Balling Mother

Of all the social institutions that have had to endure change and weather criticism the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

BALLING MOTHER is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. By having to contend with her trucker husband’s absences from home, Gina Miller discovers a solution that brings her entire family closer together. Her method — that of incest — may well be considered unusual or shocking, but it is nonetheless successful.

BALLING MOTHER is a work of fiction, designed for entertainment. It is also a reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


Gina Miller’s cunt was throbbing. “Oh… Ron,” she whispered softly as she spread her long, shapely legs. “Why couldn’t you come home?”

As a trucker’s wife, she knew there would be nights like this — nights of longing, hunger. Lately, however, Ron seemed to be on the road all the time.

It had been four days since that big, hard cock had stabbed inside her pussy and filled her with his warm cum.

Gina gave another moan and slipped her fingers across the creamy texture of her thigh to the peach-colored mass of hair that haloed her oozing, burning cunt. Slowly she played at the tight opening, exploding the sensitive membranes. When her middle finger came in contact with her pulsating clit, she flinched. Carefully she pulled back the loose folds of skin to fully reveal the tiny nub and ran her fingertip over the satiny surface. Immediately spasms of raw anguish swept around her cunt and melted toward the base of her spine.

“Oh… God,” she grunted, half-sitting.

She increased the pressure of her finger, then slipped it deeply inside. As her throbbing muscles sucked around her finger, she squeezed her knees together. The pleasure was intensified, yet more agonizing. Her finger could never compare to that big slab of cock Ron had. Ten inches of rock-hard meat, almost as big around as her wrist.

She closed her eyes and could see that glorious prick, the purplish veins, the rubbery foreskin that half-covered the gigantic cock head, and the blue-black hairs that swept around his nuts like a dark flame.

“Fuck me,” she gasped, withdrawing her finger. She scraped her nail over her clit, then jabbed back inside. “Oh yes,” she panted, licking her lower lip with the tip of her pink tongue, “stick it all the way in and… and screw me full of hot, milky cum.”

Her body convulsed suddenly, causing her head to jerk to one side. As her orgasm peaked, she rolled to her side, then lay on her hand. She began humping wildly up and down, flexing and unflexing her cunt muscles, drawing her finger in and out of her bubbly hole. And even when the ecstasy swelled her insides, she knew she would be left empty, probably worse off than before. This was the horrible part. She would lie in bed, drained, craving cock until she finally collapsed in a fitful sleep.

A few moments later, she rolled back over and looked up at the ceiling, a pained expression on her face. She tried to empty her mind of all thoughts, but it was useless. Every shape in the room seemed to remind her of her husband’s fantastic prick. She shot a glance at the dresser, her eyes searching out something — anything that would relieve the desperate itch she was feeling. Quickly she lunged off the bed and grabbed her hairbrush.

“Ohhhhhh,” she groaned, stabbing the end of the handle between her thighs. She fell back on the bed and spread her legs, then lifted them until her knees touched her full, up turned breasts. “Yes, God, yes,” she whispered, thrusting the entire length of the handle inside her pussy.

When the wiry texture of the brush meshed with her cunt hairs, she twisted the handle around, sliding the hard plastic over her pulsating pussy walls. And although it was better than her finger, it still wasn’t enough. Her body was in flames now, ready to explode.

“Poke it to me, you big bull,” she grunted, a picture of Ron forming in her mind. She could see his handsome face, the dark-brown eyes, the wide, meaty shoulders. She could almost feel the rough hairs that adorned his muscular, sculptured chest. “Fuck me hard,” she murmured, her passion building wildly. “Cum all inside me. Make it good, Ron.”

She began thrusting the handle of the hairbrush in and out so quickly, her hand became a fleshy blur. At last her pleasures burst around her opening, then shot inside. She gave a throaty scream and relaxed. Seconds later she shook her head and fought back the tears. It isn’t fair, she thought. It simply isn’t fair to want something so much. She couldn’t concentrate on her housework, the needs of the children — anything. Not when her pussy was aching like this.

She was about to remove the hairbrush and try to get some sleep when the door sprang open. For a long moment she couldn’t even react. Her oldest son, Mike, stood there, his mouth hanging opens his eyes glued to the area between her thighs.

“Mother!” the boy finally, said, flushing beet-red. “I… I thought you… that is, I heard you scream and… and…”

His melodic baritone spluttered to a halt, and he took a step backward, hitting the doorjamb. He swallowed hard, and tore his eyes away from his mother’s cunt, and looked at her shocked expression. Again he tried to speak, but only a rattle escaped his lips.

“Mike,” Gina finally gasped, “I thought you were out with Betty.”

“She… she stood me up,” her son replied, feeling ridiculous. Here he was carrying on a conversation with his mother while she lay there naked, and a hairbrush up her cunt! “I… I’m sorry,” he added. “I guess I should have knocked.”

The thoughts that raced through Gina’s mind were more shocking than what had happened. She suddenly saw her son in a new light. He wasn’t the baby she had diapered eighteen years ago, not the little boy who came to her with scraped knees. He was a man, a powerfully built, handsome man. No small wonder the girls were all over him. That Betty must be some kind of idiot, she thought. She stood that up?

He was over six feet tall, taller even than his father, and the shock of raven-black hair that curled around his angular face set off the flashing, chocolate-brown eyes to full advantage. Years of football had made his body taut and muscular. Her eyes dropped to the thick bulge in his jeans, and she wondered if he had taken after his father in that department.

“I was missing your father,” she finally stammered. “I guess you think I’m pretty terrible,” she added, squeezing her legs together and hiding the hairbrush behind her hands.

“No, I don’t,” Mike said simply. He knew exactly what it was like to want sex and not get it.

In fact he had such a case of blue balls that just looking at his mother was almost enough to make him blow his wad. “I… I know exactly how you feel,” he added, licking his lips.

Gina knew that she shouldn’t entertain the thoughts that burned in her mind, but she couldn’t help it. She could see her son’s naked body over some young girl, almost feel the deliciously hard cock stab in and out of slick pussy. She wondered what it would be like, to have that prick inside her, to feel the gush of molten cum sear into her cunt.

“No,” she whispered, trying to drive the thoughts from her tortured mind. “Oh God, no!”

“I guess I’d better leave,” Mike said, although from the tone of his voice, it was obvious he didn’t want to. His mother was still one of the best looking women he’d ever seen, even after four kids. She had long, golden-red hair, eyes green as emeralds, and the body of a twenty-year-old. And those tits! Full and ripe! They were tipped with coral-pink nipples that made his mouth water. “I… I’m sorry,” he said again, slipping backward through the door.

“Don’t go,” Gina said, wondering, herself, why she’d said it.

“Huh?” Mike said, freezing in his tracks.

“I’m lonely,” Gina said. “Stay with me a while.”

“Then you’d better get some clothes on,” Mike said. “I wouldn’t trust myself around you like that.”

Gina’s heart skipped a beat. What was she about to suggest? She clamped her lips tightly to cut off further words, but they came out flyway. When she head them, she was as shocked as her son, almost as if someone else had said them.

“I want a cock so bad I can taste it,” she said, her eyes widening with horror.

“Taste it?” Mike repeated, his eyes drilling into hers.

“Can I see your prick?” Gina asked, her voice barely audible over the thundering in her ears.

As if in a dream, Mike began undressing. When he was down to his socks and shorts, a glistening band of sweat beaded on his forehead and upper lip. Quickly he pulled off his socks, then yanked his jockey shorts down. As he did, his massive cock slapped upward, hitting his stomach.

“My God!” Gina gasped, locking her eyes on his cock. “It’s… it’s huge!”

Again Mike turned red with embarrassment. What was he doing, for Christ’s sake? Standing in front of his mother, naked as a jay-bird, and with a boner like he couldn’t remember.

“Let me… touch it,” Gina said, sitting up on the bed and extending her hands. “Come here.”

The distance from the door to the bed seemed a mile to Mike. And as he neared he felt his balls rumble dangerously, as if they would explode. He tightened the muscles at the base of his throbbing cock, but it only made the ache worse.

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Gina whispered, grasping his shaft. “You’re as big as your father. Mmmmmmm, maybe even a little bigger.”

Although she was still horrified with what she was doing, she couldn’t stop. Not now!

Nothing seemed to matter but that monstrous prick, the heady aroma of his firm, young body. The back of her throat constricted.

“I want you!” she murmured, moving her face toward his crotch and parting her lips. “I’m going to eat your cum and drink it down.”

“Mom… this isn’t right,” Mike whispered, trying to make some sense of the situation. Sure, they were both horny, but she was his mother! “We can’t,” he added weakly, knowing they would.

Gina gently stuck her tongue against the ball of his cock, savoring the smell of dried piss and jism. Slowly she pulled down the rubbery foreskin and opened her mouth wider, slipping her lips over his cock head.

“Oh… fuck!” Mike grunted, placing his hands on her shoulders. “I… I know we shouldn’t, but do!”

Nothing on earth could have kept Gina from what she was doing. The back of her throat was like a magnet, drawing his cock hungrily. And as more of his prick slid across her tongue, she felt the burning ache in her body become more inflamed. When the thick, meaty cock head pushed between her tonsils, her cunt convulsed with an electric jolt of raw ecstasy.

“Ooooooo!” she groaned, closing her eyes and digging her nails into the muscular flesh of his thighs.

“Holy Jesus,” Mike exclaimed, watching his prick disappear completely inside her mouth. As her lips kissed the hairs of his crotch, and her chin separated his cum-filled balls, he thrust his hips forward. “You… you can take it all! I don’t believe it!”

“Mmmmmmm,” his mother gurgled, then pulled her face away. She let his shaft slip from her mouth and bounce upward. “A girl would be crazy not to take all of you,” she added, licking the underside of his prick.

“Do it some more,” Mike whispered. “Stick it back in and suck me, Mother.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Gina murmured, “I’m gonna suck you so dry you won’t believe it.”

She pulled him down on the bed and crawled between his legs. She then held his prick at a right angle to his body and again clamped her lips around the tip of it. At the hard, rubbery shaft entered her mouth she gave a low, throaty groan of pleasure. She could taste the delicious flavor of cum, knew that in a few minutes, she would have all those fantastic globs to savor.

“Faster!” Mike whispered suddenly, feeling his loins burn. “Suck me as fast as you can.”

Gina did as he asked, jerking her head up and down as quickly as possible. In a few seconds, her hair was sweeping about her head and shoulders like a fiery halo. And each time his huge cock slipped in and out of her throat, her cunt buzzed with increasing pleasure. Suddenly she felt the base of his prick throb then expand, stretching her lips painfully.

“Lick it, you cock sucker,” Mike cried out, jabbing his hips upward. “Oh… fucking shit, eat my cum, bitch!”

As he said the words, his cum-load burst from his nuts and showered up the center of his prick. The molten liquid seemed to boil in his cock head for a long while, then finally into mouth.

“Mmmmfffff!” Gina choked, unable to believe the enormous amount of jism he had squirted into her throat. Some of the thick, creamy juices blasted upward, behind her nose, where they boiled from both nostrils. Other lava-like globs swept into her checks, under her tongue. Soon, her entire mouth and throat were full to overflowing, and still he thrust in more! She gave another groan as her own climax peaked, electrifying her insides.

“All… of it, cock sucker,” Mike grunted, feeling the bulk of his load burst from his cock head. “Gargle it down and lick me dry, baby.”

As his mother worked on his prick like a starving animal, Mike felt a release like he’d never known before. Most girls had to be coaxed to do this, and when they did, they most often wouldn’t take it in the mouth. But his mother! Christ, she was eating that stuff down like there was no tomorrow.

Gina sucked the last silvery drop of jism, then crushed her face fully into his sweaty crotch. She twisted her head around and squeezed her knees together, milking one last spasm of pleasure out of her orgasm. Finally, she relaxed and closed her eyes, moaning around the rock-hard shaft.

“Wow,” Mike gasped, “no wonder Dad is so crazy about you. You suck dick better than anyone!”

His words brought Gina back to reality. My God, she thought, what has happened? I’ve sucked off my own son! I took his huge cock in my mouth and swallowed his cum!

She jerked upward and sat back on her haunches, feeling ashamed, unable even to look him in the eye. How would she ever be able to face him again, to face her husband? She felt dirty, wicked.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Mike asked, touching her arm. “You sorry we did it?”

“Yes,” Gina answered slowly. “Aren’t you?”

“Hell no,” the boy laughed. “Shit, I’d like to do it again.”

His smile was so carefree, his look so innocent, that Gina felt a surge of warmth in her veins.

“I’m… I’m your mother,” Gina whispered.

“And I’m gonna be a mother fucker, if you let me,” Mike grinned. “I was in that pussy once before. How about letting me go back?”

Gina laughed suddenly, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Her son’s attitude had changed her own. She felt alive, desired. And perhaps she would regret her actions in the morning, but there was tonight.

“Fuck me, you little mother fucker,” she giggled.


Mike pushed his mother to her back and squirmed between her legs. He looked down at her face for the longest time, memorizing the soft contours. He brushed his lips over hers. As their tongues danced like snakes, he moved his large hands over her hips, upward to her breasts.

“Want me to lick you a little bit first?” he whispered, kissing her chin. “Hmmmmm?”

“No,” Gina teased. “I want you to lick me a lot.”

“Oh… Wow,” Mike said, lapping the hollow of her throat. “You’re so beautiful!”

He licked her neck, her right shoulder. He then kissed the smooth, soft flesh down to her fingertips. After leaving them wet with his spit, he nibbled over to her upturned, ripened breasts. Slowly, he opened his mouth and sucked the tiny, pink nipples across his tongue, one at a time.

“Mmmmmm, sweet tit,” he murmured, baring his teeth, sinking them into the yielding flesh. “I could suck these things all night long.”

“Suck me and fuck me,” Gina said, placing her hands on his wide, taut shoulders. “Suck your mommy, baby.”

Mike gobbled more hungrily on her breasts, taking as much inside his mouth as he could. And as the throbbing nipples slipped over the roof of his mouth, he felt the back of his throat twitch, beg for even more. A few seconds later he pushed the thick mounds together until the tips buzzed against each other. With his tongue exploring the wet surfaces like an exploring snake, he humped between her thighs. He felt the oozing warmth of her cunt juice smear the underside of his shaft, felt the steamy heat from her insides.

“Want some cock now?” he asked, feeling his prick jerk with new life. “Ready to get your little hole screwed, Mom?”

Gina was more than ready. She writhed beneath him, reached under his body and grasped the delicious shaft of meat.

“Yes!” she gasped. “Fuck it to me, stud. Load up my pussy with lots of cum. Just like you did my mouth.”

Although Mike wanted to blast his cock inside her right then and there, he was thoroughly enjoying the delicious torture of waiting. He moved slightly downward, feeling his cock slip over the smooth flesh of the inside of her thigh.

“I’ll give you what you gave me,” he murmured, kissing across her stomach. “Lick on you awhile.”

As Gina watched her son’s head move closer to her crotch, she felt a delicious anguish. Time was when she and Ron used to do this a lot. Lately, however, they had concentrated on the basics, getting their lovemaking down to a science. Ron knew exactly where to touch her, how much time to spend. And even though their sessions in bed were more electric, exploring this way with her son was somehow more exciting. She felt young and virginal, almost younger than Mike.

She felt a searing warmth as he touched the tip of his tongue to her cunt hair. She gave a low, growling groan and fought the urge to throw him to his back and straddle his middle, to shove that beautiful cock deeply inside her.

“Ohhhhhh,” she gasped, clutching his muscular shoulders with both hands. “Eat… eat your mommy, you little pussy hound.”

Mike placed his fingers to the sides of her opening and stretched the loose folds of skin away. When the pink, frothy tunnel of flesh was revealed, he darted his tongue inside. The warm, bitter taste of her cunt juice coated the inside of his mouth and the back of his throat. He nuzzled his nose into the soft hairs and twisted his head around, giving a muffled grunt of pleasure.

“Mmmmmm, sweet pussy,” he said, inhaling the perfumed aroma of her body. “Best little cunt I’ve ever eaten out.”

Gina spread her legs a little wider, then slipped her feet up on the bed. When her heels touched the curves of her ass, she threw her feet upward, then locked her ankles together at the back of his neck. Slowly she crushed him to her, sucking his tongue deeply inside her aching pussy. God, it was good, she thought. Almost too good…

“Fuck me,” she groaned, writhing about. “Screw that tongue in my pussy and and…”

Her words became a choking moan as a fantastic rush of orgasm overcame her. She froze for a second, then began humping wildly up and down, digging her nails into the taut muscles of his shoulders.

“Yessssss!” she screamed, squinting her eyes shut.

“Jesus, what a hot box,” Mike panted, feeling her insides pull on his tongue just like her throat had devoured his cock. “You really like this shit, don’t you?”

Gina was only vaguely aware of his words. She seemed to be locked in some time warp, where nothing existed but hot, surging spasms of raw ecstasy. Finally, after her orgasm peaked, she fell back, gasping for air. She felt as if her bones had turned to melted rubber.

She was right. It was too good!

She found herself comparing her son’s performance with his father’s, and hated herself for it. It was one thing to do this horrible thing, but to actually enjoy it so much, to rate them, well.

