A Wife With No Options part 2.

I said nothing. She hesitated a little longer and then
turned and opened the front door. She stood just inside
the door for a moment and looked outside. It was late
Saturday morning and there were people all around. The
neighbors were out doing yard work and kids were out
riding their bicycles and playing in the street. People
were walking up and down the sidewalks and cars were
driving up and down the street.

Gwen took all of this in and I saw her take a deep
breath. I almost couldn’t believe it when she opened
the storm door and stepped outside. I hurried to the
window and watched as she walked out to the mailbox and
got yesterday’s mail and the morning paper and then
began walking back to the house.

I had a long front yard and it was a long enough walk
that I saw a couple dozen people all up and down the
street stop what they were doing and stare in disbelief
as she walked back to the house in the nude.

I couldn’t believe that she had done it. But more than
that I couldn’t believe how hard my cock had gotten as
I watched her.

She stepped back into the house and I took the mail
from her. If I still harbored any feeling for her I
would have felt very sorry for her at that moment. She
looked like she was in shock. The shiest woman in the
world had just walked out to the mailbox and back

But I felt nothing now but arousal and amusement. I
don’t think I had been this turned on by her since our
wedding night. And she had been one hell of a
disappointment that night!

I pushed her to her knees and right there in front of
the storm door I said, “Take my cock out and suck it

I doubt if anyone outside could see us but the idea
that she was doing it in front of that large glass door
had to make her very uncomfortable. Well, that and the
fact that she had always refused to suck my cock. She
didn’t seem to care much for cocks in fact. She
wouldn’t touch mine and she even avoided looking at it.

She was going to be seeing a lot of it from now on
though. Mine and a lot of others. I was going to hold
her to her promise. I had every intention of making a
slut out of her. The first time she refused to do any
of the outrageous and perverted things that I demanded
of her I was out of here.

She hesitated for a long time before she reluctantly
reached up and began to unfasten my belt. I noticed
that her hands were shaking. Instead of feeling sorry
for her though I couldn’t help thinking that if she had
responded to my love as much as she was responding to
what I was doing to her now we could have had a very
happy marriage. She had wrapped herself in a cocoon of
selfishness. Now I was going to be the selfish one.

She finally managed to unfasten my belt. She unbuttoned
the top button of my jeans and slowly pulled my zipper
down. It was amusing to watch. She looked like she just
knew that at any moment something was going to jump out
of there and bite her.

She got my zipper down and spread my jeans open. She
stared like she had never seen a pair of pants before
and wasn’t quite sure how they worked. If there had
been one of those moving billboards on her forehead I
could not have had a more clear idea of what was going
through her mind at that moment. She was thinking to
herself that she could not do this. She had opened my
jeans and exposed my jockey shorts and that was as far
as she could go.

I watched her. Her mind seemed to have gone blank. I
waited for a couple of minutes and then I reached down
and buttoned my jeans. I was pulling my zipper back up
when she suddenly seemed to realize what was happening.
She reached out and stopped my hand and said, “No.
Please Kenny. I can do this. It’s just so hard for me.
Please, let me do it.”

I sighed and said, “Forget it Gwen. You can’t do it.
You don’t have it in you. You could no more suck my
cock now, even after three years of marriage, than you
could do any of those other things that I told you that
you would have to do if you wanted me to stay. You are
the anti-sex. You are wasting my time. Let me go finish
picking my things up and get out of here. I’ll be back
later with Jerry’s pickup truck and pick up the stuff
out of the garage.”

She was crying again and I was amazed at myself that it
had no effect on me now. Even if I didn’t love her
anymore I am not the kind of guy that gets off on
making women cry. I guess that the hard feelings and
the resentment had reached a boiling point. Her pain
just didn’t touch me anymore. She had killed something
inside me. It had been there once. I had adored this
woman so much that it hurt. I could have died for her
without a second thought. She started beating that
feeling to death right from the very first night of our

She reached out once more and whispered, “Please Kenny.
I’ll do it. It’s just…hard. It’s very hard for me. You
know that.”

I responded, “Yes Gwen. I know that. I don’t think you
can do it no matter how much time I give you. I tried
to get you to go to counseling but you insisted that
there was nothing wrong. Now it has come back and
bitten you on the ass. You can’t do this and this is
the easy part. What if I called Jerry over and ordered
you to suck his cock. Let’s face it, you can’t do this
and if I gave you a week you couldn’t do it. Get up and
get dressed and let me get my things.”

