A Wife With No Options 4.

Up until a few hours ago she dressed like a nun. Now
she was sitting in a public place displaying her body
on demand to acquaintances and strangers alike. She was
undoubtedly sick about what she was being forced to do.
But she had already convinced herself that she could
not live with the alternative.

The waiter finally returned with our drinks and as he
was serving us a sudden friendly, or perhaps overly
friendly breeze came in off the water and gently lifted
Gwen’s skirt. I was saw it flip up and uncover her slit
and most of her pubic hair and then fold over and come
to rest with those portions of her body exposed.

The poor kid nearly dropped her drink. He turned bright
red as he set her drink down and when she didn’t move
to cover herself he continued to stare until he came to
his senses and realized what he was doing.

He straightened up and mumbled, “I’m sorry. I was…I
just…excuse me!”

We struggled not to laugh as he hurried away. At least
Jerry and I did. Gwen wasn’t nearly as amused. The men
at the nearby table couldn’t see as well but they were
still watching and they were enjoying our little show

One of them got up and came over. He stared down at
Gwen’s still exposed crotch and said, “I wanted you to
know how much my friend and I are enjoying our lunch
today. If you don’t mind we would like to pay for your

I smiled and said, “That’s very nice of you, but it’s
unnecessary sir.”

He grinned and said, “Not at all. We have thrown a lot
more money away at strip joints and it wasn’t any more
fun than we are having now.”

I replied, “Well, if you are going to insist. The truth
is my wife is being punished for spending me into debt
and I would actually appreciate your help with the tab.
Thank you.”

He looked away from Gwen’s pussy for a second, long
enough to say, “It is truly our pleasure young man. She
is a hell of a lot prettier than the strippers we pay
to see.”

I said, “Well, if you are going to be paying to see
her, would you like to join us? We have plenty of room
and you’ll be able to see much better if you change

He smiled and said, “I’d like that very much, if no one

Jerry was getting a kick out of this too. He didn’t
mind. Gwen wasn’t all that happy about it but that was
the point.

The man waved his friend over and they introduced
themselves as Jeff, the man who offered to pay for our
meal, and Corey. They were businessmen in town for a
seminar and would be here all of next week. They were
staying at the hotel next door.

They brought their drinks over and sat down and when
they were seated I said, “I suppose since you are in
effect paying to see the show you should at least get a
peek at the entire cast of characters.”

I turned to make sure that no one was paying any
attention and when I saw that it was clear I said,
“Gwen, show the nice men your tits.”

She didn’t even flinch. I was surprised. I thought that
she might at least implore me not to make her do that
here in a public place. She took a deep breath and
without even looking around she grasped the underside
of her crop top and flipped it up, exposing her perfect
breasts to the four of us at the table.

Jeff said, “Fucking beautiful! If she was wearing a
garter I’d be stuffing money in it!”

I laughed and said, “I’ll keep that in mind. I could
use the money.”

I saw the hostess bringing a couple in and heading our
way so I let Gwen cover up. She quickly flipped her top
back down over her tits and her skirt over her crotch.
Both garments would dance lightly in the breeze
throughout our lunch and continue to embarrass her and
amuse us. She had really lost her appetite and only
ordered a salad. When it came she picked at it a little
but ate almost nothing. She did gulp down a total of
three margaritas though. I could tell she was feeling
it. I couldn’t remember ever seeing her drink this much
before and I wondered if it would relax her any.

I had mixed emotions about that. I’d be curious to see
what she was like if she actually let herself go and
got a little wild. On the other hand, it would kind of
ruin the fun if she started to enjoy being humiliated
and abused this way.

After a few drinks I started answering all the
questions that Jeff and Corey had about Gwen. The
entire situation fascinated them. I told them all about
what happened earlier with Robby. Jeff, Corey and Jerry
enjoyed hearing all about it. Gwen was mortified of

We hung around for a long time after we ate. But I had
to go. I had already had more to drink than I normally
have and I had to drive all the way across town. I
thanked Jeff and Corey for our dinner and the drinks
and we headed for the parking lot. Jerry was going to
meet us at the house with his Playboy magazines.

We were half way across the parking lot when Jeff
called out to us. We all stopped and turned and he and
Corey were rushing over to us. I thought that we might
have forgotten something but I seemed to have
everything that I went in with.

They came up to us and said, “Ken, Corey and I have a
suggestion. We had planned on going into town to a
strip joint this evening. It’s something we like to do
when we are out of town and away from our wives. As a
general rule we buy a bunch of drinks for a bunch of
women, stick a lot of dollar bills in some garter belts
and if anyone catches our eye we get a lap dance. Two
if we’re drunk.”

“On an average night like that we each are apt to spend
as much as three hundred dollars, sometimes more. And
not one of those girls is anywhere near as hot as your
wife. What we would like to suggest is that instead,
you and your friend and your hot little wife come to
our suite. We are right over there in that hotel next
door. You’ll get a chance to sober up a little before
you hit the road and your wife can put on a little show
for us.”

It was starting to sound interesting but he sweetened
the pot considerably.

“If you come on over and bring your magazines we’d like
to help you pick out a hairstyle for her. We would also
like to watch her shave. She can use my beard trimmer
and my razor. She could do a couple of dances and maybe
even a lap dance. In exchange we will give you one
thousand dollars in cash. All that for, let’s say three
hours of entertainment. You get to take the strain off
of your finances and my friend and I get a nice little

I liked the sound of that. I liked the sound of that a
lot! I turned to Jerry and asked, “Are you in a hurry
to go home?”

He grinned and said, “Hell no. And I could stand to
sober up a little before I drive anywhere too.”

We waited for him to get his magazines and while we
stood on the edge of the parking lot on the sidewalk
that led to the hotel next door I stood Gwen between
Jeff and Corey and said, “I think you three should get
better acquainted while we wait.”

There was a pleading look in Gwen’s eyes which did my
heart good as the men began to discreetly explore her
body. I saw Corey’s hand slide up the back of her thigh
and come to rest underneath the back of her skirt.
While he groped her ass, Jeff put his arm around her
shoulder and his free hand reached under her top and
cupped her tit.

