Susan’s dirty request

Susan was a teacher at Randall College and was highly
respected for her teaching talents. She was 34 and had
married her long time boyfriend. She was totally
devoted to her job and carried out all her duties in a
very professional manner. Susan always dressed
conservatively, not drawing any attention to her
slender, womanly body, which seemed to be more easily
aroused as she got older.

Of late, Susan had turned to masturbating to satisfy
her sexual needs. These needs seemed to be increasing
in intensity and were happening way more often than she
cared to admit. Much too busy at work, she didn’t seem
to be able to find time to relax with Jay, her husband.

Their sex life was very conservative and every time Jay
wanted to experiment or try something new, Susan would
refuse saying it was too weird. Thinking about it,
Susan realized these new things actually turned her on
and wondered why she would turn her husband down for
such a thing as anal intercourse.

Her parents instilled old fashion ideals in Susan,
which she was very grateful for. All through her
younger years she didn’t believe in sexual activity
with any man without loving him first. This meant many
nights of frustration and she inevitably turned to
self-gratification for her fulfillment. In university,
her girlfriend, Sally had given her an electric
vibrator and she found it extremely capable of giving
her earth shattering orgasms on many occasion.

Lately, Susan found herself fantasizing about one or
two of her students and that filled her with guilt. She
would never do anything with a student but those erotic
thoughts were coming much more often than in previous
years. One of her students, an exchange student named
Kaz, was from Russia and his rough demeanor seemed to
intimidate Susan like no one before. Every now and
then, some of the things he said to her had definite
sexual connotations.

Somehow, Kaz had gotten her email address and phone
number, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.
Twice he had phoned her and although the conversations
had started out light and friendly, they soon turned to
sex talk. Susan had told him to stop but eventually she
felt the erotic twinges deep inside. She didn’t get
completely carried away but did say a few things that
she regretted. ‘Oh what would he think of her’ was all
she wondered as she let her guard down on more than one

Kaz smiled as he hung up the phone after talking to
Susan the last time. Yes, she was hot. The professional
manner in which she dressed and her demeanor made her
appear even sexier to him. He was planning on ways to
conquer his beautiful teacher and relished the
conquest. Kaz understood women and knew how to take
liberties with almost any woman he met. The crude
manners he displayed seemed to work on most and he
played the role to perfection.

Yes, Kaz felt Susan’s guard was breaking down and he
would fuck her before the year was over. This woman
commanded his complete attention and his evil plan was
working. It was time to attack and tonight like in the
earlier calls, he worked the conversation to sex. He
smiled with satisfaction as Susan finally relented and
told him how horny she was.

His next command took Susan by surprise as he ordered
her to feel her small breasts. She had to agree that
they were small but wow, did they ever have large,
sensitive nipples. Following his directions, she
uttered a low moan as he told her to roll the hard
nipples between her fingers. “Now I want you to
describe your tits for me,” he asked.

Susan described her perky tits and Kaz felt his hard-on
throb with anticipation. True they were not the biggest
tits but they were perfectly shaped making them very
seductive. Every once in awhile, she would wear a shear
bra and the outline of her nipples would be visible
through the thin material. Some women had nipples that
when erect, showed through clothing no matter what they
wore. Tonight, she confessed to him how sensitive they
were and how nice it felt to pinch them with her

Kaz told her how hard his cock was and the phone lines
got hotter as Susan experienced phone sex for the first
time. “I have my cock out of my pants and it is
throbbing as I think of you. My fingers are around the
hard, thick shaft and now I am moving my hand up and
down,” he said into the handset. “It feels so good to
pump my hand up and down the shaft and it is jerking in
my fist,” he told her.

Susan blushed even though she was alone and wondered
what his cock looked like. His description filled her
mind with images of a gorgeous, long cock and she felt
her stomach flutter while thinking about it. Her vivid
fantasy of touching the pulsating cock and feeling it
burn her tender flesh, made her temperature rise. Her
breathing actually started to come in short, rapid
breaths and she closed her eyes and watched the

As Kaz pumped his cock, he told Susan to put her hand
in her panties. “Slide your fingers down your flat
tummy and into your panties,” he ordered. “What does
your bush look like?” he asked and waited for Susan’s
response. The silence was deafening and she didn’t want
to answer his prying question.

