Anal sex with the Doctor

Nurse Head smiled in greeting as Annette entered the doctor’s waiting room a week after her history test. It was time for her annual physical, and Doctor Horn was going to give her the works.
“Hello, Annette. How have you been?”
“Oh, pretty good, I guess. I’m feeling fine.”
“Good. Come with me.”
Nurse Head escorted Annette to one of the tiny examination rooms. “Strip,” she said. “The doctor will be with you shortly.”
The nurse left the room as Annette began removing her clothing. When she was stark naked, she sat down on the paper-covered examination table. The room was cool on her bare skin, but not cold.
While waiting, she thought to herself how privileged doctors are. Every day, naked females spread themselves for his inspection. She wondered if her doctor had ever fucked one of his patients, then felt ashamed of herself for thinking of good old Doc Horn in that manner. Doctor Horn was a professional, and certainly would not allow himself to become aroused at the sight of bare female flesh. She was sure that when he looked at a person, all he saw was muscle tissue and membranes.
After several minutes, the doctor arrived. Smiling, he asked the usual questions about her health.
Annette was becoming aroused as she sat there, fully exposed as she was. To her, it was stimulating to sit naked while in the presence of a fully clothed man. It made her feel excitingly vulnerable to sexual assault.
The questioning over, it was now time for the actual physical examination. Doctor Horn professionally got down to the business at hand as he stood in front of Annette.
“Got to check your breasts for lumps, Annette. Wouldn’t want you to come down with breast cancer now, would we?”
Annette shook her head as the doctor began to fondle her ripe tits. He felt over and around them with his gentle hands, lightly pinching as he did so. He tweaked her nipples, then rubbed over them with his palms. He ran his fingers around the sides of her tits, then underneath. He cupped them in his hands, slightly lifting her tits and looking underneath as he did so.
Annette was becoming excited as her tits were handled by the doctor. With his face in such close proximity, she almost wished he would lick and suck on the ripe little tips. He continued to squeeze and fondle her firm tit globes, until Annette thought he was going to play with her tits for the rest of the morning. She thought that her desire to have her tits sucked would be fulfilled as the doctor’s face moved closer and closer to the red buds until she could feet his breath on them. Just as the feeling was building up to an almost unbearable intensity, Doc Horn backed off with a satisfied expression on his face.
“Nope, no lumps there, Annette. Now, lie back and hook your feet in the stirrups.”
The trembling Annette did as the doctor requested, raising her feet to fit them into the stirrups provided for this purpose. Her cunt was already juicy, and there was no way to hide this fact from the doctor. She wondered what he would think, if he would grow excited, himself. Her pussy was spread open to his view, open to anything that he might wish to do.
Doc Horn placed his hands around the pink lips of her cunt, pulling them wide open. Annette felt his hands on her cunt, her sensitive cunt lips sending delicious sensations to her brain. She could feel the wetness and knew that it was quite evident to the good doctor that she was excited. She could see his head hovering close above her moist pink fuck hole, and could feel his fingers moving, rubbing, and massaging the tender skin.
“Annette, this area seems to be a little bit puffy and reddened. There might be an infection of some sort. Have you felt any itching down there?”
“Yes, and as a matter of fact, it itches right now. Can I scratch it?”
“No. We wouldn’t want to inflame the area any more than it already is until I find out what’s wrong.”
Annette lay back, the tension building up to an unbearable intensity. She wanted to climax; her clit was begging for attention. Her pussy was burning with unfulfilled desire.
She lay back as the doctor continued his fondling of her reddened pussy hole. His fingers moved up to her horny clit and twisted and pulled the little organ until she was just short of climax. His fingers rubbed around her wet clit, then rubbed over it, pushing it back and forth, and then his thumb and forefinger closed on the little nub to twist and tweak at will.
She could hardly restrain herself from crying out with lust. Now and then her hips gave an involuntary lurch as a particularly good sensation speared through her body from her clit.
“Does it hurt here, Annette? Tell me if you feel any pain when I do this.” He pinched her clit, and she jerked her hips in response.
“No, I don’t feel any pain, Doctor.” She gasped for breath.
“How about this?”
He vigorously rubbed his hand back and forth over her little clit. Annette threw her head back and moaned. She could not keep herself from moving her hips in response to his ministrations. She was very close to climax.
