A Methodical Woman

I am not stupid woman, although my friends were kind enough to tell me I
was. A young man like James could only want to marry an older woman like me
for my money. “Wendy,” they would say, “you’re an attractive woman but he
is a very young man and, we all know, not very bright.” Friends are so kind
As I said, I’m not stupid and James was handsome young twenty three when we
married while I was 34, wealthy and an obvious catch for a young, handsome
virile man on the make. I knew what we were getting into and drew up a pre
nuptial agreement which, incidentally, James happily signed. After all, he
was more interested in the day to day luxuries I could offer and he probably
thought he would fool me for ever. I’m afraid I have a taste for falling
into love on first sight and I thought that James would grow to love me,
especially if I showered him with gifts, money and luxury. I didn’t have
much chance for love and affection when I was young, building a career as a
pharmaceutical research scientist and then developing my own pharmaceutical
company specialising in analgesics, pain relievers and tranquillisers.
Therefore, I craved it more and more until James came along with his good
looks, charming smile, strong body and male arrogance. Yes, I fell for it.
It only took seven months after our spectacular wedding and honeymoon for me
to have my doubts. There were many little signs that only a woman can see
that pointed to James enjoying a passionate affair. I am a very methodical
woman and, even though I always get what I want, I like to plan each and
every step along the way and the first step was hiring a private
“I’m afraid, Doctor Warden, you are not going to like this,” the detective
“There are a lot of things I don’t like in the business world, Mr Booth but
I do them to achieve my goals. I’m tough enough to withstand the shock so
show me the photos, please. After all,” I added sharply, “I believe I paid
for them.”
The photographs were large. “What is her name?” I asked, staring at the
photo of James walking with a very beautiful young woman; very, very
beautiful indeed.
“Alice. Alice Wilson. She is a designer and older than him.”
“James has excellent taste,” I said grandly, sifting through the more
explicit photos. Booth appeared puzzled and I smiled coldly. “I may be a
women scorned, Mr Booth but I can still appreciate beauty when I see it.”
I didn’t know what the second step was but I was confident that a plan would
formulate in my mind as it always does when I have settled on a goal.
That second step became apparent when I visited my southern research plant
when Doctor Ryan asked to see me privately. Ryan was employed to test our
rejects for creative applications.
“Doctor Warden,” he said quickly, “I know you are absolutely against working
for the military but I have discovered a drug that may be of immense
military interest. Secret military interests,” he emphasised.
I put the report down. “Show me.” He held one of two capsules.
“This drug is a mind controlling drug that make a human subject completely
malleable to instructions.”
“Explain,” I said with a studied lack of interest.
“Once this drug is ingested, Doctor Warden, the subject will do,” he paused.
” No, is compelled to do, everything anybody says until the antidote is
“That’s the antidote?” I pointed at the second capsules. “I suppose it has
potential., Leave them and I’ll get independent testing done. Maybe I’ll
then talk to my government contacts. Excellent work, Doctor Ryan.”
Ryan beamed. “Thank you Doctor Warden.”
“One more thing. Is this the only sample?” He nodded. “No more, Doctor Ryan
until I advise you. And this classified. This could make you very rich. I
suggest it’s a matter for you and I until then.”
“Undoubtedly, Doctor Warden,” he gushed.

Part 2.
After planning and a completing a shopping expedition, I arranged for James
to meet me for an early dinner . He had tried to postpone it, claiming other
commitments, probably Alice, but I insisted.
Late, he sat down with a petulant look on his face and looked down at the
Caesar salad in front of him. “What’s this?”
“I ordered for you. Eat up, darling. I have a surprise for you at home”
“Surprise?” he asked as he started to eat.
“Yes, I went shopping for you. I’ve bought some new video equipment.” That
perked his interest as he had always claimed he wanted to be a film director
and he ate even more quickly as I watched, trying to keep my smile from my
“This is an interesting salad dressing,” he said as he gulped the food
“Yes darling,” I smiled. “I made it for you.”
Throwing the keys on the hall table, I led the way into our lounge room and
sat on the sofa, crossing my legs.
“There it is,” I said pointing at the video camera set up on a tripod.