“Susan,” he said, “I asked you a question and I want an
answer!” he demanded. Reluctantly, she whispered, “It
is quite small and the hair is trimmed on the sides so
it won’t show when I wear a bikini.” This took
everything she had to tell him and she blushed a bright

“Now I want your fingers to roam through the hair and
caress your flesh above your cunt,” he told her. When
he said that word, Susan’s breath caught and she
couldn’t believe the added excitement. Her skilled
fingers caressed the burning skin and eventually dipped
down to the volcano. When her finger grazed the tip of
her clitoris, her hips thrust forward wanting more.

“Spread your legs Susan and do something for me, will
you?” he asked. Susan held her breath and waited for
what she knew was coming.

“Can you look down and see your pussy?” he requested.
“Can you see the pussy lips and tell me what you see as
I desperately want to touch you,” he told her. “My cock
is so hard and stiff that you just have to tell me what
you see,” he demanded.

Susan looked down and saw the wetness exposed which
caused her passion to reel. Seeing the puffy lips, she
spread her slender legs, as he demanded. This exposed
the very tip of her clit and she felt the urge to touch
it. Without thinking, she whispered the response he was
waiting for.

“I can see my pussy and the lips are wet from what is
happening,” Susan revealed to him. “Yes, yes, go on and
tell me exactly what you look like as it makes my cock
throb,” he begged her with excitement.

The thought of him stroking his big cock filled Susan’s
mind once again and her heart rate increased. No man
had ever told her such erotic things and said that her
body filled them with desire.

Reluctantly, Susan followed his demand and continued.
“The hair is very thin and sparse between my legs and
my pussy is totally exposed. My lips are slightly
spread and I can see the top of my clitoris,” she told
him. For some unexplained reason, she was unable to
stop talking and continued to do as he wanted.

“My pussy feels so hot and aroused, and it feels like
it is throbbing,” Susan eluded. “My fingers are
touching the tip of my clit and it feels like it is
going to explode,” she told him with a sudden feeling
of guilt for confiding such personal feelings.

He knew Susan would have feelings of remorse and had to
keep the action moving quickly, before she gained
enough control to stop. “Feel your pussy for me, feel
the clit and pinch it between your fingers the way I
want to,” he said.

Without hesitation, her fingers did as he ordered and
caressed the vulnerable nub. Suddenly, Susan squeezed
harder and felt her hips thrust forward, in a wanton
manner. Pinching the center of her universe, her
feelings skyrocketed upward towards an unfamiliar apex.
Rolling the wetness between her strong fingers, she
knew what was expected and this caused her breathing to
become ragged and raspy.

Kaz could hear the sounds over the phone and knew she
was falling for his erotic conversation. His plan was
working much better than he ever expected and soon he
would have complete control of his beautiful teacher.
He knew Susan was innocent and naive and this conquest
would be the sweetest of his young life. No, she
obviously wasn’t a virgin but he knew she did not have
very much experience in sex. He was determined to turn
this sexy teacher into his personal sex slave. Mrs. T
would do anything to save her reputation and he was
going to take full advantage of this fact.

He probably had enough evidence of Susan fraternizing
with a student but he wanted to complete the task. “I
want you to feel your clit and keep caressing it for
me,” he ordered. “Now I want you to reach down with
your other hand and fuck yourself with your finger,” he

He knew from his earlier conversations that she had a
speaker phone so he told her to put the phone on
speaker so she could put the handset down. This would
free up her hands so they could do his evil work.

The vulgar words seemed to incense Susan even more and
before she could resist, her hand dipped. Instantly,
her middle finger thrust into her wet channel and
pushed forward so it was fully buried inside her pussy.
No person had ever talked so dirty to her and this made
her mind fall under his control.

“Do you think you can bring yourself to an orgasm for
me,” he asked. “Susan, I want you to bring yourself to
a climax and cum all over your fingers,” he told her.

Susan felt her face flush and start to burn with
intense desire. Her fingers did as he ordered and both
hands were moving vigorously. Pinching her most tender
clit made her hips thrust and she madly curled her
finger upward to fuck her G-spot.