“Hmmm, Annette. There is evidently something of an irritation down here. The area is reddened, puffy, and you keep lurching and jerking around when I touch the area. How about up inside? Has anything been bothering you inside here?”
He began to slide his fingers down to her cunt hole. One finger pushed up against the opening and started to rock back and forth, gathering pussy cream. The finger slowly slipped inside, as Annette lay back with her head thrown back, eyes almost closed. She could still barely see the doctor.
Another finger moved up to accompany the first on its scientific investigation. It slid in with comparative ease next to the first. Annette could feel the doctor as he rubbed the inside of her wet cunt. His fingers brushed against the inner walls of her wet fuck hole, first on one side, then on the other. Next, they moved up to the roof of her hot cave, where they rubbed back and forth in exploration.
When a third finger plunged into her gaping pussy, Annette could no longer restrain the moans of pleasure that had been trying to escape her lips. She gasped and moaned aloud.
“Annette, does it hurt? What’s wrong? Just tell me where it hurts and I’ll see what we can do about it.”
“All over,” was all she could say, between gasps for breath.
Doctor Horn sawed his hand back and forth a few times, the three fingers fucking into Annette’s overflowing cunt with each stroke. She gasped and lurched, sure that she would have the biggest orgasm of her life. But the good doctor then removed his hand for the time being.
“All right, Annette, we’ll have to return to that area a little bit later. First, we have some more examining to do. You can come out of the stirrups now, then roll over onto your stomach.”
Annette complied, quivering with anticipation of what was to come. She was still not sure whether or not the doctor was intentionally getting her horny, or was just carrying out a routine physical examination. However, she was sure that she was highly excited and needed to cum. The sooner the better.
She rolled over onto her stomach, becoming even more excited as she thought of her sensitive asshole which was almost in view of the doctor. She watched him pulling on a rubber glove and realized that he was about to probe her asshole with his fingers.
However, that was not what he was going to do, yet. First, he pulled out a rectal thermometer.
“It’s about time to take your temperature, Annette. I’m going to take it both orally and rectally in order to get the most accurate measurement.”
He dabbed a little bit of Vaseline onto the end of the rectal thermometer, then told her to spread her ass cheeks. Annette placed her hands on each ass cheek and did as he told her. Now her puckered brown asshole was completely exposed to view. After a few moments of waiting for him to stick in the thermometer, she began to wonder why he hadn’t done so yet. As she turned to look, she felt him slide the thermometer up her ass. It felt so good!
“I have to work this thing back and forth a little, Annette, in order to get the lubricant spread around enough.”
With this, the doctor began to fuck her ass with the thermometer. He slid the cold glass tube partially into her ass, then withdrew it most of the way, then slid it farther in than it had been in the first place. He slid the tube in and out, until it was slipping and sliding with no resistance.
Annette felt the tube as it penetrated her tight asshole muscle. She hunched her butt, eager to have something stuck up her asshole. With a slight sense of disappointment, she realized that the thermometer was too small to afford her much feeling. She wished that the good doctor would fuck his good cock up her aching ass, but she thought that was probably too much to ask for.
Though the thermometer was small, it did give her a pleasant stimulation. As the tube slipped and slid faster and faster in and out of her asshole, Annette began gasping once again in extreme pleasure. Goddamn, it felt good!
“That’s enough. Now we’ll wait three minutes to see what your temperature is.”
Next, Doctor Horn placed a regular thermometer into her mouth. He motioned to her to hold it with her tongue. Then he sat down in his chair, out of Annette’s view.
After several minutes, the doctor stood up and removed the thermometer from her mouth. It read 98.6 degrees. Then, he went around and pulled the rectal thermometer from her butt. It also read 98.6 degrees.
“Damn, Annette. The two thermometers show too much discrepancy for me. I’ll have to take your temperature rectally again. This time we’ll use a more accurate thermometer. But brace yourself. This one is a little larger than the last one was.”
As she lay on her belly, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide open for the doctor, though he hadn’t asked her to. She was that eager for something to be stuck up her hot asshole. Unknown to her, the doctor greased up his forefinger with Vaseline, then greased his second finger too. Pretending that this was another thermometer, he pressed his fingers up against her brown asshole.
