“What is wrong with me??? I’m pretty, my boobs are famous, I sing OK
but I can’t seem to get any respect.” Jessica complained to her new
manager, Ron Jeremy. This was their first phone conversation since she had
fired her manager Daddy and hired Ron.

“Well Jess, you’re not giving the people what they want !! Your singing
is OK, but you seem a little out of place with your dancing. And everyone
knows that what the people want is to see you naked. Even with your extra
weight you have an amazing body. Your tits have gotten bigger, and you’ve
never been one to hide their beauty. It’s just that that teasing ain’t
cutting it anymore. You’ve got to show more skin, tighten up your costumes
to show off your best assets, maybe have a few costume malfucntions now and
again. And get down to your true fans level, language wise. You need to
realize that you’ve got to use a few more expletives to get their motors
running. They don’t really come to hear you sing. They come to oggle your
body. Talk a little dirty. Give ’em what they want and your career will
take off again.” Ron told her.

“Really ?? OK !! But Daddy might get mad” Jessica said dumbly as she
looked at her profile in the mirror. She was wearing the bikini from the
“Boots” video and her nipples looked so succulent in that thin pink top.
She tweeked them a bit and turned to face the mirror. Jessica had to admit
that she loved the attention her boobs got her. She had enjoyed wearing
tight, lowcut tops for years and the media had responded to her body
lovingly, for the most part, but her performances, not so much. Jess
adjusted the tiny triangles covering her breasts to just barely cover her
nipples. A bit of aerole showed above the pink fabric, split by the tiny
strings straining to support her real moneymakers. She could see how that
might excite the boys, and some girls, too. She had been working really
hard to regain her “Dukes” body back, after that bastard Tony “Homo” had
dumped her. The “Mommie” jeans were long gone. Her abs were almost as
tight as they had been as Daisy Duke. And she had returned to shaving her
pussy, something she had stopped doing for Tony. He liked her hairy, like
his Mommie.

“Well, screw him !!! I did everything he wanted but it wasn’t enough.
Even sucking his 3″ peepee didn’t please him. How could I have done
more??” she questioned herself.

And so, Jessica Simpson decided to remake herself. She would learn to
talk dirty,dance dirty,dress dirty, and see if that would bring her back as
“America’s Sweetheart”.

Her first task was to change her wardrobe. She found a site online
called Wicked Weasel and ordered one of every bikini they had, one size
smaller than she would normally order. Next, she fired her normal
dressmaker and hired one that new manager Ron knew of. Her first
appointment was going well. He took her measurements, showed her a few
ideas he had for her and sent her home with a fabric book to select the
material for her next tour. It had not even been booked yet, but she just
knew she was going to make a comeback. She just HAD to !!!

When she got home to her palatial estate in Malibu she opened the book,
only to be shocked by what she found. Fishnet !! Tiny little triangles of
mesh in every color you could imagine. Strechy,open weave fishnet in
different size weaves. Some with openings less than a 1/16th of an inch,
others open about an inch and everything in between. And sheer,strechy
lace, barely strong enough to hold the stiches required to creat the
costumes the clothier had suggested. And strech denim, so thin that it
would mold to her skin, not much thicker than a handkerchef. And beautiful
sheer scarves by Hermes,Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Now this was more like
it. Names she knew and had worn. Just then the doorbell rang. Her
assistant answered the door and took receipt of the package from Fed-Ex.
Jessica tore into the package, thinking it might be the ring that she had
hoped Tony would give her. Alas, it was not to be. Just a few slivers of
fabric held together with spaghetti thin strings of elastic, the bikinis
from Wicked Weasel.

Jessica decided to try them on. OMG!!!!!! They barely covered her
nipples and her newly shaved mound. But, she decided to see if what Ron
Jeremy had told her was true. She picked out the one that seemed to cover
the most, slipped it on and went out on her huge deck overlooking the
beach. As she stood there staring at the beautiful blue water she felt
completely naked. And it made her horny !!! She could feel her nipples
become rock hard and the tiny bottom rubbed her clitoris and anus and “OMG
!!!!!! I’m getting wet !!!!!” she thought to herself.

“Well, now is as good a time as any to see if this works”,Jessica said
to herself. She grabbed her towel and took off down the stairs to the
beach. The reaction was simply amazing. Within minutes the crowd was
huge. People from miles down the beach swarmed to the area in front of her
house. Papparazi were everywhere as she emerged from the surf.It was as if
the material of the bikini had vanished. Her small hard nipples were
clearly visible through the sheer fabric.Her beautiful full breasts were
pushing the tiny triangles of the bikini to their limit. Her shaved pussy
was there for all to see. Her newly tight tummy showed the way to her clit
piercing, done at John Meyers request when they were dating. Her Daisy
Duke asscheeks and beautiful muscular legs contrasted with the miniscule
string that ran from the top of her ass down her ass crack and rubbed her
anus provocatively, sending waves of horniness through her sphincter that
culminated in an intense flow of moisture inside of her vagina.The crowd
was insane with lust for the new Jessica Simpson. And Jess was loving it

“Hey everyone !!! Isn’t it a beautiful day?? Do you like my new look??
I hope so. Please come see me on my new tour. I’ve got some more
surprises for you there. Well, I guess I’ll go back inside. I’m getting a
little excited out here. Think I’ll go fix a sandwich. Tuna or chicken??
I guess it doesn’t matter. Fish is fish !!”Jess said as she assended her
steps, her tits and ass jiggling as she made her way up the stairs to her
house. Men, and a few women were fainting as her asshole was clearly
visible, pulsing with her every heartbeat. As Jessica Simpson topped the
stairs she had an incredible orgasm that nearly stopped her heart.

