Captive Niece

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting circumstances.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly join the neighborhood wife-swappers.

Diane Adams is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. A healthy, attractive teenager, she has no reason to think she is different from other girls her age. But within her a love of degradation and a desire to be debased lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

CAPTIVE NIECE — a fictional story about those who appear normal, but whose needs are different.


The minute pretty Diane Adams saw her uncle, she knew he wanted to fuck her. She could see it in his hungry eyes. And when she stepped down from the train to hug and kiss her aunt, she saw the big cock bulge in her uncle’s pants. That pleased her. A stiff hard-on on a boy or a man always told her she was pretty and sexy and desirable. A hard-on was vital to her, for she was a devout cockteaser.

Once satisfied that her uncle was truly hot for her body, Diane dismissed him with a smile and a hello.

“I’ll put your bags in the truck,” he said sourly. He hefted her luggage and carried it to his battered old pick-up truck.

Diane walked arm in arm with her aunt and cooed, “Thanks for letting me spend another summer with you.”

“Oh, you don’t have to thank us,” her aunt said. “It’s wonderful having you with us. Besides, you’re a big help around the farm. I told you that last gear. It’s so good to have someone help with the chores.”

“Chores!” Diane laughed. “Maybe they’re chores to you, but after the big city, it’s fun to go after eggs in the hen house and milk in the barn. I’ve been looking forward to it!”

She climbed into the cab of the truck and sat between her aunt and uncle. She let her left leg fall against her uncle’s, and she kept it pressed there as he drove. She knew the contact would excite his prick and make it even more rigid. She was an expert when it came to arousing, erecting and stiffening cocks.

She exchanged boring small talk with her aunt about her parents, school, the weather and her excitement about visiting the farm again. As she prattled on and on, entertaining her aunt, she entertained her uncle by shifting around a lot. Her firm hip bumped his. The side of her jutting tit touched his upper arm several times. She laughed and giggled and let her pretty naked legs fall open. She knew a hundred little tricks for torturing a man.

She twisted toward her uncle once, presumably to ooh-and-ah about some flowers she saw in a distant field, and the V of her neckline parted to reveal the firm slopes of her high, pointed tits. She smiled at her uncle as his eyes devoured her luscious tits. Then she turned back to her aunt, feeling good.

Her aunt expressed her feelings on the high cost of living, and Diane nodded her head now and then as if she were listening to every word. But she wasn’t. She was gazing down at the long thick cock bulge clearly visible against her uncle’s inner thigh. The sight of it made her feel scrumptious. Her uncle, she could see, was hung like a horse.

As a cockteaser, Diane’s self-worth was measured by the number of pricks she raised. But there was another gauge she counted on. In her own selfish way she believed that the bigger the cock she made stiff, the prettier she was. Getting boys hard was easy for her. When she got a grown man stiff, she felt terrific.

So, to see her uncle’s prick grow so immense made her feel great. His stiff cock verified her own opinion of herself: she was sexy, beautiful and irresistible. She loved it. It didn’t matter to her at all that she might be causing her uncle untold pain and lust. That was his problem.

Ben Saunders was suffering pain and lust. His balls were aching, and his lust for his sexy niece knew no bounds. Diane was driving him crazy, but he’d expected that. She’d started cock teasing him several years ago. Before then, she had been pretty enough and even sexy, but she had not yet developed a love of cock teasing. Last summer had been pure hell. This summer worried him. Diane had grown some in all the right places.

Ben never could figure out what made the girl tick. He gave up trying. He just got used to her ways. After all, what other teenaged girl would want him to get a hard-on? What other girl would let an old geezer like him look at her openly? What other teenager would cocktease him with such obvious pleasure?

Actually, Ben had to accept Diane’s cock teasing ways. God knew how badly he’d wanted to fuck the kid. But he learned fast that his erotic little niece wasn’t after fucking. Cock teasing was her sex. She got off on it.

They arrived at the farmhouse in a cloud of dust, and Ben helped Diane down so he could look at her vibrant, jutting tits. Diane let him help her down for the same reason. In her mind, the longer she kept a man’s prick hard, the better she was. Her uncle’s whopping hard-on gave her a strong sense of well-being.

Inside the old house, Ben carried Diane’s suitcases upstairs to her room. She followed with her aunt. Seeing the cozy attic room, she clapped her hands excitedly and exclaimed, “Oh, Aunt Sarah, the room looks precious! You fixed it up so nice!”

“We want you to be comfy,” her aunt said, smiling with pride.

“Oh, I am!” Diane cooed. She ran her fingertips over the bedspread. Then she set her hands on the bed and jounced it a little.

“I forgot how nice this bed is,” she said sweetly.

Her uncle’s eyes burned into her curvy ass as she bent over like that, and he drooled to think how good it would feel to shove his massive cock up her cute cunt from the rear. He ached to mount her like a stallion mounts a mare.

But he knew he couldn’t; knew he wouldn’t. He didn’t have what it took to rape a girl. He was afraid to force her or any woman. He always asked. Now if Diane ever said yes — well, that would be a different matter.

His mind filled with his year-old fantasies of a hot and horny Diane begging for his big cock. All of his fantasies were of Diane. Ever since she was a little girl. He suffered them continually, even when she was there in the flesh. For Diane teased, never pleased.

“Ben will help you unpack,” her aunt said. “I’ll go fix us a nice snack. Do you still like sardines?”

“Love ’em!” Diane said as if she were talking about big wet pricks, and she licked the tip of her cute pink tongue across her sensual upper lip. Ben’s prick throbbed as he watched her do that.

Sarah left them alone, and Ben listened to her steps on the squeaky staircase. When he heard noises down in the kitchen, he shut the door and stared hotly at his smiling, posing niece.

“God, you’re so fucking sexy!” he rasped. “Why, Uncle Ben,” Diane laughed. “Such language!”

“You get me so Goddamned horny,” he said thickly.

Diane’s blue eyes brightened, and she giggled. “And I’ve only been here a few minutes.”

Laughing lightly, she sat on the edge of the bed. Then, slowly and, seductively, she rested back on her elbows and let her uncle’s eyes travel up and down her delicious figure.

“Am I still pretty?” she cooed. “You know you are,” he said. “Prettier than last year?”

“I don’t know,” he said in a strained voice.

“Can’t you tell?”


Diane smiled wickedly. She pulled her short dress way up on her firm, flat belly and opened her legs wide. She wasn’t wearing panties.

“Now can you tell?” she asked.

“Jesus Christ,” Ben groaned, and the pangs of lust tore through his guts. Diane’s cunt was furry with puffy white lips. Her slit was pink and moist, and at the top of it, sandwiched between her luscious cunt-lips, her little clit peeked out.

“Do I still have the cutest pussy you ever saw?” Diane cooed. “That’s what you said last year.”

Ben’s gaze danced over her mouth-watering pussy, and his prick pounded against his pants. Never had he seen such a delicious cunt. It looked so fuckable.

He gulped down some saliva and rasped, “Are you still a virgin?”

“Of course,” Diane replied. She smiled sexily and slowly rubbed her pussy with one hand, then added, “It’s my best part. I don’t want some old wet cock hurting it.”

“You little cockteaser,” her uncle groaned.

Diane wasn’t insulted. She was delighted. “Mmmm,” she purred, “you say, the nicest things to a girl.”

“How can you do this?” Ben asked painfully.

“I like it,” Diane cooed, watching his prick jump in his pants.

“You’re enough to drive a man out of his mind.”

“Ewww, that’s even nicer! Just for that, you get to see my tits, too.”

She pulled the V of her dress wide and bared her jutting, pink-tipped tits.

“Like?” she asked.

Ben’s eyes ran over her tits and cunt hotly. His balls were so tight against the base of his cock that he thought he’d shoot his load into his pants.

He gritted his teeth against his rising lust and said, “I’d like to fuck you silly.”

Diane saw him move toward her. Her eyes widened, and her tits heaved. “Don’t you dare!” she cried. “I’ll scream, and Aunt Sarah will know! I’ll tell all your neighbors! You’ll get in a lot of trouble!”

Ben froze in his tracks. “Okay, okay!” he rasped. “Lower your voice for God’s sake!”

“Well, you know I don’t like to be touched,” Diane said, pouting like a child. “You ought to be glad I let you look at me. Don’t you like to look at my tits and pussy?”

“Oh, Christ,” her uncle groaned. His tone of voice and sagging shoulders told Diane that she was safe. She relaxed. Her thighs untensed. Her tits rose and fell evenly with her breathing.

Feeling secure with her uncle once again, she slowly rubbed her downy cunt and gazed at his huge hard-on.

“Take your cock out,” she whispered, sliding a fingertip up and down her wet cunt-slit.

Ben opened his pants and brought out his thick, soaked cock. He gripped it in his big fist and held it high for Diane’s devouring eyes. Her finger moved faster on her pussy.

“Let’s do what we did last year,” she said softly. “I’ll show you how a girl gets herself off if you let me watch you jerk off.”

Ben watched her finger play over her little clit. He shook his head dolefully and asked, “How can you be satisfied with that?”

Diane’s finger rubbed faster against her clit as she watched her uncle’s fist pump his prick. “It’s fun,” she breathed hotly. “I like the way you come. Like a horse. I never saw anybody come like you do.”

Ben was beside himself with desire for her. “A girl like you should be fucking,” he rasped.

“No, no!” she panted, bumping her cunt against her rapidly moving hand. “I like it this way. Ohhh, your cock is so big, Uncle Ben! Ummm, just seeing it makes my pussy tingle! Ewwwmmmm, isn’t this fun?”

Ben couldn’t talk. Diane’s thrusting tits and gyrating cunt had him tongue-tied.

“Diane?” his wife called from the foot of the steps. “Ben? Are you two coming?”

Diane burst into laughter and Ben shushed her. He opened the door a crack and yelled, “Yes, dear, be right down.”

“We’ll do it later,” Diane said, getting to her feet. “Okay?” Her dress fell into place, concealing her wet little cunt, and she covered her tits.

Ben stepped back so as not to touch her as she swept by him. Diane’s message was clear to him. Look, but don’t touch!

Ben followed her down the stairs, a few steps behind her so he could relish the teasing twitch of her cute ass. He put his prick away and zipped up his pants. Diane turned at the foot of the stairs and gazed at his lap.

“Don’t worry about losing it,” she cooed. “I’ll get your cock hard again.”

She walked away, and Ben stood watching her ass and the swish of her long, soft hair as she entered the kitchen. Fucking bitch, he thought. His burning lust turned to burning anger. It was getting more difficult each year for him to appreciate his niece’s cock teasing. In the beginning, she had been a delight, displaying her nubile tits and cherry cunt. But now, Ben felt like he could easily hate the girl for torturing him all this time.

“Where’s Ben?” he heard his wife ask Diane.

“I’m here,” he grumbled, and joined them at the table for a snack.

Diane and Sarah chit-chatted. Ben ate in silence, watching his niece eat her sandwich as if she had a mouthful of jism. Everything the girl did was sexy, designed to excite males. She was always on, like an actress, impressing and attracting. Her best performance was that of a cockteaser.

When snack time ended, Diane played her role to the hilt. “I’ll get those,” she cooed when her aunt started to gather up the dishes and cups.

“Nonsense,” Sarah said. “You just got here.”

“Oh, let me!” Diane cried. “I’ll be crushed if you don’t. Please. You go in and watch TV, and leave this to me.”

She gave her aunt a gentle push toward the living room, and the old woman gave in. “Isn’t she a darling?” she said to her husband.

“Darling,” Ben muttered, eyeing Diane’s jutting tits.

“Are you coming?” Sarah asked.

Ben wished she’d stop asking that question. “No,” he said, still seated, the table hiding his hard-on. “I’ll keep Diane company. You go ahead.”

Sarah thought that was nice of her husband, and she went into the living room alone, and sat down in her favorite chair in front of the TV.

Diane smiled to herself when she heard her uncle’s reply. It was what she’d expected. Why would he want to look at TV when he could look at her?

She was at the sink when she heard the TV go on. She turned and rested her cute ass against the sink and faced her ogling uncle. With him to keep an eye on his wife through the doorway, just like last year, she brazenly and wantonly hiked her dress up in front.

Holding it up around her slim waist, she placed her pretty legs in a wide, upside-down V and exhibited her furry little cunt.

Loving her uncle’s agonized pleasure, she winked at him and teased her naked pussy with her fingertips to excite him. It was not enough for her that a man looked at her; he had to be excited, aroused, lusting and stiff-cocked.

To achieve her goal, she squirmed her cunt at him and invited him to lust after it. Ben did, and when his prick was giant and throbbing wildly in his pants, he obeyed her silent wish and moved so she could see it. She loved to watch a big cock jump and jerk for her.

Ben leaned back in his chair and let his legs fall open so his niece could admire his pounding hard-on. She enjoyed it so much that she dragged a chair over and set one foot on it. Arching her back over the edge of the sink, she reached down and parted her pussy-lips with her naughty fingers.

Ben’s eyes riveted on the pink, wet inner flesh of her sweet cunt, and his prick grew violently active in his pants.

Having gotten the undivided male attention that she craved, Diane licked her lips sensuous and inched a long, slender finger into her juicy fuck-hole.

Ben’s eyes grew wider and wider as she slowly pushed the full length of her finger up into her cunt. He choked to see that, happen. Diane was supposed to be cherry! How did she get her finger past her cherry?

His sudden confusion and puzzlement was written all over his face, and Diane got a big kick out of it. Her finger up her pussy had stunned him — and she loved it. She relished his state of turmoil.

When she had gotten all she could out of the poor man’s confusion, she laughed and went over to him. Leaning down, she whispered into his ear, “I discovered bananas.”

“Jesus!” Ben groaned, imagining Diane with a thick banana stuck up her cunt.

“Shhh!” she shushed him. She put her lips to his ear again and whispered, “I’m still cherry. I’ve never been fucked.”

Squeezing as much pleasure as she could out of the situation, she panted hotly, “Wouldn’t you like to be the first man to fuck me?”

“Diane…” Ben started to reach for her.

She leapt back, giggling, and rolled her eyes at him. “Naughty, naughty,” she cooed teasingly. “It isn’t nice for a dirty old man to touch a teenaged girl.”

“You bitch,” Ben groaned, his cock aching. “I love you, too, Uncle Ben,” she laughed, and she hurried back to the sink to resume her cock teasing. She was thinking of bending over to show her uncle how she could now stick her finger in her asshole.

But Ben got to his feet abruptly and rasped, “I can’t take any more, Diane.”

That startled her. Her eyes darted to his big hard-on and she whispered, “You’re not gonna shoot in your pants!”

“Any minute,” Ben whispered in a hoarse voice. “You’re sexier than you were last year. I can’t take it.”

He turned to leave and Diane rasped, “Later! Up in my room! After Aunt Sarah takes her nap!”

Ben nodded at her and went into the living room with his wife. He sat in his recliner and stared at the TV, even after Diane came in and lounged on the sofa. He kept his legs crossed over his relentless hard-on. His cock couldn’t shrink. Not with his niece in the same room with him.

When it was time for Sarah’s afternoon nap, she pushed herself to her feet, rubbed her aching back, and announced her intentions.

“I think I’ll take a nap, too,” Diane said. “It was a long trip.” She went upstairs, and Sarah plodded to her room in the back of the house.

Ben waited five minutes, then got up and checked in on his wife. Sarah was snoring like a truck driver. Ben snuck away and climbed the steps slowly, carefully stepping over the stairs he knew would creak beneath his weight.


Diane was ready for her uncle’s little visit to her bedroom. When he appeared in the doorway, she smiled at him. He stared hotly at his niece. She was stark naked on her comfy bed, her arms above her golden hair and her lovely legs wide open.

She didn’t waste a minute. Her glistening blue eyes sought out the big bump in her uncle’s pants, and she whispered anxiously, “Let me see your cock.”

Ben stepped into the room and unzipped his fly. Diane wiggled around on the bed until her naked pussy was facing him. He drew his big wet prick out of his pants and gripped it in his fist. Diane admired its thickness and length as she slowly eased a finger into her soaked fuckhole. Then, as her lust-driven uncle whacked off, she fingerfucked her juicy cunt.

Her eyes grew dreamy. Her lips parted sensuously, and her breath quickened. Her tits rose up like live things, and her pink nipples spiked as she drilled her drenched finger in and out of her pussy.

Ben’s eyes raped her cunt as it squirmed around between her hot legs. He groaned several times. His fist pumped faster and faster on his thick cock as his sexy niece grew obviously hotter and hotter.

Her cute ass writhed and twisted on the bed, and her pussy started humping as if she were getting fucked. Ben watched her little ass and furry pussy until his prick lurched in his fist. Then he pushed his hips forward, and his massive cock stuck straight up in the air for her to see.

“Ohhh,” she moaned, staring at it. “Do it, Uncle Ben! Ohhh, shoot your cum all over the place!”

Diane never wanted to touch pricks, but she loved to watch them explode. It helped her to get her cookies. There was something wonderfully lewd about watching a big cock spit furiously. It made her pussy feel good as she fingerfucked it. She had trained her uncle in the past to let her watch his prick gush cum while she got off, too.

Ben’s big hot balls climbed up against the thick base of his prick. He jacked his cock violently until he felt his cock-pipe stretch full of jism. Then he staggered forward and shot his load all over Diane’s writhing body. The first blast was so vicious that it splashed against the underside of her right tit. He pumped his cock fast, and great globs of jism creamed her quivering belly.

“Uncle Ben!” Diane gasped. “No!”

She wanted to leap away from the onslaught of hot cum, but the feeling of his jism, so creamy against her skin, coupled with the sight of his gigantic prick and her wet finger fucking into her cunt, made her come violently and helplessly.

There was no stopping her ride to orgasmic bliss. Ben’s cock spit savagely, and gobs of burning cum splashed against her thighs and pussy and hand.

“Ohhh, noooo,” Diane whimpered as she came wetly. Ben chuckled lewdly and obscenely shot all of his fiery jism onto her writhing, twisting body.

When he finished coming, his dazed niece was still jerking and creaming. For the first time, Ben felt like he’d gotten the best of the lousy little cockteaser.

Diane didn’t ride her orgasm to its completion. Anger and spite set in and cut off her good feelings. “You-you filthy bastard!” she gasped. “You dirty old man! Look what you’ve done! You rotten bastard! Get away! Get away with your ugly cock!”

Ben laughed with pleasure and satisfaction. He backed away from her — just in case she thought of kicking him in the balls — and said pointedly, “Someday, you’re going to want to fuck this ugly old cock, Diane. But you’ll have to beg for it.”

“Never!” she cried.

“We’ll see,” Ben chuckled. “We’ll see.” He turned and left her alone to gasp for breath and to wonder what in hell he meant by that. She felt highly uncomfortable. She had never touched cum in her life. To have it oozing all over her body gave her the shivers.

She got off her bed and pranced quickly into the small bathroom. She jumped under the shower and bathed her body thoroughly. The steamy water washed away her hurt feelings as well as her uncle’s jism. At the end, she arched her back and spread her legs and let the jets of stinging water shoot hard against her cunt and clit. She came juicily and happily as she squeezed and rubbed her aching tits.

As she dried her luscious body and admired it in the mirror, she thought again of her uncle. She knew she had to talk with him. How could he have done such a horrible thing to her? It wasn’t like him at all. Last year had been so much fun for her. This year already felt disappointing. She didn’t want her horny uncle getting any wild ideas at this stage of the game. She would have to talk to him and make him see the beauty of cock teasing.

