An Affair With Sis

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced, middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of mate swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun… but where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When the children set as the pattern of their own life style what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of what outwardly appears to be a small puritanical town. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, for this family, pleasures of the flesh are the norm.

AN AFFAIR WITH SIS — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.


When Linda Collins woke up this sunny Friday morning, she was fit to be fucked.

There was a hot tingle in her lush tits, radiating all the way down to her juicy, silken ass. At twenty, the blonde’s sexy-hot curves were in their prime, and so was her tight, luscious cunt. Slipping on a robe, Linda made coffee and smoked a cigarette for breakfast, toying with the urge to finger-fuck herself right at the kitchen table.

It was nearly eleven by the kitchen clock. Linda thought about her husband, now at work. They’d fucked like wild minks last night, but she still felt achey and hot. They’d been married a year now, and, so far, the ripe young blonde hadn’t even cheated on him. She patted herself on the back for that.

But ever since she was a teenager and Linda discovered the delights of her hot pussy, there was only one man in town who could really satisfy her.

He was married now, too. Linda chewed her sultry lips as she thought about him. Then she picked up the phone, and called him at work.

“Listen, Al, I want you to come by on your lunch hour, okay? I gotta talk to you, it’s important.”

He paused and said okay.

Linda hung up the phone, her cunt beginning to throb fiercely in anticipation. Al had a hard-on on him that could be used for a battering ram. She’d lost her cherry to him, in fact, on the night of her birthday. Now that was a birthday present she would never forget!

She drew a hot bath and got in, soaking luxuriously. Linda lathered suds on her tawny tits, making herself shiver with excitement as she played with her hot, rosy nipples. She propped one silken leg along the rim of the tub and moaned softly as she traced her juicy cuntlips with her fingers.

Christ only knew how many times she’d finger-fucked herself, thinking about Al’s massive prick, about the times they’d sucked and fucked for hours, sex-crazed kids in heat. Even at that tender age, the sexy blonde was aware of a wild, uncontrollable fire in her blood. She never seemed to be able to get enough cock. Al had trained her beautifully, coming in thick torrents in her mouth until she learned to get her rocks off just from having a guy shoot his load in her throat.

Or up her gorgeous naked ass. Linda loved being fucked there, too. In fact, the maddeningly hot blonde loved being fucked anywhere.

Al had really spoiled her, the hung bastard. She would have married him, except for one thing.

He was her own brother.

Now Al was married to a nurse, a stacked brunette with proud tits and stunning legs. Linda had seen her in a bathing suit, and, although the young blonde never felt a desire to make it with girls, Linda couldn’t help feeling a wild curiosity about Al’s hot, sexy wife.

Just the thought of sucking on the brunette’s juicy tits sent shivers up Linda’s spine.

At twelve-fifteen, Al showed up. Smiling in his easy way, he still looked a little nervous and hesitant. They hadn’t fucked in over two years, not since Al got married.

She hugged him fiercely, feeling his huge cock throb against her belly. She could feel his resistance, too.

“You said it was important,” Al reminded her in the living room. “I’ve only got an hour for lunch, Linda.”

Taking a deep breath, the panting blonde slipped off her robe. Her wide blue eyes pleaded with him.

“I need it, Al,” she whispered. “I need it bad.”

The rugged warehouse worker felt his long cock pound in his pants like eight inches of burning steel. Would he ever find another hot piece of ass like his own kid sister? They’d put all that action behind them two years ago, when he’d married Sandy. It could only lead to trouble in the long run.

The trouble was that Linda was a nympho. Al figured her marrying a nice guy like Jim would eventually solve that. But, watching his sister tremble and stroke her luscious tits, Al knew she’d never be cured.

At the same moment Al opened his mouth to explain why he couldn’t fuck her, Linda dropped to her knees and expertly unzipped the fly of his jeans. She uncoiled his long hot prick and, with a whimper, she licked up the thick wad of jism oozing from the purple crown.

“Oh, shit,” groaned Al, knowing it was too late now. Once his feverish sister began one of her incredibly wild blowjobs, he couldn’t stop with her a whip.

The blonde screamed softly in her throat as she began sucking her brother’s enormous cock. She jerked the lower half of his boiling prick in her fist, thrilled at the surging power of his hot cock. She never forgot the first wild blowjob she gave Al on the night of her birthday. She’d almost choked on the gigantic torrent of jism spurting deep in her throat.

After that, she couldn’t get enough of his hot come, sucking his cock every chance she got in her fiery young lust.

Cupping her head in his hands, Al groaned and gently fucked her juicy mouth. Her tongue was like a whip of frantic excitement on his cock, swirling around the knob eagerly. No matter how many passionate girls he fucked, and Al had more than his share since taking his sister’s hot little cherry, no one had ever been able to turn him on like Linda.

Not even his sexy, gorgeous wife, Sandy.

“Oh, Sis, you beautiful little cocksucker!” gasped Al when the moaning blonde suddenly scraped her teeth gently across his blazing prick-head. His prick was vibrating massively in her mouth, and the prospect of his boiling cream shooting off explosively in her lips made Linda dizzy with obscene joy.

But Linda had given her brother enough blowjobs to know he wasn’t about to come yet. His colossal hard-on would swell bigger and hotter in her mouth with each passing minute, until she almost choked on the size.

Suddenly the panting blonde slipped his prick out of her mouth and held his cock upright in her fist, where his prick throbbed with savage power. She dipped her sexy lips down to his balls and licked feverishly at his hairy balls, showering kisses on them.

“Oh, baby, ah, Sis, you fucking angel!” groaned Al, shaking his head. There was pure magic in his sister’s luscious mouth. There was more where that came from too, in her frenzied wild cunt and tight boiling asshole.

After sucking on his balls for a minute and slowly jerking him off, Linda resumed her cock-sucking with frantic delight. Her pussy was growing hotter by the moment, cunt honey oozing down her tawny thighs. Linda resisted the urge to finger-fuck herself while she blew Al. Her brother always had enough to satisfy her in all three of his favorite places, her ripe mouth, her silky hot cunt and her plump, golden ass.

Al fucked his prick harder in her blazing mouth, feeling the knot of jism in his loins beginning to boil up. Getting sucked off by his sexy-hot nympho sister like this, with his pants and shorts pulled down just below his balls, was fantastically obscene and exciting. Any lust-crazed naked young blonde would have done the trick, but knowing it was his own kid sister made it a much hotter experience.

Once Linda sucked his prick into her mouth, it was like shoving his cock in a wet electric socket. As the young housewife moaned and sucked to an urgent rhythm, her juicy naked ass bouncing and weaving with her movements, Al had to get a grip on his wild thoughts. The consequences could be heavy for both of them, he realized.

They were both married now. Linda wasn’t the kind of fuck he could jump in for a quickie and then forget. She was a powerful habit, an obsession once she got rolling. His kid sister was pure California cunt, hot and tawny and insatiable, the kind he saw strolling in bikinis on the beach and fantasized about when he was fucking his own wife.

His sister’s husband was a close buddy of Al’s, too. The problem was that Jim didn’t even begin to suspect what Linda was really like. Jim knew she had fucked around before he married her, but what was unusual about that? In a small beach town like this he would have had to get down to the young teenagers and search hard before he found a genuine cherry.

Jim was unaware that his sexy young wife had lost her juicy hot cherry to her brother, and that they’d sucked and fucked almost nightly for the next two years, right beneath their parents’ noses.

Linda’s husband was also blissfully unaware that his gorgeous wife had fucked almost everything in pants in high school, including the principal and his son. Jim simply didn’t know his wife was an insatiable nympho with a profound hang up on her brother.

With her swollen tits heaving furiously, Linda sucked on Al’s prick with all the boiling suction her luscious lips could muster. The familiar, tangy taste of his cock excited her wildly, and she jerked the base of his prick in her fist rapidly to coax his thick come.

Jim had been twenty when he first shot off in his kid sister’s eager mouth. He’d never found a girl before or since that could blow him with the spine-tingling, ball-busting, savage excitement Linda could deliver with her blazing lips and hot, swirling tongue. Even his own wife, who wasn’t exactly a campfire girl when it came to a wild blow, couldn’t compare with Linda.

“Gonna come!” gasped Al, gripping her head tightly in his hands. He fucked her juicy mouth with sharp lunges while the kneeling blonde moaned with hot lust, jerking him off and tickling his hard balls as she worked her boiling lips with everything she had.

His fucking prick swelled hotter and grew rock-hard in her mouth. A moment later, Linda screamed in her throat when his first blazing gush flooded her mouth, followed by massive hot spurts of fuck-cream. She whipped her mouth in a frenzy of obscene joy on her brother’s bursting hard-on, gulping down the fiery stream eagerly. She loved the sticky hot fountain of Al’s jism gagging her throat and burning in her stomach. It brought back delicious, thrilling memories of long summer nights when she and Al had sucked and fucked for hours in her bed. Her big brother’s colossal cock was the most beautiful thing in the world to Linda.

No matter how many guys she went down on, and the sexy-hot blonde had lost count long ago, she would always be in love with Al’s long, thick prick.

He was still coming in lingering spurts in her mouth, surprised at his own lusty come-load. But he’d never had any trouble getting his cock up again and again with his own gorgeous sister. From the tips of her hot, lush nipples down to her golden-ripe ass, Linda reeked with passion. She was prime pussy, designed by nature for only one function, and whether she sucked him or fucked him, the tawny blonde got his rocks off with explosive pleasure.

Moaning, Linda milked his cock in her fist and sucked up every last molten drop. The taste of her brother’s pungent come always triggered a frenzy in Linda. His jism didn’t taste like any other guy’s come, not to her anyway. She used to love having Al tit-fuck her and spurt all over her heaving breasts so she could sensuously rub the sticky fuck-cream over her nipples and lewdly lick her fingertips. She finally slipped her lips away from his semi-stiff cock, lavishing a grateful kiss on his prick-knob. She didn’t actually have an orgasm when she went down on a hung stud like her brother, but it gave her a deep sense of satisfaction unlike anything else.

“How was I?” she asked eagerly, still working his cock with her fingers as she stood up. “Still the best, Al?”

Heaving for breath, he nodded.

“Better than Sandy?” Linda asked, rubbing his cock-head to her curly, golden cunt-hairs.

“I can’t lie about it,” Al grinned. “You give the greatest blowjob in the world, Sis.”

“Hurry up and strip,” Linda said in a husky whisper. “I’m hotter than a firecracker! My cunt feels like it’s gonna explode, honey!”

In for an inch, in for a mile, Al thought as he glanced at his watch. He would take a late lunch. That one frenzied blowjob had triggered an irresistible lust in his own blood. For two years he’d fucked his kid sister’s hot little pussy practically every night along with her sweet mouth and luscious ass. He hadn’t fucked Linda since he’d married Sandy, and he was anxious to see if his sister was still better in that department, too.

“God, that prick of yours turns me on,” moaned Linda, her eyes blazing as Al stripped. “Remember the first time you shoved it up my ass, in the shower, Al? It felt like a shotgun going off!”

“How come you’re so hot all of a sudden?” Al asked as he unbuttoned his shirt. “Isn’t Jim doing his duty?”

“Yeah, sure, he’s great,” Linda said, frowning. “I just can’t help it, Al. I guess I’m so used to different guys, to a lot of variety, that I’m horny.”

He stared at the naked blonde thoughtfully. “Have you been fucking around on Jim before this, Sis?”

“No, I swear it!” blurted Linda. “I’m not a tramp, Al. It’s just that when I gotta have it, I go crazy. And as long as I had to cheat, I thought of you.” She traced a fingertip along her trembling cunt-lips to make herself shiver. “I mean, it’s not really cheating, is it? After all, you’re my brother, so that’s different than cheating. It’s all in the family, right?”

“Yeah, sure,” Al said, cupping and gently squeezing her hot tits in his fingers. Linda Frenched him on the mouth and rubbed her dripping cunt urgently against his massive hard-on. An electric current passed between brother and sister like a tiny shock of lust. They both knew it wasn’t just a quickie. There was a deep, unbreakable bond that was forged the night he took Linda’s luscious cherry, and once they started fucking again, married or not, they would keep it up on a regular, lusty basis.

Linda tore her lips from his. “Oh, Jesus!” she gasped, shaking her head. “I want your hot prick so bad, Al, I hardly know where to shove it! Dog-style, so I can feel every fantastic inch, okay?”

“Any way you want it,” Al said hoarsely. He watched the trembling blonde hunch her belly over the arm-rest of the living room sofa. Her naked, voluptuous ass jutted out, her rosy cunt-lips sucking eagerly beneath, framed by golden curls. Only Linda, his own madly hot little sister, had an ass like that, so sexy he could almost shoot his rocks off from looking at those plump, tawny cheeks.

“Fuck me, darling,” whimpered Linda, weaving her ass obscenely. She panted wildly, digging her nails into the sofa beneath her, holding her breath, waiting for that first thrilling fuck of raw cock deep in her tingling cunt.

He stood behind her, gripping her silky ass in his fingers, playing with her ass to tease her until she begged for his cock. Al guided his prick-knob into her sucking cunt-lips. He caught his breath instantly when Linda sent ripples of hot excitement through his prick, clamping her juicy cunt on it with lewd power.

“Oh God, Al, it’s so big and hot, so good!” wailed the naked blonde, shuddering from head to toe. “Nice and steady, like the old days, honey, OOOOOOO! Oh, Al, my pussy feels SO wild! Oh, honey, fuck me, lover, fuck me!”

Al didn’t need any coaxing. That first fiery thrill as he fucked his long cock in her tight cunt made him roll his eyes and grit his teeth. He’d almost forgotten what an incredibly hot, ball-tingling piece of ass his sister was.

“Ah, Sis, your wild little cunt!” gasped Al, beginning to fuck to a steady, relentless rhythm inside her boiling cunt-flesh. He squeezed the flesh of her satiny ass as he fucked his prick in deeper by cautious degrees. It wasn’t just that the lust-crazed blonde was tight. She had an exotic way of massaging his cock with her juicy pussy, sparking ripples like gentle shock waves through his prick and balls.


Linda was a nympho because she was born to suck and fuck, Al knew. Nature had generously given her all the sexy equipment in abundance — ripely curved tits, juicy plump ass, stunning legs. And the hottest, wildest pussy he’d ever fucked in his life.

Urgent moans came from Linda’s lips as he fucked her dripping pussy with a quickening rhythm. She wriggled her ass and clawed at the sofa beneath her, feeling a tremendous orgasm building up in her loins. If only her own husband could make her feel like this! Mad tingles of pleasure raced through Linda’s cunt to every silken inch of her perspiring flesh as her brother fucked her eager pussy with steady, pistoning power.

Linda knew she was going to soil the armrest of the sofa with her cunt-juice, but she couldn’t give less of a damn right now. The moaning, frenzied blonde also knew she was a nympho, but she never used the word, hated it in fact. That’s what those jealous bitches in high school used to call her behind her back when she screwed their boyfriends.

“Oooo, Al, I’m gonna come!” she sobbed, swinging her naked ass wildly. “More! Fuck me harder, faster, honey, oh, God, Al, my cunt! Unnngh! Oh, honey, ever meeeee!”

Al suddenly realized he would shoot his load at any moment if he wasn’t careful. He’d always prided himself on his staying power, and he could ever for a solid hour before getting his rocks off if he really set his mind to it.

But he’d forgotten how fantastically hot and juicy his sister’s pussy felt, how wantonly she could flex and rub her cunt-flesh over his enormous prick. Just watching her sexy golden curves in motion as he fucked her, goaded his excitement tremendously.

With an effort of will, Al ignored her wild cries of lust and the feel of her boiling tight cunt sucking madly on his cock. He always made it a point to let girls get their rocks off first, not because he was unselfish, but because they couldn’t get enough of his cock after that.

Besides, his kid sister loved to fuck in a variety of positions. Al was amazed that Linda hadn’t cheated on her husband before this. She’d tried to be faithful, poor kid, she’d really tried, but from the way she was swinging her ripe ass and screaming and pounding her fists on the sofa as she came, she really needed it.

So did he.

Al gripped her sweating ass tighter and fucked his huge prick in almost to the hilt, gritting his teeth to keep from coming. There wasn’t the slightest thing wrong with his own ravishing wife. Sandy was deeply passionate, game to try anything with him, but for sheer lusty excitement she just couldn’t compete with his madly hot sister.

And now that Al had gotten his rocks off in her blazing mouth and was fucking his cock savagely into her juicy, tight cunt, he knew what was missing from his marriage.

The magic word was variety.

Both he and Linda had had strenuous sex lives, with plenty of willing partners, until they were married. They were both used to a great deal of variety. His blonde, frenzied young sister was the perfect counterpart to his stacked brunette wife. As Al fucked Linda to a brutal rhythm now, listening to her screams of ecstasy, feeling her hot naked ass wriggle deliriously in his hands, he knew he could handle them both on a regular basis.

Or even together.

That thought made his prick quiver and throb ominously, about to explode his load of jism.

“Yes!” hissed Linda, pumping her dripping cunt with furious delight, “Shoot it in me, Al! Gimme your hot come! Hurry, honey, oh, God, let me have it! Wowwwww, oh, Christ!”

The idea of his naked, hotly curved wife in bed with his sexy, frantic, young sister sent the deepest thrill of obscene excitement through Al’s blood he’d ever felt. A vision of Linda’s tawny, silken legs wrapped around Sandy’s face while the two women thrashed in a sixty-nine flashed so vividly in Al’s mind that he felt his loins erupt like a volcano.