“OH MY GOD !!!! I’m cummmmmmiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Jess panted as she stood leaning over the rail of her deck, her huge
breasts heaving for all the world to see, her nipples tightly pressing
against the barely there fabric of the tiny bikini top, her clitring
vibrating as she grabbed the two tiny straps of the bikini bottom and
pulled it tight into her cuntlips, streching it against her clit and gushed
sweet liquid from her famous pussy.

As Jess came down from the most powerful orgasm of her life she did
indeed feel this was a beautiful day. But this was just the start of her
new life and a monumental resurgence of her flagging career.

Chapter Two

“I want these to be really tight” Jessica told the seamstress as she
tried on the strech denim jeans that she would open her tour with.” And
this beltline is much too high. I don’t want any reminder of those ‘Mommie
jeans’. Lets do away with the beltline altogether. I want these to be cut
into a vee that points to my pussy”, Jess said, growing more and more
comfortable with the dirty words Ron Jeremy had insisted she begin using.
“I want the bottom of the vee to come about a half inch above my pussy and
for these things to be so tight that my pussylips are plainly visible.
What’s that called? Camelfoot? Beavertoe? I forget. Oh, and I want my
asscheeks to really show. Let’s put some slits in the fabric all across my
ass so that my cheeks can be seen and especially where my cheeks meet my
legs. And in the back I want about two inches of my ass crack to be
visible. I bet they’ll like that” Jessica said as she viewed her butt in
the mirror.

Since she had decided to remake herself, Jessica had been working out
eight hours a day, seven days a week. The result was that her incredible
body was even more incredible. Her legs were simply perfect. Gone was the
cellulite in her thighs, her perfect calves were even more muscular than
usual, and she had begun wearing nine inch “hooker pumps” everyday,
becoming very adept at the new dance moves she was learning down at the
Pink Pussycat. Her abs were as perfect as they had ever been, just like
the “Dukes of Hazzard” days. And her lovely breasts were even better than
before-higher,firmer, but still just as huge. It was almost as if she had
surgery to raise and firm them up, but it was all natural. And her quarter
sized nipples were perpetually hard. It may have been her constant
tweeking of them. She seemed to have one or the other between her thumbs
and middle fingers at all times. “I’ll have to watch that. Those
papparazi are bound to catch me. But it feels soooo goood !!” Jess told

The next day Jessica arrived to try on her first number costume for the
new tour. Ron was there to voice his opinion. He nearly fell over when
she emerged from the dressing room. Fuckin’ unbelieveble, he thought.
There was Jessica Simpson, strutting towards him in nine inch spike heeled
sandals, strech denim jeans that were so tight they could have been sprayed
on her. The vee pointed directly to her pronounced and puffy pussylips,
just about to expose themselves,there was so little of the nearly sheer
fabric between them and the fresh air. And her top was the crowning
touch–a sheer white cut off wifebeater T-shirt, streched tightly across
her world class tits, barely covering her rock hard nipples and cut so
about three inches of her breasts were visible below the edge of the shirt.
And they were swaying as she walked, which caused the logo of the tour to
roll from side to side.

“WIDE OPEN TOUR” the logo said and to emphsize the meaning, there was a
beautifully done drawing of Jessica, in full color, sitting down in this
very outfit with her legs spread, her feet above her head held by Jessica
in what could only be called the missionary position and on the T-shirt she
was now wearing, the points of her heels in the drawing pointed directly to
her pronounced nipples.

“What do you think?”Jessica asked Ron.

He couldn’t answer, as he was busy jerking his own famous equipment,
that monster ten inch dick that had been in so many cunts and assholes.
“Ron, put that away. Aren’t you too old to be doing that?” Jessica said as
she ran a finger between her engorged pussylips as she pinched her left
nipple with the other hand. “You’re making me wet !! See !!” It was true.
There was a distinct moist spot at the base of her crotch, plainly visible
in the microthin denim of her hot new jeans. As Jessica said this she was
nonchalantly moving closer to the hedgehog sitting on the sofa whacking
away at his outsized manhood. “You look so fuckin’ good I would eat your
shit just to see where it came from”,mumbled Ron as his dick leaked precum
all over the leather sofa.

