What Goes Around, Cums Around

Persuasive by nature and devilishly curious, young Liza, convinced her
cousin Kellye to have sex with her, one night while they both slept over
their grandparent’s house.

Liza discovered several of grandfather’s pornographic magazines,
underneath the bathroom sink. She managed to sneak a couple them using a
large, hardcover children’s book. She transported them unsuspectingly from
the bathroom to the bedroom, where her cousin lay anxiously. She locked
the door and plopped herself on the bed next to her.

Excitedly, Liza opened the book and extracted the erotic treasures.
Turning page after page, she studied the exposed male and female anatomies
and their varying positions. Unable to control her curiosity any longer,
she stripped Kellye down to her underwear and began to role-play. Her
cousin, being the more vulnerable of the two, played the female, while Liza
played the male. Liza pretended her finger, was a cock and pressed it into
Kellye’s tender flesh. Kellye, screamed in pain, but Liza abruptly placed
her hand over her cousin’s mouth then continued to assault Kellye’s
helpless cunt. Liza imagined being a man marring a young beauty, with his
oversized cock!

Grandfather suddenly knocked at the bedroom door, frightening Liza out
of her trance. She quickly withdrew her finger, rolled off of Kellye then
threw on her nightshirt! She grabbed the magazines and tossed them under
her pillow. She quietly, instructed Kellye to lie still underneath the
blankets as if she were asleep. Liza then got up to unlock the bedroom
door for grandfather. Fearful, of what her older cousin might do, Kellye
did as she was told. Grandfather didn’t suspect a thing! He was curious,
however, as to why the bedroom door was locked. Liza, innocently explained
that she was not aware of the door being locked…but that she would leave
it open from now on. Grandfather smiled down at his darling, granddaughter
and placed a kiss on her forehead before turning in for the evening.

Liza and Kellye didn’t speak to one another for the rest of the night.
The following morning, Liza sat up in bed pondering over the previous
night’s events. She felt guilty for causing her little cousin despair and
begged for her forgiveness. They agreed to never tell anyone what they

Shortly thereafter, Liza’s aunt came by to pick up her daughter to take
her home. Her own mother wasn’t scheduled to pick her up until later that
afternoon, which would allow her plenty of time to view the magazines in
private. However, much to her dismay, her grandfather discovered that the
magazines were missing and proceeded to scold her.

Fortunately, her grandmother was out that morning visiting a sick friend
therefore he was unable to share this revelation with her. She
contemplated placing the blame on Kellye, whom she practically raped the
night before, but in all fairness, decided against it. It was her wrong
doing and she was prepared to take responsibility. She wondered how her
grandfather knew the magazines were missing, for there were more than a
dozen of them under the sink. She had glanced at all of them, but pulled
the two most revealing ones from the middle section of the stack as opposed
to the top or the bottom. Grandfather knew exactly which ones they were,
because they were undoubtedly his favorites.

That morning he had sought them desperately to aid them with his morning
ritual. Liza begged him not to tell her mother or her grandmother about
what she’d done, as she feared an even harsher punishment than the one she
was currently receiving. He thought about it for several minutes before
offering her a deal.

Grandfather’s cock stirred, as he stared down at his scantily dressed
granddaughter. So, he told her that in exchange for his silence, she’d
have to perform oral sex on him. He couldn’t believe he had resorted to
blackmailing his own granddaughter into giving him head. But, he was
desperate to get off. An old man like him, doesn’t see much action these
days, aside from the dirty magazines.

Although, she was disgusted by his proposal, she was willing to do it in
order to save her ass. It can’t be all that bad, she figured. Her
grandfather was still a very attractive man and she did have a fondness for
the older, more authoritative type. Liza informed her grandfather of the
fact that she’d never given a blowjob before, but that she was familiar
enough with the process. She flipped to a page in the magazine with the
picture of a young woman on her knees feasting on a grown man’s cock.
Grandfather assured her that she’d do fine, then swiftly pulled his cock
out of his pants.

She stared at his engorged member for a few minutes before kneeling down
to wrap her soft, bare lips around his cock head. Grandfather grabbed a
hand full of her wavy, brown hair then began to saw his long, salty shaft
in and out of her hot little mouth. She tried to imagine it was a “big
stick”, her favorite ice cream bar, while she slurped and swallowed his
pre-cum. Needless to say, grandfather, was engrossed with pleasure.
Instinctively, she flicked her tongue over his piss-slit several times,
causing him to cry out in ecstasy. He returned the favor by impaling her
throat, nearly causing her to choke!! It was then she felt a sudden gush
of warm liquid drowning her insides. She tried desperately to pull away
from him, but grandfather maintained his tight grip around her head. She
heard grandfather scream something like, “take it all – baby!!!!” as she
knelt there helplessly, unable to fully breathe.

After of dumping load after load, into her young body, he finally
withdrew from her mouth. She gasped for air and at that very moment, she
thought of Kellye. She imagined what it was like for her to endure such
roughness at the hands of a loved one. She sobbed uncontrollably as
grandfather backed away from her. He was mortified by what he’d done to
her and begged for forgiveness. He then picked her up and carried her to
bed. They agreed never to tell anyone what they did.