Mother Needs It Hot

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite en it comes to relating on an individual basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual relationships.

The fact is, Americans are only now learning to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the prime focus of life, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

The characters in MOTHER NEEDS IT HOT are cases in point. Their story is one of real importance for our hung-up society. It is a story well worth the reading if we are ever to understand our own sexuality.


Hanging onto the strap, swaying with the motion of the subway car, Susan stared at the crudely drawn graffiti on the wall. It excited her, like everything depicting fucking excited her lately. Even the bodies pressing around her excited her.

It was the rush hour, and normally she would not be riding the subway, but today she was on it. The crush of bodies, warm, vibrant bodies, against her, felt good. Maybe that was because she had not, had a human contact — body against body — in a very long time. Whatever the cause, her body was vibrating with long-suppressed hungers. Her tits were pressed against the broad back of a faceless stranger, and it felt good. She didn’t try to draw away; it wouldn’t have been possible anyway.

She felt a delicious stinging between her thighs, a certain throb about the lips of her cunt. Her clit was trying to swell and strain against the crotch of her panties. Susan ran her tongue over her lips, her eyes half-closed and starting to glaze with a dreamy expression.

It had been so very long since she had felt this way. Always before, she would fight the feelings down, bury them. But not now. She allowed those feelings to surface, enjoying the sweetness, the itching of her cunt. Maybe that was why she didn’t try to pull away when she felt something hard pressing against the cheek of her ass. The hardness was throbbing, and whoever it was kept pushing just a bit harder against her.

There were some weird people who rode the subway, she knew. She had heard about some men who got their jollies by rubbing against a warm woman. Perhaps the man behind her was one of those.

Most women might have become frightened, fought through the crowd to get away, but not Susan.

Susan had erotic feelings, very strong erotic feelings. For many years she had suppressed them, because all they did was torment her. Despite her many opportunities to get laid, to feel a hard cock shoving into her cunt, she resisted. Not because she didn’t want to get fucked, but because she was somewhat particular about whose cock went into her cunt. Yet for some reason, this time, as she felt the throb of the hard cock on her ass, a quiver went through her, and she could feel the crotch of her panties becoming wet. The wetter they became, the better it felt to Susan. She gripped the strap hard as she swayed, and with just a slight adjustment of her ass, she made sure the cock was pressing at her asscrack. She heard a soft sigh behind her, and grinned to herself. She flexed the cheeks of her ass, and heard the sigh of pleasure again. She could turn her head and see who it was, but she didn’t want to see what he looked like.

Feeling his cock throb at the crack of her ass, Susan let her imagination flow with the images of who she really wanted to fuck. It was her secret, and had been her secret for two years. She never felt guilty or ashamed of her erotic fantasies. They felt too good to cause her shame or guilt.

With a slight wiggle of her ass, she pretended it was Tommy’s cock pressing against her. She closed her eyes as the image grew, and writhed her ass, flexing her ass cheeks as the cock throbbed between them. In her mind, Tommy’s cock rubbed up and down her ass, so very hard and hot. She wasn’t dressed, in her mind, but wearing panties. Thinking this way, she could almost feel the cock better. Whoever it was behind her was rubbing up and down, sliding his hard-on along the crack of her ass. Susan kept tightening her ass cheeks, letting them relax, then tightening them again.

The subway stopped, hut Susan stood where she was. A few people managed to get off the train, and a few more squeezed in. The man behind her was pressed tighter, and his cock seemed to slip between the cheeks of her ass, through his pants, and her dress and panties. It felt like an enormous cock, but it was difficult to tell for sure.

She arched her ass back a little, and felt the returning pressure. A soft sigh came from her mouth as the cock throbbed more and more. She lifted up and down on her tiptoes, sliding the crack of her ass on the man’s hard-on. In her mind, Tommy’s cock was sliding up and down, and she could practically feel the hard flesh of his cock against the nakedness of her flesh. She imagined she was naked, with Tommy’s cock sliding up and down the crack of her smooth, rounded ass. Her cunt throbbed and burned, her cunt pressing at the crotch of her wet panties.

The man pressing up against her ass was jiggling up and down, dry-fucking the crack of her ass. He was encouraged by the sharp backward press of her ass and the way Susan squeezed her asscheeks together. She wondered if it would be possible to get fucked on a crowded subway car, with no one knowing the difference. Crushed so lightly, she felt it was possible. Neither would have to really move, she decided. The sway and jolting of the train would do the work for them.

The gasping behind her was increasing, and Susan wiggled her ass as best she could. It amused her to think she could make this man, this person behind her, come in his pants. He would be satisfied, and although she wouldn’t, it would feel good to cause his cock to gush into his pants. It wasn’t really a cock tease this way, because the man would get something out of it. And it wasn’t as if she was being fucked.

Her station was coming up, and she felt she had to hurry if she wanted to accomplish this. She pushed her ass backward as hard as she could, and felt the return pressure of that throbbing hard-on. Her panties and skirt were right in the crack of her asshole now, and she could actually feel the unknown cock throbbing against her assbud.

Then it happened. The man gave a strangling gurgle, and Susan felt the spasms of his cock between the cheeks of her ass. She hoped he didn’t come so much it seeped through his pants and got her skirt wet.

It was over just as the doors hissed open, and Susan squeezed past the bodies and outside. Without looking back, she began walking to the stairs. Reaching the turnstile, she saw people being helped over, while others climbed the steel railings.

“Careful, Ma’am,” said a man. “Damn thing is broken. I’ll help you over.”

Susan allowed the man to take her arm and help her. She swung her leg over, and caught sight of a young man sitting off by himself, leaning against the wall, watching. His eyes gleamed as Susan lifted her leg, and she knew he had positioned himself to see up all the dresses of the women being helped across the turnstile. She impulsively gave him a fine peek at her crotch, and winked at him as she hurried past. The man returned a grin, and she noticed he had a hard-on bulging up from his pants.

Some people got their kicks in strange ways, she thought.

Walking quickly, her heels tapping on the sidewalk, Susan didn’t delay on her way home. Tommy was there, and she was anxious to be with him. It was getting to the point where she hated to go to work and leave him in the apartment alone. Not just when he was alone, either, for she hated to be away from for any length of time.

Men gazed after her as she walked, her rich brown hair dancing about her shoulders, her tits jiggling tightly inside her blouse. Her ass rippled and twisted as her long legs made quick strides.

Today was the day her sister was to arrive. Susan had been looking forward to her sister coming. She had not seen her sister in almost two years, and wondered how she was now. She had agreed with reluctance to let Wanda stay with her and Tommy, and had agreed to help her get a job. But she felt Wanda would be a hindrance to her.

For the past few months, Susan had felt a growing change between her and Tommy. The atmosphere between them was taking on a new meaning, and Susan was waiting almost breathlessly to see what would happen. She had felt such tension between herself and men before, and knew it was erotic. This feeling was different only in that Tommy was her son.

She simply felt her son would be a fantastic fucking partner, and because he was her son, Susan refused to let that sway her judgment. She had no hang-ups about fucking Tommy, none at all.

But now, with Wanda staying awhile, it would be sure to put a damper on the growing attraction she and Tommy were feeling for each other. So far, her son looked openly at her, gazing at her flawless, firm tits, staring at her ass, or peeking at her knees. Not that Susan had exposed anything to him yet, but he looked and his expression was hungry. Once, just a day or so before, he had, touched her on her hip, and both of them had gasped and frozen far a moment. She had glanced down at his hand touching her hip, then into her son’s hungry eyes. Then they pulled away, and there was no further mention of the incident, yet they both had felt the electrical charge whipping through the air.

Tommy was a virgin, she was sure. She had never seen him with a girl, and he seldom went anywhere. She didn’t like him to go outside very often. It was getting dangerous to be alone on the streets, with the gangs roaming about, muggings and so on. She was lucky that Tommy didn’t associate himself with a gang, she thought.

Entering her apartment building, she took the elevator to the tenth floor, and quietly opened the door to her apartment.

Tommy and Wanda didn’t see or hear her enter; they sat on the couch, pressing lightly together. Susan saw that Tommy had his hand under his aunt’s dress and his tongue was down her throat. The next thing she saw was her sister gripping Tommy’s cock very hard. She could see the head of her son’s cock bulging up, very swollen and very smooth, and the glistening beads of wetness on his pinhole. Susan stood still, her eyes wide and hot, staring at her son’s cock. She was afraid to breathe, afraid to make a sound. Not because she would startle them, but because she didn’t want her son’s cock to disappear.

Wanda was moaning softly as she sucked Tommy’s tongue writhing her ass on the couch, opening and closing her legs. Susan saw her son had his hand inside Wanda’s panties. She watched as her sister pumped her fist up and down Tommy’s cock, and listened to the groan of pleasure he made. She had not seen his cock before, not like this. She had seen it pressing in hardness against the front of his pants, but never standing free and naked. It was larger than she had expected.

“Well?” she finally said.

There was an immediate reaction from Tommy and Wanda. Wanda gave a little scream as she jerked her mouth away from Tommy’s tongue, pulling his hand from her panties at the same time. Wanda sat upright quickly, clamping her knees together and flushing with shyness. Tommy, seeing his mother standing in the doorway, stuffed his cock into his pants. Susan almost laughed at the trouble he had because it remained hard.

“I see I got home just in time,” Susan said, closing the door. She was trembling, and her cunt seemed to be throbbing with heat.

Tommy didn’t appear embarrassed at all. It was Wanda who blushed and couldn’t look at Susan. Susan placed her purse on a table and turned to look at her son and sister. Wanda was only a few years older than Tommy, about the prettiest blonde in their old hometown. She was sweet and cuddly and shy, with an innocent way of looking at a person that said she wasn’t as innocent as she appeared. Her sky-blue eyes promised and teased. She was curvy and slender, like Susan.

“When did you get in, Wanda?” she asked. Wanda whispered something, but it was Tommy who answered. “She got here about an hour ago, Mom.”

“Only an hour ago,” Susan asked, arching her eyebrows. “And already you’ve got your hand in her panties, Tommy?”

Tommy almost blushed. Almost, but not quite. This was the boldest Susan had spoken to him.

“And you, Wanda,” Susan said, facing her sister. “I’m surprised at you. I really am.”

“I’m sorry,” Wanda whispered, gazing down at her lap, her hands folded there. “I didn’t mean to do it, Susan.”

“Oh, is that right?” Susan asked, but her voice was not unkind. “If you didn’t mean to, why were you?”

“Mom,” Tommy said. “It wasn’t Wanda’s fault. I’m the one.”

“The one what?”

“I started it, Mom, not Wanda.”

“I suppose you put her hand on your cock,” Susan said.

Tommy’s eyes grew hot, and Wanda’s head jerked up, her blush making her face a deep pink.

“That’s right — cock,” Susan said, but there was no anger in her voice. “If you’re old enough to play with a girl, you’re old enough to hear the word, Tommy.”

Susan noticed her son’s cock was still very hard, outlined against his pants. That pleased her. She looked at it openly, her own eyes growing wet with desire. Tommy made no effort to try and hide his hard-on, but sat there with his knees open, hands at his sides on the cushions. Although she had her knees clamped together, Wanda’s skirt was halfway up her thighs.

“Wanda, do you mind if I talk to Tommy in private for a moment?” Susan asked.

Wanda got up and, averting her face from her older sister, disappeared down the hall. Susan watched her son, who was watching the swelling cheeks of Wanda’s cute ass.

“I don’t care who started it, Tommy,” Susan said, lowering her eyes to her son’s bulging hard-on meaningfully. “That isn’t important to me. What I want to know is this; you know Wanda is my sister, your aunt. Don’t you feel strange about feeling her up?”

Tommy shivered with excitement, listening to his mother talk to him as if he was a grownup, using the words boys and girls did at school. Like his mother, he had sensed the changing atmosphere between them. He wanted to feel his mother’s body badly, to touch her in all those secret places. If he had gotten some sort of sign from his mother, he would have been feeling her up a long time ago.

“I don’t feel strange at all, Mom,” he said after a brief pause.

Susan felt a thrill grow inside her body. Her cunt twitched hotly, and she flashed a smile at her son. “That’s what I hoped to hear.”

She stepped close to her son, holding her hand out. Tommy took her hand and stood up. Susan was six inches taller than her son, and he tilted his head to look into her eyes. Susan held his hand tightly, and brought her other hand between them.

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to touch it, too,” Susan whispered in a hoarse voice. “If you let my sister touch it, I suppose I can feel your cock, too, right, Tommy.”

Before her son could answer, she placed her palm on his bulging cock. Tommy gasped, and Susan pressed, feeling the length of his prick. She pressed at it, and felt a responding throb. She rubbed her palm from his swollen cockhead to the base, then cupped her hand about his balls. Susan squeezed her son’s balls gently, making Tommy moan softly.

“Nice,” she murmured. “Very nice, Tommy.”

She pulled his hand between them, turning it around. Holding his balls tightly, staring down into his eyes, she pressed her son’s palm against her cunt. She heard Tommy’s quick gasp, and she smiled at him.

“That is just as hot as my sister’s,” she whispered, rubbing his hand back and forth, pressing her skirt between her thighs. “Mother’s pussy is just as hot as your aunt’s cunt is.”

“Ohhhhh, Mom!” Tommy groaned, curling his fingers tightly into his mother’s crotch. “It sure is!”


Susan pressed her hips forward, holding the back of her son’s hand, smashing his palm against her cunt. She twisted her hips, clutching her son’s balls tightly but tenderly.

“They feel so hard, baby,” she whispered. “They feel loaded, very full.” She slipped her hand up to his cock again, trying to close her fingers around it. “And this is very, very hard, too.”

Tommy rubbed at his mother’s taint, feeling the heat burn through her panties and skin.

“This isn’t going to work,” Susan purred hotly. “Come with me, Tommy.”

She held his hand tightly as she pulled her son down the hallway. They passed the closed door of the bedroom Wanda was to use. Susan hurried into her own room, dragging her eager son with her. She closed the door, then turned to face. Tommy, her eyes blazing with hunger.

“Now, take it out for me,” she hissed.

Tommy, not the least shy, hurriedly opened his pants, and his cock surged out. Susan gasped and gabbed it, closing her fingers tightly about her son’s cock.

“Oh, God, it’s hard!” she whimpered, and began to jerk back and forth. “So very hard! And beautiful! You have a beautiful cock, Tommy!”

She jacked her hot fist back and forth a few times, then cupped her hand about his swollen cockhead. She felt the wetness seeping out of his piss hole.

“Oh, it’s so lovely!” she gurgled, then stepped back.

With her eyes blazing at her son’s cock, Susan unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her feet. She wore only her skimpy panties, hardly anything covered. Her panties held her hips tightly, and curls of dark pussy hair swirled up above the elastic waist. The hair of her pussy and the puffy lips of her cunt made a delicious, teasing bulge in the crotch of her panties.

Tommy, staring, felt his cock throb up and down. His eyes burned at his mother, fixed almost hypnotically at her crotch. Susan lifted her blouse, then with a jerk, tore it from her body. Her bra was stretched and filled with her shapely, firm tits. She tried to tear it off, but found it hard to do. Feverishly, staring hotly at his jerking cock, she managed to unhook the bra and tossed it aside.

“Ohhhh, nice, Mom!” Tommy groaned as he stared at her tits.

Susan’s tits stood out in round firmness, spaced widely, with deliciously stiff nipples.

“They’re so pretty, Mom!”

“Hold them, Tommy,” she panted. “Hold my tits!”

Tommy lifted both hands, closing his fingers around them. Susan moaned softly as he squeezed.

“Ohhhh, that feels wonderful!” Susan purred. “Pull my nipples, Tommy! Oh, God… twist my nipples hard!”

Tommy did, bringing low gurgles of delight from his mother. Susan again grasped her son’s cock, squeezing it hard, making her son grunt. Her other hand moved to his back, and she rubbed it up to the back of his head. Pulling her son’s face up, she smashed her lips against his. Wildly, her cunt on fire, Susan plunged her tongue into her son’s mouth, moaning hotly. She pumped almost frantically on his cock.

Tommy’s hands left his mother’s tits, scooting around her waist. He clutched at her ass, pulling her tightly against his body. Susan pulled her tongue out of his wet mouth.

“I need this, Tommy!” she sobbed. “Oh, God, I need this hard cock so much!”

She turned him loose, stepping from him. She stared down at his cock, watching it throb up and down, his cockhead dripping with readiness. She slipped her fingers into her flimsy panties, and rolled them down swiftly. She was much too anxious to move slowly, and her movements were feverish. She stepped out of her panties, completely naked before her son. Tommy didn’t have much time to admire his mother’s beauty, however.

Susan grabbed his hand and pulled him to her big bed. They lay side by side, pressing and squirming against each other. She felt her son’s cock rubbing at her stomach, smearing her flesh with that exciting juice. She grabbed at his pants, trying to shove them down.

“Take them off!” Susan hissed hungrily. “You’ve got to take those pants off, Tommy!”

Tommy removed his pants by lying down, lifting his ass and sliding them over his hips, then off his legs. Susan wasn’t in the least surprised that he wasn’t wearing shorts. She wanted to look at him, to examine his cock and precious young balls, but she wanted his cock inside her cunt more. When he pulled his t-shirt off, Susan grabbed her son and pulled him on top of her. She spread her legs wide, and feverishly pushed at his cock with one hand, grabbing the cheek of his ass with the other. Tommy, too, was much too excited to move slowly.

The head of his cock touched his mother’s burning cunt, and with a swift thrust, Tommy stabbed quickly.

“Ohhhh, my God!” Susan wailed as she felt her cunt stretch about her son’s throbbing cock. “Oh, my God! My God, Tommy! Yes! Ohhhh, yes!”

She flung her legs up into the air, holding them wide open, her cunt taking her son’s cock hungrily. She squealed when she felt her son drive deeply into her pussy, filling it. She strained against him, Tommy pressing deep and hard. For a moment, both stayed quite still. Susan wanted to feel every throb of his cock against the fiery lips of her cunt, and Tommy wanted to feel the wet heat sear the hardness of his cock. Susan held her son’s naked ass in both hands, her fingers squeezing his young ass cheeks, trying to press her cunt harder at his cock. Tommy shoved his hands down to his mother’s ass, taking a rounded asscheek in each and pulling her cunt tight onto his cock. They trembled together, both of them gasping at the exquisite sensations rumbling through their naked bodies.

“Tommy! Ohhh, baby, fuck me!” Susan finally wailed, shaking her ass into his hands. “Fuck me, Tommy! Ooohhh, Tommy, Tommy! Fuck mother! Fuck mother hard and fast! Please, please, fuck me!”

With excitement, Tommy began to plunge his cock into his mother’s receptive cunt. Susan pounded her ass up and down, meeting his thrusting cock with powerful hinges of her ass. She clawed at his ass, squirming and grinding frantically, sobbing as she tossed her head from aide to side.

