Assfucked Au-Pair

The following week was final exam time at Houston High. Annette was busily occupied in finding the answers to the many questions on her history final. She was having a tough time, indeed. Too much time had been devoted to thinking of cock, rather than thinking of scholastic matters.
She scanned the test, and found many questions beyond her ability to answer. After answering less than half the test questions, she put down her pen and gave the test up as a lost cause. She would have to think of something quickly. Somehow, she would have to persuade her teacher, Mr. Drake, to give her a passing grade.
“Ladies and gentlemen, your time is up. Please pass your tests to the front of the class.”
Mr. Drake went from row to row picking up the tests, as Annette passed hers up front. She thought of her parents’ reaction if she should fail the course. She shuddered involuntarily. She knew what she had to do.
As the class bell rang, there was a rush of students to the door. Annette was left alone with Mr. Drake, who began picking up and sorting his papers in preparation to going home for the day. He looked up and spied Annette.
“Can I help you with something, Annette?” As he spoke, his eyes roved up and down Annette’s healthy, ripe young body.
Annette could not help but notice the frankness of his look. She had more than once caught Mr. Drake looking her over with that certain gleam in his eye. Up until now, she had always ignored him. But now, the tables were turned. It was she who needed his help. She flushed.
“Mr. Drake,” she stammered, “I think, well, I’m afraid that I wasn’t too well prepared for the test, and was wondering whether or not you had any suggestions as to how I could pass the course.”
Drake paused for a moment. He once again surveyed Annette’s features from head to toe. It was obvious that he liked what he saw.
“What exactly did you have in mind, Annette?”
“Maybe something for extra credit. Extracurricular activity or something; I don’t know.”
“Now, now, Annette. Surely you must have some suggestion, or you wouldn’t have come up to me at this late date. You must have known that you were failing the class.” Once again his eyes hungrily traveled up and down her luscious body.
“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, Mr. Drake. With your help, I’m sure we can get to the bottom of the problem.” She glanced at his lap, hoping that he would get the message and not turn her in. She was aware of the dangers, involved in suggesting to Mr. Drake what she wanted to do.
Mr. Drake leaned back in his chair. “Too much boy chasing and not enough studying. Is that it? Go close the door, so we can discuss this matter in private. And make sure it locks.”
Obediently, she walked to the door and pushed it shut, flipping the latch as she did so. She deliberately swung her hips to further provoke Mr. Drake. Turning around, she caught him eyeing her hot ass and knew that he was hooked. Her sensuous lips spread into a slow smile. Drake steadily looked at her.
Annette walked around the side of Drake’s desk and perched on its top with her legs facing Mr. Drake, who caught a glimpse of her panties underneath her dress.
“I think I can help you, Annette. I might be able to pass you with a C, for some small consideration.”
“No, I don’t believe I can settle for a C, Mr. Drake. I was thinking more along the lines of a B, or maybe an A.”
“Well, well, well,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to swing that, Annette. But there may be a way.”
Pussy aroma was quite noticeable in the classroom. Annette’s cunt was getting very moist as she thought more and more of what it would be like to fuck with her teacher. She lifted herself up and pulled down her panties, letting them drop to the floor. Settling down once again on the desk, she left her legs apart to give Drake a clear view into her cunt, which peered back at him from beneath the protective covering of her dress.
Mr. Drake tentatively rested his hand on her knee. When she did not pull away, he became bolder and began to rub her leg.
“Yes, there may be a way after all, Annette,” he said as his hand rubbed up her bare thigh.
Annette was already so hot she could hardly stand his caresses, and she ached for release. However, she knew that she would have to play her hand for all it was worth. If a B grade was all she could get out of the deal, then she would settle for it, but in the meantime, she had to try for an A.
The hand rode higher and higher, then pulled away just before it contacted her wet cunt. Annette could see a hard cock-bulge forming in Drake’s pants. She spread her legs wide apart to allow him easier access to her fuck hole. His hand obligingly crept to the entrance of her cunt gash.
She felt his hand nudge her pussy and she restrained herself from crying out as a finger nudged her clit.
“My, my. What have we here, Annette? There seems to be an awful lot of wetness down here. I better have a closer look to make sure nothing’s wrong.”
He bent forward as he continued to rub her clit. Then his hands went on either side of her pussy hole, gently fastened onto the swelling cunt lips, and spread them open. What he saw made him gasp with lust. The tender pink cunt hole, which had never been prick fucked, looked wet and inviting. It was evident that her pussy was not often used. Wetness seeped out of the pink fuck hole as Annette became more and more excited. At the top of her perfectly shaped cunt lips, Drake spied her excited little clit, which was already blood-engorged and ready for handling.
