Taj’s Tasty Tush

Taj is my nephew, my older brother Jermaine’s son, so I’ve
known him all his life. At the time everything happened, he had just
turned seven, having just finished the first grade, while I had just turned
seventeen, having just finished the eleventh grade. I was still very much
in the closet about my sexuality but, ironically, had acquired a reputation
in my high school as a breeder since I played varsity basketball alongside
a bunch of bragging breeder boys. The truth, though, was that while I had
indeed fucked a few girls here and there, I had gravitated to having sex
with only the ones who would let me fuck them up the ass because that was
the only thing that gave me any real pleasure. As for my scat fetish, I
never even hinted at it for fear word would leak out, hit the high school
grapevine, and leave me permanently labeled as a freak.

Fortunately my sister-in-law Shameeka was just as convinced as everyone
else that I was a super-straight super-stud with a hundred girlfriends; and
since she and my brother were hoping to put together enough money for a
down payment on a house (so they could finally move out of their cramped
East Harlem apartment), she asked me if I would babysit Taj during my
summer vacation while she taught summer school.

Of course I was reluctant. Not that I didn’t like Taj. He was a
good-natured little boy who was also cute, with his light complexion,
light-brown eyes, short hair, and ears that stuck out a little too much.
And we had always been pretty cool with each other. But this was SUMMER
she was talking about, and knowing exactly what I was and what I wanted, I
had already scouted out two of the neighborhood boys, a couple of nasty
little twelve-year-old fuckers who I was pretty sure would be more than
willing to piss and shit in my mouth and keep quiet about it as long as I
sucked their dicks afterwards. I needed time to cultivate those
relationships, though, and I had planned to do so by volunteering as a
youth assistant at the community center the boys would be attending this
summer. But because I liked Shameeka, was impressed by what she and my
brother were trying to do, and could also use the money, I agreed to
babysit Taj.

The first week I simply watched TV, talked on the phone, and played
video games for seven hours a day while trying to keep Taj out of my hair.
I also fantasized a lot about those two preteen prospects, which led to
frequent trips to the bathroom to jack off. On one of those trips,
thinking that Taj was in his room on his computer, I opened the bathroom
door without knocking first. I caught my little nephew sitting on the
toilet taking a shit while doing to himself the very thing I had come in
there to do to myself! We both froze, exchanging expressions of shock;
then the odor of his bowel movement hit my nose, and I knew that I couldn’t
pass up this opportunity.

Instantly thawing, Taj covered his prick and was about to get up, but I
told him not to move: “Listen, I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on

His brow furrowed. “Tell on you for what?”

“For this,” I said, and the boy got his next shock when I dropped to my
knees in front of him, pushed his hand out of the way, and slipped all
three inches of his stiffie into my mouth.

“Ooh!” he gasped, first flinching then leaning back and grabbing my
head. “Oooo, Uncle Damon, that feels so GOOD.”

As I sucked him, I wanted to ask how he’d come to start jacking off at
such a young age, but I was too busy making love to the hard nub of warm
flesh between his legs, repeatedly licking its short length and flicking my
tongue over the tiny cockhead. When I decided to give Taj the full oral
treatment by taking his balls in my mouth too, he quickly lost it,
clutching my head tightly and smothering a squeal as his body convulsed
through a dry orgasm.

Sitting there panting afterwards, Taj thought we were done, but he was
about to get his third shock that day when I pulled him off the toilet,
turned him around, and bent him over.

“Uncle Damon, what are you–”

But before the boy could utter another word, I had spread his ass cheeks
apart, and stuck my tongue up his unwiped ass. Again I heard him gasp and
felt him shudder–this time, I was sure, in astonishment–and his reaction
caused me to drive my tongue even deeper into his shitty little hole.

Even as I was doing this, I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it to
my own brother’s son, who looked like a miniature version of my brother.
But here I was with my face pressed solidly between his butt cheeks,
licking the shit out of his ass, and I knew there was no going back to what
had been our original relationship as uncle and nephew.

Shock #4 for Taj came when I finished the anilingus and, spinning him
around to face me, stuck out my shit-smeared tongue, so he could see
exactly what I’d dredged out of his asshole. This elicited a throaty
“ugghh!” from the seven-year-old along with one of the most ghastly frowns
I’d ever seen on the face of a boy his age, both of which made me laugh.