“Oh, Mom?” Tommy groaned, burying his face into her tits. “It’s so good, Mom! So hot and wet and good!”

“Yes, it is!” she answered in gasps. “Fuck me good, baby! Ohhhh, I’ve wanted this for so long! Fuck me, fuck me! Ooohhh, Tommy, you have such a big hard-on! I love it, Tommy! Split mother’s cunt open! Rip mother’s twat apart! Ram your hard cock up my wet pussy!”

Tommy gripped her shaking ass, lifting her, yet she could still move, swing her ass about, bump it up and down with him, matching his frantic rhythm perfectly. Cries of delight bubbled from Susan’s constricted throat as she waved her long legs about in the air, her cunt taking the wild stabs of his cock, sucking at it and devouring it. She swung her ass about in tight circles, grinding in an erotic frenzy at her son’s cock. She felt her pussy gripping at him, felt her clit being scraped along his cock shaft as her son rammed up and down.

Tommy rubbed his face into his mother’s tits, his tongue lapping her nipples. He squeezed her churning ass hard, panting with his wild efforts.

“Ohhhh, yes, yes!” Susan squealed. “That’s the way, Tommy! Ram it hard and deep! Ohhhh, baby, ft’s so wonderful! Ohhhh, you fuck so good, baby!”

Tommy’s cock felt harder than ever, and he couldn’t believe the wet heat he felt on it. His mother’s cunt, so hungry, was soft and wet, yet it seemed fight.

“It’s great, Mom!” he gasped into her tits. “It’s so good! You feel so hot and wet, Mom!”

“I am!” she squealed. “Oh, my cunt is hot and wet! Fuck it… fuck my cunt, Tommy! Fuck mother’s hot, wet cunt!” Susan wrapped her long legs about his, humping her cunt up and down on his cock, riding him with a furious twist of her hips. The bed was protesting, but they didn’t hear it. Susan clung to her son’s ass with both hands, her fingers squeezing his young asscheeks as she shot her cunt up and down. Tommy, clinging to his mother’s thrashing ass, pounded mindlessly, wrapped up in the ecstasy that rumbled about his cock and balls. Although his balls were tight, they smacked against her ass, sending Susan into wilder motions, squealing with rapture.

“Ohhhh, it’s about to happen!” she wailed, “Oh, baby, you’re about to make me come! Fuck me, Tommy! Oh, God! I’m on fire and I’m going to come! I’m so fucking close…”

A scream boiled from her throat as her orgasm exploded, sending her cunt into tight spasms that squeezed his cock time and again.

“Mom, I can’t stop it!” Tommy yelped from between her tits.

“Don’t stop it!” Susan cried out. “Let it go! Ohhhh, baby, let it go!”

With a loud grunt, Tommy felt his fizz begin to spurt.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” Susan yelled, puffing at his ass, trying to take his cock deeper, her cunt demanding. “Come, baby! Ohhh, come hard!”

Tommy’s cock squirted time and again, the come juice boiling out of his cock with force, spattering the soft walls of her insatiable cunt, filling her with the creamy wetness. Susan’s naked body vibrated in a way it had not done for a long, long time. The shudders of intense ecstasy drove her mind into shattering, erotic delights. She ground her contracting cunt hard at his spewing cock, feeling the rapid spurts of his come juice filling her.

Slowly, very slowly, Susan’s body relaxed. She let her ass down to the bed, but held her son between her thighs. Tommy lifted and looked down at his mother, his eyes moist with delight. Susan grinned up at him, bringing her hands off his ass, up his back. She hugged him tightly.

“Nice, wasn’t it?” she whispered.

“It was the greatest, Mom!” he gasped, grinning down at her.

“You knew it was going to happen?” she asked.

“I thought so, but I wasn’t sure,” Tommy replied.

“Are you sorry?”

“No way!” Tommy said.

“I’m your first, aren’t I?” Tommy became shy for an instant, then he nodded his head.

“I knew it!” Susan purred. “I’m glad I’m first, Tommy. I’m glad it finally happened, and I’m glad I’m the first.”

She shivered beneath her son, feeling his cock still inside her cunt. Ste worked the muscles of her pussy, causing Tommy’s eyes to glaze.

“Mmmmm, you like that?” she asked softly, squeezing his cock with her cunt again. “Does that feel good?”

Tommy grinned his reply.

“Want some more?” Susan asked, her eyes flashing, her hips writhing beneath her son. “Was it good enough that you’d like some more?”

“I sure would, Mom,” he replied, leaning down and swirling his tongue about his mother’s still-stiff nipple. “I’d love to have some more.”

“Let’s try a different position,” Susan said, her voice growing thick with desire again. “Get off, just a minute.”

Tommy lifted up and sat back on his heels, seeing his mother’s cunt really for the first time. His eyes glowed hotly as he gazed between her parted thighs. Susan remained on her back for a while; her legs open, letting her son look at her pussy. It was quite hairy, with curls along each side of her pink, juicy cuntlips. It was thick at the top of her pussy slit, with a very fine shadow growing in a straight line to her belly button. Her cunt hair was so thick; she had to shave along the edges when she wore a bikini. But it was just now getting warm enough for a bikini, and she had not shaved it.

“You like it?” she asked, softly.

“It’s pretty, Mom,” Tommy replied in a low voice.

She saw his cock was half-hard, never really having gone soft in the first place. His balls, not so loaded now, dangled downward. There was a bit of wiry fuzz at the base of his cock, and she was struck by how young he really was. But there was nothing young about his cock, she was pleased to see. It excited her to have her son look at her cunt, and it pleased her tremendously that he wasn’t shy about it.

“Fuck me from behind,” she said in a throaty voice. “I like getting fucked from behind, Tommy.”

Susan rolled onto her stomach, pulling her knees up underneath. Tommy, sitting on his heels, watched the creamy roundness of his mother’s naked ass with interest. As Susan pulled her knees under her body, her lovely ass checks parted, and she arched her ass back. Her pink cunt pooched from her thighs as she spread her knees, resting her head and shoulders on the bed, her ass high in the air. She shook her ass, inviting her son.

“Fuck me this way, Tommy,” she purred softly, wiggling her ass for him.

“I like getting fucked this way. Your cock can go real deep this way, baby.”

Tommy couldn’t wait any longer. Seeing his mother with her naked, lovely ass high in the air, her cunt waiting, he wanted to fuck her again more than look, right now. He saw the crinkle of her asshole pull inward and his cock jutted out hard. Susan’s finger clawed at the bedspread as she waited, breathless, for her son to ram his cock up her cunt again. She closed her eyes, a smile on her beautiful face.

Tommy brushed the head of his cock up and down the slit of his mother’s cunt, feeling the wet heat blister it.

“Mmmmm, this is going to be very good, Tommy,” Susan whispered. “You’re going to really enjoy fucking me this way.”

Tommy placed the head of his cock against the swollen lips of his mother’s cunt, and his palms on her ass.

“Go in slow,” Susan said. “Let me feel every hard inch go in my cunt real slowly, baby.”

Tommy pushed slowly, watching his cock slide into his mother’s cunt, feeling that exciting wetness again. Inching his cock inward, he saw her pink pussy lips part open, yet they seemed to grip his cock at the same time. Susan made a whimper as his cock moved into her. A shiver shot up and down her spine, and her ass writhed gently.

“How does it feel, Tommy?” she asked.

“Great, Mom?” he replied.

“Is mother’s cunt nice and wet? Is my cunt hot enough for your hard cock?”

“Oh, wow, Mom! It feels like you’re boiling in there!”

“I am!” she squealed, pushing her ass back at him. “My cunt is boiling! Ohhhh, Tommy, fuck me real deep!”

Tommy grabbed his mom’s hips instinctively as Susan began to twist her ass. With quick stabs, he began to fuck her again, staring down at the spread of her asscheeks, watching her asshole pucker. Susan pounded her naked ass back at him with each forward thrust of his cock, gasping in pleasure when her pussy lips were smashed. His balls brushed her clit as he came inward.

“Faster, Tommy!” she urged.

Tommy speeded up, the ecstasy starting to rumble through his young body again. His cock made wet sounds as he beat it in and out of his mother’s cunt. Susan moaned softly and dug her fingers into the bedspread, shaking her ass for her son.

“This is good, Mom!” Tommy groaned, running his cock in and out. “I like to fuck this way, Mom!”

“I do, too,” she moaned. “Oooooh, baby, fuck faster! My God, I think you’re going to make me come again!”

Tommy dug his fingers into his mother’s wiggling hips, stabbing his cock faster and harder and deeper, gritting his teeth. Susan strained her ass onto his prick, making choking sounds of rapture. Her cunt was expanding, dosing about her son’s cock. The ballooning of a tremendous… orgasm caused her stomach to clutch in rippling tightness.

“Oh, God, Tommy! Oh, my God, baby! It’s going to be powerful!”

Tommy, grunting hotly as he stabbed his cock swiftly into the gripping heat of his mother’s cunt, clawed at her shaking ass, jerking her back onto his prick with each forward lunge. His eyes were glassy now, and he couldn’t see except for blurry images of his mother’s ass.

“I’m gonna come, too, Mom!” he bellowed. “Ohhhhh, my balls! My balls hurt, Mom!”

“Come, baby!” she sobbed loudly. “Shoot it to me! Spurt it up mother’s cunt! Come! Ohhh, Tommy, come in my cunt!”

As she screamed, Susan’s pussy convulsed. The writhing, waving orgasm clutched at her son’s cock, pulling and squeezing him. Tommy rammed as deep as he could, lifting his face to the ceiling, his features screwed up as though he was tormented out of his mind.

“Ahhhhh, Mom!” he groaned as his cock squirted into her greedy cunt. “I’m coming in you! Oooooh, Mom, Mom!”

“Come hard, Tommy!” Susan shrieked, shaking her ass with wild movements, her cunt drawing at his throbbing prick. “I love it! I love to feel a cock squirting up my fucking cunt!”

“Fuck! Fuck!” Tommy yelled.

“Oh, yes, fuck!”

The gushes of creamy come juice flooded Susan’s cunt, making her naked body shake, her tits ready to burst.

With her son still coming into her cunt, everything went weak, and Susan sprawled forward, her legs scooting back. Tommy went down with her, lying across his mother’s back. His cock, relaxing, slipped from her pussy as it squeezed.

“Ohhhhh, it’s finished,” Susan moaned. “I don’t want it to be over.”

Tommy panted as he relaxed on top of his mother’s naked body.

“Does it have to be over, Mom?” he asked, almost shy.

“No, baby,” she whispered. “It doesn’t.”

“We can fuck again?”

“Anytime, all the time,” Susan murmured happily. “Anytime you want, baby, you can fuck mother.”


Leaving her son in her room, Susan called her younger sister into the living room.

Wanda sat next to her, shy, keeping her eyes averted and her hands folded in her lap. Susan noticed that Wanda had really grown up since she had last seen her. The years between their ages had prevented then from being really close, like most sisters, and Susan really knew nothing about Wanda, except she had just graduated from high school, didn’t want to go to college, and wanted to stay with her and Tommy while she found herself a good job.

The last time Susan had seen her sister, Wanda had been a skinny little thing. Now she was all grown up and quite shapely. There had been a fantastic change in Wanda’s body. She now had sharp, firm mouthwatering tits, molded by her tight sweater. Her waist was small, and her hips lovely. Susan had already seen those beautiful long legs.

“Well, Wanda,” Susan said, eyeing her sister. “It seems you’ve learned a few things since I last saw you.”

Wanda didn’t reply.

“Do you know how old Tommy is?” Wanda nodded her head. “And you know he is your nephew?” Wanda rubbed her hands together in her lap. “Aren’t you ashamed?” Susan asked, her voice low.

This brought a response from Wanda. She lifted her head and looked her sister in the eye. “Aren’t you?”

“Why should I be ashamed?” Susan asked. “You were the one hanging onto his cock, it was your panties Tommy had his hand in.”

“Maybe so,” Wanda said, without a trace of her former shyness, “but I didn’t fuck him.”

“Say what you mean,” Susan said.

“You make a lot of noise when you’re fucking, Susan,” Wanda said boldly. “You really should learn to control yourself.”

Susan looked her sister over, a faint smile on her lovely face. Wanda returned her stare, unflinching.

After a long time, Susan said very softly, “So now what?”

“I want in on the fun, Susan,” Wanda said, sliding her knee up onto the cushions and facing her older sister. “Why do you I think I came here to live? To find work? Bullshit! I’ve got enough money to carry me for a year. I had to get away from that dumb jerk-off town.”

Susan understood that. The town they came from was very small, and everyone knew what each other was doing and to whom.

“So you had a reputation, huh?” Susan asked, knowing it. She too, had had one before she finally escaped to the city.

“You might say I was getting one,” Wanda replied.

“I can see why,” Susan said, noticing the smooth flesh of her sister’s legs. “If you grab every man or boy five minutes after meeting him, that’s understandable. Any girl would get a reputation.”

Wanda shifted on the couch, and Susan found herself eying the expanse of flesh above her sister’s knee. “You do have trouble controlling such urges, don’t you, Wanda?”

“Sometimes,” Wanda admitted, giving her older sister an impish grin. “But I can… if I want to. It’s just that I don’t want to. It feels too good to stop.”

Susan watched creamier thigh become revealed as her younger sister talked. She wondered if Tommy would remain in her room as she asked him to. She wondered what Wanda would be doing with him just as soon as she went back to work on Monday. She didn’t wonder very hard, though. After what she had seen, she knew what her sister and son would be doing as soon as the door closed behind her. Oddly enough, Susan felt no jealousy or anger.

“You really have to ride the subway one of these days, Wanda,” she said. She felt no surprise in talking to her sister this way. It was almost as if they had been close all their lives. “You can meet strange characters on the subway.” She told then about what happened on her way home.

Wanda laughed, her blue eyes glowing with excitement. “I would want to see who it was.”

“Oh, but that wouldn’t be any fun,” Susan said. “The exciting thing is not knowing who was rubbing against me. Try it and you’ll see.”

But Wanda wasn’t thinking about the subway now. “You did fuck Tommy, didn’t you?” For a moment, Susan didn’t reply, but she stared into her sister’s eyes, a faint smile on her face. Then she nodded her head, once. “But it was the first time,” she said quickly, as if to explain herself. “I’d thought about it before, but today was the first time.”

“Because of what you saw, huh?”

“Probably,” Susan confessed.

“Then you could say I helped you out,” Wanda said softly, running the pink tip of her tongue over her bottom lip. “You might not have fucked him if you hadn’t seen us.”

“That’s true,” Susan replied.

Wanda inched her skirt up gazing into her older sister’s face. “The reason I had to leave home wasn’t because of a boy,” she said, her voice throaty. “Oh, I had boys — many boys. I had the bad luck to be caught with a woman.”

“A woman?”

“Well, yes,” Wanda said, licking her lips again. “She was a few years older than me, and beautiful. I wouldn’t have anything to do with anyone that didn’t attract me. Sure, I fucked around, but I picked who I fucked. I don’t lay for just anyone, Susan.”

Susan’s eyes followed her sister’s fingers. Wanda had inched her skirt halfway up her thigh now. The leg was so slender and shapely, the flesh tanned and creamy.

“A woman?” Susan repeated, curious. “Tell me about it, Wanda.”

“There isn’t much to tell,” her younger sister said. “We just got it on. In her car, as a matter of fact.”

“Teenager stuff,” Susan grinned.

“So what?” Wanda replied. “When I’m turned an, I don’t care where I get fucked. But about what happened. She went down on me in the back seat. I had had my cunt sucked by boys, but that was the first time a woman sucked me. I liked it, I really did like it.”

“She made you come?”

“Like you’d never believe!” Wanda giggled. Susan could now see the crotch of her younger sister’s lacy panties. She was mesmerized by the slight bulge of Wanda’s cunt there, the shadow of pussy hair.

“And did… you lick her?” Susan said, her voice barely under control. Her cunt was twitching between her thighs, becoming wet. Her response wasn’t surprising, Susan became aroused easily. The surprise was her reaction to what her sister was saying, what she was seeing.

“Of course,” Wanda whispered, slipping her hand along her inner thigh, cupping her cunt and pressuring it. She kept staring at Susan, rubbing her palm along the crotch of her panties boldly, unashamedly.

“Did you… did you enjoy doing it?”

“It was lovely,” Wanda purred, sliding her hand into her panties as Susan stared holly. “A pussy is so soft and hot, the feel of a soft cunt against my mouth was exciting. She was very, very wet, and you know, her pussy juices were delicious! She didn’t have very much cunt hair, but my God, what a clit! It was like a tiny cock, and so hard! I sucked on it and sucked on it! When she came, it was like an earthquake.”

Susan was breathing deeply, her firm tits rising and falling. Her cunt was burning, the crotch of her panties drenched. She felt as if her clit was as stiff as a small cock, too. The cheeks of her ass tightened as she watched her sister’s hand moving inside the lacy panties. A soft, liquid sound came from between Wanda’s thighs. Wanda was openly and unashamedly fingerfucking herself. She sat with one leg on the cushions, the other on the floor. She leaned against the arm of the couch, her eyes slitted with passion.

“Do you do that very often?” Susan asked. “Only if I don’t have someone else to do it for me, Susan,” Wanda said softly, her voice thick with passion.

Susan watched as Wanda’s hand stretched those flimsy panties, her cunt becoming very hot and wet. It was exciting to see her sister fingerfucking herself so openly. She had never seen a girl fuck herself with a finger before, except when she watched herself doing it with a mirror.

“Why don’t you ask Tommy to come in here?” Wanda asked. “I wouldn’t have to do this for myself. He was fingerfucking me very good when you walked in the door. I was about to come, too, damn it.”

Susan saw in her mind her son’s cock sliding into Wanda’s cunt. The image sent a wild pulsation through her own pussy, and she felt her pussy lips suck inward as her clit bulged tightly.

“Oh…” Wanda licked her lips again, sliding the crotch of her tight panties aside.

Susan saw her dark blond cunt hair, the wet pink lips of her sister’s cunt, her throbbing clit. Wanda pinched her clit lightly, twisting it and writhing her ass on the cushions.

“Or maybe you’d like to fingerfuck me, Susan? Maybe you’d enjoy… kissing my cunt.”

Susan’s breath caught in her throat. She licked at her lips, staring into her sister’s succulent pussy. Wanda dipped her middle finger into the folds, pressing slowly until her finger was all the way inside, then she pumped it in and out, her thumb agitating her inflamed clit.

“Mmmmmm, I think I’ll come,” Wanda purred hotly. “I think I’ll make myself come.” Her finger speeded up, the liquid sounds becoming more pronounced. When Wanda pulled her finger from her sugary pussy, she began to rub along her clit, then press hard as her fingers made circular movements. Susan couldn’t turn away, couldn’t take her eyes off her sister’s blond-haired pussy and those moving fingers.