Frustration was what Diane got, not satisfaction. She wanted very badly to talk to him, to get him back in line with her way of doing things. But he wouldn’t give her the chance. He ignored her through dinner and, afterwards, he sat in front of the TV with his wife as if she weren’t even there.

His sexy young niece sat on the sofa, secretly fuming. She wanted to curse him, humiliate him, degrade him. But all she could do was sit like a young lady and fume. When one hour became two, her bitterness and anger subsided. She began to worry. Was her uncle going to pass the whole evening without once lusting after her luscious body?

When three hours had passed, Diane felt defeated. Her uncle had won the waiting game. Hungry for his attention, she gave up the battle. She was no longer angry, no longer resentful. She wanted to be admired.

It was almost ten o’clock when Sarah got up and went to the bathroom. Diane couldn’t wait for her to leave the room so she could talk to her uncle.

“Uncle Ben, why are you doing this to me?” When she received no answer, she sighed and said, “Oh, all right. I’m sorry. There I apologized. What’s the matter with you? Won’t you look at me? You know you like to. I’ll show you my pussy real quick.” Still getting no response, she sighed again. “Don’t be mean to me, Uncle Ben. You’ve never been like this. Will you look at me if-if I let you touch my tits?”

Ben looked straight into her eyes. “Say please,” he said, “and then I’ll touch your tits.”

Diane’s mouth fell open. “What!” she gasped. “Me say please! I will not! You should ask me nice to touch them!”

“No,” he said slowly and shifted his eyes back to the TV. “I’ll wait. You’ll beg.”

Diane’s pretty face reddened with sudden rage. “I never will! You-you — bastard! Suffer! I don’t care!”

Ben laughed as the bathroom door opened, and his wife returned. Diane was out of her mind with fury now. Fury and astonishment and confusion. How could her uncle do this to her? Wasn’t he aching to look at her tits and pussy? She even offered to let him touch her tits!

She twisted uncomfortably on the sofa. She didn’t like the way the wind was blowing at all. This wasn’t what she came here for! She came here because her uncle was always a willing, drooling admirer, a man half-crazed by her beauty. What was happening?

Her only consolation was bedtime. When her aunt and uncle retired for the night, she hurried up to her room. She undressed and stood naked in front of the mirror. She posed beautifully and rubbed her tits and cunt. She smiled to see how sexy she looked.

Last year, her uncle couldn’t wait to get to her room after his wife went to sleep. Almost every night, he’d creep into the room, and Diane would stretch naked on the bed with just a small lamp on so her horny uncle could devour her with his eyes. And they would get themselves off.

Diane now smiled at her luscious reflection and thought: he’ll be up here in no time. He’ll be the one to say he’s sorry. I’ll give him a hard-on he’ll never forget!

To prepare for the night, she draped her curvy body on the bed. The pale light from the small lamp played across her pretty tits and cute, furry cunt. She waited. And waited. And waited! She looked at the clock. She couldn’t believe her uncle could resist her. Yet an hour went by, then two, and still no ardent admirer.

Frustrated and puzzled, Diane started toying with her pussy-lips and moist little slit. Her fingers danced around, then up and down her cunt-crack. Breathing more rapidly, she eased a finger between her puffy pussy-lips and tickled the mouth of her fuck-hole. She gasped.

A few seconds later, she was hotter than a fire-cracker. With her eyes closed and her pink tongue lolling out of her mouth, she drilled two fingers up into her wet cunt-hole and a third finger into her asshole. Tossing her hot ass into the air, she writhed and screwed hotly on her plunging fingers and got herself off a good one. Great waves of exciting pleasure washed through her body, and her pussy creamed violently.

When her orgasm was at its peak, she pulled her juicy fingers out of her fuck-holes and collapsed on the bed, whimpering with pleasure as she rode the wave of exquisite delight. She cupped her tits and squeezed them hornily as her cunt flooded nicely. She thoroughly enjoyed every shiver and quiver.

The earthquake passed, finally, and she gasped for breath, slowly massaging her ripe, jutting tits. Her eyes opened, and she gazed at the ceiling for a few moments. Then she sat up and breathed deeply. Her gaze moved to the small dresser across the room. She slipped off the bed.

“Fuck him,” she murmured, and padded to the dresser. From the top drawer, she lifted a small box and an envelope. Pushing her panties aside, she pulled the items from the drawer and carried them to the bed. From the box, she lifted a long, white vibrator in the shape of a cock. Settling back on her pillows, she opened the envelope and extracted a packet of photographs.

She set the photos beside her and lifted just one. It pictured a young girl on all fours with a big man standing behind her, fucking the hell out of her little pussy.

“Ohhh,” Diane moaned softly.

Staring at the lewd photograph, she brought the vibrator against her wiggly cunt and flipped the switch. Her knees jerked as the sex-toy vibrated her clit. She spread her lovely legs wide and rubbed the blunt end of the instrument up and down her cuntlips as her eyes devoured the raunchy picture.

Then she studied the second photo, a picture of another young chick, this one flat on her back with her legs wrapped around the waist of a man who was obviously pounding her pussy with his immense cock. Diane’s eyes watered as she gazed at it, and her other hand worked the dildo into her fuck-hole.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhhh,” she moaned as the buzzing toy entered her pussy. “Oh, golly!”

She lifted photo after photo in the air and ogled them as she fucked herself with the thick plastic vibrator. Then she could look no more. Her eyes wouldn’t focus right. She dropped the lewd photos beside her and grasped the dildo with both hands. She tossed her ass up, and her knees quivered wildly as she pulled seven inches of the hard vibrator up into her horny little cunt.

“Ewwww!” she cooed sexily, and her hips began to screw around. Her ass jerked, and her pussy humped hotly on the drilling fuck tool. She pulled the vibrator into her cunt and gasped for breath as the buzzing end of it prodded her womb. She fucked and fucked wildly on the thing until she came like crazy.

She came and came, humping and fucking hornily as her hands kept the plastic cock moving in and out of her clenching, sucking pussy. Her cunt flooded and drenched the dildo, then her fingers. Cunt juice dripped out of her saucy little cunt and dribbled down between her cute ass-cheeks to tease her asshole. She felt all of it and moaned with pleasure all through it.

Her head jerked back, and her lips parted as she gasped for breath. Her tits ached with the pleasure she was giving herself, and her hot pussy squirmed violently on the hard cock. She switched the vibrator off and collapsed on the bed in a heap. She eased the machine out of her cunt and explored her cunthole with her naughty fingers. She liked to feel her wet pussy.

When she had her breath back, she curled up on the bed and took one more look at all the photos. Then she put them away with the vibrator, all of which she returned to the dresser. Then she posed in front of the mirror and purred, “Too bad, Uncle Ben. I was gonna show you my new toy and my pictures.”

She jumped into bed under the covers and turned out the light. But she couldn’t sleep. She never could after looking at her photos.

They activated her mind. She felt a little sad now that she’d gotten her cookies. It would have been much more fun if her uncle had been there to watch her do that. How big his cock got when he watched her coming!

She had been looking forward to sharing her goodies with her uncle. She thought he’d really like to watch her fuck herself with her vibrator. And wouldn’t he love those fuck pictures? She loved them! And she had been looking forward to watching her uncle shoot his load. She had thought of his spitting prick the day she purchased the photos out of a magazine ad. She had thought it would be wonderful to gaze at those photos of big men fucking little girls while her uncle jacked off in front of her. Now she felt that her pleasure would have been greater had he been in her room, shooting cum all over the place.

She rolled onto her side and brought her knees up. Hugging them, she closed her eyes and got sleepy. He’d come around, she thought dreamily, smiling to herself. Maybe tomorrow. Then he’d ache to see her nude.

But she was wrong. She was wrong that day and the next — and the next! She couldn’t believe how her uncle avoided her. She went out to the hen house every morning for the eggs, yet her uncle didn’t follow her. Last year, she couldn’t get rid of him! She went out to the barn for the milk, and still, he didn’t hound her and try to see everything she owned.

She couldn’t understand.

At first, she thought it was because her aunt was always around, more than ever before. But then she realized that her uncle was causing that. He was staying close to his wife all the time. That was the difference. Last year and the year before that, he was always escaping his wife’s eyes so he could lust after Diane — so Diane could cocktease him. Now she couldn’t even show him a tit!

She tried to cocktease him by wearing the sexiest things she owned. One day, her aunt commented because Diane was wearing shorts and a halter that must have fit her when she was twelve! Her nipples practically peeked out of the small triangles when she moved. Yet it was her aunt who seemed to notice all this — not her uncle! He ignored her.

On the few occasions when she was able to whisper something to him, he behaved obnoxiously. At one point she quickly whispered, “Don’t you want to see my cunt?” And Ben had replied, “Say please, and I’ll look.”

After three days of this kind of treatment, Diane felt miserable. It was no fun to be a beautiful girl with perfect tits and a juicy cunt without an audience. Diane needed an audience to make her feel good. She missed her uncle’s stiff prick, missed seeing it big and hard for her, aching for her. She needed that. But Ben wasn’t giving it to her any more.

One day in the front yard, he actually told her why. “It’s time you grew up, you little cockteaser,” he said. “I’ve been waiting for you to grow up and give me what you’ve been promising with all your fucking cock teasing.”

Making sure her aunt couldn’t hear her, Diane whispered in shock, “You mean — you want to fuck me!”

“Of course,” he replied.

Diane didn’t understand that. “But, Uncle Ben,” she whined. “We’ve been having so much fun. Why ruin it?”

Ben just grinned at her before walking off. And he murmured, “You’ll fuck, all right. When you’re horny enough.”

“I will not!” Diane blurted. “If I ever want to fuck, it won’t be with an old geezer like you. There are a lot of handsome boys back home just dying to fuck me!”

To her surprise, her uncle chuckled and walked away. Diane didn’t like the sound of his laughter. What did it mean? He wouldn’t rape her, would he? No, of course not. He didn’t have the balls! No, she was safe enough around the farm. Yet — he seemed awfully sure of himself for some reason. What made him think she’d ever fuck him? He was so old!

The day passed as drearily as the others for her. She began to regret coming to the farm this year. Uncle Ben was no fun at all any more. He wanted to fuck too much. It was hard to cocktease a man who wanted to fuck. So her day was dull and boring.

But the next day was worse for her. It was pure hell, because it was the third Friday of the month, the day Ben and Sarah always went to town for dinner and a movie. In summers past, Diane loved this day. It was the one day that she got to run the farm by herself while she let her aunt and uncle enjoy themselves. She had looked forward to these Fridays, but that was because she was usually satisfied. On this Friday, she was frustrated and burning with pent up, thwarted desires.

She had to pretend to be happy for her aunt as the old lady cackled excitedly about riding into town. “It’s so good to have you here,” she told Diane as she hugged the girl. “It’s selfish of me, but I look forward to your summer visits so Ben and I can do this.”

“You just go have a good time,” Diane cooed sweetly. “I’ll take care of everything here.”

But her heart sank as she watched the pickup truck drive down the dusty road. She shaded her eyes against the bright morning sun and waved goodbye with her other hand as they drove off. When the truck disappeared over the distant rise, she bent and picked up the basket used to hold the eggs. She walked listlessly to the hen house, seriously considering cutting her summer vacation short. Why not go back to the big city where there was plenty of action?

She didn’t know that she was being watched by three unshaven, dirty men. The trio of men came out of the woods below the farm and made their way to the back of the barn. They, too, saw the old couple leave in the truck. They, too, knew Diane was all alone. And that excited the hell out of them.

They looked at one another and grinned lewdly as their pricks stiffened. Diane looked delicious in her short little minidress, so low across her luscious tits, so high on her curvy white thighs. And what a cute little ass she had!


Diane went to the barn with the milk pail, as usual. But there was nothing usual about what happened to her there. The first thing she noticed as she entered the warm barn was that the rear double doors were closed. That struck her as odd, because her uncle never closed them. Idly mulling that over, she moved past four stalls, each containing a cow. She had named the cows.

“Hi, Elsie,” she cooed. “Hello, Bessie.”

She smiled to herself when she greeted the big cow she had named Eleanor — after her history teacher! She moved then toward the huge milk machinery at the rear of the barn.

A sudden noise stopped her in her tracks. She turned toward the rear doors. There was a man standing there, looking at her.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped.

“Don’t panic,” a voice said cheerfully, but the voice came from behind her.

Diane whirled, already gasping for breath, only to see a horrifying sight: two more men! They were grinning at her, closing the front doors of the barn. The scraping of the great wooden doors sent chills up and down her spine. She was being closed in, and every fiber of her being knew that.

“Who-who are you?” she choked.

Shafts of light, filled with dust particles, streamed in from the high, windowless slats in the walls of the barn. Diane happened to be standing in one of them, and it worked like a spotlight on her. She looked young and fresh and delicious in her short, body-hugging minidress. The men looked pleased.

The two men started toward her. She caught her breath and the pail dropped from her fingers. Instinct told her to run. Her head swung this way and that, but there was nowhere to go, no escape. Looking over her shoulder, she saw that the man behind her was approaching, too.

A strange weakness assailed her legs, and she thought she’d faint. Her heart raced. She instinctively brought her thighs together. The men grinned lewdly at her.

One man came up behind her. Another stood right in front of her. And the third stood just to her left. All three ogled her, and their gazes ran up and down her curvy body. There was no doubt in Diane’s mind as to what they wanted. So it was not a question of what, but when and how.

Feeling the combined lust of the three dirty men, she quivered where she stood under their hot gazes and whimpered, “Please… don’t hurt me.”

The three men grinned broadly. Her plea told them a lot. She knew the score. She knew what they wanted. And she knew it was going to happen.

Hank Stearns glanced at his partners, Ralph Turner and Lenny Trout. He winked. They nodded, Hank was the leader of the small band of horny rapists.

“Nobody’s gonna hurt you,” he said to Diane. He moved up behind her as he spoke slowly. He placed his large, grimy hands on her upper arms and gently rubbed his hard-on against her ass. Simultaneously, Ralph and Lenny closed in on her.

Lenny, in front of her, stepped up and touched both her tits at the same time, grinning. “We wouldn’t hurt a sweet thing like you,” he muttered. His gaze fastened on her luscious tits as his dirty fingers kneaded them.

Ralph pressed up against her hip, and he licked into her cute little ear. “Not if you’re nice to us.”

“He means naughty,” Lenny chuckled.

Diane panicked. Just smelling these men and feeling them so close to her body was enough to turn her stomach. Fear ripped through her and clenched her heart like a fist of ice.

“No!” she screamed. She tore away from the men.

Big hands reached for her, but she screamed again and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She made a mad dash for the rear doors, panting and gasping as she ran. She crashed into them and clawed at them to open one. Laughter followed her every step. And the race was on.

Diane quickly and fearfully glanced over her shoulder to see the three men coming after her, laughing and joking about her luscious body. She screamed. There was no time now to open one of those big doors. Feeling dwarfed and threatened by the trio of males, she turned and tried to make it to the wooden ladder leading up to the loft.

Ralph Turner jumped to the foot of the ladder and opened his arms to her, laughing hotly. There was a huge cock bulge in his filthy pants. Diane screeched and avoided colliding with the chuckling man. She darted past him and rushed the length of the barn. Hank and Lenny, giving chase, watched her cute ass wiggle and swing as she ran. They laughed heartily and enjoyed chasing the pretty girl around the barn.

Diane saw from the cornet of her eye that a man was approaching her from the right. She had to veer to the left, away from the doors. Her escape was cut off suddenly by a laughing, ogling man. She ran, gasping, then stumbling, only to find herself cornered in one of the empty stalls. Backing into it, burning with fear, she saw the three grinning men advancing slowly from three different directions. She was trapped.

She was no match for these men, and she knew it. They were like three big cats playing with a helpless mouse. And she was the mouse, small, frail and powerless to stop them.

The entry to the stall filled with three massive male frames, and three grinning male faces gave Diane the shivers. She felt her knees begin to tremble, felt her tits rising and falling too fast, felt her cunt cringe in fear. She backed up until her back touched the wall. Then there was nowhere to go — and the men entered the stall with her.

“Might as well give up,” Hank drawled, eyeing her high, heaving tits.

The three men slowly advanced, the cock bulges in their pants appearing gigantic and menacing to the trembling young girl. She could see they wanted her to surrender to their desires. They were going to force her to. But she had a lot at stake. Her youth, for example. Her beauty. Her cherry pussy. Her practically untouched tits. These horny men were dangerous to her very being. She couldn’t let them rape her.

So she fought like a tigress. The three men closed in, and she kicked and punched and screamed at the top of her lungs as they tried to feel her up. She bent over and struggled and twisted as they squeezed her tits, pressed up against her cunt, felt her thighs and ass. It was humiliating, as well as scary.

“No! No!” Diane shrieked, kicking and screaming. She twisted and pulled away. She scrambled up the wall of the stall. Lenny darted into the next stall to prevent her escape. At the same time, Ralph and Hank were on her.

Diane’s upper torso leaned over the top of the wooden wall. She was going to throw herself head-over-heels into the next stall in an attempt to go away. But there was a man, grinning lewdly, waiting for her to drop down. She was caught halfway between two stalls. Behind her, men grabbed her lovely legs, and one man got between them. She felt her dress being raised.

“Jesus Christ!” a man groaned. “No fucking panties!”

“Look at that ass! Look at her cunt!” another voice sounded.

“Stop!” Diane screeched.

Lenny, in the other stall, laughed and reached up with both hands. He caught Diane’s pretty face between them and yanked her head down. He twisted his own head and plastered his mouth against hers. Her mouth opened as she gasped, and Lenny’s big, thick tongue filled it.

Diane choked on the tongue-kiss, not only because of the hunk of meat filling her mouth, but because behind her, out of her control, two men were kissing her ass and licking her pussy! One big tongue lapped over her firm, curvy ass-cheeks and another wiggled around her furry cunt-lips.

She was draped over the top of the wooden slat now, kicking and writhing. Lenny tonguefucked her sexy mouth and mauled the hell out of her ripe, jutting tits. In the other stall, Hank held fast to one of her legs and licked his tongue up and down her furry cunt. Ralph held her other leg open and kissed her ass passionately.

“Youngest fucking ass I ever kissed,” he murmured happily.

“Look at this pussy, man,” Hank rasped.

Diane tried to get her legs closed, but it was impossible. And she couldn’t get her mouth away from the man kissing her so raunchily. He had her head in a vise-grip, holding it as he fucked his big tongue in and out of her mouth. All she could do was kick her legs helplessly as the other two kissed and licked her ass and pussy.

The three horny males made the most out of Diane’s precarious position. Three hot tongues ravished her mouth and ass and pussy until she thought she’d pass out.

When Lenny got one of her tits free of her dress and shifted his horny mouth to it, Diane gasped, “Please! No! Ohhh, please, don’t hurt me! My belly hurts! Please, let me down!”

“What do you think?” she heard a man below her ass say.

“I don’t know. If we let her down, she’ll run again.”

“I won’t!” Diane screamed, trying to relieve the pressure of her belly against the narrow slat of wood. She was also thinking that if they let her down, her ass and cunt would be covered again by her dress. She felt awfully ashamed being draped over a wall like that while men mauled her cunt and ass.

“Take her over there!” Lenny shouted.

Huge hands lifted her down into the stall and pressed her against the wall again. Lenny joined them, and he too, started feeling her up. Diane felt small and helpless, surrounded by these three panting men. She couldn’t get her breath.

