A wife with no options 3.

I waited until my cock had gone soft in Gwen’s mouth.
Then I pushed her face away. I held her head up with my
fingers on her chin and I said, “How about it Robby?
Have you decided whether you want to fuck her or get a
blowjob? Or maybe you’d like both. You could probably
cum twice couldn’t you?”

Robby breathlessly responded, “I’m sure I can Mr.
Casey! What should I do first?”

I answered, “Well, first of all, if you are going to be
fucking my wife I suppose you should call me Ken. We
are going to have a pretty intimate relationship. Now
normally I thing I’d go with the blowjob first and then
the fuck. But Gwen has just sucked me off twice and her
mouth is probably tired. So I think it would be a good
idea this time if you fucked her first and then she
could suck you off. That way you would get cleaned off
and get a blowjob all at the same time. Does that sound
alright to you?”

He shook his head vigorously and jumped to his feet.
While he all but tore his clothes off I said, “Gwen, go
get a towel to put under your ass. We don’t want to
stain the carpet. And don’t dawdle. As you can see,
Robby is in a hurry.”

She couldn’t look in my eyes. She looked down at the
floor and quietly answered, “Yes sir.” Then she hurried
out of the room and went to the downstairs bathroom.
She was back with a towel before Robby had all of his
clothes off.

Robby stared at her as she approached. Her body was as
fascinating to him as it was to me. I hadn’t seen much
of it either in the last three years.

I liked that bright red pubic patch but it was going to
have to be trimmed. It didn’t look like she had ever
trimmed that stuff. I was trying to decide how I wanted
it trimmed when I had a great idea. I would call Jerry
later and have him come over with a few of his Playboy
magazines. We could go through them until we found an
example of a neatly trimmed pubic patch that we liked
and she could use that as a guideline. She could trim
it right here on the coffee table. I was pretty sure
that Jerry would get a big kick out of that.

Gwen spread the towel out on the floor and then sat
down on it. There could be no question that she had
never been more humiliated in her life. It really sucks
for her that it turned me on so much. She leaned back
and spread her legs just far enough apart that Robby
could squeeze in between them.

I saw the awe in Robby’s face as he stared between her
legs. I knew exactly how he felt. She is definitely
beautiful and she is one of the sexiest women that I
have ever seen, even in Playboy. I was able to remember
being his age and what it was like to see a naked
woman. Hell, it was just about as exciting now. I had
been locked in an almost sexless relationship for the
last three years. I was just about as excited as Robby

I ordered Gwen to open her legs a little wider and then
I told Robby that she was all his.

He had a pretty good cock on him. It was at least six
inches. I thought that was pretty damned good for a
kid, though looking back on it I think my cock was
nearly fully grown when I was about his age.

Still, it was a nice sized cock and it was covered in
the lube that was oozing out of the tip in a volume
that was almost impossible to believe.

He dropped to his knees and his hands came down just
above her knees. She was staring at the ceiling and
crying silently but Robby didn’t care about that. He
worked his hands up her thighs while staring straight
down into the core of her being. He worked his knees
under her legs and when he did the tip of his cock was
lined up perfectly with her opening.

He reached down and applied pressure to his cock and
the head of it slipped inside of Gwen. She gasped in
dismay but she didn’t say a word and she didn’t resist.

He moved his hips closer and a little more of his cock
entered her. He stared down at his cock just inside her
pussy and exclaimed, “That is the most wonderful thing
that I have ever felt!”

I just stared as he moved over her and stared down at
her face. He began to slowly lower his hips until his
cock was buried to the hilt. He sighed loudly and when
there was no more cock to give her he cried out, “Oh
Christ! She’s like an oven in there!”

He didn’t move for a few moments. He just remained
there suspended over her with his cock buried in her
hot, wet pussy. I think that he was trying to calm
down. Watching them was having the opposite effect on
me. I was getting turned on all over again as I watched
him fuck my wife.

After getting his lust under control he began to pump
his cock into her hard and fast. She was grunting with
each stroke and it was obvious that she was in far too
much distress to enjoy it. Not that she ever enjoyed
sex before. Maybe that would come, someday. Until then
I didn’t give a fuck if she enjoyed it or not, as long
as she submitted.

Robby didn’t last any longer in her pussy than I had in
her mouth that first time. He came all too quickly and
collapsed on top of her for moment. He was only sixteen
but he was taller and heavier than Gwen and she was
struggling to breathe by the time he finally got up and
rested his weight on his arms and his knees again.