“Now, don’t look back, Annette.”
Annette grunted in the affirmative as his fingers pressed home. The tight brown hole stretched to take the two fingers inside it as Doctor Horn pushed forward. Annette smiled to herself with pleasure as she felt what she thought was a thermometer slide up her ass. My, my, she thought. This thermometer is much better than the first one was.
Little by little, the two fingers fucked into the tight entrance. Doc Horn worked them back and forth as he went deeper, spreading the lube inside her asshole. When his fingers hit bottom, he pushed against the asshole as if to cram his hand inside, and rotated his fingers from side to side, and around and around, twisting and churning Annette’s insides, to her complete delight. She loved the feel of this big thermometer.
“Now, Annette, we’ll just wait a few minutes and see if this thermometer reads the same as the other did.”
Doc Horn kept his fingers lodged up her asshole, while she lay flat on her stomach, eyes closed, savoring the delicious sensations. If Annette had been paying more attention to the good doctor, she would have noticed a healthy cock-bulge in the front of his pants, only partially covered by his white lab smock.
After a suitable interval, the doctor withdrew his ass-plugging fingers, still pretending they were a thermometer.
“Hmmm. This one says 100.2 degrees, Annette. I don’t know if something is wrong with the thermometers or what. Tell you what, we’ll try to find out what the correct temperature is by using the most advanced rectal thermometer available today. You’re fortunate that I have one. But, I warn you, it is somewhat larger in size than the first two were. I’ll put it in slowly so as not to cause you very much pain. And I guarantee we’ll find out the truth with this one.”
The doctor turned and picked up a pillow and gave it to Annette.
“Place this under your hips. We need to raise you up to get the proper angle. Then close your eyes and completely relax.”
Annette raised herself up and slid the pillow under her hips, then lowered her moistened cunt onto it. As Doc Horn suggested, she closed her eyes and fully relaxed her body. Damn, she felt lucky. She was about to have her wish fulfilled, to have a large object fucking her ass.
Assuring himself that Annette had her eyes closed, Doc Horn unfastened his pants and jerked them down to his ankles. His stiffened prick stood at attention, ready to fuck her puckering asshole. He took a glob of Vaseline on his fingers and spread the oily lube around the big head of his prick. Some more lube went to lubricate the shaft of his hard cock.
Ready to fuck, he moved up behind Annette and pushed her knees as far apart as they would go, telling her that the machine needed space to get in. Next, he told her to spread her ass cheeks as far apart as they would go, in order to facilitate insertion of the thermometer, and she did so.
Her luscious brown asshole was fully exposed and ready for fucking. Doc Horn stuck one finger into her greasy ass as he climbed up onto the examination table behind Annette. He slid his hard cock along his finger, guiding it right to its target.
Annette was quivering with lust as she felt the big head of his prick pushing against her asshole. What a thrill! The doctor pushed forward and his big cock-head slipped inside her ass. Annette gave a grunt of pain-pleasure as the fuck tool started its journey into the dark hole, stretching the tight ass ring as it went. Annette was experiencing the heights of pleasure as she felt her asshole stretched to the limit.
Doctor Horn was careful to take his time and go slow, as he did not want Annette to become too suspicious of what he was doing. He slowly inched his cock inside her stretched asshole, pushing a little forward and pulling back, then fucking slowly a little deeper than he had at first.
Annette lay back and enjoyed the delicious sensations. She quivered and shook as the doctor inched his prick deeper and deeper inside her itching asshole. She loved the feel as her ass was stretched and probed. Her clit was sending messages of impending climax to her brain as she felt the doctor’s hard cock fucking up her lubed shit-chute. She thought to herself that this was unlike any rectal thermometer she had ever experienced, but was grateful for the opportunity of being on the receiving end of its use.
As Annette felt the “thermometer” inch its way in, she felt a tremendous urge to frig her aching clit. She desperately wanted to climax. Throwing caution to the winds, she gave in to her body’s demands, and reached under her belly with her hand. Locating the swollen nubbin, she circled and pulled on the sensitive clit.
