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Penny’s Mistake – His Lordships Best

Penny woke with a start, to find Mrs Growel tutting like a mother hen about the room. “Sorry dear” the kindly housekeeper muttered “but the Master insist you prepare to meet his best, you’ve been asleep for nearly three hours you know and the guests are becoming impatient.” Smiling indulgently at Penny the old woman […]

Amy and her dog

Hi, guys, here are the detailsyou’ve been clamoring for of my experience this morning with getting fucked by Samson, a big, beautiful 2 yr. old German shepherd who belongs to some neighbors of mine. For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t looked at my profile, I’m 22, 120 lbs., 5′ 7″, heterosexual […]


He padded into the room, paused and glanced at the people that stared back at him with baleful looks. Three strangers, his mistress and a shadowy figure in an alcove who he couldn�t quite make out. His olfactory senses informed him of the charged atmosphere. Mingled with the familiar aroma of sex and pheromones were […]