As he manipulated her tit he leaned down and kissed her
cheek. Then he said, “Little girl, on my next birthday
I’ll be fifty five years old. I’m just about old enough
to be your grandfather. You probably think I’m a dirty
old man and I guess you’re right. But I don’t think you
can fully appreciate the aphrodisiac quality that your
innocence and your youth have on a man my age. To put
that more succinctly, you turn me the fuck on like you
wouldn’t believe!”

He turned her head and kissed her lips and said, “Your
soft skin and your firm body and that wild red hair
have had my cock hard all afternoon.”

He turned back to me and said, “I would like to up the
offer Ken. If you let me fuck your wife before you
leave our suite this evening I will give you an
additional five hundred dollars. I wouldn’t be
surprised if my good friend here would be willing to
make you a similar offer.”

Corey grinned and said, “What the hell! It all goes on
the expense account!”

They laughed and watched me to see what I would say. I
didn’t even have to think about it. Hell, for two
thousand dollars they could fuck me! I reached out and
shook their hands and said, “Gentlemen, I do believe
that I can talk my charming wife into satisfying your
every desire. She may not be happy about it. You can
see that she hasn’t been smiling much in the last
twenty-four hours. But despite her misgivings, that
much money will go a long ways towards putting us back
on a firm financial footing. If you can overlook her
unpleasant disposition then the bitch is yours for the
evening. I only ask that I have the deciding vote when
it comes to choosing the hairstyle that is going over
her cunt. I’m the one that is going to have to live
with it.”

Jeff responded, “Ken, I wouldn’t dream of forcing you
to live with a patch of cunt hair that you were unhappy
with. As for Gwen’s less than pleasant disposition, I
am embarrassed to admit that the fact that she is a
young, naïve housewife who hates every second of this
has made my pecker harder than it has been in twenty
years. I know my perverted friend well enough to know
that he feels the same way.”

He turned to Gwen then and said, “I’m sorry darling,
but it looks like your sweet little ass belongs to me
and Corey for the next three hours or so.”

He chuckled and said, “If it makes you feel any better
we didn’t bring our whips and chains, just our dirty
minds and our hard cocks. God girl! I can’t wait to get
you undressed and get a dick in you. I haven’t fucked a
girl as hot as you in as long as I can remember.”

Jerry finally made it back with a handful of Playboy
magazines and said, “Sorry guys. I couldn’t wait until
we got to the room. I had to piss like a Russian

I didn’t know what that meant but it didn’t matter. We
followed Jeff and Corey back to their suite. Gwen was
between them all the way. Corey had lifted her skirt up
in back and tucked it into her waistband. I didn’t
realize it until we got to the room but Jeff had lifted
her top up over her tits and he was playing with one of
them all the way to the room. That explained the wild
looks we got from a surprisingly large number of people
who were making their way from the hotel to the

They had a very nice suite. There was a large sitting
area with a balcony that looked out over the creek.
There were connecting doors on either side of the main
room which led to the two connecting bedrooms. There
was a small kitchenette. The bathroom, which I made a
dash for as soon as they let us in, was huge and full
of marble and glass. This must have cost whoever they
worked for a bundle.

When I came out of the bathroom Jeff was undressing
Gwen and saying, “Let’s get you out of these clothes
beautiful, so we can see what we have to work with.”

She stood there glumly allowing him to strip her. You
might have thought that we would tire of her dour
expression and grudging cooperation but the exact
opposite was true. We all seemed to get a kick out of
the fact that she hated what we were doing to her.

Jerry and Corey were spreading the Playboys out on the
coffee table and the four of us sat on the couch and
flipped through the pictures and made note of any girls
that caught our eye. We weren’t so much looking at the
girls, though we didn’t go out of our way to avoid
that. We were looking for haircuts that caught our eye.
After about a half hour we narrowed it down to three
girls and it was left to me to decide.

To be honest there had not been that much to choose
from. Many of the girls had shaved completely and the
majority of the others had nothing but a little landing
strip. There were a few that were a bit whimsical and
used a little imagination but they didn’t really appeal
to me. The girls were beautiful of course. But I wasn’t
interested in having Gwen sport a heart shaped bush or
something silly.

After all of that it was sort of anticlimactic, but I
ended up opting for a neatly trimmed V over her slit. I
decided to leave just enough hair so that the vibrant
red of her pubic patch would be obvious.

The original plan had been that we would all now sit
back and watch Gwen shave. When Jeff came back out of
his bathroom with a beard trimmer and a razor, some
shaving cream and a wet towel, he asked that he be
allowed to trim her bush, with the assistance of his
right hand man Corey of course.

I made sure that he knew how much to leave and Jerry
and I sat back and enjoyed the show. They sat Gwen on a
towel and Jeff and Corey outlined the patch of hair
they intended to leave standing. It was a long, slow
process that involved laying her down on the coffee
table and spreading her legs far apart and slowly
tracing their pattern with their fingers.

Jeff finally picked up his beard trimmer and said, “Now
you be a good little girl and you’ll get a lollipop
when we are done. Well, to be perfectly honest we don’t
have a lollipop. But we’ll give you something nice to
suck on.”

We all thought that was amusing but for some reason
Gwen didn’t seem to see the humor.

Jeff carefully trimmed the area around the little bit
of hair that we had decided to keep. It seemed to
require an awful lot of touching. They even seemed to
find it necessary to insert their fingers right up
inside of her.

She squirmed around a little bit from time to time in
reaction to something they were doing with their
fingers. But she pretty much behaved herself and let
them do whatever they wanted to do. They were both bent
over her closely and it looked like their hands would
be in the way but they seemed to be getting the job

Jeff trimmed her up neatly and while Corey dampened the
area with the cloth and then slowly applied and rubbed
in the shaving cream, Jeff went into the kitchen area
and came back with a small plastic sandwich bag.

He smiled and said, “I know that I shall never forget
this night. But I want a souvenir.” He gathered up as
much of the bright red pubic hair that he had just cut
off of my wife as he could and placed it in the bag.