“Susan,” he said sternly and in a voice that demanded
an answer. “I can’t stop, I can’t stop,” she repeated
over and over again as her hips rocked out of control.
“I am cumming, cumming,” she whispered against her will
but she knew he wanted to hear it. Her breathing became
loud, out of control moans, and Kaz knew she was going
through the throes of a violent orgasm.

On and on her orgasm went, as Susan had never
experience such an explosive climax, certainly not one
that lasted this long. Ever muscle in her body tensed
and she arched her back hoping to push her cunt up to
her demanding fingers. Her juices flowed and she
masturbated to his erotic words. Her mind knew this was
wrong but she was unable to stop the soaring passion as
it rushed over the top. Her life stood absolutely still
as the final spasms shot through her lithe body and she
held motionless as the waves started down the far side.

Nothing like this had ever happened to the sheltered
Susan and she slowly became aware of Kaz talking
through the speaker. “That was the most erotic thing in
my life,” he told her and smiled with utter
satisfaction. Yes, this was going to be one lovely

He didn’t want to scare Susan or make her suspicious of
his plans so he decided to call it a night. Just let
her relax and relive the passionate evening. He said
his good byes in a soft reassuring voice. Tomorrow at
school, he would show her who was master and turn sweet
Susan into his own personal slut. With that, he
squeezed his manhood and pumped it vigorously with the
visions of Susan’s sexy body running through his mind.

The next morning, Kaz woke with a refreshed feeling and
one that was only going to improve as the day wore on.
His plan was formulated and now it was only a matter of
carrying out the details. He felt aroused as he
fantasized of the beautiful Susan and how she was soon
to become his slave. He was very aware of how she felt
about her job and knew she would do anything in the
world to protect her professional dignity. A satisfied
smile crossed his face as he prepared the next phase of
his devious plan.

He wrapped the skimpy, shear thong in a small package
and added a handwritten note. This he would give to
Susan as he left the morning class and he would avoid
seeing her the rest of the day. She would worry and
stew over his demands but by tomorrow morning, she
would faithfully succumb to his requests.

Susan purposely avoided eye contact with her phone
lover but she was well aware of his presence. His rough
voice was heard every once in awhile and her heart
skipped a beat every time he spoke. It was as if he was
speaking directly to her and it was her duty to listen.
Finally she shook her head trying to get rid of the
guilt feeling.

The bell rang to indicate the end of the class and
Susan breathed a sigh of relieve. Suddenly, the stocky
figure stopped at her desk and she was afraid to look
up. Slowly, he set the small package on her desk and
departed the room without a word.

Susan stared blankly at the package and wondered what
it was. Slowly, she reached for it and began to unwrap
the gift. The small note dropped onto her desk and she
could see there was writing on it. Removing the paper,
her eyes opened wide as she saw the skimpy thong. Why
on earth would he give her something like this, she
wondered. There was no way she would ever wear such a

Almost in a trance, she opened the note and read. “I
have recorded evidence that you had phone sex with a
student and the school board or teachers association
would not approve of such a thing. I will never tell
anyone as long as you do as I tell you,” he had

Susan stared into the paper and was suddenly afraid of
what could happen if anyone found out. Yes, she had
made a big mistake but maybe she could convince him not
to tell. There was more and she continued.

“I want you to wear the thong all day tomorrow, or
else!” he added. “Another thing you will do is shave
your pussy. I want all of it shaved or I will tell the
board what you have been doing,” his words echoed in
her mind. Surely he can’t be serious, Susan thought.

The bell rang for the next class and she quickly put
the note and panties in her purse. Not having time to
dwell, she taught her next class almost in a daze and
the noon bell didn’t come soon enough. She went to the
lunchroom and looked all over for Kaz, as she just had
to plead with him. He purposely avoided her the rest of
the day and when the final class of the day was
complete, Susan was exhausted from worrying.

When she got home, she took the items out of her purse
and thought of ways to get out of the situation. What
would he do if she didn’t wear the thong? What would he
do if she didn’t shave her pussy? She asked these
questions to herself all night and was unable to find a
way out.