“Please, please, don’t!” she whined, twisting this way and that to get away from them. It felt like there were a hundred hands trying to feel her tits and ass and pussy!

“Might as well relax and enjoy it, baby,” Hank said with a lewd grin. “You ain’t going nowhere until we fuck you.”

Diane swallowed nervously, still pushing at hands that kept playing with her cunt and tits. “I’m not — I mean — I’ve never…”

It was Ralph who drew back and gazed at her. “Are you trying to tell us that you’re cherry?” he asked. He looked astounded. Diane thought it was a look of alarm, as if virginity would deter him.

“Yes!” she gasped.

The men looked at one another, and for a brief moment, Diane actually thought she had a chance of escaping this horrible fate. But then Hank laughed and rasped, “Goddamn! Imagine that! We got us a fucking virgin!”

Lenny was shaking his head, eyeing the girl with suspicion. “I don’t believe any of this crap,” he snorted.

He suddenly bent over double and used his big shoulder to pin Diane’s body against the wall. Before she realized what he was up to, he hiked her short dress up in front and pressed his big, dirty hand against her sweet, furry cunt. His middle finger, gnarled and crusted with dirt, sliced up into her tight little fuckhole.

“Oh!” Diane gasped, choking.

“Look at this!” Lenny rasped, and moved his head so his buddies could watch his long, thick finger slide in and out of Diane’s cunthole. They saw it get very wet.

Hank looked over his friend’s back at Diane, and he smiled at her. “Virgin, huh?” he sneered.

“But I am!” Diane cried, tears welling in her eyes. “You don’t understand.”

“Explain it to us,” Ralph chuckled.

Diane’s lower lip quivered, and her tits rose and fell rapidly with her quickened breathing. “I’ve never — I’ve never been fucked,” she whimpered. “Please believe me.”

“Oh, we believe that, all right,” Hank said. “You’re a sweet little cockteaser, aren’t you?”

“But I’ve-I’ve never had a…”

“A cock?” Ralph laughed. “Your cute little cunt never had a big cock fucking in it? Well, honey, this is your day. Ain’t you lucky that we came by?”

“Oh, my God! No!” Diane cried. She looked at the men with soulful eyes, pleading with them. But they laughed. All three of them.

Hank explained the facts of life to her. Cupping one of her firm, tits, he played with it and murmured, “Get used to the idea that you’re gonna be fucked, kitten. Because you are. If you think you can talk your way out of this, you’re nuts. Look at us. We ain’t fucked a young chick like you for ages. You look good, honey, and we want what you have. And we’re gonna take it. Understand?”

His words were like, whips lashing her body. Fear and humiliation gave her strength to resist. She suddenly pushed against Hank’s chest, the one closest to her. He staggered back. She kicked at Lenny, who quickly evaded her knees. Ralph stepped back as if to protect himself.

In that moment, Diane had a chance. She bolted, broke through them, and ran as fast as she could. It wasn’t fast enough, though. Hank took after her. He dived at her legs. His hands caught her ankles. She screamed and fell into the hay on her tits, knocking the breath out of her. Then the three men surrounded her body and grinned evilly at her.

She flipped over onto her back to protect her vulnerable ass, and only then realized that a girl was vulnerable in all areas. The men reached down and played with her tits and cunt. She tried to close her legs, but it was no use.

Lenny squatted, wild-eyed, and shoved a hand under her. She felt him unzipping her little dress. She started to cry, then, in earnest. How could she stop this?

“Please… don’t undress, me… I’ll be so ashamed… I don’t even know you!”

The men laughed. Lenny unzipped her dress in back, and Ralph and. Hank gleefully stripped it down her lovely body. Ralph pulled it all the way off her and tossed it into the air. It fluttered to the floor of the barn like a wisp of cobweb.

Then all three men stood over her and stared hotly at her fully exposed, naked body. Diane sobbed and whimpered as her cute little ears burned from mutterings like, “Look at her luscious tits,” “Ya ever see such a sweet pussy?” and “Goddamn, I wanna fuck that!”

“Oh, God, no,” Diane whimpered tearfully. “This can’t be happening. Oh, please, please don’t do this to me. You’re humiliating me… shaming me… please don’t look at me like that.”

“Should think a pretty girl like you would want to be looked at,” Lenny put in.

“Not like this!” Diane gasped. “This is dirty! I don’t even know you! Oh, stop leering at me!”

Blushing profusely, she covered her patch of pussy-fur with her hands. Her tight tits got squeezed between her upper arms as she did so. The men ogled and grinned with pleasure.

“Come on,” Hank said hotly. “Take your hands away. Can’t you see how big our cocks are? No more fooling around.”

“No… please…” Diane sobbed, clutching her cunt to protect it from them.

“You’re being silly, now,” Ralph said. He reached down and grasped her wrist and tried to pry her hand away from her pussy. She kicked and screamed and curled up in protest.

“Jesus,” Lenny drawled, “this is getting to be a lot like work. Baby, you’re making me mad.”

That scared Diane even more and made her struggle more fiercely. Her lovely body curled and tossed at their feet, avoiding all their hands as they tried to uncover her pussy and get at it.

Hank finally straightened up and glared hotly at her as his buddies tried to spread her arms and legs. He pulled his shirt off, kicked his shoes off, and started taking off his pants.

His partners got the picture. They, too, stood up and started stripping their clothes off. Diane saw what was going on, and she wept bitterly, tears streaming from her eyes.

“No, nooo!” she cried. “Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

She saw Hank’s cock first. His prick was big and wet and as stiff as an iron bar. It scared the hell out of Diane, and she instinctually scrambled for freedom.

It was a delightful sight to the men to see the teenager crawling on all fours toward the door. They laughed. Lenny dashed ahead of her and stood in front of her. Her head bumped into his legs. She looked up and gasped to see his rigid prick throbbing just above her.

“You know,” Hank said, coming up to her, “you’re getting to be more trouble than you’re worth.”

Diane turned and gasped to see three stiff cocks throbbing around her head. Her eyes darted from prick to prick, wide and scared. She felt a new fear grip her cunt. No man she had cock teased ever made her feel so threatened before. Her tits quivered.

“Please don’t fuck me,” she said meekly.

Ralph grinned lewdly. “What would you like us to do to you?” he asked.

“Nothing!” Diane gasped.

“That’s not much of a trade,” Lenny laughed. “What would you do willingly for us?”

Diane resented his remark. Her face flushed and she blurted, “I wouldn’t do anything for men like you! You’re filthy beasts! This is against the law. I’ll report you! Just get away from me. You all stink!”

“Stink?” Hank chuckled. “That’s not stink, baby. That’s the aroma of cock. You’ll learn to love it. Why, someday, when you’re all grown up, that smell will turn you on something fierce. Right, boys?”

“Leave me alone!” Diane shrieked.

The three men knelt around her quivering body. Hands reached out and stroked her tits and pussy and thighs. Diane screamed. She kicked with her legs, pummeled with her fists. But not for long.

“Get her other wrist,” Hank growled, grasping one.

He and Lenny dragged her kicking body across the floor to a thick post. They hauled her to her feet easily and pushed her up against the post.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Diane sniffled.

As Hank and Lenny held her wrists high above her head, Ralph grabbed a length of leather strapping and tied her hands to the post. She looked lovely.


Diane stared horrified at the three naked men who were standing and staring at her nude body. With her wrists tied above her head so firmly, she could only squirm and twist beneath their fiery, lewd gazes. Their horny eyes, so full of malice and sexual intent, were enough to frighten her. Their monstrously large pricks only made her anguish worse.

“No, no, noooo,” she sobbed, tears streaming down her pretty face. Neither her sobs nor her pleas were heard by the three lust-filled males. They had something far more important on their minds.

The sight of their rigid, throbbing cocks put Diane in a state of utter dread. So far, she had managed to enjoy mere cock teasing, had managed to get plenty of pricks hard without ever giving in to one of them. Now, her cock teasing career was at an end, and, she was powerless against it.

Fresh tears fell from her glistening eyes as she realized that this was cold, hard reality for her. The trio of men weren’t nice at all. They wouldn’t take pity on her. She already felt degraded, ravished and humiliated. What would she feel like when they fucked her?

Her eyes dropped to their immense cocks. She saw the tell-tale silky fluid on their cockheads, the sign to any girl that a prick was horny as hell and eager for cunt. Her heart skipped a beat, and her luscious tits quivered.

A look into the eyes of the men told her that they were going to show her no mercy. She braced herself, and her ass-muscles tightened up. The walls of her cunt collapsed and squeezed together as if to prevent any entry. She clamped her mouth closed. Fear and dread rippled through bet body. She just knew that they were going to attack her viciously.

That’s why it utterly surprised her when the three men closed in on her and, instead of assaulting her fiercely, began to caress and kiss her almost lovingly.

Lenny took her mouth. With his own lips, he kissed it warmly. The tip of his tongue — the very tip — slipped across her lips and tickled her sensitive flesh until she whimpered. Her lips trembled against the mans, and she couldn’t keep them shut. She had to breathe! But breathing parted her lips, and Lenny grinned. His gaze locked with hers as he gently inserted the tip of his tongue between her lips.

As if this slow, tantalizing kissing wasn’t enough to disturb the alarmed girl, Ralph lowered his face to her thrusting tits and started licking them all over with the tip of his tongue. No hands had touched her; there was just Lenny’s tongue at her mouth and Ralph’s tongue licking her tits and spiking pink nipples. Then came Hank’s thick tongue.

Diane gasped through the teasing kiss when she felt Hank’s tongue lick its way up her inner thigh. Her ankles weren’t tied, so she squirmed her legs and twisted her ass to avoid the man’s tickling tongue. It did no good. Hank knelt before her and licked his tongue right up her firm, white thigh to her soft, furry cunt-hair. With a slowness that drove her out of her mind, he lapped his wet tongue into her pussy fur and got it soaked with his saliva, as if he loved to lick a girl’s pussy-hair.

Diane had never had anyone do such a thing to her, and it was at once humiliating and strangely exciting. She fought back her feelings of excitement. She didn’t want to get excited with these beasts!

But a man’s tongue was tantalizing her lips and mouth. Another was driving her tits wild. And another was teasing her cunt! Diane choked and squirmed helplessly against the post she was tied to. Her hands clawed in the aft, and her fingers stretched nervously as the three tongues ravished her body.

Fuzzy feelings closed her mind in. She felt trapped, cornered. Here she was, tied to a post in the barn. Her aunt and uncle wouldn’t be back for hours and hours! And three strange men were with her, as naked as she, and threateningly horny.

Her mind whirled as the three tongues — so gentle yet so devastating — sent little thrills through her tensing, unwilling body. Unwanted ripples of pleasure shot through her lips, her tits and her pussy. She gasped.

Ralph slowly stroked the tender round globe of her beautiful tit and ran his hand maddeningly over the sensitive flesh of her milk-white tit as he slowly licked and sucked her other one. She flexed under the slow, methodical ravishment of her tits. Her back arched as he pulled one small, throbbing nipple into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. He kneaded her other tit with his hand, feeling it all over.

Hank’s wicked tongue burned its way around her cute little pussy with mind boggling deliberateness. With powerful hands, he parted Diane’s close-pressed thighs and started to tease the tip of her quivery clit with the tip of his wet tongue. The contact made Diane’s mouth tremble on Lenny’s tongue.

Diane gasped at the scary feelings the men’s tongues induced in her body; the seep of silky fluid between her pussy-lips swelled to a flood and frightened her. She shut her eyes and fought against the sweep and roll of unwanted pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her senses.

She wrenched her lovely mouth away from Lenny’s and gasped as if in agony. “Stop! Ohhh, stop! Don’t! Please! Ohhh, what are you trying to do to me?”

No man looked at her face. Her delectable body had the three of them hypnotized. Her tits and cunt were like powerful magnets that couldn’t be resisted. Even Lenny lowered his mouth and joined Ralph in his feast at Diane’s thrusting, quivery tits. But the men answered her question.

“Your tits are so delicious,” Ralph murmured, giving her nipple deep sucks.

“Fabulous,” Lenny agreed, and licked his tongue up and down the gentle slope of her other tit.

“Cute,” Hank said thickly, kneeling in front of her twisty, squirmy pussy.

Ralph and Lenny concentrated on her jutting tits, licking and sucking them hornily.

Hank went on with his slow torture of her helpless pussy, tickling her clit gently with the tip of his tongue, driving the poor girl up the wall. When her legs got in his way, he gripped her ankles in his powerful fists and held them apart. Then he continued to wiggle the end of his tongue over the tip of her clit.

Diane’s rocking head fell forward. Her eyelids fluttered open lazily, and she gazed down at the mouths devouring her luscious tits. She felt the excruciating touch of Hank’s tongue-tip teasing her clit, and she couldn’t stand it all.

“Why? Why?” she panted, writhing beneath the three tongues. “Why me? Where did you men come from? Oh, God — stop that! Please! Ohhh, don’t do this to me! Why are you here? You can’t. I’ll-I’ll scream!”

The men chuckled to hear that and went on with their pleasure.

Diane panted for breath and rasped, “I’ll die!”

“You’ll come!” Lenny said hotly.

Diane caught her breath. “No! Please! I don’t want to do this with you filthy men! I don’t even know you!”

“You wouldn’t do it even if you knew us,” Ralph murmured, and nibbled her stiff nipple.

Diane’s pretty head rocked loosely on her shoulders, and she couldn’t get her thinking straight. New and strange sensations assaulted her body — every inch of if — even though the men were licking and sucking only her tits and pussy.

What did that man mean? They didn’t know she was a cockteaser. They didn’t even know her! That’s what made all of this so humiliating for her. Who were these dirty men?

Bums, she thought, horrified. Local bums. Passing through. They must have seen her in the yard with her aunt and uncle. They must know her relatives were gone! That she was all alone here!

“Oh, God,” she whimpered and bit her lower lip as she struggled against her rising feelings of sensual pleasure. How could three tongues do this to her? She hated it — and them.

She shut her eyes tightly and bit into her lower lip to fight any pleasure that might creep into her body. She didn’t want this to feel good. It was wrong, dirty, evil! Her fingers scratched against the post over her head, and her wrists twisted this way and that as she tried to free herself. It was no use. The leather cut into her flesh if she moved her arms too much. She had to stand still and let these men ravish her body!

Wicked sensations fluttered through her tits and cunt and belly as the horny men deliberately aroused her flesh — against her will. Never in her life had Diane thought that she could be made to moan against her will. She had made lots of boys and men groan against their wills, but now, she was on the receiving end of teasing. And it was pure torture for her! Every fiber of her being wanted to purr! How could that be? She despised these men! She hated this! Why was her naked body responding so warmly?

Hank smiled to himself, glancing up now and then to watch her curvy hips twitch and writhe every once in a while. All three men were proud of themselves. Even their monstrous pricks, all wet and ready for fucking, didn’t deter them from their goal — to make this sweet teenager whimper with passion. It was pure delight to lick a girl like Diane until she succumbed to her own lust. It was pure joy to ravish her helplessly twisting body.

Hank chuckled lewdly, which Diane didn’t hear. He wedged his shoulder between her trembling thighs and forced them apart. He stared hotly into her pink-and-white cunt, furry with golden hair. With great care, he parted her pussy-hair with the tip of his middle finger.

Diane felt that and cried, “Oh! No! Don’t!”

Hank chuckled again and inched his finger between the puffy lips of her mouth-watering cunt. His fingertip entered the softly yielding pink flesh of her fuck-hole. It was very wet. He looked up between his pals’ heads, between Diane’s thrusting tits, at her pretty face. She looked as if she were in a terrible agony as he slowly moved his fingertip in her pussy-hole. A little gurgling sound welled up from her throat and bubbled out of her half-parted lips.

“Ohhh, don’t…” she whimpered, and squirmed her cunt to escape his impaling finger.

But Hank inched more of it inside her body. Her breath came in sharp, forceful gasps as her cute little ass quivered and quaked beneath the lewd invasion of her pussy.

Hank grinned with satisfaction at seeing the young girl helplessly react to his probing finger. His cock enlarged between his open thighs and throbbed angrily in mid-air, leaking pre-cum.

He started to turn and twist his finger teasingly between her tight little cunt-lips, making her fuck-hole spasm with each turn of his wrist. His big thick finger filled the mouth of her cunt, and it felt gigantic to her.

The obscene torture of her helpless cuntmouth sent waves of unwanted heat coursing through her quivery pussy and belly. A ticklish sensation began in the pit of her stomach and alarmed her. It was the signal of impending orgasm!

“No!” she shrieked, trying to twist her pussy away from the raunchy man. “No, no, noooo! Don’t do that! Ohhh, please, stop licking me! Stop fingering my pussy!”

The delicious agony became unbearable for her, and her whole body started to vibrate as she gasped for a cool breath. She went limp against the post she was tied to. Her eyes grew hazy and heavy. Her mind whirled. Unwanted pleasure radiated from her tortured, tingling body. The man’s finger, half-buried up her cunt, had a highly disturbing effect on her feelings.

Lenny fastened his wet mouth on the small quivering bud of her tit. His tongue lashed her nipple furiously, licking the protuberance, teasing it until she thought it would burst. He sucked on the tender bud, gently at first, then with increasing power, as if he knew just what Hank was doing with his finger in her cunt.

Diane whimpered. Her whole body began to shake uncontrollably. The tremendous feelings in her tits seemed to connect with the dangerous feelings in her cunt. It felt to her like lightning streaking from her tits to her pussy and back up again. The electric thrills devastated her and rendered her more helpless than before. Even her wrists stopped struggling against the leather bonds. She felt whipped.

Yet there was no relaxation for her, even though her tongue-teased body felt weak and beaten. Every fiber of her being seemed to be finely tuned to a high pitch of erotic pleasure. It was new to her — new, and mind-boggling, and irresistible. What could she do against it when her own body was writhing and twisting as if it liked what was happening?

Hank registered most of the girl’s helpless responses and winked at his buddies who continued to lave her luscious tits with their relentless tongues. Hank waited for the psychological moment, then eased his soaked finger up into Diane’s quivery cunt-hole. Her pussy-walls stretched, yet caressed, his invading finger. With his thumb-tip, he massaged her little pink clit and coaxed it into a quivery erection.

Diane shuddered and whimpered as the small electric shocks of sensual delight stabbed deep in her belly, where her burgeoning fuck urge lay hidden.

“Ohhhh,” she groaned. Her eyes rolled in her head. Her pulsating pussy-mouth sucked on Hank’s drilling finger.

She didn’t want it to happen, but her pussy started humping and squirming on the ravishing finger. Her tits started rising hard and pushing into the mouths of Lenny and Ralph. If she could see herself, she would have seen a luscious teenaged girl driven to the very brink of orgasm by three wild men.

Each of the men paused from time to time to admire the girl. She looked so juicy and pretty tied as she was, with her arms stretched above her head and her curvy body squirming beneath the men’s mouths. It was a sight to remember in future fuckless days and nights!

These men were usually womanless, so to have a cute chick like Diane their sole prisoner of sex was pure delight. Each, in his own way, planned to get the most out of the girl. After all, what was a girl for?

One last sane thought about what was happening to her in the barn caused Diane to cringe with humiliation at the obscene, evil acts she was being subjected to without her permission or desire. Then, even that mental protest was washed away by an overwhelming flash of heat that coursed from her tits to her fingerfucked cunt.

