Whipped Wife

Diane Hathaway crossed her long, tapered legs and pushed her ass cheeks against the back of the living room couch as she rubbed the tall, cold glass slowly over her flushed cheeks. The blonde was trying to fight down the hot, mushy feeling between her legs. She lowered her eyes to the green carpet and tried to appear as if she were completely unconcerned with what was happening around her. But the way that man’s eyes were zooming in on her body for a close-up! The way his stares seemed to burn through her clothing and sear across her flesh made her skin crawl with excitement. Diane’s fingers trembled, making the ice rattle against the sides of the glass as she took another long sip of her drink.

“And that’s it, ladies. My company’s willing to take a chance on you if you’ll take a chance with us,” the tall, black-haired man said breezily as he flashed another hot glance at Diane. The nervous blonde felt her pussy stirring with the kind of hot excitement and lust that she swore she’d never give in to again. Diane knew only too well that it was this kind of feeling that got her into trouble every time. She lost her cherry to the high school football team captain because she couldn’t keep her twat under control that night of the senior prom. God! The way they fucked and fucked that night under the stars on top of his tuxedo jacket, staining the white material with cum, blood from her ruptured hymen and sweat, made Diane think that that dream would never end.

It did. The next week good old Jim Byron pretended as if he never knew her. His regular girlfriend had made up with him, and he didn’t want the bitch to know that he’d been fucking around.

“Diane, isn’t he handsome?” a short, attractive young woman with long, shiny black hair sitting next to the blonde asked softly as she kept her eyes riveted onto the speaker’s muscular body.

“Mmmm,” Diane answered with a low hum, surprised at how husky sounding her voice was. The blonde shook her head slightly, pushing several strands of stray blonde hairs away from her face. Even that careless movement had a certain dignity, almost regal quality about it that attracted attention. In fact, everything about Diane Hathaway seemed to attract attention from every normal male near her. The proud, almost stiff way she carried herself about; her golden, long hair that she wore parted in the middle of her head and hanging down beyond her shoulders; her sparkling, dark-blue eyes that were surrounded by long, black lashes; her pert little ass that jounced back and forth under her clinging slacks whenever she walked; those melon-like, high-riding titties jiggling against each other with each step she took — everything about her made men’s breaths quicken and their cocks stiffen up with hot blood!

“I’d sell myself for a man like that,” the girl said under her breath, reaching over with her right hand and pinching Diane teasingly on the right arm.

“Oh, stop it, Sharon!” Diane whispered as she took another drink. She was sorry she ever came to this demonstration. She should have been at home cooking dinner for Matt.

Matt! That was another mistake in her life. After the football captain business, Diane swore that she’d never fuck with another man until he slipped that magic ring on her third finger. It was hard to keep her pussy quiet, especially in college when every coed around her was yakking about how big so-and-so’s cock was, or how so-and-so made her suck him off in the back seat the night before. Diane pretended that talk offended her. But the blonde envied all those girls. She secretly wished that she could be in their places at least once, feeling a strong, hairy, masculine hand prying open her reluctant legs and stroking her inner thighs while… while… Diane blocked the rest out of her mind. She knew that if she thought about it, she’d go crazy in her dorm room while her girlfriends were out there in the fields fucking like butterflies in heat.

“Don’t forget your samples and the sample booklets, ladies,” the big man said, flashing a white, gleaming smile at Diane as he passed out the shiny pamphlets to the crowd of giggling women.

“Too bad you’re married, Diane,” Sharon said as she started to get up. “I think he’s making a pass at you.”

Great! Diane thought to herself as she drained the glass of the vodka and tonic, then placed it down on the end table on her right. That’s how it started out with her and Matt. He seemed to be quiet and mature. They met in Art History I at UCLA. Matt wasn’t like the rest of the men at the university who started conversations out with something clever like: “Don’t you think Gauguin was influenced by the pre-Romanticist movement in German — wanna fuck?” He seemed to respect her body as well as her mind. They’d walk for hours in the Sculpture Garden next to the Graduate Research Library and talk about various art movements, the situation in the visual arts today, and other academic subjects. And he didn’t even once try to take her hand, let alone try anything more suggestive. At first, Diane thought that he might be gay and wanted just a sister-type figure around him all the time.

That kind of thinking went out the window one evening after they attended a concert of Baroque music at Royce Hall. Matt escorted her out of the hot, stuffy auditorium after the last notes died away into the still night. He was strangely quiet that evening, fidgeting in his seat while the tiny amateur string orchestra sawed bravely through Bach’s early ensemble music. Diane sensed that Matt’s mind was somewhere else. But until they strolled into the dark, deserted Sculpture Gardens that night, she had no idea exactly where it had been hiding.

After several minutes of silent strolling, Diane felt Matt’s right hand grip her wrist tightly and spin her around.

“Matt?” Diane asked in a questioning, slightly nervous voice as she looked into his eyes. The full moon lit up the tall pines and shrubs around them with an eerie silver light. In that same bright moonlight, Matt’s face looked savage and twisted. His deep-set eyes looked like holes in a death-head. His nostrils quivered nervously, and his lower jaw moved spasmodically. “Matt, come on. What’s wrong with you?”

“I-I,” he stammered, still staring at her. Then before she knew it, the blonde was being dragged off the twisting concrete path into a cluster of tall bushes some ten feet away.

“Matt! Please, don’t!” Diane cried all the way through the rape, clawing at the boy’s flushed face as he ripped away her blouse, bra, skirt and panties. It all happened so quickly that Diane didn’t even realize that Matt had blown his wad in her pussy until he collapsed on top of her violated body. He kept his dick embedded in her snatch for several minutes, hunching spastically into her while he covered her mouth with his right hand. When he was sure that she wouldn’t scream any more, he took his hand off and started to apologize.

“You filthy animal!” Diane hissed, reaching up and pushing him off.

That horrible night! Diane wanted to forget it. “We have a lot of success with women like you, Mrs. Hathaway, who go out into the field and sell our products,” the man said, handing the blonde a box of the printed pamphlets.

“Thank you, Mr. — uh…” Diane stammered as she pressed the box against her protruding tits.

“Jack. Jack Moore,” the man said, taking Diane’s hand in his and pressing it tightly.

“It’s attached to me,” Diane said after several long seconds went by. She pulled back gently but steadily, feeling a thrill flash through her box as Jack kept on smiling at her.

Just like Matt, Diane thought sourly as she turned and walked back to the couch. After that night in the Sculpture Gardens, the blonde didn’t hear anything from him for several days. He wasn’t in class, and didn’t bother trying to call or see her at the dorm. That was fine with her. He’d purposely led her into believing that he respected her. Then slap, bam! Into the bushes and into her cunt!

When he finally did show up at her door some two weeks later, it was with a proposal of marriage! Diane couldn’t believe that he was serious!

“I want you for my wife! I really do!” Matt insisted, practically sweeping her off her feet. She knew she should have been offended. Here was a man who’d raped her. And now he was asking her hand in marriage. It was crazy! It was absurd!

One month later they were married at the university chapel in front of their immediate families and close friends. There was something gentle, yet overwhelmingly powerful about Matt that finally led Diane to accept his proposal. There was also something in her that responded even favorably to that brutal rape in the Sculpture Gardens. That was something she didn’t understand and didn’t want to explore. All she knew then was that she was in love with Matt Hathaway and wanted to be his wife.

Their marriage went along well for the first five years. Matt went on for his master’s in Art History, then his doctorate, while Diane taught part-time at a local Catholic girls’ school. When he received his Ph.D., he managed to land a teaching job at USC. Money and status came quickly. But then something went wrong. Diane didn’t know exactly what it was. But things started to take a nasty turn in their marriage. Matt started coming home later and later, oftentimes not staggering into the bedroom until dawn. Diane was sure that he was having an affair and often asked him about it. But then he started getting violent, sometimes hitting her and shouting that she should keep her big mouth shut.

Gradually, the blonde learned not to ask Matt about anything. Now, in the eighth year of the marriage, there was a kind of uneasy truce between the two of them. Though they slept in the same bed still, Matt hardly touched her any more. And Diane was grateful for that. His lovemaking was brutal and overbearing, resembling a wrestling or boxing match more than an enjoyable fuck session. But most of the time Matt just came home whenever he wanted to and collapsed exhausted onto the mattress. She’d often thought about divorce. But in spite of everything, Diane hoped that they could still salvage something out of their marriage.

“Diane. You know the way Matt treats you, you really should try to cultivate something like that,” Sharon whispered to her as Diane slipped her sweater on.

“Sharon! Don’t! You know I wouldn’t cheat on Matt!” Diane said under her breath as she bent down and picked up the box of pamphlets that lay on the couch.

“Why not? He does it to you,” Sharon said softly.

“Please,” Diane pleaded, fighting back the hot tears that sprang to her eyes.

“I’m sorry, honey. But you’ve got to face the facts. I asked you to come here to get your mind off your problems. But look at what’s come your way,” Sharon said sympathetically, nodding toward Jack Moore.

“I’m not footloose and single like you, Sharon,” Diane said, glancing over at Jack Moore and feeling her nipples tightening up and pressing against the stiff material of her cotton blouse.

“You don’t have to be single to enjoy something like that, honey,” Sharon said, pressing Diane’s right arm as she walked toward the door to say good-bye to some departing women.

Diane looked around and saw that she’d forgotten her box of jewelry samples. This whole affair had been Sharon’s idea from the start.

Sharon Dennis was Diane’s best friend and sympathized with her concerning her marital problems. Diane had quit her job at the girls’ school several months ago and was lying around the house, just feeling sorry for herself. Sharon was a part-time distributor for Jackson’s Jewelry Products and convinced Diane that she should come over to her home one time for a demonstration party. Diane kept refusing, feeling a little ridiculous at the idea of her becoming something like an Avon lady. But after Matt’s latest blow-up, the blonde decided that she had to do something, or she’d wind up slicing her wrists open. This was the first time she’d been over at Sharon’s for this kind of gathering, and already she was sucked in. But with someone like Jack Moore staring at you like that while he talked, who wouldn’t give in to his sales pitch?

“Uh, Mr. Moore. My samples?” Diane asked hesitatingly as Jack was explaining something to two plump, middle-aged women in blonde wigs.

“Of course. And here’s my card in case you need me for anything,” Jack said, handing a foot-square box to Diane and smiling meaningfully at her.

“Thank you,” she murmured, refusing to look back at him as she tucked the box of samples and the box of pamphlets under her arm and walked toward the door. She could feel Jack’s eyes burning the back of her neck as she said good-bye to Sharon and stepped out into the warm night air. Matt wouldn’t be home. That thought ran around and around in her mind as she walked quickly to her car. In a way, it was a blessing. At least there wouldn’t be any fighting and shouting to amuse the neighbors with again.

Diane unlocked the car door and placed the two boxes in the rear seat. Sliding in quickly, she slammed the door shut, then inserted the key into the ignition.

“Damn!” Diane muttered as the engine refused to turn over.

“Trouble, Diane?” Sharon called out from the doorway as she folded her arms tightly across her belly.

“I can’t get this thing going!” Diane shouted back after she rolled down the window.

“Just a sec,” Sharon said brightly, turning around and walking back into her house. Diane sighed deeply and waited. There’d be towing charges, then anything the garage decided to slap onto her. Matt used to take care of things like this for her. Now, she was on her own.

“Let me try,” Diane heard a deep, masculine voice roll out suddenly next to her. She turned around and saw that it was Jack Moore, bending down and peering at her from outside the car.

“I think it’s dead,” Diane said mindlessly as she slid over to the passenger’s side. Jack climbed in and tried to get the engine to turn over. After several attempts, he jumped out and walked to the front of the car and raised the hood.

“Looks like somebody walked off with your starter,” Jack said after several minutes of examining the engine.

“What?” Diane cried out, sliding out and running over to Jack. She peered into the dark pit and smelled the stale odor of gasoline and burnt oil. There was a gaping hole to the right of the big engine, and several wires dangled loosely into it. “Who? Why?”

“Kids, probably,” Jack said, shaking his head and slamming the hood. “Say, I kind of feel responsible for this. Could I give you a lift home?”

The words rang out like a cannon shot in Diane’s ear. What woman in that living room wouldn’t have sold her own children for an opportunity like this?

“I don’t want to put you out of your way, Mr. Moore. I’m sure Sharon…”

“Don’t think about it. I’m not doing anything more tonight. Come on,” Jack said, smiling broadly at her as he took her by the arm and led her back to the door. Diane grabbed her samples and walked briskly toward Jack’s 1976 Monte Carlo while the big man explained what had happened to Sharon. The blonde glanced quickly at her friend and saw Sharon smirking as Jack explained the situation.

The bitch! If she thinks that I’m going to do anything… Diane thought to herself, throwing the samples in the rear seat of the big black car, then sliding into the passenger’s side. But then she couldn’t finish the sentence. As she sat there nervously twiddling her thumbs and waiting for Jack, Diane couldn’t really tell herself that she wasn’t hoping for something to happen between her and the salesman. All the frustration and disillusion that had been building up in her marriage seemed to be breaking loose all of a sudden. She felt adventurous and horny tonight. And there was this vital, big man coming up to the car. Her husband wouldn’t be home for hours. As Jack opened the car door and slid in, Diane dug her fingernails into her palms as she tried to quiet herself down.

“Okay, where do you live?” Jack asked as he started the car and backed out of Sharon’s drive.

“Just a few blocks down that way,” Diane said, forcing her voice to be steady and even as she pointed down the street.

Jack didn’t say a word as they cruised slowly toward her house. In a way, Diane was disappointed. She was hoping now that he would make a pass at her. Of course she’d refuse. She wasn’t the kind of woman who spread her legs whenever a man whistled. But it would be nice if he’d just…

“Mr. Moore! What are you doing?” Diane cried out as she felt his hand suddenly slide onto her knee.

“Come on, Diane. I know your type. I know what you want,” he said in a husky voice, sliding his hand slowly up her thigh as he kept his eyes on the road and his other hand tightly clamped on the steering wheel.

“My type! Ohhhh, let me out here!” Diane cried out indignantly as she slapped his hand away and opened the car door.

“Hey, are you crazy? Stop that!” Jack called out, taking his left hand off the wheel and reaching out toward her. The car swerved crazily on the street as he struggled with Diane.

“Let me go! Let me go, and get your damned hands on the wheel!” the blonde cried out as she pulled herself back in the car. The idea to jump out was impulsive, and now Diane realized it was a little crazy too. The car was going thirty miles per hour, and she was thinking of leaping to the sidewalk?

“Look out!” Jack shouted as he pulled her back in and took control of the car again. Diane jerked her head forward just as she slammed the passenger door shut again and saw that they were headed for a large willow tree standing in the middle of a lawn.

“AIYEEE!” the blonde screamed, covering her face with both hands as she pushed down with her feet and braced for the crash. Diane felt the brakes clamp shut and heard the squealing tires. Then there was a more powerful lunge forward followed by a crunching sound as Jack’s Monte Carlo slammed into the tree.

“Are you all right?” Jack asked after several quiet seconds went by.

“I-I think so,” Diane stammered, reaching up and rubbing her forehead. She was a little dazed from all the excitement. But the blonde had managed to keep from slamming against the windshield. “Ohhh, great!” Diane groaned as she focused her eyes and looked at the tree. It was her neighbor’s!

“Something wrong?” Jack asked softly.

“You just plowed into my neighbor’s front door,” Diane said sarcastically as she threw open the door and jumped out. The blonde ran around to the front of the car and examined the damage. Jack’s right front headlight was shattered and a chunk of the side of the tree was missing. “That old bitch next door thinks more of this tree than she does her kids,” Diane muttered as she looked nervously around to see if anyone was looking. It was late, and miraculously no one was peeking out of their windows or standing on their porches.

“I’ll have to call my insurance tomorrow,” Jack said, standing next to Diane and looking at the broken glass in the headlight compartment. “By the way, I’m sorry about that pass. Guess I thought you were an easy mark,” Jack said apologetically.

The old humble I’m sorry routine. I won’t fall for it. I won’t! She thought.

“That’s all right. You want to come in for some coffee?” Diane heard herself asking as she brushed back her hair. She saw Jack’s sullen face slowly break into a smile as he nodded, then ran back to the car to pull it off the lawn. Why did I give in? Why? Diane asked herself as she walked up to her front door.


“Your husband’s a lucky man,” Jack said, closing the front door quietly behind him as Diane walked to the kitchen doorway and flicked on the light.

“Yes,” she said dully, walking slowly into the kitchen and trying to think the situation out. There was Jack Moore standing in the middle of her living room. She could tell just from the way he talked that he was planning to make his “move” soon. Should she give in? God knows it had been weeks since Matt had fucked her. She’d been straight with him all this time and for what? A couple of fuck sessions in bed a month that left her bruised and totally unsatisfied? Diane moved to the stove and pulled off the teakettle, filling it with water and putting it back on the lit burner as she listened to Jack walking around in her living room. Every square inch of her skin seemed to sputter with sexual electricity. Her knees wobbled as she walked back into the living room. Should she take the chance of cheating on her husband in his own house? This could be one of the nights he came back early. What would happen if he caught her?

“Your husband in town?” Jack asked, licking his thick lower lip sensuously.