“Hey,” he exclaimed, “it’s top of the line. Remote and all.” He looked
around. “Where’s the remote?” I smiled and waved at him.
James turned to get it and I spoke calmly. “No,” I commanded. “Stand still.”
He froze. “What the fuck!” he exclaimed loudly.
“Don’t take the tone with me,” I said. “Put your hand on your head.” I
laughed when he did so.
“Wendy,” he said plaintively.
“You will speak when I ask you a question or tell you what to say. There may
be times when I give you permission to speak freely but those times will be
rare. When I do ask you a question, you answers are to be truthful but
brief. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” he found himself saying and I noted, with satisfaction there was
confusion in his eyes.
I regally pointed at the bar. “Make a whisky and soda, no ice and bring it
to me.” He did so, held it out and looked imploringly at me. I took it and
sipped it. “You will now go to the bathroom, strip naked and shave your
pubic hair off. I want your cock, balls, stomach and butt to be completely
hairless. Then shower to remove all the stray hair, dry yourself and return
to me naked.” Another long sip from the drink as he scurried away.
Sighing, I snuggled a little down into the sofa, relishing the feel of power
and revenge that was washing over me. Uncrossing my legs, I slipped my
fingers past my stockings, worn especially for the moment, and caressed my
black lace panties. They were wet. God, this was wonderful!
He returned and stood uncertainly in the middle of the room, his hair still
wet from the shower. I giggled as I examined his smooth genitals and he
blushed furiously. “Turn around and show me your ass,” I instructed and he
did so, giving me a clear view of his firm and now smooth, butt. “Bend
over.” Hm, nice, I thought. “Stand up and turn around.” I waited until he
did. “I’m going to ask you questions. You will answer them and you will
always refer to me as Mistress. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Good. From this day on you are my complete and utter slave. I have given
you an experimental potion that renders you completely under my control.
There is no escape. I will do with you what I wish.” The fear leapt into his
eyes. He wasn’t as dumb as my friends thought. “What are you?”
“I am your slave, Mistress.”
I laughed loudly and put my drink down. “Slave, have you been fucking Alice
The fear grew in his eyes but his willing mouth betrayed him. “Yes,
“Do you love her, slave?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Does she love you, slave?”
He paused, then answered. “I’m not sure, Mistress.”
That was surprising. “Slave,” I said firmly, “has she ever told you she
loves you in any way?”
His eyes flickered as he quickly thought. “No, Mistress.
Obviously, an intelligent girl. “Do you love me, slave?”
“No, Mistress.”
“Have you ever loved me, slave?”
“No, Mistress.” He answered both questions very quickly and I wiped a small
tear from my eye as the promise of what might have been died.
I picked up my drink and drained it. “Listen carefully, you worthless piece
of shit. I’m going to ask you some questions and you will answer them all
truthfully except two. I will ask you if you love her and you will answer
no. I may ask you that question several times and you will answer it the
same way every time. Do you understand, slave?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
I will also ask you if you love me and you will answer yes. Understand?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Making progress,” I murmured in satisfaction. “I will order you to lick my
pussy and you will kneel in front of me and lick me until I pat you on the
head.” His eyes widened and his cock stirred. “When you are licking my
pussy, I will press my heel into your leg and you will look into the video
camera, smile and say in a loving voice, I love to lick Mistress Wendy’s
pretty pussy. Do you understand, slave?” I laughed when I saw his eyes
dilate. He’s figured it out, I thought.
“Yes Mistress.”
“Good. Stand there,” I said pointing at a spot on the carpet. As I said I’m
a very methodical woman and I had prepared and tested all the positions for
our little performance. “Start jerking yourself off and put a smile on your
face.” I picked up the remote, watched him jerking at his cock until it was
hard and then started recording.
“Slave,” I said in a loud voice, “are you jerking yourself off?”
“Yes Mistress,” he answered.
“Speak up, slave,” I commanded. “Are you jerking off?” I repeated.
“Yes, Mistress”
I smiled for the camera’s benefit. “Do you love jerking off, slave?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he answered as I knew he would.
“Stop playing with that pathetic cock, slave,” I barked and he did so. “Turn
around in a circle so we can see your smooth butt and balls.” He flushed as
he did so. “Who shaved you?”
