A peek at her dog act 2.

Jenny Baker hadn’t come that morning. That was one of the reasons why she had gone to the office on a Saturday morning, figuring that she could get her mind off her pussy by finishing up a bit of extra work over the weekend.
Jenny was 21-year-old gorgeous girl with long, blonde hair and big, blue eyes and the sort of body often compared to a Hollywood sex queen. Her tits were big and thrusting, capped by large, stiff nipples. Her legs were long and shapely, and her ass was contoured like a firm teardrop. Her cunt was a wonderful device, hot and creamy in its natural state and always ready to get stuffed full of hard prick.
Usually her husband took care of fucking her till she was satisfied.
They had been married for a year, and Jenny had been a faithful wife during that period, both because it was her nature to be faithful and also because her husband, Hank, had a huge prick and gave her plenty of fucking. Jenny especially enjoyed the long, leisurely fucking that they usually did on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
But today Hank had made plans to play golf, of all the stupid things.
He didn’t have time for a prolonged fuck and though his cock, as usual, was hard and hot, he wanted to empty his balls before he got to the golf course. He figured that a big hard-on would throw his swing out of kilter, causing him to hook or slice the ball.
Jenny was still half-asleep.
Hank drew the covers down and gazed at her lush, velvet-smooth body. She sighed, anticipating a lot of foreplay followed by a wonderfuck. He slipped his hand between her legs and began to finger her cunt. The pink pussylips unfurled like the moist petals of a blossom, and her pussyslit turned into an oval slot, filled with cuntjuice.
“Ummm,” she purred.
Hank moved on top of her.
He guided his big, blunt-tipped prick to her crotch and began to run his cockhead around in her creamy pussy and across her tingling clit.
Jenny arched and twisted her pelvis, engorging as much of his cock as she could.
Hank rammed his prick home to the very hilt with his first powerful thrust. He paused for a moment, enjoying the sensation of having every inch of his big, hot cock buried in her wet pussy and letting her thrill to the joy of having her cunt stuffed to the brim with prick.
Her pussy began to pull on his cockshaft.
Her cunt muscles ripped up his cock from root to knob, closing like a soft, padded vise, sucking and wringing on his prick with rare skill.
Then he began to fuck her fast and furious.
Jenny was surprised. Usually Hank began fucking her very slowly, building up only after a long time, but today he was fucking his cock into her like a demented demon. She could feel his massive prick expanding in her cunt. The cockhead felt like a wad of molten iron as his prick surged into the depths of her pussy. He was groaning and grunting as he slammed his cock home with vigor.
Jenny tried to catch up to him.
Her hips twisted from the waist, turning her cunt on his cock like a nut on a bolt. She humped with him, jamming her pussy down as his prick banged in. Her sleek thighs wrapped around his haunches and her heels locked behind his knees as she sought desperately to reach a climax with him.
She almost made it.
But then Hank howled with joy, and his cock hosed her cunt with a steady stream of jism.
“Oh, oh, oh!” Jenny moaned as she felt his hot, thick cockjuice spurt into her cunt, loving the sensation – but wanting to come, too.
But Hank was finished.
He grinned at her and pulled his prick out. Semi-hard still, his cock bobbed up and down over her belly, the tip dripping. A string of slippery jism trickled down on her belly like a fine thread connecting them.
He dismounted.
“Darling,” she said. “I haven’t come yet.”
“Sorry about that, honey,” Hank said. “I’ll take good care of you as soon as I get back from the golf course.”
Jenny was frustrated and annoyed. She figured it was a pretty damned thoughtless way for him to treat her, using her for a scum bag, with no considerations for her own carnal needs. Normally he wasn’t like that, and she didn’t want to complain too much, but it was aggravating. She stayed in bed while Hank showered and shaved, hoping that he might change his mind and give her some more prick.
But he returned only to kiss her goodbye, then departed for the golf course.
Damn! she thought.
Then she said it aloud, “Damn!”
She considered giving herself a handjob. She dipped her hand between her legs and rubbed her burning cunt a little. It felt good but a handjob wasn’t nearly as good as having her cunt full of Hank’s huge prick. It seemed sort of an infantile substitute, and kind of absurd for a married woman to fingerfuck herself. After awhile, hotter than ever, she stopped her futile fingerfucking.
Hank had promised her a climax as soon as he returned, and she figured she would be better waiting, knowing that she would enjoy creaming all the more for the delay. But still, it was not going to be easy getting through the day with her pussy smoldering away like a glowing ember between her smooth thighs.
That was why she decided to go to the office.
There was a bit of filing and some typing that had to be done Monday morning, and she figured that she could get that all cleared up today. The work would, no doubt, take her mind off her unsatisfied cunt. And if she got too horny, she could always handfuck her pussy at the office since there would be no one else there. It might even be sort of exciting to fingerfuck herself at her desk – or at her boss’ desk. Her boss was a handsome, aristocratic fellow and, from the way he looked at her, Jenny knew that he wouldn’t at all mind getting into her pants, although he had never tried to fuck her. She could just imagine how he would feel if he knew that she had been finger-fucking in his office. It added spice to the idea.
Jenny got dressed and went to the office.
She had just entered her office when a convertible pulled up at the traffic lights below. Jenny had gone to the window to open it. She happened to glance down.
At first, Jenny could not believe what she saw. She was looking down into the open automobile from above, and the perspective confused her. It seemed as if the sexy girl in the car was changing gears, but the car was not moving, and the gear lever seemed to be rising up from the passenger seat. There was a dog there, as well. It added to her confusion. But then Jenny’s eyes shot the picture to her mind and she gave a gasp.
The girl was stroking the dog’s cock!
Two tumultuous emotions welled up in Jenny at the same time. She was astonished by what she saw, but she was also filled with vicarious lust. Already hot and horny to begin with, the weird sight heightened her agonized need for cock. She leaned on the windowsill, staring, her jaw hanging open in shock and her eyes gone big and round. She saw the sexy young lady lift her dress up with her free hand. Her thighs were sleek and shapely. Her other hand pumped rhythmically up and down on the dog’s prick. She was looking sideways at him, watching what she was doing, and there was a smile on her face. The dog’s tongue was lolling out and his stout haunches were braced on the seat, quivering.
Suddenly the beast’s cock shot a wad of thick cum from his prickhead.
The sticky jism splattered on the girl’s bare legs.
Jenny’s pussy seemed to erupt volcanically, untouched, going off of its own accord, so that thick juice was running down her own thighs as heavily as the canine cum was pouring over the girl in the car.
Jenny cupped a hand over her crotch, as if to contain her flooding desire.
She watched the girl milk the dog’s prick dry.
The convertible moved off, a happy girl and a happy dog heading for a picnic in the countryside – and horny Jenny was left alone with her need and her terrible frustration. Two frustrations in one day seemed too much.