Her usual custom was to have a hot bath before bed and
she run the water in preparation. Suddenly she felt a
wave of shame rush through her body as she wondered
what she would say to her husband about being shaved.
No, she just could not do what Kaz had ordered.

Then, almost in a trance, she lathered her legs like
any other occasion when she shaved, but this time her
hand continued until her pelvis was turned white. Her
hands were shaking but she slowly put the razor to her
skin. Stroke after stroke went through her bush and in
a couple of minutes, she witnessed a cleanly shaven
cunt. Washing the remaining lather away, she saw how
baby like her pussy area looked. No, she should not
have done it but it was too late.

Suddenly her deft fingers dipped into her crotch.
Skillfully, the fingers of her right hand split the
red, puffy lips and grabbed the protruding clit.
Pinching it, she began to roll it back and forth and
realized that she was soaked with more than water. The
slippery juices covered her pussy and she was able to
roll the long clit easily in the wetness. Quickly, her
long finger of her left hand thrust into her waiting
hole and she began pumping it in and out. Faster the
hands moved and in seconds, her passion reached a
volcanic level.

The feelings of guilt roared through her mind but she
was unable to stop the self-attack. Oh why, she thought
and her fingers refused to stop or pause. The first
spasm shot through her tender body and she suddenly
realized that she was going to experience a mind-
blowing orgasm.

Squeezing the abused clit even harder, she brought the
impeding orgasm to the peak. Her body rocked out of
control as she went over the top and at that moment,
she didn’t care about anything else in her life. On and
on the explosions went as her fingers milked every last
ounce of lava from her loins.

As the spasms slowly subsided, she managed to still her
hips and stop her body from shaking. The last shock
erupted from deep within and then she lay back onto the
curved portion of the warm bathtub. She closed her eyes
and refused to think of what had just happened.

In a trance, Susan got out of the tub and caught her
imagine in the mirror. How odd it looked without any
hair but after a few seconds, she accepted the fact.
Slipping on the silky nightgown, she went to bed for
much needed sleep. Luckily, Jay was already sleeping
and there was no explaining needed tonight.

The alarm went off at 6 and Susan reluctantly got out
of bed. She got ready for work as usual and everything
went as normal until it was time to get dressed. Once
again she caught sight of her newly shaved pussy and
watched as the overly skimpy thong went on over her
slender hips.

The small white triangle in front would never have
covered her hair, she thought, and realized it was odd
to be thinking that at this time. Turning around, she
noticed how the string from the tiny patch at her waist
disappeared between her ass cheeks.

Susan shuddered and did not think that she could wear
such a thing. Looking again at the image, she
reluctantly decided that Kaz would certainly want to
know if she did as he directed in his note. Somehow,
she had to convince him that this was all a mistake and
that he should leave her alone.

Time was running short so Susan turned and completed
dressing for the day. Oh why did she do what he
ordered? How was he ever going to prove that she had
obeyed? No, she should never have followed his
directions. It was too late now so she headed off to

The morning classes went smoothly but Susan felt that
everyone knew she was wearing a thong. It took until
part way through the second class before she could
relax and forget about the burning material covering
her private area.

It was the last class before noon that Kaz was in her
class and he entered in his usual casual manner.
Meeting her deep, blue eyes, Susan felt the sudden
realization of his superior strength and masculinity.
She felt small and tender under his stare and a small
vibration shot through her body at the thought of his
mastery over her.

Somehow she got through the class and was so relieved
when the noon hour bell rang. Her shoulders slumped
forward and she paused for a few minutes in an attempt
to get a measure of control back. Deciding to eat in
her classroom, she locked the door and enjoyed the time

The afternoon went well and at last the final bell
sounded. Susan gathered her books and belongings, and
headed to the door. Just as she reached the classroom
exit, Kaz’s stocky body filled the entry and he quickly
grabbed the brass knob. Closing the door before Susan
had time to react, he swiftly seized the opportunity.
Grabbing her shoulders, he twisted her body to place
her back against the solid, wooden door.