“Yes. In fact, he should be home any minute now,” Diane said defensively. Why did I say that? Diane asked herself bitterly at the same time. The blonde was torn between two desires right now, and didn’t know which one to follow.

“Oh,” Jack said, a little disappointed, shifting his feet uneasily as a painful silence followed Diane’s last comment.

“I’ve got some water heating on the stove. We’ll have coffee in a second,” the blonde blurted out finally, desperately thinking of something to say. She wanted to keep Jack in the house as badly as she wanted him to leave.

Jack stood motionless for what seemed like hours, staring into her eyes as the sound of the heating water filled the living room. Finally he started to move, steadily and slowly toward her.

“No, don’t. I’m married,” Diane protested as she felt his right hand slip around her narrow waist and draw her tightly to his powerful chest. She could feel his muscles rippling through his shirt as he bent his head down and moved his face toward hers.

Diane struggled weakly in his arms as Jack pressed his lips against her mouth, digging his fat, hot wet tongue into her oral cavity. As his thick tongue lashed down her throat, Diane felt Jack’s hands sliding down until his fingers were pressing into her plump ass cheeks. She felt her pussy lips being pulled apart. He had his hands under her butt cheeks now, working his fingers across those mounds. Every time he squeezed, the hot crack drooling cunt juice pulled open.

Diane moaned hungrily into Jack’s sucking mouth every time she felt her hot cuntal lips unsticking. Slowly, Diane’s skirt hiked higher and higher until she could feel the cool air of the room blowing against her uncovered ass. Jack slipped his fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties and dug his fingertips into her bare flesh.

Diane moaned low and deep as sweet, steamy juice seeped out of her pussy and soaked the crotch panel of her briefs. Their hot mouths sucked and gurgled together as Jack rubbed his bulging crotch against hers. Diane fought the desire to reach down and run her fingers over the big man’s fly. She knew what she’d feel down there. But the blonde still wasn’t sure if she should give in or not. Even now she could back away and keep her respectability.

“The teakettle!” Diane gasped, pulling herself away from Jack’s lips and struggling in his arms to getaway.

“Fuck the tea kettle. I want you,” the big man said gruffly as his eyes bored down into her. Diane felt herself melting into a molten pile of sex-flesh as Jack pushed his fingers further under her butt. Her skin crawled with excitement as she felt him kneading and teasing the sensitive flesh that ran between her asshole and cunt.

“Please,” Diane insisted, finally freeing herself and running shakily into the kitchen. The whistling kettle was deafening as she turned off the flame and steadied herself against the stove. The blonde felt powerful throbbing sensations racking her wet pussy. Diane couldn’t say no now. Her body was on fire. Her mind buzzed with lust and booze, while her cunt spasmed and sucked in air.

“Diane,” Jack whispered hoarsely from the doorway to the living room. That sounded like the mating call of a moose in rut to her. The blonde clenched her slender fingers together into two tight fists, then threw back her head and laughed loudly. If Matt could cheat on her, why shouldn’t she be able to do the same? He’d abused her enough. It was time that she had a little satisfaction for herself.

“Oh Jack,” the blonde said, turning around and leaning against the stove as she stared hotly at him. This time she didn’t try to hide her feelings. She was in heat. Every inch of her body was begging for that man’s fat dick. Jack could tell what Diane wanted and smiled triumphantly as he walked into the kitchen. The blonde completely surrendered to him, pulling up her hands and locking her fingers behind his neck as she pressed her thunderous tits against his heaving chest.

“Fuck me. Oh God, fuck me,” Diane pleaded as she felt Jack’s big hands unzipping her skirt. The blonde felt it float down to the floor as he fumbled with the sweat-and-juice-soaked pair of panties that clung to her hot skin. Diane rocked back and forth, groaning and rolling her head from side to side as Jack kept hunching forward and aimed that hard bulge directly at the hot itching spot between her legs.

“Damn it!” Jack said, giving up at trying to peel the sticking panties down. He raised his hands and moved them forward, unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it off her shoulders. Diane moaned again, feeling her stiffened nipples roasting like chestnuts in their own juice inside her bra. Jack moved his hands up to the spongy boobs, squeezing them gently as he hunched his groin against the juice-dampened crotch panel of her panties. With each squeeze, Diane felt her clit throb deliciously.

“Take it off, ohhhh, please,” Diane begged as she felt Jack’s fingers slide around her sides and up to her bra strap.

In a moment her bra was unfastened and falling to the floor. While Jack ran the thumb of his right hand over her left nipple, the big man reached down and unzipped his fly. Instinctively, Diane moved her hands toward the opened trousers and felt a hot blast of air blow against her trembling fingers. Jack’s big fat cock was only inches away from her hands!

“I want to fuck you. God, how I want to stick this thing into you!” Jack groaned as Diane slid her hands into his pants. She felt the throbbing, fat long dick straining against the cotton of his tight white jockey shorts with her fingers. She squeezed the big pole and heard Jack moan in delight. “Come on. Let’s get to bed,” Jack suggested as he pulled her hand out of his trousers and pulled her toward the doorway.

“No, not in the bedroom,” Diane protested. Even as hot as she was, she couldn’t see violating the sanctity of the bedroom with this man. She still felt something for Matt. Fucking a strange man on her husband’s bed was something she couldn’t face up to. Not yet, at least.

“Okay, right here,” Jack said, reaching over and flicking off the lights as he pulled the willing Diane over to the couch. Soon Diane was on the couch and Jack was on top of her. He’d peeled off his shirt and pants, wearing only his jockey shorts as he rubbed and hunched against her half-naked body.

“You want it as bad as I do babe, don’t you?” Jack groaned into her ear as his hands crawled over her titties.

“Oh good,” was all Diane could moan. She felt his hand slide in between their bodies and cup her tender pussy tightly. She pressed her head back into the cushions and closed her eyes, moaning low and deep in her throat as strands of blonde hair clung to her dampened cheeks and forehead. Diane continued to moan and beg for more as Jack’s fingers worked greedily over her fat, hot pussy lips.

“Fuck your sweet ass,” Jack grunted as he milked the lips against each other. Creamy foam bubbled up out from between those labes as he worked their slippery, downy edges together. Diane dug her ass cheeks into the cushions as she dug her fingernails into the big man’s back. She couldn’t believe the sensations she was feeling right now. Even Matt with all his rough-housing couldn’t light her body on fire the way Jack was doing right now. Her nipples were crushed against the black-haired man’s hairy chest as his powerful groin pushed her legs further and further apart.

“Ohhh, fuck me. Slip your dick into me,” Diane hissed between her teeth.

Jack laughed huskily, slipping his fingers under the waistband of her panties and yanking down. Diane lifted her ass high, pushing her swampy cunt against Jack’s throbbing dick as she felt her briefs slip down from her thighs. Jack tossed the briefs over the top of the couch, then slid down until his mouth was above the dark bush of cunt hairs that stuck out from between her legs.

She stretched her legs more widely apart, hiking her knees up high as Jack pushed his head in between her thighs. He nuzzled his nose through the kinky curls of her pussy hairs and opened his mouth wide.

“AHHHH!” Diane groaned, feeling her eyeballs rolling up into her head as Jack closed his mouth over her pussy. He took the whole thing inside, sinking his teeth into her cunt’s fleshy roots. Diane dug her fingernails into his shoulders even harder, raking his tough skin as her brain exploded with ecstasy. The big man sucked onto her like a leech, filling the room with loud, squishy sounds as his tongue lapped and jabbed. Diane rolled her ass from side to side, snapping her knees together occasionally as she tried to scratch that ever-growing itch between her legs. The big man’s mouth was making that ache worse. His lips and tongue teased her clit up to an incredibly high heat as her legs closed over Jack’s head and trapped him tightly against her bucking body. Diane felt his rough tongue sanding over the sputtering tip of her clit as she jerked her hips up in tiny little upward motions.

“Jesus! You’re hot and slippery enough. I could get my fist up there,” Jack commented as he pulled his mouth off her cunt and slid back up to her face.

Diane didn’t comment. She slid her hands down his back, curling her fingers around the waistband of his shorts and pulled down until she pushed the sweat-soaked cotton material over the big man’s powerful, hairy buttocks.

“So, you wanna see some cock meat?” Jack said, smiling slyly at her as he got up and towered above her on his knees. Even in the semi-darkness of the living room, Diane could see that throbbing bulge pushing against the fly-flap of Jack’s briefs. Sneering at her, the big man pushed down his jockey shorts and freed his big dick. Diane gasped as the pulsating dick head bobbed only inches away from her parted lips.

Instinctively, Diane reached up and curled her fingers around Jack’s fat rod. She could barely fit them around the circumference of that monster. The big man closed his eyes and jerked forward slightly as Diane applied a little pressure. The big, rope-like veins that surrounded Jack’s prong throbbed against her fingers as Diane licked her lips in excitement.

“Take it easy!” Jack said suddenly, brushing her hands away from his dick. He fell down on her and crushed her into the couch as he dug his throbbing cock against her furry cunt lips. Diane felt her wet box shudder with the sudden pressure from Jack’s dick. He kept moaning that he was about to shoot. The blonde groaned with growing excitement as she begged him to hold on.

“Give it to me!” Diane finally groaned as she felt Jack calm down a little. “Oh please, give it to me!” She didn’t want him shooting his cum all over her belly without satisfying her. She’d had too much of that lately with her husband. This time she was going to cum with a cock in her.

“Give what?” Jack asked teasingly, pulling his head back and sneering teasingly at her as he reached between their bodies again and massaged her spongy, fat labes.

“Your cock, damn you!” Diane said impatiently, thrashing around under the big man’s hairy body.

“Lie still, damn it!” Jack commanded as he put his hands on either side of her shoulders and positioned himself for the initial thrust. Diane closed her eyes and sucked in a ragged breath. The suspense was beautiful. She could feel the heat radiating from Jack’s cock and balls as she hiked her knees up higher and spread her legs. Her sticky cunt lips pulled apart and stretched, waiting for Jack’s fat dick to slip in and scratch the itch raking across her clit.

As Diane flattened her ass against the couch cushion, her head tossed from side to side as she felt her body being forced open by Jack’s hard cock. She felt it pushing past her outer labes, stretching them as it slid over her inner cuntal folds and into the hot dark hole between her flailing legs. Diane felt strange tingling sensations all over her body as Jack’s cock sank into her snatch like a hot poker into a tub of butter.

As their bodies came closer and closer together, Diane groaned with delight and satisfaction. Every throbbing vein in Jack’s dick found a corresponding spot in the woman’s begging pussy. Finally she felt Jack’s hair tickling across her hot skin. His breath was coming in pants now. Sweat dripped off his forehead and from under his arms, splashing on her twisting body as he shoved the last inch of cock meat into her.

“OHHHH!” the woman moaned, feeling herself almost slipping into unconsciousness as Jack’s big dick throbbed against her clutching cuntal walls. She didn’t want to move. Diane could have lain there for centuries, stuffed to the hilt with the hot inches of Jack’s prick.

“UGHHH!” Jack groaned, starting to hunch back and forth. With each forward jerk of his hard pole, her pussy walls squeezed tightly around it, holding it tightly in that silky, slick trap. As Jack settled more and more onto her body, Diane felt her clit being crushed and rubbed up to climax.

“OHHH, FUCK M-MEEE! N-NNNNGH!” Diane cried out hoarsely when she couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

“I want you begging for it,” Jack growled, pushing his ass up high, getting his cock ready for a down stroke. He kept his dick head barely buried in her box, rotating his ass lightly. The rolling, sliding motions of that fat cock head against her cuntal membranes made Diane cry out deliriously for him to fuck her.

“Yeah!” Jack growled, the long curly strands of his hair plastered down on his sweaty forehead as he stared at the begging, twisting, bucking woman. He closed his eyes and hunched down powerfully, throwing the full length of his dick into her sucking snatch.

Diane stopped saying anything and just grunted with each down stroke. Her pussy drooled uncontrollably now as Jack hammered away. Diane’s pussy got hotter and hotter under his constant, violent attack. The blonde felt herself climbing higher and higher toward climax as she felt his dick start to spasm.

“NO! NO! NO!” she moaned. Diane was filled with sticky dick meat, stuffed with his cock from her squashed cunt lips to her womb. Her ass quivered with delight as she felt his cock tighten into an iron spear. Diane knew that it signaled the end of his control. In a few more strokes she’d feel his hot jizz spattering against her pussy walls.

“Don’t move, or I’ll shoot!” Jack warned as he held his body high and rigid over hers. Diane dug her fingers into the sides of the couch cushions as the flanged, spongy head of Jack’s cock shaft pulsed wildly against her snatch lips. They lay panting and gasping for several seconds until he got control over himself again.

“Close?” Jack asked after he finally managed to catch his breath.

“Yes, oh yes. But I need more. Give it to me slow,” Diane begged.

“Okay. But I can’t guarantee anything,” Jack said as he shoved down again.

The two of them writhed and bucked together again, banging their hips together wildly as the room was filled with the squishing sounds of fucking. Jack hunched down harder until his balls were so full of tightly packed cum that they ached. He could feel those hot sacs pressing tightly up against his rod. They contracted, forcing more and more hot jizz into his dick until his prick head seemed filled with it.

“Can’t hold out much longer,” he groaned, closing his eyes and jerking back his head as he ground his sweaty groin against Diane’s dick-stuffed pussy.

“Please! Not yet!” she begged, rolling her ass from side to side as she tried to get the maximum amount of friction from the big man’s dick. Diane felt like a person who had been dying from thirst and was suddenly offered water. She gulped down Jack’s dick greedily with her hungry pussy, drinking in the heat and oozing pre-cum with all her might.

“Can’t! CAN’T!” Jack cried out. “GONNA… GONNA C-CUMMMMM!” the big man shouted, tossing his head from side to side as he slammed his powerful crotch against Diane’s pussy. He lay on top of her, quivering and jerking his chest and thighs against her body, sending stream after stream of hot cum deep into her tight cunt. He jerked all over like a speared fish, then lay on top of Diane, letting her get it off on his still-rigid dick.

“UHHH!” Diane groaned. She felt his load squirt out and sear its way through her pussy. His cock head squeezed tight, throwing it out in thick, fast jerks. She felt it go up into her pussy and eat into the throbbing walls until they were slick and squishy with his juice. The thought of what was happening deep inside her finally pushed the blonde over the edge. It was her first climax in years! Her cunt and womb and ass squeezed tight, drawing every ounce of strength from her body like a sponge. The woman felt as if she’d been blasted off the couch into some strange world as the first near-painful contraction ripped through her cunt. Her box clamped down hard along the quivering eight inches of dick meat in her body.

“OHHHH!” Diane screamed as she felt herself explode. “F-f-fuuuuucccckkk!” she cried out as her hands crawled along Jack’s back. His cock was pouring another load of cum into her juicy, hot hole. Her cunt throbbed and pulsed as her shrill cues of satisfaction filled the living room. The two of them grunted and growled for several minutes, satisfying themselves as much as they could.

Finally, it was over. Diane collapsed in exhaustion while Jack lay still on top of her body, drained from the workout and the climax.

“Good fucking, baby,” Jack murmured as he lay resting on top of her.

“Oh God. I swore I’d never do it again,” Diane babbled half-consciously.

“Fucking?” Jack asked in amazement, raising his head and looking into Diane’s glazed eyes.

“No. Getting involved like this with another man,” she said, feeling racked with feelings of guilt. She’d actually cheated on her husband. She felt no better than a common whore! How could she ever look Matt in the face again? How could she accuse him of anything when she was just as guilty now as he was?

“Hey, come on. Your husband can’t be all that great if you’re that hungry for dick meat, baby. I mean, I can tell when a woman’s been without the stuff for a while. And you were practically starving,” Jack said, reaching up and trailing his fingers lightly over her cheeks.

“Please, you’ve got to go now,” Diane said afraid that Matt might walk in right now.

“Husband jitters,” Jack said, sighing softly as he shook his head and yanked his flaccid cock out of her juicy hole. “But you’ll promise that if you need me again for something, you’ll call?” Jack asked, pulling up his jockeys and flipping his big dick back in. He was already standing up and getting dressed.

Men, Diane thought as she slowly pushed herself up to a sitting position. They act like nothing ever happened after they get their rocks off, Diane thought sourly to herself as she watched Jack dress quickly in front of her.


“What are you so nervous about?” Jack asked as he stood in the doorway and smiled at Diane. The blonde was wearing a bathrobe now, tied tightly around her waist.

“Please go, Jack. My husband’s bound to be home any minute now,” Diane pleaded. She couldn’t predict what Matt would do if he ever found out she’d cheated on him. Granted, he didn’t seem to care about her in the sack any more. But she was still his wife, and he had a kind of possessiveness about her, even if he didn’t fuck her much any more.

“Remember. If you want me for anything, I’ll be around. And good luck with the samples,” Jack said as he turned around and walked quickly to his car.

Diane closed the door quickly and inhaled sharply. She could still smell stale cunt juice in the air! Matt would smell it if he walked in now. Diane ran to the kitchen and grabbed a can of room deodorant, running back into the living room and spraying the lemon-scented freshener until that sharp odor was gone. The blonde sighed and smiled, tossing the can onto the couch and walking dreamily to her bedroom.