He held it up when he was done and there was a
surprisingly large amount of hair. He smiled and said,
“Corey, you can come by the office anytime you want
when we get back and look at it. Hell, I’ll even let
you sniff it!”

Again the humor seemed to be lost on Gwen.

Corey smiled but other than that he ignored Jeff and
began to carefully shave my wife’s pussy. His face was
very close and his fingers were inside of her, to
steady her I suppose. It took him a very long time and
when he was done they soaped her up again and Jeff went
over her a second time, just to make sure. They even
lifted her legs up and spread them and made sure that
there were no stray hairs around her pink little

I thought it was nice of them to be so considerate but
Gwen didn’t seem to be enjoying the attention.
Sometimes I thing that there is just no pleasing that

Sorry. I drank a lot of beer this afternoon. It always
seems to bring out my weird sense of humor. Just keep
reading and ignore me.

They wiped her down with the damp cloth and examined
the results. I had to admit that they had done a very
professional job. I even suggested to them that they
might have a future in the business.

I expected them to put Gwen on her feet now and demand
a few sexy dances. Jeff had a different idea. He was
kneeling between her wide open legs and staring down at
her little used pussy and before anyone so inclined
could object he said, “I have got to have a taste of

He swooped down and began eating her pussy eagerly.

Gwen cried out and much to my surprise her butt came up
off of the table when his tongue first attacked her
sensitive pussy. I was broken hearted for the first
minute or two. I didn’t say anything. For what these
men were paying me I suppose they had bought the right
to eat her pussy.

But shit! I had wanted to be the first man to eat her

I should have done it earlier this afternoon when I had
the chance. But we were getting ready to meet Jerry and
I had planned on doing it when we got home. She had
always refused me that pleasure. She had called me
names for even suggesting it.

She wasn’t calling Jeff names. She was moaning and her
head was rocking back and forth. Her hands had a death
grip on the sides of the coffee table. I couldn’t help
wondering if she was as surprised at her reaction as I
was. For the first time since I had met her she was
losing control. A man was eating her pussy and she
loved it! She was going to have an orgasm and I was
pretty sure that she had never had one before. I know
that she had never experienced one when I was in the

Her moans got louder and everyone was getting turned
on. Corey leaned over and began to suck and nibble on
her nipples and her arms came up and went around his
head and neck and suddenly she screamed and her entire
body went rigid.

I was astounded. I was also more turned on than I had
ever been before.

Jeff knew what he was doing. He didn’t stop either. He
was obviously enjoying his work and he continued to
attack her pussy with his mouth. She kept having loud,
violent orgasms until she was about to lose her mind.
She turned loose of Corey and leaned up and tried
desperately to push Jeff’s head away. As she did she
pleaded with him to stop. She told him between her
short, gasping breaths that she couldn’t take anymore.

He finally relented and lifted his head. His mouth and
his cheeks and his chin were all covered with her
juices and there was a puddle of moisture on the table
under her ass. He looked up at her and then at Corey
and he said, “Damn man! I thought that she was going to
tear my tongue out with that snapping pussy of hers!
For a frigid bitch she really pops when you get her
wound up!”

Corey grinned back at him and said, “Fuck a bunch of
dancing. I’m way past subtle here. I need to fuck this
bitch and I’m not talking about later.”

They tossed the towel they had used earlier onto the
very white carpet and they picked her up and placed her
down with her ass on the towel. They stood up on either
side of her and stared down at her as they both rapidly

Jeff seemed to be the man in charge, the alpha male. I
had expected him to fuck her first. But before he was
undressed Corey was already on his knees between my
wife’s legs and slowly feeding his large cock into her
very wet pussy.

She moaned again as he entered her and as he moved up
over her she was just about out of it. She didn’t seem
to mind being raped anymore. Her arms went around Corey
and not long after he started pumping into her, her
legs came up and circled him as well. She was holding
on for dear life and her hips were meeting his thrusts
eagerly. As rapes go this seemed to be a pretty
friendly one. Gwen had a glazed look in her eyes and I
could hear her whispering, “Yes! Oh god yes! Do it!
Fuck me!”

Even though Corey was extremely excited and couldn’t
wait to get in her she beat him to the first orgasm.
She started coming and her nails raked his back. Her
screams were almost surely going to be reported to the
front desk. She came two or maybe three times before
Corey finally sped up and then cried out and came
inside of her.

It had been one of the most exciting things that I had
ever seen. In fact, it had been so exciting that it
wasn’t until they were finished that I noticed Jeff
standing to the side. He was staring down at them with
his eyes all lit up and gently moving his fist up and
down the fattest cock I had ever seen. It was not
abnormally long. I would estimate about seven inches.
But it was nearly as big around as my wrist!

I think that I knew why Corey had fucked her first.

Corey slowly pulled out of my wife’s pussy and rested
over her on his hands and knees for a moment, gasping
for breath and dripping sweat as he stared down at her
limp, sweaty body.

He gradually sat up and then got to his feet. He turned
to Jeff and smiled and said, “It was worth every
fucking penny Jeff! That was, without a doubt, the
tightest pussy I have ever fucked! Try not to kill her,

Jeff grinned and said, “Fuck that! If she dies, she

I knew he was kidding, but not by that much.

Gwen seemed to be only semi-conscious as Jeff moved
between her legs and dropped to the floor. He stared at
her already worn out body for a few seconds and then
dropped down over her and rested his weight on his
arms. His large cock came to rest on her dripping cunt
and he sawed it back and forth for a minute or two and
watched Gwen, waiting for her to recover.

When she seemed to be aware of her surroundings again
he smiled in anticipation. He lined the head of his
cock up with her well prepared slit and slowly pushed
the head of it inside of her.

It was pretty amusing. I was watching her face when he
slid that handful of cock inside of her. Her eyes
popped open and the shock registered on her face. Her
arms came up and she placed them on his shoulders. It
didn’t look like she was trying to push him away. She
was just holding on I think.

She stared up at him in wonder and gasped, “What?! What
are you doing? What is that?!”

