The Family’s Wild Ways

“Mmmmm, look at you,” Mitzi Morgan lovingly sighed. “Just look at you. You have such beautiful, blonde curly hair. And underneath that you’re so pink.”

Mitzi was holding a mirror between her spread legs. She was speaking directly to her own cunt.

“Yes,” she murmured. “And soooo juicy!” She rubbed her pussy, listening to it squish aloud. Spasms of pleasure rippled through her loins.

“There are plenty of boys who’d practically kill for a shot at you,” Mitzi boasted on her cunt’s behalf. “But you’re just gonna have to be patient until the right guy comes along. I’ll know who he is when it happens. Until then, though, you’re just gonna have to be satisfied with me, myself and I.”

Mitzi probed between her pussy lips into her moist gash. She began rhythmically fingerfucking herself.

“Ooooh, maybe Mr. Right hasn’t shown up yet to stick his big, hard click in you,” she teased. “But you don’t seem to be complaining, now do you?”

Mitzi was well practiced at playing with herself, spending some special time alone with just her cunt at least twice a week. Sometimes her fingerfucking would be slow and tantalizing, as she gradually worked up to a single shuddering climax. Then, on other occasions, she would almost attack the sweet spot between her legs, seeing how many times she could come before she was orgasmically exhausted.

Tonight she was taking the second approach. She was so horny. One finger fucking her cunt wasn’t enough. She added another and another, until her pussy had stretched to take her entire hand to the wrist. Then, her knuckles curling within the yielding tunnel, the fingerfuck had become a fist fuck.

“God, I’ve got so much in my pussy now,” Mitzi swooned. “More than the biggest, hardest cock. Here I cummmmm!”

Mitzi climaxed with a buck of her hips that forced her fist even deeper into her cunt. Her hot, sticky cum leaked down her wrist, along her forearm, all the way to her elbow where it dripped like liquid velvet.

“Ahhh, more, more!” she excitedly urged herself on.

Punching to the depths of her pussy, Mitzi came again. Her personal record was four orgasms during one of these sessions, but she looked forward to breaking it the way she was cooking tonight. However, Mitzi would soon discover, this particular evening would turn out to be memorable for something far more important than simply an extra cum…

Ned Morgan had been so sure he’d finally get laid tonight. The girl he’d asked out definitely had the kind of reputation that made him think he could get into her pants. After all, several of his friends claimed they’d scored with her, so why not him?

It hadn’t turned out that way, though. What made it even worse was that in the beginning she’d had Ned thinking he couldn’t miss. She’d let him kiss her, then even feel her up through her clothes. But when Ned tried getting his hands on some bare flesh she’d stopped him cold.

“And just what makes you think I’m that kind of girl?” she had asked in a huff.

“Word gets around,” Ned had awkwardly answered.

“Well, tell that mangy crowd in the locker room about this!”

Then his date had hauled off and slapped Ned across the face. He was still stunned from the blow when she jumped out of his car and stomped off into the night. But what really hurt the most occurred about an hour later when Ned was aimlessly driving around to try and work off his frustration. There the bitch was at a stoplight in a car with another guy, practically sitting on top of him. She flipped Ned the finger.

What it was that he was doing so wrong, Ned had no idea. Maybe, he thought, what he needed was a female point of view to help him understand why he kept striking out with chicks. Somebody he could just talk to honestly, without having the monkey on his back of trying to put the make on her. And one girl definitely seemed to fill the bill.

“Sis,” Ned identified her. “If I can only think of how to put it to her in the right way, she ought to be able to tell me how I’m messing up.”

So Ned headed for home. It wasn’t that late, meaning that his sister ought to still be awake. Since their parents, Ned recalled, were off playing their weekly bridge game, the house would be free of adults.

Once Ned arrived, though, his sister didn’t seem to be available after all. She wasn’t watching TV and the house was otherwise silent. But then, when Ned looked down the hallway, although the door to her room was closed, he saw a crack of light from beneath it. But, of course, she might have fallen asleep with the lamp on.

In the silence, Ned went down the hall and put his ear to the door to find out if she was stirring. At first there was still no sound. But then Ned picked up something which resembled heavy breathing. And then it was accompanied by the apparent squeaking of bedsprings. But whether his sister was actually awake or just tossing and turning in her sleep, Ned couldn’t be sure.

Should he knock? Ned raised his knuckles, deciding to give it a try. But he stopped short when he overheard his sister moan out loud.

“Sis must be having a bad dream,” he reasoned. “Probably best to let her go through it on her own. I can talk to her some other time.”

Ned was getting ready to walk away, when his sister moaned again. Only this time she was saying something.

“Ahhhh, more, more!”

“Jeez, what’s going on in there with Sis?” Ned wondered in a whisper.

And next he overheard her rasp. “Oh, I know I can come again. Come again and keep on coming. Come more times than I ever have before in the same night.”

The bedsprings squeaked more loudly, the moans got hoarser and louder. As he eavesdropped, Ned jumped to a logical conclusion.

“Sounds like Sis isn’t alone in there,” he noted under his own quickening breath, fascinated by his apparent discovery. “Damn, if it doesn’t sound exactly like she’s in there with somebody… a guy… getting fucked.”

Ned couldn’t remember ever getting a hardon because of his sister before, but he had one now. The idea of spying on her while she had a cuntful of cock was irresistible. And the door was unlocked when Ned tried the knob, so he carefully opened and nudged it ajar to see what he could of his sister in action.

There was no guy in bed with her at all, though. She was doing it to herself, nakedly squirming with her legs spread and her entire hand inside her own pussy, coming from a fist fuck and punching herself toward her next climax after this one.

Ned knew he should mind his own business and leave her alone. How would he feel if she were to spy on him while he was jacking off? However, his better judgment did not win out.

Not only did Ned remain, now he found himself inching the door open wider. What did he expect would happen if he didn’t stop himself? He didn’t know, but whatever the result he sensed that he was already past a point of no return.

Mitzi had just come for the third time since she’d started fist fucking herself. A couple more orgasms and she’d break her own record. And maybe the middle finger of her free hand would help, if she stuck it up her asshole at the same time she worked on her pussy.

Following her own suggestion, she probed her tightest opening.

“Oh, that feels so good down there. Sometimes I think I like it up the butt almost as much as I do in my cunt.”

She added a second finger in her asshole to go along with her cuntful of fist. That did it. She was coming again, harder than ever this time, blinded by orgasmic lust as she closed her eyes to ride out the crest of sheer pleasure.

This was the mightiest climax yet for Mitzi, as her naked body thrashed on the squeaking bed. Maybe, she decided when it had run its course, she needed a rest before she went for the record-breaker.

With her eyes still, closed, she temporarily relieved the pressure on her cunt by removing her fist from it for now. Then she licked her sticky hand, savoring the flavor of her own cum. After that, she sucked the tangy fingers that had been in her asshole.

“Now where’s my mirror?” she then asked herself. “Got to see what I’ve done to my pussy and butt before I start in on them some more.”

Reopening her eyes, Mitzi blinked to focus while glancing around in search of the mirror. But where her gaze landed instead made her abruptly forget about more pleasure, as stark panic overwhelmed her.

“No… can’t be!” she gasped. “I can’t deal with this!”

There was no escaping the stunning reality of the situation, though. Her door was wide open. Andy there, between it and Mitzi, stood…


After she’d croaked his name, Mitzi was at a complete loss for words. Then it was his turn to speak.

“Know I don’t have any business in here, Sis,” her brother self-consciously muttered. “But, damn, just couldn’t help myself when I found out what you were doing. Be honest with you, Sis. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” That Ned was genuinely turned on was obvious. The telltale bulge at the crotch of his tight jeans left nothing to the imagination. And at this point, Mitzi stared straight at it.

“That’s right, Sis,” Ned sheepishly admitted, “my cock is plenty hard for you. Dunno exactly what I oughta do about it. All I know is that you’ve got me horny as hell. Just wish you were anybody except my own sister.”

Mitzi swallowed a mouthful of air, probably the first breath she’d taken since her brother had appeared on the scene.

“Show me,” she said shakily to her brother. “Show me.”

“Huh?” Ned nervously gulped.

“Show me how hard your cock is for me,” Mitzi told him, and suddenly her voice was eerily calm.

“Y-you’re kidding, aren’t you, Sis?” choked Ned, unprepared for Mitzi’s bold request.

“Guess I’ll just have to look for myself,” Mitzi impatiently snapped.

She was immediately off the bed. She backed Ned against the wall, then knelt before him.

He looked away as she unzipped his swollen fly. But he couldn’t avoid what followed — the feel of her groping hand inside his pants. And then she’d grabbed what she was after, her slender fingers wrapping around the thick shaft of his rigid prick.

She pulled his cock out into the open. Ned could feel her warm breath on his exposed hardon as she closely inspected how he was hung.

“Oh,” Mitzi sighed, “you’re sooo big! Such a big cock!”

Then she fished out her brother’s balls as well. “And these are so fat,” she sighed. “Such fat balls to go with such a big, hard cock. Bet that adds up to plenty of cum when you shoot it for some lucky girl.”

Ned hemmed and hawed. The fact was that so far there had been no lucky girl. He’d been doing his damnedest to score with somebody, anybody, but all he had to show for it was the last thing he wanted — his cherry.

“Do they suck your cock?” Mitzi then asked. “Do they usually, suck you off first?”

“Yeah,” Ned breathlessly lied, unable to admit the truth about his stubborn virginity, “all the time.”

“Mmmm, I can see why,” Mitzi said, then licked her lips in the universal sign of hunger.

“H-have you sucked very many cocks, Sis?” Ned stammered, trying to draw his sister out about her sex life after lying about his own.

But Mitzi told the truth.

“How many cocks have I sucked?” she smirked. “Not a one. Just been waiting for the right boy.”

“Just keep looking, Sis,” Ned mumbled. “You’ll find him sooner or later.”

“I already have,” Mitzi stated. “Right here in front of me. Right here in the same house, just waiting for me to figure it out the whole time we’ve been growing up.”

Her tongue flicked out, licking the throbbing knob which capped her brother’s jutting boner.

“God, Sis!” Ned winced. “Do you know what you’re saying… what you’re doing?”

“You were the one who started it when you walked in on me,” Mitzi pointed out. “Now I’m going to finish it.”

His heart stopping, Ned looked down. He saw his sister take half of his cock in her mouth. Then his pulse kicked back in with a thudding drumroll as Mitzi’s slurping suction took hold.

“Sis, you keep this up,” Ned soon warned, “and I’m not gonna be able to help myself. Know what that means, don’t you?”

“Yum, I hope so,” Mitzi gurgled with a mouthful of meat. “And the quicker, the better.”

She sucked cock harder and deeper. Plus, she began squeezing her brother’s balls. Ned was left with no choice, having to yield to the rising tide between his legs.

“What else can I do?” he helplessly gasped. Ned’s crotch bucked, thrusting his prick all the way down Mitzi’s deep throat. Then it erupted with a creamy torrent of scalding jism. “God,” Ned groaned, “I’m coming… coming so hard!”

And, although this was her first blowjob, Mitzi was gulping down his cum as fast as his prick gushed. Indeed, even after her brother’s climax had slowed to a dribble she was still sucking, nursing on Ned’s cockhead as if it were an oversized nipple. In the process, her oral friction kept him as hard as ever.

Finally, it was up to Ned to end it. He pushed Mitzi’s face away from his crotch, believing he’d now gathered the courage to put a stop to this between him and her before it became even more serious.

“Enough’s enough, Sis!” he insisted. “This is as far as it goes between us… gotta be.”

“Doesn’t look like it’s gotta be over to me,” Mitzi teased, staring at how stiff her brother’s cock remained. “Looks like to me like you’re ready for even more than just a blowjob. Know I am.”

“Sis, forget I’m still hard,” Ned said. “In fact, forget I ever was in here tonight. Forget everything except that you ‘n’ me, like this, is dead wrong. We’d never get away with it.”

“No, you’ve got it wrong,” Mitzi countered. “What you’re not getting away from is yours truly. Somebody has to take my cherry, and you’re elected.”

“Tell that to your cock and my pussy.”

Mitzi returned to the bed. She spread herself out like a centerfold come to life, slipping a pillow under her ass so her crotch flexed. With her knees raised and thighs apart, her cunt yawned in invitation. Ned could even smell its natural perfume.

“Fuck me! You’re the only boy I want to take my cherry!”

Ned was only human. He was all but hypnotized by Mitzi’s cunt, the first one that had ever been offered to him. Regardless of the consequences, he wasn’t going anywhere but straight to the bed and his spread-legged sister.

“All right, Sis, you win,” he panted. “Just one thing, though, before I fuck you. Something that might change your mind.”

“Oh, you mean that you’re just as cherry as I am?”

“H-how’d you know?” gulped Ned, reeling from his sister’s latest bombshell.

“Just an educated guess,” Mitzi chuckled. “The way you were acting tipped me off, along with that. I’ve never heard any nasty gossip about you at school. Girls brag in the locker room, too, you know. And word about a cock like yours would’ve gotten around if anybody’d tried it on for size.”

“Not because I didn’t try,” Ned self-consciously admitted. “They all think I’m some kinda wimp or something.”

“That’s their problem,” Mitzi chirped. “And my lucky break ’cause now I get to give you your first piece of ass. That’s as special as losing my own cherry.”

Then she fingered her pussy lips apart even farther, excess honey oozing from her inner pink pussy and trickling into the crack of her ass.

“So what’re we waiting for?” she purred. “Fuck me, Ned, and I’ll fuck you. Let’s make our cherries ancient history.”

Mitzi had done and said all the right things to seduce her brother. Ned was ready to take the plunge, kneeling before her on the bed with his pants all the way off and his prick anxiously aimed at her waiting cunt.

He was so cute, Mitzi thought, the way he closed his eyes and bit his lip just before the moment of truth, like a little boy on the brink of something scary.

“Well?” she coaxed when he hesitated at the last second.

Ned braced himself with one last deep breath, then let it out with a whoosh as his hard-on lurched into its juicy target.

Mitzi pushed back. The result was an immediate cuntful of cock. When Mitzi wrapped her legs around Ned to begin rocking him in the cradle of her thighs so the friction grabbed hold, brother and sister were officially fucking.

Now Ned reopened his eyes, face to face with Mitzi while his prick probed her pussy. There was a rosy glow to her cheeks as she dreamily smiled.

“God, Sis, you look like an angel!”

“Suppose that’s ’cause,” she crooned, “your cock in my cunt makes me feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“But isn’t it supposed to hurt when a girl loses her cherry?” Ned asked.

“Haven’t felt that part of it yet,” Mitzi said. “You probably haven’t fucked me deep enough so far to pop me.”

“So what do you want me to do then, Sis?”

“What else, silly? Go for it!” urged Mitzi. Then she unlocked her legs from around her brother and bent them all the way back over her head. This raised her ass so Ned’s prick now angled straight into her cunt. At present he was fucking her with about half of his ten-plus inches.

“Yes, go for it!” Mitzi repeated. “Give me every bit of your big prick as deep as you can in my cunt and pop my cherry for once and for all.”

Ned was wary. “Gee, Sis, I dunno. Don’t wanna hurt you if I can help it.”

“When you fuck a virgin, it comes with the territory,” Mitzi said, her voice rising with anticipation. “So the sooner, the better. That means rip me, Ned, rip me! Thick my pussy into a bloody mess! Never forgive you if you don’t!”

“Okay, Sis, it’s your pussy!”

He drew back to get momentum. Then once again he’d boyishly closed his eyes and bitten his lip. But it was like a macho stud that he next drilled to the absolute depths of his sister’s virginal cunt with a powerful cock-thrust.

“Owwwww! Didn’t know it’d hurt this much!” Mitzi shrieked upon impact.

Sure he’d gone too far, a concerned Ned offered to let up.

“Don’t you dare!” Mitzi cried back. “What I meant was that I didn’t know it’d hurt soooo goooooood!”

When she’d cried out in pain, Ned had automatically pulled his cock partially out of her cunt. Now Mitzi pushed up from the bed and forced his cock all the way back in.

“Ooooooh!” she whimpered with joy. “Feel me bleed?”

“Then it’s popped?” Ned anxiously asked. “Your cherry’s popped, Sis?”

“Ram me again just to make sure!”

Ned withdrew halfway and set his hips again. When he looked down, his sister’s cunt bubbled with liquid red and the exposed part of his cock’s shaft was smeared with the same. Then, when he took another hilting plunge, the blood splattered all over the crush of his and Mitzi’s bare loins.

“Yes, that’s it! My cherry’s finally gone!” Mitzi sang out. “God, thank you, Ned, thanks so fucking much! Thanks for finally turning me into a real woman!”

She climaxed on the spot in celebration. And once she had started coming from her first fuck, Mitzi wasn’t about to stop. She took her brother’s hands and put them on her tits to go along with his cock in her bloody cunt.

“Squeeze ’em, Ned! Squeeze my titties as hard as you can!” she panted. “Harder you squeeze my titties, the more it’ll go straight to my fucked pussy and keep me coming.”

Ned’s fingers sank into her spongy tits, certain to leave bruises. Mitzi responded to the welcome pain by grinding her crotch against her brother’s, her bloody cunt wrenching his buried prick.

“Wow, now I can’t stop coming! Couldn’t stop to save my life!” she swooned. “Gonna keep right on coming until I get what I need for the perfect ending to the perfect fuck.”

“What’s that, Sis?”

“My cunt full of your hot, thick jizz, of course!”

“Then you’re not gonna have long to wait, Sis. I’ve been holding back almost from when I first started fucking you,” Ned revealed. “Gotta come so bad I can almost taste it.”

“Then do one last number on my titties and shoot your wad in my cunt!” Mitzi cried.

He pinched her nipples. And, as Mitzi groaned from the exquisite pain, Ned’s prick exploded deep in her pussy. The scorching flood of jizz turned her groaning into a delirious screaming, ecstasy overwhelming her.

“I’m the happiest girl in the world!” she shouted. “No girl’s ever felt more fucked than I do now, thanks to you, Ned! What a stud you are!”

“You could turn any guy into a stud, Sis,” Ned modestly replied, his cock now slowing to a creamy trickle in Mitzi’s swamped pussy. “So I’m the one who ought to do the thanking. Thank God that I’m the one who got to take your cherry.”

“Amen,” Mitzi sighed in heavenly agreement.


“Vic, I’m worried about Mitzi,” Gwen Morgan said to her husband about their daughter.

“Everybody with a teenage girl in the family worries about her,” Vic Morgan casually replied.