“Well I never!!!” said Jessica. “You should be ashamed of yourself, Ron
Jeremy !!! You’re old enough to be my father !! Hey, can I suck your
monster cock? You know,Nick had a big dick, but nothing like this !”
Jessica said as she ran her hand up and down that famous dick that had
starred in so many porno flicks. Jessica leaned down and took the head of
Ron’s cock in her mouth and started sucking away. Ron busied himself with
two handsful of her soft tits, squeezing and kneading her famous titties.
As he thrust upwards his cock filled her sweet mouth with more dick than
she had ever sucked. As the head of his cock entered her throat she
instinctively swallowed, causing the full ten inches of his cock to lodge
itself in her magnificent mouth. “By God you’ve got it !!!” Ron shouted.
And indeed she had. She had deepthroated Ron Jeremy. As Jessica continued
to suck away at his big babymaker, Ron grabbed her by the waist and swung
her around so he could eat her famous pussy, right through the denim of her
new outfit. Ron grabbed the edges of the tight jeans and ripped, causing
the seams to split and as he pulled her bare, shaven pussy to his mouth he
pulled the remaining portion of her jeans over his fat head, essentially
locking his head between her pussy and the ripped crotch of her new jeans.
He sucked her pierced clit between his teeth and began to lightly chew
away, occasionally stopping to poke his tongue deep into her bald pussy.
This was the perfect position to have Jessica Simpson in. Her mouth full
of dick so he didn’t have to listen to her sing, her legs straddling his
head so he didn’t have to watch her dance, and her pussy in his mouth, so
he could, well, eat her pussy. As Jessica worked her head up and down on
Ron’s huge cock, her crotch moved up and down in Ron’s mouth, so on the up
stroke he was tongueing her pussy and on the down stroke he was piercing
her asshole deeply with that same tongue. In this upside down position her
T-shirt lost it’s grip on her marvelous tits and Ron moved his hands to cup
both of them , her erasure hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.
His pornstar training took over and he began to pull on her nipples, and
twist them, causing an increased flow from Jessica’s sweet pussy. Ron
opened wide to cover both her pussylips, hooked his fat tongue in her
clitring and pulled with his tongue, causing a massive orgasm to overwhelm

“Gawwwddd ddaaammmnn” Jessica mumbled over the massive cock filling her
mouth.”EEaaattttthhh mmaawwyyy pppuuuusssyyy, yyyoouu
mutthherrffuucckkeerr”, her usual command of the english language muffled
by the hedgehogs ten inch cock, now strecthed to nearly eleven inches as
the head rubbed the spot where her toncils had been, and beyond. Jessica
Simpson then went almost limp as her pussy gushed forth with enough sweet
sauce to cover a Texas briskit. Ron Jeremy nearly drowned as he continued
to suck on her pussy out of self defense, if nothing else.” Enough of this
shit” said Ron as he pulled his big cock from her sucking mouth with a
“POP” and ripped the jeans all the way off of her beautiful legs and
flipped Jessica back over , and taking her by her tiny waist he sat her
down on his fat cock, guiding her pussy perfectly in line and impailing her
cunt on his long dick.

“OH MY GAWD !!!!!!!!! Your cock is in my stomach!!! Fuck me hard, you
hairy bastard!! Fuck my little pussy raw!! Fuck me like I’ve never been
fucked before.”Jessica screamed as she bounced up and down on that
telephone pole of a cock!! Ron was beside himself. His cock felt so good
in her pussy. Jessica was clamping down on his dick as she neared an

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again !!!!!! Fuck my pussy Ron !! Keep fuckin’
my pussy !!!!! Oh GOD, your cock feels so good in my cunt !!!!! “Jessica
looked down as she bounced on his cock and was amazed as she raised up
almost a foot off of his legs that she could still see cock splitting her
pussylips.!! As she watched mezmorized, Ron grabbed her beautiful tits and
stuffed her right nipple in his mouth and began to suck hard. He took her
left nipple in his hand and twisted it forcefully, which sent Jessica over
the edge. And Ron was close too–just the idea of fucking Jessica Simpson
had been a fantasy of his for years, now he was doing it !!!

“Fuckin’ shit,cock,pussy,cunt,dick,bitch,cum,piss,assfuck, phewy I’m
cummmiiinnnggg !!!!!!!” screamed Jessica, shaking with the most powerful
orgasm she had ever experienced !!

“Me too !!!” yelled Ron as he emptied a huge load of slick,white cum
deep in Jessica Simpson’s cervix. As she continued to pump up and down on
his big stiff cock, the cum squished out from the sides of her pussy,
coating his fat,hairy thighs and dripping onto the sofa. Jessica collapsed
onto Ron’s fat,hairy stomach, still flexing her vaginal muscles which
nursed more of Ron Jeremy’s jizz from his cock. He instinctively grabbed
her beautiful asscheeks , and as they both came down from this monumental
orgasm, he worked his middle finger into Jessica’s asshole. It was slick
with the cum that was flowing out of her pussy, Ron’s big cock still lodged
deep inside. Jessica grabbed her right tit and forced her nipple into his
mouth, as she twisted her left nipple hard.

“Do you think this is what my fans really want to see??” she said as she
reached between her legs and used her little finger to pull on her
clitring, sending another shudder through her now nearly perfect body.

“Could be,darlin’, could be ” Ron mumbled around her nipple.