“You like to watch, don’t you, Susan?” Wanda said in a low voice, rubbing at her cunt. “You’re getting turned-on by seeing me, aren’t you? I bet your cunt is bubbling and getting very hot, Susan. You love seeing me fingerfucking my cunt, don’t you? I bet you’d come if you saw me fucking Tommy. Do you want to watch your son fuck me, Susan? That would be nice. I’d love to fuck Tommy while you watched us.”

Susan jerked her eyes away.

“Wanda…” she said, then stopped. She stood up, her legs rubbery and weak.

She whirled away from her sister and almost ran down the hall to her room. She heard Wanda’s laughter, and wondered about her lack of shame.

“Fuck him once for me!” she heard Wanda call just before she closed her bedroom door.

Tommy wasn’t there. The bedspread was mussed, and the pillows were on the floor. There was the scent of fucking in the room, and she stood in the middle of it, wringing her hands, wondering how all this had happened in such a short time. Sure, she had been thinking about fucking Tommy. But she had not thought it would ever happen. She certainly never expected her younger sister to be the cause of it. But Wanda wasn’t really the cause, she was only the trigger. The incident on the subway car had helped it along, too, she knew.

Tommy came out of her adjoining bathroom, still naked. He grinned at his mother, then saw her confusion.

“What’s the matter, Mom?” he asked, starting to edge back into the bathroom, covering his cock and balls with one hand.

Susan understood what Tommy was thinking, and smiled at him. “It’s okay, Tommy,” she said. “It’s not what you think. I just had a talk with your aunt, that’s all.”

Tommy stood in the door of the bathroom, his eyes searching his mother’s face. Susan smiled wider, and stepped toward him. She shoved his hand away from his cock and balls, closing her own fingers about his cock and squeezing him.

“Gimme!” she whispered. “Don’t hide it, give it to me.”

“You looked kind of mad, Mom,” he said. “I wasn’t sure you’d let me do it again.”

“Do it again?” she asked, squeezing his cock and feeling it harden in her fist. “You mean fuck me? Why would I stop you from fucking me? Didn’t I say you could fuck me anytime and anywhere and in any way?”

“Yes, but.”

“Stop it, baby,” she said, leaning down and kissing him. She pumped her fist back and forth, feeling his young cock swell and harden. “I have a feeling your aunt is going to fuck you, too.”

Tommy shoved his tongue into his mother’s mouth, sliding his hands over her hips. Susan pressed against him, using her free hand to open her blouse for his mouth. As soon as a nipple was exposed, Tommy closed his hot, wet lips about it, sucking as hungrily as he had a short time ago. Susan purred and pumped his cock, testing the throbbing power of it with her fist.

“Mmmm, this is very nice, baby,” she whispered. “Your cock is very hard again. I know a nice, wet, hot place for it, don’t you?”

While her son stood sucking on her tit, Susan slipped out of her blouse and skirt. Her panties were peeled away quickly, and Tommy rushed his hand to his mother’s cunt. Susan squealed in delight as he stabbed two fingers into her pussy and wiggled them about. She shook her ass and pulled his face tightly into her tits.

“Mmmnmmm, suck my tit, Tommy!” she gurgled. “Suck mother’s tit! Oooooh, suck my nipples and fuck me with your finger! My cunt is very wet and hot, isn’t it?”

Tommy moaned about his mother’s nipple, his tongue licking at the rigid tip, his lips sucking at her flesh.

Pulling his face back, he looked up into his mother’s face. “Aunt Wanda is gonna fuck me?”

“I think so,” Susan said. “Do you want to fuck her, baby?”

“She sure had my cock hard, Mom,” Tommy grinned. “And her pussy was sure hot and wet. Sure, I’d love to fuck her, Mom.”

The idea of Tommy putting his young cock into her sister’s lovely blond-haired cunt sent ripples of pleasure up and down Susan’s flesh. She groaned and pulled him toward her bed.

“Lay on your back, baby,” she whispered, kneeling beside him. “This time, I want on top of you.”

Tommy eagerly laid back, his cock straining up with throbbing hardness. Susan gripped it in her fist, pumping up and down, making his swollen cockhead bulge out, his piss hole widening and dripping. She gazed at her son’s cock with feverish eyes, bringing her other hand to his balls. Squeezing them, she jacked his cock, making soft squealing sounds of pleasure.

“Do something, Mom!” he urged.

“I am doing something, honey,” she purred softly. “I’m jacking your cock, aren’t I?”

“I don’t wanna hand job! I wanna fuck!”

“Of course, you want to fuck,” she gurgled. “With a hard-on like this, I’m sure you do.”

She leaned down, and her tongue flicked outward.

“Ohhhh, Mom!” Tommy groaned as he felt the wet heat of his mother’s tongue swirl about the head of his cock.

“Mmmmm, tasty,” Susan whispered, sliding her tongue along his piss hole, tasting the seeping juices. “Very, very tasty. I bet you’ve never had a blow job, Tommy.”

“I’ve never had a piece of ass until a while ago, Mom,” he moaned. “You know that.”

Susan, with her eyes smoldering in heat, her head turned to watch his expression, closed her lips about the head of her son’s cock. She sucked very hard on the tip of his prick, her tongue flicking against his piss hole. Tommy whimpered and wiggled his ass, lifting his hips.

“You love it, I see,” Susan said, puffing her mouth off his cock. “I can make you love it even more, but not right now.”

She swung her leg over his hips, holding the base of his cock. Tommy watched his mother’s hairy cuntlips part for him. The pink lips of her pussy glistened with wetness. Susan rubbed the head of his cock along the fiery slit of her cunt, mewling softly. Fitting the smooth head of his cock to her pussy, she slowly lowered herself, taking his cock deeply. Tommy gasped with pleasure, feeling the soft, yet tight, lips of his mother’s cunt closing about his prick. He felt the hairs of her cunt tickle the base of his cock, and grabbed for her knees.

Susan settled on his prick, grinding slowly, arching her hips back and forth. She sat up straight, shoulders back. She fondled her tits as she wiggled on him, making soft sounds of pleasure, her eyes slitted with growing passion as she looked into his delighted young face.

Soon, Susan was leaning over, her hands and arms bracing her upper body, her tits jiggling. She lifted her ass until his cock was almost out, then banged down.

“Ohhhh, very nice!” she hissed.

Her naked ass began to move faster, taking her son’s cock deeply into her pussy, gasping each time the puffy lips of her hungry cunt smacked at the base. Wet sounds came from between them as Susan fucked up and down, shaking her ass in tight circles.

“Ohhhhh, I love this feeling, Tommy!” she whimpered. “I love to feel your cock in my cunt! It’s so fucking hard and hot and long! Mmmmm, fuck with me, baby! Fuck with mother!”

Gripping his mother’s knees, Tommy rammed his cock up and down. Susan held her ass up, feeling her son drive his prick in and out of her cunt, gurgling with the wet, slapping sounds. With each upward thrust into her cunt, her tits jiggled, her nipples rigid with desire.

“Ram it to me hard, Tommy!” she groaned. “Ohhhh, be rough! Be rough with me! Bruise my hot cunt with your cock! Beat my cunt raw, baby! Ooooaoh, I love it so much!”

Tommy plunged his cock up and down, gritting his teeth as he stared between their bodies. His balls felt swollen and hard. Digging his fingers into his mother’s flesh an inch or so above her knees, he fucked into her gripping, burning cunt furiously.

“Be still!” she hissed suddenly.

Tommy relaxed, and his mother began to slide her cunt up and down his cock, making tight, screwing movements. She gasped and panted hotly, her hair fanning about her face. She churned her ass in all directions. Her cunt bulged out, feeling as if it was about to burst open like a ripe grape. She strained down on him, grinding lewdly, feeling every throb of his cock deep, inside her fiery cunt. She began to scream softly as she raced her cunt up and down again, pounding her son’s ass into the mattress.

“Oooh, I’m getting ready to come, Tommy!” she wailed. “My cunt is ready to come!”

She pounded in a frenzy, shaking her naked ass wildly, straining her head up with agonized rapture. She felt as if she couldn’t get his cock deep enough. Her hairy cuntlips closed tightly about his cock as she pulled upward, seeming to expand with each down thrust. Her low screams grew in volume, and she couldn’t stop.

“I’m going to come, Tommy!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’m going to come! My cunt… ohhhh, my fucking cunt!”

As the spasm struck, every part of Susan’s naked body vibrated with ecstasy. She slammed her cunt down onto her son’s cock hard, her cuntlips gnawing in liquid heat.

“Now, Tommy! Come with mother!”

Tommy grunted, straining his cock hard into his mother’s convulsing cunt. His balls became very tight, and then he gushed, sending thick squirts of come juice into her boiling cunt. Feeling her son squirting into her pussy sent Susan into wild tremors of mindless orgasm, her cunt rippling and sucking with ecstatic contractions.

“Ohhhhh, Mom!” Tommy groaned, relaxing, his ass settling down on the mattress, his cock deflating inside his mother’s cunt.

“I know, baby! God, how I know!” Susan murmured as she sat weakly on top of him.

“I told you, you made too much noise, Susan!”

Susan’s head jerked upright, and she saw her sister grinning from the open doorway.

With a knowing laugh, Wanda turned away.


Although Tommy wanted to sleep with her, Susan sent him off to his own bedroom.

She didn’t care what Tommy had for dinner, and Wanda could prepare her own food. She bathed and thought about the things that were happening so swiftly. She didn’t regret any of it, though. She would have been fucking her son sooner or later, she knew. The sexual tension between them had been building quite swiftly for weeks. When she thought about it, she realized she didn’t give a shit that Wanda had peeked in at them, either. She knew, when Monday came and she had to go back to work, leaving her sister and son alone in the apartment, Wanda would waste no time in getting Tommy’s pants off, and his cock in her cunt.

She just hoped her son was up to it.

It was near midnight, and she lay in her big bed, tossing and turning, reliving the incident in the subway, seeing again her sister’s hand wrapped about her son’s cock, Tommy’s hand inside Wanda’s panties, seeing her sister openly and unashamedly fingerfucking herself. Her cunt seemed to be constantly throbbing, too, despite the three fantastic fucks she had enjoyed with her son.

It had been some time since she had enjoyed orgasm that she, herself, had not produced. And they had been wild orgasms, too.

She heard the door open softly, and turned to look. Despite the darkness, she made out her sister’s body.

“Are you still awake, Susan?” Wanda whispered.

“Can we talk?”

Susan agreed, and Wanda slipped into the room, closing the door behind her. Susan felt the sag of her bed when Wanda sat on the edge. She sat up, too, leaning against the headboard, the sheet down to her waist. She was naked, the way she preferred to sleep.

“Can I turn the light on?” Wanda asked. “You might as well,” Susan replied. “I can’t seem to sleep, anyway.”

When the nightstand lamp was turned on, Wanda found herself looking at her older sister’s flawless tits. Her tongue moved across her lips.

“What do you want to talk about, Wanda?” Susan said, not bothering to pull the sheet up.

“What I told you about the woman,” Wanda said, lifting her legs onto the bed and crossing her feet. She wore a shortie gown, with frilly panties. “It was my first time.”

“You don’t have to explain to me, Wanda,” Susan said, finding it very difficult to keep from staring at the crotch of her sister’s panties.

“I liked it, Susan,” Wanda said. “I mean, I really enjoyed it.”

“Enjoyed what? Her doing it or… you doing it to her?”

“Both,” Wanda replied. “But I’m not a lesbian. I’m not, and I don’t want you to think.”

“I don’t think anything of the soft.”

“I just wanted you to know,” Wanda said. “I enjoy men, their cocks, that is. But… eating pussy is a nice change of pace.”


“It’s different, Susan,” Wanda said, her voice soft. “It’s much different from tasting a hard cock in your mouth. Oh, I love to suck a cock, you better believe it? But a cunt, so soft and hot and wet…”

“What are you trying to say, Wanda?”

Wanda gazed at Susan’s tits before answering. “I’d like to… Susan, let me lick your cunt.”

“I thought you said you weren’t a lesbian?”

“I’m not!” Wanda replied. “You’ll see, Susan. I’m going to fuck Tommy, remember? I can hardly wait to get his young cock in my cunt.”

“If that’s the case,” Susan said, “why are you here with me and not in his room?”

“I tried, but he’s asleep,” Wanda said. “You tired him out, Susan. I looked and he was snoring.” She giggled. “I touched his cock.”

“Shame on you,” Susan said, without anger in her voice.

“Yes, shame on me,” Wanda whispered, closing one hand about her sister’s naked tit, squeezing and caressing it. “So, since he was sleeping so soundly, I thought we should have a talk.”

Susan glanced down and watched her sister caress her tit, then lifted her eyes to that pretty face. “Doesn’t it bother you, us being sisters?”

“Does it bother you, fucking your son?” Wanda retaliated, and squeezed Susan’s tit hard enough to bring a low moan of pleasure from Susan.

“No,” Susan said, her voice hoarse.

Wanda rested her other hand on her stomach, and was making slow, gentle circles with it, her fingers slipping under the sheet.

“Being your sister doesn’t bother me, either,” Wanda murmured, and slipped her fingers through the soft hair of Susan’s cunt. “Open your legs for me, Susan.”

“What if Tommy comes and catches us?”

“Would you really mind?”

Susan thought about it. Wanda was twisting at her nipple, her pretty face lowering toward it.

“No, I wouldn’t mind,” she finally said.

Her legs opened, and Wanda shoved her palm across her older sister’s cunt, feeling it.

“Nice and hot and wet,” Wanda purred as she rubbed at Susan’s pussy. “I like a cunt when it’s hot and wet this way. I bet you have a real sweet cunt to suck, Susan.”

Susan didn’t reply, but her hips twisted beneath her sister’s moving hand. Wanda’s eyes took on a glassy expression as she lowered her mouth to one of her sister’s tits. Susan watched her pink tongue swirl about her nipple, feeling the wetness scar it. Wanda closed her lips about Susan’s nipple, sucking it gently, her hand constantly rubbing between her thighs.

Susan remained passive, her hands at her sides, but her hips twisted as her sister rubbed and poked gently at her cunt. When Wanda slipped a finger into her pussy and stroked in and out, then brought it to Susan’s throbbing clit. Susan gave a soft gurgle of pleasure.

“Mmmmmm, you like it, I see,” Wanda said, lifting her face and flicking the tip of her tongue from one nipple to the other. “If you like the way I suck your tits, you’re going to love how I suck your hot, wet cunt, Susan.”

Susan trembled with pleasure as Wanda licked her tongue down her body, shoving the sheet to the foot of the bed. Wanda made soft sounds of pleasure as she swirled her tongue about her sister’s stomach, dipping into her belly button. One of her hands kept agitating Susan’s swollen clit, her other hand fondled her tits, caressing the firm flesh and rigid nipples.

Wanda spread her sister’s thighs wide, gazing down between them, seeing Susan’s hairy cunt, so wet and inviting.

“It’s beautiful, Susan,” she whispered throatily. “So much prettier than the other woman’s.”

Susan gasped when her sister leaned down and kissed her cunt right on her swollen, slippery pussy-lips. When Wanda lifted her head and smiled at her, Susan saw the glistening wetness of her cunt on Wanda’s mouth, and somehow that caused a tremor of pleasure to move through her body.

“Did you like that, Susan?”

Before Susan could reply, Wanda pressed her mouth down once more. Susan gasped again as her sister sucked gently at the hairy lips of her cunt, the tip of her tongue sliding up and down her slit. There was no way Susan could hold her hips still, they began to writhe as a low moan bubbled from her throat. The touch of her sister’s tongue sent a wild heat throughout her crotch.

Wanda shoved Susan’s thighs wider as she knelt with her face between her creamy legs. Susan, her eyes slitted and smoldering with increasing passion, stared down her body. She saw one of Wanda’s perky tits through her gauzy short gown. Her eyes traveled along her younger sister’s body, looked at the curve of her ass, her tight panties, her long legs. She heard the wet sounds her sister made as she slurped and licked, kissed and sucked, at her cunt. Wanda shoved her arms about Susan’s hips, closing her palms against the rounded cheeks of her sister’s ass, lifting Susan’s crotch upward. Opening her mouth wide, Wanda pressed her lips hard into her hairy cunt, her tongue stabbing in and out.

Susan whimpered, and returned the pressure by arching her cunt high, grinding as Wanda licked and sucked.

When she realized Wanda was moving her knee closer to her head, Susan didn’t protest. She didn’t protest as her sister lifted her knee and spread her legs around her head. With Wanda thrusting her tongue in and out of Susan’s boiling cunt, fucking around her knotted clit, holding her ass tightly with both hands, Susan found herself staring up into her sister’s crotch. Wanda’s inner thighs were creamy smooth, the crotch of her skimpy panties tight and stretched over her cunt. She saw the white of Wanda’s asscheeks where the sun had failed to tan them. Blond hairs curled from the edges of the panties.

Wanda buried her face into Susan’s cunt, sucking harder, her uplifted ass writhing. She lapped her tongue up and down, tasting Susan’s seeping juices, then she swirled her tongue about her inflamed clit, finally taking it between her hot, greedy lips. When Wanda began to suck, gently yet with fiery desire, Susan pumped her crotch up hard, grinding. Wanda made a purring sound as Susan’s hand caressed up her thighs.

Susan gazed into Wanda’s crotch, her hands cupping the firm cheeks of her pretty ass, feeling the heat coming through her tight panties. She licked her lips, eyes glazed. She didn’t think of what she was going to do.

Then she pulled Wanda’s hips downward.

Wanda rubbed her face up and down her sister’s cunt, moaning softly as she lowered her crotch. Susan felt the moist heat of Wanda’s cunt against her mouth before it touched. The crotch of Wanda’s panties were wet, soaked, really. The juices seeping through, burned against Susan’s lips, urging her to taste, touch, kiss, lick.

But Susan didn’t lick, not yet.

The scent of her sister’s hot cunt worked in an erotic way on her. She parted her lips slightly, keeping them pressed at the panties. The tip of her tongue touched the nylon, and drew back.

Wanda lifted her face an inch or so from Susan’s wet pussy. She took one swipe at her distended clit then moaned hotly.

“Taste me, Susan! Lick me, just once!”

Susan tasted the juices dripping through Wanda’s panties. She tasted them by licking at her lips.

“Please, Susan!”

Wanda was pleading softly, her hot breath fanning over Susan’s cunt. Wanda gripped her sister’s asscheeks tightly, her fingers squeezing as she urged Susan to lick her twat.

“Slide your tongue up and down! Lick my cunt, Susan! I’m very hot, Susan! I need it! Watching you fuck Tommy drove me up the fucking walls! Please! Oh, please, suck my cunt!”

With a soft sob, Wanda buried her face into Susan’s cunt again, rubbing her open lips up and down her wet pussy slit, her tongue sliding almost to the crack of her ass. Susan cried out with pleasure, and strained her cunt into her younger sister’s mouth. She hooked a finger into Wanda’s panties, feverishly pulling the crotch to one side. She didn’t take time to gaze at the pink sweetness; she shoved her mouth against Wanda’s cunt quickly.

