The Family Closet 1.

Thirty-eight year old Kay Lester stretched her tired, naked body on the
bed. It had been a long day and the stress of work had really gotten to
her. She felt a bundle of nerves and knew that only one thing could relax
her enough to finally fall asleep. She opened her nightstand drawer,
retrieved the vibrator and laid it on the bed beside her. This was pretty
much a nightly routine for Kay. She loved masturbating and it gave her the
welcomed relief from the stress and the sexual outlet she so needed.

She was pretty enough to attract more than a few men, with her dark,
wavy hair and green eyes. She had a lovely figure as well. Her breasts,
while not extremely large were ample enough for a woman of her size and
they were crowned with beautiful large areolas and thick, long nipples.
Her waist flowed out to her woman size hips and her ass cheeks jiggled
proudly as she walked. But attracting men was not Kay’s problem. It was
maintaining her quite reputation while raising her son that worried her.
She had been a single mother since Ricky’s birth. At age twenty-two she
had become pregnant with her son. The father of the boy was unable to take
the responsibility for her and the child. Too avoid any embarrassment she
moved away to a smaller town where she could lead a quiet, private life.

Unfortunately in this small town rumors traveled fast and she could gain
the reputation of being a whore very quickly. On the rare occasions that
work required her to spend a night or two out of town, she was usually able
to find a willing stranger to satisfy her need for cock. But frigging
herself was almost the only relief she got from her seemingly constant
erotic desires. She took several deep breaths, closed her eyes and began
to touch herself.

Her left hand slid slowly from where it rested on her belly, up, towards
her nipple almost of its own free will. It started the soft flicking and
twisting that usually began her nightly masturbation sessions, her right
hand stroking the inside of her thighs. She could feel the tension start
to leave her, and her breathing began to quicken as she thought about the
new young employee in the mail department. For the past week or so she had
pleasured herself while dreaming about his young cock and all the wicked
things she would love to do with it.

Kay slid her hand between her thighs and stroked softly across the
triangle of soft dark hair, which concealed her most private area. She
could feel the wetness inside of her and teased lightly at her clit,
squeezing and pulling at it while her other hand became more insistent with
her nipples. She pushed her middle finger deep into the folds of her
pussy, circling the soft edges of her cunthole. She let out a soft moan as
she pushed it into herself allowing it to rest there a moment before she
began her finger fucking.

A noise in the hallway brought Kay out of her fantasy and back to
reality. She jerked her finger free and quickly jumped out of bed to
recover her robe. Wrapping it about herself she walked quickly out into
the hallway to investigate the source of the noise.

The hall was dark, as usual, the only source of light being the
nightlight in her son’s bedroom. She looked up and down the hallway and
saw nothing.

‘Oh well,’ she thought to herself, ‘it must have been Ricky turning in

Then she heard it again. A soft squeak coming from her son’s room.

The door to his bedroom was slightly ajar and she peeked through in
order to find the source of the sound.

She gasped as she looked in.

Her sixteen year old son was lying sprawled naked on the bed, his eyes
closed, his lips moving and his right hand stroking up and down on his
rigid cock.

At first she was shocked, but as her eyes adjusted to the soft light
caressing her young son’s smooth, firm body she became entranced. Her eyes
made their way from his hairless, firm, chest down past his tight stomach
to the large, meaty prick that he was jacking.

Her mouth fell open as she watched mesmerized as his hand stroke slowly
up and down the shaft of his swollen prick. The head of his cock was
swollen and purple and Kay subconsciously ran her tongue across her lip as
a droplet of precum oozed out of the pisshole.

Unconsciously her hand slid into her robe and she began to lightly
stroke her wet cunt.

Ricky’s jacking soon became faster and she could now see his chest
rising and falling rapidly and hear his moaning a little louder.

“Maa,” he seemed to be moaning it over and over again.

Kay’s own breathing quickened as she rubbed her now-swollen clit to
attention. Her cunt was aching and her mouth had begun to water at the
sight of her son jacking his own cock.

As his hand jerked forcefully on his cock, his balls slapped against his
thighs and the muscles in his legs began to tighten.

“Mom! Oh yes mom, suck it!” he said out loud and Kay jerked. She
thought he had seen her standing in the doorway frigging her self but his
eyes remained shut and he kept up the pounding of his shaft.

‘Oh my god!’ she thought, ‘He’s thinking about ME while he masturbates.’

The thought of it, both appalled and excited her and she pushed two
fingers into her now dripping cunthole.

She was very close to coming now and had to force herself to remain
quiet. The pure perversity of this act was driving her to a fast orgasm.

Ricky’s legs had stiffened, his hips raised off the bed by a few inches
and Kay knew he son would soon be coming.

“Oh Mom, suck it!” he moaned. His whole body jerked and Kay saw the
first spurt of thick cum shoot from the head of his cock and land on his
belly. She watched hungrily as the hot, creamy liquid jetted from his
pisshole time after time and pooled up into a delicious white puddle on his
stomach. She imagined herself dipping her tongue into his sperm puddle and
tasting the hot sweetness of his fuckjuice.

At last only a small goblet of cum appeared on the tip of his cock and
his body relaxed. She knew he was finished and she took one last look
before hurrying down the hall and closing her bedroom door behind her.

She dropped her robe and fell onto the bed. She couldn’t believe what
she had just seen and heard. Her beautiful son was masturbating and
thinking about her. He made her feel dirty and sluttish and she was
shocked to realize that she loved the feeling.

‘God! It’s incest! And perverted!’ she thought, but she couldn’t deny
her feelings. It made her hot and horny to think about her son in a sexual

Kay had never really thought about Ricky as sexy before. The last time
she had seen him completely naked was when he was 12 years old and she had
never felt anything but maternal love for him.

But now she had seen what a strong, virile young man her son had become
and knew that she would never be able to think of him as a little boy

She knew, deep down, that she would not be satisfied until she had her
son between her legs, with his cock pounding deep into her open cunt. And
she knew from what Ricky had said while jacking off, that he felt the same

Kay pushed the unused vibrator aside, lifted her knees and placed her
index and middle fingers at the swollen lips of her cunt. With a quick
shove she pushed her fingers deep into her cunt hole and began a hard fast
fucking action with them. She enjoyed being a little rough when she played
with herself. Her quivering pussy made squishing sounds as her hand fucked
faster and deeper into her juicy hole. She thought about her son and how
she might seduce him. Within minutes she began to feel her orgasm build to
a crest inside of her.

The walls of her vagina oozed fuckjuices and pulled at her fingers as if
to suck them further inside. Her body shook and her now-sloppy cunt
exploded into frenzy of convulsions as her mind played back images of her
son masturbating. She wanted to cry out in ecstasy as the tidal wave of
lust rolled over her but she held her breath so Ricky, and the neighbors,
wouldn’t hear.

She lay there trembling for several minutes, her legs splayed across the
bed, cunt juice dripping from her steaming hole and collecting on the

It was the best orgasm she had had in a long time and as she drifted off
to sleep her mind was filled with thoughts of her son and his hot young