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Body Drafts

After removing her bra, Michelle slowly slipped off her more reluctant panties, then stood there holding both. She looked over at Dr Narain sheepishly, the underwear dangling from her hand. “Anywhere,” Narain said with a generous shrug. “Just throw them over there.” Michelle turned and tossed first the bra, then the panties onto a tawny […]

Anal sex with the Doctor

Nurse Head smiled in greeting as Annette entered the doctor’s waiting room a week after her history test. It was time for her annual physical, and Doctor Horn was going to give her the works. “Hello, Annette. How have you been?” “Oh, pretty good, I guess. I’m feeling fine.” “Good. Come with me.” Nurse Head […]

Rose of Sharon

Communicate. That’s the bottom line. Whatever it takes. The advice had been from Sharon’s psychologist. After the ‘trial’ separation, she went to Dr. Foster looking for answers. Tyke had refused to go to the psychologist. He was really bitter. ” I don’t know how I can, ” Sharon protested to the doctor. ” We just […]