Another explosion of pure pleasure raced in to her cunt, taking her by surprise. She lifted her head and stretched her legs out at the same time, her move so violent that only her shoulders remained on the bed. Pleasure surged upward, dug into each cell, inflamed every nerve. Then, like a car out of control, it sped even faster, until the sensations bordered pain.

“Unhhhhhh!” she wailed. “Stop! God! Stop! It’s… it’s too good! I… I can’t take it!”

Mike couldn’t have stopped for anything in the world. And even though his cock was throbbing, ready to burst, her cunt was pulling on his mouth savagely. He even found it difficult to breathe as his face meshed completely into the pulsating patch of pussy. His tongue was working in and out like an angry snake, his teeth scraping over the sensitive membranes. Masses of opaque fluid bubbled from her insides, melting across his tongue, over his chin. The room was filled with his smacking, her moans, and his hungry grunts.

Gina was almost glad when her climax ceased, dropped off to a dull throb. It felt as if a part of her brain had been torn out. She tried to explain it by remembering that she hadn’t had it in four days, but that wasn’t entirely correct. The fact was, Mike was simply good! There wasn’t a single thing his mouth hadn’t done to her pussy. And perhaps it had done too much. She shivered suddenly, afraid of her own emotions.

“Oh… Mike,” she whispered, “what have we done?”

A couple of seconds later, her son pulled away, his chin glistening with cunt juice. He gave her a puzzled look, then smiled.

“You didn’t like it?” he asked, touching his lower lip with the tip of his tongue.

“Yes,” she said quickly. “I… I loved it. But you shouldn’t be here. You should be with Betty and…”

“Betty?” Mike asked, raising his eyebrows. “Betty who?”

Gina laughed in spite of herself. Christ, what she wouldn’t give for her son’s attitude. To take it where you can get it, even if it’s your own mother. She had been brought up in a completely different time, when stolen love in the back seat of a Chevy was hushed up. She could even remember feeling terribly embarrassed when a boy had seen her slip!

Was the world going straight to hell on a fast train?

“Something wrong?” Mike asked. “You look funny.”

How could Gina even begin to explain her emotions, when she didn’t know, herself, what she felt.

“I guess I’ll jump on that train,” she said, resignation in her voice.

“Train?” Mike asked, repeating the word as if it were somehow slightly foreign.

“Nothing,” Gina whispered, pulling him down on her body. “Just… fuck me. Show me how you fuck all those girls.”

Mike gave her another guarded look, then grinned. Obviously his mother was taking this thing pretty seriously. But why? People over thirty sure acted strange sometimes. And he knew from experience. There had been that woman when he was fifteen, his first real introduction to love. She had been about his mother’s age. And sex wasn’t just fun with her, it was… well, everything. He thought he’d never get out of that alive.

“What’s the matter?” Gina asked, responding to his sad expression.

“Aw, nothing,” Mike said. “It’s just that I get the impression you think we’re committing a horrible sin, that’s all.”

“Well, aren’t we?” Gina asked carefully.

“Look, we’re two people who want it, right?” Mike said, animation in his voice. “So what’s wrong with having a little fun?”

Gina felt a flash of anger. Was it “fun” to screw anything with a hole in it? Couldn’t there be affection, some other emotional bond?

“We’re not two cats on a fence,” she said, her voice hard. “You can’t fuck someone without caring a little, you know.”

“I love you and you love me,” Mike said, shaking his head. “So what’s the problem?”

Quite frankly, Gina didn’t exactly know what the problem was. She only knew she had to stop this thing before it got really messy. And now was the time. Technically they hadn’t actually fucked.

“You’d better leave,” she said, rolling to one side, afraid to look at him. “I… I need some time to think.”

Mike was silent for a long while, then got off the bed. Gina closed her eyes as she heard the rustle of his clothes, the pounding in her ears.

“Look, you’re my mother and all, but I’ve got to say this,” Mike said as he stood in the door.

“What’s that?” Gina asked dully.

“You’re acting like a… cock tease,” he said, finding it difficult to get the word out.

After he left, Gina felt worse than ever. How could she deal with this? It would be like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

She exhaled loudly and rolled onto her stomach, throwing her arm over the side of the bed. When she felt the hard texture of the hairbrush handle, she flinched. She grasped the brush and was about to toss it across the room, then stopped.

Slowly she brought it to her body and squeezed it under her right thigh. As the tip of it touched her cunt, she gave a groan of tortured pleasure.

She was about to call out for Mike, but she heard the front door slam violently.

Bitter tears stung her cheeks as her mind melted into the grayness of sleep.


Ron’s cock was like a savior for Gina. She held onto it, squeezed it so hard with her fingers, her knuckles turned white.

“You can’t believe how much I’ve missed this,” she whispered, touching the tip of his prick with her pink tongue. “I think I would have committed murder to have it the other night.”

“Well, now you got it, baby,” her husband grinned. “What you gonna do with it?”

“This,” Gina whispered closing her mouth around the firm, meaty cock head. “Mmmmmm,” she groaned, nuzzling her face further into his crotch, feeling his shaft slide into and around her cheeks.

“Yes,” Ron grunted, placing his hands on her shoulders. “I missed it too, sweetheart. Nobody’s got a mouth like yours.”

As the last inch of Ron’s huge cock delved into her throat, Gina shivered with growing excitement. This is the way it’s supposed to be, she thought. Me and Ron! His big dick poking in my throat, in my cunt. Not… Mike.

She pulled back and let her husband’s cock slip from her mouth. Then for several moments she studied the monstrous shaft, her eyes play over the soft angles. Ron’s prick was slightly curved, not straight like Mike’s. And perhaps it wasn’t as long, but it was thicker. All in all, about the same size.

“Big,” she whispered, touching the smooth underside. “You’ve got such a sweet, big cock!” she added, nibbling toward the wide, oval-shaped head.

“Come on baby,” Ron said. “Stop teasing. Suck me.”

Gina felt as if she’d been slapped in the face and she flushed with embarrassment. Was she really a tease!

“I’m no tease,” she said quickly. “And, by God, I’ll show you.”

She gulped the entire length of his shaft into her throat and began sucking wildly up and down, smacking her forehead noisily against his hairy stomach.

“Hey, slow down,” Ron said, amazed with the intensity of her sucking. “We don’t want to go too quick, do we?”

Gina was heedless of his words. And although at first she was trying to prove a point, now she was consumed with tortured hunger. Visions of both Ron’s and Mike’s cocks danced in her mind. Rivers of cum would be her only relief. The itch in her cunt was unbearable.

Seconds later, her pussy contracted with savage warmth. She looked through the blue-black brush of crotch hair, at the glazed expression on her husband’s face. Mike looked so much like his father, it could easily have been him lying there. Suddenly, her ecstasy boiled.

“Aaaaaghhhh!” she screamed, burrowing into his crotch like an animal.

“Jesus… fucking Christ,” Ron gasped. His jism was practically yanked from his balls. At first he felt numb, then sensation exploded with brutal pleasure. “Suck it, bitch,” he growled, first rolling quickly to his side, then squirming over onto her body.

Like two cats on a fence, Gina thought. There is no affection here. There is nothing but a big, cum-filled cock blasting into icy throat. Flesh is molding into flesh.

She was, glad her mouth was full of hot, pulsating prick, for she screamed out her son’s name as another molten orgasm clutched her insides. She jabbed her nails into the taut flesh of Ron’s ass and crushed him harder against her face.

“Take it, cock sucker,” Ron gasped, plowing in and out of her mouth, his entire body flexed like a cat ready to spring. “Suck it in and eat… Christ, eat it down, whore.”

Gina gobbled furiously on his cock, and as the lava-like juices erupted into the back of her throat, her mind seemed to melt. It was Mike’s cock in her throat also. And she loved it! Relief swept over her like a warm tide.

“Oh yes, all of it, baby,” Ron grunted, spilling the last of his cum between her lips. He crushed his full weight against her face and gyrated his ass. “Just… like that, baby. Lick, suck…”

As his words trailed off to a whisper and a stilled groan, Gina continued working his cock. The steamy juices filled her throat, seemed to filter into her very brain. She experienced another climax, but this time it was sweet, long lasting.

Later Ron pulled away and lay on his back, his chest still heaving with pleasure. As he fumbled for her tits, Gina looked at him, feeling her hunger return.

“Fuck me,” she said softly, jacking his cock up and down slowly. “Stick this big thing in me and blow wry cunt full of hot cum.”

“Wow, you are a wild cat tonight, aren’t you?” Ron laughed. “Just give me a chance to catch my breath.”

Gina couldn’t wait, not another minute. She threw her right leg over his middle and squirmed her ass around, slipping the under side of his rock-hard shaft up and down her starving crack. And the very second flesh touched flesh, she felt an electric-like jolt of raw pleasure sear her insides.

“Oh, I want it,” she murmured, grasping his prick with both hands. “I… I want it right… here,” she added, jabbing his cock head into her puckered pussy opening. “Ohhhhhh, yes!” she screamed, feeling the deliciously thick slab nudge her walls apart. “Big… hard!”

When Ron felt his cock surge into the warmth of her body, he sat up and nuzzled his face between her boobs. He then touched the sides of her thick, rounded mounds and engulfed his entire face with the silky masses of flesh.

“Oh… perfect,” he whispered. “Christ, I love this, baby. Love having my big cock in your hot pussy and licking these sweet tits.”

Gina threw her head back, an almost angelic smile forming on her pretty fact it was perfect for her too. She loved the way he nibbled on her tits, took her nipples across the roof of his mouth. She felt tingles of excitement all over her body. She lifted herself slowly, then plunged back down.

“Fuck me!” she cried out, licking her tongue over her lips. “Poke it to me, you big, Goddamned bull! Screw the living shit out of me!”

Ron began humping upward with quicker moves as he ate voraciously on her breasts. His smacking became louder as he felt his balls expand, fill with another thick load of cum.

“Take it, baby,” he groaned. “Fuck it up inside you. Here. Unh!! Here, baby! Oh, fuck, here!”

Gina threw herself forward and slipped her knees up the sides of his body, nestling them in his armpits. She then began raising and lowering her ass quickly, pulling his iron-like prick in and out of her aching hole. Her breasts were flopping over his open mouth, her face buried in his thick, curly hair.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out, her ecstasy building wildly. Her insides were a cauldron. “Fuck! Fuck meeeeeee!” she screamed, her pleasures exploding, hanging for an eternity.

When Ron felt her cunt suck on his cock like a mouth, he tried to hold back, but it was useless. Each time he flexed the muscles at the base of his shaft, a stabbing spasm of pain hit him in the nuts. He slipped his feet up on the bed and jerked upward.

“Fuck it in you, slut!” he cried out, biting down on her nipples. Massive globs of boiling jism shot up the center of his prick and gushed from his cock head, splattering her insides. “Unhhhhhh!” he panted, freezing for a split second.

They worked together, fucking like they never had before. Soon their bodies were a fleshy blur, the room filling with the hard, smacking sounds of their movements.

“Oh… Goddddddd!” Gina yelled out, experiencing one, final explosion of pure, raw climax. She fell forward, drained of all strength, yet she could still feel the pumping sensations of his cock. Some of his cum was oozing from her pussy, rolling over his balls, gluing them to the crack of her ass.

Ron gave a last upward plunge, then relaxed. He embraced his wife and buried his face between her tits, his breath hot against the delicate flesh.

“Jesus, that was the best ever,” he gasped finally. “I don’t know what caused it, but whatever it was, keep doing it.”

At that moment, Gina knew perfectly well what had caused her almost violent reaction. She had been thinking of her son, pretending it was his cock drilling her full of hot, creamy cum. And the oddest thing was she no longer felt bad about it. In fact she felt free, alive.

“Mmmmm, let’s do it again,” she said, sitting up. “Let’s do it so much we…”

“Hey, what’s gotten into you?” Ron asked, interrupting.

“This big thing,” Gina giggled, reaching for his cum-splattered prick.

Ron was about to add something, but the ringing of the telephone cut him off. He reached over and lifted the receiver, a scowl on his face.

“I don’t know,” he said after listening for a few moments. “Just a second. Let me check with the war department.” He held his hand over the speaking end of the receiver and gave Gina an unsure smile. “It’s the dispatcher,” he began. “They want me to make a special run. What do you think?” Before she could answer, he went on, “it’s a six-day run up to Maine. Do you mind? There’s a couple of thousand bucks in it.”

If he had asked before, Gina would have objected. This time she merely shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Six days without him might give her time to work this thing out with Mike.

“OK,” Ron said into the phone, then hung up. “I have to leave in about an hour,” he added, again giving her an unsure smile. “You sure it’s OK?” he asked quietly.

“It’s fine,” she said. “And we do have an hour, don’t we?” She snuggled close to him and kissed his cheek. “We can do a lot in an hour, can’t we?” she added, licking to his mouth.

“What do you have in mind?” Ron asked playfully, relieved that she wasn’t angry. He had been working an awful lot lately. “Anything special?”

Gina knew exactly what he meant. He’d said those same words on other occasions.

“You mean you want to screw this big thing in my little butt?” she giggled. “Sure,” she added, squirming to her stomach at the foot of the bed. She got to her knees and winked at him over her right shoulder.

“Christ, I’ve died and gone to heaven,” Ron said, his eyes glinting with anticipation. He knew that Gina didn’t particularly care for it this way, and somehow it only made it all the more tempting. “You’re really gonna do it?” he asked, kneeling behind her.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Gina whispered, waiting for that first, blinding spasm of pain. “Just go slow,” she said, her body tightening slightly.

True, she hadn’t enjoyed it this way, but tonight she felt different. Perhaps part of it was that she felt like a different person. She closed her eyes and thought about that monstrous prick digging into her shitter.

“Oh… do it,” she cried out. “Make it good, you bastard. Load me up with a thick lump of hot cream.”

As Ron looked down at his wife’s rounded ass, he felt his heart skip a beat. Slowly, he pulled the firm cheeks apart and nudged his middle finger into the tiny, puckered hole. When he felt the slick muscles spasm around his nail, he pushed further inside.

“Your big cock,” Gina cried out. “Not your finger. I… I want a hard prick screwing me.”

Ron was amazed. The first time, and even the last time, they had done this, it had taken a long time to relax her. And even then she had cried out with pain. He had felt guilty about enjoying it so much while she lay there writhing, begging for him to hurry.

“Really?” he grunted, his jaw dropping. “You ready for it?”

In answer, Gina reached between her legs and grasped his cock with her hands. She then nuzzled the huge, pulsating cock head into the crack of her ass and pushed backward. As the thickness of his prick pierced her, she cried out.

But not with pain!

Pleasure riddled her body like a million, icy hot needles. She flexed the muscles of her shitter, drawing in the rest of his throbbing cock.

“Fuck!” Ron gasped, leaning forward. “It’s so good! God, I don’t believe it!” He withdrew slightly, then thrust forward hard. His balls slipped upward, bouncing against her mound of cum-oozing cunt. “Does it hurt, baby?” he grunted.

“It hurts so… good,” Gina answered. “Fuck me. Make it hurt. Tear my little asshole apart, you bastard.”

Ron was glad that he’d blown his load twice before. This time he would be able to completely enjoy this, without that horrible pressure in his loins. He began working slowly, sliding his cock in and out of her asshole with rhythmic strokes.

“Oh… shit,” he said, kissing the back of her neck. “I think I like this almost as much as your sweet, hot pussy.”

“Suck my tits while you fuck me,” Gina said, turning slightly to her side. She held the back of his head and pushed his mouth down around her right breast. When she felt the sucking warmth of his lips, she flinched with mounting pleasure. “Oh, God, yes,” she moaned. “Suck and fuck and… fuck me hard!”

Ron locked his mouth firmly around her swollen mound of tit and drew the rubbery nipple across his lapping tongue. When he’d eaten in as much as his mouth could hold, he slipped his right hand under her body, then poked his middle finger into her pussy opening. As he delved further inside, he could feel the pressure of his stabbing cock.

“Oh! Oh… God!” Gina screamed out. A thundering climax shot through her body. The twin sensations in both her holes were almost too much to bear. She suddenly wondered what it would be like to have two cocks in her at the same time; Ron in her ass and Mike in her pussy.

Although she knew something like that would never happen in a million years, playing with the idea was almost enough. Her orgasm peaked violently, sending waves of release into every cell of her body. The pleasures had barely subsided when they renewed themselves instantly. She squirmed and writhed as if she was on fire, her tortured groans echoing off the walls.

While she climaxed over and over, Ron felt his own ecstasy grow wildly. He jerked backward suddenly and yanked her legs apart like a wishbone. He could no longer control himself. He humped forward and upward so hard, he almost lifted her off the bed.

“Fuck it, you cum-sucking whore!” he yelled, the veins in his neck popping out like snakes. “Screw it! Eat on my cock with your fucking asshole!”

Although Gina felt a flash of burning pain, it was delicious. She was now fully aware of every hard inch of his slab of dick. She began working with him, thrusting her ass backward each time he jabbed forward.

About twenty seconds later, she felt his shaft expand, fill her asshole completely. She then felt the base of his cock jerk, and knew his cum was blasting from his nuts. The two seconds it took for the molten globs of milky jism to travel to his cock head and burst inside her was an eternity, a delicious eternity.

“Fuck meee!” she shrieked, suddenly feeling her insides bubble with his showering cum-load.

