Seduced By Mom

From all outward appearances, suburbia maintains the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of swinging and illicit sex. All in the spirit of good clean fun… But where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When the children set as a pattern for their own lifestyle what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of a mother, Gloria Wilson, and her son, Joel. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, for them it is the norm.

The norm… For the Kanes, yes. And how many other families like them?

A novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.


“Take it, bitch! Take all my cock down your throat — yeah!”


Gloria Wilson groaned as Barry grabbed double handfuls of her glossy dark-brown hair and stuffed even more of his stiff, throbbing cock into her mouth. She gulped it down without resistance, forcing her throat muscles to relax as more and more of his eight-inch prick slithered wetly between her lips, its enormous knobbed head almost making her gag.

“That’s it, slut.” Barry grinned, delightedly watching his meaty veined cock vanish into the kneeling housewife’s mouth. He twisted his hips in gyrating motions that made her give a muffled gasp as her full pink lips were stretched even wider. He began to pump, his voice a harsh urgent grunt. “Now slide your head back and forth and suck on it real hard like you always do. Maybe then I’ll give you a real treat!”

They were in the kitchen of Gloria’s modest two-story house. The place was empty except for the two of them — Sammi and Joel weren’t due back from school for an hour yet, and Ben wouldn’t leave the office until nearly suppertime. Two bags of groceries were slumped on the kitchen table where Barry had left them, and his work smock lay in a crumpled heap over a chair. He stood with his jeans bunched at his knees, and hadn’t even given Gloria time to drop her purse. It still dangled at her side as she knelt before him, its heavy weight jouncing against her hip as she greedily increased the friction of her mouth over his cock, gobbling at it with insatiable hunger.

Dimly, she knew, she should have been ashamed of herself. A supposedly happy, normal housewife with two wonderful children and an adoring husband being treated this way by her own grocery boy! It was humiliating!

But then, maybe that was why she enjoyed it so much. Since her thrity-ninthth birthday three months earlier, Gloria had begun to suspect that everything was a little bit too wonderful.

Too perfect. She was bored as hell.

Maybe that was why she’d impulsively seduced Barry two weeks ago, wearing her slinkiest nightgown and practically shoving her tits in his face until finally he got the message. Maybe that was why she’d suddenly jerked the nightgown off and begged him to fuck her, pleaded for his cock like some kind of horny man-hungry spinster. Maybe that was why she luxuriated in groveling before the teenager now, sucking furiously on his prick and creaming wildly… at the realization that he could do anything with her he wanted.

Gloria was a happy, attractive wife and mother who couldn’t have had a better life. But for some reason, especially since her thrity-ninthth birthday, that wasn’t enough, not nearly enough.

“Oh yeah, you fucking slut, eat it!” Barry groaned, his muscular body spasming with increasing wrenches. “Sucking bitch, I’m gonna fuck your mouth and shoot my wad right down your throat! That’s what you want, isn’t it? Fuck me, cunt! Show me how bad you want it — oh shit, oh shit yeahhh…”

Gloria couldn’t help it. Even as the teen’s body thrashed and pounded his cock like a gouging spear into her mouth, she gobbled all the more willingly. To Barry she was nothing more than a cock-hungry housewife who’d do anything for satisfaction. And deep down, that’s all she really was. Her cunt was gushing hot bursts of juice that made her groan and suck for more, lusting for the fragrant loads of cum that boiled up in his hefty ball sac.

Delighted at her response, Barry drove his prick in the woman’s mouth with cruel stabbing lunges that tore her lips apart. In the past two weeks, he’d discovered that he could do anything he warned with Mrs. Wilson — anything at all.

It was like a dream come true. The most attractive woman he’d ever known, she was beautiful enough to have stepped right out of a magazine centerfold. And as if that wasn’t enough, she had a body to match. The biggest pair of tits of any of his customers, with a pussy that could clamp around his prick and fuck all day. In fact they’d done just that once or twice when she knew her family was going to be gone several hours.

At first, he’d hardly believed his luck. Mrs. Wilson wasn’t like the giggly girls he usually dated. She didn’t play prick-teasing games didn’t turn him on one, moment and off the next. And she didn’t have one of those tight pussies that made his prick, sore after a little fucking, either. Instead, her cunt was snug but resilient, capable of fucking for hours at a time. He’d even discovered that she could control her cunt muscles, make her pussy squeeze on his cock with a steady rhythm that seemed to suck the jizz right out of him.

But best of all, she was willing to do anything. It was like having his favorite movie star come to life, wanting only to be his slave.

“I’m gonna cum!” he gasped suddenly, pistoning his prick in and out of that soft slurping mouth with new intensity. “Suck it, Mrs. Wilson! Suck my load up — oh fuck, yeah, yeah, yeahhh!”

Gloria felt his cock ripple and moaned as he jammed it down her throat, writhing. The first blast of cum ripped across her tongue and was followed instantly by another, then another. She gulped again and again, trying to keep up with the teenager’s fountaining jism and not lose a drop. Sucking harder than ever, she bobbed her head insatiably back and forth, swallowing it all.

Only when the last little twitches had subsided and Barry had slumped grunting against her face did she at last release, his wet prick and draw back with a sexy smile.

“Now it’s your turn, Mrs. Wilson. That was good for starters, but I’ve got lots on my mind for today. Get out of those clothes so I can really show you a good time!”

“I’d love to, darling,” Gloria purred, her soft brown eyes lingering lovingly on his limp, shrunken cock. “But you were in such a hurry, I haven’t even had time to put away the groceries! The milk…”

“Fuck the milk!” he retorted, knowing in a deep, half-conscious way that he was acting just the way she wanted him to act. “I said strip, bitch! Let me see if your pussy’s hot enough for some real fucking. And I want to suck on those big tits some more too. Come on, give it to me baby. I haven’t got all day!”

Abruptly he reached out, grabbing roughly for the buttons of her blouse. His fingers caught in the light cotton material and Gloria’s instinctive backward jerk did the rest. There was a ragged tearing sound and the front of her blouse feel in tatters to expose the overflowing D-cups of her bra. Barry hissed in a breath, a little scared by what he’d done but mesmerized by the spectacle of those huge, out thrusting tits.

“My, we are in a hurry today, aren’t we?” she said, pulling the shredded garment the rest of the way off and enjoying his stare. “Well then, I guess I’d better not keep you waiting any longer. Are these what you’re after?” Slowly, with the grace of a strip-teaser, she reached up and unfastened her bra. It fell loose, and she shrugged it off.

Barry’s eyes bulged slightly as those big perfect tits burst free, joggling and straining out with a sheer hugeness that never failed to make him goggle. They were the kind of tits a guy never expected to see except in re-touched photographs. Jutting firm and unsagging, despite their size, they swelled and peaked into the fattest, pinkest nipples he’d ever seen.

With a sound almost like a whimper Barry scurried forward, bending and thrusting his face to an offered tit. His mouth fastened on a blossoming bud, and Gloria gasped as he began to suck her fat, rubbery nipple with loud smacking noises.

“Ahhh,” she approved, wiggling to push her slacks down over rounded hips and a full, ripe ass. “That’s it, baby. Warm me up for some real fucking, suck on my titties like a little baby, just the way you love best. Eat them up for me… oh darling, yesss…”

He slurped at one throbbing tit, his hands cupping the huge pale mound and his head twisted sideways to watch as she squirmed entirely out of the slacks and lay back, spreading her legs wide.

Immediately one of Barry’s hands leaped to her thick, damp brown pussy curls. His fingers plowed into their downy richness and plunged along her slitted cunt.

“Ummm,” she sighed and arched as he strummed her pussy with familiar strokes, his fingertips dipping along her, sopping cunt to find the stiff hooded button of pleasure that was her clit. He located that hard erect nub and began to twang it like a guitar string, rolling his thumb over the juicy clit until her whole body was vibrating in reaction, surging and undulating on the tiled kitchen floor.

Urged by the woman’s groans, Barry suddenly shoved two fingers deep into her now soaked pussy.

She gave a little wail and lurched up. He began to move his fingers in and out in a fucking motion, working them deeper and deeper as be sucked at the straining nipple in his mouth. Christ, was Mrs. Wilson hot today!

Abruptly he plucked his fingers from that grasping cunt and released her tit, grinning as she panted in frustration and sank back grasping. His cock was already bobbing up to full hardness again, and he gave a breathless sigh.

“What’s the matter, Mrs. Wilson? You too horny to wait for the real thing? Hey, I know what: if you can’t wait for my prick to get hard enough, how about putting on a show to help it along? Yeah, I want to see how you do it when I’m not around to stuff that pussy of yours. Show me how you fuck yourself when you haven’t got a real prick!”

With those words he grabbed one of Gloria’s bands and shoved it between her slick thighs, forcing it against her melting cunt.

For a instant she hesitated, shocked by the suggestion. It was almost as if he’d read her mind. She did masturbate, especially on the long lonely afternoons when the house was empty. On those afternoons, lying stretched out nude on her bed with one hand plucking at her sharp-pointed tits while the other surged over her pussy, she masturbated just like some kind of horny teenager who never got any cock at all. At those times she did not even remotely resemble a satisfied housewife who was getting fucked four times a week by her husband and every chance she got from her grocery boy!

Something had to be wrong with her. Over the past weeks Gloria hadn’t been able to think of anything but fucking and sucking. Almost every night lately she made Ben fuck her, not letting him get to sleep until he’d unloaded his sweet cum in her at least twice and preferably three times. Then, the very next day, she’d head straight for Hatcher’s Grocery to buy an unnecessary bundle of items for Barry to deliver. If Barry was busy, she went home and sprawled out on her bed and finger-fucked herself into oblivion until night when it started all over again with Ben.

She was going fuck-crazy. It was all she could think about, all she wanted to do. Just because she’d turned thirty-nine and begun to feel that something as missing from her life, some deep unconscious urge had made her decide to fill that gap, with hard, pumping cock. She couldn’t help it. And she certainly couldn’t stop, not now that she’d gotten started.


Almost of its own accord Gloria’s hand began to respond. She squirmed, mashing the heel of her palm against her itching cunt.

“Uhh — is… is this what you want, darling?” she managed, sliding her fingers along the plump flared lips of her pussy and easing them into its slot. “I’d rather have your prick doing this, but if you really want to see how I relax when you aren’t here, just watch!” Accepting his dare without the least shred of inhibition, she glided her fingers into her pussy, just as he’d been doing a moment before.

Barry shifted position and knelt between her out-flung legs, watching in rapt fascination. He’d never seen a woman jerk herself off before, and hadn’t really expected even Mrs. Wilson to do it right in front of him like this. But it was obvious by now that she was willing to try anything. Shit, she was even enjoying it!

Amazed once more at her sheer abandon, he watched two fingers slide up into her pink lipped pussy, and then a third. All three fingers moved in and out, slick with juices and smacking with a suction-like noise as they pushed her cuntlips wide apart and wedged themselves tight, just like a big fucking cock.

By now Gloria was so horny that she delighted openly in his stare, parting her legs as wide as she could and giving him an unobstructed view. She lunged up on her fingers, moving them in and out with increasing friction and forcing them apart to splay her cuntmouth open, unashamedly displaying the frothy furnace of her pussy.

“It — ahhh, it’s so good, baby,” she groaned, lewdly slipping her pinky down to dip into her ass crevice and tease her wet pink asshole as she finger-fucked herself for him.

“Oh fuck,” he muttered, gazing steadily as Gloria’s finger wriggled into her juice greased asshole and started to pump there as well. “You’re really cock-hungry today, aren’t you Mrs. Wilson? How about some of the real thing now? How would you like to fuck this a while?”

Edging forward, he pushed his inflamed prickhead against the writhing woman’s hand and let it push between her thighs, probing at her finger-filled cunt.

“Yes!” she hissed quivering and hunching on her fingers even more frantically at that offer. “Fuck me, Barry! Fuck me now! I’m going to come — oh baby, pleeeease!” Her slick hand darted out and grabbed his cock in an effort to stuff it into her.

But Barry laughed and pulled back, enjoying his power over the hot housewife too much to end their session with that same old routine. Instead, she’d given him an idea he’d only read about in books, never dreaming of actually being able to try it out with a girl. But of course, he’d never known a girl like Mrs. Wilson before. Right now she’d do anything for some cock, and they both knew it.

“Okay, but not like that.” He grinned wider than ever. “I think I want to do it dog-style this time. Yeah, that’s it. That’s how to fuck a horny bitch like you. Like a doggy!”

Then his hands were pulling at Gloria, rolling her onto her stomach. She complied eagerly, aware that she was abusing herself totally before this teenaged boy but unable to stop herself. At the moment this was just what she wanted — to be treated like a dog, to be used and fucked until she had her fill… if that was possible!

“Damn you, hurry! Is this better!”

She sprawled on the floor, on all fours, her ass jutting up and out with blatant invitation.

“Yeah, lots better.” Barry squeezed and kneaded her taut pliant asscheeks prying them apart to expose her asshole and cunt entirely as his prick wagged up, spearing its bloated head for that now-familiar hair-trimmed pussy.

She let out a long happy groan and began to undulate, clamping her cunt muscles down on the teenager’s concrete-hard prick and screwing herself tightly onto it.

“Ohhh baby, babyyy…”

Her voice was a whimper of joy, and Barry almost gave in to the cock-sucking vise of her velvety cunt as it slid over his prick as she started to weave back and forth, her big, beautiful tits dangling, the stiff, inch-long nipples practically brushing the floor.

But he had another idea altogether. The sight of Mrs. Wilson’s clenched asshole winking up at him was too good to pass up. He let his cock slither in and out of her juicy cunthole just long enough to get it good and greasy. Then he jerked out suddenly, laughing at her disappointed gasp.

“What’s wrong, Mrs. Wilson? You wantin’ something?”

“You-you bastard, you know I do!” Gloria wailed urgently, wiggling her hips in frustration and clawing the floor to keep from sobbing. “Get your cock back in me before I explode! Oh God, I’ve got to have your prick right now! Hurryyyy!” She arched backward in spasms of interrupted fervor. Both her pink cream-drenched holes flared like hungry mouths.

Barry chuckled. “Sure thing, bitch. That’s just what I’m going to do. You’re gonna get all the cock you can handle, starting right now. I’m gonna fuck the shit right out of you and I mean for real!”

With those warning words and his chuckle still echoing, he gently placed the tip of his cock against her slick, glistening asshole and heaved.


Gloria shrieked, her cry a mixture of agony and delight as his meaty prick rammed several enormous inches of its thick shaft up her asschute. She hadn’t been expecting to get it this way, and there was an instant of incredible pain as her ass muscles were ripped apart to take the surprise intruder.

Gasping with exertion, Barry hovered a moment with his prick half-buried up the tightest little slot he’d ever had it into. “How — uhh! — how’s that feel, Mrs. Wilson? Is that enough cock for you? Hell, I think you can take lots more!”

He heaved again, and this time Gloria screamed. Inch after monstrous inch of veined prick was shoved up her wrenched-open asshole. For a brief instant she thought she was going to pass out from the tearing hugeness of it. But then instinct took over. Her ass muscles relaxed just a bit, and his prick sank to its fur matted base inside her pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” Barry could hardly believe he’d done it. His cock was totally sheathed up the older woman’s asshole, and she wasn’t even complaining! “Wow, you’ve got a tight ass! Oh man, it’s tighter than any pussy I ever fucked, Mrs. Wilson! Now I’ll get it nice and lose, so we can do some real fucking, just like you want. Yeah… oh yeah…”

His hips hunched, inching his cock out by degrees and working it back in with harsh, wrenching gyrations.

“Aaannhh — guuuuuh!”

Though she hadn’t been ass-fucked for years, the memories quickly returned. The first stabs of pain dwindled rapidly, and almost before she knew it Gloria was hunching back in rhythm to his thrusts, reaming herself out on his delicious ass-gouging prick until its whole length was riding in and out. His sagging balls slapped against her gaping pussy, and every time the length of his cock vanished into her ass she let out a groan. Within moments she was groaning almost continually, caught up with rapturous abandon in the most delicious ass-fucking she’d ever had!

“Unnh-unnggh-ohhh, that-that’s it!” she sobbed, see-sawing a frenzy of unashamed bliss. “Fuuuu… fuck my asshole, oh sweet Jesus, fuck me baby! Yes, yes! Mmmaaahhhhhh…”

Ass-fucking was one of the things Ben had given up shortly after their marriage. He thought it hurt his precious new bride and Gloria had never worked up the nerve to explain that she enjoyed it. But Barry had no such ideas and her cries now only made him increase his pumping until the sound that rose from her throat was one long wail of pure ecstasy as she plunged back for his cock.


Grunting for breath, he clutched her hips and pounded faster than ever in that damp, slippery, taut channel. His balls slapped loudly against the housewife’s drooling cunt, and with a gleeful cry he urged her on.

“Take it all, slut! Take every fucking inch, just like it’s the last prick you’re ever gonna get! Oh-oh fucking shit, you’re really going now! I can feel your ass sucking me right up! Jeez, that feels… I’m gonna cum! Gonna cum, bitch! Right up your asshole… hunnh!” A sound like a growl tore from Barry’s throat and he lunged viciously as his balls began tingling their frantic warning.

Gloria sensed it too, and that made her seesaw even harder. Dimly she realized that of all the things she’d done these past weeks, this was the most debasing. Letting herself be fucked in the ass by this horny teenaged boy — and loving every second of it! She bucked wildly, groveling with frank sensuality as her sopping pussy burst. Barry gave a loud husky groan, and Gloria shrieked.

The teen’s entire body shuddered, and hot, steamy jism blasted in a long spurting geyser up her ass. His prick soared up, twitching in its tight sheath and a second blast followed, then a third and a fourth.

Groaning and twitching in mutual orgasm, they humped and twisted on the kitchen floor in an oblivion of surging climax. Thick, syrupy streams of fizz flooded her ass channel, and she reeled in a delirium of climax like nothing she’d known for years.

“Ohhh… oh shi-i-i-it…” Barry gasped, lolling as the last of his cum was soaked up in her sweet, tight, sucking asshole. It was the best fucking he’d ever had.

“Uhhhhhmmmmm…” Purring, Gloria undulated on his prick in a haze of wonderful fulfillment. Dazed with satisfaction, she sank to the floor in a heap.

His prick slid from her ass with a wet plop.

“Baby… baby, that was… aaaaaaa hhhhh…”

A little splatter of jism leaked from her puckered asshole. She reached down to lovingly finger and caress the cream-bloated rim of her ass with blatant enjoyment.

Barry grinned. At last, rising on weak wobbly legs, he reached to pull his jeans up. “Glad you liked it, Mrs. Wilson. Shee-it, you sure know how to fuck! Next time you need some groceries, I’m gonna have trouble deciding what part of you I want to fuck most!”

His off-hand admiration made her smile, and she licked her puffy lips as she zipped his jeans and turned for his smock. “Then… ahhh, then you’ll just have to fuck everything, won’t you? Not that I’ll mind, of course.”

Slipping into his smock, Barry had to shake his head in disbelief as the voluptuous brunette stroked her ass and pussy with loving care. “Wow, you never get enough! But we’ll see what we can do about that. After all, Mr. Hatcher wouldn’t like it if I didn’t satisfy his best customer! Just let me know, Mrs. Wilson, next time you want your order filled…”

With that last joking comment, he headed for the door.

“I will,” came Gloria’s voice behind him. “And it will be sooner than you think, darling.”

Grinning, Barry headed back for work.

Temporarily sated, Gloria merely smiled in anticipation as he walked out.


“Joel Wilson, you come over here this instant!”

Grinning at the impatient sound of his big sister’s voice, Joel gave a last wave to the three friends he’d stopped to talk to and trotted down the school steps where Sammi waited, tapping her foot.

“Well, it certainly took you long enough to get here!” she said sternly as he approached. “We’re late as it is and Mom’s going to worry about us if we don’t get home real quick. Now come on, before it gets any later.”

She started off at a brisk pace, forcing Joel to hop to keep up with her. “Okay, okay, Sis,” he said lightly, not at all disturbed by his big sister’s anger. “I’m coming, aren’t I? Man, you must be really horny today!”

“Joel!” Sammi twisted her head around, her long blonde curls flying as she looked to see if any others in the mass of fleeing students had overheard. Then she fixed her brother with a hard stare. A blush crept over her attractive face as she retorted. “If you ever say anything like that in public again, you’ll be the one who gets horny because I won’t jerk you off anymore! How would you like that, big mouth?”

Joel’s grin widened. He knew by now that his sister had no intention of cutting off their usual after-school sessions. She enjoyed them just as much as he did. In fact, maybe more. After all, she was the one who’d started them.

But at the same time, he didn’t want to make her mad. Instead he shrugged and gave in sheepishly. “All right, I’m sorry. Anyway, we’ve still got plenty of time if we hurry, and I’ve really been looking forward to it — just look! I’m about to bust my jeans!”

Despite herself Sammi glanced down at his ominously bulging crotch and her blush deepened. “Well, all right then, but you have to be more careful from now on. Come on, we’re nearly at the hiding place already.”

They’d been walking quickly as they talked, and the empty house on the corner just two blocks from home came up abruptly. The house was old, surrounded by a big overgrown hedge that made it a perfect hiding spot. Glancing around to make certain they weren’t being observed, the two teenagers stepped in the front gate and, hurried across the un-mown front lawn to the side of the house, where large shrubs grew thick and wild.

Sammi had been the one to discover the hiding place. There was a cleared spot at the side of the old house that was all hemmed in by hedges and shrubbery. It made a perfect nook, where no one could see them.