Taj’s next shock came when, pushing him aside, I gazed into the toilet
bowl then turned to him and said, “Guess what I’m gonna do now.”

Still frowning, the boy just shook his head, as if trying to shake that
unthinkable next step out of his brain. But I wasn’t about to let him off
the hook that easily.

“Go ahead, Taj, TELL me: What am I gonna do now?”

After continuing to frown at me for several seconds longer, he finally
mumbled, “Eat it?”

“Eat what?”

“You know.”

“No, I don’t, Taj. You need to TELL me. What, exactly, am I gonna

After more hesitation, the boy relented and said, “My doo-doo.”

“Your doo-doo from WHERE?”

Glancing down at the bowl, he looked up at me again and finally said,
“…from out the toilet.”

“Right!” I said, smiling while the boy’s frown deepened and he again
shook his head. “Now watch.”

Reaching into the toilet, I carefully lifted out a nice thick chunk of
Taj’s shit. Though it had been in the water for a while, it still had some
warmth to it. Now looking not just to shock but thoroughly disgust the
boy, I first held up the dripping turd, so he could get a good look at what
had come out of his own little asshole; then, smiling, I bit off a big
piece and began to chew it up, making loud smacking noises as I rapidly
reduced it to mush.

As disgusted as Taj obviously was by my actions, he never once turned
his head or closed his eyes, and I knew then that I had him. He may have
thought I was the nastiest piece of slime on earth, but his curiosity
wasn’t going to allow him to miss one second’s worth of my nasty

After chewing on Taj’s turd for several seconds, I opened my mouth to
let him see the masticated mess inside it. The boy was so nauseated by the
sight that he began to heave as though he were about to vomit, and for a
hot second I wondered what it would be like to have him do that in my
mouth. But my depravity didn’t stretch quite far enough in that direction,
so I tucked that particular fetish away in the “maybe-one-day” corner of my

While Taj was probably already too jaded to be shocked any further, I
gave it my best shot by gulping down his shit then opening my mouth again
to show him that I had indeed swallowed it. Now his expression was letting
me know what a sick fuck he thought I was. But the idea that he was no
longer seeing me as his uncle but as a shit-eating pervert was also a major
turn-on, and I used it to stroke myself to an amazing orgasm, which I
proceeded to shoot directly in Taj’s face, covering the surprised boy with
rope after slimy rope of semen. Afterwards I held him by his shoulders,
licked all of my come off his face, and looked him straight in the eye.

“So, little man, I don’t have to tell you that you need to keep your
mouth shut about all this, do I?”

He shook his head.

“And I’m not gonna hear anything from your mom about how you don’t want
me babysitting for you anymore, am I?”

Again he shook his head.

“Good. ‘Cause I wouldn’t want to have to tell her how you play with
your little weiner while you’re taking a crap.” Then I smiled. “Besides,
you should be flattered. Most kids your age don’t get to do the nasty
grownup things we just did.”

Taj glared at me as if he wanted to spit in my face, but he must’ve
surmised, considering what he’d just witnessed, that I would’ve liked it,
so he never even tried to avail himself of that avenue of revenge; and the
fact that I seemed to have him by the balls psychologically this way
pleased the hell out of me.

After that day, of course, I abandoned all my plans for seducing the two
neighborhood boys and focused all my efforts on corrupting Taj. Our
subsequent babysitting sessions escalated to my having him piss and shit
directly in my mouth whenever he had to go. I never really knew or cared
if he liked it, hated it or simply tolerated it because he always remained
fairly silent as he filled my mouth with urine or excrement, only grunting
a little whenever he was forcing out an especially fat turd. But whether
it was number one or number two, when he was done, his pecker was always
hard, so I took that as a sign that at least some part of him was getting
turned on by the idea of going to the bathroom in my mouth, and I always
concluded our sessions by sucking him to a shivering dry orgasm.

I also trained Taj to suck my dick, and it wasn’t long before he was
able to take all seven inches down his throat without gagging. When I came
I would usually shoot my load straight down his throat, but other times I
would pull out and spurt it all over his sweet young face. Then there were
times I felt particularly kinky, and on those days my sperm would end up in
his eyes, his hair, his ears, even up his nose, as I experimented with new
ways of humiliating my little nephew.