He just smiled down at her and began to slowly push his
cock into her. She was obviously aware that it was
huge. She was being stretched more than she ever had
before. I have a good sized cock but compared to Jeff
my cock looked like a big clit!

Gwen’s eyes opened wider and wider and her mouth began
to gape open as well. She eventually shut her mouth and
started rocking her head back and forth and making
animal noises such as I had never heard from any woman
before. Those noises became louder and louder and soon
she was screaming again. She seemed to be losing
control of her body. She was writhing around as if she
were in pain. She looked like she was in pain. But
those sounds were not cries of pain. Those were the
sounds of ecstasy, and I don’t mean the drug.

She started cumming again and her arms went up to reach
around him and hold him tight. He had watched her
scratch the hell out of Corey’s back and he called to
Corey to grab her arms before she could scratch him.

Corey was just as much in awe of what we were watching
as Jerry and I were and he almost didn’t hear his
friend. But he finally came to his senses and dropped
to his knees at her head. He grabbed her arms and held
them up over her head and she cried out, “YES! YES! YES

I stared in awe but in the back of my mind I was
wondering, “Was this what I should have done three
years ago? Did she just need to be raped by a couple of
strangers with big cocks?!”

I looked at her and wondered what she would be like
after today. The things that had happened earlier back
at the house with Robby, those had hardly had an effect
on her. But this! These men were doing things to her
that I couldn’t. How could this not change her in some
way? But then I came to my senses. She had drunk too
much and she was being raped by a couple of big dicked
strangers. She might be changed tomorrow but it
wouldn’t be much and whether it was a change for the
better or for worse she would be unlikely to wake up
tomorrow and not hate me for what I did to her today.

I think that in my mind I may have been exaggerating
the power of a large cock to effect change. Still, it
would be interesting to see if she was the same person
when this evening was over, if I could get her to go
home with me after getting fucked by Jeff that is. She
might want to follow him home!

Jeff sped up his already rapid and violent thrusts and
Gwen was still going crazy on the end of it. He
suddenly roared like a bull and brutalized her with
three or four more unbelievably violent strokes and
then he collapsed on top of her.

She grunted in pain but I wasn’t sure if it was her
pussy that hurt or if his weight on top of her had
collapsed her lungs.

She sighed as he rolled off of her and lay beside her
breathing deeply and swearing under his breath. She lay
there with her eyes closed for a long time but then she
groaned in pain and sat up. She turned and stared at
his still massive cock. I heard her whisper to herself,
“I’ll never be the same.”

I suspected that she was right about that.

Nobody moved or spoke for a very long time. Jerry and I
were still staring in amazement. Corey had let Gwen’s
arms go after Jeff rolled off of her. Now he got to his
feet and asked, “Does anyone want a drink? I’m dry as a

They both had a cold beer. It looked good but Jerry and
I still had to drive and Gwen was finally sobering up.
We asked for bottled water.

Except for that there was no conversation for quite a
while. Eventually Gwen got up and held her hand over
her pussy as she made her way to the bathroom
uncertainly. Her gate was uneven and her legs seemed
rubbery as she stumbled across the room.

While she was gone Jerry turned to me and said, “I
don’t know what you have planned for later buddy, but I
have to tap that!”

I grinned and said, “I’m afraid that you will have to
discuss that with our hosts Jerry. They are paying for
her services.”

Jeff laughed and said, “I need a break and I know that
Corey is still gasping for air. I can hear him. Go
ahead Jerry. When I get my strength back I’m curious to
see what she can do with that pouty mouth of hers.”

I chuckled and said, “Do you mean to tell me you can
actually get that horse cock into a woman’s mouth?!”

He smiled and said, “Not all that much of it actually.
But it’s the thought that counts and if they do it
right it still feels pretty damned good. And I can’t
help it. It turns me on to shoot a load of cum in a
broad’s mouth and watch her struggle to swallow it all

Jerry never changed his expression. He sounded
completely serious when he said, “Jeff, I don’t think
you are supposed to call cunts broads anymore. They
don’t like it.”

Gwen was still in the bathroom and didn’t hear his
comment. I’m reasonably certain that she wouldn’t have
thought it was amusing though.

Gwen came back out of the bathroom to find Jerry
undressing quickly. She was carrying a fresh towel. The
one she had been lying on was raunchy.

Jerry has been a friend of mine for a long time. Gwen
has despised all of my friends from the very beginning
of our marriage and never missed an opportunity to come
between them and me. But she has always been
particularly antagonistic toward Jerry, probably
because, except for Gina he was my closest friend. She
made it clear from the beginning that she despised him.

Now she was standing before him and waiting for him to
decide how he wanted to use her body. This must have
been more difficult for her than being taken by two
complete strangers who were old enough to be her

She didn’t show any sign now that she was any more
upset with the prospect of having to allow my friend to
fuck her. She just looked tired. She had sobered up in
the last hour or so. But she had also, I’m not sure how
to put this, been forced to enjoy (?), a string of mind
shattering orgasms, the first orgasms that she had ever
had as far as I can tell. She must be pretty confused
right now.

Jerry finished undressing and then reached out and
cupped her breast. He enjoyed the feel of her soft,
warm flesh for a moment and then said, “Here’s
something I never thought I’d say Gwen. Get down on
your knees and suck on my cock for a couple of minutes
before I fuck you.”

She looked down at his hard cock and she dropped gently
to her knees. His cock was already throbbing. It didn’t
look like he’d be able to withstand a whole lot of

She gripped his cock and steadied it. I watched her wet
her lips and force herself to take him into her mouth.
I’m not sure if she was finally getting used to it or
if she was keeping her mind blank and running on
autopilot. She still looked a little dazed.

I stared in fascination, amazed when she didn’t gag as
Jerry’s cock slid across her tongue. She was obviously
getting over her fear of cock. Or maybe it wasn’t fear.
Maybe it would be more accurate to say her distaste for
cock. It had been all too apparent from the very
beginning that she was not fond of that particular male

Jerry pumped his cock in and out of her mouth for only
a minute or two as he stared down at her beautiful
face. It looked like he didn’t believe what he was
seeing with his own eyes.

