A man-pretty husband is controlled by his wife into dressing up as a woman

I couldn’t believe that Susan, my wife of two and a
half years would really do this to me. Yet here I sat
in the back seat of our Olds wearing a short blue satin
cocktail dress. The slinky skirt kept riding up my
smoothly shaven, nylon-clad thighs to display a
provocative glimpse of pretty pink lace.

Susan had insisted that I dress for the costume party
from the skin out. Except for the girdle which held me
tightly between my legs, my underwear was a matching
set in the softest shade of glistening pink nylon and
lace. Mike, sitting next to me, had been randy all
night and now, slightly tipsy from the drinks, he just
couldn’t keep his hands off of me.

In addition to insuring that I appeared as one of the
prettiest girls at the party, Susan made me act out the
role, insisting that I play the flirt and accept all
dance requests. I was mortified when Mike was the first
to ask me out on to the dance floor.

Unsteady in the three inch blue satin heels, it felt
strange to be in the arms of this big man — following
his lead. As we moved toward the center of the crowded
floor, his hand drifted to my bottom, softly caressing
me through my satin and nylon skirts and drawing me
close. How embarrassing it was to feel his firm manhood
pressing my lower tummy and thighs. Strangely, I began
to relax and even enjoy the feeling of my skirts
floating about my nylon-clad legs.

By the third dance, I knew that Susan had created a
monster! I was actually looking forward to being in the
arms of this big handsome man. Susan noticed it also.
During the band break she sent me out on the secluded
patio with a knowing grin. There was Mike! Before I
knew it his arms were around my waist, his lips pressed
firmly to mine. They felt so rough, not like a woman’s
lips at all. His firm moist tongue penetrated my pink

The lipstick I tasted was my own. Susan had painted my
lips pink -“to match your lingerie”, she had smiled.
Why had she done this to me? And why now, was my tummy
melting as Mikes probing tongue explored my own mouth.
His hands were everywhere, squeezing, feeling,
caressing me through my thin dress, slip and panties.
His hardness urgently pressing into my lower tummy. I
felt so weak, so feminine. I felt my arms go around his
trunk like neck pulling him deeper into my wet hungry

We must have necked for over an hour. When we returned
to the ball room, the band announced the final song of
the evening. Mike smiled lovingly down at me. With his
arm around my slim waist he guided me once again onto
the floor. It was as if I was hearing the tune “Moon
River” for the very first time. With my pretty face
buried in the nape of his neck, I didn’t notice Susan,
who was dressed as a Pirate, dancing with Mike’s wife
Linda, a pretty princess.

For the party, we had double dated with Mike and Linda,
good friends we had known for more than a year. Now, as
we were driving home, Linda was in the front seat
nestled close to Susan, who was driving. Mike and I
were in the back seat. Before we had left the party,
Susan and Linda giggled at my smeared lipstick and
makeup. They had quickly ushered me to the ladies room,
there repairing the damage that Mike had wrought. It
was Susan who, as she applied a liberal amount of
perfume all over me, said that since I was having such
a good time with Mike, I would ride home in the back
seat – with him!

By the time we got home I’m afraid I was once again in
need of makeup repair. Susan told Linda to fix me up
while she fixed drinks. Later, Susan and Linda were
seated on the couch, Mike and I on the love seat. I was
the topic of conversation.

They all talked about how pretty I was and how I really
should have been a girl. Mike, sensing my
embarrassment, took my soft hand into his own as we sat
there. I was amazed when Susan and Linda both said we
made such a lovely couple. Mike took advantage of their
acceptance to put an arm around my shoulders, his other
hand gently resting on my tummy through the pretty
satin dress.

Susan, rising from the couch, came over and placed her
soft hand on my cheek, “You’re so pretty, honey,” she
smiled lovingly down at me as I felt Mike’s hand move
from my tummy to my breast. “Linda and I will sleep in
the master bedroom, you’ll share the guest room with

Before I could protest, Mike’s lips were on mine, his
tongue deep between my pink lips. “Not that you’ll need
it,” grinned Susan. “But I’ll lay a pretty pink
nightgown out for you.” With their arms about each
other they climbed the stairs. Just before they were
out of hearing range I heard Linda. “Mike really likes
pink!” she giggled mischievously.

* * *

Bright sunlight invaded my consciousness through the
sheer curtains of the bedroom window. Why was I
sleeping in the guest room? As my arm brushed over my
chest I felt the lacy pink camisole and matching bra.
The memories of last night suddenly rushed back to me.
I looked down to see my stockings, panties, and pretty
pink petticoat scattered on the floor. I felt lower. I
was bare from the waist down. And then I remembered
Mike. He had used me for his pleasure… as a woman.