Kaz held her firmly and looked directly into her eyes.
“Now I want to see if my little slut did as she was
told,” he said. Without warning, he held her upper body
with one hand, and his other dropped to the hem of her
skirt. Susan was unable to move and she knew exactly
what was about to happen. In one swift motion, he
reached under the hem of her skirt and brought his hand
up to Susan’s crotch. Her breath caught and held as she
felt his hand close over her almost naked pelvis.

Still looking into her eyes, he said in a stern voice,
“Open your legs as I want to feel your beautifully
shaved pussy.” His eyes told Susan that he meant what
he said and then he gave a little twist with his upper
hand, which was on the front of Susan’s blouse.

Like the obedient slave, Susan slowly spread her legs
to allow his strong hand to slip between them.
Instantly, his fingers lifted the small, silky patch
and dove into the promised land below. The thong
offered no protection and his skillful fingers found
the target at once. Closing on the throbbing bud, he
pinched it with determined passion.

Susan rolled her head back and closed her eyes tightly
as his fingers rolled the throbbing clit around in the
abundant juices. She felt lust like never before and
instantly felt a loss of control. She was dumbfounded
at how turned on she felt and how quickly he turned her
stomach into a passion pit.

“I like my sluts wet and horny like you are right now,”
he whispered into her ear. “You have such a nice pussy
and it feels so hot when it is shaved,” he added and
continued to caress Susan’s love button. In a matter of
seconds, she was soaring up the mountain.

Suddenly, he removed his strong fingers from Susan’s
soaked pussy and a small measure of relieve washed over
her. Opening her eyes, she noticed him place his wet
fingers next to his lips. With a smile, he slowly
opened his mouth and pushed his fingers inside. She
could see his tongue whip around the digits and lick
the coating off.

Then he moved his hand downward again and immediately
found the treasure between Susan’s legs. Without being
told, she spread her thighs to allow entry and his
fingers surrounded the tender bud again. Pinching and
flicking it, he brought a deep moan from Susan’s lips
and again she was unable to stop his advance. Back and
forth he caressed the throbbing clit and every few
seconds, he would thrust his middle finger into the
burning inferno.

Soon his fingers were coated with love juices and he
brought his hand up to Susan’s face this time. Placing
the very tip of his fingers within an inch of her lips,
he waited. The aroma of her own sex drifted upward and
filled her nostrils. Now barely touching her pouty
lips, Susan knew what he wanted and she slowly opened
her mouth.

Instantly, he penetrated the waiting cavity and his
fingers lay over her tongue. A slight movement of his
finger and she began sucking. Licking one finger at a
time, she soon had all the juices cleaned from his
fingers and swallowed every ounce. A shudder passed
through her body with the realization that these
fingers had just been inside her cunt.

Susan was so close to experiencing an orgasm and prayed
that he did not touch her pussy again. Strong and
determined as any woman, she knew her body was
perilously close to collapse and any more caressing by
this monster would certainly bring total embarrassment.
Her stomach fluttered as she attempted to regain a
measure of control.

Suddenly Susan realized he was talking and hadn’t heard
a word. “You have been a very good girl and I think you
have the nicest ass. Would you like me to fuck your
ass?” he asked. After a few seconds he demanded an

“No, no I have never done that sort of thing and I
think it is filthy,” Susan responded in a low whisper.
“I just couldn’t do it,” she concluded.

With that, Kaz swiftly moved his hand back to the
control button and gave it one final squeeze. Pinching
the throbbing meat between his strong, stubby fingers,
he said, “We don’t have time today but tomorrow you are
going to fuck me.” Looking directly into Susan’s eyes,
she felt like he hit her in the stomach as he
continued, “I want to feel my hard cock inside your
shaved cunt and your nice tight virgin ass.”

Susan shook as he finished talking and finally pulled
his soaked fingers from her crotch. In a flash, he
pushed her slender body away from the door and exited
before she had any chance to respond. Closing the door
after him, Susan slumped back against the door and
fought to regain control of her senses.

No man had ever made her feel so belittled yet she felt
her sexual emotions rise beyond any point in her life.
She was determined to get control of the situation and
not let this vile student take any further liberties
with her.