He pulled his cock free and said, “I can’t take anymore
of this. That wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I
expected. You’ll never be able to make a living sucking
cock like that but it felt pretty damned good. As good
as that felt though, I have wanted to fuck you since
high school Gwen. I never liked you, but you were
always just about the prettiest girl around. Your
problem was that you knew it and you thought that made
you special.”

He ran his hand down over her bright red hair and
continued, “I never thought I’d get the chance. I’m not
going to last long but I’m going to enjoy feeling my
cock sink into your hot cunt and I’m going to cum. And
I’m going to love it all the more because I know that
you despise me.”

Gwen showed no emotion at all. She spread the clean
towel out and got down on her back. She slowly allowed
her legs to part and Jerry stood over her for a moment
longer, awed by her perfect body.

Jeff, Corey and I were watching the live sex show
taking place right in front of us with great pleasure.
Jeff and Corey were gripping their cocks and gently
stroking them, getting ready for their next turn. I was
afraid to touch mine. It wouldn’t take much to get me
off right now. I was just as excited as Jerry seemed to
be. I wouldn’t be able to wait much longer myself.

Jerry dropped to his knees and then moved over Gwen. He
leaned down and kissed her. She didn’t turn away but it
didn’t look like she returned his kiss. He ordered her
to reach down and line his cock up and she obeyed.

I watched her face as he sank slowly into her. I
wondered if she would seem any different after all the
stimulation, all the orgasms that had just been forced
upon her by our two visiting friends. It may have been
my imagination but I didn’t think she was nearly as
stoic now as she felt yet another cock invading her
body. Maybe it was wishful thinking but it looked like
she was actually feeling good but fighting hard to make
sure that it didn’t show.

The signs were hard to detect but much to my surprise
it looked like she was fighting to maintain her
composure as Jerry slowly started stroking his cock in
and out. I was especially surprised because Jerry’s
cock wasn’t even as large as mine, much less that
monster that Jeff had just used on her. But I started
to hope that after Jeff and Corey had broken through
her defenses she might be turning into an actual human
being instead of the robot I had married.

But again, I wasn’t sure if that wasn’t just wishful
thinking. Not at first. Not until her arms came up and
held his body against hers. What was even more amazing
was that she began to respond to his kisses and soon
they were kissing passionately while he fucked her with
increasing force. Soon she wasn’t lying under him
waiting for him to finish. She wrapped her legs around
him and held him tight and her hips thrust up to meet
his every stroke.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when after a very short time
they came together with her crying out and then biting
his shoulder, her entire body out of control as she
came with nearly as much passion as she had when Jeff
took her.

Jerry went limp over her but they continued kissing and
moaning for a long time after their mutual orgasm. His
lips moved over her face and down her neck and I heard
him whisper, “I knew you’d be hot, you sexy bitch! The
next time we fuck I’m going to eat your cunt like it’s
never been eaten before. I want to taste your juices
and feel you cum in my face.”

I had no idea that Jerry had such a romantic soul!

I am pretty sure he knew that she had never permitted
anyone to eat her pussy until just a few moments ago
when Jeff did it for the first time. Over the last
three years I had shared all of Gwen’s shortcomings
with him. But that didn’t mean that the bar had been
set very low. Jeff had obviously been very proficient
and Jerry had some stiff competition if he was going to
go for the title of best cunt eater. I planned to be
competing as well, though not tonight.

As Gwen lay under him listening to him compliment her
pussy and making plans to taste it in the future I was
surprised to see her seemingly becoming aroused again.
His cock was still inside of her and she still had her
legs wrapped around him. I think that we were all
surprised when we realized that she was trying to goad
him into fucking her again.

It wasn’t that difficult. Jerry was pretty easy. He
began to grind his pelvis against her and they started
kissing again. Watching them together I started to get
the idea that the next time Jerry came over to the
house he was going to be welcome.

I glanced over at the two men who were paying to fuck
her to see if they had a problem with Jerry getting
seconds before they got their blowjobs. I could see
that, quite the opposite, they were enjoying the show
as much as I was.

That brought up another point. I was truly enjoying
this. I had enjoyed vague fantasies during our marriage
of other men having sex with my wife. But it was not a
constant theme or a compelling fantasy. I had read
Penthouse and stories on line about men who craved
seeing their wives with other men and I had been
aroused. But now I was amazed at how turned on I was. I
didn’t feel the slightest bit of jealousy. Of course,
the fact that I had been in the process of leaving her
and getting a divorce when this all started might have
something to do with that.

I wasn’t sure now where our relationship was going. But
I knew that if we remained together for any length of
time this was always going to be a part of our life.
Not just the memory of this exciting and groundbreaking
evening. Monogamy was never going to be a part of our
marriage after this exciting night.

I don’t mean to imply that I was prepared to take her
back and keep her after this. I was still furious. The
love that she had killed had not been rekindled by
watching her succumb to lust for the first time in her
life. But there was now a chink in her armor and it
began to look like there might be a human being inside.
Now I wasn’t sure where this was going.

I turned my attention back to my wife and my best
friend, fucking on the floor in front of us. This
second fuck was not nearly as urgent as the first, but
it was just as passionate. They were wrapped up
together and kissing and biting and scratching and
fucking like animals and both of them were becoming
very vocal.

I couldn’t help thinking that it would have made a
great movie. I had seen a few porn movies in my youth
and while I enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy the female
nudity I was not a big fan of fake sex and the movies
had not been very enjoyable. This, on the other hand,
would have been a very arousing movie. And they didn’t
even like each other!

Jerry came first this time but after he came he
continued to grind his pelvis against Gwen’s and she
was grinding right back at him. I saw her desperately
working to reach orgasm before he pulled away and
finally achieving her goal just as his deflated cock
slipped out of her.

This time Jerry struggled to his knees and he looked
down at Gwen with a much different expression on his
face than he had when he was preparing to fuck her. She
looked up and met his gaze and she seemed embarrassed
again. But now it was not because he had fucked her or
touched her or seen her naked. Now she was embarrassed
because she had responded. She had obviously enjoyed
what they had just done and I imagine that she was just
as surprised as the rest of us were.