“Yes!” screamed his frantic sister, writhing her ass in convulsive spasms, grinding her ass against his bush savagely when he started to spurt his fuck-cream into her madly sucking cunt. “Oh, Al, we’re coming together! Ungh!”

He groaned and panted as he stood behind his sister’s hot, naked ass, fucking his bursting cock as deep as his prick would go in her tender, juicy cunt, coming in great spurts of liquid fire. Like her ripe mouth, Linda’s pussy had terrific suction and Al could feel his burning jism being sucked up in a vortex of maddening desire.

He came in torrents for almost two solid minutes this time, gasping and heaving as Linda screamed and shuddered her slit in fierce, hot spasms on his cock. If he had had any doubts as to where he was going to fuck his sister next, they vanished completely as her naked ass wriggled in lewd joy against his crotch.

They’d dock him at least a half hour’s pay for coming back late from lunch, but it was a cheap puce for Linda’s wild pussy.

He slipped his limp prick out, leaving his sister still hunched over the arm-rest of the sofa, twitching and sobbing with her lingering orgasm. He got his cigarettes from his shirt pocket and lit one for each of them. He slumped down on the sofa next to his moaning sister and handed her a cigarette. With her ass still jutting out behind her, Linda took a drag and only then did she climb off the arm-rest and sprawl beside him, cupping his long cock in her fingers.

“Oh, Al,” she murmured, stroking his cock, “it’s better than the old days! I don’t know about you, but I need this on a regular basis! At least twice a week, Al. Can you handle that? For your baby sister?”

“Baby sister, my ass,” Al chuckled, playing with one of her silky, golden tits. “I can handle it, Sis. On one condition.”

“Which is?”

Al took a drag off his cigarette, thinking about what he had in mind. He watched his cock harden quickly once more beneath Linda’s lewdly caressing fingers. The sexy blonde had a way of jerking a guy off that almost drove him crazy. She would play with various parts of his prick first, then alternate the pressure of her hot fist, slow then fast, hard then soft, always teasing until when he finally came, it was like escaping from a straight jacket!

“Well, what is it?” Linda asked anxiously. She was prepared to do anything to fuck with her brother at least twice a week. Not only would it take off the fierce pressure in her smoldering loins, but wanton sex with her hung brother would enable her to stay faithful to her husband. Linda really didn’t consider fucking with Al a form of cheating. They’d been so close since he took her cherry that wild summer night years ago, they were more like man and wife than most married couples.

Except they were each married to someone else.

“Let me think a minute,” Al said. He chewed his lip, teasing his sister’s pink, juicy cuntlips to make her moan and squirm her naked ass restlessly beside him.

The idea was wild, crazy in fact, especially in a small town like this where everyone knew almost everyone else.

The obscene idea that had flashed in Al’s mind earlier began to take concrete, exciting form. He’d never seen two sexy women make it, except in films. For some odd reason, it turned him on deeply. All those tits and asses, sweet lips and silken legs locked in passionate embraces. Like doubling your pleasure, he thought wryly.

The prospect of his own gorgeous wife going down on his sultry blonde sister, while he had his choice of either one of them, sent obscene tingles through Al’s blood like wildfire. They would do it for him, too.

Because they both loved him. What good was love if he didn’t use it?

“Ever make it with another girl?” Al asked Linda softly.

Her fist stopped stroking his hard prick and her eyes grew wide.

“Of course not, Al! I’m as straight as an arrow!”

“Would you like to?” he asked her, his prick leaping in her fingers.

“Well, if you wanted me to, I guess, well, I guess I would, honey. But I don’t think I’d enjoy it,” Linda said, baffled by this new aspect of her brother’s personality. “Who did you have in mind?”


Linda stared at her brother, her mouth slowly dropping. Her lips were like her pussy, small but sultry, obscenely inviting, bright pink. Al had once read that a girl’s cunt was almost exactly the same size as her mouth. Thinking back on all the pussy he’d had, he decided it was true. So whenever a girl smiled at him, he carefully noted her mouth.

“You mean Sandy?” Linda whispered, her face flushing. “Your wife?”

“None other,” Al said in a hoarse voice.

“Christ, Al, I wouldn’t mind that at all,” Linda murmured. Hot tingles raced over her silken flesh as she thought about Al’s lusciously curved wife, about the three of them fucking together.

“I thought she was straight, too,” Linda said. By now, Al’s prick was quivering with power again, a long crimson cock-shaft in her caressing fingers. Linda loved to watch her brother’s huge hard-on ooze jism and throb under her eager touch.

“She is straight,” Al said. He cupped Linda’s hot pussy in his hand, tickling her tiny asshole with his fingertip to make her squirm with excitement. “She doesn’t know what I’ve got in mind — yet.”

“Suppose she won’t go along with it?” Linda asked.

Al grinned. “She will. She’ll do anything for me. Get on my lap, Sis.”

She knew where he warned his enormous prick this time and the idea sent hot ripples of eagerness through her tawny flesh. She squatted on Al’s lap, facing him, gripping his cock in one hand. The moaning blonde teased her cunt-lips with his prick-knob, wetting his cock down. In this position, her brother could suck on her tits and play with them while they had torrid sex.

It also allowed him to rest. Since Al worked hard at his job and now had two women to satisfy on a steady basis — his passionate, wife and his fiercely hot young sister — he had no objections to letting Linda do most of the work.

He sucked on one of her tawny tits while she placed his cock-knob against her tender asshole. Linda had learned to get her rocks off with a massive hot cock up her ass, another depraved pleasure Al had taught her. Shuddering and moaning, she slid her silken ass down gently.

“Oooooo! Oh, Al, your big cock hurts! Ungh! Been so long since I had this whopper up my — ow! — little ass!”

“You love it,” he gasped. So did he. The juicy, searing pressure of her narrow asshole throbbing on his cock brought back wild memories. For a couple of minutes, the trembling blonde rammed a tit to Al’s mouth while she cautiously swung her ass from side to side, testing his thick prick up her ass-tunnel.

On his lap, her knees on each side of his hips, Linda began making slow, sensuous fucking movements. Soft cries of pain and delight rolled from her lips as his cock fucked deeper into her tingling asshole. Al’s fingers played with her naked ass while he sucked on one of her lush nipples. She hugged his face to her tits and pumped a little harder, sweating and jerking under the obscene excitement of her brother’s huge cock fucking up her ass.

Whenever his sister got aroused, her tawny skin became extremely hot and slippery with sweat. Al gripped her ass-cheeks tightly and slumped further down on the sofa, fucking his prick another inch up her ass to make her scream softly.

“I love to be fucked in my ass!” Linda cried, twining her fingers in Al’s hair and tugging. “Oh, Al, I’ve missed your big cock! Ooooo, you hung bastard, I love you!”

Another fierce orgasm was building up in her loins as her brother’s prick fucked deep in her boiling asshole. It was Al who taught her to find pleasure in pain, Al who’d raped her beautiful, tender ass, and no matter how many guys had fucked her ass since, only her own rugged brother could make her feel so lewd and deliciously erotic with his enormous cock throbbing up her ass-slit.

The blonde was biting him on the lips in a frenzy now, swinging her hips with a feverish rhythm as his cock sent tiny explosions of agony and bliss up her ass. They were both covered with sweat now, and the living room quickly became a din of gasps and cries and deep wild moans.

Her brother’s cock was thicker and longer and harder than her husband’s, but it wasn’t just these qualities that got the blonde nympho so savagely excited. Al had one of the biggest cocks in town and when he fucked his prick brutally up a woman’s soft naked ass, she felt weak and helpless and deeply feminine.

What brought wild moans to Linda’s lips and started her cunt gushing honey, in a hot spray over his lap was what he’d said to her about having sex with his wife Sandy.

If anyone else, including her own husband, had suggested a three-way, Linda would have told them to take a flying leap. If her brother wanted her to swing with a sexy girl, Linda was eager to obey. Sandy was a sharp contrast to Linda. Where the blonde was small and hotly curved and golden-skinned, Al’s wife was tall with full ripe tits and long, stunning legs and lush, creamy skin. Sandy looked like a stewardess instead of a nurse. The brunette looked, as Linda had once mentioned to her husband, like a very classy fuck.

Which she must be, thought the blonde, or Al wouldn’t have married her.

Linda’s hot ass was sparking wild jolts of excitement through Al’s cock and balls. She swung her ass furiously, biting his lips and clawing his shoulders, fucking her stuffed asshole rapidly on his hard-on. Her cunt trembled and gushed fuck-honey in feverish spasms of excitement when she felt her brother’s prick harden and quiver explosively up her tawny ass. Whenever he fucked her up her ass, his thick, sticky come flooding her bowels with wet fire, the blonde nympho went almost insane with raw excitement.

“Gonna shoot!” Al gasped, seizing her hips tightly and jerking hard. “Oh, shit, Linda, OOOOOOOO, honey, your hot luscious ass! Wheeeeewwwww! Oh, angel, work it!”

Hunched over his long hard-on, Linda hissed and cried when his thick stream of jism exploded in wild spurts up her feverish ass. The fuck-cream tickled and stung and soothed all at the same time, making her throbbing asshole shudder with intense delight.

Satisfied that she’d milked every last creamy drop, Linda cautiously eased her asshole off his thick cock. She cuddled her brother for a minute, panting, catching her breath, while he did the same.

“Good as ever?” she whispered.

“Better,” he grinned, patting her ass affectionately. He glanced at his watch and almost flung her off. “Shit! I’m gonna be docked an hour’s pay!”

“Damn, I was hoping we could take a quick shower together,” Linda said. But Al was already dressing, feeling sticky and sweaty, but deeply satisfied. His kid sister was still the hottest piece of pussy in town.

They stared at each other in silence as he dressed. They both knew what had happened. They were hooked on each other all over again, resuming their torrid affair for good. The blonde nympho was the perfect counterpart to his wife, small, deliriously hot, unable to get enough of his massive cock.

“I’ll call you,” Al told her as she rushed out the front door.

Linda sighed and reached for a cigarette, still slumped on the sofa. Her asshole throbbed deliciously and her pussy glowed with profound satisfaction for the first time in months. There were a lot of things she and Al had to talk about, because they were brother and sister, they could meet under almost any circumstances to fuck without arousing suspicion. Linda’s neighbors were snoops, for one thing, but in this quiet, peaceful town they would never suspect Al was picking his own sister.

But if Linda’s husband Jim ever found out, zap! The fact that Jim was Al’s best buddy, had gone through school with him, drank beer and shared eager girls, swapping dates at drive-ins, made it all the more hairy.

Linda idly teased her glowing cunt as she smoked on the sofa. She decided to go to the beach this afternoon. That was one of her problems, too much time.

Linda didn’t work for a very important reason. She was lazy. She’d always been that way, preferring to fuck rather than study when she was in high school. Why slave to death on a beautiful summer day like this over a dumb job, when she could flaunt her golden curves in a bikini at the beach?

Her husband didn’t mind, since he made good money driving a truck for a local firm. He spoiled his sexy-hot blonde wife to the hilt. Which was why Linda married him.

All the more reason to be careful with Al. If Jim ever left her, Linda would have to find a job and the mere thought sent shivers of repulsion up her spine.

Linda took a quick shower first, getting wildly aroused all over again when she thought about Al’s depraved idea. Once in a while, when she’d been feverishly horny, Linda had considered making it with another girl, just out of curiosity. She couldn’t imagine what could be more exciting, more deliciously satisfying than a huge cock in her mouth or pistoning deep in her hot pussy or up her tender asshole.

Still, you never knew until you tried.

She dried herself down, put on her yellow bikini, slipped on a summer dress and started walking to the beach, six blocks away. Wherever she went, the tawny blonde was followed by sudden, urgent hard-ons.

She lay on the sand, feeling sensual under the blazing sun, thinking about Al’s ripely curved wife. She wouldn’t mind kissing Sandy’s luscious, creamy tits, just to see what they tasted like. Or caressing her hotly curved ass, maybe dipping a finger into her wet cunt.

After a few minutes of fantasy, Linda was intensely aroused again, but not for her brother. For his gorgeous wife. It was only curiosity so far.

But in the near future, her curiosity would turn into something else, something much more bizarre and obscene.

There was something deceptively quiet and tranquil about Sandy, Al’s wife. She was like the beach town itself, sunny, peaceful on the surface, but with a strange undercurrent of secret violence.

Before a week had passed, the blonde nympho would fulfill her wild erotic fantasies with Al’s sexy wife.

Linda would also be plunged into a nightmare of sucking, fucking, spanking, teasing, raping, whipping, and almost every conceivable form of sexual torment.

She would learn to love it, too.

So much she wouldn’t be able to live without it.


To all appearances, Sandy Harrison was the perfect, wholesome, cheerful and sympathetic nurse. At twenty-six, her figure was stunning, even in her white, clinical uniform. She just missed being beautiful, but with her wide lustrous brown eyes, sultry lips, long chestnut hair and ravishing curves, she was the target of every horny doctor and intern in the hospital.

Unlike a lot of women, Sandy didn’t act insulted when a guy came on to her. She would smile with amusement, hold up her wedding ring and cheerfully walk away, her gorgeous ass swaying and bouncing in her white skirt.

Sandy was on the swing shift in the local hospital, which meant that she could rarely spend time with Al except on weekends. Which didn’t interfere in the slightest with their fucking since Al would either fuck her when she came home at one in the morning or at seven, when he woke up the next morning. Sandy preferred being fucked in the morning, being awakened from a deep sleep by the hot, throbbing pressure of his prick against her thigh or lewdly brushing the crack of her satiny, naked ass.

When Al finished, she would fall back into a delicious deep sleep, utterly contented.

Sandy also preferred sex early in the morning for another reason, a reason Al didn’t know about.

If he did, he would have shaken his head in shock and disbelief.

In spite of her wholesome smile and shining eyes, Sandy had her share of secrets. She’d come to this small town two and a half years ago and married Al after knowing him for only five months. She’d been a school nurse in a small valley town near Los Angeles before that. There were dark rumors about Sandy in that town, but nothing was ever proved.

When the brunette arrived in Shoreline, she came with a single blazing determination. She would find a nice guy, marry him and settle down. She did just that with Al.

But it didn’t change a thing.

At fifteen minutes to midnight, when she got off shift, one of the student nurses under her supervision came to the front desk.

“Everything quiet?” asked Sandy.

“Like a graveyard.” The girl smiled. Her name was Ellen, and she was nineteen, with dark eyes, black shimmering hair and a slender but very sexy figure. She had small, high standing tits which everyone managed to glimpse because she didn’t wear a bra and kept the top two buttons of her uniform opened. So far none of the doctors or interns had managed to even date her, much less fuck her.

Ellen glanced at a couple of nurses drinking coffee and chatting nearby. “Want to drop over to my place for a cup of coffee after work, Sandy?”

Sandy gnawed at her sultry lips, appearing to think it over. But her pulse was pounding and a soft hot trickle began in her cunt, soaking her panties.

“Okay.” Sandy smiled. “But I can only stay a few minutes.”

The girl nodded eagerly and walked away. Sandy’s eyes followed her, raking over her cute ass and slender curves. She glanced quickly at the other nurses. They weren’t even aware of her. Sandy let out her breath.

As long as she was cool about it, as long as she didn’t pick on high school kids and go crazy with her wild, bizarre urges, everything would be all right. At least that’s what the ripely curved brunette told herself.

Sandy loved her husband just like any other devoted wife. She loved the powerful feel of his massive cock fucking deep in her hot cunt while she cried and raked his back with her nails. When she got her rocks off, it was with blistering ecstasy, spraying cunt-honey in thick gushes over his prick. She never had a problem having an orgasm, at least not with Al.

Sandy loved her husband, but she also loved girls. She was a switch-hitter and had been since one wanton night in nursing school when she was nineteen. The sexy brunette did not give the slightest hint in any way, with men or women, but she would rather go down on a hot young pussy, suck on a pair of sweet naked tits, kiss and bite a girl’s plump silky ass than almost anything else in the world.

When Sandy came to town, she was fiercely determined to give up that crazy urge. She was convinced a healthy marriage would cure her once and for all. And it did.

For about a year.

Then she met Ellen. Although the dark haired girl was perfectly straight when Sandy met her, the brunette knew she could make her with ease. Ellen had a boyfriend then, but it took only a couple of weeks for Sandy to turn the young student nurse into an adoring sex slave.

The old urges came back with a vengeance. At her desk, Sandy got ready to go off duty, filing the charts in order. Her fingers trembled and her heart hammered against her ribs. She wasn’t really cheating on Al, she told herself. She had a little affair on the side, true, but it wasn’t as if she was fucking some guy.

She noticed her shaking fingers and frowned. She really had to get a grip on her nerves. It was just that she got so madly excited whenever she was about to suck and fuck Ellen. That’s what hot young pussy did to her, silky thighs and soft naked asses.

But there was the danger, too, the risk, especially in a hick town like this.

Sandy realized that was one of the very reasons she did it. Being respectably married to a hung stud like Al was nice, satisfying a profound urge in her life. But she needed the excitement of forbidden fucks to counteract that monotony. She needed the obscene games like a drug.

She made her report to the nurse who relieved her and left the hospital, aware of the interns lewd stares behind her as she walked. They could go jerk off all night for all Sandy cared. She was happily married.