As soon as they had safely made their way to that secret grassy spot, Sammi turned to face her brother. “Okay, we’re here. Now take down your pants. If I don’t get hold of your cock right this instant, I’m going to go crazy!”

Pleased at his sister’s breathless command, Joel unsnapped his jeans and pushed them down to his knees. “This what you want, Sis?”

The sight of her brother’s prick never failed to make her cunt itch and cream. And today her pussy itched and creamed with an excitement that had been bubbling inside her all through her dull afternoon classes. She stared at Joel’s cockshaft, its length fattened and veined and standing out a full seven inches or more, bobbing above a heavy wrinkled sack of tender balls.

Sammi was hornier today than usual. She couldn’t hold back the way she normally liked to do and just stand there admiring his cock and letting her juices bust. They were already busting, plastering her panties and slickening her slender thighs under the plaid skirt she wore. Her hand darted out and grabbed Joel’s cock, making a fist around his thick prick that allowed his red knobbed prickhead to poke out invitingly, its pink pisshole glistening with a beaded drop of arousal.

“My, my, we are stiff today, aren’t we?” she giggled a bit huskily, her fist sliding back and forth on his rigid cock. “I’ll bet none of those girls you hang around with make you this hard, do they?”

Joel shook his head, his hips automatically twitching to thrust his prick into his sister’s gliding grip. He almost always had a hard-on like the one he had now. It never went away for very long, no matter how often he jerked off, and even just walking through the crowded school hallways between classes and brushing against all those mysterious feminine bodies was enough to have his prick lurching painfully in his jeans. But none of the girls he knew ever beat him off like Sammi did.

“Oh shit no,” he murmured instead with a groan. “They never make it this hard. You really know how to rub, too. If you keep doing it that way, I’m gonna shoot gallons of jizz.”

The ecstatic look on his face made Sammi tug at his prick even harder, gasping for breath. She always enjoyed beating Joel’s prick and watching his load of hot cum suddenly spurt in her hand. Just rubbing him off always made her firecracker-hot herself, and afterwards she would rush home and slip into the shower where she could strip off her clothes and slump under the warm spray and finger herself into gushing bliss with the vivid memory of her brother’s spouting cock and sticky jism bringing her to a full, wrenching orgasm.

But today she was especially horny and her cunt was itching in a way that needed attention right now. On sudden impulse, Sammi decided to take their after-school session a step further than usual.

“If you’re going to shoot gallons, it’s going to get all over me!” she joked with a light gasp. “Maybe… maybe I’d better take my skirt off just in case. I don’t think Mom would understand if I walked in with gallons of jizz on it!”

Without giving herself time to reconsider, she unzipped the skirt and pulled it down with her free hand, wiggling from its confines.

Joel hadn’t expected anything like this. In the past several weeks since their sessions had started, it had always been a one-sided affair. Sammi did the looking, and she paid for it by jerking him off. Now his eyes bugged as his sister’s skirt slipped down over her ripe hips, displaying the sheer pink fabric of her panties.

She brusquely stepped out of the skirt, then took in her brother’s stare. “What’s wrong?” She tried to make her voice matter-of-fact. “I just don’t want to get messy, that’s all. What do you think you’re looking at?”

As if she didn’t already know. Her pussy creamed under Joel’s gaze, aching worse than ever as he took in the thinly veiled bulge of her cunt mound under the taut sheath of the panties. He could see right through them and could clearly make out the thick golden curls and parted cleavage of his sister’s pussy lips.

Joel’s breath sucked in. Sammi wasn’t wearing a bra, and with unusual boldness she let her blouse slip to the ground and stood proudly before him, pushing her firm tits out an extra bit.

“There. Now it’s safe to come all you want, even if it’s gallons! And the way your horny prick looks right now, you may not be exaggerating!”

She gave a little laugh and playfully thumped his rigid prick with a finger, watching it bob and swell stiffer than before. She was almost completely nude now, and even the filmy veil of her panties ceased to be an obstacle as a wet stain grew on them, plastering the material to her crotch with a slick transparency that showed off her patch of pussy curls and indented to perfectly outline her lush, plump cuntlips.

By this time both teenagers were more turned on than ever. Joel had never seen his big sister like this before, and he had to swallow hard before his voice would work.

His eyes tried to take in everything at once, lingering on her pussy and darting back up to take in her taut, pliant tits. They thrust out at him like two ripe melons, perfectly round and so firm that they didn’t sag a bit like the women’s tits he’d seen in pictures. But what really caught his attention were her nipples. Sammi’s nipple peaks were huge and swollen, their bumpy areolas jutting out as if overflowing and practically dripping with sweetness. They were dark, a sort of pink-brown, and even as he stared they began to expand outward into twin hardened spikes.

“Wow, you are just about ready to pop,” she said, trying to keep her attitude businesslike as her fist pumped his throbbing cock. “I’d better slow down to make it last longer. I know! Maybe it’d be fun if… well, if we did some other things first. Do you have any suggestions?”

As she spoke, her hand reluctantly slipped from Joel’s cock and began to cup and squeeze his balls instead. Sammi had never acted quite like this before, and she sure never let him make suggestions! He spoke up quickly, before she could change her mind.

“Well, I’d, uh, I’d kind of like to — oh hell, Sam! Can I feel your titties?”

The request blurted out of him and Sammi smiled at his embarrassed, lustful expression. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt, just this once. Go ahead, I don’t mind.” She didn’t mention that she’d been about to make that very suggestion herself.

Without hesitation Joel’s hands flew up and grasped her out thrust tits. Both teenagers gave little, gasps as her nipples blossomed in his palms.

She released a moan, and that encouragement made Joel squeeze more insistently, watching with fascination as her nipples quivered and rippled under his fingers. From the corner of his eyes he saw one of Sammi’s hands sneak down between her thighs and begin to rub there, dipping into the moist panty-clad vee of her cunt.

“How does that feel, Sam?”

“Umm…” Sammi purred, grinding the heel of her hand against her itching pussy and thoroughly enjoying her brother’s delighted attention. Her pussy was drenched with hot juice, and the hand cupping Joel’s balls clenched at them with careful squeezing motions. “I… I’ll bet it would be even better if you… if you kissed them a little too. Go on, Joel. Try it…”

She shoved her tits forward in an offer Joel couldn’t refuse. His head swooped down and he caught a rubbery brown nipple between his lips and began to suck.

“Ohhh, that’s good!” she groaned, tangling her hands in her brother’s curly hair and urging him on. “Suck both of my titties nice and hard… ahhh…”

Joel did as she instructed, working the fat, hard nipple bud with his lips and noisily sucking his own saliva from it as if drinking spouts of milky tit-goodness. In the back of his mind lurked the fear that Sammi might never get this hot again, and he wanted to make the most of it while he could. With one hand smothering her perky, spit-slickened tit, he eased the other around, her waist and let it fall on her jutting ass, caressing its plump twin globes under the silky cover of her panties.

By this time Sammi was far from objecting. In fact she giggled and squirmed delightedly at her brother’s exploring touch.

Suddenly she spasmed and clutched his ball sack with a frenzied rhythm that made him bite down on her nipple to keep from letting out a pained gasp. The hand against her crotch rubbed furiously, and he knew she was coming. He’d seen his sister come before, but never this violently. He sucked her nipple all the fiercer in response.

Writhing in delicious ecstasy, Sammi rubbed her first tingling orgasm to completion. Then, panting for breath, she slipped her throbbing tit from his mouth. “Oh, wow, that was really good! Ahh!”

Not giving herself a chance to cool off from that blissful release, she let go of his balls and spoke in a hoarse, urgent tone.

“Since… ahh, since you’ve been such a good boy I’m going to give you a special treat today. Take my panties off, Joel, and I’ll let you see my pussy. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Joel beamed. “Hell, yes!” Even as those words slipped out he grabbed the elastic waistband. But she stopped him with a laugh.

“Not so fast, Brother! I don’t want you ripping my best panties! If you’re going to do it, do it right. Get on your knees and pull them off carefully. That way you can get a better look and I won’t have to go home without any underwear!”

Her joking attitude barely hid the horniness in her voice. Joel obligingly dropped to the ground and began to tug the panties down.

They were tight, and inched over her hips with little jerking motions of his fingers. His face was level with their wet-stained crotch, and as the first curls of her bush popped free he gushed out an appreciative hiss.

Sammi’s pussy fur was a fluffy blonde thatch of down, damp and matted with arousal as he bared more and more of her soft tangled mound. Her cunt hair made an upside down triangle, tapering and thickening until at last it peaked in spongy wet curls that almost entirely hid the womanly mystery beneath.

With that last obstacle out of the way, he gazed at the moist exposed pussy that was even with his eyes. “Oh shit,” he murmured, hypnotized by all that soft soaked cunt hair and the tantalizing hint of pink flesh beneath it. “Your pussy’s beautiful, Sis. Can I get a better look?”

Sammi opened her mouth to approve but his hands were already shooting, up, his thumbs plowing into her tufted pussy carpet and pushing it apart to display her slippery cunt crevice.

His sister’s pussy was beautiful, all right, beautiful through and through. Joel’s mouth dropped open as he took in her sopping cunt slit, its fat, inflamed lips pooching down just a bit and opening in a natural flare that gave him just a glimpse of the creamy depths there. At eye level, the most prominent part of Sammi’s cunt was her hooded clit. It stood out like a hard oily nipple, literally drooling with sweetness. Every bit as thick as his pinky tip and just as long, it seemed to quiver and puff out as if well aware that it was being admired.

He didn’t notice Sammi’s knowing smile as she spoke. “Do you like it, Joel? Is my pussy really beautiful?”

“Ohhh, fuck!”

That rough spurt of appreciation was enough. She oozed juicy heat, slipping her legs wider apart. “Would… would you like to kiss it too? You can, if you want. I-I don’t mind…”

With that permission given, he reacted unthinkingly. His face plunged into that fragrant mound of hair and his tongue stabbed for the frothy pink wetness of his sister’s cunt. “Aaah!”

She gave an ecstatic cry, instinctively clutching her brother’s head as he probed frantically up, lapping eagerly but inexpertly at her slippery cunt slit.

Her legs eased wider and almost before he knew it Joel was lapping up his sister’s pussy cream as if he’d done it all his life. Its tangy sweet-sour juices gushed over his tongue and he gouged up between her pouted cuntlips for more. Stabbing and stroking along their wet cleavage, he rolled her thick clit bud across his tongue and dug upward for the floods of nectar that poured from her pussy.

Sammi moaned luxuriously, undulating her thighs as her brother’s head nuzzled between them. His tongue worked feverishly from its difficult position to taste every bit of her soaked pussy, and that had her creaming in wild geysers that made her whole body surge.

“Yes, oh yes Joel do it to me! Eat my pussy up, get your tongue inside me and lick me all over! Ohhh, you’re slurping my clit right off! I’m coming, oooh baby I’m com-uuhhmm!”

She cooed and arched on his face in a haze of pure lust as a fresh orgasm ripped through her. Every darting stab and lick of Joel’s tongue jolted her to climax like an electric prod and within moments Sammi was caught up in the sheer oblivion of completion. When she cried out, it was from unleashed joy.


Like a sudden earthquake Joel’s sister heaved and thrashed on his face, forcing her slushy pooch-lipped pussy onto his wiggling tongue as gasps and gushes of blissful fulfillment tore from her. It was the first time he’d ever eaten pussy, but it sure wasn’t going to be the last! His sister was hunching like crazy!

Delighted at his own success, he eagerly attacked Sammi’s cunt until her cries sank to a long satisfied groan.

“Ohhh, Joel! Tha — ahh, that was so fucking sweet, oh baby…” She slipped to her knees to join her brother, and her mouth fastened on his.

Joel gave a slightly surprised grunt as her tongue darted between his lips, probing deep and tasting the tongue that had so recently been lodged in her cunt. They’d never kissed like a real man and woman before, and if his cock hadn’t been at full attention already it would have leaped now. As it was, his cock merely throbbed with a growing hunger that didn’t ease when Sammi’s hands closed into double fists around it and tugged harshly. At last she drew back, gasping, her face streaked with the juices that had filmed his chin. “Did you like it, baby? Did you really like eating me?”

His head bobbed, urged by her pumping fists. “Yeah, it was great! It was the best tasting pussy ever, Sam! I could eat you out all day… aah…”

By this time they were both beyond caring that they were outside where anyone who wanted to might peer through the surrounding hedge and see them. Sammi seemed to make a decision and slid back on the grassy lawn, spreading her legs wide and pulling his cock with her. Joel found himself being drawn between his big sister’s open legs. He got one good look at her spread-open pussy and then tumbled on top of her lithe, womanly body.

“Now… now I’m going to show you what pussies are for. Do you want to see how people fuck?”

His eyes bulged at that suggestion and his head lurched up and down as if attached to a spring. “Sure! Hell yes, you know I would!”

“All right then.”

Breathing heavily with horny enjoyment, Sammi lay back on the ground and stretched her slender legs even wider as he dropped between them, his cock quivering expectantly.

“First you get on top like this, and I’ll get your cock into position… ahhh, there.”

Not sure that his sister really had actual fucking in mind but not about to lose the chance of finding out, Joel squirmed as he felt his engorged cocktip brush against the wet moss of her cuntfur. “Is this right, Sam?”

Their bare stomachs were mashed together and his brown cockhair mingled with her sopping pussy curls. She gasped under his weight, her expression glazed. “Yes, that’s it. Now… I’ll let you rub your cock against my pussy and you can shoot all over it just like the real thing. Tha… that’s better than getting jerked off, isn’t it?”

Neither of them had come this close to really fucking before, and the hot sliding presence of Joel’s prick at his sister’s cunt seemed to weld their bodies together. Within moments they were gasping and hunching in mutual rhythm, his smooth pricktip gliding along her pussy and bumping her clit with little surges that had her moaning and pulling on his cockshaft with increasing need.

That was when the unexpected happened.

Without warning their bodies twitched simultaneously, and in that instant his prick gouged between her buttery cuntlips and buried itself in her pussy.


“Oh shit…”

There was no doubt about it. His cockhead was lodged securely in Sammi’s tight cuntmouth, her rubbery, resilient pussylips closing over its mushroomed thickness like a vise.

“You’re in me! Oh Joel, you’re inside me! It feels so — Joel!”

Abruptly their fucking game had turned into the real thing, and neither of them knew who was the more startled. Though Joel hadn’t really been expecting it to happen, the tight grasping feel of her pussy lips wrapped snugly about his prickhead was too pleasant a sensation to stop. He automatically began to gyrate his hips, working his big, sensitive cock knob around in her sloshy cunt hole and feeling it sink even deeper.

“Joel — ohhhhhhh!”

Sammi let out a piercing wail as her cunt was split open to take in the enormous invader. There was a tearing inside her and a moment of sheer agony as if she were being ripped in half by her brother’s prick.

Then he was all the way in! His cock was buried to its base in her stretched pussy and pulsing in the forced-apart sleeve of her soaked outer lips.

They lay like that a moment, Joel gasping from his exertions and Sammi groaning as the pain slowly eased, replaced by a new tingling sensation like nothing she’d experienced before. At last he rose on his hands, grinning down at the mingled combination of hurt and surprise and blossoming lust on his sister’s face.

“Fuck, your cunt feels great, Sam! It’s so tight I can’t even — uhh…”

He began to ease his prick in and out with a natural fucking motion, inching it back and forth in a see-saw rhythm in the hot clutching vise of his big sister’s pussy.

The pain vanished quickly and Sammi was soon overwhelmed by surge after surge of new pleasure unlike anything she’d ever imagined. With those first tentative pumping strokes she felt herself responding rapturously, arching up off the ticklish grass.

“Ahhh, you’re — fucking me! Joel, you’re — unnh! — fucking me! It hurts — it hurts ohhh!” She groaned more loudly, each word rising in a pitch that matched her increasing response.

She soared up, slamming onto the full length of his cock with a fury that made Joel groan. Hardly able to believe it was really happening, he pumped harder. They were doing it! They were really fucking!

Sammi’s voice rose to a shrill plea, her hard-tipped tits jouncing as he lunged. He could feel her tight pussy sucking at his cock, and a hiss of delight tore through his throat.

“Yeah, Sis! Fuck my cock for me, oh man that feels great! I-I can feel it sliding in and out, I’m gonna cum in your pussy if you keep that up! Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Though she seemed too caught up in her own reactions to hear, Sammi answered his threat by hunching up even harder, drilling herself onto his prick with a ferocity that he hadn’t anticipated from his own sister. Her fingernails sank into his asscheeks, making him gasp and thrash atop her with fresh vigor.

For the moment they were no longer brother and sister, but two horny teenagers caught up in a torrent of emotions neither of them had experienced before. Joel could feel his balls tingling, ready to burst with explosions as his cock was sucked and stroked by that hot clinging pussy. Sammi was panting and sobbing openly now, her slim legs twitching as she heaved up on his prick with all her might. He knew he couldn’t last another minute, and that realization made him pump faster.

Suddenly she bucked in a frenzy, crying out.

“Give me your cum! Shoot your jism into me, ohhh I can’t stand it, I’m coming! Fuck my pussy hard and shoot your jizz — yes! Yes, Joel, please! Give it to me, I… I’m comiiiiing! Aaaannhh…”

Arching off the ground, she writhed in rippling waves of ecstasy that rode her cunt back and forth over his prick with smothering joy.

That was all Joel could take. Grunting for breath, he rammed his cock hilt-deep and gave a yelp as the first explosion tore from his balls.


Jism spurted up Sammi’s crammed pussy, blast after blast fountaining into her. In total oblivion the two teenagers twisted and lurched on the grass, climaxing in unison. “Uuhhh — Joellllll!”

Her voice came out in a drawn-out squeal as his jizz flooded her cunt, driving her to an even more furious orgasm. Unbelievable waves of pure ecstasy swept through her, like nothing she would have believed possible. For the first time in her life, Sammi was fucking.

And she loved it.


Finally slumping as the last of his cum splattered his big sister’s squeezing pussy hole, Joel groaned.

“Oh Sam, aaaaah…”

His cock, now drained, slid slowly from her tight pussy chute and slipped free.

“Uhhhmmm…” she sighed happily, more satisfied than she’d ever been before. Then her voice turned into a husky giggle as hot little globs of cum trickled from between her bloated cuntlips. “Did you like it? I mean did you really?”

Startled, he looked down to see his sister smiling up at him with a strange glowing expression. Joel’s lips tugged into a grin, and he chuckled. “Ohhhhhh, shit!”

Giggling at that answer, Sammi wiggled out from under him. Then, as she reached for her clothes, she gave him one last look. “Well then, maybe we’ll just have to do it again sometime, because he liked it too. Maybe… if you’re nice.”

“Hey, that’d be great!” Grinning even wider, he watched with gleeful anticipation as she began to slip back into her clothes.

From now on, Joel intended to be just as nice as he could be.


“Ahh, now that’s what I call a great supper.” Ben Wilson leaned back from the table with a satisfied groan, jutting his nonexistent paunch out. “Hon. I don’t know how you do it. Taking care of the house and waiting on the kids all day, then fixing meals like this — you’re a magician!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t exactly call it magic,” Gloria smiled at him, rising to clear the table. “After all, I’ve had a few thousand meals to practice on!”

She began to remove the dishes, and Sammi hopped up. “Here, I’ll help, Mom.”

“No, that’s all right darling. You’ve helped often enough to get out of it this once. I don’t mind cleaning up by myself for a change. Now you children scoot into the living room and watch t.v., I’ll take care of this.”

After a moment’s hesitation Sammi shrugged and smiled, unable to hide her relief at not having to help with the dishes for one night. “Okay, but tomorrow night’s my turn. And besides, I have an extra pair of hands that’ll be all too happy to help out.”

She fixed her brother with a meaningful stare, and Joel piped up with forced agreement. “Sure, I can help. I always do, don’t I?”

“Okay, okay, it’s settled then,” Ben broke in with a grin. “But for now let’s leave, before we all get in the way. Off to the living room, you two!”

They scampered, leaving Gloria alone.

Smiling vaguely, she watched the three of them go. They were a perfect family, and normally Gloria appreciated that fact as much as any wife and mother could. But at the moment she wanted to scream. Perfect, perfect, perfect! A loving husband, two helpful children, a happy, normal home. What more could a woman ask?

Perhaps a little perfect fucking?

The notion nudged its way in, just as it had through-out the afternoon since her experience with Barry. She could feel her pussy creaming just at the thought, even as she went about the normal routine of washing the dishes. It had only been a few hours since the grocery boy had done all those terrible, awful, disgusting — and wonderful — things to her, but now it seemed like years. She didn’t want to be a happy housewife living in a perfect home! She wanted to fuck!

Deep in her thoughts, Gloria didn’t realize Ben had come up behind her until his strong arms abruptly slid around her waist and his crotch rubbed against her slacks-clad ass. His prick was already rock-hard, as if he’d read her mind.

“Why don’t you let the kids finish these after all, hon, while we go upstairs and get reacquainted?”

Taken by surprise Gloria laughed lightly wilting against her husband’s stiff cock as it prodded her ass cleavage in an unintentional reminder of other afternoons session with Barry. “My, we are horny tonight, aren’t we? Don’t you ever get enough?”

“Me?” Grinning, Ben made his voice sound shocked. “And just who is it that keeps waking me up in the middle of the night for a little action? This is just self-preservation, babe. I figure if we start early enough and if I can cool that hot cunt of yours down for a change, I might get a full night’s sleep!”