“But this is serious,” Gwen insisted. “If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you the evidence.”

Vic shrugged as his wife went to get something. When she returned, Gwen had a sheet wadded in her hands.

“This is from Mitzi’s bed,” she explained. “Well, I didn’t think she was sleeping on the floor,” Vic joked.

“I told you this is serious!” snapped Gwen. “See for yourself!”

Now she held up the sheet in front of her husband. It was spotted with a number of stains.

“So this is what’s such a big deal? That Mitzi’s been snacking in bed.”

“Something a lot more than that,” Gwen said. “Maybe what you ought to do is smell for yourself.”

She handed her husband the soiled sheet. To satisfy her, he took a whiff, then turned slightly pale.

“Familiar?” Gwen asked, pressing for his opinion.

“Now let’s not jump to conclusions. Sure, I’ll admit that’s what it might be. But it could be something else, too. A lot of things must look and smell like that. We ought to give Mitzi the benefit of the doubt.”

“We can’t afford to look the other way about this,” Gwen maintained. “I’d be only too happy to be wrong, but since there’s no way to prove it one way or another, we have to assume the worst. It’s too important not to.”

“All right, suppose I agree with you,” Vic said. “Just what do you suggest we do about this, accuse Mitzi to her face. Even if it’s true, you know she’d deny it — especially if it’s true. And so far, all we’ve got to go on is just a dirty sheet. That’s not enough to prove anything.”

“Okay, coming on too strong might be a mistake,” Gwen admitted. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t draw her out enough to get some idea about what she’s really up to. If she has a boyfriend, for instance. You could find out that much. Then you take it from there, and at least give her some fatherly advice about what happens to girls who aren’t careful with boys. Is that asking so much from you?”

“Me?” Vic said.

“You know as well as I do that Mitzi’s always opened up to you a lot more than she has to me,” Gwen convincingly replied. “Daddy’s daughter and all that.”

“Yeah, guess you’re right,” Vic sighed. “You win, I’ll have a little talk with her. Won’t promise you anything spectacular, but I’ll see what I can find out.”


“Maybe tonight if it looks promising.”

“Good. Ned has a basketball game. So I’ll make myself scarce. Find somewhere to go for a while,” Gwen said. “That way you’ll have Mitzi all to yourself for what needs to be said and done.”

“Thanks a lot,” Vic winced aloud, not looking forward to this at all.

She’d been walking down the hall when she’d noticed their bedroom door was closed. That was unusual for this time of day. And, when she overheard the murmur of their voices, she knew they were definitely in there.

“Gee, you don’t suppose?” Mitzi whispered.

Mitzi couldn’t resist. She put her ear to the door, wondering if she’d caught her parents fucking before dinner.

Sex turned out to be in the air, all right, but it wasn’t between her parents. For Mitzi listened to herself being discussed.

“Damn, how could I be so stupid? Not to do something about that sheet?” Mitzi hissed under her ragged breath when she realized the blunder she’d made. “It has Ned’s cum stains all over it. Should’ve known Mom’d find it when she did the laundry if I just left it there.”

Well, it became clear as she continued to eavesdrop, she’d just have to deal with this the best she could. As long as the folks had no idea who’d really been screwing her, she could lie her way out of it somehow. Especially if her father was going to be the one she’d deal with. She’d always been able to wrap him around her little finger.

“Might as well just get it over with,” she reasoned. “Tonight’s as good a time as any. I’ll think of some kinda story that’ll satisfy Daddy.”

It was after ten. Mitzi was in her room, waiting for her father’s knock. In the meantime she’d settled on the strategy of keeping him so off balance when he did show up that he’d be too uncomfortable to stick around for long. Being alone with him while she wore nothing more than a see-through nightie ought to turn that trick.

Then the expected rapping on the door occurred.

“Who is it?” Mitzi softly called.

“Uh, it’s Daddy. Got a minute, princess? Something I’d like to talk about.”

“Sure, c’mon in.”

Mitzi then stood to greet her father as he entered. The nightie only went down as far as the tawny tops of her thighs, and its fabric was as thin as mist. In short, she was the next thing to being stark naked.

“Uh, maybe I’d better come back when you have something more on,” her father gulped when he saw her.

“Oh, Daddy, don’t be silly,” Mitzi breezily replied. “I don’t have anything to hide from you.”

Then she turned and walked over to her bed, so her father could see her dimpled asscheeks wobble. When she sat down on the edge of the mattress, she patted the space beside her, inviting her father to sit there with her.

Vic Morgan nervously accepted. When he was next to Mitzi, he took a fleeting glance at her tits, then self-consciously turned away.

“Daddy,” she teased, “you can’t talk to me, if you don’t look at me.”

She reached for his chin and coaxed his face back toward her.

“Now what’s this all about?” she asked, looking into his glazed eyes.

Her father lowered his eyes to escape her gaze. But this made it even tougher on him since it meant he was looking at her tits again.

“Y-you’ve just got to put something on,” he finally stammered.

“Why, Daddy, is there something wrong with my body?” Mitzi said with a pout.

“Just the opposite,” Vic Morgan choked. “I’ve never seen a prettier girl.”

“Aw, you’re just saying that ’cause you’re my dad,” Mitzi kittenishly replied. “Every father tells his daughter that she’s the prettiest.”

“Wish,” Vic gulped, “it was that simple.” He was still looking at Mitzi’s tits. Staring now. Indeed, it didn’t seem he could stop unless Mitzi herself did something about it. And she was feeling too devilish at the moment to let him off the hook.

“Gee, Daddy, you mean like if I wasn’t your own daughter,” she quizzed, “you’d wanna do more with me than just, well, talk?”

“I-I’d rather not say,” Vic mumbled.

Now Mitzi looked down, too, but not at her own tits. She looked past them toward her trembling father’s crotch. The bulge there told her everything she needed to know about its owner’s current state of mind.

“Mmmmmm, Daddy, you don’t have to say anything,” she boldly noted. “I can see for myself.”

Her father acted like a scared rabbit caught in the glare of oncoming headlights. He wanted to run, but was frozen in place against his will.

And now Mitzi found herself primed for a seduction. It wasn’t what she’d intended when she’d greeted her father at the door in her skimpy nightie — but, then again, what had happened with her brother hadn’t been a part of any set plan either. Sometimes a girl did best for herself when she just went with the flow, with Mitzi deciding that this definitely seemed another such occasion.

“Relax, Daddy, relax,” she cooed. “I understand. You’re not the only one who’s turned on when they’re not supposed to be. Just feel for yourself how much you’ve got company.”

Mitzi took her father’s hand and put it between her legs, flush with her pussy. The leaking juice immediately had his fingers sticky.

“Now it’s my turn to feel you,” she said.

Mitzi rubbed her father’s swollen crotch. His cock stirred inside his pants like an angry snake, straining to get out.

“Mmmmm, just feeling’s not enough anymore,” Mitzi steamily purred. “I’m starting to think that suckings a lot more like it.”

She opened her father’s pants and pulled them down around his hips with his shorts. His rigid prick sprang into the open. It was at least ten inches long and as thick as some people’s wrists, with a head the size of a small fist. Already the latter was drooling from its blunt tip with pre-cum.

“Oh, if I’d known you were hung like this, Daddy, this might’ve happened a long time ago!”

Then she leaned down with her father’s cock jutting in her face, her tongue flicking to lap the liquid pearl of pre-cum from the meaty tip.

“Delicious,” she said of the creamy sample. “I could do with a whole lot more of that sweet stuff. And we both know the best way for me to get a whole mouthful, don’t we, Daddy?”

Her mouth closed over her father’s chunky cockhead. She gave it a slurping tug. Her father shuddered with a combination of guilt and pleasure, then gave in to the latter and nudged more of his excited prick into Mitzi’s oral grasp. Then, suddenly, it was Mitzi who pulled away before the blowjob had gone past the point of no return.

“God,” Vic Morgan rasped as if he’d just snapped out of a trance, “I’m glad one of us just came to their senses. Hate to admit this, baby, but I was so far gone that I was ready to go through with it. Let you… well, you know. Thank God it’s over before it started. Don’t know what came over me.”

“Now that you mention it, Daddy, you were being kinda selfish,” Mitzi slyly said. “Just sitting there while you let me give you a blowjob.”

Vic Morgan was only too ready to agree that his actions had been worthy of scorn. His daughter had something else in mind, though.

“Yes, just sitting there doing nothing,” a smoldering Mitzi continued, “when you could be eating my pussy at the same time I suck your cock.”

“Oh, Jesus!” Vic whispered in a hush, realizing he was more on the spot than ever.

Mitzi playfully pushed her father down, so he was on his back across the width of the bed. Then she straddled him so she faced his crotch, while her own crotch was directly above his face. Looking up, Vic Morgan stared at close range into the pink jaws of his daughter’s horny cunt.

“You do know how a sixty-nine works, don’t you, Daddy?” Mitzi teased.

Vic soberly nodded in response to his daughter’s playful question, anticipating the seriousness of what was bound to happen next.

“Then since I’m on top, I’d better get us started,” Mitzi predictably said.

She sat on her father’s face, her pussy flush with his mouth. At the same time she deep throated his big cock with a single swoop at the other end of the action.

Vic Morgan’s tongue and prick took over for him from there. He orally fucked his daughter’s cunt with the one and her mouth with all ten inches of the other. Mitzi soon responded by coming in his face, the orgasmic pussy juice he didn’t swallow dribbling down Vic’s chin. And, meanwhile, Vic’s own climax-to-be was rapidly brewing in his churning balls. The jizz which had originally given his daughter life would soon be gushing down her throat.

“Arrgghh, can’t hold it back anymore!” Vic soon groaned into the nest of Mitzi’s cunt.

“Then shoot it, Daddy, shoot it!” Mitzi urged with a mouthful of prick.

Vic’s hips jerked, his balls flexed in their taut sac, and his jizz gushed. Mitzi greedily drank it as fast as it spurted, while continuing to feed her dad some more of her own female cum from her cunt.

Father and daughter feasted on just about every orgasmic drop the other had to come. And when the completed sixty-nine had finally unraveled, it was less for Vic and Mitzi to get some air than to decide the form their incest would take next.

“Well, of course, you’re gonna fuck me, Daddy,” Mitzi matter-of-factly said. “But how, that’s the thing. You have any special way you like to get a piece of ass, Daddy? I want to put out just right for you.”

“Well…” Then Vic muttered. “No, I’ll leave it up to you.”

“No, Daddy, you have to decide,” Mitzi insisted. “More than just decide. Make me. Make me do it exactly your way. Like I’m your slave or something.”

“Aw, honey, I can’t…”

“Make me, Daddy, make me! Don’t just tell me, either. Make me!”

Vic stared at his daughter as she begged him to have his way with her. He didn’t know he was going to do it until he reached out for her, but once he’d grabbed Mitzi he felt a macho surge that he couldn’t ignore.

Then Mitzi spurred him the rest of the way over the line. “Like you’re raping me, Daddy! Rape me! Use me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me your way!”

With a burst of strength, Vic Morgan flipped his daughter over onto her hands and knees, posing her like a bitch in heat. Then, from behind, he yanked apart her asscheeks and put his rigid cock between them to take point-blank cum on her rear-spread cunt.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!” Mitzi cried with approval. “Dog-fuck me! Fuck me like a dog!”

Vic surged. His thrusting prick hilted his daughter’s cunt to his balls. Then, guiding her movement with his grip on her asscheeks, he made her rock to and fro on all fours to treat his dog-fucking prick to the best friction possible.

“Mmmmm, what a fuck… what fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Mitzi gasped in ecstasy. “I’m gonna come soooo much!”

She climaxed then. As soon as she had, more of the same was what she greedily craved. And the addition of some sweet pain would surely help her get it.

“My tits, Daddy, my tits!” she called over her shoulder. “Do something nasty to my tits!”

“Thought this was my show!” her father snapped back, thoroughly in a macho groove by this point.

“Then just do something more to me somewhere!” Mitzi pleaded.

“I know just the place,” Vic said. “Perfect place to go along with my cock in your cunt. Right next door, in fact.”

“Do it! Do it!”

Vic made his latest move, using a couple of stabbing fingers.

“Oh, Daddy, keep doing it!” Mitzi swooned. “It’s even better than anything you could do to my tits! I love it there! The dirtiest place there is! Right where I shit!”

Her father was fingerfucking her ass. Through the thin wall separating it from her dog-fucked cunt, he could stroke his own pumping prick. And with this kind of dual stimulation, it wouldn’t be long before Vic was ready to shoot his wad again.

“This is gonna be one helluva load,” he told his daughter as the dam between his legs rapidly neared the bursting point. “I’ve never had to come this much.”

“When, Daddy, when?” Mitzi anxiously asked.


Vic’s cock abruptly delivered with scalding force. It was as if he were pissing jizz in his daughter’s immediately overflowing cunt.

“Your cum is so hot, Daddy! My cunt is burning up from so much of your hot cum, Daddy!” Mitzi wildly expressed her joy. “God, do I love getting a fucked cuntful of your burning cum, Daddy!”

Then all too soon as far as Mitzi was concerned, her father had finished coming. She was afraid that this might be it for him, that she’d fucked his prick to exhaustion, while here she was hornier than ever. Perhaps, though, she was giving up on her daddy too easily. After all, she reminded herself, it wasn’t over until it was over.

Testing to find out what if anything her father had left, she squeezed her pussy muscles around what remained of his hard-on. To her delight, there was still plenty to work with if she hurried and took advantage, of it.

“Daddy,” she called over her shoulder, “how much do you love me?”

“More than anything, baby,” Vic Morgan answered, no longer role-playing a rapist now that he’d shot his wad. “You know that.”

“Love me enough to do whatever I ask for now?”

“Do my level best, honey.”

“Then fuck me again.”

“Well, I dunno about that,” Vic wearily sighed. “Like the old saying goes, the spirit’s willing, but the flesh is getting a little weak from all the coming I’ve already done.”

“Don’t worry, I know how to keep the bone in your cock,” Mitzi vowed. “Trust me, Daddy. Just do what I say.”

“Okay,” Vic agreed. “But just don’t expect too much.”

“Start by taking your cock out, of my cunt.”

“Thought you wanted more fucking?”

“Trust me, Daddy,” Mitzi repeated.

Vic withdrew his dripping cock.

“Harder than you expected, huh, Daddy?” Mitzi lilted.

Vic nodded. “Now what?”

“Put it in me where I’m tightest, Daddy,” Mitzi told him.

“You… mean?”

“That’s right. Daddy, your big cock where I shit!” Mitzi declared. “If a fingerfuck felt so good there, just imagine how super a real fuck will be — for both of us.”

“But, baby, I’m afraid I might hurt you. You’re so small there.”

“Daddy, I won’t take no for an answer,” Mitzi stated. “If you really love me as much as you say you do, you’ll prove it by giving me what I want. Prove you love me by fucking me in the ass!”

Vic couldn’t argue with his daughter’s logic. And now, getting a closer look, he saw how irresistible her young asshole truly was. The blonde hair from her cunt grew into her ass crack to decorate the pink pucker, so it resembled a jewel surrounded by spun gold. As Vic admired this most intimate part of Mitzi’s body, his aroused prick stiffened like steel.

“Hurry, Daddy, put it in me!” Mitzi urged. “Ram your big dick in my tight ass hard, deep and mean! Try and split me in two!”

She playfully farted to widen the narrow opening.

Vic Morgan’s crotch automatically bucked. His rigid boner surged into the waiting target, burying itself without delay.

“Oooooh!” Mitzi moaned. “That’s ripping me, Daddy! Now let’s go for even more. Make me ride your cock, Daddy. Make me move by spanking my ass at the same time you fuck it.”

“But I’ve never raised a hand to you that way,” Vic pointed out. “Never spanked you before, even when you were a little girl.”

“There’s a first time for everything, Daddy. Spank me, spank me! Spank me while you butt fuck me!”

And, looking at his daughter’s plump asscheeks, Vic couldn’t help but see how clearly inviting they were. His fingers twitched. Then his arm rose as if on its own, looped in a wide arc, and his open hand smacked flush against Mitzi’s bare ass while his prick shafted her shit pit.

Upon impact, Mitzi yelped and lurched forward on all fours, her tight asshole tugging at her father’s prick. Then she rocked back, ready to do it again.

“More, Daddy, more!” she cried. “Keep spanking and butt-fucking me!”

Now it was Vic Morgan’s left hand taking its turn. After it struck, Mitzi’s asscheeks were both glowing red.

“More, Daddy, more!”

And her father delivered. Everytime he smacked Mitzi’s ass, the blow sent her forward, causing her asshole to yank his prick. Then she’d tilt back into striking range, hilting Daddy’s prick and prompting him to smack her again.

Through at least a dozen cock-thrusts and ass slaps, the pattern of sex and violence was repeated. Then Vic Morgan was out of breath and wavering, needing something to hold onto to keep his balance. Draping himself aver his kneeling daughter’s back, he grabbed her dangling tits.

“Oh, baby, I’ve really had it this time,” he hoarsely whispered in Mitzi’s ear to explain his clutching desperation. “All I’ve got left to give you is… ahhhh… this!”

He whimpered as if in agony, while his cock exploded with a liquid bang of gushing ecstasy. Even hotter than it had been in her mouth and cunt, Vic’s final load of jizz on this night of nights flooded the depths of his daughter’s fucked ass.

“Mmmmmm, getting your cum up the butt is the best yet!” Mitzi orgasmically gusted, having climaxed at the same time as her father. “Nothing can top this. So I’ll let you crash, Daddy. You deserve a rest after all this fucking and so do I.”

Father and daughter wound up snuggling in each other’s arms on the rumpled, cum splattered bed, as if they were in a world of their own where nothing mattered but themselves. However, it wasn’t that simple. For when Vic and Mitzi lost track of reality’s nuts and bolts, they were carelessly setting the stage far something a lot bigger than both of them…


Gwen Morgan slipped into the house. Having sat through the same bad movie once and a half, she’d certainly been gone long enough for her husband to effectively deal with their daughter. Whatever Vic had been able to get out of Mitzi, Gwen was now sure, she could take it in her stride — especially after the talk she’d had with herself on the way back home…

“What if Mitzi isn’t still a virgin?” Gwen had asked herself while she drove back from the theater. “After all, I’m a fine one to hold losing her cherry at that age against anybody. Last thing I was when I was in high school was pure as the driven snow, so I can’t blame my own daughter if she’s not either. It’s basically normal.”