With a hot young girlfriend on the side.

Sandy got in her car in the parking lot and lit a cigarette before she drove off toward Ellen’s apartment. The streets were quiet, small-town America peacefully sleeping. Christ, if they knew! thought Sandy with a shiver of panic.

If Al knew!

What did Sharon, that teenager she used to spank and finger-fuck and suck right in her school office, call her? Cunt crazy. All right, so she was cunt-crazy, but she needed that kind of excitement in order to successfully play the role of a respectable young wife.

What Sandy wanted and what she had was the best of both worlds. She was happily married with a secret life on the side for kicks. But it was like walking a tightrope.

How long could she get away with it? She felt certain Ellen would never betray her. The girl was crazy about her. She had a picture of Sandy in her bathing suit on her bedside table, and Ellen had confessed she would sensuously fingerfuck herself to sleep over the picture when Sandy wasn’t with her.

But then, the brunette reminded herself grimly, she’d felt sure about that little hot bitch Sharon, too, back in the valley town. Sharon had spilled the whole shocking truth to another girl one night when she was high on grass. That girl told her parents, who told Sharon’s parents. To keep it quiet, it was suggested that Sandy leave town fast, which she did. No one wanted the scandal.

But having a sexy girlfriend on the side, a hot little pussy to play depraved games with was exactly what made life bearable in a boring town like this, Sandy knew. It wasn’t that Al bored her. But life was a hell of a lot more exciting when she had your choice of sexes.

Although she was bright, Sandy didn’t know, why a girl’s soft body turned her on so fiercely. Everything about it, luscious sweet tits and plump naked ass, fragrant flesh and wild, girlish cries of delight, and pain, kindled a savage excitement in the hot brunette.

Sex with girls excited Sandy so much that she often wondered how she could share her pleasure with Al. It would be the perfect solution. She wouldn’t have to hide her wanton hunger from her husband any more, and the possibilities for games were nearly endless. With Al’s good looks and huge cock, the two of them would be a deadly hot combination with another girl!

But Al was small town all the way. He’d been raised here, and Sandy felt certain he’d be shocked out of his wits if she ever broached the subject to him. She knew he thought she was the classic all-American wholesome type, the passionate, faithful, devoted wife. That was the role Sandy played to perfection.

And it fooled everyone.

Outside Ellen’s apartment building, Sandy parked her car but didn’t leave just yet. She smoked another cigarette, thinking and savoring the suspense. Ellen would be putting something sexy on now, perfuming her dark, curly cunt-hairs and playing with her tits to get her nipples fat with desire.

The whip and the monstrous dildo would be on the bed, ready for violent action. Sandy decided she wouldn’t go that route tonight.

Well, maybe not all the way, anyway. Experience had taught her that when she got too kinky too often, it took the suspense out of it. Keep them guessing, keep their hot young pussies soaked with eagerness.

She’d been spanking, whipping and playing all sorts of wild games for almost a year now with her girlfriend, and there were times when Sandy fantasized about Al’s gorgeous young sister, Linda, instead. There was a hot, sexy little animal! A nympho, too, if Sandy ever saw one. The way she moved her tawny ass. The gleaming light in her eyes. Even the way she looked at Al, at almost any man, Sandy noticed, all made it obvious as hell. For a brief moment, the brunette wondered if Al had ever actually fucked his own kid sister.

Of course not!

This wasn’t L.A. or San Francisco. This was Shoreline, California, sunny, clean-cut, staunchly moral. A nice guy like Al wouldn’t even dream of fucking his own sister.

It’s my own dirty mind, Sandy thought dryly as she got out of her car. Two minutes later, she was in Ellen’s living room, a drink in her hand, sitting on the sofa beside her adoring girlfriend.

Ellen wore a baby-doll nightie, sheer black with see-through panties. She was a very pretty girl, and, at this moment, extremely hot. Sandy hadn’t fucked or sucked her since Monday night, and Ellen wanted to sixty-nine with the passionate brunette so badly that she trembled. But Sandy never leaped into action quickly. It spoiled the suspense, the delicious, erotic anticipation.

Sandy was also feverishly hot, but she kept herself firmly in check. It was this kind of icy control that enabled her to walk her risky tightrope, not give in to every crazy, lustful urge.

Slowly, the brunette stripped naked as they chatted about hospital gossip. When she sat back down on the sofa, Ellen’s eyes burning on the nurse’s creamy ripe tits and curly, moist cunt-bush, the student nurse knelt on the carpet between Sandy’s legs. Her small tits were heaving wildly. She caressed Sandy’s thighs with her soft fingers, gazing into her pink, gently sucking cunt.

“Did you fuck any guys this week?” Sandy asked her suddenly.

Ellen shook her head and licked her lips.

“Why not?” Sandy asked sharply. “I told you, dammit, that I want you to make it with guys too.”

“I didn’t feel like it, that’s all, Sandy,” Ellen said quickly. Her face flushed. “I was saving it for you.” She brushed her hot lips across Sandy’s creamy inner thigh, inching closer to her juicy cunt.

Panting with intense excitement, Sandy spread her legs wider and slumped back on the sofa, watching the girl through lidded eyes as Ellen humbly kissed each hot inner thigh. She wouldn’t dare kiss Sandy’s cunt without permission Ellen had been thoroughly trained and even more thoroughly turned on and hooked into Sandy’s lewd brand of sex.

“Give me a circle and then a slow rim-job,” Sandy commanded in a husky voice. To make it easier for Ellen, she drew up her knees and dug her bare heels into the edge of the sofa, exposing both her luscious pink cunt, now dripping with eagerness, and her puckered asshole.

Ellen eagerly showered kisses in a circle around Sandy’s steaming cunt, being very careful not to actually contact her cunt-lips. When the brunette gave an order, she meant business. Ellen moaned as she planted her lips on Sandy’s curly moist pussy-hairs, filling her nostrils with the delicious fragrance of pussy-in-heat.

The girl worked her hot, wet mouth down to Sandy’s delicate asshole. She tickled Sandy’s asshole with her tongue to make the nurse gasp, then snaked her tongue deep into the other woman’s churning asshole. Ellen wriggled it around in a frenzy of obscene excitement, licking Sandy’s boiling asshole with deep whimpers of joy.

“Oh, baby, ahhhh, Ellen, suck it, yes, suck my asshole! Mmmmmmm! Love your sweet mouth, darling!”

The panting nurse clutched Ellen’s head tightly in her hands as she rubbed her naked hot ass to the girl’s eager face. Delicious, tingling thrills tore through her tender asshole as Ellen sucked and lapped in a fever of wanton excitement.

This was one of the compelling reasons Sandy loved to have sex with girls. A man wouldn’t do what Ellen was doing, at least not with the passion and erotic delight a turned-on girl would. Having a sexy young girl suck on her thrilled asshole was only one reason, though.

“Eat me now,” moaned Sandy, twining her fingers in Ellen’s hair. “Eat it! Oh, yesss, oooo!”

This was another reason. With a deep moan of lust, the girl showered fiery kisses on Sandy’s dripping cuntlips before slithering her hot tongue deep in her eager pussy. Panting wildly, the nurse wrapped her naked legs around Ellen’s head. While the student nurse knelt between her thighs and sucked her pussy with unashamed joy, Sandy wriggled her ass blissfully around the sofa, starting to come in thick gushes over Ellen’s face.

Men had gone down on Sandy before, plenty of times. But when a girl like Ellen ate pussy, she put her burning soul into it as well as her frantic lips and tongue. Ellen knew a startling array of tricks when it came to cunt sucking, too, she learned from Sandy.

For a couple of minutes Ellen sucked on her clit, driving Sandy into a frenzy of obscene excitement. Quickly, the girl went back to whipping her tongue in Sandy’s luscious cunt, snaking a finger up her asshole at the same time to double her pleasure. By now, Ellen wasn’t going down on the feverish brunette so much as Sandy was actually fucking her face. She did this with wild moans and hot, sensuous lunges of her hips, grinding her soaked pussy with lewd rapture to Ellen’s mouth.

“Oooooooh, Ellen!” she gasped, feeling another shattering climax well up in her loins.

“Beautiful! Suck it, darling, use that tongue! Unnnng, oh, my hot pussy, aaaagh!”

Between Sandy’s creamy dripping thighs, the girl was more excited than her partner. She went into a delirious daze of hunger, using her tongue to scoop up cunt-honey greedily, loving the sweet pussy-juice now smearing her face like a sticky, depraved mask of lust.

Sandy was the first and only woman Ellen had ever had sex with. She hadn’t gone looking for sex when she’d first met the stunning nurse, but she felt irresistibly drawn to her magnetized by her sensuous curves and lustrous brown eyes. Ellen had been getting fucked regularly at the time by a steady boyfriend, and she had no complaints at all in that department.

Sandy had a great deal of warmth and charm with other women, and one night over coffee in Ellen’s apartment after they’d both gotten off shift, the brunette seduced the girl. Ellen had been fucked plenty of times by various men, but not one had ever taken the trouble to seduce her.


It was that first nerve-racking, pussy shattering blowjob that had turned Ellen on like a blazing dynamo. She’d been eaten before, but it was a joke compared to what the lusty brunette did to her that first night.

For two solid hours, Sandy had sucked Ellen’s juicy cunt. Gently at first, with dainty kisses and laps of her long tongue, teasing, loving, exploring. Then an intense, nerve screaming blowjob, like a dizzying roller coaster ride, with thrills that nearly caused Ellen to lose her mind.

Every few minutes, Sandy would rest by snaking her wet tongue up Ellen’s tender asshole to vary the wanton thrills. By the time the hot-lipped brunette had finished with the student nurse, there was a fierce glow in Ellen’s young cunt she would never forget.

By cunning degrees, Sandy hooked the girl, sucking lovingly on her tits, kissing and playfully biting her ass, finger-fucking her with sensuous, dreamy fucks of her searching fingers. A few weeks later, the games began. By then, Ellen was her humble, adoring sex slave. It was too late to back out.

Now the brunette could merely snap her fingers and Ellen would leap to obey any command. No one could get the girl’s rocks off like the ravishing nurse. No one could push Ellen to the very brink of losing her mind with sheer pain, either.

Ellen didn’t know whether tonight was a punishment night or not. She could never tell with Sandy. Sometimes Sandy would start with a playful spanking and end up an hour later with Ellen tied helplessly down on her own bed, on her belly, her ass on fire with a vicious whipping, her hot, silken cunt trembling with urgency. Some nights Ellen would get savagely raped for a straight hour with the monstrous dildo she kept in her drawer until she couldn’t stop coming, until her entire naked body felt like an exploding mass of fire.

Sandy had trained her girlfriend with exacting discipline. Tonight Ellen knew Sandy was in a good mood because she allowed her to eat her pussy first, a ritual that. Ellen had learned to crave even more than cock-sucking, at which she was something of an expert herself.

The brunette moaned wildly and tugged at Ellen’s hair, rubbing her hotly sucking cunt in a fury against the girl’s face. Whimpering with bliss, Ellen feverishly swallowed the sweet stream of cunt-honey, pausing to dip her nose in Sandy’s luscious pussy and fuck her tongue up her boiling asshole. Her hands rubbed Sandy’s creamy ass lustfully all this time, squeezing and pinching the silky flesh.

There was still a possibility that Sandy would use the whip on her tonight because she was angry at Ellen for not fucking guys. You have to have a balance in your sex life, Sandy had told her. Otherwise you get too kinky, too narrow in your outlets.

But the only man Ellen wanted to make it with was Sandy’s husband, Al, whom she’d met a couple of times. And that was only because Sandy was his wife. Ellen secretly yearned for a three-way with Sandy and Al, but she didn’t dare hint at that to her lover. Sandy never talked about her husband, but Ellen was certain he didn’t know Sandy swung with girls.

Suddenly Sandy pushed Ellen away from her throbbing cunt. The brunette trembled from head to toe, a fine sheen of perspiration covering her lush curves. “Climb over my lap,” Sandy panted.

Eagerly Ellen obeyed. Sandy loved to play with Ellen’s ass, which could lead to almost any act, depending on how excited the lusty nurse became. Hunched over Sandy’s lap, ready for a hot spanking or a delicious fingerfucking session, Ellen held her breath, rocking gently, wiggling her ass.

Slowly, her eyes blazing on her trained sex slave, Sandy rolled Ellen’s panties down to bare her naked ass. Her ass was perfectly fanned, with white, soft cheeks that were flawless and girlishly sexy. Her cunt still gently spasming from. Ellen’s feverish pussy-eating, Sandy stroked her naked hot ass, playing with the juicy cheeks for a couple of minutes.

She used both hands to squeeze Ellen’s plump ass cheeks, savoring the hot, satiny feel, torn between spanking and biting Ellen’s succulent flesh. Sandy was getting tremendously aroused at the feel of Ellen’s naked ripe ass. She tickled the girl’s asshole to make her whimper with suspense, then traced a fingertip across Ellen’s tiny pink cunt-lips.

Panting with lust, Sandy suddenly began spanking the girl with vicious slaps of her palm. Ellen squealed and wriggled, the burning sensations on her ass-flesh quickly exciting her to a frantic pitch. “Fuck me!” whispered Ellen urgently.

“Please, darling, fuck me or eat me! I’m so hot I could scream! Oooo!”

Suddenly Sandy slipped a finger up the girl’s luscious, tight cunt. She started masturbating her with lewd strokes of her finger, craning her neck down to bite and suck her burning asscheeks. Ellen began coming all over Sandy’s fingers rapidly, sobbing with obscene bliss. As Sandy sucked and kissed and bit her girlfriend’s juicy ass, she knew why she was so obsessed with sexy asses.

The first girl she’d ever fucked with in the student nurse’s dorm had been a young blonde, her roommate, with the hottest, most deliciously ripe ass Sandy had ever seen. Once the blonde had sat on Sandy’s face when they’d first sixty-nined, the brunette was infatuated with her golden ass. Her first taste of cunt had been tremendously exciting to Sandy, but she associated the excitement with the feel of the blonde’s hot, wildly sexy ass hugging her face.

From that unforgettable night forward, Sandy had become an ardent switch-hitter, getting as much satisfaction from girls as from men. She knew she wasn’t born that way. It was an acquired addiction because the student nurses were denied contact with men for a period. Shut in together, naturally hot and passionate, many of the girls turned to each other for satisfaction.

Sandy had always gotten all the sex she wanted from men, but the excitement of fucking with another eager, attractive girl was irresistible. Which was why she had a steady girlfriend on the side even though she was happily married.

She traced her wet tongue along Ellen’s silky ass-crack as she dreamily finger-fucked the sobbing girl. Ellen always came in tiny torrents, oozing delicious cunt-honey in a flood over Sandy’s fingers. Getting hotter, the brunette suddenly pushed Sandy down onto the carpet, on her back.

“Fuck me, eat me, love me,” chanted Ellen, her ass weaving madly on the floor. Sandy quickly stripped her nightgown off Ellen. Moaning with fierce heat, Sandy climbed on top of the naked, trembling girl. She kissed her torridly on the mouth, snaking her tongue deep while she rubbed her throbbing cunt to Ellen’s, creating a delicious, obscene friction between their pussies. This teasing action always drove Ellen into a state of frantic torment because she couldn’t come this way. She could only get hotter and more feverishly frustrated.

Still making lustful fucking motions with her pussy against Ellen’s steaming cunt, Sandy craned her neck down and sucked on one of her tits greedily. Ellen had surprisingly sweet tits, small but tipped with huge, dusky areolas and nipples, which were now gorged with desire. Sandy wondered if she would ever be able to explain to her husband how thrilling it was for her to suck on a pair of hot young tits.

There was a chance, though, that Al might understand that. After all, he certainly tit fucked Sandy often enough.

Ellen was in a fever of heat now, begging in tears for Sandy to eat her pussy. Because the hot brunette’s desires were totally unpredictable with girls, she herself never knew what she’d do from moment to moment. But she hadn’t tasted juicy cunt since Monday night and it seemed like a terrific idea.

She worked her lips down over the girl’s soft white belly. She hunched between Ellen’s widely parted thighs, gripping her naked asscheeks tightly in her hands. She stared with smoldering eyes into the girl’s delicate pink cunt, which sucked and pulsed eagerly, filling Sandy’s nostrils with delicious cunt-fragrance.

“Eat meeeeee!” wailed Ellen, digging her bare heels into Sandy’s shoulders and nudging her luscious pussy close to her mouth. “Oh, God, don’t tease me any more, suck me, Sandy, eat my cunt — ooooooo! Oh, Lord! Unnnnng!”

A wild, overpowering rage of hunger suddenly struck the brunette. Instead of her usual delicate blowjob, she abruptly slammed her frenzied mouth to Ellen’s dripping cunt. She kissed and sucked in a fury of lust, smearing her face with cunt-juice, hearing Ellen’s wild cries of passion.

She loved to eat hot young cunt! It was the ideal balance to her husband’s huge prick, sweet and juicy and sticky, like a mad mouth kissing hers with obscene eagerness. Ellen’s pussy actually did kiss her in return, the luscious cunt-lips squirming wildly against her lips and tongue.

As Ellen screamed and came in her mouth with violent happiness, Sandy realized only one thing was missing. Her husband, Al. If she could only feel his enormous cock fucking savagely in her own throbbing cunt at the same time! Then watch Al fuck his massive hard-on brutally into Ellen, listening to her cry, first with anguish, then with wild joy.