“Mm-hmm. As if I were draggin you to a fate worse than death. I haven’t heard you cry out for mercy yet, now have I?”

Ben’s grin widened. Their casual banter didn’t hide the fact that his cock was practically busting from his slacks, digging against her ass with an insistence she could hardly ignore. Her pussy churned with juices, frothing into a delightful lather at the notion of fucking the whole evening away.

“Come on babe.” He urged her on with a twitch of his hips that pushed his pent-up prick hard against his wife’s voluptuous ass. “You won’t regret it and you know it. Let’s you and I go upstairs and relax in private, where we can discuss this more thoroughly.”

“Oh, all right.” Surrendering at last to her husband’s caresses and the need burning up her cunt, Gloria finished the last dish and turned to face him, wiping her hands on a dishcloth. “But don’t think I’m going to give you one minute to relax! Now that you’ve got me going, rest is the last thing you’re going to get tonight!”

Ben laughed at that challenge and they headed for bed.

Sammi and Joel were in the living room sprawled before the television, both of them oddly subdued and quiet this evening, except for an occasional exchange of whispers. They hardly even noticed as their parents swept by. Upstairs moments later, Ben firmly shut the bedroom door and turned.

“All right, it’s time to live up to those threats you’ve been making, doll. Come here.”

But Gloria was already on her way, tearing hastily out of her slacks and blouse as she approached. Garments drifted to the floor, and by the time she reached him she was absolutely nude and enjoying the look on his face as he took in her supple, bounteous body.

“Those weren’t threats, darling,” she purred, reaching out to undress him as well. “They were promises. And I’m going to keep every one. You’ll see.”

His prick soared up, massive and inflamed, spearing up from its thick nest of cockhair and heavy wrinkled ballsac. Already bloated and quivering with anticipation, his cock stood out like a fence post. Its sheer enormity never failed to take her breath away. She gave a hiss, her cunt melting in a hot wave of cream as her hand slid down to grasp her husband’s huge reddened prick.

He reached for her but Gloria slipped back teasingly, wanting to prolong their fun a little extra tonight. Her voice husky, she spoke out the thought that was uppermost on her mind.

“Uh uh, not just yet, lover. Lie down, so I can give that luscious cock of yours the kind of attention it obviously needs, just for preliminaries. Then we’ll see who keeps whose promise.”

With a sigh that wasn’t nearly as unhappy as he pretended, Ben followed her orders and sank onto the bed. His prick bobbed up in the air, so swollen and stiff that Gloria had to fight a sudden impulse to leap uninhibitedly on that gorgeous big cock and fuck herself crazy.

Capturing the fat knobbed tip of his cock delicately between her thumb and forefinger, she bent her head and placed her full lips against the fur-trimmed tightness of Ben’s stomach.

“Jesus,” he gasped, running his fingers through her long glossy brunette hair and tangling them into guiding fists. “This… is some appetizer, hon. As if everything else isn’t enough, you handle cock like you were made for it!”

“Uhmm, I was,” she smiled impishly up from his prick, murmuring her lips pressed lightly to its hardness. “Didn’t you know? If you’ve forgotten that, then I’ll just have to remind you… ummm.”

Her tongue flicked out, stroking along his rigid cock and gliding across its flared, sensitive head, worming its tip into the tiny crevice of his pisshole for a tangy taste of what was to come. Despite her afternoon’s activities with Barry she was already hotter than a firecracker at the wagging presence of her husband’s huge stiff prick. Ben groaned again and twitched as she licked his cock with worshipful need, tonguing every inch of his big veined cock shaft until its entire length was slick and wet.

Then she went to work on his balls, lapping and mouthing his hairy ballsac to catch the flavor of each lush, sweaty egg. Ben’s balls were huge, filled with exactly the kind of goodness she wanted most. As Gloria hungrily sucked and teased both balls with careful expertise, she could practically feel the tingle that surged through Ben’s body as he clutched her hair harder, more than delighted by this kind of attention.

“That’s my baby,” he crooned, once again pleasantly astonished at the way his wife so eagerly did things she’d never done before, like sucking his balls. “Jesus, that feels great! You know just how I like it babe, yeah, oh yeah…”


She purred at his praise, her pussy gushing with fresh juicy torrents, her tongue darting wildly for more, trying to taste every bit of him at once. It dipped past his balls and slid along the tightly curled hairs that covered his asshole. Without hesitation she lapped at that tight, hair-lined entrance, worming her tongue-tip up his asshole and into its clenched channel.

“Christ!” Ben blurted out in surprise as he arched up to give her better access. “That’s it, that’s real nice. Tongue my ass, baby, tongue it out real good… Jesus that’s good! We should have done this years ago… aaah…”

With deft wiggling jabs she worked deeper, hungry for the taste of Ben in every way. It was the first time she’d ever reamed his ass this way, and she couldn’t get enough of it. Working his ass until her jaws ached, she finally slid her tongue free and slipped her way back along his balls for the enormous upright cock her drenched pussy needed worse than anything.

His hips began to lurch in response. Gloria’s warm, moist mouth moved up and down her husband’s engorged prick with all the expertise of an insatiable wife, taking more and more of it. She knew just how he loved being sucked off, so she took her time, despite the raging inferno her pussy had become. Inch after inch of hard probing cock slithered into her throat, throbbing along her flicking tongue with growing urgency as she sucked and teased for all she was worth.

“Oh sweet Jesus that’s good,” he groaned appreciatively. Arching up, he slid his swollen cock shaft in and out between his wife’s soft lips. “Keep it going, honey. Suck me off real nice like that… uhhmm…”

Gloria’s cunt was aching too fiercely to ignore now. As her head began to bob rhythmically up and down on his shivering cock, she slipped a hand to the seething ache of her cunt and dipped two fingers into the melting furnace of hot pussy flesh hidden by the rich downy carpet of her cunt mound.

That touch was like an electric jolt. Instantly Gloria’s fingers plunged deep into her drooling pussy, jabbing hard in an attempt to soothe that ache until they were buried between her soaked cuntlips, gyrating in unison with the harsh urgent motions of her head.

“Numm — mummppff…”

Unaware of anything but the precious sucking lips fastened to his cock, Ben didn’t notice that his wife was finger-fucking herself simultaneously. His concentration was totally on that greedy pumping mouth, and within moments he was hunching up with an intensity that shoved his cock to its hilt up that damp vise-like orifice.

“Yeah — faster honey, suck me faster! It’s been a long time since I’ve had it this good… more, more! Suck my cock, Gloria!”

Gloria gulped at his prick with a matching fury, her fingers gyrating in her pussy with a series of hard cunt-tearing stabs. She palmed her erect clit, massaging it as well while her mouth plunged for every stiffened inch of his surging cock. She could feel Ben’s climax swelling up inside him, and her own approaching orgasm matched it perfectly. With a whimper of sheer need she sucked with all her might.

“Christ! I can’t hold back — suck it, baby! Suck! Suck!”

It was more than Ben could stand. His balls seemed to boil with juice-laden ferocity, and he hunched wildly. Gloria’s head moved faster, and in the next instant they were both thrashing in culmination.



Ben’s cock rippled and jism blasted in long spurting streams down his wife’s throat.

She took it all, lunging onto her fingers in pure unobstructed bliss. Cum flooded her mouth and she barely had time to swallow that load before it was followed by a second and then a third. It was the second time that day that she’d drank up a man’s jizz, and in a reeling frenzy of delight she sucked for every drop.

“Uuhhm… uuuumm…”

Ben slumped back with a long happy groan, drained.

“Baby, baby that was good…”

“Mmmmmmm!” Still thrashing on her fingers, Gloria couldn’t have agreed more.

Suddenly she couldn’t stand another moment without having her pussy filled with a real prick. Even as the last little drops of jizz splattered out of his twitching cock she rose, licking her lips.

“Don’t… don’t think it’s over yet, lover. Now that you’ve had your fun it’s my turn to fulfill some promises — and I’m going to fuck this sweet cock of yours hard again if it’s the last thing I do!”

With that abrupt warning and a determined, glowing expression on her face she climbed swiftly onto the bed and straddled him, her soaked cunt splaying open to expose its greased depths hovering above Ben’s drained, shrinking cock.

He grinned, never failing to be surprised by his wife’s sudden new horniness. “You just don’t ever get enough, do you? What’s got into you lately, babe?”

Gloria’s smile grew even broader as she reached down and grabbed his limp prick, its length moist and softened by the expert suction of her mouth. “It’s what’s about to get into me, darling. What hasn’t been getting into me nearly enough lately! Now just relax because I’m going to take care of that little problem right now — uhhh… ahhhh…”

She gasped, raising his slickened prickhead to the sleek pink entrance of her pussy and stuffing it in with her fingers.

Though sucked thoroughly just seconds ago Ben’s cock was still hard enough to stretch his wife’s cuntlips open. She gave a pleased hiss as his prick slid smoothly, into her, burying its softness in her sopping pussy hole.

Ben felt a renewed tingle spread through his balls. “Oh Christ, I’ve been waiting for this all day! You’ve got the sweetest pussy this side of heaven, babe. And that’s just what a poor wrung-out cock needs… aaahhh…”

His voice rolled out in a satisfied moan as Gloria undulated, sloshing his half-limp prick in her clutching cunt with a rippling motion that worked its head snugly inside her. It didn’t take much of that friction to have his cock swelling again, slowly stiffening back to its full rigid length.


Releasing a little cry of joy, she rode on her husband’s cock with growing fervor. “Oh God darling, it’s really growing inside me now! More, give me more! Yes lover, yes yes.”

Her plump, juice-streaked cuntlips closed into a natural clamp on his swelling prick, wetly molding around its veined thickness and squeezing with a slurpy sucking rhythm as she gyrated more eagerly.

“Baby, oh my sweet baby, that’s it, that… that’s just what I need!” Undulating with leisurely see-sawing motions, she took his cock even deeper as it reached toward full returning strength, blossoming in the slushy sheath of her pussy. “Fuck me honey, fuck it all to me nice and hard… yes, God, baby, yes! Ahhh!”

Ben’s prick leaped up once more, thrashing in his wife’s hot, wet cunt as she lunged up and down, taking it all with long surging gyrations that slid his meaty cock shaft out to the very rim of its inflamed head and then back again to its slippery base.

It didn’t take much pumping on his re-hardened cock to have Gloria groaning in ecstatic bliss, sliding along his delicious massive prick with gleeful abandon as her own lust rose to a crescendo of fresh climax, all bubbling up from her pussy in gushes of juicy heat.

“Good… oh my God it’s so good, baby,” she sobbed, increasing her friction even as the words came out. “So fucking good… yes, yes!”

Her humping grew more frantic with the first spasms of release. A moment later she was bouncing in a sheer oblivion of pleasure as Ben’s prick filled her pussy the way only he could, pulsing deep in her belly as if lodged in the very core of her cunt.

“Now — ahhh! Now you’re doing it!” she panted, soaring up and down on his cock so hard that the suction of her pussy made wet sucking sounds with each upthrust. “Keep fucking my cunt like that, fuck it nice and hard! More, more! I want to taste your cock inside me this time! Give it to me — give it to — meeee!”

Her cries rose to a shrill wail of ecstasy as she pounced on his prick, shoving it again and again into her blasting pussy until she had Ben groaning as well. He’d seen his wife horny so plenty of times over the past years, but he’d never once seen her so wild and uninhibited before. She was a mass of twisting, hunching fury on his prick, her cunt muscles clamped like a vise around its thickness and precious pussy syrup pouring in floods over his balls as she lunged at a frantic pace, gasping out words he’d never heard her use before.

“Oh cock-sucking sweet — oh fucking lover, stuff it in me hard! Fuck it all to my pussy, fuck it to me! I’m coming… I’m coming baby, make me come! Shoot your load up my cunt! Ben, I’m coming now, oh fucking shit I’m exploding! Gaaah! Gaannnh!”

Grunting breathlessly, Ben clung to his wife’s thrashing hips and hung on. She was pounding down with a frenzy that made the whole bed shake and squeak. Her big jutting tits flopped and bounced, and her clit slammed down on his cockbase with loud slapping sounds that made her cries rise to small enraptured screams. He’d never seen her so cock hungry before, and at the moment he didn’t have a single complaint. His balls began to tingle and ache again, and he urged her on.

“Take it, baby! You want my cum, just keep doing that — yeah, just… ahh, just a little more! Yeahhh!” He bucked up, drilling his cock to her just as the last word came out.


Gloria shrieked as she felt his cock explode, geysering its load of fresh jism in long soaring arcs up her cunt furnace. That was all it took to unleash her own explosions, and she pistoned down on his prick in a last burst of energy that speared it deeper than it had ever gone before.


They climaxed together, writhing and humping and gasping as their mutual orgasms erupted in a fury of release. Though it had been drained once, Ben’s cock seemed to shoot load after unending load of jizz up her lurching pussy. She took it all, soaking up every drop.

“Uhhhnnn — nuhhmmm…”

Though her orgasm only lasted moments, it seemed to go on for hours. Only, when Ben slumped beneath her and his dripping cock had been sucked dry of its thick, precious cream, did she finally collapse in a groaning heap beside him.


“Baby, that was good,” she heard him mutter, his voice both surprised and happy. “I can’t understand it, but it gets better every time. You wear me out!”

“Mmmm,” she cooed, nuzzling against his heaving chest. “And it’s going to keep getting better, so I can keep wearing you out! Just… just wait and see.”

With Ben’s chuckle ringing in her ears, Gloria drifted into a dizzy sated sleep, her dreams full of big, bursting cocks.


Tingling with excitement, Sammi slipped into the dark hall and headed for her brother’s room. She tip-toed silently, even though the house was quiet and her folks had gone to bed for some time before. Her heart thumped with fear as she crept past their closed bedroom door, afraid that at any instant it might burst open and her father would be standing there, demanding to know what she was doing up at this time of night.

And now, standing before the door of Joel’s room, she felt her heart thumping. But this time it wasn’t from fear. Her pulse was racing, making her cunt tingle and itch worse than ever. She’d spent all evening just waiting for another chance to be alone with her brother and now the chance was here. She couldn’t wait any longer.

Gently grasping the doorknob, she eased it open. The moment he heard the click of the latch Joel sat up wide awake in the dark. He’d been waiting too.

“Sis? That you?”

“Shhh!” Quickly slipping in and closing the door behind her, Sammi fucked on the bedroom light and gave him a sexy smile.

Joel grinned, blinking against the sudden light and taking in the sight of his sister standing there in her skimpy nightie, her firm tits pouting out and her fleecy gold cunt just barely veiled beneath the sheer material. His cock nudged up, and he grinned wider.

“It sure took you long enough. I was, almost asleep myself!”

“Well, you aren’t now.”

Sammi smiled knowingly, noticing the way the sheet covering him began to tent up. Suddenly, with one nimble sweep of her arms, she reached down and pulled her nightie off. It slid up and off easily, in a lithe stretching motion that made her tits poke far out, their nipples, already hard pointed peaks of tautness. Then she was striding purposefully forward, her downy cunt bush undulating enticingly with a glossy rippling effect that had her brother’s cock soaring erect under the sheet.

“Well?” she paused teasingly before him, hands on hips. “Are you just going to lie there, or are you going to scoot over so I can join you? After this afternoon I thought you’d like to have a little more fun. Do you want to, or not?”

Joel scooted.

Abruptly Sammi grabbed the rumpled sheet and pulled it off his bed with a jerk. He hadn’t worn pajamas and his bare, inflamed cock wagged up with a hugeness that made her breath quicken and her pussy cream. Without pause she slipped in beside him, her gaze riveted on that monster prick.

“All right,” she said, her voice a bit husky. “What would you like to do first?”

“Uh, well…”

Frankly, Joel didn’t know exactly how to start. Their afternoon session had been pretty much an accident, a little game that had gotten out of hand. But this was the real thing. Sammi obviously expected more of what they’d begun and he wasn’t experienced enough to know where to begin.

“Oh come on,” she wiggled impatiently, not in the mood for hesitation. “I know! You liked playing with my titties, don’t you? Why don’t you do that some more, just to get warmed up?”

Joel licked his lips, staring down at the stiff pebbly nipple that quivered just beneath his face. He could actually see the little flared opening of the long trembling spike, pouting with the promise of rich creamy goodness.

His head ducked. He captured the fat, juicy nipple between his teeth, nibbling its bumpy surface as he began to lick and fuck it the way he had that afternoon.

Sammi surged up, pushing her tit to his face with a gasp. “Ahhh! That’s right, oooh that feels really good! Now suck my titty — yes! Suck it good and hard! Ahhh…”

She groaned, thrusting her nipple into his mouth as he worked the overlarge bud around like a marble, sucking and lapping at its rubbery stiffness.

“Ohhh, that’s good! Suck my titty nice like that, ahhh — ahhhhh…”

Joel’s mouth was filled with soft pliant tit as she thrashed upward, shoving it to him until he could hardly breathe. That only made him suck harder, releasing a muffled little laugh of enjoyment as she clutched his head and forced even more tit-flesh in his mouth with smothering need.

He nibbled greedily at his sister’s taut, strumming nipple, delighting in the way she groaned and twisted under him with urgent pleading cries for more. This wasn’t, like the old Sammi at all, the one who never let him do anything but stand there while she jerked him off. Their earlier experience had changed everything, and now he could feel her supple slender body soaring up with pleasure, making his cock throb with an ache that made his balls hurt as she spurred him on.

“Suck me! Suck both my titties, suck them good! Yesss, oh yes now do the other one… ahhhh…”

His head shifted and a fresh straining nipple popped between his lips.

Joel sucked and licked and mouthed both tits until they were slick with his saliva. Then he felt Sammi’s hands grasp his shoulders and push, forcing his fact down between her bouncing wet tits and across her trim, flat tummy.

“Eat me! Don’t stop, oh Joel lick me all over and eat me just like you did before! Tongue my pussy, eat it up for me! Hurry, oh hurry!”

Almost before he knew it he found himself sprawled between his sister’s slender legs, his chin brushing her damp bush of golden cuntfur as her hips wiggled, urging him on.

He could smell the tangy, fragrant odor of Sammi’s pussy juices and could practically taste the strange, delectable woman flavor of her cunt already. But instead of diving in, he held back.

“Well?” her voice was a breathless demand as she clutched his shoulders, squirming her soaked cunt mound upward in a desperate horny effort to shove it against his mouth. “Are you going to eat me or not?”

Joel grinned widely, taking the moment to get his first full, unobstructed view at her spread-open pussy slash. “In a minute. First I want to see what I’m eating, since I didn’t get a good, look this afternoon. I want to see your pussy, Sam. That’s okay, isn’t it?”

It was beautiful, even better than he’d imagined after his hasty glimpse that afternoon. All pink and moist and inflamed, its delicate puffed lips flared out in a natural butterfly wing parted to display the slick inner lining of her cunt hole. Cream seeped out, sliding in a wet trickle down her crevice to the pert rim of a pink slippery-looking asshole. He’d seen pictures of pussies before, but they were nothing like what he was seeing now. Hell, this was the real thing! And it was beautiful!

“Oh, yeah!”

Breathing out a burst of amazed delight, Joel couldn’t take his eyes away. He reached up and his fingers slipped in place to pry her sopping cuntlips apart. They separated with a squishy sound, making Sammi gasp and arch up even more urgently.

“Wow, you have a great cunt, Sis,” he muttered in fascination, taking in the full spectacle of that lush, velvety pussy. “I’ll bet it’s really wet!”

To punctuate his statement he dipped a finger between her slushy cuntlips, watching gleefully as it easily vanished into the slick, hot recess of his sister’s pussy.

Sammi hunched up in response, undulating as his finger wormed all the way in her aching pussy and began to slide, in and out, fucking her like a small, stiffened prick.

“Oh shit! You really are horny, aren’t you?”

Joel’s voice was light with growing new assurance as he finger-fucked her soft snug cunt sheath, for once in complete control of the situation. Sammi wasn’t the one in charge anymore. It was very obvious that she was willing to do anything for a repeat of their afternoon session.

And as if to agree with that realization, she cried out. “Yes! Ohhh, fuck me like that, finger my pussy and suck me good! It… it’s making me tingle! Please… ahhh…”

Her plea had its effect. Satisfied that he could do anything he wanted with his big sister, Joel’s head dipped. His finger slid slickly from her tight, wiggling cunt, and he replaced it with his tongue.

Sammi gurgled with joy as her brother’s tongue slithered deep inside her, lapping at the slippery inner walls of her pussy and collecting the juices that poured out in hot flooding spurts. She spread her legs even wider and grabbed fistfuls of his hair, urging him on.

She writhed blissfully as he reamed out her taut, gold-trimmed pussy, tonguing every sensitive inch and them moving up to torture her flattened, greased clit. Her cunt juiced furiously, gushing hot wetness over his face as he burrowed for more. It took his tongue only a few long pussy-strokes to have her whimpering and hunching, soaring to climax on her brother’s mouth.

“Yesss, oooh that feels good, you-you’re making me come! Faster, oh faster, stick it in me! Aaaaaah!”

Orgasm ripped through her pussy under Joel’s stabbing tongue. She arched up with a cry as he lunged eagerly, mashing his lips to her dark blonde pussy rim and darting his tongue wildly in the squeezing channel of her frothy cunthole.


Delighted by her sobbing spasms, Joel attacked his sister’s cunt even more vigorously. His tongue snaked in and out of her pussy fucking like a long soft cock to make her come harder than ever. She clutched at him in a frenzy, blasting again and again in delicious spasms until suddenly she couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Fuck me! Oh Joel, fuck meeeee!”