Of course, Gwen had then reminded herself, her own experience with teenage sex hadn’t been nearly so typical as she assumed her daughter’s to be. For which she was thankful, having no confidence in her ability to deal with such a thing from a mother’s standpoint a generation later.

Unlike what Gwen imagined was the case with Mitzi, the ordinary run of boys had not been her own vice while she was growing up. She’d lost her cherry to someone special. Too special. So special that she’d never gotten over him. Thank God, that it still remained a secret after all these years. And also, Gwen believed, that nothing like it could probably ever happen in the same family again.

“With Mitzi, it’s got to be what most girls go through when they discover boys and sex. She’ll have to learn not to give herself away too cheaply,” Gwen had summed up things the way she saw them. “Pretty simple, actually. Was a lot more complicated for me, where none of the usual rules meant anything.”

So, nearing home, Gwen had sorted out what she’d determined were the crucial similarities and differences between her daughter’s teenaged sex life and her own. Whatever Vic had found out, Gwen confidently anticipated, there shouldn’t be any problem giving Mitzi the guidance she needed through the rest of her essentially normal youth…

And now Gwen was there, heading for their bedroom where she expected to find Vic. Even prior to talking to him, she felt in command of the situation. Whether or not Mitzi remained a virgin, Gwen anticipated nothing that intelligent parents couldn’t handle.

“Vic?” she called, poking her head through the door.

There wasn’t any answer, though.

“Now where do you suppose that man is?” She wandered down the hall, reaching their daughter’s room. The door was slightly ajar, showing a crack of light from inside.

“Well, Mitzi’s here, so Vic must’ve talked to her,” Gwen reasoned. “If she’s awake, I’ll just talk to her a little bit myself. At least she can tell me where her father is.”

Gwen looked through the crack. From where she was, she could only see part of the bed, on which a bare female leg was extended.

“She must be asleep. Guess I’ll have to wait until her father gets back from wherever he is.”

But then, starting to leave, at the last second Gwen glimpsed something that stopped her short and took her breath away. It was another bare leg. But this one, flopping over Mitzi’s, was too muscular and hairy to be anything but male.

“Good Lord, she’s got some boy in bed with her in there!” Gwen panted in shock, losing the cool she’d tried so hard to maintain. “And where is her father? How could Vic let something like this happen right under our own roof?”

There was no way the temptation of getting a better look could be avoided. Gwen nudged the door open a bit farther. Now she could see most of the pair of naked bodies on the bed, male and female, as they apparently dozed. The only thing remaining was to get a look at the face of the boy with whom Mitzi had committed this outrage.

Gwen took a deep breath to brace herself, then pushed the door all the way aside. And was instantly breathless again. For nothing could have prepared her for this. Now she knew exactly where her husband was — naked in bed with their daughter!

Gwen staggered away from the incredible scene without fainting on the spot. She made it down the hall, into her own room, collapsing on the bed. The last thing she remembered before she did indeed black out was the anguished sound of her own voice.

“H-he fucked her! The man I married f-fucked our own daughter!”

“Oh, my God!” Mitzi blurted, bolting up on the bed. “Daddy, look! Look what time it is!”

Vic Morgan was shaken to his senses by his daughter.

“Mom must’ve gotten home by now,” Mitzi gasped in a hush. “What if she saw us?”

“Then we’re as good as dead,” Vic chillingly predicted.

“Well, we’d better find out.”

Mitzi led the way, as she and her father cautiously went into the hall. The soft sound of snoring led them to the main bedroom. And there was the object of their concern, face down on the bed, sound asleep with her clothes still on.

“Gee, Daddy, Mom looks like she’s drunk,” Mitzi whispered, praying she was right.

“Either that or she saw something that was too much for her to stand,” Vic darkly countered. “And I don’t have to tell you what.”

“How’ll we find out?”

“That’s the last thing I want to do,” Vic said, pulling away from her.

“Where’re you going, Daddy?”

“Anywhere but here!” Vic Morgan desperately answered. “This place has just turned into hell waiting to break loose.”

“But what about me?” Mitzi wailed in abandonment.

“If your mother knows about us, I’m the one who’ll go to jail. You’re just the poor, innocent victim. Won’t blame you if you play it for all it’s worth to save your own skin. I won’t be here, though, when it happens.”

“And what if it’s just a false alarm?” Mitzi asked.

“Leave that to you,” Vic said. “One way or the other, I’ll find a way to get in touch. But, right now, as soon as I can get dressed and pack my bag, I’m long gone!”

The next day Mitzi decided to force the issue.

She was alone in the house with her mother. When the latter had yet to make an appearance, Mitzi decided to take a look.

Her mother had just stirred from her rumpled sprawl on the bed. Then, blinking the sleep from her eyes, she was talking to herself.

“I must’ve dreamed it,” she drowsily muttered. “Had to be some kinda crazy nightmare that Mitzi went even farther than I did when I was her age. And even if it’s true, what in the world would I say to her? Best to just keep telling myself it was all my imagination running wild. Maybe if I take a shower it’ll be like washing it all away.”

Gwen Morgan got out of bed and began to strip, without realizing her daughter was watching. And Mitzi was watching very closely at this point, not used to seeing her mother naked.

“Gosh,” Mitzi whispered when there was a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor. “I forgot how sexy Mom is. She really has a nice ass and even nicer tits. Her pussy is so hairy, too. Hope I’m still that sexy when I’m her age.”

Then Mitzi’s mother sat back down on the bed and sighed. “I need something more than a shower to settle me down. Shouldn’t give into myself this way, like I’m still some silly schoolgirl, but anything goes that’ll help me relax when I have this much on my mind. I’ve done it before, so might as well do it again now.”

Gwen Morgan spread her legs. She looked down at her own hairy cunt and licked her lips.

“Sometimes when I need it this bad,” she murmured, “I almost wish I could eat myself. But I’ll just have to get by with this.”

Gwen slumped back on the bed, raising her knees and parting her thighs wider. She put her hand between them and began to fingerfuck herself.

And, as Mitzi looked on, even from across the room she could hear her mother’s pussy juicily squish. She found herself licking her own lips. What’s more, her own pussy responded as well, moistly spasming.

“Mmmmm,” Mitzi moaned. “If ever a woman could turn me on enough to maybe do something about it, it’d have to be Mom. Wonder if she’s ever been [missing text]?”

Then it occurred to Mitzi that there was nothing really stopping her from forcing the issue in a different way than she’d earlier anticipated. After all, what did she have to lose? She already knew for sure that she’d been seen naked in bed with her father, and that startling image couldn’t indefinitely be dismissed as merely a dream by the eyewitness. Sooner or later, her mother would have to come to grips with it.

Preparing to meet her mother on equal terms, Mitzi also stripped away the robe she wore. Then, bare-assed, she made her move, abruptly front and center so she couldn’t help being noticed.

“M-Mitzi!” Gwen gulped when she saw Mitzi in the nude. “Why… why aren’t you in school?”

Mitzi smiled. “Maybe I’m really not here at all, Mom. Maybe this is just a dream. Same as you’re trying to think last night must’ve been.”

Gwen Morgan acted as if her heart had just stopped, her eyes rolling back in her head while her hand lifelessly fell away from her cunt.

“Don’t stop playing with your pussy on account of me. It’s your dream. If I’m in it, you must want me here. Especially if I start earning my keep.”

Mitzi began rubbing her own pussy.

“It’s more fun if we do it together, Mom,” she purred. “C’mon, let’s see which one of us can make herself come first.”

Gwen Morgan seemed to be in a trance, her expression blank as her hand mechanically returned to the furry patch between her legs.

“Finger fuck yourself again, Mom,” Mitzi coaxed. “That’s what I’m doing to myself now.”

Gwen’s middle finger slipped into her cunt and rhythmically probed, as she followed her daughter’s example. It must have felt good, because the blank expression on Gwen’s face was replaced by the crease of a wistful grin.

“Oh, I know how it feels, Mom,” Mitzi crooned. “I’m feeling the same thing, too. If we keep it up one of us is bound to come right away.”

“Mmmm, I think it’s gonna be me!” Gwen moaned.

“You’ll have to hurry, Mom, to come ahead of me.”

Mother and daughter fingerfucked themselves harder and faster now, their pussies juicily squishing. Then, with each looking into the other’s smoldering eyes, they arrived at the orgasmic finish line at the same time.

“I’m commmmmming!” Gwen swooned. “Coming soooo goooood!”

“Not any better than I am, Mom!”

Pussy juice ran down like spilled honey. And as their climaxes ran their courses, Mitzi went to the bed. She capped off the shared coming by lying down beside her mother.

“Let’s do it again, Mom,” Mitzi then suggested. “Only this time to each other.”

Gwen allowed her own hand to be removed from her crotch and replaced by her daughter’s. After that, Gwen reached for Mitzi’s cunt. Middle fingers entered welcoming cunts at the same instant, followed by asses squirming when mother and daughter went to work on each other.

“Ahhh, I’m gonna come even better this time with you fingerfucking my cunt, Mom, than I did before when I was only doing it to myself,” Mitzi bubbled. “How about you?”

“This answer your question, darling?”

Gwen came again on the spot. Bearing down from within to keep up with her mother, Mitzi had another climax of her own.

“It’s so good,” Gwen sighed. “Is it as good for you as it is for me, baby?”

“Mmm-hmmmm,” Mitzi sighed back. “But we can make it even better for each other, Mom.”

“Yes, yes, anything you say, darling.”

Mitzi removed her sticky finger from her mom’s juicy cunt slit, then adjusted herself in order to put her face at crotch-level. After taking a deep whiff of the cunt that had given her birth, she next sealed its sex lips with her mouth and began mother sucking.

“Ooooh, you were right!” Gwen moaned as her daughter went down on her. “This is even better. Only one thing, though. You’re eating my pussy, sweetheart, but I’m not doing anything back to you.”

“Taste this then, Mom.” Mitzi slurped with a mouthful of cunt.

Mitzi swung around on top of her mother, straddling her head. Now, as her own pussy was being eaten, Gwen Morgan was looking straight into the pink slice of the erotic perfection between her daughter’s thighs.

“Darling, your cunt is absolutely adorable! Hurry, sit on my face so I can eat you too!”

Mitzi cased down. She was greeted by a cuntful of motherly tongue, as the lesbian sixty-nine between parent and child took hold. From there several minutes of nonstop pussy-eating followed, featured by mother and daughter coming repeatedly in each other’s hungry mouth.

“Ahhhhh, your pussy tastes even sweeter than it looks,” Gwen Morgan gurgled on the bottom when she finally broke for air. “I hope I ate you half as good as you ate me.”

“You know you did a whole lot better than half as good, Mom,” Mitzi answered. “Or why else would I have come in your mouth just as many times as you came in mine?”

“Then… I-I’m as good for you in bed… as your father was?” an anxious Gwen asked.

Mitzi didn’t shy away at all from meeting this head-on. “You and Daddy are the best two parents any girl ever had. Don’t be mad at Daddy for fucking me, Mom. He was just doing what comes naturally, same as you are today. Fact is, if I had to choose between your cunt and his cock, I couldn’t. And why should I have to, when I can have you both?”

“Maybe so,” Gwen sighed, “but we both know that there’s something your father can do for you that I can’t, no matter how good we are in bed. God, what I’d give if I could somehow, though.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Mom,” Mitzi said. “I’ve got an idea about how you could do it to me.”

“Oh, I wish,” Gwen wistfully replied. “But, have to face it, what I want most of all to do to you is impossible. Just don’t have what it takes to get the job done. It’s a silly fantasy that can’t come true.”

“Trust me, anyway, Mom,” Mitzi persisted.

Gwen shrugged, at least willing to find out what her daughter had in mind.

“Okay, wait right here, Mom,” Mitzi lilted. “I’ll be right back with something that ought to change your mind about what’s impossible between us.”

Mitzi left the bed and scampered from the room. Her mother could hear her rattling around in the kitchen. When Mitzi returned, she was hiding something behind her back.

“Gee, what is it?” Gwen anxiously quizzed. “Close your eyes, Mom,” Mitzi suggested. “Let me surprise you.”

Gwen did as she was told. Her daughter rejoined her on the bed. Under Mitzi’s guidance, Gwen reclined and spread her legs. Next, she felt something firm and thick entering her cunt.

“Now get up on your knees, Mom,” Mitzi instructed.

Her eyes still shut, Gwen bobbed up. What she couldn’t see was that at the same time her daughter became the one who lay back, spread legged.

“All right, you can look, Mom.”

The first thing Gwen saw was her daughter’s wide-open cunt. But it was the condition of her own crotch which was calculated to take her breath away.

“Look at yourself, Mom!”

“Oh, my God!” Gwen panted when her eyes shifted to the startling development that had occurred between her legs. “I felt it going in… but I never dreamed that what was sticking out would be what really mattered.”

“Well, there it is, Mom, big as life,” Mitzi bubbled. “Your very own hard-on! Half of it in your cunt, and the other half ready for mine. So do you still think you can’t do it to me? Make your fantasy come true? Fuck me?”

“Baby, you’re an absolute genius!” Gwen expressed her joyous surprise. “A minute ago I thought it was impossible for me to actually fuck you, and now I’ve never been so ready for anything in my life! As ready as your father was to fuck your precious cunt!”

Gwen stroked her hard-on. The object anchored in her cunt was so large and fat that as many thick inches jutted from the crux of her loins as were penetrating. Nature had originally meant it to be an ordinary cucumber, however, under these extraordinary circumstances, the only natural thing to do was use it as a two-way prick for mother-daughter fucking.

“So what’re you waiting for, Mom?” Mitzi impatiently asked. “You’re hung with the hardon for it, just like Daddy, so fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“Oh, yeah!” Gwen rasped, sounding almost like a man.

And it was definitely in the macho style that Gwen now cocked her hips and took aim on the target of the pussy so eagerly awaiting her thrusting tool. When her hips bucked and her fake cock surged in to the hilt, she was every inch a female stud. With a thrilling lesbian bonus, though. For as Gwen fucked her daughter, the other end of their shared cucumber prick jammed to the core of her own cunt.

“Thatta way, Mom!” Mitzi squealed. “Keep this up and I’ll come for you right away, then keep on coming as long as you do it to me!”

“Ahhh, same here!” Gwen mowed in ecstasy. “You’re motherfucking me back as much as I’m fucking you, darling!”

“Then let’s come together, Mom!”

“It’ll have to be right away then, angel. My fucked cunt can’t wait to start coming.”

“Mine neither, Mom. So here we go!”

That said, Mitzi wrapped her legs around her mom’s waist and tugged, forcing their two-way cock even deeper into bath of their pussies. The result was exactly what had been hoped for — mother and daughter each reaching an orgasmic frenzy at the same instant. And from there it wasn’t about to cool down for some time to come.

“Wow, now that we’re really rolling, I’m not gonna settle for anything less than how I feel now!” Mitzi vowed.

“You and me both!” Gwen cried. “Keep it up, keep it up! Fuck, fuck, fuck me while I’m fuck-fuck-fucking you!”

“Then hold on, Mom, hold on for the ride.” Mitzi reared up from the bottom of the action. Gwen willingly gave way. The result was that mother and daughter abruptly switched positions, Mitzi winding up on top.

In turn, it was now Gwen with her legs wrapped around her female partner. What didn’t change was the way the cucumber cock continued its double duty by see-sawing back and forth between cunts.

Orgasms led to other orgasms in dizzying sequence. Unlike a regular fuck, there wasn’t the problem with the male involved shooting his wad and then losing his hard-on. Cunts getting fucked at both ends of the action meant that there was always more shared coming as long as the female lovers kept up their erotic poetry in motion.

Indeed, there was only one thing that seemed as if it might bring mother and daughter to a standstill ahead of schedule, before they’d fucked each other into exhaustion in their own good time. This potential weak link was the very thing which had joined their cunts — their cock. The constant tugging and hauling at either end had to eventually take its toll.

And then it happened.

They could hear it snap.

And now when their crotches bucked, there was no more thrusting in either cunt.

“Oh, damn!” Gwen Morgan hissed with disappointment. “Why’d it have to break now? I wasn’t anywhere near ready to stop fucking.”

“I’m not ready to quit any more than you are, Mom,” Mitzi panted. “What’s more, I’m not gonna. No reason for us to stop fucking.”

“There’s another one of these in the fridge?” Gwen hopefully asked, removing her half of the severed cucumber from her horny cunt.

“No, that was the only one, Mom.”

“Then what’ll we use? A candle? A soda bottle?”

“Nothing!” Mitzi declared.


Before explaining, Mitzi withdrew the other useless half of the cucumber from her own pussy. Then her answer turned out to be one of action rather than words, as she began to demonstrate how two females could fuck without anything resembling a cock. And once her daughter had started showing the way, Gwen Morgan was quickly in perfect harmony.

First, Mitzi put her right leg over her mother’s left leg. Gwen immediately responded in kind, lapping her daughter’s left leg with her own right. Then mother and daughter pulled in as tight as they could, crotch-to-crotch, locking at the knees and even hooking down at their toes. “Ooooh!” Gwen groaned. “It’s gonna be even better this way!”

“You bet your cunt, Mom!” Mitzi exclaimed. Then, operating on the same lesbian wavelength, parent and child grabbed hold of each other’s ass and began to bump and grind with their flush pussies. No longer did they require anything but their own bodies, as their clits made contact and rubbed together for cockless fucking.

“More, more!” Gwen rasped with delight. “I was right! It really is better this way!”

Mitzi reached around and began slapping her mother’s ass while they cunt-fucked. Gwen returned the favor. Mother and daughter spanked each other’s ass harder and harder, as their pussies neared their absolute orgasmic peaks.

Mitzi forced the issue even more with her free hand, getting her fingers full of her mom’s cunt bush and yanking pussy hair. Gwen reacted by grabbing her daughter’s tits and pinching her hard nipples.

And then they came together. How they came! In fact, it went beyond simply climaxing. For, in the midst of their orgasms, mother and daughter experienced an added form of release. It just seemed so right, so natural, for them to piss on each other while they came — pissing and coming, pussy-to-pussy. The perfect ending to the perfect lesbian fuck.


After they’d sucked and fucked, it was time for mother and daughter to explore beyond each other’s body. For, before and during their session in bed, some things had been said which raised questions in search of answers.

It was mainly Mitzi who did the wondering, and now she asked about something in particular that had stuck in her mind.

“Mom, maybe I ought to mind my own business, so if you think so, I’ll understand. Just in case you feel like telling me, though, what did you mean when I was outside the door and overheard you talking to yourself?”