She let Ellen come profusely in her mouth for five minutes, then shifted her body around so they could sixty-nine. The lewd spectacle on the floor quickly became a depraved contest of thrills, each sex-crazed girl trying to outdo the other. In a frenzy, the brunette and her moaning girlfriend sucked each other’s cunt and licked each other’s tender asshole, kissed and lovingly bit each other’s ripe ass-cheeks while they caught their breaths.

Fifteen minutes later, Sandy suddenly rolled over on her back so that Ellen was on top. This way she could feel, the girl’s delicious hot, ass hugging her face, which always fired her lust deeply.

Again and again they came all over each other’s faces, their hands groping and squeezing and caressing tits and legs and feet, their tongues working furiously.

It wasn’t, the kind of slow, languid sex they often had. There was a urgency to their cunt sucking, an undercurrent of explosive violence.

Thirty minutes later, Sandy forcibly pushed Ellen away. Her cunt was almost numb from raw thrills. Ellen moaned and sucked lovingly on Sandy’s panting tits while the brunette caught her breath.

“Are you going to tie me down now?” Ellen whispered, staring up from Sandy’s creamy tits. “Use the monster on me? Or the whip?”

Sandy looked at her thoughtfully. “No,” she suddenly said in a flat voice. “I’ve got a husband, remember? I’ve got to get going, baby.”

Ellen clung to her fiercely. The games had been slowing down lately, and it worried her. It seemed that for the past few weeks, Sandy was only coming by for quick blowjobs and urgent sixty-nines, with only an occasional whipping or rape thrown in.

The nurse was well aware of this, too, although she didn’t mention it. Sandy suddenly realized what was wrong in a flash.

She wanted a new girlfriend.

It was that simple. For a year she’d sucked and fucked and whipped and tormented Ellen, and it was wild and lusty while it lasted. But now the hot-titted brunette, wanted fresh pussy, a change of partners.

After swinging with numerous girls over the years, Sandy had learned that each type had its own unique personality and flavor. Ellen was slender and very fair with a delicious little ass and pussy. But sex was different with different girls. Blondes tasted different than dark haired girls, and redheads tasted different than both of them.

Sandy suddenly realized she wanted a blonde this time. The games had worn thin with Ellen, and Sandy needed a change, a new conquest. She wanted a hot young animal this time, with full, juicy curves, a plump ass she could really sink her fingers and teeth into.

Like Al’s younger sister, Linda.

As if she sensed what was coming, Ellen had crawled down to Sandy’s feet and was now sucking on her toes, a ritual of humble worship. Sandy didn’t stop her. It felt wonderfully lewd, for one thing, and for another, this might be the very last time she had sex with Ellen.

Of course, fucking with Linda, who was also married, was out of the question. The girl was a nympho but was straight to a fault! But, still, Sandy could fantasize while she searched for a passionate young blonde.

Sandy didn’t have the heart to tell Ellen, who was now licking the soles of Sandy’s feet to send delicious thrills through them. She was only nineteen and Sandy was her first girlfriend. How could she explain to this wide-eyed, adoring young thing that life was like that, that people met, played games and then left to find other partners?

Now it would be Ellen’s turn to go out and find her own girlfriend, and turn her into a humble sex-slave.

Now Sandy understood why she was reluctant to use the dildo or the whip lately. In a sense, she was saving it for her new girlfriend. She was building up lust in her blood, generating fierce heat for her new conquest.

Saving it for my wedding night! thought Sandy dryly.

She got dressed while Ellen watched her with moist eyes. She knows, thought Sandy, she somehow senses it but doesn’t want to face it. The brunette wanted to take her huge dildo and whip with her, but that would have been cruel in a way. The girl would live on hope for a week or two and then cry her heart out for another week or two, then fuck her pussy half to death with guys. Only then would she find another girlfriend.

She would leave her the dildo and the whip, mementos of their lusty affair. Sandy could always drive a couple hundred miles north to San Francisco and replace the items. In fact, she wanted to get a new dildo anyway. There was a model out that had scores of tiny pimples on it that was supposed to drive a girl mad with joy.

She gave Ellen a goodnight kiss, a farewell kiss actually, told her she’d see her on shift next Monday and hastily left.

It was a little past two, Sandy noted as she drove the quiet streets home. She was contented, but tired. She’d trained Ellen well. When the girl gave a blowjob, she held nothing back. She would miss Ellen. For a little while.

In about one week Sandy would be ready to climb the walls, if she didn’t score a new girl. She was already eager to use a dildo and whip on almost any girl that crossed her path, and in a few more days, she would be seething with violent urges.

A blonde would be perfect. A year of Ellen’s dark-curled pussy, her soft white ass was enough. If she could only find someone like Linda. What a body on that mink! The first time she saw Linda in a bathing suit, Sandy found an excuse to disappear for thirty minutes so she could finger-fuck herself lustfully and fantasize sex with Al’s sister.

At home, Al was soon asleep and didn’t even stir when she crawled in bed beside him. Sandy kissed him tenderly on the lips and turned away on her side. She loved her husband like any devoted wife. She just happened to love hot young pussy, too. Poor Al, she thought as she started drifting off to sleep. If he knew what his faithful wife was doing on the sly all this time.

As cunning as Sandy was, there were more than a few surprises in store for her in the following week.

Sandy did not know that poor Al, as she thought of her ruggedly hung husband, slept so peacefully because he spent nearly two hours savagely fucking his own sexy sister that afternoon. In her sultry mouth, in her wild cunt and in her tight, searing asshole.

Sandy couldn’t even begin to guess what was going on in her husband’s mind. If she could have known that Al warned a three-way with her and his nympho-sister, she would have started coming all over herself with sheer eagerness.

But if the hot-cunted brunette could have guessed what was going on in. Ellen’s mind at that moment, her mouth would have popped open like a lovely little pussy eager for action.

She’d made her decision to dump her passionate little girlfriend, and that was that.

Ellen had different ideas. The student nurse was not about to be cast aside so easily. The smoldering dark-haired girl had a few lusty surprises of her own, for Sandy.

Hell hath no fury like a hot young pussy scorned.


Ellen didn’t sleep that night. After Sandy left, she lay in bed nervously smoking and thinking in the dark. Ellen was a sensitive girl, and the message in Sandy’s eyes, in her movements, was quite clear to the girl.

Sandy was dumping her. It was as simple as that. She could feel it in the pit, of her stomach, a sinking sensation. The brunette was tired of her, finished with her, probably already planning to search for a new girlfriend, an eager, whimpering new sex-slave.

Ellen brooded about that for hours. She examined her alternatives. She could just shrug her shoulders, accept it as part of a shitty unpredictable life and look for someone else’s beautiful ass to kiss.

But the quiet, slender student nurse could never be that cool or composed. There was a volcano of passion smoldering deep inside her, and the lusty nurse had stirred it dangerously awake.

For more than an hour, Ellen wondered about blackmailing Sandy. Not for money, just for the icy pleasure of vengeance. But that didn’t appeal to Ellen. She wasn’t vindictive or spiteful. She desperately wanted to hang onto the sexy brunette at any cost.

The answer finally came to her around ten that morning, after a long, sleepless night.

The answer was crazy, almost diabolical, but it combined vengeance, of a sort, and the possibility of hanging onto Sandy. For a few more months anyway.

It was bold, too. Sandy might get furious, but there was nothing she could really do about it.

Finally, Ellen fell asleep with a faint smile on her luscious mouth. She would do it, and no one could stop her. After all, it was Sandy’s idea in the first place!

Sandy had been miffed at her because Ellen hadn’t been fucking guys. So the student nurse would do just that.

Beginning with Sandy’s husband, Al.

That Saturday morning, with the prospect of a sunny weekend before them, the residents of Shoreline usually either left town for the weekend or just generally avoided the beaches. The tourists came down from San Francisco and San Jose in hordes, jamming the beaches, raising hell, and turning the quiet town into a noisy chaos for the locals. Monday morning everything returned to normal. That influx persisted all summer long, disappearing after Labor Day and not returning until Memorial Day weekend.

So the beaches were out for the locals that weekend.

Usually, Al and Sandy puttered around the house, relaxing. Sandy would tan herself in the backyard while Al would drink beer and work on his motorcycle. Or they’d invite Jim and Linda over for dinner on Saturday night and play poker afterward or shoot pool in the basement.

This Saturday Sandy told Al she was driving up to San Francisco to do some shopping. Would he like to come? He shook his head, and Sandy felt a wave of relief. He usually didn’t come along anyway but the shopping she had in mind included a visit to a sex specialty store. She had to replace the dildo and the whip.

At one that afternoon, Sandy kissed her husband goodbye and drove north.

At one-thirty, Al’s phone rang. He picked it up, figuring it was Jim or Linda. It was a girl’s voice, soft and hesitant.

“Yeah?” Al said, a fresh can of beer in his hand.

“Urn, I don’t know if you remember me, Al, but my name is Ellen. I’m a friend of Sandy’s. I work at the hospital with her as a student nurse. Remember?”

Al frowned, thinking. Vaguely the memory of a slender dark-haired girl with huge dark eyes and a foxy body came back to him.

“Oh, yeah, I remember you, Ellen. But Sandy isn’t here. She had to go up to San Francisco on a shopping spree. You want me to have her call you when she gets back this evening?”

“No,” Ellen said, her voice relieved. “It’s you I want to talk to, Al. It’s important. Very important. Urn, can you come over to my apartment for a little while?”

What’s up? Al thought curiously. “You can’t tell me on the phone, huh?”

“No. It has to be in person. Here’s my address.” She rattled it off and Al scribbled it down. After he hung up, he swigged at his beer and smoked a cigarette, trying to guess what she wanted. Maybe hospital gossip or some crap like that. He remembered Ellen now. She was sort of quiet and mousy but had a pretty face and a very foxy body.

Al prided himself in estimating what kind of a fuck a woman would be just from looking at her. He wasn’t always right, but he was doing better than eighty percent. He had a hunch the slender girl was a very hot fuck, one of those smoldering types who couldn’t get enough cock once she got rolling.

The trouble with her type was to get her rolling.

Al took a couple of cold cans of beer along with him, just in case she didn’t keep booze on hand. He revved his Harley and took off across town, his eyes scanning the tourists, singling out the college girls from San Jose. A couple of them eyed him in return and he grinned at them, revving his bike.

Like the good old days when he was bagging everything in sight, fucking so many girls from out of town on weekends that his prick was raw and chafed most of the time. Al sighed, remembering the wild times. But he was married now to a terrific fuck.

Besides, he had to keep his horny sister happy as well.

He found the apartment complex, parked his cycle, grabbed his beer, which was in a bowling bag, and rang her buzzer.

She was wearing a blue robe, looking sleepy, but she gave him a wide, nervous smile when she let him in.

Al sat in the living room, opening a fresh beer. She declined one, drinking coffee instead. He studied her carefully. Nervous as hell for some reason. She was also eyeballing his rugged body. Al wore a T-shirt and jeans which showed off his rippling muscles.

Ellen stared at him in return, realizing that he was much better looking than she remembered. Sort of like Brando in “The Wild Ones”. Well, Sandy wouldn’t marry a lemon! Nothing but the best for the sultry brunette. The best cock and the best pussy, Ellen thought bitterly.

She still hesitated, not sure how to go about propositioning a guy. Or how to explain to him that his wife had been having torrid sex with her for a year, spanking her naked ass, eating her pussy and raping her with a gigantic dildo! Among other wild games.

“What’s so important?” Al asked softly, grinning.

“Sandy is,” Ellen said in a quivering voice. “There’s something I have to tell you about your wife, Al.”

His eyes narrowed on her. “So shoot.”

She took a deep breath. “Urn, first there’s something I want from you, Al.” The words came in a rush now. “I want to go to bed with you, I mean, I’d like to fuck you, right here, right now, but I don’t know how to go about stuff like that.” She laughed crazily. “I guess I’ve led a sheltered life in a way. I’ve never propositioned a guy before.”

Her voice trailed off, her face burning. Al just looked at her calmly. What the fuck is this! he thought. She’s nuts! Not really, he decided, just awkward with guys. His eyes raked quickly over her body and he felt a hot leap in his long prick.

Sure, he would fuck her. But what did all this have to do with his wife, for Christ’s sake?

“You just did it,” he grinned at her. “You just propositioned me, Ellen. But I want to know about Sandy. What’s this important shit you’re going to tell me?”

“I can’t,” she said quickly. “I mean, afterward, after we’ve fucked. I can tell you.”

Al sighed and shook his head, gulping his beer. The way he saw it now, she didn’t have anything at all to tell him about Sandy, not important anyway. What he had here was one extremely horny girl. Looking for an excuse to get fucked and using that flimsy crap about his wife to do it.

She’s probably neurotic as hell, Al thought. Sexual frustration did that to women. With that sleek hot little body she didn’t need an excuse to get fucked.

Hell, he would play along with her.

“Okay,” Al said abruptly, standing up. “You tell me about Sandy afterward, right? So let’s have at it, Ellen.”

She nodded quickly, trembling from head to toe, amazed at her own nerve. But, this wasn’t the hard part. Telling him about her lewd affair with his wife later would be the really tough part. Suppose he called her a liar and beat her up?

That thought sent a faint thrill through her blood.

“In the bedroom,” she whispered. He followed her into her bedroom and casually began stripping while Ellen took off her robe. She lay back on her bed, panting softly, drawing up one knee so that her juicy pink cunt was exposed.

“Nice,” Al said hoarsely, his eyes burning on her creamy skin, drinking in her delicately curved tits and soft ass. “Very nice, Ellen.”

When Ellen saw his huge crimson hard-on, looming out with raw power, she caught her breath. His cock was the biggest prick she’d ever seen on a guy. His muscles glistened with rippling strength. Ellen’s wet cunt began to trickle honey.

When she realized his cock had been steadily fucking Sandy, fucking deep into the pussy she was infatuated with, her lust rose quickly. Her excitement was different than the hot lewdness she felt with Sandy. This was a man, not like some of the guys she’d fucked before. Ellen suddenly wanted to blow him, wildly aroused at the idea of sucking his enormous cock so soon after eating his wife’s luscious cunt.

Ai Al approached the bed, Ellen swung her legs over the side and sat up. He stood before her while the student nurse timidly gripped his pounding prick in her fingers, sucking in her breath at the size and heat. A huge drop of jism crowned his blazing cock-knob. She darted her tongue out to lick it up, rolling it around her mouth, comparing it to the sweet, feminine nectar of his wife’s hot pussy.

“You won’t come in my mouth, will you?” she asked, staring at his prick with awe. “I’ll go down on you but you won’t come in my mouth, right?”

Al grinned down at her, gently cupping her head in his hands and nudging his mammoth hard-on closer to her lips.

“Wrong,” he told her. “I will shoot in your mouth, honey. Now suck it!”

She obeyed him as quickly as she had followed obscene commands from Sandy. With a deep moan, Ellen rammed as much of his boiling cock as she could manage in her mouth, thrilled at the raw male force which made her gag at first. She fucked her juicy lips back and forth on his prick with rising excitement, feeling his dick fuck and hammer in her mouth with savage lust.

“Not bad,” Al groaned, “but you’re too timid, honey. Come on, work it! Show me some class! Use your tongue, yeah, that’s it, much better, mmmmmm! Hey, good!”

When Ellen realized that Sandy, and probably countless girls too, had sucked him off with greater skill and unashamed lust, she at first felt ashamed and inferior.

She’d never had a cock this size in her mouth, and it made her feel deliciously feminine and humble. She was growing feverishly aroused as his hot prick gorged her burning lips, pulsed in her mouth with explosive power. Sandy had been right! She should have fucked more guys! She hadn’t realized what she was missing with men until Al had fucked his boiling cock in her throat. She’d eaten too much pussy and not enough cock for her own good.

She was fiercely determined not to be outdone by any woman, not even Al’s wife. If she could go down on Sandy’s juicy cunt until the brunette was screaming with ecstasy, there was no reason she couldn’t give a guy a wild, thrilling blowjob, either.

With those thoughts in mind, the frantic girl began the hottest cock-sucking job of her life. She moaned furiously as she fucked her mouth back and forth on his hard-on, swirling her tongue around his fat cock-knob each time she drew back. She jerked the lower half of his big prick rapidly in her fist at the same time. She wanted his come spurting in her mouth now, ached to feel his hot male fuck-cream gagging her throat and burning her stomach.

“Oh, yeah, much better,” Al gasped, lunging his hips carefully at first, fucking her tight, burning mouth in time to her cocksucking. “Use your teeth, but easy!” He gritted his own teeth when she scraped her teeth across his cock-meat, sending hot tingles of excitement through his loins.

She was learning fast. It was hardly the greatest blowjob of his life, but what made it exciting was her frenzied eagerness to please. She had a tight, boiling mouth and a long wet tongue, which she flicked rapidly across his prick-head for a few seconds, nearly making him shoot his wad of jism.

When she suddenly withdrew her lips and lapped at his cock-knob furiously, like his prick was the last cock in the world, Al gasped with intense pleasure. “Suck on my balls!” he urged.

Quick to obey, the student nurse dipped her mouth down and kissed and sucked at his hairy balls, still jerking his prick lustily in her hot fist. She was caught up in a frenzy of desire that was utterly new to her.

Ellen wanted his come desperately now. She slammed her lips back onto his cock and sucked in a fury of lust, jiggling his balls in her other hand, squeezing them gently to loosen his load of fuck-cream. When Al’s cock hardened and vibrated in her mouth, a muffled scream of obscene happiness rose in Ellen’s throat.

