Amazing, she did it!

A friend of mine was visiting one weekend and we decided to ride out towards a friend of hers to see if we could surpurise her and introduce her to my buddy. Fortunately she was home and invited us in. She had a beautiful home and a very nice pool and sauna in her back yard.

We had a few drinks and she suggested we all go for a swim. None of us brought suits and she suggesed we all swim nude. My normally somewhat reserved wife was the first to say let’s go.

First, my wife and I swam a bit, teasing and playing while our friends sat in the sauna talking and warming up to each other. They were talking and getting closer to each other so we continued, ending up with me standing with her legs wrapped around me and having a nice long pool fuck. We were standing within about 4 or 5 feet from the sauna, so our friends didn’t have to wonder what we were doing, but they didn’t do more than some casual petting.

After we finished, we swam around a bit and her friend got out of the suana. It appeared she wasn’t very interested in my buddy. I got out of the pool to get a drink, when I stepped outside, my wife was in the sauna with my buddy. First she was sitting beside him with one arm, the closest to him, down at least near his crotch.

Her friend joined me in the deep end, under the diving board. She told me he just didn’t turn her on and stated it appeared he turned my wife on. I looked up and my wife was in his lap, you could tell by her arm motion, she was playing with his dick and humping his thigh.

My wife’s friend wrapped her legs around my waist, facing away, because she knew even though my wife was playing with my friend, she would not like it if her friend and I were fucking also (there is a bit of history there but won’t go into it).

We watched as my wife and friend were getting closer and closer to fucking but both of them kept looking our way and it was obvious my buddy didn’t want to do it. My wife damn sure did and only briefly looked our way, with glazed and hungry eyes. I believe she was wanting my approval so I nodded and smiled.

Her friend and I stepped out of the pool and went inside. She coaxed me upstairs and wanted to watch them from a dark room so they couldn’t see us watching. As soon as we peered through the window, my wife mounted him and was fucking him like an animal, he must have been hard but he was not reacting in the same passionate manner she was.

My wifes friend was rubbing my dick which was as hard as a rock, she wanted me to fuck her from behind while we watched my wife and friend going at it in the sauna.

She was a very petite and short thing so I had to squat way down to enter her. I was pumping slowly in and out of her and she was getting closer and closer to coming. My wife was coming and humping my buddy like there was no tomorrow. When my wife’s friend saw her coming, she started convulsing in unison.

It appeared my buddy didn’t cum or at least he didn’t appear to. My wife crawled off his lap and she was trying to finish him off with her hand. I hadn’t cum and her friend grabbed me and pulled me to the floor on top of her. I wanted to see my wife with my friend but this womans tight little pussy took me away from that thought. In a few minutes I heard my wife calling from down stairs, she was walking up the stairs trying to find us. As I said there is a history there, my wife is a jealous woman, it was ok for her to fuck my buddy but she would have freaked if she saw us doing the same.

I jumped up, without finishing, and washed my dick off in her sink. Good thing because my wife came up and asked why were still naked. I told her we watched them in the sauna and that was why I was hard.

We all dressed and the three of us left. After we got home, my buddy went to the extra bedroom and fell asleep. The combination of watching and not getting to finish had me as horny and could be, and my wife’s adventure had her the same.

We fucked for what seemed to be all night. I brought up how hot it made me to watch her with my buddy and she told me the story, ending with it was just a one time thing and not her proudest moment. Well it made me hard again and we went at it one more time. She eventually wanted to know if her friend and I did the same, I told her no just to keep the peace.

It hasn’t happened since, at least not while I was present, but it was great while it lasted.