“I did, Mistress.”
“You told me to, Mistress.”
“Do you like to have a smooth cock, balls and butt?”
“No, Mistress.”
“Why did you do it?”
“You told me to, Mistress.”
“Are you my slave?”
“Yes, Mistress.” I noticed his cock remained hard.
“Are you hard, slave?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Would you like to cum?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“When will you cum?”
“When you tell me, Mistress.”
“Exactly right,” I said harshly. “Have you been fucking Alice Wilson,
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Do you love her?” I asked, watching him closely.
“No, Mistress.”
“Do you love me, slave?” I demanded, eyes glinting.
“Yes, Mistress,” he lied and I felt triumphant. Slowly, I stood up, his eyes
watching my every move and a big smile on his handsome face. “Stop smiling,
slave,” I commanded and he did. I reached under my skirt and pulled my
panties down, kicking them across to him. “Pick them up. Smell them.”
Laughing I watched him smother his face with the black lace of my soaked
panties. Revenge is sweet.
I sat down, slid my skirt up to reveal my stockings and garter belt as well
as my wet pussy. “Slave,” I purred, “come here and kiss your Mistress’s
pussy.” As he knelt in front of my, I used the remote to zoom in so the
camera would, as I had experimented, frame him between my legs. James
started licking immediately.
I allowed him to lick for a good twenty minutes, his tongue caressing me and
I laid back and enjoyed his attempts. James had willingly licked me in the
early days and then had lost interest. Now, he was going to get that
interest back.
After about twenty five minutes, a period of time that would not be lost on
any female in our potential audience, I dug my heel into his leg. Quickly,
he raised his head and turned to the camera. With my juices running down his
smiling face, he said, “I love licking Mistress Wendy’s pretty pussy.” He
then returned to his task.
My first goal achieved, I relaxed and allow his furtive tongue to take me to
a delicious and satisfying sweet orgasm. Of course, I kept him licking for a
good thirty minutes after that to demonstrate to the camera that he was
capable of licking pussy for over an hour. Any woman watching that would
squirm in jealousy and wonder.
Languidly, I reached down and patted his head as if he was a dog. “Good
boy,” I said. James knelt back, his cock jutting out and looked up at me,
waiting. “Stand up,” I ordered. “Legs apart.” I pulled my skirt down as I
watched him comply. “Jerk off,” I said mildly.
“Yes Mistress.” He quickly seized his hard cock with his right hand and
started pulling.
“Stop,” I said sharply. “use your left hand and put your right hand behind
your back.”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Does your left hand feel different, slave?”
“Yes Mistress,” he groaned.
“I suppose it almost feels like someone else is jerking you off. Of course,”
I laughed, “I don’t do that. It’s not my place to give you pleasure. Do you
want to cum, slave?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Are you close, slave?”
“Yes Mistress,” he moaned.
“Stop!” I barked and his hand froze, his cock throbbing and, I noticed with
satisfaction, leaking juices. He was obviously on the edge. “I’m afraid you
didn’t lick me well enough tonight so you are not to cum.” I pointed to a
mat on the floor in the corner. “Sleep there tonight, slave. I may allow you
to cum tomorrow.”
I smiled at the forlorn figure that slumped on the mat and turned the record
button off. Removing the video cassette, I waved it at him. “The first of
our tapes. I wonder who I’ll send them to?”
“I don’t know, Mistress,” he said softly, his eyes staring at me.
“Why, everyone!” I laughed loudly as I looked down at his naked body curled
in the foetal position on the hard floor. “You are not to harm yourself in
anyway unless I instruct you. You are not to attempt to harm or harm me in
any way. You are not to harm anybody or attempt to harm anybody unless I
instruct you. Do you understand, slave?”
“Yes Mistress,” he said and I noticed he was shivering.
“Sleep under the rug, fool. Tomorrow, I want to be woken at seven by you
kissing my pussy until I wake. You will have a tray with cereal, juice and
hot coffee by the bed. You will also have a hard cock. You will not
masturbate in anyway tonight or cum in anyway tonight. Clear?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Sleep well,” I said, switching the light off and, giggling, I walked up the
stairs to my room. As I lay in my bed, I reviewed the steps of my plan as
well as the events of the night. Relaxed by the exquisite orgasm and the
terrible sense of loss counterbalanced by the sweet taste of revenge, I
slipped immediately into a deep and restful sleep.