“Unh! Unh! Fuck… take it!” Ron gasped, his nuts on fire with delicious release. He emptied his juices into her shitter with quick movements and soon felt the cum slosh backward, ooze from her hole and run down her legs. “Ohhhh… God… this is… so fucking good,” he panted, every muscle in his body taut.

Finally, he fell forward, crushing his full weight down on her body. As the last wad of jism shot into her insides, he reached under and locked his fingers around her tits, bit down on the back of her neck.

“Sweet, baby… sweet,” he murmured.

As his hulking frame engulfed her body, Gina shivered with pleasure. In a way she was even glad that he was leaving. She would have Mike for those lonely nights. That is, if he would do it. The last couple of days he had avoided her, could hardly look her in the eye.

She would make it right, though. She had to.

“Well, I guess I’d better get ready,” Ron murmured, interrupting her thoughts. “Shit, I wish I’d told them to go get fucked.”

“Just think now much you’re gonna like it after six days,” Gina said with a giggle.

“I’m thinking how much I like it right now,” he said.

Gina knew she could easily talk him out of the run, but she also knew she wouldn’t.

Her body was ripe for Mike.


Gina stood outside the bathroom, her hand on the doorknob. She had given her other children the bum’s rush, even let Adam drive the family car — something she’d never done before. He and Brian and Susan had been given instructions to leave her alone for the evening. After curious glances they had obeyed.

She turned the doorknob and heard the splashing of the shower grow louder. Mike was behind the curtain, his baritone voice murdering a popular country song. When he didn’t know the words he substituted anything that came into his head.

Gina giggled. In the song, the man’s heart was so filled with love, he felt like oregano.

“Mom?” Mike asked. “Is that you?”

Gina pulled off her bathrobe, and stepped into the shower with him, grinning at his shocked expression.

“Wha…?” he began, his eyes dropping to the area of her tits.

“I thought I’d warm you up for your date tonight,” his mother said, reaching for his soft, dangling cock. “Unless you still think I’m a cock tease,” she added, moving close, feeling the splatter of warm water on her shoulder.

“…in the hell,” Mike finished, his eyes widening.

“Still want to be a little mother fucker?” she grinned, kissing his chest.

Mike was stunned. In the past two days, he’d just about worked things out, and now they were starting up again. Was this a dream or was it really happening? He shook his head and tried to focus through the soap suds.

“I’ve been thinking about what happened,” Gina sold softly. “And you were right. I guess I was being a tease, and I’m sorry. I should have finished what I started.” She worked her fingers up and down his thickening cock shaft. “Can I finish it tonight?” she purred.

“Jesus,” Mike said, swallowing hard. He hadn’t been able to think of anything else but his mother lately — how those sweet tits tasted, that steamy cunt. And here she was! “You’d better watch it,” he said, his voice raspy with desire. “You stop me this time and you’ll get your ass raped.”

“Then I’m going to stop,” she said playfully. “I’ve never been raped before.”

“You bitch,” Mike said, kissing her passionately on the mouth. “You wonderful little bitch.”

The bay’s cock was rock-hard, completely filling Gina’s palm. She pulled the loose foreskin down from his pulsating cock head and rolled his shaft over her stomach. As it touched her skin, she felt a stabbing sensation of pleasure inside her cunt.

“I want to make it up to you,” she whispered into his mouth. “I’ll do anything you want. Just tell me.”

Mike’s heart was thundering in his chest. This is the way it should be. He loved that look of hunger in her eyes, that carefree smile.

“On your knees, lady,” Mike said, grinning from ear to ear. “I’m gonna fuck that little mouth of yours so full of cum it blows out your ears.”

Gina shivered with anticipation as she lowered herself in front of him. She let her nails scrape down his sides, then slip around to his hairy, firm ass cheeks.

“My little boy’s big cock,” she murmured, nibbling at the underside of his monstrous shaft. She rubbed her fingers into the crack of his ass and opened her mouth wide, gulping down the glistening cock head. “Mmmmmm,” she gurgled, nuzzling her nose into the soapy, wet hairs of his crotch.

“Oh… shit,” Mike grunted, his body tightening with pleasure. “I forgot how good yuu suck cock.”

He looked down, watched her lips clamp firmly at the base of his prick and felt his knees go weak. He put his large hands on the back of her neck and dug his fingers into the soft, yielding flesh. His halls were on fire, throbbing with even more pressure than they had the other night.

“That’s fine,” he grunted. “All the way in that little cock sucking mouth of yours, baby. Come on, let me see you work on it like you mean it.”

Gina began moving her head back and forth, letting his cock head almost slip out of her mouth. She pressed it back forward. Soon she was going as quickly as she could, her chin slapping against his wet, hanging balls. And each time she touched them, she could feel the buzzing sensations of his growing cum-load.

Cock! Her mind screamed. Big, sweet, delicious cock! I love it! I love the way it gouges my mouth, stabs my tonsils. I love the taste, the feel, of his wiry hairs against my nose.

“Ummmmm!” she grunted, feeling her pussy tighten and ooze with juices. Delicate ripples swept over her cunt lips, inflaming her clit. She squeezed her legs together and gave another muffled moan of pleasure.

“Suck it, Mom,” Mike said, his voice quivering with pleasure. “Lick my prick all the way in. I got two days worth of cum for you to suck.”

His words took Gina by surprise. She thought he had been out the last two nights with Betty. Something must have happened between them. Or…?

“Two days?” she asked, after pulling away. “I thought…”

“I just couldn’t do it, after… well, you know, what happened the other night. And besides, Betty was giving me a rough time. I was thinking about giving up women altogether. Seems I was getting my balls busted everywhere I turned.”

Gina licked his nuts into her mouth, first one at a time, then together. As she lapped her tongue between the hairy orbs, she looked up at his smiling face and increased the pressure of her fingers on his ass.

“Aw, that’s better than getting them busted,” her son said. “Love getting them licked like that.”

Gina not only felt free, but was becoming drunk with the power she held over him. The small room seemed to spin, grow dark. She spit his balls out and kissed up the underside of his cock shaft.

“Like your mommy eating your dick?” she whispered. “Hmmmmm? You like that, you little bull?”

“Sure as fuck do,” Mike said, his voice filled with horny urgency.

“Do it on my face,” Gina said, lapping her tongue out. “I want to see it come out. I want it splattering all over me.”

Mike looked at his red-haired mother, the flash of her emerald-green eyes. Already his jism was boiling, ready to spill into the base of his cock. He would like to see those juices blast over her face, drip into her mouth, hang like wet spider webs from her chin. He grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand and began jerking his shaft up and down, aiming his prick head at her nose.

“No, let me do it,” Gina said, pulling on his cock.

“You just stand there.”

Mike released his grip and watched his mother yank back and forth on his prick. God, it was getting good. His nuts were already drawing up at his body, his cock head expanding. He spread his legs further apart and crouched slightly, thrusting his hips forward.

“Faster,” he gasped, biting his lower lip. “God, Mom, hurry up! I’m going… going… fuck!”

His orgasm hit him savagely, causing every muscle in his body to stand out. Every ounce of his concentration centered on the fantastic, molten pleasure that burst around his cock head.

Gina watched fascinated as the tiny cum hole expanded, quivered like a small mouth. Any second now…

The rush of blasting cum gushed over her face like a releasing fire hose, sending a river of steaming juice between her eyes. Then as the liquid rolled down her cheeks, a second thick glob exploded, splashing into her hair.

“Ohhhhh,” she groaned, aiming the cock head between her parted lips. “Yes, yes, yes,” she whimpered, letting the next few spurts churn into her throat.

Mike couldn’t take the torture any longer. He grabbed her by the hair of the head and forced her mouth down around his shaft, punching forward with his hips at the same time.

“Eat it down, you cock sucker,” he growled, leaning his head against the side of the shower stall. “Oh… fuck, Mom, suck it right into your stomach!”

Gina lapped on his exploding cock like a starving animal, feeling her own orgasm build dramatically. With the thick juices rolling down her cheeks, while other masses clogged her throat, she felt as if the top of her head would blow off. At last her climax thundered inside her, constricting her wildly. Her cunt lips sucked and pulled on the damp hair, craving what her mouth was getting.

“Aaagffffff!” she gurgled, twisting her him around as if trying to swallow his entire body.

“All of it, whore,” Mike wheezed. “Chew it down and… Mom, you cock sucker, suck me!”

Gina gobbled on his cock for a long while, using every trick she knew. And even when his prick began to loosen slightly, she kept sucking. Finally, she moved her mouth away and kissed him insides of his thighs, ran the coarse hairs between her teeth.

“So… sweet,” she murmured. “I love eating out your cum.”

“Well, this it about where we were last time,” Mike said. “You aren’t gonna tease me again, are you?”

“Oh, I might,” Gina said, a wicked smile on her face. “For a little while, at least.”

“OK, one rape scene coming up,” the boy laughed.

“You mean you’d rape your own mother?” Gina asked, mock horror on her face. “You mean you’d stick this big thing in me and…”

“Spread ’em, baby,” Mike said, pulling her to her feet. “I’m gonna show you the gates of heaven. And here’s the doorknob.”

As he jabbed his cock forward, squeezing the tip of it between the crack of her cunt, Gina gave a shrieking moan of pleasure.

“Wait,” she panted, pulling back. “Let’s do it right.”

“Right?” Mike asked. “You mean there’s a wrong way to do it?”

They both laughed.

“Let’s go to bed,” Gina said, stepping out of the shower.

“I don’t know if I have time,” Mike said, consulting an imaginary wristwatch. “After all, I do have a date with Betty, you know.” It was his turn to tease.

“Betty who?” Gina giggled.

Mike lowered his eyes to the area of the peach-colored cunt hairs, the tightly constricted opening.

He licked his lips, felt a surge of warmth hit his loins.

“Like you say, Betty who,” he said, scrambling from the tub.


Gina lunged onto the bed, then squirmed to her knees. She shot Mike an impish glance over her shoulder as she shook her ass seductively.

“Like it doggy-style?” she asked, her voice husky with anticipation.

“Any fucking way I can get it,” her son said, joining her on the bed. He knelt behind her and pulled her legs further apart. When he saw, the delicious-looking crack of her ass, leading to an eyed more delicious-looking patch of red cunt hair, he felt his loins jerk with ecstasy. “Mmmmm, and I can’t wait to get this,” he whispered, digging his fingers into her brush of silky hair.

Gina reached under her body and cupped his dangling, furry nuts. The swirling masses of cum were already collecting again, causing his balls to buzz like a hive of angry bees. She lifted them and rolled them over the insides of her thighs.

“Hurry,” she whispered. “God, I can’t wait to have that big cock of yours fucking me.”

Mike looked down at his mother’s glistening body still wet from the shower and rubbed his left hand up and down her back. Her flesh was as smooth as glass, but yielding and warm. He slipped his fingers to her sides, then under her. As they brushed over her boobs, he felt her flinch.

“You really want it bad, don’t you?” he murmured, leaning forward and kissing the back of her neck. “I’ll just bet you love the shit out of getting hosed.”

“Yes,” Gina moaned, waiting for the pressure of his gigantic cock. “Fuck me. Don’t just talk about it. I want to see some action.”

“You got it, bitch,” her son said affectionately. “Gonna shove it to you like you never had it before.”

As he said the words, he began squirming his ass around, forcing his cock head upward, closer to the oozing cunt crack. Then when he felt the slippery lips glide against his foreskin, he took a deep breath and humped forward. The entire slab of cock thrust inside her pussy, stretching her walls to the breaking point.

“How’s that, you cock-loving slut?” he grunted.

“Aieeeeeee!” Gina yelled out, as a mixture of pain and pleasure swept inside her. “It’s so huge!”

She had been prepared for enormous pressure since his prick was so massive, so thick, but his slab of cock seemed actually to be rearranging her insides! She found it difficult to breathe, almost as if the tip of his expanding prick were jabbing her lungs.

Mike closed his eyes as he withdrew slowly. When the end of his cock lay just inside her opening, he held himself there for a few seconds, then plunged back inside. As he did, his balls swung forward and hit her stomach, just above the patch of golden-red cunt hair.

“Like it hard and fast?” he grunted, removing his cock again, forcing it back inside.

Gina could only nod her head, as her full attention was directed to the way his prick was melting her insides. Already she could feel the first pangs of orgasm.

Her son licked her shoulders and nuzzled his face under her right arm. He then kissed her breast, taking the pink nipple between his teeth. Slowly he began chewing, exerting greater pressure, scraping over the rubbery flesh.

“Yes, yes,” Gina choked, thrashing about. “Just like that. Son, you have a beautiful, hard cock. Lick my tits and… just fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

“You really want the business?” Mike said, stepping all movement, lifting his mouth from her tit.

It took several seconds for Gina even to make any sense of his words. She was in total ecstasy. His hard, muscular body was engulfing hers, his cock sending spasms of delight up and down her cunt. Finally she cried out, her words running together.

“Gimmmegimmeegimeeee!” she gasped, her lungs about to explode from the enormous pressure of his prick.

Mike quickly got off the bed, pulling her with him. He then stood up and yanked her legs apart. He took a couple of steps backward, sliding her body across the bedspread. When her face rested on the bed, he planted his feet wide apart and dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her thighs.

“Get ready, you cum-sucking whore,” he whispered, an almost satanic smile forming on his handsome face. “I’m gonna fuck you until you stay fucked.”

Gina grasped the bedspread with her fingers and waited for his assault. She’d never had it this way, nothing even remotely close. Yet something told her it was going to be good. Very good!

Mike blasted forward, driving his cock fully into her swollen cunt. Almost immediately, he withdrew, then plunged back in. Soon, his ass was bobbing back and forth wildly and became a blur. His hands tightened on her thighs, the smile on his face became set, his teeth bared.

“Screw it, slut,” he gasped, giving it to her as fast as he could. “Come on, baby, suck it in your pussy. Fuck me. Fuck that little pussy around my prick and… and… unhhh!”

His fucking was so wild, so deliciously savage, that Gina felt as if the entire house was shaking. She tried to work with him but her efforts were lost. She felt like a rag-doll under his superior strength. Finally she relaxed, letting him take complete control. As she did, her hands slipped downward, then her head.

Mike took another step backward, letting his mother’s head fall to the floor. Before it hit, he humped upward, then swung slightly to one side. He then felt her hands on his ankles, her warm mouth on his toes.

“Oh. God,” Gina gasped. She had no idea that fucking could be so physical! She licked and sucked on his toes, tightening her grip on his ankles. Blood rushed to her head, making her dizzy. And her insides were a volcano, ready to erupt. She gave another gurgling groan of pleasure, then froze. “Shove it in you,” Mike panted, beads of sweat glistening on his forehead, his upper lip. “Come on, whore, take my cock and eat it into your cum-licking brains!”

Gina’s orgasm thundered in her guts with unbelievable force. And when she thought it sure it must be over, it only intensified. Soon, her entire being was in flames, her mind ready to snap. This time, the room truly did spin, for her son was turning around and around, letting her long hair sweep over the carpet.

“God!” she screamed, bucking with anguished pleasure. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck meeeeeee!”

“Oh… Mom, take it,” Mike grunted, stepping all movement for a second. He felt his cum blast from his nuts and swirl up the center of his pulsating shaft. Suddenly, the ball of his prick was on fire with release, tightening like a drum head, then loosening. Thick globs of jism burst between the puckered lips of her cunt. “Fuuuucck!” he shouted, throwing his head back.

Gina’s insides became deliciously inflamed with the massive wads of sticky cum. And the juice seemed to bring with it more thundering spasms of raw pleasure. Soon her entire body was shaking with one climax after another.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” she panted finally, feeling as if her very bones had turned to rubber. As she let her head drop to the carpet, she repeated her son’s name over and over.

At last, when the final spasms of molten jism had seared into his mother’s pussy, Mike released his grip on her thighs. Slowly, she fell to the floor in a heap. He sat down on the bed and cast her a glazed look, then fell back, his chest heaving with excitement.

As Gina lay on the floor, she felt battered and bruised, but deliciously alive. She stroked her body, then worked her fingers to the area between her thighs. Carefully, she rolled the wads of cum around, then scooped them into her palms.

“Mmmmmm, good,” she murmured, lifting the juice to her lips and licking the globs into her throat.

When her thighs were clean, she poked her fingers into her cunt, then worked out some more milky fluid. She ran the liquid around in her cunt hair for a few seconds, then squeezed them into one glob. She then pinched the jism with her fingertips and raised her hand. A glistening, thick web of cum formed, about tree inches high. At last, it broke sending half the mass back into her hairs. The other half dangled from her fingers. She held her head back and downed the jism like she would an oyster.

“I-I want some more of this,” she whispered, touching her son’s ankle. “Can I have it?”

“Hmmmmmm?” Mike responded, lost in a world of warm comfort.

“I said, can I have more cum to suck,” Gina repeated, kneeling beside the bed. She moved between his legs and lowered her face to his damp crotch. It smelled of her own body, and the heady aroma of sweat and cum. “Let Mommy eat your cock again, Son,” she murmured, nuzzling her face into the wiry hairs.

When Mike felt her hot, searching mouth, he felt a delicate spasm just under his balls. He lifted his head and looked down, a smile forming on his face.

“Don’t you ever get enough?” he asked.