Jack’s dick had felt wonderful between her legs. It had been so long since someone had fucked her like that. If only Matt would, Diane sighed as she walked into the bedroom and pulled off her bathrobe. Matt wouldn’t do anything to her that night or any other night. He was wrapped up in his own world of God-only-knows what.

As Diane slipped between the sheets of the king-sized bed and folded her hands behind her head, she thought of Jack’s rugged, powerful body and how it felt hammering and grinding against hers. She closed her eyes and moaned to herself as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness. Diane was sorry that she’d sent him away. How she wanted him now, crawling on top of her and jabbing his cock head against her puffy labes! How it would feel to wake up in the morning to a man who couldn’t keep his hands and cock off you! These thoughts and other similar ones buzzed around and around in her head as the blonde fell asleep.

“OH!” Diane cried out as she felt something crack across her face. She jerked up in bed and raised her right hand to her face protectively. As Diane focused her eyes, she realized that Matt was standing by the edge of the bed staring at her. The hall light was on, flooding the bedroom with a bright yellow glow. Glancing at the clock on the nightstand, Diane saw that it was four in the morning. Looking back at Matt, she could smell the alcohol on his breath. He’d been drinking heavily.

“You’re drunk!” Diane said with disgust as Matt rocked back and forth unsteadily.

“So what?” Matt asked, leering at her as he reached down and started unbuckling his belt.

“What are you doing?” Diane asked nervously as she watched her husband closely. He had a different attitude about him now. There was a new feeling that surrounded him. It was more savage and threatening than she’d ever sensed from him before.

“Gonna teach you a lesson, bitch!” Matt growled. A twisted smile snaked across his lips as he grabbed the buckle end of his black leather belt with his right hand and pulled it out of his trousers.

“What do….?” Diane started to ask. Her question was cut short by a sharp blow across her face. Matt had slapped her hard, knocking her down roughly to the mattress.

“OHHHH!” the woman cried, sliding up on the bed and drawing the top sheet protectively under her chin.

“Who’s been here?” Matt asked savagely, reaching down and ripping the top sheet off the bed.

Diane whimpered helplessly as her eyes widened in horror. This was a new, terrifying Matt. His right hand was raised high over his head, the belt clutched tightly in his fingers. The buckle end hung down onto the bed as he stared with hatred at his cringing wife.

“I-I don’t know what you mean,” Diane whimpered, feeling hot flashes of guilt and horror rake her trembling body.

“You know fuckin’ well what I’m talkin’ about!” Matt screamed drunkenly at her as he brought the belt down with all his might. The leather belt whistled through the air and landed with a sharp thwack on Diane’s left buttock. The blonde’s eyes sprang open with pain and horror as her mouth shot open and a shriek of agony and fear filled the room.

“AHHHHRGHHH!” Diane cried out, reaching down and rubbing the sore spot on her ass.

“Whore! You’re nothin’ but a fuckin’ whore!” Matt drawled in a slurred voice as he brought the belt down another time.

Diane screamed and screamed, rolling back and forth on the groaning bed and vainly trying to shield her body from the blows with her hands as the belt whistled and cut through the air. The screams merged into one continuous cry of horror as her body burned from the pain. Every muscle ached with physical tension as the belt cut savagely into her quivering flesh.

“Don’t! Oh God, it hurts! It hurts!” Diane cried out as Matt stopped beating her with the belt and stood panting over her. She felt the welts beginning to rise on her tortured flesh as sobs choked her throat.

“You little slut. I found out what’s been goin’ on around here finally. Hal Jones next door was goin’ to work for the early-morning shift. He said he and his wife heard a crash outside a couple of hours ago. They told me about that guy and you and how he stayed here for a couple of hours,” Matt gasped as he seemed to be getting ready for another round of beating.

“No, don’t. I didn’t do anything. I swear! We just talked!” Diane pleaded. She couldn’t tell him the truth! He’d kill her in the kind of mood he was in now.

“Fuckin’ bitch!” Matt said, throwing the belt down and reaching forward. He caught her hair in his hands and yanked back.

“AIYEEEE!” Diane shrieked, feeling her head jerked back. He was pulling her off the bed by the hair. Diane dug her fingernails into the mattress, kicking her feet in the air as Matt kept pulling and dragging her across the sheet.

With one final jerk, her husband finally pulled her off the bed. Diane grunted as she rolled over the edge and crashed down onto the floor. Matt let go of her hair and stood towering above her, his hands on his hips.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” Diane stammered as she looked up at her husband.

“Get up!” Matt ordered.

Diane tucked her feet under her firm buttocks and stood up, wondering what kind of ordeal she’d have to suffer from her husband.

“Hey, Jennie. Come on in here,” Matt said, turning his head and shouting over his shoulder.

Diane stood horrified and shocked as a tall, wispy brunette sashayed into the bedroom with a drink of Scotch in her hand.

“Hmmmmm?” the girl asked, looking with amusement at the husband and wife. “I see you’ve been at wifey-poo,” the girl said mockingly, leaning against the doorframe and taking a long drink from her glass.

“Who’s that?” Diane asked a little indignantly.

“Someone who’s gonna help me teach you a lesson,” Matt said sarcastically as he reached forward and grabbed Diane tightly around the wrist.

“Why are you doing this to me?” the blonde wailed as her husband’s grip grew tighter and more painful.

“That’s the way he is, honey. You’d better get used to it. Matt’s a whole different person from the guy you married,” the girl said as she finished her drink and put the empty glass down on the dresser. “Shut up, Jennie!” Matt said angrily as he started pulling the protesting Diane toward the hallway.

“Where are you taking me?” Diane asked.

“There’s some things you better learn fast about your husband,” Jennie said as Diane was dragged past the smiling brunette. “A whole new world’s been opened up to him. It started in his Art History classes,” the woman explained as she followed Diane into the living room. “While you were cooking away at home, Matt learned about the fine art of bondage.”

“Bondage?” Diane asked, feeling a thrill of horror shoot up and down her spine. She’d heard about people who got into that sort of thing. But it never particularly appealed to her. She always thought they were the Hollywood type of person who walked around in leather jockey shorts and beat up on women who loved that sort of thing. But not here in suburbia! It couldn’t be happening to her. She and Matt had their differences — but this?

“I said shut up!” Matt growled, tightening his grip even more.

“Owwww!” Diane groaned, sinking to her knees as Matt grinned savagely at his cringing wife.

“Better do as he says, honey. This one’s a real tough number,” Jennie warned.

“And who are you?” Diane asked as Matt let go of her arm.

“One of the girls from his class. But it doesn’t matter. He takes care of us one at a time or in a group. Some of the guys join in. It’s a gas! He brought me home tonight purposely to force you into it,” Jennie said simply as she reached down and curled her fingers around the bottom of her black double-knit pullover.

Diane heard this confession in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening to her! She watched with horror as the young brunette pulled her sweater over her thunderous tits and threw it carelessly onto the floor. She stood in front of Diane with her big tits hanging down her chest.

“I’m takin’ her downstairs,” Matt said decisively as he reached down and grabbed Diane’s wrist again.

“Leave me alone!” the blonde cried out, twisting wildly under his grip.

“Don’t fight him, honey. Not unless you want more of those charming welts,” Jennie warned.

But Diane didn’t care what the girl said. She couldn’t believe the shame and horror that was being dumped on her head. To find out something like this in the middle of the night in this kind of condition was a horror that she couldn’t stand. The blonde shrieked like a madwoman, thrashing on the floor and beating her fists against her husband’s legs and belly.

“Goddamned fuckin’ bitch!” Matt growled, raising his right hand high over his head. Diane didn’t see what was about to happen. She kept kicking, bitching, hitting and scratching. Suddenly there was a sharp blow across the side of her face.

“UHHH!” she cried out, feeling everything around her spin crazily. The dull pain faded as everything went dark. The last thing the blonde remembered was Jennie laughing mockingly while Matt heaped curses on her head.

“Ohhh,” Diane moaned as she slowly rose to a level of consciousness. There was a loud buzzing in her ears as she shook her head gently and opened her eyes. Matt was standing in front of her, smirking strangely. Only then did the blonde realize what was happening. Her hands were bound together and pulled high over her head. Raising her face, Diane saw that Matt had turned his workroom into a kind of medieval torture chamber. She’d wondered why he wouldn’t let her down into the basement when he was working there. And when she did sneak down the door to the shop was padlocked. Now she saw the inside for the first time, and the sight terrified her.

“Like it?” Jennie asked.

Diane turned to her right and saw the girl standing next to her. But what a change! The brunette was in a kind of uniform. The girl was wearing a pair of black, shiny boots that pressed tightly against her creamy flesh. Her bushy, black cunt hairs seemed to spark with electricity as the girl stared at Diane’s stretched, welted body. The blonde lifted her eyes even higher and saw that Jennie’s tits were encased in a tight-fitting leather bra with the tips cut off, letting the girl’s stiff brown nipples poke their way into the air.

“What is all this?” Diane asked in disbelief. She felt as if she was having some kind of nightmare, and that she’d be waking up safely in her own bed in a few short seconds.

“Your husband’s playtime,” Jennie said simply, walking up to Diane until her bushy cunt was brushing lightly against the blonde’s pussy.

“Please, don’t,” Diane said uneasily. She’d never had a pussy rubbing up against hers before. The feeling right now wasn’t any too pleasant. The brunette’s hot breath and sparkling eyes indicated that she was ready to strap Diane on right then and there.

“Ever eat snatch?” Jennie asked softly as her tits heaved up and down with excitement.

“Nooo,” Diane wailed, turning her head away and pulling down at her bonds with all her might.

“Might as well forget about getting away, honey,” Jennie said, reaching out and stroking the blonde’s goose-fleshed belly skin.

“No! Don’t touch me!” Diane cried out, jerking her body outward and pulling down on the leather thongs that pulled tightly up on her aching arms. Both Jennie and Matt laughed as Diane jerked and pulled. “What have you done?” the blonde finally groaned out as she looked helplessly at her husband and the brunette.

“That’s not the correct question,” Jennie said in a cold voice, stepping up to Diane even closer than before and jamming her right forefinger hard in between the blonde’s outer labes.

“Unnnghhh!” Diane grunted, closing her eyes and jerking her body back until her ass cheeks slapped against the cold concrete wall behind her. The woman opened her eyes again and looked up. A long, half-inch rope was tied tightly to the leather straps and bound her chafed wrists together and was hauled over a crossbeam that ran the length of the small workshop. The other end of the line was tied to a winch-type wheel with an S-shaped handle sticking out of one side. Diane could see that anyone turning the wheel would pull the line tauter and thus haul whatever was at the other end of the rope up. It was crude and makeshift, but very effective.

As the brunette continued to play with her pussy, the groaning blonde turned her head from side to side and saw racks lined with whips of various sizes and riding crops that gleamed evilly under the bright overhead lights. Diane begged the girl to stop fingering her snatch. She felt that cold digit prying into her hole like a hungry worm while her husband looked on and smirked at the two women.

“Oh, can’t you see? He’s using you just like he’s using me,” Diane moaned.

“Quiet, bitch!” Matt grunted as he unfolded his arms and moved quickly to the wheel. Before Diane could say another word, her husband unlocked the crank and turned the wheel twice around.

“UGH!” Diane groaned as she felt her toes leave the floor. Every muscle fiber in her arms ached painfully as her back scraped along the rough faces of the concrete bricks.

“Maybe so, honey. But I’m being used because I like what I get from him. You’ve been living in a dream world that’s unreal. Your old man decided tonight that you’d get your baptism into reality,” Jennie said, stepping back and looking at Diane as she dangled helplessly in midair.

“You’re both sick! I swear, I’ll report the two of you,” Diane babbled quietly as the pain concentrated itself in her shoulders.

“You won’t be able to report anything by the time we get through with you,” Matt said angrily, locking the wheel, then walking quickly to a tall, oaken cabinet where five black leather whips stood. Diane followed her husband’s movements with her eyes, inhaling sharply when she saw him fingering the instruments of pain.

“This ought to make her more agreeable,” Matt said in a low growl, wrapping his thick, hairy fingers around a whip and pulling it roughly out of its stand.

“Matt! No! I’m your wife, remember? I’m Diane Hathaway, your wife! Please don’t! Oh God, what’s happening to you? Oh God, don’t! DON’T!” Diane shrieked. Her eyes bulged out with horror and disbelief as she watched her husband unravel the long whip and playfully drag the snake-like leather slowly in front of the trembling woman. Diane felt beads of sweat break out on her forehead as her husband sneered at her.

“Lay it into her,” Jennie said in a harsh voice, narrowing her eyes as she watched the dangling blonde wriggle desperately in her bonds.

“Hang on, bitch!” Matt said gruffly as he pulled his arm back, dragging the long whip quickly behind his feet. Diane watched in horrified fascination as his arm stretched back then up in a perfect circle while his fingers tightened their grip on the long handle. The whip itself hissed in the air and cracked down like a guided missile, slicing into the tender flesh just above her thunderous jugs.

“NNNARRGGGOOW!” Diane shrieked, closing her eyes and jerking helplessly in the air. The screaming woman instinctively hiked up her legs then kicked up, making her body sway forward, then crash back against the wall. While Jennie and Matt laughed scornfully at the moaning blonde, Diane hung her head limply down on her chest and prayed that she would pass out or die. The pain in her shoulders from hanging was making her feel faint. And the lash across her tits had produced a long red welt that throbbed with every beat of the woman’s heart.

As Diane was about to beg her husband again to let her go, she heard that horribly familiar whistling of leather through the air. The blonde opened her eyes just in time to see Matt’s right arm shoot forward, bringing the whip tip across her right inner thigh. Diane inhaled sharply, filling up her expanding lungs with air as the lash curled around her tender flesh and bit into the area just below the bottom junction of her outer cunt lips.

“NNNGHHHOOwww!” Diane shrieked again as she jerked her head up and slammed its back against the bricks behind her. She stared at the wall in front of her, her eyes glazed and dilated with pain while her lips trembled uncontrollably. Diane’s nostrils flicked and flared while she breathed irregularly. The fiery heat of the whip sliced into her tender, sweaty flesh, making her body involuntarily jerk again. The blonde jangled and danced from the end of the rope like a puppet. Playfully Matt walked up to Diane and pushed the butt end of the whip hard against her belly.

“Okay. Now who’s the stud who was over here fucking you?” he asked in an even, quiet voice.

“There wasn’t anybody here,” Diane groaned as she turned her head and looked at him. Her hair dangled in front of her eyes as she peered pleadingly at Matt.

“I’ve got other ways to make you talk, bitch!”

Matt said angrily, shoving the butt hard into her belly and forcing the air out of her lungs.

“UUUUGGHHH!” Diane grunted as Matt pulled the handle back and got ready for another flogging. “P-please don — ARRRGGW!” she screamed as the whip cut through the air and slashed across her belly. A piercing high-pitched cry filled the room as another cracking sound echoed off the walls. Diane jerked and twisted helplessly, her body turning first one way, then another as the whip cut into her flesh and propelled the blonde with its own force. Her fingers clawed at the leather thongs that tied her wrists while tears sprang to her eyes and ran down her flushed cheeks.

“Ohhhh,” Diane moaned as the flogging finally seemed to stop. Her head hung limply down as she felt every ounce of strength ooze out of her. She was bleeding. She was sure of it, though Diane didn’t know where. Every inch of her flesh seemed to be covered with welts and long, red cuts that showed where Matt had beat her mercilessly. In between the whipping sessions, Jennie had dropped to her knees and tongued the blonde’s pussy, sticking her narrow pink tongue into Diane’s snatch and occasionally biting her sensitive twat lips. The woman dangled, moaning in agony and shame as Matt told Jennie to back away.

“I think she’s gonna pass out,” the brunette commented as Matt drew back his hand for another attack.

“NOOO!” Diane howled, turning her head away and widening her eyes as she watched Matt leer and bring the lash down hard. Just as the tip of the whip sliced across her right cheek, Diane screamed, then lost consciousness.


A week went by before Diane even bothered calling anyone. The morning after her savage beating, the blonde had found herself in bed. Dried smears of blood streaked her arms, belly and legs. Large, red, ugly welts peppered her body. Her shoulders ached painfully from the hanging, and her eyes were swollen from the constant sobbing that marked her reaction to the events of that night.

At first Diane was afraid even to move one finger above the top sheet. She lay in bed for several minutes, straining her ears to hear the faintest indication that Matt or Jennie might be home. When the blonde was sure she was alone, she sprang out of bed and staggered into the bathroom. She turned on the water in the sink and started to splash cold water on her face when the blonde looked in the mirror and saw the damage done to her body.

“OHHHH, MY GOD, NOOO!” Diane groaned, sinking to her knees and rocking back and forth in horror as she saw what she looked like now. “Why? WHY?” Diane asked over and over as she searched for an answer to the nightmare she’d lived through the night before. The sneers; the laughing; the sound of that whip whistling through the air before it thwacked across her tender flesh; all those images came back to haunt the groaning blonde as she wallowed in an orgy of self-pity.

All through the day and into the night, Diane waited with abject terror for Matt to come home. But her husband didn’t return that night, or the night after, or the night after that! In a way, Diane was relieved. As her body began to heal, the blonde slowly realized that Matt might try the same thing again with her. And the next time, she might not be so lucky. Jennie was there as a kind of control. What if he should go completely bananas, or freak out when there was no one there to watch out for him? There was a frightening gleam in Matt’s eyes that night. Diane wasn’t sure what had set it off but she started to realize that she was the object of that fury.