Part 3.
As the Sun crept in through the blinds, I awoke to the smell of hot coffee
and a soft mouth gently kissing my pussy. Stretching, I kicked him from the
bed and stood naked over him as he cowered on the floor. “You know, you
could have had this,” I said running my fingers through my pubic hair, “when
ever you wanted but you still had to fuck around. You were completely ruled
by your cock. Now, I own your cock. I might not allow you to cum, let alone
fuck, again.”
I left him cleaning the house, doing the laundry and polishing my shoes
while I left for the office. The sight of a naked James hand washing my
panties with a throbbing erection was priceless! It made me feel good all
the way into the office. At the office, I made a few calls, made some
purchases on the way home and was ready for the next step.
He was huddled in the small cot I had ordered him to set up in the small
room under the stairs. This was where he was to wait after chore completion
and where he was to sleep from now on.
As I looked down at him, I wondered how I ever loved him. “Get up,” I
directed as I looked through the parcels. “Here,” I said throwing him a pair
of cheap white nylon bike shorts, “put these on.” He looked horrified but,
of course, did as I instructed. The girls shorts were at least one size too
small and he struggled to get into them. Uncertainly, he stood still and I
inspected him. The shape of his cock and balls were clearly defined through
the stretchy material and his butt looked like it belonged to some sexy
little male slut. Well, maybe it did, I thought, smiling. A tight white
sleeveless crop top and tennis shoes completed the picture.
“Follow me,” I said walking into the garage.
As I drove through the city, I smiled as he crept down in his seat. “Sit up
slave,” I snapped. “Legs apart. I might want to show your cock and balls
off.” He flushed but he did as he was told and I noticed his cock stir
through the thin nylon.
I parked in front of a beauty salon and, startled, he stared at me with
imploring eyes. “Open the car door for me, slave,” I said, smiling at his
Regally, I led the way into the busy beauty salon and waited at the
reception. The buzz of conversation disappeared as the ladies noticed James
in his tight little shorts. “Wait here, slave,” I said loudly and walked
into the office of the owner.
I emerged with Stephanie to find James the centre of attention. Some women
casually strolled past him, looking him up and down while other stared at
him from their chairs. The buzz of conversation had returned but there was a
tremendous amount of giggling to be heard around the room.
“In the private room please, Doctor Warden,” Stephanie said and, although I
had warned her, stared at James, a slight smile on her face.
“Follow me, slave,” I snapped and we left the giggles behind.
“Wendy,” Stephanie said as she closed the door, ” you are full of
I accepted the compliment with a smile and pointed at the salon chair. “Sit
there, slave.” James warily looked around the room as he did so.
Stephanie became business like, standing behind him, flicking his hair. “So,
what do you want done?”
James opened his mouth but I quickly stepped in. “I will answer, slave.”
James was proud of his wavy dark hair and spent every second Friday having
it cut and styled. Now, that would change. “I want it cut very short and
coloured white blonde but leave the roots dark.” James gaped at me in shock.
Stephanie smiled in the mirror. “Very slutty,” she said. “Okay, I’ll get to
work.” She put a small cloth around his shoulders and was about to place the
larger covering over him when I shook my head. Shrugging, she left the
smaller one on and started to cut. After a while, she smiled at me while
cutting. ” I like his little shorts,” she commented.
“Very revealing, aren’t they. Even more so because he has no hair.”
That surprised her. “Really?”
“Yes. Look. Pull your shorts down, slave.” Without hesitation he did and his
growing cock lolled across his bare stomach and bald balls.
Stephanie walked around to the front of the chair to get a closer look.
“Look at that. I can give you some depilatory cream to keep it smooth if you
like, Wendy.”
“Thank you.”
“Look, he’s getting hard.”
I smiled at his erection. “It’s his submissive nature,” I sneered. “He
can’t help himself. Would you like to see him jerk off?”