Quite frankly, Gina used to get enough all the time. Then her husband took that job as a trucker and the nights away from him became more and more frequent. She also realized that she was getting older (the years between twenty-eight and thirty-six had seemed like a long afternoon), and perhaps life was passing her by. She had had only one man until now, and thought that this wasn’t exactly… well, fair.

“I think I could get enough,” she whispered. Then after a pause, she added, “that is, if you want to give it to me.”

“Want some more hot meat in your pussy?” he grinned.

“How about in my asshole?” Gina dared. Did other people do that?

“Huh!” Mike said, his eyes widening.

“I mean, we don’t have to,” Gina said, trying to pass off her suggestion as a lark. “We could always…”

“Sure,” Mike said, licking his lips. “Christ, I have to talk like a preacher to get anyone to do that. You mean you’d… let me?”

The generation gap was quickly narrowing, it seemed.

“Just go easy,” Gina said, getting to the bed, “at first.”

“Oh… wow,” Mike said, his voice a grunt. His eyes were locked on the smooth, rounded contours of his mother’s ass. “I… I don’t believe this,” he added, quickly getting between her legs. His cock was standing up, rock-hard, slapping his stomach. “I… I just don’t believe this,” he said again.

“Mmmmmm, I do,” Gina whispered feeling the heat of his body as he leaned forward. The rough texture of his hairy legs sent shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. “Now fuck me, you bull. Really give it to me good,” she said softly.

Mike placed his large hands on her ass cheeks and spread them slowly. When she saw the delicate, puckered hole, his heart seemed to jump in his throat. Another spasm of dull pain hit his balls.

“Oh Mom,” he whimpered, grasping his cock with his right hand and aiming the tip of it toward the narrow crack. “I… I’m gonna fuck your shitter…”

Gina felt the satiny surface of his cock head push against her tiny opening, then gently slide inside. As her membranes spread to accept all he had to offer, tingles of ecstasy and pain swept around her middle. She exhaled loudly and fully relaxed. When she did, about two inches of his shaft probed inside.

Mike stopped all movement suddenly, letting her get used to the size of his cock. When he felt the slick walls give slightly, he withdrew about an inch, then thrust in about halfway. When she flinched, he froze.

“Hurt?” he asked, his voice strained with pleasure.

“Oh… no,” Gina answered. “It’s perfect. Mmmmm, I love your cock. Give it all to me. Poke it up right between my shoulder blades, stud.”

Mike’s mind almost exploded. Not only was she letting him do it, but she was actually enjoying it!

“Ohhhhh… yes!”

When the silky warmth of her insides hugged his throbbing cock, Mike had to fight to keep from blasting his load right then. He’d never had it so good before. Sure, he’d done this, but never with anyone who actually liked it as much as he did, and he was always aware of the girl’s pain. It had taken something any from his pleasure, and it made him feel guilty.

“Well, are you going to fuck me?” Gina teased when her son only lay on top of her for a few minutes.

“I sure as hell am,” Mike said, letting everything melt from his mind except the fantastic ecstasy he felt. “I’m gonna blow you wide open, bitch,” he added, beginning to pump up and down rhythmically.

Gina spread her legs a little wider and began working with him. Each time he thrust inside, she moved her butt upward. Soon, the smacking sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoed off the walls. Seconds later, the first flutters of orgasm tingled her insides. She reached between her legs and cupped his firm, hairy balls. “Let me stick these in my cunt,” she said, rolling the orbs over her glistening patch of pussy hair.

Mike shoved inside and held himself there, then she grunted as her cunt lips seemed to lick around his nuts. Suddenly, both balls were bathed in sucking, churning warmth. He was totally inside her. Cock and balls!

“No… no,” he panted, ordering his body to hold back, to enjoy the delicious anguish of waiting for a few more minutes at least.

“Yes,” Gina said, her climax a split-second away. Her guts seemed to be crawling around like a bunch of snakes. “Screw… screw it to me, you… you… Aaaahhuuuuhhh!”

For Mike, that was all it took. It would have been easier to flap his arms and fly to Mars than to hold back. Her orgasm sucked on his, practically yanking his cum from his balls. And it was the wildest sensation, having the juices vibrate inside her cunt, then sweep around the area between the holes, and blast inside her asshole. It was like twin orgasms.

He screamed, biting down on the back of her neck like a striking cobra.

Gina worked with him in such a fashion so as not to let his cock or balls leave her holes. When he moved up, she thrust backward.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she panted, clawing at the sheets. “Give me all of it! Gallons of thick, hot cum!”

They molded themselves together for a long while, pumped and fucked even after the last of Mike’s massive globs of cum had stopped blasting from his cum-hole. At last they fell in a heap, Mike’s hot breath against the side of his mother’s neck. His eyes were half-closed, glazed with pure satisfaction.

Gina opened her mouth and lapped at her lower lip with her tongue. This had been the best ever — better even than with Ron. And she knew why. Both her cunt and asshole had been filled at the moment of climax. It was almost like… two cocks. Two big, hard cocks!

Although she felt a little wicked, her mind began playing with the idea. Ron wouldn’t go for it in a million years, even if Mike did. But she didn’t know any other men that well and quite frankly she didn’t want to be unfaithful to her husband. She almost giggled. If this wasn’t being unfaithful, what was?

“Hmmmmmm,” she murmured, wondering how she could satisfy that hot urge.

Her son, Adam! Or perhaps Brian!

No, she reluctantly admitted, they didn’t even know she existed. They were into sports too much. At one and two years younger than Mike respectively, Adam and Brian had shown an unusual lack of interest in sex; perhaps it was because Mike had been so active, she laughed to herself.

Even her daughter, Susan, was pretty much of a prude, even by Gina’s provincial standards. A year younger than Brian, she was still into dolls.

But hadn’t she encouraged this? She had made those tiny clothes, bought her a two-hundred dollar dollhouse for Christmas.

Maybe it was time for her to wake up her family a little.

“Mike?” she whispered, snuggling beneath him.

Mike was asleep.

Yes, I’m going to wake up, shake up, this family.

Starting with Adam.

She let Mike sleep after slipping from beneath his dead weight. She then took a long shower and waited for her other children to come home.


As Adam lay sleeping, the moonlight from the window on the far side of the room splashed over his body. The sheets were crumpled about his middle, hiding most of his form. One large foot was thrust off the bed, one arm was behind his head, and his face was turned toward the wall. Half of his sculptured chest was exposed, revealing tight, hairless flesh and one, tiny dark nipple.

Gina stood in the doorway, feeling giddy.

She pressed her hands together to keep them from shaking and took a cautious step into the room. After closing the door, she moved quietly toward the bed then sat down gingerly.

When she did, Adam stirred slightly, one arm flopping against her knee.

Gina’s throat was tight, her mouth dry. She could stop now, she knew, but also knew she wouldn’t. She let her eyes move over her son’s body, then concentrated on the thick bulge under the sheets. Was that thing real? She wondered.

Carefully she tugged at the sheets, lowering them from his chest, past his bellybutton, over the blond patch of crotch hair. She could see the base of his cock. It was thick and meaty, half-hard. She pulled the sheets all the way down, then gasped.

Mike wasn’t the only one to inherit size from his father. Adam’s cock was a study in perfection. Well shaped, riddled with large purplish veins and covered with a dark sheath of loose skin, it was delicious looking. The tightness in her throat intensified.

She let her gaze take in his other features. He was about six feet tail, and although not as muscular as Mike or his father, he was wiry and powerful. Even when relaxed, he looked like a cat ready to spring. His face was angular, framed by swirls of blond hair, the same color as the hair that adorned his crotch. He took after his paternal grandfather with those blue eyes. His frame was almost completely hairless, making him look like warm marble — a statue of a young, Greek God.

She lifted her hand, then placed it over his cock. A couple of seconds later, she felt it throb to life, stretch across her palm like a slow-moving snake. Soon it was fully hard, pulsating to her touch.

“My God,” Gina whispered, feeling her pussy begin to twitch, bubble with juices. She fought the urge to lunge forward and gobble that beautiful prick down with one gulp. She knew it would surely wake him, and she didn’t want that. Not just yet.

She moved her fingers away from his prick and ran them through the brush of hair. It wasn’t nearly as wiry as she thought it would be; it was almost as silky as hers. Her fingers played over his stomach, then up to his chest. She stroked him softly all over, even running her fingers between the spaces of his toes.

Finally, when she could take the torture no longer, she lowered her face to his thigh. His thick, meaty-balls smelled musky and masculine. Covered with short, silvery-white hairs, the flesh looked like a gully-washed terrain.

She licked his cum-filled balls. Immediately a spasm of pleasure shot down the back of her throat, filtered through the deepest insides and seemed to explode her cunt. She groaned softly and licked the side of his left balls, taking strands of hair between her teeth.

“Hmmmm?” Adam said, snorting.

Gina lay perfectly still, letting her tongue remain on his nut. When he relaxed again she moved her head a little further up on his body and kissed the side of his cock. Again she felt a convulsion of pleasure rip through her pussy.

“Sleep, baby,” she murmured. “Mommy will suck you while you dream…”

Her words became an even softer muffle as she slipped her mouth around the oval-shaped cock head. She moistened the silky surface with her wet tongue, then inched her lips further down the shaft. As the bulge of his cock moved across her tongue, she felt the back of her throat ache.

“Mmmmmmm,” she whispered, touching his balls with her fingers. She could taste dried piss and cum, feel it etch the quivering membranes of her nostrils.

Seconds later, her mouth was firmly clamped around the hairy base of his prick. The end of his shaft was down her esophagus.

Adam was dreaming, and in his dream he had just scored a touchdown. He was standing under the uprights, holding the ball up in the air. Time seemed to freeze, and that cute little cheerleader that always made him stammer and turn red emerged from the crowd. She drifted over and fell to her knees before him. She then unlaced his pants and pulled them over his pads. She deftly took the cup away from cock and balls, and locked her mouth around his rock-hard prick.

It was warm. God, was it warm!

The crowd was still cheering. She was still sucking.

The ball fell from his hand but made no sound. He lowered his arm and brushed his fingers into her silky masses of hair, held the girl’s face closer to his body.

It was hot. Christ, he’d never been this hot in his life!

Gina sucked up and down her son’s cock with growing speed, savoring every hard inch. And each time that massive cock head pumped between her tonsils, she felt her cunt throb more wildly. She tasted a tiny drop of clear fluid, felt it sink into her stomach and warm her insides.

Adam stood there stupidly, feeling his balls rumble. The girl was eating him completely inside her throat, burrowing her face between his legs. Her chin was jabbing between his balls, and her flesh was oh, so soft.

The world seemed to explode, hurling him into the darkness of space. The crowd, the football field, even the girl no longer existed. He was wrapped in pleasure, like a blanket of electricity. It was warm. So warm!

The explosion of cum inside Gina’s mouth was almost more than she could take. Her son, it seemed, would never stop blasting those thick globs of cream into her throat. And she didn’t want him to. She wanted more and more. Wanted to fall into a river of it and drown.

She climaxed violently and screamed around the bursting cock head, felt the thick juices spurt from both her nostrils, seep from the corners of her mouth.

“Mmmmffffff!” she choked, wallowing in the fluid that filled her cheeks and seeped between her teeth. It was milky, delicious. She groaned again as her orgasm peaked.

At last she pulled away and licked her lips. She then grasped Adam’s cock with both hands and pulled upward, releasing a final wad of cum. As the liquid oozed over the loose foreskin, she touched her tongue to it and lifted her head. A glistening strand formed between her tongue and his cock. She sucked the juice into her mouth, then threw her head back, letting the force of gravity pull it into her throat.

Adam’s dream was dawning. He was aware of his room, the moonlight, the emptiness in his belly. He flexed his muscles, but they felt like rubber.

There was someone here with him. Someone warm. He heard the rustle of sheets, the sound of heavy breathing. Forcing his eyelids up was almost impossible.

“Don’t go,” he whispered, or thought he didn’t know which.

“Adam?” a voice said. That girl? No… his mother!

“Huh?” he said, his eyes opening. “Oh Mom!” he gasped, awake.

“I heard you call out,” his mother lied. “Like you… needed something.”

“I had a dream,” the boy said as be began brushing at his eyes with his fingers. “God, you wouldn’t believe it. Warm…”

“Tell me about it,” Gina said, touching the boy’s chest.

With his defenses down, Adam spoke. “I was playing football, and had scored a touchdown, and then this girl came over and she… well, she was on her knees, and she… you know, she put her mouth on me, and…”

“Mmmmmmm,” Gina encouraged.

“She made me feel so good, and the world seemed to explode and…”

“Did she do this?” Gina asked, her voice a purr.

She lifted his massive cock with both hands and sucked the tip of it between her lips. Slowly she lowered her face, taking in the full length.

“Mother!” Adam gasped, bucking. Gina pulled her mouth away, let his prick fall to his stomach with a dull, smacking thud. She then squirmed between his legs and touched his taut, muscled chest.

“It was no dream,” she whispered. “You… you sucked me off?” Adam asked, his eyes wide with horror. “While I was sleeping?”

“Yes,” Gina answered. “And now I’m going to do it while you’re awake.”

The boy’s mind was torn — a mixture of terror and pleasure. He wanted to push her away. Christ, she must be nuts! His own fucking mother!

But it was warm. Oh, so warm…


Fully awake, Adam watched his mother gobble up and down his cock. Revulsion melted to pleasure. God, how could anything that felt so good be bad?

And not only did he feel pleasure, he could almost, well… see it. His mother’s tits were so creamy, firm and ripe. They touched the insides of her thighs, the pink, rubbery nipples causing electric-like jolts to race over his flesh. He moved his head to one side and looked at the delicate patch of peach-colored cunt hair, the tightly constricted cunt lips.

His throat constricted, and if he wasn’t mistaken, his tongue seemed to pulse. He had heard some of the guys talk about eating out chicks, and found it disgusting. Then…

I mean, who in his right mind would want to stick his tongue in that hairy snatch and…

Well, what exactly did you do with it? Bite it? Run your tongue inside? Wasn’t it supposed to smell funny? He remembered Hank Moore saying something about his girl was on the rag, so he just sniffed a can of sardines and jacked off.

He stretched, slowly twisting to his side, to get a better view. He’d had exactly four sexual experiences. Well, five, if you want to count this one. And they had been a bust. He’d poked his cock inside, in the darkness, and it was over in less than a minute. And the girls hadn’t had much going for them, except they were soft and warm. One girl had bled, and he thought he would never hear the last of that.

So now he’d usually just jack off and go to sleep.

His mother’s pussy looked so… well, inviting. The wrinkled flesh was barely parted and the contrast of red hair and pink folds caused his mouth to ache.

The boy realized that he was truly looking at pussy for the first time in his life.

Pussy, he thought. It was tight, slippery, and…

“Mom?” he asked suddenly, wondering where the words came from. “…Can I… well, kiss you?”

“Mmmmmmm, yes,” Gina whispered, moving her mouth away from his cock. “Love kissing my boys,” she added, moving her face toward his.

“I… I mean, there,” Adam gasped, look ins at the glorious patch of glistening cunt hair.

Gina smiled as she planted her knees in his armpits. She then touched the back of his head with her fingers and thrust her hips forward. Her pussy was just two inches from his mouth.

“Jesus!” Adam gasped. Up close, it was even more beautiful. The opening was tight, slippery and didn’t smell funny at all. It was perfumed, and the only thing he could compare it to was pumpkin pie, turkey, the first day of spring and the inside of a locker room after a win. “Jesus!” he said again, his mind stunned.

“You like your mommy’s pussy?” Gina asked, gyrating her hips, brushing her cunt hair over his parted lips.

The coach always told the guys before a game to be an animal, to grunt and growl like an animal. Adam had, but through it all he had still retained his humanity. He pretended he was an animal.

Now he was an animal.

He locked his mouth around her cunt like a sex starved animal, jabbing his entire tongue inside. He tore at it with his teeth, his fingernails, almost as if he were trying to climb inside.

“Adam!” Gina cried out, unable to comprehend what was happening. One moment he had been lying placidly and the next he was gouging at her insides like a wild animal.

“Mom! Pussy! Mom! Pussy!” Adam screamed into her cunt. He smacked and chewed violently, feeling her juices burn over his lips. Never in a million years would he get enough. He gave another tortured, hungry groan as he closed his eyes, stabbing his tongue fully inside.

Although Gina didn’t know exactly what was happening, she loved every minute of it. Within a matter of seconds, her insides were churning wildly, spitting out masses of cunt juice. She writhed and squirmed against his face, letting her head rock back and forth.

“That’s good, baby,” she moaned. “Lick out your mother just like that. Mmmmm! That’s sweet.”

Adam’s movements slowed as the intense pressure in his loins mounted. He wanted to savor this feeling, to remember it forever. At last, when he thought he couldn’t handle the throbbing in hi balls any longer, he pulled away. As he did, his mother moved with him.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered, holding the back of hit head with both hands. “It was so… nice what you were doing.”

“Oh Mom,” the boy gasped, memorizing the soft angles of her oozing, red-haired hole. “I never knew it could be like this. Can I fuck you now?”

Although Gina wanted it as badly as he did, she was enjoying the torture too much. She repositioned herself, lying on top of his body, her head toward the foot of the bed. As she lowered her cunt down on his face, she grasped his thick, meaty cock and pressed the tip of it to her lips.