As the summer sped on, just seeing Taj automatically ignited my most
sadistic instincts, and I found myself doing to him things that it never
would have occurred to me to do to my middle-school boys. One day, as soon
as Shameeka was out the door, I pulled Taj away from his computer and into
the bathroom. After forcing him to strip, I had him sit on the toilet.
When I zipped my jeans down, pulled out my semi-hard dick, and stuck it in
the boy’s mouth, I guess he thought I wanted him to suck me off again.
But, really, I had to piss like a motherfucker, and as soon as Taj’s lips
closed around my cock, I let go.

“Mmmph! Mmmph!” he responded in a panic, his eyes opening wide as hot
piss flooded his mouth. But I just grabbed the back of his head, pulling
his nose right into my pubic bush.

“Drink it, you little pussy!” I snapped.

Taj reacted as if I had bitch slapped him, as he suddenly relaxed,
closed his eyes and, frowning, began to gulp down my piss, struggling to
swallow it at the back of his throat as tiny streams of it leaked out of
the corners of his mouth. As aggressive as I was being with the child, I
nonetheless had a lot of admiration for him. He could easily have cried
and fought with me for making him drink my piss, since I was sure he had
figured out by now that my little blackmail threat about telling on him was
a bluff. Instead he quietly accepted this fate I had dealt him, and his
attitude convinced me that he was a natural-born “bottom” who enjoyed being
treated like shit but whined about it because of an internal conflict that
he was too young to sort out.

It was a feeling I understood well because I have always considered
myself a bottom. In fact, if things had not worked out and I’d been
working at the community center instead of babysitting, my whole demeanor
would have been very different and the only place I’d have even thought
about pissing was into a urinal–right after my two middle-school boys had
pissed in my mouth. And if they’d wanted to plant their little pogo sticks
in my butthole afterwards, that would’ve been just fine. I would have
surrendered my ass to them with no hesitation and no expectation of their
returning the favor since my only objective would have been to serve as
their personal toilet.

But with Taj everything was different. Before that fateful day of
catching him on the toilet, I would never in a million years have
considered buttfucking a little boy. But now my newly discovered “top” was
telling me that there was no way my nephew’s “training” would be complete
without demonstrating on him how, with just a little bit of effort, a
seventeen-year-old’s cock could fit inside a seven-year-old’s asshole.

So the next day, as Taj was once again preparing to feed me his feces, I
paid particular attention to how much his anus stretched open to release
his turds. I was amazed to see that it expanded well beyond the girth of
my erection, which relieved me because I now knew that, unlike the time my
stepfather quick-sticked my virgin asshole when I was eight, my little
nephew would experience no piercing pain when I fucked his ass. So, as I
slurped down the boy’s shit, I resolved that the next time he had to go, I
would make my move.

I got my chance the very next day. As Taj’s cute little light-skinned
bubble butt again hovered over my face, I again watched intently as his
anus opened wider and wider and a thick tan-colored turd began to emerge.
But this time, instead of eating it, I closed my mouth and tipped my head
back, and he ended up shitting on my chin and neck. As soon as he was
done, before his bowels had a chance to close up again, I sat up and pushed
the boy forward, knocking him flat; then, in a flash, I mounted him and
shoved my dick into his shitty hole.

Taj must have been too shocked even to scream because all I heard was a
sharp gasp as my cock sank into his rectum, the weight of my body
accelerating its entry. In less than a minute all seven inches were
jam-packed in the second-grader’s shithole. Now all I could hear was Taj
sniffling as his tight anal sheath spasmed around my shaft, and I savored
this familiar but oh-so-much-better sensation.

“Hey,” I finally said, putting my lips right next to Taj’s ear. “You
okay down there?”

“It hurts, Uncle Damon,” the boy whimpered.

“Don’t worry. It’ll stop after a while,” I said. “And when it does,
guess what I’m gonna do?”

“I don’t know,” the boy whined.


“Ummm…do me?”

“Do WHAT to you?”

He hesitated then said, “Fuck my butt?”

“Right!” I said, excited to hear him say “fuck” since he usually didn’t
curse. “But before I do, I’m gonna eat some of this delicious doo-doo you
made for me,” and I groped around until I found one of the turds that had
fallen off my neck. I promptly picked it up and stuffed it in my mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” I hummed as I chowed down on the seven-year-old’s shit, and
the foul smell and gritty texture of it seemed to set off something in my
sick psyche, because I swore my dick got even harder and that Taj was
beginning to writhe beneath me from the added discomfort.