Hardly able to hear because his sister’s slender thighs were squeezing on his head and he was concentrating entirely on tonguing her sweet, melting cunt, at first Joel wasn’t aware of her cry. Sammi’s body surged like a twanging bowstring as climaxes wrenched through her, and he felt only the fingernails that dug sharply into his shoulders as she twisted in frantic release, sobbing out loud.

“Fuuuh — oh fuck baby, fuck me, fuck me! Get your cock in me, I need it! I-I… oh please, pleeeeeease! Get it in me!”

The words penetrated Joel’s brain then, as her wailing sobs grew louder. At last, giving her churning pussy a few extra licks for good measure, he raised his slickened face and grinned.

“What’d you say, Sis? You want something?”


“Fuck me good and hard, even harder than you did this afternoon. Oh Joel, get your cock in me now! Hurrrrrrry!”

Only too glad to oblige, Joel climbed between his sister’s wide-flung legs and let her pull his cock toward the soaked gaping entrance of her pussy. For an instant there was a slight resistance as her tight cuntmouth was stretched open to take the inflamed head of his prick. Then, with athletic determination, he heaved.


Sammi cried out, writhing blissfully as his cock sank to its base in her tender, seething cunt. This time there wasn’t even a twinge of pain, only a delicious eruption of pleasure as his prick slid home in the delicate stretched sheath of her pussy and began to lunge, gliding back and forth with the first exuberant thrusts of Joel’s ass.

“Ohhh, oh that’s it!” she squealed, hooking her long, slim legs about his thighs and hunching up to take the thick pistoning length of his cockmeat. “Yes, stick it in my pussy hard! Fuck me good, fuck meeeeee!”

Her squeals rose as he pumped his prick to her in earnest now, boring every throbbing inch of his bloated prick deep into his sister’s gushing cunt. The silky feel of her pussy lining, the sticky heat of her love juices and the clenching vise of her cuntlips all had his prick humming as it speared in and out. Within moments Joel was groaning out loud himself, grunting harshly with each surge of his cock into the grasping hot core of Sammi’s cunt.

“Take it! Take it, Sammi! Take my fucking prick in your pussy — yeah, yeah!”


“Give me more! Stuff my pussy good, oh baby I love your cock! I love it — faster, faster, I’m coming! Joel, I’m coming now! Yes!”

“Fuck it to me! Fuck my cunt, damn you! I’m coming Joel, coming! More, more — aaaannnnnnh! Gahhhhh!”

Her shrieks of abandon threatened to wake the whole house as Joel plunged, driving his cock into her downy sweet cunt. Their fucking now was even better. than their afternoon session because this time it wasn’t by accident. This time Joel held back the growing ache in his balls as long as he could, intent on giving his big sister the most thorough fucking she’d ever had. His breath, hissed in and out as he hunched, feeling his ball sac slap against her taut, lutching ass. He’d never seen Sammi come as hard as she did now and that only made him hunch faster.

“Hunnh! Harder, harder! Oh cock, prick, fuck, I’m coming! Ohhhhmmmmm!”

Bursting in ecstatic release, she flailed on his hard ramming prick like a hooked fish.

That was more than he could stand. With a last pounding surge, Joel drove his prick hilt deep in her slushy cunt. His balls seemed to explode and he gasped.



Jism spurted up Sammi’s gyrating pussy arid she shuddered in luxurious completion. Load after load of her brother’s acid-hot jizz streamed into her pumping cunthole and she arched up to take it all. Brother and sister clung to each other in mutual culmination, panting and humping and spasming as they came together, soaking up every drop of completion until his prick was completely drained.


At last Joel slumped over his groaning sister with a pleased gasp, delighting in her enraptured moans as she undulated to collect the last little splatters of his cum that seeped into her sopping cunt.

“Oh yeah,” he managed finally to pant, breathing out a hoarse chuckle. “That… ahhhh, that was real good. You sure know how to fuck me.”

“Hhhmmm…” Sammi’s eyes slowly unglazed enough to meet her brother’s gaze. A wicked little smile crept over her face. “I-hhhh… I happen to know a lot of things, if you haven’t noticed! And I know what I like — this!”

She wiggled, making both of them gasp as Joel’s shrinking cock rolled and sloshed in her soaked pussy.

Unexpectedly Sammi’s smile grew wider. “Ohhh, that feels good! Your prick is good enough to eat and… and I think that’s just what I’d like to do!”


Before Joel fully understood the meaning of those words, Sammi slipped out from under him, sliding his prick from the comforting sleeve of her cunt with a wet plopping sound. Her hands went out, and abruptly he found himself flipped onto his back, his sister sprawling atop him with mischievous determination.

Settling on her knees, she took in the sight of her brother’s lolling prick, all wet and lifeless from its hard fucking. A trickle of hot jism seeped from her pussy gash, and that made her wiggle with an impish new urge.

“My, your poor cock sure is soft now! What’s the matter, did I wear it out?”

“I… guess so,” Joel grinned sheepishly.

Sammi giggled. Her finger slipped down to lightly fondle his slumping cock, teasing its wet soft length in a playful caress. “That’s true. And I’ll bet I know how to revive it. I’ve read in books how women revive men’s pricks when they’re all worn out and now I’m going to see if it really works. Let’s see, I think it’s done like this.”

She knelt down, her long blonde curls brushing ticklishly along his thighs as she hovered before the shrunken cock rolling sleepily between her fingers.

Its pink piss tip glistened with a droplet of leftover cum, and in a sudden motion that made him gasp, her tongue flicked out, gliding moistly over his sensitive knobbed cockhead and lapping the droplet up.

Despite its use, Joel’s prick twitched. Sammi glanced up with a beaming expression of discovery. “You see? It does work! And it’s going to work a lot better ins a second because I’m going to do just what I said. Your cock is good enough to eat and I’m going to do just that… uhhm, that…”

“Oh, fuck!”

Joel gave out a groan as her full lips gently encompassed the big red knob of his prick, closing over it in a delicate vise as her tongue greedily went to work. That first tentative taste of cock-cream had made Sammi hungry for more and now she eagerly lapped at her brother’s prickhead, licking up the film of cum and cuntjuice that layered it.

Though she’d never sucked a cock before, she went at it with natural expertise. Mouthing his limp fat prickhead like a piece of candy, she teased his balls with her fingertips and sucked with instinctive rhythmic fervor, just as if his cock was a big luscious straw. And when his prick nudged and began to swell between her lips, she sucked even harder.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, hardly able to believe it was happening. “That’s it, that’s real good Sam. Suck my cock like that, ahh…”


Until now Sammi had always thought that sucking cock was an awful thing, that only the worst girls at school did. But with Joel’s prick blossoming between her lips and his hands tangling in her long curls, urging her on, she discovered that it wasn’t awful at all. In fact, that one tangy taste of her brother’s jizz did the trick. Now she wanted it all, every drop that built up in his heavy sagging balls.

With that intention overcoming any inhibitions, she began to bob her head.

“Oh shit…”

Joel’s cock rose up once more with almost magical renewal, wagging up to his sister’s face until it was at its full, quivering height. Her head moved up and down faster, her mouth taking in more and more of his prick as she squeezed and kneaded his balls as if milking them for their rich, creamy jizz.

“Muuummmm… uuuhhhhmmm…”

It didn’t take much of that to have his prick soaring up with new intensity. He’d never been sucked off before, and hadn’t even imagined that the feel of a warm, wet girl’s mouth wrapped around his prick could be so good. Within moments he was groaning all over again, clinging to Sammi’s head and watching her lips take in half his cock as she slid up and down on it.

“That’s it, oh fuck, that, feels great! You’re gonna suck the jizz right out of me like that! Yeah, yeah!” His hips hunched up, and even more of his cock vanished into her throat as she smacked and gobbled at it with eager anticipation.

It happened all of a sudden and with almost no warning at all. Sammi’s sucking mouth increased its activity, and, abruptly Joel arched with a long moaning gasp as he reacted to the first blow-job he’d ever gotten.

“Aaaaaahhhhh…” His cock rippled, and a blast of fresh jism boiled into his sister’s mouth.


She gulped frantically as her throat was filled with musky cum. That was followed by a second load, and then a third. Sammi had never swallowed so hard in her life. Not wanting to miss a single syrupy drop, she took it all.


At last, gasping and once again drained, Joel collapsed with a happy sigh as the last tremors of release were soaked from his thrashing prick.

“Oh man, oh yeah, Sis, ahhh!”

Lifting her head, Sammi smiled. Her tongue licked across her lips, collecting the last traces of her brother’s jizz, and she spoke huskily.

“Wuhh-wow, that was fast! I didn’t think you had so much cum left in you, after the way you fucked! But it was good… didn’t you think so?”

Joel grinned. “Shee-it, was it ever! Hell, you can suck my cock anytime, Sam! I mean… oh fuck…”

Laughing lightly, Sammi gave his reddened prick one last kiss and then scooted up beside him, snuggling against him happily. “Oh, don’t worry about that. We’ll do lots of things from now on. You’ll see. I’m just getting started. We’ll do lots from now on, every chance we get. How does that sound?”

Still holding his shriveled prick, she gave it a loving squeeze.

And as far as Joel was concerned, that sounded just fine.


“Anything more I can help you with, Mrs. Wilson?”

Barry’s smile was a barely veiled leer as he handed Gloria her change and began to sack up her groceries.

“No, I don’t think so today.” Blushing, she dropped the change into her purse and met his gaze. “Would you be able to deliver those like usual? I’m afraid I’ve bought more than I can carry again.”

“Sure I could,” Barry answered with a knowing smirk, glancing around. “But Mr. Hatcher’s at lunch right now, and there’s no one to look after the store. How about if I drop them by later, when he gets back?”

Gloria’s hopes sank. She was hotter than a firecracker, and had been all morning. Finally, unable to endure it any longer, she’d come by the store with the intention of getting some fast relief. But now even that brief luxury was denied her.

“Oh, no, I’m afraid this afternoon is impossible. Well, I guess I can handle them myself after all. Maybe some other time…” She reluctantly started to leave, but Barry’s voice stopped her.

“Hey, Mrs. Wilson, you forgot your receipt. Here, I’ll bring it.”

Almost in one motion he rounded the counter and reached the front door, turning its lock and pulling down the shade as he went. Though the store was empty they’d kept up their usual pretense. But now as he strode toward her his crotch bulged out with an intensity that caught her eye without effort.

With no more warning than that assured statement he abruptly grabbed Gloria, working his fingers under the elastic band of her slacks and peeling them down.

“Barry!” Her gasp was a mixture of shock and pleasure as the slacks slid down her legs, totally exposing her full bare ass and damp pussy. “Not here! If your boss comes back…”

“He won’t,” the teenager said lightly, reaching without hesitation to unbuckle his jeans. “At least not in time to keep me from dipping my cock into that hot pussy of yours. Anyway, that’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? The place is empty, so what’re we waiting for?”

“Oh, all right then, damn you,” she surrendered with a throaty laugh, scooting onto the counter top and letting him tug her slacks the rest of the way off. “But the least you could do is find a place that’s a little less conspicuous.”

“Oh yeah?” Barry stared down at the brown-furred pussy that winked wetly back up at him, its pink lips flared and greased for action. “I think you’ll take my pecker anywhere you can get it, Mrs. Wilson. And that means right here and now. What do you say?”

He pushed forward between her thighs as he spoke, and Gloria gushed with new willingness as his stiffened prick bobbed and lurched toward her. Raising her feet to the counter’s edge and spreading her knees into a gaping vee that splayed her pussy perfectly, she grabbed his wagging cock and pulled it to her.

“Oh slit, I’ve been wanting this all morning,” he gasped, voicing Gloria’s sentiments exactly. “Take it, Mrs. Wilson! Fuck my cock real hard so I can cream in this sweet hot cunt of yours… oh fucking yeah…”

The feel of his prick was all it took to drive Gloria wild. Even after last night’s, activities with her husband she’d awoken hornier than ever to find that Ben had already gone to work. Without his loving cock to soothe her, she’d gotten hornier and hornier all morning, until at last she’d found herself in Hatcher’s Grocery, looking for Barry.

“Yes! Fuck me baby, fuck it to me! Harder, harder!”

His hands clutching her undulating hips and his prick sparing in and out of her taut muscled cunt with furious stabs, he managed a hoarse laugh. “Man, you’re hornier every time! How’s that feel, Mrs. Wilson? Ready for me to unload in your cunt? Tell me, cunt. Tell me how bad you want my jizz shooting up your pussy!”

With each word his stabs came harder and faster, making her whole body shudder with every thrust. This was the kind of fucking Gloria loved best — to be treated like a real cock-hungry woman instead of some breakable ivory princess the way Ben handled her. She screamed out her pleasure, lurching up for more.

“Pleeeeeease! Oh baby, please come in my cunthole, fill it with your cream! Fuck me good and — ohhh, I’m coming again lover!”

She shrieked then, bucking with a sheer ferocity that made Barry grunt as it took all his strength just to hold her down on the counter. His meaty cockshaft rammed in and out more furiously than every, turning her shrieks into ecstatic screams.

“Fuck me baby, fuck-fu-uhhhnhhhh! Aaaahhhhh!”

Her body soared up, her cunt clamping onto his prick as explosions of bliss ripped through her. Blast after blast surged from Gloria’s seething pussy and her cunt slapped wetly onto his jabbing cock with a horniness that swallowed it completely.

Barry couldn’t stand that kind of action for long. His body jerked and he slammed his prick into her with fierce thrusting abandon as the first warning itch shot through his bloated balls.

“Fuck my cock, you hot bitch! Harder baby, fuck it nice and hard so I can come in your cunt just the way you want it! Suck my jizz up, slut! Yeah! Yeah!”

Gloria did just as instructed, closing her pussy muscles around his cockshaft like a vise and writhing to feel it twist and lurch inside her, every throbbing inch now loaded with the hot sweet nectar she needed most.

In that instant she wouldn’t have cared if the store had been crammed with gaping customers. Explosion, built in her cunt like a lit fuse, and nothing could stop it now. Her body soared off the counter and a scream of sheer ecstasy ripped from her lips as blast after blast tore through her.



Barry found himself hanging onto a load of rippling feminine fury as Mrs. Wilson spasmed and arched on his thrashing cock, her cunt clamping onto his prick with an intensity that made it impossible to pull away even if he’d wanted to. Then suddenly his balls ripped loose with a release that made him groan.

A geyser of jism spurted up her pussy, driving her to even harder climax as flood after flood of cock-cream soared into her. Gloria reeled, panting for breath and taking all her teenaged lover’s jizz as he plunged his prick home, emptying it into her clutching cunt.

Barry never failed to be amazed by the way the voluptuous woman’s pussy sucked his cock dry. Their mutual orgasm had them both writhing in unison, wrenching every twinge of pleasure from them. And even after he wilted atop her, drained and sated, her squeezing cunt seemed to suck at his prick for more. It was only when she’d soaked up every little glob of cum and her pussy was so filled with thick hot juice that she seemed to be sloshing in it, that Gloria at last fell into a moaning satisfied heap on the counter.

“Ohhhh, oh sweet, swee-e-e-et baby…”

Fucked like never before, Barry only grinned. Then his smile disappeared as he heard Jack Hatcher’s voice approaching from the back entrance of the store.

“Say, Barry, I forgot to pick up that inventory count when I — Jesus!”

Jack Hatcher appeared from the back of the store and his plump, fortyish face froze in a blank gaping stare at the sight of the woman lying on his counter with her legs thrown up in the air and her luscious brown-furred pussy totally exposed. Barry stood in front of her, his jeans bunched at his knees, his cock dangling wet and limp before him.

For an instant no one moved. Dimly, Gloria realized that they had company and her eyes fluttered open.

Jack Hatcher was a large bulky man, and the boyish look of pure astonishment on his handsome face made her release a husky little laugh that broke the spell. With her pussy still churning with completion and Barry’s jizz still bubbling hot inside it, she spoke giddily.

“My… my goodness, darling, we’ve got an audience.”

Barry’s eyes slowly unglazed and he managed a weak grin. “Uh, hi, Mr. Hatcher… thought you weren’t due back for an hour.”

Jack Hatcher’s mouth worked, his round staring eyes flitting across the scene before him again and again as if not quite able to really believe what they were seeing. “I… the inventory, I — what… the… fuck!”

Despite his initial astonishment, he finally took it all in — the gorgeous brunette customer sprawled on the counter, her slacks in a bundle on the floor, her legs flopping in the last spasms of orgasm, Barry standing between her thighs with his jeans bunched at his knees and his cock still freshly slickened from being buried in her wet, brown-furred pussy.

It was enough to make a man speechless. He swallowed hard.

Hastily grabbing that opportunity, Barry spoke up. “I was just doing what you always say, Mr. Hatcher. Making the customers happy, no matter what! And I sure made this one happy… didn’t I Mrs. Wilson?”

No less surprised by the confrontation than the two men, but unable to feel more than a twinge of shame with her cunt still seething with Barry’s jism, Gloria gave a vague, satisfied smile. “Uhhrn, yes. I… oh my God, yes! It was… ahh!”

She’d been fantasizing about getting fucked in front of a whole store full of customers, and Jack was just part of that audience. Instead of shocking her, his presence made her heated pussy melt with new vigor.

“What the hell’s going on here?” Jack’s voice exploded then, though he could see perfectly well what was going on. “When I left you in charge, I didn’t mean for this! What the hell…”

Too overwhelmed to say anything else, he simply gulped. And, in spite of the sheer surprise on his face, Jack suddenly felt his cock swelling up in his trousers.

Both Barry and Gloria saw it too. The brunette let out a small gasp, and the teenager was quick to take advantage. “Don’t worry, Mr. Hatcher. Mrs. Wilson and I get along fine. She doesn’t mind showing off what she’s got. Do you, Mrs. Wilson?”

Gloria’s lips parted and her pussy burst in fresh oozing blasts of cream as she saw the enormous bulge growing in the store owner’s trousers. With a dreamy smile of pure sexuality, she answered in a soft, husky whisper. “I… don’t mind. No, not at all…”

“See? What’d I tell you?” Barry’s voice was assured as he unexpectedly reached for her. “She loves it. This bitch’ll do anything I say. If you don’t believe me, just watch. Come here, Mrs. Wilson.”

His hands roughly grabbed Gloria, pulling her off the counter. Abruptly she was whirled around and pushed forward across the countertop. With that motion, her ass was blatantly displayed before the speechless owner, her asscheeks parted to give him a complete view of her winking pink asshole and hair-trimmed pussy slash. A gush of cum and cuntjuice streamed from her, and she gasped. “Barry, what…”

Ignoring her question, the teen was now intent on showing off in front of his boss. His bare prick was already blossoming to full hardness again, and this time when he spoke it was in a hoarse voice. “Just watch her take my cock up her ass and then you’ll see what I mean. Hell, she can take anything!”

To prove his point, he maneuvered behind her and placed the red tip of his stiffened cock against the exposed entrance of her slick ass.

Still dizzy with a mixture of satiation and fresh horniness at being caught, Gloria hardly knew what was happening until she felt that big bloated cock-knob push against her tight asshole. Then she cried out, but it was already too late.

“Barry, don’t — not like this! You’re not going to — aaaaaaah!”

Barry’s prick sank home, inch after monster inch of if ripping her ass open and sliding all the way until it was totally sheathed. Gloria writhed helplessly on the counter, unable to stop him and equally unable to halt the sudden burst of hungry delight that jolted through her cunt in response. Her thrashing only made it worse, sinking his cock even deeper in its snug, damp sheath.

Barry let his prick lodge there a long, pulsing moment. Then he pulled back until just the engorged knob of his cock hung in the clenched vise of her ass, so that his boss could see the whole thing.

“See, Mr. Hatcher? Was I lying? This cunt’s so hot she’ll do anything for a taste of cock — hell, she’ll do even more for two!”

His grin was openly lecherous as he let his prick slide once more into the taut vacuum of Gloria’s asshole. It was sucked in easily by her clenched ass muscles, and she gave a throaty groan as his cock pushed in to its base, pulsing up her ass with new life.


If there had been an ounce of restraint left within her, it was quickly swept away in a flood of gushing juices at the hot, slab-like feel of the teenager’s prick up her asshole. She wiggled, working his cock around in its dank, rubbery confines of her ass and purring lustily as her pussy creamed to a drooling froth.

“Good, oh baby so goo-o-o-od…”

By this time Jack’s prick was soaring up in his pants with an exuberance that made it throb painfully. He stood gaping, quivering with sudden arousal as a sound like a moan rolled from his throat at the sight of the woman’s cock-split ass. “Christ, I can’t believe this! I never saw a bitch as hot as that — Chee-rist!”

Barry’s grin widened. “Shit, she’s just getting started! Wait’ll she really gets going. I know just how to warm her up! Talk about a hot piece of ass — just watch this!”

Abruptly his arms flew around her waist. Before Gloria realized what was happening she was being lifted and twisted around in the teen’s strong grip. Barry’s grasp held her firm, his cock still lodged in her ass, as he suddenly swung them both around and collapsed backward on the counter so that now she sprawled atop him.

The motion was unexpected and she cried out as the full weight of her body brought her down hard on his prick. “Nuhhh!”

His cock twisted and drilled even deeper up her ass with that switch in positions. Gloria’s legs flopped apart as her ass was wrenched and torn afresh. She lurched, whimpering as her pussy splayed openly to Jack’s gaze.