Stephanie shook her head and smiled. “Maybe another time. I’ve got the
Mayors wife coming in after this,” she added, starting to cut again.
Deliberately, I did not tell him to pull his shorts up so he remained
exposed for the entire procedure. I saw the desperate appeal in his eyes but
ignored it. However, I did notice that he remained hard. “There,” Said
Stephanie, stepping back to admire the finished work, “what do you think?”
I studied James in his new short blonde hairstyle. Somehow it made him
smaller, slutty and slightly effeminate. It was perfect.
“Another perfect job, Stephanie. Please charge it. Pull your shorts up,
slave,” I commanded at last and he moved very quickly. Before we walked into
the outer area, I pulled the shorts up tight so his still hard cock and
balls were easily visible. “Let’s give the ladies something to look at,” I
smiled and Stephanie laughed, opening the door. “Thank you Stephanie,” I
said in a loud voice, killing all conversation. “He looks like the little
slut he is. Still,” I said smiling, dropping my eyes to his crotch, “he
seemed to have enjoyed it. Thank me, slave,” I said loudly.
“Thank you, Mistress,” he said.
I kissed Stephanie on the cheek and she gave me the depilatory cream. I
thanked her again and led James to the car, waited while he opened the door
and shut it after me. As I scrambled into the passenger seat, I studied his
dull eyes. “Do you like your new hair style, slave?”
“No Mistress,” he said brokenly and I laughed loudly as we sped away.
His eyes widened as I parked at a tattoo parlour. I ignored the shock and
fear in those eyes and ordered him to open the car door. Caroline opened the
parlour door and studied James as he followed me in. Wordlessly, she pointed
at the door to the back room and I entered, followed by a very nervous
slave. Caroline shut the door and pointed at the work table. “I need him on
there, Wendy,” she said.
“Slave,” I said, smiling coldly. “Strip everything off.”
His eyes were begging but his body, now out of his control, stripped him
naked. James stood before us, his cock starting to uncurl once again while
his eyes darted around the room at the pictures of available tattoos.
“Okay,” Caroline said, “still want what we talked about?”
“Well, face down for the first one.”
The shock of the word `first’ was evident on James face. “Slave, lie face
down on the couch. You will obey Mistress Caroline’s every instruction until
I tell you otherwise,” I added while he was lying on the table.
Caroline gestured at his butt. “Where?”
I lightly ran my fingers over his right cheek. “Here. I want the word
`slave’ there. Can you make it large and so it will look like a brand?”
Caroline nodded. “Well, do it.”
Casually, I sat in the corner, flicking through some magazines will the
needle hummed and soft music played in the back ground. Finally, Caroline
stood up and ordered James to roll over and he did so, gingerly. Caroline
went through the instructions to keep the tattoo clean and other little
tips. I had noticed she had lightly covered it with gauze so she could work
on the other one. Putting the magazine down, I looked down at my slave as he
lay on his back, staring up at me dully.
Caroline gestured down. “Looks like he likes my work.”
I smiled when I saw he was hard again. “Annoying, isn’t it. Will that get in
the way?”
She was still staring at his cock. Somehow, because he was hairless, it
looked bigger than usual. “Well,” she said hesitantly, “I don’t really want
it bobbing around in my face. Distracting. And difficult to do the other as
“Yes,” I laughed, “I suppose it could be. Tell me Caroline, have you ever
seen a man jerk off?”
She licked her lips. “No.”
“It’s an education, believe me. Slave, kneel there,” I ordered pointing
front of the chairs where I had been reading. “Shall we?” I said to Caroline
and we sat down. “Slave, ask Mistress Caroline if you can come. Don’t forget
to say please.”
“Please Mistress Caroline, can I cum?”
Before Caroline could answer, I jumped in. “No, no,” I scolded. “Ask her to
jerk off and, if she gives permission, you ask her to cum when you are
close. Now, do it again, you fool.”
“Please Mistress Caroline, can I jerk off?” he begged and I saw the flicker
of humiliation in his eyes.
Caroline giggled. “Yes,” she said and James started pulling furiously at his
hard cock. He must have been aroused for some time, poor boy, for he soon
looked up at Caroline, panting.
