The two most beautiful, erotic women on the face of the earth are making love to me and each other

Ever had one of those weeks when nothing goes right? I had just had one
and at 7:00 Friday evening, I was both mentally and physically exhausted
and looking forward to turning my brain off, tipping a few beers, and
letting myself unwind for the first time in five days.

As I reached up to put my key in the lock of my front door, I could hear
female voices coming from inside the door. I knew it couldn’t be the TV
because I could hear some mellow jazz in the background, playing
counterpoint to some friendly conversation.

Damn…could I be so lucky? I slowly opened the door and saw my two
favorite females, my wife and her best friend, relaxing in my living
room sharing a bottle of chardonnay. It was an unseasonably warm early
spring evening and they were both celebrating the change of season by
wearing shorts and thin cotton t-shirts. Looking at those two pairs of
shapely brown legs stretched out on my coffee table and two pairs of
firm, ripe nipples stretching against thin white cotton, suddenly I felt
a new energy flowing through my body (and heading towards my ever-
growing cock).

I greeted them with “hi cuntskis!” my usual affectionate greeting for
them and they both looked at each other and simply grinned. I stood
there admiring the view. These two beautiful women were a study in
contrasts: their body types, personalities, even their coloring. Both so
different, yet each an incredibly sexy creature in her own way. My cock
was growing painfully hard and I noticed them both looking at my bulge,
each pleased at my obvious pleasure.

They were feeling pretty mellow from the wine so I decided to enjoy the
evening with them and get started on my own mellow feelings. I went to
the bedroom to change my clothes…hey they were comfortable and I
wanted to be too. Then I wandered into the kitchen, grabbed a beer and
returned to the living room.

They were discussing their workout at the gym earlier that day. My wife
mentioned that she had pulled a muscle in her shoulder, and before I
could offer my services, our friend suggested she might be able to work
some of the soreness out of the muscle. My wife pulled off her shirt,
stretched out on the couch and pointed out the sore spot. Our friend
gently started to kneed the sore muscle.

I watched as her hands worked up and down my wife back, gently at first,
and then with more intensity. Each stroke elicited an almost animal-like
groan from my wife. I wasn’t sure if the feeling was pain from the sore
muscle, or some sort of pleasure. I watched and enjoyed as I her hands
worked up and down the length of her spine, caressed her shoulders and
kneaded the firm taut flesh. As I saw our friend reach under my wife and
caress her breasts, stroke her belly, and then briefly slide her hands
down the front of her shorts, I understood her feelings were pleasure.

For one brief moment, I felt the slightest flutter of Jealousy. I wasn’t
sure if it was because I wanted to be the one providing pleasure to my
beautiful wife, or if it was because I wanted to be the one receiving
pleasure from the caresses of this other sexy creature. My wife rolled
over, pulled her shorts and panties off and asked our friend to stroke
her breasts and belly. I was absolutely hypnotized by the erotic beauty
of the motion.

My wife slowly spread her legs and guided our friend’s hands into her
glistening slit. I watched her hands pull my lady’s lips apart and tease
and tickle her clit, observing the familiar rocking and arching of my
woman’s body, a motion that, up until this moment, only I had the
pleasure of generating. Quietly, almost in a whisper, our friend asked
if she could taste my wife…I don’t know if she was asking me or my
woman for this special favor, but need at the fruition of their efforts
and our charming friend commented that she had never done anything like
that before, but that she thought it was only fair, with my wife’s
permission of course, that she treat both her friends equally.

Throughout this encounter, I was so entranced with what I was watching,
I hadn’t even thought about my involvement (even though I was aching to
My ever-considerate wife said, “poor baby…we had all the fun and all
you got to do was watch…wanna play now?”

Did I ever! My our lover-friend crawled over to me and asked “what do
you really want?” All this slurping of juices had made my mouth water
and I was dying to taste her honey and I told her so. She told me she
wanted to feel my muscle in her mouth and asked if she could go down on
me while I partook of her juice. In response, I positioned her beautiful
slit over my face and pushed her head toward my organ. she immediately
took me inside her mouth and rolled my head around her tongue. She then
gently nipped at my tender head and slightly inserted her tongue into my
small hole.

All the while she is performing, her glistening pussy is positioned
several inches above my head…just high enough that I can’t reach with
my tongue, but her honey is flowing freely and soon my face is covered.
I can no longer take the teasing and I pull her luscious ass to my face
and drink her like a baby sucking mother’s milk. The taste is sweet,
different from the taste of my wife, but incredible and pleasing all the

Slowly, she slides my pulsing organ from her mouth and I feel it slide
into familiar territory…My wife has joined us and had taken me deep
inside her pulsing cunt. Is this the fantasy of a lifetime or what? The
two most beautiful, erotic women on the face of the earth are making
love to me and each other; one riding my face and the other riding my
cock, caressing each other’s nubile breasts and whimpering in delight!

Suddenly, a chain reaction begins as our friend-lover’s body is racked
with pleasure. the juices flowing from deep inside her cover my face and
I keep slurping and sucking the honey. Viewing our friend’s obvious
pleasure triggers my woman’s second orgasm of the evening and I can feel
her muscles contracting around my painfully throbbing organ.

Suddenly, I gush, pump, surge oceans of cum into my woman, my whole body
shuddering with pleasure, a trio of moaning, whimpering and laughter
ringing through the room. Our pyramid of bodies tumble into an exhausted
pile, spent from our evening of pleasure.

Finally, our friend speaks, asking…”so what are we doing for fun next