“Unnnnh, that… oh fuck, that hurts! You… you bastard, you’re killing me! My ass — aaannhh…”

Settling down on his cock despite her protests, she squirmed and hunched on his swollen prick, working it around in her ass even harder.

For his part, Jack could hardly take in all that he was seeing. That beautiful brunette sitting there on his countertop with the teen’s cock up her asshole — hell, she really was enjoying it!

His gaze consumed the spectacle of Gloria Wilson’s split-open cunt. All soft and pink and moist under its rich carpet of thick downy fur, it was one of the most perfect cunts he’d ever seen. Its fat creased lips unfolded in a natural flare to display a lush finger-thick clit, and splashes of clear creamy cunt fluid made its velvet lining shine with glistening invitation.

All the times he’d seen Mrs. Wilson in the store, all the dozens of times he’d waited on her, Jack had never dreamed that underneath her business-like exterior hid a cunt as sweet and hot as the one he was seeing now. But one good look at that precious gaping pussy was all it took. Unable to hold back, he started toward them.

“Jesus Christ, this is crazy! And I’m crazy too — but not too crazy to pass up this chance! You weren’t lying, Barry. She can take it, all right. And I’m just the man who can give it to her…” With those words and a twitching smile, he hurriedly began to undress.

Dimly Gloria realized what was happening. She heard Barry’s chuckle and her eyes fluttered open just as Jack Hatcher was stepping out of his trousers. Then he straightened and she got her first look at his bare, hardened prick.

The sight of it made her puffy lips open in a long silent “ohhh”.

Jack had the biggest cock she’d ever seen. It stood out from a thick black nest of curls and an enormous pair of bloated balls to its full wagging length. It was huger than any prick she’d ever dreamed possible. Standing out at least ten bobbing inches and ever bit as thick as her fist, it strained forward with an eagerness that made her groan in anticipation. He strode forward and his gigantic prick nodded as if in agreement as it speared toward her, all veined and throbbing and eager to flu her soaked, gushing cunt.

“Yeah,” Barry muttered with a gleeful expression, locking his legs around the housewife’s slender thighs and pulling them wider apart. “Get it in her, Mr. Hatcher! We’ll fuck this bitch until she screams. We’ll fuck her like she never had it before! How’s that for you, cunt? You’re finally going to get all the cock you can handle!” To punctuate those words he arched up, twisting his oock in her ass with a painful wrench.


Gloria sobbed, but it wasn’t from pain. As Jack moved between her outstretched legs, she grabbed his oversized prick and pulled it frantically for her cunt, unable to wait a moment later.

“Yes! Oh God yes, get it in me! I want to be fucked by both your cocks at once! Hurry, I can’t stand it! Pleeeeease!”

Jack gave an amazed laugh as her delicately manicured fingers wrapped about his massive prick, pulling its huge purple head toward her cult.

“You asked for it, Mrs. Wilson. And never let it be said I didn’t provide, service with a smile! Oh Jesus, that sweet pussy of yours…” He watched in utter fascination as his cockhead nudged between her parted cunt lips, and slowly pushed between them. “Uhhhhh!”

She sobbed, churning in a frenzied mixture of pain and ecstasy as that big ten-inch cock slithered between her cuntlips and ripped them wide apart, shoving its way up her sopping pussy channel. Barry’s ass-enclosed prick made the fit even tighter, but that didn’t stop his boss.

Jack clutched her thighs, grunting and heaving. His prick slid deep, deeper up her cunt. It was a giant, filling her cunt so completely that her juices were forced from her pussy sleeve in splatters of hot liquid cream.

She’d never felt anything like it. With one iron-hard prick jabbing up her ass, and another oversized cock tearing into her cunt like a spear, she screamed out loud.


“Ohhhh, Jeez!”

Jack groaned as his prick bored all the way up that gorgeous pussy. He crammed it full with inches of cock to spare and began to surge back and forth, intent on working his prick in to its hilt.

“Take it, baby. Take my cock just like you were made for it… oh Christ, I never had my cock milked like this before! You sure know how to pick ’em, Barry. She’s-she’s taking it now! Yeah!”

“Unnngggh — gggguuuuuhhh…”

Reeling between the two powerful pricks that pistoned into her, Gloria gurgled in sheer sensual abandon. This was a dream come true — two big stabbing cocks at once! They were almost more than she could handle, but at the moment she had no choice. Pinned between the two thrusting men, her ass and cunt were torn open to their limits and beyond. She couldn’t have stopped them now if she’d wanted to.

“Killing meeeee!” she shrieked in a combination of bliss and agony, as her pussy and ass were stuffed full of hard, jerking cock. “You’re-you’re killing me! Fuck-fuck me, oh shit, fuck me you fucking sweet cocks! Fuck, fuck!”

She undulated and bucked between them, crying out when each stab of stiff thrusting cock meat fucked into her wrenched holes.

“Man, didn’t I tell you?” Barry puffed, thoroughly enjoying the woman’s wails. “She wants it bad, Mr. Hatcher! Fuck her cunt real good for her while I take care of this tight ass — uhh!” He pumped up, sliding his wet, aching cock into her and making her cry out loud.

Jack began to ream her pussy out as well, caught up in the situation as if it was something that happened every day. “This… this is something else! She really loves it! Jesus Christ, I can feel her sucking, on my cock… ahhhh…”

Both men rammed their pricks into her, and Gloria flopped in a rapturous oblivion of fucking cock and blasting juices as she took every stiff throbbing inch, jamming her ass and cunt down on them for more. The initial pain had long since been swept away in a torrent of pure sensation, and now she lolled and flailed between her two lovers as they gave her what she needed most — some hard, steady fucking.

“Naaah — ahhhh, oh my sweet babies, yesss,” she hissed, hooked like a fish on those two big cocks. “Fuck me, give it to me in the ass — ohhh, my pussy’s bursting! I can’t stand — I’m going to piss! I… I’m cominggg! Fasterrrr!”

She bounced wildly on the counter, her body shuddering as both cocks plunged into her again and again.

“Oh Jesus…”

Panting for breath, Jack reached up and tore at the woman’s blouse. Tearing both blouse and bra up to her shoulders, he feasted on Gloria’s bouncing big tits as she soared obliviously. Capturing those ripe, lush tits in his meaty hands, he bent down and caught a taut nipple between his teeth without missing a single cock-stroke.



Gloria arched in a climax like nothing she’d yet experienced as she was sucked and fucked and more completely reamed out than she’d ever been before. Shoving her tits up to the man’s slurping mouth, she gyrated on his cock with every upsurge and impaled herself on Barry’s smooth gliding cockshaft with each down thrust. She was in a heaven of release, and when her first orgasm came it sent her into wailing spasms of delight. “Gaaaaannnhhhh!”

She drank both cocks into her cunt and ass, clamping her sore, wrenched muscles on their bloated shafts and rippling with explosions of delight.

“I’m gonna come!” Barry suddenly cried, humping up harder than ever. “Fuck her, man! I’m gonna come — ahhhhhh!”

Hot syrupy jism spurted up her ass chute, and Gloria’s cry then was a stifled sigh of pure, uninhibited joy.


The teenager thrashed, blasting time and again. Abruptly Jack released his sucking hold on her tit and groaned loudly, feeling his own balls itch.

“I — ahh — I can’t take much more of this pussy! Sweet Jesus, she’s sucking my jizz right out of — fffuuuuhhh…” With a last surging lunge, he drove his cock into its base and blasted.


Even as the last little bursts of Barry’s cum were sopped up in her ass, Gloria’s cunt was flooded by the storeowners load of jism. True to the enormity of his balls and prick, Jack had a cock load of jizz to match. His cum seemed to drill in endless streams up her cunt, geysering like an unleashed volcano to fill her pussy with hot, steamy lava, turn bubbled into her cunt sheath until it was overflowing, dribbling between her thighs and sloshing in her pussy, driving her climax to its last, fullest peak.

Her orgasm lasted until every droplet of hot liquid jizz had been soaked from both those delicious, spasming cocks. When she finally collapsed between the two men, it was with a satiated groan. Gloria felt more fulfilled than she’d been in months.


Jack slumped against the counter, and Barry gasped as his wet prick slipped from her tight ass chute.

“Oh man, that… that was something else!”

“You said it,” Jack agreed with a tired chuckle. “Christ, I haven’t come like that in, oh, shit…”

Slipping weakly from the counter, Gloria purred as trickles of hot sweetness leaked down her legs. “That… that was very nice,” she smiled, adjusting her blouse once more. “Oh my God, so nice! I… I’d better be going now, but you can both bet I’ll be back!”

She reached for her slacks, then rose up to find both men grinning at her. Dizzy with satisfaction, she smiled back.

“After all, where else can I get such service with a smile?”

Dressed and ready to go, she paused long enough to give each of those scrumptious limp cocks a last loving pat.

Jack and Barry were still grinning as they watched her go.


By the time she got home Gloria’s pussy had cooled down a little, but the thoroughness of the fucking she’d just received had turned on a tap inside her that didn’t want to be shut off again. The juices of Barry’s and Jack’s cocks sloshed and oozed inside her like a thick warm reminder, keeping her hot. She couldn’t honestly remember the last time she’d come so hard — but then, she’d never even dreamed of taking on two men at once before. It was wonderful!

And she couldn’t waif to do it again, the very next chance she got.

With that vivid experience filling her mind, she dazedly went about her usual chores of cleaning and straightening the house while all the time concentrating on the memory of those two pricks pistoning into her cunt and ass in delicious fucking unison, making her climax again and again and…

It hardly seemed any time at all before the front door slammed and Joel burst in, his face flushed from running.

“Hi, Mom! I’m home!”

Gloria smiled and set down her dishcloth as he rushed past, pausing just long enough to plant a peck on her cheek. “So I see. Where’s your sister? Didn’t she get out on time today?”

“Oh, she’s staying after for cheerleader try-outs. I think Sammi’s got a pretty good chance of getting on the squad, but there must’ve been fifty other girls waiting to try out too. She won’t be home until late. Well, I’m gonna shower.”

With that hurried explanation, he went pounding up the stairs. Moments later the upstairs shower came on and Gloria went about finishing her dusting.

It wasn’t long before the ache in her cunt had grown unbearable. Unable to get her thoughts on anything besides fucking, she finally gave up the attempt at housework and went upstairs to change into fresh clothes.

It was in the hallway that she stopped, frozen to the spot.

Joel had been in such a hurry that he’d left the bathroom door wide open. From where she stood she could see her son engrossed in his shower… The sight caught her breath.

Unaware of the spectator, Joel was busy soaping himself down. Bubbly lather layered his muscular body, and when he half turned toward her, Gloria could see his hands briskly rubbing at the juncture of his crotch, working up a bulging foamy triangle of suds there.

Even as she watched in statue-like fascination, his cock rose slowly in the air until it stood out hard and dripping, huge and thick and bobbing under the spray as if it were alive.

It had been years since she’d seen her son’s prick, and the sight of that big up-surging dong suddenly had her cunt melting and gushing with juicy heat. God, it was so big! Long and thick and delightfully slick with lather, her son’s cock wagged its enormous knob with a exuberance that made her ache.

Joel gave a little groan, rubbing furiously now. Water cascaded over his crotch, licking it clean of suds. They dripped from his balls to display a heavy wrinkled sack that was so inviting. One of his suds covered hands wrapped around that massive cock and began to stroke, moving back and forth in long, leisurely pumping motions as he grunted excitedly.

“Oh fuck yeah, oh shit…”

Mesmerized by a mixture of cock and lust, Gloria watched her son jerk himself off. A dim part of her knew that she should have been horrified, but the sight of that slick, veined prick straining in his fist had bet pussy aching as insatiably as if this morning’s episode had never happened.

“Ohhh, oh fucking shit yeah, uhh, uhh…”

Joel’s face scrunched up in delight as he pumped harder, his hips jerking and his cock sliding in and out of his fist in the pretense that it was fucking a sleek, wet pussy. His big, hefty balls bobbed enticingly, and before she quite realized it Gloria was reacting by twitching her own hips in response. Her hands slipped down, cupping the slacks-covered ache of her cunt, and began to knead. “Uhh — unhh — unnhh!”


A little gasp hissed out from between her clenched teeth as she massaged her swollen, creaming pussy flesh, captured by the spectacle of her son’s bunching hips and stiff, thrusting cock. Vaguely she knew it was wrong to be standing there spying on Joel, rubbing her pussy and imagining that her cunt was wrapped snugly about that lush lurching cock — her own son’s!

But it couldn’t be helped. At that moment he began to thrash frantically, and Gloria’s fingers were digging into her slacks-clad crotch until it was drenched.

“Ahh — ahhnnhh!”

Suddenly he spasmed and a geyser of hot white nectar spurted from his twisting prick.


Gloria had to bite back a little cry, bouncing harshly on her hands and feeling that spurt of hot shooting cream just as if it were unloading deep into her cunthole.

Bucking and groaning, Joel kept pumping. A second load of cum erupted, then a third and a fourth. He didn’t stop until every drop had been wrung from his twitching cock. Then, with a long loud sigh, he slumped.

That was all Gloria could stand. Quivering with hot lustful need, she hurried to her bedroom and tore out of her clothes, surging on the edge of unexpected bliss after taking in that sight. Then she threw herself on the bed, instantly spreading her legs wide and shoving three fingers up the seething furnace of her cunt.

“Guhhh! Unnngghhh!”

That was all it took to bring her to a wild heaving orgy of wicked sensations. With the vision of Joel’s cum-spattering cock still dancing in her mind, she shoved her fingers in and out, climaxing blissfully.


It was a fantastic experience, finger-fucking herself and pretending that it was her son’s sweet spurting cock that was doing the job. She came in spiraling waves of release, again and again. At last, momentarily satiated and bloated with completion, she sank onto the bed with a groan.

“Ohhh… oh Joel, honey.”

Of all her daydreams and un-wifely acts, that was the wickedest and Gloria knew it. Even to think of fucking her son was disgusting! But she couldn’t help it. Joel was just a teen, but he was a man as well. And he had a man’s cock to prove it… and what a cock!

Blushing at her own horniness, she finally slipped her wet fingers from her pussy and rose. Rather than bother getting dressed again, Gloria impulsively slipped into her bathrobe. By the time she got downstairs again Joel was sprawled on the living groom floor in front of the television, just as if nothing had happened.

“Did you have a nice shower, darling?”

Surprised at the smoothness of her own tone, she paused as he glanced up and shrugged.

“Yeah, it was okay I guess. Nothing special.”

“That’s good.”

Smiling to herself, Gloria moved to the couch and plopped a bit wearily onto it. The front flaps of her robe slipped apart, revealing a good portion of her long tapered legs. Joel went back to watching t.v, but she caught the brief interest glowing in his eyes as his glance slid across her bared legs.

Tingling naughtily at that glance, she spoke without thinking. “Why don’t you turn the set off a moment, honey? Since we’re alone here with nothing to do, this might be a good time to talk. We haven’t talked for a long time, have we?”

Flicking off the television he sat on the floor before her, his eyes automatically flitting down to the darkened cleavage just about her knees where the folds of the robe met.

“What’d you want to talk about, Mom?”


To be honest, Gloria didn’t have the slightest idea. She’d simply given in to an impulse to catch his attention. All she could clearly think of was the image of her son’s prick, jumping and shooting geysers of jism with an intensity that made her horny all over again just remembering. She went on hurriedly.

“Well, why don’t we start with school? You haven’t mentioned how your classes have been going lately, and I can’t think of a more interesting topic. Can you?”

As she spoke, her legs slid slightly apart almost as if by purest accident. The robe loosely slipped further open, and Joel suddenly gasped. He found himself staring straight at his mother’s cunt mound, barely veiled where the flaps met.

“Is something wrong, dear?”

Gloria made her voice perfectly innocent, completely enjoying the mixture of astonishment and lust that swept across his smooth, face. If it hadn’t been for the unexpected sight of him jerking off in the shower she would never even have dreamed of displaying herself so blatantly now. But that brief spectacle, combined with the hunger blossoming in her cunt, all had their effect.

Joel was just a teen, but he had a man’s horny, cunt-hungry cock. It was wrong to be sitting here like this, indulging in little prickteasing — especially when it was her son’s prick she was teasing. But God, what a prick! Just the image of that big bobbing cockshaft, all wet and reddened, had her pussy juicing. And Joel’s stare made it juice even more.


Uncomprehending, he tried to pull his eyes away but couldn’t. His mom sat with her thighs just far enough apart to give him a glimpse of her thickly furred cunt bush, its dark curls entwining between her thighs to cover the gash he knew hid beneath them. With difficulty, he answered her questioning look.

“Uh, no, there’s nothing wrong. It’s-it’s just that school’s not too interesting. I can’t think of anything to talk about.”

His furtive expression made Gloria’s pussy ache and cream all the harder, and she had to smile at the ominous bulge sprouting at the crotch of his jeans. Feeling more mischievous than ever, she went on lightly.

“Well then, why don’t we talk about girls? You know, you’re getting to the age where you’ll be wanting to date soon. And… well, a young man sometimes has questions that he can’t ask just anybody, because they’re too embarrassing. Do you have any questions, Joel?”

The turn of conversation took him by surprise. Unable to think, he shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. What kind of questions, Mom?”

He was blushing furiously, and a twinkle gleamed in Gloria’s eyes as she shifted with a subtle maneuver, letting her robe gape open even more.

Joel’s cock took a leap and his eyes bulged. Now his mother’s smooth creamy thighs were totally bare, and he could just make out a hint of pink flesh beneath the dark glossy vee of her cunt hair. His eyes were burning, but be couldn’t have torn his gaze away now if he’d wanted to. She seemed oblivious to the fact that her whole pussy was practically displayed before him.

“Questions about falling in love or… well sex. Surely you have some questions about that! Most young men do. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Joel, are you sure nothing’s wrong? From the look on your face, I’d almost think you were up to something!”

His blush turned a fierce red, and he hastily shook his head. “I’m okay. It’s just… uhh, I have been kind of curious lately. I mean, about what you said. And when I get to thinking about it I kind of feel all funny, like-like…”

“Yes?” Gloria was absolutely drenched with cream now, her game melting into the barest pretense. Abruptly she looked directly down at his swollen crotch, as if just now noticing it. “Why, Joel! Is that what you mean? Is that what feels funny? Here, let me see.”

In an unexpected motion she scooted forward to the edge of the couch, peeling her robe flaps wide apart. With a deftness that caught her son off guard, she leaned and swooped one delicate hand down to cover his massive cock swell.

Joel jerked as if he’d been shot. His hard-on surged against the brush of his mother’s fingers and he swallowed hard as her parted knees hovered directly before his face, giving him the complete sight of her slick, fat-lipped pussy. “Mom…”

“Is this your problem, baby? Don’t be shy, it’s only natural when you think about sex. Believe me, I understand how tense and nervous a grown young man can become. And my, you are tense, aren’t you? Is that what happens when you think about girls?”

Her fingers stroked his stiffened cock with motherly concern, barely managing to keep from grabbing it in a very un-motherly way. “Yeah,” he croaked out. “Yeah, it gets like that all the time. Especially when…”

He stopped, still convinced that his mom wasn’t aware that she was displaying her cunt.

Tingling at the electricity that soared up through her fingers at that touch, Gloria went on in a soothing tone that came out slightly husky. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, honey, believe me. All men go through it. It’s only natural to occasionally feel, well, excited like this. And do you want to know a secret? In fact… darling, we can be totally honest. Can’t we? I think it’s time you made a few discoveries about women. Would you like that?”

With her hand massaging his sore, aching cock, Joel didn’t have to consider his answer. “Yeah, that’d be great! There’s a lot I don’t know, Mom. Maybe you could show me!”

That was the very opening Gloria had been waiting for. With a business-like motion she released his cock and reached for the loose belt of her robe, pulling it away. “Yeah well, that’s just what I’ll do. Since we’ve gone this far, I may as well see that all your questions are answered.” The robe fell open, and she shrugged it off. It dropped in a heap, and Gloria sat absolutely nude before her son’s stare.

Joel ogled. Despite it all, he hadn’t really expected things to go this far. But now that they had, he feasted on her voluptuous body: big rounded tits swaying and thrusting out into huge stiff nipples, firm pale thighs spread a few inches apart to expose the flare of the juiciest cunt he’d ever imagined, beautiful face aglow with pleasure at his blank, hungry admiration.

“You see, darling? I’m a woman myself, and I know how women feel. And I know how they make horny men feel, too. Here, I’ll prove it. Will this help convince you?”

With those words she reached up and cupped her bare ample tits, hefting them up and out for even closer examination. Their nipples quivered and expanded into fat pink spikes from the circular swells of her areolas, holding Joel’s gaze with a hypnotic effect. His lips moved, but no words came out. Astounded by the view of his mothers vivacious body and turned on until he thought his cock would burst from his jeans, he was speechless.

And for her part, Gloria was equally aroused. Luxuriating in her son’s lusting stare, she felt the last twinges of inhibition flood away in a torrent of cunt-cream.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed about, now is there? I’m a woman with all the same things that your girlfriends have — and maybe a bit more in some places! I have tits just like theirs. Would you like to touch them, just to make the lesson clear?”

Joel nodded, and his voice came out a cracked, “Oh yeah…” His hands darted up like a pair of claws, palms mashing her erect nipples, fingers gouging greedily into the soft, pliant titflesh.


She couldn’t suppress a groan as he squeezed her big tits, rubbing their tautened nipples and making them roll and spring up stiffer than ever.