At the end of the week, Diane made a decision to leave the house and never come back. Waiting for Matt to come home so that they could have a conversation was silly. Slowly, Diane realized that. Matt didn’t want to talk with her any more. He didn’t want to do anything with her any more except beat her up.

So late that Friday afternoon, Diane was scurrying around the house, packing two suitcases and wondering where she could hide until she filed for divorce. As she closed the top of the second suitcase and locked it, the phone rang.

No, I won’t! Diane said to herself, hauling the two suitcases off her bed and walking briskly into the living room. It might be Matt, wanting to apologize. But after thinking everything out, Diane decided that it was better that she leave. That torture chamber in the basement! He’d really flipped out. She couldn’t live with a man who got his jollies that way.

“Oh hell!” the blonde muttered, dropping the suitcases and running over to the phone in the living room. It might be Sharon or Jack or her mother. If it were Matt, she’d simply hang up.

“Hello?” Diane said, placing the black receiver against her ear. She heard nothing at first, and concentrated a little more on what she thought were background noises. Finally Diane realized that there were no background noises at all, but simply the sounds of heavy breathing.

“Degenerate,” the blonde muttered, about to hang up when the party at the other end of the line finally said something.

“Your husband told us about you,” he panted heavily.

“Who is this?” Diane asked in a quivering voice. Any reference to Matt made her nervous.

“Said you loved to be beaten up. When can you come over to my place? I wanna dig my fingers into those soft cunt lips of yours and…”

Diane didn’t listen to any more. Slamming down the receiver, she wheeled around and grabbed her suitcases. Everything in the house horrified her now. She couldn’t wait to get out.

“Diane! Diane, where are you going?” Sharon asked as she ran down the sidewalk.

“Out for a trip, Sharon,” Diane said crisply as she opened the trunk of her car, pushed in her suitcases, then slammed it shut.

“Without Matt?” Sharon asked, walking up to the rear of the car.

“We’re getting a divorce, Sharon. Don’t bother asking me why. But I’m through with him,” Diane muttered, walking quickly past her friend and opening the car door.


“Please, Sharon. Get out of my way. I’ll call you or something when I get settled,” Diane said as she started up the car and threw it into reverse.

“Jack Moore called. He wondered why you hadn’t called him about your sales or… or something,” Sharon said slyly.

Jack! Of course! She could stay with him until she got her head together.

“Just tell him I had to get out of town for a while. I’ll call him in a few days. Now please, Sharon,” Diane said, tearing out the driveway past her startled friend. The blonde wished she could have told her everything. But right now, Diane didn’t trust anyone. For all she knew, Sharon could be grand princess of the bondage circuit.

Diane drove aimlessly around Los Angeles for the next hour, feeling relieved that she’d finally made the move to leave Matt, and terrified that he’d find her before she had a chance to cover her tracks. At six o’clock, the blonde pulled into a Howard Johnson’s restaurant parking lot. Running quickly inside, Diane ducked into a phone booth and fished through her purse for Jack’s phone number.

“Thank God!” she murmured, pulling a business card from her wallet. It had Jack’s business and home phone number printed on it. Dialing the first number nervously, Diane prayed that he’d be there to help her.


It was Jack!

“Jack? This is Diane Hathaway,” the blonde said as evenly as she could. “Listen, I’m in trouble.”

“What’s the matter?” Jack asked, a little startled.

“It’s my husband, Jack,” Diane started to say, then broke down sobbing.

“Hey, kid. What’s the matter?” Jack asked, still puzzled by Diane’s attitude. “He find out anything?”

“Oh Jack, you won’t believe this. But I don’t know whom else to turn to. Please listen to me. I swear to God, I’m telling the truth,” Diane said softly, turning around and noticing that several patrons in the restaurant had noticed her crying.

She told Jack everything that had happened from the rude awakening she’d received from Matt, through the beating, and finally to her passing out while tied to the overhead beam.

“Jesus Christ!” Jack exclaimed when Diane had finished with her story.

“I’ve got to have some place to hide. I’ve left him, Jack. I can’t trust him any more. But I don’t know whom I can trust. Please, can I stay with you, Jack?” Diane asked in a small voice.

“You just try and stay somewhere else. You know where I live?” he asked as Diane sucked in a deep breath and sighed happily. She’d be safe, if nothing else, for a few days. That would give her time enough to think out where she should go permanently and what she should do. Maybe Jack knew the name of a good lawyer.

Diane jotted down Jack’s address and the directions to it. Only after hanging up did she realize that she had to go past the university to get to it. What if she should meet Matt on the way? How could she explain to him where she was going? But that was absurd! It was rush-hour traffic. There were thousands of cars on the freeways and roads of Los Angeles. It was absurd that she should worry about seeing her husband on the road.

Diane ran back to her car and started it up, pulling out of the parking lot and heading toward Jack’s apartment. She was so relieved, she almost felt like singing. As she passed hundreds of cars on the road, Diane felt as if she were starting a new life. A terrible, oppressive weight had been lifted off her shoulders. With Matt out of the way now, she could start living a happier, more relaxed life.

Just as she approached the intersection of the university drive, Diane felt her blood suddenly freeze up. She saw Matt’s car pull out of the side drive and pull onto the main street. He was only two car lengths in front of her. If he glanced into his rear-view mirror, he’d see her, and then God-only-knows what would happen. She had to get off that street.

Looking around in a near state of panic, the blonde realized that the only place to turn was into the university. She felt as if she were going into a wolf’s den. But where else could she go?

Diane turned quickly and sped into the university compound, driving fast up the narrow brick mad past the tall buildings almost completely obscured from the entrance street by tall pines and eucalyptus trees that lined the front lawn. Diane felt chills up her spine as she slowed down and headed toward the Fine Arts section of the campus. Overhead, dark, rolling thunderclouds were beginning to slide across the sky. A strong, steady breeze was blowing leaves, twigs, papers and dust across the hilly campus. Everything seemed threatening to the nervous blonde as she stopped in front of the Art building.

Jennie had mentioned that Matt had turned a lot of his students on to his particular sexual trip. She wondered just what he was doing on campus. Did he have a little chamber somewhere here? Was he whipping and tying up coeds in some basement on campus? Diane knew that she should drive to the other end of the university and get out and over to Jack’s apartment. But her curiosity was killing her. She had to find out to what depths her husband had sunk.

Pulling into Matt’s parking spot, Diane turned off the ignition and stepped out of her car. Most of the lights in the three-story red brick building were out. Only the hanging portico light over the steep entrance steps and hall lights on each floor gleamed brightly in the dimming daylight. Diane felt a few drops of rain sprinkle on her cheeks as the wind suddenly picked up to a strong series of gusts. The blonde pulled the collar of her light trench coat tightly around her throat as she ran up the steps and pulled the door open.

“Ughhh!” Diane murmured, shaking her head and brushing a few dead leaves out of her hair. The rain started to come down now as she walked slowly down the silent halls. The sounds of her heels clattering against the polished red-tiled hall floor rang up and down the corridor as Diane moved quickly toward Matt’s office. Like the wives of all faculty members, she had a key to his room. Something told her that she’d find an answer to her question somewhere in his office.

Here you go, Diane said to herself as she opened her purse and pulled out a key chain. Looking nervously up and down the corridor, the blonde inserted the correct key and pushed open the door to her husband’s office.

It was a small room — about fifteen feet by twenty feet and filled with stacks of paintings, papers and books tossed about everywhere. A pleasant, slightly stale and sweet smell of cherry pipe tobacco lingered in the still air as Diane walked slowly up to the big polished oak desk at the back of the room. The lights both from the hallway and the footpath directly outside the narrow window gave off enough illumination for Diane to see what she was doing. She shuffled through stacks of term papers on Matt’s desk, unsure of what she was looking for, or what she’d do if she found it.

It wouldn’t be out in the open, Diane said to herself, not sure of what “it” was.

As she pulled open the top drawer and started fishing through layers of notes and articles, Diane heard the front door open.

“My God!” the blonde hissed to herself as she ran to the office door and peered out into the hall. It was a university guard. Even as the wife of a faculty member, Diane knew she’d have a hard time explaining why she was rifling through her husband’s office. He might even want to locate her husband and have him come down to pick her up! Diane closed the door and locked it, standing with her ass pressed tightly against the wall as the guard walked by and tried the doorknobs of each of the office doors.

It seemed like an eternity before Diane heard the door open and close again. She sighed with relief, then went back behind the desk and searched more frantically than before. With the kind of risks she was taking, she wanted to find something to make it worthwhile.

“Damn it!” Diane muttered after several minutes, finding nothing except grade books and compositions. As Diane was about to close the top drawer and go on searching through the files, her eyes lighted on something that looked like a map. Part of it stuck out from the back of Matt’s master grade book. Pulling it out and moving over to the window to where she could see better, Diane saw that it was a diagram of the basement floor of the Physics building across the way. There were the usual dimension figures and room sketches. But there was something odd about this map. Matt had etched in what looked to be another room that was beneath the boiler room. It might have been nothing. But Diane wasn’t so sure of that.

There’s got to be a key, Diane thought to herself, digging through the pile of papers in the top drawer again. She accidentally brushed her fingers against a small plastic box that popped open. Inside was a key with a small piece of red tape attached to the top. Diane smiled wryly, sure that this was part of her husband’s recent sick humor.

Closing the drawer quickly, Diane took the diagram and key and unlocked the door. Peering out into the hall to make sure no one was there, the blonde stealthily crept out of the office and pulled the door shut behind her. As she ran quickly down the hall to the doorway, Diane wondered if she should get out and show Jack what she’d found. But what did she find? An old blueprint that had been obviously doctored up a bit and a key! Some find! Who’d do anything about that? Of course, Jack might help her. But if she only had something more to tell him — something that would clearly show that her husband was carrying on his sick plans at the university!

Diane shoved the door open and stepped out into the rainstorm. Holding her trench coat tightly to her lithe body, the blonde ran across the dark grassy space between the Art building and Physics building. The wind whipped across her face as she climbed quickly up the front stairs of Haines Hall and ran into the building. It too was deserted. Looking around, Diane noticed a stairway that led down to the basement classrooms to her left. Slowly climbing down the shiny concrete steps, Diane thought she could hear talking from the second floor drifting down like smoke in the air.

There’s someone up there! The blonde said to herself as she heard steps coming down toward the main floor. She hurried down to the basement, nearly falling on her face several times. Only a few lights were on in the basement corridor that helped illuminate the stairway.

Reaching the underground corridor, Diane ran quickly over to one of the bare overhead light bulbs and pulled out the blueprint. The boiler room was off to her left. Tucking the diagram back in her trench coat pocket, Diane tiptoed down the darkened hall, jumping each time the overhead steam pipes clacked and banged noisily. It seemed like hours before she reached the door to the main machinery room. The boilers were in there, pounding and humming loudly. Pulling out her crumpled diagram again, Diane opened the door to the big room and stepped inside. The heat was almost overpowering. But the blonde was determined to find out if there was anything to this map.

Moving slowly along the outside wall and carefully avoiding the operating machinery, Diane followed the blueprint. According to that diagram, there was a door somewhere just before the doorway to the air-conditioning machinery room. The blonde looked along the wall and saw an empty school book case standing where the door should be. Diane was no detective, but a child could have guessed what was behind it once he had seen that cabinet. Diane’s heart skipped a beat as she put her shoulder to the case and pushed forward. If Matt were trying to hide that door from view, he must be hiding something terrible behind it.

Surprisingly, the case moved easily, scraping noisily across the smooth concrete floor. Thank God the machinery made enough racket to cover up an exploding bomb. Reaching in her pocket, Diane pulled out the key and unlocked the hidden door.

A flood of light suddenly hit her eyes and startled the blonde temporarily. Recovering, Diane stepped down into the lower room. The steps were wooden and steep, leading into an area obviously large and approximately twenty feet below the basement area. The walls were damp and covered with mold. From the diagram, it appeared that no one knew or cared about the existence of this room. The blueprint was fairly recent — about three years old. Whoever drew it up either forgot about including the room, or simply was ignorant about it.

Many old buildings contained “secret” rooms and passages like this one, simply because the new owners or managers were careless in examining the buildings.

“Ohhh!” Diane heard someone groan as she neared the bottom of the stairway.

“Who’s there?” Diane whispered hoarsely, feeling her pulse pounding in her ears as she stopped just short of the bottom stair.

“Please. Please, help me,” the voice pleaded desperately.

Diane rushed down the stairs and found herself in a large, yellow-walled room. The ceiling was low and vaulted, making her want to bend her head down automatically even though there was no chance of hitting it against the concrete. A sick dampness hung in the air, making Diane’s breath hang in the air as she looked in amazement at all the instruments of torture that abounded in the room. It was a larger, more elaborate version of the workshop at home. There were metal rings bolted to the wall at various heights. Pulleys of all sizes hung from the ceiling. And then there were suspicious locked chests and tall bureaus lining the walls. Diane shuddered as she folded her arms tightly across her big tits and walked slowly down the length of the long room. Her eyes widened as she gazed at the several tables covered with leather that were in front of each locked chest and bureau. It looked like a weird kind of operating room. From her experience at home, the blonde could guess what had gone on in this room.

“Oh God, help me!” the voice cried out again from the other end of the chamber.

Diane looked around, trying to figure out where the groans came from.

“P-please, ohhhh…”

She saw a door half-opened at the end of the outside wall. Running quickly up to it, Diane threw it open and found herself staring into a small extension of the outside chamber. It was about ten by ten and had a table similar to the ones outside in the middle of it.

“God!” Diane cried out, holding her hands over her mouth as she stared at the bleeding figure of Jennie strapped down on that table.


“Help me! Help me!” Jennie moaned.

“What in God’s name’s happened to you?” Diane asked, running up to her and unfastening the leather straps that held her arms down tightly to her sides.

“You were right. Oh God, you were right,” the girl groaned as she rubbed her sore wrists together.

“He got tired of me and did this,” the girl said, motioning to her slashed legs and arms. Large, ugly red gashes and welts covered her body. Her face was bruised and swollen. And what was particularly sickening to Diane was the blood that oozed out from between her cunt lips.

“You’ve got to get to a hospital,” Diane grunted as she put an arm around Jennie’s waist and helped her off the table.

“No! Some of them are in it too,” the girl protested weakly.

“What do you mean?” Diane asked, pulling the girl out of the room and into the larger chamber. She placed her gently on a high-backed metal chair.

“They’re all in on it. You’d be surprised how many men and women on this campus dig this kind of thing,” Jennie said in a low moan as she looked up helplessly at Diane.

“You mean there’s more than just my husband involved?” Diane asked in disbelief.

Jennie stared at the blonde for a second, then burst out helplessly into loud laughter.

“Oh God, if you only knew. The Dean of Women, half the Fine Arts faculty, almost the whole English Department — the list goes on, not to mention the students,” Jennie confessed. “And I’m sorry about that night,” the girl apologized hesitatingly.

“It’s all right,” Diane said, wincing mentally as she thought briefly about what had happened to her.

“No, it’s not all right. I was really into that scene — and probably would’ve still been tripping out on it if your husband hadn’t done this to me,” the girl said, breaking down again.

“Come on. We’ve got to get out of here,” Diane said, realizing that if Jennie were left down here like this, someone must be coming back shortly to finish off what he’d started.

“How many men did this to you?” Diane asked, pulling her trench coat off and wrapping the naked girl in it.

“It all happened so fast. Your husband, Professor Art Dickenson, Doctor Eisenberg — ohhh, I can’t remember. I really can’t remember,” the girl said in a high-pitched, strained voice.

“All right, all right. Let’s just get out of here,” Diane said, helping the girl up out of the chair and heading toward the stairway.

“That’s really touching!” Matt’s voice rang out in the chamber.

Diane’s blood froze in her veins as she found herself staring at her husband’s angry face. Jennie let out a low moan and sank to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably as the big man stepped down slowly to the floor. Behind him were three other men. The first was taller than Matt — about six-four — with black, curly hair that seemed to point in every direction. His eyes gleamed evilly under his bushy eyebrows as he stared at the two cringing women.

The second man was older, about forty-five and had long, silver hair. Still ruggedly handsome, there was an air of complete degeneracy about him as he moved behind Matt and stared at Diane and Jennie.

The last man to enter the room could have been Diane’s younger brother. The blonde guessed that he was a student in one of Matt’s classes. He had long blond hair that hung down to his broad shoulders. His broad, tanned face was slightly pink, and he smelled strongly of after-shave lotion. Patches of light body hair poked over the top of his clean white T-shirt. Both the undershirt and his faded bell-bottomed Levi’s were stretched tightly over his muscular frame.

“I guess Jennie’s been filling you in on what’s been going on,” Matt said, shaking his head slowly back and forth.

“Just let us go,” Diane finally said, knowing how foolish her words must sound.

Matt stared mockingly at her, then moved to one side to let the other men by.

“This is where it all starts,” Matt said seriously. “And it’s here where it all ends.” His face looked dark and gloomy. Diane felt herself growing faint as her husband’s final words rang in her ears.

“What are you going to do?” Jennie said in a small voice.