Wanda responded by crushing her cunt down into Susan’s face, and at the same time, thrusting her tongue as deep as she could into the juicy heat of her older sister’s cunt. Susan shot her lips up, grinding into Wanda’s sucking mouth feverishly. She clutched Wanda’s ass with one hand, keeping the crotch of her panties wide open with the other. She tasted the creamy juices of her sister’s cunt seeping into her mouth, and swallowing, began to stab her tongue back and forth, fucking Wanda’s succulent cunt, using her tongue like a cock.

Both sisters squealed as they humped into each other’s licking mouth. Susan found the tightness of her sister’s thighs against her face fantastic. She clung to Wanda’s dancing ass tightly, her tongue racing about the wet slit, curling about her sister’s swollen clit. Her nose pressed into Wanda’s asshole, but Susan didn’t care. Her cunt was on fire, boiling hotly as Wanda’s tongue licked and stabbed. When Wanda pressed her cunt down hard into her face, grinding powerfully, she licked all the harder.

As the rapture grew, Susan tried to work Wanda’s panties off. When that didn’t work, she grabbed the flimsy panties tightly and jerked. There was a ripping sound, but the panties failed to tear free.

“Rip them off me!” Wanda growled, her face only an inch out of Susan’s cunt. “Susan, rip off my panties! Tear the fucking things off my ass!”

When Susan sucked hard, the panties came free. Once the full expanse of Wanda’s crotch was exposed, Susan shoved her face up close, whimpering as she began to suck and lick greedily. Now she held Wanda’s ass with both hands, squeezing the cheeks hard as Wanda squeezed her ass. Her tongue dove in and out of the hot wetness, flipping up and down. The softness of her sister’s cunt around her mouth was erotic, delightful, strange and delicious. She sucked and licked in a frenzy, swallowing as her mouth filled with the sweet pussy juices. Susan rammed her naked ass up and down, slapping her cunt into Wanda’s willing, eager mouth. The wet sounds of tongues licking at fiery cunts filled the bedroom, together with moans of frantic ecstasy.

Susan stroked her sister’s spreading asscheeks feverishly as she lapped into her swelling cunt, rubbing across Wanda’s tightly puckered asshole, then along her smooth inner asscheeks. She hugged her younger sister about her naked hips and tried to stuff her mouth into Wanda’s sweet, juicy pussy. Susan’s legs lifted into the air, her thighs squeezing Wanda’s head between them. She waved her feet about in the air as her ass lifted high, then drew her knees backward along Wanda’s sides.

Wands slammed her cunt hard into Susan’s face, squirming as she moaned into her sister’s pussy. Susan, with her tongue deep inside Wanda’s cunt, felt her cunt contractions. The shudders that rippled through Wanda’s now naked ass vibrated into Susan’s palms. She knew her younger sister was starting to get close to orgasm. She renewed her efforts, tonguefucking Wanda in the cunt furiously, grinding her own pussy into Wanda’s devouring mouth. She felt the shivering beginnings of her own orgasm, and smashed her cunt time and again into her sister’s face, making fucking movements. She squealed loudly into Wanda’s cunt, and heard the answering sobs of her sister.

When Wanda came, the strength of it was incredible. With a muffled scream of pleasure, she smashed her cunt hard into Susan’s face. Susan’s tongue was very deep inside Wanda’s pussy, and she felt her soft cuntlips gripping with waves of contractions. The seeping juices increased, and Susan found herself swallowing with hunger. Feeling her sister’s cunt coming, and the steaming convulsions against her sucking mouth, Susan shot her cunt up hard, and Wanda smashed her mouth down.

Now Susan screamed into Wanda’s cunt as she came.

Her pussy clutched at Wanda’s tongue, her ass shaking. Wanda’s tongue darted and licked, her hands holding the shaking cheeks of her older sister’s ass tightly, puffing her crotch into her face.

The orgasms seemed to last forever. But then slowly, both began to relax. Susan didn’t mind Wanda’s weight on top of her. Wanda’s knees were drawn up, her crotch resting lightly in Susan’s face. Susan stroked and caressed her sister’s trembling ass and thighs, while Wanda ran her hands up and down Susan’s smooth legs, kissing and licking the inner surfaces. With lips and tongues and hands, they brought each other down slowly and tenderly.

“That was beautiful,” Wanda whispered as she rolled from Susan.

For a while, Susan didn’t reply. Her thoughts were a jumble, confused. She knew she enjoyed it, loved it, really. But what confused her was that she had sucked her sister’s cunt so willingly, downright hungrily. She had never thought she would suck a cunt, yet she had tongue-fucked her sister with as much greed as she had fucked her son.

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” she finally said in a soft voice, turning on her side and finding her face close to Wanda’s blond-haired cunt. She couldn’t resist, and lowered her mouth, kissing at the tip of Wanda’s protruding clit.

“But you’d do it again, right?” Wanda grinned.

“I’m not sure,” Susan said, then licked her tongue gently at the slit of Wanda’s cunt. “Probably, though.”

Wanda hugged Susan’s hips tightly, pressing her cheek against her thick mat of cunt hair. “Aren’t you glad I’m staying here a white, Susan?”

Susan pulled away from her sister, sliding off the bed. Wanda stretched lewdly, arching her back, grinning impishly up at her.

“Well, aren’t you?” Wanda asked again.

“I’m not sure about that, either,” Susan replied. “One thing… you sure grew up, didn’t you?”

“Don’t we all?” Wanda circled one of her pink nipples after pulling aside her gown. “You always had beautiful tits, didn’t you, Susan? They’re still just as beautiful as ever.”

“Yours aren’t bad, either,” Susan found herself replying. “I remember when you had nothing but two nipples.”

Wanda giggled. “I know. I thought it would be that way the rest of my life. I was sure I’d have to go around giving blowjobs all the time because the boys didn’t want any of my skinny ass. They always went for girls with big tits, you know.” Wanda exposed both her tits. “Yes, that’s how I started, sucking cock in the back seat of a car. Then, all of a sudden, I had tits and all the guys wanted to fuck me. What is it about tits, anyway?”

“I don’t know,” Susan said, starting for the bathroom. “Some men are just tit-crazy, I guess.”

“What about Tommy?” Susan paused. “What about him?”

“Is he a tit man, or what?” Susan smiled. “No, Tommy will take anything he can get. He has no preference, as long as it’s hairy, wet, and hot.”


When Susan woke up, she was in bed alone. Already it was late. She swung her legs out of bed and pulled open the drapes. She didn’t really like living in an apartment, especially a high-rise. But if she wanted to keep her present job, she had no choice. She didn’t like raising Tommy there either. He needed a place he could go outside to run and roughhouse the way most boys his age did.

Sighing, she turned and entered her bathroom, reminding herself that someday she would have the house of her dreams.

She showered, slipped into a pair of bikini panties and a loose, silk robe, and went down the hall. She heard the voices before she reached the kitchen.

“How long have you two been up?” she asked as she saw her sister and son at the table.

“Hours and hours,” Wanda smiled. “Coffee is ready.”

Susan poured her a cup, black and hot. Sitting down in her usual place at the table, she searched her sister’s pretty face for signs of shame, but found none.

“What tales have you been telling, Wanda?” Susan asked, looking at her sister over the rim of her cup.

“None,” Wanda said, staring directly at her sister. “Some things are better left unsaid, unless you tell them yourself.”

Susan knew what her sister meant. She was leaving it up to her to say as much as she wanted to Tommy about the night before. Tommy gave no evidence of shame, and she didn’t know if her son realized his aunt knew what had gone on in her bedroom.

“Why are you wearing your robe, Tommy?” Susan asked. “I don’t believe you’ve worn it five times in a year.”

“I had to put something on, Mom,” he replied. “I’m naked under it.”

Wanda giggled and her eyes flashed at Susan. “So am I.”

Susan said nothing, but sipped her coffee and looked at them over the rim. She was very aware of her sister’s eagerness to get her hat little hands on Tommy’s body, his cock and balls. She wondered why Wanda hadn’t grabbed him already, before she got up.

When nothing more was said, Wanda stood up. Quickly, she flung her robe wide apart. Susan’s eyes widened and Tommy made a choking sound. Wanda was indeed naked under her robe. Her saucy tits strained out, her pink nipples stiff. The blond hair of her cunt gleamed, enticing the eye.

As quickly as she had exposed herself, Wanda wrapped the robe about her nakedness and sat back down, looking quite pleased with herself.

When Susan said nothing, Wanda turned to Tommy. “Are you really naked under that robe?” she asked.

Tommy nodded, glancing at his mother.

“Show us, then, if you’re not afraid.”

Tommy looked at his mother. Susan said nothing, but returned his gaze.

He stood up, untying the belt. When he opened his robe, they saw he was wearing his jockey shorts. But Susan and Wanda gazed at the bulge his cock and balls made. When Tommy belted his robe again, they both sighed, a sound of disappointment as he sat back down.

“Your turn,” Wanda said, giggling, to her older sister.

“What is this, show and tell?” Susan asked, lifting her eyes.

“Show, but no tell,” Wanda replied, her blue eyes sparking and dancing wickedly. “Who wants to tell and give away the fun we can have.”

Susan looked at her son. “I thought you said you were naked. Wearing shorts don’t count, honey.”

“I can take care of that, Mom,” he said, and he removed his shorts beneath the table. He placed them on the end of the table, near his young aunt’s elbow. “Now, I’m naked under my robe.”

“Prove it,” Wanda giggled throatily. “I don’t believe it until I see it.”

“It’s Mom’s turn,” Tommy said. “Are you gonna show us, Mom?”

“I never said I was naked under my robe,” Susan replied, her voice thickening.

“Oh, come on, Susan,” Wanda said. “Play with us. It’s only a game.”

“Maybe it is,” Susan said, “but a game like this can lead to other games, you know.”

“That’s why we want to play it,” Wanda said, picking up Tommy’s shorts. She lifted them to her face, rubbing the crotch about her mouth, her blue eyes twinkling at them. She turned the shorts inside out, and teasingly ran her tongue along the crotch. Tommy’s eyes bugged out as he watched, and Susan’s breath caught in her throat.

“Do they taste good, Wanda?” Susan whispered, feeling her cunt twitching.

“Delicious,” Wanda purred, and sucked the crotch of Tommy’s shorts into her mouth.

Tommy giggled as he watched, his cock lifting into hardness inside his robe.

Wanda sucked at the shorts a moment longer, then pulled them out.

Boldly, she ran her hand under the table to Tommy’s crotch. Tommy glanced at his mother as Wanda’s hand closed about his prick and began to pump up and down.

“Oh, my!” Wanda gurgled. “Susan, I’ve got the hardest cock in my hand!”

She looked straight at her sister as she said it.

Susan didn’t reply, but watched her son. Tommy was gasping with pleasure as his young aunt jacked up and down his cock. When Wanda squeezed his prick hard, he moaned in delight. Slipping her hand down, Wanda cupped Tommy’s balls, twisting them gently.

“And guess what else I found? I think Tommy has a very nice set of loaded balls.”

Susan felt her cunt steaming, picturing her sister playing with Tommy’s balls under the table. She felt no jealousy, only a rising excitement, her cunt throbbing as her clit expanded into hardness.

Standing up, she held the folds of her robe, looking at her son and sister. Her face was flushed, but it was erotic emotion, not shame. She opened her robe, holding it wide.

“You’re wearing panties, Mom,” Tommy said, his voice thick because his young aunt was again jacking her fist up and down his rigid cock.

Wanda grinned wickedly, sliding her tongue over her lips suggestively as she gazed at the bulge of Susan’s panties.

Susan didn’t close her robe, but shrugged it from her shoulders. Her tits danced as she leaned slightly and began to peel her panties from her hips.

“If we’re going to play games, we should play them right,” she said, her voice husky.

She dropped her panties to the floor, and Tommy’s eyes burned on the thick hairs of her cunt. Wanda licked her lips again, staring at her older sister’s delicious body. Susan parted her legs, and slipped her fingers through her thick cunt hair, and then, arching her hips forward, peeled her pink cunt open, her cunt straining outward.

“You see that cunt, Tommy?” Wanda whispered thickly. “You see your mother’s hot cunt? Why don’t you shove this hard cock up your mother’s hairy cunt and fuck her, Tommy?”

Susan, rubbing a finger about her sensitive clit, said softly, “My son knows very well what to do with this cunt, Wanda. We don’t need instructions from you.”

“Oh, is that right?” Wanda giggled. “Show me.”

With Tommy still sittings in his chair, and Wanda pumping at his hard prick, Susan lifted herself to the table. Seeing what Susan was doing, Wanda shoved plates and cups out of the way. Susan laid back on the table, her tits straining up, her nipples peaked hard. She parted her legs, and looked at her son.

“Fuck me, baby,” she whispered throatily. “Mother’s cunt is ready for your big, hard cock! Fuck me on the table… fuck me now!”

Tommy didn’t hesitate. He jumped to his feet, ripping his robe from his young body. His cock jutted out with hardness, his cockhead swollen and smooth, juices dripping from his piss hole. Wanda sucked in her breath as she gazed at it.

Before Tommy moved to his mother’s knees, Wanda gave a loud squeal and grabbed his hip, pulling him toward her. She dipped her face and shot her tongue out. Swiping her tongue across the head of Tommy’s cock, she licked away the seeping juices, making Tommy grunt with pleasure. Susan watched what Wanda was doing, remembering that Wanda had started sucking cock before she had fucked.

“No you don’t, Wanda,” she said. “That cock goes up my cunt! You can have what’s left of it! Come on, Tommy, fuck me!”

Before Tommy pulled away, however, Wanda pulled the swollen head of his cock into her mouth and sucked hard. Tommy’s knees trembled as he stared down, seeing his cock inside his young aunt’s hot mouth. He glanced at his mother, who was writhing her naked ass on the table, watching excitedly as Wanda sucked his cock.

“Tommy, give it to me!” Susan cried out, pulling at his hand. “Give that cock to me, please! Wanda, stop sucking it! I want it in my cunt!”

Wanda released Tommy’s cock, giggling as she licked her lips. “That is one sweet cock,” she said.

Tommy moved quickly to his mother. Sliding his hands along her creamy thighs, he gazed at the wetness of her pussy. Wanda rushed around the table to stand at Tommy’s side. She grasped his cock at the base in one hand, and used the fingers of her other hand to part Susan’s throbbing cunt lips.

“Shove it in, Tommy!” Wanda hissed hotly. “Shove your cock up your mother’s cunt! Look how hot her pussy is, see how wet her fucking twat is! Fuck her, Tommy! Fuck your mother in that hot cunt — hurry!”

Susan’s ass lurched up as Tommy shoved forward. The head of his cock penetrated her cunt quickly, bringing a long, drawn-out hiss of delight from Susan. His balls smacked against her naked ass and her cunt grabbed at his cock. Once his cock was deep inside her sister’s cunt, Wanda let go of its base, making soft sounds of pleasure as she stared at Susan’s stretching cunt lips. She shoved her face down, her tongue darting, and took a swipe at Susan’s swollen clit. Then she pulled her face up.

“Fuck her!” she squealed. “Fuck your mother, Tommy!”

Susan arched her ass, grinding onto her son’s cock, clawing at her tits with both hands, her eyes slitted with smoldering passion. She gasped loudly when her son began stabbing into her pussy, fucking back and forth. She churned her hips with him, meeting him lunge for lunge. Wanda, making soft sounds of voyeuristic pleasure, pressed her hot, young body against Tommy’s back, watching over his shoulder. She rubbed her tits on his back, sliding her hands up and down his naked flesh, pressing her cunt at his ass.

“Oooooh, fuck her good, Tommy!” she mewled. “Pound your hard cock into her hot, wet pussy! Oh, listen to that wet sound!”

Wanda slipped a hand to her nephew’s bunching ass, feeling and squeezing. Her other hand slid under her sister’s ass, clutching one firm asscheek and lifting Susan’s hips.

Susan’s hips churned and thrashed violently. She whimpered as her son’s cock slid in and out of her tight cunt. The friction of his throbbing cock sent shivers of ecstasy about her naked body. She lifted her legs, draping them over her son’s shoulders, grinding her ass powerfully against him.

Wanda was squealing with heat, squeezing her sister’s ass in one hand, sliding her other hand between Tommy’s thighs and cupping his balls. She twisted and pulled at his loaded balls, running her tongue about his shoulder, tasting his flesh, with her eyes never moving from the hairy lips of her sister as Tommy’s cock stretched and filled her greedy cunt.

“Ooooh, Tommy, Tommy!” Susan sobbed. “It’s so good, baby! Oh, yes, Tommy! Ram it to me! My cunt is on fire, baby! Fuck me! Fuck mother hard and last! I love it, Tommy! My God, I love your cock in my pussy so fucking much!”

Wanda’s eyes burned as she watched her sister’s cunt humping up and down, meeting Tommy’s forward lunges. The wet smacking of cunt meeting cock sent wild hungers through her young, curvy body. She smashed her blond haired pussy against Tommy’s hip, trying to slide the swollen lips of her pussy on his flesh, smashing her enflamed cunt against him.

Tommy grunted loudly, clinging to his mother’s thighs, the back of them pressed at his body, her knees squeezing his head. His balls banged against her thrashing, naked ass when Wanda wasn’t holding them. The wet heat of his mother’s cunt pulled at his cock, and with his young aunt’s hands running feverishly about his flesh, her tongue licking at him, his balls throbbed with aching ecstasy.

Wanda slipped her fingers into the crack of Tommy’s ass, rubbing one fingertip about his puckered asshole. Tommy felt it there, and it drove him wild. While she fingered Tommy’s asshole, Wanda slipped the fingers of her other hand into the crack of her sister’s ass. She felt Tommy’s cock sliding in and out of Susan’s greedy cunt, then began to finger Susan at the ring of her asshole.

“You’re so hot, both of you!” Wanda gurgled. “I can feel your hot assholes! I see a hot cock and hot cunt! I see you fucking! I can feel your assholes and see your cunt fucking Tommy’s cock, Susan! Oooooh, it’s beautiful, seeing you fucking Tommy, fuck your mother! Fuck her hot cunt! Oh, Susan, shake your ass! Shake your hot ass and fuck Tommy’s cock!”

She began pressing her finger against her sister’s whole. Susan felt it, but said nothing. The sensations of being rubbed about her asshole while Tommy fueled into her cunt were strange, lovely, delightful. Her eyes glowed with wet heat as she pulled and squeezed at her own tits, thrusting her cunt up and down with her son’s movements.

“Your ass is so fucking hot, Susan!” Wanda hissed. She pushed her finger hard.

Susan cried out as she felt her sister’s finger slide up her asshole. It didn’t hurt, but sent stabs of increased ecstasy through her naked body. She churned her ass more violently on Tommy’s cock, feeling her sister fucking her finger in and out of her asshole.

“Nice and tight, Susan!” Wanda gurgled. “You sure have a tight asshole!”