The hot mouths and the cunt-raping finger left her body. Diane whimpered and forced her eyes open. The three men were standing, grinning, waiting for her.

Her gaze dropped, and she stared at the size of Hank’s big, swollen, wet cock. She gasped. She looked over at Lenny’s enormous cock, then back to where Ralph’s gigantic prick throbbed wetly near her naked hip.

Panic gripped her tensed belly, and her cunt got wetter. Oh, dear God, she thought feverishly. Their cocks are so big! Enormous!

“Wh-what are you going to do?” she asked in a terrified voice.

The men laughed as they looked up and down her beautiful body. Diane needed no better answer than that. They were obviously horny out of their minds for her virginal flesh. They were raunchy, evil, twisted, lustful men — more animals than men!

“What do you think we’re gonna do?” Ralph taunted.

“I don’t know!” she screeched. “Sure you do,” Lenny chuckled. Hank grinned at her and peered lewdly into her wide blue eyes. “We’re gonna fuck you, kitten,” he said boldly.

“Oh, no!” Diane cried. “You can’t! Please! I-I never… ohhh, please, don’t do this to me… why me? Don’t, don’t! I’ll-I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Lenny teased.

Diane blurted it out. “I’ll jerk your pricks!”

The three men reared back in laughter. “Not with your hands tied, you won’t,” Hank chuckled gleefully.

“Besides,” Lenny taunted, “we have lots of other things in store for a pretty little cunt like you.”

“We don’t need your hands, honey,” Ralph put in, staring hotly at her sweet pussy.

The men accosted her then, taunting and teasing her vibrating body. Ralph caressed her ass-cheeks and whispered, “You ever been fucked in the asshole, baby?”

Hank rubbed her sensitive pussy and clit and grinned at her. “How would you like my stiff cock up your cunt?”

Lenny caressed her aching tits and said, “I’d like to fuck you between these lovely tits. You ever felt anything like that? Imagine my stiff prick running in and out and pumping cum all over you.”

Diane wanted to scream. She wanted to shriek and kick and struggle. But she was so overwhelmed by their raunchiness and powerful lust that all she could do was whimper helplessly before them and shed tears of dread.

“You’re terrible,” she sobbed, quivering all over. “I hate you. Bastards. You’re rotten bastards. You can’t do this to a girl! It isn’t right! It isn’t fair!”

As if she’d never uttered a word, the men discussed a pressing problem. Standing back from Diane’s scrumptious body, they examined the situation.

“We can’t all get at her if she’s tied up there,” Ralph offered.

“Hmmm, you’re right,” Hank agreed, eyeing Diane’s wrists, tied above her head.

“I think we should tie her somewhere else,” Ralph suggested. “Somewhere where we can all feast on her luscious body.”

“You pigs!” Diane screamed at them.

Hank peered into the cow stall, his prick jerking in mid-air like a piece of wet iron. “I have an idea,” he said. “Cut her down.”


Diane screamed at first as one man cut her wrists free and another gripped her naked, slim waist. As she was lowered, she began to sob, then plead and beg. She wept, she cursed, she sniffed, she whimpered.

“A fiery little thing,” Hank observed, watching her with growing lust.

“Her tits jiggle when she’s upset,” Lenny said with a lewd grin. His gaze fastened on her perfect tit-globes with their cute pink nipples, and his big prick throbbed wetly.

“Take her in there,” Hank said, nodding toward the empty stall. A cow mooed, and the heavy sound mixed with Diane’s sudden moan of protest as Lenny and Ralph dragged her into the space.

“Don’t! Don’t!” she cried, trying to resist. But it was no use. She was no match for two big, horny males, and they pulled her kicking and screaming into the hay-lined stall.

“What are you doing?” Diane shrieked, pulling back every inch of the way.

This was nice for Hank. He stood back and enjoyed the girl’s display. Her tits jiggled some more. She crouched and tugged at the men’s hands, which were gripping her wrists. Hank grinned, eyeing the way her naked little ass wiggled and twitched as she bent over and tried to pull back.

Lenny and Ralph laughed and dragged her feet over the hay and yanked her writhing body into the stall. Ralph looked to Hank for further instructions.

“Stick her head in there,” Hank said.

He pointed to the yoke used to hold the head of a cow so it could be milked. When Lenny asked what the wooden contraption was, Hank explained, then with a chuckle, he added, “We’re gonna milk her, ain’t we?”

The three men laughed uproariously at that little joke while Diane sobbed and whimpered helplessly among them. Lenny and Ralph forced her down and stuck her pretty head into the apparatus. Hank stepped forward and lowered the over piece down and clamped the crying girl’s head into the device. She was practically on all fours, forced into the shameful position by the yoke around her neck.

If she thought she had been humiliated by being strung up on a post, that was nothing compared to what she felt now. She couldn’t see the men now that her head was stuck into the contraption. But she was profoundly aware of their presence behind her. It was torture to know that the three of them could freely stand there and look at her naked, trapped body all they wanted to. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life.

She soon learned not to struggle too much. The yoke hurt her head and neck if she did. So she stopped that. But calming down in that sense only heightened her feeling of danger and abuse. She became very aware of her cunt.

Hank, Lenny and Ralph couldn’t miss that. They all stood back and gazed with admiration at the teenager’s cute little pussy. Bent over as she was, her cunt looked like a mouthwatering sandwich pressed between her closed thighs. Her curvy young ass was thrust high in the air because she kept her legs as straight as she could.

“Wh-what are you doing back there?” Diane rasped nervously, shivering all over.

Receiving no reply but a chuckle of lust, she figured out that her ass was too high under these circumstances. She had bent over many times in front of her bedroom mirror, so she knew how she looked from behind. Wouldn’t the sight of her fully exposed asshole and pussy give these raunchy men terrible ideas?

Sobbing, she dropped to her hands and knees, trying to hide herself. She scrunched her knees up as far as she could get them in hopes that this would not only lower her vulnerable ass, but conceal her cunt.

The men were onto her, though. Lenny dropped to his knees at her side and laughed. He grabbed her right leg and pulled it back some. “Don’t go too far,” he laughed.

Catching on, Ralph got on his knees at her other side and pulled her other leg back. Winking at his partner, he and Lenny parted her lovely legs and made her cunt peek out again, golden and puffy-lipped. Her tits grew taut as she sobbed and strained to avoid this humiliating position.

Her greatest fear welled up inside her, and she gave voice to it impulsively. Quivering with terror, she gasped. “Please! Don’t fuck me!”

Just to hear her say the word made the three big cocks jump anxiously. Lenny laughed and said, “What did you say? Don’t do what to you?”

“Don’t fuck me!” Diane gasped again.

Then Ralph chuckled. “Don’t what?” he asked. But he gave the little game away when he bent forward and swiped the tip of his horny tongue over Diane’s hip and side. She jerked at the contact, but she caught on to their horny teasing.

“Oh!” she cried. “You filthy bastards!”

Lenny pressed his lips to her other hip and murmured, “That’s terrible language coming from such a young girl. I’d rather hear you say fuck.”

“Let’s milk her!” Ralph rasped, anxious and eager.

Diane heard that, and a wave of panic washed through her body. “What do you mean?” she sobbed. “You can’t milk a girl! What do you mean?”

It was not knowing what the men meant that drove her crazy. Not knowing was worse for her than the degradation they were subjecting her to. Not knowing what these animalistic men wanted of her made her feel utterly helpless and trapped.

But the men soon solved the mystery for her. Lenny and Ralph, with the exuberance of little boys, got down on their backs and maneuvered their heads beneath her ripe, jutting tits. Even in her upside-down position, her tits didn’t sag or hang loosely. They were tight, round, lovely things.

Lenny took the right tit and Ralph took the left. Grinning, they fondled them first. They squeezed them and made the nipples protrude.

Then they stuck out their tongues and licked the rubbery buds. Diane shrieked.

She felt what she didn’t want to feel exquisite sensations in her spiking pink nipples. She had no control over her tits now as the horny men caressed them and kneaded them and sucked them.

Lenny and Ralph pulled her jutting nipples into their wet mouths and sucked on them with increasing pleasure. The pleasure Diane felt in her tits devastated her. Her tits seemed so sensitive to this kind of crude treatment!

“No, nooo,” she whimpered, wiggling and writhing. But her movements only made her luscious tits grind and twist in the men’s sucking mouths.

Hank watched this action as long as he could. It gave him good feelings in his massive, throbbing cock to see his buddies sucking the girl’s tits like that. And it was pure delight to watch her sweet ass gyrate as she struggled against what was happening to her as well as against her own unwanted, unbidden pleasure.

Hank’s prick jolted in mid-air, and his pisshole produced yet another bubble of clear precum. It dribbled down to the hay as he moved forward, his eyes riveted on the teenager’s sexy cunt. He dropped to his knees behind her, and his big, rough hands smoothed over her hips.

“No!” Diane screamed, feeling his hands near her cunt.

Hank paid her no mind, mesmerized now by her luscious cunt. He stretched out on the hay on his stomach, his cock throbbing into the grain. He propped himself on his elbows, and his gaze burned into her fully exposed pussy. From this angle, he could see everything a man would want to see between a pretty girl’s legs. Her pussy-lips were puffy and slightly moist from the cunt juice clearly visible between them. Her pink fuck-hole was soaked. Hank turned his head a little and admired her clit — all red and swollen and drenched with her own joy — juices. He licked his lips.

Diane knew now what the men had meant about milking her. They meant to arouse her, drive her crazy with their wicked mouths, make her tits and cunt yield to their efforts. “Please!” she panted as she worried about the very near future. “Don’t… ohhh, don’t do this to me! Please, please… don’t lick me there!”

Lenny and Ralph chuckled right along with Hank when they heard her protest. She was sure worried about her cunt! Maybe because she was afraid she’d like it. They were reasonably sure that once their buddy started eating her cunt, the girl would go limp and surrender to their horny mouths.

Ralph released Diane’s tit long enough to gasp, “Go for it, Hank! Suck that furry little pussy! We want to get at it, too!”

Diane howled when she heard that. It frightened her to realize that it wasn’t only the man behind her that she had to worry about, but all three of them! They wanted to rape her pussy! All three of them ached to suck her cunt!

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she gasped, shivering from head to toe. And she began to cry again, knowing that the men would show her no mercy. Why should they? She was young, pretty and stark naked — at their disposal!

“Get your tongue in there!” she heard a man blurt hornily.

Thus began the most humiliating experience of Diane’s life. The three men thoroughly ravished her helpless body with their mouths, tongues and teeth. Never in her wildest erotic fantasies had she known that men could be so hungry for a girl’s body!

While Lenny and Ralph went crazy with her jutting tits, Hank devoured her cunt. When his tongue first attacked her pussy, she screamed bloody murder. She couldn’t stand the intense feelings of pleasure that shot through her as the man’s horny tongue tasted her cunt. Her scream turned Hank on, and the man really went for her pussy.

His wiggly tongue slithered expertly up the steamy channel of her cunt. She quivered with unwanted delight, and her lovely hips twitched convulsively as her aching tits heaved into the mouths of Lenny and Ralph.

Hank’s horny tongue in her pussy was like a jolt of electricity, and the shocks only increased as he drilled his thick wet tongue all the way into her trembling cunt-tunnel. Burying his tongue up her fuck-hole, he wiggled it from side to side. Diane gasped and howled and jerked. And she moaned loudly as he started fucking his tongue in and out of her twitching pussy-mouth.

His vicious tongue swirled and licked deeply. It drilled to the very back of her cunt-chute, exciting her, rousing her latent fuck-urge with its constant drilling. Hank tasted the hot juice of her sweet cunt and worked a lot of it up as his lips pressed closer against her cunt-mouth, and he nibbled and nudged her clit.

His drilling tongue invaded her cunt with such wild thrusts, that Diane had no choice but to squirm her cute ass and work her pussy. The role of a cockteaser, which she had come to enjoy, died a slow death as the three men demoralized her and forced her to submit to their crazed, sucking mouths.

Against her will, her body responded to the luscious ripples of joy washing through her. She was still cock teasing in a way — she was profoundly aware of the men’s big wet pricks — but she was also paying the price for the first time in her life. These animals weren’t only being cock teased — they were eating her alive!

More than anything, Diane wanted to keep from responding to the tongues of these strange men. But she couldn’t help it. She wanted to scream curses at them, but their wicked tongues had taken her breath away. She couldn’t find her voice. All she could do was cling to the wooden structure and hold on for dear life as three big wet tongues ravished her helpless body. Her tits ached now with unwanted delight as her nipples stuck out hornily for the two men to suck all they wanted. And her helpless pussy gyrated and squirmed on the big tongue drilling and plunging into it so constantly, so wildly, so relentlessly.

She wanted to curse the man behind her as his tongue backed out of her bubbly cuntmouth and licked tantalizing circles round and round her stiff, writhing clit. She wanted to kick back at him like a mule and crush his balls, but her lovely legs were as weak as soft rubber, quaking and trembling as he devastated her pussy.

Her mind spun. What could she do against the overwhelming force of lust arising within her own depths? She was an inveterate cockteaser, but she had never known about female lust, had never been subjected to its power and mind-boggling force. She was just learning about it now — the hard way!

“Ohhhh!” she moaned, and the sound of her own deep passion startled her and embarrassed her. Her pretty face flushed red with shame as she helplessly pushed her tits down into the men’s sucking mouths and squirmed her juicy cunt against Hank’s. It was demoralizing and it was humiliating, but it was marvelous!

Unbidden excitement rippled through her shaky body until she was a mass of quivering flesh. Her cunt spasmed, and her pussy-walls started sucking on Hank’s probing tongue as if it were a stiff cock. Beyond her control, her pussy tugged the man’s tongue right into its fiery depths. Her pussy needed something in it!

Her lips parted, and she gasped for breath as three mouths ravished her completely. She screamed as if being tortured as Hank’s tongue slipped out of her twisty fuck-hole and slithered to her swollen clit. Electric shocks flashed in her pussy as Hank’s thick, wet tongue licked and flicked across her protruding little clit. Her clit twitched and throbbed more than she’d ever known it to. Hank grinned to himself and started chewing on her small cunt bud.

The humping little blonde, squealing and gasping now, was certain that her clit would burst in the man’s fabulous mouth. It no longer felt like a mouth on her quivery clit. It was just something wet and warm, a sucking thing that knew how to make her clit and cunt go crazy.

With cunt-eating expertise, Hank flattened his tongue and plastered it up and down across her twitching clit, feeling the heat of her pussy. Whether she liked it or not, her pussy became a greedy, hot thing — just like the men wanted.

Diane’s moans and protests remained the same. “Ohhhh, nooo, don’t!” she panted. “Please… don’t make me feel this way, stop, stop!” But now, her tits and cunt were alive with new feelings and exquisite sensations that she couldn’t resist. Now it was not three men who were overcoming her resistance and forcing her to like cunt-lapping, it was her own passions, deep in her hot cunt. Her fuck-urge grew violent within her, and she couldn’t help but push her tits and pussy at the sucking men.

The intensity of her awakened sexuality mounted until the poor girl was out of her mind with lust. “Yes! Yesssss!” she squealed senselessly.

She lost all inhibition as unexpected thrills of lust passed through her tits and cunt and asshole. She heard herself gasping hornily, heard herself panting.

“Hurry… please… ohhhh, you’re doing it! Hurry! I’m — I’mmmmm — ohhh, commmiiing!”

She heard her own horrid demands and the man’s answering snorts as he plunged his thick tongue deeply into her aching fuck-hole. Then a chorus of lewd moans escaped her constricted throat as Hank slurped her flooding pussy. She lost all control, and her resistance to this degradation washed out of her writhing body with her cunt cream. The demands of her body overwhelmed and eclipsed her reluctance. Her whole body shivered and jerked violently as she came on Hank’s drilling, fucking tongue. Diane was hurtled to the brink of excruciating orgasm, and ecstasy rushed through her straining, humping body as a new tide of orgasmic joy rose up and threatened to wash away her last vestige of reluctance and resistance. Then she came again, quickly and violently, and her senses reeled as she was picked up and carried along on a wave of glorious passion.

With waves of lust rippling through her helpless body, Diane panted for breath and gasped, “Oh, my God!”

She thought her ordeal was over. But it had just begun. Before she could catch her breath, before she could resume her protests, before her body could cool off, the three men simply exchanged positions.

Lenny surrendered her taut tit to Hank, who attacked it with a passionate mouth. Lenny dived into her juicy crotch and buried his tongue up her heated, wet pussy-chute. Three mouths continued to ravish her.

Diane dimly realized that the ordeal wasn’t over, at all. Her outrageous climax was nothing compared to what these animals had in store for her. The three mouths sucked and nibbled and chewed until she was coming like crazy.

Then, to her complete devastation, the men changed places again, and still they attacked her. Her nipples felt raw with sensitivity as mouth after mouth assaulted them and sucked them hard.

On and on went the mind-boggling sucking. Wetness and heat filled Diane’s pussy. Her body had weakened considerably after five orgasms, but still she came, writhing and mewling helplessly as the three men sucked her silly.

“Ohhhh, no more,” she whimpered weakly. “Please… please… don’t suck me any more! Oh, my God! I can’t come any more! Please… stop.”

“Did you hear that?” Hank chuckled lewdly. “I think the chick is horny.”

They hadn’t heard her words of protest. They had heard the tone of her voice. Diane Adams was a mass of weakened, shivery flesh, panting as hornily as a nymphomaniac. She wasn’t entirely aware of it, but her shuddering young body was turned on, aching for not less, but more!


Diane sank to the hay-strewn floor of the barn and panted loudly for a cool breath when the three men backed away from her body. Every inch of her tender flesh felt hot, a new experience for her. She didn’t know what to do.

“What’s happening to me?” she sobbed, still writhing from all her juicy orgasms. “I feel so funny. Ohhh, what have you done to me? Oh, God.”

Hank ambled around and stepped into the adjoining stall where he could see her pretty face. He grinned at her and squatted before her. Her eyes gravitated to his enormous cock, throbbing so energetically between his open thighs.

“You’re horny,” he told her.

“I am not!”

“How else would you explain how you’re feeling?” Hank laughed. “Don’t be so shy about it. Lots of girls get horny when they’re sucked like you’ve just been sucked. You have delicious tits, you know that? And that pussy of yours is a delight.”

“Oh!” she gasped, glaring up at him. “I hate you! All of you! You’re a bunch of filthy, rotten, evil bastards! You ought to all be shot!”

Hank smiled at her, delighted by the way anger made her bright eyes sparkle. “Is that any way to talk to nice guys like us? After all we’ve done for you?”

“Done for me!” Diane screeched. “You’ve raped me!”

“Not yet, we haven’t,” Hank chuckled. “First we wanted to get you ready. You should be thankful that we went through so much trouble and effort to get you horny first. We could have decked you and fucked the hell out of you long ago.”

Diane’s mouth tell open and she gasped, “Oh, my God! You planned this! You-you — oh, nooo, please, I don’t want any more! You’ve already done everything to me!”

“Not at all,” Hank said calmly. “We’ve just begun. Hell, now that you’re hot, the fun’s gonna start.”

“Fun? Fun? What fun?” Diane panted, afraid of the answer.