Matt didn’t say a word. Turning to his right, he walked over to one of the dressers that lined the wall and pulled a ring of keys from his pocket.

“The problem with most women is that they’re completely disobedient to their husbands and masters,” Matt said in an even voice. “I’m just trying to even out the situation, that’s all.”

“Oh please, not again!” Jennie wailed, leaning against Diane’s trembling legs and staring with horror as Matt took out one key from the pile and opened the door to the cabinet. Diane stared with horrified fascination as she saw a collection of whips and riding crops.

“I just use what the Spanish Inquisition called disciplina,” Matt said matter-of-factly, taking something from a hook on the inside of the door. Diane soon realized that it was a whip. It was nearly two and a half feet long from the end of the handle to the tip. The handle itself was made of black ebony, ringed with silver bands and marked with some kind of crest at the bottom of the handle. The grip piece was about nine inches long, tapering from about an inch diameter at the end to half an inch where it joined the whip itself. That was made of plaited leather, woven over a center core of thin, flexible spring-steel rod. It tapered down from the handle almost to a point at the end.

Matt held the whip in his right hand and slowly walked over to the still-kneeling Jennie.

“We both know what happens to people who disobey, don’t we, Jennie?” Matt asked in a low-pitched, threatening voice that trembled with emotion.

“Oh God, no, not that one! Please, not that one!” the girl begged, almost laughing hysterically as her eyes bulged out with terror.

“Matt, you’re crazy. I won’t let you touch this girl!” Diane said protectively, dropping down to her knees and putting her arms tightly around Jennie’s shuddering shoulders.

“Nice to know there’s still friendship around,” Matt said mockingly, raising his foot quickly and bringing the heel of his black boot down across Diane’s right cheek.

“Ohhh!” the blonde cried out, crashing backward on the floor. Diane was dazed for several seconds. Her brain buzzed with the pain and a collection of what seemed like shouts and screams.

When she focused her mind again, the blonde saw that the young blond boy whose name she found out was Chris and the tall dark-haired man whose name was Art Dickenson were holding Jennie by either arm. They’d stripped off the trench coat and were holding her in such a position that her body bowed outward gracefully. Matt slowly brought the whip close to her body, until he traced a line from her welted shoulder blades with the tip down to her butt cheeks. He moved it down to her inner thighs, then down to her trembling knees, obviously enjoying the mute horror he was giving the struggling girl. Jennie stared at the whip, her eyes wide and her mouth dry with terror. Diane could see the girl trembling as the terrible thing moved across her thighs again, finally resting on her pussy.

“Please, Matt. Don’t please,” Jennie pleaded, trying to force a weak, submissive smile on her face.

“It all begins here,” Matt said mysteriously, looking at her sore, bleeding pussy. “It all ends here too,” he murmured, repeating the words he had said several minutes ago.

Diane shuddered as she watched them. The girl had obviously been beaten around the snatch area earlier. He’d kill her if he did the same thing again. “Don’t, you animal!” Diane hissed as Matt raised his right arm, obviously getting ready to flog the moaning Jennie again.

“All right, baby. If you’re so anxious to save her, you take her place,” Matt said, nodding to both Art and Chris to fetch her. The two men let go of the girl, moving quickly toward Diane, who was trying to scramble to her feet.

“No, you bastards!” Diane hissed through her tightly clenched teeth as the two men grabbed her by the wrists and pinned her arms tightly to her back. Jennie had fallen helplessly to the floor, kicked unconscious by Matt while his two henchmen were dragging Diane toward the center of the brightly-lit underground chamber.

“You’ll be whipped tonight. But not unprotected. I want to save you for a lot more than she got,” Matt said, turning around and landing another hard kick into the girl’s back.

“Want the leather shit out, Matt?” the silver-haired man asked as he moved toward a dark wood cabinet at the other end of the room.

“Yeah, might as well. Strip her down,” Matt ordered, stepping back and crossing his arms over his broad chest as he tapped the end of his whip against the toe of his left boot.

Diane fought the men, but without any success. Their strong hands tore at her blouse, ripping the cotton material open as if it were paper and stripping that article of clothing off in seconds. Art dug his big fingers behind the strap of her bra and yanked down, snatching the halter off in a second and sending her thunderous boobs down on her chest.

Chris worked on her skirt, unzipping it and pulling it down with her pink sheer panties. He dropped to his knees, pressing his thick, sensuous lips to her ass and sucking on her bunghole while he ripped open her garter belt and peeled off her nylons. Diane arched her body forward, trying to pull away from that shit hole-probing tongue. But Art held her tightly by the other arm while Chris still had a firm grip on her legs. And then there was Matt, jabbing the end of the whip hard against her belly button.

“Here you go,” the silver-haired man said, throwing a pile of something down in front of Diane.

“What is it?” the blonde asked, looking curiously at the clump of black, shiny material.

“Your new winter coat,” Matt said, laughing mockingly as he kicked it against the woman’s legs with his boot. “Now get it on!”

“I-I don’t know how,” Diane stammered, reaching down with both hands as Chris and Art let her go. Diane could feel that the lining was rubber that had been heavily doused with talc to make it slide on more easily. The blonde held up a pair of leather pants, wondering how to get into them as Matt stood spread-legged in front of her, watching quietly.

“Put them on,” he said in a threatening voice.

Diane inhaled sharply, then raised her right leg and stepped into the trousers. Art held up the top of the leather suit and smiled with delight as he looked through the rows of eyelets. Diane glanced over her shoulder as she finished climbing into the restraining pants and saw them too. She had an idea that she was going to be wearing a kind of portable Iron Maiden.

“Okay, now the tops,” Matt said, nodding to Art to help her.

Diane felt her body tremble as the top portion of the suit was put on her. She could feel some kind of hard, inner skeletal structure that was sewn into the suit pressing against her flesh as Art slid the jacket over her arms and pulled it tightly over her shoulders. Chris brought up the laces and started inserting them into the eyelets. Diane didn’t move a muscle as they finished closing up the back of her restraining suit. She couldn’t believe that something like this was happening. It was as if she were living through the plot of an old gothic novel.

“Ohhh!” Diane groaned as she felt her waist under compression from the rigid and tightly pulled corset-like top of her suit. With a lot of effort, Chris pulled the laces as tight as he could and tied them so that she could breathe only in pants.

With shorter laces, the student drew in the sleeves until the rubber-lined leather gripped her hard.

“And try this, baby,” Matt said, holding out a high, stiff-boned leather collar that he gave to Chris. Diane’s eyes opened even wider as she felt that collar pulled tightly around her neck, restricting the already shallow breathing that had been forced on her.

“Look at those labes,” Matt said to his cronies as he trailed the tip of his whip across her cunt.

“Looks like they’re ready for a good fucking,” Chris said, moving around to the front and staring at Diane’s exposed cunt lips. The trousers were cut away in back and front. Because they were so tight, her snatch and ass protruded out beyond the confines of the restraining pants.

“Hot and red,” Matt said, chuckling as he played with the frazzled pussy hairs.

Diane stifled a groan of disgust. The tight lacing had forced blood down into her groin, producing a straight kind of exciting tingle between her legs. Even as the leather bit into her flesh and the blood poured and packed down into her snatch, the blonde was beginning to enjoy at least a part of this.

“And now, the whip,” Matt said, grinning savagely as Chris and Art pulled Diane’s hands behind her and tied them tightly together. They whirled her around, exposing her bare butt to her husband.

“Oh God, God!” Diane moaned as every muscle in her body tensed for the first blow. The wait seemed endless. Then there was the sound of leather whistling through air, and the blonde knew that pain was only a few seconds away.

“ARRRGHHH!” she groaned, her body lurching forward as the whip tip sliced into her bare butt. Art and Chris caught her, holding her tightly from the front as Matt raised his arm again for another blow.

Diane screamed and screamed as one blow followed another until the sound was one continuous moan. Her body was on fire as every muscle ached from the physical tension. She lost count after the first two or three cuts of the savage whip. From that time on, all Diane could think of was the sound of that whistling whip and the sharp “crack” of its slicing into her quivering ass-flesh.

“She’s better than most,” Chris commented as Matt stopped the flogging and caught his breath.

“She’ll last for a while,” the big man said, wiping the sweat off his forehead. Then he stopped and reached forward, putting a hand on her head and yanking back. Diane choked out a muffled scream. Wearing the tight-boned collar, the blonde was almost choked by that movement.

“Keep on screaming, bitch!” Matt growled as he let go, then started flogging her again.

“AHHH! ARRGHHH! OHHH!” Diane cried over and over as the lash sliced into her. Her body jerked and bucked with each attack while her screams turned into low moans of agonized exhaustion. She couldn’t take much more, and she couldn’t react to the pain ripping her ass apart. Slowly, the woman felt herself sinking into blessed unconsciousness. She didn’t care what happened now. The room spun around and she felt her legs and arms grow heavier.

“I think she’s had enough,” Chris commented as he struggled to keep her standing.

“Yeah!” Art panted, yanking up on her right arm as Diane’s head hung limply down.

“All good things have to come to an end, I guess,” Matt grumbled, throwing down the whip and walking up to his wife.

“You bastard!” Diane cursed, looking at him and spitting into his face.

“Bitch!” Matt said, reaching back with his right hand as if he were about to strike her.

Diane closed her eyes and winced, waiting for the blow that would send her reeling off into unconsciousness. When it didn’t come, she opened her eyes and saw Matt sneering at her.

“Stuff her mouth! I think I hear Norm bringing down another girl,” Matt said in a hoarse whisper.

Diane didn’t get a chance to ask him what he meant. Art shoved a foul-tasting leather gag in her mouth, then hauled her across the room as the other men flattened themselves against the wall. The unconscious Jennie lay quietly behind one of the tables, her steady shallow breathing barely audible as Diane heard the upstairs door opening.

“But what’s down here, Professor?” a young girl’s voice filled the room.

“The new anatomy lab. You’ll have to get your specimens from there for dissection tomorrow,” a low, male voice said as the sounds of feet on the wooden steps filled the chamber. Diane wished she could howl out a warning to the girl. It was another victim for this little bit of depravity.

“Funny. I don’t see anything except all these tables,” the girl said, reaching the bottom of the stairs.

Turn around! Turn around and see me! Diane screamed to herself as she felt Chris’ muscular arms holding her tightly to him. That girl still had a chance. No one was behind her. She could still have a break for it. Then there was the sound of the door closing and more footsteps on the stairs. Too late! Diane thought as she saw the young freshmen girl slowly turn around and look at the small group.

“Oh my God!” the girl cried out and backed away as her eyes widened in disbelieving horror.

“Get her!” Matt cried out, running toward the screaming girl.

“No! No!” she cried, ducking behind one of the tables as the men jumped for her. Diane watched helplessly as the pretty, petite brunette ran back and forth, dodging for a while every attempt to corner and catch her. She looked like a tiny, helpless mouse desperately trying to escape from four hungry cats. The men yelled and laughed to one another as they overturned chairs and finally pushed the table away.

“Her name’s Annette Grossman,” Dr. Norman Eisenberg said as he watched the girl wrestled dawn to the floor. “I’ve been watching her ever since she matriculated into my class. I want first crack at her,” he said, sneering as Chris and Art tore off the shrieking girl’s blue pullover and faded jeans. Her white, creamy skin glowed as if it were painted with phosphorescent paint as the tall, blond biology professor pulled his leather belt off his trousers while Matt and Chris rolled her over on her ass. “Let her go,” he panted.

Annette was stunned by the sudden release and lay quietly on her back for a second. Had she scrambled to her feet, she might have escaped. But it was too late now.


“AIYEEE!” the young girl shrieked as Norm started to flog her with his belt. He cracked the buckled end sharply across her titties and belly. It slashed across her inner thighs until the girl managed to break free from the men’s grips and roll moaning over onto her belly. She kept on screaming, clawing at the cold concrete floor with her slender fingers as Norm kept slashing his belt across her naked back and bare ass cheeks. The young freshman screamed in agony, her body jerking and lurching with every whip-like attack until her voice was hoarse from yelling.

“Fuck this shit!” Norm muttered, tossing the belt away as he reached down and unzipped his pants.

“A little in a hurry, eh, Norm?” Matt commented as the young professor threw himself on top of the moaning girl, digging his prick wildly into the crack that ran between her reddened ass cheeks.

“No, no, not there! Oh God!” the young girl moaned, her eyes widening as she felt his monstrous seven-inch dick sliding up and down the full length of the tight butt-crack. Norm pulled himself up and looked at the marked, red-streaked fleshy ass-mounds. The girl begged for him to stop. But her cries and pleas just fired the man up more. He dug his thick thumbs into the crack and pried her butt-cheeks apart. The girl moaned with shame and pain as the big man’s thumbs slid down to her bunghole and dipped into her tight asshole. He pried her tight shitter apart as hard as he could while the girl twisted and thrashed on the floor like a spiked snake.

“I’ll really make you wiggle,” the man growled, pulling harder and harder at the tight hole until the girl’s moans turned into ear-splitting, high-pitched shrieks of horrified agony. Her fingers clawed savagely at the floor as she pounded her head uncontrollably against the concrete. Her nostrils flared and her mouth drooled saliva as Norm raised up his groin, then dragged his prick-tip across her butt until the inflamed, puffy cock head was pressed against the brown, wrinkled skin of the girl’s shitter.

“AIYEEE! NOOO! N-NOOOO!” the young freshman begged as Norm hunched down. His stiff, thickly veined cock bowed out, refusing to jam down into her tight shit-chute as his hips thrust down harder and harder. The girl shrieked and shrieked until Diane prayed God that she’d pass out.

“Damn it! The fucker won’t go in!” Norm gasped, pulling back and slapping the groaning girl hard across the shoulder-blades.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned gratefully, her muscles relaxing temporarily as Norm prepared for another back door attack on her ass.

“Get her in the cunt and let’s get it over with. We’ve got a faculty meeting in a half-hour,” Matt said, glancing at his watch.

A faculty meeting! Nothing surprised Diane any more. After doing these incredibly filthy, depraved things to them, these men were calmly going to freshen up and attend a faculty meeting!

“On your back, whore,” Norm said as he pulled on the girl’s hair and forced her to roll over on her ass. He pinned her down with his powerful body as her arms beat his back wildly. Her sudden fighting was too much for the biology professor. He reached back with his right hand and punched her hard across the right side of her narrow chin, knocking her almost unconscious.

“MMMM!” Diane protested through the gag that was still jammed in her mouth. She couldn’t believe that she was witnessing such savagery happening just a few feet in front of her. As she stared helplessly at the now quiet girl, Diane watched as the biology professor spread her legs with his hand and probed for her cunt. The girl was coming to and realized what he was trying to do. She started beating him on the back again. Norm raised his hand as if to hit her again and she stopped. The girl realized that there was nothing she could do. She was going to be raped in front of all these people. If she tried to fight back, she would only get a punch in the face for her efforts.

“OHHHH!” she cried as Norman reached out and held her wrists down tightly to the cold floor with his powerful hands. Moving his hips first up, then to the right, he found the girl’s cunt lips with his cock head. Quickly, he slid his dick between her soft, furry lips and into the wetness of her cunt. He pushed down with his hips, groaning softly as his cock was buried to the hilt. Soon his cock hairs were brushing against her pussy fur. He started thrusting in and out, moaning at the delightful feeling of her warm, wet snatch around his throbbing hot cock-stalk.

“Fuck her good, Norm,” Chris said as his eyes widened and glazed over. All the men were fingering their dicks, turned on by the sight of this helpless young girl under the professor’s constant, violent attack.

“Ahhhmmmm,” Norm sighed, pumping his cock slowly in and out of her snatch. He felt his cock sliding easily in and out of the girl’s wet hole. He let go of her right wrist and moved his hand down, grabbing hold of her titty and squeezing it tight. He pinched her sore nipple savagely, making the girl’s body shudder with agony as his fucking motions increased.

“OHHH! OHHH! QHHH!” the young girl moaned, turning her head to one side as Norm glued his lips on her neck and shoulders and sucked at the hot, sweating skin. He raised his body up and looked down at the girl’s violated twat. He loved watching his long, fat dick sliding in and out of her cunt. It glistened under the bright overhead lights with her juices. He pulled it out until just the head was buried between her cunt lips, then thrust it hard back into her box, making the young girl groan with shame and hatred until the rod disappeared under her bushy, black cunt hairs.

“Fuck, I’m close,” the biology professor groaned, taking longer strokes. Soon he was bouncing up and down on the girl as his balls flipped out of his trousers and swung against her ass. He screamed suddenly and loudly as his dick head swelled in her hole.

“NNNGHHH!” he groaned, holding tightly onto her twisting naked body as he pumped his hips quickly and furiously. He howled like an animal, releasing the hot load of jizz in his balls.

“Ohhh,” the girl groaned as Norm finished dumping his wad into her sore pussy. She didn’t move as he huffed over her. She felt the hot wetness of his jizz spewing into her body and groaned with disgust. After he’d finished raping the young girl, Norm rolled off her body and fought to catch his breath.

“Maybe you’re getting a little too old for that sort of thing,” Matt said, laughing along with the others as they moved toward Annette.

“No! NOOO!” she shrieked, covering her face protectively with her hands. She was afraid that they were all going to go after her now.