“Uh… about what?” Gwen nervously murmured. “I don’t exactly remember what I said.”

“Something to do with me going even farther than you did when you were my age.” Mitzi described the conversation her mother had had with herself. “I can’t help being curious about what you meant.”

Mitzi could see she’d hit a raw nerve, as her mother turned pale. And although she’d just promised to drop it if it were too sensitive an area, Mitzi was now determined to get at the truth of her mother’s secret past, no matter what.

At first she tried coaxing it to the surface.

“C’mon, Mom, why don’t you just go ahead and tell me? It’s safe with me, whatever you did once. Okay, Mom?”

“No… I-I can’t,” Gwen Morgan stammered. “I-I’ve kept it to myself too long to be able to tell anyone now — even you, darling. Afraid I’ll have to make you keep that promise about, well, minding your own business.”

“Know that’s what I said,” Mitzi countered, “but that didn’t mean there weren’t any strings attached. Sure. Mom, you don’t have to tell me. But, if you don’t, then you can forget about any more of my pussy. ‘Cause today’s the first and last time you’ll ever suck and fuck it.”

“Oh, baby, please don’t threaten me with that!” Gwen pleaded. “Once I tasted your sweet pussy I was hooked on it forever. Couldn’t stand not being able to have it after today.”

“Then if you want more of the same, Mom,” Mitzi said, rubbing her cunt for emphasis, “you’d better tell me what I want to know. Otherwise, no more pussy.”

It was a cruel line that Mitzi had drawn, and inside she felt like a bitch for treating her mother so harshly. But there was no turning back now that she’d decided the end justified the means. And now success seemed hers.

“Okay, all right… I just can’t live without your beautiful pussy,” her mother admitted. “I-I’ll tell. Tell you what I’ve never told another soul.”

Tingling with anticipation, Mitzi impatiently waited for her mother to clear up the mystery. However, the latter talked around the apparent bombshell she’d yet to drop, increasing the suspense for her daughter.

“When I was your age,” Gwen Morgan sighed, “I could’ve lost my cherry to just about any boy I wanted. But I was stubborn. I wanted the one boy I wasn’t supposed to have. It was all wrong for both of us, according to the rules. Except I couldn’t help it, he was my Mr. Right in spite of everything — I had to fuck him.”

Mitzi was on pins and needles. It was all she could do to keep from demanding that her mother stop beating around the bush and openly identify the skeleton in her closet.

“I seduced him one day when I caught him jacking off. Oh, his prick was so gorgeous. Even bigger and harder than I’d imagined. Just couldn’t wait anymore. Had to have his big, hard prick in my mouth, then in my cherry cunt — and even up my ass before he’d finished fucking me that first time.”

Gwen briefly paused, smiling to herself as she realized how it had been. Meanwhile, her daughter squirmed from frustration from the lack of a name.

“After that,” Gwen went on, “we fucked whenever we got the chance. It lasted for a year. The best year of my life. Until I sucked and fucked with you today, darling, I didn’t think anything could ever be as good again as been with him. That’s why I can’t let you slip through my fingers, the way I did with him. Won’t make that mistake again. I know now that life’s too short.”

Obviously Mitzi knew it wasn’t her father they were talking about. “This other guy, Mom? Why didn’t you marry him instead of Daddy if he was such a stud?”

“I couldn’t,” Gwen Morgan said in a hush.

“It’s not allowed. No matter how much, in love she is, there’s no way on earth a girl can marry.”

Gwen paused for a moment, taking a deep breath to brace herself. For, at last, she was clearly on the verge of naming her mystery lover from her secret past.

“Yes, Mom?” Mitzi anxiously prompted.

“He might fuck her, but there’s no way a girl ever marries her own…”

Gwen paused again, breathless now.

“Her own brother!”

It wasn’t what Mitzi had been expecting. “Uncle Ernie?”

Her mother soberly nodded.

And here, something snapped within Mitzi. She broke out laughing. What else could she do? And if she could just settle down, she’d explain it to her mother.

“I-I never should’ve told you,” her mother muttered, stung by her daughter’s apparently, mocking laughter. “I feel like such a fool.”

At this point, Mitzi recovered. “No, Mom, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m not making fun of you at all. What’s so funny is how everything’s turned out. ‘Cause, hold on, I’ve got a secret of my own. You already know about me and Daddy, but what I didn’t tell you was about me and… well, see if you can guess, Mom.”

Gwen Morgan gulped. “Oh… no.”

“Oh, yes, Mom,” Mitzi stated. “I fucked mine, too. That’s who took my cherry, not Daddy. The first dick in my cunt was just like it was with you… my own brother’s!”

Gwen Morgan could hardly believe she’d let herself be talked into it. But her daughter was so persuasive. So here she was, after all these years, attempting to return to the incestuous passion of her youth. And if it worked, it wouldn’t stop there. But, Gwen had to admit, some things were so crazy that they just made too much sense not to try. And Mitzi had convinced her this was one of them.

“Thanks for coming over, Ernie,” Gwen said to her brother. “I hope you won’t regret it.”

“No matter what happened when we were kids,” Ernie answered, “we’re still just like any other sister and brother. Family’s family. If you need my help, I’ll do my best.”

For years, ever since they’d both married other people, Gwen and Ernie had gone their separate ways as much as possible in order to avoid their forbidden attraction for each other from the past. They’d been on their best behavior so long that Ernie had no reason to suspect what tonight held in store. Which meant that he was about to be caught flatfooted.

“Vic’s gone,” Gwen said, setting the stage. “I don’t know where he is, Ernie. What’ll I do?”

“You need some money to tide you over, Sis?” Ernie generously offered.

“No, what I need,” Gwen answered without blinking, “is some of this!”

She abruptly reached down and rubbed with a handful of her brother’s crotch.

“Vic took his with him,” she steamily stated. “And I always liked yours a whole lot better anyway.”

It had been nearly twenty years since Gwen had been so bold.

Ernie gasped. “God, Sis, what in hell! We agreed a long time ago…”

“That was when I had a husband around to take your place,” Gwen purred, dropping to her knees with her thumb and finger snagging the tab of the zipper on her brother’s fly.

“But I still have a wife at home!” Ernie croaked.

“Was there ever once when you fucked her that you really believed she was half the piece of ass that I was for you?” Gwen asked.

Ernie shook his head.

“And how many times have you wondered if my tight cunt is still as perfect a fit for your big cock as it used to be?” Gwen crooned.

“A… a lot,” Ernie helplessly admitted.

“Well, then there’s no better time than tonight to find out if we’re getting better along with getting older.”

Gwen unzipped her brother’s fly. His prick was swollen by now. And when she reached inside, the cock she took in her hand was every bit as thick, rigid and throbbing as she remembered.

“Ooooh, stud,” she hornily sighed with a stroking squeeze, “you haven’t lost an inch. In fact, feels like you might even be hung bigger than twenty years ago. But seeing is believing.”

Gwen pulled her stunned brother’s cock out into the open. She hungrily licked her lips at the sight of it.

“And sucking,” she said, slurping in anticipation, “is really believing.”

Ernie reacted as he had all those years before, when they were kids and his sister had seduced him for the first time. Which meant that as much as he feared the consequences, he couldn’t resist letting Gwen take his stiff cock in her eager mouth.

Just like that, she was blowing him. If anything, she was a better cocksucker than ever.

Automatically, Ernie’s hips began to roll. As a result, his sister was no longer simply giving him a blowjob, he was fucking her in the mouth exactly the way it used to be.

“God, Sis,” he panted, “you got me hooked all over again, as much as I ever was on you. Like all those years in between didn’t happen. Like we’re picking up exactly where we left off.”

“Then you aren’t gonna stop with me only sucking your cock, are you?” Gwen asked with a mouthful of cockmeat. “You know what always happens next when we’re getting it on as well as I do.”

“Yeah,” Ernie drooled aloud.

He eased down to his sister’s level. Then she was stretched out below him. Along with his cock in her throat, the rest of his body swiveled it a half-circle on top of the action.

Now, while Gwen gave him head, Ernie was facing her crotch. She had on a loose skirt, which he flipped up. Underneath, she wore no panties. It was Ernie’s first look at his sister’s hairy cunt in almost twenty years.

His nostrils flared from the sharp scent of the juicy treasure he’d thought he’d never suck or fuck again. And straining to make up for lost time, his tongue aimed itself like an oral cock at the target between his sister’s spread thighs.

“Mmmmm!” Ernie slurped as he took the plunge. “Never been so hungry for pussy in my life!”

He began tongue-fucking Gwen’s cunt. And she wasted no time with an orgasmic response, wetly coming in his mouth.

“More, Sis, more!” he urged, pussy juice slobbering down his chin. “Wetter, Sis, even wetter!”

“Then you know what that means, don’t you?” Gwen teasingly reminded from the other end of the brother-sister sixty-nine. “Sure you’re ready for that, Ernie?”

“Just try me, Sis!”

“You asked for it.”

Gwen bore down from within as her brother’s mouth sealed her flexing cunt. Then she was moaning from an even wetter form of release than when she’d just been coming.

“I’m pissing and coming! Coming and pissing!” she cried. “Just like it used to be, Ernie, when you’d drink every drop of my piss and cum!”

Nothing had changed. Ernie greedily feasted on his sister’s gushing cunt, gorging himself on the bittersweet mixture of piss and pussy juice.

But Ernie’s wasn’t the only mouth at work. Meanwhile, as she pissed and came, Gwen was also sucking cock again in deep-throating earnest. Her goal was a load of cum to savor every bit as much as her brother was savoring the nectar from her cunt. To get it, she also squeezed Ernie’s balls to add to her expert suction and fingerfucked his asshole.

“Ooooh!” Ernie groaned between his sister’s legs. “Haven’t shot a wad like I’m gonna shoot now since I was a horny kid. Back in the days when I was shooting it for you, Sis, every chance I got.”

Gwen pulled his trigger, digging in his fingerfucked asshole to jab the orgasmic gland at the base of his sucked cock and squeezed balls.

“Oooooh!” Ernie gasped, much louder, as his jizz erupted in the depths of his sister’s throat.

As hard as he was abruptly coming, though, Gwen swallowed the creamy flow as fast as his prick spurted. Indeed, she continued squeezing her brother’s balls and fingerfucking his ass to go along with her suction in order to milk every extra drop of jizz Ernie had to come.

“Christ, what a load!” he sighed in awe of his own potency. “Just came so much that it felt like my prick was pissing cum into your mouth, Sis.”

And here, a slobbering Gwen couldn’t resist going after a kinky reversal of her brother’s condition.

“Now shoot it again, stud! Only turn it around! This time like your dick’s coming a load of hot piss in my mouth.”

“Wondered if you still went that route, Sis.”

“Not since the last time I drank your piss. And it’s been too long.”

“Never could say no to you, Sis.”

Now it was Ernie’s turn to bear down from within, as his sister refastened her mouth around his cock. His crotch bucked against her face. She held him tightly by gripping his muscular asscheeks, and a torrent of his liquid gold streamed down her gulping throat.

Ernie pissed even longer than he’d come. Gwen kept sucking until she’d downed every last drop.

“Yummmm,” she gurgled after she’d drained her brother’s prick for the second time, “nothing makes me stay hornier than a bellyful of your hot cum and piss. Can’t wait to listen to it slosh around inside me when you fuck my pussy next.”

“Well, I’ve sure as hell still got the hard-on for it,” Ernie answered, not so much boasting as just stating the throbbing, rigid truth. “There’s no piece of ass I can keep it up for as long as I can for you, Sis. I come in your mouth, then piss in it, and my prick winds up stiffer then ever to fuck your pussy.”

“Then put it in, stud! Remind me all over again just how much your big cock’s made for my cunt!”

The standard fucking pose was not enough for Gwen. Rather than just spreading her thighs for a cuntful of her brother’s stiff prick, she flung her legs all the way back over her head to jackknife herself. It made her appear to be as close to all-cunt as any woman could get.

When Ernie saw her like this, his boner snapped up at forty-five-degree angle from his crotch with supreme arousal.

Then Ernie took a handful of his ten-plus inches, straightening them out to cum pointblank at the yawning target of his sister’s pussy. And, after a macho cock-thrust, he was abruptly in her cunt to the hilt, his balls flush with Gwen’s immediately squirming ass.

“Ahhhh, your cock feels so damned huge in my pussy! Like I might get ripped in two!” Gwen swooned. “If I’m lucky!”

“I’ll do my fucking best, Sis!” Ernie vowed. He pulled back just enough for fresh momentum, then delivered another shafting cock-thrust in his sister’s welcoming cunt.

“Yes, rip me, stud, rip me to pieces!” Gwen cried.

Ernie’s cock quickly became like a jackhammer, pounding in Gwen’s cunt. She started coming in response to his brutal fucking technique. And instantly she craved even more of her brother at his most macho to keep her coming.

“My tits, Ernie!” she urged. “Do something to my tits to go along with your cock in my cunt!”

As Gwen hooked her legs over his shoulders, her brother tore her blouse open. Her braless tits spilled forth and Ernie grabbed one in each hand.

“Make it hurt, damn you!” Gwen wildly asked for pain.

Ernie sank his strong fingers into the spongy pillows of her tit-flesh. Then he wrenched his sister’s tits around almost double.

“Owwwww, that’s exactly what I need!” Gwen screeched. “Hurts soooo goooooood!”

Gwen not only came again, it was twice the orgasm of the previous one. However, her brother promised her that next time he’d have her coming even harder. What’s more, by then he’d be coming right along with her.

“Ooooooh, that’s one promise you’d better keep, or I’ll never forgive you,” Gwen rasped in delirious anticipation.

“It’s guaran-damned-teed, Sis,” Ernie boasted. “And now’s the time.”

He abruptly pulled his cock out of his sister’s cunt. Then, just as quickly, its throbbing head was mashed against the puckered dent of the much lighter hole a notch below. Knowing what this meant, Gwen braced herself and then took it — took every thick inch of Ernie’s surging hard-on straight up the narrow but yielding tunnel of her supremely fuckable ass.

“So how’s this for keeping my promise, Sis?” Ernie gusted as his hilted dick erupted.

“Fan-fucking tastic!” Gwen sang out.

“Yeah, take it, Sis, take it! Your fucked butt full of my hot jizz! God, so much jizz in your ass.”

“Mmmmmmm, there has to be plenty to match how much I’m coming for you at the same time you’re coming in me!” Gwen replied, her voice ringing and her body shuddering with orgasmic ecstasy.

In the final stages of their peak excitement, brother and sister rolled across the floor with his cock locked in her swamped shitpit. They wound up stacked against the wall, in a crumpled, sweaty tangle of arms and legs, fucked finally to a standstill.

“Man, oh, man!” a weary Ernie sighed. “Nothing can top this!”

But his sister surprisingly disagreed. “Don’t be so sure of that.”

Ernie sighed. “Well, whatever you’ve got in mind, Sis, it’s gonna have to wait. I couldn’t get my prick up again if my life depended on it after that piece of ass.”

“Don’t be so sure of that,” Gwen repeated with a devilish gleam in her eye.

Then she looked so pointedly across the room toward the hallway that her brother’s head automatically turned in the same direction. And that’s when Ernie saw that he and Gwen had company who was no longer content to simply watch…


She stood there stark naked, as sexy a grin as imaginable highlighting her pretty, young face. Nothing short of female perfection, she seemed as if she’d just stepped out of a wet dream.

When he saw her, Ernie was speechless. Obviously, her appearance had been planned all along.

Gwen spoke first, saying of the nude intruder, “It was all her idea. I’m so proud that she’s my daughter. If she hadn’t talked me into it, Ernie, I’d have never gotten the nerve to make you fuck me again.”

And now the object of all the attention made herself heard, asking, “You’re probably wondering how something like that could come up between Mom and me, aren’t you, Uncle Ernie?”

What could Ernie do but nod in agreement at his niece?

And, eerily casual, Mitzi shocked her mother’s brother. “It started when Mom found out the other night that Daddy had fucked me. Poor Daddy, once we got caught, he just didn’t have the guts to stick around. He split as soon as he could get his pants on. So that left me and Mom to have it out. Next morning it happened. But instead of all hell breaking loose…”

“It was heaven,” Gwen cut in. “Just happened so naturally. Made so much sense. After all, Mitzi is mommy’s daughter, too. Only she’s not so little anymore.”

Mitzi took over again. “What Mom’s trying to tell you, Uncle Ernie, is that she and I wound up the same place I’d been with Daddy — in bed. Exactly like a couple of dykes. Sucking, fucking, the whole works.”

At this point, Ernie finally recovered. “Then where do I-I come in?”

“After a girl and her mom go pussy-to-pussy, they have a hard time keeping secrets from each other any more,” Mitzi chuckled. “And we turned out to have a couple of doozies.”

“You were my doozy, Ernie,” a chuckling Gwen said. “But Mitzi had one of her own just as good. I thought she’d only fucked her dad, but I guess some things just run in families. ‘Cause… well, let her tell you.”

“What Mom’s trying to say, is that she wasn’t the only one,” Mitzi smirked, “who lost her cherry to her own brother. Ned fucked me first, same as you did to your sister, Uncle Ernie.”

There was only one question which Ernie could logically ask now, as he gulped. “But… why am I here tonight? The past is one thing… but this?”

“What else, Uncle Ernie?” Mitzi matter-of-factly stated. “Since Mom and I have so much in common, why not share it? Really share it? Get the idea, Uncle Ernie?”

Ernie muttered, “Then Ned.”

“He’s next,” Mitzi said. “But, tonight, he’s got a basketball game to play and you get balled. Double-teamed by family pussy.”

“Maybe you made a mistake,” Ernie croaked. “Ned’s a lot younger than me. Maybe he could handle this, but…”

He looked down at his cock, which was now out of his sister’s ass. Whether it was the result of so much fucking, or the shock of what had happened afterward, at this point Ernie had nothing more than a limp noodle dangling at his sagging crotch. It would have been easier on his pride, though, if his sister hadn’t taunted in such ready agreement that he was most likely of no further use to her daughter and herself at that.

“Guess your uncle’s right, after all,” Gwen said to Mitzi. “If he was younger, it might work, but if he doesn’t have the balls any more for a couple of cunts like us, then we’re better off with each other, honey, from here on in. At least that’ll give Ernie something to watch. That’s probably all he’s good for now.”

“God, Sis, I can’t help being only human,” Ernie said in his own defense.

“Just like,” Gwen laughed, “we can’t help staying horny as hell.”