Her books and purse had fallen to the floor and she
slowly picked them up. It was already well past
quitting time so Susan rushed out to her car. Once
inside the car, she hugged the steering wheel and her
mind thought of ways to get out from under Kaz’s spell.
Reluctantly, she drove home and felt relieved once in
the sanctuary of the house.

Her husband wasn’t home yet so Susan rushed upstairs to
have a quick shower. She felt degraded by what had
happened and a nice hot shower would make her feel
clean once again. Oh, there it was again, feeling the
cleanly shaven area as she scrubbed herself.

She remembered the erotic feelings that consumed her
body when she carried out the brazen task Kaz demanded.
Trying not to touch her private parts, she finished
washing and quickly got out of the shower. She felt the
familiar tingling deep inside of that thing called lust
and did not want to succumb to it right now.

Everything went well the rest of the night and all was
normal the next morning. Arriving at the college on
time, Susan went directly to the classroom to get
things ready. A rustling noise behind her gave Susan a
start and when she turned, Kaz was standing by her

“I was watching your tight ass move around and I can
hardly wait to feel it up against my hard cock,” he
said with a smug smile. Susan’s immediate reaction was
to scold him harshly but he stopped her dead in her
tracks. “Remember you don’t want anyone to find out
about us do you?” Kaz asked. His words prevented any
protest from escaping her lips and Susan gave a sign of

“You are going to feel my cock this afternoon and I
want your sweet lips around it,” he whispered. With
that, he handed Susan a small bag and left without
another word.

Susan was dumbfounded by his brazen attitude and had
never met anyone who took her for granted. Slowly she
sat down at her desk and stared at the bag.
Reluctantly, she opened it and there was a note on top
of some clothes. With shaking fingers, she picked up
the note and read.

“You will wear these clothes that I have carefully
picked out for you. And remember, you will do exactly
as you are told. You will wear these clothes and
nothing else!” the note read. Hurriedly she continued,
as class was due to start shortly. “Meet me in Kinsmen
Park at 3 o’clock. Go to the picnic shelter which you
can see from the parking lot,” read his last

She quickly put the note away and placed the bag in a
desk drawer. The rest of the day was a blur and Susan
fretted about the afternoon rendezvous. Kaz must have
known she had a spare the last class and would be off
early today.

The time had arrived and Susan was alone as she slowly
reached into the drawer. Taking out the bag, she
removed the two pieces of clothing. Two, there must be
a mistake and she looked franticly into the empty bag.
Surely he can’t be serious she thought and looked the
skirt and sweater over closely. It was a pleated, black
skirt almost like a uniform worn by some schoolgirls.
The sweater was the correct size but it was very baggy
and looked quite small. She shuddered just thinking of
what she would look like in this outfit.

Not being able to think of a way out, she reluctantly
headed for the washroom closest to the parking lot.
Maybe she could change there and be able to exit the
building to her car without any seeing her. Once inside
the restroom stall, she slowly removed her clothing and
donned the skirt and sweater. Oh, no, she thought as
she had never gone anywhere without under garments and
this surely felt strange.

On her way out, Susan caught her image in the mirror
and shook with fright. This made her look like a young
student and it felt like anyone would be able to tell
that she was not wearing panties or a bra. Turning
sideways, she could see her bare breast exposed through
the large armhole so she would have to be careful of
this. She brushed the sweater down and gave the bottom
a little tug in an attempt to make it longer.

She assumed it would do as it just barely covered her
tummy and almost reached her waist. The pleats made the
skirt wide at the hem and it was not one that she would
ever wear as it was way too short. She preferred ones
that came down to her knees and didn’t show off her
shapely legs.

Susan almost ran out to her car and was thankful that
she did not run into anyone on the way. She breathed a
sign of relieve once she got behind the wheel and tried
to relax for a minute. Looking down, she saw that the
skirt was riding all the way up her thigh and in a show
of bravery, she raised the hem to reveal her flesh. Her
heart quickened as she saw her shaved pussy and she
even spread her legs enough to see that her ruby lips
were glistening with moisture.

Ashamed and feeling guilty, Susan quickly covered
herself as best she could and started the Mustang. Her
heart was certainly beating much faster than normal and
it felt extremely hot for this time of day. Driving a
few minutes, she soon came to the park and she felt a
strong desire to rush away.