“Please Mistress Caroline, can I cum?”
She looked at me and I nodded. “Yes,” she said, a smile on her pretty face.
“Yes, slave. Cum!”
No sooner than she had said it, creamy cum ejaculated from his red cock,
shooting through the air to land at our feet while James panted and gasped.
“Quite a little mess. Lick it up, slave,” I said coldly and I thought I saw
a tear in his eye as his hesitant tongue did so. “Right, party time is over.
Back to work.”
I ordered James to lay face up on the couch. I pointed to his crotch next to
his cock. “There,” I said. “A small rose and the words `Property of Mistress
Wendy.’ In red and black, I think. To match the rose.” I ignored the
horrified spluttering from James and went back to my magazine. Sometime
later, she finished and, again went through all hygiene precautions for
Caroline left the room for a moment and came back with a tray with various
items on it. “Still want him pierced?”
I looked at James and the horrified look in his wide eyes. “You may speak
slave,” I said.
The words came in a rush. “Please, Mistress,” he begged. “No more. You’ve
marked me for ever,” he said brokenly, gesturing at the square of white
gauze in his crotch. “Please no more.”
“That’s enough,” I said coldly and he instantly shut his mouth. “I say when
we stop, not you. I’m going to control every part of you, slut!” I turned to
Caroline. “You have the rings?” She nodded. “Good. One here,” I pointed at
his foreskin under his cock, “and one here at the base of his balls. Both
rings soldered shut so I can lock his cock to his balls.” I laughed at the
expression on James face. “I’m afraid you’ll have to pee sitting down from
now on but, what do I care? Will this hurt, Caroline?”
“Good,” I said and went back to my magazines.
James was sobbing quietly as he dressed. He was in pain and his foreskin was
now fastened to a ring piercing the flesh under his sac by a small gold
padlock. I had made a great show of stringing the key on a gold chain and
hanging it around my neck.
“Do you understand how to take care of yourself for the next few days while
you heal, slave?”
“Yes Mistress,” he sniffled.
I kissed Caroline goodbye after paying her and, of course, thanking her for
her understanding. We women must, after all, stick together.
He was still sniffling as we drove home . I pulled the car into the kerb
next to a post box and pulled a small parcel from my bag. “Look, slave,” I
jeered. “The video of your performance. Look at the address,” I demanded as
I shoved the parcel at him. He could clearly see it was addressed to Alice
Wilson, his girlfriend and he started sniffling again. “Stop that!” I
snapped. I slipped outside and dropped the parcel in the post box. James
didn’t know I had put a small note with the cassette that said –
`Interesting? Call me. Wendy’. I had scribbled my office number on the back.
Let’s see if she calls or, rather, how long it takes.
I laughed at loud as I drove and James looked at me strangely through his
tears. I just love it when all the pieces of my plans fit together.

Part 4.
Nothing happened for almost two weeks. Alice Wilson was a strong lady and I
admired that. James had behaved himself but, then again, he had no choice.
The tattoos and the piercing healed well and Stephanie’s depilatory cream
worked well. I loved to watch his smooth butt with `SLAVE’ on it move as he
went about his chores. What gave me a bigger thrill was to look at the small
rose tattoo and the words `PROPERTY OF MISTRESS WENDY’ next to his
imprisoned cock. That made me order him to his knees and enjoy the ever
growing talents of his tongue and mouth. He couldn’t get hard and he
couldn’t cum without me opening the gold padlock which I didn’t. Sometimes,
I allowed him to beg for me to open it but I always refused.
Finally, we moved up another step. The phone rang and my secretary told me
Alice Wilson was on the line. A delicious thrill ran over me as I picked it
Later, that evening, as I threw my car keys onto the and called out. “Slave,
present yourself. We have a guest.”
Alice giggled as James knelt in the centre of the floor. His eyes were
lowered as his former lover and his wife stood over him. I took Alice’s coat
and admired her short black skirt and peasant blouse, her long blonde hair
hanging down the middle of her back.
“I like his hairstyle,” Alice said as she sat on the sofa, crossing her long
Yes,” I agreed as I hung the coat and sat next to her. “It suits the little
slut. What would you like to drink?”