Then mother turned to daughter, beckoning Mitzi toward her. After the latter closed the distance between them, she and Gwen were swiftly naked on the floor. It was a variation of a lesbian sixty-nine they formed, Mitzi giving her mom’s freshly fucked asshole a rim job while Gwen went down on teenaged pussy.

And, looking on, Ernie couldn’t help feeling very left out. It was the first time he’d ever seen all-female sex in the flesh, and the slurping passion his sister and niece applied between each other’s legs made him wonder how much women really needed men at all if they could get it on this expertly by themselves.

“Might as well just let them do their own thing,” Ernie sighed. “If I leave, they probably won’t even notice I’m gone, the way they’re getting it on.”

However, in spite of his stated opinion that he was just in the way, Ernie lingered for what he thought would be a little while longer. Then, the more he saw, the more he realized that he wasn’t as out of it as much as he’d believed. Quite simply, he had begun to discover, when a man watched a couple of women eating each other, his cock started getting ideas of its own about how it might fit in.

“Hmmmm, didn’t think I’d be getting another one of these,” Ernie noted, surprising himself after he’d absent-mindedly reached down to stroke his cock and found himself with a handful of hard-on.

So now that he had it up again, he wondered, what was he going to do about it? A fresh boner changed everything, for Ernie now had a hard, throbbing reason to believe that he’d previously sold himself short when he’d passed up performing stud-service for both Gwen and Mitzi. But did their earlier offer still stand?

Cautiously, he cleared his throat to attract attention, hoping his sister and niece would glance up long enough from each other’s crotch to notice his revived hard-on and ask him to plug in.

But Gwen and Mitzi ignored him, continuing their sixty-nine without let up.

He could always jack off, while he watched them, Ernie figured. But when he gave his rigid prick a couple of yanks, it made him feel like some goofy kid who was beating his meat because he couldn’t do any better.

“No way these bitches are turning me into some damned jack-off artist,” he hissed, abruptly pulling his hand away as if his jutting prick were a hot poker. “A guy gets himself laid or he’s not much of a man.”

Pumping himself up to make a move, Ernie had decided by this point that instead of waiting for an invitation from his sister and niece, he’d do a lot better simply taking what he wanted. After all, he reminded himself, it was a man’s world. Somebody had to teach these two dyke bitches that cock was boss.

And surveying the scene with a sharpened eye, Ernie focused on they perfect target for his macho mission. His kneeling niece was on top of the action with her mother, and there it was, as she leaned down to sixty-nine, the highest part of her naked body — Mitzi’s fine, young ass.

Her ass cheeks were like ripe melons. Parted, they revealed a dusky pucker which was decorated by the blonde hair which grew from her cunt. Her mother was busily eating that cunt, but the dusky pucker was there for the fucking, if he speared his cock deep, hard and fast enough to leave her no choice.

It would be practically rape, Ernie recognized, but this made it appeal to him all the more. His cock had turned to steel in anticipation, and now he spat in his hand to lube his cock for the forcible entry he’d decided on where his niece was tightest.

Then he was ready. His movements were like a jungle cat’s as he all but pounced into position to commit backdoor rape on his unsuspecting niece.

From down below, where she was eating Mitzi’s pussy, Gwen had to have noticed her brother by now and what he was set to do to her daughter. However, Ernie moved too quickly for his sister to issue a warning, aiming at point-blank range with his big prick and taking the plunge with an abruptly hilting force.

“Yeeoow!” Mitzi screamed upon impact, suddenly impaled on her uncle’s buried prick. “My asssss!”

Ernie snorted like a bull and rammed her even deeper. Already he could feel her hot shit seeping around his ass-raping prick.

“Like they say,” he hissed in his niece’s ear as he leaned over her back from behind, “relax and enjoy it. I’m not leaving you any other choice. Your tight, young asshole’s getting fucked!”

Then Ernie looked down to his sister, who was still beneath Mitzi.

“And don’t you get any ideas about trying to stop me, Gwen. My big cock’s in this girl’s tight, young asshole to stay!”

Gwen laughed out loud.

“Sure took you long enough to get your act together, brother dear,” she teased, making it apparent to Ernie that he was only doing what had been expected of him all along. “Mitzi and I were wondering if you’d ever get it back up again. Not that we weren’t enjoying ourselves while we were playing dyke, but we can always do that on our own time. After all, tonight you’re our guest of honor.”

Gwen moved to participate in the fucking of her daughter’s ass. Taking her brother’s balls in her mouth, she applied rhythmic suction which put springs in Ernie’s immediately rolling hips and made his cock pump in Mitzi’s shitpit.

“Ooooh, my ass! My ass! My assss!” Mitzi groaned with pleasure now that the friction in her shit chute was at a steady tempo. “I’m already leaking shit from this big cock in my ass, and now I’m gonna come, too!”

Shuddering from head to toe, Mitzi climaxed on the spot, declaring that she came as much or more from a cock up her ass than from one in her pussy. Then she suggested that it might be a whole lot of fun to try and find out for certain whether getting fucked in one hole made her come better than getting fucked in the other.

“You heard her, Ernie,” Gwen promptly called from below, releasing her brother’s balls to speak up on her daughter’s horny behalf. “Go ahead, stud, see if you can make Mitzi come as much with her pussy full of your big cock as she just did from getting it up the butt.”

“But, Sis, her ass has toady slit all over my cock,” Ernie pointed out, a concerned uncle now rather than a macho rapist.

“You think Mitzi doesn’t know that?” Gwen scoffed at her brother’s reluctance to switch holes. “The dirtier it is, the better. My dirty, daughter likes it just like her dirty, old mother. So what’re you waiting for? Fuck her cunt and make her come all over again with your dirty cock straight out of her shitty asshole!”

Ernie pulled his cock out of his niece’s rear tunnel. But he closed his eyes, so he wouldn’t have to see how filthy his prick now was. He only looked again when he’d completed the shift and was balls-deep in Mitzi’s juicy cunt.

“Mmmmmm, it burns. Your shitty prick burns sea gooood in my pussy,” Mitzi reported. “Now let’s find out if it makes me come as much as it did when you were butt-fucking me, Uncle Ernie.”

To create the desired friction between cock and cunt, Mitzi rocked to and fro on her knees.

At the same time, Gwen resumed sucking Ernie’s balls, putting the springs back in his hips so his loins were in perfect harmony with her fucked daughter’s.

“Ooooh, it’s building! I’m getting there so fast!” Mitzi swooned, on the orgasmic brink already. “Nothing left for me to do but come come… cummmmm!”

Ernie could hear her pussy gurgle aloud with female cum. There was so much that the excess leaked from her cock-filled pussy and dripped down onto the face of her ball-sucking mother.

“God, what commmming!” Mitzi crowed. “But is it better in your pussy than when you came from your uncle’s cock in your ass?” Gwen asked, releasing Ernie’s spit-soaked balls again.

“I-I’m not sure,” Mitzi answered. Then she merrily added, “So we’ll just have to go through it all over again. Back up my ass, Uncle Ernie!”

Ernie automatically did as he was told. This time he kept his eyes open when he pulled out, seeing that his glistening cock had been thoroughly bathed by his niece’s generous supply of pussy juice. Then it was time for a return trip into the tarpit of her other fuckhole.

“Unnnkh, here it goes!” he grunted as he stuck his cock in with a driving thrust.

Immediately he felt the slimy warmth of shit greeting his prick.

This time Gwen didn’t suck Ernie’s balls. Instead, Gwen made his own asshole a part of the action. Wriggling from underneath, she brought up her head from behind him to lance his gritty brown-eye with her educated tongue, giving him a rimjob while his prick probed her daughter’s backdoor.

“Wow, is this fantastic or what!” Mitzi sang out. “Here I am again, ready to come all over again already! Come so much in my fucked butt that I can almost taste my own shit!”

At this point, however, Mitzi wasn’t the only one who was primed to climax. For the double duty of fucking back and forth between her pair of openings had taken its toll on her uncle’s overworked cock. And locked to his balls in her ass, Ernie now announced the irreversible state he was in.

“Can’t hold it back!” he gusted. “This is just too damned much fucking for me not to…”

The dam between his legs burst before he could finish his sentence, his abruptly erupting cock gushing clear to the depths of his niece’s shitpit.

Then it was Mitzi whose voice was heard.

“Jesus fucking Christ, what a load! What a helluva load! It’s Goddamned heaven!” she deliriously cried out. “Not just Uncle Ernie’s jizz in my ass, but me shitting back at the same time while I come just as hard as he is!”

Gwen pulled away from reaming her brother’s ass. “Oh, I’m jealous! Everybody’s coming except me.”

“Then do it to yourself, Mom!” Mitzi called. “C’mon! Let me see you in action with yourself, you horny bitch! Right up here in front of me, right up close!”

“When could I ever say no to you?” Gwen sighed.

So she squirmed out onto all fours, then crawled around directly into the line of her daughter’s sight. There, she tipped back into the split-beaver position, spreading, her legs under Mitzi’s nose.

“Mmmmm, Mom! I can smell how horny you are!” Mitzi said, her nostrils flaring from the scent of raw pussy. “Now make it smell even sweeter by giving yourself a big, fat cum while I watch.”

“Like this, baby?” Gwen asked, sticking a pair of fingers into her squishing pussy.

“More, Mom, more!” urged Mitzi. “Give your horny cunt your whole hand!”

The rest of Gwen’s fingers immediately crammed themselves within her cunt’s yielding slit.

“Now make a fist Mom, a fist in your cunt!”

“Owwww, that hurts. But it hurts so good!”

“And the harder you fist fuck your cunt, Mom, the better it’ll hurt.”

“Whew, I feel what you mean!”

“Now keep it up, Mom! Keep fist fucking your cunt and I’ve got a surprise for you. But you’ve got to close your eyes.”

“Whatever you say, baby.”

And so, shutting her eyes, Gwen rhythmically punched to her pussy’s depths. In one breath, she would whimper how wonderfully it hurt, then in the next wonder aloud about the surprise her daughter had promised her.

Meanwhile, Mitzi had turned around and whispered to Ernie. “Now what about you, Uncle Ernie? You ready to do whatever I say, too?”

His drained cock having gone limp by this time and slithered from his niece’s swamped ass, Ernie smiled. “Dunno. Rest of me’s the same as my cock — numb. But…”

Even the muscles in his face seemed to be sore, yet he managed a winking grin nevertheless.

“I wouldn’t put anything past me, because I wouldn’t put anything past you.”

Winking, Mitzi grinned back over her shoulder. “Right on, Uncle Ernie. Don’t worry, you’ll know exactly what to do when the time comes. Now hurry up and catch your breath while you can, before you lose it all over again.”

Ernie braced himself by filling his burning lungs with soothing air. While he did, his niece left him for her mother. Her eyes closed, Gwen was unaware of the shadow blanketing her face when her naked daughter squatted astride her. Then her face was sat upon, as Gwen abruptly tasted Mitzi’s kinky surprise.

It was ass flush with mouth — Mitzi’s freshly fucked asshole there to be savored by her mother’s instinctively sucking mouth. Gwen couldn’t have been readier for it, turning her daughter’s surprise into a slurping rimjob.

Then there was Gwen’s fist fuck that had been in progress. Mitzi took it over, her own knuckled thrusts replacing her mother’s hand. Gwen traveled to Mitzi’s tits, where the sticky fingers pinched and squeezed a ripe, young nipple.

And once she and her mother were in perfect harmony, Mitzi looked toward her wide-eyed uncle. His role? Rather than telling him in words, Mitzi showed him with gestures which Ernie had no difficulty understanding. First her gaze dipped to settle on his cock, which was so filthy from having fucked her ass. Then, opening her mouth, she licked her lips in the sexiest possible version of the universal sign of hunger.

Ernie reacted on cue, surging back into action. During the instant before his filthy cock arrived at his niece’s mouth, it had suddenly become rock-solid again. And now he jammed his cock down her welcoming throat so she could suck it clean in the dirtiest way possible.

How long could Ernie keep this up? He didn’t know. But he was sure as hell looking forward to spending all night finding out.


“Oh, this is gonna be super! Just know it. At least as good as it was with Uncle Ernie,” a bubbling Mitzi predicted.

“To tell you the truth,” her mother admitted in reply, “I’m scared to death. With your uncle, at least I was in familiar territory. I’d fucked him so many times before, even if it was years before. But this…”

“You’ll be perfect, Mom,” Mitzi said with assurance. “Just leave the first part to me, then follow our plan and we can’t miss.”

“Guess it’s the waiting that’s getting to me,” Gwen sighed.

Just then the front door rattled.

“Waiting’s over, Mom,” Mitzi noted with a big grin. “Hurry, go hide so you can watch until it’s time for you to make your move.”

Gwen jumped up and left the room. She was out of sight as the front door opened. And entering the house was the unsuspecting young man who was scheduled to become the latest victim of mother-daughter sex.

Waiting for him was Mitzi. She greeted him from the couch, where she was now sprawled with one leg raised at the knee and the other dangling on the floor. The result was that her short skirt showed more than it covered, especially the fact that she wore no panties, prompting an immediate response.

“Well, hey, what’s this?”

“Just what it looks like, tiger,” she seductively answered, inching her skirt up even higher so her blonde cunt peeked more boldly from between her bare thighs.

“All right!” the boy said enthusiastically. “I was wondering when I’d get another chance for me ‘n’ you to get tight like we did the other night.”

“No time like the present, stud,” Mitzi beckoned. “Come and get it!”

She pulled her skirt all the way up to her waist. Then she fingered her lower lips apart, showing the inner pink for the male mouth which was swiftly there to go down on her pussy.

“Oh, thatta boy, Ned!” Mitzi moaned. “Feels even better than the first time you tasted my cunt. Think I’m gonna come in your mouth even faster than I did then.”

“Then feed it to me, Sis,” Ned slurped. “Gimme plenty of that sweet cum of yours to drink.”

“Mmmmm, drink away, kiddo!”

Mashing her cunt against Ned’s face, Mitzi had an orgasm. And as her response got wetter and wetter, she was providing something more than just pussy juice for her thirsty brother to swallow.

“Jeez, didn’t think a cunt could put out this much cum,” Ned slurped on. “Not even yours, Sis.”

“It’s more than only my cum you’re drinking now, brother dear,” Mitzi chuckled.

“Yeah?” Ned slobbered. “Like?”

“You tell me. What makes a cunt wet beside cum?”

His sister’s flow now having slowed to a dribble so he’d already downed most of it, Ned now bobbed up from Mitzi’s dripping cunt and did a double-take. “Naw… uh-huh… can’t be.”

“Mmmmmmm!” Mitzi smirked. “Look!” She reached down, cupping her hand to catch a damp sample from her leaking cunt. Then she brought the result to her brother’s face so the light glistened off it, as if she held a puddle of liquid gold.

“Want me to spell it out for you, brother dear?” she teased. “How you just got yourself a warm bellyful of my hot… sweet… p-i-s-s!”

Choking on the aftertaste now that he’d found out what he’d been so eagerly drinking from his sister’s cunt during the heat of passion, Ned told his sister she’d gone too far this time.

“After all, fair’s fair,” she giggled. “Wouldn’t do anything to you that I don’t want back in return. What goes for my pussy in your mouth goes for your cock in my mouth, too. In fact, I won’t take no for an answer.”

Ned was too stunned to avoid Mitzi’s grabbing hands. She yanked at his jeans, pulling them open and down along with his shorts. The shock of drinking piss had taken its toll on his entire being, so his exposed prick shrank from his sister along with the rest of him. However, on this occasion, Mitzi welcomed less as more.

“Oh, good, you don’t have a hard-on,” she said at the sight of his dangling cock. “A soft cock’s perfect for what I’m after right now. And you must’ve figured out what that is, haven’t you, Ned?”

“I-I can’t,” Ned stammered. “It-it’s too weird.”

“But it’s only just about the most natural thing in the world,” Mitzi scoffed at her brother’s protest. “When was the last time you went?”

“A-a few hours ago,” Ned gulped. “At school.”

“That sounds to me like you must be ready to go again. Don’t you usually when you get home from school?”

“N-not like this.”

“Then let’s make it more like what you’re used to. Guys always do it while they’re standing, so, here, upsy-daisy.”

Mitzi helped her slack-jawed brother to his feet from the couch.

“Now hold it,” she coned. “Like you do when you’re standing over the john.”

Ned was like a zombie. This meant that he didn’t directly react to his sister’s suggestion, but he didn’t actively resist either. So when Mitzi guided his hand to his cock, he passively left it there.

“Just relax,” she crooned. “Don’t fight it.” Cock in hand, Ned stared straight ahead as he would at a bathroom wall. And now his sister was reminding him in a persuasive whisper of all the drinks of water he must have had between his last trip to the john and now, and perhaps a couple of sodas as well.

And, as if in a trance, Ned muttered, “It was beer. Got a ride home and the other guy and I finished off the rest of this six-pack he had. Don’t know why I drank it. If the coach knew I broke training like that, he’d kick me right off the team. Only basketball I’d be playing anymore is on the playground.”

“I’ll never tell a soul,” Mitzi soothed. “Know how it is. Last time I sneaked some beer, I had to keep making excuses when I got home about why I kept running to the john. If you’re anything like I am, beer goes right through you.”

“Yeah,” Ned sighed, with the head of his cock between his thumb and finger.

“So, what’re you waiting for? Bet you have to piss so bad you can almost taste it.”

“Yet,” Ned repeated, fidgeting as he stood there.

“Then piss, piss, piss,” Mitzi softly chanted. And as she did so, she knelt in front of her brother. “Piss, piss, piss! Piss for me, Ned!”

As the pressure mounted from within, Ned looked down. There, instead of a toilet bowl, was his sister’s wide-open mouth.

At the sight of Mitzi, Ned snapped back to his senses. “I-I can’t…”

But it was already too late to stem the tide.

Ned’s cock was already gushing. What’s more, his sister had abruptly seized it with her sucking mouth, taking the hot piss straight down her throat.

Mitzi drank piss as fast as it spurted from her brother’s prick. Then, at last, Ned was drained. However, even then Mitzi’s suction didn’t let up.

“Okay, Sis, enough’s enough,” Ned rasped. “Not enough for me,” Mitzi answered with a sloppy mouthful of cock. “Now I’m after what comes next. And I do mean cummm! The sticky stuff that comes out of your dick when it gets hard.”

Ned tried to pull away. His sister pulled back even more forcefully with her damping mouth around his sucked meat. The tugging friction automatically sent blood rushing to Ned’s crotch, so the next thing he knew his suddenly rigid prick had surged deep into Mitzi’s welcoming throat.