He stared down at Gwen and said, “That was fantastic
Mrs. Casey! I never felt anything so good in my life!
Thank you ma’am.”

I said, “Robby, you don’t have to call her Mrs. Casey.
Call her Gwen, or bitch. She has been a bitch for a
long time. And don’t thank her. She didn’t want to fuck
you. She let you fuck her because I told her to.
Besides, it was a fair trade. I let you fuck my wife so
that you would let me pay you Monday for the yard work.
That’s the barter system. It works pretty well doesn’t

He grinned and said, “It sure as hell does!”

He finally pulled his cock free and sat up on his
heels. He stared down at Gwen’s wet pussy and said,
“Damn that is beautiful!”

I thought to myself, “Just wait until you see it
trimmed.” But I didn’t say anything. I wanted it to be
a surprise to Gwen.

I noticed that his cock was a nasty mess. Gwen was
going to really hate that. I looked at Robby and said,
“You better go ahead and get that blowjob so you can
get to work. It’s going to take you longer since you
have to mow the grass today too.”

His grin got even wider and he exclaimed, “Oh man! I
can’t fucking believe this! I have got to be the
luckiest guy in the world!”

I told Gwen to get up and let him sit on the towel and
when they changed places I had to rearrange her so that
I could see her ass and her slightly red and swollen
pussy while she sucked him off.

She looked a little green around the gills as she bent
down and took his cock into her mouth. It was still
hard and she started sucking right away. She gagged a
lot at first but soon she seemed to have gotten over it
and she was sucking him with just about the same skill
level that she had attained when she sucked me. I could
see that she needed a lot of practice. Watching her
suck him off was really turning me on though, so I
didn’t have a problem with providing her with lots of
cock to practice on, including mine of course.

While she was sucking on Robby his cum began to ooze
out of her pussy. I was surprised at the amount. It was
running down both of her thighs and it became obvious
that she should have had the towel instead of him.
Luckily he didn’t last any longer this time than he did
when he fucked her. I smiled as I watched him grab her
hair and lift his ass right up off of the towel. He
nearly choked her to death with that cock of his. He
was almost screaming, “Oh my god!” over and over. I was
afraid that he was going to start attracting the
neighbor’s attention. I almost got up and shut the

She gagged and choked just as she had both times she
sucked me off. But she didn’t try to escape. She didn’t
try to pull away or pull back. I was starting to think
that she might be trainable after all.

Robby finally let go of her head and went limp. He
opened his eyes after a moment or two and looked up at
Gwen. She was still sitting on her heels between his
legs. He said to me, his voice tinged with awe, “I
think she is the sexiest woman that I have ever seen
Mr. Casey. Thank you.”

I got off the couch and moved over behind Gwen. I
pushed her back down on her hands and knees. I had
gotten turned on again watching her suck Robby off and
there was something else that she had never let me do
that she was about to experience. I dropped down behind
her and pushed down on her back to adjust the angle.
Her face was back over Robby’s cock and I don’t know if
she was on automatic now or if she thought that was
what I wanted her to do but she started sucking his
cock again.

He liked it and I thought it was sexy, but I was
looking at her sweet ass and her drooling pussy. I once
tried to get her to let me fuck her doggy style and she
had gone on for half an hour about how demeaning that
was. If that was true she was about to be demeaned. I
inched forward slightly and the tip of my hard cock
nestled in her freshly fucked pussy. She had no
complaints this time. In fact, she had nothing to say
as I worked my cock into her.

Something about the idea that Robby had just fucked her
and the fact that I knew how much she hated this really
turned me on. I drove my cock in to the hilt and held
it there. It had been a long time since she had allowed
me the privilege of putting my dick in her solid gold

I was enjoying the fact that she hated this. But I have
to be honest. Nothing in life can compare to that first
few moments when you sink your cock into a hot, wet
pussy, especially one as tight as Gwen’s. I savored the
sensations for a long time before I started fucking
her. I could tell by the expression on his face that
Robby was enjoying it as much as I was. It amused me
that she had returned to sucking his cock without even
being asked.