“Great blowjob!” Al groaned, exaggerating only slightly. “Hey, work it, Ellen! Ummmm! Gonna shoot, honey! Wow!”

Her lips and tongue worked at his prick with delirious greed, sucking, whipping, fucking, intent only on gulping down his hot jism. Al realized that whatever the girl lacked in experience, she more than made up for in sheer eagerness to please. Whoever got this one for a steady fuck would have a wild little animal on his hands! Some guy could train her to be a terrific piece, practically a sex-slave.

Swinging his hips brutally, ramming his huge cock so far in her throat that he battered her, Al began shooting wild torrents of jism. Ellen’s frantic mouth gulped, almost choking on the flood of tangy fuck-cream. Muffled screams of excitement rolled from her throat and she gulped the torrents down as fast as she could, amazed at the giant fountain of jism. No wonder Sandy had married him!

A deep healthy satisfaction rose in her blood as she milked his thick cock in her fist, happily sucking up the last few molten drops of jism. In her mad obsession for the lush brunette’s pussy, for her strange games and teasing torture, Ellen had almost forgotten how exciting fucking with men could be.

She finally released his prick with a long shaking sigh, licking her lips, loving the pungent taste of jism. Somehow Sandy had gotten her hooked on oral sex, not just with delicious cunt, but with anything that shot off in her mouth. In the back other mind, Ellen sensed a deep change beginning to take place.

She still craved going clown on Al’s hotly curved wife. She still hungered for sex with girls. But she knew she needed men now, too, that all her life she would be a passionate switch-hitter, hopping in bed with hung men and horny women both. She wasn’t cured of Sandy by any means, but, she was relieved to find out the truth.

All Sandy had really done was to introduce Ellen to the best of both sex-worlds.

Ellen lay back on the bed, panting eagerly. She stroked her cunt-lips with her fingers, moaning and squirming her ass on the mattress, hotter than she’d been in a long time.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “Shove that beautiful cock inside my pussy as far as it’ll go, Al! Wow, do I need it!”

When Al got horny, his prick never really went down. His prick ranged from rock-hard to semi-stiff, always braced for action. Fresh pussy, especially a slender mink like this one with her small, hotly panting tits and juicy looking cunt, kept him in nearly constant heat.

“What you need is what you get,” Al told her, climbing on top of her. Now that her wanton mouth had taken the harsh edge off his lust, he could fuck like an electric fucking machine. As he noted about Ellen earlier, her quiet, smoldering type went ape for cock once she got rolling. The blowjob had gotten her rolling hike a locomotive, judging from her whimpers and blazing eyes.

He seized her naked ass in his hands, probing with his thick cock-knob. Eagerly, Ellen guided his prick-head against her hot, sucking cunt-lips. Al made a mental note to fuck her in her cute silken ass just before he left hex. From the way she trembled and moaned, she would go ape over ass-fucking too.

“Ease up a little,” he told her when she gasped as he guided his flaming cock-knob inside her tight pussy. “You’re too eager, too hungry, baby, just relax.”

Ellen realized she was incredibly hot, turned on feverishly by the feel of his mammoth cock spurting in her mouth. But there was something else firing her lust, too. The thought that maybe, just a distant possibility right now, she and Al and Sandy could get together for a three-way. If Sandy ever forgave her for what she was going to tell her husband when this orgy of sucking and fucking was over.

Al managed to get four fucking inches of prick inside her fiery, squirming cunt. He started fucking with a relentless rhythm, while Ellen sobbed and wrapped her slender legs around his waist. She was so deeply thrilled at the feel of a hot cock in her tender cunt, after being raped by Sandy’s immense dildo so many times, she started coming very quickly.

“Oh, Al, oh, Jesus, your big prick! Ooooo, God, it feels incredible! Oh, what a fuck, I can’t believe it! Agh!”

“Not bad yourself, baby,” Al gasped, fucking a little harder. In fact, Ellen had an extremely hot cunt, which she used with convulsive excitement on his prick. Each time Al fucked forward, she hugged his cock fiercely with her pussy-walls, sparking wild waves of pleasure through his prick.

They both began sweating, which intensified their lust as Ellen rubbed her swollen tits deliriously against his broad chest. She swung her ass in perfect rhythm to his fucking, biting his bare shoulder and clawing his hard ass with her nails. She began raving deliriously, as wave after wave of shattering bliss tore through her exploding pussy. Cunt-honey oozed on his fucking prick.

“Oh, Jesus, Al, oh, you stud! Oooooo, I almost forgot how wild it could be! Oh, that prick, ooooo, I’m coming againnnnnnnn! Your cock is beautiful! Eeeeee!”

Christ, Al thought, when was the last time she got fucked? She was acting as if she’d been without prick for years. He didn’t have to exert any effort to keep from coming, in spite of her wild juicy little cunt. Not only had her feverish blowjob helped, but between his wife and his horny sister, he was hardly anxious about coming right now.

Low screams of ecstasy started rolling from Ellen’s throat. She shook her head in a frenzy from side to side, a profound orgasm beginning to well up in her seething loins. She swung her ass in hot spasms of bliss, locking her ankles tighter around his back. She felt, insanely, as if she were losing her cherry, as if Al was the first man she’d ever fucked.


The truth of the matter was that Al was the first decent fuck she’d ever had from a man, almost a shock to her nervous system. One of the reasons the slender girl became Sandy’s sex-slave so quickly was that the cunt crazed brunette took the trouble to get the girl’s rocks off with devastating care.

Now Sandy’s husband was doing the same thing for her, only in his own way. Most men who’d fucked Ellen simply hopped on and off, coming quickly, not giving her a chance to build up her own orgasms.

The rock-hard prick fucking steadily inside her gushing cunt right now was sparking maddening thrills in her blood, allowing her to come again and again. But it wasn’t just Al’s staying power, either.

When Al fucked a girl, he used a variety of tricks. At this moment, while Ellen wailed and shuddered her cunt madly on his cock, spraying cunt-honey all over the mattress in her frenzy, Al was fucking her with ten slow, dreamy strokes, followed by ten rapid, savage lunges of his hips. He kept this rhythm up for ten minutes, then shifted to a series of sharp back-and-forth strokes, quickly followed by a circular swinging of his hips.

Ellen thought she was losing her mind with raw passion. It was the first time she’d ever really felt a big, hot prick inside her, in every tiny membrane of her juicy cunt. Al fucked her so thoroughly in this manner for thirty minutes that Ellen came as she never came before in her life. Except with his wife, Sandy.

Dripping with sweat but enjoying himself leisurely, Al changed positions so he could catch his breath. He lay on his back and let Ellen straddle his hips, sitting up, facing him.

She lowered her dripping pussy onto his upright cock. She reared back her head and hissed, starting to fuck him with slow, hotly sensuous grinds of her cunt.

Al played with her panting tits meanwhile, stroking the silky-smooth flesh of her belly in a downward sweep, finding her clit-bud with his thumb. He played with that until the girl was screaming with deep ecstasy again. Whenever Al got his second wind like this, his prick felt like a hunk of pig iron, steely and erect like a monument.

The major reason Sandy had married Al was sex. Once she’d fucked him, she realized that if any man could cure her of her wild obsession for sex with girls, Al could. But he didn’t. He satisfied her in every possible way a man could, but Sandy still hungered feverishly for sexy girls.

Riding his long cock like a saddle of lust, Ellen was coming again in slow, hot spasms of bliss in her cunt. Her original reason for fucking Al was simply a vengeful way to get back at Sandy. But all that was changed now because she hadn’t expected it to be this good, not nearly this wild and beautiful. She needed men again, more than ever, had to feel a thrilling prick fucking her deep.

But she still needed sex with women too.

As the sobbing girl came in fierce trickles of hot pussy-juice over Al’s bush, arching her back and thrusting out her feverish tits, she realized that in a bizarre way Al was curing her of his own wife, Sandy! Now she could vent her urgent lust on men if she couldn’t score with a woman for any reason. Giving Al a torrid blowjob was as much fun, as exciting as going down on Sandy.

The girl shuddered madly from head to toe as she ground her cunt lustfully on his cock, fucking herself to the hilt. She wondered if Al would spank her or whip her. That was why she needed women most. Only someone like Sandy could torment her in such a teasing, vicious way that Ellen could get her rocks off explosively over it. Besides, she loved being finger-fucked by Sandy, a deliciously obscene act only a woman could understand.

That’s what women and girls are for, Ellen thought as she wriggled her ass madly while she clamped her boiling cunt on Al’s hard-on, spanking and pussy-eating and finger-fucking and whipping. Men were for sucking and fucking, especially when they had equipment like Al’s!

She suddenly collapsed on him, her hips grinding still. They were both dripping with sweat and Ellen was close to exhaustion from coming so violently. Of course, her frantic session with Sandy early this morning, that tempestuous orgy of sixty-nine where they’d sucked each other’s luscious cunt until they were close to fainting, that had taken its toll, too.

Al slapped her ass and she squealed with delight. “Get me a beer from the kitchen,” he told her. He grinned as she leaped to obey, suddenly energized. He watched her sleek ass bounce when she left the bedroom and Al wandered if he ought to keep her on the side as a steady fuck for a while, a month or so. In addition to fucking his hot wife and insatiable sister!

He sipped a cold beer while Ellen played with his rigid cock, showering kisses on his prick and teasing his cock with her slippery tits. Al decided that she really didn’t have enough far a tit-fuck, but her silky white ass was looking more inviting every minute. He had still to come in her pussy. He’d fix that in about one minute. Al made it a point to fuck a woman in all three places the first time, mouth, pussy and juicy ass. That way, when he came back the next time for more, she knew nothing was sacred.

Some women were horrified at the thought of letting Al fuck their asses with his enormous hard-on.

He did it anyway, even if they couldn’t sit down for a week, usually they ended up loving getting fucked in the ass.

Deliberately, Ellen said nothing about Sandy during their break. She was saving that for last, not wanting to interrupt the terrific hot time she was having. Her information was a double-edged sword. He might get furious, and, then again, he might get so excited he would arrange a three-way. Sandy had once mentioned to Ellen that most men were turned on by girls fucking and sucking, some of them so turned on they couldn’t get a hard-on an other way. That sure as hell, wasn’t Al’s problem!

“Don’t you ever come?” Ellen asked him, jerking his thick prick-meat with both hands.

“Only when I want to.” Al grinned. “Like now. Get on all fours, on your hands and knees.”

Ellen rushed to obey. He knelt behind her, resisting the temptation to just fuck his huge cock deep into her asshole. She looked like she might even be a cherry there.

He fucked his throbbing prick deep inside her eager cunt. He started fucking her with brutal lunges, fucking hard into her searing wet pussy, making her cry and yelp with excitement. He fucked all his cock to her this time, his boiling cock-head battering her hot pussy savagely.

Whenever Al was ready to come, all he had to do was concentrate on every sensation he felt. The juicy feel of her soft, trembling ass in hits fingers, the wild, fiery grip of her hot cunt squirming on his prick, sucking at his meat fiercely, her cries of passion ringing in the bedroom. All combined to explode the thick knot of jism in his loins.

Beneath his lusty assault, Ellen was dazed. Sandy had fucked her many times whit her gigantic dildo, but this was the real thing, shooting mad spurts of fuck-cream up her thrilled pussy. She spasmed from head to toe with a shattering release, his come flooding her cunt, dripping down her thighs in a deliciously sticky mess.

Finished and heaving for breath, Al slipped his nearly limp cock out of her boiling pussy. Not bad at all, he decided. She couldn’t compete with his wife, and couldn’t even begin to compare with his ferociously wild sister, but she was tight and hot and eager.

“Feel better?” he asked her casually.

She rolled over on her back, panting and moaning deliriously. Just out of curiosity, Al asked her how long it had been since she’d gotten laid.

She stared at him in a strange way, her dark eyes gleaming with a secret. “I’ll tell you in a little while,” she promised.

They got in the shower together. Al was stiff in a minute, even before she soaped his cock down. He was remembering how he took Linda’s ass cherry in the shower, four years ago. That memory was enough to leave his prick pounding with steely fire.

“I can’t believe how fast you get it up again!” Ellen exclaimed, jerking his cockmeat in her fist.

“It never goes down,” chuckled Al. He positioned her with her hands against the tiled wall, her ass jutting out and her legs spread, as if she were ready to be frisked, by the cops.

Ellen had no idea what Al was going to do. In fact, she’d never been fucked in her luscious ass, but Sandy had snaked her tongue and her fingers up there so often that she wasn’t a complete cherry.

Holding her ass-cheeks spread in his hands, Al placed his crimson prick-knob directly against her tiny asshole. Suddenly Ellen froze, realizing too late what was going to happen.

“Wait! I’ve never been — aaaaaaaaagh!”

He lunged forward with massive power, fucking her hot, squirming asshole almost to the hilt, he just held his prick in there firmly for a minute while the girl cried and shuddered and clawed at the tiled wall with her fingers.

“It’s gonna be all right,” he told her soothingly, his hands rubbing her silky ass-flesh. “I’ll say you never, honey! That’s tight, very nice. Now it’ll only hurt for a minute or so, Ellen, and after that you’ll love it forever.”

He began fucking her creamy ass, cautiously at first, fucking deeper by degrees, gasping at the fiery, wriggling sensations of her juicy asshole. He played with her tits and kissed the nape of her neck meanwhile to ease her pain, but, as far as Ellen was concerned, someone had rammed a blazing two-by-four up her tender ass.

The agony was like white-hot fire up her bowels, and yet, even as she screamed and sobbed and as Al fucked his massive prick deep in her trembling ass, Ellen felt a wild undercurrent of depraved joy.

This was even wilder than a spanking! The sensations were different, much harsher and more painful, but the idea was the same. Pure punishment! In fact, Ellen got so feverishly aroused that she began wiggling her hips, moving back slightly to meet his brutal strokes.

“Unnng! Oh, God, it’s ripping me in two, Al! I love it! I love it! Yes, fuck my ass harder, wowwwwwwww! Faster! Gonna come, hurts goooooooood! Oh!”

She even startled him with her sudden passion, and, in less than a minute, the dark haired switch-hitter was slamming her ass back in a fever of lust, feeling his searing cock fuck deep into her tender bowels with furious power.

In an act of kindness, Al slid one hand over her belly down to her cunt. He slipped a finger inside and finger-fucked her as he fucked her soft ass, until Ellen was trickling cunt-honey down his fingers. She let out a high keening cry of ecstasy and pure anguish as he started coming up her ass.

As soon as her bowels started flooding with his hot, gushing come, Ellen realized that she no longer needed Sandy. The stinging wet fire up her ass was so thrilling to her, made her feel so humble and weak, that it surpassed any spanking Al’s wife could give her.

Al had done something for her that Sandy couldn’t possibly do, not even artificially with her colossal dildo.

As Al kept spurting his thick cream up her ravaged ass, a subtle but profound change took place in Ellen’s mind. She couldn’t put her finger on it yet, but it was an idea, an exciting discovery she had to think over.

Hugging her tits in his hands, Al’s powerful strokes gradually subsided as the last trickle of his jism oozed into her asshole. Sighing with satisfaction, he slipped out his cock, wincing as she purposely flexed her asshole.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” he said.

“Oh, Christ,” moaned Ellen, twitching violently. “My ass feels like raw hamburger! But I liked it!”

Finishing their shower, they toweled each other dry. Al decided he would definitely use her as a steady fuck. Only once or twice a week, though, because he had Sandy and Linda to keep happy, too. As long as his faithful cock held out, he’d keep them all properly fucked.

“I gotta go,” Al told her, slipping on his clothes.

Still naked, Ellen lit a cigarette, wondering if she ought to tell Al after all. If she did, she might never see him again. But Sandy deserved it! Think she could toss Ellen aside once she got tired of her, did she?

“About Sandy,” Ellen said, sitting on the sofa and drawing up one knee to dig a heel into the seat.

“Ah, that’s okay,” Al grinned. “I realize it was only an excuse, Ellen. What the hell, I get so horny sometimes I could scream. I understand.”

He lied with ease, trying to soothe her dignity.

“It was not an excuse,” she said firmly. She stared directly into his eyes, taking a deep breath. “Go into my bedroom and look in the top drawer of my dresser. Everything on the right-hand side belongs to Sandy. Bring them in here, Al.”

Frowning, Al finished dressing, wondering what Ellen’s game was. He went to her dresser, opened the drawer and took out some items, examining them.

There were three or four pairs of panties. They were crotchless with lacy, erotic figures in various fucking positions in the intricate design. Peering closer, Al was startled to see the figures were women. Eating each other! And finger-fucking each other, too, sucking on each other’s tits.

There was a picture of his wife, in her bathing suit. He’d never seen it before. There was a massive dildo, with a harness so it could be worn. And a short-handled, vicious-looking black whip. With coiled cords of nylon beneath.

There were some strange-looking knotted scarves, too.

Feeling bewildered, Al brought the stuff into the living room and dumped it on the sofa next to the naked girl. He shook his head.

“What is this crap? I don’t get it.”

“I’ll spell it out for you, Al,” Ellen said in a low voice. Her eyes blazed with vengeance. “It all belongs to your wife. Sandy and I are lovers. Or I should say were, until last night.”

Al blinked his eyes, trying to understand. “Are you fucking crazy, lady? You’re talking about my wife!”