I mean, it’s one thing to be unable to resist that
horse cock of Jeff’s. But Jerry’s cock was even smaller
than mine, if only very slightly. She, and each of us
men, was beginning to realize that she was human after
all! That was a pretty exciting discovery when you
remember how fucked up she was.

We all watched her slowly recovering on the floor in
front of us for several minutes. Once she had her
breath back and her heart rate had returned to normal
she slowly sat up and gathered up the towel under her
and used a portion of it to wipe her pussy off.

Then the strangest thing happened. She looked up at me
and with a look of anguish on her face she asked,
“What’s happening to me?”

I got up and went over to her and pulled her to her
feet. I put my arms around her and hugged her gently
and said, “You know, I was just watching you and
wondering the same thing. My guess is that the real
person inside of you is breaking out of that cold
cocoon and emerging. It’s amazing to watch. I know you
hate this but I was just thinking that I should have
gotten you raped years ago.”

She was nestled in my arms and her arms reached around
me. She pulled me tight and said, “Is there any chance
that when this is over you won’t hate me anymore?”

I replied, “An hour or so ago I would have said no. But
I didn’t think it would be possible for you to change.
Now I’m starting to wonder.”

She still had her face buried in my shirt. She couldn’t
look me in the eye yet. She asked, “But even if I
change, after what you just saw how could you love me?”

I said, “Maybe in my own way I’m just as fucked up as
you are.” I took her hand and placed it over my hard
cock and said, “I can promise you that I am not
revolted by what I have been seeing. If I didn’t hate
you so much this morning I would probably love you very
much right now.”

She shuddered and said, “Don’t say that Kenny! Don’t
say you hate me. I know you’re mad and you have every
right to be. But don’t say you hate me. I have to think
that it isn’t over between us. I have to believe that.”

I hugged her again and said, “I’m starting to wonder
myself. But even if we put it back together, I have
already made up my mind that this, these kinds of
things, these will be a part of our lives. This isn’t
just punishment. I’m enjoying the hell out of this. And
you may be disgusted, you may be humiliated, but you
can’t deny that you have enjoyed a lot of what is
happening to you too.”

She sighed deeply and said, “I know. But I don’t

I answered, “I don’t understand either. But I like the
change I’m seeing in you.”

Jeff cleared his throat and said, “This is all very
touching, but Corey and I are still interested in
getting our cocks sucked before you guys leave tonight.
I hope that isn’t going to be a problem.”

He actually sounded pretty reasonable. He wasn’t
demanding or threatening. He was just asking.

Gwen gently worked her way out of my arms and she was
finally able to look me in the eye. She smiled a little
wistfully and then she turned to face Jeff and said,
“My husband sold me to you for three hours sir. You
already know that I am a terrible cocksucker. But if
that is what you want then I will do my best.”

She moved over to stand between his legs and because of
his girth, or rather the girth of his cock; he
explained what she would have to do to please him. She
went to her knees and as instructed she licked his
already erect cock all over. Then she took the head and
as much of the shaft as she could manage into her
mouth. Her lips were stretched painfully around the
shaft behind the knob but that still left the largest
part of his cock to deal with. She wrapped her fingers
around it. They didn’t go very far but she was able to
masturbate him into her mouth while using her tongue on
the head of his freakishly fat cock.

I watched her struggling to suck him off and apparently
making an honest attempt to please him. I was really
impressed. I got down behind her and began to tease her
pussy while she sucked on him, or rather, while she
masturbated him into her mouth.

She wriggled her cute little butt around as if she were
wagging her tail for a moment, as if to thank me for
stimulating her and making it easier for her to please
Jeff. I felt the results of Jerry’s two orgasms still
oozing out of her and I rubbed his cum all over her
cunt before concentrating on her clit. She moaned in
pleasure as I rubbed Jerry’s cum into her clit and it
looked like she was responding by trying to swallow
that huge thing.

I was a little surprised at myself too now. I couldn’t
imagine myself rubbing another man’s cum around my
wife’s body just twenty-four hours ago. I wouldn’t
classify myself as homophobic. Live and let live was my
motto. The more homosexuals there were in the world the
more women there were for the rest of us. But the idea
of diddling around in another man’s pecker juice,
although not something I had contemplated, was surely
an idea that would have grossed me out. So I was
surprised at how much I was enjoying this. Because she
was obviously getting off on it too and that was
turning me on.

Jeff was starting to really enjoy what she was doing
but he had just fucked her and he was, after all, in
his mid fifties. This would probably take a while. He
grinned at me and said, “She seems to be enjoying the
hell out of whatever it is you’re doing back there. Why
don’t you go ahead and fuck her and let’s see what that
does for her?”

I responded, “I had planned on waiting until I got her
home. This is, after all, your dime. But I’m about to
explode in my pants. So I think I’m going to take you
up on your generous offer.”

I didn’t bother to undress. I was too excited. I
unbuckled my belt and opened my pants and slid them and
my underwear halfway down my thighs. I moved into
position behind Gwen and when she felt me back there
she tilted her pelvis to make it easier for me to
locate her slit. There was no question of me taking my
time and teasing her or drawing this out. I was on the
verge of cumming in my pants when I pulled them down. I
buried my cock inside of her hot, tight, clasping pussy
in one fast stroke and I immediately started fucking
her with all of the skill of a horny teenager getting
his first fuck.

My hard, rapid thrusts seemed to be driving more of
Jeff’s cock into her mouth and he was obviously
enjoying that. But it didn’t last long. I built to a
very quick climax and flooded her surprisingly tight
pussy with the fifth load of cum it had received this

After I came I remained inside of her and enjoyed the
way her pussy felt on my cock. I was more than a little
relieved to find that there was no difference between
the way it felt now than the way it had felt this
morning or a month ago. I had been a little worried
when I saw the size of Jeff’s monster cock.