“You’re squishing me, Uncle Damon,” Taj complained.

“Sorry about that, little man,” and I lifted up just enough to take my
weight off his back but not enough to pull my dick out of his ass. Then I
decided that the bathroom floor probably wasn’t the best place to attempt
my first pedo ass fuck, so wrapping my arm around Taj, I hoisted him up and
carried him into his room, all without dislodging my cock, which was still
pulsating in his asshole. Then I gently placed him on his bed and lay down
on top of him.

“You okay, little man?” I asked with genuine concern.

“Yeah.” This was followed by a pause, then, “Uncle Damon, are you still
gonna fuck my butt?”

“That’s the plan. So how do you feel about me doing that to you?”

Another pause, then, “I don’t know. Okay, I guess. It’s just that I
never did it before.”

“Well, guess what? Neither have I,” I lied. “So we’re both gonna be
taking each other’s virginity.”

“Taking each other’s what?”

“Virginity,” I repeated. “All that means is it’ll be my first time
fucking somebody up the butt and your first time getting fucked up the

“Oh.” Again he paused, then, “Will it hurt?”

“Well, my dick is already all the way up your butt and you seem to be
okay now, so I don’t think it’s gonna feel much worse than it already

“Oh. Okay.”

Well, it seemed logical. The truth was I didn’t really know; what I DID
know, however, was whether it hurt him or not I wasn’t taking my dick out
of Taj’s asshole until I had pumped a few hundred million wriggly little
sperm cells into it. But I didn’t want the new second-grader to be too
uptight when I started banging his booty, so I just went with what sounded

“So, you ready?” I asked.

“I guess.”

So I started, and at first things were a little rough because Taj was so
tense. With every stroke he sucked his breath in sharply between clenched
teeth in a kind of reverse hiss. But then I paused and, with Taj’s head
turned to the side, I decided to try something that had always worked with
Vanessa, one of my favorite ass-fuck partners: I began to lick the boy’s
ear, flicking the tip of my tongue around it then in it, making him flinch
with every touch and taking his mind off the discomfort in his anus. Soon
he was so relaxed that he was cooing like a pigeon and didn’t even seem to
notice that my dick had made two full trips to the bottom of his butthole.

That’s when I began to pump the boy’s rump with more authority, and once
I got going, whatever doubts I had about his being a bottom disappeared,
because not only did he continue to coo away as my pole plunged to the
depths of his poop chute, but when I slipped my hand under him, my fingers
encountered a surprisingly hard little boner.

“Yeah, TAKE it, Taj!” I said, picking up even more steam. “Take it
right up your little bitch ass!”

Taj responded by cooing at an even higher pitch, and as I listened to
him I suddenly understood perfectly why my stepfather had abandoned my
mother’s bed and slipped into my room to rape me, because while I had
gotten more than my fair share of teenaged-girl ass, it couldn’t BEGIN to
compare with fucking Taj’s tight little grammar-school hiney. In fact, I
was SO much more turned on that I knew that, after today, I would never
again be satisfied ass-fucking a high-school girl. I also knew that there
was no way I would last much longer being inside the tightest anus my dick
had ever occupied. Despite stopping mid-stroke whenever I felt my orgasm
rising, I knew I could hold off for only so long.

Finally I said to myself, Fuck the control, and laid into Taj as hard
and fast as I could, fucking the seven-year-old’s ass so savagely and
causing the frame of his tiny bed to rock and roll so hard that I was
afraid it would come crashing down. By now Taj’s cooing had stopped,
replaced by a combination of gasping and grunting so high-pitched that I
could easily have imagined that I was ass-fucking a little girl. But the
reality that it was my little nephew taking my ramrod up his butt–and
whose virgin asshole I was about to christen–was much more appealing.

“Nnnnnngghh!! Shit! Fuck! I’m coming!” I screamed, mashing Taj into
the mattress and thrusting my tool as far up his turd tunnel as I could.
“Take it right in your shitty little ass, you fuckin’ pussy!”

