A Little Night Nookie

As the three girls walked into the casino they where surprised. They had
expected an unusual sight but not like this. The room was filled with the
typical style of tables for gaming. But rather than the compliment of guests
dressed in tired tuxedos or vacation wear, the crowd seemed to be made up of a
sea of latex and leather. There wasn’t a single person in sight that wore
anything other than tight fetish clothing. Gina looked at herself and her two
friends, suddenly feeling very out of place. Wearing sundresses, the girls had
expected to be overdressed for the crowd that was described to them. Instead,
they felt like they where wearing overalls at a formal dance.

“We’re not in Kansas, anymore,” Cindy chuckled as she stared into the crowd.
“Somebody should have warned us,” Monica complained. Gina only smiled, pushing
her glasses back up her nose in her subconscious fashion. Cindy and Monica had
always been the prom queen type, admired by their peers for their beauty and
style. Gina, on the other hand, was too bookish, she was told. The three had
been tenuous friends since high school, but the relationship had grown as they
moved into college. Gina was convinced it was largely because they had
discovered how wealthy her parents where, and how generous she could be with
her money. She didn’t care, though. She had two popular and beautiful friends,
which was all that mattered. She had always liked Monica, despite her critical
eye and harsh criticisms. Cindy, on the other hand, had only a passing interest
in Gina. Cindy pretended to like her just because Monica liked her so much.
Both knew the score, though it was an unmentioned topic. Instead, they both
chose to ignore it and be the somewhat friends they had become. In truth, Gina
didn’t like Cindy much. She had always felt like a second class citizen around
her. But she was willing to take the abuse to be around Monica.
All three had become the object of much attention in college, to Monica and
Cindy’s pleasure and to Gina’s surprise. Despite the differences of their
clothing, all three had firm young bodies and ample breasts. Monica, the
tallest at nearly six-foot, was destined to model. Her long, shapely legs and
beautiful mane of dark hair stood out among the others. Cindy was shorter but
had larger breasts and firm, attractive legs from her years of swimming. Her
competitiveness kept her body in great shape, but also provided a share of
enemies. Gina, despite wearing loose clothes that covered her body, had an
athletic form. Good-sized breasts offset a thin waist and long legs. Much like
Monica, Gina could also model, though she knew she lacked the self-confidence
to even try.
The three of them had been inseparable for a year. Monica and Cindy were eager
to enjoy their independence from home, and seemed to want to experiment. Though
seemingly limited to some drugs and a few sexual encounters, Gina had been the
most tame. She often envied the stories she would hear from Monica of their
weekends spent without her. She regretted turning down those adventures, though
she was sure she would never dare try the things they did. After their most
recent trip to New York, Gina was sure that Monica and Cindy had slept
together. At first she was turned off by the thought but, after long nights
with her thoughts, she realized it was only jealousy talking. If she where to
experiment with another women, Monica would certainly be at the top of the
list. Often she caught herself staring at her friend’s supple form, wondering
what it would be like to fondle her breasts or have Monica’s face between her

This current adventure was only the latest in their recent string. As summer
break approached, Monica suggested they move to Las Vegas for the three months
and find jobs. For the first time Gina was truly excited by the idea. She was
tired of the same old sights at school, and dreaded going home to her parents
for the summer. She beat Cindy to the punch, agreeing with Monica instantly as
they began to make plans. It had only been three nights on the town before they
had been invited to a party at Caesar’s Palace, in a large suite at the top of
the tower. The crowd was young and exciting. Gina had, thankfully, agreed to
get a new dress for the night and the staring eyes proved that the choice was
right. The three took the room by storm as they swung their shapely bodies
through the party. By the end of the evening each had several offers. Though
most where invitations to just another party, one was particularly intriguing.
A handsome young man had handed them a card with a simple address on it. He
told them it was a party for the daring, where they could live out their
ultimate fantasies. Gina caught herself glancing over Monica’s lovely form at
this comment. Pressed for details, the man simply smiled and told them they
would have to see. As they stood and stared, a woman dressed in a short, tight blue rubber dress
approached them with a smile. “Can I be of assistance,” she asked.
“We where invited to the party by a man we met in town,” Monica blurted out in
defense. She shoved the small card they had been given at the women, who smiled
as she took it.