“Oh shit, Mom, you’ve got a great pair of tits!”

The abrupt attack of his hands on her tits pushed Gloria back and she sank onto the couch with a gasping laugh as Joel wiggled between her legs, not releasing his hold.

“Baby, you… you don’t have to be afraid they’re going to fly away!” she joked breathlessly as he massaged and clutched her big bobbling tits. “They’ll be right here, aching for attention just the way your lovely sweet cock does. Ohhh, oh honey, ahhh…”

Eagerly taking advantage of the situation, Joel captured his mom’s enormous nipples between thumb and forefinger and began to squeeze rhythmically, milking them. Not even Sammi’s stiff buds could compare with these luscious nipples, all hard and pointing outward for more attention.

Which was exactly what Gloria demanded, with the next panting breath. “I — ahh — I think it’s time you found out what a woman’s tits taste like as well, don’t you? Go ahead dear. Taste them. Hurry darling, put one in your mouth — please!”

Joel couldn’t believe his luck. Suddenly his mom was shoving her gorgeous tits up at him in blatant offering, practically begging him to suck them right on the spot. He didn’t hesitate. His mouth opened wide, and before he’d hardy ducked his head to comply he found one juicy hard nipple pushed between his lips. “Mmmmm…” Murmuring his gratitude, he closed them over that thick thrusting spike and began to suck.


Despite her vague pretense that this was nothing more than a teaching session Gloria released a delighted groan as her nipple was flicked and licked and slurped for all its rich goodness. And as it turned out Joel was even more expert than she would’ve guessed. His mouth clamped like a moist vise over her pink hot tip and began to really milk, it then, sucking in her tit-flesh with appreciative smacking noises.

She hadn’t expected such expertise from her son, and his greedy mouth quickly had her purring and creaming with pure delicious enjoyment.

“Ohhh, oh my God that’s nice!” Her voice was a husky laugh as she drew that wet throbbing nipple from the suction of Joel’s mouth and replaced it with the other. “But if you’re going to do it right you have to learn that a woman likes to have both her titties paid equal attention. Now just open wide and mother will show you want she means… ahhh, oh baby, that’s just right, ummm…”


By this time Joel needed no urging at all. His lips fastened on the fresh nipple and worked its finger-thick spire of sensitive flesh with little in-out pulling motions of his cheeks, until he had her arching up for more.

“God that’s good, good honey, do it! Suck — oh lover morrre…”

It was all Gloria could do to keep from crying out as her son squirmed hungrily, sucking that tit until it was as slick and tingling as the first. At the same time his swollen crotch pushed between her thighs, drenching them with cunt-cream at its lurching presence.

That presence was too much. With her son sprawled over her, his face nuzzling her tits and his cock throbbing mere inches from her cunt, she knew she had to have it. Son or no son, she had to have Joel’s prick. With that determination, she abruptly pushed him back on his knees, plopping her tit from his mouth.

Suddenly afraid that the game was over, Joel looked hurt. “Is something wrong, Mom? I didn’t mean anything, honest! I was just doing what you said!”

“No-no dear,” she gasped, beaming with the uninhibited pleasure of her own lust. “It-it’s just that I think you’re ready for some, uhm, more advanced lessons now. And to make things easier, why don’t you start by getting out of those confining clothes? Maybe then I could teach you even better.”

“Sure. Sure, Mom!”

Tearing out of his tee shirt, Joel ripped at the fly of his jeans. They unzipped with difficulty, and then he squirmed out of them altogether. When he rose to his knees, his cock was bare and rigid and pointing like a thick, juice-filled arrow at his mother’s cunt.

Gloria sucked in her breath as she surveyed her son’s scrumptious cock and spongy balls. Almost as if in a dream she felt her pussy frothing with mushy heat, flaring open into a perfect target for that oversized cockshaft.

“Yes,” the word came out throaty and hoarse as it was her turn to feast. “Yes, I think that will be much better. Now dear, I’m going to show you the most private thing of all — the reason you’ve got such a big, hard, horny cock. Have you ever seen a woman’s pussy before? Well, if you haven’t, it’s time you did.”

Even as those words came out she lifted her feet to the edge of the couch and let her legs fall open so that her curd splayed apart in its full lathered splendor.

Joel thought his balls were going to burst right then and there. From his kneeling position he got the whole spectacle of his mom’s cunt, all wet and pink and literally dripping sweetness from beneath its parted nest of rich, fleecy curls. Her pussylips opened like a pair of butterfly wings to display every moist inch of her cunt slash, so that he could see right up inside her velvety cunthole. Fragrant cream oozed from her pussy, gliding in slick trickles down the crevice of her asscrack and collecting at the puckered rim of her ass chute.

It was the most beautiful pussy ever, and it was his mom’s. All he wanted to do was fuck the piss right out of it!

“Ohhh,” he managed to gasp, his voice cracking. “Oh shit…”

“Go on, baby.” Gloria wiggled, unable to endure the agonizing temptation of her son’s stare. “Feel it, get a good, taste of what a woman’s cunt is like when it’s all hot and horny for cock. I want you to know it inside out and we may as well start like this.”

Abruptly she grabbed one of his hands and jammed it hard between her legs. Almost by accident, one of Joel’s fingers buried itself knuckle-deep between her pussy lips, and Gloria groaned.


“Like this, Mom?”

Working his finger around, Joel was amazed at the ease with which it sank all the way up his mother’s greased cunt. He began to slide it in and out, enjoying the way her pussy muscles clamped on its probing thickness and squeezed to hold it in tight.

“Yuh — yes, baby, yes! Now faster, move it faster just as if it’s fucking me! Play with my clit while you’re doing it, rub my clitty with your thumb. Oh my sweet God, that’s good. Good baby, gooooood!”

Just the tentative jabbings of Joel’s finger were enough to make the first explosions rip through Gloria’s cunt. He thumbed her hooded clit, working that button to a fine fattened froth as she spasmed up and cried out.


Her hips surged and her taut ass quivered. She was in heaven at the mere flicking of her son’s hand. Gloria arched off the couch, her own hands flying down to clutch at his stiffened prick.

“Gunnh — get it in me, Joel, get your prick in me before I die! That’s what it’s for baby, so do it! Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Yeah, Mom!”

Once again surprised at the abruptness of events, Joel found his cock being pulled harshly by his mother’s grasping hands. The next moment his own hand pulled away from her pussy and Gloria was tugging his prick to her drenched pussy entrance.

Its knobbed head pushed against her inflamed cuntlips and they seemed to open up. The next thing he knew Joel was heaving forward, and, the entire length of his aching prick sank between her pussy lips. “Uuunnnggh!”

She led out a wail, then, gyrating up, she took all her son’s meaty cock. It filled her pussy and kept coming, inch after hard throbbing inch of pure delight jamming up her insatiable pussy.

After a blissful eternity that lasted two seconds Joel was completely sheathed up his mom’s pussy. She settled back on the couch with a happy, shuddering sigh.

“Tha… aaahhh, ummm, that’s my sweet, sweet lover,” she crooned, blasting hot juices over his lovely prick and simply enjoying the feel of it crammed inside her. “Oooh, that’s just right! This-this is what it’s all about, darling. Fucking. Sweet, sweet fucking. And you’re going to fuck me, Joel. You’re going to fuck me good and hard and come in me just the way you want, because that’s what cocks are for. Do you… oh God, that’s precious… do you understand now?”

“Yeah,” he grunted, his face spreading in a lustful grin. “It feels good. Oh fuck, it feels great! I can feel your pussy sucking on my cock. Oh Mom, I can’t take it! I-I’m gonna fuck your pussy right off! Yeah, yeah!”

He began to ease his cock in and out of her hot silky vise, undulating his hips to make it lurch and buck inside Gloria as its length slithered back and plunged.


She reeled up in response, dimly astonished that Joel was again displaying more knowledge than she had expected. His smooth iron-hard cock increased its friction, sliding back and forth faster as he buried his prick again and again in his mom’s wet, tightened pussy slot. It only took a few powerful strokes to have them both groaning and surging in unison, Joel shaving his prick deep mid his mother’s, hot melting cunt and Gloria eagerly taking every inch.

“Ohhhfff — fucking sweet baby, yesss!” she panted, clutching his taut ass and urging him on. “Give it — give it… me! Annh… anngghh…”

She’d never felt anything like this before. Not even her wildest experiences with Barry had prepared her for the sheer luxurious ecstasy that soared through her pussy at the thick fucking presence of her son’s luscious, hard cock. This wasn’t Ben’s loving, predictable cock writhing inside her, or Barry’s uncaring prick driving her to climax as he got his piece of ass: this was Joel, her son. Her young man.

His bare chest crushed down on her big bouncing tits, and his naive natural fucking motion had his cock thrusting to its base in her pussy like a piston. He groaned, and she cried out in pure unleashed delight.

“Fuck me! Oh honey, fuck me hard! I want all your prick in my cunt! Ohhh, oh that’s… ahhhhhh…”

It was a fantasy come true. In all her wildest dreams and activities over the past weeks, Gloria had never experienced anything like the first ripples of orgasm that spread through her now.

“That’s it darling, that’s just right! You’re making me come, I-I’m coming baby! Give it to mother hard… oh my Lord, you really are fucking my pussy off! Faster, pump it to me faster! Yes! Yes! Aaaaannnnhhh!”

She exploded in a frenzy, bouncing on the couch with the first eruptions of unbelievable climax.

“Uhhff — Mom, take it Mom, take it!” Joel lunged more furiously than ever, puffing for breath as he slammed down on his mother’s thrashing body and rammed his prick deep in her cunt sheath with harsh, stabbing thrusts. Her pussy was like nothing he’d known before, sucking and squeezing on his prick in a hair-fringed vacuum as she hunched in gasping oblivion, taking it again and again.

He’d never even imagined his mom could be like this before. She wasn’t like Mom at all, but a wild sobbing, beautiful woman who surged on his prick and begged for more. Unable to withstand that kind of action for long, Joel felt his balls tightening in warning.

“I’m gonna blast!” he gasped, slamming his cock to her now with a fury that pinned her to the couch. “Take it, Mom! I’m gonna shoot in your cunt. Now now now — OWWWW!”


Gloria shrieked as he crashed down on her, shoving his cock up her cunt with exuberant release. Jism spurted in long streaming arcs to the core of her pussy, and she careened in dizzy satiation as explosions of cock-cream ripped into her.

“Joehhhhhhhllllll… ahhhhhh…”

Gyrating up in waves of sensual abandon, she fucked up onto her son’s lush geysering prick and sopped their mutual orgasms, to the last little twinges of completion. Then, bloated with his thick hot cum and her own fulfillment, Gloria sank in a whimpering, satisfied heap. “Oh… oh my babyyyyy…” she purred, still twitching in the dregs of climax.

“Mom — oh Mom, that was — oh, shit!” Gasping, Joel slumped atop, her. With his cock still lodged in her pussy and oozing a last small droplet of jizz into her cunt, he groaned with a drained happiness not even Sammi’s perky pussy had given him.

“Do… do you see what I mean?” Gloria managed at last, giggling weakly. “This, this is what a woman’s cunt is for, dear. I hope. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

Joel chuckled weakly. “I guess so. But you don’t mind if we practice again sometime, do you? I mean, just so I don’t forget?”

Gloria smiled, looking into her son’s shining face. “Oh, we will, darling. Just as often as you want. After all, that’s what mothers are for.”

He’d never jerk off again, if she had anything to do about it!


“I did it!” Sammi burst into the kitchen, catching her mother in the midst of fixing supper. “I made the cheerleading squad! I was one of the very first choices!”

“That’s wonderful, dear. I knew you would!” Gloria smiled, accepting her daughter’s happy hug as she finished peeling a potato. “But you won’t be in any shape for cheerleading if you keep missing meals! Now go clean up and tell Joel we’re going to eat as soon as your father comes down from his shower. Now scoot!”

“I will.” Sammi artfully dodged a playful swat on the rump and scooted, heading upstairs to tell Joel her good news.

She found him in his room, sprawled on the bed reading a book. Aglow with success Sammi bounced in, beaming. “I made it! I made the squad, Baby Brother!”

Taken by surprised he jerked around, then sat up with a grin. “So what else is new? I knew you’d get it the moment you started waving those in the coaches’ faces.”

His gaze fell with malicious intent on her bobbling tits, and Sammi rushed forward laughing and giddy with delight. “You’re just jealous because I couldn’t walk home with you the way we usually do. Well, I can fix that!”

Before he could do more than react with a startled gasp she knelt and nimbly plucked at the fasten of his jeans, her fingers deftly tearing it open and fishing out the limp veined length of his cock.

“Jesus!” Joel blurted, glancing wildly at the open bedroom door but making no effort to stop her. “Are you crazy or something? If we get caught — shit, I don’t know what Dad’d do!”

Despite his fears his cock was already stiffening in anticipation under Sammi’s fondling hands. She giggled, her joy mingling with sharp little twangs of lust. “Oh, don’t worry about that. Wow, your cock looks good enough to eat! And it’s been so long since I had any, I think I’ll do just that… mumm!” Suddenly she swooped down, catching his inflamed prickhead between her moist eager lips and sucking it into her mouth.

“Hey, you’re gonna get us killed! Oh shit, uhhh…”

Joel’s yelp couldn’t hide the twitches of pleasure that soared his cock upward into her warm wet mouth. Almost before she realized it Sammi’s throat was filled with her brother’s thrusting prick; more and more of it sliding across her pink flicking tongue.

“That’s great, Sam, keep sucking! Yeah, more, more! Do it, Sis!”

His voice was gleeful as her head bobbed with increasing friction, sinking the tight hot clamp of her mouth onto his prick until its whole length was nearly out of sight.

She sucked furiously, clenching her thighs tight together to case the growing ache in her pussy as Joel’s saliva-slickened cock sank in and out, digging deeper than ever up her throat.

Sammi’s fingers squeezed his balls as if to milk them dry. She tasted the first small ooze of warning that leaked from his pisshole as he lurched and pulled her head down harder, and realized what it meant. That only made her suck harder.

“I’m gonna come!” he exploded, gasping. “Suck it, suck it good Sam! Yeah! Yeaahhhh!”

Joel writhed and hot, sticky blasts of jism poured into Sammi’s mouth. She swallowed again and again, moaning and drinking her brother’s load of cream with an intensity that ripped every drop from his tingling balls.

Heaving and hunching up to his sister’s greedy mouth until he was totally drained, Joel finally slumped back on the bed with a happy chuckle. His shrinking pecker plopped from between her lips, soft and wet and reddened from her insatiable sucking.

“Oh fuck, that was great! You ought to make cheerleader every day!”

Smiling cheerfully and licking the last little traces of jizz from her lips, Sammi paused long enough to stick out her tongue at him. “I haven’t done so badly yet, have I? At least I haven’t heard you complaining much!”

He returned her smile, his prick lolling like tired sluggish worm. “Okay, okay. But just wait. You’ll get yours one of these days!”

“You bet I will.” Rising, she primly smoothed down her skirt and gave his drained cock a knowing look. “You’re just getting off easy because it’s almost supper, that’s all. I’ll be back to get mine before you know it!”

Joel laughed at that, looking forward to her determined promise.

Then, still warm and pleased at the feel of cum sloshing in her tummy, Sammi turned away haughtily and swept toward the bathroom to take her shower. The bathroom door was ajar, and she had already burst inside before she saw her father standing at the sink, shaving.

Sammi froze, her mouth dropping open.

At first Ben didn’t realize he had company. Having just finished his own shower, busily scraping the day’s whiskers off his lean face, he stood totally nude at the bathroom sink. Sammi’s wide blue eyes took in his tanned, muscular body at a glance, fastening immediately at his hairy crotch.

Her father had a cock that made her eyes go even wider. It was huge! Dangling loosely from its thick nest of dark curls, it hung tantalizingly over the biggest balls she’d ever seen. All veined and fat and mushrooming into a big smooth knob that looked so enormous it made her jaws ache with sympathetic reaction, it was such an unexpected sight that she gasped.

Ben heard that gasp and his lathered face jerked around.

“Wha… Sammi!”

For an instant they both stood like that, each of them too startled to move.

Then, quickly forcing a pretense that nothing in the least unusual had happened, Sammi strode lightly forward. “Oh, hi, Dad. I didn’t know you were still in here. I just came in to shower before supper, if that’s all right with you.”

Taken by complete surprise, Ben didn’t know how to react. His first frantic impulse was to cover himself, but there were no towels handy and Sammi’s casual attitude stopped him cold. He managed a weak grin.

“Sure, sure, hon. I was just about finished anyway. Just as soon as I’m done…”

But it was too late. Before he could even complete the sentence, Sammi was unembarrassedly peeling out of her top.

Like all her friends, she hadn’t worn a bra to cheerleading tryouts. Ben’s jaw dropped when his daughter’s tits popped into view, their ripe cones jutting out as she arched to pull the top over her head and off.

Aware of his blank stare, Sammi felt her nipples harden and puff out in response.

“Hon,” his voice croaked as she reached for the zipper of her skirt. “Don’t you think you could at least wait until I’m done here? It won’t take a minute, and, well…”

“Oh, that’s all right, Dad.” Ignoring his weak protest as if stripping in front of her father was something she did every day, Sammi wiggled out of her skirt and grasped her panties. “I don’t mind if you don’t. Besides, Mom told me to hurry. It’s okay, isn’t it?”

Ben didn’t answer. He couldn’t. Her actions were so normal and carefree that he felt a twinge of guilt at his own embarrassment, and a second twinge at the way his eyes fell across his daughter’s supple body and drifted to her crotch.

At last, in a sound almost like a croak, he muttered, “I… uh, sure. Sure, hon. Of course it’s all ri…”

His voice cut off with a choked gasp.

It had been exactly the moment Sammi had waited for. With one swift jerk she tore the panties down, then stepped out of them entirely.

The sudden sight of her blonde muff of cuntfur made Ben’s breath hiss in. It was the first time he’d seen his daughter’s pussy in all its full flowered womanhood, and the spectacle abruptly made his balls hurt. His throat went dry, and for an instant he got one enticing look at Sammi’s sleek glossy mound and drooping little cuntlips flared beneath it.

Then she was heading for the shower, pretending not to notice his stare. Turning the spray on full blast, she stepped in.

“Ahhh, that really feels good!”

Sighing luxuriously under the cool tingling blast of water, she stretched to let it stream over her firm bare tits and cascade down across the tuft of blonde fur that hid her heated pussy. Fully aware that her father was watching her every move, she felt it itch and melt worse than ever.

“Sam, don’t you think you ought to close the curtain?” Ben’s words came out strained, without authority despite his fatherly intentions.

Almost laughing with pleasure at the veiled expression of lust spreading over his face, Sammi smiled. “I like to shower this way. Besides, who’s going to see me in here, Dad?”

Her father had the perfect answer to that, but it didn’t come out. He could only watch as she picked up a bar of soap and leisurely began to glide it over her wet body, rubbing her tits into a rich lather. Mesmerized, he looked on as the soap massaged its way over those precious bobbling jugs until they were slick with suds, their big rounded nipples peeking erect under the white layer.

Standing there nude, Ben felt his cock twitch and tug into erection. It was a natural response to the spectacle of the glistening wet woman who flaunted her body before him but it also made a surge of fresh guilt tear at the knotted lust that tightened in his stomach.

“Well, since you’re in a hurry I’d better get out of the way. I was finished shaving, anyhow.”

He started to wrench away from that scene, but Sammi’s voice stopped. “You don’t have to leave, Dad. Besides, I need someone to scrub my back. Would you mind?” She held the bar of soap out in an innocent offer, hiding a smile of anticipation at the sight of her father’s swelling prick.

He swallowed hard, unable to withstand that temptation. “I… uh, I guess I could, at that. Here, let me give you a hand.”

Knowing it was a mistake, Ben took the soap. Sammi turned her back to him in a breezy motion, creaming and tingling harder than before at her father’s nearness.

“Okay, Dad. And be sure to do a thorough job because I don’t get many chances to have my own personal back scrubber! Ohhh, that’s it, goo-o-ood…”

She gave a small sighing groan as he began to glide the slippery bar across her back, his fingertips brushing soft wet skin.

It was the first time Ben had ever thought of his daughter as a woman, and the result was as abrupt as it was unexpected. His cock soared up and out, quivering to full rigid attention in a way that would’ve been humiliating if Sammi had been in a position to see it. As if hypnotized he watched his fingers slide in circular motions along her tender flesh, turning him on even more. He wanted to stop and get the hell out of the bathroom before things went too far, but at the same time he didn’t want her to catch a glimpse of the effect she was having.

So, caught in a confusing turmoil of emotions, he stood there and continued to scrub. “How does that feel, hon? Enjoying yourself?”

“Ummm, yes,” Sammi cooed, creaming wickedly as her father’s soapy fingertips trailed along her back in wide, sweeping loops. “You’re doing such a good job I just might hire you as my permanent back scrubber! How does that sound, Dad?”

Ben sucked in a breath as he surveyed her jutting ass, all slick and gleaming and thrusting out for attention almost as if she were purposely taunting him. With a voice that came out like a croak he replied, “That sounds just fine, Sam. Just fine.”

The offer was too good to pass up. Without thinking, he let the bar slip down across those lush rounded ass globes, making a foamy path across their pliant firmness and dipping into the taut cleavage there.

Sammi gasped. The soap pushed between her asscheeks like a big probing cock, prying them apart and wedging itself in the crevice of her tight pink ass. If she hadn’t been horny already that intimate touch would have done the job. She wiggled, breathing out a small laugh.

