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Email after Drksecret chat
Hi Jason. Been reading your posts at slutwifetalk and would love to see more of your gorgeous wife Kathy. She truly is a hot, sexy, white slut! Have attached another pic of me, kindest regards, Harvey

Harvey: Hi Jason, Thanks for your reply. I was hoping you would! Kathy is very, very fiiiiine. I agree that you don’t deserve her. But I do!! Have you shown her the pic I sent you? What did she think? You really do have yourself a hot married white slut there. I do hope you can organise for Kathy and I to meet at some stage, I have a pair of full balls that I would just love to blow into your wife’s hot married pussy. Would you like that??? I hope you are not going to make me wait for your wife. It has been a while since my last couple but I have a real good feeling about you and Kathy. I’ve three grown up kids with my ex wife but right now I’m living alone. She could stay overnight with me anytime! Be sure to show her the pic of me. Harvey

Posted: 19 Mar 2006 12:04:58

Harvey is coming around tonight to meet Kathy. We’re to expect him around 8:00 pm British time. Hoping for a good evening for all. He’s been very keen to be introduced to her and she to him. She was on her mobile chatting to him for about half and hour last night. At the moment i’m thinking of what to ask her to wear.

19 Mar 2006 12:54:21
Do you expect he will to do her on first meeting? She’s lovely.

Posted: 20 Mar 2006 10:43:57
It’s the morning after Kathy and Harv’s first date and it seems a while since she’s been worked over by a BBC. Harvey pounded her married pussy long and hard. It was rewarding to watch him finally fucking her after all the emails and build-up. He stayed the night too but had to be up for work early this morning with a view to calling again Tuesday. My wife actually saw him off from the front door in her dressing gown! He’s shown her what a true, mature black bull can do when he has a younger, white female to service. We’re both impressed by his composure and forthrightness.

He had some problems finding our house and didn’t arrive till nearly 8:45. Of course by that time Kathy had bathed, dressed up and was all ready for him. In the past my wife’s been apprehensive before meeting new men so due our recent lay off there was a certain amount of tension in the air. As usual, I watched her prepare in our bedroom. She wore an short, cream dress with long sleeves and a low cut, square front. Some black high heels and her Grandmother’s earring and necklace set that I love her to wear for black fucking. As always it was great to finally introduce them.
‘Great to finally meet you at long last’ had been Harv’s first response as they finally met in our front room.

She was friendly and all smiles for the well dressed, older alpha-male. Even chatty though it was deliciously hard for her to maintain her dignity with the dress she had on. Harvey came across as a well mannered but rough-around-the-edges type. Proper working class with a bulky, strong physique. They were soon sat side by side on our sofa in the lounge. Kathy was laughing at Harvey’s jokes, her dress right up around her thighs. His arm was around her and the whole confident feel in the air made me realise he had us exactly where he wanted us. It always excited me to watch this first stage as any. Enjoying having another mans eyes roam over her body. We talked a little about our last bull Darren and our beginnings in Interracial cuckolding. Then Kathy had her hand between his legs and he repaid the complement. She didn’t have any underwear on and he was obviously excited to find her neatly cropped pussy waiting as she uncrossed her legs. He started to finger her, seemingly quite rough but he knew what he was doing. Experience paying. I’d not seen Kathy as wet or ready for black dick. When he finally got his cock out it was erect with the fine arch he had demonstrated in his photos to us. About 8” long with heavy, fat balls hanging beneath. He’d been saving up for my wife.

I watched as I often have in the past from the adjacent sofa as Harv slid on a rubber, Kathy turned and he shifted her dress up from behind. She smiled at me, knee on the sofa as Harvey, trousers and boxers around his ankles, began rooting her from behind. Having been a little while since her last fucking she certainly made to enjoy herself. After a short while Kathy mounted him on the sofa and rode his dick with her back to me. The sound of her body slapping on him was good and loud, his hands tightly around on her ass. My wife’s dress was now rolled around her waist with her tits in his face. Harvey was obviously horny for her and he swore and groaned quite a lot while they went at it, even asking her to slow down at one point. When he came Kathy stayed on him a little while before lifting herself off. By the time she lifted herself off the condom was full off seed. She had a pleased look on her face but it was time for him to fuck her now. We went upstairs to our bedroom where Kathy got on the bottom and Harvey mounted her from the top. I watched from my chair by the window as his balls smacked between her legs and a much longer period. We’d talked about the benefits on this forum of an older male. Harvey certainly kept going. He made her come and raced to a brisk and impatient finish. After that we had a break and talked some more. He suggested he stay the night and asked if I’d be alright on the sofa while he kept Kathy company. She laughed at that.

All in all, it was a good night and one I hope we’ll repeat on Tuesday. There’s probably more but it’ll come back to me.

Posted: 20 Mar 2006 15:51:20
Thanks for the great account of her date with Harvey. Sleeping on the sofa sounds tough…i couldn’t do that, or at least it would push my limits.
Harvey must be on cloud nine. Well done.