Maybe she could see Kaz and reason with him. Yes, she
would plead like never before and maybe, just maybe he
would feel sorry for her. It was true that nobody must
ever find out about what she had done but also, she
didn’t want to succumb to Kaz’s demands.

Seeing the shelter Kaz had mentioned, Susan got out of
the car and headed towards it. It had sides that were
about four feet high with an opening above that between
the top of the sides and roof. She couldn’t see inside
from a distance and slowly walked up to the doorway,
hoping he would not be inside.

At the doorway, her heart stopped for a second as she
saw Kaz sitting on top of a picnic table. He smiled at
her and Susan was mad at herself for not remaining
steadfast as she flet her tummy quiver in anticipation.
For some unknown reason, Susan felt controlled by this
boy and her feet started in his direction.

He knew she was reluctant and hesitant about being
there and she would certainly put up a fight to stop
him from assaulting her body. Seeing her sexy body
clothed in the schoolgirl outfit made his heart skip a
beat and he knew that she was worth the risk to be able
to fuck such a fine woman.

As she got closer, Kaz stood up and quickly put his
arms around Susan and pulled her tight to his hard
body. “I knew you wanted me to fuck you Susan and I can
hardly wait to get at your ass,” he whispered. “Let’s
see if you dressed as you were instructed,” he said and
without warning, thrust his hand into her naked crotch.

He didn’t give Susan a chance to get away and
immediately shoved his middle finger into her wetness.
His hand cupped her entire slit and he was amazed at
how soaked his palm became in just a few seconds. Susan
gave a futile attempt to get free but he easily held
her steady against his body.

Susan never felt so sensitive or alive and her body
seemed to belong to someone else. Suddenly, she thrust
her hips forward and her mind was going crazy with
lust. This can’t be happening kept running through her
mind, but it was.

Suddenly, Kaz released his finger from between her lips
and removed his hand from her cunt. Susan felt empty
and stood perfectly still, waiting for his next move.
This was the time to reason with him and she summonded
up the courage to plead. “Please, Kaz, don’t do
this…,” but she was cut off by his lips meeting hers.
He forced his kiss on her and his tongue darted out to
press between the tightly closed lips. Forcing her lips
apart, his tongue entwined with hers and he kissed with
a desperate passion.

Susan tried not to respond and she conceded to just
allow him to kiss her. After a few seconds, Kaz moved
his mouth to the side and whispered in her ear. “I want
your lips on my cock right now,” he ordered. It didn’t
register right away and it took a few seconds before
she realized what he wanted her to do. No, she just
couldn’t do that she reasoned, and especially with
someone she didn’t know.

Kaz realized that Susan would be reluctant so he had
already undone his pants and lowered them enough to
release his throbbing manhood. Grabbing Susan’s small,
delicate hand, he forced it to his waiting cock. She
almost screamed when her fingers closed on the burning
flesh and she tried to pull away.

He decided to show Susan who was in control and quickly
turned her around so her back was up against him. With
one hand, he easily reached under the loose sweater and
grabbed her waiting tit. Squeezing the hard nipple
between his strong fingers, he pinched until Susan
opened her mouth in protest.

Then he used his other hand to flip the skirt up to her
waist, and swiftly pushed his hard cock between her
legs. He forced his hand between her thighs to spread
them enough to allowed his cock to press along the wet
slit. Susan’s legs almost collapsed when this happened
and she felt his thick cock caress between her ass
cheeks and run the entire length of her pussy lips.

No man had ever treated her like this or even forced
her to do any sexual things in her life. This should
have made her extremely mad and she should be fighting
with all her might. Instead, he whispered once again
for her to use her lips on his rock, hard cock.
Obediently, she twisted her body around and dropped
down to her knees.

Her small fingers went around the thick shaft and she
held it directly in front of her face. She admired it
like no other she had ever seen and lowered her face to
the big weapon. Feeling the wide, flared head press
between her puffy lips, Susan tasted another man’s cum.
Sucking it deeper into her mouth, Susan felt passion
and lust far beyond any in her life. The cock felt so
big and thick that it scared her a little at first. It
throbbed and pulsed in her hand and she felt powerful
for the first time as she was having such a profound
affect on his manhood.