“I’m talking about my ex-girlfriend,” Ellen said in a low whisper, tears coming to her eyes. “You’d better sit down, Al. I’ll start from the beginning.”

Slowly, he sat down, his eyes never leaving her face, not even to glance at her softly panting tits or pink, exposed pussy. For twenty minutes Ellen spoke in a low, rapid voice, pausing to sob now and then. At first, Al told himself the girl was downright crazy. Not neurotic or sexually frustrated, just nuts.

But after a while he knew she had to be telling the truth. There were things she knew about his wife that only he was supposed to know. Like the birthmark on her inner thigh, right near her cunt. The way Sandy would give off low, deep groans that were eerie when she started to come.

Not only that, but watching the girl’s face intently, he could sense that every word was the naked truth.

Al slumped back in his seat and chewed his lip, trying to digest the shocking information. He was stunned.

“I had to tell you,” Ellen finished, wiping her eyes. “I’m sorry, Al. Are you mad at me?”

He blinked his eyes at her. “What for? It’s not your doing.” He suddenly felt the need for a good stiff drink, not a beer. He got up and headed for the door.

“I’ll call you,” he told Ellen. “I’ve got to figure things out.”

“Sure,” Ellen nodded, walking up to him.

“I’m here if you want me. Anytime, Al. Day or night.”

“Yeah, sure,” he muttered and shut the door behind him.

In a daze, he got on his motorcycle, kicked it over and took off in a roar. He headed for a bar near the beach. Once there, he ordered three straight shots and lined them up on his table in a booth. He tossed one off and thought hard. Then he tossed another one off and thought same more. When he finished the third, he ordered three more.

In her apartment, Ellen slumped on the sofa, feeling a strange tumult of emotions. She was deeply fulfilled, Al’s thick come still tickling her tender ass and glowing pussy. She felt rotten in one way, because she’d told Al about Sandy. In another way, she felt vicious and triumphant.

But the biggest bonus she’d gotten out of the sudden orgy of sex, aside from Al’s mammoth hard-on, was something she realized about Sandy. Sandy had been teaching her all this time. The student nurse no longer felt the need to be spanked and bound and whipped. She’d actually been learning all those bizarre, kinky tricks from the hot brunette as a sort of undergraduate course.

Now it was Ellen’s turn to do the spanking and whipping and teasing.

All she had to do was find another innocent, trusting girl like she’d been a year ago.

As soon as she recovered from the wanton combination of Sandy’s mad lips and fingers and Al’s huge prick!

At nineteen, Ellen was growing up fast, destined to become the hottest switch-hitter in town someday. But in the meantime, her ass still felt like raw hamburger!


Al bided his time quietly that weekend. He didn’t betray the slightest hint to Sandy that he knew about her lusty hunger for girls, or her secret sex life. It wasn’t easy, but he had always prided himself on keeping his cool.

One impact the news had on him was his lust for the ripely curved brunette. Sandy looked more desirable and sexy than ever to him now, and he fucked her, to her great delight, almost unceasingly through the weekend.

He’d been scheming to get his passionate wife interested in a three-way with another girl, and she’d beaten him to the punch behind his back. Too, he had to admire her smooth act. All this time she’d been spanking and sucking and fucking a juicy young cunt on the side, and she had acted more like the I wholesome, faithful wife than ever.

The main reason Al decided to wait was timing. He wanted his gorgeous sister and Sandy in bed with him at the same time. That wasn’t possible over the weekend because Linda’s husband spent every spare moment with her.

He could have forced a three-way with Ellen, but he preferred his lust-crazed sister. Besides, Sandy had dumped the student nurse and it would be awkward. He would fuck Ellen on the side once or twice a week, keep her on the string for now.

Chances were that she would pick up another girlfriend of her own and Al could pull the same stunt Sandy had pulled on him in a way — carrying on with Ellen and another piece of cute pussy behind her back.

Another reason Al waited was simple shock. He figured he knew what made women tick since he’d scored so successfully over the years with them. But Sandy, and timid hot little Ellen too, had completely shattered that notion. He couldn’t even look at a girl walking down the street anymore without wondering who was sucking on her luscious tits, her boyfriend or her girlfriend! Or both!

When the timing was perfect, he’d blow Sandy’s mind.

On Monday and Tuesday, Al purposely made an excuse not to meet and fuck his sister. Linda was almost frantic, but Al held her off. First, he wanted the tawny blonde so hot and primed that she was ready to come all over herself at the mere touch of her tit. Second, he wanted himself the same way. Ellen’s tight cunt and silken ass had taken its toll, along with his married sister and his wife. By Sunday night, Al was played out, largely from fucking Sandy.

If anything, the news about her switch hitting acted as a powerful aphrodisiac. He just couldn’t keep his hands off her, spurred on by sheer admiration for her nerve and lust.

On Tuesday night, Al called Linda and arranged to have her pick a wild fight with her husband, Jim, on Wednesday night. That wouldn’t be hard, since Linda had a bitchy streak a mile wide. Linda would provoke a fierce argument and storm out of the house in a huff, coming over to Al and Sandy’s, where she would spend the night. Linda had actually done that once before, about six months ago. She’d slept in the empty bedroom in Al’s house then.

Not this time.

Sandy would be working until midnight.

Since the brunette had cut off her action with Ellen, she’d be coming straight home. There Sandy would find Linda, but not Al, who would be out drinking. If Al figured his lusty wife correctly, once she saw Linda naked, she’d freak. With a little cooperation from his insatiable blonde sister, the women would be at it like starving wolves.

At which point Al would enter the picture.

Al liked the idea, and Linda liked it. Since Al hadn’t fucked his sister all week, she was ready to explode. Besides, Linda had been doing a lot of thinking, a lot of fantasizing about Al’s sultry brunette wife, and, having a feverish sex-drive combined with a love of games, the more Linda thought about the possibilities, the hotter she got.

Al purposely didn’t screw Sandy after Sunday, leaving her primed and eager, too. All three of them were seething with lust by the time Wednesday rolled around.

While Sandy was at work Monday night, Al found the stuff she’d bought in San Francisco. It was hidden in a locked suitcase in the basement. He picked the lock easily with a bobby pin, and curiously examined her new dildo. It was nine inches long, curved shapely upward with a giant knob. The massive length was covered with dozens of different-sized mounds, like rounded spikes. It was battery operated and when Al switched it on curiously, it leaped and quivered in his fingers with alarming eagerness.

There was a tiny red button at the base. Al read the instructions, which had a large warning written in red. Pushing the button while the dildo was inserted in a pussy caused a tiny current of voltage to shoot through the huge cock. This in turn caused a nerve-tingling orgasm, which became hotter and more dangerously intense each second the button was held down.

Jesus, thought Al, fingering the attached harness, if they keep this crap up, pretty soon my cock will be obsolete! After recalling Ellen’s screaming and clawing and frantic climaxes, though, he wasn’t at all worried.

Sandy had also bought some very sexy underthings acid a new whip. There were cut nylon cords in the suitcase, too. He put the items back, shaking his head in wonder. Who would dream his sultry, hotly curved, long legged brunette wife loved to tease, whip and fuck sexy girls? HOW would Linda take all this? His blonde nympho sister was so horny all the time, she might even learn to love it herself.

Wednesday night came quickly.


At nine o’clock sharp that Wednesday night, Linda picked a fight with her husband Jim. It wasn’t hard because she was so intensely hot her nerves were practically screaming. All weekend long she’d looked forward to Al’s massive cock and wild action on Monday, only to have him stall her until tonight.

Bewildered, her husband could only stammer and shake his head at her attack. All he’d said was that the spaghetti wasn’t cooked enough. In fact, Linda had served it to him nearly raw to start the argument. She stormed into the bedroom, emerged with an overnight case and viciously slammed the front door behind her.

In disgust, Jim decided hot to follow her. If she weren’t such a terrific piece of ass, he would have left her by now.

As things turned out in the next few months, Jim would be damn glad he didn’t. She would be his ticket to more pussy than he’d ever dreamed of in his wildest fantasies.

At nine-thirty, Linda showed up at Al’s house. She was so fiercely primed for action she first tried raping her brother, pushing him down on the sofa and trying to get his thick cock out of his pants.

“Just one quickie, Al, please!” she hissed, eyes blazing. “Christ, I’m so hot I could melt!”

If Al ever had the slightest doubt about Linda being a nympho, it vanished forever. This was the way she’d been when he first took her cherry, her little pussy on fire night and day.

“Save it for Sandy,” he told her, gently pushing her away. “I only wish I could be here to watch the opening.”

He knew that might cramp Sandy’s style, although it sure as hell wouldn’t stop Linda. Nothing stopped the tawny, hot-pussied blonde mink when she was in this state.

He coached his sister once more, although it wasn’t necessary. If anything, Linda might rape Sandy.

Al left the house at eleven, first calling his wife to make sure she’d come directly home from the hospital. Since he hadn’t fucked her for a few nights, she was certain he would be waiting up for her, his huge hard-on oozing jism. All three of them, Al, Sandy and Linda were hotter than smoking pistols, thanks to Al’s planning.

He went out to his favorite bar and started drinking, trying to dull the seething suspense in his blood.

By the time Sandy got home at twelve-fifteen, Linda’s boiling cunt was like a hair trigger. She hadn’t even finger-fucked, figuring if she held out this long another hour or two wouldn’t make any difference. It did, thought. The blonde was so feverishly aroused that all she could think of was the brunette going down on her, giving her a hot, frenzied blowjob on the spot.

Linda quickly explained to Sandy that Al had gone out drinking, probably until the bars closed at two, that she’d had a fight with her own husband and was spending the night. Linda could see the wheels clicking in Sandy’s mind.

“Men can be such bastards!” Linda sniffed. She wore her terry-cloth robe, naked beneath, her robe purposely parted to display her luscious tits against her deep tan.

“Can we have a long talk, Sandy?” she said innocently. “In bed, in the dark? Like sisters? I have to talk to someone and you’re the closest friend I have.”

“Well, of course,” replied Sandy, trying not to betray her wild eagerness. Her blood pounded in her ears as she quickly stripped while Linda went to the guest bedroom. Slipping on a sheer black negligee and naked beneath, Sandy hurried to the basement and got the sex items she’d bought in the city earlier. It was now twelve-thirty. Al wouldn’t be home till after two when the bars closed. Even if he did come home early, she would leave a note on their bed telling him she was sleeping with Linda to console her.

Console her? By the time she finished with the gorgeously curved blonde, Linda might need a straight jacket instead of sympathy.

Sandy put the dildo, the whip and the cords, along with a few knotted silk scarves, in her overnight case. She brought it up to the guest bedroom, putting it down next to the bed without explanation.

The brunette was more madly aroused than she’d ever been in her life, even more so than when a passionate blonde student nurse had sat on her face for that first thrilling, obscene sixty-nine with another girl, years before. There was no doubt in Sandy’s mind that Linda would have sex with her. Sandy could always tell when another woman was willing, was open to seduction.

From the way Linda had stared at her when she first walked in the door, fiercely shining eyes, wet lips, soft panting tits, Linda knew her sister-in-law was extremely hot. Possibly Jim had started to fuck her and an argument followed, leaving Linda high and dry. When a girl of Linda’s obvious passion got frustrated, watch out! The blonde was a nympho, pure and simple. And she was desperately aroused, Sandy saw.

Who the hell isn’t? thought Sandy feverishly.

Two frantically hot women, two frustrated wives in the same bed. Two hair-trigger cunts on fire, Sandy thought, entering the guest bedroom.

The bedside lamp was on. Linda purposely lay on top of the covers, stark naked. She’d drawn one knee up so that her pink wet cunt shone, peeing through her golden curls. Sandy felt faint, fighting the violent urge to burrow her frenzied mouth to that juicy hot slit. Good Christ, what a beautiful animal! From the tips of her lust-gorged pink nipples down to her tawny ripe ass and golden, luscious thighs, Al’s young sister reeked with raw desire, with sheer wanton sex.

An army couldn’t stop Sandy now. It was very obvious to her that Linda wanted it, too, wanted it desperately.

Was the blonde a switch-hitter herself? Or just so screamingly hot she would have sex with anything or anyone?

“Al really struck gold when he married you,” Linda said in a husky whisper. Her eyes drank in Sandy’s creamy tits and swollen nipples, visible through her sheer negligee.

“I’d say Jim did all right, too,” Sandy smiled, her cunt beginning to throb and drip fuck-honey. She turned out the bedside lamp and lay down beside Linda, panting wildly.

“Hold me,” Linda whispered, reaching out.

Moaning softly, Sandy put her arms around the blonde, facing her. Immediately, the instant their hot silky tits came in contact, they hugged each other passionately.

“I’m so hot I could faint,” croaked Linda, twining her legs around Sandy’s. Their wet cunts rubbed together in eager, sensuous lunges, creating a wildly lewd friction.

“He left me like this, the bastard!” sobbed Linda. “All worked up!”

“I can help you, Linda,” whispered Sandy, trembling from head to toe with eagerness. “I’ve helped girls like you out before, lots of times! Of course, Al doesn’t know. Will you keep it a secret if I give you a blowjob? We’ll both feel better, honey, because I’m just as hot as you are, hotter, I think!”

“Yes,” moaned the blonde, beginning to push Sandy down in the dark. “Oh, Jesus, yes! Eat file, Sandy, please!”

“Your first time with another woman?” asked the brunette.

“Yes! For God’s sake, don’t stall, I’m almost coming now! Come on, Sandy, suck my cunt!”

“I want to leave the lamp on,” Sandy said, switching it back on. “I want to see every luscious inch, Linda! You just lie there and leave it to me, darling, oh, Christ, you’re sexy! Oh, God, I’m about to get my rocks off from looking at you!”

With shaking fingers, Sandy tore off her negligee. She flung herself on top of the moaning housewife. She kissed Linda’s fiery mouth, their tongues swirling together in savage excitement. Their tits rubbed and heaved in a mass of feverish lust, both naked women lunging on the mattress with hot fucking motions.

Linda’s first delicious contact with a gorgeously hot, naked woman sent fierce waves of excitement through her blood. It felt strange but madly arousing with their tits and boiling cunts rubbing and grinding together in raw heat. When Sandy slid down to clutch one of Linda’s ripe tits in her fingers, sucking wantonly on the lush nipple, the blonde went nearly crazy with delight.

“Ooo, that’s wild, Sandy! Oh, honey, hurry up and blow me, suck my cunt! If you knew how hot I am! Oh, your lips and tongue! Eat my pussy now, now, now!”

Sandy realized there was simply no time for gentle lovemaking or delicate teasing. They were both far too violently excited, Linda almost coming all over herself from having her naked tits feverishly sucked.

Quickly, Sandy slid down, pausing only to nuzzle the blonde’s softly rounded belly. The brunette folded her knees under and hunched between Linda’s widely spread thighs. She clutched a burning ass-cheek in each hand and stared with obscene fascination into Linda’s juicy wet cunt. Her pussy sucked fiercely at her, filling her nostrils with the heady essence of cunt-in-heat, an aroma that triggered a frenzy of hunger in Sandy.

“Eat it, suck it, blow me!” wailed Linda, clawing Sandy’s creamy back. Al’s sister raised her knees up and dug her bare heels into Sandy’s soft shoulders. She rubbed her dripping cunt against Sandy’s face, letting out a low deep moan of savage excitement. The nympho in her blood boiled up with maddening passion.

The brunette held back for only a few more seconds, long enough to realize her own cunt was pulsing with urgent heat, spasming in depraved suspense. The twenty-year-old blonde housewife had the most exciting pussy Sandy had ever gazed into, and by now the lush brunette had seen more juicy cunts than most men.

She crushed her burning lips to Linda’s throbbing cunt and started sucking at her wet, squirming pussy-flesh. Both women screamed softly at that moment, Linda going into convulsive spasms of bliss, already beginning to gush cunt-honey all over Sandy’s face. The blonde clutched Sandy’s long hair and tugged, arching her back and thrusting out her madly panting tits.

“Oh, Jeeeezus, Sandy! Oh, lover! Oh, I’m coming! Sweet hot fucking mouth! Ooooooo, eat my cunt, oh, yesssssssss!”

Between her searing thighs, Sandy was close to fainting from pure obscene joy herself. She’d become an expert at giving women blowjobs long ago, and each pussy had its own peculiar texture and flavor and fragrance, its own brand of depraved excitement.

Linda’s cunt was unbelievably sweet and delicious, spurting honey into the brunette’s crazed mouth with a steadily increasing flow. Al’s young sister had the hottest, juiciest cunt Sandy had ever slammed her lips to, and wild sobs came from the brunette’s throat as she locked her mouth in a frenzy against Linda’s gushing pussy.

“Oh, my God, I can’t — I can’t stop coming, Sandy! Oh, honey, I love you! Fantastic mouth! Eat it, unnnnngh!”

The last thing in the world the fiercely hot brunette needed right now was coaxing. She fucked her tongue deep into the succulent flesh and scooped up pussy-nectar as if her life depended on it. She couldn’t get enough of the nympho’s thrilling hot came, pausing only to shower lustful kisses on her writhing cunt-lips before fucking her tongue in again.

For fifteen uninterrupted minutes, the hotly moaning brunette sucked off her feverish sister-in-law, lapping, kissing, sucking, dipping her nose into her steaming cunt, rubbing her face around the slippery flesh to coat herself with her delicious pussy-come.