Doc Horn, seeing how horny Annette was, realized that he had unwittingly stumbled onto buried treasure. He had always wanted a woman who would willingly let him fuck his pulsing prick up her quivering asshole as often as he wanted to. He inched forward, fucking his slick boner forward until it was finally buried to the hilt. He groaned, it felt so good and tight. Letting the brown hole grip his cock in its tightness, he lay back to enjoy without moving, and tried not to place his weight on Annette’s back-in an attempt to maintain the deceit.
Annette, now getting into frigging her own clit, began to lurch and heave her hips in unfulfilled fuck-lust. The hell with it, she thought. It was now time to relieve the aching in her clit, time to climax. Time to let loose with all her pent-up desire. She bucked as her orgasm loomed. She jerked and humped on her hand, slamming her ass back onto the hard prick. She let the hard cock fuck in to her insides as her fingers played with her swollen clit. She pinched and pulled, rubbing and fondling the sensitive skin. Now and again a couple of fingers would stick inside the cunt hole itself. They slipped and slid in the wetness of her hot cunt. She squirmed excitedly as she began to cum.
She groaned in ecstasy as her brain was overcome by the sensations she was receiving from her cunt and asshole. She humped back and forth, unable to control herself, thoroughly enjoying the ass-fucking the good doctor was dishing out to her. Her tight asshole ring gripped his swollen prick, stretching and sliding over the probe. Her ass gripped and let loose with each convulsion of her climax, gripping and loosening, gripping again, and again letting go as she relaxed between spasms.
Doc Horn now began to get down and fuck as he felt Annette come alive under his stiff, ass-fucking prick. He fucked his hard cock in and out of her pulsing asshole, feeling the tight grip she held him in. Her ass was so good, its tightness, exquisite, the ultimate in fucking. Moreover, he enjoyed the sight of an ass spread wide open, hunched up in the air and receiving a stiff cock. He was immensely turned on by the sight of Annette’s young asshole, stretched to the limit and plugged by thick cock. Those beautiful ass cheeks were spread wide, and he was thrilled to think that it was his big, throbbing cock-meat that was fucking the hell out of her tender asshole.
As the doctor continued to fuck Annette, she kept up her frenzied humping and climaxing. The climax rode over, wave after wave of pleasure, as she gained the fullest enjoyment out of the doctor’s butt-slamming prick. Her cock-stuffed asshole was burning, and she could think of nothing that could bring her more happiness. She kept bucking her ass backwards as the climax rode to a finish. Giving a few more lurches, she slumped forward to rest for a few moments until she could regain her breath. Meanwhile, Doc Horn continued to fuck his cock into her unresisting asshole.
He slammed and fucked with complete abandon, totally forgetting the charade he was supposed to be acting out. He had realized that this bitch did not mind one bit having something big and hard fucked up her hot, tight asshole. Now he became careless as his own orgasm approached. He was ready to launch a steaming cum-load up a clenching asshole.
He groaned aloud as the hot jism began to shoot from the tip of his twitching prick. He felt it travel from his loaded balls, through the length of his cock, then shoot out the tip with tremendous force. He was overwhelmed, conscious of nothing but her tight brown hole milking all the jism out of his spurting prick.
He shot spurt after hot spurt of cum deep into the clutching asshole. In response, the hole clenched and released his hard prick in time with his furious fuckthrusts.
He grabbed Annette’s shoulders, not caring about anything else but the tight, clutching hole he had buried his prick in so deeply. His eyes were tightly shut and his mouth fell open as he spurted cum into her hungry ass. He lurched and heaved, slave to the master-cock as it emptied itself of all it contained into the waiting brown receptacle.
Annette kept her soft ass cheeks spread open throughout the entire assault. She felt herself close to a second climax as the doctor’s fuck thrusts grew in intensity, and she pulled her ass cheeks farther and farther apart, trying to tear them off her body to allow deeper access to her throbbing asshole. She thrilled to the good fucking.
This was the position they were found in as Nurse Head quietly entered the examination room. She stood there watching the oblivious couple for a moment before moving up behind the doctor and fondling his balls. Doc Horn, surprised momentarily, ceased his fucking and turned around, knowing that he was caught in the act. To his surprise, he noticed that the nurse was lost in her own fantasy world and wore on her face the unmistakable look of a woman in heat. He turned back to the business at hand and continued to fuck deeply into Annette’s receptive asshole.