She still wouldn’t let go. She sobbed, “Kenny. Please!
I went out to the street naked. Half the people on the
street saw me naked! But I didn’t hurry. I walked
slowly. I let all of those people look at my naked body
because you told me to. Please Kenny, I’ll suck your
cock. I’ll make it good for you. And I’ll suck Jerry’s
cock. I promise. I’ll suck off every man in town if you
want me to.”

I didn’t believe a word of it but I had nowhere to be
in a hurry. I took my hands away and once more she
unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my zipper down. This
time she pulled my jeans down to my knees and stared at
my cock which was now tenting my jockeys. I was hard as
a rock. I was really going to be pissed now if nothing
came of this.

She reached up and grasped my waistband and slowly
worked my jockeys down. As my cock was uncovered she
shuddered in obvious fear and revulsion but she
continued working my underwear down to my jeans.

She had never once in three years touched my cock on
purpose. She had never looked at it if she could avoid
it. Now it was throbbing only inches from her face and
she looked like she was going to be sick.

I have to give her credit though. This time she kept
going. She stared at my cock for a few long moments and
then she reached out and carefully grasped it at the
base between her thumb and two fingers. For the first
time in her life she was holding a cock. The way that
she was touching me you would have thought that I
hadn’t bathed in weeks!

She held my cock still and leaned forward until I could
feel her breath on the head of it. I heard her whisper,
“Oh god,” under her breath. Her tongue came out and she
touched it to my cock shaft as if she was afraid that
she was going to get burned.

I would have gotten disgusted and pulled away and went
about my packing if watching her wasn’t so damned

She pulled her tongue back into her mouth. I guess she
figured that the taste didn’t kill her and my cock
didn’t burn her tongue so she tried again. Soon she was
licking my shaft very lightly. I could see that this
was going to take a while and I pulled back.

She panicked again, thinking that I was giving up. She
called out, “Wait! Kenny please! I’m trying. I’m going
to do it, I swear.”

I looked down at her with an impatient expression on my
face and said, “Yes Gwen. I can see that you are
trying. But this is going to take all day. I’m willing
to give you a little more time but I’m going to have to
sit down for this.”

I backed away from her and went over to the sofa. I
kicked off my shoes and slid my pants and shorts off
and sat down in the middle of the sofa and when I
looked back at her there was a look of relief on her
face. She had been afraid that I was going to leave.

She started to get up and cross the room but I said,
“No Gwen. Get down on your hands and knees. I want to
see your tits swaying as you crawl over here.”

She mumbled something I didn’t catch and I asked, “What
was that?”

She looked scared again. She quickly responded, “I said
‘Okay’ Kenny. Please don’t get mad. I’m trying so

I watched her get down on her hands and knees and
shuffle across the floor. I had to admit, those perky
little B cups looked great as they swayed with every
move she made. I could get to be really fond of having
a sex slave.

She crawled over to my widespread legs and reached out
and held my cock once more. I saw that look of disgust
still on her face and I decided that it was time to
cure that.

“Gwen. Take your hand away from my cock.”

She looked up. She was still terrified that I was going
to leave her here alone and destitute.

I said, “It’s time you got over your fear of cock. Lean
forward and caress my cock with your face. Rub your
face all over my cock until you aren’t so scared of

She sighed and answered quietly, “Okay Kenny.”

I said, “I don’t think you should call me Kenny for a
while Gwen. I think you need to earn that right. From
now on until I tell you differently I want you to call
me sir.”

I saw her struggling with this latest indignity but she
simply said, “Yes sir.”

I knew this had to be eating her up on the inside. For
years now I had been nothing to her but the man that
put the money in the bank and cleaned the house and
cooked. That was what I had to do to survive.

Now I was humiliating her, degrading her, ordering her
around and demanding that she call me sir. That must be
as hard for her as sucking my cock.

She closed her eyes and leaned down and softly rubbed
her cheek over my cock. She slowly rubbed her cheek up
and down but it was obvious that she was not really
getting into the spirit of this. I said, “All over
Gwen. Not just your cheek. Make love to my cock with
your face and then you can take it into your mouth and
see what it is like to suck on it.”

She whispered, “Yes sir.”