“Fucking fun.” He got to his feet, and his rigid, throbbing prick jerked like a live thing before Diane’s startled, widened eyes. “Just look at this,” he said. “I wanted to push my cock to you a long time ago. But I waited until your cunt was nice and wet. Wasn’t that nice of me? What are you complaining about? We’ve been very nice to you. You’ve read rape stories, haven’t you? We haven’t raped you; we’ve made mad, passionate love to you. We’re not here to hurt you in any way. You’re too pretty for that. We’re just gonna make you feel real good.”

“But — I don’t want you to!” Diane cried. The sight of his mighty prick gave her the shivers. “I want to be left alone! Ohhh, please, let me go… I’ll jerk you off! I swear! I promise! I’ll jerk all of you off! I’ll make you all come good!”

Hank laughed and shook his head at her. “You’ll jerk us off anyway — after we’ve fucked you. Your pussy must be more than ready for a stiff cock. Right?”

“No! No!” Diane sobbed.

Just then, Lenny wiggled his middle finger up into her exposed fuck-hole and said, “She’s lying. Her pussy is so wet, it could take the cock of a bull.”

“Look at her ass move,” Ralph added. “Come on. We’ve wasted enough time. My balls are gonna explode. She’s got me so fucking horny!”

Hank looked over the low wall at his buddy and said, “We haven’t wasted a minute, you damned fool. You’ve got no class, you ass. Didn’t you enjoy sucking her cute tits? Didn’t you relish her sweet cunt? A chick like this is wasted on a stud like you.”

Turning back to Diane, he smiled and said, “See what I mean? He’s a fucking animal with women. He wanted to fuck you first, then eat you. No class. That would have hurt, you know? This way, you’re as horny as we are.”

“I am not!” Diane squealed. “Stop saying that!”

“You aren’t, huh?” Hank said snidely. To prove his point, he went back into the other stall and knelt beside her quivering body. With his left hand, he cupped and caressed one of her firm tits. With his right, he massaged and rubbed her exposed cunt. She felt something shoot through her body, and suddenly, the man’s hands felt marvelous.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped.

“See?” Hank laughed.

Diane bit her lower lip and refused to talk any more. This was a horrifying reality. Her whole body felt so fuzzy and buzzy, so warm and cuddly. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling. The man had proved his point, all right. Her pussy was definitely hungry for something, even if she wished it weren’t so!

As if reading her mind, Hank said, “Don’t worry, kitten, we’ve got exactly what you need.”

“No!” she screamed, twisting her ass away. “Ohhh, please — don’t fuck me!”

“We gotta,” Hank informed her. “Can you imagine what it’s like to have a naked girl like you alone when we have such big hard-ons? Think about it. We gotta fuck your cute little cunt. It’s natural. Besides, I can’t hold these two animals back forever. You should be glad we’ve been this patient with you.”

“Who’s first?” Ralph asked anxiously. “My prick is gonna burst!”

“Let’s toss a coin,” Lenny suggested.

Hank agreed to that method of choice, and Lenny padded naked over to the spot where he’d tossed his pants. Diane could see him bend over, saw his wide, firm ass and his huge balls and, when he turned back to his buddies, she saw all of his long, thick prick, so wet and rigid.

She started to cry and sob as she listened to the men tossing the coin and making their decision. It seemed like a nightmare to her, three naked, horny males flipping a coin to see who would be the first to fuck her cunt!

Ralph won the toss and whooped happily. Lenny resented his glee and said so. “Hurry up, Goddamn it,” he growled angrily. “I wanna fuck her!”

Diane shut her eyes and wished she could shut her ears. The men talked about her as if she were a toy of some kind — something to be passed around for the pleasure of animalistic males. Then her thoughts were rudely interrupted when she felt Ralph kneel down behind her ass.

Hank and Lenny contented themselves with her taut, jutting tits. Squeezing and caressing her tits while sucking her nipples satisfied them for now as their partner took his shot at Diane’s horny cunt.

Ralph’s throbbing prick bobbed between Diane’s firm white thighs. She gasped when she felt the wet end of his prick touch her quivery flesh. She panted hotly as Ralph’s rough hand smoothed up her thigh to her furry little cunt. She shuddered as his big finger penetrated her juicy fuck-hole, and she caught her breath as he slowly fingerfucked her pussy channel.

She sucked her lower lip hard as his blunt finger aroused her pussy, and she also had the sensations in her tits to contend with as Lenny and Hank sucked them feverishly. The cunt fucking finger and the sucking mouths on her tits drove her crazy. In an attempt to put a stop to at least some of these unwanted thrills, she foolishly brought her hands up to her tits to ward off the sucking mouths. That was a mistake.

As long as she had kept her hands out of the action, she was all right, but now, Lenny and Hank grabbed one each and forced her to hold their immense, wet cocks.

At the same time, Ralph nudged her pussy with the blunt end of his massive cock. It was a shocking feeling to Diane, and she had to hold on to something. She gripped their cocks tensely and held on for dear life as Ralph inched his thick prick into her cunt. Lenny and Hank grinned at each other as they felt her small hands grasp their cocks.

“Oh, noooo,” Diane whimpered as Ralph’s prick lodged between her tight cunt-lips. Her pussy-mouth had to expand to allow his cock entry, and the wetness there thrilled her more than she wanted to be thrilled.

Ralph started to fuck her slowly, entering deeper into her cunt with each push of his prick. Her sweet pussy felt marvelous around his throbbing cock, so it was pure delight to work it up deep into her fuck-hole. She had such a tight cunt!

Ralph couldn’t hold back. Diane’s pussy felt too good. His naked ass started moving, and his thick cock started fucking into her pussy with long, wet strokes. He grasped her hips and held onto her as he pushed his prick deeper and faster.

His rapid fucking motions became frenzied as Diane’s hot pussy clenched his prick, almost sucking it into her cunt tube. He groaned and banged her pussy harder and harder with his soaked cock.

“Christ!” he grunted, and drilled all of his horny prick up into her tight, sucking pussy. “Jesus! Holy shit! Goddamn!”

Diane was no less affected by the sudden and violent fucking. She writhed under the poking her pussy was getting. Then her cunt tensed and clenched like a closing mouth as Ralph’s rigid fuck-pole speared into her wrenching pussy and stimulated her dormant fuck-urge.

Suddenly, her cute little ass screwed around and around as sharp little gasps burst from her mouth. Her cunt started humping on its own, responding to its very first real cock, and it danced jerkily as his pistoning prick drilled in and out of her horny fuck-channel.

Her fists tightened around Lenny’s and Hank’s big cocks and began to jerk them slowly as she panted and moaned beneath the onslaught of Ralph’s horny cock. Her ass rose, and her pussy sucked harder on the pounding, drilling cock. Ralph’s big hot balls slapped against her clit, and she whimpered with fresh sex-thrills.

“Ohhh, nooo,” she whimpered, still fighting her own lust. But her pussy wanted a big, thick prick in it. It had a mind of its own now, and her body suffered the consequences. As her cunt humped and sucked wetly on the man’s rigid fuck-pole, her whole body turned on, and she was soon fucking as if she needed it.

Ralph labored now and gasped breathlessly as he plunged all of his thick cock into her twisty cunt. He gripped her hips tensely, reared back, and slammed with all his might. His rigid cock streaked into her fuck-canal and speared right into her fiery pussy.

“Oh!” Diane squealed, and her fists pumped the cocks furiously as her hot cunt twisted and screwed on Ralph’s drilling cock. She was out of her head now, little realizing that she was fucking, that she was whacking two huge pricks. She was smothered in sexual pleasure, and her mind was a blank. Only her body was alive now — alive with fuck-needs she had long suppressed and feared.

Ralph gritted his teeth and rammed all of his horny cock into her sucking little pussy. She screamed and wrenched her pussy so hard that he thought it would bite off his prick. Her orgasm overcame her, erupting so suddenly and so violently that she jerked the pricks and fucked her cunt wildly. Panting and moaning passionately, she screwed her flooding cunt on Ralph’s plunging cock with such viciousness that his balls crept up against the base of his prick, ready to explode.

He couldn’t hold back any more than Diane could. With helpless jerking motions, he screwed his horny cock up into her cunt and let loose with against load of accumulated cum. His balls burst, and great wads of thick cockcream spurted through his cock-pipe and out of his distended piss-hole. When Diane felt his cum crashing into her womb, she went haywire. Her hands jerked the pricks so viciously that both Lenny and Hank had to pull away from her in self-defense. Neither one of them wanted to come that way.

They sat back in the hay and caught their breaths as they watched their pal fuck the hell out of the mewling chick. Diane looked beautiful now — all rosy and pink, panting and gasping hornily as she fucked hot pussy on the man’s rampaging prick. Her whole body shivered and shook, and it looked lovely to the voyeurs.

Even Ralph looked interesting with his head thrown back and his teeth set as he pumped all his cum into the girl’s squirming, sucking cunt.

When his balls, were empty, Ralph pulled his spent cock out of Diane’s gripping pussy. He fell back against the far wall of the stall and gasped for breath. “Holy Christ!” he groaned.

Lenny and Hank quickly tossed the coin. Hank won. Before Diane could get her breath back, he was on his knees between her trembling legs. He grasped his mighty cock and aimed it at her cunt. He grabbed her hips and then thrust his cock at her.

Diane’s eyes squeezed shut now, and her pretty face twisted into a mask of exquisite pleasure-pain. Her pussy clenched Hank’s penetrating cock. As his big cock stuffed itself into her tight fuck-channel, she cooed and moaned as if she loved it.

Her hot ass started to wriggle and grind right away as Hank plunged all of his horny cock into the steamy depths of her pussy. In just seconds, she was moaning like a whore and fucking her pussy on his cock lustily. Her cunt moved back to meet each thrust of the giant prick drilling into her.

Hank’s cock seemed larger and thicker than Ralph’s, and she was afraid that it was going to split her cunt up the middle. Then, as Hank grew more violent, she thought his massive cock-head was going to fuck her lungs. Every time he shoved his prick up into her belly, it felt bigger and bigger. Diane had no command of her ass now. It belonged to the man fucking her.

Worse, she could hear her own hot moans as sensation upon sensation washed through her helpless cunt. She cried out. She whimpered. She squealed. And she fucked. Her horny little ass rubbed against Hank’s pubic hair as his prick ravished her cunt. Each time his hot balls slapped against her pussy, she involuntarily gave it a small twist. This made her clit mash against his balls.

“I’m coming!” she screamed suddenly.

She hadn’t expected this orgasm. It came on her like a tidal wave, due to the extreme force of Hank’s horny prick as it plowed into her body. Her pussy twitched spastically, and great floods of cunt cream cascaded from her cunt-hole. Her fuck-channel filled with the silky fluid and bathed Hank’s prick as it seeped out of her cunt to dribble down around her quivery clit.

It slowly dawned on her that this was another man fucking her, not the first one. It had taken her some time to realize that the furious cunt-raping fucking had continued without let-up, that two men now, had fucked her in succession.

A flush of embarrassment and shame washed through her as she experienced afresh the public nature of this fuck. Other men were watching her get fucked! They could actually see all of her naked body, could see her fucking back at the man’s pistoning prick! It was humiliating. But she couldn’t stop fucking!

Hank grunted like an animal and drove all of his prick up into her tight, sucking pussy. Burying it to the hilt, he clenched his teeth and groaned horribly as his prick spit savagely into her twisting pussy.

Diane got off again on the shooting cock, and her orgasm rendered her helpless with lust. Biting her lower lip, whimpering like a hurt child, shedding tears of dread mixed with unwanted pleasure, she came wetly and for a long time. Her twisting, juicing pussy only made Hank hornier, and he fucked his cock rapidly in and out of her spasming cunt, shooting, spitting, spurting and gushing. Diane’s cunt took in all his jizz.

Then Hank, too, fell back in the hay, gasping for breath. He joined Ralph, and they stared hotly as Lenny knelt behind Diane’s cute ass. Diane felt the prick leave her pussy, and she panted hotly as Lenny started swiping her cunt with his prick. His cock’s entry into her horny cunt took her breath away, and now she could no longer complain or protest or declare her innocence in this erotic game.

Her breath caught in her throat, and she choked as Lenny shoved all of his thick fuckpole into her drenched little pussy. All her cunt juices, mixed with jism, came drooling out around Lenny’s plunging prick, and the mixture seeped from her soaked pussy-hair down her inner thighs to the hay she was kneeling in.

Her wet pussy opened for Lenny’s massive cock, and in no time at all, she was moaning and screwing her ass around and around as Lenny fucked her brutally. Since he was the last to get her cunt, he was out of his mind with lust for her. With his teeth clenched and his hands gripping her writhing hips tensely, he drilled his aching cock in and out of her pussy with a growing fury.

The poor girl collapsed beneath this brutal pounding, bat still Lenny fucked her hard. He lowered his body to hers and rammed his prick into her cunt, showing no mercy.

Diane whimpered bitterly, and her soaked cunt quivered as his horny prick ravished it violently.

Then Lenny let out a groan as low and as mean as a bear’s. He rammed all of his prick into Diane’s cunt and said something unintelligible as his balls exploded beneath his rampaging prick. Huge globs of white jism torpedoed through his cock-shaft, and he howled like a wolf as big spurts of hot cum gushed out of his stretched piss-hole into Diane’s sucking cunt.

Diane moaned hornily, and her eyes rolled in her head as the spitting prick made her fuck for her life. Her juicy cunt clenched like a fist around his stabbing cock. It was as if her pussy wanted lots of jism now — and knew how to get it.

Lenny poured the contents of his hot balls into her hungry cunt and shivered violently with orgasmic spasms. Diane’s cunt was so tight, yet so slippery, that its clenching effect forced his spent prick out of her fuck-hole. His prick plopped out and dribbled cum onto the hay. Her twitching pussy leaked great amounts of jism, which drooled down her warm, white thighs. She was kneeling in pools of jism.

When Lenny fell back away from the girl’s lovely body, Hank crawled up to it and caressed her aching tits.

“There,” he sighed, “wasn’t that fun?” But Diane could not answer. All she could do was gasp, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!”


When Diane felt a strong hand caress her pussy and her ass-cheeks, she panicked. Still dazed from the triple-play fucking, she gasped, “Please! Oh, not again!”

Hank approached her face, grinning. “We aren’t going to fuck you again right now. You can take a rest.”

Diane sighed with relief to hear that. She didn’t think she could take another stiff prick sliding in and out of her poor cunt or another big load of such thick jism.

But her relief didn’t last long. As she was sighing, all three men appeared in the stall, their pricks dangling, glistening with her cuntjuice. It was embarrassing for Diane to look at them. Yet she couldn’t keep her eyes off of them. These were the cocks that had driven her out of her skull! How thick they looked, even when flaccid!

“I don’t want a rest!” she panted, looking pleadingly at Hank. “I want you to let me go now. Please let me go. You all fucked me. You got what you wanted. Please, please… let me out of this thing!”

“Not yet,” Ralph chuckled, stepping closer to her pretty face. “You have to lick our cocks now.”

“What!” Diane gasped. “No! Please! What are you saying? You fucked me! That’s enough! No, no, no! I won’t! I won’t!”

“Yes, you will,” Lenny said evenly. He stepped right up to her face and pushed his hips forward. “Lick it, you little cockteaser.”

“I’m not a cockteaser!” Diane cried, twisting her mouth away from the jutting prick. “I don’t even know you men! How can I cocktease somebody. I don’t even know? Leave me alone. Get away from me!”

“Lick my cock,” Lenny said thickly.

“No, no!” she cried, turning her face again. She wanted to stop and think about what the man had said. How did these men know she was a cockteaser? But she couldn’t think — not when Lenny kept pushing his wet prick toward her defenseless mouth.

“Ohhh, please, stop that,” she whined weakly, realizing that she couldn’t spend all her time twisting her face away from his prick.

“Just lick my cock, and I’ll stop,” Lenny said.

“No! I don’t wanna lick your nasty old prick!”

Hank smiled at her gumption. “You’d better do as he says,” he suggested meaningfully.

“Why should I?” she fired back at him.

Hank smiled. “Because if you don’t, he’s gonna shove his cock down your sexy little throat.”

Diane gasped. She swallowed nervously as she looked from Hank to Lenny’s prick. Would the man really get mean like that and fuck her throat? Her throat couldn’t take a big cock like his, could it?

“You wanna lick my cock now?” Lenny taunted. He inched his wet prick toward her sexy mouth. Diane licked her lips. Her gaze fastened on his powerful prick, and a strange new shudder of unwanted excitement coursed through her body. Her nipples and clit were most affected by it. It made her secretly wonder if she was, turned on.

Lenny arched his back and pushed his hips forward. The bulging head of his cock touched Diane’s soft, pouting lips. She didn’t move her head. He rubbed his cock-head against her lips again. She swallowed audibly. She had never licked a prick before.

She was visibly torn between licking his prick and refusing. In this state of confusion, she let her pink tongue slip out of her mouth and take a taste of the man’s prick.

“That-a-girl,” Lenny said encouragingly. He hunched his ass up so Diane could get at his cock-shaft. She seemed to know what he wanted, and she let her tongue-tip trace a wet line from his balls to his cock head. His prick automatically rose up, startling her. But Lenny chuckled and wiped his thickening prick all over the end of her tongue.

“Come on, baby,” he rasped, writhing his hips. “You know what I want. Get sexy with my cock.”

“But — I don’t want to be sexy,” Diane whimpered. Even so, she extended her tongue and swiped it up and down his prick. To her amazement, the feeling of soft, moist cockskin against her sensitive tongue provided new sensations for her — feelings of the very thing the man wanted — sexiness.

A soft sound escaped her throat. Her gaze remained riveted to his burgeoning cock as she turned her head slightly and tickled the base of his prick with her tongue.

This felt so good to Lenny that he reached down and took her pretty face between his hands. She felt his fingers tremble against the softness of her cheeks as he held her head and rubbed his growing cock all over her tongue. What an effect her tongue had on him! It filled her with wonder.

Her wonder turned to outright alarm when she saw that this licking was making his prick immensely big. His cock grew and grew right before her eyes as her tongue traveled up and down. She saw his cock jerk wildly when she licked the underside of his bulging cock-head. He was terribly sensitive there!

She gave the spot another lick and almost giggled when Lenny’s big cock jumped. She had inadvertently discovered men’s weak point, and that somehow excited her. It gave her a new sense of power now — even greater than the power she had felt when cock teasing. Her little tongue seemed to be awfully important in sex!

With her mind entertaining ideas of this kind, she found herself breathing hotly and licking Lenny’s cock as if she liked it. His prick was soon upright, standing at a sharp angle in the air, throbbing wetly before her sexy mouth.

“Goddamn,” he groaned pulling her face closer to him. He thrust forward and pressed the thickness of his cock-shaft against her kissing, licking mouth. Then, when Diane least expected it, he gripped his prick in one fist and forced his bulging cock-head between her lips.

“Mmmmph!” Diane gasped on his big cock as it filled her sweet mouth. She tried to pull away, but Lenny was way ahead of her. His hand moved to the back of her heed at braced it there. She couldn’t pull back, and she couldn’t push forward without taking more of his thick, prick into her sexy mouth.

Locking her head in place, Lenny chuckled and hornily flicked his wet prick in and out of her mouth. “Suck it, baby,” he groaned hotly. “Suck my cock good. Come on, swirl your cute tongue around it, too. Hurry up, or I’ll shove the fucking thing down your throat!”

Diane gasped again and quickly got her tongue moving on the enormous cock in her mouth. As Lenny slowly slid his prick in and out between her tight lips, she twirled her wet tongue all over it round and round, pleasing him tremendously. So this was cocksucking!