I had not had a lot of experience with women before I
married. Unfortunately I didn’t gain much after I
married. I had never tried this before, fucking doggy
style. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I liked being able
to see her body and touch her while I fucked her. I
also had fantasized about sharing her with another guy
and now, watching her sucking reluctantly on Robby’s
cock was really turning me on. I knew that even after
two mediocre blowjobs I wasn’t going to last very long.
I felt my orgasm building quickly.

Robby came again before I did. I could tell by his
moans of pleasure and by the way he grabbed her head
and thrust his hips up off the floor to bury his cock
in her mouth. I could also tell by the way she
struggled once more to choke down his load. Watching
her struggle with a mouthful of cum once again was all
it took to push me over the edge. I sped up and grabbed
her hips and started pounding into her and dumped a
second load of cum in her once sacred cunt.

She still hadn’t cum of course and I wondered if she
was even capable of it.

I pulled my cock out of her and got up and went down
the hall to the bathroom. I used the toilet and cleaned
my cock and balls. Then I went back out to the living
room. Robby was sitting up and Gwen was sitting back on
her heels again. She was sitting quietly while Robby
explored one of her tits. His fingers were gently
tracing her nipple and it was obvious by her expression
that she hated it, but her nipple was hard and Robby
was fascinated.

When I returned to the room he got up and went and used
the bathroom. When he came back out a few minutes later
he put his pants and shoes back on said, “Mr. Casey,
don’t worry about paying me for the yard work. This one
is on me. I was wondering though, can we do this again
sometime. That was really something!”

I smiled and said, “Sure we can Robby. She needs all
the practice she can get. Maybe someday we can set up
something with some of your friends.” I was watching
Gwen when I said that and although it looked like she
wasn’t paying any attention to us I saw the look of
horror on her face when I said it.

Robby, however, thought it was a great idea. As he left
I said, “And Robby, the pussy was on me. Come over
Monday evening and I’ll pay you for the yard work. Her
pussy isn’t worth a couple of hours of working in the
hot sun.”

He smiled and said, “Maybe not if you can have it any
time you want it. It seemed pretty hot to me. See you
later Mr. Casey, and thanks.”

I said, “I told you Robby, call me Ken. Hell, you’re
fucking my cunt, so to speak. We should be on a first
name basis.”

Robby went to work on the yard and I sent Gwen up to
get cleaned up. I ordered her to douche and take a
shower. Her pussy was really messy. She got up and went
upstairs. I got a cold beer out of the refrigerator and
put my pants on. I sat down and relaxed and tried to
collect my thoughts.

I had to decide how far I wanted to push Gwen, and how
quickly. I also had to decide how long I wanted to keep
this up. I was enjoying the hell out of this right now
but this wasn’t the same as being in a relationship
with a woman that you love. The sex was fun but I
wanted love just as much as everyone else.

I had every intention of staying around and tormenting
Gwen now. But this couldn’t go on forever. Either she
would decide that she couldn’t live up to her end of
the bargain or I would grow tired of tormenting her. A
little revenge is sweet but I don’t want that to be
what I’m living for.

I called Jerry and told him that there had been a
change of plans. He was disappointed. He had been all
excited for me when he thought that I was leaving Gwen.
All of my friends would love to see me divorce her. She
was universally despised. I had a feeling that they
weren’t going to be so anxious for me to get out when
they met the new Gwen.

I told Jerry that I needed to talk to him and I asked
him to meet me for lunch at a restaurant out by the
creek that we liked to frequent. They have a nice deck
out back on the water and it is a great place to sit
and shoot the shit and drink beer.

While I had him on the phone I also asked if he would
loan me a half a dozen recent issues from his Playboy

He laughed and said, “Yeah, if you are going to be
staying with Gwen you’ll be needing them. Just
remember, I want them back and the pages had better not
be stuck together!”

After I hung up I went upstairs. Gwen was still in the
shower. I went through her closet looking for something
sexy that she could wear to lunch. Jerry thought that
it was just going to be him and me. If I had told him
that Gwen was coming he would probably have begged off.
But I was sure that when he saw Gwen he wouldn’t be
upset. Not when I was through getting her ready.

I couldn’t find a damn thing in her closet that was
anything at all like what I had in mind. I was just
about to give up when I remembered a box of clothes she
had stashed in the garage. They were some of the things
she had worn in high school. The things that had had
much to do with attracting me to her in the first
place, miniskirts and halter tops and even a couple of
crop tops. As soon as we had gotten married she had
boxed them up and put them away for good.