She began to turn her head slowly from side to side
until nearly every inch of the soft skin on her face
had come into contact with my cock. I let her continue
for several minutes and then I said, “Okay Gwen. I
think that’s a good start. If we keep practicing like
this you’ll be over your fear of cock in no time. But
I’m anxious to see you with my cock in your mouth. I’ve
looked forward to this since before we got married. I
almost can’t believe that it’s finally going to happen.
Open wide now and get your first taste of cock. And
watch those teeth.”

She responded slowly, reluctantly. She lifted her head
from my crotch and I saw the trail of clear lubricant
that had begun to leak out of the tip of my cock and
was now coating her cheeks and her forehead. She was
crying quietly again and I hadn’t even realized it.

Her thumb and her two fingers once more grasped my cock
at the base and she pulled it out away from my belly.
She stared at the tip of my cock for a moment and then
she finally resigned herself to do what she had to do
to keep me here. She opened her mouth and carefully
placed it over the head of my cock and about an inch of
the shaft. Her lips carefully closed and pressed down
on my flesh and it I suppose it was kind of pleasant.
But she was being careful to touch me with only her
lips. It was kind of amusing actually.

I waited to see what she was going to do. Apparently
she didn’t know either. She remained like that for a
couple of long moments before I said, “Gwen? What are
you doing? You don’t think that what you are doing is
sucking a cock do you?”

Her eyes were closed and the tears were pouring down
her cheeks. I think if someone had offered her a choice
at that moment between sucking on a snake or sucking on
my cock she would have chosen the snake! Her entire
body shuddered and finally I felt her mouth close
around my cock.

Her mouth was hot and wet and as blowjobs went it
really sucked. But it had been years since a woman,
well, a girl actually, had taken my cock into her mouth
and I had forgotten just how wonderful it felt.

Nearly everything that I had learned about sex had been
learned with the girl next door when I was growing up.
We had been the best of friends. We still were. But she
had always been a tomboy. She was the kid I had played
cowboys and Indians with and tag and, well hell,
everything. At the time there were no other kids living
nearby and Gina and I had been constant companions. She
knew more about baseball and football teams and players
than I ever would. And she was a hell of a lot better
hitter than I was. She was a damn good centerfielder

We had become curious about the opposite sex at about
the same time and we had played show and tell and
doctor and anything else we could think of to get each
other undressed. As we went through our preteen and
teen years we watched each other grow up and it was a
learning experience for both of us.

For some reason there had never been any sexual tension
between us. We had never been boyfriend and girlfriend.
We were always just best friends. I was fascinated as
her breasts sprouted and eventually grew into one hell
of a fine set of tits. Hers was the first pussy I ever
saw or touched and mine was the first cock and balls
that she had ever seen.

We learned about masturbation together. First
masturbating ourselves together in our little private
clearing in the woods behind our houses and later
masturbating each other. We never went all the way. We
both seemed to feel that it wouldn’t be right to fuck.
I’m not sure why that one act was off limits. But we
talked about it. We did experiment with oral sex though
and both of us really loved that.

When we had our first sexual experiences after we
started dating we told each other all about it. How we
felt and what we thought. Whenever either of us had a
question about the incomprehensible behavior of some
member of the opposite sex we could depend on each
other for an honest explanation. We discussed our
insecurities and I think that we are both better people
for having grown up the way we did. I will readily
admit that our relationship was unusual but it damned
sure worked for us.

We didn’t stop our sexual games and experimentation
until we started getting serious about others. She is
probably still my best friend though. We talk all the
time. She was the first person to tell me I was making
a mistake when I got engaged to Gwen. But she didn’t
harp on it. Unfortunately I was too stupid to listen. I
was head over heels in love with Gwen and I was certain
that our little intimacy problems would all go away
once we got married.

One other thing to love about Gina was that she never
said, “I told you so!” after the wedding when it
started to become obvious that there was trouble in

I had had sex with several girls in between Gina and
Gwen. It had been pleasant. I was thankful for what
Gina and I had discovered together because it made it
possible for me to avoid a lot of the pitfalls of early
sexual experiences that teens are prone to. I turned
out to be a very pleasant sexual experience for several
teenage girls in high school before I fell under Gwen’s

But from the time I started dating Gwen that all
stopped. Gwen was not a virgin when we started dating.
She told me later that she had been with two boys in
high school and that both experiences had been
terrible. I wasn’t worried though. I may not be an
expert but I thought that I was pretty damn good in
bed. I was sensitive to my partners needs and I loved
foreplay as much as any girl out there. I didn’t grope
I caressed. I knew what shitty lovers teenage boys were
but thanks to Gina I didn’t fall into that category. I
was certain that I would soon change Gwen’s opinion of

From the time that Gwen and I were married things
started getting worse instead of better. She had all
the passion of one of those blowup sex dolls. How the
hell can you have foreplay when all you hear is, “Don’t
touch me there,” or “Kenny that’s wrong, that’s dirty,
stop that!”