“Let’s do it this way,” she murmured, sucking in more of the rock-hard shaft.

Adam needed no encouragement. Stabbing upward with his tongue, he again tasted the frothy juices of his mother’s cunt. He gave a low, growling grunt of pleasure, feeling his insides tighten, the muscles at the base of his cock flex.

Gina’s mouth was around the base of the boy’s cock, her nose pressed between his pulsating balls. Her hands were clutching the muscled thighs, her eyes closed with rapture. Both her cunt and throat were ready to explode, it seemed. She held back, however, forcing her will against her growing climax, wanting to have it only when his prick gushed with cum.

“Uuhhhhh!” she groaned, squirming wildly over his face, fucking his tongue in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, Mom!” Adam cried out suddenly, his body freezing in a paroxysm of raw ecstasy. His jism blasted from his balls and shot up the center of his shaft into the back of her throat. “Ohhhhh, fuck! Fuck!” he panted, chewing over the nub of clit.

The very second Gina tasted the first of his enormous cum load, her pussy twitched with climax. The muscles sucked and pulled around his tongue, just like her throat was doing to his spewing cock. She bucked and writhed violently, slapping her ass up and down furiously. Her head was a blur as she gobbled up and down his cock.

“Aaaghhhhh!” she choked, unable to take all he had to offer. Thick, milky streams of jism seeped from her mouth, covering his balls with liquid warmth. She clutched the hairy orbs and rolled them over her nostrils, then her cheeks. When she felt the sticky residue of his cum, she again flinched with a burst of climax.

Adam pumped his body up and down, feeling the last of his jism sink into his mother’s mouth. Finally, when the last glob had splattered from the end of his prick, he fell back, gasping. A delicious surge of warmth swept his entire body, leaving him satisfied, spent.

“Ohhhhh,” he whispered, nuzzling his nose into the shot entrance, inhaling the delicious aroma.

Gina stopped moving also, letting her climax subside. At last she pulled his cock from her mouth and nibbled his balls, lapping up the stray globs of cum. When he was clan, she closed her eyes and ran her fingers into the soft hairs that surrounded the base of his shaft.

In the last thirty minutes, something had happened to Adam. Before, everything had related to football in some way. Now, football paled as his mind filled with the thought of something more wonderful!

“Pussy,” he whispered softly, kissing the slick crack.

“How’s my little tiger?” Gina asked a couple of seconds later, as she pulled away from him.

“I want you,” the boy said, reaching for her tits. “I want to fuck you.”

“That’s exactly what I had in mind,” his mother giggled, lying on her back and spreading her legs.

Adam gave her pussy one quick, busted glance, then pounced on her, a smile fanning on his face as their lips met. He thrust forward and upward, sinking his cock head between the frothy cunt lips.

“Jesus!” he cried out, pressing the entire length of his cock inside her swollen pussy. As his balls touched the bottom of her crack, he dug his toes into the sheets and I jerked down on her shoulders with his hands. “So fucking hot and tight!” he gasped.

Although Gina was prepared for an enormous pressure, she felt almost like she did on her wedding night. A spasm of raw pain tore into her cunt, but at the same time a dark thrill filled her mind. She heaved her body upward and bit the side of her son’s neck, lapping her tongue over the sweaty, taut muscles.

“Harder!” she grunted. “Fuck it to me as hard as you can, baby.”

Adam withdrew his prick, then thrust it back inside. As his nuts crawled to the insides of her thighs and again rested at the bottom of her hole, he threw his head back and gave a loud grunt.

“Oh… take it, whore,” he spat, his eyes squinting shut, “Fuck my big cock in you and screw out my cum, Mom.”

Gina bent her knees and slipped her feet up on the bed. She then spread her legs wide and humped upward, almost lifting him off the bed. With her cunt fully impaled on the rock-hard slab of prick, she thought she’d go crazy with desire. She tore at his pumping ass with her fingers, violently grabbing his smooth, hard cheeks.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted, her chest heaving with excitement. Her climax was just seconds away, she knew. “Give it to me, Son. Oh yes, give it to me good!” she panted.

Adam’s balls were on fire, ready to explode. He tried slowing his movements, but it was useless. Her cunt was pulling on his prick furiously. Suddenly he felt the first of his cum throb into the base of his shaft.

“I’m… gonna cum,” he gasped. “I’m gonna blow this hot little pussy wide… fucking… open!”

“Go ahead!” Gina yelled, throwing both legs around his waist and locking her ankles together over his ass. “Shove it to me, you little bull. Load me up with hot cream.”

Her words became a gasp of release as she felt his prick vibrate, then expand to an even greater size. Suddenly the end of his shaft burst with warmth, sending a mass of balling juice into her cunt. With the third squirt of creamy jism, her orgasm exploded.

“Aieeeeee!” she wailed, writhing beneath him as if she were on fire. “Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Take it, whore!” Adam grunted, plunging in more of his boiling cum. “Unh! Here, bitch! Fuck… take it all!”

Their bodies crashed together for several long moments, flesh smacking flesh. And they seemed to be sharing the same orgasm, shooting it back and forth between them. Finally they gave a last hungry move with their hips and locked themselves together. They stayed like that for along while, then relaxed, gasping into each other’s mouths.

“Wow,” Adam panted. “Who would have thought I’d find about fucking with my own mother!”

“Mmmm, you’re not sorry?” Gina murmured, her mind dulled with satisfaction.

“Just sorry I didn’t work on this cunt a long time ago,” Adam laughed.

Gina pulled from beneath his hulking frame and sat up, giving him a warm smile.

“Hey, you’re not leaving, are you?” the boy said, alarmed.

“Why? You want me to stay?” Gina asked, a teasing quality in her voice.

“Sure do,” Adam said, reaching for her upturned breasts. “I’d like for you to stay here all night.”

“Mmmmmm, what are you planning to do?” she whispered, touching his smooth cheek.

“Gonna fuck your pussy to heaven,” Adam said, pulling her down on his body.

“Let me do it this time,” Gina said softly, bringing her knees up to the sides of his body. She lowered her cunt down on the underside of his cock and squirmed around. “Mmmmm, like this,” she murmured, raking her nails over his smooth chest.

Adam looked up at her tits and opened his mouth. Slowly he lifted his face and nibbled on the pink, taut nipples as he dug his fingers into the soft, yielding flesh of her hips.

“Stick it in,” he whispered. “I want some more of your cunt, Mom.”

Gina reached behind her and held his massive cock at a right angle to his body. She then squirmed slightly backward and thrust the tip of his shaft into the crack of her ass.

“Hey, wrong hole,” Adam grinned.

“We’ll see about that,” Gina said.

Slowly she sat down, sucking about half of his prick inside her shitter. She then stopped all movement, held herself there for several seconds, and pulled back up until just his cock head remained inside her body.

“Still think it’s the wrong hole?” she murmured.

“Oh… fuck,” the boy grunted. He had no idea it would be anything like this — so tight, so delicious. “Can you take it all?” he wondered aloud.

“Mmmm-hmmmm,” Gina said, then plunged fully down. As the hairs of his crotch brushed into the crack of her ass, she fell forward, crushing her tits against his face. “Oh… God, yes,” she panted.

Fully inside her shitter, Adam felt his body jerk violently. He gobbled hungrily on her tits, increased the pressure of his hands on her hips.

“Fuck me,” he gurgled. “God, Mom, screw me with your asshole.”

Gina began lifting and lowering her body more quickly, pulling his cock in and out of her shitter. And each time the massive slab of prick plunged into her, she was brought closer to what she knew would be a fantastic climax. The room smelled of sex, the heady aroma of sweaty flesh.

“Yes, God, yes,” she moaned, bouncing furiously. “Poke it to me, stud. Really ram my asshole full of hot cum.”

She had barely gotten the words out when she felt his cock balloon, then convulse. Seconds later the first of Adam’s boiling release swept into her shitter.

“Ohhhhhh!” Adam cried out, heaving his body upward. “Now! Goddamn you, bitch, now!”

While he pumped his hips up and down quickly. Gina matched him move for move. And although the boy had blown his wad several times before, his cum was still plentiful. It soon began dribbling from her asshole, coating his balls.

“All of it, baby,” Gina yelled, her voice cracking. “Screw in a gallon of the stuff.”

When the full intensity of his climax hit him, Adam lunged forward, throwing his mother onto her back. He then grabbed her thighs and yanked her legs apart like a wishbone. Digging his toes into the sheets, he crushed forward, pounding his full weight into her shitter.

“Take it, you cock sucker,” he barked. “God! You, take my cock and fuck it up to your cum-eating mouth!”

Gina’s body convulsed with a final surge of orgasm that left her drained. She relaxed, closing her eyes, and felt the room spin. Her son was still fucking in and out of her asshole, his breath hot against her shoulder. Finally he too relaxed, and covered her with his hulking frame.

They lay like that for a long while, each enjoying the way their bodies fit together. Eventually Adam rolled to his side and exhaled loudly.

“I feel like I’m still dreaming,” he said, his breath short. “I mean, it was so great!”

“Mmmmm, still is,” Gina grinned, moving her mouth across his chest while she eagerly fingered the stray wads of cum in his crotch hairs.

“You ready to go again?” Adam asked. “I don’t know if I can.”

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart,” his mother said. “You just lie there. I’ll suck you to sleep.”

As she gobbled down his greasy shaft, she closed her eyes and sighed.

Sometime during the night, he blew his load again, giving them both delicious dreams.


Gina woke up as the sun was hitting the horizon with the taste of cum in her mouth. She snuggled closer to Adam’s crotch, then felt the pressure of a hand against her ass. Without moving her mouth away from her boy’s prick, she turned her head slightly and saw that it was Mike.

“Hey, why’d you leave?” he asked. He chuckled suddenly, looking down at his little brother. “Guess you found a live one, huh?” he said.

“Oh, maybe I’ll have myself a couple of live ones,” Gina said, moving her mouth away from Adam’s cock. She rubbed the boy’s chest, then pinched the nipples gently. “Hey, wake up,” she urged. The boy stirred, lifting his hands to his eyes.

“Wow, I wasn’t dreaming,” he exclaimed. When he saw Mike, he flinched slightly.

“OK, little boy,” Mike grinned. “Move over and let a man in there.”

“Fuck you!” Adam said.

“No, fuck me!” Gina said, giggling. “I’ve never had two cocks at the same time. Mmmmm, but I’m gonna have them now.”

She got to her knees and buried her face in Adam’s crotch, taking the full length of his cock in her throat. She then reached behind her and grasped Mike’s prick, drawing him closer.

“Want to suck and get fucked, huh?” Mike asked, crawling on the bed behind her. “Well, you’d just better hang on. I’ve got a gallon of cum just begging to be fucked out.”

In a way, Gina wished it had gone slower, so she could remember every single second. Mike, however, had different ideas. He quickly spread her legs and thrust his hips forward, grinding his cock savagely into her pussy!

“Unhhhhh!” she panted feeling the root of his prick throb her pussy lips apart. She lifted her face from Adam’s crotch and threw her head to one side. “Oh God, that’s good!” she cried out, already feeling the sweet rippling sensations of a nearing orgasm.

She went back to Adam’s prick and gobbled her teeth. Her lips had reached the meaty base; her insides seemed to explode, sending a shower of warmth into every cell of her body.

“Like it, Mom?” Mike asked, laying his right hand on the small of her back. “You like two big cocks at the same time?”

Gina couldn’t believe just how delicious it was. She had had a few thoughts about this, but until now, she hadn’t realized how all-consuming it actually was. The thick, meaty cock heads seemed to meet inside her body and mold together. Every inch of her insides was churning.

“Suck.” Adam said weakly, lifting his hips and holding the back of her head. “Suck me just like you did last night.”

Gina worked her head up and down with growing speed, matching the quick thrusts of Mike’s pumping cock. Again she felt a warm blast of pleasure, knowing that this orgasm would be the best ever. Then, as she closed her mouth around the hairy root of Adam’s cock, she was shot through with orgasmic sensation.

“Aaaaahhh!” she choked, freezing for a moment, enjoying the spasms that drilled up and down her pussy.

When Mike felt his mother’s body tense, he too stopped all movement. He merely held himself there, letting the suction of her exploding pussy work on his prick.

“That’s it,” he whispered, moving, his hands across her back, to her sides. “Fuck it right up inside you, baby.”

As her climax became more intense, he leaned forward and brushed his lips over the back of her neck. After several seconds he lapped his way to her left side, then under her arm. When his mouth touched the sides of her silky breasts, he felt a yearning in the back of his throat.

“Oh, Mom,” he murmured, nibbling his teeth over the soft, yielding mound. When his mouth at last engulfed the rubbery, pink tip, he moved his body forward, planting all of his cock deeply inside her cunt. “Fuck me while I suck,” he gurgled.

For Gina, perfection somehow got even better. Not only was her throat treated to the delicious texture of hard cock, her pussy and chest were in flames. The boys seemed to turn into nothing but mouth and prick, bathing her with pure sexuality. Another flush of climax tore into her pussy, leaving her exhausted. She fell forward, crying out gasps of satisfaction, feeling Adam’s crotch hairs tickle her nose.

“Mmmmmfffffff,” she groaned, her eyes fluttering closed.

“Ready for some hot cum to suck?” Adam said suddenly, lifting his hips. “God, baby, I got a whole… Unhhhhhhh!”

Both Adam and his mother were surprised with the speed of his climax. One second the boy’s nuts were throbbing, the next a massive burst of cum was splattering the back of Gina’s throat.

When Gina tasted the first of his juices, she seemed to discover new energy. She again bobbed her head up and down furiously, gobbling hungrily on his exploding cock head. Thick streams of cum coated the back of her throat.

“Mmmmm, more,” she gurgled, speaking from the side of her mouth. “Give me gallons of cum to suck.”

As she spoke, a large glob of jism shot from under her lip and oozed into his blond crotch hairs. She grabbed the fiery liquid and squeezed it back into her mouth with her thumb. As it and another wad of cum moved over her tongue, she experienced another thundering sensation of pure ecstasy. She began jabbing her ass back and forth.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” she screamed, grabbing between her legs. She wanted both of them to blow their loads at the same time. She milked and pulled on Mike’s swinging balls. “Uuhhbhh!” she yelled again, the urgency in her voice almost bone-chilling.

As if reading her mind. Mike let himself go completely. And as he relaxed the muscles at the base of his shaft, the first of his thick load showered up the center of his cock. When his cum burst from his jism hole and blasted her insides, he clamped his teeth firmly into the soft flesh of her right tit.

“Take it, you horny cock lover,” he gurgled. “Oh, Mom, fuck my cock to death!”

This was exactly what Gina wanted, had prayed for. Now both of her sons were thrusting their cum-loads into her body. And each time a thick lump of jism entered her, she felt an electric-like jolt of raw pleasure. Soon her entire body was buzzing, ready, it seemed, to split wide open. She finally collapsed in a heap, clutching Adam’s chest.

“All of it, baby,” Mike grunted, sitting back on his haunches, jabbing in the last of his cum. “Oh, fuck, take every drop up to your brains.”

Finally, they lay in a writhing heap, the sounds of their breathing filling the room. Occasionally one of them would groan as if in pain. At last there was silence, as if all three had gone to sleep.

Sleep, however, was the furthest thing from Gina’s mind. She might not ever again have an opportunity to enjoy two cocks at the same time, and she wanted to make the most of it.

“Both of you fuck me,” she whispered, pulling away from her sons. “Think we can do that?”

Adam and Mike exchanged glances, then both boys broke into smiles.

“I can do it,” Mike said. “Do you think you can?”

“Oh yes,” Gina whispered. “Mmmmm, one of you in my pussy and one of you screwing my asshole…”

Her words trailed off and she grunted with anticipation as she fingered both holes. And just the thought was enough to cause her to flinch with pleasure.

“Let me at that pussy,” Adam said, pulling his mother back to his body. “Ride me like you did last night.”

Even as he said the words, Gina was moving onto his body. She threw her legs over his middle and rubbed her cum-oozing cunt down on the underside of his cock. She then leaned forward, letting her ass roll slightly upward and kissed the side of the boy’s neck.

“Fuck me!” she gasped, her body tense with excitement. “God… hurry!”

When she felt Mike’s large hands on her ass, she lifted her hips and grasped Adam’s thick cock with both hands. She then guided the tip of it into her cunt opening and slowly relaxed. As the massive shaft pierced her insides, she sank her teeth into the muscles of his shoulders.

“That’s good,” she whimpered. “So big and hard and… fuck me with it, Son! Really screw it to me.”

From behind her, Mike was letting his eyes play over the sensuous curves of her body. Her skin was so silky, so firm, so ready. One mere touch was enough to make his heart skip a beat. He squirmed between her legs and slowly moved forward, letting his rock-hard cock roll over the cheeks of her ass.

“You sure you can take both of us?” he asked, pulling the crack of her shitter apart. “Your little ol’ butt is so small.”

Quite frankly, Gina didn’t know if she would be able to take them both. Adam’s cock alone seemed to be completely rearranging her insides. Still she wanted to try.

“I’m sure,” she answered, convincing herself.