Only then did she dart her lips down and suck on Linda’s tender asshole. When she slithered her tongue up the blonde’s boiling asshole, deep, sensuous cries came from Linda. No man had ever thrilled her like this, kissing and sucking and lapping at her sensitive asshole to send delicious waves of pleasure through her tawny ass.

If Sandy had her way, she would have stayed down there, her frantic mouth locked to Linda’s hotly sucking cunt, all night long. But she didn’t have time. She had only until two or so to get into her heavy action because, after that, Linda’s screams of torment and ecstasy would wake Al up.

Reluctantly, the brunette gave Linda’s hot pussy a final lingering suck and kiss, and she then climbed up beside the sobbing blonde.

“Feel better now?” she whispered. “Are you okay, Linda?”

Al’s sister stared at her with feverish, gleaming eyes. Her lips moved soundlessly for a minute, her tits still panting rapidly, her golden flesh covered with a fine sheen of sweat that made it deeply sensuous and glossy.

“Better? Are you kidding, Sandy? That was the most fantastic blowjob I’ve ever had! My pussy is still coming! Oooo, you gorgeous, sexy hunk of woman! I’ll go down on you, Sandy, but not until I calm down! Wowww!”

“That wasn’t even one of my good ones,” Sandy told her proudly, squeezing a tawny hot tit in her lewd fingers. “That was my rush special, Linda, because you were so wild for it. Come on up here.”


Sandy sat at the headboard of the bed, upright, her knees drawn up and her thighs parted. She had Linda sit between her thighs, with her back to Sandy’s creamy naked tits, cuddled against her. The brunette played with Linda’s panting hot tits for a minute before sliding one hand down to her soaked pussy hairs. She teased the blonde’s trembling cuntlips for a few moments, sliding a finger inside the juicy tight pussy.

“Oh, Jesus, that’s wild,” moaned Linda, jerking her plump ass against Sandy’s wet crotch while the other woman slowly, sensuously finger-fucked her. It was far more lewd and exciting than Linda had expected, Sandy tonguing and kissing and gently biting the nape of the blonde’s neck while she finger-fucked her with dreamy strokes of her finger. The delicious feel of Sandy’s hot tits crushed against her back, the feel of the brunette’s wet, steaming cunt grinding into her ass-crack, her other hand playing with Linda’s panting tits all these lusty details etched themselves in the nympho’s mind.

Linda had never imagined sex with a woman could be anything like this. She’d had a hang up about that, thinking all these years that something had to be wrong with her to even consider it. But her brother’s wife was doing fantastic things to her, making her get her rocks off so beautifully, with such deep, shattering intensity, Linda knew she was going to do it again and again with Sandy.

With a lot of girls and women.

Although the blonde was anxious to go down on the sexy brunette, she was having far too thrilling a time being finger-fucked by her right now. It was much different than, finger fucking herself or having a man finger-fuck her. She was already starting to come in shuddering spasms, spurting cunt-honey over Sandy’s fucking finger. Meanwhile, Sandy was exciting her to an even more frantic pitch by whispering in her ear.

“Beautiful little cunt!” whispered Sandy, flicking her tongue in Linda’s ear, making her gasp with delight. “Sweet hot pussy! What I’d give to suck you off all night, Linda! Suck on your gorgeous tits, lick your hot ass, kiss your dainty asshole, mmmmm! How does this feel, angel?”

Sandy suddenly found Linda’s tiny swollen clit. She flicked her fingertip against it rapidly to make the blonde shudder and cry with a wild new orgasm. Linda craned her neck around so she could bite Sandy’s lips in a frenzy of lust. She wriggled her ass violently, fucking Sandy’s finger with eager lunges.

The obscene praise was turning the blonde on tremendously. Sandy knew from experience how to use every trick in existence to hook a girl on her lusty brand of sex, to get them coming back until they had to have it like a drug. Vulgar words while she jerked them off was only one trick.

But while the panting blonde got her rocks off again and again, Sandy grew more dangerously aroused. She did this on purpose, preparing for the heavy action. She was certain that Linda would go for anything she suggested now.

Purposely, Sandy slipped her finger out of her boiling, dripping cunt just as Linda started coming again. The blonde cried in protest.

“You lie on your belly now, with your arms and legs spread out,” Sandy told her, getting off the bed. “We’re going to play a little sex game, darling.”

“But I want to suck you off first!” Linda moaned, licking her lips eagerly. “Let me eat your cunt, Sandy!”

“In a minute,” promised the brunette digging into her overnight case. “You do as I say, if you want more sex Linda.”

That ominous threat goaded Linda to quickly obey her. In spite of her extensive history of fucking men, Linda was only twenty years old, a fact Sandy kept in mind.

“Just going to tie you down for a little teasing,” murmured Sandy, quickly roping down the blonde’s wrists and ankles, securing them to the bed-frame. “Perfectly harmless, honey. You’ll love it.”

“I love games,” Linda said eagerly. But she noticed a subtle change in the brunette’s manner. Sandy’s eyes were smoldering with a strange light, and her tits heaved very fast with some bizarre excitement. When Linda saw the brunette remove the gigantic dildo and the whip and knotted scarves from the case, her eyes grew huge with alarm.

“What the hell is all that!” she cried.

“Fun stuff.” Sandy smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t hut you. Too much.”

“Hey, now wait a minute, Sandy,” blurted Linda, tugging in a panic at the ropes binding her wrists and ankles. Only now did the blonde nympho begin to realize how utterly helpless she was.

She watched with terror as the naked brunette picked up her black, short-handled whip. She trailed the thongs teasingly over Linda’s tawny ass-flesh.

“You have the most beautiful, the sexiest, the most delicious ass I’ve ever seen in my life,” Sandy whispered. “This will heighten the sensitivity of your ass-cheeks, darling, so the next time I kiss your ass and shove my tongue up your dainty asshole, you’ll love it even more!”

Sandy suddenly raised the whip high and cracked it sharply. Linda screamed and her ass quivered violently. The hotly panting brunette began whipping her naked sister-in-law with increasing fury, ignoring her cries and yelps. She brought the black whip down again and again, watching Linda’s golden ass-flesh turn glowing crimson.

Beneath the lashing leather, Linda fought to catch her breath. A sheet of blazing fire covering her tender ass-cheeks now, but there was a strange undercurrent of hot excitement in her blood, too. Because Sandy looked incredibly beautiful in her bizarre sex-fury, her creamy tits heaving madly, her dark eyes blazing with lewd triumph, her curly cunt-hairs moist with her excitement.

Three minutes later, Sandy flung the whip aside. She knelt between the sobbing girl’s legs. She rubbed her palms and fingers over the burning, silky flesh of her ass, thrilled at the heat and sexiness. She lowered her mouth and showered tender, loving kisses on her sweet tawny ass. She gently bit folds of flesh, sucking on the blonde’s gorgeous naked ass.

Linda’s cries grew softer. She felt a delicious trail of erotic pleasure as Sandy used her wet tongue along the delicate crack of her ass. A moment later, the moaning brunette was sucking on her asshole, and this time, because of the nerve-screaming sensitivity of her ass, the boiling wet jolts of ecstasy up Linda’s asshole were fantastically sensuous and exciting.

But the lust-crazed nurse was unpredictable when she was this wildly aroused. She suddenly picked up the whip again and squatted at the head of the bed. Sandy placed a heel on each side of Linda’s ribs, her pink, sucking cunt edging closer to Linda’s face.

“I wish,” Sandy whispered, eyes gleaming hotly, “I only wish I had all the time in the world with you, Linda. I hate to go this fast, because I want to show you what I can really do, how many hot thrills I’ve got in store for you, you sexy little mink! Some night soon I will. Right now I want to suck my pussy. You’re going to eat my hot cunt, darling, and every time you fail to please me, you get one of these.”

The whip cracked viciously, and Linda shuddered from head to toe, straining desperately at her bonds. Sandy grabbed the blonde’s long hair and jerked her head up so that Linda’s mouth was only inches from her juicy cunt.

In a deeply obscene, weaving dance, the naked brunette wiggled her pussy closer and closer to Linda’s waiting lips. A sob of savage excitement came from Linda as Sandy abruptly crushed her wet, squirming hot cunt to her mouth.

Linda started sucking her tender, boiling slit with everything she had. Not from fear of pain, which she was getting used to, and in fact even beginning to look forward to a little, but from deep, lustful excitement.

Her first taste of cunt-in-heat was fantastically thrilling to the blonde nympho. Partly because Sandy was so strikingly sexy but mainly because the lush brunette had worked Linda’s feverish cunt over with such passionate love.

Linda had always considered herself an expert at cock-sucking, a born cocksucker as her brother called her. This natural talent for mouth-fucking made her every bit as exciting and lustful at pussy-eating. Muffled screams of lewd bliss rolled from Linda’s throat as she kissed and sucked and frantically lapped at Sandy’s delicious hot cunt. Every time Sandy brought the leather whip down savagely across her naked ass, the girl felt her own pussy throb and spasm in reflex.

Linda was so talented at her first experience with cunt-sucking that Sandy flung her whip aside after five minutes and gave her complete attention to the hot, sensuous feel of the blonde’s juicy mouth digging into her pussy.

Tears of maddening excitement rolling down her cheeks, the nurse hugged Linda’s head fiercely to her gushing pussy. She rubbed her dripping cunt in a fever of obscene bliss to Linda’s stinging lips and tongue, fucking her mouth with slow, shuddering lunges of her ass. She started coming over Linda’s eager face, thrilled at her sweet mouth, her fiery lashing tongue, her wild clit-sucking frenzy.

“Oh, lover!” cried Sandy, shaking her head when Linda suddenly slipped her long wet tongue up her asshole. Violent jolts of pleasure raced through Sandy’s naked, sweating ass as she fucked passionately against Linda’s face.

Her sister-in-law was giving her a hot, furious blowjob, a ravenous tongue-fuck that made the moaning, panting brunette come again and again in fierce spasms. Although there was no contact with Linda’s dripping cunt, Linda had started to come too, from sheer depraved excitement, from the delicious taste and passionate heat of Sandy’s molten pussy.

Screaming deep in her throat, the blonde tugged at her bonds and rubbed her exploding cunt feverishly on the mattress while she sucked Sandy’s hotly gushing pussy.

Finally, heaving for breath and covered with glossy sweat, Sandy pulled her cunt away from Linda’s madly wanton mouth. She knelt down and kissed Linda’s lips, tasting her own cunt honey with a thrill.

“You were fantastic,” Sandy panted, “I could come just looking at that mouth now! I’ve got a special reward for you darling, just for being so sweet!”

Moaning and gasping on the bed, Linda didn’t see the naked brunette behind her, strapping on the harness of her enormous new dildo. Sandy switched, it on and it hummed with lusty power. The nurse mounted the helplessly bound blonde from behind, easing the huge cock, between Linda’s wet thighs.

In spite of all her vast experience at fucking boys and men, in spite of the shattering orgasms she got from her own massively hung brother, Linda didn’t know it, but she was about to get the most exciting fuck of her entire life.

She was about to replace Ellen as Sandy’s humble sex-slave.

All her excitement, all her deeply sensuous climaxes so far were nothing but a buildup for his cunning fuck.

“I love your hot little pussy,” moaned Sandy in the blonde’s ear as she carefully guided the quivering cock-knob against Linda’s eager cunt-lips. “I’m going to fuck you until you lose your mind with sheer happiness. Oh, Christ, I love the feel of your hot sexy ass!”

This was Sandy’s favorite position with a bound girl because she could feel their delicious naked asses wriggling against her pussy while she fucked them. Linda’s firm, silky ass was already on fire from her whipping, and the mere contact of her luscious asscheeks against the brunette’s throbbing cunt sent wild shivers up Sandy’s spine.

Sandy eased the head of the humming prick inside Linda’s tight cunt. The girl stiffened at first, a low screw of lust building up in her throat. The nurse eased the gigantic cock in with care, stroking gently, rubbing Linda’s panting tits with her fingers meanwhile. She dug her own creamy tits into the blonde’s back, beginning to fuck just a fraction harder.

“Oh my God!” moaned Linda, shaking her head in disbelief. She’d never felt anything even remotely like the monstrous prick humming and vibrating powerfully in her tender cunt.

The tiny pimples covering the dildo were quivering insanely against her cunt-flesh, sparking the most intense thrills she’d ever felt. It seemed to the crying, trembling blonde that thousands of tiny explosions were taking place in her boiling pussy. The cock was gorging her harder now as Sandy increased her strokes. Her entire naked flesh was so acutely sensitive, the feel of Sandy’s hot tits and swollen nipples against her back was driving her crazy. Sandy’s wet cunt-juice was oozing down the crack of her plump ass, tickling her with erotic delight.

Sandy flicked her tongue in Linda’s ear.

“Do you like it, darling?” she whispered.

“Are you feeling wild?”

“Ooooooo, Jesus, oh, Sandy, oh, my pussy!” cried Linda, gritting her teeth when another shock of excitement ripped through her massively crammed cunt. “Unnnngh! I want to fuck all night like this.”

“Now here’s that something special I promised you, angel-pussy,” whispered Sandy. She groped with one hand beneath the base of the colossal dildo. She pressed the red button, holding it firmly down, holding her breath to measure the effect on the sobbing blonde.

Instantly Linda’s body spasmed from head to toe. She tried to scream but couldn’t catch her breath. The tiny current of voltage raced through her shuddering cunt like lightning, sparking an immediate violent orgasm. Every nerve in her sweating flesh was coming all at once in a climax so profound and shattering that Linda thought she would die of pure happiness!

Sandy released the button. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“No!” moaned Linda, wriggling her ass savagely against the brunette’s steaming cunt. “Fuck me more! Harder! Faster! Oh, Christ, this is insane, it’s too beautiful!”

Dimly, the bound blonde realized that Sandy had told the truth when she’d whipped her naked ass. She was so sensitive, so deliriously sexy and hot that she prayed Al would show up right now so she could suck on his huge cock while Sandy was fucking her thrilled pussy. A dozen lusty urges assailed her mind at once. She wanted to suck on the brunette’s creamy tits, kiss and bite her ass, lick her toes, and eat her pussy until she fainted from exhaustion.

The vibrating pimples on the huge cock were driving her absolutely mad with ecstasy, creating molten sparks in her squirming cunt flesh. She had the feverish sensation that Sandy was fucking her to death, and she didn’t care as long as she kept coming, as long as she never, ever stopped climaxing like this.

In their wanton fury, neither woman saw the two figures in the bedroom doorway. In the back of her mind, Sandy was keeping track of the time until Al was due home. But that information was far back in her mind as she passionately fucked the gorgeous, screaming young blonde thrashing furiously beneath her.

With more than a few drinks under his belt, Al had decided to bring company along. He was making damn sure he wouldn’t get lonely or left out tonight.

He now had three pieces of ass to play with. When Sandy heard him cough and she jerked her head around, stunned, Al knew the look on her face had been worth it.

“Hi, Sandy,” Ellen said, grinning. “I don’t think I’ve met your sexy friend. The one that’s all tied up, I mean. I’ve met your husband.” Deliberately, Ellen put her fingers on Al’s bulging cock in his pants. “You lucky rascal, you.”


On his fifth drink, Al made a decision. He called Ellen up and invited her to the party, explaining who would be there. She eagerly agreed to come, as much for the malicious satisfaction of seeing the shock on Sandy’s face as for the wanton sex. Ellen drove to the bar first, had a couple of drinks with Al to brace herself, and the pair took off for Al’s house.

Now, standing over the bed and grinning down at Sandy, Ellen felt almost feverishly triumphant. The stunned look on the brunette’s lovely face would have been more than enough satisfaction.

But seeing the lush, creamy brunette in action with Al’s hotly sexy sister aroused Ellen on the spot.

Her face chalk white, Sandy gulped and slowly eased the huge prick out of Linda’s gushing cunt. The blonde was dimly aware of what was going on but couldn’t give less of a damn. Her pussy was on fire and that’s all she cared about.

“For God’s sake, don’t stop now!” she sobbed, writhing her ass in torment. “I’m still coming, dammit!”

With shaking fingers, avoiding her husband’s eyes, Sandy unstrapped the dildo and placed it aside. She glared at Ellen and then looked at Al with pleading eyes.

“I-I guess you know everything, don’t you, Al?”

“I guess.” He nodded solemnly. “You happen to be fucking my kid sister.”

“Well, so did you!” cried Linda, tugging at her bonds. “Let her finish, Al, for Christ’s sake!”

“So did you?” echoed Sandy in disbelief.

“Do you mean you two…”

Al grinned, beginning to strip. He was a little tipsy but not actually drunk. “But not since last week. You see, Sandy, I wanted her all hot and primed for you. You weren’t the only one getting some wild action on the side, baby. I figured it was only fair to share Linda with you, since your girlfriend — excuse me, your ex-girlfriend was so generous with me.”

“Did you have to bring her along?” Sandy asked coldly.

“Why not?” Al retorted, taking off his pants and shorts. His prick, unused for three whole days, quivered massively, a crimson pole with a giant wad of jism on the crown. “Hell, we may as well all be one happy family. I was fucking Linda while you were fucking Ellen, so we all may as well get to know each other, right?”

“Jesus H. Christ!” wailed Linda from the bed. “Will somebody fuck me and stop yapping? I’m going crazy here!”