“Welcome. Let me give you the run down on the activities.” She coaxed them out
of the doorway and into the room proper as she pointed out various areas. “This
is a fetish and bondage casino. Rather than playing for money, we play for
other, more interesting things. First of all, don’t feel self-conscious about
your clothing. Most people come dressed as you are. In the corner there, you
will find a dressing room. Your startup set of chips can be picked up there
when you chose your fetish attire for the evening. The more extreme clothing
you chose, the more chips you will receive. If you find yourself running short
on chips, you can return to the dressing room for more extreme attire. Once you
start, it is much like a regular casino. The only difference is that some of
the games are quite different. I’ll let you discover them as you explore.” She
smiled an almost devious grin. “It’s more fun that way.”
“What’s the point to it all,” Cindy asked as she watched a towering blonde
dressed in form fitting leather walk by.
“Just to have fun! You can fulfill your fantasies or just enjoy gambling. But
remember, you can go into debt here, which must be satisfied by the end of the
evening.” With that the woman left them.
Monica seemed eager to jump in as she grabbed Cindy’s hand and pulled her
toward the dressing room. “Come on! Let’s go.”
Gina followed them, wondering what she was getting herself into. The dressing room was large, with a wide counter attended by a man dressed in
blue latex shorts. Large picture books where strewn out on the counter. A young
couple examined them as the girls approached. Monica immediately began flipping
through the books. The pictures showed men and women in a variety of fetish
clothing. The book she had chosen was all women, with the first pictures
showing simple latex skirts or loose leather tops. As she flipped further in,
she could see how much more extreme the clothing could get. On impulse, Monica
flipped to the last page. The three girls gasped at the sight. The woman
displayed was wearing a form fitting latex body suit. A corset had been
strapped around her waist, reducing her to a seemingly impossible 20 inches.
Her arms had been strapped behind her at wrist and elbow, forcing her shoulders
back hard. Her face had been covered in an extreme leather hood, cutting out
all sight, while a built in gag filled her mouth. Small breathing tubes exited
from her nose to a point at the top of her hood. Two pump bulbs dangled between
her legs, with the caption stating they where blow up dildos, held in place by
a small rubber G-string. Her feet where even more shocking. She was forced to
stand on her toes by a pair of torturous ballet shoes. The bottom of the page
listed the value for this outfit at $8,000.
Cindy could not take her eyes off the suit. She was embarrassed that her pussy
had gotten wet as she looked at this helpless woman. Monica was equally turned
“How do you walk in these shoes?”
“Very carefully,” the man grunted in disinterest. Monica was obviously
intrigued by the woman in the picture.
“Is there anyway to earn even more than this,” she asked.
“Sure.” The attendant pulled out another book and flipped to the last page. “Of
course this involves more than just bondage.” The picture was of a young lady,
bent into an impossible position. She was crammed into a steel cage so tight it
seemed to have been built around her. The small, four foot long and three-foot
tall box was absolutely filled with the girl. She was mostly naked, a
refreshing sight to all the rubber and leather in the other pictures, but
Monica was convinced she would be far more comfortable wearing something. Her
arms had been heavily strapped behind her back at elbow and wrist. A wide strap
at mid upper arm pulled her shoulders back so hard her chest arched from the
strain. The girl’s head was strapped into a leather and steel cage that had
been cinched down until it snugly grasped her face. Her hair was made into a
short ponytail, then laced with a piece of chain. Her knees where spread by a
short bar while her ankles where strapped together and had been forced high up
her back, until her ankles nearly touched the top of her head. The ponytail
chain was locked off to the ankle straps, forcing her head back hard. Her
ankles where locked directly to her elbow straps, flattening her body to fit
into the cage. A short pole stretched from the end of the cage and disappeared
up between her legs. The opposite end split into two large steel dildos, which
disappeared deep into her pussy and ass. On the opposite end, a large steel
dildo pushed into her mouth, forcing it open wide to accept the large form. The
pole that it attached to was connected to the end of the cage as well. Cranks
had been employed to push the two end poles together until the girl was trapped
between the force of the dildos.
“Of course, this does not allow for much gambling,” the man laughed. “This is
worth $10,000 but must be endured for 12 hours. It’s only for the most severe
Pulling her eyes away from the picture, Cindy turned to the attendant.
“I would like at least $1,000 of chips. What would I have to wear for that?”
Without a word, the man turned into his array of clothing and started setting
items on the desk. First, he offered a rubber bra, then a small rubber
G-string. A latex garter belt with sheer hose where next, along with a pair of
latex gloves and a pair of heels. Cindy couldn’t imagine having to walk in
these six-inch heels, but they excited her. “Are you sure these will fit?” she
asked as she slipped off her shoe and slid the heel on. To her amazement, it
slipped on perfectly. Apparently this man was good at guessing sizes. She
didn’t bother to ask about anything else as she disappeared into a changing
room. Monica stepped up next.