“Oh, Dad, that tickles! But it feels nice. Don’t stop. Wow, you really are being thorough!”

Her hips arched slightly and Ben found himself riding the soap up and down his daughter’s asscrack with long loving strokes that gave him the whole view of that moist puckered entrance as it frothed in a fine film of suds.

His cock jerked up, throbbing, and he gave a hoarse chuckle as his fingertips eased over that scrumptious tight asshole, feeling its silky texture beneath his touch. “It never hurts to do a job right, honey. And now that you’ve got me going, I intend to be just as thorough as I can. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Even as he spoke, the soap bar slithered between Sammi’s thighs and began to massage her tender bloated cuntlips from behind.

She groaned and hunched a bit as the big wet intruder nudged between her drenched pussy lips, flaring them open and sliding its fat edge along her clit. Naturally Ben’s hand followed suit, and the feel of his fingers tangling in her soaked cuntfur and groping her pussy trench had Sammi shuddering in tremors of sheer pleasure.

“Ohhh — oh that feels nice, rub me there, Dad, rub me — ooooh!” She thrashed and Ben rubbed the soap against his daughter’s cunt even faster.

By this time the last pretense of fatherly attitude had faded away. Ben’s prick lurched as a torrent of hot pussy juice drenched his hand. “You like being rubbed, don’t you baby? Well, never let it be said I didn’t give my daughter everything she wanted! Here, maybe I can do a better job if I get a little closer.”

Abruptly he stepped inside the shower. His stiff, wagging cock speared against Sammi’s ass as the soap shoved deeper into her cunt, grinding Ben’s fingers against her plumped pussy lips.

She gasped afresh, gyrating down on the probing bar and arching against her father’s stiff cock at the same time.

“Is this more like it?”

Ben’s voice was gritty as his prick soared up, pulsing against her smooth, sopping skin. Water rushed over his swollen prick shaft making it bob and weave with tantalizing awareness as he worked the soap against his daughter’s frothing pussy slit, sliding it along her hot crevice with only the barest pretext of doing the job he’d begun.

“Uhhh… oh yes, yes that’s good…” she purred, gushing creamy delight and writhing her soaked pussy down on the soap with increasing fervor. “Faster Dad, rub me faster… that, that’s it! Yes, yesss!”

Her voice rose to an ecstatic squeal as he expertly kneaded her resilient cunt flesh, feeling its hot, syrupy juice flowing over his fingers as the soap pushed deep between her pussy lips and reamed them apart with cock-like strokes.

“Jesus,” he grunted, unable to pretend any longer. “I can’t stand this another minute! Baby, we can’t…”

He tried in a last desperate burst of guilt to pull away, but Sammi had no intention of stopping now. Sensing her father’s fearful withdrawal she swept around to face him, one hand sliding up, to entangle her fingers in his hair as her other hand slipped down and grasped his swollen prick. Ben jerked as if he’d been stung, but he couldn’t make himself pull away. The soft hungry caress of his daughter’s fingers around his aching prick was too good to ignore, and a sound like a moan rose in his throat.

“Don’t stop, Dad!” Sammi gasped out a breathless tremor as she tugged her father’s prick, actually seeing it hard for the first time. It was so big! Almost frightening in its hugeness, throbbing in her fist with an eagerness that had her pussy literally seething, with juices. “You… you were just getting me going! You’re not going to stop without finishing the job, are you?”

“Oh Jesus Christ…” Ben gave a groaning growl of delicious agony as his cock was pumped in her warm wet hand, Sammi’s soaked cunt mound now hovering before it with a willingness that was far from daughterly. “You don’t understand, baby. If I stay here another second I’m going to — I’m going — oh God…”

His argument wilted to a groan as a sexy smile flickered, across Sammi’s face. She leaned back against the shower wall and spread her legs wide, propping one foot on the bathtub edge and letting her thighs glide open to display the entire slippery gash of her cunt to his rapt gaze.

“I know what you want to do, Dad. And that’s just the kind of rubbing I like best. Besides, you don’t want to go down to supper with your cock like that, do you? What would Mom say? I can fix it. Come here, Dad.”

Her hand pulled on his cock and helplessly Ben found himself drawn forward. His engorged cockhead was rowed for that inviting pink pussy. Almost as if in a dream he saw his prick slide smoothly between the lips of her wet cuntmouth and vanish inside it.


Sammi moaned as her cunt was filled with her father’s stiff, quivering prick. His cock slid deep into her rubbery pussy, shoving its way between the soft, slippery folds of her cunthole until half its incredible length was buried deep in her belly.

“Ahhh, honey, that’s… uhhhh…”

Ben couldn’t stop it from happening. The first push of his prick into that wonderful cunt felt too good, and he pushed harder. Her tight pussy wrapped around his meat like a glove, closing over it in a vise that couldn’t be broken. No longer Sammi’s dad but a horny, lust-filled man is cock sheathed in one of the sweetest pussies he’d ever known, Ben began to pump.

Sammi flailed delightedly in blissful approval.

“Yes!” she wailed as his prick began to slide in and out, picking up speed. “Fuck me, Dad! Fuck me with your big cock! It’s so huge, it’s going right through, me! Ohhh, I can feel it all the way up in my tummy! Yes, yessss!”

She squealed, clinging frantically to his slick body and writhing against the wet shower wall as he hammered his cock home with increasing friction.

“Ahhh, baby,” Ben groaned, clutching her taut, pliant ass as his cock reamed out the tightest, snuggest cunt he’d ever fucked. “Baby, baby, sweet fucking baby…”

The fact that the pussy squeezing on his pounding cock belonged to his daughter no longer mattered. Nothing mattered but the velvet vise that gripped every inch of his cock… in an unbreakable rhythm, milking at it for the load of cum that had built up in his balls. Her delicate pussy lips sucked along his cockbase, her blonde, downy cunt fur mingling with his thick curly nest as she whimpered and hunched in an orgy of sensations, taking every thrust and arching forward for more.

“Give it to me!” she cried, bucking and twisting like an eel under the spray. “Give me all your cock! Oh Dad, fuck me hard, fuck my pussy till I scream! Make me come, make me come on your fucking cock! Ahhhhhh!”

Amazed at her insatiable cries but caught up in one of the best fuckings herd ever had, Ben began to fuck his prick to her in earnest. “You’ll get it all right, baby. Take it! Oh Christ, your pussy’s so sweet — take it, cunt! Take it!”

With those words he slammed his cock deeper than ever, making Sammi’s tits bounce wildly as she crashed against the wall with each furious thrust. But instead of sobbing in pain she hunched for more, plunging onto his shaft as if the two of them had fucked in the shower a thousand times.

Vaguely Ben realized his daughter was a little more experienced than he’d ever suspected, but at the moment that realization was swept aside in the sensation of having his cock crammed up her sopping, sucking cunt. With each back thrust of his hips Sammi surged forward, her pussy screwed tight to his prick, fastened slurpily to it as its thickness squished wetly around in her hot, dripping cunthole, fucking her to orgasm.

“Commming!” she shrieked, her attractive face wrenched in bliss as she plunged even harder. “I’m coming, oh stick me Dad, stick it in me all the way! Come in my pussy — oh it’s happening — I’m… coooommmmmmiiinnng!”

With a shrill wail she went wild, plummeting onto her father’s cock with a frenzy that made him grunt.

Ben’s prick drilled in to its hilt up the spasming girl’s cunt and his load of jism exploded on cue.



Sammi had never before experienced anything like the blast of jizz that tore into her cunt then, flooding it to the brim. She climaxed on an endless chain of release, flopping on his prick in delirious ecstasy as his cock spurted time and again.

Their mutual orgasm seemed to last forever. Load after load of Ben’s cream soared up his daughter’s pussy and she soaked it all up. When his drained cock finally slipped from the sopping clutch of her pussy, she groaned.

“Ohhhh, that was so fucking good! I love your cock, Dad. It’s so big and long and… and so full!” Her fingers dipped down, entangling in her muff and cupping the drool of cum that oozed from her.

“Sammi, I…” Ben stared in fascination, slowly realizing what he’d done. But the realization didn’t stop his lips from twitching in a lustful smile as his daughter smiled back, sexy and sated.

“What a backrub! If only I could get rubbed like that every time I took a shower…”

With her fingers gliding stickily across her pussy, she watched as her father hastily stepped from the stall and reached for, his towel. But she’d seep the look on Ben’s face.

And now she knew without a doubt that her dad liked that kind of rubbing too. He’d be back — and maybe they wouldn’t even have to wait for her next shower!


All through supper Gloria’s cunt was seething, churning with a juicy glow from her afternoon’s activities. The hardest part was pretending that it was just another evening, that nothing at all had happened. Joel’s eyes drifted to her constantly, sharp and knowing, lit with secret understanding. She tried to ignore his occasional stares but found herself turning on more than ever. After all, how many teenaged boys knew their mothers as well as he did?

Fortunately neither Ben or Sammi noticed. Both of them were unusually quiet and preoccupied throughout the meal. In fact, the moment they were finished Ben rose, stretching.

“That was a great supper, hon. I just don’t know how you manage it. I’m so stuffed I, uh, I think I’ll go for a walk to take off a couple of the pounds I just put on.” He patted his stomach in his usual manner and headed for the door so quickly he almost seemed to be running away from something.

“All right, but don’t stay out too late.”

By the time Gloria got the words out her husband was gone. Startled by his abrupt disappearance, she turned back just in time to see a strange little smile flicker across Sammi’s face.

“It’s my turn to do the dishes,” the blonde piped up. “Why don’t you just relax tonight Mom, and let me take care of the mess? It’s my turn, remember? You promised.”

“Well…” Gloria gave in all too willingly. “I think I will, at that. Thank you, Sammi.”

“I’ll clear the table for you, Sam.” Joel hopped up and started piling dishes as naturally as if he did it every flight.

Together, they made a perfect picture of what two happy, thoughtful children ought to be.

But Joel’s gaze never left his mother, and she could feel his nearness almost as if he were staring straight through her. Hastily, Gloria rose from the kitchen table and fled to her bedroom.

Once there, with the door securely shut behind her, she slumped with a gasping sigh and reached down with both hands to soothe the burning ache in her crotch. Her pussy was gushing with guilty pleasure, sopping through the fabric of her slacks with a hot wetness that only spread faster under the touch of her fingertips.

She groaned, undulating onto her hands in wicked delight. Joel’s hungry stares had been a constant reminder of their afternoon’s session, and the way she’d so blissfully blasted in orgasm with his strong, vibrant cock pounding into her.

Gloria’s pussy heated furiously with that memory. God, she was falling in love with her own son’s prick!

Fingers trembling with pent-up desire, she fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. It fell to the floor and her bra followed. Then she shimmied out of her slacks and panties as well.

At last, nude and throbbing with a need that only a good stiff cock could fill, she stood before the open bedroom window and let the cool night breeze waft over her voluptuous, insatiable body.

“Oh… oh God, what’s happening to me? What’s… happening… ahhh!”

It was as if all her recent weeks of wild uninhibited fucking had only succeeded in making her hotter than ever. As if the act of fucking her own son had released an unsuspected tap deep within her, unleashing a torrent of sheer horniness unlike anything she’d ever felt with Barry or even her own husband. Joel wasn’t just some box boy from a grocery store — he was her son. And so much like his father, with the same strong, muscular body and beautiful big fucking prick!

But he wasn’t Ben either, and it was that difference that counted. That was just what she’d been searching for all these past months. Gloria didn’t want to change the life she’d come to know. She wanted new experiences, but she didn’t really want to cheat on her loving husband to find them.

And… well, if a mother enjoyed fucking her own son, that wasn’t really cheating, was it?

Urged by that reassuring notion, she let her fingers slip down into the thick fleecy muff of her cunt mound and wiggle along the flared crevice of her soaked pussy, their tips dipping into that moist, silky crease and sliding knuckle-deep into her.


Gasping, Gloria began to pump her fingers in and out. She barely heard the bedroom door open and was hardly aware that someone else had entered the room until Joel’s voice suddenly spoke behind her.

“Oh shit, Mom!” He stood gaping, his mouth hanging open in amazement as his mother wrenched in unstoppable frenzy on her probing hands.

“Juhhh — Joelll — aaaahhhh…”

Her glazed eyes met his, and the first shudder of orgasm surged through her as her fingers slid hard and fast into her pussy.

“Oh bayyy — babyyy… yuuuhhhhhh!”

Twisting and hunching on her fingers in pure open ecstasy, she stood before her surprised son and masturbated into a furious climax.

“Honey… what… what’re you doing…?”

“I — oh, fuck!”

Staring down at his mom’s wet fingers and creamy, oozing cunt, Joel had trouble making his voice work. But after that first astonished moment his face broke into a grin and he began to unbutton his shin.

“I just came up to see if you needed anything… and I guess you do. How about another lesson, Mom? It sure looks like you could use it and I don’t mind learning…” His shirt drifted to the floor in a heap, and with bold assurance he reached for his jeans.

Dazed, she watched as he stepped out of his jeans and strode forward, his confidence growing as she stood feasting on the sight of his bare cock.

“Come on, Mom. Teach me some more, just like you did this afternoon. I’m ready to learn?”

Unable to withstand that lovely hardened prick, Gloria suddenly sank across the bed in a kneeling position and reached back to pull her asscheeks wide apart.

“Yes! Fuck me!” she hissed, writhing with anticipation. “Fuck my ass, baby, get your cock up my asshole! Please Joel, please!”

Joel’s eyes flew wide all over again. He hadn’t been expecting anything like that. But the spectacle of his mom’s pink, puckered asshole winking wet and open before him was too fantastic an offer to pass up. Hardly daring to believe she really meant it, he scooted down behind her.

“Down it, get your cock in me now! I need it — stick it right — aaaahhhhnnnn!”

Joel’s prickhead lodged firmly against her tight little asshole and her tugging hand pulled it to her.

His bobbed cocktip pushed between her ass lips, shoving them apart. At the same moment she shoved back hard, careening onto his prick with a harsh backward lunge that made them both gasp.



In fascination Joel watched his cock disappear smoothly up his mother’s ass. Inch after inch of his meaty cock shaft was sliding into her tight ass trench with an ease that astonished him all the more.

“Oh Jeez, Mom, you’re taking it! It’s, oh man, it’s going all the way up your asshole!”


Gloria reeled, working herself onto her son’s prick. With experienced ease she relaxed her ass muscles as his luscious big prick slithered all the way home. Then she clamped down on its bloated base and started to undulate, sobbing with luxurious ecstasy as she began to ass-fuck herself in earnest.

“Yes! Yes honey, stick it to me good — all the way! Ahhh — annngggh!”

Her wails rose as Joel worked his prick around in the damp rubbery sheath of her ass, teaming her dank, tight asshole out and getting used to the feel of having, his cock buried in a channel even snugger than his sister’s pussy. His cock slid in and out, picking up friction.

“Take it, Mom! Take my cock up your asshole, yeah take it real good! Oh shit, that feels great! Yeah, yeah!”

He shoved his prick into her, thoroughly enjoying the way her ass squeezed on his throbbing cock with frantic sucking intensity. His prick pumped faster, sliding out of her ass to the very rim of its inflamed head and then ramming home again.

The feel of his precious cock stabbing up her ass made Gloria cry out with ecstatic appreciation as she blasted cunt juice all over her son’s slapping balls, drenching them thoroughly.

“Sweet — ahhh! Sweet baby, that’s it! Just right, oh Joel, lover, fuck my ass like that, fuck it — nnnahhh, yes, yes! Morrrre!”

Her wails soared to enraptured shrieks as she arched cat-like, riding back and forth on his swollen, pumping prick. Her gyrations quickly grew so frantic that Joel had to hang on tight to keep from being thrown off. Growing used to the sensation of having his cock wedged in her small, resilient asshole, he pistoned in and out with every ounce of strength.

“How’s this, Mom? Oh fuck — you really like getting ass-fucked!”

“Ahhhh!” she cried, hunching back in oblivious abandon on her son’s jabbing cock. “Sweet fucking baby, you’re screwing my ass right off! Pump it to me, honey, pump it hard and fast in my asshole… oh God, I’m coming! Fucking lover, I’m cominnnggg! Gggaaahhh!”

She screamed then, flailing on the bed while Joel’s cock slammed in and out with new ferocity.

“Coming, Mom!” Joel’s voice suddenly blurted, his hips twisting violently as she thrashed in delicious climax. “I’m gonna shoot my load… right up… your… aaaaasssss!”

Jism exploded up her ass and Gloria squealed. Hot thick globs of cockcream ripped through her ass as the teenaged boy heaved and panted and pounded his cock to her harder than ever.

This was what she’d wanted, what she’d been after all along, without really knowing it. To be reminded that she was a hot, desirable woman with all the needs and hungers of any woman, needs that weren’t necessarily satisfied by a nice, normal family.

Joel’s jism spurted again and again, drilling into her while she spasmed in sheer total release, soaking up every drop.

“Ohhh, shit…”

At last he slumped forward, his prick sucked dry.


Gloria sank across the bed, his prick still wedged in her ass chute, little dribbles of warm, sticky jizz still oozing from her.

“Goooood, so good…”

Sated and drained, they lay gasping for breath and moaning, in mutual completion.

Neither of them noticed Joel’s sister standing in the doorway, her eyes round with shock.

As she finished up the supper dishes Sammi realized that the house had turned unusually quiet. Normally by this time Joel would have the t.v. turned on full blast, watching one of his favorite shows.

But as she dried her hands on a dishtowel and peeked into the living room, she was surprised to find it empty.

Sammi frowned, curious at her brother’s disappearance. She’d been hoping to have a little fun tonight… but that fun included Joel. Where had he sneaked off to? Eager to resume their newly discovered games, she headed upstairs to find him.

“Joel?” She paused on the top landing, listening for an answer. But if Joel was upstairs, he didn’t reply.

Disappointed, Sammi started back down. That was when she heard the sounds coming from behind her parents’ closed bedroom door.

“Ahhhhhnnnnn… Goooood, so good…”

Sammi froze, aghast. She knew those sounds all too well, and suddenly her heart was pounding in a mixture of excitement and surprise. Dad was out taking a walk, so what were sounds like that doing coming from her mother’s bedroom?

Instinctively she knew the answer, even though her mind refused to accept it.

Suddenly stealthy and trembling, Sammi stole forward. She paused at the door, listening to the gasps coming from within. Her pulse raced as she delicately turned the knob, then eased the door open.

She sucked in a breath, staring into the room.

Their mom knelt sprawled naked across the bed, whimpering and groaning as Joel lay atop her, his prick sheathed deep in her ass. They twitched and wiggled, oblivious to their spectator.

That sight came as a total surprise, transfixing Sammi on the spot. Even as she took the unexpected scene in she saw her brother’s cock slide out of the greased crevice of their mother’s ass with a leisurely plopping sound and dangle wet and limp between Gloria’s cream-slickened thighs.

Completely overwhelmed by her abrupt discovery, Sammi barely heard her mom’s next words.

“Baby, oh baby that was so fucking good…”

Clinging to the rumpled bedsheets and still gyrating in the final twinges of completion, Gloria didn’t realize she had an unexpected audience.

And Joel was too caught up to notice either. He was staring down at the view of his mother’s clenched asshole, all puckered and reddened and leaking his thick load of jizz.

Suddenly Gloria twisted about to face her son, smiling sexily. “So good… oh, poor baby, did I use you all up?”

Her loving gaze fixed on his slick prick and she leaned forward as her hands went out to gently cup the teenager’s wet balls and gorgeous limp cock.

“Hell yes, you did!” he grinned back, enjoying her attention.

“Well, I can fix that. After all, we’ve only just started. I have lots of lessons to teach you and nothing needs any kind of lessons more than this sweet baby. Oh my darling, I love you so much… uhhhmmm…”

Her warm, moist mouth came down, engulfing his pumping film-covered cock as her tongue darted across its smooth, sensitive surface to taste all the juices collected there.


The spectacle of being sucked off by his own mom had Joel’s cock tugging erect within moments. Her long, glossy, brown hair cascaded across his thighs, and her soft, smacking lips rode up and down his prick. He could hear hungry little moans coming from her throat.


Lapping and sucking and licking and fucking, Gloria tasted every inch of that wonderful ass-reaming prick with worshipful care. She worked on his balls as well, tonguing the cream and cum from their twin mounds until she’d collected every drop.

Then, when she had his cock good and hard again, she lifted her face. “My… my goodness, you never get enough, do you? Well, neither do I. This is just the beginning, lover. Now I’ll show you some real homework. Come here, and you’ll see.”

She wiggled up onto the bed, giggling as hot little splashes of cock-cream spattered from her ass. At the same time her legs flew wide open to expose the full bounteous splendor of her oily, thickly-furred cunt and pink pouting pussy lips.

Joel gazed down at her gaping wet pussy, its mouth spread open and the velvet inner lining all glistening with aromatic cunt juices. Once again he decided that it had to be the most beautiful pussy in town — every bit as nice as Sammi’s — and all his for the taking.

Gloria allowed him a moment to admire her cunt then gave a husky laugh. “Well? I’m ready and waiting to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, honey. What’s the matter, aren’t you interested in learning?”

To punctuate her teasing tone she reached down between her open legs and gave his inflamed cock a squeeze, feeling it swell up all over again as he took in her heated pussy.