I put some shorts and sandals on and rushed down to the
garage. I located the box and carried it upstairs. I
guess Gwen was feeling pretty dirty because she was
still in the shower.

I dumped out her old clothes on the bed and found a few
miniskirts and then I went through the tops. I selected
a crop top and the miniskirt that seemed to be the
shortest. I was going to be short of funds for a while,
until I dug us out of the financial hole that Gwen had
spent us into. But once I had a little extra money we
were going shopping for clothes. And this time when it
came to deciding what she bought, mine was going to be
the deciding vote.

I put the outfit I had selected aside and crammed the
others back into the box to go through later. I got
dressed in a pair of shorts and a polo shirt and then
sat waiting for Gwen.

She finally shut the shower off and I waited in growing
impatience for her to come out. I finally called out,
“Do I need to send Robby in there to hurry you up?”

She must not have been fond of that idea because she
came out in her bathrobe a couple of minutes after I
called her. I said, “Take the bathrobe off Gwen. In
fact, put it in the hamper. I want you to wash it when
you do laundry and put it away. You won’t need it
again. And yes, you are going to start doing laundry.
You are also going to start cleaning house and cooking.
You don’t have a problem with that do you?”

She gave me her most pitiful look but she shook her
head and said, “No sir. I don’t have a problem with

I pointed to the skirt and top on the bed beside me and
said, “Put these on. We are going out to lunch.”

She glanced at the clothes I had set out for her. I saw
the recognition in her face. She was not a happy
camper. I watched as she went to her dresser and took
out some underwear. She came over and set them on the
bed and took off her robe. She put the robe in the
hamper and while she was doing that I picked up her bra
and panties and tossed them in the small trash can in
the corner.

She almost said something then. I could see it on her
face. I would bet a month’s pay that she had never left
the house without her underwear in her entire life. She
was looking at that little miniskirt and the thin top
and she was uncomfortable with the possibilities. If
she knew what I had in mind for her she would have been
a whole hell of a lot more than uncomfortable.

She picked up the clothes on the bed and sniffed at
them. She said, “Kenny, I mean sir, they have been in a
box for three years. They need to be washed. They’re

I smiled and said, “That’s okay Gwen. They’re going to
get aired out. You can wash them and the others this

She put the skirt on and buttoned it up. I had all but
forgotten how fucking hot she looked in a miniskirt.
She looked down and saw how close she was to being
exposed and tried to work it down a little lower on her
waist. I stopped her and she groaned, wanting
desperately to protest.

She quickly slipped the crop top on and then looked at
herself in the mirror while she was slipping her
sandals on. She hated the look but damn she looked
good! The little pleated skirt was so short that she
was less than two inches from getting arrested. A good
breeze would be a problem for her. That could be
interesting because we were going somewhere that was
almost always breezy. The restaurant was on a creek
that fed into the harbor where the sea breezes kept the
outside diners comfortable all summer long.

The crop top was not as revealing as I would have liked
but despite her sloth-like lifestyle since our wedding,
she had somehow maintained her figure. Her bare midriff
looked great. In a few weeks I would pick her up some
more revealing tops. Until then I might be able to
alter some of the things she had to make them more

I got up off the bed and it suddenly hit me. I knew
exactly what the crop top she was wearing needed. I
reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out a
pair of scissors. Gwen watched me approach in the
mirror and she got a very worried look on her face. I
smiled reassuringly and said, “Don’t worry Gwen. This
won’t hurt at all.”

I pulled the crop top away from her back and snipped
the elastic around the bottom. It wasn’t a radical
change but the lower portion of the top began to loosen
up and hang away from her body. It didn’t quite drape
straight down from her breasts. I was disappointed that
the lower curve of her breasts was still not on
display. But it wouldn’t take much to put them on
display. I was confident that a slight breeze would
prove embarrassing for her.

I liked the look. Gwen was less fond of it.

I turned her around to face me and said, “You haven’t
looked this good since you married me.”

She didn’t seem to agree and she was even less happy
with her outfit when I reached up and stretched out the
bottom elastic on her crop top. I had finally achieved
the effect that I had been going for. The top now hung
down loosely from her breasts. Barring a sudden breeze
her breasts were covered. But I was counting on
breezes. And whether the wind blew or not I now had
easy access to her sexy tits.