Why she was on her knees and even considering sucking
his cock was beyond anything she could believe. But
here she was obeying his demands and feeling a need she
could not resist. His cock was far more desirable than
in any of her fantasies and the taste of the nectar was
like a powerful drug to her mind.

Kaz was not going to last very long and felt his orgasm
rising like the speed of a runaway train. Susan pumped
the length of cock with her one hand and cupped his
hanging balls with the other. Her mouth was performing
the best blowjob of his life as she sucked hard and
deep. Susan felt his hips begin to thrust and jerk out
of control and knew he was about to cum.

The hot lava shot out of his cock with such force it
took her by surprise and began flowing down her throat.
For fear of suffocating, she swallowed and gulped the
burning liquid and managed to drink the complete
orgasm. His big hand went to her head and held her
steady as she milked his cock dry.

Suddenly, Susan felt used and degraded when his climax
was over could not believe what she had just done.
There she was, a strict, professional teacher on her
knees giving a blowjob to a student. No, this just
didn’t happen!

Kaz reached down and brought Susan up to stand in front
of him. He looked directly into the deep, blue eyes and
thanked her for sucking his cock. Here he was so vulgar
and rude all the time and she accepted it from him. Oh
if only he wouldn’t look into her eyes she pleaded with
herself, as she didn’t seem to be able to refuse any of
his demands. No matter how crude or vile they may be.

It was now time to become master of her body so he
decided to finger fuck her right there in the shelter.
He knew she would be filled with guilt and shame if she
experienced an orgasm in a public place. Quickly, he
reached under the flared skirt and instantly found the
control button. Bringing Susan closer and tight against
his body, Kaz performed his magic and his fingers
caressed the enflamed clitoris.

Pinching the enlarged bud with his finger tips, Susan
hips thrust madly to capture his hand. The lust filled
her mind and all sanity and reason was gone. She felt
the orgasm explode immediately and she was unable to
stop the rising tide as it soared to the peak. Like a
common slut, she spread her slender legs and enabled
his attacking hand to have complete access to her
shaved love box.

He pulled her legs around his hips and put one hand
around her body. His hand went to her bare ass and his
other was still in front on her wet pussy. Susan
instinctually put her arms around his neck to keep from
falling and suddenly loud moans came from her lips as
the orgasm soared. Somehow he had gotten into a sitting
position on the picnic bench and this allowed him to
steady her body against his.

He attacked her pussy with desperate passion and
vigorously rolled the clit in the abundant juices. When
his other hand began caressing her ass, Susan felt like
someone hit her in the tummy. She had never allowed
anyone to touch her ass and now this boy was taking
newfound liberties. She opened her mouth to protest but
nothing came out. She felt him spread her cheeks and
gently push his finger against the forbidden entrance.

Susan bit her lip and held her breath in anticipation.
Then it happened, he split her asshole and pushed his
finger inside. Faster he swirled the tender clit around
and around and Susan went delirious. Nothing like this
had ever happened to her and the earth shattering
orgasm washed over her entire body. On and upward it
went and she gave herself completely to this Russian
boy. Wave after wave erupted from the center of her
being until the final explosion rocketed over the top.

Kaz had to admit that this was far better than he ever
expected or even planned. He was going to enjoy the
future and he could hardly wait to show his beautiful
slut to his two compatriots. Yes, Susan would do
anything he wanted to keep him quiet and he was
certainly going to take advantage of her frail

Susan’s mind was a blur and really didn’t know what
happened after the climax. All she knew was that no
orgasm had ever consumed her body like todays. It was
easy to fix her clothes and she quickly brushed them
into place to make herself look presentable. How could
she let this happen in a public place, she asked
herself over and over again?

His departing words struck Susan with a blow. “I will
see you tomorrow at the same time,” he told her and
slipped a little card in her hand. It contained the
address of a little apartment close to the college and
Susan stared blankly at the black and white letters.
She was speechless as she watched him turn and leave
the shelter.

Susan shivered with the realization that this young
foreign student had complete control over her. He made
her do things that she had always refused to do for
anyone in her life, even her husband.