Then I corrected myself. It was different. It was much
wetter and it seemed more alive. She was actually an
active participant for the first time. I felt her pussy
grabbing me but it was more than that. I could sense
her enjoyment. I was aware that she too was aroused for
the first time. I knew that I was going to have a lot
to think about after we left here tonight.

I finally let my cock slip out of her and I returned to
teasing her with my hand. Despite our sexual activity
earlier in the day I had just enjoyed a rather large
orgasm thanks to all of the mental and visual
stimulation of the last several hours. My own cum was
now leaking out of her and I continued to catch it and
massage it into her freshly shaved mound. She was
obviously enjoying my attention and Jeff was the
beneficiary of her rapidly rising libido.

She was beginning to suck on more of his cock than any
woman had ever managed to take before and her right
hand was now moving rapidly on his shaft. Her left hand
was cupping his large, low hanging balls and she was
gently caressing them as she worked her little heart
out between his large thighs.

Jeff leaned back and closed his eyes and his hands
began to caress her hair. He moaned and said, “Oh yeah
baby. That’s fantastic. You are definitely a cocksucker
now sweetheart. Fuck yeah! That feels great! No bitch
has ever been able to take that much of my cock before.
Suck that thing!”

I glanced down at her and I couldn’t believe it. She
seemed to have almost half of Jeff’s cock in her mouth!
She was going to town on that thing. If I didn’t know
better I would swear that she was enjoying herself!

So I guess that I didn’t know better because Jeff
started cumming then and filling her mouth with cum and
her thighs clamped down on my wrist. She was cumming as
he filled her mouth with his cum!

I continued to rub her clit with my slime covered
fingers until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Her body
shook and she relaxed her thighs. She reached down and
held my hand still over her pussy and waited for Jeff
to relax his grip on the sides of her head. I didn’t
even realize at first that she hadn’t gagged or choked
when he came in her mouth this time.

Jeff finally unclenched his entire body and released
Gwen. She pulled her head off of his cock and swallowed
a couple of times. She clenched and unclenched her jaw
and then she leaned down and gently covered his cock
with kisses. It was so out of character for her that I
was going to have to rethink Jerry’s earlier theory
about her sleeping beside a pod last night. How else
could I explain this rapid change in her behavior?

She finally sat up and turned to look at me. She had a
guilty look on her face, as if she had been caught
doing something she wasn’t supposed to do.

I smiled at her and asked, “What?”

She reached out and took my hand, my slime covered
hand. She stared at it for a second and then she looked
up and whispered, “I’m sorry Ken.”

That was the first time she had ever called me Ken.
From the time we started dating she had always called
me Kenny, as if I were a little boy. I had tried for a
long time to get her to call me Ken and she ignored
every effort. I wondered now if the switch was

I asked her, “Sorry for what Gwen?”

I saw the tears start again and she said, “Oh god Ken!
I’m sorry for everything. Please don’t hate me.”

I was confused by my own feelings now. I had thought
for sure that the love was dead. But I was feeling
something now. I wasn’t yet sure what it was I was
feeling though.

She looked back down at my hand and then she lifted it
to her mouth and kissed my cum covered fingers. She
looked at me again and repeated, “Please don’t hate

I took her into my arms again and said, “I don’t hate
you Gwen. I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now, but
I don’t hate you.”

Jerry had put his clothes back on and was sitting in a
chair behind me. He chimed in, “This is the sexiest
soap opera that I have ever seen.”

Gwen actually chuckled quietly.

I was impressed by the changes I was seeing in her
after one traumatic night and day. The question was,
what was she turning into? What would she be like
tomorrow and the next day?”

Gwen slipped out of my arms again and once more she
lifted my nasty hand and kissed it. Then she gave me a
wry smile and said, “Excuse me sir. I still have one
more blowjob to perform.”

She crawled over to Corey on her hands and knees and
asked, “Are you ready?”

He grinned and said, “Are you? Are you sure you
wouldn’t like to rest for a few minutes after sucking
on Moby Dick?”

She smiled and said, “I’m being punished. It isn’t
supposed to be easy for me.”

Corey spread his legs and said, “Have some more
punishment darling.”

Corey had the last hard cock in the room. It was
getting late and Gwen’s trials were almost over for the
day. She leaned down and kissed his cock and then
licked it as if she was actually starting to enjoy her

I watched her for a while. She was able to handle
Corey’s cock much more easily than Jeff’s lethal
weapon. She was no Linda Lovelace but she sucked down
half of Corey’s cock and using her mouth and her hand
in a coordinated effort it wasn’t long before she was
swallowing another couple of tablespoons of nasty white

I hadn’t planned to watch the entire blowjob. When she
started I thought that I would watch for a couple of
minutes and then go wash my hands. But I noticed the
change in her and it was truly compelling. Maybe there
was hope for her yet!

After she swallowed his cum she got up and she and I
went to the bathroom together. Another first! She would
never let anyone in the bathroom with her.

She used the toilet while I washed my hands and then
she washed her hands and rinsed her face and rinsed out
her mouth. I dried my hands and stood back and watched

When she was finished she turned to me and looked at me
with a questioning look on her face. She took a couple
of steps and stopped in front of me. She held my hands
in hers and said, “Don’t give up on me Ken. Please
don’t. I’m trying to change for you. I couldn’t stand
it if you left me. I know I was a bitch and I don’t
deserve you. I know I deserved to be punished. But I
couldn’t stand it if you left me.”

She started to pull back and go back into the other
room but I held onto her hands and looked into her
eyes. I leaned down and kissed her lips lightly and
then I asked, “Are you really changing? Did you really
change so much that you enjoyed sucking a man’s cock in
just one day?”

She blushed! For the first time in a couple of hours
she blushed again. She had been blushing pretty much
all day from the constant humiliation. Once the mini
orgy had begun, helped along I suppose by the large
margaritas, the blushing had eventually stopped. It had
been replaced by the flush of orgasm several times. But
the blushing had stopped.

She was embarrassed now because I had seen her enjoy
sucking the cock of a strange man. For some reason I
found that amusing.