Even though I was alone, I felt a sudden flush come to
my cheeks. I sat up in the large queen sized bed. There
at the foot was the lovely pink nightgown and matching
peignoir that Susan had laid out for me.

I could faintly hear voices as if they were coming from
the kitchen. Mike and Linda were still here. I felt so
ashamed — how could I ever face my friend Mike after
what he had done to me. And my wife Susan. Surely she
must know. And then I recalled how she had encouraged
me, almost forcing me to flirt with Mike.

As I threw my legs over the side of the bed, I felt an
unfamiliar soreness. Realizing that I could not stay in
bed all day, I rose to my feet, the long blond hair of
my wig felt soft on my bare shoulders. Quickly I
skimmed out of the camisole. Opting to leave my bra on,
I slipped in to the beautiful floor length nightgown.
It was so sheer I slipped on the pink panties for
modesty sake. The peignoir tied at the waist with a
wide pink satin belt. With immense dread, I stiffly
made my way towards the kitchen to “face the music”.

Susan and Linda were already dressed, wearing almost
matching sweat shirts and jeans. Mike wore his suit
trousers from last night, and the white shirt, now
without the tie. They were all chatting away, and
sipping coffee. Susan was the first to see me. “Good
morning, Sis” she welcomed with a big grin, “sleep

It was obvious from her voice that she knew. Handing me
a cup of coffee, she gave me a light peck on the cheek.
Mike reached for my hand, drawing me into his lap as I
sat the coffee on the kitchen table. “Good Morning,
sweetheart” he breathed, kissing me full on the lips.
As he positioned me on his lap, I felt his firmness
through the sheer material of the gown and my thin
panties. “How sweet” chimed the girls, almost in

“We’ve been talking about last night, Sandy,” my wife
began. “You were so beautiful as a girl, we’ve decided
to keep you that way for a while.”

I was aghast! “What do you mean? What about my job? My
friends?” I was lost for words at her announcement as I
felt Mike’s strong hands on my tummy through my nighty
and panties, pulling me deeper into his lap.

“You’re going to quit your job and be a little
housewife for a while,” she smiled. “After all, with my
income, you don’t really need to work anyway, and I for
one look forward to having a nice well kept house for a
change. Mike and Linda have agreed to move in with us.
He and I will continue to work while Linda uses her
vacation to teach you how to become a good little

I felt Mike’s lips, nibbling at my ears as Susan spoke.
I felt so strange. Yet now, without the protection of
my girdle, my excitement was visible through my nighty
and thin panties for all to see. I could not deny that
Susan’s words, and of course, Mike’s attentions were
having a turgid effect on my libido. Besides, Susan
spoke as though the decision had already been made.

“Come along, Sandy, let’s get you dressed for the day,”
smiled Linda as she took my hand. Mike was reluctant to
let me go. I cried “Ouch” when he gave my ear a
stinging little love bite. The girls both giggled as he
finally released me to the care of his pretty young

In a daze I allowed Linda to lead me to the master
bedroom. I guess I would refer to it now as Susan’s
bedroom since Linda and I removed all of my clothes
from the closet and the bureau. We packed them away in
boxes which Linda said I could take out to the garage

After a quick bubble bath, Linda had me slip into a
white bra and panty set. She showed me how to put on
the silky pantyhose by first gathering the sheer nylon
in my hands. After stepping into a matching half slip
she handed me a light green shirt waist dress. The
skirt was very full and came to just above my knees. I
secretly loved the way the soft folds swished over my
nylon-clad thighs. Linda smiled as she noticed that
secret look of delight in my eyes. “I think your going
to be a very happy sissy,” she smiled, fluffing the
skirt out.

At first I was very self conscious being the only one
in skirts, and after all I thought, I AM a man.
However, my lovely wife Susan and Linda did their level
best to make me feel comfortable. And Mike -it seemed
like he couldn’t get enough of me. Every time I came
close to him he would slip his arm around my waist or
pat my bottom through my skirts and panties. Once as I
bent to serve him a drink he even slid his hand up my
nylon-clad thigh under my skirts and with a sly little
wink, pinched my bottom. I was glad the girls didn’t

* * *

That evening, Susan declared that we should all go to
bed early as tomorrow was a workday. Handing me an
extremely lacy white baby doll nighty, she asked Mike
to take his “little bride” to bed. “You’ll probably
have to help her with the back buttons of her dress,”
she smiled as Mike ushered me up the stairs. I was
somewhat miffed that my wife had referred to me in the
feminine gender. But the thought quickly left my mind
as Mike closed the bedroom door and took me in his
massive arms.