Tommy’s eyes bugged out as he felt Wanda’s finger pressing at his asshole. For a moment he froze, his cock throbbing inside his mother’s cunt.

“Don’t stop!” Wanda yelped. “Fuck her, Tommy! You’ll like what I’m going to do! Fuck her, Tommy!”

Tommy grunted when Wanda rammed her finger up his asshole, and his hips shot forward powerfully. Susan screamed out in rapture as her son stabbed his cock deep into her cunt. Her eyes closed with the growing rapture, her mouth parted, her ass churning. The friction of her son’s cock in her cunt and the stabbing of her sister’s finger into her asshole sent a liquid heat flowing through her body.

“Now fuck the piss out of your mother!” Wanda urged hotly, driving her fingers in and out of both assholes, staring at Tommy’s cock stabbing into Susan’s gripping cunt. “Fuck her, Tommy. Make her piss! Make her come! Fuck the shit out of your mother’s hot fucking cunt!”

“Oh, yes, Tommy!” Susan screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me! Make me came! Ohhhh, your cock is so hard, so deep! Fuck my pussy… fuck my cunt! I’m getting there! I’m almost there!”

Wanda rammed her fingers in and out of her sister and nephew’s asshole, whimpering as her own cunt bubbled and throbbed with wetness. The twitching of her pussy, the stiffening of her pink nipples told Wanda that she would come, too, just from watching them fucking, just from pounding her fingers up those gripping, hot assholes. She felt Tommy’s balls against her knuckles, felt how hard they were. She spread her legs and rubbed her cunt at his hips, sliding it along his flesh, smashing her swollen clit. She stared down at his cock as it plunged in and out of Susan’s hungry cunt, watching the juices seeping and frothing at the base of his cock.

“Fuck me harder, Tommy!” Susan screamed. “Ooooh, my cunt… my cunt is on fire! My ass is burning up! Come in me, Tommy! Let me feel you squirt that sweet juice up my cunt! Ooooooh, I’m about to come!”

Susan’s ass shot up, smashing hard against her son, sucking his cock as deep as possible. With a wail that turned into a scream, Susan came. Her cunt exploded with powerful, gripping convulsions. She came so hard, her asshole gripped Wanda’s finger so tight, Wanda couldn’t move it in and out.

“She’s coming, Tommy!” Wanda squealed. “Now you come, too!”

Tommy had no choice. His mother’s cunt was squeezing at his cock so tightly, sucking at it all, he could do was shake and moan. Then he came.

A yell came out of his throat as his cock shot creamy juices into his mother’s greedy cunt. As his asshole flexed about Wanda’s finger, she managed to fuck it in and out, making Tommy think his balls were being sucked into his mother’s cunt… his orgasm was so powerful.


Tommy slumped into a chair, gasping for breath.

Susan, sprawled on the table, her legs wide, was breathing with difficulty.

Wanda, her eyes wet with erotic heat, stood shivering, her cunt boiling. She had not come, but had gotten pretty close to it. She was standing at Susan’s knee, holding her pussy tightly in her hand. She looked at Tommy’s glistening cock, then at her sister’s cunt. Come juice seeped from Susan’s pussy, glistening on the dark hair of her cunt lips.

Susan, her eyes closed as the shudders of ecstasy slowly calmed, could feel her younger sister’s eyes on her crotch. She glanced at Wanda and saw the hunger on her pretty face.

“Suck it out,” she whispered. “Suck Tommy’s come juice out of my cunt, Wanda.”

Tommy’s eyes opened as he heard his mother. He saw his mother’s cunt, the wetness of it. Looking up at his young aunt, he asked, “Are you gonna do that, Wanda?”

“Mmmm, you just watch me!” Wanda said, smacking her lips hungrily. “That’s all I wanted to hear you say, Susan.”

Wanda went down on her knees, shoving her face toward her older sister’s cunt.

“You’re gonna kiss my mom’s cunt, Wanda?” Tommy asked, not believing it.

“Not only kiss it, Tommy,” Wanda purred hotly, “but I’m going to suck it good! I’m going to lick her cunt, eat her up!”

While Tommy gasped, Susan lifted her hips. “Suck it out, Wanda!”

With a soft cry of pleasure, Wanda closed her open mouth about Susan’s cunt, her tongue fucking in and out. The taste of Tommy’s come juice was mixed with the hot juices of Susan’s cunt, and Wanda swayed her naked, saucy ass as she sucked. She sucked wetly, licking hungrily up and down Susan’s cuntlips, moaning.

Tommy, amazed, stood up and leaned over, watching Wanda’s face. All he saw was her eyes that looked glassy. The lower half of her face was surrounded by his mother’s cunt hair. He saw Wanda’s tongue, though, licking at his mother’s clit. Susan stretched her hand to his cock, and closed her fingers about it. Tommy stood watching Wanda sucking his mother’s cunt while she held his cock tightly. He was becoming more and more excited by what he saw.

Susan arched her cunt up, twisting into her sister’s face as she clung to Tommy’s cock. She began to make soft, squealing sounds again, grinding her cunt up and down.

“Oooh, I could come again!” she sobbed. “Lick my cunt, Wanda! I know I can come again!”

Tommy’s prick throbbed and started to swell again in his mother’s hand. Susan pumped it, her hips straining into Wanda’s sucking mouth. Wanda shoved her hands under her sister’s ass, lifting her crotch. Susan, with soft cries of delight, draped her legs aver her younger sister’s shoulders, squeezing Wanda’s face tightly.

“Suck it, Wanda! Ohhh, my God, suck my cunt! Eat my pussy, Wanda!” she sobbed.

Wanda’s tongue darted in and out, licking the soft walls of her older sister’s cunt. She held Susan’s naked ass in her palms, bringing her crotch into her face. Her eyes were glazed with erotic pleasure. She glanced into Tommy’s face, seeing his excitement.

Pulling her mouth out of Susan’s cunt, Wanda said, “Suck her tits, Tommy! Let’s both suck her good! I bet we can make your mother come hard again!”

“Yeah, suck my tits, Tommy!” Susan gasped, squeezing his cock. “Suck my tits hard, baby!”

Tommy lowered his mouth to one of his mother’s tits, but kept his eyes turned down, watching Wanda’s face between his mother’s thighs. His cock lifted into hardness swiftly, and his mother clutched it with desperation, grinding her cunt faster and faster into Wanda’s sucking mouth.

“Ooooh, you’ll make me come again!” Susan squealed.

As tasty as his mother’s tits were, Tommy had to watch what his aunt was doing. Standing at the side of the table, with his mother gripping his cock hard, he gazed at Wanda’s face, half buried in Susan’s soft hair. Susan clamped her hot thighs about her sister’s head, humping her crotch up and down, gurgling with pleasure.

Though fucking his mother had been fantastic, Tommy wanted more. His young balls were once more swollen and hard. He shoved his mother’s hand from his cock to his balls, curling her fingers about them. Susan immediately began to twist and play with them, squealing louder and louder. She beat her heels against her younger sister’s back, urging Wanda to tonguefuck her faster.

“Suck me, suck me!” she wailed. “Wanda, eat my cunt! Ohhh, God… it’s wonderful! Suck my pussy, Wanda! Ohhhh, fuck me with your tongue!”

Tommy’s excitement was at a fever pitch as he watched Wanda sucking his mother’s cunt, his cock throbbing out in hardness, his mother about to pull his young balls off. The slurping wet sounds Wanda made between his mother’s thighs sounded good to him. The need to poke his cock into something was strong, and he shoved his mother’s hands away. Susan whimpered and tried to keep her grip on his balls, but he moved to the end of the table. With his mother thrashing about with erotic rapture, Tommy stood behind his young aunt, staring at her saucy, sweet ass.

He pressed his cock forward, running it through Wanda’s blonde hair. Wanda felt his cock, and mewled softly. She lifted to her feet, keeping her mouth buried into her older sister’s wet cunt. She was now leaning over, her naked ass dancing lewdly, her asscheeks bunching.

Susan drew her knees up and back, holding them tightly against her swollen tits, gurgling and moaning as her pleasure swelled. Tommy peeked past his aunt’s shoulder and watched Wanda’s tongue sliding everywhere, licking at his mother’s cunt, at her pussyslit, swirling about her throbbing clit, almost probing his mother in the asshole. His prick jerked up and down and he rubbed it about his aunt’s creamy ass.

Wanda arched her ass to Tommy, crying out softly as she slurped with a greater hunger at Susan’s wet pussy. Tommy moved the head of his cook up and down the hot crack of Wanda’s ass, watching with wet, hot eyes. The heat of his young aunt’s ass excited him, tingled around the head of his hard prick. Shaving it downward, he felt the fiery wetness of Wanda’s blonde-haired cunt. He moved it forward, slipping the swollen head of his cock just inside her pussylips.

Wanda’s head jerked out of Susan’s cunt.

“Ram it to me, Tommy!” she cried out. “Fuck me! Fuck my cunt right now! Ohhh, I’ve been waiting, Tommy! My cunt has been waiting for your cock!”

Then she was diving her hungry mouth back into Susan’s cunt again.

Through the fog of her ecstasy, Susan had heard her sister. Her eyes opened and focused on her son’s face.

“Fuck her young pussy, Tommy!” she sobbed, grinding her cunt into her sister’s mouth frantically. “Fuck the piss out of her hot, fucking cunt!”

Tommy didn’t need the urging.

He rammed his cock fast and hard, bringing a muffled gasp from Wanda. The wet heat caused his face to contort with rapture. The soft, wet folds of his young aunt’s cunt closed about his cock, gripping it hotly. Tommy could feel tiny contractions of it. He had his hands on Wanda’s small waist, staring down at the creamy shape of her ass pressing at his stomach. Wanda twisted her ass in tight circles, sliding her ass hotly against his flesh, his cock very deep inside her cunt.

With a gasp, he began to stab quickly into Wanda’s cunt.

He banged frantically, making his aunt grunt into his mother’s cunt with the force of his penetration. His balls burned with pleasure, and with each inward stab, he felt them become wet with his aunt’s seeping cunt juices. Wanda wiggled and writhed her naked ass for Tommy, moaning as she kept up a relentless tonguefucking into her sister’s juicy pussy. Susan, holding her legs tightly against her tits, whimpered and sobbed with ecstasy, grinding her hairy cunt into her sister’s face, humping her ass up and down.

Wanda parted her feet on the floor, arching her ass back for Tommy, her cunt straining for his cock. She held her older sister by the spreading cheeks of her ass, pulling as she pressed her face hard into her juicy, hairy twat, her tongue diving back and forth, her lips puffing at Susan’s throbbing cunt.

“Eat my mom!” Tommy groaned. “Wanda, eat my mom’s cunt! Suck my mom’s pussy!”

“Fuck her, Tommy!” Susan sobbed with heat. “Fuck my sister in her hot fuckhole!”

Tommy could feel himself beginning to come. Wanda was slamming her ass back like crazy. She was uttering frantic cries as she stuck her tongue deep in Susan’s pussy. As Tommy watched his mother’s cuntlips grip Wanda’s tongue and her thighs close about her head, he realized he was not going to be able to hold back much longer.

“Mom, I’m going to shoot my cum! I’m going to shoot my load, Mommy!”

Susan was moaning loudly, she was clearly starting to spasm, herself.

“Oh come, baby! Tongue me, Wanda! I’m coming too!”

Wanda shoved her tongue deep in Susan’s fuck hole and slammed her ass back into Tommy’s hammering cock.

It was too much for Tommy.

“Mommy!” he screamed. His jizz had begun to pump out steadily into Wanda’s spasming pussy. “Mommy, I’m doing it!”

As she felt his hot fuck cream splash between her thighs, Wanda gave a muffled yell from Susan’s crotch. Her hips were jerking and her cunt was pouring cream. She screamed.

“Oh God!”

Tommy was groaning loudly. He was hardly aware of what he was doing as he rammed his cock home. But already his movements were beginning to slow. He fell forward, Wanda collapsed underneath him, her pussy spasming and running with fuckjuice.

At last they lay still. Although it was only a few more minutes before they recovered, it seemed much longer. Susan looked down at her son’s drooping cock, and smiled. Then she looked at her sister, her eyes taking in the long, smooth thighs and blonde curls that swirled about the pink flesh of Wanda’s pussy.

“Welcome to the big city, Wanda,” Susan said softly.

“Big city, my hot ass,” Wanda giggled. “I can have all this back home, Susan.”

“Then why did you come here?”

“Like I said,” Wanda replied, sitting up. “Small towns don’t let you get away with it everyday.”

“Well, this doesn’t happen every day in the city,” Susan reminded her. “At least not that I know of.”

“It seems to happen around here pretty often,” Wanda said, grinning impishly, gazing at Tommy’s spreading thighs.

“I couldn’t say, since it just started,” Susan replied.


Susan smiled, her eyes dancing brightly. “I’m sure it was going to happen. You just set it in motion, Wanda.”

“Me? What did I do?”

“By letting Tommy feel you up,” Susan said. “If I hadn’t seen you two feeling each other up yesterday, Tommy and I may not have gotten it on for months, if ever.”

“But you said it was about to happen.”

“It was,” Susan answered, picking up her robe. “But then again, it might not have happened at all.”

Carrying her robe, she started from the kitchen.

“Are you sorry, Susan?” Wanda asked.

Susan turned, her eyes hot. “No, I’m not sorry.” She looked at her son. “What about you, Tommy?”

Tommy grinned at his mother.


In the park, Tommy walked between his mother and aunt, holding their hands. Both Susan and Wanda were dressed in skirts and blouses, both of them wearing knee-length boots. They were amusing themselves by watching people. Many of the young girls wore shorts, some quite revealing. Tommy enjoyed watching the exposed ass cheeks of the women, and wasn’t the least surprised to know that his mother and her sister were digging those shapely tight asses, too.

There was one pretty woman sitting on the grass, leaning against a free, Tommy realized he could see under her dress. He whispered to his mother, and Susan looked in that direction.

“I could never show myself off that way,” Susan said. “It’s much too blatant. But I like to watch.”

Wanda braced the heel of her boot on the edge of the bench, resting her chin on the bent knee. “I don’t mind showing a little leg, or more, for that matter.”

“I wanna get a good look at that woman,” Tommy said. There was a restroom near the woman, and he stood up. “I think I’ll go to pee.”

“Sure, you will,” Susan laughed. “Well, I guess I have to pee. I can’t help it if that woman is sitting next to the toilet, with her dress up, can I?”

Wanda and Susan watched him. “What have we done with that boy?” Susan asked, amused. “I think we found a sex-fiend.”

“I sure hope so,” Wanda replied, hugging her arm around her sister, feeling the swell of Susan’s tit. “I don’t mind getting tangled up with a sex-fiend, do you?”

“Not in the least,” Susan answered, watching her son boldly peer at the woman’s exposure. “Look at that! That fucking bitch is opening her legs wider for Tommy! That hussy!”

Wanda giggled. “Jealous, huh?”

“Well, maybe a little,” Wanda replied, smiling and pulling Wanda’s arm against her tit.

They watched Tommy disappear into the toilet.

“We can’t let that cunt beat our time, Susan,” Wanda said. “You and I discovered Tommy, and we have to hang on, wouldn’t you say?”

“You’re fucking right!”

“Then let’s give him a show when he comes back,” Wanda suggested.


“Why not? You know how it would excite him.” Wanda laughed throatily. “If that cunt can do it, so can we.”

Wanda raised her heels up onto the bench, her knees together, her skirt covering them. Susan, after a moment’s hesitation, did the same.

When Tommy came out of the toilet and started toward his mother and young aunt, Wanda let her skirt fall open. All interest in the woman leaning against the tree was lost. As he came close to them, he saw the backs of his aunt’s creamy thighs and the tight, pooching bulge of her panties. His cock stirred inside his pants, and he swaggered a bit, letting the swelling outline show.

Susan’s eyes watched her son’s cock, and she licked her lips. She had not really sucked him, and that one quick taste of his cock had whetted her desire. As her desire grew, she allowed her arms to fall away from her bent legs. Her skirt opened too, and Tommy saw his mother’s thighs and her panties. His cock throbbed into a quick hardness, and as he came closer, both Susan and Wanda could see the size and shape of it outlined there in his pants.

As if knowing what Susan was thinking, Wanda said, “I’m first.”

“Fuck you, sister, dear,” Susan whispered. “He’s my son.”

“And my nephew,” Wanda replied.

Susan wasn’t going to argue because she knew she would suck her son off, giving him his first blowjob just as she had given him his first piece of ass.

“Where should I do it?” Susan asked. “It’s too far back to the apartment, and I want to suck that cock now.”

“The bushes?” Wanda suggested.

By now, Tommy was standing before them, his eyes darting from his young aunt’s thighs and panties to his mother’s. His cock stood boldly against his pants, even his swollen cockhead outlined. Both his mother and aunt gazed at it with hot, hungry eyes.

Susan was so excited about what she was going to do with her son, she paid no attention to anything else. She wasn’t even aware of the passerby who had stopped, staring at her exposed panties and thighs. Her hand itched with the desire to yank her son’s cock out and suck it right there, sitting on the bench.

Unable to wait any longer, her cunt juicy and throbbing, Susan stood up. As she did so, the watching man’s eyes shifted to Wanda’s revealed thighs and panties. Susan took Tommy’s hand.

“Let’s sneak into those bushes, baby,” she whispered throatily. “Mother wants to do something very nice for you.”

“I want to watch,” Wanda said, excitement in her voice.

“I don’t care if you do,” Susan answered, holding her son’s hand as they walked toward the bushes.

None of them saw the man following.

When Susan was satisfied they were concealed, she dropped to her knees and opened her son’s pants with feverish fingers. Tommy stood grinning as he watched his mother pull his hard cock out. Susan stroked her son’s cock with her hot fist, purring as she gazed at his piss hole, watching juices seeping from it.

Wanda, watching, lifted her skirt and spread her legs, feeling the bulge of her panties and caressing her cunt through them.

“God, does that look tasty!” Wanda mewled softly.

“Tasty enough to eat,” Susan purred. “Are you gonna suck my cock, Mom?”

“Would you like that, baby?”

“Oh, yes, Mom!”

Susan kissed the tip of her son’s prick, feeling the heat of it against her lips. She mewled softly and brushed his dripping piss hole back and forth on her mouth, smearing her lips, making them slippery.

None of them noticed the man peering through the bushes at them, his cock in his hand, as he moved it back and forth.

Wanda, rubbing at her cunt, swayed her tight ass, her eyes glazed with heat as she watched her sister rubbing Tommy’s cock back and forth on her lips. Susan gurgled as she squatted before her son, her knees open and her skirt hiked to her waist.

The man in the bushes could see Susan’s cunt, and he could see Wanda playing with her pussy. His cock was very hard, his cockhead seeping as he jerked his fist back and forth.

“Suck him, Susan!” Wanda hissed. “Suck his cock! If you don’t suck it now, I’m going to!”