“Take it easy, baby. We’re not going to hurt you,” Matt said, sneering as he glanced over his shoulder at his wife.

Diane glared with hatred at her depraved husband as she watched what happened in the next five horrible minutes. All of them had their way with the shrieking freshman girl. Matt had picked up the whip and held the flogging end tightly under her chin, stretching her head back. Annette couldn’t say anything in that position. All the poor girl could do was moan helplessly while first Chris, then Art and the silver-haired man Diane later learned was Rick Hallman, Dean of Students, raped the girl repeatedly.

“That ought to do it,” Matt said, releasing the whip.

Annette lay limply on the floor, too degraded and exhausted from the gang-bang to say another word. Bruises covered her lower belly and inner thighs while teeth marks showed up on her neck and tits. Annette raised her right arm and covered her eyes with it as tiny sobs shook her violated body.

“Get my wife out of that stupid suit and tie her up with the others. We’ll come back with the rest of the faculty in a little while and show these girls a really good time,” Matt said cruelly.

Diane sighed with relief as she felt the tight-fitting leather suit being unlaced and peeled off her. Her skin tingled as the blood flowed back. In the corner, she could see Jennie slowly regaining consciousness. Annette was still sobbing as cum oozed out of her sore pussy.

Art and Chris held her tightly as they dragged her over to the third leather-covered table and pushed her onto it. Diane didn’t have any fight left in her. She let them strap her wrists and ankles to the rusty metal rings that were bolted on either end of the long table. She turned her head to the right and watched Matt and Norm grab the sobbing Annette and jerk her violently into a standing position. The girl almost fell forward when they let go.

“Hang her up for the others,” Norm suggested.

Matt smiled and nodded his head. While he held the girl still, Norm and Art unlocked one of the many chests in the room and pulled out several long pieces of leather strips. They quickly bound her wrists together tightly. Then they moved her over to the far right corner of the room until she was standing directly under a large metal ring that was suspended by a half-inch chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. While Matt held the sobbing girl’s arms up, Norm tied Annette’s bound wrists firmly to the ring. When he was done, the two men stepped back and nodded to Chris, who was staring at the three of them. Diane craned her neck further back and saw that he was unlocking the handle of some wheel. She recognized it as similar to the device that Matt had installed in their basement. Annette snapped back to reality when she felt her arms being stretched tighter and tighter over her head.

“OHHH!” the girl cried out as she felt her toes leaving the floor.

“That’s enough,” Matt ordered as the girl’s feet dangled a half-inch above the concrete. She cried and moaned, swaying lightly back and forth with every jerking motion she made.

“She’ll keep for a while,” Norm commented wryly as he patted her lightly on her reddened buttocks.

“Then there’s this one,” Matt said, bending down and jerking Jennie up to a standing position.

“Ohhhh, let me alone,” the girl moaned. Diane could tell from her tone of voice that she’d already given up hope of being saved.

“Hang her up next to that one,” Matt ordered. The men tied the limp brunette exactly as they had tied Annette, hanging her three feet to the right of the young freshman.

“We’ll be back. And this time, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about anybody leaving,” Matt said as Art, Chris and Norm started up the wooden stairs. Diane kept her mouth shut until she heard the door slam closed above.

“Jennie! Jennie, what are they going to do to us?” Diane whispered.

“Ohhh! I wish I knew, Diane. I — uhhhh!” the girl groaned with pain as the agony of being hung from the ceiling took over.

“Are they going to kill us?” Diane asked in a hoarse whisper as chills ran up and down her spine. There was something terribly final about this room and about the attitudes of the men involved.

“They never did anything like that before,” Jennie said, trying to fight down the pain that seared through her body. “They always just stuck to people who were interested in the same kind of thing they were. But now, I don’t know,” the girl whimpered.

“What do you mean?” Diane asked, feeling her hair standing up on end.

“They never forced anybody into this thing who wasn’t interested,” Jennie said softly. “You were the first. I didn’t even really know that you weren’t just playing along with the reluctant-virgin bit until Matt started really laying into you that night. Then I was too scared to do anything,” Jennie confessed.

“You thought I liked it?” Diane asked in disbelief. “A lot of people put on this I-hate-it routine just for jollies. But after a while, I could tell that Matt wasn’t kidding when he said you weren’t into this trip. When he said he was going to force you to submit to the whip, I thought it was just another kind of fantasy trip. I swear, I didn’t know about what was going on,” the girl moaned.

“Is that why I found you tied up like that?” Diane asked as she shifted her eyes to Annette. The girl was listening quietly to the two of them. But Diane could tell that she was filled with horror and disbelief from the conversation she overheard.

“I told Matt I wasn’t going to go along with him any more,” Jennie said as she stretched down her big toe and tried to touch the floor for support. “That’s when he got to me and beat me. Oh God, he kept hitting me over and over with that damned whip across my — ohhhh,” Jennie groaned as she closed her eyes and remembered what had happened.

“Jennie, what’s going on here?” Diane asked again, feeling as if the girl were holding something back.

“It’s gotten out of control. I don’t know what’s happened. But everybody in this group’s acting crazy — weird! They’re not doing it for fun any more — at least, not the kind of fun I joined in for. I’ve even heard some talk about Black Masses and sacrifices,” Jennie said in a low, quivering tone of voice.

“That girl! That girl!” Annette cried out suddenly with horror in her voice.

“What girl?” Diane asked, turning her head back to the young freshman.

“The one they found out by the north campus parking lot on the other side of the Sculpture Gardens. I heard that they found weird markings on her body,” Annette whispered.

“My God!” Diane cried out, feeling her skin crawl with horror. Is that what Matt and the others were into now? Devil worship, and using the coeds as sacrifices for their sick ceremonials?

“Diane, you don’t think?” Jennie started to say, reading her answer in the young blonde woman’s widened eyes. “Oh God, we don’t have a chance,” the girl sobbed out.

“Don’t give up yet, Jennie,” Diane said, trying to comfort the two sobbing girls as she felt panic gripping her own mind.

“Don’t give up?” Jennie echoed, laughing hoarsely as she thrashed her body violently back and forth. The sound of clanging chains was almost deafening as the brunette shrieked with hysterical laughter and swayed helplessly back and forth from the ceiling.

Finally, Jennie calmed down and hung limply from the iron ring.

“Don’t give up. That’s a laugh,” she said defeated. “Who’s going to save us, Douglas Fairbanks?”

“I told a friend of mine what Matt was into, and that I was leaving him. He was expecting me tonight. When I don’t show up, I’m sure he’ll suspect that something’s wrong,” Diane said hopefully.

“Does he know you’re here?” Jennie said, her eyes sparkling with hope.

Diane sighed with disappointment.

“No,” she said in a low voice. Both Jennie and Annette groaned.

“By the time they find us, we’ll be just like that girl,” the young freshman moaned.

“Maybe not,” Diane said in a strained voice as she pulled up with her right leg. The iron rings holding her ankles seemed rustier than the others were. As she moved her ass cheeks back and forth on the table, pulling her legs first up, then pushing them down, Diane realized that she could work the rings out of the wooden frame of the table.

“What are you doing?” Annette and Jennie asked together as they watched Diane’s legwork.

“Ooooofff!” the woman grunted. “Trying to get these things off,” Diane growled, resting for a few seconds before she tried again. She could feel the rings slowly rising out of their drilled resting place. Back and forth, back and forth she worked her ass, pulling her legs up and down the leather-covered table until she could feel the rings steadily easing out of position. “I think I’ve got it,” Diane said, resting for another minute, before yanking up with her legs with all her strength. The rings finally gave way with a loud groan.

“She did it!” Annette cried out happily.

“Great! Now what are you going to do? Your ankles are okay, but what about the hands?” Jennie asked wryly.

“One thing at a time,” Diane said, gasping for breath. She raised her head as best she could, looking around the immediate vicinity for anything that might help her free her hands.

“The lever! The lever behind your head! You can’t get at it with your hands, but you might be able to use your feet if you can get them up that far!” Jennie cried out suddenly.


“That’s how the rings are locked into the table. It’s a lever at the head of the table — push it in to lock in the rings, pull it out to let them go. It’s right behind your head!” Jennie said hopefully.

“Oh God!” Diane said, rolling up her eyes as she hauled her legs over her head. “I feel like an ass,” she grunted between her uplifted legs as she bent her knees and lowered her upside-down feet to the head of the table.

“Never mind that. Just get free!” Jennie said, watching Diane like a hawk.

“Shit!” the blonde cried out as she ran the back of her toes lightly along the top edge of the table. At first all she felt was the wooden frame, and was going to tell Jennie that she was full of it. On the second try, however, Diane felt something narrow, long and metallic pressed against the wooden frame. “I think I found it,” Diane said, moving her right foot back slightly until she felt the edge of the lever with her big toe. Wriggling it back and forth, Diane managed to pry the lever up slightly with her toe.

“Pull! Pull!” Annette and Jennie encouraged.

“Okay!” Diane almost shouted, working the lever all the way up and then yanking her arms free.

“Thank God! Thank God!” the other women murmured as Diane sprang off the table and ran up to Annette.

“Going to get you down first, honey,” Diane said quietly as she untied the leather thongs that held her to the overhead ring. As the girl slid down to the floor, Diane moved to Jennie, unfastening her bonds and helping her down.

“Let’s get out of here,” Jennie said, bending down and picking up her raincoat. Diane nodded in agreement, quickly pulling on her clothes and encouraging Annette to dress faster. They had to escape now, or God only knows where they’d wind up — and how.


The three women dressed quickly, then tiptoed up the wooden steps to the closed door above them.

“It’s probably locked,” Jennie groaned as Diane put her hand on the doorknob.

“I think they’re so sure of themselves that it’s open!” Diane whispered happily as she turned the knob and pushed the large wooden door forward. “Don’t make a sound,” the blonde cautioned the other two women as she peeked around the doorframe into the hot, loud boiler room. There wasn’t a soul around. Turning her head slightly to the right, Diane signaled Annette and Jennie to follow her.

Moving quickly and silently, the three women threaded their way through the pounding machinery until they finally reached the door that led to the basement hallway.

“Before we go out there,” Diane said, reaching over to Annette and dipping her hand in one of the pockets of the trench coat, “here’s the phone number and name of the man who knows me. If we get separated, run for it and call him,” Diane said, pulling out some paper and a small pen and writing Jack’s phone number on it.

“Don’t make it sound so final,” Jennie said, rubbing her right arm with her left hand to make the goose-bumps go away.

“Come on. I left my car outside in Matt’s parking place. It should still be there if they didn’t move it,” Diane whispered, flattening herself against the wall and moving quietly toward the stairway that led up to the first floor.

The two women followed her obediently, watching her every move as she started up the stairs. Diane thought the pounding of her heart could be heard all over campus as she reached the top of the stairs. They were so close to freedom. Freedom! It was something she’d never actually thought about until it was taken away from her hours ago. Only now did she realize just how precious it was and how much she’d fight to keep it.

“Anybody up there?” Annette whispered nervously.

“No, thank God!” Diane said, sighing with relief as she tiptoed into the main first-floor corridor and headed for the outside door. Annette and Jennie followed closely behind, looking over their shoulders nervously as they moved closer and closer to their goal.

“It’s still raining outside,” Diane said as she peered through the rain streaks on the glass doors. The scene outside looked utterly desolate. The campus was completely deserted. The dim overhead lights that stood some twenty feet apart on the winding footpath illuminated the sheets of cold rain that splashed to the ground. Leaves and scraps of paper swirled about in the blasting air as the wind howled threateningly around the buildings of the university.

“I don’t care. Let’s get out of here. I’d walk through a blizzard!” Jennie said, reaching out and pushing Diane forward.

The blonde nodded, then pushed the door open and ran out into the rain. The wind and wetness swirled around all three women as they dashed across the grassy courtyard toward the Fine Arts building.

“Duck!” Diane cried out suddenly, stopping and turning around quickly. She caught the two women with her arms and shoved them into a high clump of bushes that lined the east wall of the Fine Arts building.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jennie asked, knocked off-balance by Diane’s sudden move and crashing into the bushes.

“It’s Matt and the others!” Diane whispered hoarsely, pushing the two women into the bushes as she followed them.

“They’ll know we’ve escaped in a few minutes,” Annette whispered as she peered through the branches with Diane and Jennie.

Diane didn’t say a word. She watched as Matt, Art, Norm, Chris and three other men ran toward Haines Hall from the Administration building.

“We’ll make a break for it as soon as the last one goes in,” the blonde said, watching as the seven men ran into the front door of the Physics building. “Now!” Diane said hoarsely, jumping up and pulling Jennie after her.

“Wait for me!” Annette cried out, scrambling to her feet and running after the two women.

Diane moved quickly. She felt her body grow light and fast as she ran past the Fine Arts building to her car. Thank God, it was still there!

“Get in!” Diane cried out, opening the door and sliding in. “Give me the keys, Jennie. They’re in the right pocket of the coat.”

“They’re not here! They must’ve fallen out back there in the bushes,” the girl said in a low, disappointed voice.

“Oh God!” Diane said, holding the steering wheel with both hands and dropping her head forward until her forehead rested on the top portion. “Well, I’ll have to go back and look for them,” Diane said, dropping her hands and opening the door again. “You two drop down out of sight just in case the men come back. If I’m not back in a few minutes, make a run for it.”

“Why don’t we go now?” Annette said as Diane slid out of the car.

“We may not have to run down the mile to the gates if I find the keys. It’s a long way in the rain. Besides, they might find us between here and there,” Diane said, slamming the door shut and starting to run back to the bushes around the corner.

“I’m going too. Sitting here’s like being a clay pigeon,” Annette said, opening the door and sliding out.

“You’re both crazy!” Jennie whispered, ducking down as the young freshman slammed the door shut and ran after Diane.

“What are you doing here?” Diane asked with a little irritation in her voice.

“Here to help. Now where were we?” Annette asked, slipping behind the bushes and dropping to her knees.

“Somewhere around here,” Diane said, brushing the rain from her face as she padded the wet ground with both hands.

“I’ve got ’em,” Annette cried out after several minutes of searching. She held them in front of her face triumphantly as Diane smiled and motioned silently for her to follow her back to the car.

Just as the two women were about to make a run for it, they heard shouting voices behind them!

“They’ve gotten out. Check the car!” Matt cried out loudly.

“Get down!” Diane hissed to Annette.

“They’ll find her!” Annette whispered as the two women watched Chris and Art run for the car. “If they don’t inspect it, she’ll be okay,” Diane said, crossing her fingers for luck. But luck wasn’t going in Jennie’s direction. The two men ran up quietly behind the automobile and cupped their hands onto the passenger window, peering in and seeing the young brunette cowering on the rear floor. Diane and Annette watched with horror as the two men jerked the rear door open and dragged the screaming Jennie out into the rain.

“Okay. Where are the others?” Art asked, shaking her roughly by the shoulders.

“I swear, I don’t know. We got separated when you started yelling. I headed for the car, figuring they were going to head there,” Jennie stammered.

“Get her back into the hall,” Chris said as he took one last look around the grounds.

“Watch out!” Diane cautioned the young girl, pushing her head down as Chris walked right in front of them.

“They’re gone!” he said disappointedly, his hands on his hips while he kept scanning the dark, rain-swept quad area of the campus.

“Let’s go then. We’ve got to hurry up. It wasn’t easy getting the stuff for the ceremony,” Art said, slapping his friend on the shoulder as he dragged Jennie behind him by the wrist.

“They’re not going back to Haines,” Annette said with curiosity.

“No. It looks like they’re off to Clark Hall,” Diane said, watching the group disappear.

“That’s the Medical building!” Annette said.

“Listen. You can drive, can’t you?” Diane asked, handing the keys to the young freshman.

“Yes, but…”

“Drive over to Jack’s and tell him what’s going on. I’m going to see if I can stop whatever’s going to happen,” Diane said, pushing the girl out of the bushes.

“But, they might get you too,” Annette protested.

“Even if both of us go, it might be too late for her. At least I can stall them until you bring help. Now move!” Diane said.

The girl whimpered, then turned and ran for the car. Diane stayed behind the bushes, waiting until the girl had started the car and backed it out of the parking space. Satisfied that she was on her way, Diane broke her cover and sprinted across the rain-slick quad toward Clark Hall. Her clothes were already soaked through, and her hair was plastered down to her skull as she reached the steps that led to the east entrance to the Medical building. The lights were on in the main presentation room.

Diane had often been there with Matt during their happier married days, watching young doctors presenting their particular cases to their superiors, who sat in a semicircle around them. Now Diane could only wonder what Matt and his friends were using it for.

Quickly running up the steps, Diane opened the door and ducked into the dry, warm foyer. She pressed her ass against the wall as she saw several men strolling down the corridor toward the presentation room.

When they disappeared, Diane moved quietly into the hall, trying to think up some plan to help Jennie. She was almost to the door when she heard footsteps behind her. It was too late to duck.

“Shit! There she is!” Matt cried out as he turned the corner and spotted his wife standing by the partially opened wooden double doors.

“What…?” Diane asked, her eyes wide with curiosity as she stared at her husband. He was wearing a long, black robe decorated with red and yellow tongues of fire. Norm and Chris stood next to him dressed in the same kind of robe. None of them moved for several seconds as the shock of seeing each other in that place registered. Finally both Matt and Norm leaped forward and grabbed Diane by the shoulders just as she was about to make a break for it.