Trembling, I felt my dick begin to throb as I spurted several hot loads
of sperm deep in the child’s bowels. It was one of the most intense and
satisfying orgasms I’ve ever had, made all the better by the way Taj’s
rectum spasmed around my shaft as I filled his shithole.

“Nngh! Nngh! Nngh!” Taj panted as his boner suddenly began to pulse
between my fingers, causing his sphincter to clutch my cock even harder.
Even a lot of seasoned cock whores have a problem coming with a dick jammed
up their ass, so the fact that Taj had managed to do so the very first time
he got his booty busted only further confirmed for me that he was a
natural-born bottom.

After emptying my balls in Taj’s shit chute, I continued to lie on top
of him recovering. As I felt his body twitching underneath me, I wondered
if they still had “Show and Tell” in elementary school; then I smiled as I
imagined Taj hobbling to the front of the classroom and the gasps he would
hear from his teacher and his classmates when he faced away from them,
pulled down his pants, and bent over to show and tell them what happens
when a little boy’s asshole gets fucked by his horny teenaged uncle.

“Uncle Damon,” Taj said quietly, nudging me out of my daydream.

“Yeah, little man.”

“Could you lift up a little, please? ‘Cause you’re squishing me again.”

Post-orgasmic sensitivity. “Sure,” I said, and sliding my hand from his
prick to his stomach, I gently rolled us onto our sides into a spoon
position. “There. That better?”

“Uh-huh,” he said, and five minutes later, with my shrinking dick still
up his butt, he fell fast asleep.

As I lay there with the boy in my arms, listening to his deep, relaxed
breathing, I knew that the decent thing to do would be to slowly ease
myself out of him, cover him up, and let him sleep. But, of course, there
was nothing decent about this new relationship with Taj, so when I felt my
cock getting erect again, I stayed right where I was, savoring the
sensation of growing hard inside him; and with my previous ejaculation
serving as lubrication, I again fucked the seven-year-old, first in the
spoon position then on my back, Taj cooing again and his little body
bouncing on top of me as I drove my dick up his ass. I ended up shooting
three more loads of come up the boy’s ass that day before my sexual
appetite was finally satiated.

For the next few days I had to confine myself to fucking Taj’s mouth
while I waited for the soreness in his asshole to go away. When it finally
did and I went back to fucking him, he was still nice and tight, but the
exquisite tightness of that first ass fuck was gone, having vanished with
his virginity. But since this loss also meant that I could now fuck Taj’s
ass every single day, it was worth the trade-off.

As the last week of summer rolled around, I realized that Taj and I had
explored just about every pedo perversion in my playbook. Then one day as
I headed to the bathroom to take my usual morning shit before leaving to
babysit, an intriguing idea popped into my head, something that several
weeks ago would have been fundamentally alien to my nature but that now I
was rapidly warming up to. In fact the idea quickly became so appealing
that I decided to skip the bathroom and head straight to my brother and
sister-in-law’s house.

By the time I got there, I was so horny that as soon as Shameeka was out
the door, I stripped off my clothes and made a beeline for Taj’s room.
Butt naked, I opened the door without knocking, startling the boy, who was
still in his pajamas and sitting on the side of his bed. Yanking him to
his feet, I positioned myself on his bed on my hands and knees, crouching
down low so my ass was sticking up high.

“Lick my asshole NOW, Taj,” I demanded.

I could feel Taj staring at my puckering hole, and when I looked behind
me, I saw him yawning and trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

“Well?” I asked strongly. “What the fuck you waitin’ for, bitch?”

Two seconds later his small hands were braced against my ass, his thumbs
spreading my anus open. Next came the sensation of the boy’s hot breath
against my hole. Finally I felt the first tentative swipes of his tongue
on my pucker, which continued for several seconds before, suddenly, his
tongue was slithering into my shithole.

“Oh, yeah, Taj,” I moaned, shivering from the intimacy of his rimming.
“Stick that tongue ALL the way up my butt.”

I felt him attempting to do just that, but after several tries he

“I can’t, Uncle Damon.”

“Can’t what?”

“Get my tongue all the way in your butt.”

“Why not?” I asked, knowing full well why.

“I don’t know. It’s like something’s in the way.”