And oral sex! Christ! You would have thought that I had
suggested that she kill a kitten. Not just her sucking
my cock either. She wouldn’t allow my tongue anywhere
near her pussy. Hell, she hated it when I tried to
touch it with my fingers.

It was a disaster from the very first night and it only
got worse as time went by. Foreplay for Gwen was three
hours of begging. I don’t think she has ever had an
orgasm. She won’t allow herself to.

I sat on the couch now with a little bit of my seven
and a half inch cock resting in Gwen’s mouth and
thought back to those nice blowjobs that I used to get
from Gina. That girl was great because she loved doing
it as much as I loved eating her pussy.

Other girls have sucked my cock. I’d take a girl
parking and we’d make out on a blanket that I kept in
my trunk. I have had some decent blowjobs. But nothing
compares to Gina’s enthusiastic blowjobs. You can tell
when a girl likes doing it and that makes all the

I watched Gwen now. Even with a few inches of my cock
in her mouth and her eyes red and swollen from all that
crying and lack of sleep I could see the revulsion she
felt at what she was being forced to do.

I finally said, “Gwen, that isn’t going to cut it. You
aren’t even trying. Make up your mind. Either do it or
give it up. I know you’ve never done it before but
that’s just plain pitiful. I could get a better blowjob
from the hand dryer in a men’s room.

She took her mouth off of my cock and said, “You hate
me don’t you?”

I thought about that for a minute. Did I hate her? No,
I don’t think so. I no longer invested that much
emotion in her at all. No hate, no love. I had lost all
respect for her. I did feel antagonism towards her. I
realized that I wanted to punish her for the way she
had treated me and for what she had done to our

She was waiting for an answer. I looked her right in
the eyes and said, “I was all set to leave you when I
got home last night. I only came back for my things.
You have killed the love I had for you. But I don’t
hate you. I resent you. But I don’t feel strongly
enough about you to hate you. We could have had a
wonderful life together. The thing is Gwen; you were
never looking for a lover, for a man to share your life
with. You were looking for someone to support you and
let you live the life of a fucking princess and leave
you the fuck alone. I was never anything to you but a
paycheck and a housekeeper.”

“No Gwen,” I continued. “I don’t hate you. But the only
reason that I am here right now is that you offered to
accept the terms I offered you last night. The problem
is, you said it, and you may even have meant it. But
you just can’t do it. You have been tip toeing around
having to suck my cock for almost fifteen minutes.
Hell, I could have cum in your mouth by now if you had
started right out sucking my damned cock. I think we
can both see that it isn’t going to happen and we are
both wasting our time here. There’s no sense dragging
this farce out any longer.”

She covered her face and started crying. She sounded
like she was on the verge of hysterics. Unfortunately
our relationship had devolved to the point that I just
didn’t care. I let her cry for a minute or two and then
I quietly said, “Get up Gwen.”

She took her hands away from her face and wiped her
eyes on her forearms. She looked at my face for a
moment and then she looked down at my cock. It was soft
now. I had just barely been able to maintain an
erection while she was holding that little bit of my
cock in her mouth earlier. This soap opera was over as
far as I was concerned.

I started to struggle to my feet but she cried out,
“NO! I’m going to do it!”

I shook my head and said, “Forget it Gwen. You can’t do
it. You can’t stand to touch me. You can’t stand the
idea of my cock in your mouth. We have a conflict here
because you don’t have a problem with that and I can’t
live with it. You just don’t see why that puts us at
odds and you never will. I suggest that you go upstairs
and go to bed and tomorrow you start thinking about
beginning your life all over. You need to decide what
you are going to do for yourself because I’m no longer
going to be doing everything for you.”

I don’t know how much of the things I had been saying
were sinking in. She was still bleary eyed and about
half brain dead from having her life torn upside down
out of the clear blue like this. She had thought that
she had the perfect life and she could just coast on
like that forever.

She was still on the verge of panic. But I am convinced
that what concerned her was not that I was leaving so
much as that there would no longer be a paycheck. She
would have to get up off her fucking ass and go to

That last may have been what finally made up her mind.
She suddenly pushed my legs a little farther apart and
bent down again. She lifted my now totally soft cock
with two fingers and put her lips around it.