“Gin and tonic?”
“Perfect. Get Mistress Alice a gin and tonic and a whisky and soda for me.”
“Mistress Alice,” murmured Alice. “I like that.”
“It has a nice sound to it,” I said moving close. I let my fingers casually
stroke her hair. “You have lovely hair,” I said softly.
“Thank you.” She blushed a little.
Slave presented us with our drinks. “Turn around slave,” I ordered after a
welcome sip. “Do you like the brand?”
“Oh yes. No mistaking what he is now. Hm, this is nice.”
“Show us the front, slave. What about that?”
“Interesting. Can he, you know?”
“Cum? No. Not unless I unlock him.” I turned my attention back to him.
“Kneel. This is Mistress Alice. You will obey her like you obey me unless I
instruct you other wise. Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Kiss Mistress Alice’s feet as a sign of your slavery.” He leaned forward
and gently kissed her stiletto heeled shoes I glanced at Alice and saw she
was breathing deeply and her eyes were heavy lidded with the pleasure of
control. “Tell him,” I whispered.
“Slave,” she said coldly. “Kiss Mistress Wendy’s shoes.” I felt his lips
touch my feet but I was more interested in watching Alice.
“Slave,” I said softly, looking into Alice’s eyes. “Take Mistress Alice’s
shoes off and lick her feet.” She parted her legs slightly with a slight
smile on her face as James removed her shoes, knowing he was looking up her
“Oh look,” she said, resting a gentle hand on my arm as he licked her feet
through the hose. “His cock is trying to get hard but it can’t.”
“Isn’t it wonderful?” I said softly. “I’m sure it causes him pain.”
“Slave,” instructed Alice. “Remove Mistress Wendy’s shoes, lick her feet and
move slowly up her legs,” she said boldly, leaning closer to me. James, did
so, moving up my black stockings while his cock twitched fruitlessly in its
locked position.
I took control, sliding my skirt up to reveal my stocking tops, garter belt
and black lace panties and I heard a sharp intake of breath from Alice. “Do
you want to kiss my panties, slave?” I demanded.
His eyes and Alice’s eyes were riveted to my lace covered crotch. “Yes,
“Kiss, slave. And do a good job.” I leaned back on the sofa, turning my head
to look at the lovely Alice as James mouth gently paid homage to my panties
and, below the lace, my pussy. I was wet and, I was sure Alice was also.
After a moment, with my intimate perfume floating in the air, I smile
sensually at Alice. “Slave,” I said without turning my head. “Lick Mistress
Alice’s legs up to her pussy.” Alice fell back into the cushions and I
leaned over her to slowly slide her skirt up around her waist. “Oh look
slave,” I whispered. “Pantyhose without panties.” I stared at the fine
blonde hair beneath the sheer nylon, her sweet scent in my nostrils and
raised my head just as James mouth closed over her pussy. Alice lolled back,
a wanton look on her beautiful face. Without hesitation, I kissed her
deeply, our tongues touching and dancing together in our own world.
Smiling at each other, we slowly pulled apart. “Take off my pantyhose,
slave,” she ordered, still looking at me. A minute later, there was a little
pile of nylon on the floor.
“Remove my panties,” I instructed and black lace lay next to the nylon. I
offered Alice my hand and we stood, looking down at the pathetic creature
kneeling before us. “Do we want him?” I asked and Alice smiled, shaking her
“Not this time.”
I put my arm around her waist and we walked to the stairs that led to the
bedroom. Stopping on the landing, we looked down at him as he waited for his
instructions. “Slave, you will spend the next fifteen minutes smelling and
tasting Mistress Alice’s pantyhose and my panties.” Alice giggled softly in
my ear and I felt her long fingers slip under my skirt to gently caress my
pussy. “You will then hand wash both items, hang them in the laundry and
retire to sleep in your little room.” I gasped as Alice’s long finger
slipped inside of me as she nuzzled my ear with her mouth. “Wake us at ten
in the usual manner.”
I turned and kissed Alice.
As usual, I had attained my goal. Alice was mine and, along the way to
getting her, I enjoyed revenge. I am, after all, a very methodical woman.
Giggling we walked up the stairs without a backward glance.