“OK,” Mike said, shaking his head. “But you’d better fucking hang on.” Gina clutched Adam’s shoulders and bit into the hollow of his throat, waiting for the assault. Then when she felt the ball of Mike’s hot cock press into the crack of her yearning ass, she knew it would be fine, just fine.

“Fuck me, both of you,” she groaned, digging her nails into the taut muscles of Adam’s shoulders. “I want two big cocks! God… fuck me!”

Mike hardly had to move at all. His mother’s shitter was puckering around on his cock head like a pair of lips, gently sucking him inside. When two inches of his shaft were pulled inside, he moved his hips slightly backward to stop further penetration. Almost immediately, Gina thrust her ass backward.

“No!” she cried. “Give… give it to me! All of it! Hard and fast, you bastard.”

The next moment was something that would live in her mind for the rest of her life. Never before had she realized it was possible to feel such torture and know such pleasure at the same time. When Mike’s prick entered her fully, she gave a long, desperate screw. Finally, when she got control of her voice, she threw her head back, her anguished desire written on her face.

“Yesssssss!” she shrieked. “God yessssss!”

Mike withdrew, then plunged his cock back inside. Her asshole was firmly molded around his cock, sucking on it like a starving mouth. He leaned forward, then fell to bis side, pulling his mother with him. Adam moved also, sandwiching Gina between them.

Finally engulfed with hard, muscular warmth, her insides riddled with cock, Gina experienced a savage climax before either of her sons began moving at all. Finally, when her pleasure subsided, she began bucking wildly, her insides craving more.

“Do it,” she begged, clawing at their bodies. “Screw me with cock and fill me with hot cum.”

Both boys pushed forward until the bases of their cocks stretched her holes near the breaking point. Then they withdrew at the same time, held themselves there for a split second, and again plunged forward.

“Take it, Mom,” Adam grunted, licking his tongue from the hollow of her throat to the tops of her breasts. “Christ, fuck it all the way in!”

Gina’s insides exploded again when she felt the boy’s warm mouth on her nipples, his fingers digging into the flesh of her thighs. It wasn’t even necessary to move. They were working on her like a couple of lumberjacks drawing a saw back and forth. In fact their pricks seemed to be joined at the tip, becoming one delicious mass of throbbing flesh. Her cunt and asshole melted together, hugging, sucking, pulling on the shafts.

“Oh my God!” she screamed suddenly, flinching wildly. Another thundering spasm of raw ecstasy tore at her guts, leaving her insides tingling as if they were pricked with a million icy-hot needles. She screamed again, then coughed as her voice became locked in her throat.

The intensity of her climax caused greater heat to surround Mike’s and Adam’s cocks. And although each of them tried to hold back, it was useless. Their jism boiled from their nuts and showered deep into Gina’s insides.

“Fuck it,” Adam gasped, chewing down on his mother’s nipples like a hungry animal. “Oh… shit, fuck it… now!”

“Me too!” Mike grunted, licking her sweet-smelling hair. “I… I… Unhhhhh!”

Both cocks exploded at the same time, filling Gina’s insides with creamy, thick jism. And each hot drop seemed to bring with it new and even more exciting thrills. She seemed to be in a time warp, in a region where pleasure was commonplace, and every thought was centered on gushing cock. The room grew dark, then seemed to spin. She felt herself falling, dropping into a milky river of cum.

A short time later, she opened her eyes and found herself wondering what exactly had happened. When she felt the relaxed bodies against her, the memories came flooding back. Mike and Adam were sleeping, their legs thrown over hers. Their pricks were still embedded deeply inside her holes.

“God,” she groaned, slipping from between them. Her cunt felt like it was torn to ribbons, her shitter on fire. “I’m not going to try that again anytime soon,” she added, getting off the bed.

She padded across the room and stumbled into the bathroom. Before she pulled the shower curtain back, she studied her reflection in the mirror.

Instead of the haggard features she expected, she looked more alive than ever, younger even. She gave herself a smile and stepped into the tub. As she turned the water on, she shivered with pleasure. As soon as she took a shower, she would go back in there and…

Suddenly, the picture of her youngest son, Brian, entered her mind.

“Well, I might as well get all of you,” she giggled, lathering up.

Down the hall, Brian was sleeping soundly, unaware of the pleasure that would soon be his.

One door away, his sister Susan, was stirring slightly. She had heard sounds in her sleep that disturbed her. They made her young, virgin cunt throb. Then she heard someone moving down the hall.

After hearing the sound of a door close, she got off the bed and threw her robe on. Something told her she had to be very quiet as she exited from her room, or she might disturb…


Her cunt began throbbing again.


Gina ran her fingers over her sixteen-year-old’s chest and gave a soft moan. He was warm to her touch, alive and inviting. Although he wasn’t as massively built as Mike, he still had what would one day be a heavy, masculine frame. His eyes were closed beneath dark swirls of dark-brown, curly hair.

“Brian?” she whispered, letting her fingers play with the soft brush of hair just beneath his belly button. “Wake up. You gonna sleep all day, Son?”

“Hmmmm?” the boy snorted, then opened his eyes. “Mom!” he gasped. “You’re naked!”

“Mmmmmmmm, and so are you,” Gina giggled, pulling back the sheets.

“I… I mean, you don’t have any clothes on,” the boy said, as if she’d not understood.

Before the boy could react further, Gina snuggled between his legs and lowered her face to his dark-haired crotch. She lifted his limp cock to her lips and pressed her mouth down around the sheath of loose foreskin. She licked the dried piss and cum.

“Mother!” the boy practically hollered. “You… can’t do that!”

“Oh yes, I can,” Gina murmured, lapping her tongue over the smooth surface of his shaft. She felt his cock throb to life, stretch further into the back of her throat. “Mmmmmm,” she murmured, grinding her nose into his crotch hairs.

Brian thought his mind had snapped. He’d often had dreams of something like this happenmg, but never with his own mother! But then, never in his dreams had he ever imagined it would feel so good. Her lips and tongue were about to drive him crazy.

“Suck me,” he heard himself say as he spread his legs wide and touched the back of her head.

“Mmmm-hmmmmm,” Gina murmured, a smile on her face. She cupped his furry, cum-filled balls and rolled them over the insides of his cheeks. She gave another moan and ate down to the base of his shaft.

Brian’s insides felt like butter. He didn’t know exactly what was happening, but he decided to go with it. Pulling on his cock at night was nothing like this!

“Oh yes, all the way like that,” he grunted, lifting his hips. “Suck me off, Mom.”

Gina began tearing at his stomach and chest with her nails as the intensity of her own pleasure began to mount. Already her cunt was a cauldron of desire. She squeezed her knees together to get some relief from the wonderful itch, but it only made it worse. She gave a choking groan and gobbled fully forward, taking the full length of the boy’s prick into her throat.

Brian heaved his body upward once more, then turned to his side. He then draped his right leg over her shoulder and pulled her face closer with both hands. Slowly he began fucking his cock in and out of her mouth rhythmically, letting his nuts slide up and down the hollow of her throat.

“Good, baby, good,” he whispered. “I didn’t know it could be so good!”

Gina liked it this way, having his warm, muscular form surrounding her head and shoulders. She tugged at his body, then turned onto her back, pulling him with her. She then nestled his knees in her armpits and held the cheeks of his ass with her raking fingertips.

“Like it like this, huh?” the boy whispered, leaning forward, brushing his hairy belly over her forehead. “Well, I do too, Mom. I’ve always wanted to fuck a girl, and this seems to be the best way to start.”

Gina had no idea that he was a virgin, but then, she’d never thought about it before. She had just assumed that boys did that sort of thing and mothers never found out, or didn’t want to. Knowing that she was his first made her feel even more excited. She rubbed the sides of her fingers into the crack of his ass and pushed him harder against her face.

“Mmmmmmm!” she gurgled, her tongue furiously circling the base of his cock.

“Jesus, Jesus fucking Christ!” Brian grunted, hardly able to believe how wonderful his mother’s mouth felt on his prick. “Suck cock, Mother. Suck me fucking dry!”

Gina probed at the entrance to his shitter, then thrust both middle fingers deeply inside. When she felt the puckered ring of muscle hug her knuckles, she bared her teeth and tore into the hairy root of his cock. The effect was almost immediate. Her son jerked forward, crushing his full weight into her mouth. Even some of the skin of his balls crept between her lips. The force of his move caused her throat to burn with a delicious combination of pain and pleasure.

“Mmmmfffffff,” she gurgled, feeling as if the corners of her mouth would split.

“Sorry,” the boy grunted, relaxing slightly. “But you’d better not do that, or I’ll blow my load right now.”

Gina spit his cock out and ran her mouth over his balls, some of the short, wiry hairs lodging between her teeth.

“Go ahead,” she whispered, inhaling the heady aroma of his body. “You can fuck my month full of hot cum any time you want.”

“You mean it?” Brian asked, almost like a child offered a toy for being good. “I can unload in your throat?”

“Oh yes,” Gina answered, again biting down on his cock and pulling, it into her throat.

Brian was wild with desire, and his pent-up emotions felt ready to explode. He crammed his cock into her throat and the top of his foot brushed against the insides of her thighs. An electric jolt of raw pleasure swept into his loins.

“Oh… fuck, I don’t believe this,” he gasped, feeling the first of his cum-load erupt from his balls. “It’s… gonna be over so… quick.”

Gina was glad she was doing it with young studs. They might be quick, but they could do it over and over. And maybe Brian thought this was a one-shot deal, but she had other ideas.

“Ohhhmmmmmm,” she gurgled, locking her lips furiously at the base of his jerking cock shaft, increasing the pressure of her fingers in his asshole.

Immediately, her mouth was filled with a deliciously hot glob of cum, then another and another. Soon his massive load was bursting upward, behind her nose. Then as another spurt of jism exploded from his cock head, the juices filled both of her nostrils. At the same time thick wads oozed from the corners of her mouth.

“Lick it, baby,” Brian cried out, pumping and grinding against his mother’s face. “Oh… shit… Christ, eat me alive and suck me off.”

Gina gulped hungrily, but it would be impossible for any mouth to take the full intensity of the boy’s load. Soon, she merely lay back and enjoyed her own climax, letting his jism slosh over her face, down her cheeks.

Brian thrust forward, depositing the final glob of cum into the back of her throat. He held himself against her for several seconds, then relaxed into the pillow.

“Mom, oh… Mom,” he murmured.

Gina continued sucking and pulling on his prick like it was she last one on earth, savoring the delicious flavor of the sticky juice. Finally she gently pushed him off and scooped the stray globs off her checks and neck and slowly drank them down, murmuring with excitement as they warmed her stomach.

After she had cleaned herself completely, she lapped a few more precious, milky globs from his cock and balls. After his crotch was glistening with her warm spit, she sat back on her haunches and gave him anile.

“You have a good cock,” she whispered, stroking his chest, “Mmmmmm, and a good body.”

She studied his features carefully, noting the carved look. His chest was sculptured, deliciously wide and covered with a fine, golden-brown brush of hair. Around his middle the hair was thicker, curly. His eyes were as brown as his hair, and set wide in a handsome, boyish face. Of her sons, he would be called clean-cut — the boy next door.

Gina wasn’t the only one looking at Brian. Outside the cracked door, Susan was holding her breath, afraid to make a sound. She had seen what had happened from the start. And although she had been horrified, something about it had also made her wet with desire.

Her finger was sticky from dipping in and out of her pussy, and when her mother had cried out with pleasure, she, herself, had choked back a groan of climax.

Her own mother!

And her brother!

They had locked themselves together like a couple of animals.

His cock inside her mouth, and that creamy stuff her mother was licking off her cheeks.

Her throat began to burn, to want the same thing.

“Ready to fuck?” Gina asked her son, falling to her back. “Mmmmmmm, I can’t wait to have that big, hard cock inside me and…”

“No,” Susan said, opening the door, her heart in her throat. “I… I want him to fuck me.”

“Susan!” Gina said, startled. “Wha-what are you doing here?”

“The same thing you are, Mom,” the girl said, although her eyes were on her brother. “I’ve been holding onto my cherry for too long.”

“Oh Jesus,” Brian gasped, looking from his sister to his mother.


Although Gina was rather taken aback by her daughter’s presence, she found herself finally grinning. She let her eyes play over the soft contours of Susan’s body, wondering if she herself ever looked that good.

The young girl was tanned to a golden brown, giving her a sensual, Goddess-like look. She had reddish hair, a little lighter than her own, and her eyes were the color of robin’s eggs. Almost five feet eight, she carried her height well. Her neck was long and thin, giving way to narrow shoulders and a full, ripened bust. From the flash in her eye, it was obvious she was excited.

“Come over here,” Gina said to her daughter. “There’s room for all three of us.”

Her legs trembling, Susan neared the bed. As she knelt onto the sheets, her lips parted in to a half-smile. She looked from her mother to her older brother.

“I… I was watching,” she said softly, “I mean, I heard you, and I… well…”

“That’s fine,” Gina cooed, placing her hand on Susan’s shoulder. God, the girl sure was a knockout! “Just relax, baby,” she added, letting her fingers move down her daughter’s arm.

Brian swallowed hard, hardly able to believe his good fortune. In front of him was a ripened, experienced woman, and a young virgin. He felt his heart in his throat.

Gina sat back, deciding to let nature take its, course. She hadn’t long to wait. Susan moved forward slightly and rubbed her knee against her mother’s thigh. The touch was almost electric for them both.

“I… is it going to hurt?” Susan asked her brother, her voice sounding far away. “I mean much?”

“I don’t know,” Brian said, wallowing hard. “I’ve never done it either.”

“Why don’t you get her warmed up a little first,” Gina suggested.

“Huh?” Brian asked.

“Slip that little pussy over your face, sweetheart,” his mother said, pushing against Susan’s back.

Gently, Brian touched his sister’s stomach, then moved his fingers just under the upturned breasts. Slowly, he moved his face closer and kissed her tenderly on the mouth.

Gina couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful than firm, young bodies meeting. She scooted further away to give them more room and touched the insides of her own thighs. A ripple of pleasure ran through her.

Brian pulled his sister into his arms and their kiss became more passionate. As their tongues played, their middles touched, cock against virgin cunt.

“Fuck me,” Susan said into her brother’s mouth. “Oh… fuck my cherry apart… now?”

When the boy moved her to her back and slipped his body over hers, Gina touched his shoulder and gave him a grin. Understanding, Brian turned from his sister’s mouth to the hollow of her throat. His chin brushed between the ripened buds of her tits, the tiny, pink nipples throbbing.

He instinctively knew what to do, as if drawn to her cunt by some primitive urge. He licked the upturned tits, covering then with warm spit, then kissed the firm, flat stomach. He then closed his eyes and ran his lips through the peach-colored fuzz of her cunt.

“Oh… sweet,” he murmured, opening his eyes, staring at the delicate hole, the rubbery flesh surrounding it. “Mmmmmm… delicious!”

He placed his thumbs to the sides of the entrance and gently pulled the flesh backward. When the pink hole was fully revealed, he pushed his nose inside and inhaled deeply.

The mere touch was enough for Susan to cry out with delicious anguish. She’d never quite felt this way before, known what an ache could be. She touched his muscular shoulders and raked her nails over his taut flesh.

“Hurry,” she begged. “Oh… God, hurry.”

Brian was only vaguely aware of her words. Nothing seemed to matter but the delicious aroma of her cunt, the way his balls were trembling wildly. He thrust out his tongue and slipped it over her juicy membranes. Then, as the heady flavor of pussy juice swept into the back of his throat, his eyes widened, like a horse about to shy.

“Oh… fuck,” he gasped, gouging his tongue deeply into the narrow passageway. “Mmmmmmw… fuck!”

Susan had an immediate climax when she felt his probing tongue inside her box. She squirmed beneath him and moved her hands to the back of his head. At the same time she bent her knees and thrust her hips upward. The orgasm became more intense, almost painful.

“Good God!” she wailed, biting her lower lip, her eyes squinting closed.

Gina’s mouth was hanging open as she watched her daughter brought to climax by the mere touch of her son’s mouth. It was all she could do to keep out of it. She wanted it too. Instead, she thrust her fingers deeply into her cunt and experienced her own climax.

After Susan’s orgasm subsided and the tight muscles of her cunt relaxed slightly, Brian pulled his face back and studied the frothy opening more carefully. Christ, it was a work of art! The soft contours, haloed by the silky hairs, were enough to cause his loins to jerk. And if it tasted this good, God, what would it be like to fuck?

“Want it now?” he asked, swallowing hard as he looked through her bush and up between her breasts.

“Yes!” Susan panted. “I… mean no. I… that is, yes! No, eat me some more…”

Brian was only too happy to oblige. He went back to her pussy, this time feeling more confident. He again pulled the loose folds of skin back and jabbed his tongue inside. When he felt the nub of her clit, he bared his teeth and scraped them over the tiny shaft. The effect was immediate and dramatic. Susan jerked upward as if she’d been electrocuted. She wrapped her legs around his neck and pulled him into her body so hard he heard his neck snap.

“Aieeeeee!” she screamed, half sitting, fully engulfing his face and shoulders with her warm body.

“Mmmmmm, good,” Brian gurgled, burrowing into her pussy with full force, lapping down the steamy juices.