She gagged with just the head of my cock in her mouth.
But then she slid her lips all the way down to the base
and started sucking and even using her tongue. My cock
was only a little over four inches long when it was
soft and all drawn up like that. So she had a chance to
get used to it before it started growing. But not much
of a chance! She didn’t know what she was doing and I
knew she hated doing it but god damn that felt good! It
had been so long!

She choked and gagged a lot at first but my cock
quickly got hard again and she began struggling to move
her lips and tongue up and down my shaft. If we had sex
once a month I considered myself lucky. Often we didn’t
even do it that often. We were fighting too much to
fuck. So I was horny as hell and I didn’t like what it
said about me but there was something about how much
she hated what she was doing that was starting to
really turn me on.

I doubt if I lasted five minutes before I said, “Gwen,
I’m going to cum soon. If you spill a single drop then
we are going to do this all over again until you get it

She moaned her assent and I sat back and let it happen.
I suddenly tensed up and lifted my ass right off the
cushion. I cried out and then I started flooding her
mouth with cum.

I couldn’t help it. I wanted to watch her but it just
felt so damned good. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.
So I missed the beginning. But about half way through
filling her mouth with cum I managed to open my eyes
and I saw the disgust and the fear and I watched her
gagging and choking and fighting not to spill a drop
and it was the most exciting thing that had happened to
me in three years.

She struggled to swallow it all and finally she kept it
all down. I was watching her face and it made me want
to do it again. When I finally stopped cumming and she
had swallowed it all she started to straighten up. I
put my hand on the back of her head and said, “Not yet
Gwen. As my cock goes soft there will be a few more
drops of sperm that ooze out. You wouldn’t want to miss
them. Besides, it’s been a long damn time since I’ve
had a woman’s mouth on my cock and I’ve missed it. It
feels pretty damned good. Once you get a little
practice you won’t have nearly so much trouble taking
my cock in your mouth and swallowing my cum. So just
stay there and relax for a few minutes.”

She rested her head on my thigh and held my softening
cock in her mouth. I saw the consternation on her face
when I started getting hard again after a few minutes.
I chuckled and said, “Will you look at that! Looks like
you are going to get to practice again right away!”

She moaned once more, but she started sucking again. I
was half way to filling her mouth with a second load of
cum when the doorbell rang.

Gwen panicked. She started to pull away but I grabbed
her head again and I hissed at her, “Don’t you fucking
move bitch! You do not take your mouth off of my cock
unless I tell you that you can!”

She stopped struggling and held my cock in her mouth
but she was so worried that someone was going to see
her like this that she couldn’t think about my cock
right now.

The front door was open and only the glass storm door
was between us and the outside world. But because of
the way our furniture is arranged we couldn’t be seen
from outside.

I called out, “Who is it?”

Our visitor called out, “It’s me Mr. Casey! Robby! I’m
here to do your yard and I wanted to know if you want
me to mow or just edge and weed eat.”

Robby is the sixteen year old boy that lives next door.
He helps me out with the yard work since I have to do
all the housework. Or at least I had to until today. I
let him do the edging and the weed eating and about
half the time I let him mow. It depends on how busy I

I was about to tell him to do the mowing too when I
looked down at the fear in Gwen’s face and suddenly I
couldn’t resist. I called out, “Come on in Robby! I’m
in the living room!”

Gwen freaked! She struggled to lift her head and tried
to scramble to her feet but I held her head and grabbed
a handful of her bright red hair and hissed, “Don’t you
fucking move, god damn it! If you stop what you are
doing I am putting my pants on and leaving right this

She struggled for a moment longer and then she moaned
and went limp just as the storm door opened. Robby was
inside and the door was halfway shut behind him before
he realized what was happening.

His mouth dropped open and his eyes got wide. I saw his
lips moving and I think that he was whispering, “Well
kiss my ass!”

I chuckled and said, “I’m going to need you to do the
whole thing today Robby. If you have time that is. I
have a little problem though. I can’t pay you until
Monday. I have some things to straighten out at the
bank. I have to close one account and open another. But
if you don’t mind waiting until Monday to get paid I
could let you fuck Gwen as partial payment. Or if you
would rather she can suck you off. I have to tell you
though. She isn’t very good at it.”

