Cum in me. Breed me. Knock me up again!

As the gorgeous 6’2″ short black haired teenager walked from her brand new Mustang Cobra GT she got a lot of hoots and whistles from the construction workers at the site next door.

Her name is Alex and today is her 18th birthday. Those workers would have been surprised to know that Alex was the mother of 4 girls. Quadruplets born just before she turned 14. The ob/gen she went to had claimed she had an infection but instead of antibiotics, he injected her vaginal passage with sperm. After several months the sperm took root and the result, four beautiful little girls, just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago.

Those workers would have also been shocked if they’d known that she was a hermaphrodite. Under that skirt she also had a cock and testicles along with a pussy. That quack ob/gen had been collecting samples of Alex’s sperm for a couple of years via a court order. The tests were cancelled but the quack didn’t tell anyone. Fortunately no one ever found out the quack had used Alex’s own sperm. She was biologically both the mother and father of those little girls.

She also had a brother/son, now 7, from an incident in which she and her mother where forced to have sex.

Some say that being in porno leads to prostitution. With Alex it was the other way around. She had been a high priced call girl breeding stallion for almost 4 yrs. This night she was making her first porno movie.

Due to technical problems with lights and other equipment they didn’t start filming until after 10pm.

In the first scene a 5’3″ redhead with a 50″ chest is wearing an 18th century dress while sitting at a desk when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns and looks up.

“Please no!” she pleads as a tall young woman picks her up and sits her on the edge of the desk. Then leans over and kisses the redhead.

“No Katarina we mustn’t.”

A baby is heard in the background. The tall woman commands a servant nearby to look after the child while she is opening the clothing of the redhead.

“No please no” the redhead pleads.

“Mother you are mine now. I am mistress of this house now.”

A closeup shows her pants have been opened and a large cock is at full erection. She kisses the redhead again and moves forward. As they kiss the mother moans louder as her daughter’s massive cock pushes its way into her pussy. The front of their clothes are opened and their breasts mash against each other as mother and daughter fuck passionately.
Nearly 40 minutes of hot lesbian incest later the daughter’s cock erupts inside her mother. The camera zooms in for a closeup of the daughter’s mouth as fangs extend then follows her head as it comes down and buries those fangs in the mother’s throat.

The second scene shows the daughter fucking the blonde servant.

The third scene is a threesome with the daughter fucking both her mother and the servant then butt fucking them as they 69.

The following night on Christmas eve Alex is at the estate of the Collins. Their daughter is a classmate of Alex’s. This night though Alex is there to see Mrs. Collins who was her first client.

Brenda Collins is on her bed on all fours. Her husband is out of town supposedly on business but is probably fucking his latest secretary. Alex is on the bed behind her fucking her like she was a bitch in heat. In a way she is.

“Cum in me. Breed me. Knock me up again!” Brenda pants and moans desperately.

“Aren’t four enough?”

“NO! I want you to keep me knocked up until I can’t have anymore babies.” Brenda almost passes out from a huge orgasm. “That bastard husband of mine has knocked up 12 secretaries in the last 12 years. Several of them more than once. His original secretary left to be a stay at home mom but he kept fucking her. She’s going to bear him a sixth bastard any day. From what I heard eavesdropping he’ll have #13 knocked up this weekend.”

A few minutes later Brenda did pass out cumming as Alex flooded her blonde cunt full of potent sperm. A couple of months from now when Brenda gets confirmation she’s knocked up she’ll pay Alex the usual bonus for a successful studding.

A couple later hours just before Alex leaves, Brenda hands her $5000 in cash. The busty blonde gives Alex a goodbye kiss. What the two don’t know is that they have had an audience. Brenda’s daughter Cordi has been watching them. She was shocked to learn who the father of her little brothers is, but even more shocked by the news of her father’s many years of cheating and having babies with his lovers. She has known about Alex’s extra appendage but didn’t know that Alex could make babies. They were best friends.

The next night Walter Conley came home. He had hoped to surprise his wife on their anniversary. The meeting he had left town to attend had been cancelled but he didn’t get word until after he arrived in Chicago. He was the one who got the surprise. His slim 5’2″ big breasted wife was on her knees getting fucked from behind. That white cock fucking her was huge. Bigger than any he could remember seeing. What really shook him up though was that cock belonged to a white girl. He recognized her to. She went to the same high school as his oldest son by his late first wife.

After cumming the two women took a breather.
“Sorry about the short notice. I just confirmed I ovulated a couple of hours ago.”
“Hope you’re sure about this Mrs Conley.”

“Too late anyway now. From what I’ve been told I’m as good as knocked up. You’ve never failed to knock up a client who is fertile.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“I do. They always know whether they’re fertile or not when you stud them. Brenda has four little boys now.”

“Wish you wouldn’t mention names Mrs Conley.” Alex started thrusting into Rose again.

“Brenda. Brenda Collins. She’s the only Brenda with four little children that we know. What was that about client? Did Brenda Collins pay to get knocked up. Is Rose paying to get knocked up?” Walter thought to himself as he watched and listened.