“Mmmm,” Susan purred, and slipped her lips over the smooth head of her son’s cock. The taste sent ripples of delight racing about her flesh, and her cunt bubbled wetly, the stretched crotch of her panties becoming soaked with pussy juice.

Sliding her lips onto Tommy’s cock, Susan slipped her hands to his hips. She felt his pants front against her lips, his cock at the back of her throat. With a soft sob of delight, she clutched her son by his ass, and began to dart her mouth back and forth, sucking hotly, her tongue licking. The hard heat of Tommy’s cock stretched her lips and filled her mouth. Susan whimpered with ecstasy, sucking back and forth, her fingers squeezing her son’s ass, pulling his hips forward as she shoved her face onto his prick.

Wanda jerked her panties to one side and began to agitate her swollen cunt, her blue eyes burning with hunger as she watched her sister gobbling so hungrily on Tommy’s prick. She shook her tight ass from side to side, then pumped her hips in a fucking motion, driving one finger into her wet cunt even as she kept smashing and twisting at her clit.

“Suck that cock, Susan!” she sobbed with voyeuristic delight. “Suck him off! Fuck his cock with your hot mouth! Suck the come juice out of his balls! Eat that prick, Susan, eat the pies out of his hard cock!”

The words of encouragement coming from her younger sister sent Susan in a frenzy. She began sucking wildly, shaking her head to twist her lips about her son’s cock. The hot hardness of it made her lips tingle, his swollen cockhead banging into her throat. The juices dripping out of his piss hole burned at her throat, making her desperate to have the creamy come juice splashing into her mouth.

The man watching them pounded faster on his cock. Wanda heard the sound behind her, knowing instantly that someone was watching them. She said nothing to Susan or Tommy, though. She pulled her skirt up all the way to her waist, shaking her curvy ass, knowing whoever was there could see it. She spread her legs wider, arching her ass backward and rubbing faster at her cunt. Her eyes were fixed on her sister’s mouth, watching Susan sucking Tommy’s cock with swift, short movements of her head. Knowing someone was watching them excited Wanda intensely, and she made the cheeks of her ass bunch, making sure that whoever it was could see her rubbing her cunt and see her sister sucking Tommy’s cock.

“Eat his prick!” she gasped, loud enough to be heard by the man in the bushes. “Eat his hard cock! Suck it, Susan! Oooohh, you look so pretty with a hard cock stuffed in your cocksucking mouth! That makes my cunt so wet, seeing you sucking cock! I bet you have a wet pussy, too, Susan! I bet sucking Tommy’s cock is making your cunt so fucking wet, you’d love to have another cock fucking it, wouldn’t you?”

Susan didn’t reply, she couldn’t. Her mouth was filled with her son’s cock, and she wasn’t going to stop sucking for anything. She felt his cock throbbing very hard between her lips, and when Tommy rested his hands on her head, urging her, she cried with ecstasy. Her cunt felt very swollen, as if it would burst out of her panties. Her clit burned and ached. She clutched her son’s ass cheeks lightly, wishing now she had pulled his pants down, wanting to feel his naked ass against her palms, play with his tender, sweet balls. But her hunger as intense, and his cock was throbbing powerfully. Tommy could be coming very soon, she suspected, and she wasn’t going to stop sucking until her mouth was flooded with his sweet come juice.

Wanda, without warning, whirled around and looked straight into the bulging eyes of the man behind her.

“Come here, you bastard!” she hissed. “Get your ass in the open and let’s see if you’ve got a cock that can handle this hot pussy.”

Before the man could react, Wanda had stepped forward, shot her hand out and pushed his fist off his cock. She grabbed it and pulled, giving the man no choice but to come forward from his concealment.

“Why jack off back there when you can fuck this cunt?” Wanda said, her voice demanding and hot. “You can watch here just as easily, and fuck my pussy at the same time. Why waste a lovely hard-on by jerking off?”

Susan had heard her sister, and she saw Wanda pull the stranger from the bushes, but she was only momentarily surprised. Her son’s cock was about to come, and she clung to it with greedy lips, watching as her sister flopped onto her back, spreading her legs and holding the crotch of her panties wide. She saw the man go to his knees and bury his face into Wanda’s cunt, his cock standing out of his pants with throbbing hardness.

Tommy had heard, too. He could see his aunt wrapping her long legs about the man’s head, and he pulled his mother’s face tighter onto his cock.

“Don’t stop sucking, Mom!” he yelped. “I’m about to let go!”

Sucking faster on Tommy’s cock, Susan watched her sister pull the man’s face out of her cunt and grab for his cock.

“Fuck me, you asshole!” Wanda yelled.

The man stabbed, wildly, his cock penetrating Wanda’s cunt with one quick lunge. Wanda gasped with the sudden fullness, and flung her legs about the man, lunging her ass up powerfully, grinding. The man’s eyes were wild with passion as he turned and saw Susan suck Tommy’s cock, his ass pumping between Wanda’s clutching thighs.

Susan was so hot she didn’t care. She sucked as hard as she could on her son’s cock, racing her wet lips back and forth. She clung to Tommy’s ass, ready to jerk him forward in case he tried to pull out when he came. But Tommy had no thought of jerking his cock from his mother’s mouth at that moment. The sensations of his mother’s wet, hot mouth demanded he come, made his balls ache with need. His legs shook, and he couldn’t prevent his hips from jerking back and forth. He rammed his cock into his mother’s mouth as she darted her face forward, making Susan sob with ecstasy. Her cunt was drenching her panties, and she couldn’t seem to spread her knees wide enough. There was no doubt that she, too, would come. She had not touched her cunt, nor had anyone else, but she was going to come and come hard.

Wanda was waving her legs in the air as her ass thrashed beneath the man, her cunt riding on his cock with frantic thrusts. She was gasping and crying out with ecstasy, clawing at his back and urging him to fuck her hard and fast. The man’s grunts were loud, and he kept staring at Susan’s mouth sucking at Tommy’s cock.

“I’m about to come, Mom!” Tommy grunted. “Ohhh, I’m gonna come so fucking hard, Mom!”

“Fill her cocksucking mouth!” Wanda yelped, straining her cunt onto the man’s prick. “Come in her cocksucking mouth, Tommy! Shoot that sweet juice down her fucking mouth! Come on, you asshole, fuck me harder!”

Tommy’s cock swelled inside his mother’s mouth, and Susan had to swallow as the seeping juices increased. Her son’s cock filling her mouth sent wild, burning flashes to her cunt, and she was very close to orgasm herself.

Tommy grunted, and his balls erupted.

“Mmmmmm,” Susan squealed as the thick come juice spurted into her mouth.

The creamy taste sent a spasm down her body, causing her cunt to swell more. By the second gush of her son’s creamy, sweet come juice, her cunt went into contractions of steaming orgasm. She swallowed wetly, loving the burning taste of her son’s come juice going down her throat. Her eyes closed as the rapture of sucking her son’s cock off, getting his come juice in her mouth, wrapped her up with boiling lust. Her pussy clutched and sucked, the convulsions causing her squatting ass to tremble and shake.

The strong spurts of come juice splashed at her throat, and Susan gulped wetly, her cunt going through delicious ripples of orgasm.

Tommy grunted with each gush of come juice, and pulled his mother’s face tight into his crotch. Susan’s lips felt his prick throbbing as he spewed jism down her throat, and her tongue pressed it hard against the roof of her mouth.

“Suck it off! Suck that cock off!” Wanda was groaning underneath the hunching man. “Suck that come juice down, Susan! Eat his come juice up! I didn’t know you sucked cock so hungrily, Susan! Drink Tommy’s come juice! I’m next! I get to suck his cock off next!” To the man who was puffing and panting atop her, she cried out, “Fuck faster, you asshole! You better make me come! Fuck that cunt, you fucking asshole-peeping piece of shit!”

Susan clung to her son’s cock after there was no more juice left. She felt it softening between her lips, her tongue gliding about his sensitive cockhead tenderly, making sure she had it all.

Tommy was staring at his aunt now, amazed by her frantic fucking of this strange man.

With a loud moan, the man’s body went stiff, his ass straining as he tried to shove his cock deeper into Wanda’s boiling cunt.

“Shoot it to me, you asshole!” Wanda yelled. “Shoot that sweet juice up my fucking cunt!”

With a screech that made Susan jerk from Tommy’s cock, Wanda slammed her crotch up, grinding in a frenzy, her pussy sucking at the man’s spurting prick. Susan stood up, smoothing her skirt over her long legs, looking around fearfully. Her sister was making enough noise to draw a crowd.

Tommy was staring at his aunt, his cock dangling out of his pants. Susan stuffed it back inside, and zipped up his fly. She was surprised at her lack of shame, knowing this man had seen her sucking Tommy’s cock. Instead of shame, she felt good, very good. It was a better feeling than she had felt in the subway with that unknown man rubbing his cock about her ass and coming off in his pants.

“Get off me, asshole,” Wanda was saying. “That’s all you get! Take your cock out of me and haul ass, you peeking piece of shit.”

The man stood up, his face flushed. He didn’t look at them as he zipped his pants and moved away.

“Why in the world did you do that?” Susan asked when the man was gone. “Are you out of your mind, Wanda?”

“Well, he was peeking at us, and I wanted some cock,” Wanda giggled, standing and adjusting her panties, then smoothing her skirt down.

“What if he tells someone?” Susan asked. “So what?” Wanda grinned lewdly. “Who would believe him?”

Susan laughed. “I guess you’re right. I wouldn’t believe it myself. I am beginning to understand why you had to leave home now, though. You fucked all the men until they couldn’t get it up anymore, and now you need new ground.”

“Maybe,” Wanda giggled as they left the bushes. “But I think Tommy can take care of both of us quite nicely. He sure seems to be doing it so far. Now, let’s hurry back to the apartment — I want to suck him next.”


As soon as the elevator doors closed, Wanda grabbed Tommy’s crotch, squeezing it.

“Mmmm, I can hardly wait to taste this,” she said.

Susan didn’t say anything when Wanda pulled Tommy’s cock out in the elevator. She watched as her sister fondled it, feeling her cunt swelling again. With a lewd giggle, Susan lifted her skirt and peeled her panties off, dropping them in the corner.

“That will make someone wonder,” she said. “They were so wet, I was uncomfortable.”

Wanda darted her hand to her sister’s cunt, cupping it and rubbing gently, stroking Tommy’s cock at the same time. “You know, Susan, this could be just what I’ve been wanting all the time.”

“What’s that?” Susan said, pressing her hand on top of her sister’s, pressing Wanda’s palm onto her pussy.

“To be able to have cock and cunt at the same time!”

Susan watched Wanda fondling Tommy’s cock. She squeezed her hot thighs together tightly, gripping her sister’s hand against her cunt. She wondered about her sister at the park, the way she had dragged a strange man down and fucked him so willingly. That was something she couldn’t do. But then, if it had been Wanda sucking Tommy off, would she have done the same thing? Susan didn’t know, but she realized she had the same desires as her sister. She not only wanted to fuck and suck, she wanted to watch, too. Seeing how wantonly her sister had fucked that unknown man had increased the heat of her cunt a hundred-fold, she was sure.

Wanda probably told her the truth, she wasn’t a lesbian. There was not a lesbian in the world who would fuck as crazily as Wanda. What her sister wanted was cock and cunt, both of them. That Susan could accept, because eating her younger sister’s cunt the night before told her she could get turned on very hot for it. Eating a hairy, wet pussy certainly didn’t take away her desire for hard, thick cock, either.

The elevator rose slowly, and Wanda couldn’t wait. She went down on her knees and pulled Tommy’s cock into her young mouth. Her blue eyes flashed up at Susan as she sucked a few times. Then, taking Tommy’s cock out of her mouth, she pressed her face into her sister’s cunt, taking a lick or two, then sucking at Tommy’s cock again.

She was just getting started when they arrived at their floor.

With a quick peek from the elevator, all three made a dash for the apartment, giggling. Tommy, his cock sticking from his pants, was as eager as if he hadn’t come for days. Susan and Wanda laughed as they closed the door, and both of then turned to face Tommy. They grabbed for his cock at the same time.

“It’s my turn, Susan,” Wanda said as Susan’s hand closed about her son’s cock. “You sucked it in the park. Now I get to suck him.”

Susan stroked her son’s cock, her eyes teasing her younger sister. But Wanda wasn’t going to be left out. She immediately began to feel Susan up, sliding her palms about her older sister’s straining tits, across Susan’s swelling ass, between her legs. Susan wiggled with pleasure, clinging to her son’s cock tightly as her sister ran her hot hands about her body.

“Oh, you feel so good, Susan,” Wanda purred softly as she clutched Susan’s ass in one hand, her other pressing at her sister’s cunt, feeling it through her dress. “Your ass is so round and firm, and your cunt so hot!”

Tommy wasn’t just standing there. While his mother caressed his cock, he lifted his young aunt’s skirt and fondled her cunt, dipping his finger into it. “You’re sort of hot, too, Aunt Wanda,” he said.

“Sort of?” Wanda squealed. “Sort of hot? Baby, my cunt can blister a cock made out of marble!”

Susan released her son’s cock, panting hotly. She stripped her clothing from her body quickly, her eyes hot and glazed with desire. Her son, with his cock sticking out so hard again, looked deliciously erotic to her as he played with Wanda’s cunt. Wanda had jerked her skirt about her waist and had her hips arched outward, legs open, cooing softly while Tommy prodded at her blonde cunt with his fingers.

By the time her skirt swirled about her feet, Wanda was removing her clothing. Then Tommy was the only one still dressed.

“You’re next,” his mother whispered huskily. Both his mother and aunt began stripping him. Tommy stood in the middle of the floor, feeling pampered, his cock hard and his balls swollen and full again. Wanda was on her knees in front of him, and his mother behind. The feel of their soft, hot hands moving about his young body sent shivers of delight through him. While Wanda fondled his cock and balls, his mother was feeling about his ass, squeezing his ass cheeks.

“This is going to be so fucking sweet!” Wanda cried softly, staring at the swollen head of his cock, her fist tight around the base, the other holding his full balls. “I hope you still have enough come juice in your balls for me, Tommy! I just hope your mother didn’t drain you completely!”

Susan leaned forward and kissed the cheek of her son’s ass, her lips moist and hot. Tommy trembled with pleasure. He stared down at his aunt’s pretty blonde head, watching her blue eyes sparkle as the pink tip of her tongue fucked back and forth on her lips. He could see her pink nipples, swollen and stiff, below.

Wanda dipped her head, and shot her tongue out. It was a very long tongue, and the tip touched beneath his balls, his cock sliding along her creamy cheek. Her eyes glittered up at him mischievously. She licked his balls, swirling her tongue about them. Tommy groaned as the sensation of her wet tongue caused his cock to jerk. With a lewd giggle, Wanda opened her lips and pulled his balls into her mouth.

“Ooooh, Wanda!” he cried out.

“Mmmm, nice,” Wanda purred, sucking on his balls and pressing his cock hard against her cheek. Her tongue swirled and Tommy’s balls writhed. Behind him, he could feel his mother’s tongue lapping about the cheeks of his ass, making his flesh wet.

Susan leaned around her son’s hip, watching her sister sucking on his balls, her eyes smoldering. Scooting her face closer, she ran her tongue along the throbbing shaft of his cock, from the swollen head to the base. Tommy stared down at them, excited so much he was dancing from foot to foot. He saw his mother’s tongue probe the rim of his aunt’s pussylips, then lick along his cock again. All the time, Wanda was sucking at his balls with her hot, wet mouth.

Susan managed to get her mouth about the head of her son’s cock, sucking as her tongue fluttered against his seeping piss hole. Tommy felt both hot mouths sucking at him, and his eyes became glazed with rapture. He could feel his mother’s tits brushing his thighs. Resting a hand on top of their heads, he trembled, his knees shaking.

“Let me suck it!” Wanda gurgled as his balls fell from her mouth. “It’s my turn to suck that sweet, hard cock, Susan!”

Reluctantly, Susan took her mouth off her son’s cock. She made a soft sob low in her throat as she saw her younger sister swallow it. Tommy groaned as he watched his young aunt’s mouth stretch about his prick, taking it completely into her fiery mouth.

“Are you going to fall, baby?” Susan asked, feeling her son’s thighs shaking against her tits. “You’re trembling.”

“I don’t know, Mom.”

“Wanda, let him sit down,” Susan said.

Wanda sucked off his cock, kissed his dripping piss hole, and with her lips glistening, pulled away. Susan pulled her son to the floor. Tommy lay back, his cock upright, ready for more. Susan parted his legs as Wanda knelt at his side. As Wanda’s mouth opened, Tommy arched his hips up, pressing the swollen head of his prick back into her mouth. For a moment, Wanda held her head still, and Tommy fucked up and down, his cock penetrating her mouth half way. Susan stared at it, running her hands up and down his thighs. Drawing her knees up underneath her, Susan leaned over, pushing her face into her son’s crotch, licking at his loaded balls again.

While Wanda began to bob her pretty young face up and down, her lips tight about Tommy’s cock, Susan licked and sucked at his balls.

“Ohhh, this is great!” Tommy yelped.

“Mmmmm, tastes great, too,” Susan murmured, with her face in his crotch.

Wanda was sliding her hot mouth up and down, her lips clinging possessively to his throbbing prick. Her blue eyes stared at her older sister’s tongue, watching Susan lick Tommy’s balls. She squirmed about on the floor until she pulled one of Susan’s hands between her legs, her mouth, constantly moving up and down Tommy’s cock. Susan knew what her sister wanted, and willingly slipped her hand to Wanda’s cunt. Wanda squealed as Susan began to twist and agitate her clit, her mouth filled with Tommy’s cock.

Wanting to get her face closer and tighter into her son’s crotch, Susan shoved at Tommy’s legs. He drew them back, and Wanda had to lift her head. Then she leaned over the back of his leg as he held his knees tight against his chest, closing her wet, hot lips about his cock again. Susan shoved her face into her son’s crotch, now able to feel the total heat of his balls in her face. Her tongue swirled about them wetly, her eyes watching as Wanda sucked up and down his cock. Sliding her tongue downward, she licked around Tommy’s asshole.

“Ooohh, Mom!” Tommy gasped.

“Do you like that?” she whispered hoarsely. Tommy squirmed his hips, groaning as his young aunt sucked very hard and hungrily at his cock.

Susan dipped her tongue into the crack of her son’s ass, sliding it up and down, tasting his asshole, his hot balls in her face. Tommy groaned at the exquisite sensations. Susan pressured her tongue against the ring of his asshole, making Tommy moan softly. Wanda, riding her mouth up and down her nephew’s cock, stared at what her older sister was doing.

As she licked at her son’s ass, swirling her wet tongue along the inner smoothness of his ass cheeks and around his asshole, Susan began to thrust her fingers into Wanda’s juicy cunt, fucking in and out.

Susan and Wanda could watch each other, greatly adding to their enjoyment. Tommy trembled from head to toe with rapture. The hot mouths and tongues on his cock, his balls, his asshole, sent his young mind to spinning with intense sensations.

