Writer’s Block

It’s the writers worst nightmare, the absence of any idea of what to write
next. I knew that I needed a diversion and went out to the local mall for
some pipe tobacco. I stopped at the food court for some pizza and took a
table to sit down and eat. I really did not notice anyone around me until
after I sat down. There she was at the next table in her pink fuck-me
outfit. She had so much skin showing that the 18 year old was only barely
decent. She was looking at me with one hand on her hip and with her other
hand she had her index finger in her mouth. The spandex top showed her
skintight figure and soft little breasts. Add to this a cute sexy face and
shoulder length blonde hair and she was a diversion alright.

I picked up my plastic plate of pizza and moved over to her table. Setting
down I picked up one of the slices and began to eat. She giggled and licked
her lightly painted lips. Setting the pizza slice down on the plate I wiped
my mouth with a napkin and casually asked her if she fucked. She nodded and
smiled back at me. I didn’t care if she was underage or not, never did, if
they fuck, they fuck and this girl was looking to get fucked. There was not
an ounce of fat on this girl she was shapely and trim and once again I
casually asked he how old she was. Her soft reply of thirteen made me choke
on the pizza which she found humorous.

This was jailbait in a pink fuck-me outfit and the thought of fucking a
little girl, especially one that looked like her, was getting me hard as a
steel pipe. I asked her if she had any hair on her sweet pussy and she
giggled and shook her head, no. Taking her hand I walked her out of the
food court and we left the mall. I drove her to my cottage by the river and
let her wander around for a bit while I straightened things up a little. I
turned around and found her standing right behind me. I moved slowly into
her space and kissed her full on her lips as passionately as I could and she
liked it.

Moving my hands over her spandex covered breasts was heaven, they were firm
and soft, and I kissed her again. She wore no bra, she didn’t need one,
they stood erect and proud, and she was so fucking young. Unbuckling my
belt and unzipping, I let my pants drop to my ankles and then pulled down my
boxer shorts and stepped out of them, kicking them aside. My cock stuck
straight out pointing at her navel as I removed my shirt and tossed it
beside my pants and underwear. I slipped out of my loafers and removed my
socks, finally standing naked in front of this little girl.

“What is your name sweetie?”


“Well Nancy, why don’t you get undressed and get more comfortable.”

“I want you to undress me!”

That was fine by me, I always wanted to undress a little girl and my
characters in my stories always did this, now it was my turn to undress her
pretty sexy body. I could tell she didn’t have much on, just the spandex
top and her pink pedal pushers, her crotch was wet and not just a little bit
either. Interestingly enough this did not bother her to be leaking
lubricants into the crotch of her clothing. It sure as hell turned me on
and the smell was sweet like lotus blossoms. Her pedal pushers were low on
her hips and it didn’t take much effort to pull them down. As I expected
she wore no panties and her ripe hairless pussy came right into view, all
slick and wet with anticipation.

I stood up and pulled the spandex top over her head and added to her pile of
clothing on the floor. She slipped out of her Mary Jane shoes and remove
her dainty pink socks. Her body was stunning and so very young. Full
thirteen year old breasts are really something to look at, with skin so baby
smooth and soft. I sucked on them gently because they were very sensitive
to her and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt her in any way. She
genuinely enjoyed my nursing on her ample but still small breasts as I
fondled her bubble butt cheeks. I was absolutely sure she was no virgin
with a body and attitude like she had.

I laid down on the bed first and had her get on top of me so she could
control everything. She positioned my cock up against her slippery wet hole
and pushed down on it, and after a minute it slipped in and she sank down on
me. I wanted her in this position not only for her comfort and control, but
because I could look at her beautiful body as we fucked. As she relaxed and
began moving up and down on me I saw the blood, Nancy was a virgin and she
gave it up for me. She was tight and soft and her muscles worked me better
than any woman ever had.

I began to get worried, she may be having periods already and I did and I
didn’t want to get her pregnant. I really had mixed feelings about this.
Still she said nothing and kept on rising up and down on my cock in absolute
euphoria with her eyes closed. I always had a lot of staying power but I
was close to losing it now, she was just too tight and her muscles were
working me to the maximum, I had no choice, and didn’t want one, I came!
Nancy shuddered as she felt herself being filled with potent male seed. The
mounting orgasm she felt building was going to burst any second and she
forced herself down on my cock so hard she took it all inside her, almost
eight inches.

Nancy’s scream was guttural and animal as her first major orgasm took her
over the edge and she collapsed on my chest, heaving and still humping my
cock. I had never seen anyone get off so hard as she did, her breasts
plastered against my chest, her hair in my face, she was sucking on my
nipple and biting me as her body went rigid and then she passed out. Her
brain unable to deal with that much sensory data, it shut her down while it
processed what it had. Her body jerked and heaved as her brain worked on
her orgasm and fed it out to her. This little girl was having a grand mall
orgasm and it lasted a full seven minutes.

We rested until she came to and then we took a shower which was fun and
playful. I placed her back against the shower wall and entered her again,
her legs around my waist. She took all of me easily now and I pumped in and
out of her hairless pussy waiting for her to come again, the hot water
cascading over us. She didn’t let me down, she came hard again and again as
I fucked her sweet little hole, and I was surprised the hot water held out
so long. Finally I came in her again and she went limp. I cleaned her up
and cleaned her out and then dried her perfect body off gently with a warm
towel. She dressed and plopped herself in front of the television as I went
to my writer’s den to start a new book. The diversion had worked and I had
more than enough ideas for the next story.