By this point, Ned had to accept the fact that he was hooked. And, as Mitzi made him fuck her in the mouth, he also became aware that before long he’d be coming just as urgently as he’d pissed.

Indeed, the brink of his bursting point was reached even faster than Ned had anticipated. “Damn, same thing all over again. So bad I can almost taste it.”

While she deep-throated his straining prick, Mitzi squeezed his balls to prime the pump at the last instant. Then it was another gushing eruption for Ned, this time a creamy torrent of jizz for Mitzi to swallow.

And once again, enough proved not enough for Mitzi. After her brother’s balls had been drained, she kept right on sucking cock. Last time it was to make Ned hard after he’d pissed in her mouth, while this time it was obviously to keep his cock hard after he’d come in her mouth.

“All right, Sis, you can wind up the blowjob,” he sighed. “Got my cock hard enough to stay that way. Don’t worry, I’ll fuck your pussy.”

Mitzi did release her oral grasp on her brother’s prick, but it was to once again surprise him by declaring, “No! Forget about fucking my pussy!”

“What the hell?” a confused Ned sputtered, his boner twanging with apparently no place to go. “Then why’d you go to all the trouble to keep my prick so fucking hard, Sis?”

“For this!” Mitzi stated.

She was suddenly on all fours, pointing her raised ass toward her brother. Then she reached behind to spread her ass cheeks. And after that, she covered her pussy with one hand, while sticking the middle finger of the other into the much tighter target she had in mind a notch away.

“Fuck this!” she called over her shoulder. “Fuck my horny ass with that big, hard cock!”

“Jeez, Sis, won’t it hurt?”

“God, it better!” Mitzi exclaimed. “So much that I can’t stand how good it hurts!”

Ned had heard tell of butt-fucking, of course. What normal young man hadn’t? But he’d never thought he’d meet the sort of girl who’d give him a crack at backdoor sex. Especially not his own sister, even given the kinky path down which she’d led, him so far.

“H-how do I do it?” he stammered, staring between Mitzi’s asscheeks. “Like… my cock’s so big… and you’re so small there. Not even sure I could get it in, Sis.”

“You’ve gotta grease the way,” Mitzi instructed. “And nothing works better to get a tight asshole and a big cock ready for fucking than plain, old spit.”

“So where do I stand?” Ned anxiously asked.

“With your mouth on my ass. Start by going down on me back there. Get on your knees right behind me, get a faceful of butt, and then get sloppy.”

Ned was too involved to turn back now. He dropped to his knees and leaned forward, looking and sniffing at his sister’s spread ass at close range. Her finger was out of the hole now. She passed it under his wrinkling nose, then took a handful of his hair and pulled his face flush into the split of her ass.

“Kiss it!” Mitzi commanded. “Kiss my ass!” Ned’s puckered lips moistly caressed the pucker of his sister’s shitpit.

“Mmmmm, so far, so good!” Mitzi sighed with approval. “Now give me some deep tongue!”

Ned began reaming the tangy opening. Gradually inching within, his tongue wound up hilted.

“Now wiggle it around in there,” Mitzi advised. “Like a snake.”

Ned’s buried tongue squirmed, right at home in his sister’s asshole.

“Ooooh, I could come just from this,” Mitzi reported. “Ever had a girl’s ass come in your mouth? No, of course not. Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

She farted. It happened so fast that her brother had no time to escape the fumes. But he’d have hung right in there in any case, eagerly sucking up the sweet wind.

“Congratulations, you passed the test!” Mitzi praised his performance. “Now I know that you’re an ass-lover, for sure! Just wait until you jam me with your big cock instead of only your tongue, that’s when it really gets dirty.”

“When, Sis, when?” Ned eagerly slurped.

Mitzi gave him the go-ahead. “Now, stud, now!”

Ned pulled out his tongue, then straightened up to set his hips and aim his hard-on at the fascinating hole he’d just reamed and would next fuck. No longer did he require instructions as to how to prepare for the big moment. Lubing his cock without his sister needing to prompt him, he spat in his hand and briefly jacked off until the ten inches jutting from his crotch glistened in slippery readiness.

“Yeah, lookin’ good!” he boasted, taking stock of his fuck-ready prick.

Glancing back, Mitzi readily agreed that her brother’s cock was definitely primed for her fuck-ready asshole, then impatiently urged, “So, put it in me, stud! Fuck the shit out of my butt with that beautiful monster!”

“It’s on the way, Sis!”

Ned bucked his crotch and took the plunge. The spit did the job. His slippery prick hilted his sister’s equally slippery chute with a single thrust to his balls. He was officially fucking ass.

“Well, Sis?” he panted after the deep surge. “How’m I doing?”

“Never felt so full of anything in my life!” Mitzi excitedly reported. “Now you tell me how I’m doing.”

She began rocking to and fro on her knees, so the friction between cock and ass grabbed hold. It was strong enough to make her climax on the spot.

“Ahhhh, what commmming!” she celebrated. “I’m already starting to shit. Can you feel it, Ned?”

“Damn right, Sis,” her brother answered, taking advantage of the added lubrication to pump his cock in Mitzi’s squishing asshole. “Doesn’t get any dirtier than this.”

“Maybe not,” Mitzi answered, “but that doesn’t mean we have to stop pouring it on. You know me. Once I start wining, I don’t wanna quit.”

“Gotcha, Sis. How’s this to keep you cooking?”

Ned had just reached under his sister’s sweater to grab her braless tits. As he squeezed them, her plump nipples oozed between his fingers and were pinched.

“Owwwww! Super! Way you’re hurting my titties goes perfect with the way your big cock’s ripping my ass!” Mitzi cried with the special joy that came from being caught in a tug-of-war between agony and ecstasy. “More, more, more!”

Ned made sure he’d leave his sister’s tits black and blue, while his jackhammering cock in her ass also guaranteed she’d have trouble sitting down for a week. In turn, Mitzi climaxed nonstop, so horny she even reached down to her crotch and fingerfucked her own cunt to add to what Ned did to her.

“God, do I love it!” she screeched. “Only need one thing more to make it absolutely perfect!”

“Name it, Sis, and I’ll do my damnedest to give it to you, no matter how far out it is,” Ned offered.

“You won’t have any trouble with this. You’d do it on your own, even if I didn’t say anything. Just makes me feel so totally fucked, though, to listen to myself beg for it out loud.”

“Lay it on me, then, Sis.”

“Okay, stud, give me what’s last but not least when a guy balls a chick,” Mitzi said. “Ought to be as easy as falling off a log for you with the kinda tight action my butt’s been giving your prick.”

Ned knowingly nodded, understanding full well now what his sister craved. And although he was definitely primed to give it to her, he purposely held back at the moment in order to make Mitzi keep her end of the bargain.

“You said,” he reminded her, “that you’d beg for it. Well, let’s hear you. Beg me, bitch, beg me!”

Mitzi happily responded, pleading, “Come for me! Please come for me, stud! Come in my ass! Fill my fucked asshole with so much of your big dick’s hot cum that I can’t stand how good it burns! Please, please, please… come, come, come!”

“You’re in luck, bitch. Just so happens I’ve got a load to shoot up your butt that you’ll never forget!” Ned declared.

He stopped squeezing Mitzi’s tits at this point, using his hands on her asscheeks with equally bruising force to rock her back and forth for a final flurry of brutal friction. She screamed with wild anticipation, then his abruptly gushing cock delivered a torrent of scalding cream to the core of her shitpit.

“Ooooh, were you right! What a load!” Mitzi swooned, her brother’s jizz pouring into her. “Anybody ever asks me, I’ll tell ’em flat out that Ned Morgan shoots one helluva load of cum into a girl’s ass! Want the whole world to know that my brother’s such a stud!”

Ned didn’t take his sister seriously that she’d ever really tell anyone about her and him, assuming she was just blowing off steam. So, imagine his mind-bending surprise when, out of the shadows, an all-too-familiar someone actually appeared to take Mitzi up on it.

“Well, here’s your chance,” the intruder icily stated. “Why don’t you tell me all about your brother, you little slut? Or maybe he’d like to do the talking and brag about himself.”

Ned’s sense of survival had him struggling to free his cock from Mitzi’s ass so he could make his escape. His sister, though, was even faster to act, with the same thing in mind now that her bluff had, been called.

Getting leverage on her hands and knees, Mitzi bolted forward like a sprinter getting out of the blocks. His cock leaving her ass with a loud pop, Ned lost his balance and pitched backward, landing on his elbows. From this helpless position, he saw his sister abandon him.

He tried to get away himself, but it was too late. For the intruder now pinned him down by stepping on his throat with her high-heeled shoe.

“You’re not going anywhere, are you, young man?” she hissed.

“No… M-Mom,” Ned choked. “Guess I’m not.”


“You tell me,” mother called down to son, “what you think ought to be done about this, young man?”

“G-ground me? C-cut off my allowance?” Ned Morgan lamely suggested, his voice a gasping whisper from the continuing pressure of the foot on his throat.

“Don’t waste my time with that crap!” Gwen snapped. “It’s not like you stayed out too late, or got a bad report card. Fucking your own sister is in a class all by itself. And what happens to you because of it has to be, too. So guess again, sonny boy.”

Ned had never heard his mother talk this way. But, then again, he’d never been caught with his cock in his sister’s asshole. Anything went, he recognized, when a guy was this guilty — and, along with his mother’s tough talking, that had to include the punishment fitting the crime.

“I-I wouldn’t blame you, Mom,” he admitted, ready to accept the worst, “if you called the cops and had me locked up. I-I don’t have a leg to stand on.”

Gwen looked toward the phone. But then, with a brittle laugh, she returned her gaze to her son.

“Not any reason,” she explained, “to bring in outsiders. They’d ask too many questions. No, we don’t need that. This is strictly a family affair. We’ll settle it our way. So try again, my boy, and keep it right here where it belongs — behind closed doors.”

“How about Dad?” Ned gulped, grasping at straws to determine his own fate. “You could turn me over to him when he gets back home from wherever he went.”

“Let’s just say your father’s away on indefinite leave. He’s got his own problems,” Gwen answered, her laughter continuing and becoming more playful. “Besides, he didn’t catch you fucking your sister. So he’s going to deal with you, young man, is who did me.”

Gwen removed her foot from her son’s throat. Now she stood astride his head. Ned couldn’t miss the view this created. For unavoidably staring up his mother’s skirt, he saw that she wore no panties. Saw her hairy curt directly above him.

“And just what’re you looking at, mister?” she called down from her revealing pose.

“N-nothing, Mom,” a squirming Ned unconvincingly lied.

“Bullshit!” Gwen countered. “Tell me!”

Her foot was back on her son’s throat. But this time it was placed in such a way that Ned’s line of sight up her skirt at her bare pussy remained.

“Tell me!” Gwen demanded, cutting off Ned’s air.

“Okay, Mom… just lemme breathe,” Ned panted.

Gwen lessened the pressure, but not her son’s view of the hairy bush between her thighs.

“I’m waiting,” she prompted. “Let’s hear it, young man.”

“Your c-cunt, Mom,” Ned stammered the truth. “I-I can’t help but see it. Your c-cunt, Mom.”

“Then maybe you’d like an even closer look,” Gwen taunted. “After all, you wouldn’t be here if this cunt of mine hadn’t squeezed you into this world in the first place. Why should you be strangers?”

Gwen knelt astride her son, lifting her skirt around her hips in the process. Her cunt was suddenly so close to Ned’s face that its curly hair tickled his nose. Its strong scent made him dizzy.

“Wh-what’s this have to do with me and Sis?”

“Everything!” his mother declared.

“Wh-what’re you gonna do to me, Mom?”

“Make you prove it to me.”

“Prove wh-what?”

“That you’re the kind of stud your sister thinks you are,” Gwen stated. “Now it’s my turn to be convinced.”

“Jeez, Mom, dunno if I can prove anything,” a stunned Ned gasped. “After all I’ve been though, dunno if I could… well, you know what I mean, Mom, don’t you?”

“Get it up for me?”

His face ashen, Ned nodded.

“Just do what you’re told, and neither of us’ll have to worry. And you can start by licking my cunt,” mother told son in no-nonsense terms. “That’s an order.”

Gwen got rid of her skirt entirely, so she was nude below the waist. Then she fingered apart her meaty pussy-lips, showing inner pink to provide a yawning target. Maybe Ned’s cock was out of commission for the time being, but his tongue reacted automatically. It was abruptly out of his mouth and lapping down the juicy groove of the cunt that had given him birth.

“Well, does it taste as good as it looks?” Gwen asked.

“Yeah, Mom, sweet,” Ned said, telling his mother what she wanted to hear and the truth. “Sweet as Sis’ pussy.”

“Then you’re probably hungry for more.” She promptly sat on Ned’s face, sealing his mouth with her cunt. The reaction of his tongue was again automatic. It surged into the moist channel to lap his mother’s cunt from within.

“Did your sister come in your mouth when you did this to her?” Gwen quizzed.

Her pussy-licking son nodded.

“Then why should I be any different?” Gwen lilted.

She fucked her own clit. It was like pressing an orgasmic button, as she climaxed without delay, her cunt flush against Ned’s face.

“Yes, suck it, suck it!” Gwen urged in a low moan. “Suck my sweet cum, mother-sucker!”

His mother’s dirty talk spurred Ned on. His tongue became like an oral cock in her cunt, fucking her. In response, she came some more for him, her pussy’s delicious honey oozing steadily down his gulping throat. And what was so steadily happening was the flow of blood to Ned’s crotch. As he feasted on his mother’s juicy cunt, he could feel his revived hard-on throbbing to plug into the action.

Gwen sensed it, too. Reaching behind her back while she sat on her son’s face, she grabbed hold of her prize.

“My, my, and just what do we have here?” She chuckled, giving his cock a squeeze. “Sure know what it seems like. But, ahhhh, seeing is believing.”

To get a look, Gwen swiveled on top of her son, corkscrewing his tongue in her cunt. Then, turned all the way around, she focused on the rigid column of teenage meat awaiting her.

“Shame on Mitzi,” Gwen said as she gazed upon her son’s stiff, young cock. “Shame on Mitzi for keeping such a hung stud all to herself, when her old mother is every bit as horny.”

Gwen leaned over for closer inspection. She noticed a sparkling dab of pre-cum at the blunt tip of Ned’s cockhead. Her tongue flicked out, lapping up the liquid pearl.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed from the creamy flavor, “I want a whole lot more of that sweet stuff. A whole mouthful. Sooner the better.”

Wasting no time, Gwen swooped down, deep throating her hung boy’s huge prick on the first swallow. Then she applied some expert suction, making Ned thrust his crotch in reply, getting herself fucked in the mouth at the same time her pussy continued being tongue-fucked at the other end of what had become a mother-son sixty-nine.

“I’ve done all the coming so far,” Gwen said as she sucked. “But now I’m ready for some hot, shooting company.”

Her mouth began traveling up and down the thick length of her son’s cock, from the head to the root and back again with slurping rhythm. During this, she also squeezed Ned’s balls, making them churn in her grasp as she primed their supply of jizz. It was only a short matter of time until her expert technique took its desired toll.

“You want it, Mom, you got it!” Ned croaked from the pussy-end of the action. “All my cum in your mouth you can drink!”

His cock erupted on cue. The cum poured in a continuous stream rather than in a normal series of spurts. The abrupt volume of such a flow made Gwen’s cheeks swell at first. But then she caught up with it, swallowing even faster than Ned came. By the time he’d shot most of his wad and his cock dribbled with the dregs, his mother was still thirsty for more.

“Jeez, Mom, don’t you ever get enough?” Ned asked as the final drops of his jizz were milked. Then, realizing he already knew the answer to his own question, he sighed. “No, of course not. You and Sis are just alike.”

And since the similarity between mother and daughter was so striking, Ned could be sure that the action was just beginning. So there was no point in him waiting to be told what to do next, especially since he’d turned out to be just as hooked on his mom as he’d been on Mitzi.

“Okay, Mom, you’ve kept my cock as hard as Sis does,” he sighed. “So what’re we waiting for? You can stop sucking now and your pussy’s as good as fucked.”

But Gwen Morgan wasn’t satisfied with such a routine offer from her hung son. When she ended the sixty-nine and bobbed up into fucking position, she was on all fours with her raised ass spread in Ned’s direction.

“This give you any idea about more than just my pussy?” she called over her shoulder.

Taking things in stride by this point, Ned nodded. “All right, Mom, if you want it up the butt instead of in your pussy, I can dig it.”

“Instead of nothing!” his mother snapped. “I don’t jus want your cock up my ass, or only in my pussy. They’re both ready for fucking.”

“Jeez, Mom, all I’ve got is one cock,” Ned said.

“Then you’ll just have to work twice as hard,” Gwen sharply insisted. “Because, my darling motherfucker, I won’t be satisfied with anything less than twice as much as you thought until now you had to give.”

“Like, uh, maybe you’d better show me exactly what you’re after, Mom,” Ned cautiously suggested.

“You’re a bright boy. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it,” Gwen answered. “You can start with this.”

She reached back, fingering apart her pussylips from the rear, turning her gash into a pink tunnel.

“I should put it into your cunt, then, Mom?” Ned asked, holding on to his prick.

“Hard, fast and deep, motherfucker!” Gwen urged.

“Well, that’s no problem.”

Ned aimed and took the plunge. His cock hilted his mother’s cunt, which was so juicy that it gurgled from the shafting impact. Then, assuming he was supposed to continue servicing her cunt from the dog-fucking position, he reached for his mother’s hips to guide her movements. However, she promptly slapped his hands away.

“Pull out!” she demanded. “Right now!”

Ned did as he was told, without being sure yet what his mother was exactly after.

“Hmmmmmm,” she then said while he waited behind her with his hard-on fresh from her cunt. “Now I’ll bet that big, young cock of yours is just dripping with mommy’s pussy juice, isn’t it, motherfucker?”

“Yeah, pretty much, Mom,” Ned agreed.

“Then that means it ought to be slippery enough to push right into a lot tighter place than my cunt,” Gwen noted. “You can’t miss it. Just a notch away. You already said you’d fuck it, so give my horny asshole every inch of your slippery cock straight from my juicy cunt.”

Ned altered the angle of his cock, fitting the head into the puckered dent of his mother’s shit pit. She took over from there, rocking back on her knees so her expanding channel swallowed his pussy-slicked ten inches to the root.