Maybe she’s right I thought parting my painted lips to
welcome Mike’s hot probing tongue. I felt my knees grow
weak. My tummy melted. My strong masculine lover had
waited for this moment all day. He wasted no time with
the back buttons of my pretty green dress and the snaps
of the lacy white brassiere. As I felt his hungry mouth
on my nipple, I surrendered, completely submitting mind
and body to his heated desire. With my soft pink lips
at his ear I whispered “Oh Darling, take me. I’m

By morning I was truly sore. But I felt happy that Mike
had found such satisfaction. I woke up completely under
the covers. My baby doll nighty had worked its way up
under my arms. I felt Mike’s toe wiggle teasingly at
the juncture of my thighs as I rested my head on his
strong furry thigh. I had savored the flavor of his
masculinity for most of the night, grateful that he had
possessed me so completely. And now for the fourth time
he was again rising to the occasion. He lifted the
covers smiling down at me. Mischievously I let my teeth
close with a little love bite of my own.

I almost choked as I heard a knock at the door. Mike
grinned broadly when I hurriedly jumped out of bed and
tried to pull down the hem of my baby dolls. Realizing
that it was hopeless, I quickly jumped back under the
covers just as Mike’s pretty wife opened the door!

“You two better get a move on,” she smiled. “Sandy, I
want you to help Mike get dressed so he won’t be late
for work.” I felt so strange helping Mike into his
shorts and slacks while below the frilly hem of my baby
doll nighty I was completely on display. I had to keep
brushing his playful hands from my bottom as I buttoned
his shirt. After a crushing (but not unpleasant) kiss,
he was out the door. Linda, sitting on the bed, had
witnessed our little foray with an amused smile.

“He’s so impetuous!” she exclaimed. “Sometimes I think
he should be on the receiving end, so he would know
what it feels like.” I blushed deeply, trying without
success to pull the hem of my short nighty down. “He
really gets your motor running, doesn’t he Sandy?”

The answer was obvious from my openly displayed
physical state. With a broad grin, she took my hand,
leading me to my wife’s bedroom. “Don’t be embarrassed,
silly, we girls have our little secrets. And besides
we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other for a

She casually removed her robe and hung it in what had
been my closet. Her magnificent form was covered only
by a filmy nighty. It was exactly the same as mine,
except it was powder blue. Smiling at my embarrassed
excitement, she slipped it over her head and handed it
to me.

“Put this into the hamper, for now. Then go and start
my bath,” she directed, looking me in the eye.

The thought of disobedience never occurred to me as I
turned to do Linda’s bidding. After her bath, I enjoyed
the task of drying her small but firm body all over
with a fluffy white towel. As she brushed her teeth,
she had me stand behind her, holding her firm breasts
so they wouldn’t jiggle. I was surprised when she
seemed to ignore my firm manhood below the hem of my
pretty nighty pressing against the movements of her
bare bottom.

“That was very nice. You make such a lovely brassiere,”
she giggled, leading me back into the bedroom. “Really
though Sandy, don’t you think you should slip some
panties on before you have an accident?” she smiled
tossing me a lacy pair of pink briefs. Turning shyly, I
slipped into the cool nylon panties. The crisp ruffully
lace at the leg openings tickled my smooth shaven

After I helped her dress in jeans and sweater she
selected my clothes for the day. “We’re going shopping
today Sandy, and unfortunately you’re going to have to
be a man again – at least for a few hours. I don’t
think you can yet pass completely as a woman in broad

She tossed me a pair of my wife’s slacks. Thank
goodness the zipper was in the front! They were of thin
white cotton with elastic at the back of the waistband.
One of her high neck pullovers in powder blue and a
pair of sheer knee highs completed my clothing. My
footwear consisted of a pair of straw like pull on
sneakers. Only the discerning observer (or so I
thought) could tell my clothing was completely

It wasn’t until much later in the day, after we had
finished shopping and eating lunch, that I noticed the
thin cotton materiel of my slacks glowed with the pink
outline of my feminine panties. And the little satin
bow above the left leg was almost clearly visible. My
cheeks burned as I thought back to the then curious
snickers and the ‘too broad’ smiles of other shoppers.

“Well I think they’re darling,” giggled Linda when she
noticed the embarrassed look of enlightenment dawn on
my face. “Not to worry though, sweetie, I doubt you’ll
be leaving the house again for quite some while. Now,
let’s get all these clothes put away before Mike and
Susan get home.”