I was getting horny looking at her like that but Jerry
would be waiting for us. Well, Jerry was waiting for
me. He didn’t know that Gwen was going to be there. I
didn’t think that he was going to complain once he saw
her though. And it wouldn’t be long before he saw all
of her.

I smiled and kissed her and said, “You look great. Come
on, let’s go.”

She followed me out to the car. I had forgotten all
about packing up and moving out. I closed the garage
door and my trunk lid and we headed for the restaurant.

I watched Gwen out of the corner of my eye as I drove.
She glanced at me from time to time and I got the
impression that she was thinking that she was seeing me
for the first time. She didn’t know me at all. She must
be pretty shocked to realized that all of sudden I was
no longer under her thumb. Not only that, but the roles
were reversed now. She was under my thumb and payback
was a bitch. I knew that she must be wondering just how
much of this she could stand and trying desperately to
think of some way to return to the way things were
before it all blew up in her face yesterday.

She was not pleased with the way things had turned out.
She was still in shock after having to spend a large
part of the morning putting out. And it was bad enough
that she had been forced to allow me to make her suck
my cock, not once but twice. But to be given to the
teenage boy next door! That must have really warped her
mind. Poor Gwen, as horrible as her morning was, she
was really going to hate her afternoon.

I parked at the restaurant and turned in my seat to
face her. She was staring out through the windshield at
the restaurant, probably thinking about how humiliating
it was to be going out in public in what she had been
forced to wear.

I said, “Look at me Gwen.”

She was startled. She had been lost in thought. I said,
“Nothing has changed. You still have the same two
choices. You need to make up your mind right now that
you will obey me completely, no matter how much you
despise what I make you do. Or, I can turn around and
drive you back to the house and finish packing. I’m
dead serious about this. You don’t have to like the
things I make you do. In fact it amuses me that you
don’t. But by god you will do them or it’s all over. I
owe you big time for the way you have behaved over the
last three years and I have every intention of repaying
you in spades.”

She stared at me despondently for a long time before
she nodded and in a quiet voice said, “Yes sir, I
understand. I’ll do what you want. I don’t want you to
leave me. I don’t want to be alone. I can’t be alone. I
know that you hate me right now. Maybe I deserve that.
But I’m going to do what you say and I’m going to try
to make it up to you. Maybe someday you can love me

I hadn’t expected that! But I had to ask, “Gwen, you
want me to love you again? Did you ever really love me?
You never showed it if you did. If you had it would
have made all the difference in the world.”

Her eyes got wide and she said, “I…Kenny I…of course I
loved you! I married you!”

I shook my head and responded, “You married me so that
you would have someone to take care of you, provide for
you. What did you ever do for me?”

She was silent for a moment and then her shoulders
slumped and she said, “I’m sorry.”

I wasn’t sure what it was she was apologizing for and I
didn’t really care.

I said, “Get out.”

I got out and locked the car and ordered her to walk in
front of me. As we crossed the parking lot the breeze
was starting to play with her clothes. I saw her reach
down and press her skirt against her body and I said,
“Don’t bother with that Gwen. Leave your clothes alone.
I like the way your skirt behaves when the breeze hits

I had gotten a couple of brief peeks at the lower curve
of her butt cheeks when the breeze got under her little
skirt and I thought it looked kind of cute. As long as
there were no young kids or Baptist preachers on the
deck I didn’t see where anyone could object to a brief
flash of cheek.

We went through the restaurant and out onto the back
deck. Jerry was already at a table and he and Gwen saw
each other at the same time. Jerry’s eyes got wide and
his mouth fell open and Gwen came to a screeching halt.
I almost walked right into her.

I reached up and put my hand around the back of her
neck and guided her to Jerry’s table. He couldn’t take
his eyes off of Gwen. We took our seats and I saw the
confusion written all over Jerry’s face.

I smiled and said, “It’s okay Jerry. Gwen and I have
reconciled our differences. Haven’t we Gwen?”

She whispered, “Yes sir.”

I smiled and said, “Speak up bitch!”

In a slightly louder voice she said, “Yes sir.”

Jerry was still staring at my frigid, ultra
conservative wife in wonder. Her little crop top was
being gently lifted away from her chest in the light
breeze and from time to time the lower curve of her
breasts would peek out. The people at the other tables
would hardly notice. Jerry and I had a much better

When she sat down she had pulled her chair in but I
said, “Gwen, sit back and relax. Cross your legs and
get comfortable.”