“Oh…okay. Well, then, just open your mouth and press your lips over

The nature of my instructions, along with the fact that he couldn’t get
his tongue up my ass, should have told him what was coming. He was, after
all, a smart boy. So I found it curious that he seemed so surprised when I
began to shit in his mouth.

“Nnnngh! Nnnngh!” he complained as my turd descended into his
esophagus. But despite those complaints, he did not pull away from me, so I
knew I just needed to say enough to give him that extra little push.

“Come on, little man, we both know you want it, so stop acting like you

To my amazement, those few words seemed to do the trick, for all the
complaining instantly ceased and all I could hear were the high-pitched
guttural noises of a little boy trying to swallow a teenager’s bowel
movement. It was almost as if Taj suddenly understood that when he was
with me, he didn’t have to maintain the pretense of being something other
than a bottom. Yes, what I was doing to him was disgusting, but it was
also exhilarating, and I knew that a ravenous part of his young psyche was
delightfully devouring the sweet and sour combination of those two strong

“Yeah, do it, Taj!” I urged him on while vigorously jacking my cock.
“Eat my shit! Take it right down your fuckin’ throat!”

“Mmph! Gluuub! Mmph! Gluuub!” was his response, but the boy never
once pulled his lips off my asshole and seemed to have no trouble taking
everything I was giving him. In fact, he was apparently swallowing my
turds whole, and while I loved the idea that he was doing this, I also
wondered how on earth he was able to do it. Then it occurred to me that
maybe I had unintentionally prepped Taj to perform this very act by fucking
his mouth. Since my long, hard cock had made its way down the little
fucker’s throat so many times, I guess it wasn’t such a quantum leap for a
long, hard log of shit to also slide down his throat and drop into his
tummy. And the idea that I had turned this seven-year-old’s esophagus into
an oral shit chute made my libido skyrocket, making it impossible for me to
hold back my orgasm any longer.

“Shit! Fuck!” I yelled, whirling around and aiming my erection at Taj’s
face as my body began to tremble. “Take it right in your fuckin’ face, you
little pussy!”

As Taj choked down his last big mouthful of shit, a stream of sperm
exploded out of my dick and splashed in one long strand from his forehead
to his chin, making him flinch. I continued to come, spurting out one
sticky blast of semen after another until I had splooged all over his face.

The sight of my innocent little nephew covered with come as he ate my
turd both excited and sickened me. For a moment I wondered what kind of
degenerate I was to do something so nasty to his own brother’s child, a
little boy who had yet to sit in his first second-grade class. But I felt
bad only for as long as it took Taj to finish gulping down my shit, upon
which I turned around and bent over again.

“Now clean my asshole, toilet boy,” I said gruffly.

Taj quietly went about his business of licking up my business, wiping my
shitty ass cleaner with his tongue than I could ever have gotten it with
toilet paper, and apparently enjoying the experience…or at least not
complaining about it.

As a reward for his fastidious efforts, I farted in his face, and even
though his groan let me know how much he objected to the smell, he still
managed to press his nose against my asshole and sniff as hard as he could,
inundating his nostrils with the foul odor, because he understood that this
was exactly what a pussy boy was supposed to do.

I concluded Taj’s virgin shit-eating session by turning around again,
sticking the head of my softening dick between his shit-stained lips, and
letting go with a stream of piss that gushed into the boy’s mouth so fast
he nearly gagged. But he quickly caught up with the flow, swallowing
mouthful after mouthful of urine until he had guzzled down every drop and
topping it off with a long, loud burp.

Afterwards I just stood there looking at the boy, whose face still had
streaks of come on it. It was weird to think that the contents of my
bladder and bowels had made their way into his stomach this morning before
his cornflakes and milk. But it was also wildly exciting to know that
before I left there that day, all of it, including the cornflakes and milk
and whatever Taj decided to eat for lunch, would be sitting in MY stomach.

On impulse I cupped Taj’s face in my hands and kissed him, snaking my
tongue into his reeking mouth, which caused him to frown probably as much
he did when I’d gone to the bathroom in it. Chuckling at his reaction, I
proceeded to lick my drying gism off his face, giving him as much of a
tongue bath as I could. I finished up by sticking the tip of my tongue in
each of his nostrils then giving him a kiss on the nose.

“You did real good, little man,” I said, patting Taj on the top of his
head. “In fact, you’re a better toilet mouth than me.”