“Ooooooh, stud, my ass tells me you’re hung even bigger than my mouth and pussy told me you were,” Gwen groaned with delight. “Your big cock’s already shaking something loose way down deep inside me. Can you feel it?”

Ned nodded that he could. How could he miss it — the hot slime of his mother’s shit seeping around his ass-fucking cock from her jolted depths?

“I can pump you all you want back there, Mom,” Ned then said. “Your ass has got my dick even slippier than your pussy did.”

“Just want you going in one direction now,” Gwen instructed. “Straight back out of my ass as fast as you went in.”

To make sure Ned cooperated, she lurched away from him on her knees. Popping free, his prick twanged at a sharp angle from his crotch, looking as if it had been smeared with chocolate.

“Now what, Mom?” Ned wondered aloud.

“Back to where you were born,” Gwen replied.

Here, Ned hesitated. “Damn, Mom, you sure you want another pussyful of my cock after where it’s just been?”

“That’ll give my pussy just about the dirtiest kind of fucking there is, won’t it? And if sex isn’t as dirty as you can make it, you’re not doing it right.”

“Okay, Mom,” Ned haltingly agreed. “it’s your cunt.”

“Then ram it with your shitty cock, motherfucker!”

Ned went ahead against his better judgment. But then he had to sigh with pleasure when his mother’s pussy welcomed his thrusting prick with rippling contractions that made his balls chum.

“Ahhhh, that burns! Makes my pussy jump!” Gwen screamed. “Need more of your shitty cock in my pussy, that’s for sure. You know by now how to set it up for me.”

The pattern he was expected to follow was clear to Ned now. So out of his mother’s cunt his temporarily cleansed prick jerked. Then he immediately took aim on the hole that would keep the fucking dirty.

“Owwwww, that hurts sooo gooooood!” Gwen squealed with delight when her ass was rammed full of cock again. “Told you that you’d get the hang of it, motherfucker!”

After this hilting surge, Ned didn’t need to be told to pull out once his hard-on was thoroughly smeared with shit. Next it was back to his mother’s cunt, driving to his balls.

“God, keep it up! And faster, fuck my ass and cunt even faster! Back and forth! In and out!” Gwen cried.

She came when her son’s prick sank into her shitpit again. Then came even harder when a filthy shafting of her pussy followed.

“Lord!” she screamed in the midst of the double-fucking flurry, “I’ve never felt so totally, completely, absolutely, fantastically fuck-fuck-fucked! Bet nobody ever has! Not even your sister when she took on your big cock, Ned. Even Mitzi didn’t get fucked in the ass and cunt at the same time like you’re doing to me!”

It was, of course, the truth. And the young lady with whom Gwen compared herself was only too willing to admit it, an eyewitness to her mother’s extraordinary fortune. For, despite what her brother thought, she hadn’t gone any place past a ringside seat.

“You topped me this time, Mom, that’s for sure,” Mitzi sighed with admiration, so proud that she had been raised by such a remarkable woman. “Sure, sooner or later I’ll catch up, but you showed the way this time.”

Mitzi had been careful about keeping her voice down. On purpose. After all, she wasn’t spying on her mom, just waiting to make her move according to plan. They were first, last and always a team, and it was time for Ned to find that out.

Overhearing her, he muttered. “Hey what’s that?”

Stepping out of the shadows, his sister chirped, “Just little old me, brother dear.”

“But you… I saw you run away!”

“But you didn’t see how far that wasn’t. I wouldn’t have missed watching you fuck Mom for the world,” Mitzi revealed. “Especially after I went to all the trouble of talking her into trying your big cock on for size.”

“So,” gulped Ned, “you two are in this together?”

“All the way!”

“Mom?” Ned gasped, asking his mother to verify that he’d been set up.

“Let’s show your brother what he’s up against, baby,” mother called to daughter. “Unless I miss my guess, it’ll only make him fuck my ass and pussy even harder.”

“Mmmmm, you’ve got it, Mom,” Mitzi readily agreed.

She was there in an instant, knowing exactly bow her mother intended to make her point. That meant dropping to her ass in front of the action, raising her knees and spreading her thighs to offer her cunt.

“Jesus fucking Christ! What a couple of horny bitches!” Ned rasped as he saw his mother began eating his sister’s pussy. “And, a what a fucking turn-on!”

Ned’s cock gathered even more momentum, as it fucked back and forth between ass and pussy with a single thrust in one hole before switching to the other. Then the friction grabbed his balls like a nutcracker. He had to shoot. The only question was where? Up his mother’s butt? In her cunt?

“Damn, it’s perfect!” Ned decided aloud. He didn’t just pull out, he pulled away completely, leaving the rear of the action to swing around to the side. Then, jerking off the rest of the way, he unloaded his gushing jizz all over both his mother and sister, as the former ate the latter’s pussy.

They loved it.

“More, more!” his mother urged. “Make it even wetter, stud!”

By this point. Ned’s climax had slowed to a sticky dribble, and his prick was softening. But he knew this needn’t stand in the way of drenching his mom and sis to the ultimate.

He strained from within, got results, and sighed with release. “Ahhhh, take it, bitches, take it! You know it’s what you want!”

How right Ned was. Mitzi stopped eating pussy, and she and her mother bobbed up grinning, cheek-to-cheek, twin targets for a golden shower as Ned grinned while he pissed all over them.


“Hi, baby, it’s me,” he said when Mitzi answered the phone.

“Daddy! Wondered when you’d turn up. Are you all right?”

“Getting by. Staying in a motel, living on hamburgers and thinking about you. Sorry I had to leave you there to take the heat, but I just couldn’t face your mother. But since the cops haven’t come looking for me yet, I figured that, well, all hell didn’t bust loose after all.”

Mitzi wasn’t sure how much of the truth she should reveal. So, for now, she settled on telling her father that he’d be surprised the way things had worked out since he’d been gone.

“Like, uh, what?” Vic Morgan warily asked. Stalling for time to decide what else she ought to tell him, Mitzi suggested, “Why don’t I come see you tonight and explain then, Daddy? It’s kinda tricky over the phone right now.”

“Oh, I get it,” Vic said. “Your mother’s there. Okay, here’s where I’m staying.”

He gave Mitzi the name of a motel on the outskirts of town. She told him she’d be there about eight.

“Good enough,” Vic agreed. Then he anxiously added, “Uh, one other thing. Tonight. When you’re here, think there’s a chance that maybe you and me… that I might get to… well, you know what I mean, baby?”

“Horny, huh, Daddy?” Mitzi knowingly teased.

“Sitting right here with a hard-on just from talking to you, princess,” Vic openly admitted now. “Haven’t had a piece of ass since the last time I fucked you.”

“We’ll see what we can do about that,” Mitzi cried. “Bye now, Daddy. See you tonight.”

When the call was over, Mitzi turned around and saw her other parent standing there. It didn’t surprise her. She’d had the sixth sense while she was talking to her father that her mother was in the same room.

“Well, Mom, guess you know who that was,” Mitzi said.

Gwen nodded, sighing. “Things have been going so well with him gone that I almost forgot that I’m still married to your father. I overheard you say you’d see him tonight. What happens when you do?”

Mitzi’s answer was one of those kind where she didn’t know what she’d say until she listened to it herself, coming out as, “What happens tonight with Daddy depends on you, Mom.”

Gwen said she didn’t understand, but the glint in her eye showed that she was definitely curious.

Again, Mitzi winged it, just as curious as her mother was about what she had in mind.

“Poor guy has a couple of problems,” she said. “He’s really horny for some pussy. That’s number one. Number two is that Daddy’s on the hot seat worrying about whether you found out he fucked me.”

“Don’t blame him either way,” Gwen replied. “But what can I do? Isn’t me your dad’s horny for, I’m just his wife. And how can I explain to him that I’ve been screwing around in this family so much more than he has? Like, there’s the brother-sister thing. Back when Ernie and I were kids, and now all over again. Then there’s you and Ned that I’ve fucked, too, my own kids. What husband could deal with all of that?”

“What choice does he have?” Mitzi countered. “Daddy either swings with the rest of us, or not at all. Bottom line is that the sooner he finds out we’re all sucking and fucking with each other, the better. And, if he finds out through you where it’s really at, it’ll hit home most of all.”

“Then, what you’re saying is,” gulped Gwen, “that you want me to go see him in your place tonight?”

“That’s how I have it figured, Mom.”

“But he’s expecting to fuck you, isn’t he?”

“That can wait,” Mitzi said, her plan clear in her mind now. “First, it’s your job to set Daddy up so he’ll understand we’re all in this together.”


“The same way any wife gets what she wants from her husband. A new washing machine, your own car, a joint checking account — you’ve hit Daddy up for every one of those, haven’t you, Mom? And I’ll bet that every time you threw in an extra-special piece of ass in the deal to make up his mind.”

“It’s how marriage works,” Gwen sheepishly admitted.

“Well, this time, Mom, the stakes are a whole lot bigger. Are you wife enough for the job?”

“Then you want me to f-fuck your father tonight?” Gwen stammered.

“Like you never have before, Mom.”

“But where’ll you be?”

“Right outside the door, waiting for you to curl Daddy around your little finger with his big cock in your tight cunt.”


Mitzi just laughed, but her mother got the message.

Vic Morgan looked at the clock. It was eight on the dot. Then he glanced at his bulging crotch. Yes, he anxiously thought, the time and his cock were right for his daughter to appear and turn his drab motel room into heaven on earth.

And then the knock on the door he so eagerly anticipated occurred. Vic leaped from his chair to answer, with visions of Mitzi’s beautifully blonde teenaged cunt dancing in his head.

“Baby,” he said as he opened the door. “Hope you’re in the same shape I am. Horny as hell.”

Vic stopped short and choked on the rest of his unspoken words.

“Surprised to see me?” Gwen smirked. “Of course you are. The last thing that tits in with a married man and a cheap motel is his own wife.”

Finally, Vic recovered. “All right, Gwen… what do you want?”

“Inside at the moment,” Gwen said. “It’s chilly out here.”

She brushed past her husband, leaving him to close the door behind her. Then, when Vic turned around, his wife was a sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Actually,” Gwen snickered, “this isn’t the first time Mr. and Mrs. Vic Morgan have been in a dump like this. Come to think of it, we spent our honeymoon somewhere that wasn’t much different.”

She bounced on the mattress now, making the springs squeak.

“At least the bed’s good,” she said. “But I guess it’s the one thing you’re paying for when you check into this sort of place.”

Then Gwen fell all the way back, her body bouncing.

“Mmmmmmm, feels familiar,” she sighed. “Almost makes me feel like a new bride all over again. Remember what I was wearing that first night, Vic?”

“Some kinda.”

“Pink nightie,” Gwen finished far him when he strained to recall. “This ought to refresh your memory.”

She had on a trench coat. Now she opened it. And underneath she wore nothing more or less than she had on her wedding night.

“My mother gave it to me as a wedding present,” Gwen said, slipping off the coat entirely. “This same nightie. Our honeymoon’s the only time I wore it, but I saved it all these years. How do you like the fit after all these years?”

Vic was speechless.

“Maybe this will refresh your memory,” Gwen interrupted his silence.

She put a pillow under her ass. Then she raised her knees. The short hem of the pink nightie bunched around her hips. Between her spread thighs was her exposed cunt, showing pink between the yawning lips.

“All right, Gwen… what do you want?”

“You didn’t have to ask that on our wedding night,” Gwen teased.

“A lot’s changed since then. Marriage does that…”

“Does this look like it’s changed that much?” Gwen purred.

She rubbed her cunt so it juicily squished.

“Or these?”

She’d pulled the string on the frilly bow at her neck, so the folds of the nightie parted to showcase her tits. Cupping her tits, she made the plump nipples stand out like ripe strawberries.

Vic couldn’t deny that his wife presented quite an eyeful, almost as if he hadn’t seen her naked in years despite the fact that he’d long since become used to taking her body for granted. Indeed, Gwen hadn’t looked so young since their first child had been born — which had been Mitzi, whose teenage tits and pussy her mother’s now seemed to equal.

“Well?” Gwen coaxed as Vic stared.

“Why not?” Vic whispered. “Why the hell not? Not what I expected tonight, but what’ve I got to lose?”

“What’s that?” Gwen asked.

Vic answered by unzipping his fly. His prick was swollen.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s more like it,” his wife greeted his hard-on. “Nobody can say the man I married isn’t hung. Remind me how much all over again, Vic. Put it in me. Every inch of that big cock in my hairy pussy to your fat balls.”

Closing the distance to the bed, Vic loomed over Gwen. As he stood there, she pivoted on her ass to reach out for him with her long legs. She pulled him on top of her. His hips landed between her thighs. His crotch nestled against hers, and in the process of his rigid prick had nowhere else to go but straight into her welcoming cunt.

“Ooooo, your cock feels soooo goooood in my pussy!” Gwen swooned as if it were the first time she’d ever been fucked by her husband of almost twenty years. “Gonna, come right away…”

She squeezed her legs around Vic, which tugged his prick even deeper in her twat. Then she climaxed on the spot, more like a horny teenager than somebody’s wife.

“And now that I’ve started coming,” she crowed, “I’m not gonna stop, if you don’t let me!”

Vic automatically reached for her tits, which had never felt so soft yet firm in his clutching hands before.

“Yes, bruise me! Bruise my titties with your big, strong hands while your big, strong cock fucks my pussy!” Gwen urged.

Vic sank his fingers into the spongy flesh of his wife’s tits, while thrusting his prick down below. If Gwen was acting like a horny teenager, he was starting to feel no less the same. When he was that age, a guy usually came quick, not worrying about pacing himself because he had the youthful stamina to start fucking all over again as soon as he’d shot his wad. And, Vic sensed, such a luxury was his tonight.

“Don’t hold back your fizz, stud! Want my pussy full of it as quick as you can start pumping it into me! Come, Vic, come!”

She clamped her husband’s hilted cock with her cunt’s youthful muscles and jerked her hips to provide maximum friction.

The fucking took Vic’s breath away. And as he whooshed, his jizz began to gush.

“Ahhh, what a load!” Gwen happily groaned on the receiving end of the scalding flood. “So much cum that my pussy’s already leaking while your cock’s still shooting, Vic!”

She made her husband reach down below so he could feel the creamy excess, then she had him smear it all over her squirming bottom.

“Give you a hint about where I want the next load?” she asked when Vic’s cock had slowed to a dribble in he swamped cunt and he had a handful of her sticky ass.

“But I’ve never fucked you down there before,” Vic replied.

“Then what’re you waiting for?” teased Gwen. “Twenty years is a long time.”

She unraveled her legs from around Vic and drew them all the way over her head. In the process Vic’s dripping cock left her oozing cunt, still as hard as ever.

“Feast your eyes,” Gwen beckoned from her jack-knifed position. “Then try it on for size.”

She pulled apart her asscheeks. The crack between them was almost as hairy as her cunt, with the curly silk decorating a dented pucker which seemed to wink in invitation at Vic like a dusky eye.

Then Gwen not only spoke the bottom line, she dropped a bombshell as well.

“Fuck it! Fuck my ass with your big, hard cock!” she cried. “Fuck my ass the way you fucked Mitzi’s!”

“Y-you know, then… about that?” Vic gulped at the mention of his daughter. “Saw us that night?”

“Wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t,” Gwen answered, which was the truth as far as it went. “Until I found out about you two, I’d almost forgotten how damned good a cock up the ass can be.”

“But, you and me, we never…”

“Just not with each other,” Gwen saucily cut in. “Until now.”

She reached for her husband’s cock, pressing its head against her tightest opening. When she playfully farted, the narrow passageway flared.

In response, Vic’s crotch instinctively bucked. Gwen, in turn, pushed back. And, for the first time in their marriage, Mrs. Morgan had an assful of Mr. Morgan’s long, thick hard-on.

“Mmmmm, nobody’s ever done it to me any better!” Gwen moaned as the deeply thrusting friction grabbed hold. “Mitzi was right — you can fuck my ass just as good as anybody I ever spread my cheeks for.”

Instead of asking about whatever men in his wife’s life he was being compared to, Vic had an even more pressing question in regard to Gwen’s last statement — the part concerning their daughter.

“You talked to Mitzi about this? Getting me to fuck your ass?” he rasped. “Then she knows you’re, here?”

Gwen just looked toward the door. It was opening by the time Vic followed his wife’s gaze. And there, devilishly grinning, stood their not-so-little girl.

“Don’t let me interrupt anything, Mom and Dad,” Mitzi greeted her parents. “I’ll just watch.”

“Then let’s give her a show,” Gwen said to Vic.

Gwen draped her legs over her husband’s shoulders and rolled her hips, giving the cock in her ass a rhythmic workout.

Locked into place, Vic had no choice but to respond to the grinding fuck tempo. And when his hard-on was quickly lubed by seeping shit, his slippery fuck-thrusts occurred faster and faster.

“Yeah, Daddy, that’s the way!” Mitzi cheered from the sidelines. “Fuck the shit out of Mom’s butt!”

Then, as she hungrily licked her lips from what she saw, Mitzi could no longer remain merely a spectator. Off came her clothes, so swiftly that her parents didn’t notice she was stripped for action until she was right there in bed, with them.

“Know I said I’d just watch,” she cheerfully explained. “But I never said for how long.”

There were no complaints as she leaned into the action and joined in with her tongue. She licked all around the ass-fuck, savoring the bittersweet flavor of her mother’s oozing juices and the salty sweat from her father’s balls.

“Mmmmm, I’ve got a tongue, too,” Gwen sighed. “And it’s just aching for some nice, young pussy.”

That was all Mitzi needed to hear. She adjusted her body so her mother could get at her cunt, while she herself could keep her own tongue busy in the crush of her parents’ loins.

And now, as she licked and was licked, Mitzi also went after her father’s ass as his pants sagged around his knees. Through muscular, his asscheeks were as smooth as a baby’s bottom. But between them the crack was overgrown with coarse, wiry hair. Mitzi rubbed in there, massaging the lump from the gland at the base of the cock and balls.

“Oh, baby,” Vic called down to his fondling daughter, “you keep that up and I just might drown your poor mother with my jizz this time around.”

“Then we don’t want to disappoint her, do we, Daddy?” Mitzi slurped from below.

Now she went even farther to prime her father’s supply of jizz. This meant piercing his gritty asshole and fingerfucking it. That, along with taking both of his balls into her mouth and sucking them as hard as she could.

“Whew! Never had to come so much in my life!” Vic dizzily gasped. “Come so much I can’t see straight.”

“Just close your eyes and let it rip, stud!” his wife excitedly spurred him on, speaking from the golden nest of their daughter’s pussy.