“Two for the table. That’ll be even better!” Matt said as he kept his face away from Diane’s flaying fingernails.

“We might even get the other one,” Norm said, laughing as he helped Matt drag the grunting Diane through the double doors into the presentation room.

“Take it easy, gentlemen. We have another participant for the altar,” Matt said.

Diane heard the sound of a loud murmur. She stopped struggling and looked around. The room was filled with approximately thirty men, all dressed in black robes embroidered with red and yellow flames. They were standing in the rows of seats that rose steeply in a semicircle from the floor. What was interesting was that every man there held some position of importance on the faculty of the university. There was Dr. Freeman, head of the teaching assistant program for the Psychology Department. There was Dr. Thorsley, assistant to the University Chancellor himself.

“First, I’d like to know where the hell the other one is,” Matt said, forcing Diane down into a high-backed wooden chair that was placed next to the long desk that faced the small auditorium.

“She’s gone. I don’t know,” Diane said, noticing that all the men were leering at her curiously. There was some kind of celebration about to begin. Diane had an idea of what it would entail, and prayed God that Annette would bring help soon.

“Not much of an answer, Diane,” Matt said dryly. “Now, where is she?”

Diane shook her head back and forth defiantly. The longer she could stall them, the better off she’d be. Matt swore under his breath, then took the lid of her left eye between his finger and thumb and raised it to expose the pupil. Diane tried to reach up and brush his hand away. But Chris and Norm held her hands down. Matt deliberately rubbed the tip of another finger across her exposed eye, sending a shock of pain through her body.

“OHHHH!” the blonde cried out, her legs kicking out as he rubbed her aching, dry eye once more.

“I’m getting tired of this,” Matt said, losing his patience. Reaching into the drawer of the desk next to Diane, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. After drawing it to a bright heat, he held it closer and closer to her exposed eye. Diane screamed with pain and horror as she saw that glowing tip shoot forward, about to touch her eye.

“She’s gone! She’s gone!” Diane cried out, her fingers clawing at the wooden chair as the two men held her tightly down.

“Gone where?” Matt shouted, throwing the cigarette away and pulling her up by the hair. Diane’s face grimaced from the pain as her body jerked forward. The men watching murmured approval as Matt reached down and unzipped his wife’s skirt. As Diane had dressed quickly in the basement of Haines Hall, she wore nothing underneath. In a second, her vulnerable blonde pussy was completely exposed to all the men.

“I told you, I don’t know!” Diane insisted.

“You’d have been better off slaving over a hot stove for some jerk instead of with me,” Matt admitted as he put his right hand down on her bare thigh. Diane shuddered at his touch while her husband grinned at her. She didn’t move as he slowly slid his hand up her thigh until it rested on her pussy lips. Matt watched her face intently, enjoying that look of loathing and fear that filled her eyes. He shoved two fingers into her pussy hole while he kept the thumb outside. Then he closed his grip like an iron vise, twisting his hand at the same time. Diane felt as if she were being ripped in two. She tried to move both hands down to her crotch to try to ease the pressure. But Chris and Norm still held her down. He twisted harder and harder until Diane cried out hysterically, bending forward from the hips. Her face was dead white, drained of blood as she begged her husband to let her go.

“No, Matt. NO! Please don’t! PLEASE!”

But the only effect of her pleading was that Matt increased the torture.

“You Goddamned bitch!” Matt said evenly. “You tell the truth or I’ll rip your cunt out right here and now while Chris slices off your nipples! YOU HEAR ME?”

“It’s the truth, I swear! It’s the truth!” Diane cried out, wondering how much longer she could hold out. If she did tell him that Annette had gone for help, he and the others might take care of both her and Jennie right now and escape.

“Maybe, maybe,” Matt muttered as he released the woman and stood back, wiping his fingers on the robe. Diane sighed with relief and rubbed her legs together to ease the ache in her pussy.

“Christ. You take somebody with you and look around the quad to see if that bitch’s still around. Can’t have her telling anybody about us,” Matt said to his helper. “Okay gentlemen. We can begin.”

Diane didn’t know what to do. Matt was standing next to her, apparently almost forgetting that she was there while Norm stripped her completely, then walked out of the room through a door to her right. The murmur that had filled the room suddenly died down.

“Astaroth, cum spiritus sanctis,” Matt suddenly said in a loud voice. The others in the room murmured the same words, closing their eyes and rocking slowly back and forth as the lights in the room dimmed gradually. Diane felt her skin crawl with horror. More words in Latin were spoken, followed by a strange kind of humming from the men in the rows of seats. From various readings in the past, Diane recognized that this was the beginning of a Black Mass!

“Canis d’inferno,” Matt said, turning around and looking directly at Diane.

“Oh God!” she murmured, backing away from her husband. He seemed to have changed right in front of her eyes. There was a strange glint in his eyes, and his lower lip twitched with unholy excitement. It was Matt in front of her — yet it was someone else.

Diane turned around when she heard the door to the right open. Norm reappeared, holding a large, growling Doberman by a thick black leather leash close to his side. Matt’s eyes opened wide with pleasure as his lips twisted up into a crooked smile.

Norm led the dog up to Diane, stopping some five feet in front of the trembling woman. At the same time, Art and two other men walked up to the desk and spread a large red velvet piece of cloth over the top. Without any traces of emotion, they then walked over to Diane and took her by either arm, leading her up to the makeshift altar.

“No, please, no!” the blonde cried out, twisting helplessly in their tight grip! She knew what was about to happen. She was the first victim for the ceremony. They were going to turn the dog loose on her! “OH GOD, LET ME GO! UNNNGHHHH! NO! OH GOD, NOOO!”

But the men in the room ignored her. Their eyes focused on the desk top where the two men forced the screaming woman to crawl. Diane watched as Norm pulled the growling, snapping animal up to the front edge of the covered desk top. The strange humming increased in loudness, filling the room as the centuries-old melody poured out of the mouths of those men. Their eyes were glazed over in a kind of demonic ecstasy as they watched Diane’s trembling body. It was time for the sacrifice! It was the time when they’d force the blonde to submit to the dog to satisfy their God.

“Matt, don’t! Oh God, what have you gotten into!” Diane wailed as two more men strode up to the altar and moved behind the blonde. While Art and the two men who had helped him previously held her head and arms steady, the other two grabbed her feet and spread her thighs as widely apart as they could. Diane felt her mind grow light and fuzzy with horror as she felt the big black Doberman leap up from the floor and land at the far end of the desk. The chanting swelled almost to a loud roar as the lights in the room dimmed to a faint glow. The blonde’s head swam as she felt the big dog’s breath blow against her frazzled pussy hairs.


“OHHHH! UNNGHHH!” Diane grunted, trembling with fear and revulsion as she felt something cold and wet press against her cunt lips. She screamed again, frightening the curious Doberman and making him jump back and almost off the table. Matt stopped the big dog from leaping and turned him back around to the crouching blonde. This time the animal walked back up to her and placed its muzzle between her spread thighs. The dog nosed her pussy, stabbing its pointed snout into her quivering slash while Diane cried out for help.

“Astaroth!” Matt cried out again as the Doberman’s stubby tail wagged quickly back and forth. Diane cringed as she heard the Doberman growl excitedly. He smelled the musty odor that leaked out of her exposed snatch. The big dog’s growl turned into an excited whine as he stuck his snout back in and burrowed deeply into her moist pussy.

“OHHHH, NOOOO!” the blonde protested. Cold chills ran up and down her spine as the big dog moved back and opened his powerful jaws. She could feel the hot, moist breath blast against her snatch lips. Diane twisted under the men’s tight grip as the dog started lapping at her pussy hairs.

This can’t be happening! Diane thought to herself as the sound of the chanting filled her ears. The whole scene was having a strange effect on the woman. While she was still filled with horror and revulsion at what had happened and what was happening to her, there were the beginnings of a pleasurable, tight sensation somewhere deep in her crotch. It was almost as if she were willingly going along with this crowd. The dim lights, the chanting, and that wonderful warm, wet lapping sensation in her pussy were releasing delightful feelings in her cunt.

“Astaroth, Astarte, veni veni,” Matt said in a husky, loud voice. The chanting changed in style now. Diane noticed that as soon as the Doberman began tonguing her cunt, the men’s humming became rhythmic, almost matching the lapping of the big dog.

“UNNNN!” Diane groaned. That pink tongue was so hot! It was the most pleasant thing that happened to her in days. She closed her eyes and fought down the revulsion that churned her stomach as she concentrated on the pleasure that racked her pussy at the same time. As the animal moved around unsteadily on the desk, the blonde could feel the short hair covering his body prickling her naked skin.

“Oh, no,” Diane moaned as the Doberman licked her ass cheeks. He ran his tongue shamelessly over every inch of her buttocks, wetting down her asshole and cunt lips until the hairs surrounding her pussy were plastered down and pointing up to the ceiling. Diane let out a shivery moan and widened her knees voluntarily. The men holding her looked at one another with surprise, then backed off, letting go of Diane.

Even Matt was surprised at his wife’s sudden acceptance and even enjoyment of what was happening to her. The blonde slowly lifted her ass, wagging it back and forth for the dog as she clawed at the red velvet cloth with her slender fingers. The dog growled and wet down each cheek even more with his sloppy tongue. He smoothed it between her ass-crack until his hot spittle dribbled down over the thick blonde curls of her cunt.

It was something she’d never done before in her life. And now in front of all these men who might be out to kill her, Diane was growing more and more shamelessly excited. She was panting almost as hard as the animal. The weight of her hanging titties as they swayed lazily back and forth was exciting. She wobbled there on her elbows, sucking in air when she could, holding her breath when the Doberman’s strong tongue brushed across her stiffening clit.

The blonde parted her thighs even more until her inner pussy lips stickily peeled back from the warm cunt meat along her slit. The Doberman pushed at her hungrily, raking his tongue under her cuntal mound and upward as the men’s rhythmic chanting pounded like African drums in Diane’s ears.

“OHHH! OHHHH!” the woman cried out.

Norm and Art took over, rolling her over on her back and hauling her legs into the air. The dog looked a little puzzled at first at the change of position. But soon he was back again, pushing steadily into the mouth of her cunt with his black, pointed snout. He panted heavily in her steamy, soaked flesh. Diane kicked out as the tense thrills built deep in her gut.

“Veni! Veni! Veni!” the men sang out in a mumbled chorus, increasing the rhythm with each passing second.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Diane cried back.

The Doberman was growling again. It was a soft, smothered growl of sexual lust Diane had heard in the streets when two dogs fucked their brains out. When she looked down under the big animal’s hunching belly, she saw the dark-red pointed dick head slithering out of his black furry dick sheath. It glistened with his pre-cum as it throbbed excitedly in the air.

“Ahhhh!” Diane shuddered out as her eyes glued to his jerking prick. She remembered all the dogs she’d seen screwing each other in the streets and in the park! In a few minutes, that painted hot spear would be buried in her pussy. It was too bizarre to believe.

Diane babbled with excitement, bouncing her plump ass cheeks on the table top as the men chorused out another humming chant of excitement. The Doberman’s tongue rubbed her flooding pussy meat now. He was forcing her clit down, wagging his powerful hindquarters as even more of his red dick slithered out. Her cuntal hair clung together in wet curls along the edges of her pussy lips. She sat up and watched in dazed fascination. She could see the tendons in her inner thighs bulging out whenever the big dog slurped upward through the slippery length of her cuntal cleft.

“AHHHH!” Diane cried out, pushing her hands behind her and throwing her head back as her lower jaw slackened with ecstasy. Drool started to ooze out of the corner of her mouth as she gave herself completely up to the lapping dog’s fury.

The Doberman grew more excited and snapped his sharp teeth down gently on her pussy lips. The effect was immediate. What normally would have been painful shot Diane into higher planes of sexual excitement. The blonde fell back on the desk and tossed her thighs upward. She waved her ass around in circles, whimpering as loudly as the dog was.

“Now is the time,” Matt suddenly said.

“Now is the time,” the others chorused.

Diane didn’t hear them. She was too involved with what was going on down by her pussy to pay attention to the men. The dog whined and ate more and more into her hunching pussy. The Doberman humped his ass as he nipped and licked her cunt. She could feel his shoulders shaking powerfully and his strong back humping down. It was making her pussy tremble, rocketing closer and closer toward climax as Diane moaned and prayed God that what she was feeling now would never end.

“Yes… yessss!”

Diane whipped her legs against the dog, hugging his body with the insides of her knees as he brought her closer to her throbbing climax. More hot juices boiled out from between her fat, hot labes as the dog’s furry muzzle was slicked down with the blonde’s cunt juice. She could hear the slick sounds of his mouth on her cunt. It sucked and clicked with each movement.

“Mmmmm,” the blonde groaned. She couldn’t stop moving. Her shivering moans and feverish squirming set the Doberman off into a wilder fury. He started making strange animal sounds against the hotness of her cunt. It was a kind of growling whining noise that made her open her trembling knees wider. Just as her passion was about to peak, she felt something take hold of her legs and force them over her head.

“Consummation!” Matt cried out, his eyes wild with unnatural lust.

“Consummation!” the others echoed.

Diane groaned, waiting for something to bring her shivering pussy off. She was teetering on the brink now, hovering over a brain-splitting climax as the big Doberman growled and snapped in confusion. Then he jumped forward, placing his big forepaws on her upturned legs as he hunched down with his powerful hindquarters. Diane closed her eyes and let out a long, low moan as she felt the sharp, pointed dick head part her puffy outer labes and slice into her drooling box.

Shudders of revulsion and delight mixed strangely together and racked through her body as the dog’s high-pitched moan of pleasure filled the room. Diane wriggled her ass excitedly on the table top, unwittingly encouraging the Doberman to fuck her deeper. He growled louder, raising his powerful black ass a little, then jabbing down harder. The blonde let out a shriek as she felt several of the big knobs on the animal’s hot, red prick push past her stretched labes and squish into her swampy box. She dug her head into the red velvet cloth and rolled it back and forth as she jerked her thighs up automatically, matching the fucking dog’s downward thrusts. The stretched, itchy feeling gripping her snatch grew unbearable as Diane prayed for sexual release.

“UGHHH! FUCK! OHHHH!” the woman cried out helplessly as drool from the dog’s mouth splashed down on her flat, sweaty belly. Diane babbled obscene phrases deliriously as the Doberman humped his pointed, knotty prick harder and harder. There was one big knot at the root of the dog’s dick. She sucked in a ragged breath as the animal jabbed down hard and plowed it past her swollen lips, burying it in her hot, wet fuck tunnel.

“Oh! OH! OHHHHNNGH!” Diane groaned in ecstatic agony as that big knot slopped past her labes. The blonde squirmed more frantically as her sucking hole fired up hotter and hotter. Her legs bounced and flailed as the big dog’s leathery balls slapped against her ass cheeks.

“Consummation!” Matt cried out impatiently.

Diane wanted it as badly as he did. As that big knot in the Doberman’s jerking cock worked deeper into her cunt, stretching the sensitive wet walls more and more, Diane felt her body about ready to explode. She felt her belly knotting up tighter and tighter as a strange hot wetness grew along the bottoms of her tits and around her cunt. A sudden swelling sensation from the Doberman’s cock let Diane know that the big dog was about to fire his load.

“OHHHH!” she cried out in a tight voice as her cunt exploded into a fireball of orgasmic fury. She lay on the table, panting like a cow in rut as the big dog’s prick jerked and sprayed white-hot doggie jizz into her snatch.

A roar of pleasure filled the room as the men saw what had happened. Again and again Diane’s cunt throbbed powerfully as her climax shot through her. The Doberman growled and whimpered, slamming his hairy belly against her dancing, plump ass cheeks. The dog worked his long, thick, knotty cock back and forth in her juicy cunt as Diane felt a tiny river of hot cum leaking out of her snatch. It trickled down her thighs and onto the red velvet covering as she ground her teeth together and beat the table top with her fists.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh!” the blonde finally cried out in exhaustion as the last spasms swept over her cum-filled twat and died away like the ripples of a pond.

“It is done!” Matt said, obviously pleased at what had happened.

“It is done!” the others said as Norm and Art jerked the whining Doberman off the tabletop. Diane lowered her legs down on the velvet and raised her hands. Now the shame covered her like a thick cloth, making her want to rip her hair out in self-disgust. How could she have done such a thing? And so willingly! It was as if she’d signed up to perform in front of these sickies! Even if she got out of this mess alive, she’d never be able to face herself again. She’d fucked a dog in front of these men, and showed them all that she enjoyed it!

Diane lay on the table as she watched Matt bend down and draw a circle around him and the table she was resting on. Norm and Art followed, drawing strange symbols at various points on the circle. Diane recognized this as the drawing of the magic circle. It was to separate whoever was inside it from the devil or whomever they decided to conjure up. Matt and the others were really serious about that! Diane prayed that Annette would show up quickly with Jack and plenty of help.

“Bring in the other one,” Matt said to Norm as they finished making the markings on the circle. As soon as he pronounced those words, everyone in the darkened room reached up and unfastened his robe at the top. Diane watched in fascination as they pulled the cloaks open at the top, then let them fall to the floor. They were all standing stark naked in front of her!

“Matt, what is this?” Diane asked in a trembling voice.