“Hope I have twins. I have a lot of ground to make up. My lecherous husband likes knocking up the blonde wives of his employees. One is knocked up for the fifth time.”

That surprised him. He thought he kept that under rapes. “Serve me right if she did get knocked up” he thought. As to whether Rose was paying, he got that answer a couple of hours later.

“You were here for almost three hours. At 2500 an hour that 7500. Here it is.” Walter watched Rose give her new lover the cash. “I believe that the stud fee of $25,000 is due when I know for sure I’m knocked up.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Thank you!” Rose gave Alex a very passionate kiss goodbye.

Shortly after Alex left, Walter left and checked into a motel. He called one of his favorite married blonde sluts and spent the night fucking and knocking her up.

The next night Alex and Cordi went to a movie. Cordi wore a short strapless dress that hugged her 5’7″ 42-21-36 JJ cup body. Alex wore a skirt and blouse. She wore skirts to hide her huge cock because in pants or shorts there would be an obvious cock bulge in front. Her waist measured 22″ and her hips 36″. She wore an E cup bra which was actually tight. An F cup was too big. She needed a E ½, but couldn’t get one. In her rib cage size the ½ sizes were only available in C cup and smaller for some reason.

As they were driving home, Cordi asked Alex to pull over.

“Cordi something wrong? What’s that?” The that was a long amount of cash.

“I saw you and my mother the other night. I heard everything. My brothers. Dad’s infidelity.
Mom paying you for sex. Alex I love you. If this is the only way I’ll gladly pay twice what mom is” Cordi stammered out virtually in tears.

She started handing the money to Alex, who pushed it back into her lap.

“I won’t take it. I won’t take money from you. Ever since I found out I can father children I’ve wanted to make a baby with you.” Alex was going to add that they wouldn’t be able to have a descent life together but instead the two long time friends embraced and kissed as long lost lovers reunited. After nearly fifteen minutes Alex broke the kiss and drove off. She went to her house and led Cordi into her room via a back door to her room. There the two made love all night long.

Six weeks later five women were puking in toilets from morning sickness, two at the Collins’ house, one at the Conley’s, one at Alex’s and one in the house behind Alex’s.

Mr Collins was surprised but pleased about his wife, but hit the roof when he learned his daughter was knocked up. All she said about the father was that he wouldn’t believe her. He wouldn’t have either.

Walter Conley gave an Oscar winning performance when Rose gave him the news she was pregnant.

At Alex’s house it was her 29 yr old mom Megan who was pregnant. She was elated.

In the house behind them its Megan’s best friend and lover 27 yr old Sara who is pregnant. Her husband is perplexed. They got married to hide the fact they’re both gay. Sara is an inch shorter than Megan but has the same bust size. The two women have been making lesbian porn movies together for 8 yrs.

2 ½ months after getting pregnant, Cordi is in a video store looking for several movies she wants when she finds a porno in the children section. Its entitled DracSHEla. The caption reads watch as the Markgrafin(German marguise) Dracshela the hermaphrodite vampiress claims her first two victims. Her mother and her mother’s hand maiden/lesbian lover. The art on the cover bears a resemble to Alex and her mother. She checks the adult section of the list of new movies and finds it just came out. She buys it and when she gets home goes to her room and watches it. Its set in the late 1700’s in Prussia. Its in German with subtitles. Seeing the mother on screen she looks again at the box. Under cast it says the mother is played by Dracshela’s real life mother. She also recognizes the blonde as the one who lives in the house behind Alex. At the end there is a fourth scene in which mom and servant tell their mistress they are both knocked up.

At the same time Cordi is watching the movie, Sara’s husband is also watching it. She gave it to him and told him to watch it if he wanted to know how she got knocked up.

Chapter 2

Blake Redding, 28 yr old 5’5″ 36-22-35 E cup short red hair, owned the company Megan and Sara are making movies for. That was how she met Alex. She worked the camera for Dracshela, so she was the only one who knew the vampirism was for real. Even before finishing she had decided she would be Dracshela’s third victim.

She was about to review the Dracshela 2 when she suddenly thought what would her estranged husband think. “Fuck the bastard. He doesn’t have any say about what I do with my body. Not since he decided he likes big cocks, preferredly black, shoved up his ass instead of shoving his big cock into me” she mumbles angrily.

She flips on a switch and views the latest cut. The first scene is of Dracshela seducing, fucking and fanging a 5’2 45-18-32 N cup brown haired servant girl. The girl’s name is Summer and she turned 18 the day before the footage was shot on Dec 30th. She is a classmate of Alex’s.

The second scene involves Blake. She plays a highwaywoman who picks the wrong place to hide after a robbery gone bad. A blonde girl shows her where she can get dry. Moments after getting her wet clothes off she is surprised and fucked royally into oblivion. The scene ends with a closeup of her eyes rolling white as she is fanged.

Blake pauses the film. “That really freaked out Jo.” Jo is a 5’5″ 48-22-36 blonde who works for Blake as a camerawoman on the lesbian porn movies. She brought the blonde in because she needed to have someone who knew what to do with a camera during her scene.