Lenny’s asscheeks tensed and quivered uncontrollably as Diane’s mouth became a cunt for his stiff prick. His pleasure mounted with each swirl of her tongue around his achingly huge cock. His dark eyes smoldered as he watched her sexy mouth slide up and down on his prick. The feeling was overwhelming for him.

Diane felt the throbbing reaction in his cock, and she started sucking faster, harder. The tips of her teeth gently scraped along his cock-shaft as her tongue rolled around his cock-head. She knew he was near orgasm as he pushed half of his thick prick into her warmly sucking mouth.

Diane’s mouth conformed itself to the man’s slip-sliding prick. Every once in a while, she paused to breathe deeply through her nostrils, then resumed sucking.

Lenny took a moment, out of his intense pleasure to glance at Hank and wink at him. The chick was getting the hang of it.

Diane thought so, too. When she thought about it, sucking a cock wasn’t as devastating to her as getting fucked. Actually, it was a lot like sucking a lollipop or mouthing an ice cream cone. It left her tits and pussy intact and reasonably relaxed. So she sucked Lenny’s prick with increasing willingness.

Without her knowing it, her willingness became desire and, when she least expected it, desire became erotic arousal. All of a sudden, the cock in her sexy mouth might as well have been up her cunt. It all dazed Diane. She never knew that cocksucking could affect her cunt and tits.

Just as Diane was caught up in her own unwanted lust, Lenny groaned like a hurt animal. The muscles of his gut tensed until the girl thought they would turn to iron before her very eyes. He arched his back and thrust his powerful prick even farther into her wet mouth. He grunted and groaned several times, and she realized what it meant. He was going to shoot his load of jism in her mouth! She’d never eaten cum before!

But just when she thought she’d like to, Lenny confused her again. He suddenly withdrew his soaked prick from her mouth with a slurpy sound and stepped back.

Diane was dazed. “Wh-what’s the matter?” she panted, licking her ups.

“Nothing,” Lenny said with a lewd grin. “I just wanted another hard-on to shove up your sweet cunt.”

He started away and Diane shrieked, “No! Oh no! Don’t fuck me again!” She twisted her head and peered up sadly at Hank. “Please,” she begged him, “don’t let him do that to me again. I was being nice. I sucked his cock. I was even gonna let him shoot in my mouth! Ohhh, please, help me. You’re the nicest one. Please stop him.”

Hank’s answer was to step up in front of her and force his growing prick into her mouth. Laughing and gripping her head solidly, he fucked his horny prick in and out of her gulping mouth, rendering her senseless.

Diane soon discovered just how good a cocksucker she was. Her sexy mouth had apparently made Lenny’s prick monstrous. When it entered her pussy, she choked on Hank’s prick. His cock felt enormous now, bigger than before!

The brutal entry caused huge waves of pleasure to vibrate through Diane’s kneeling body. She whimpered on the prick in her mouth as Lenny thrust into bet cunt mercilessly, stuffing her cunt-mouth with his thick fuck-pole.

Weakened terribly by the double-fucking, Diane whimpered and jerked her ass while her obscenely skewered cunt began humping on Lenny’s plunging cock. Dazed and dizzy, she didn’t know which prick had done it — the one in her mouth or the one in her pussy — but all of a sudden, she couldn’t stop fucking or sucking.

Horny out of her mind, she began milking Hank’s cock with her lips and mouth. Her cunt-hole sucked on Lenny’s prick. And Ralph crawled under her and sucked the living daylights out of both of her luscious tits. All of this put together served to turn her into a mewling, fucking and sucking female.

Hank’s rigid prick enlarged greatly in her sucking mouth. He stiffened and groaned. His prick jerked. Diane sucked faster. Then his cock started spewing, and hot, thick jism filled her gulping throat.

Hank gritted his teeth and emptied his balls into her mouth. “Fuck her!” he growled at his buddy behind her. “Ram your cock into her cunt!” This thrilled him ever more, and his prick shot great quantities of jism into Diane’s sucking mouth.

Even as Hank’s enormous cock tore loose with its cum, Lenny’s prick swelled up within the walls of Diane’s clenching little cunt. His balls tightened up and suddenly exploded, forcing huge wads of cock-cream into her belly. Her mouth sucked, and her pussy humped on two spitting pricks.

Her drained and exhausted body gave way abruptly, and her legs failed her completely. She collapsed, and her ass dropped down when Lenny’s prick slipped out of her cunt. She sank to the hay. Gasping for breath, she writhed in an agony of pleasure, her mouth and her pussy tingling with entirely new feelings.

Her eyes fluttered weakly, and she moaned softly as Ralph continued to lave her aching tits. Vaguely, as if at a great distance, she heard Hank murmur, “Hey, Ralph, let me at those delicious tits.”

She felt one man leave her tits and another take one almost whole into his horny mouth. She groaned when she felt her nipple enlarge in his sucking mouth. She groaned again when she saw Ralph standing in front of her face with an enormous hard-on. His cock stiffened from sucking her tits!

“No, nooo,” she whimpered.

Ralph grinned lewdly and caught her head between his hands as his pals had done. Holding her mouth steady, he forced her to take in his rigid fuck-pole. She cried and sobbed now, but it was no use. This man, like the others, needed his prick sucked. And her mouth was sexy.

To make matters worse, Hank gave up her tits to Lenny and knelt behind her with a new hard-on. Diane gasped on Ralph’s stiff prick when she felt Hank probing around her cunt with his big, wet prick. She didn’t want to fuck any more. But what she wanted wasn’t important now. What these horny males wanted was the issue. And Hank wanted more of her sweet pussy.

He gripped her hips and held her steady as he lurched forward. His thick wet cock shafted into her exposed cunt and, filled it nicely. Diane gasped around Ralph’s big cock, and when Hank started fucking her silly, that made her blow Ralph’s prick really well.

In no time at all, Ralph was grunting and groaning in a way that told Diane she was going to have to swallow another load of jism. His prick swelled up fiercely between her lips, and he fucked it in and out hornily to get himself off. His cock jerked in her mouth, and she whimpered as it started shooting savagely. Great gushes of jism filled her mouth, and she had to swallow fast to keep from gagging. Even so, he shot so much turn into her mouth that she couldn’t contain it all, and dribbles of white jism squirted from the corners of her mouth as she sucked him off.

She gulped and gulped his cum, and when he was finished feeding her jism, he pulled his wet prick out of her mouth and let her get her breath back. She moaned helplessly as the huge prick up her cunt got her off again. Her pussy flooded wildly and violently.

The men enjoyed her body so much that they wanted more and more of it. It was tremendously exciting to rape and tease a teenaged girl. So Diane found herself getting dizzy as each man shoved his prick into her mouth and up her cunt. All the while, someone was sucking her tits and driving her nipples wild.

Diane soon lost count of how much cocksucking she had done and how many times her cunt had been filled with cock-cream.

She was allowed to rest from time to time. She vaguely remembered the three men taking a break, smoking cigarettes and remarking about her tits and mouth and cunt. Then she was assaulted again, front and rear. Her mouth and pussy weren’t really given any rest. These men hounded her, aroused her, teased her sensitive parts, then fucked her brutally and mercilessly.

Her head whirled and her eyelids fluttered as yet another big cock came into her mouth. All each man had to do was step up to her swollen lips and slip his cock into her mouth. After all of her violent orgasms, she no longer had the will nor the strength to keep their cocks from entering her body. So a stiff prick filled her sexy mouth and another stuffed her cunt. A second later, she was whimpering and groaning and fucking and sucking sexily.

Huge loads of hot jism spurted out the cocks until Diane was certain there were a hundred men in the barn with her, raping her, turning her on, forcing bet to be sexy, making her eat and fuck cum.

Her senses reeled, and her mind boggled. Her whole body tensed and writhed as big pricks fucked in and out of her cunt and mouth. Cock after cock assaulted her, and all the while, a man kept sucking her tits. Her nipples and clit felt on fire, and she became so accustomed to sucking stiff prick that her mouth sometimes opened even before a guy wanted her to suck him off.

She was so dazed that she hardly knew when the fucking and sucking ceased. She slowly came to the realization that there were no more pricks stabbing into her mouth and cunt. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked around. Hank, Lenny and Ralph were seated in the hay in front of her, calmly smoking cigarettes and chuckling as they kidded about her curvaceous body.

Her sanity returning, Diane naturally wanted freedom. “Please,” she stammered, trying to make her tongue work right. “Let me go now. Please… I feel so weak.”

“We ain’t finished with you yet,” Lenny said.

Diane’s eyes widened on the laughing, leering men. “Not finished?” she gasped. “But, but you all fucked me. Many times! And I’ve sucked all of you off! What-what else can you do?”

She looked genuinely puzzled. Hank soon unpuzzled her. He smiled wickedly at her and asked, “Have you ever heard of a piece of ass? Men like a piece of ass.”

It took only a moment for the full impact of his message to dawn on Diane. Then she gasped, and her sexy lips flapped wordlessly. A moment later, she started to weep bitterly for she knew what Hank meant. These horny bastards really wanted to fuck her asshole.


Diane was so stunned by what the men wanted to do to her that she lost the power to protest. A wave of self-pity flooded her as the three studs moved out of her range of vision and entered the other stall behind her. She was shocked. She had sucked off three cocks — more than once! She had been fucked in the pussy too many times to remember! It wasn’t fair to have one of those monstrous cocks drilling into her ass.

Their hands touched her tender flesh. Two cupped her taut, quivering tits. Someone smoothed a rough, gnarled hand over her back and made her shiver. Another hand rubbed her soaked, leaking cunt. She whimpered. Then a hand touched her ass-cheeks and massaged her ass-hole.

“NO! Nooo! Ohhh, don’t!” she screeched suddenly, torn with fear and dread. Her legs and ass-cheeks tightened up in reaction.

“Easy, kitten,” Hank said.

Then she felt his hand caress the under curves of her naked little ass. His strong fingers dipped into her softly curving ass crevice and pried her ass-cheeks apart.

Diane tried with tall her might to keep the milky-white ass-mounds together, but her willpower was no match for Hank’s lust. His fingers opened her ass up. Lenny knelt down and stretched her legs apart in spite of her sobs.

Hank sucked in his breath when he saw her fatly exposed asshole. “Christ,” he groaned hornily. “Look at that cute little asshole.”

Diane felt humiliated, knowing that three men were behind her, ogling her asshole. The inner muscles of her ass automatically flexed in a desperate effort to protect her vulnerable fuck-hole and prevent the penetration she knew was sure to follow.

Hank leaned over and peered more closely at her delightful asshole, all puckered and inviting.

He extended his middle finger and nudged the rim and center.

Diane stiffened in fear, and her ass walls flexed again. Hank grinned and pushed his finger into her ass up to his first knuckle.

“Oh!” Diane gasped, feeling her asshole stretch open for the finger. “Don’t! It’s too big!”

The men laughed at her exclamation, and Ralph chortled, “If you think that’s big, wait’ll you feel my cock!”

Diane shivered and whimpered helplessly when he threatened her that way. Just the thought of a huge cock trying to get into her small asshole was enough to make her weak with fear.

“Don’t, don’t!” she gasped as Hank wiggled his fingertip around. “Please! Take it out!”

But Hank didn’t stop there. With little concern for her panic or dread, he pushed more of his thick finger into her asshole. She caught her breath and feared great pain from this evil act. She felt Hank’s finger wedge into her tightly resisting ass tunnel, and it scared her silly. Yet there was nothing she could do to stop the outrage.

“Oh, don’t, please!” she pleaded. “It hurts! You said you wouldn’t hurt me! Ohhh, stop that! Please, please! I fucked you! I sucked your pricks! Don’t do this! Please!”

“What a lovely ass she’s got,” Lenny barked, ignoring her cries.

“My cock is getting stiff just looking at it,” Ralph put in.

“Tight as a drum,” Hank told his cronies as he wormed more of his finger up into her cute asshole.

Diane wished there were someone to help her, to rescue her from these wild men. But she was alone. Alone and whipped, beaten by lust. Hank’s prick stiffened mightily, and Diane felt it throb against her thigh. Tears of shame and dread fell from her sparkling blue eyes as she fully realized that she was the helpless victim of these three depraved men.

She hated them with a passion now. She had given them everything! And now this! Now they wanted to humiliate her again. Just when she had secretly thought it might be fun to suck them off again!

Hank was going to fuck her up the ass. She knew it. He would be horny again and merciless in his wild fucking. She remembered how big and thick his prick was in her tight cunt. What would it feel like up her ass-tunnel? Like a telephone pole! That she didn’t want to be fucked in her asshole meant nothing at all to the horrid men.

It was no use, and she knew it. Sobbing pitifully, she surrendered. She couldn’t hold her body in a strained condition all night! Her luscious ass-cheeks suddenly relaxed, and her asshole loosened, to be used by Hank. She clenched her teeth and prepared to know great pain.

But Hank’s finger slid easily up into her clenching ass-channel then — more easily than she thought it could. It certainly took her breath away, but it caused no pain. It dawned on her then that the man were going to be nice to her, like before, when they carefully prepared her cunt for their fiery pricks.

Hank eased his finger out of her tight asshole, and Diane breathed more easily. She blushed deeply, imagining the lewd expressions on the faces of the leering men as they lusted after her exposed asshole. Then she jerked and gasped as she felt Hank’s finger below her asshole, traveling into her soaked pussy.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she rasped. It always confused and worried her when any of the men did unexpected things.

“Just relax, kitten,” Hank told her. “Gotta juice up your little fuck-hole, you know.”

So that was what he was up to! He was drawing jism and female cum up from her cunt to her dry asshole! Diane moaned when she felt his naughty finger doing that. And the added sensation of wetness only made her more nervous.

Hank grinned, and his buddies leered as he saturated her cute pink asshole with lots of silky fluids and some thick white fuck cream. Just for good measure, he spread some of it over her ass crack and ass cheeks, too.

Then he knelt between her spread legs. “Just relax,” he said again. “Leave everything to me.” He placed his hands on the mounds of her firm, round ass and, with his thumbs, gently pried her ass-cheeks apart. Her asshole glistened and sparkled.

With her ass-mounds spread, Hank hunched forward and let his throbbing cock press along her crevice. Pushing there, he fucked up and down so that the full, blood-engorged length of his prick slid enticingly up and down her ass-crack, teasing her lewdly as it thickened and grew hot against her ass-flesh. Diane moaned. The ogling men chuckled.

When her little ass started to move in response to his big wet prick, Hank knew she was ripe for a good ass-fucking. He gripped his massive cock and aimed his cock-head at her cute pink asshole. He pressed it there.

“Oh, noooo!” she squealed as the rim of her ass stretched for it. “You can’t! Oh, my God, your cock’s so big! I can never take it! You can’t get your cock in my ass! You’ll rip me in half!”

But before the alarmed and frightened teenager could twist her asshole out of range, Hank gripped her jerking hips, grunted loudly, and strained up against her asshole.

Diane howled as searing pain shot through her tight little belly and bowels. Her ass hole resisted in vain. The unyielding pressure of Hank’s rigid fuck-pole continued, pressed on, crushed against her wet ass rim.

“Oh, mama!” Diane cried in anguish as the throbbing, rigid fuck-pole stretched her asshole open. “Owwwww!”

Hank’s cock-head popped inside her ass, and she gurgled and choked as her whole body trembled and quivered. The sudden invasion of her shitter brought great waves of sensations coursing through her weakened body.

She groaned as Hank held his prick poised to give her ass a chance to grow accustomed to its thickness.

Then he probed with his cock and pressed inward. Diane caught her breath as his monstrous prick inched up into her ass channel. Her eyelids fluttered, then shut tightly as she clenched her teeth against the strange pain which came along with, the equally strange pleasure.

She choked and gasped continually as Hank’s big cock entered the secret places of her unfucked ass. A huge sigh escaped her throat when she felt all of his cock imbedded in her ass. His balls touched her cunt and rubbed there as his cock-head probed deeply in her asshole.

In response to the weakening of her asshole and bowels, Hank started fucking his prick into her churning little ass. He drilled with such long, hard lunges that she thought he’d tear her body apart. Increasing the tempo of his fucking, ramming his aching prick into her in hornily, he made her body vibrate and quiver. She shook and shivered like a rag doll in a strong wind.

Some female instinct helped her through her toughest moments. The initial pain quickly subsided, and sheer pleasure tippled through her ass. Hank’s immense cock, filling her ass passage completely, seemed to incite quivery feelings in her pussy, too. His cock-head kept nudging so deeply, it tickled her belly.

Then, to her utter amazement, the huge dick fucking into her virginal asshole started to feel good! She found herself beginning to enjoy what was happening to her, in her, and on her. It was a strange, whorish delight brought on by the knowledge that she was getting fucked in her tight little asshole by a monstrous prick. It was as if her asshole could now command the pricks that her cock teasing once commanded.

She gyrated her clenching asshole a little arid discovered that there was no pain as Hank’s rigid fuck-pole slicked in and out of her ass. She started undulating her hips, churning her asshole and generally fucking back at him. An obscene but delicious thrill shot through her impaled asshole, and she gasped with obvious pleasure.

She lurched helplessly backward to meet the brutal thrust of Hank’s anxious prick. Her cute little ass began to rotate in beautiful, seductive circles. All three men grinned with pleasure.

“That-a-girl,” Lenny encouraged her. “Keep screwing your ass like that. You’re beautiful.”

Diane didn’t know why the man’s compliments should please her, but with the gigantic prick ravishing her asshole, she completely forgot to hate them. She flushed with pride, suddenly, and found herself enjoying the big prick plunging her shitter.

“Oh, golly!” she panted, fucking back on Hank’s drilling cock. “I can’t believe it! It-it feels — good!”

She forced the last word out of her mouth, and once it was out, it was easier for her to fuck, moaning, “Eweeee, I didn’t know a big cock like yours could get up my ass! I never knew a girl could get off this way! I-I — ohhh, I’m gonna come!”

Her change of heart completely thrilled Hank, and his rigid fuck-pole enlarged greatly in her bowels. “So am I!” he grunted hornily, meaning that he, too, was going to come.

His thrusts into her clenching asshole increased in force and amount. He plunged his prick into her ass with deep, horny strokes that thoroughly unraveled her mind.

“Suck my tits!” she howled, coming like crazy.

Lenny and Ralph jumped to her tits and sucked them fiercely. Diane obviously appreciated that kindness too, for she squirmed her luscious tits around and around their sucking mouths. Then she declared her new attitude.

Bucking her hot ass hornily on Hank’s rigid cock and thrusting her tits into the mouths of Ralph and Lenny, she squealed, “Ohhh, I love it! My God — I love it! My cunt’s on fire! My asshole is buzzing! My tits’ll burst with pleasure! Ohhhh, where have I been all my life!”

That changed everything. Hank couldn’t take such an outcry from a young, horny girl, and his balls exploded all at once. Huge gobs of thick cock-cream blasted out of his hot balls and coursed through his cock-tube to gush wickedly out of his piss-hole into Diane’s churning, sucking asshole. Diane came violently on his spitting, jerking cock.

She gasped for breath as the man withdrew his thick, but spent red prick. Before she could get her breath back, however, Lenny traded places with Hank and rammed his big cock into her juicy, fucking ass. He fucked her violently and passionately as Ralph and Hank sucked her delicious tits. And her tight asshole sucked his cock off, too, in no time at all. He groaned like an animal and poured his jism in to her writhing, sucking bowels.