“I’d like about $2,000.” Monica was excited. As the man disappeared again, she
turned to Gina. “This is going to be great! I’ve always been interested in this
stuff.” She noticed her friend�s expression. “Come on, Gina! Have some fun. It
can’t be all that bad.” The man returned with an armful of clothing. Monica
sorted through it, holding up each item. First, he had chosen a tight rubber
dress. The skirt would only reach mid thigh but she loved it, squealing at the
choice. A wide, leather collar was next and Monica quickly put this on. She
asked the man to fasten it. The thick leather was pulled snug and, with a snap,
locked into position. Monica watched as the man stashed the key behind the
counter. The next item was a pair of six-inch heels as well. The final item was
a set of shackles. Monica quivered in excitement as she disappeared into her
dressing room.
“And how about you, young lady,” the man inquired.
Pushing her glasses up on her nose again. “I don’t know. I guess give me $500.”
The man, disappointed, pulled out a pair of low heels and a latex body suit.
“This is it, but I think you would look great if you would take a bit more.”
“I’m too embarrassed to wear all this stuff. And besides, I don’t have the
figure my friends have.”
“I think you have a better figure, Gina,” he shocked her by knowing her name,
until she remembered that Monica had used it. “Let me try something.” He
disappeared again, bringing back another armful. “First, this is a full length
rubber dress. It will look great on you. And here we have a pair of thigh
length leather boots with five-inch heels. Finally, a pair of full-length latex
gloves. This is worth $1,500 and will make you feel great.” He smiled then, as
an after though, reached forward and took off her glasses. “Do you really need
“Sort of. I can’t see far distances without them.”
“Let me keep them. You can’t see much farther than fifty feet in here anyway. I
promise to keep them safe.” Gina nodded and reluctantly disappeared behind a
changing curtain.
The three girls emerged from the dressing room at the same time, oohing and
ahhing at each other’s attire. Monica had to struggle a bit in her shackles. A
short chain connected her ankles with a longer, heavy chain attaching to her
wrists. She struggled forward to take a look at her friends.
“I love those boots, Gina,” Monica cooed, much to Cindy’s disappointment. “You
look amazing! Like a latex dream!”
“You look great, too, Monica,” Gina returned. Cindy was upset nobody admired
her, though she felt pretty good in the latex bra. She was certain, at first,
that the man had given her too small of a size. But as she stepped out of the
dressing room, nearly running into a man clad in leather, he whistled at her
breasts, staring directly at them. She pressed her chest out and smiled as he
slid by her. It was as if she had a second skin of rubber over her large
breasts, barely holding them into place.
“Let’s get this over with,” Gina moaned as she gestured out to the casino. The three girls stayed together for awhile, supporting each other as they
walked and experimenting at some of the tables. They stayed away from the far
wall where the alternate games where kept, choosing to survive at blackjack and
roulette. Monica seemed to be possessed when gambling. Gina and Cindy often had
to drag her away before she lost too much. Before long Monica had depleted her
chips. As they walked back to the dressing room to allow Monica to change, Gina
took a quick look at her winnings. In contrast to Monica, she had done well on
her meager bets, winning a steady amount to nearly double her chips. She kept
this to herself, not wanting to give Cindy or Monica a reason to envy her. She
knew Cindy was down a bit, but was eager to try some of the more adventurous
games. As they made it back to the dressing room, Cindy caught sight of
something and said she would see them later. Gina shrugged and helped Monica to
the desk.
“Back already,” the man snickered.
“I guess I’m not so lucky yet,” Monica complained. She picked up a book and
started flipping through it. She quickly realized it was different from the one
she had looked through earlier. “Wow, these are amazing!” Rather than the
simple outfits of the previous book, this contained the more extreme equipment
that earned the higher sums. Gina looked over her friend’s shoulder and found
herself imagining Monica in the outfits.
“Try that one,” Gina encouraged as they looked at a hobble dress and arm
“I don’t know. How will I bet?”
“I’ll be with you. Don’t worry. Besides,” Gina glanced at the $3,000 figure at
the bottom. “You need the money.” Monica smiled and agreed, pushing the book
toward the man. He smiled and winked at Gina then disappeared to get the items. Gina loved this. Her hand gripped the leash attached to Monica’s collar as they
walked through the casino. Monica was far more concerned about learning to walk
on the seven-inch heels. She was glad the hobble dress, which fit snug to her
perfect form, only allowed her to take a four inch step. But her shoulders had
begun to ache and she was getting tired of the inadvertent grabs she got from
the crowd. Gina seemed to be ignoring them, and Monica could do little to fend
them off. The attendant seemed to take particular pleasure in lacing up the
single glove that now encased her arms. As the straps where pulled tighter, she
could feel her back straightening and her shoulders being forced back. It
wasn’t until she could feel her elbows touching that she knew there was more to
this arm bondage than she thought. But despite her complains, the man had
simply ensured the straps where snug and added the small padlocks that now held
it into place.