She restarts the video. The next scene has Jo as a peasant wife and mother walking home through a wooded area. (She had to do a lot of convincing to get Jo to do it.) She’s attacked and her clothes are literally ripped apart as she’s pulled to the ground where she is fucked and fanged. Dracshela is shown carrying the naked blonde off into the night. The last part is a shot of a poster offering a reward for any information on what happened. A voice is heard reading the sign and added that blood was found on pieces of the shredded clothing.

The last scene shot on the 30th concerned the granddaughter of an evil baronin(German baroness) who wants to destroy Dracshela’s family. The hatred stemming from the fact she never excepted the fact Dracshela’s grandfather chose to marry someone other than her.

The granddaughter is played by Andie, a 5’7″ 38-22-36 G cup 18 yr old senior from the high school that is the arch nemesis of Alex’s high school. Her black hair is about 4″ longer than shoulder length. She’s in dire financial distress needing money quickly. Her dad is in trouble with the IRS for not reporting all his income over the last 15 yrs. At the time of filming she only had until the following Monday, Jan 2, to fork over $1000 or she would lose her $70,000 Mercedes. She got so desperate that she answered an add for girls to appear in lesbian porn and signed a contract to get a cash advance from Blake.

The scene opens up with a woman getting thrown off a runaway horse. As she is getting up she hears her voice called out.
“Viktoria von Hausenberg.”
She looks and sees a woman wearing pants approaching her. “Katarina…” she starts to say then passes out.

Later she wakes up in a plush bedroom. She is laying on the bed. The woman she saw earlier sits on bed.

“You’re in my room.” Then her hostess takes her into her arms and kisses her while at the same time caressing her body. At first shocked, she slowly responds to the sexual ministrations being performed on her body as she is stripped. Moments later she puts her hands in the hair of her first lover’s hair as a tongue begins performing a symphony on her pussy and clit which has her coming repeatedly over the next 30 minutes.

“Jo did a great job catching the look on her face” Blake musses as she watches the surprised look on Andie’s face as her still virgin pussy got stuffed full of Alex’s 15″ cock. The fact the girl was still a virgin and never had sex with anyone had surprised Blake. The scene money shot though was the mixed look of sheer horror and pleasure on the girl’s face as Alex bit into her throat as her cervix was flooded with potent sperm for the first time.

Next comes the scenes shot a week ago. First Viktoria is sitting on a bed looking down on her grandmother who is very ill.

“Viktoria, where have you been?”

“With the new Markgrafin.”

“What do you mean you were with that redheaded whore?”

“First of all, it was the daughter who inherited the title not the mother. She’s my lover and I carry her child in my womb.” The old woman looks up at her granddaughter unbelieving. “Yes, I said her child. She was born like that girl you had killed as an abomination, except she also has
that with produces the seed in men that makes a woman with child . I’m now Katarina’s breeding whore.” She bears her neck to the old woman who realizing those are the fang marks of a vampire suddenly has a brief seizure and dies. “So ends your evil vindictive vendetta. You lose grandmother.”

The last scene is of Viktoria entering her lover’s home as the highwaywoman, servant and peasant woman announce they have their vampire mistress’ child in their wombs. She walks up to Katarina and they embrace.

“My grandmother is dead. The end came swiftly when I told her I am with your child and showed her my neck.” The screen fades to black as the two noble women kiss passsionately.

“That’s a rap” Blake musses. “We’re barely keeping up with orders for the first one. Wonder if I should delay release.” She pushes the intercom button. “Liz.” That’s her secretary.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Tell Christina to print the latest cut and send out the first shipment of Dracshela 2 as soon as possible.”

“Yes ma’am. Right away.”

Thinking to herself Blake wonders what Liz would look like with Alex on top of her. “Probably get knocked up. Two movies and the star has 6 women knocked up.” She rubs her own belly. “Took a woman to finally knock me up.” She already had some ideas for Dracshela 3 put that would have to wait.

The following Monday, Blake gets a phone call from one of her distributors.

“Hi Frank.”

“Blake have you gone mad.”

“No. If you hadn’t noticed, the star is one gorgeous woman. With her I get cock and pussy at the same time.”

“The incest and pregnancy references have created a lot of interest. What happens if no payoff? I know Megan and Sara are gay.”

“First of all Megan actually is Alex’s mother. As to the other, she’s very potent. I’m nine weeks pregnant.”

“What? Did you say pregnant?”

“Yes I did. Megan and Sara are 10 weeks along. Knocked up filming the first movie. Jo and the other two girls are like me, nine weeks.”

“You serious?”

“Yes. Hank will probably have a heart attack. He spent years going back to junior high trying to knock me up and didn’t. First time I get that 15″ slong stuffed in me, bam, I’m knocked up and by a woman.”

“Congrats Blake. I know you always wanted kids. Back to business though. When is #3 coming out?”

“Not sure. I’ve got a production back log. Two dozen films are behind schedule. Next week though you should be getting a compilation film of Dracshela’s women lezzing out with each other as their mistress is hunting for further victims. There are some great shots of the fang wounds in out necks including some where blood is still oozing out.”

“Glad I haven’t had anything to eat.”