Diane was beside herself now. “Ohhh,” she gasped and moaned. “I don’t understand I’m so confused… how can it be so good? Where have I been? Ewww, my asshole and pussy are so creamy-dreamy now! Ohhh, God, how can this be?”

No one had answers for her. They had stiff prick-meat for her. A moment later, Lenny joined Hank at Diane’s aching, thrusting tits while Ralph took his turn at her squishy, tight little asshole.

Ralph was more than ready to fuck her after seeing both his pals getting it from her. He, too, wanted to fuck a willing, horny teenage girl. He mounted her with arising passion that turned to sexual fury when his big cock was imbedded in her clenching, twisting ass. Then he gripped her lovely hips and rammed his cock home, fucking it into her ass with great force and desire.

“Ohhhhh, dear God,” Diane continued to whimper with increasing boldness. “My asshole feels so nice… you guys! Ohhh, you guys have made me so happy! I can’t believe how I feel! Ohhh, do it! Do it! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!”

Delighted to hear her uttering such obscenities, Ralph leaned over her writhing body and thrust his hands under her heaving belly. His rough fingers clawed at her juicy little pussy as he fucked all of his wet prick in and out of her spasming asshole.

Diane went out of her head with orgasmic delight as he kindly manipulated her clit and fingerfucked her cunt while fucking her ass.

The combination got her off so much, she thought she’d faint dead away from the excruciating pleasure.

“Ohhhh — you nice men!” she gasped. The guys chuckled. “We just wanted to turn you on,” Hank murmured, licking her jutting tit.

“Oh, I know!” Diane exclaimed. “We never set out to hurt you,” Lenny said. “I know! I know!” Diane rasped. “I don’t know how I could have thought evil of you! You’re all so-so-so fucking nice!”

Ralph chuckled and drilled every solid inch of his massive prick into her asshole. “I hope I ain’t hurting you!” he panted, fucking her brutally.

“Ohhhhh, no, nooooo, you aren’t. Don’t worry about it! That kind of hurt I can take! I-I — ohhhh, I want it!”

Hank heard her outbursts and registered her transformation into a fucking, willing female. He sat back front her heaving tit and panted, “How would you like all of us?”

“Huh? What?” she gasped.

“How would you like all of us to fuck you?” he repeated.

Her mouth fell open. “All at once?”

“But — how?”

Hank jerked his head at Lenny. “Get her out of that fucking contraption.”

Lenny hesitated and frowned. “You sure, Hank?”

“I’m sure. Just listen to her. Can’t you tell she likes us?”

“Oh, I do!” Diane assured Lenny. “Please listen to your friend. Let me loose so I can fuck you! Ohhh, if you only knew how I feel!”

Lenny needed no further convincing. With Hank’s help, he lifted the yoke from around Diane’s slim neck. Hank turned to Ralph and said, “Keep your prick up her ass.”

“Don’t worry!” Ralph laughed.

Lenny and Hank took Diane by the arms and helped her up into a standing position with her lovely legs wide in a big V and Ralph’s cock rammed up her ass. She teetered against Ralph’s chest, weakened by all the horny fucking.

“Now,” Hank muttered, pressing up against the front of her lovely body.

He probed around her crotch with his stiff prick. She whimpered, and her slim arms suddenly snaked around his neck, her lips parted, and she impulsively kissed his mouth and licked at his lips as he grunted and worked his horny cock up into her tight cunt.

“Ohhmmmm,” she moaned hotly, suddenly writhing both her fuck-hole and her asshole on the marvelous pricks.

“You fuck her mouth!” Hank rasped to Lenny.

Lenny looked around in a hurry and spotted a bale of hay, neatly tied in a square. He tugged it over and stood on it. Gripping his fiery prick, he fed it into Diane’s sexy mouth. His cock went in easily now, and she started sucking it immediately as she squirmed her asshole on Ralph’s prick and her pussy on Hank’s. She came like crazy as the three cocks ravished her every fuck-hole.

Five minutes later, she was out of her head with raw, female lust. She blew Lenny’s cock like he’d never had it blown, and she fucked Hank and Ralph like there was no tomorrow. The three men grew quite brutal with her, turned on as they were by her utter nymphomania, and they all fucked their horny pricks into her holes — ass, cunt, and mouth.

“Ohhh, shit,” Lenny gasped, groaning like a hurt animal. “I’m gonna bust my nuts!”

Diane knew that. She could tell, now that her mouth was so sensitive to the needs of a man. She moaned when he eased his stiff, throbbing prick out of her mouth.

“Give it to me!” she panted, squirming her asshole and cunt-hole on the other two pricks. “Shoot your load down my throat. Ohhmmm, I want your, come.”

“Here it is!” Lenny gasped.

He thrust his hips forward and held his rigid fuck-pole about two inches from her open, sexy mouth. With a fierce groan rumbling deep in his throat, he shot thick, creamy jism into her greedily gulping mouth.

Great gushes of cum splashed like a geyser, and the huge wads arced in the air and dropped heavily into her waiting mouth. She swallowed every spurt, except for the few that hit her face, chin and neck. Then her pink tongue circled her sensual lips as she hornily fucked the other two men.

Diane gulped and gulped all of Lenny’s hot jism. As she did so, she gurgled hotly, “Fuck me! Ohhh, you fucking nice men, fuck me! Fuck me! Give it to me! Shoot in me!”

Ralph’s and Hank’s pricks exploded almost simultaneously — to Diane’s complete delight. As the jerking cocks emptied themselves into her fuck-holes, she quaked with violent quivers, coming also. Waves of pure lust and unbridled passion rippled through her body and made her look gorgeous. Her fingernails clawed Hank’s back, and once she had swallowed all of Lenny’s jism, she kissed Hank’s mouth again and again passionately.

At last the orgy was over, and the spent pricks pulled out of her quivery little fuckholes. The moment the men released her, she whimpered and sank to the floor in a heap of writhing flesh. She curled up, and her hands mauled her tits and rubbed her cunt hornily. Finally, she rolled onto her back and deliberately displayed her tits and pussy and ass.

Smiling wantonly, she purred, “You guys don’t know what you’ve done for me.”

“That’s what you think,” Hank laughed.


Diane completely missed Hank’s subtle hint. She was so overjoyed at her newfound sex-fun that she hardly heard what he said. She felt like a woman now. She had sucked men’s cocks! She had been fucked a dozen times? Men had fucked her asshole! And three men had fucked her at the same time — asshole, fuck-hole and suck-hole!

Her blue eyes lit up as she now gazed from man to man. The three of them sat down on the hay-strewn floor with her and gazed right back at the juiciest teenaged girl they’d ever fucked. Inspired by her newly discovered orgasmic pleasure, she suddenly threw herself into Hank’s arms. She wiggled her hot little ass in his lap and circled his thick neck with her slender arms.

“Kiss me,” she whispered hornily, her eyes half-closed with rapture. “Please kiss me and hold me. Fondle me. Caress me. Ohhhh, I love all of you! Come here — both of you. Please… kiss me all over. Ohhh, do anything you want to me!”

The three men chuckled happily and surrounded her naked body. She remained seated on Hank’s lap, but that didn’t stop Lenny from licking and sucking her tits while Ralph fingerfucked her open, wet cunt.

Diane wiggled on Hank’s lap and fed her cunt and tits to the adoring males. She felt so good now. She smiled at them and rasped, “If you only knew what. I was like before you raped me.”

“We do know,” Hank said, grinning.

This time Diane heard his remark. She stared into his eyes, then frowned quizzically. “How can you know? I’ve never seen any of you before.”

“But we know about you,” Lenny chuckled.

“You do? But — how?” Then her eyes brightened and she blushed. “Oh! You aren’t from my hometown, are you?”

“Nothing like that,” Ralph laughed, drilling his soaked finger in and out of her cunt. Hank’s prick started rising just under Diane’s pussy.

“Then, how?”

“Don’t you guess, you little cockteaser?” Hank asked.

She heard that, too, and her mouth fell open in surprise. “You guys said something like that before. How did you know I was a cockteaser?”

The three men had a good laugh at her expense. Diane pouted like a disappointed child.

“No fair, you guys,” she complained. “Please tell me.”

“Let’s make it a little game,” Ralph suggested. “If you can guess, you get to suck off the cock of your choice.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic!” Diane beamed. “You have to give me a hint, though… I’ve cock teased so many boys and men, why I wouldn’t know, where to start!”

“It’s somebody close to you,” Lenny said. “One of my boyfriends?” Diane asked. “Nope. Guess again,” Ralph laughed. Diane looked to Hank for support. “Please tell me what this is all about. I’ll suck your prick if you tell me.”

Ralph and Lenny laughed loudly. “Boy, she sure knows how to turn things around, doesn’t she?” Lenny said.

“She’s a doll,” Ralph chuckled.

Hank gave in. “One of the men you’ve been cock teasing for too long hired us to rape you and turn you on if we could.”

In her present state of mind and body, Diane giggled and cooed, “Why, who do I know that would do a nice thing like that?”

“Your uncle,” Hank laughed.

Diane’s eyes went wide and her sexy mouth fell open as if it were ready to suck a big prick. She looked from Hank to Lenny to Ralph and saw in their eyes that it was the truth.

“Uncle Ben!” she gasped, and her tits jiggled.

“Sure,” Lenny laughed. “Hell, you’ve been cock teasing the poor guy for years now. He couldn’t take any more.”

“But — why did he hire you? I mean, why didn’t he just rape me himself if that’s what he wanted?”

Ralph shrugged his big shoulders and murmured, “He’s apparently got a few hang-ups. For one thing, you’re his niece. For another, he doesn’t have what it takes to turn a chick like you on. You had him whipped.”

Diane cringed when he said that. “Ohhh, poor Uncle Ben,” she sighed. “I sure have driven him crazy. God, it must have been terrible for him the way I’ve been cock teasing him. No wonder he hired you. How, much did he pay you?”

“Twenty bucks apiece,” Lenny said.

“Twenty dollars each!” Diane gasped. “But he can’t afford sixty dollars!”

“He must think you’re worth it,” Hank said.

Diane looked to all three of them. “Well, you’ll just have to give him the money back just isn’t right for him to spending money on me.”

“Give it back!” Ralph exclaimed.

“Yes,” Diane stated earnestly.

Hank saw an argument arising. He broke in by raising one hand in the air for silence. “Just a minute.” He looked into Diane’s sparkling blue eyes and said, “We’ll give the money to you if we can take it out in trade. What do you say to that, boys?”

“Okay!” Lenny shouted.

“Sure!” Ralph seconded.

Diane’s pretty face burst into a beautiful smile. “You’d each give me twenty dollars for something?”

“Yep,” Lenny said.

“What? What would I have to do for twenty dollars?”

“Anything we ask,” Hank said.

Diane blushed. “Golly, I don’t know,” she said uncertainly. “That could be dangerous. You guys are so fucking horny.”

“We won’t ask you to do anything you haven’t already done with us,” Ralph said.

“Oh, okay,” Diane cooed. “In that case, it’s a deal.”

The men looked at each other and grinned. They were all on the same wavelength. Hank once again acted as the group’s spokesman. “We want to triple-fuck you again,” he said.

“What’s that?” Diane asked, puzzled.

“You know, like before,” Lenny said, squeezing one of her firm, pointed tits. “A cock up your ass, one in your cunt, and the other in your mouth.”

“Oh! That!” Diane gasped, blushing but smiling. “Do you like that?”

Hank laughed. “How often do you think three men get to fuck a gorgeous teenager like you?”

That answered Diane’s question, all right. She beamed proudly, flushed with excitement to think that they liked her so much that they all wanted to fuck her at the same time.

“Okay,” she purred. “And you’ll give me my uncle’s money?”

“You bet!” Ralph exclaimed.

“Can I trust you?” she asked.

Lenny got to his feet and went over to his clothes. “Hell, we’ll give you the money first,” he said, getting a twenty-dollar bill out of his wallet.

Hank eased Diane off of his lap, and he and Ralph followed suit. Three twenty-dollar bills were set down on a bale of hay. “There you are,” Hank said. “All yours. You can take it any time you want to.”

Diane gazed at the money, the most she’d ever seen at any one time, and it made her heart go out to her suffering uncle.

“I sure owe him,” she said seriously. “And I’m gonna see to it that he gets taken care of. I cock teased him too much. Ohhh, I can’t wait now to give him some pussy.”

“You’ll have plenty of opportunity, I’m sure,” Hank said. “But we have to be out of here by midnight.”

“You do?”

“Yep,” Lenny put in. “Part of the deal with the old guy. He arranged for you to be all alone here today and this evening, but we only had until midnight to either turn you on or simply fuck the shit out of you.”

“Golly!” Diane gasped to hear him speak that way. “Uncle Ben must be terribly horny.”

“Fuck him,” Ralph said. “I’m horny!”

Diane laughed to see three pricks standing up, wet and throbbing. She leaped to her feet and suddenly ran into Hank’s arms. She stood on tiptoe and kissed his mouth hornily, rubbing her furry little cunt against his prick. Then she tongued his mouth and licked his lips as she got his wild cock between her thighs and squeezed it there.

“Let’s do the triple-fuck,” she breathed hotly.

“Jesus,” Ralph groaned.

She glanced at Lenny and cooed, “Will you be the one to fuck my asshole?”

“If you want me to,” he said with a lewd grin.

She eyed his long, narrow prick. “Yes. I’d like you to be the one to do that. Hank? You fuck my cunt. And Ralph, you stick your nice cock in my mouth.”

“Sold!” they all agreed.

“One more thing,” Diane said breathlessly, looking at each of them soulfully. “Promise me something else.”

“What’s that?” Hank asked.

Diane sighed and rasped, “When you triple fucked me before, I went kinda outta my head. Promise me you’ll take care of me if I get sort of crazy on your pricks.”

“Don’t worry your pretty head,” Lenny said.

“You’re in good hands,” Ralph laughed. Hank ran a soothing hand down her naked back and his prick throbbed up against her wet cunt. “We’ll take good care of you, kitten,” he said.

“Ummmm,” Diane purred and offered her juicy mouth for another kiss.

Hank drilled his tongue into her mouth and fucked it in and out a few times. She sucked on his tongue and shuddered with anticipation. Every fiber of her body was now tuned to fucking, and she wanted it badly for the first time in her life. Now cock teasing seemed awfully childish to her. Cock-fucking seemed the way to go!

Hank broke the fiery kiss and said, “Lace your arms around my neck, kitten, and hold on for dear life.”

“Ummm,” she purred again and obeyed his instructions. Her slender arms snaked around his neck, and she held on.

“Spread your legs,” Hank said then. Diane stretched her lovely legs wide. Lenny stepped up behind her and wrapped his hairy arms around her and around his partner’s shoulders. Holding on tightly, he slipped his mighty prick into Diane’s tight, squishy asshole. His bulbous cock-head popped inside her ass and took her breath away.

“Oh, ohhh,” she moaned as he forced his thick prick into her shitter. “I never knew how good that could be! Ummmmmm, push it in, Lenny.”

Hank chuckled at her eagerness and shoved all of his prick up into her open, pink cunthole. As Lenny’s prick invaded her ass, Hank’s filled her pussy.

Ralph couldn’t wait either. He dragged the bale of hay over to the trio and stood up on it. Diane automatically turned her face to him and leaned over slightly, her lips parted for his outrageous prick. Sandwiched between Lenny and Hank, with her asshole and fuck-hole filled, she took Ralph’s massive cock into her sucking mouth and ate it.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned hornily as the three pricks ravished her body. Her eyes closed in rapture after awhile as her pretty head bobbed and her ass and cunt twisted raunchily.

She enjoyed all three cocks tremendously this time, aware now of the utter joy they could give a girl who liked to fuck and suck.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned again on Ralph’s big cock as it plunged excitedly into her mouth.

He grunted, and she knew that swirling her little tongue around and around his cock-head was going to make him come real soon. She wanted his jism down her throat.

There was no pain this time — not in her pussy nor up her tight little asshole. Both her fuck-holes were slick with previous supplies of hot cum, and this allowed for the quick entry of Lenny’s and Hank’s rigid fuck-poles.

Turned on as never before in her life, Diane whimpered hornily and twisted her tight asshole on Lenny’s drilling cock. She humped her cunt forward from time to time to meet the violent up thrusts of Hank’s cock. Her head began to spin again, and this time, it was a helpless feeling she cherished. She was all female now, hot and horny, the one with the holes meant for men’s stiff pricks. She sucked and fucked the cocks in that new frame of mind and thrilled them all.

Mind-boggling thrills coursed through her cock-filled body as the horny men clung to her and fucked their pricks into her abandon. She lurched uncontrollably, trembling fitfully as the triple-fucking devastated her completely.

Her whole body became one writhing fuckhole, and she surrendered to the men in a swoon of utter passion and rapture.

“Ohhh, fuck, baby,” Lenny rasped hornily, driven out of his mind by her delightful unbolt and sucking bowels.

His bulging cock-head kept ramming against Hank’s, the two cocks separated by her twisting guts. Her pussy and ass both heated up, and she fucked brutally, gasping on Ralph’s prick.

“I gotta come,” Ralph groaned. His trembling hand gripped the back of Diane’s head, and be yanked her down on his rigid fuck pole. His big cock-head rammed into her throat, and to her surprise, her throat opened like her pussy and asshole. Ralph groaned horribly and fucked his stiff prick in and out rapidly.

More aroused than ever, Diane started milking his prick with her sensuous lips and lashed it frequently with her horny tongue. Ralph’s prick hardened even more and started jolting in her mouth.

His cock tasted deliciously salty and pungent and Diane could feel the throbbing pulsations that told her his fantastic prick was going to pump hot milky jism into her mouth. Ralph grunted, and his big hand pressed harder against her head to get his prick even deeper.

“Mmmmmm,” Diane moaned, anxious now to suck all the jism right up out of his balls. Panting and whimpering with newly released lust, she grasped Ralph’s balls in one hand and held onto Hank with the other. She fondled Ralph’s balls playfully as she sucked deeply on his pulsing prick.

Hank, watching her sexy mouth take a lot of Ralph’s cock inside, got so excited by the vision that he increased his own mighty thrusts up into her spasming pussy-hole. Then Lenny followed suit and drilled his prick brutally into her tight, clenching asshole. Diane never felt better in her life!

Driven out of her mind by the fabulous cocks in her ass and cunt, Diane crazily opened her throat and invited more of Ralph’s long prick into it. He sank his prick into her wetly sucking mouth until his coarse pubic hair tickled her nose. Then he tore loose with a torrent of cum that made his whole body shake violently. His enormous cock jerked wildly in Diane’s gulping mouth, and she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of thick, rich cockcream.

Her sensuous mouth, milking the hell out of Ralph’s pumping prick, aroused Lenny and Hank, who were watching closely, with lust glazed eyes. The mere sight of it made their cocks swell up dangerously in Diane’s humping twisting fuck-holes. Then her ass and her cunt, like her mouth, sucked hornily on their pricks until they, too, were grunting and groaning and pumping huge wads of thick jism into her body.

Diane almost swooned between the fucking men as she realized that her every hole was being filled with cock-cream. Her senses were heightened now, and she felt every jolt of the three pricks as they let loose. She whimpered with extreme pleasure as she sucked and fucked.