“I will,” Ellen said eagerly, already beginning to strip. The sight of Linda’s golden sweating flesh, her trembling hot ass and pink juicy cunt, triggered a wild hunger in the dark haired girl. Sandy was the only woman she’d ever had sex with, and Ellen was so excited she could barely undress.

“The hell you will!” retorted Sandy.

“I say she will,” Al said in a suddenly icy voice which immediately settled the matter. “I want you two to make up right now, you hear? Goddammit, I’ve got three sexy, beautiful women here and I won’t have any squabbling. Not in my house! Kiss and make up, right now.”

Seething with shock and anger, Sandy nevertheless obeyed her husband. She went over to Ellen and gave her a grudging kiss. But the feel of her ex-girlfriend’s soft, panting tits and her sweet mouth fired a flood of lewd memories in her mind. The kiss quickly became a French, their tongues swirling and fingers caressing each other’s hips and asses.

Aside from the few moments when he’d watched his wife fucking Linda, this was the first time Al had ever seen Sandy in action with a girl. His prick swelled hotter and stiffer as he watched the two naked women lustfully embrace. Al felt as if he were running amok in a whorehouse, like a kid in a candy store, unable to make up his mind which piece of candy he wanted.

“You’d better take care of Linda,” Sandy told Ellen in a husky whisper, squeezing her tit lewdly. “Watch out for that red button on bottom — it’s killer!”

While the blonde moaned and wriggled frantically on the soaked mattress, Ellen quickly strapped on the harness. She felt wildly excited, not only because Linda was so luscious and sexy and helplessly tied down, but because she was going to do the fucking for a change. Ellen remembered how lovingly, yet savagely, Sandy had fucked her. She remembered the lessons well and was about to pass them on.

Sandy gripped Al’s throbbing cock in her fist and slowly jerked, both of them watching Ellen mount Linda. The slender girl began to fuck the feverish blonde with slow, passionate wiggles of her ass, playing with Linda’s naked ripe tits.

“I thought I’d die when I saw you and Ellen in the doorway,” Sandy told Al. “Oh, darling, I’m so glad you’re not disgusted or angry with me! I can’t help it, I just love having sex with girls!”

“Can’t say I blame you there,” Al told her, his eyes never leaving the spectacle of Ellen fucking the mammoth cock in his sister’s shuddering cunt. “But from now on we play by the rules. My rules.”

“Of course,” Sandy quickly agreed. “We share everything, right?”

“Right. You had Ellen and I had Linda, so we’re even. Now we’ve got ’em both. Let’s not waste time!”

Al suddenly strode over to the bed. In her current delirious state, Linda would give a terrifically hot blowjob. He sat at the head of the bed, guiding his long crimson hard-on into his sister’s eager wet mouth. Moaning furiously, Linda began sucking his huge cock, gagging in her greed. She was frustrated, though, because she couldn’t use her hands on his prick. That didn’t interfere with the lusty action of her boiling lips and tongue, however.

As his kid sister whipped her juicy mouth on his prick, Al watched in fascination.

Ellen fucked the dildo faster inside Linda’s shuddering pussy. The contrast of Ellen’s slender, pale flesh rubbing sensuously against the blonde’s golden, tawny curves excited Al deeply. Ellen reached down and pressed the red button. Reacting at once, Linda trembled convulsively and sucked so fiercely at Al’s hard-on that he groaned out loud. Wild tingles raced through his cock and balls, and he fucked his sister’s mouth in rapid jerks, which in turn fired her excitement hotter.

Watching her former girl friend lewdly fuck her sister-in-law left Sandy in a frenzy of heat herself. Quickly, she picked up a knotted silk scarf. She backed it up and crouched between both girls spread legs. Sandy inserted the scarf inside Linda’s tiny asshole, lighting the blonde’s urgent wriggles of resistance. This was hardly the moment to explain why she was jamming the scarf up her asshole, but Linda would find out soon enough. Sandy left a three-inch tail jutting out from Linda’s ass.

The wadded scarf created an intense pressure in the blonde’s loins, which caused her to flex her cunt-muscles. This, in turn, created a frantic excitement in her pussy, enhancing the wild pleasure she already felt.

But at the proper moment, when the scarf was jerked out, Linda would get her rocks off with blistering fury.

With that task finished, Sandy knelt between the girls thighs, crouching down with her face close to Ellen’s soft ass. The brunette was fiercely hot but the only thing available was her ex-girlfriend’s pussy. And because of the awkward positioning, Sandy couldn’t eat her. She could tease Ellen’s juicy ass, though, and Sandy could also manage to slip two fingers into the girl’s tight cunt, which she did quickly.

Feeling Sandy’s burning lips on her asshole and her lusty, fingers up her hot slit, Ellen fucked the vibrating cock faster in Linda’s thrilled pussy. This was the first time Ellen had ever had a chance to get on top, and she worked her advantage to the hilt. Ellen started coming in a hot spray of cunt-juice over Sandy’s fucking fingers, biting Linda’s shoulder savagely as the blonde beneath her wriggled in wild ecstasy.

The bedroom became an eerie symphony of lust between the four of them. Al fucked his sister’s mouth obscenely with his fucking hard-on while Linda came in mad shudders of bliss, nearly passing out with delight every time Ellen pressed the red button the dildo to shoot an electrifying climax through the blonde’s torrid cunt. Sandy, meanwhile, kept sucking on Ellen’s delicate asshole, finger-fucking the dark-haired girl with rapid strokes of her fingers.

Al started to come in his sister’s mouth with deep groans, his gaze never leaving the three naked women thrashing and moaning on the bed beneath him. It was a sea of tits and asses, enough pussy at his fingertips to keep him busy for a week!

Shooting great torrents of jism in his sister’s mouth, Al watched Ellen fuck Linda, while his feverishly sexy wife hugged her face to Ellen’s creamy hot ass. His wife, his kid sister, and his wife’s eager young sex-slave, all locked in furious lust, all quick to do his bidding.

A man would have to be blind not to see the possibilities here. Each of the women was so wantonly turned on to this lusty brand of sex, they would have no trouble finding more girls. Al realized it was practically a ticket to pussy paradise!

As Linda churned her boiling mouth on his bursting cock, Al shot the last of his thick wad of jism into her throat. He wasn’t surprised that Linda loved this kind of obscene action, loved getting fucked by sexy women. She was a nympho all the way down to her luscious cunt, and she would leap on anything that excited and then satisfied her. Al felt a twinge of pity for Linda’s husband, Jim. He even began to feel like a hog with three naked, frantically hot women, while his buddy Jim didn’t even have his own wife.

When Linda had sucked the last thick drop of come from his long prick, Al slipped his cock out of her mouth and climbed off the bed. He took a cigarette break, watching the three lust-inspired women heave on the mattress. The tail of the bright red scarf jutted out of Linda’s asshole like a bobbing flag. How many other weird tricks did his hot wife know?

A minute later when Linda screamed that she was coming again, her ass quivering in a frenzy, Sandy suddenly jerked, out the scarf. The blonde’s sweating body rose off the mattress as if it were levitating for a few breathtaking moments. Her lips moved in a soundless scream. The wildest orgasm of her life raced through her silky flesh. The ripping sensation in her ass exploded just as Ellen pressed the red button on the dildo down and the result was devastating. Trembling, furiously, Linda sprayed the mattress with a tiny flood of cunt honey as a white-hot spasm tore through her loins.

Ellen’s hot pussy came at the same time, pumping madly on Sandy’s fucking fingers, her asshole feeling deliciously erotic from the brunette’s long wet tongue churning deep inside.

“Okay, that’s it!” Al called sharply.

He didn’t want his sexy sister in a padded cell! Obeying, Sandy got off the bed, followed by Ellen.

“Untie her,” Al told Sandy.

Sandy untied the moaning, twitching blonde, and Linda curled up in a ball on the mattress, tenderly rubbing her chafed wrists. The three women sprawled on the bed, panting and purring with contentment. Al suddenly realized how easily he controlled them, like a lion-tamer with a cage full of hot, sleek pussies. He liked the feeling, especially when he realized they were waiting for further orders! Well, why not? He was the only man here. And if he wasn’t here, Sandy would take control, like a chain of obscene command.

Al glanced at the black whip on the floor beside the bed. He thought that his lust-crazed wife might be able to use a taste of her own medicine. He ordered Ellen and Linda off the bed and told Sandy to get in position for binding. Her lustrous eyes shone with panic.

“Hey, not me!” she said quickly. “That’s not how I get my kicks.”

“It is now,” Al said grimly. “You’ve been dishing it out long enough. Tie her down, Ellen.”

Two minutes later, the trembling brunette was securely bound on her belly, spread-eagled. Her naked creamy ass twitched with fear. Ellen had already unstrapped the dildo and put it aside. But seeing the beautiful woman who’d spanked and whipped and teased and tormented and viciously fucked her for so long now helplessly tied down before her, Ellen felt a sudden streak of vengeance race through her blood. The girl didn’t wait for the next order. She picked up the whip, her eyes blazing.

“Now wait, Ellen!” cried Sandy, struggling at the cords. “Don’t — aaaaagh! Ooooooooo! Eeeeeeeeee!”

The student nurse began whipping Sandy’s naked, burning ass with a rage that startled everyone. Ellen’s petite tits panted furiously as she stung the lashes again and again over Sandy’s gorgeous hot ass, turning it into a deep, glowing crimson, a mass of sexy, quivering fire.

Sandy cried helplessly, but she was also getting extremely hot from the brutal whipping. It was the first time the tables had ever been turned on her, and she knew that if it happened repeatedly, she would learn to crave it like Ellen had. At last the dark-haired girl tossed the whip aside, gasping for breath, feeling much better.

But before Ellen could go through the ritual of soothing the brunette’s flaming ass-cheeks, kissing and licking them to cool the fire, Linda suddenly grabbed the panting girl in a passionate embrace.

The blonde rubbed her hot tits lewdly against Ellen’s smaller ones, Frenching her lustily on the mouth. Linda was terrifically turned on by the slender girl. The blonde nympho had a sudden violent urge to eat her pussy. She clung to the moaning girl as she eased her down onto the floor beside the bed.

Al watched with soaring excitement as his moaning kid sister inched down, sucking on Ellen’s delicate tits with lusty greed. Linda showered kisses on Ellen’s soft belly then her creamy inner thighs. Sobbing, Ellen wrapped her legs around the blonde’s head, wriggling her ass with intense excitement.

“Eat me, Linda, suck my pussy! God, you’re sexy! Ooooo, yes, oh, Linda, your wild mouth! Ooooooo!”

The tawny blonde took to cunt-sucking with ferocious delight, burrowing her mouth in a frenzy to Ellen’s juicy hot cunt, lapping up her honey with wild moans of passion.

“My face!” gasped Ellen. “Sit on my face, Linda!”

Without missing a stroke of her feverish tongue, the sweating blonde shifted her body around in reverse, placing a knee on each side of Ellen’s ribs. The younger girl clutched Linda’s plump ass in her fingers and tugged down urgently. Ellen quickly discovered that blondes were more fun. There was a delicious taste to Linda’s boiling cunt that was completely different from Sandy’s, a luscious flavor that drove Ellen wild with hunger.

From the bed, Sandy craned her neck so she could see the torrid sixty-nine on tile floor. She suddenly felt a flash of jealousy. That was her girlfriend! Ellen never looked sexier or more exciting now that she was eagerly sucking another girl’s cunt, especially a wanton blonde like Al’s sister.

Locked in feverish sixty-nine, the two girls thrashed and rocked as they lapped at each other’s searing pussy, flicked their tongues up each other’s searing pussy, fucked their tongues up each other’s boiling assholes. Sandy was madly aroused, trying to come by rubbing her aching cunt against the soaked mattress as she watched. Maybe she ought to keep Ellen after all. She and Al couldn’t share Linda every night because she was married. But Ellen could come home with Sandy every night, to sleep between the brunette and her husband.

But she’d scorned the student nurse, and now she would have to win her all over again. It also occurred to Sandy that Ellen was no longer her faithful sex-slave. The girl would want to be on top from now on, teasing and spanking Sandy, reversing their roles. Sandy knew this with a certainty from the way Ellen had savagely whipped her.

Maybe, Sandy thought, her tits panting with deep excitement, maybe I’d like being someone else’s sex-slave for a little while. After all, Ellen was a very sexy girl.

The whipping had made Sandy so furiously aroused that she knew she would learn to love the other role. For a while anyway.

“Hi,” Sandy called to her husband. “Fuck me, darling! Hurry, I’m going crazy for it!”

Without even taking his eyes off the lusty spectacle on the floor, Al waved his hand disdainfully at her. His gaze was on Ellen’s trembling white ass, wriggling with ecstasy as Linda snaked her tongue up her crack. Another huge hard-on quivered out from his crotch, jism dripping from his prick-knob. He hadn’t fucked for three days, until his kid sister had just sucked him off, and he was good for the whole night without sleep. It would be a grind at work tomorrow, but he could catch up on sleep tomorrow night, while Sandy worked.

But Al didn’t want Ellen’s cute ass. He wanted her hot young pussy, which was still fresh and exciting to him. What the hell, he’d had Sandy’s luscious cunt for two years, and Linda’s tight pussy for four years, but he’d only fucked the dark-haired girl in her juicy pussy once.

Al waited patiently as the two moaning, lustfully heaving girls on the floor finished their wild bout of sixty-nine. On the bed, Sandy moaned with helpless fury and frustration, wrenching at her bonds. The only consolation the feverish brunette had was, that she knew the longer she had to wait, the hotter her release.

Ellen finally pushed Linda away, her sleek thighs shiny with her cunt-juice. But Al’s panting sister was far from sated. The blonde was quickly strapping on the immense dildo, which triggered a frenzy of eagerness in Sandy. The brunette urged Linda to hurry, squirming her ass lewdly in urgent invitation.

If Sandy could have guessed what was coming, she wouldn’t have been so eager.

Linda’s tawny body was coveted with sweat, which made her tits and ripe ass shine with sexy gloss. She mounted Sandy and slid the long dildo in her pulsing cunt. She began fucking Al’s wife to a slow, teasing tempo, biting her shoulders and neck like a hissing cat. Sandy’s first wild orgasm tore through her loins like wildfire, and she urged Linda on with sharp cries.

That was Sandy’s mistake.

Carried away by the lusty sensations of raping a naked, beautiful, helplessly bound woman, Linda swung her ass faster and harder, beginning to fuck Sandy’s fiery cunt with savage power. She remembered the red button, how it had gotten her rocks off violently. Linda pressed it, feeling Sandy’s velvety flesh quiver madly beneath her. Excited by Sandy’s hot, lush ass wriggling against her belly, Linda kept the button down. For almost a full minute.

Raving and hissing and jerking fiercely at her bonds, the helpless brunette could only shake her head and gasp. The feverish orgasm that ripped through her boiling pussy became pure, breathless torture, so intense and shattering that it was beyond anything Sandy had ever felt before.

From that moment on, Sandy couldn’t get enough sex. In fact, it became necessary to keep her tied down all that night, mainly to protect Ellen and Linda from her uncontrollable lust.

While Al’s sister relentlessly fucked and thrilled his wife, Al got on top of Ellen on the carpet. Moaning eagerly, the slender girl clutched his hot prick at the base and guided his throbbing cock-meat deep inside her cunt. The sudden change from Linda’s wanton, frenzied mouth sucking her off to Al’s huge hard-on fucking deep in her sucking pussy immediately proved to Ellen the advantages of being a switch-hitter. She had the best of both sexes in rapid succession.

The second time Al fucked Ellen was even better than the first. The girl had great potential, he realized, and he could quickly understand why his wife had spent a year sucking and fucking the student nurse. She swung her slender, sexy body in perfect rhythm to his, working her boiling cunt with sensuous passion on his long cock, rubbing his hard ass and biting his lips with frantic joy.

Al kept up the lustful pace for thirty minutes before her silken cunt whipped furiously on his prick to drain his thick torrent of jism.

On the bed, Linda was still fucking Sandy, still making the feverish brunette come in convulsions of raw excitement.

All that night, the four of them switched partners, Ellen whipping and teasing and spanking and fucking Sandy again, Linda so hot that she begged Al to fuck her silken ass, Ellen and Linda once more thrashing on the carpet in ravenous sixty-nine, while Al generously fucked his own insatiable wife.

It was noon before Linda got back to her house the next day. The change in Sandy’s and Ellen’s relationship became very obvious before the student nurse left for her own apartment. It was Sandy who made fervent promises to Ellen, Sandy who pleaded with the slender girl to come back that night so she could sleep between her and Al in their bed.

Linda had already extracted a promise from Ellen to fuck her husband, Jim. The blonde knew that if she could start providing her husband with girls, she would be gaining her own freedom, yet still have Jim supporting her. Linda knew damn well which side her pussy was buttered on!

At work that day, Al was almost exhausted but in a great mood. He’d catch up on sleep that evening, to be awakened by two sexy-hot women around midnight. Each of those women represented more pussy, too, since they would be on the prowl for the other hot girls they could swing over.

On the surface, life went on in Shoreline as it always had. The sun rose over the peaceful town, people went to work, wives went shopping, children played, men came home, made love and slept, secure in the decency of their quiet, respectable lives.

On the surface, that is.

Beneath that surface, men fucked their sisters. Passionate wives spanked, whipped and raped eager, sexy girls. Respectable neighbors swapped partners, and all of them played one kind of bizarre game or other.

This sunny beach town was no different, really, than any other clean-cut, wholesome American town.

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