Soon we had everything in order. Linda had me slip into
pantyhose and a skirt before we started dinner. Perhaps
it was only coincidence that the skirt she handed me
was of thin white cotton and styled with a front zipper
just like the pants I had been wearing. Instead of pant
legs though, it had a short, full circle skirt that
fell to mid thigh.

“This will make your pretty panties a little less
noticeable,” she smiled, handing me a lace trimmed half
slip which was the same color of pink. Blushing once
more, I stepped into the pretty garment and pulled it
up under the skirt. Saying how Mike was such a leg man,
she handed me a pair of white, four inch heels.

When she motioned for us to head for the kitchen, I
asked about makeup, wig, and a brassiere. “No wig or
bra for now,” she grinned, “but I guess a little
lipstick couldn’t hurt.”

She continued while painting my lips a delicate shade
of pink. “Your own hair is very pretty, you know. It
won’t be much longer before we can do something with
it. And as for a bra, I think it’s important that Mike
gets to know the real you. If you’re really meant for
each other, he won’t mind that you’re rather flat-
chested. I’m glad that you are concerned about the size
of your breasts though. I think most women are. But I’m
sure you’ll learn to make the best of what you have.

“Also, I like the idea of your lovely wife seeing you
this way. I don’t want her to think of you as an
attractive young lady. For the time being, I want her
to see you as a weak, submissive and completely
feminized male. And as for yourself, I want you to
think of a bra as something completely feminine.
Something you must earn the privilege of wearing. Of
course we’ll make some exceptions for those ‘special
occasions’ like the other night at the costume party.”

“But Linda,” I interrupted. “Why are you doing this to
me? I feel so strange. I really don’t think it’s right
for a man to dress and act this way.”

She moved closer now. Her breasts pressed firmly
against my flat chest as she reached up to fasten a
large pink satin bow to my own medium length hair. “Ah,
but you didn’t think it was such a problem last night,
with Mike?” she winked.

I couldn’t suppress the furious crimson that rose to my
cheeks. After spraying me generously with perfume, she
took my hand. “You blush so prettily” she said with a
big grin, leading me to the kitchen.

“Your legs look absolutely lovely in your sexy high
heels, Sandy. If I know Mike, his eyes won’t even
venture above your waist until you’ve got him eating
out of your hand!” I blushed more deeply. But as we
passed the full length mirror, I knew she was right.

My wife was the first to get home. Linda insured that I
was ready, waiting by the door with a cool drink as she
entered. As I had been directed, I greeted her with a
soft smile and curtsy, lifting my short skirt so that
just a hint of pretty pink lace showed beneath the hem.
“How sweet, Sis!” she exclaimed. It looks like you’re
really taking your new role seriously.”

She accepted the drink, handing me her brief case and
purse. After a sisterly peck on the cheek she playfully
patted my bottom and commented on my perfume.

Entering the living room, Susan set her drink on the
coffee table. She went to Linda, and placed her hands
on either side of her pretty face. “You’re really doing
a good job with Sandy, Darling. At this pace, he’s
going to be a sweet little housewife before we know

With that, two soft pairs of lips met. Linda sighed
softly as she leaned into my wife’s loving embrace.
Their breasts and tummies crushed together. Linda
eagerly parted her lips to accept Susan’s warm probing
tongue. After what seemed like several moments, Susan
broke the embrace and motioned towards me.

“Come along girls, you can both help me change out of
this stuffy old business suit.” Leaving one arm around
Linda’s waist, she took my hand, leading us both to the
master bedroom.

“You girls look so sweet in your little outfits. It’s
almost as if your sisters,” she smiled, hugging Linda
closer and squeezing my hand. Linda had changed earlier
into a skirt and top which almost matched my own. Her
top was pink instead of the powder blue that I wore.

The resentment of being referred to as a girl by my
lovely wife burned deeply. But the feeling was overcome
as I heard the clacking of our heels and felt the
gentle swish of skirts on my nylon-clad thighs.

Linda helped Susan out of her jacket and reaching
around from the front, began undoing the back buttons
of her blouse. Susan smiled with an audible “Mmmm…”
as their breasts became snugly enmeshed. Standing
behind my pretty wife, I unzipped her slim business
skirt and lowered it gently down her long lovely legs.
After I knelt to tug down her delicately laced oyster
satin half slip, she lifted her feet one at time,
freeing the skirts. I carefully hung the jacket and
skirt in her closet and deposited the slinky half slip
in the hamper. When I returned, the two women were once
more locked in a long wet kiss. Quietly, so as not to
disturb them, I knelt at my wife’s feet to help her out
of the high heels.