But her husband had ceased to exist. In his body was another person, more ceremonial and haughty than any person she’d ever met! He pretended not to hear her, absorbed in his own world of demon-worship.

“Let me go!” Diane heard Jennie cry out from behind the door to the right. In a second it opened and Norm appeared, dragging the naked, struggling brunette behind him. Her hands were bound tightly behind her, and her ankles were fastened together by three strips of half-inch brown leather.

“The markings!” Matt said, turning and facing Jennie, who was now dragged in front of him.

“What is this? Diane?” Jennie asked, turning and looking at the blonde who was still lying in exhaustion and humiliation on the tabletop.

“I don’t know, Jennie,” Diane said honestly as she watched Matt move to his right and open the lowest drawer of the desk she sat on.

“Get off!” Matt growled to the blonde, reaching over and pushing her off. Diane slid down to the floor and was quickly grabbed by Art and another tall man. They were still wearing their robes while the audience stood facing them, nude.

At the same time, Norm and two other men hauled Jennie roughly onto the table, quickly moving to opposite ends of the “altar” and pulling the girl’s ankles and wrists in opposite directions. The result was that Jennie’s body was stretched like a tightly pulled rubber band. Her white skin glowed even in the dim auditorium light as Matt revealed what he’d pulled out of the drawer. It was a twelve-inch carving knife, approximately three inches in thickness and sharp as a surgical blade. The handle was made of black ebony wood with strange astrological signs embedded in it.

“Oh no!” Diane groaned as she saw him raise the knife high above his head and mutter something in Latin that she couldn’t understand.

“Diane!” the brunette shrieked, craning her neck back and seeing what Matt was doing. “Noooo, don’t! Oh God in heaven, don’t!”

“Matt! Stop it! Don’t!” Diane pleaded along with the brunette as she struggled to break free.

But her husband didn’t hear her. He was muttering some obscene prayer, holding the knife as if it were a holy chalice. Finally he finished with a loud grunt, bringing down the knife slowly until it was even with his waist. He turned around and slowly moved behind the table where Jennie was stretched out. Diane’s eyes widened with terror. The girl was on display like a piece of meat on a butcher’s counter. She glanced at the naked men in the audience. They were transported into some obscure region of the mind Diane knew nothing about. She could feel the excited expectation in the room as everyone seemed to be holding his breath. The dog fucking was obviously a preliminary rite. As Matt moved forward until his thighs pressed against the back edge of the table, Diane realized that the red velvet cloth was actually an altar cloth used in most Catholic churches during Easter. She’d been too frantic before to recognize it. But now she could see the gold cross embroidered on the material. It was pure and simple desecration — the byword of the Black Mass. She’d performed an act of bestiality on that cloth. And now — now, Jennie was going to be sacrificed to their obscene Gods on it.


The brunette whimpered desperately as Matt lowered the big gleaming carving knife. Her eyes bulged out with horror and her mouth gaped open wide as the pointed tip finally touched just above her right tit.

“Nnnnngh!” the girl gurgled out as she felt the cold, metal tip land on her quivering flesh.

“Matt! Don’t!” Diane screamed. Her voice echoed in the silent room as her husband seemed to hesitate for a second. Matt flashed a quick glance at his horrified wife, then pressed down slightly. The gentle pressure on the handle was enough for the sharp tip to slice into Jennie’s tender skin.

“AAAAGHH!” the girl screeched out, stiffening her body and arching it high in the air as a tiny trickle of blood oozed out from the half-inch puncture and ran down her right side.

“Animal!” Diane shrieked, turning her head away from the table where Jennie lay screaming and sobbing. Then the air was cut with another scream, louder than the first. Diane jerked her head back and saw that Matt was carving the shrieking brunette’s skin freely. The knife dug easily into Jennie’s flesh, parting it the way a boat’s prow parts the sea as he drew some kind of star-shaped figure on her chest.

“AHHH! ARRGHHH! NNGGHHHH!” the girl shrieked over and over. Her body shook violently as she pulled and pushed with her legs. But she was held too tightly for that to do any good. Blood oozed out or the wounds, trickling down to the tabletop and soaking into the soft red velvet. Diane watched with her stomach churning sickeningly as the brunette was being carved up before her eyes.

What seemed like an eternity was finally over — at least for a while! Matt finished his first drawing and pulled back as two men blotted Jennie’s bloody belly with a large white cloth. Diane could see that the cuts were relatively superficial. But that didn’t take the horror out of the event. Obviously they had just gotten started. What Annette told them earlier suddenly rang back in her mind — the discovery of a dead coed with strange carvings all over her body. They were going to turn both of them into Satanic roadmaps!

“And now…?” Matt said, holding the knife high in the air, directly above Jennie’s heart.

“NOOO!” the girl screamed, her eyes bulging out further as her ankles and wrists worked frantically at the leather bonds that tied them together.

“NOOO!” Diane echoed the brunette’s cries.

Matt stopped in midair, turning slowly and looking hotly at Diane. He seemed to be enjoying her pleading.

“It’s too late for both of us, Diane,” he muttered, slipping out of his role of high priest for a second.

“Ohhh Matt, where did we go wrong?” Diane whimpered.

But he was back in his role of priest again. He raised the carving knife again over Jennie, muttering something softly in the air as everyone in the room held his breath again. Jennie howled and twisted on the table in spite of her wounds. Her eyes were glazed over with sheer terror as they riveted themselves onto the tip of that sharp blade dangling only a few feet above her chest.

“Okay! Everybody stand still! This is a bust!” a loud voice suddenly thundered out.

Diane jerked around and saw several campus police running down the aisle to the right with their guns drawn. Behind them was a squad of Los Angeles police. The lights suddenly brightened, startling nearly everyone in the room.

Diane felt the grip on her arms relax. Quickly she shrugged herself free, running up to the table and pushing Jennie off it roughly. Matt seemed dazed for a second. Then the knife shot down into the now-empty tabletop. It was his last act as high priest. While two policemen cuffed Matt and forced him up the side aisle to the first-floor corridor, Diane bent down and untied the moaning Jennie.

“It’s okay, honey. We’re safe,” Diane said, loosening the girl’s wrists. “Somebody, get a doctor!” she shouted as she and a policeman fumbled with the leather bonds on the girl’s ankles.

“I’m sorry I took so long,” Annette said, running up to the table, then around it. “Ohhhh, God!” she said, shrinking back and covering her mouth. “I’m gonna be sick,” she whimpered, running back out of the room.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” Jennie groaned, raising her arms to her carved belly.

“You’ll be all right, honey,” Diane said, raising her head and watching as the police rounded up all the naked men in the audience. As she stood up and took a blanket handed to her by one of the police, the blonde looked for Jack. She finally spotted him, threading his way through the crowd of police and complaining men. He waved and ran down the aisle as she sighed and leaned against the table, wrapping the blanket tightly to her body. The long nightmare was finally over!

“Never thought I’d wind up in this kind of thing just selling jewelry,” Jack said, smiling broadly at her as Diane poured coffee into his cup. The two were sitting in her living room. It was three in the morning and both of them were exhausted. They had had to go to the police station and make out separate reports as to what had happened. Considering the facts, it was a minor miracle that they were out so soon.

“Maybe you should have gone to work for Avon,” Diane said, smiling gently as she poured coffee into her own cup, then sat down next to the big man. The two of them sipped the hot liquid silently for several minutes, each trying to sort out what had happened that night.

“You know, what gets me is how something like that could go on in the middle of a university without getting noticed,” Jack said, shaking his head slowly back and forth as he put his cup back on the cocktail table in front of the couch.

“Well, I guess it’s not too hard to understand if you take a look at who was involved. Almost everybody who had any say about what went on in Haines Hall belonged to that group,” Diane said, leaning back and crossing her long legs.

“What did they believe in?” Jack asked, leaning back with her and putting his arm around her shoulders.

“Oh, nothing at first. From what Jennie told me, it was just kind of a kinky sex club. Then Matt started into this demonic trip of his. The others naturally joined in. I guess they really just got started into it when we stumbled into it,” Diane said, sighing deeply. She still shook at the idea of how close all of them came to death.

“I guess they already had one victim,” Jack said.

“That girl. Yes, I guess so. Poor Matt! In a way I feel responsible for everything that’s happened. Somewhere in our marriage there must have been signs of what was going to happen. If only I’d recognized them!” Diane said, closing her eyes and fighting back the tears.

“You can’t change the past. It’s done. That’s it. What you’ve got to worry about is the future,” Jack said, reaching up and stroking her chin.

“Well, there’ll be the hearings and the trial,” Diane said, sighing deeply as she dreaded the thought of all the publicity.

“Even with luck, Matt’s going to be put away,” Jack said, sliding closer to Diane until his thigh was touching hers.

“I’ve lost all feeling for him, Jack. I just feel a little sorry for the man, that’s all,” Diane said, smiling at him as she leaned forward and put her cup on the table next to his.

“Come on, Diane. Let’s think about the present,” Jack said, pulling her close to him. He forced her to stand up as his lips moved to her mouth. Jack kissed her tenderly at first. Then his hot, wet tongue speared through her lips, shoving deeply into her mouth. Diane felt a dam of pent-up passion break loose as she darted her tongue into his mouth. She groaned and circled her arms around his back. She felt him grind his body against hers. The bathrobe she’d thrown on when they’d gotten back home was working loose. But the blonde didn’t care. She needed this desperately.

As the belt unfastened and her robe gradually opened, Diane groaned, feeling the bulge of Jack’s big cock trapped in his jeans rubbing across her belly.

Jack let the kiss trail off, pulling his head back and watching Diane closely. She was panting and weak. His hands slowly moved down her body, tracing every curve until he came down to her thighs. Jack moved his fingers gingerly inward until he was pulling apart her soaked outer cunt-lips. Diane hung her head limply down and moaned, hunching her hips forward involuntarily. All she wanted for herself now was a good, hard fuck from that man.

“Just like old times,” the big man said, lowering her onto the couch behind them. He was just standing there looking at her.

“I love your cunt,” Jack said.

Diane blushed, thanking God that the police didn’t tell Jack the whole story about her and the Doberman.

“Ahhh,” Diane sighed as Jack bent forward to touch a finger to her outer labes. Diane sucked air and pulled her ass back.

“It’s so soft and hot,” Jack said, lowering his face and kissing her flat belly.

“Ohhh, God!”

“You really need a fuck, don’t you?” Jack said in a husky voice.

Yes! Yes! Diane thought desperately. After everything, her pussy needed his cock. It ached, begged, pleaded for his dick. Jack read her mind. He moved his mouth up until he was up by her stiff nipples. He licked one of them until she felt it twitching. Diane arched her back, pressing against his sucking lips.

“Yes! Yes!” Diane groaned. Jack was sucking one tit all the way into his mouth. His tongue was raking the nipple wildly. Sharp, delicious jolts of pleasure were slicing through her cunt every time he rolled the nipple flat, sanding it with his hot tongue. For some strange reason, Diane thought of that big black Doberman who’d fucked her that night and wondered what had happened to him.

“Undress me,” Jack commanded. He stood by the couch and pulled Diane up by the shoulders until she sat facing his belt buckle.

She tried to steady her fingers. They trembled with uncontrollable lust as she pulled open the buttons of his Levi’s and unhooked the leather. The swell of his hot cock meat inside bulged out as she inched his pants down over his powerful hips. Diane’s heart pounded wildly as she remembered how big, hairy and thick that dick was. After all of the whipping, torture and humiliation, this fuck was going to be more than welcome for her.

“Come on, babe,” Jack urged, reaching down and pushing his Levi’s to his ankles. Diane swallowed hard as she raised her arms and curled her fingers around the elastic waistband of his jockey shorts.

“God!” Diane cried out as she scooted the elastic down and freed Jack’s blood-engorged dick with one movement. It was longer and hotter than she remembered it. The cock head was bluish-purple and spasmed with lust. Diane crawled backward on the couch as Jack finished taking off his jeans and underwear. Soon he was on his knees on the couch, smiling and moving toward her. His cock swayed lazily back and forth from between his legs. His balls jiggled nervously in their sacs, packed tightly, Diane was sure, with a heavy, hot load of jizz meant for her.

“Let’s fuck!” Diane groaned, leaning back and sinking into the softness of her couch.

“Mmmmm,” Jack said, lowering his head quickly between her thighs. The suddenness of his oral attack almost sent Diane into shock. She groaned happily as she felt Jack sliding deeper. His thick lips were teasing her inner cunt lips. His teeth gouged into that sensitive membrane area while his tongue fucked in and out like a tiny cock. Diane jerked her knees together, trapping his head between her trembling legs as images of that lapping Doberman danced in her rolling head.

“You move your ass nice,” Jack commented.

“Ohh, more, more,” Diane groaned, reaching down and pushing his head back into her pussy. She hunched up with her hips, digging the drooling inner folds of her pussy into the big man’s sucking mouth.

Jack kept his lips locked onto her cunt for several more minutes, lapping up the oozing juices before he moved up from her snatch. He kissed up her belly, moving to her tits and sucking first one, then the other. Diane could smell her cunt on his cheeks. She felt faint with ecstasy and hot with sexual fever.

“Mmnnnm,” Diane groaned as Jack moved up to her mouth and kissed her hard and hot. At the same time he moved his powerful thighs until he had his cock nestled in the furry valley of her crotch. She felt something hot, hard and stiff pressing against her outer cunt lips. It was forcing its way through the fleshy folds of her twat, burrowing down like a drill. Her cunt lips flattened back. Jack’s spasming prick head brushed against the tingling clit as it picked up her slick juices.

“Break me open! Oh God, split me apart!” Diane begged.

Jack dragged his cock back a little, then up again. Diane’s cunt stretched wide and the ring of muscles around her pussy went tight. The blonde forced herself to relax. Diane moved her hips slightly from side to side, helping Jack slip his thick, long prong into her. He was halfway inside when her cuntal muscles spasmed and tightened down on him. He stopped breathing and gasped with delight.

“Shit, let me go!” he cried, forcing his cock to stop throbbing. He was close to coming when Diane did that.

“I can’t help it. I need it!” Diane cried out, closing her eyes and clenching her teeth tightly together. Diane felt the spasm pass and her cunt relax. Jack eased his cock once more through the hot folds of her cunt. He forced that opening into a wide tunnel as he slid his cock in very slowly. Diane babbled mindlessly, licking her lower lip in ecstasy as she felt her insides stretching out around Jack’s big root. The blonde spread her legs out even further, waiting breathlessly for Jack to reach bottom.

“Shittt!” Jack cried out as his hairy, hot groin finally touched Diane’s upturned cuntal mound. The two of them lay quietly for a minute, drinking in the hot, sexy feeling of the other’s body pressing hard against his. As Jack gasped and raised his ass cheeks slowly up, Diane groaned, feeling his heavy balls drag across her ass cheeks. Slowly, Jack increased his fucking speed and Diane matched it.

“Jesus, Diane! You’re gonna make me cum! Stop it!” Jack cried out suddenly.

“I can’t stop. I just can’t!” the blonde cried out. Her ass moved like a wild animal’s. She had no control over herself any more. She couldn’t stop the bucking. She couldn’t stop the convulsions in her cunt that were responsible for the rhythmic milking of the muscles around her cuntal hole. The circle tightened, relaxed, then tightened again, pulling and tickling Jack’s bursting prick. The big man grunted and moaned, feeling those velvety wet surfaces stroking him closer and closer to orgasm.

“NNNNGHH!” Jack cried out. Diane could feel the big dick inside her body spasming more uncontrollably. It jerked furiously each time her cuntal folds seeped out more hot juice over his cock head. His dick tip was contracting tighter and tighter as it got ready for the first big jizz-spray. Diane could feel that big ridge that ran the full length of his cock along its underside. “NOW!” Jack cried out, slamming his groin down hard like a hammer.

“NOW!” Diane cried out as that squirting dick crushed her clit and sent her rocketing over the edge into climax.

“UNNGHHHH!” the two of them screamed together, grinding their bodies wildly together as they were both gripped in the throes of a mutual climax. All the horror and tension that had gripped her for the past week suddenly melted away in the lush hotness of this sexual climax. Diane raked her sharp fingernails across Jack’s humping back, rolling her head from side to side as she surrendered completely to the hot, wet, brain-burning orgasm.

“Ahhhh,” Jack grunted, collapsing on top of the blonde’s still-wriggling body. He’d fired his final load of cum into her pried-open pussy and was now enjoying the aftershocks that raced through his cock and her pussy. Diane squeezed her snatch muscles together one more time, milking out the last few tops of spunk from the big man’s dick before relaxing completely.

“Oh Jack, that was wonderful,” Diane sighed, opening her eyes and running her fingertips lightly over his muscular shoulder blades.

“They’ll be more times like these if you want them,” Jack said, propping his head up on her shoulders and kissing the nape of her neck lightly.

“Even if I don’t sell your jewelry?” Diane asked, laughing softly as she thought of how the whole nightmare began.

“Even if,” Jack said, wriggling his flaccid dick back and forth in Diane’s slackening cunt. The blonde pulled Jack tightly to her titties and closed her eyes, trying to force the horror out of her mind. Even with Jack next to her, Diane knew that it would be a long time before she could ever forget about the terror that had nearly destroyed her and two other women.