Zoe and Ashley

Zoe came home fairly early from the mall that night, considering it was a midnight madness sale. She had gone with some of her other friends that went to the same school as her. As she walked into her living room with a glass of water, she saw her stepsister, Ashley, who was 2 years older, laying on the couch. As it was the middle of summer, Ashley’s large nipples were erect from the coolness of the air conditioner. Zoe couldn’t help but stare as she sat down on the carpeted floor, crossing her legs.

“Have fun at the mall?” Ashley asked while watching the television.

“Mmmhmm,” Zoe mumbled in return, while sipping at her water. She caught herself checking out Ashley’s figure and almost scolded herself out loud. As Zoe went to lean against the coffee table, she cried out, as she had forgotten about her sunburn. Ashley’s head whipped around to look at Zoe.

“Forgot about your sunburn again, kid?” Ashley asked. Zoe nodded and groaned. She just couldn’t tan, no matter what she did. She could only burn. Ashley continued, “Want me to tickle your back for you?”

“Yeah, please. Can we go to our room though? It’s a lot more comfortable.” Zoe said. Ever since she was a kid she had just loved having her back tickled, especially when it was sunburnt. Ashley and Zoe quickly went upstairs into their room and Zoe flopped down on her queen sized bed. As she slowly lifted her shirt up at the back, Ashley carefully unclipped her bra for her, and slid it out from underneath her.

“Thanks, Ash,” Zoe sighed in pleasure.

Ashley slowly and carefully moved her fingers over Zoe’s back, along the top, the bottom, the middle, and of course, her sides. Zoe turned her head and looked up at Ashley gratefully. Once again, her eyes drifted to her stepsister’s large breasts with the perky erect nipples. Ashley noticed, and to her own surprise, it turned her on to think, her little stepsister was staring at her breasts! Ashley, becoming a little aroused now, became daring and went lower on Zoe’s sides… working her way to her soft, little breasts. This forced Zoe to also become aroused, and soon enough, Zoe found herself resting on her elbows so that Ashley had better access to her breasts. Finally, Zoe was fed up with resting on her elbows, and whipped herself onto her back, tearing her shirt off from around her neck.

Zoe moaned lightly as Ashley straddled her, without saying a word, and began to lightly pinch and rub her nipples with her soft fingers. This was all too much for Zoe, who had never actually had an experience with a guy.

“Oh my God, please suck them Ashley,” Zoe begged. Ashley grinned and craned her neck down to allow her to bury her mouth around Zoe’s small breasts. By now, Ashley and Zoe were both aroused greatly. Finally Ashley decided to remove her shirt also. Zoe immediately brought her mouth to Ashley’s erect nipples and flicked them lightly with her tongue. Ashley groaned in delight.

“That’s right, Zoe, you little bitch, lick them! Suck them! Make my huge nipples hard as pebbles!” Ashley said as she rubbed her own crotch area. Zoe obeyed as she sucked, slurped and pinched at her stepsister’s breasts.

Soon enough, both girls were close to orgasm just from a nipple fetish. Zoe stood up and began to unzip her own jeans, and than pulled down both her pants and panties. She laid back on the bed and slowly pushed two of her little fingers into her sopping pussy. Ashley did the same, but almost immediately after she started she replaced Zoe’s fingers with her own, and her own fingers with Zoe’s, so that they were fingering each other’s pussy in sync with each other. No later than she herself began to orgasm did she feel Zoe’s tight pussy convulsing around her fingers. Both of them bucked at the hands intruding their pussies and moaned loudly.

When Zoe’s orgasm subsided, she than positioned herself between Ashley’s legs and inhaled the sweet aromas of her stepsister, before burying her tongue deep inside of her pussy. Ashley squealed with delight as she grasped the sheets with pleasure. After about 2 minutes Ashley had a huge orgasm and came all over Zoe’s face. Zoe licked her face clean, and all the juices out of Ashley’s pussy invaded her mouth like mouthwash. Zoe than laid back on her bed, and fell into a light sleep, while thinking “I hope we do this more often…” while Ashley was thinking the exact same thing.