Nurse Head swiftly yanked off her white dress and underwear. She lost no time in moving up in front of Annette, squatting down in front of Annette’s face and pulling apart her own wet cunt lips. Annette, smelling horny pussy, opened her eyes. Though momentarily surprised by the unexpected entrance of the nurse, she reacted with her usual alertness.
Her tongue snaked out of her ruby lips and licked over the nurse’s silk smooth cunt. She sent her tongue into the slick fuck hole, licking over and around her pussy, then directly into it before moving up to her reddening clit. She swirled her tongue around the little bit of sensitive skin, kissing in and sucking on the tender clit. She rolled her tongue around and around the clit, and then licked back and forth on its top. Sliding her tongue back down the smooth skin, she once again went down the pussy lips to the soaking wet cunt hole. She licked around the outer part of the fuck hole, then fastened her sweet mouth over the pink pussy and darted her pointed tongue into it. She swirled her tongue, licking the cunt with tender care. She darted her tongue back and forth, fucking the cunt with her soft tongue.
Then, lifting her head slightly, she again moved to the sensitive clit. Her lips locked over the top of the red nub and she began to suck on the clit as if it were a miniature prick. As she sucked, her tongue flicked back and forth over the clit. She pulled with her mouth, not breaking the vacuum she created with her sucking, and moved her head from side to side, violently kissing and licking the nurse’s swollen clit.
In the meantime, the doctor was still in the process of unloading his balls in the young girl’s tight asshole. He kept up his ass-fucking, ejecting the final spurts of his creamy cum load into her tight ass canal. His hips were pressed firmly up against Annette’s fleshy ass mounds and he ground against them, as hard as he could, to extract the maximum amount of pleasure. A few more convulsions, and he fucked his faltering prick in and out more slowly than before. Finally, he slumped forward and lay motionless, his prick lodged firmly inside the gripping, freshly fucked asshole.
Annette continued her tongue-job on Nurse Head’s clit. She sucked and licked the nub until the nurse was lost in pleasure, head thrown back, mouth hanging open. The nurse had begun fucking her cunt into Annette’s face as Annette tongued her clit, and she was already close to the peak. Nurse Head grabbed the back of Annette’s head and attempted to force her to suck harder on her sensitive, swollen clit. She ground her cunt against Annette’s face, rubbing her clit against the girl’s lips and tongue, to further stimulate the stiff clit.
Annette licked and sucked the clit as hard as she could in a desperate attempt to keep up with the horny nurse. Her hot tongue slipped and slid over the reddened clit, licking and stroking until the nurse emitted sighs and groans of pleasure. As the hot nurse began to climax, she moaned uncontrollably. The nurse rode Annette’s head with her wet pussy slit, grinding herself downwards, throwing her body into the heights of pleasure.
As the nurse climaxed, the creamy pussy juices flowed out of her cunt and over Annette’s face. The creamy cum flowed onto her mouth, in between her ruby lips, and over her delighted tongue. The slick stuff overflowed onto Annette’s cheeks, making them glisten with wetness. Annette slurped up the heady cunt juice as she continued licking and sucking the bucking nurse’s clit.
Nurse Head slowed down and was once again aware of her surroundings. She relaxed her hold on Annette’s head, and allowed her to get her breath back. As Annette lowered her head, she became once again aware that something large was still crammed deeply in her stretched asshole. Realizing that it was not a thermometer, she turned to see Doc Horn reclining on her backside, his now limp prick still lodged in the wrinkled brown hole. The doctor lay still, gasping for breath after the strenuous fuck he had just enjoyed. She ground her ass back at the man to bring him back to life.
Slowly, the doctor stirred. Carefully, he slid his prick from her ass. As the soft cock retreated, Annette clenched her brown hole shut, making the cock pop out of her ass.
“Annette, you seem to be in good health, so I don’t imagine you have anything to worry about for a while.”
Nurse Head had by now rearranged her clothing and once again presented a respectable appearance.
The doctor pulled up his pants and said: “You can get dressed now, Annette.”
Annette reluctantly climbed off the examination table and reached for her clothes.
“Well, same time next year, hmmm?” The doctor smiled at her.
“Yes, Doc. I’m sure of it.” Annette gave him a beautiful smile as she watched him walk out of the room while she dressed.