Wet moans came from Susan and Wanda as they tasted, kissed, sucked at Tommy’s crotch. Wanda writhed her hips on the floor as her older sister probed and stroked at her blonde-haired cunt. The liquid sounds of her hot pussy mingled with the wetness of their tongues. As Wanda went down deep on Tommy’s cock, Susan swirled her tongue from her son’s asshole, over his tight balls, and licked the base of his cock.

“Mmmm, he tastes so fucking good!” Susan murmured in a low voice. “Everywhere I taste, it’s hot and beautiful!”

“I know,” Wanda replied, her lips brushing about his seeping piss hole.

For a moment, they took turns sucking his cock, with Susan cradling his balls. But Wanda became eager, and when she had his cock inside her mouth, she started sucking faster and harder.

“Ooooh, that’s so good, Aunt Wanda!” Tommy moaned. “Suck real hard and fast! Mom, please… lick my balls, my asshole!”

“Feel his cock throb, Wanda?” Susan asked in a thick voice. “Feel that cock throb? Ohhh, Tommy, your balls are so full! Your asshole is so fucking hot! Let’s make him come, Wanda! Let’s suck his come juice out of his precious, sweet balls!”

Wanda, already sucking with a frenzy, could only moan about Tommy’s cock. Susan, her eyes glazed with passion, began licking hard on his puckered ass. Closing her open lips around his ass ring, she sucked. Tommy’s cock jerked inside his aunt’s mouth, his balls tingling.

“I’m gonna come!” Tommy groaned.

Wanda squealed, sliding her hot, wet lips up and down his cock greedily, striving to bring the creamy, scalding come juice into her mouth. Susan pressed her lips round her son’s asshole, her tongue sliding into his tight ass ring. Tommy yelped when his mother began darting her tongue back and forth, fucking him up his asshole. Susan had his tight balls on her cheek, feeling them writhe as he got ready to unload them.

His cock pounded. Wanda used her mouth like she used her fiery blonde cunt, fucking him with it more than sucking, really. Tommy squirmed his lifted ass, unable to hold still. The feelings were fantastic, and he tried not to move much, afraid his cock would leave his aunt’s hot mouth, or his mother would stop fucking him in his asshole with her tongue. But both his mother and aunt were as frantic as he was, and there was no way they would lose what they had in their mouths. Susan was no longer fingerfucking her sister, but had two fingers deep inside her pussy. She was concentrating on sucking and licking her son’s asshole, feeling his ass ring close and relax around her tongue.

With a cry, Tommy came.

As his creamy come juice spurted into her mouth, Wanda sobbed with ecstasy, her tongue wild. His slippery come juice coated her tongue, and her throat worked greedily, sucking his come juice down into her stomach. The burning of his thick come juice glazed her blue eyes, and she slurped happily. When Wanda sucked a cock off, she enjoyed letting some come juice slip out of her mouth, and she did this now. Susan saw it, tasted it dripping alongside Tommy’s balls. She slipped her tongue out of his asshole, lapping at the come juice along his balls, then thrust her tongue back up his ass, feeling his ass muscles clamp in flexing waves as he came.

While Tommy’s cock still gushed, Wanda moved her lips off it, racing her tongue along his cockshaft, catching a hot splash of come juice on her cheek. Dragging her tongue around his cockhead, she caught a spurt in her open mouth, then let it dribble back over his cock. Before Susan could jerk her tongue out of Tommy’s asshole and suck it up, Wanda had licked him clean and had his cock back inside her mouth. Susan plunged her tongue as deep as she could into her son’s asshole, holding it there, feeling his gripping ass ring pull inward. Slowly, Tommy had to straighten out. Susan pulled her face out of his ass, and Tommy relaxed, spreading his legs wide. Wanda licked her tongue about his trembling stomach, and when Susan saw a gleaming spot of come juice on the outer corner of her sister’s full lips, she gave a little moan and licked it away.

As Tommy rested, Susan and Wanda sat on each side of him, their eyes eating his young body up. Susan idly played with her pussy as she sat with her knees up. She looked at her son’s cock and balls, then at Wanda’s sugary cunt. She had often wondered why Wanda was blonde and she was not. There was no doubt they were sisters, though.

Tommy was breathing evenly now, and Wanda inched her cunt toward his head. He shoved his hand between her creamy thighs and caressed his aunt’s pussy, running his fingers through her soft blonde cunt hair, stroking her puffy cunt lips. Susan shoved her cunt toward him on the other side, and Tommy played with both cunts, finding them equally wet and hot. He dipped a finger into each cunt. Both his mother and aunt had hot, tight, soft curs.

“You like to feel our cunts?” Susan asked, grinning wickedly as her son ran his finger in and out of her pussy. “Do you enjoy playing with our twats, baby?”

“You know I do, Mom,” he replied, fingering them both, making liquid sounds. Puffing his finger out of his mother’s cunt, he drew it to his mouth, licking the juices from it.

“You like that taste, do you?” his mother asked. “You like the taste of cunt, Tommy?”

“Yeah,” he laughed, doing the same thing with his other hand. He found no difference in the taste of their cunts, either. Both were juicy and hot and sweet.

“Taste it straight from the source, then,” Wanda giggled, drawing her feet beneath her ass and offering her pussy to his mouth.

Tommy twisted on the floor until he had shoved his head beneath his aunt’s squatting ass. He swirled his tongue along her hairy cuntlips, probing at her clit, dipping his tongue into her cunt. Wanda, giggling wickedly, shifted her hips.

“Taste my asshole, too,” she laughed softly. Tommy plunged his tongue up his aunt’s asshole. Susan’s eyes grew hot again as she saw her sister’s hairy wet cunt on her son’s chin. She leaned her face forward and began to suck on Wanda’s pink nipples, caressing her son’s cock and balls at the same time.

“Oh, this could make me come?” Wanda purred. “Tommy, suck my cunt too, suck my cunt and suck my asshole!”

Tommy slipped his tongue from his aunt’s juicy cunt to her hot asshole, licking back and forth. Having his aunt sit on his face sent tremors through his cock, and Susan felt it stir again. Pulling from her sister’s tits, she leaned down and worked his cock into hardness once more with her lips and tongue.

“Mmmm, beautiful, Susan!” Wanda purred as she saw Tommy’s prick standing up again. “But now that you’ve got his cock hard again, what are you going to do with it?”

“Fuck it!” Susan replied. “What else?”


Susan swung her leg over her son, squatting above his cock as her sister squatted above his mouth.

Wanda shot her hand down and grabbed Tommy’s cock at the base, holding it upright as Susan rubbed the slit of her cunt back and forth on his cockhead. Susan gurgled with the contact, her cunt throbbing. Pulling the swollen lips of her pussy open, she pressed her tingling cunt against the head of her son’s cock, rubbing it and mewling softly.

Tommy, feeling what they were doing with his cock, licked and sucked with more hunger at his aunt’s juicy cunt and tight asshole. Wanda twisted and squirmed in his face, staring at her older sister as Susan slowly pushed her cunt downward. Tommy felt his cock being enveloped by his mother’s fiery cunt, and lifted his hips.

“Mmmm, nice,” Susan purred as her son arched upward, shoving his cock into her cunt. She held her ass just high enough so Tommy could fuck her, thrusting his cock up and down. Wanda could see it all as she sat in her nephew’s face. Her blue eyes glowed with pleasure as she wiggled her crotch back and forth, rubbing her hairy cunt and asshole about Tommy’s open mouth, aver his protruding tongue. “Fuck me, Tommy. Oh, yes, baby! Fuck mother and suck your aunt! Fuck my cunt, Tommy! Eat Wanda’s pussy… her asshole! But… ohhh, fuck me!”

Tommy moved his hands along his aunt’s smooth thighs, feeling her flesh. He stroked her hips and ran his hands about her spreading ass cheeks. He banged his cock up and down, fucking his mother as she squatted above him, and licked at his aunt’s cunt or ass, whichever Wanda placed against his mouth and tongue sucking a hot pussy and fucking another at the same time was a new experience for Tommy, one he wanted to repeat over and over.

“Eat me!” Wanda cooed. “Suck my cunt, Tommy! You lick, my pussy as good as your mother does!”

Tommy swirled his tongue into her fiery crotch, tasting the dripping juices, swallowing when his mouth filled. His hips kept pumping up and down, his mother now moving with him. Susan held her younger sister’s tits, pulling and twisting the pink nipples. Wanda leaned forward, pressing her lips against Susan’s, kissing her deeply, sliding one hand down Susan’s back and clasping a tight ass cheek. Dropping her lips from Wanda’s, Susan began to suck her tits, and Wanda mewled with pleasure, clutching Susan’s ass with both hands, holding her sister’s crotch up. Tommy banged hard, driving his cock in and out of his mother’s cunt wetly.

Susan, with her mouth full of sweet, firm tit, cried out with the sharp stabs of his cock into her cunt. The wet slapping sound of his cock pounding into her cunt joined the wet slurping of his tongue in Wanda’s pussy and the heavy gasps the two sisters were making. Tommy plunged his tongue first into his aunt’s cunt, then her asshole. No matter where his tongue went, Wanda squealed with delight.

“Oh, God, fuck me!” Susan wailed as she lifted her mouth from Wanda’s tit. “Fuck me, Tommy! Ohhhh, baby, you’re so fucking hard! Fuck mother! Fuck mother’s hot cunt! Ram it to me, Tommy! Oooooh, fuck me… suck Wanda’s twat, her pussy!”

“Yes, Tommy!” Wanda groaned, twisting her hot crotch into his face. “Suck my cunt! Fuck your mother in her fucking wet snatch!”

Susan held her crotch up, letting her son bang up and down. She loved his power as he smashed at her swollen pussy lips. Her clit was being bruised with each of his upward lunges. She could see her son’s lips and tongue as her sister squirmed into his face. His chin was glistening with the wetness of Wanda’s pussy, her blonde cunt hairs swirling about his mouth.

Tommy had his hands cupped on Wanda’s naked ass, his cock felt larger than ever, swollen and straining as his mother’s pussy gripped it.

Wanda was holding Susan’s ass in both hands, and Susan shoved her hand behind her back, gabbing her son’s balls. As he came upward, she rubbed them against her burning asshole, gurgling in pleasure. Unable to remain still, Susan began beating her cunt up and down, driving her son’s ass to the floor. Tommy, being fucked so violently by his mother, simply rested his ass on the floor — and let her fuck him. The heat of her cunt around his cock brought moans out of his mouth as he sucked faster and faster at his aunt’s cunt. But Wanda was tremendously excited, and she wiggled her crotch about so that Tommy’s tongue was almost taking turns plunging into her cunt and asshole. He didn’t mind where his tongue was, where it went. His balls were tingling again as his mother fucked him with increasingly frantic motions. Susan clutched his balls, her asshole tingling as she pressed them between the cheeks of her ass.

“Ohhh, Wanda, hold my ass!” Susan whimpered. “Hold my hot ass! Tommy, fuck me!”

But Tommy couldn’t fuck his mother.

She was ramming her cunt up and down so fast and hard, he couldn’t get his own hips in motion. His mother beat on his cock with wild lunges of her fiery cunt.

“Suck my cunt, Tommy!” Wanda sobbed, grinding into his face. “Suck my pussy! Oooh, eat my hot cunt up!”

Tommy was gasping. His aunt was smashing her cunt or her asshole into his face, cutting off his breathing, but he didn’t mind. His cock was straining hard into his mother’s pussy as she slammed up and down, his balls ready to burst.

“Ooooh, now, now!” Susan cried. “I’m going to come! Ohhh, my cunt is on fire! I’m going to come! Ohhh, God, I’m going to come!”

Susan rammed down onto her son’s cock hard, and her pussy contractions closed with wet heat at the base. She cried out with ecstasy as her cunt convulsed maddeningly. She crushed his balls very tight against her twinkling asshole.

“Me, too!” Wanda screamed. “Suck it, Tommy! Suck my cunt! I’m going to come, too!”

The feel of his mother’s cunt sucking hard at his cock and his aunt’s cunt grabbing at his tongue sent Tommy into an explosive discharge. The thick come juice spurted from his cock, splashing the insatiable walls of his mother’s pussy. The juices of his aunt’s cunt seemed to increase until he was swallowing time after time.

As soon as her spasm ended, Wanda slid off his face, sprawling on her back, her legs and arms wide. Susan lifted herself weakly from her son’s cock, leaning against the couch, her tits rising and falling as she struggled to calm her breathing. Tommy lay where they left him, grunting, sucking in air, his face smeared with pussy juices, his balls loose now, his cock wrinkled.

After a while, Susan got up, her legs rubbery. “I don’t know how you do it, Tommy,” she said, cupping her hand on her cunt, “but you come so fucking much and so often. I love it, too. Now I have to go piss.”

She shook her lovely naked ass down the hallway, and within a minute or so, Tommy and Wanda heard Susan pissing, the sound carrying to them.

“Ahhh, music to my ears,” Wanda said, winking erotically at Tommy. “I like to hear the sound of pissing, don’t you, Tommy?”

“I never paid much attention,” he replied. “But now that you mention it, it does make me excited, a little.”

“I think I’ll take a piss, too,” Wanda said. She stood up, swaying her hips at him. “Want to watch?”

“Hey, yeah!”

Tommy followed his aunt to the bathroom, watching Wanda’s lovely ass sway. They entered just as Susan was standing up. Piss gleamed like dew on the dark hairs of her cunt. Wanda’s eyes glowed, and before Susan or Tommy realized what she was up to, Wanda had dropped to her knees, and clutching her older sister about the hips, shoved her face into Susan’s cunt, licking at her piss-wet cunt hair.

“Mmmmmm, even your piss tastes good, Susan,” she said, sliding onto the toilet. “Tommy said he wanted to watch me piss.”

She spread her legs around the toilet, holding her ass up.

The golden piss spurted out of her blonde haired cunt with a quick, strong stream. Tommy stared at it, grinning.

“Wanda, I believe you’re trying to teach my son bad habits,” Susan said, but she giggled. She, too, was staring at her younger sister’s cunt.

“Maybe so, but what nice bad habits they are,” Wanda laughed wickedly, sending her piss into the bowl with a hissing sound. “Anyone want a drink?”

Neither Susan nor Tommy answered, they were both staring at Wanda as she pissed. Wanda ran her hand out and cupped her sister’s cunt, her other hand cupping Tommy’s balls. As she finished pissing, she ran her hand across her cunt, then brought it up and ran her palm aver her tight tits.

“No one wants a drink, huh?” she giggled. “Well, I wouldn’t mind. Tommy, I’m sure you can piss. Come on, give me just a little.”

Susan stared at her sister. “More and more, I understand why you had to leave home, Wanda,” she said, but her voice was indicating excitement.

Susan lifted her ass higher, using her hands to peel her cunt as open as she could. The hot piss gushed out in a strong stream. Tommy was gazing between his young aunt’s thighs, fascinated. Wanda pulled at his cock, causing him to step closer to her.

“Piss on my cunt, Tommy,” Wanda said, her voice, thick with eagerness. “Piss right on my hot cunt, please!”

Tommy glanced at his mother, who nodded, a small smile on her, face.

Wanda held his prick, waiting, still pissing strongly.

Giggling, Tommy let go. The hot piss flooded out of his cock, and with a squeal, Wanda aimed it onto her pussy. She soaked the blonde hairs of her cunt until they were matted tightly to her flesh, then she moved his cock to take the force of his piss upon her clit.

“Ooooh, nice, Tommy!” Wanda purred. “Piss on that hot pussy! Ahhhh, piss all over my hot fucking cunt!”

Susan watched, finding it extremely erotic. As Tommy’s piss weakened, Wanda suddenly darted her face down, and before Tommy or Susan realized it, she had taken the head of his cock into her mouth. The suddenness of it stopped Tommy from pissing, but Wanda, with her lips closed tightly around the head of his cock moaned and urged him to piss.

“Go ahead, Tommy,” Susan said, her voice a low whisper. “Give her what she wants.”

“Mmmm!” Wanda urged, her tongue flicking at his piss hole.

Tommy giggled, then squirted a quick burst of piss. Wanda made a whimpering sound as it splashed into her mouth. Her tongue flicked across his pinhole quickly, and Tommy let go.

As the hot piss gushed across her tongue and into her mouth, Wanda gulped in pleasure. Tommy made no attempt to stop pissing now. He stood with the head of his cock inside Wanda’s lips, pissing away. Susan, watching her sister cup Tommy’s balls, ran her hands through Wanda’s hair.

“I’m doing it!” Tommy groaned. “Mom, I’m pissing in Wanda’s mouth!”

Susan grinned at her son, placing her other hand on the cheeks of his ass. “Give it to her, Tommy,” she said. “If that’s what she wants, let her have it.”

Wanda made liquid sounds as her nephew’s hot piss ran down her throat. Her cunt twitched as she straddled the toilet, her clit swelling and protruding from the wet folds of her cunt. Susan slipped her hand down Wanda’s back, cupped a sweet ass cheek for a squeeze, then moved her fingers along her ass crack. She stroked her sister’s asshole for a brief moment, then ran her hand between Wanda’s thighs. Cupping her sister’s cunt, pressuring it with the palm of her hand, she pulled her son’s cock back from Wanda’s mouth.

With his cock an inch from Wanda’s open mouth, she watched the golden piss spray past her lips. Wanda’s mouth filled and Tommy’s piss ran from it, down her chin, dripping.

As the stream slowed, Wanda’s tongue followed it. As Tommy drew back, Wanda jumped from the toilet and squatted before him.

“Shake it off in my face!” she squealed. “Shake it off in my face.”

It was Susan who grasped her son’s cock and shook it, watching the final drops spatter on Wanda’s nose.

Holding Tommy’s hips, Wanda looked up at her sister. “I guess you think I’m strange, don’t you?”

“By no means,” Susan replied. “No more strange than me letting some guy rub himself off against my ass on the subway.”

To emphasize her words, Susan pushed her sister’s face into her son’s, crotch. Wanda didn’t mind at all. She kissed at Tommy’s balls, shoving the tip of her tongue past them when he spread his legs, and then probed at his asshole. Susan leaned down and sucked the head of her son’s cock, tasting the hint of his piss on it.

Puffing her face back, Wanda looked up again, her eyes star-bright. “I want it up the ass,” she said simply.

“I wondered when you’d ask that,” Susan said.

“You’re not surprised?” Wanda asked.

“Are you?” Susan laughed, a wicked sound. “Nothing you do or want would surprise me, Wanda.”

Standing up, Wanda went to the door, turning to look at her sister and nephew across her shoulder. Her blonde hair fell softly about her shoulders. She waggled her shapely ass.

“In the bedroom?”

With Tommy and Susan following, Wanda moved into her sister’s bedroom, her saucy, lovely ass shaking invitingly. Climbing onto the bed, with her knees drawn beneath her, resting her head and shoulders on the mattress, Wanda ran her hands past her hips and clutched the firm cheeks of her ass, spreading them wider. Tommy and Susan watched her blonde, juicy cunt pooching backward, her cuntlips puffy. Her light brown asshole looked very, very tight, puckered inward as if to avoid penetration.