As another thundering spasm of orgasm drilled into her, Susan began bumping wildly, then turned onto her side, pulling her brother with her. She moved him onto his back and dipped her knees up to his armpits. She then leaned forward and bounced her ass up and down, drawing his tongue quickly in and out of her cunt.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, tearing at his hair with her fingers. “Oh… God, don’t ever stop!”

Brian lay beneath her and let her do all the work. Soon her passion had risen to such a level that thick, opaque juices were running across his cheeks and burning into his ears. The smacking sounds of flesh on flesh echoed off the walls.

And still she wanted more!

Minutes later, the girl fell against his face and groaned into the sheets, an angelic smile forming on her pretty face. She opened her mouth to thank him for giving her the greatest pleasure she had ever known — ever could know — but only a small gasp escaped her lips.

Brian continued licking and pulling at the soft folds of flesh, feeling the heat from her body filter throughout his own. His cock was rock-hard, ready to explode.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he said, pushing her off. “Baby, I’ve just got to!”

“No, not yet,” Gina interrupted. She was thoroughly enjoying their torture, which was like her own. “Don’t you want to do what I did?” she asked her daughter. “Mmmmmmm, his cock is so nice to suck. And all those thick globs of cum…”

Susan was almost crazy with desire. Her pussy was begging for his cock, but so was her throat. And she’d seen what her mother had done…

“I… I don’t care how I get it,” Susan moaned, clawing at her brother’s body, “just so I get it!”

Gina pushed her son onto his back and positioned Susan between his legs.

She then restrained the girl and kissed her on the cheek.

“Do it slow,” she said. “You want to remember this the rest of your life. Your first big, hard cock.”

Susan looked down at her brother and almost fainted. He had to be the best looking guy she’d ever seen. And those curly locks of hair around that slab of cock…

“Wow,” she gasped, reaching out, touching the underside of his cock. “It’s huge!”

“Lick it a little first,” Gina instructed. “Like this.”

She leaned over and lapped her tongue up and down the meaty slab of prick, then finally buried her tongue tip between his balls. Carefully she nibbled at the loose folds of flesh. At last she pulled back, and let his nuts plop against the insides of his thighs.

When she moved out of the way, Susan leaned forward. And the two feet of distance from her face to his prick seemed a delicious, agonizing eternity. The tip of her tongue finally pressed against the firm texture of flesh.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she groaned passionately, cupping his balls with both hands. “Can… can I do it… now?” she asked, shooting her mother a tortured plea.

“Go ahead, baby,” Gina whispered, moving back.

Susan’s throat was aching, savagely so. She opened her mouth wide and gulped the end of Brian’s prick across her tongue, then closed her lips. Slowly she moved her mouth down the shaft until the tip of it poked between her tonsils. And although she wanted to eat it all, she felt like gagging.

“I… I can’t take it,” she said, pulling away. “It’s too big.”

“Let me show you,” Gina said, only too happy to teach her daughter how to do it. “It’s just a matter of relaxing. Now, take a deep breath and let it glide inside. Let it become a part of you.”

She gobbled down on her son’s cock and let the full length slip into her throat. When the hairy root crept between her lips, she moved her face around, even lapping some of the skin from his balls into her mouth. She soon pulled away, even more slowly.

“See?” she said, letting the shaft slap against Brian’s stomach. “It’s… mmmmm, deliciously easy.”

Susan was determined to do it. She didn’t care if she did gag. If her mother could do it, by God, so could she. And she certainly wanted to.

She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as she gently placed her brother’s prick back into her mouth. Inch by inch it moved backward. Again it touched her tonsils, then throbbed against the back of her throat. She took another deep breath, then lunged forward. The enormous cock head filled her esophagus, leaving her feeling warm and alive. Her lips encircled the thick base, brushed into the wiry hairs. His nuts were against her cheeks.

“Jesus… she did it!” Brian gasped, more than glad to possess the object of instruction. “Look at that, Mom. She ate the whole thing!”

Susan kept her mouth fully in his crotch until her lungs felt as though they were about to burst. Finally she moved her head up and exhaled loudly, a triumphant smile on her lips.

“Oh, it’s so wonderful,” she enthused. “Did I do it good?”

“Just fine, Sis,” Brian said. “Now do it some more. A whole lot more.”

“You get on top of her and fuck the cherry out of her throat,” Gina said to her son. “I’ll get her cherry ready between her legs.”

Susan lay on her back and gave a cry of pleasure when Brian straddled her chest. His tight, hairy ass against her tits was enough to cause a rush of blood to thrill her pussy. She grabbed his hips with both hands and opened her mouth wide.

Brian held his cock down and squeezed the tip of it between her parted lips. He then pushed forward until the entire shaft was planted in her throat.

Susan couldn’t imagine anything more fantastic in her life. Surrounded by hard, hairy muscle, her head firmly between powerful legs, and a thick cock in her throat! Nothing could possibly top this.

Somehow, though, it got better. Much better!

Gina waited for her son to push into Susan’s mouth, then slipped between the girl’s legs. She then eyed the golden-red patch of cunt hair and slowly lowered her face. Looking upward at Brian’s in, small ass, she stabbed her tongue into Susan’s hole.

Susan bucked and writhed violently, gobbling forward like some kind of starving animal. And how odd it was. Moments before she couldn’t seem to take even half his cock. Now she could have taken twice as much.

“Unhhhhhhh!” she wailed, her tortured moan muffled around the base of his throbbing cock.

While she sucked furiously on the rock-hard prick, her pussy was assaulted by her mother’s mouth. In and out, in and out. Tongue… cock… tongue.

Within seconds her entire body seemed to burst in flames, sending tingles up and down her spine. She experienced one climax after another until finally she fell back from sheer exhaustion.

“Don’t stop,” Brian grunted, fucking her throat. “Keep sucking, little sister. Shit, I’m about to blow my fucking load.”

Although Susan had seen her mother eat his prick, she still didn’t know what to expect when a man came. Would his juices come out like piss, in a steady stream? She couldn’t wait to find out first hand. She again sucked and pulled wildly on the boy’s cock.

Sensing that Brian was about to cream into Susan’s throat. Gina licked her way from her daughter’s cunt to Brian’s ass. With her lips still wet with pussy juice, she locked them firmly around his shitter opening and thrust her tongue inside.

That was all it took for Brian. He couldn’t have held back for anything in the world. His balls rumbled savagely, then spit up the molten liquid. As it burst up the center of his shaft, he grabbed his sister by the hair of the head and slammed her face violently into his crotch.

“Suck, you cum-licking cock-sucker,” he panted, leaning forward. “Uhhh, you’re gonna get it now! Now!”

When the lava-like juices poured into her throat, Susan came again. This one was long lasting, even more intense. She choked and spluttered, feeling massive globs of jism gush over her face, as her mouth couldn’t possibly take all he had to offer. And the taste! Thick and juicy and…

Delicious! She could drink gallons.

“Mmmmmfffff!” she gurgled, twisting her head around in his crotch.

“All of it, baby,” Brian grunted, blasting in the bulk of his load. “Come on, cock sucker, take it all.”

Susan gulped and swallowed as quickly as possible, but it was only when he finished coming that she could take the final wads. Finally, when he was completely clean, she could take the torture no longer. Her pussy was on fire.

“I… I have to have it,” she panted. “God, I’ll go crazy if you don’t fuck me now.”

Brian looked around at his mother and lifted his eyebrows.

“Fuck her,” Gina said, her voice raspy with pleasure. “Fuck out her cherry, Son.”


Brian pushed his sister onto her back and crawled between her legs. He then gently lowered himself onto her body and squirmed around. As the underside of his thick, pulsing cock shaft touched the silky texture of her damp cunt, they both gave soft moans of pleasure.

Susan wrapped her arms around her brother’s waist and hugged him passionately. In just a few sweats she would know what it was like to be a woman, to have a cock piercing her virgin pussy.

“Hurry,” she urged. “God, I don’t think I can wait.”

“Oh, little sister,” Brian murmured, kissing her tenderly on the lips. He felt her pointed breasts press against his chest, causing his loins to throb. “I can’t wait either,” he murmured.

As their lips met he squeezed her legs further apart and lifted his hips. His cock head rubbed the silky patch of cunt hair, then touched the glistening, puckered hole. Carefully he eased forward, sinking the tip of his shaft inside. Immediately it was engulfed in hot, sucking smoothness.

“Ohhhhhh!” Susan cried out, flinching.

“Hurt?” Brian asked, freezing.

“No,” Susan answered. “It’s… wonderful. Fantastic.”

Brian took a deep breath and pushed slightly forward once more. Her insides were slick and tight, tighter than anything he’d imagined. A couple of seconds later he felt a rubbery membrane mold over his cock head. He stopped suddenly.

“I… I feel something,” he said, looking over to his mother. “Is that her cherry?”

“Like it’s loose, but blocking the way?” Gina asked with eager anticipation.

“Yeah, that’s it,” the boy answered.

“That’s her cherry,” Gina said, remember the night hers had been torn away. “Go easy on it, baby, don’t hurt her.”

“Oh hurt me, I don’t care!” Susan cried out. “I… I just want a big cock, and I want it now!”

Brian withdrew slightly, then pushed back forward. But instead of ripping through her virginity, he again let the loose membrane squeeze around his cock head.

“God. That’s good,” Susan gasped, feeling the first welling sensations of climax act to consume her. “Harder, Christ, all the way in!”

Brian’s nuts rumbled with a thick, greasy load of cum, and although he tried to hold back for a few more precious moments, his body betrayed him. The massive wads of juice boiled into the base of his shaft, then shot upward through the middle of his cock.

In the next two seconds, several things happened at once. Susan’s pussy exploded with climax, the cherry of her virginity burst apart, and Brian’s prick shot wildly as it jabbed into her hole.

Both cried out blissfully.

Lying on the side of the bed and watching what had happened, Gina also climaxed. She was digging her fingers in and out of her oozing pussy entrance while she lapped the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip.

“Fuck her!” she screamed to Brian, reaching for the boy’s pumping ass! “God, blow her little pussy apart, you bull.”

“Unhhhhh,” Brian grunted, withdrawing his cock, shoving back inside. “So fucking tight and hot.”

“Aieeeeee!” Susan screamed, writhing beneath her older brother. “Fuck me? Fuck me!”

Brian crushed his weight against his sister’s parted legs and felt a sticky residue of virgin blood coat his prick and balls. In a way he felt cheated, for he, too, was a virgin, but there was nothing to mark his entrance to manhood. That thought, however, didn’t at all keep him from enjoying to the fullest what was happening.

“How do you like it?” he whispered into his sister’s mouth. “Got your first big cock, huh?”

“It’s beautiful.” Susan whimpered. Her climax was still buzzing, but not as powerfully at before. “Mmmmmmm, I want you to keep your prick inside me forever,” she added, slipping tier fingers over his hairy, firm butt.

“Oh, shit,” Brian grunted, emptied the last of his juice into her body. He squirmed around, then fell against her body, groaning into her mouth. “Take it all the way in, Sis,” he murmured.

As they lay naked together, kissing tenderly, exploring each other’s bodies with their fingers, Gina moved a little closer, then kissed the side of her son’s hip.

“Move over a little,” she said softly. “Let me see what it looks like to have a big cock in a virgin pussy.”

Brian turned slightly to one side to give his mother a better view, then reached out and touched the back of her head.

“Oh… God,” Gina said, her eyes widening. She could see the massive prick stabbing inside the bleeding hole. The delicately carved lips of her daughter’s cunt were puckered around the hairy base of her son’s cock like a suctioning mouth. “Oh God,” she exclaimed again, her passion mounting.

“Lick on us, Mom,” Brian said, increasing the pressure of his hand behind her head.

Gina was more than eager to oblige. She squeezed her head between them and licked her tongue out. As she lapped the tip of it over Brian’s greasy shaft, she could taste the combination of blood and cum. And the aroma! It was enough to cause her throat to almost convulse with hunger.

“Move off,” she whispered, pushing against Brian. “I want some virgin cunt, too.”

Brian reluctantly pulled away and rested his head on his arm, watching. Gina lowered her face onto the steaming patch of cunt and furiously licked the bloody opening. As she sucked out the bits of virgin membrane and cum, her own cunt trembled. Then, as her children’s fuck juices soaked into the back of her throat, she flinched and rubbed her knees together.

“Ohhhhh!” she screamed, throwing her head to one side.

When Susan felt the gentle probings of her mother’s tongue she experienced another wave of mounting climax. She thrust her hips upward and gave a soft moan of ecstasy, then reached out for Brian’s cock.

“Let me suck you again,” she gasped. “On top of me, like before.”

“Wait,” Gina said to her daughter, restraining Brian with her left hand. “You’re not completely deflowered yet.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Susan giggled. “That big thing tore my insides to pieces!”

“You still have another virgin hole,” Gina teased.

Susan’s eyes widened with horror. “You don’t mean…”

“A big prick up your ass is one of the best things in life,” Gina said softly, moving her right hand under her daughter’s body. She gently inserted her finger into the girl’s shitter. “Feel good?” she asked.

“Well, yes, Susan said slowly, but…”

“Just think what it would be like to have a big, stiff cock up there,” Gina said.

Susan and Brian exchanged glances; they thought their mother was crazy.

“That thing would kill me,” Susan said, although her voice was trembling with excitement. “I mean… well, it would kill me!”

“Yeah, Mom, her pussy was as tight as a fucking Coke battle,” Brian added. “I don’t think…”

“Hush, both of you,” Gina said with a grin. “Trust your mother. I’ll show you how to do it.”

Instead of demonstrating, she pushed Brian onto his back, then positioned Susan over his middle. She then grasped the boy’s cock with her left hand and worked the tip at it into the crack of her daughter’s ass.

“You do it, baby,” she said to Susan. “Take just as much as you can. When it begins to hurt, stop.”

Susan took a deep breath and let her body come down on her brother. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, waiting for what she knew would be blinding pain.

“Oh, shit!” Brian gasped, feeling his cock head bathed in sucking warmth. “That’s good!”

Susan opened her eyes and exhaled slowly. Yes, there was pressure — a gigantic pressure, but there really wasn’t anything you could call pain. Cautiously she lowered herself down a little more. The pressure increased but still not a bit of pain. She looked between her breasts and saw that about half of his prick was inside her.

“It’s not hurting,” she said, amazed. She looked at her mother as if, perhaps, she wasn’t doing it right. It should hurt! “It feels good,” she said.

“Thought you’d like it,” Gina grinned. “See if you can take it all, sweetheart.”

With her heart pounding in her throat, Susan sat down fully, taking in the entire slab of cock. As the thick base of his shaft spread her opening, she did feel a slight flutter of pain, but even that was somehow nice. She squirmed around and felt her brother’s throbbing nuts touch her ass cheeks.

“How’s it for you?” she said to Brian.

“Fantastic,” Brian answered, reaching for her erect tits. “Almost as good as your little pussy, Sis!”

Susan held herself down on her brother for a long while, then slowly moved back up. When only his cock head remained inside her shitter opening, she gyrated her lower body, then fell back down. It was the strangest sensation, she thought, to have a big prick up her ass and to have her cunt tingle at the same time.

Slowly the fluttering of orgasm became more intense. She leaned forward and rubbed her nipples over Brian’s open mouth.

“Suck me and fuck me,” she moaned. “Put some hot cum in my asshole like you did my pussy.”

Brian began working with her, thrusting upward each time she lowered herself, down on his crotch. Soon they were swaying together, bucking and squirming their asses around.

While they fucked furiously, Gina knelt behind her daughter, her head low. As she watched the enormous cock glide in and out of Susan’s asshole, she felt her own shitter ache with hunger. She placed her hand under her butt and thrust her finger deeply inside her.

“Mmmmmm, hurry, kids,” she whispered. “I… I want to fuck some like that, too.”

“Oh… never,” Susan cried out. “I want him like this all day! Oh… Jesus, big cock!”

“Fuck it in you, Susan,” Brian said, mouthing her tits as he dug his finger into the soft, yielding flesh of her hips. “Stick it all the way in, cock sucker!”

Susan’s insides were boiling. She thrashed about, grinding her tits over her brother’s face, jerked her ass up and down until it became a blur.

“Fuck me,” she begged. “Oh… Christ, it’s so good. I… I don’t know if I can take any more.”

“You’ll take it, you little virgin whore,” Brian grunted, heaving his body upward so hard that she almost bounced off the bed. “Now… screw it. Screw it hard.”

Susan yelled suddenly as a thundering convulsion soaked her insides. Her pussy and asshole seemed to melt together, fuse into one throbbing mass of flesh. She froze for a second, then began bucking wildly, her moans echoing off the walls.

“Yes,” she gasped, her teeth clenched. “God… yesssss!”

Her orgasm caused her ass muscles to suck wildly on Brian’s cock. And although he wanted desperately to hold back for a few more minutes, he knew it would be impossible. He gave slow, growling grunt of pleasure and relaxed the muscles at the base of his cock. The effect was immediate. The massive cum-load boiled up the center of his prick and splattered noisily into her shitter.

“Unhhhhbhhhhhhhhhhh!” he cried out. “Fuck… fuck it, whore!”

As they climaxed together, their mother was writhing behind them as if she were on fire. She was digging at both her cunt and shitter with her fingers, her head to one side, her jaw slack.

“Give… give it to her,” she moaned, wishing she had what her daughter was getting. “Fuck her full, Son.”