When she was seated that little skirt just barely
covered her pussy. When she scooted her seat out away
from the table and crossed her legs Jerry had a good
view of her pussy. He stared openly for a moment and
then looked at me with a guilty look on his face.

I laughed and said, “That’s okay man. If I didn’t want
you to look I wouldn’t have dressed her like that.”

There was a long silence as Jerry looked back and forth
between me and my sexy but obviously embarrassed wife.
He finally turned to me and asked, “Did Gwen go to
sleep beside a pod last night?”

I laughed and said, “No, she is not among the living
dead and she is not possessed. Well, except in as much
as I possess her. She has agreed to do anything and
everything to please me if I would stay with her. I am
testing her limits. Well, I’m testing her limits and
I’m paying her back for three years of hell. In case
you are wondering, my friends are welcome in my home
once again. In fact, I am going to be encouraging them
all to drop by as often as they like. And next weekend
I’m going to invite a bunch of guys over to watch the

Jerry shook his head and said, “Well, I guess you don’t
need the Playboys after all!”

I replied, “Oh yes. I want you to come over after we
eat and we’ll go through them and pick out a nice style
for Gwen’s bush. She never trims it and it’s growing
wild. It’s a jungle down there!”

Gwen was very uncomfortable with the conversation but
she didn’t react at all when I said that Jerry was
coming over or that she was going to be trimming her
overgrown pubic patch.

Jerry said, “Why don’t you just have her shave it off?”
He was really getting into the spirit of things.

I responded, “Oh no. I love her bright red cunt hair.
It matches the hair on her head perfectly. It just
needs to be severely trimmed back. Wait until you see
it, you’ll love it.”

He glanced down at her legs and I asked, “Or can you
see it?”

He smiled and said, “Not yet. But the way that breeze
is playing around with her skirt I’m sure it won’t be

I looked around and it looked like the only ones that
were paying any attention to us were two older men at a
nearby table. They did not seem to be offended by what
they were seeing. Most of the other tables nearby were
unoccupied at the moment.

The waiter finally came over and took our drink orders
and brought us menus. Gwen had a lot of faults but
being a heavy drinker wasn’t one of them. She rarely
consumed alcohol. Today she didn’t hesitate to order a
large margarita. I ordered a beer and the waiter left.
As soon as he was gone I said, “I don’t see why we
should have to wait for Mother Nature. Gwen, lift your
skirt up and show Jerry what a large bush you have been
cultivating all of these years.”

She put her menu down on the table and glanced around
furtively before she dropped her hand to her skirt and
lifted the hem up to just above her large pubic patch.

As her crotch came into view I said, “Put your leg down
and give him a good look at it darling.”

She glanced at me, surprised by the term of endearment.
I hadn’t sounded sarcastic but it was meant to be. Then
she looked back down and straightened her legs out and
let them fall apart slightly.

I had been watching both of them to see how they
reacted but I also saw the men at the nearby table when
one of them poked the other with his elbow and nodded
in our direction. I don’t think that they could see her
pussy but they could see that she was showing it to

They were both grinning widely as they watched us
closely now. One of them met my eyes and nodded. I
smiled and nodded back. Then I looked at Jerry. Jerry
gaped at Gwen’s bush and said, “I’ll be a son of a

He looked up at me and then turned back to Gwen and
asked, “You are really going along with this?!”

She didn’t look up, she was too embarrassed. She
sounded like she was going to start crying again when
she replied, “I have to. I don’t have any choice. And
maybe he’s was right. No, not maybe. He was right. I
guess I deserve this.”

I was shocked that she would admit it. It even sounded
like she meant it!

She heard the excited murmur from the nearby table and
became aware that those older gentlemen were watching.
Her color seemed to deepen but she held her skirt up
until I said, “You can get comfortable again Gwen. Not
too comfortable though. The only reason you aren’t
naked is because it’s illegal.”

She nodded her head and let her skirt slide back in
place. But she left her seat where it was and she
remained seated with her legs slightly parted. I can’t
say this sort of thing was getting easier for her but
she was apparently reaching the point that she expected
to be treated this way and her first reaction was no
longer to object. Instead she was becoming more or less
resigned to her fate.

Each new indignity, each new act of forced humiliation
was just as hard as the previous ones had been for her
to deal with. But with each subsequent affront to her
dignity she was being hammered further into submission.