Give me some head.”

Tom blushed hotly and said, “Honey, I don’t even know how. You know I never did anything like that before.”

“I’ll tell you how,” Judy said. “Just get started.”

Blushing beet red, Tom gently separated Judy’s legs and lay down between them, bringing his flushed face right up to her steamy little crotch with its delicate ring of black curls and its rich red flesh. Judy wordlessly opened the furry lips of her mons and displayed the tiny scarlet nub of her clit. Tom got the message. He stuck out his tongue and began to lick her hotly horny little button. Judy fell back with a gasp of delight.

“Oh, YES, darling,” she squealed, “yes, that’s it. Lick my clit, Tom. That feels wonderful.”

Encouraged by her obvious enjoyment, Tom licked faster and more industriously on her tender red button. In a few moments Judy could tell he was actually getting off on it. Dizzied and blinded with the pleasure of having her clit licked, she found it hard to pay attention to his reactions, but she felt eagerness in the way he began to press his lips against her throbbing moist clit, kissing and sucking it.

“My God, Tom,” she moaned, “that’s GREAT.”

She wasn’t lying. Her puritanical uptight husband turned out to have a natural talent for pussy eating. As she guided him through the things she liked best, he caught on quickly and even invented kinky little variations of his own. Soon his eager tongue was lapping and tickling all over her wet excited pussy, sucking her dainty pink cunt lips, reaming her flooded little box, poking into the tight-clenched mouth of her ass.

“Tom, you devil,” Judy laughed, “you’re the best pussy-eater I ever had.”

His only reply was a muffled chuckle as he burrowed into her steamy red slit and used his tongue to tease every sensitive creamy spot. Judy lay back in utter bliss, her long legs open lewdly wide, moaning and squealing as Tom licked and sucked her pussy like it had never been sucked before. At last he was the lover she’d dreamed of. There’d be no more frustration in their bed.

There was a little frustration right now, though. As marvelous as his tongue felt, after a few minutes of that delicious teasing and arousal, Judy was ready for stronger stuff. She, ached to feel his big stiff cock inside her demanding creaming twat. For the first time in their marriage Tom had aroused her so powerfully that she was ready to beg for his prick.

“Darling,” she sighed, “that’s enough. I have to have you now. Please, Tom, fuck me!”

Tom used to get angry when she used bad words like “fuck”. Now he just raised his cream-soaked face and grinned wickedly at her. Then to Judy’s delight he was crawling onto her, eagerly poking his hot erect cock into the slick seething flesh of her pussy, seeking out her cunt. He hit the mark quickly, and they both moaned with pleasure as he quickly and deeply penetrated her. He started to fuck her in quick hard lunges, just the way she wanted and needed it.

And then the doorbell rang.

“Oh, my God,” Judy gasped, remembering. “Tom, that must be Tony. He took pictures of me, awful pictures, and he said he’d show them to you if I didn’t go on working for him. He…”

“Never mind, honey,” Tom said grimly. “I get the idea.”

He crawled off her anti headed for the door, and Judy followed nervously behind him. Tom flung open the door, and sure enough, there was Tony, sneering and holding the envelope full of incriminating photos.

“Hi, asshole,” Tom said pleasantly.

His fist shot out so fast, Judy hardly saw it. Certainly Tony didn’t see it. It smashed into his face, and he went staggering backward, blood streaming from his nose. Tom snatched the envelope from his hand — and Tony had nothing left to threaten them with. He slunk away, holding his hand to his bleeding nose.

Tom closed the door and walked back to the bedroom, opening the envelope as he went. Judy trotted nervously after him, sure that he’d be furious with her when he saw the pictures. But when they reached the bed, he was grinning.

“Hey, these are a real turn-on,” he said, glancing through the photos. “We’ll have to have some taken of us.”

“I agree,” Judy chuckled, “but right now I think we have some unfinished business, lover.”

She glanced hungrily at his still erect cock and settled back on the bed with her legs open. Tom grinned, put aside the pictures, and crawled over to her, his stiff swollen cock leaking big bubbles of juice. At the last minute Judy got an impish notion and rolled over onto her hands and knees, sticking her pert round butt into the air.

“Woman, you’re shameless,” Tom laughed. “You want to do it like dogs?”

“And every other position we can think of,” Judy said. “But right now I’ve got a little surprise for you, lover.”

As Tom poked the creamy hard head of his cock into the mouth of her cunt, Judy reached back and gently but firmly moved it till the knob-like cock-head was pressing into her tiny hot asshole. She waited for her husband to gasp in shock, move away, lecture her for her wickedness, tell her that NO WAY was he going to do anything so vile as to fuck her in the ass.

But all she heard was a happy sigh.

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