“Can’t say what kinda shape I’ll be in after it’s over,” Vic puffed. “But here goes…”

There was a rattle in his throat as his crotch bucked so violently that they could hear the snap of his whiplashed spine. Then he was groaning like a dying man. But his apparent agony was, in reality, mind-bending ecstasy. For Vic’s cock had just exploded with more jizz than any one man had a right to come.

Vic had the sensation he might never stop coming. No wonder — his daughter kept sucking his balls while his cock creamed in his wife’s asshole, the combined suction and friction becoming relentless. When and if his jizz did dry up, Vic woozily anticipated, the odds were he’d have passed out first.

And that was the last thing he remembered, when his prediction abruptly became reality with which he was no longer in touch.

“Out cold,” Mitzi said as he keeled over, his cock as limp as the rest of him now that it had left his wife’s ass. “Poor guy, hope he’s gonna be all right.”

Bobbing up to get a look, Gwen chuckled. “He’s grinning, isn’t he? Let him sleep it off in peace. He’s happy the way he is.”

“And meanwhile?” Mitzi asked. “Well, first of all, I’ve got a fucked asshole that needs sucking.”

“Hmmmmm, come to think of it, I’ve got a face that needs sitting on.”

“And after we finish that, we’ll wake up your father for a nice, long talk between the three of us about family business. Past, present and future.”

“Just hope that doesn’t make him pass out all over again.”


Even though it had become a regular occurrence, it still surprised Vic Morgan when he woke up in bed with his naked daughter. This was one of those mornings. His cock was still sore after all the sucking and fucking last night. Vic bet that Mitzi’s mouth, pussy and ass would be too when she woke up.

“Rise ‘n’ shine, baby,” he tenderly whispered in her ear. “I’ll be late for work and you’ll be late for school if we don’t get rolling.”

When Mitzi didn’t stir, Vic decided to bring her around in his own special way. Pulling back the covers, he feasted his eyes on her teenaged body, then gently tickled her until she rolled over on her back. From there, he eased his face down between her sleek thighs to lick her swollen cunt and asshole. It was still so soon after the last time he’d fucked her in both places that he could taste his own cum.

Mitzi remained asleep, though. Until her father concentrated on her clit, sucking the little button between his teeth and giving it a pesky bite.

“Oooooh,” she drowsily moaned, “that feels soooooo goooooood?”

Her father kept teasing her clit. Her crotch bucked in reply, mashing her cunt against his face. Abruptly, she was sweetly climaxing in his mouth.

“Mmmmmm, what a nice way to wake up,” she sighed, after blinking and focusing on the most welcome sight of her father burrowing between her legs. “Just like the last thing I remember before I went to sleep last night — commmmmming. Picking up right where I left off with dear, old Dad.”

Bobbing up now, a slurping Vic wistfully sighed. “Wish we could keep the ball rolling, angel, but I’ve got to go to the office and you have school.”

“Not today, Daddy,” Mitzi chirped. “We don’t have to be anywhere if we don’t wanna be.”

“Gee, baby, don’t tempt me,” Vic said. “I’ve already called in sick too many times lately, and you can’t afford to miss much more of school if you’re going to keep up your grades.”

“That’s not it, Daddy,” Mitzi laughed. “It’s Saturday, silly.”

Vic thought a second, then sighed with relief.

“Hmmmmm, so it is.”

“So there’s no reason to stop sucking my cunt, Daddy.”

“Oh, yes, there is.”

Vic knelt before his daughter, showing off a jutting hard-on.

“I’ve got the best reason there is to stop sucking your cunt. Fucking it!”

“Now, shame on me, why didn’t I think of that?” Mitzi giggled.

Then she fingered apart her pussy lips, offering a perfect, pink target for her father’s big prick.

“What a night,” Gwen Morgan fondly recalled as she greeted the new day.

She looked over at the sleeping male figure beside her, getting a horny tingle all over again.

“Such a sweet boy,” she lovingly said. “And such a hung stud.”

Gwen reached under the covers to lovingly caress Ned’s cock and balls. To her delight, his prick was hard.

“Bet he has to piss,” she figured. “That’s what a hard-on first thing in the morning usually means.”

Drawing back the covers, Gwen took a look. Her son’s rigid prick rested on his belly, the blue veins standing out along the long, thick shaft, while the swollen head was a blushing shade of red.

“Oh, how can I resist when I’m so thirsty,” Gwen murmured with anticipation.

She leaned over Ned’s crotch, licking the length of his prick from his balls to the blunt tip ten inches away. The salty flavor of his meat made her even thirstier.

Gwen began sucking cock. But it wasn’t her son’s jizz she was after with this blowjob.

She angled Ned’s prick down as she took it in her mouth. For this was the only way she could get what she wanted out of it while it was so stiff.

“Jeez, what’s that?” Ned soon murmured. “Is my dick really getting sucked, or am I just dreaming it is?”

His mother playfully threw the blanket over his nodding head so he couldn’t see for sure what was happening to him.

“Damn, if this keeps up, not sure whether I’m gonna come or wet the bed,” Ned mumbled in a muffled voice.

Gwen not only made sure it kept up, she doubled her suction. And her hung son was getting wider awake by the second.

“Okay, Mom, I know that’s you,” Ned soon said shaking off the blanket. “And I’m warning you. That’s a piss hard-on you’re going down on. First thing in the morning, I’ve always gotta take a leak.”

Gwen’s suction continued. Then, feeling a familiar twinge from within, she remembered that she hadn’t made her usual trip to the john yet either this morning. And now she had another urge which she couldn’t resist. She swung her naked body, winding up with her cunt in her son’s face while she kept slurping on his prick at the other end of the action.

“Hmmmmm,” Ned knowingly said at this point, “I smell something kinky in the air.”

His cocksucking mother promptly sat flush on his face, scaling his mouth with her cunt. Automatically, Ned began sucking back.

It didn’t take long from there. First, Ned’s prick erupted down his mother’s throat with bittersweet liquid gold. Then, a split-second later, Gwen’s pussy was also gushing with equal force.

Locked in their early morning sixty-nine, mother and son were starting the day by pissing in each other’s gulping mouth. And it was more than a turn-on enough to keep him hard and her hot for the fucking which would follow.

Around the breakfast table, the four members of the Morgan household wore self-satisfied grins as they ate bacon and eggs.

And now it was time to discuss what this Saturday held in store. In case it had slipped anyone’s mind, Gwen now reminded her husband and kids that this date was a special occasion.

“Now don’t forget. Today’s Ernie’s birthday. Nobody’s ever had a better brother than he’s been to me, or a better uncle than he is to you children, so I want this really standout for him. I’ve been planning his surprise party for days.”

“Still don’t understand what you’re gonna do about Aunt Ruthie,” Mitzi said. “What if she shows up, too?”

“Maybe that’s the surprise,” Ned joked.

His mother winked back at Ned. And she seemed more serious than not in spite of her casual response.

“Hmmmmm, I’m starting to get some real heavy vibes,” Mitzi remarked. “Mom, I’ve had a lot of practice reading your mind lately, and seems to me you’re coming through louder and clearer than ever right now. Am I right?”

Gwen merely nodded at the moment. It was enough, though, to vividly set the stage. Not only Mitzi got the message. Along with her father and brother, she nodded back. Fact was, they all silently agreed, it was about time that Ernie’s wife found out about what kind of family she’d married into.

Ernie was not surprised, indeed, by the birthday celebration which greeted him at his sister’s house. Especially when he realized that Gwen had set it up with his wife to steer him to the party.

“Damn, Sis,” he whispered to Gwen in a corner, “Ruthie doesn’t belong here. Just doesn’t fit in with the rest of us. You know I’d have come over late on my own, without getting her involved. How can we do any fucking this way, with my damned wife hanging around?”

“Could be,” Gwen mysteriously chuckled, “the surprises at this party aren’t over yet.”

Ernie started to ask his sister what she meant by that. But he didn’t get the chance, as his wife suddenly interrupted them.

“Oh, Gwen,” Ruthie said, “this was such a good idea. Ernie’s been working so hard lately. Overtime at the office two or three times a week…”

Ernie winced. Where he’d really been those evenings was right here in this house, sucking and fucking with his sister’s family.

“He needs to enjoy himself,” Ruthie continued. “And everything’s just perfect. Know that Ernie’s having a good time, and so am I. Been so long since I paid a visit. Why, that boy of yours must have grown a foot since the last time I saw him.”

Ruthie paused to giggle like a schoolgirl after her mention of Ned.

“And he’s such a flirt,” she explained. “If I were a whole lot younger, I just might start flirting back.”

Attempting to keep his wife from further silliness, Ernie sharply interrupted, “Ruthie, don’t you think you’ve had just about enough to drink?”

Ruthie glared back at Ernie. It was up to Gwen to keep them from each other’s throats.

Gwen smiled. “Let me show you the rest of the house, Ruthie. We’ve done so much to it since the last time you were here.”

Gwen took the hand of her brother’s wife and led her away before Ernie could sound off anymore. At the same time, without anyone noticing but Ned himself, she made brief eye contact with her son and with a tilt of her head beckoned him to follow behind at a safe distance.

Then Gwen guided Ruthie down the hall to the main bedroom.

Ruthie tried to be polite, but had to admit that she couldn’t see that much new since her previous visit.

“I lied,” chuckled Gwen. “Didn’t want Ernie to be jealous.”

“You mean about what I said about your Ned?” Ruthie scoffed. Then she sheepishly confessed, “Ernie was right. I have had a few too many drinks. Kinda got carried away…”

She wistfully sighed.

“Ned is such a cutie, though.”

“A lot more than cute, Ruthie, take it from me,” Gwen said. “Or better yet, why doesn’t he show you in person?”

On cue, Ned appeared. It wasn’t just his aunt’s imagination that his jeans had become exceptionally tight where it was most noticeable — at the crotch, where there was now a very prominent bulge. And his words were even bolder.

“You like young cock, Aunt Ruthie?” he asked with a leer that was anything but boyish.

“I-I beg your pardon,” Ruthie stammered in a hush.

“Young, hard cock,” Ned said. “Like, uh, mine.”

He patted his bulging crotch. Then he unsnapped his jeans at the waist and started slowly unzipping his swollen fly.

“Just tell me to back off if I’ve got you wrong,” Ned smirked, inching the tab ever lower.

His aunt said nothing, her wide eyes staring directly below her nephew’s hips.

And then Gwen whispered to her brother’s wife, “You’re doing the right thing, Ruthie. Hard and young is exactly what Ned’s cock is — and big and beautiful. Just made for us, uh, older women.”

And now Ned produced his jutting pride and joy. At the sight of his cock, his aunt visibly nodded.

Once again, Ned used the silence-means-yes approach. “Just tell me if you don’t want to suck it, Aunt Ruthie. Otherwise [missing text].”

The only sound Ruthie made was a result of her panting breath.

“On your knees then, bitch!” Ned commanded. “Suck my cock!”

In a seeming trance, Ruthie obeyed, kneeling before Ned. Pie pushed his jeans down to his own knees. His aunt reacted by grabbing one of his bare asscheeks in each of her hands and pulling him toward her face so his huge prick surged into her hungrily open mouth.

“Oh, suck it, suck it!” Gwen now urged her sister-in-law from the sidelines. “All the way to his balls. The way Ned’s used to getting a blowjob. The way his sister and I suck his big cock. Same way Mitzi and I do his dad’s!”

Hearing this, Ruthie darted her eyes in a double-take.

Gwen assured her, “You heard me right. In this house, sucking and fucking’s a family affair. If you think my Ned’s a stud, you ought to see my Mitzi in action.”

A shadow moved at the doorway.

“Well, my, my, speak of the devil,” Gwen snickered.

“Not polite to leave the party, Mom,” Mitzi snickered back.

“The party’s here now, darling,” Gwen liked. “Guess you can see that.”

“Does eating pussy go along with sucking cock, Mom?”

“What do you think?” Gwen said, lifting her skirt to put her pantyless cunt on hairy display.

“Looks like Aunt Ruthie’s about to get some company at giving head,” panted Mitzi.

Then she streaked across the room, landing on her knees in front of her mother the same way her aunt knelt before her brother. Only instead of deep-throating a stiff prick, Mitzi now buried her face in juicy pussy.

And, at this point, Gwen turned back to her cocksucking sister-in-law to chuckle, “Might as well make it even more interesting. Tell you what, Ruthie. Bet you that Mitzi can make my pussy come in her mouth before Ned’s cock does in yours.”

“Sorry, Mom,” Ned spoke up on his aunt’s behalf. “That’s one bet you’re just about to lose.”

Holding his aunt’s head, Ned ground his crotch against her face with his cock all the way down her throat. Then, as he grunted like an animal, it was obvious that as of now he was already feeding Ruthie his jizz.

Forgetting about the bet, Gwen anxiously asked, “Well, how does she like it?”

“Can’t get enough,” Ned reported. “She’s gulping down my jizz as fast as my dick shoots it. Just like you and Sis do when I fuck your mouths.”

“Hear that, Mitzi?” Gwen called down to her pussy-eating daughter. “Your aunt tits right in. We’ve got a new one in the family.”

“Oh, wow! Will Uncle Ernie be surprised!” Mitzi gleefully predicted from below.

“Natch. It’s a surprise party, isn’t it?” Gwen bubbled. “And Ruthie getting it on with the rest of us is the last birthday present Ernie could’ve expected.”

“When’re we gonna spring it on him?” Mitzi asked.

“We’ll leave that to your dad,” Gwen said. “Sooner or later Ernie has to notice the rest of us are gone. When he does, your dad knows what to do.”

And overhearing this, her belly now full of teenage cum after draining her nephew’s cock, Ruthie outspokenly joined the discussion swirling around her.

“Then let’s make it something really worth walking in on!” she excitedly suggested, her tongue still thick with Ned’s jizz.

Ruthie scooted over to where her niece and sister-in-law were kneeling at Gwen’s rear.

“I’ve always had this crazy fantasy about sticking my tongue into another woman’s tight asshole,” Ruthie explained. “Especially while somebody else was eating her pussy at the same time. Dreamed about it so many times, but never thought it’d ever come true. Now, though, what used to seem crazy makes soooo much sense that I can’t wait to try it for real!”

“Is this real enough for you, Ruthie darling?” Gwen asked over her shoulder, then reached for her plump asscheeks to spread them for her brother’s butt-hungry wife.

“Mmmmm, it’s everything I dreamed of,” Ruthie sighed at the sight of Gwen’s hairy, throbbing asshole.

“So let’s get our tongues to work,” Mitzi called to her aunt from in front. “Mine in Mom’s pussy, and yours reaming her where she shits.”

“Just watch me dive in!” Ruthie swooned with anticipation, then buried her face between the half-moons of her sister-in-law’s bare ass.

Next it was Mitzi’s turn, as she got back to feasting on pussy. When her tongue squirmed into the juicy slot, she could feel her aunt’s reaming tongue through the thin wall separating her mother’s cunt and asshole.

And on the receiving end of the dual slurping, Gwen sighed. “It’s fantastic! Feel like I’m getting eaten alive! God, what a way to gooooo!”

But everybody in the bedroom wasn’t satisfied. Left out and hard again, the one male member of the family present let it be known that he was impatient to plug back in.

“Hey, what about me?” Ned sounded off.

“Think you can figure that out on your own, stud,” his mother replied. “Just pick yourself a fresh spot and go for it.”

Immediately sighting a likely target, Ned panted, “Yeah. Now there’s a cunt that sure as hell needs every inch of my big prick.”

He’d focused on his aunt. As she knelt to eat Gwen’s ass, Ruthie’s own ass was raised. With her skirt having ridden up around her hips, her cunt flexed invitingly from the rear through her clinging panties, darkening the taut fabric with a moist stain of leaking liquid arousal.

“Man, I can smell that pussy it’s so horny for my prick,” Ned noted with a whiff, as he lined up behind his aunt with ten inches in readiness to strike.

First he had to do something about the sopping panties. He was in too much of a hurry to take them all the way off, so he hooked a finger under the elastic and tugged their crotch band aside. A jungle of curly hair greeted him. His aunt had a bush that equaled his mother’s. And at its center, framed by spread pussy lips was a tunnel of pink that begged to be fucked.

Ned wasted no time in putting it in. The fit was even tighter and juicier than he’d expected. Plus, his aunt immediately began rocking to and fro, providing the classic friction between cock and cunt that fucking’s all about.

“Well,” Gwen asked now that he’d made it a foursome, “does your auntie’s pussy have what it takes?”

“A piece of ass doesn’t get any better,” Ned enthusiastically answered. “Wonder if Uncle Ernie has any idea how hot she really is.”

“The husband’s always the last to know. But he’ll find out soon enough,” chuckled Gwen.

And, sure enough, at this very moment Gwen’s prediction was on the verge of coming true, as in the living room Vic Morgan said to his brother-in-law. “Looks like the party’s going on without someone else. What do you say, Ernie, why don’t we go down the hall and take a look at what we’re missing?”

Ernie shrugged without comment, having long since stopped trying to figure out what kind of evening this was supposed to be. A couple of times he’d hinted to his wife’s brother that he’d appreciate knowing why Gwen had arranged for his wife to be there, but Vic had changed the subject. So by this point Ernie had given up, simply going through the motions of lasting out what had become a birthday he’d just as soon forget.

Listlessly, he followed his brother-in-law down the hall, then Vic said to him, “There they are. Hear them?”

Ernie abruptly tingled with alertness. Yes, he certainly did hear them. And the sounds were strikingly similar to those with which he’d recently become so very familiar in this house.

“Vic,” he said, glancing pointedly toward the noisy bedroom at the end of the hall, “what the hell’s going on in there? Ruthie’s with them, isn’t she?”

“See for yourself,” a smirking Vic suggested. They’d reached the door. It was ajar. Vic kicked it open, then stepped aside and let his wife’s brother get an eyeful.

“My God!” Ernie blurted in shock. For he was suddenly a witness to a family orgy, with nobody else but his ass-licking, dog fucked wife in the middle of it.

His niece was the first to respond to his shock. Interrupting her pussy-eating, Mitzi spoke for everyone in the family as she sang out. “Happy birthday, Uncle Ernie!”

What could Ernie do? If he didn’t join in, he’d be the only one who wasn’t part of the orgy. For Vic’s stiff cock was out now, and Mitzi was urging her father to fuck her.

Then, because almost wasn’t enough, she’d dive right back into the thick of the best thing that had ever happened to any family.