“Where do you want to go,” Gina asked over her shoulder.
“Someplace close,” Monica complained, stumbling again. “How about that
blackjack table.” As usual, the table Monica had chosen was a minimum $100 bet,
which Gina knew wouldn’t discourage her friend. Thankfully, Monica slipped onto
a stool in between two others, taking the weight off her toes. “I can’t believe
people walk in these things!”
“It’s training,” the man to her left spoke.
“I’m sorry?”
“The shoes. It takes training and practice to walk in them comfortably.” Monica
smiled at him in response. He was young and very handsome. She tried to look
sexy but found it difficult without the use of her arms. As the dealer prepared
to deal, Monica gestured for Gina to make a bet. Cindy had quickly forgotten about her friends. Though the bizarre casino was
taking some time to adjust to, she did see the potential to win. The far wall
of the large room was a maze of interesting, and often painful or degrading
challenges. Though many weren’t at all her cup of tea, Cindy was eager to
compete in some. Some of the games simply required the player to take a
spanking without crying out, though some of the spankers seemed to take
particular relish in their jobs. Other attractions offered anything from
suspension to piercing. A short row of port-a-potties reminded Cindy that she
had to pee. Upon entering the largish room, she realized this was another game.
A young girl was strapped on her knees in the bottom of the toilet so she could
not move. A large funnel-like basin was attached to her mouth. Cindy quickly
realized that this girl was being used as a human toilet. Already her stomach
was distended from the various waste products she had consumed. It took a
moment for Cindy to understand the game. It wasn’t until she examined the poor
girl’s bound arms that she saw the thin string she held in her hand. At the
opposite end was a bell. She could see that once the girl had had enough, she
could ring the bell for release. A sign on the wall caught Cindy’s eye. It
explained that the girl would receive $1,000 for every half-hour she performed
as a toilet. Shrugging, Cindy stepped up to the basin and, watching through her
legs, peed into the girl’s mouth.
Slipping out of the toilet, Cindy immediately caught sight of a game she would
be good at. It was labeled “Maintain your balance” but seemed far too simple
for a competitive game. Nobody was currently taking the challenge so Cindy had
to use the text to figure it out. She would be in a standing position. Her arms
would be tied behind her back and special clamps would be attached to her
nipples. The attached cables where fed over a bar above her then attached to s
flat weight. The goal was to keep the weight off the plate. For each 30
minutes, she would win $5000. But each time the weight struck the plate, she
would be charged $500. It sounded easy to her, so Cindy jumped up to the
“I’ll take an hour,” she said to the gamekeeper. She was a little upset when
she was asked to disrobe, but she was proud of her body and enjoyed the stares
from the men and women gathering to watch. An attendant tied her wrists
together behind her, then slipped a cool leather strap around her elbows. Cindy
could feel her breasts pushing out more as her arms where bound tightly
together. It was a curious feeling, being bound this way. She felt like her
chest was on display now, something she was quite comfortable with.
She was positioned in the middle of the platform as another attendant placed a
wide spreader bar between her ankles. Her long blonde hair was laced into a
ponytail and a strap tied to it was pulled to her elbow strap. She could feel
her hair being pulled back until her face pointed to the ceiling. Her eyes
where quickly covered with a tight blindfold. OK, she thought, this is an
interesting twist. I’ll just have to guess the distance rather than seeing it.
With her legs spread, she would have some trouble balancing, but she put it out
of her mind as she felt the cool clamps being placed on her nipples. The teeth
bit into her skin, making her wince, but Cindy was determined to be tough. One
of the attendants pressed a gag to her lips and, as she opened her mouth to
complain, the penis gag slipped between her jaws. It was huge, filling her
mouth while cutting off her complaints. Hands helped her keep her balance as
the weight was hung from the end of the cable. Cindy grunted in pain as it was
released and the clamps bit down harder on her nipples. She immediately leaned
back to keep it high off the plate she could no longer see. She had guessed the
game had started until she felt some fumbling at her spreader bar, then a cool
shaft of steel was pressed into her pussy. The metal dildo was pushed deep
inside of her, the thickness filling her completely. She had no idea why this
was a part of the test and, despite her initial anger at this intrusion, she
actually enjoyed the feeling. Finally, all hands left her and she began
focusing her task.
