A small group of tattooed drivers and my wife

“Are you ready for the show?” She asked as they pulled into the rest area.

“I cannot wait!” He replied enthusiastically, squeezing his wife’s naked
thigh, “you know how much I love watching you being fucked”

“I know my love, but this time it’s going to be different isn’t it”

“Sure, but that is why I’m so exited, I love it when you act bad!”

“Ok honey, then let’s go!”

She kissed him on the cheek and opened the car door. He watched as she
walked over to a picnic table at the edge of the Truck parking area.

“OK”, She screamed at the top of her voice, “Which one of you fuckers is
going to fuck me first!” She pulled off her t-shirt and shorts and sat naked
on the edge of the table.

“Come on!”, she shouted, “my cunt is as wet as a sponge and desperate for

A small group of tattooed drivers moved towards her.

“That’s right don’t be scared, get your fucking dicks over here and in my

He watched as, with his jeans around his ankles. The first fat trucker
started to fuck his wife. He loved his cuckold life, watching his wife being
gang banged and filled with cum, and knew that this was the best way to make
her happy.

“Fuck me baby, fuck my cunt. Yea that’s it fuck me real hard”, she shouted
as a second trucker presented his dick to her mouth. She moaned loudly as
she sucked the dick, breaking off occasionally to shout encouragement to the
gathering band of truckers.

“Come on, get your fucking dicks out and get them good and hard”

She pumped the cock she was sucking with her hand. “Come on baby, give me
your cum, yeah baby, let me eat it all up, that’s it cum baby cum,
beautiful, cum in my mouth” As she gulped down the first delivery of cum to
her mouth the guy fucking her grunted loudly.

“Yes baby, cum in my cunt. Fill my pussy. That’s it, I can feel you cumming
inside me, Oh fuck, fuck fuck that’s good”

Se was soon working on another cock in her mouth. “That’s it honey, she
encouraged the next trucker fucking her pussy, “Fuck my sloppy cunt, yeah
baby, slam it in me you fucker”.

She began to slap her clit as they fucked her mouth and cunt, quaking as
orgasms washed over her.

“Come on, fuck my cunt” she encouraged as the second load of cum was
delivered into her pussy, “Who’s next? My cunt is like a bucket after being
stretched by you guy’s, I need a fucking huge cock to fill me”

He watched as his normally quiet wife acted like the slut whore he knew she
really wanted to be. She had eaten the cum of four truckers and had been
fucked by five others by the time he came over his hand. He wiped his hand
clean with a tissue and left the car to get a closer look at his wife.

She was still swearing encouragement as he approached. “That’s it, cum over
my tits you hairy fucker”, she was shouting at a bearded guy.

Her face and hair were sticky with cum and her pussy was making load
squelching noises as she was fucked. There were sprays of jism all over her
body and she still had 6 truckers to satisfy.

He watched in awe as his beautiful wife took a big black cock in her pussy.
Milking it hard and swearing encouragement until its owner emptied his load
into her pussy.

Finally, after 15 minutes of frenetic fucking the last trucker came in her
pussy. She had almost passed out with pleasure and exhaustion so he lifted
her into his arms and carried her to the car.

Back at home he lay her on the bed and began the long task of licking clean
her cum covered body and pussy as she slept.