He looked at me and the edge of his mouth curled up. He
said, “This is some kind of trick isn’t it? You’re
jerking me around. Guys don’t let people fuck their

Actually, I was surprised at how well he was handling
it. Perhaps he was more worldly than I had thought. I
smiled and replied, “No Robby. I’m not jerking you
around. And some guys like watching other guys fuck
their wives. It turns them on. I’ll be honest. I’m
doing this in large part to punish her. But it turns me
on too. I’m surprised at how much it turns me on.”

He moved around to the side to get a better view of
Gwen’s naked body and said, “Damn! I knew she was hot.
But shit, she’s fucking beautiful!”

I chuckled and said, “Only on the outside Robby. I’m
just starting to work on the inside.”

He didn’t get that but it didn’t matter.

I asked, “You aren’t a virgin are you?”

He smiled and blushed a little. He hesitated before
answering, “Almost. I’ve gotten a blowjob once and I
got my dick into Ca…in a girl I was dating. But just as
we started to do it her mother came home and almost
caught us. I had to climb out of her bedroom window.”

I smiled and said, “Well if you’ve had a blowjob maybe
you can help me train Gwen. This is the first time she
has ever sucked a cock and she is really bad at it. She
is a terrible fuck too. I finally got fed up and was
going to leave but she said that if I stayed she would
be my slut from now on and do everything I said. I’m
not sure she’ll do it but I’m going to give her a
chance. So, does that sound like a good deal to you?
You can wait until Monday for your money can’t you?”

He was staring at Gwen’s body but he nodded and said,
“No problem Mr. Casey.”

He paused for a minute and stared at her body before he
asked, “You’d really let me…do it with her? What about
her? What does she think about that?”

I grinned and said, “She hates it. That’s part of the
reason it’s so necessary. But she knows that if she
doesn’t do what I say then I am out of here. So why
don’t you come over here and check her out while she
sucks me off again? She needs to get used to guys
feeling her up.”

Gwen was stiff as a board and she looked like she was
on the verge of freaking all of the way out. She was
trying to watch Robby out of the corner of her eye and
I had to tap her on the forehead several times before I
got her attention. I said, “Never mind Robby. Go back
to what you were doing.”

She made a strange noise, somewhere between a scream
and a groan. She mumbled something but it was
unintelligible because she had a cock in her mouth. I
ignored her obvious protests and simply said, “Suck

I felt her when she gave up. She slumped down for a
moment and then she slowly started sucking my cock

Robby was watching in fascination and he was smart
enough to see what was going on. It didn’t bother him
in the least that Gwen was doing all of this against
her will. I am sure that he had never before had such
free access to a beautiful woman’s sexy body and he was
going to take advantage of it if there was only the
slightest chance that this was the real deal.

I had seen him watching her in the past and I knew he
had a crush on her. His dreams were finally coming

He slowly inched closer and when he was right beside
her he dropped to his knees. I watched closely as he
reached out his hand and cupped her breast. She jumped
and she made a squeaking sound but she didn’t struggle.
She continued to give me another bad blowjob while
Robby began to tease her tit.

After a thorough examination of her tit he continued to
hold onto it but his other hand reached down and
caressed her ass cheek. He kept his hand on her tit but
he sidled down a little closer to her upturned ass and
began to explore that area of her body.

I was finding it to be an incredible turn on to watch
his hands explore all those areas that she had always
objected to having me touch. Watching his growing
excitement and her growing distaste for what she was
being forced to do was quickly bringing me close to a
second orgasm.

I watched as Robby reluctantly let go of her tit. He
moved around behind her and looked closely at the
beautiful puffy pussy between her tightly clasped
thighs. I said, “Gwen, spread your legs apart. A good
slut should never keep her legs together. Remember

The tears were flowing again but she slowly edged her
knees apart. I had to tell her twice to open them
farther but finally Robby and I were satisfied. He
leaned down and his face was only inches from her pussy
as his fingers began to explore her vulnerable opening.

Watching him touch my wife, seeing the pure lust on his
face was incredibly exciting and I was just about to
prove it. I warned Gwen that I was about to cum again
and the words were hardly out of my mouth before I
followed them with action.

It was just as hard for her this time as it had been
the first time. She choked and gagged and struggled to
swallow until finally she managed to get it all down.
When I finally opened my eyes I saw Robby staring and I
saw the lust in his face. I wished more than anything
that I had thought ahead and had a movie camera pointed
at us.