“Yeah? For REAL?” he asked, a half-smile betraying his pride.

I nodded. “Yeah, I really think so.”

My final week of babysitting confirmed that assessment, as Taj gobbled
down every one of my morning bowel movements then, at the end of each day,
got me back by shitting everything I’d fed him, along with his own bowel
movement, right back down my throat. By the time I returned home, my belly
was so wonderfully stuffed it felt like it was about to burst, and I
couldn’t wait to sit on the toilet and enjoy that warm, comfortable feeling
of voiding my guts of a multiple load of shit. Afterwards I’d eat dinner
and snack late at night, and by that next morning I was ready to do it all
over again.

Inevitably, though, the end of the summer–and my last day of
babysitting–arrived, and while I enjoyed every moment of the fucking,
sucking, shit-eating and shit-feeding we did that day, I was also sad
because I knew it would probably be the last time for maybe a whole year
that we would be able to be with each other this way.

As a gesture of thanks for allowing me to use him for two months, I let
Taj fuck my ass, and it was a strange but pleasant sensation to feel his
little body gyrating on my back and hear him huffing and puffing as he
poked his peter in my anus. And when I felt him go stiff and heard that
familiar “Nngh! Nngh! Nngh!” I smiled and gently squeezed his spasming
little stiffie with my sphincter.

That night, as I took my last super-dump, I was desperately thinking of
a way Taj and I could spend a little more time together without arousing
suspicion. I had already offered to babysit him on Labor Day in case
Shameeka and my brother wanted to do something as a couple. But she said
they’d already made plans to visit her mother that day since she hadn’t
seen her “darling little grandson” in a while.

Then late in September, the few schemes I’d managed to cook up–along
with any other hopes I had of resuming my relationship with Taj–all flew
straight out the window when Jermaine and Shameeka announced that they had
just closed on a new house and would be moving to Georgia. I was not a
happy camper. I’d hoped to share at least one more summer with my little
nephew, and now he was being whisked a thousand miles away.

A couple of weeks later, Jerm and Sham had a going-away party at their
apartment. I tried to find a way to be alone with Taj for a few minutes,
but there were so many people there that even when I succeeded in
maneuvering him into his room, someone knocked on the door every five
minutes to chat with him about how he felt about moving. Finally things
quieted down for a hot second and I got to ask him the question I’d been
waiting to ask all day:

“Hey, little man, you gonna miss me?”

Giving me a wry smile that actually scared me a little, he said, “Nope.
But my butt will.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of his response, especially since he
followed it by squinching his face at me and dashing out of the room. For
all I knew he was planning to spill the beans to his parents about
everything we’d done–or at least what I’D done to HIM–and I would be
looking not only at being locked up but, worse, getting my ass kicked by my
own brother before I even made it to jail. Being the eternal optimist,
though, I chose to interpret Taj’s use of “butt” as “bottom” and decided
that what the kid was really saying, in a seven-year-old’s way, was that
the masochistic part of him was going to miss me.

Apparently–and fortunately–my interpretation turned out to be correct,
for well after my brother and his family had moved, no one came to arrest
me, and he and I remained on good brotherly speaking terms. But if I was
right about the masochistic part of Taj missing me, I never expected what
would happen to the most sadistic part of me. The sad truth was that it
seemed to move away with him because I completely lost the urge to shit in
someone’s mouth. I was now more than satisfied to be only on the receiving
end again, though my need to come in little boys’ mouths, fuck their butts,
and pee on them all stayed with me.

And so it went for several years with an occasional boy here and there
in Harlem until I started working for UPS and was able to gradually set up
a network of kids along my route, my “harem of Harlem boy toys.” Then I met
Parker and Connor, the most recent additions to that harem, who showed me
that the little white boys who had started moving into the community were
just as curious about toilet games–and just as eager to play them–as the
little black boys.

As for Taj, today he is eighteen and finishing his freshman year at UC
Berkeley. My brother tells me that he’s well-adjusted and his grades are

“And another thing,” my brother added the last time we spoke. “He said
to make sure I told you something.”

“Really?” I asked a bit nervously. “What?”

“He said to let you know that he’s been babysitting to make some extra
money, and to thank you for teaching him all those games the two of you
used to play when you sat for him because they’re coming in very handy with
the kids he’s watching now.”