Ralph was the first to finish shooting, and he sat down heavily on the bale of hay to catch his breath. He watched hotly as his two partners finished with the cute, moaning chick. From his ringside seat, he could plainly see Lenny’s and Hank’s pricks drilling into the girl. And he could see how she was clinging now to Hank’s neck and working both her fuck-holes hornily on the spitting pricks.

“Ohhhmmmm,” she moaned. “How you guys fuck a girl! Ummmm, I didn’t know fucking could be so good.”

Her luscious mouth plastered on Hank’s, then, as she thrilled to the finishing touches of a fabulous triple-fuck. Her eyes closed in rapture, and her little pink tongue invaded his mouth. She lashed at his thick tongue and twisted her pretty head this way and that as she got off on the passionate kiss.

“Ummm,” she purred, flicking at Hank’s lips with her saucy tongue. “I like the way you kiss. A girl likes to be kissed. Mmmmmm, your cocks are slipping out of me.”

A cock plopped out of her clenching asshole, another out of her squishy little cunt. She shuddered between the men’s bodies and purred like a kitten with a bellyful of warm milk.

“What a difference!” Ralph observed, watching the girl shudder with pleasure. “You like it!”

Diane smiled sensuously, and her eyes sparkled brightly. “I’ve been a silly dope,” she whispered breathlessly, touching the two cocks that had just left her fuck-holes. “I didn’t know it could be so nice, I’ve been terrible to Uncle Ben. I can’t wait to make it up to him.”

Her hands caressed the shrunken pricks, and she looked from man to man, wide-eyed with wonder. “And I can never thank you guys enough,” she said.

“Oh, I think you can,” Hank chuckled lewdly.

Diane giggled and stepped back away from the three leering men, “You wanna play with me?” Then, teasing their pricks deliberately, she laughed and said, “Wouldn’t you like to trap a young girl in a barn and do things to her?”

“Hey, what is this?” Ralph chuckled, feeling his cock already lifting. Diane looked so damned cute standing there teasing.

“She wants to play!” Lenny laughed. He lunged at her, grabbing for her lithe body to teach her a lesson.

Diane squealed with delight and leapt away from his reaching hands. Laughing and giggling, she pranced to the ladder and started scrambling upward, her lovely naked ass writhing as her bare feet climbed.

“Goddamn!” Hank groaned, watching her luscious ass and cute tits. “Let’s get her!”

From that moment on until it was time for the men to leave, Diane had a terrific time getting chased and caught by them. By the time the night was over, she had been chased into every corner of the big barn and fucked soundly.

It was Lenny who caught her in the loft. He beat his pals to the ladder and climbed like an ape after Diane’s teasing, inviting body. She ran laughing across the hay in the loft, but he dived for her feet and decked her right there. She landed on her tits, and he hefted her hips up and fucked her from the rear, right up her tight little cunt.

Then the three men were on her, kissing and licking her, until she wiggled away and unexpectedly shimmied down from the loft on a thick rope hanging from the ceiling. The guys gave chase, and Ralph finally cornered her, then made her suck his prick and lick his balls.

When Lenny and Hank caught up to them, Diane took their pricks in her fists and whacked them playfully as she blew Ralph’s cock. Afterwards, she led them all a merry chase all over the barn, up walls, into stalls, round and round. They all had a great time. And later, when the evening ended in yet another mind-boggling triple-fuck, Diane could only think of how good it was going to be when her uncle returned.


Diane blew kisses at the three men as they left the barn. She had expressed the wish that they could stay and be her friends now, but Hank carefully explained to her why it was out of the question.

“Your uncle hired us to teach you a bitter lesson about cock teasing or turn you on,” he said, fondling her cute tits. “But part of the bargain was that we’d be long gone by the time he got home.”

“But why?” Diane asked, jerking Lenny’s and Ralph’s stiff pricks. “I mean, if he trusts you enough to rape his own niece you must be his friends.”

“No, not really,” Lenny said, petting her furry cunt. “This is business. There are no friends in business.”

“I’ll never understand men,” Diane pouted. “Look at it this way,” Ralph advised, inching his middle finger up into her asshole. “Here you are, a pretty, teenaged nymph, all hot and horny and eager to fuck. Why would the old geezer want to share that with us?”

Diane thought about that for a second. Then her eyes brightened and her sensual lips formed a sexy O. “Ohhh,” she cooed, smiling. “Now I get it! He wants my ass all to himself!”

“Exactly!” Hank laughed.

So Diane finally understood about men, but it didn’t make her feel any better when Hank, Lenny and Ralph left her all alone at midnight. She walked over to where her dress had fallen hours before and picked it up. She slipped it on and zipped it up in back. Then she took the three twenty-dollar bills from the bale of hay where the men had placed them and ambled out of the barn.

The sky was full of bright stars, and the air was balmy. Diane had, spring to her steps as she made her way to the house. She felt marvelous, her every fuck-hole well satisfied and still tingling from all the cocks she had devoured.

She stretched out on her bed to await her aunt and uncle’s return, but she fell asleep, content and smiling. In the morning, she awoke at dawn, feeling refreshed and strangely happy. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this good before. She felt alive, vibrant — and sexy.

A new excitement gripped her as she came fully awake, and she pranced into the bathroom as happy as a lark. She got naked and jumped into the shower. Her body came alive under the stinging spray of the forceful shower, and she hummed a happy tune as she let the water jet against her furry cunt and quivery little clit. Her nipples stood up, too, as she recalled the erotic events of the night before. She stepped out of the shower eager to see her raunchy uncle.

Fifteen minutes later, looking as fresh as a daisy in her brief halter and too-small shorts, she found her uncle in the living room in his recliner, reading the newspaper. Her clit and nipples tingled when she saw him. Her aunt was in the kitchen so Diane couldn’t do what she wanted to. She felt like running to her uncle and perching her cute ass right on his lap, making his prick real hard.

But she sat on the sofa and said good morning. Ben Saunders looked up and gazed at her. His gaze traveled up and down her luscious body, and he felt his prick begin to rise. But he kept a straight face and returned her greeting.

Then, as cool as a cucumber, be murmured, “How did things go last night while we were gone?”

Diane suppressed a giggle and replied, “Marvelous.”

“Marvelous? That’s a pretty strong word to use. What did you do? Watch TV?”


Ben shot a careful glance at the kitchen door and lowered his voice. “What then? Play with yourself?”

Diane did giggle then, tickled by his little game. She decided to end it. “Oh, Uncle Ben,” she cooed, “you know darned well what I did last night. You devil you!”

Just then, Sarah poked her head into the room and greeted Diane warmly. Diane, responded appropriately, and the old woman left the house by the back door to hang out some wash. Diane’s bright blue eyes returned to her uncle.

Ben was waiting on pins and needles. So it happened! The boys did their work! He had been wondering about that. When he first saw Diane come into the room, she looked awfully happy and refreshed for a girl who was supposed to have been brutally raped. He had begun to doubt that Hank, Lenny and Ralph did what they’d been paid to do.

Diane put his mind at rest with a big smile and a titter as she purred, “Lenny, Ralph and Hank told me to thank you for the work. Oh, by the way… here.”

She got to her feet and moved to his chair. She dug her fingers inside one of the triangles of her little halter and brought out a small packet of money. She passed the bills to her wide-eyed uncle and laughed.

Ben stared at the money in his hand and looked dumbfounded. “I-I don’t get it,” he said.

“But they did!” Diane giggled.

Ben looked from the money to his niece. She looked so Goddamned sexy and too happy. He couldn’t believe his own thoughts. “You mean they fucked you and returned the money?”

“Not exactly,” Diane said, leaning down so he could view her jutting tits. “I couldn’t let them take your money for something like that. After all, they got a lot for nothing. Besides, Aunt Sarah has been wanting a new dress. Now you can buy her one!”

“I’ll be damned,” Ben groaned, glancing at her rite, half-naked tits. “You liked it!”

“Not at first,” Diane said. “Golly! They did such terrible things to me! I mean, I thought they were terrible. They tied me up and completely raped me! It was horrifying! I thought they were going to kill me! But that wasn’t what they were after. You know that, you demon.”

Her uncle’s eyes came alive, and his fingers trembled against the money he was still holding. He still looked dumbfounded.

Diane giggled. “That has to be the most wonderful thing an uncle could do for a girl! Oh, Uncle Ben — I love you!” And she planted a nice moist kiss on his mouth. She used her tongue.

When her uncle’s mouth didn’t respond the way she expected it to, she broke the kiss and stood back. “What’s the matter?” she asked. “Aren’t you glad that I’m sexy now?”

“Are you?” he asked.

“Golly! Can’t you tell? Look at me! I’m all turned on!”

“You are?” he asked calmly, narrowing his eyes on her.

“God, yes! I feel like a new girl! I wanna be naked! I wish I could just tear my clothes off and gobble up your cock! My nipples are standing up like crazy! See?”

She yanked the triangles of her small halter away from her tits and displayed them to her uncle’s gaze. Her pink nipples were indeed standing up, as if they wanted to be sucked fiercely.

“Hmmm, interesting,” Ben muttered.

Diane’s mouth fell open, and she blinked several times. “Is that all you have to say? I don’t understand you. I thought you’d be tickled pink! Maybe you don’t know what I mean. Uncle Ben, they fucked me like mad. Look at me! I’m not cock teasing you! Not now! Or if I am, it’s only to get your prick nice and big. I wanna give it all to you!”

“You do, huh?”

“Yes! My God, aren’t you happy about it? My tits, my cunt, my asshole — anything! It’s all yours! I want to make it up to you for all the cock teasing I did. Golly, you seem so dull!”

Ben looked at the money in his hand and said, “Your aunt hounded me again last night for that damned dress. I think I’ll give this to her and let her drive into town for it.”

He got to his feet, and without another glance at his niece’s jutting naked tits, he walked into, the kitchen and out the back door.

Diane stared in disbelief as he left the house. Why didn’t he just wait for Sarah to come back inside? Why didn’t he use the time to play with her? He could be right here, feeling her up, playing with her tits and cunt, and she could be jerking his marvelous cock! Now she was dumbfounded.

She heaved a sigh and covered her ripe tits. Maybe he just wanted to save his aching cock for later when they’d be alone, she thought. Of course. That must be it. Surely he’s aching to fuck me! she thought.

Ben returned with his wife, who was grinning from ear to ear and bubbling over with excitement. “Diane!” she exclaimed. “Look! Your Uncle Ben gave me this money so I could buy myself a new dress! Isn’t he a wonder?”

Diane’s blue eyes sparkled, and she readily agreed that he was a wonder. She smiled a secret smile at him as her aunt bubbled on about going to town.

“You can come with me if you like,” she said.

Diane graciously declined and thanked her for asking. “Me and Uncle Ben will be fine while you’re gone,” she murmured innocently.

She couldn’t wait! Her blood was running hot in her veins. She could think of little else but fucking. She kept thinking about last night, especially those fantastic triple-fucks! She wanted to fuck.

By the time her aunt left for town, Diane was a bundle of nerves. She stood at the door waving to her aunt as innocently as a virgin, yet her nipples tingled and her clit buzzed and her fuck-holes burned with lust. She practically slammed the door when her aunt was gone. She whirled, breathless and anxious.

“Uncle Ben!” she gasped, tearing at her halter. “Oh, God, I wanna be naked with you! Show me your cock!”

Her tits burst into view, rising and falling rapidly with her labored breathing. Ben rose to his feet slowly and gazed at her.

“Calm down, kitten,” he said, moving up to her. He covered her tits with the triangles of her halter. Diane peered down at what he was doing.

“Uncle Ben,” she sighed hotly. “What are you doing? Don’t you wanna squeeze them? Golly, my nipples are so stiff! I feel so horny! My cunt’s on fire.”

“Come on,” her uncle said, taking her by the hand. “Let’s go out to the barn.”

“Th-the barn?” Diane stammered in wonder, tagging along with him. “But-but why? Uncle Ben, you’re sure acting funny today. I thought you wanted me hot and horny! Why don’t you rape me?”

“All in good time, kitten, all in good time,” he said, guiding her across the yard and into the big barn. He looked around. “Where did they tie you up?” he asked.

“Right here,” Diane said, pointing to the big past she’d been tied to.

“What did they tie you with?”

“That leather strap,” she replied.

Ben pulled her to the post and placed her back against it. He raised her hands high above her head and wrapped the strap around her wrists and tied them to the post.

“Like that?” he asked, stepping back and gazing at her stretched body.

“Yes,” Diane replied uncertainly, frowning deeply. “Uncle Ben… what are you up to?”

He grinned at her and said, “Now we can begin.”

“Begin? Begin what? Uncle Ben. Please, stop acting so funny. I don’t want my hands tied. I wanna hold your prick. Don’t you understand? I wanna play with your big balls and give you real nice feelings. I wanna make up for all the cock teasing I did.”

“Oh, you’re going to make up for it,” Ben said evenly.

A shudder ran through Diane’s body. She looked up at her tightly tied wrists. She looked back at her uncle. His eyes looked wild — the way she wanted them to look. And his hard-on was highly visible in his pants — also just what she wanted. But something wasn’t right.

“Uncle Ben,” she said nervously, “what are you doing? I thought you wanted me willing and sexy.”

“I want more than that, you little cockteaser,” he said. His face turned grim and his eyes bored into hers as he explained his position. “You’ve been cock teasing me for years, you fucking bitch. You wouldn’t fuck. You wouldn’t suck my prick. You wouldn’t do anything a nice girl would do for her uncle. No, you wanted to hurt me, make me lust like crazy for you, cocktease me. Now you’re horny out of your mind, and you think all you gotta do is snap your fingers.”

“But — I thought…”

“I don’t give a shit what you thought! You’ve been a lousy, rotten little cockteaser who ought to be whipped within an inch of your life!”

“Uncle Ben! No! Oh, God — you wouldn’t beat me!”

“Don’t worry your pretty head, bitch. I’m not going to whip you, although that’s what you deserve. I’d love to take my strap to your luscious little tits. I’d love to whip the hell out of your hot ass and cunt. But I won’t. I have something else in mind for you, something more like what you did to me for years.”

“Uncle Ben,” Diane rasped weakly, her eyes wide with fear, “you-you frighten me.”

He chuckled. Now he would get his revenge. With evil intent, he picked up a long piece of stiff straw. He twirled it between his fingers and gazed at it as if it were something special. Diane thought he’d gone crazy.

He reached out and pulled Diane’s halter right off her body. “So your pretty tits are horny, huh?” he sneered through gritted teeth.

“Yes, yes!” she gasped. “Ohhh, Uncle Ben, they’re yours! Lick them. Suck them! Bite them! Chew them! Ohhh, anything!”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he sneered. “Now that you’re ready to fuck. Well, let’s see how you like this!”

Thus began the greatest tortures Diane ever experienced. Her lust-driven uncle used only the stiff, scratchy tip of the straw to torment her tits and to tease her nipples into bursting agony.

Right from the start, Diane screamed and wept, for her tits were very sensitive now and aching for a mouth, hands, teeth. But Ben chuckled continually and spent a whole half hour torturing her aching, thrusting, writhing tits until his sexy young niece was out of her head with need.

Then he produced his pocket knife and cut away the small crotch of her tight little shorts, exposing her furry cunt. She gasped and sobbed as he deliberately knelt before her and tantalized her pussy with the piece of straw. He scraped the torture instrument across her puffy pussy-lips, tickled her quivering little clit with it, even slipping it up into her cunt, and making the end of it twirl around deep in her humping, scrunching belly.

Chuckling obscenely, he forced her body around and worked the straw up into her asshole. Her asshole clenched and twitched in agony as he tormented her. He pressed the straw between his rough hands and made it twirl at a rapid rotation that drove the girl crazy. She screamed for help, the agony of pleasure got so bad. Ben laughed lewdly and continued the torture until she was a quivering, weeping, sobbing mass of hot flesh.

She hung suspended by her wrists, her whole body shuddering, her pussy trying to leak with orgasmic fluids, but unable to. Ben had teased her pussy until it was always just on the brink of a gratifying orgasm. But he withheld that pleasure from her and tortured her with her own fuck-needs. Just as she had once tortured him.

Then he cut her down suddenly, and she crumpled at his feet. He grinned obscenely at her and dropped his pants. Glaring at her, he bared his teeth in a horrible smile.

“Get up here and suck my balls,” he ordered.

Diane lifted her tear-stained face to him and her blue eyes registered understanding and surrender. “Yes… yes… Uncle Ben…”

Gasping and whimpering, she struggled up onto her trembling knees and grasped his might cock. Holding his prick up, she ducked her mouth under it and licked his balls lovingly, then sucked on them, one at a time, according to his raunchy instructions.

He gave the orders, and Diane followed them out to the letter. “Now lick my prick,” he commanded, and she sobbingly obeyed. “Suck it! Fingerfuck your cunt while you eat me. Now fingerfuck your asshole and eat my jism. Lay down and get yourself off on two fingers. Squeeze your tits… suck my cock again.”

He sat on her tits, crushing them beneath his heavy ass, and he made her suck his prick to rigidity. Then he tossed her over onto her belly and yanked her ass up to fuck her there. She screamed for him to wet it first with her cuntjuices, but he laughed and shoved his prick into her asshole with a vengeance and fucked her brutally, using her the way she had used him.

On and on the torture and brutal fucking went until Diane was a submissive, willing young girl, anxious to do anything her depraved uncle required of her. And when he was finally satisfied for the time being, having fucked her mouth and cunt and asshole several times, he stood over her like a king and sneered down at her.

“This is how it’s gonna be,” he said. “You’re gonna get what you deserve before you get what you want.”

“Yes, Uncle Ben,” Diane rasped, shuddering and staring up at him fearfully. “Anything you say.”

He subjected his niece to a series of humiliating experiences in the privacy of the barn. The first day seemed like a year to Diane, the tortures were so excruciating. The second day was like two years, and the third day like three years. It wasn’t until the end of Diane’s vacation that her uncle felt appeased and finally gave her what she wanted.

The night before she was to leave the farm, he stole into her bedroom and slipped into her bed with her. There, he held her gently and kissed her tenderly. And there, she turned to him with hot tears and felt his immense prick growing. And she reached down and guided his powerful cock to her pussy and fucked him with all the love she had in her. It was the most glorious night of her life, and they sucked and fucked until dawn.

The next afternoon, he drove his wife and Diane to the railroad station in town. There, Diane pressed up against him, and with stars in her beautiful eyes, kissed him with great love and admiration. She was already looking forward to next summer on the farm with her uncle.

Ben looked forward to it too. When the train pulled out of the station, he put an arm around his wife’s waist and muttered, “I’ve been thinking, Sarah. The farm needs some animals on it.”

“Animals, dear?” Sarah murmured, waving to Diane. “What kind of animals?”

“Oh, a goat, I think. And a pony. Maybe a stallion.”

In the truck on the return trip to the farm, Ben stared, unseeing, through the windshield, thinking of his luscious young niece.

“I’ve got some work to do in the barn when we get back,” he said.

“You do? That’s nice,” Sarah said.

“Yeah. I gotta build something.”

He spent most of the winter preparing for Diane’s next summer visit. He erected a special wooden structure in one of the stalls. If Diane was naked, he imagined, and bent over with her head trapped in a yoke, he could get a big male animal to place its front hoofs on the contraption and fuck the living hell out of her. This erotic vision kept him busy all winter.

Miles away, Diane spent many a cold night in her bed, fingerfucking her asshole and cunthole, and dreaming of next summer. Her uncle she was sure, was dying to see her again.

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