Tommy’s cock throbbed as he stared excitedly. Susan ran her tongue across her lips. “Want some of that pretty ass, Tommy?”

“Oh, yeah, Mom!”

Susan stepped up behind her sister’s offered ass. She stroked the creamy flesh, sliding the edge of her hand up and down her parted ass crack, feeling the heat of Wanda’s asshole. Slipping her fingers downward, Susan fondled her wet pussy, then rubbed her cunt juices about Wanda’s asshole. But it wasn’t to prepare that tight opening for her son’s cock. She leaned down quickly, and Tommy saw the tip of his mother’s tongue licking along the surface of Wanda’s ass, dipping into the crack and swirling about her asshole.

Moving closer, wanting to see better, Tommy stroked his aunt’s thigh, running his hand under to squeeze one of her tits. Wanda gurgled and shook her ass into Susan’s face. Susan ran her tongue down and licked at her sister’s cunt a few times, then dragged the tip back to her asshole.

“Shove your tongue up her asshole, Mom,” Tommy said, gasping with excitement and readiness. “Fuck her in the asshole.”

Susan pressed the tip of her tongue upon Wanda’s asshole, and the tip slipped into it. Wanda cried out with delight, and Susan probed her tongue into the steamy asshole, darting and licking. Wanda shook her ass with pleasure.

Tommy watched his mother, rubbing the wet head of his cock along his aunt’s thigh, squeezing Wanda’s tit. His balls tingled as his mother cupped them. Twisting his balls, Susan tongue-fucked her younger sister in the ass for a time, then pulled free.

“Wanda, you have one tasty asshole,” she laughed.

“Eat all you want, Susan,” Wanda offered. “If there’s one thing I like better than a hard cock, it’s a nice tonguefuck.”

Susan slapped her sister on the naked ass playfully. “You would.”

Tommy stepped behind Wanda’s lifted ass. “Let me help,” Susan said, taking her son’s cock in her hand. She pumped it a few times, then grasped the base.

Tommy stood and watched his mother rub his cock about Wanda’s crotch, sliding his swollen cockhead along the fiery slit of her blonde-haired cunt, shoving in for a moment. Susan lifted her son’s cock again, brushing Wanda’s asshole with it this time.

“Ooohh, that’s wonderful!” Wanda hissed. Tommy, feeling the heat and tightness of Wanda’s asshole, began to push forward. Susan held his cockshaft, leaning down to watch closely. The ring of Wanda’s asshole stretched slowly, making Wanda sob with the sudden pleasure.

“Ram it!” Susan gurgled.

Tommy grabbed his aunt’s hips, jerking her ass backward as he lunged his cock forward.

“Ohhhh, yes!” Wanda screamed. It was not the sound of pain, but the sound of a woman experiencing an instant reaction to rapture.

Tommy’s cock penetrated completely, his balls smacking Wanda’s cunt. Susan lifted her hands, placing them both on Wanda’s lower back. “You’ve been fucked in the ass before,” she accused.

“Oh, have I?” Wanda whispered hotly. “Tommy’s cock went in too easy,” Susan giggled, seeing Wanda’s asshole stretched tightly about her son’s cock. “No cock can go up an asshole that easily.”

“You’re right, Susan,” Wanda hissed softly. “I have, and I love it and I’m going to use my asshole as often as I can, too.”


The gripping sensations around his cock made Tommy tremble.

Wanda’s ass was pressed tightly at his lower stomach, his balls against her wet cunt. The heat that closed around his cock sent shivers about his naked flesh. He could feel the squeezing of Wanda’s asshole, and he gasped with delight.

“Fuck the shit out of her hot little ass, Tommy!” Susan urged in a very thick voice. “Ram the shit out of her asshole!”

“I want it hard and fast!” Wanda urged, straining her ass against her nephew. “You don’t have to be gentle, Tommy! Just ram that hard fucker up my asshole!”

Gritting his teeth, Tommy pulled back, feeling his young aunt’s asshole grip tighter as if to prevent him from coming out. But Tommy had no intention of taking his cock out. With his swollen cockhead caught just inside her ass ring, he held his breath, and lunged hard.

“Ohhh, that’s the way, Tommy!” Wanda cried out as the slapping sound on her ass sounded. “Fast and hard!”

Tommy hunched his hips, pumping back and forth, his cock sliding inside Wanda’s asshole. The friction made him hold his breath, but Wanda was crying out with ecstasy, shaking her ass from side to side. Her hands, above her head, clawed at the sheets, her eyes closed and her lips parted. She grunted with each forward thrust of Tommy’s cock.

Susan watched her son’s cock going in and out of her younger sister’s asshole, her eyes smoldering. She ran a finger down, feeling the shaft of Tommy’s cock, the tightness of Wanda’s asshole. Impulsively, she lowered her face, thrusting her tongue out as far as she could. She managed to taste her son’s cock and her sister’s asshole, and began licking along the base of Wanda’s spine, down into her spreading ass cheeks as far as she could go.

“Ohhh, that’s wonderful!” Wanda whimpered. “Fuck my ass, Tommy! Oooohhh, ram that hard fucking cock up my asshole! Susan, lick it! Oh, I’ve never had my ass licked with a cock up it before!”

With her tongue swirling as close as possible about her son’s cock and sister’s asshole, Susan pulled his hand down and between her thighs. Tommy immediately began to rub, and he caressed his mother’s hairy cunt. When Susan lifted her head, he pressed his mouth against hers and moved his tongue past his mother’s lips. Susan moaned as she sucked at her son’s tongue, squeezing one hand into his pumping ass tightly.

“Ohhh, Tommy!” Susan mewled softly, pulling her lips off his tongue. “Is that hot, baby? Is Wanda’s asshole hot and tight?”

“Yeah, Mom!” Tommy grunted, banging back and forth.

Wanda twisted her uplifted ass quickly, shaking it lewdly.

Susan lowered her face again, sliding the flat surface of her tongue about her sister’s creamy ass, dipping into the crack to taste the throbbing base of her son’s prick as he pulled back. But Susan wasn’t satisfied, her own hairy cunt was fiery, with jukes seeping from it and running along her inner thighs.

“Let me suck it a minute!” she moaned.

Wanda pulled her ass forward, and as Tommy’s cock came free, it closed tightly. With a squeal, Susan closed her mouth about her son’s cock, bobbing down with tight lips. She tasted the shit of her sister’s asshole on it, but she sucked back and forth hungrily for a few times. Tommy was dripping from his piss hole, and she licked at his juices hungrily, then pulled her mouth off.

“Put it back in her asshole,” Susan whined. “Fuck her a few times, and let me suck it again!”

Tommy’s cock plunged back up his aunt’s asshole, bringing a wail of delight from Wanda. He drove his cock back and forth a dozen times, and once more, his mother wanted it in her mouth. Susan had her mouth open and waiting as Tommy pulled his cock free. She grabbed it with her hot, wet lips and sucked his cockhead into her throat. Tommy was fucking his mother’s hot cunt with two fingers as she sucked on his cock, and Susan twisted her hips about.

As soon as she turned his cock loose, Tommy rammed it into his aunt’s asshole, hard.

“Ohhh, yes!” Wanda wailed.

“Fuck her, Tommy!” Susan groaned. “Fuck her hard now! Come in her hot fucking asshole, baby! Squirt it to her hot asshole!”

Tommy pounded hard and fast, driving the full length of his throbbing cock into Wanda’s clutching asshole. Wanda wiggled and twisted with ecstasy, gurgling and sobbing, her fingers clutching the sheet on the bed. His balls beat hard against Wanda’s cunt. Susan shoved her hand between her son’s thighs and grabbed his balls, squeezing them as she gazed hotly between the cheeks of Wanda’s shaking ass. Tommy was no longer thrusting his finger in and out of his mother’s cunt, he was caught up with the rapture of his aunt’s asshole, the tight squeezing of it, his balls about to unload.

With a yelp, he thrust hard into Wanda’s asshole, his body going stiff.

Susan knew he was ready.

“Squirt it, Tommy!” she wailed. “Squirt into her hot fucking asshole!”

With a grunt, Tommy came.

“Ohhhh, I feel it! I can feel you coming up my ass, Tommy!” Wanda cried out, her asshole sucking at his gushing cock. “Give it to me! Ohhh, it’s so hot and good! My… I’m going to come, too!”

Tommy’s balls were pressed at his aunt’s cunt, and his mother began to stuff them into Wanda’s wet cuntlips. Just as she got his balls inside Wanda’s cunt, Wanda came.

“Ohhh!” Tommy moaned. His cock was being squeezed by Wanda’s asshole, and his balls were caught inside her convulsing cunt. He came hard, harder than ever. “Oohhh, wow!”

His legs trembled, and his cock slipped from Wanda’s asshole. With heavy breathing, he sat down on the floor, gazing up at his aunt’s hairy cunt and asshole. Wanda’s knees were a foot apart, and she, too, was trembling. Her light-tan asshole was glistening wetly, and Susan moaned.

“Oh, I’ve got to suck it out!”

Tommy wasn’t surprised to see his mother’s lips close about Wanda’s asshole, sucking and licking hungrily. He was no longer surprised at anything his mother or aunt did, with him or each other.

Susan ran her tongue into her sister’s asshole, sucking her son’s come juice front it. She whimpered softly, the cheeks of her ass bunching up as her pussy burned toward an orgasm. Wanda whimpered softly as her older sister tongue-fucked her up the ass, but she was very weak. As she scooted forward on the bed, lying out flat on her stomach, Susan kept her mouth pressed between Wanda’s hot cheeks, licking hungrily.

The moment Susan pulled her tongue out of her asshole, Wanda turned over and Tommy watched them fall into each other’s arms, kissing and hugging and feeling each other, tits and asses and cunts. The view he had from the floor was very pleasant. He saw rounded asses and hairy cunts flashing as his mother and aunt rubbed at each other.

Susan spread her thighs around Wanda’s, and Tommy looked between them, watching his mother rubbing her cunt against Wanda’s.

“Oooh, Wanda, I want to come!” Susan moaned, smashing her hairy cunt into her sister’s. “I want to come so much!”

Wanda grabbed her sister’s ass and squeezed, grinding her cunt into Susan’s. Tommy was excited to see them, and stood up, his cock wet, his balls glistening from the juices of Wanda’s cunt. He leaned over and began to lick at his mother’s squirming ass.

“Lick it, Tommy!” Susan wailed. “Lick mother’s ass!”

Wanda pulled her sister’s ass cheeks wide apart, and Tommy ran his tongue into the crack. Swirling his tongue about his mother’s asshole sent Susan into squirming ecstasy. She rubbed ha cunt hard into her sister’s, and Tommy probed at her asshole with his tongue.

It didn’t take long.

Susan cried out as her cunt contracted, her asshole sucking at her son’s tongue as he licked faster at it.

“Ohhh, yes, yes!” Susan sobbed. “Ohhh, lick my asshole! Shove your cunt hard against mine, Wanda!”

Their bodies shook as Susan came, and Tommy kept licking at the tight heat of his mother’s asshole until she slowly began to relax.

Later, after an early dinner, they sat in the living room. Susan wore panties, her tits naked. Wanda, like Tommy, was naked.

“I told you a lie,” Wanda said to her sister. “I didn’t do all those things at home I said.”

“You could have fooled me,” Susan replied.

“Oh, I was fucking, all right, but only with one guy,” Wanda explained. “But I never licked a pussy until you. And Tommy’s cock was the first one up my asshole.”

Susan’s eyes opened as she looked at her sister. “But it went in so easily.”

Wanda lifted her middle finger, wiggling it. “I’ve used this many times.”

“Then why did you want Tommy to fuck you in the ass?”

“Because I wanted a cock in there, not my finger,” Wanda giggled. “The way I wanted to suck cunt. Here I got both, didn’t I?”

“You were pretty sure of yourself, I’d say,” Susan said, remembering how she had caught her sister and son that day.

“I’m not dumb, Susan,” Wanda said. “I had a hunch it would be like this when I came here.”

“You may have had a good hunch,” Susan said. “But I didn’t fuck Tommy until that fir st night you were here.”

“I know,” Wanda replied. “Seeing us that way made your cunt tickle, and you couldn’t keep back from it.”

“That’s about it,” Susan said. “But I’ve been wanting to fuck him for some time. You just happened to help it along. I’d have fucked him sooner or later, I’m sure.”

Tommy listened to them, excited as always when they were naked or wore panties. His cock was half-hard, and he was holding his young balls gently.

“I’m not sure about this pissing thing,” Susan said, but there was a twinkle in her eyes.

“You should try it,” Wanda said, smacking her lips suggestively.

“Maybe I will, but not in my mouth,” Susan said. “Maybe later, but not right now. On my tits, or my cunt, okay, and then maybe in my face, but I’ll think about taking it in my mouth, though.”

“I will!” Tommy exclaimed.

“Will what, honey?” Susan asked.

“Take it in my mouth!” Wanda giggled.

Susan stared at her son. “You’d let Wanda piss in your mouth?”

Tommy nodded, his eyes sparkling. “I’d let both of you piss in my mouth, Mom.”

“But, you’ve never tried it before.”

“I wanna try it now,” he said. His cock was standing up with anticipation.

“I’ll do it,” Wanda said, getting to her feet.

“Are you sure, Tommy?” Susan asked.


Wanda stood near his shoulder, and pulled the hairy lips of her cunt open. Tommy stared at it, and buried his face between his aunt’s thighs to lick at her cunt. Wanda purred softly and writhed as his tongue swirled about her cunt. Susan got to her feet and stood at her son’s other shoulder, watching him.

Pulling his face out of Wanda’s cunt, Tommy shoved his hands behind his back, leaning there and looking upward. The crotch of his mother’s panties were tight, outlining her puffy cunt, the shadow of her thick pussy hair making them bulge out. Wanda kept holding her cunt open, her hips arched forward, her legs parted.

A small dribble of piss came from Wanda’s cunt, running along her inner thigh. “Lick it off my leg, Tommy,” she whispered. Tommy didn’t hesitate. He shot his tongue out and lapped at the hot piss on Wanda’s smooth thigh. Wanda spurted a bit more, and Tommy opened his lips wide, catching a small amount.

“Do you like it?” Wanda asked, her voice throaty.

“Nice,” Tommy replied.

Susan’s eyes smoldered, her fingers toying with the crotch of her panties, watching her son, her sister’s cunt.

“Want some more?” Wanda asked.

Tommy nodded his head.

A long gush of golden piss spewed from Wanda’s blonde-haired cunt. It splashed into Tommy’s face before he slipped his open mouth into the stream.

Susan moaned as she saw her sister pissing into her son’s mouth, watching it run from the corner of his lips and down his neck.

“Piss in his face, Susan,” Wanda urged. “Let’s both piss in Tommy’s face!”

Susan pulled the crotch of her panties aside slowly, staring at her sister’s cunt, the hot piss running into Tommy’s mouth. Stretching her panties past her cunt, she pulled her puffy cunt lips open with her fingers the way Wanda was doing.

Tommy turned his head, and Wanda cut the flow of her piss for a moment.

Susan stared down at her son’s uplifted face. His mouth was as wide open as he could get it. Her hairy cunt was about three inches away from his mouth.

She began pissing.

Tommy moaned as he tasted his mother’s hot piss splashing into his mouth. Wanda, with a squeal, also began to spurt piss across Tommy’s cheek. Tommy turned his face, taking his aunt’s piss into his mouth. His cock jerked about in hardness. Susan gurgled as her son shoved his face into Wanda’s cunt, watching piss stream past his cheeks. She was still letting go, too, and her piss drenched his ear and neck. But Tommy didn’t keep his face in his aunt’s cunt, he pulled back and shoved it into his mother’s pussy. He twisted his face from side to side, golden hot piss showering down into his face and mouth from two hairy cunts.

“This makes me hot!” Susan whimpered, spraying her son’s face as the stream of her piss mixed with that of her sister. “This makes me so fucking hot!”

With a squeal, she stopped pissing, and pushed her son onto his back, his cock arching up. She straddled his cock swiftly, grasping it at the base with her fingers. Wanda, still pissing into Tommy’s face as she stood there, swung her hips around, and began, to piss over her sister’s straining tits.

“Ohhh, God!” Susan sobbed as the hot piss drenched her tits.

Instead of taking her son’s cock into her cunt, she shifted until she had his cockhead pushing at her asshole. She jerked her panties so hard, they tore. With a wild cry, she slammed down without hesitation on her son’s cock. She screamed as his prick penetrated her asshole, but it was a scream like Wanda’s earlier.

“I’m going to take it up my asshole now!” she sobbed, and as her hips began to churn and pound up and down, she shoved her face into her sister’s cunt, licking frantically.

Wanda grabbed Susan by the back of her head, smashing her cunt into Susan’s face. Tommy stared up at them, his mother’s asshole grinding onto his cock in a frenzy. Susan licked greedily at her sister’s wet cunt, tasting her piss and her juices, her ass shaking and slamming downward on Tommy’s prick. Wanda squirmed her cunt into Susan’s face, gurgling softly. She was no longer pissing, though.

“Eat my cunt, Susan!” Wanda urged. “Suck my fucking cunt and fuck Tommy with your asshole! Ohhh, yes!”

Tommy arched his hips up, driving his cock into his mother’s asshole as she came down.

“Piss in her cocksucking mouth, Wanda!” he groaned. “Piss in my mom’s pussy-licking mouth!”

His balls were tight, and the fiery heat of his mother’s asshole was about to make them spew. He shoved a hand up his aunt’s thigh, clutching a check of her ass.

“Piss in my mom’s mouth!” he shouted. “Ohhh. Mom, I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come in your hot asshole!”

Susan twisted her ass wildly on her son’s throbbing cock. She sucked hard at Wanda’s cunt. Her cunt was sucking as if it, too, had a cock inside it. Wanda was grinding lewdly, rubbing her wet cunt about her sister’s lips and protruding tongue. She couldn’t do what Tommy wanted now. She was close to coming herself, and there was no way she could piss.

With a grunt, Tommy came, sending spurts of hot come juice into his mother’s asshole. Susan felt him coming, felt the throbbing of his cock deep inside her ass. As she uttered a muffled scream, her cunt convulsed into a tight, pulsating orgasm. Almost at the same time, Wanda came, too. Susan sucked hard at her sister’s cunt, her asshole gripping her son’s spewing cock with incredible power.

As powerful as her orgasm was, Susan jerked her mouth out of her sister’s cunt quickly.

“Piss in my face, Wanda!” she screamed. “Piss in my face and mouth while I’m still coming!”

Tommy watched as his mother opened her mouth wide, and the hot piss of his aunt gushed into it. Susan made wet sounds as she swallowed her sister’s sweet piss, and her cunt contracted again… and again…

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