With slight irritation in her voice Susan interrupted
the kiss just long enough to tell me to run along and
get ready for Mike. “And please close the door on your
way.” she frowned. I felt a keen sense of humiliation
as I placed her heels neatly in the closet. I left the
room, softly closing the door as instructed.

I had little time however to pout. Mike was just coming
in the front door. I blushed to the sound of his low
wolf whistle as I felt his eyes consuming my long
nylon-clad legs. Not knowing how to react, I just stood
there feeling terribly on display. My fingers toyed
nervously with the short hem of my flaring skirts.
Before I realized it, his arms encircled my slim waist,
drawing me close.

I looked up in surprise only to see his firm masculine
lips being lowered with deliberate slowness until they
met my own. The thought of resistance was only fleeting
as I felt the strength in his powerful arms drawing me
deeper into the embrace. His warm wet tongue pressed
for entry.

My tummy began to melt as I felt his strong hand on my
bottom through the layers of thin nylon. Slowly, my
eyes closed. My soft painted lips parted. Once again we
were bonded together as one. The thin material of my
skirts and panties did little to conceal the turgid
effect he was having on me. At my lower tummy I also
felt his undeniable need.

I felt myself being lifted into his strong arms. He
carried me to the guest room and ever so gently
deposited me on the freshly made bed. He was quickly
out of his pants and shoes and beside me on the bed.
After another long, wet kiss, I was putty awaiting the
mold. His strong hands gently positioned me to his
liking. Without bothering to remove my own clothes, he
merely lifted the hem of my short skirt and petticoat
and lowered the pretty pink panties.

* * *

“You’re heels seem to be bothering you a little, Sandy”
my wife commented later that evening as I served
dinner. I did move rather stiffly, but it certainly
wasn’t the heels. I blushed deeply, turning
automatically to look over the table at Mike. He made
no effort to hide a knowing wink. As understanding
struck, Linda and Susan tried unsuccessfully to
suppress a girlish giggle. Almost in tears, I lifted my
napkin to cover crimson cheeks.

Realizing my embarrassment, Linda gave me an empathetic
smile and a soft pat on my nylon-covered knee. “Don’t
worry Sandy.” she said tenderly, “I have some ideas
which I’ll share with you later. I’m sure they will
help you with your little problem.

Emphasizing the word little, she glared coldly at her
smiling husband. Thankfully, Susan changed the subject
and I was soon serving coffee for the girls and brandy
for Mike.

Later, after Susan, Linda, and I freshened our lipstick
and perfume, we all played a round of pinochle. Mike
and I were paired naturally against Linda and Susan. We
laughed and joked as we played. It seemed so nice to
have a foursome in the house. We all got along really
great together. Once when it was Susan’s turn to deal,
I poured more drinks and served some chips. While
serving Mike, he pulled me down for a very randy kiss
and his hand slipped beneath my short skirts to caress
my nylon-clad bottom.

Although embarrassed to be fondled so intimately in
front of my wife, I couldn’t help but submit his
masterful touch. Linda and Susan had already sorted
their cards. Susan impatiently and loudly cleared her
throat. With a stinging little pinch high on the inside
of my thigh, Mike finally released me. Returning to my
seat I tugged desperately at the hem of my skirt.

They all exploded with laughter as Linda playfully
smirked, “I think Sandy has a royal flush!” Catching
the line, I couldn’t help joining in the laugh. Later,
just before we all retired, Linda took me aside and led
me to the bathroom. She opened the medicine cabinet and
with an understanding smile handed me a small plastic
jar of Vaseline.

“Tonight, just before joining Mike, you should use some
of this.” Even though we were alone in the bathroom, I
flushed hotly. But I knew she was just sharing a
feminine secret. “Now run along and be a good little
wife. I’ll see you in the morning.” she whispered,
sending me off to the guest room with a firm little pat
on my bottom.

After our earlier episode, Mike was much gentler. He
had me undress slowly as he watched, insisting that I
leave the high heels ’til last. Linda was right about
my small chest.

Mike didn’t really seem to mind. With his warm mouth he
made ample use of what there was. After our first
round, we both agreed that Linda was right about the
small jar too! What a smart lady she was. Thankfully,
with my head once again resting on Mike’s furry thigh I
fell into a peaceful slumber.

All night I had wonderful dreams about big, warm, juicy
popsicles — and of things to come.