The sight of Cindy on his platform excited the gamekeeper. She was beautiful,
with her thin body and large breasts, bound tightly and legs spread. The metal
bar that kept the dildo in place was locked off and the wires where run from
the end of the shaft and to the plate. He flicked the switch to power the
device, then flicked the timer and tally board. The audience was excited and,
though early in the game, where already tense. It was only a matter of time,
the keeper knew.
Cindy was a little disoriented. With he head pulled back hard and her lack of
sight, she was having trouble telling which way was up. She just focused on
leaning back, though how far was a concern as well. After what seemed like
hours, but had actually only been ten minutes, the weight brushed the plate. A
sharp shock shot through the dildo and into her pussy. She jerked back hard,
pulling the weight back up, grunting at the harsh bite of the clamps. So,
that’s the trick, Cindy thought. I’ll just keep back even more to prevent…
The keeper watched Cindy rock forward again and the shock that struck her pussy
brought her back hard again. He smiled. This was going to be fun!
The shock to her pussy had hurt, but she could feel her excitement rising as
well. The lubricated dildo was even more wet now as she felt her juices coating
it. She was panting now, trying to stay focused. She knew she had lost $1000
already. If she could only stay back for a full 30 minutes, she could offset
that money and still walk away a winner. As usual, Monica was running short on cash. Gina was bored, having been used as
a servant by Monica wasn’t her idea of fun. She had gotten rather chummy with
the young man beside them, maybe he could bet for her.
“Monica, I have to go to the bathroom,” Gina whispered.
“Yeah, go ahead, Gina,” Monica said out loud. “This gentleman will assist me,
won’t you?” She smiled at him with her best smile.
“It would be my pleasure,” he said.
“OK, I’ll be back.”
“Take your time, Gina,” Monica winked as she turned back to the man she was
trying to pickup. Gina slipped into the crowd, eager to have her own fun. Cindy wasn’t doing too well. The weight had touched the plate at least seven
times and she was gasping in excitement. She tried to keep her back straight
and the cables taught, but she had lost all sense of balance and could not
regain it. She was rocking back and forth, trying to control her seething body
and keep the weight up. It was only a matter of time before it touched again.
The shock sent her over the edge. Her orgasm made her buck on the steel dildo
as the weight skittered across the metal pad beneath it. She jerked back hard,
but the slight shift of the dildo sent her over the edge again and the weight
crashed down hard, completing the connection once more. She could no longer
control it as she came again and again, the metal connection sending shocks
through her.
The current stopped and Cindy slumped in her bonds as best she could. The
keeper slipped off her gag and blindfold.
“I’m sorry, but you have completed your first 30 minutes and owe us $7000. You
can pay us now or go for double or nothing.” Gina knew she had only the $1,000
on her. Her competitive spirit took over again.
“I’ll go double or nothing,” she said. The crowd cheered her on as the keeper
shrugged and replaced the blindfold and gag. She could feel another attachment
being added beneath her. A cool pressure against her asshole told her what it
was. The second steel dildo was pressed into her ass until it was buried deep
inside her. Cindy moaned at the intrusion, but could feel herself getting wet
again. She had always had a thing for anal sex, though it was hard to find a
guy who would work at it slow. It wasn’t until the hands left her that she
realized that an electrical shock would rise through her ass now too. She began
to panic as she felt a heavier weight being applied to the cables. A voice from
behind whispered to her.
“Up on your toes.” She rose up as the attendant placed small boxes beneath her
“Ladies and gentlemen. This lady has chosen to go another 30 minutes at double
or nothing.” A cheer rose through the crowd. “She will be forced to stand on
her toes this time, with a dildo in both her ass and pussy. If she falls back
on her heels, the current will be stepped up.” Cindy tried to relax her feet
but felt the button beneath her. She would have to stay high on her toes to
keep off the box. Her nipples where screaming beneath the crushing teeth of the
clamps. She tried to focus, leaning back to hold the weight up, but not too far
to fall back onto her heels. It only took a moment before she lost balance and
landed on the buttons. The shock that ran through her pussy and ass was a sharp
contrast to the previous shock. She wasn’t sure if it was the higher current or
her newly punished asshole, but she found herself quickly jumping back on her
toes. Of course as she did this, she leaned forward too much, allowing the
weight to touch again. Despite her pain and frustration, she could feel a new
orgasm building inside of her.
Gina had tried most of the tables and found little challenge. She had never
told her friends that her father was a dealer for years at a casino, and had
taught her most of his tricks. She was sure she had at least $20,000 now but
was enjoying herself. She began scanning the more interesting games.