We looked at each other a moment longer and I realized
that we were both so busy trying to read the other that
we didn’t really know what we were thinking or feeling
ourselves. I held onto her hand and we walked back out
and rejoined the others. I looked around and spotted a
clock on the VCR. It was almost nine o’clock. Gwen’s
three hours were up, and then some.

We didn’t leave right away though. We didn’t even
dress. Jeff offered us drinks and since we had sobered
up, Jerry and I had another beer. Gwen had a coke. She
hadn’t slept last night and now that the excitement was
over she was nearly asleep on her feet.

We sat around and talked for a little while longer and
we found that we enjoyed each other’s company. Jeff and
Corey were both sophisticated, intelligent and funny
men and a lot of fun to be around.

I had pulled Gwen into my lap and I was holding her as
we talked. She didn’t seem self-conscious or
uncomfortable at all now about being naked in a roomful
of men. She even joined in the conversation a couple of
times. It was probably my imagination but it seemed
like even her voice was different, less strident,
friendlier. It wasn’t just me either. I saw Jerry
looking at her several times as if to see if the woman
in my lap was really Gwen.

We talked for another half hour or so and finally I
helped Gwen up and said, “We had a ball, gentlemen. But
we have to go.”

They seemed genuinely disappointed. And not just
because Gwen looked so damned good naked, though I’m
sure that had something to do with it.

Jerry, Gwen and I got dressed and Jerry looked around
and found all of his Playboy magazines. We headed for
the door but Jeff said, “Hang on a minute.”

We turned back to see what he wanted and he was smiling
wryly and shaking his head. He said, “First of all, we
really enjoyed your company and we would love to do
this again. Well will be in town all week. If you
decide you want a little more excitement give us a
call. If you decide that this was too intense then we
would enjoy taking you out to dinner again.”

He handed me his card and said, “Here is my cell

I took his card and said, “To be perfectly honest I had
a ball too. I would enjoy doing this again. We’ll talk
and I’ll get back to you.”

Jeff smiled and said, “Good. And we come back to town
four to six times a year. If you decide this was
something that you want to do again maybe you could
give us your number and we could call you when we are
coming to town and do it more often. We wouldn’t stalk
you. Just let you know when we are coming in case you
are feeling like a little punishment is in order.”

I was shocked when I heard Gwen behind me stifle a

I shook my head and said, “I am pretty sure we will be
seeing you again very soon. Is that it?”

Jeff shook his head and said, “Ken, take it from me
kid. You’ll never make it as a pimp. The first rule is
to get the money up front. The girl did the job she
deserves the pay.”

I had forgotten all about the money!

I laughed and said, “That’s okay Jeff. We enjoyed it as
much as you did. Keep your money.”

Jeff smiled and said, “You are one fucked up pimp son.
Take the money. Selling her ass was part of the
punishment. It doesn’t count if you don’t take the
money. It doesn’t matter to us. We would have spent it
in a strip joint and had a hell of a lot less fun this
evening. And besides, the company will reimburse us.”

I asked, “Isn’t that dishonest?”

He laughed and said, “Maybe a little. But it’s our
company. We’re only cheating ourselves.”

He and Corey each counted out one thousand dollars and
handed the money to me. I might have been more
reluctant to take it if Gwen hadn’t been emptying our
bank account. We really did need the money. I explained
that to them but he shook his head and said, “It
doesn’t matter. It’s the first time I ever spent that
much money for sex and got laid instead of screwed. You
kids be careful on the way home.”

Then he looked at me and Gwen and in a more serious
voice he said, “I hope you make it.”

We walked back over to our cars in the restaurant
parking lot. When we got there I said, “I was going to
invite you over for a while Jerry. But I’m exhausted.
Why don’t you come over tomorrow and watch the race?”

He almost said no without thinking. No one wanted to be
in the house when Gwen was home. But he looked at Gwen
and she said quietly, “I’d like it if you would come
over Jerry.”

Jerry and I looked at each other and smiled and he
said, “I’d love to come over. Thank you.”

A half hour later we were home and naked again. We
hadn’t talked on the way home. We both had a lot to
think about.

We were both exhausted. Unlike Gwen I had slept pretty
well last night. But there had been a lot of excitement
today. Even so, I was feeling kind of grody and Gwen
had just been on the receiving end of a gangbang. So
for the first time in our lives we took a shower
together. I liked it as much as I thought I would and
Gwen was finding that all of a sudden she liked a lot
of things that she wouldn’t tolerate just one day ago.
She seemed to be especially fond of my hands sliding
over her soapy body. I enjoyed it too.

We dried off and started to get ready for bed. When we
went back out into the bedroom she started to pull out
a pair of pajamas. I put a quick stop to that. I said,
“No Gwen. From now on I don’t want you to wear any
clothes in the house unless I tell you to put something

I had not expected her to argue. But neither did I
expect her to smile and toss her pajamas in the trash
can. That was exactly what she did though.

We went to bed and cuddled, something else she would
rarely permit. Just before we drifted off to sleep she
whispered, “I’m sorry sir. I’m sorry I was such a
bitch. I know what you were doing today and I don’t
care. I still love you and I’m going to make you love
me again.”

I pulled her close and as I responded I realized that I
meant what I said. “Gwen, when this day started I was
furious with you and I was sure that I would never feel
anything but animosity for you again. I wanted to hurt
you the way you have hurt me over the years. I’m not
sure when that changed. To be honest I am surprised to
find that I care for you again. Not like before. Not
the apparently unhealthy adoration I felt when we got
married. But it begins to look like maybe we can work
something out after all. But we aren’t going back. And
this other stuff, the sex, the “punishment”, I enjoyed
the hell out of that. There is going to be a lot more
of that.”

She lifted my hand off of her tit and brought it to her
mouth and kissed it. Then, in a little slave girl voice
she said, “Yes sir.” And then, even more quietly she
said, “I’m glad.”

I kissed her neck and put my hand back on her tit. I
said, “You better get some sleep. You are going to have
a hard day tomorrow. You are going to have a lot of
hard days.”

She whispered, “I love you,” and then after a pause she
asked, “Do you suppose Jeff and Corey are racing fans?”