After School Special

I am a graduate student at a large southwestern university. As
required by my department, I teach two sections of introductory
psychology every semester.

These classes attract, as you may suspect, some of the most
beautiful wenches on campus. Last semester in particular
featured a number of lust inducers that would rival any of
those depicted in your fine magazine.

Long an avid reader of the “Forum” column, I must admit I never
really believed any of those letters until a recent experience
with these education-hungry (among other things) babes changed
my mind.

It all started during registration week. I was manning one of
the walk-through registration posts in the gymnasium when three
of God’s most beautiful creations appeared at the head of the

They introduced themselves as I sat in my chair, fighting back
an erection that could have bench-pressed a ton. The first and
most talkative one was Lisa, a five-foot-eight blonde bombshell
with tits reminiscent of the old Titan 2 missile launchers and
a tiny ass that appeared hard enough to crack an egg on.

Standing on either side of Lisa were Janey and Jeri, a pair of
identical twins that could convince the Pope to relinquish his
vow of celibacy. Both were about five-two, slender, and
sporting smallish but very firm, well-shaped boobs.

Each had the face of an angel, framed with shoulder-length
reddish-auburn hair. The twinkle in their eyes, as I would find
out later, was a much better indicator of what was going on in
their heads than their cherubic countenances.

Lisa explained that she and her girlfriends were in quite a
bind. They were one semester away from graduating, but they
needed a distribution credit in the humanities, and most
classes were already full.

Thinking quickly, I suggested that they take my course. It had
actually been filled hours earlier; however, I could list them
on the roll and later feign ignorance to my department
chairman. That being decided upon and done, the girls retreated
with a wink and a promise that my help would be later rewarded.

The next time I saw them was the first day of classes. The
sensuous seniors sat side by side in the front row, wearing
their sorority sweatshirts and the shortest of short shorts,
revealing a mile of the greatest gam this side of Uranus. It
took all the willpower I could muster to avert my eyes from
their tremendous deltas and get on with the class.

I began class by introducing myself and discussing some of the
basics of what was to be covered during the semester. Then, as
I passed out the syllabus, I glanced over at the three, and
caught Lisa’s tongue running over her raspberry-red lips like
an ABC Super Slo-Mo, adding a glisten to her mouth and a bulge
to my crotch.

I almost walked straight into my lectern. Then, still reeling,
trying to regain my composure, I spied Janey’s hand slipping up
over Lisa’s smooth thigh toward her waiting bush barely covered
by her shorts. Lisa moved her head back slowly, suppressing a
sigh of delight, while Janey’s hand gyrated intricately above
Lisa’s snatch.

There was no way I could continue my lecture, so I dismissed
the class early, using the excuse that the first day should
just be for going over course mechanics, not starting anything
in depth. Of course, mechanics were on my mind, and depth as

The students filed out of the lecture hall, but the three dolls
stayed in the room. I couldn’t help thinking how fine they
would be in bed, and this gave me a raging hard-on that was as
obvious as golf clubs in a leather satchel. Lisa was the first
to notice my cloth-covered fleshy obelisk. She glided over to
me, placing her delicate hands on the crotch of my jeans,
rubbing ever so gently. She turned her head to the twins who
also came over. Janey’s nipples were rigid, appearing like
pencil erasers under her shirt.

I felt my zipper being undone and looked down to see Lisa take
all ten inches of my manhood into her saliva-filled mouth.
Janey and Jeri began to undress. I almost came when I saw that
the twins were wearing under their clothes. Janey had on a
black leather bra and a matching crotchless black panties, with
a small Harley-Davidson tattoo on her belly above her happy
trail, while Jeri was dressed in a lacy white teddy that was
reminiscent of doilies.

Lisa continued to inhale my impaler, alternating with a bit of
nibbling on the underside of my worm’s head and pinching my
fuzzy balls. The twins lay down in from of me, revealing two of
the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen, each covered with
downy red pubic hair. Holding back an orgasm, I suggested, out
of breath, to Lisa that she should stand up and face the
chalkboard and let me take her from behind.

She was only too happy to oblige. She strode over to the chalk
board and tore off her clothes with reckless abandon, exposing
the most incredible body in the Americas. Just the sight of her
rosebud-tipped scoops of vanilla ecstasy was enough to cause
some pre-come juice to dribble from my cockhead. Add the sight
of her undulating buttocks to those golden globes, and you can
imagine the frenzy to be found in these loins. I raced over to
Lisa and was ready to enter her.

The warmth and smoothness of Lisa’s velvet vise made me lose my
mind. I pumped away at her while Jeri licked and nibbled my
balls. I was straining to hold back the geyser as I continued
ramming away at Lisa’s love hole. She squealed in ecstasy,
pressing herself against the chalkboard harder and harder.

Tension filled the air and the scent of sweat and love juices
made us all gasp and groan in unfettered delight.

As she moved away from the board to engulf my stone-hard member
to the hilt, I saw the imprint of her face and sweaty tits in
the chalk residue. Twitching and throbbing in delight, my wang
was having the time of its life in Lisa, probing ever deeper
like a wildcat driller in search of oil. I was about to unleash
my pent-up jism into her when she pulled away and knelt in
front of me, motioning for the twins to join her as well.

All three of them then began taking turns sucking on my dork,
starting with Janey, who cleaned it up with her teasing tongue.
Each girl played with herself while doing this, and the vision
of a trio of dripping fur pies was more than I could bear. I
had to have them all. I gasped that they should lie on the
floor with their legs spread wide to receive my engorged staff.

I dropped to my knees and began alternating thrusts, first into
Lisa, then Janey, followed by Jeri.

Shrieks of delight left their mouths breathlessly, and my own
inhalations were increasing in tempo to a true delirium.

I could not hold back more that a few seconds now. I pulled my
purple penis out of Jeri’s pussy, and all three coeds sat up
with their mouths open, waiting for my steaming cream soda. I
closed my eyes and let out a primal scream so loud that I’m
sure everybody in the psychology building heard it. Then we all
collapsed, totally exhausted. Suddenly worry knotted my guts.

I looked up at the clock and saw that there were only two
minutes before the start of the next class. I quickly dressed.

They left the room and I straightened out my lecture notes for
the next class, anticipating midterms with fiendish delight.