After her own orgasm had subsided, she looked between their bodies and saw thick globs of hot cum boil down around his shaft and melt aver his balls. She reached out and touched the steamy fluid.

“Move up a little,” she whispered, touching the boy’s ass. “Let me suck some of this cum off your nuts.”

As she lowered her face she saw a movement from the corner of her eye and turned her head. There, framed in the doorway, were her other two sons.

“Adam… Mike,” she gasped, her eyes on their hard cocks, “get your sweet asses over here, now!”

The two boys practically crawled over each other to see who would get to the bed first.


Adam moved to the head of the bed and straddled Susan’s shoulders, while Mike knelt behind his mother. As Adam dipped his cock into his sister’s throat, Mike pushed the tip of his prick into his mother’s cunt crack.

“Oh… God,” Gina cried out. It was perfect, she thought. Absolutely perfect! She had her daughter’s cunt and her son’s nuts in her face, and now a big dick in her pussy! “Fuck me,” she gasped, “Fuck me hard!”

Above them, Susan was feeling just as passionate as her mother. Before her now was her second big cock, and did it ever taste good!

“Mmmmmmm,” she gurgled, clutching Adam’s balls. She could feel the heavy vibration of a thick load of cum. Exactly what she needed! She gave another groan and made her way toward the hairy base.

“Jesus, you sure know how to suck cock,” Adam said, holding the back of her head. “Where’d you ever learn?”

“Mom taught me,” Susan answered, letting his prick out. She buried her face into his crotch hairs and inhaled the masculine aroma of his body. “Is she a good teacher?” she giggled.

“Sure as fuck is,” the boy laughed. “Now suck me some more. Just like she taught you.”

Susan puckered her ass, drawing Brian further inside her asshole, then clamped her lips firmly around Adam’s prick. With both cocks deeply inside her, she felt a burning wave of pleasure at the entrance of her cunt. If only she could also have a big one there, she thought…

As if reading her mind, Adam reached behind him and dipped his middle finger into her oozing pussy. As her warm membranes sucked up to his knuckle, he bent his finger and scraped his nail over the smooth walls.

“Mmmfffff!” Susan gurgled, flinching with raw ecstasy. She shook her head back and forth, then gulped upward, chewing furiously at the base of his prick.

“Like that, huh?” Adam grinned. “Getting all your holes worked on.”

“Mmmmmm-hmmmmmmmm,” Susan murmured, closing her eyes as her orgasm peaked violently.

“That’s good, baby sister,” Adam grunted, pushing his ass back and forth. “Lick it all the way in like a good little sister. Eat it, cock sucker!”

His words became a moan as he felt his in sides churn, ready to burst. His cock expanded painfully, then his balls rumbled with a searing spasm. He heaved forward and bumped his head against the headboard.

“Lick… bitch… suck,” he whispered weakly.

Susan’s climax renewed itself when she tasted the first of his milky juices splatter into the back of her throat. She bucked and jerked wildly, tearing at his taut flesh with her nails. And as she sucked greedily on his spewing cock head, she felt Brian’s prick burst once more inside her asshole.

“Suck it right up… here,” Brian grunted, pushing in the bulk of his cum-load. “Oh… fuck, yes. Screw it, baby.”

Behind him, Gina was moaning softly, lapping at his balls like a starving animal. She had licked the residue of his first climax, and now she had another thick gush of cum to suck. She wallowed her tongue over the hairy masses of his nuts, nibbled at the glistening flesh.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted, wriggling her ass against Mike’s hard stomach. “Mmmmmmm, yes.”

“Take it, Mom,” Mike grunted, heaving forward. “All the way up your hot, little cunt.”

Suddenly her pussy convulsed around his plunging shaft, trapping him inside. Her orgasm hit her with full force, causing her to freeze for a second then jerk with spasms. She gobbled down Brian’s balls and wailed, as if in pain.

“Oh shit,” Mike growled, pulling his cock out with an effort. When the tip of his shaft pulsated just inside the tightly constricted rim he gouged back inside. As he did his balls swung forward, slapping her cunt hair. They remained buried there, held by the sticky residue of cunt juice and jism.

“Screw me… full,” Gina begged, spitting her son’s nuts out and throwing her head to one side. “Hurry, I want some jism!”

Mike leaned forward sad kissed the back of her neck. He then thrust forward with his full weight, jabbing into her the first of his explosive cum load. As the molten juices shot up the center of his jism-tube, he closed his eyes, feeling pleasure border pain.

“Take it, you cock sucking whore,” he spat. “Oh, Goddamn you, fuck it all the way in!”

As more of his lava-like cum burst into her cunt, Gina felt one orgasm after another melt her insides. Soon her entire body seemed to be in flames. Finally she relaxed and gasped against Brian’s nuts and Susan’s pussy.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Oh… yes.”

All five lay in a gasping, writhing heap for several long moments. At last, they pulled away slowly, smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

“Oh, I feel like hamburger,” Susan said. “I don’t even think I can walk.”

“Hey, where are you going?” Adam asked, watching his sister move off the bed and stumble toward the door.

“To take a shower,” she said weakly. She then grinned. “Want to take one with me?” she asked.

“Sure,” the boy answered. “Why not?”

Alone with Mike and Brian, Gina felt her energies return. She lay between them and grasped their still rock-hard cocks.

“Want to scratch my itch?” she asked playfully, jacking their shafts.

“Mmmmmm, where does it itch, Mom?” Mike asked, nuzzling his face between her breasts. “I just love to scratch.”

“Right here!” Gina said, squirming against him. As the tip of his cock brushed over her oozing cunt, she flinched with pleasure. “Do something about it, OK?” she asked, stroking his wide, smooth back.

As he thrust his cock deeply into her cunt, behind her Brian was fingering her asshole. He lapped his tongue over her shoulder, then bit her ear.

“Got any more itches?” he asked.

“Sure do,” Gina giggled. “See if you can find it.”

Brian spread her ass cheeks and jabbed his cock head into the tiny, puckered hole. As her spasming muscles pulled him more deeply inside, he ran his tongue over her shoulders.

“Mmmmmm, this itch feels so good,” he whispered. “Am I scratching it right?”

“Oh, yes,” Gina murmured. “Both of you are doing just fine!”

The boys began working together, pushing deeply into her body and withdrawing at the same time. After doing this for several long moments, they varied their rhythm, one going in, the other pulling out.

“Faster,” Gina hoped, feeling her insides tighten, ready to explode. “Fuck me as hard and fast as you can.”

Totally sandwiched between their muscular bodies, Gina squirmed as if in pain. Her climax was building slowly, desperately. She clawed at their bodies and thrashed about.

“Take it, Mom,” Mike said, licking his tongue over her breasts. He took the nipples one at a time between his teeth, then pushed the mounds together and sucked both of them across his tongue. “Fuck me while I suck,” he smacked hungrily.

Gina’s orgasm finally burst, sending a shower of warmth deep into her body. And her asshole rapidly began throbbing with a pleasure almost as intense as the thrilling sensation in her pussy.

“Aieeeee!” she screamed. “Fuck! Fuck meeeee!”

“Oh, Goddamn, take it, cock sucker,” Mike grunted, pushing hard into her cunt. “Gonna fucking blow your little pussy into a million Goddamned pieces.”

No sooner had he gotten the words out of his mouth than his prick exploded with warmth, sending a surge of milky juice deeply into her cunt. He flinched, then began bucking wildly against her body. He chewed wildly on her breasts, burrowing his face between the silky mounds like a starving animal.

“Me… too!” Brian said from behind her. He felt his cock expand, then throb painfully. Instantly, his balls emptied, sending a shower of steamy jism up the center of his shaft. As his cum melted into her asshole, he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her waist and hammered her body backward. “Fuck it!” he barked. “Fuck it all the way in, baby!”

Gina couldn’t imagine anything better than this. Having two thick cocks explode at the same time, totally filling up her insides. And both slabs of meat seemed to be fused together, working as one. She could even feel them slide against each other, just barely separated by the thin membrane between her cunt and shitter.

“Do it, do it, do it,” she murmured over and over.

As the massive globs of cum collected in her insides, she experienced another wave of climax. This time the pleasure peaked for a long while, leaving her gasping for air. When she relaxed, she felt like a rag doll.

Later she moved from between them and held both rigid cocks with her hands. Slowly she licked them clean, then sat back on her haunches. She smiled wickedly.

“Well, my itch has been scratched,” she said softly. “Do either of you have one I might scratch?”

As it turned out, they both did. And when Adam and Susan returned from the shower, they, too, joined in the fun.

For the next five days, the family became closer then ever before, leaving only one member to work on.

Ron, Gina thought, waiting for his return on Friday night. I certainly hope I haven’t destroyed us.

Somehow she didn’t think she had.


Gina held her husband’s cock with both hands and ran the tip other tongue over the swollen end. Gently she pulled down the rubbery foreskin and touched the sensitive, glistening flesh.

“Miss me?” she asked, a grin on her face.

“I’ve got six days worth of cum to prove it!” Ron laughed. “And if you don’t do something about it, I’m gonna rape that teasing little mouth of yours, baby.”

“Mmmmmmm, you mean you didn’t find yourself a little woman to screw on the road?” Gina asked.

“No, silly,” Ron said. “You know I could never do that.” He looked at her carefully, then added. “Why? Could you?”

“I think if it was the right person,” she said, closing her lips around his enormous cock head.

“You’re kidding,” Ron said, giving her a serious look. “What do you mean… right person?”

“Oh, someone I loved,” she answered, still toying with his prick with her lips and tongue. “Someone close to me.”

Ron hadn’t the faintest idea what she was talking about. In fact, ever since he’d gotten home, he’d felt rather disoriented. First, his sons — who never seemed to be at home anymore — were waiting on him, and his daughter had positively looked at his crotch like she could… well, eat him. That had completely unnerved him. And Gina had dragged him to bed before he could get his jacket off. They used to tease each other, loving the torture of waiting.

“Would you tell me what the fuck you’re talking about?” he asked, licking his lips. He was getting more excited by the minute but didn’t know why. Maybe it was the hungry glint in her eye. “I’m in the fucking dark,” he added.

“We have a lovely daughter,” Gina said, almost casually. “Mmmmmm, very lovely!”

“I know,” Ron said, looking away. He remembered only too well those ripened, upturned tits, the sensuous curves Susan had seemed to develop overnight. “But what’s that got to do with…”

“You know what she said to me today?” Gina asked, still lapping at his cock head.

“What?” Ron asked, afraid of the answer. “She said she wanted to sleep with you!” Gina replied.

Ron gave a fake laugh of disbelief. What kind of stupid game was this? Suddenly it felt too hot in the room.

“I told her I’d ask you,” Gina continued. “Quite frankly, I think it’s a good idea. I certainly wouldn’t want her to go out and get it from someone we didn’t know. Would you?”

As his words became a spluttering moan of protest, Gina touched his lips with her index finger.

“I’m going to ask her to join us,” Gina said, trembling with a mixture of fear and excitement.

On cue, Susan opened the door where she had been listening. She gave her father a wide grin, then opened her bathrobe.

“Is it OK, Daddy?” she asked, moving toward the bed.

“My God,” Ron gasped, looking from his daughter to his wife. “I… I…”

Every thought in his brain screamed “no” to what was happening, but his hot, horny body was now at the controls. In fact he had to flex his muscles at the base of his cock just to keep from blowing his load right then. Christ, was Susan a good-looking girl! Those tits and that soft little patch of pussy hair! Those long tanned legs.

He’d like to park between them for about three days.

He opened his mouth to speak, to give a final protest, but only a croak escaped his lips.

“Oh Daddy, your cock is so big and juicy,” Susan said, joining them on the bed.

“Let’s suck it together,” Gina said, placing her right arm around her daughter’s shoulders. “We’ll share.”

With a stunned expression on his face, Ron watched his daughter — his own daughter gobble down on the end of his cock. Christ, was her mouth warm! Gina’s mouth was on his balls, her teeth nibbling at the loose flesh.

“Jesus!” he finally gasped, flinching and grasping the sheets into balls.

“Mmmmm, delicious, Daddy,” Susan whispered, then moved her lips further down his shaft. As they brushed into his hairs, she nuzzled her nose into the sculptured muscles of his stomach.

“These balls are sweet, too,” Gina said, her heart thundering with excitement. It had gone exactly as she’d planned. “You like both your women working on you, hon?” she asked, looking up at her husband’s expression of anguished ecstasy.

“Yes,” Ron said at last. Jesus, how could anything that felt this good, be bad? And that little cock sucking daughter of his! Where had she learned to do that? She ate prick as well as her mother! “Yes,” he repeated, feeling blood rush to his cock.

Susan licked and chewed back up his shaft, then ran her tongue under his foreskin, cleaning out the residue of dried piss and cum. As the heady flavor sank into the back of her throat. She felt her cunt bubble with ecstasy.

Gina pushed her daughter’s head beck down until their lips met. Susan had a mouthful of cock, and her own mouth was completely over both thick balls. They rubbed their noses together and ran their fingers over each other’s breasts.

Just watching them work on him was about to drive Ron crazy with desire. Things were hitting him too fast, too hard. Usually he could keep from blowing his load for a long time, but tonight…

Not tonight!

His cum bubbled furiously in his nuts, then churned into the base of his shaft. Seconds later, it poured up the center of his cock and burst into his daughter’s mouth.

“Ohhhhhh… fuck!” he groaned, grabbing them both by the hair of the head. “Suck it, you little cock sucker. Goddamn you, suck every fucking drop and… and… eat me!”

“Let me have some of it,” Gina said, spitting his balls out of her mouth. “Ohhhhhh, I want it too!”

After gulping down about three or four delicious squirts of jism, Susan pulled her mouth away from her father’s cock and aimed the tip of it toward her mother’s open mouth. She then watched, fascinated, as the milky juice shot over her mother’s pink tongue.

“Mmmmmmm,” Gina gurgled, swallowing the juices into the back of her throat. “Delicious!”

Quickly Susan jerked the cock back to her own mouth and ate down the rest of the frothy liquid. She then clamped her fingers around the base of his shaft and pulled upward, releasing one final glob. She held the fluid in her mouth, them kissed her mother passionately.

Gina accepted her daughter’s kiss and sucked some of the cum into her own mouth. They played with the fluid, swirling it back and forth with their tongues, then shared the juice, each swallowing half.

“He’s good,” Susan said a few minutes later. “Just like you said he would be.”

“Just wait until he gets hold of that little pussy of yours,” Gina said, speaking as if her husband weren’t even in the room. “He can lick it and fuck it like no one alive.”

“Really, Daddy?” Susan asked, sitting back on her haunches and giving her father an impish grin. “You really eat pussy good?” Ron was still too amazed to even comment.

He felt wasted, his insides like rubber. But when he saw his daughter move closer to his face he felt his energy return immediately.

Her pussy came closer and closer. The silky patch of peach-colored cunt hair was even more delicious looking up close.

“Lick my pussy,” Susan said, straddling her father’s chest and leaning forward. “Show me what you do to Mommy.”

A firm, young cunt! God! Had he died and gone to heaven? The smell was like expensive perfume, yet natural, very feminine. The taste would be…

“Fuck,” he gasped, digging his tongue into the folds of flesh that surrounded her tight crack. “Mmmmmmmm!”

Gina watched her daughter’s bobbing ass as she thrust harder against Ron’s face. A smile played at the corners of her mouth. Slowly she crept off the bed and went to the door. As she opened it, Adam’s smiling face greeted her. She placed a finger to her lips and led him into the bedroom.

She crawled back between her husband’s hairy legs and gobbled down on the thick, pulsating slab of cock. When her lips touched the wiry hairs, she felt Adam’s knees against the insides of her thighs, then the tip of his cock against her cunt opening.

“Oooommmmmm,” she gurgled, pulling up, then plunging back down. “Delicious!”

Adam spread her ass cheeks and thrust forward, completely impaling her cunt with his thick pulsating prick. As the skin of his balls crept into her opening, he gave a low, growling grunt of pleasure.

Ron stopped licking Susan’s pussy for a moment, wondering if he’d heard right. Sounded just like… well, a man. Jesus, Gina must be really going crazy down there. Oh well!

He stabbed his tongue back inside his daughter’s cunt, then felt the powerful warmth of lips around his cock. Already, his insides were churning violently. He licked and chewed on the tiny, tight pussy more hungrily.

Suddenly, his balls seemed to be on fire, and then it happened almost without warning. He felt his cum shower up the center of his prick and burst into Gina’s mouth. It had never been this good before, never so quick. It was almost as if he had been turned inside out.

“Suck, Goddamn you, cock-sucker, suck!” he cried into Susan’s pussy. “Lick my cock dry!”

He heard that groan again. Goddamn it, it was a masculine voice!

Gently, he pushed Susan aside and looked toward the foot of the bed. Behind Gina was Adam, screwing into his mother’s cunt like there was no tomorrow!

“What the fuck!” Ron said, looking from his son to Gina.

“Hi, Dad,” Adam grinned.

“So that’s what you meant by someone you love,” he said slowly, looking at his wife, a smile forming on his lips.

“Ready for us?” Mike asked, opening the door. Brian was right behind him and echoed his brother’s question.

“Jesus,” Ron laughed. “Come on in. Might as well make this a family affair.”

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