They were both too involved to notice Sammi standing there, watching the whole thing. Joel — and their mom! Fucking around together just like… well, like…

Sammi’s cheeks went red, and a blush crossed her face as the initial shock faded away. Abruptly she felt her own cunt bursting with juicy wetness at the sight of her mother flapped uninhibitedly on the bed with her pussy splayed wide and Joel’s prick blossoming in her fingers.

Suddenly her teenaged pussy was burning with hot need, melting furiously. Almost without thinking — and certainly without taking her eyes off the couple on the bed — Sammi slipped a hand down to cup the sopping wetness that soaked the crotch of her jeans.

“Oh yeah,” Joel was saying, feasting on his mother’s wet gaping cunt. “I’m ready to learn, all right. But maybe I could teach you some things too, while I’m at it. Like how to really give a guy a good look right into your cunt.”

With those words his hands slipped under Gloria’s knees, pushing them up and back until they nearly touched the pillow on either side of her head. Now she was displayed completely, her cunt stretched open and her pert, cum-filled ass winking like a hungry mouth. Curled almost into a ball, Gloria watched gleefully as her son shifted position, placing the engorged tip of his swollen cock against her contorted pussy slash.

“Now I’ll give you a taste of my cock, just so you’ll remember what k’s like.” Joel’s grin turned into a tight, grimace of pure lust as he let his cock rest there a moment, its wet head waiting impatiently on the slick, unfolded rim of his mother’s cunt. “How’s this for a taste, Mom? How about just a little nibble?”

He eased forward, letting his cocktip sink between her tightened cuntlips.


Gloria gave a happy little cry as his cock dipped into her, pushing her stretched cuntmouth apart and forcing its way in the tautened slot of bet pussy.

“More! Give me more!” She wiggled frantically, trying to work his prick deeper.

Mesmerized, Sammi watched the whole thing. She could see her mom’s cunt split open by Joel’s prickhead, engulfing the massive tip of his cock completely as he held back to enjoy her gasps.

The view was so spectacular that Sammi hardly realized she was getting hornier than ever just watching. Her fingers rubbed hard along the crotch of her jeans, scratching the ache there but only making it worse. Without hesitation she hastily unbuttoned her jeans and she shoved a hand deep into them until her fingers tangled in the wet, downy fluff of her tender cunt.


Gloria groaned loudly, writhing awkwardly in her helpless position as Joel began to move his cockhead in and put purposely, stirring it in the soaked entrance of her pussy with mischievous intent.

“You ready for an advanced course now, Mom? How about a little more cock? Is this better?”

Another inch of his meaty prick sank between her oozing cuntlips, and Gloria cried out.

“Yes! Damn you, get that scrumptious cock in me! I need it!”

But Joel was in no hurry. Instead he withdrew his cock once more until it dangled at the clutching rim of her pink pussy entrance, hanging there with such blatant enticement that Sammi’s cunt blasted a fresh explosion of juice of her wet hand.

“Ahhh…” she groaned softly, and that groan was accompanied by her mother’s sob.

“Fuck me! Oh shit, give me all your prick before I scream! Shove it in me baby, more!”

“Sure.” The word came hoarsely from Joel’s lips. His cock was throbbing and sore by now, burning with a heat that could only be quenched in his mom’s lush cunt. “Sure Mom, anything you say. How’s… unnh… this?”

He sank down on her, and his cock slurped to its base into Gloria’s sloshing cunt.


She let out a shrill cry of fulfillment, her legs flopping in the air from her unusual position as Joel began to see-saw in and out, resting the entire weight of his body on his mother’s curled up figure and sliding his cock back and forth as if riding a teeter-totter. His prick milked itself sloshily back and forth, displaying glimpses of its gleaming fat length to Sammi with each pump.

That sight alone was enough to have his sister creaming in torrents, her fingers wiggling wildly over her sensitive cunt in response. One finger slid all the way up her drenched pussy and she was instantly gasping and fucking it in and out in a rhythm that matched her brother’s movements.

“Fuck!” Gloria wild, lurching in delicious abandon under her son’s weight. “Fuck my pussy, sweetheart! Pump it full of your cock! God yes, that’s perfect! Teach me good — oh cock-sucking sweet piss, stuff it to me!”

Delirious at being fucked in a way she’d never known before, Gloria kicked and bounced and barely managed to keep from toppling over as Joel see-sawed even faster, plunging his prick into her with his full hundred-and-fifty-odd pounds behind it. She’d never had her cunt so thoroughly filled with cock before, and when climax came this time it was with sobbing, twisting completion.

“Gaaaannhh! Huuuhhhnnn!”

Sammi saw her mother soar up in orgasm, and that was all it took to make her pussy explode as well. She reeled against the door frame, hunching on her hand and sobbing as she came.

Meanwhile Joel thrashed on his mom’s upturned ass, slamming his prick straight down into her and driving her climax to its peak.

“Fuck it, Mom! Take it in your fucking cunt. Suck my jizz up — suck it out of my balls — Jeez! Yeah! Fucking bitch, I’m coming! Aaaahhhh!”

He lurched on his precarious perch, crashing down with a grunt.

Jism ripped from his balls and streamed down his mother’s pussy while she bounced on the bed and took it all in with a cry. Her pussy seemed to clamp down on his cock shaft tighter than ever, sucking for more. Their simultaneous blast seemed to go on for an eternity, and neither of them heard the squeals that came from the doorway.

“Oooh — ahhhnnn!”

Sammi surged ecstatically, humping on her hand just as if it was a hard cock. Cunt-cream gushed from her pussy, and the heel of her hand smashed hard against her plump clit. She sank limply against the frame as every last blast of completion was fingered from her pussy, and the gasps from the couple in the bedroom slowed into happy, satisfied sighs.

“Ohhh, oh honey…”

“Shit Mom, that was something else!”


Sammi’s glazed eyes finally fell from the scene before her, and she turned to find Ben standing at the top of the stairs, his mouth hanging open in sheer astonishment.


“Sammi, what the hell…”

His eyes traveled down, taking in the sight of his daughter propped against the doorframe, her hands shoved deep in her jeans.

Slowly focusing into reality once more, Sammi pulled them out. “Uh… Dad, I didn’t hear you come up.”

“So I see.”

Almost too surprised to react, Ben saw his daughter’s slick fingers slide free of their denim confines. Her jeans were now gaping open and her panties were pushed down to expose the gold fringe of her blonde-fluffed cunt.

His jaw worked, and he felt his cock soaring up in his trousers at the spectacle of her standing limp in the hallway, obviously turned on. The last thing he’d expected to see at the moment was his daughter stumping at his bedroom door, hot and limp from masturbating.

As if in a daze Ben strode forward, his ears burning with guilt as he stared hungrily at her displayed pussy. “Jesus Christ, what do you think you’re doing, lion? If your mother sees you like this she’ll have both our asses…”

That was when he heard Gloria’s groan drift from the bedroom.

“Ahhhh… uhhhmmm…”

He turned his stare into the room. Sammi was too hazed with lust to warn him of the sight that quickly greeted her father.

Gloria and Joel lay sprawled on the bed, still spasming from the last twinges of release that rippled through them. Gloria’s legs flopped wide apart, her pink, dark-furred pussy slit held wide open by her son’s twitching cock as he gasped and wiggled, emptying the last little splatters of cockjuice into her slushy cunt sleeve.

Overwhelmed, Ben took that spectacle in with a shocked expression plastered on his face. And even as he watched, his wife’s hands slid down to cup her son’s slick cockbase and wet, drained balls, at the same time gliding along her crammed cunt mouth to feel the warm, syrupy presence of his jism.

Suddenly exploding in angry confusion, he grabbed Sammi by the arm and burst into the room, his shout causing both mother and son to jerk in their awkward position.

“What the fucking hell is going on here? What’s the meaning of this? Gloria — oh my God…”


Gloria froze, horrified.

At the same time Joel twisted his head around to face his father’s enraged glare. One look had him scampering from between her legs, his cock slipping wetly from her damp pussy sheath.

“Dad, I — uhh… ohhh, shit!”

The confrontation happened so abruptly that Gloria didn’t have tune to react. Trapped by her own insatiable needs, she lay nude with her legs spread open and Joel’s thick cream seeping from her pussy, gazing up at Ben’s disgusted expression.

“Darling… I… I wasn’t expecting you home so early.”

“As if I hadn’t noticed!” Ben’s lips twisted in a taut grimace as he clutched Sammi’s arm, taking in his family with a realization he’d never suspected. “So this is what you’ve all been up to behind my back! Christ, I should’ve guessed after the way everyone’s been acting around here! And you — fucking around with your own children! That’s — oh God, that’s…”

He couldn’t finish, dimly aware that his wife wasn’t the only one who’d done her share of fucking around.

“Dad, you’re hurting me!”

Sammi squirmed in his grip, no longer quite so frightened now that she noticed the stiffened condition of his prick. Her cunt was still creaming from her furious finger-fucking, and the knowledge that her dad had a hard-on made her cream even more.

“That’s not all I’m going to do,” Ben returned harshly, still staring at his wife. “If I can’t trust the three of you behind my back, then you can damn well put on a show in front of me! This is what you want, and now you’re going to get it…”

With those ominous words he pulled his daughter forward and jerked her down at the foot of the bed. Ben was so filled with turmoil and mixed emotions that even he didn’t know what he intended to do next.

Sammi found herself confronted by her mother’s gaping wet pussy, all drenched and flaring open to expose its rich pink depths, Joel’s cum still dripping from it. With unexpected roughness a hand grasped her hair, pushing her head down between her mother’s parted thighs.

“Dad — mummff!”

“Go ahead, you little bitch! You’re so hungry for cum, so here’s all you can handle! Lick it up Sammi. Lick it out of your mother’s cunt!”

With that hoarse command Ben pushed his daughter’s face into Gloria’s melting, soaked pussy, her long gold curls streaming across her mother’s thighs.

His action came as a new shock to his family, and Joel blurted out a high-pitched exclamation. “Jeez!”


Gloria felt that hot, soft mouth being pressed against her pussy, and couldn’t help the jolt of pleasure that ripped through her then. Too much had happened in the past weeks, too many emotions had been unleashed inside her to prevent the response that naturally tore from her now. A hot flood of cream burst from her pussy and slickened Sammi’s face as she arched up, seething all over again.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Ben’s lips curled in a smile as he saw his wife’s reaction. This afternoon’s session in the shower with Sammi had been gnawing guiltily at him all evening, and now he felt that guilt drain away as he forced his daughter’s head down, urging her on.

“She wants it, Sam! So let’s satisfy the bitch — I’ll teach her what it means to fuck around behind my back!”

He pushed harder and Sammi’s lips were forced apart.

“Ummpp — fffuuum…”

Cum and cunt juice smeared her mouth, and the teenager’s tongue flicked out automatically as she gave a muffled little cry. It slid wetly along her mother’s pussy crevice, and for the first time she gulped the juices of another woman’s cunt.

Surprisingly, Sammi wasn’t nearly as revolted as she would have believed. Her own pussy was itching and tingling like crazy as Joel and Ben looked on, watching her nuzzle her mom’s sopping cunt.

Almost as if of its own accord her tongue stabbed out again, dipping deep into the fur lined cleavage of Gloria’s cunt and collecting the film of juices that poured from it.

“Ahhh — ohhh my… my God…”

Gloria lurched up on that sweet darting tongue, unable to hide her explosive reaction. Like an untapped reservoir her pussy burst with juices and she grabbed double handfuls of Sammi’s long blonde hair.

“Oh — ohhh, yes! Yesss!”

“Oh — shit!”

Joel saw his sister’s tongue wiggle into their Mom’s cunt, and his limp used prick nudged with growing awareness.

Catching sight of his son’s slick, swelling cock, Ben went on in a voice that was choked more from lust than anger now. “Go ahead, Joel. You’re a part of this too, so you may as well be in on the action. If you’re man enough to stuff your own mother’s pussy with cock, then you can damned well stuff down her throat too, that is, if you haven’t tried that out already. She loves sucking cock, so give it to her. Give the slut what she wants, Son!”

Joel blinked as if he’d been shot. Then he saw a gleam of satisfaction on his dad’s face, and took the hint.

“Sure, Dad. What the hell!”

Grinning from ear to car, he scooted across the bed and straddled his mother’s face.

“Aaah — annnhhh!”

Hunching up in the oblivious freedom of her unleashed emotions, Gloria pumped onto her daughter’s plunging tongue without the least shred of inhibition now. Vaguely she heard the bed squeak, and was abruptly aware of a fat soft prick sliding along her face as Joel’s voice penetrated the fog of sensation that enveloped her.

“Suck my cock, Mom! Let’s show Dad some of the lessons you’ve been teaching me. Take it! Oh man, yeah!”


With a delicious groan she opened her full puffy lips and Joel’s sweet, knobbed cockhead slipped between them.

Instantly Gloria began to suck, engulfing his prick and lapping with a ferocity unlike anything she’d ever experienced. No longer in a position to hide her growing lusts, she gave in with all the willingness that Sammi’s probing tongue stirred within her. Joel’s stiffening prick slid down her throat and she started to suck.



Sammi saw her brother’s cock sink into their mom’s mouth, his balls dangling against her chin and his firm ass tautening as he slumped atop her. That only made the teenager slurp and dig into her mother’s pussy all the harder as she creamed and moaned with new arousal.

The last of Ben’s anger faded away as he took in the three of them that way. Gloria stretched out on the bed with an eager tongue flitting into her cunt and meaty prick shoving its thick length down her throat. It was a family scene like nothing he’d ever imagined, until now.

And watching it had his cock aching until it threatened to split through his pants and burst free, pulsing and sore. “Jesus,” he whispered, amazed at his own horny emotions and giving in to them at the same time. “Jesus, that’s it! Give it to the bitch, while I do some giving myself.”

With those words he was tearing out of his clothes, his shirt and trousers falling away as his engorged cock leaped free, stiff and aching to join the unanticipated fun. No longer bound by the normal rules of fatherhood, he took in Sammi’s wiggling ass jutting out and revolving in her unfastened jeans, and he grinned.

“And now it’s time to teach you a lesson while we’re at it,” he grunted, sinking to his knees behind her. “I’m going to show you what happens to naughty daughters who go around teasing their fathers’ cocks…” His hands went out, tearing down her denim confines and roughly jerking them off.

“Mummppp — fffuuummm!”

Sammi gave her stifled agreement as she felt her father’s body shove between her parted thighs. His big hard cock surged up, stabbing at her exposed drooling cunt, and she gave a small delighted scream into her mother’s cunt as Ben’s prick speared hilt-deep into her.


“Uhh — oh yeah, oh Jesus yeah…”

Ben groaned, instantly pounding his stiffened cock to her soft pussy. His hairy balls slapped loudly against the girl’s clit, and with the first strokes of his cock she was shuddering in open glee.

Simultaneously her tongue plunged wildly into her Mom’s frothing cunt chute. Gloria spasmed and sucked on Joel’s gliding prick with new fury.

“Ggguhhh — uhhmmpp!”

“Oh fuck, Mom!” The teen flailed and slid his cock down her throat with hard, pistoning strokes, feeling his load of jizz building to explosion. “Suck my prick real good, so I can come in your mouth! Suck it, suck it! I’m gonna come!”

He lurched down, ramming every inch of his prick to her and gasping with pleasure as she took it all.

Pussy cream gushed across Sammi’s tongue, forcing her to swallow again and again. Her dad’s cock shoved hard in and out of her dripping pussy, expanding stiffer than ever within the lining of her cunt walls and slamming into her with a sheer force that literally pounded her to orgasm. Wrenching and twisting, tongue-fucking her mom’s cunt as if she’d done it all her life while hunching back on Ben’s prick with natural exuberance, she climaxed in a sobbing horny blast of sensation.


Ben groaned as his daughter’s tight cunt clutched hungrily at his cock, sucking on it frantically while she soared in blissful completion.

At that moment, as if on cue, Joel cried out.

“I’m coming! Suck me, take it Mom! Co-ooommming!”

He thrashed, and jism spurted down Gloria’s throat.

She gobbled it up, geyser after geyser, as her own cunt clamped onto Sammi’s tongue in unbelievable eruptions of bliss and sent her into a reeling orgy of sensations.



“Oh fuck, Mom…”

They became a tangle of rapture, the mother humping on her daughter’s face and sucking ferociously for her son’s hot, shooting load of cum as she came fast and furious, exploding once again.

That was all it took to unleash the last of Ben’s resistance. With his family jerking and climaxing about him, he drilled his cock into Sammi’s velvet cunt with one last heave and let out a long harsh gasp as his built-up load of cream soared into the tight squeezing vise wrapped around it.

For that moment they were a family in a sense few families ever knew, bunching and bucking and gasping in the mutual culmination of all their pent-up needs and desires. No longer hesitating under a pretense of right and wrong, they became a writhing mass of luxurious freedom.

Gloria sucked Joel’s prick until she’d soaked up every drop. At last sinking her head back on the pillow and releasing his emptied cock a sigh slid from her throat.

“Mmmm — uhhmrn… oooooh…”

Purring, Sammi lay kneeling against her mom’s cunt and undulated her hips as the last little spurts of her dad’s cock ripped into her.

It was Joel who finally gasped out the unexpected truth of their new relation ship. “Man, that was great! Oh shit, I wish we’d been doing this all along!”

“Yeahhh…” Sammi was quick to agree.

Gloria smiled sleepily, pleased at her children’s reaction. “Aaaah… well, maybe we will, darlings. But I think it’s really up to your father.”

“We’ll see.” Ben slipped his prick from Sammi’s cunt sheath and found to his own amazement that it was as hard as ever. With a tight, hungry smile, he stood up. “But first I’m going to fix that hot cunt of yours so it won’t go fucking around behind my back for a while. Move over kids. I’m going to teach your mother one last lesson she’ll never forget, and then we’ll see where we go from here. Joel, grab her ankles and give me room. I’m going to show your mom’s pussy a fucking it’s been heeding for a long while!”

Uncertain but obedient, Joel reached out and grasped Gloria’s ankles, pulling her legs wide apart to openly display her drenched pink pussy slash.

Gloria gave in willingly, fastening on the sight of her husband’s stiff prick and screaming afresh as he climbed past Sammi and clambered between her forced-apart thighs.

“Now bitch, it’s time you learned that there’s no place like home. If I have to fuck you a dozen times a day to satisfy this cunt of yours, that’s just what I’m going to do. And we’ll start right now!” Guiding his cockhead to the gaping entrance of her pussy, he heaved without warning.


Gloria wailed ecstatically as her cunt was torn open to take his meaty, reddened cock, its full length gliding smoothly up her pussy channel and burying itself to his balls.

“Ahhhnnn…” she gasped, taking it all and clutching at his ass for more. “Yesss, that’s what I need! Fuck me, damn you! Fuck me good and hard until I can’t stand it! Pump it — pump — me…”

Ben did just that, pummeling his wife’s familiar as his slickened cock reamed her cuntlips apart and began to slide in and out with harsh, urgent friction.

“Take it, cunt! You’ve been asking for this — take it all! I’m going to show the kids just what kind of a horny mother they’ve got! Slurp it up, bitch! Uhhh! Uhhh!”

With every ounce of strength he slammed his prick to her, making Gloria cry out as her cunt was speared and wrenched with hard, merciless strokes.

Joel let out a chuckle, forcing his mom’s legs apart and back until her lush, cock-filled cunt was completely opened up to her husband’s fierce stabs. “Yeah, Dad! Really give her some cock, that’s what she likes! Oh man, look at her go! Yeah Mom, yeah!”

It was a situation none of them, had ever experienced before, and the two teenagers responded with a new sense of anticipation. As Ben concentrated on plummeting his prick into his wife’s contorted pussy, he only vaguely noticed how Sammi was affected by this fresh spectacle.

Watching her dad’s cock lunge slurpily into her mother’s cunt, Sammi moved into a position that brought her to eye level with Joel’s limp prick. Without taking her eyes from the view of her parents, she grasped her brother’s slumping prick and began to lick and kiss its soft wetness, working it until his cock was hard all over again.

“That… ahh, that feels good Sam,” Joel groaned, releasing his mother’s legs and letting them hang suspended in the air as she cried out and surged under her husband’s fucking. “Ohhh, oh wow, that’s really good! I’m gonna…”

He didn’t have to finish that statement. Sammi was already twisting about as he swooped down, her slender legs flying open in blatant invitation as his half-hardened prick slipped between her cuntlips and pushed home.


“Yessss!” Gloria’s wail was half-scream and half laugh as she felt her children’s bodies thrashing beside bet, crashing together amidst cries and gasps as they emulated their parents. For a brief instant her mind filled with images of the fun they were going to have from now on, of Barry and Jack Hatcher and all the things she could teach her daughter, now that she could be honest.

And maybe, in turn, she and Sammi could teach their two lustful, cunt-pleasing men a few little lessons as well…

Then all thoughts were shoved out of her by Ben’s surging prick. She soared to new heights of bliss as he groaned and rammed his cock to her harder than before.

“Ahhh — nnaaahhh!”

Gloria shrieked, and Sammi sobbed as well.

“Shuiii — uuuuh!”

Joel heaved, his expression enraptured. Then Ben lurched with a long loud grunt and his cock exploded in her thrusting pussy.

It was her most beautiful orgasm ever. Gloria was free at last, and she screamed in pure ecstasy as her cock-hungry cunt feasted on her husband’s soaring jizz.

And she knew, even as eruptions of climax tremored through her, that it wasn’t over yet.

Not for Ben, or Joel, or Sammi or her. In fact, it had just begun.

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