His face was by now almost in contact with the open pussy hole, and Annette wanted him to tongue-fuck her, to lick her cunt, to suck her clit, to make her cum. His tongue snaked out of his lips and touched the pink cunt lips, licking first one side, then the other. Bit by bit, his tongue worked its way down the slick cuntal membranes, all the while making a circular motion, until it was inside the cunt hole itself. Annette leaned back and enjoyed his tongue in her pussy.
She felt it as the tongue withdrew from her cunt and licked its way up to her hot, throbbing clit. Her clit cried out for attention as the tongue rubbed over it, sending Annette into a spasm of delight. She lurched forward against Drake’s face, no longer able to control herself. She wanted to cum.
The man’s soft tongue roved over her clit with professional skill. Circling, then rolling over the nub, the tongue worked Annette into a frenzy.
Drake licked up and down her cunt slit, up and around the little swollen nubbin, down around the slick, pink pussy flesh and around the fuck hole. Then, taking a dip into the cunt hole itself, he licked back up to her clit to circle and lick once again. As his tongue worked her clit over, Annette could feel her orgasm approaching. Then, she threw her head back in total abandon as her climax hit her.
Her hips jerked forward against Mr. Drake’s face as he strove to keep his lips and tongue glued to her clit. He sucked and licked her clit as Annette gyrated her hips on the desk and jammed her pussy into his face. The power of her orgasm overwhelmed Annette, and she almost succeeded in stifling her moans of ecstasy, but some sounds escaped her lips. She was overcome with pleasure.
Slowly, the spasms ceased and left Annette breathless on the desk. She held onto Drake’s shoulders for support in order to keep from falling down. The teacher lifted his head and looked at Annette’s face, his lips and chin glistening with cunt juice.
Annette’s eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly opened as she regained her breath after experiencing the shattering climax. She opened her eyes and smiled at the teacher.
“That was well done, Mr. Drake.”
“Thank you. Eating pussy has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Fucking pussy has always been another.” He began unzipping his pants.
Annette could not help but notice a healthy cock-bulge in the front of Drake’s pants, and she reached down to help unleash his cuntsticker. Brushing his hand aside, she reached in and grasped his big prick, gently easing it out of its hideaway. His cock was a mouthful, she thought.
She began stroking the flesh of his cock, pulling it first up towards the pulsing cockhead, then sliding her hand back down to its root. Her hand fondled and massaged the stiff cock, until a tiny drop of clear pre-cum magically appeared at the hole in its tip.
Annette knew it was time to suck some cockmeat, and she slid off the desk onto her knees in front of Drake, who remained sitting. Drake obligingly spread his knees apart to provide easier access to his fuck tool.
She hesitatingly lowered her face near the pulsating cock-head. She inhaled the powerful aroma of cock, and her heart began to beat faster as she was possessed by cock-lust. She wanted to taste a hard prick in her mouth; wanted to suck and lick some cock-meat until it spouted forth its wad of hot creamy cum; wanted to suck and swallow the delicious jism as it spurted from the head of a twitching prick. She gave a tentative swipe with her tongue, lapping up the clear liquid which had appeared at the prick-tip.
She was ready to satisfy Mr. Drake with her mouth, but wondered if she would also have to let him fuck her asshole in order to get an A for the course. Not that she minded having a prick fucking up her ass, but it was just the thought of having to barter for a good grade that caused her hesitation.
She licked the red prick-head. Licking all around the cock-head, underneath, on top, and over the half-open piss hole, she wet the hard prick with her tongue. Her hand, encircling the thick base, gave a few strokes as she licked the cock-head. She wetly lubricated the prick both top and bottom with her pleasure-giving tongue.
When the stiff prick-meat was thoroughly wet, she placed her closed lips up against the hard cock-head and pushed her head downward. The slick cock pushed her lips apart as it penetrated her tightly closed mouth. Annette’s jaw gave way as the thick intruder continued its penetration, but her lips maintained a tight grip to provide maximum stimulation. Inch by inch, the hard fucker crept inside her hungry mouth. At the same time, Annette began jacking the cock off into her mouth.
She stroked and licked and sucked his prick. In an attempt to swallow as much of his hard cock-meat as she could, she completely relaxed her throat, straightening her neck, and drove her head down as far as she could. She could feel the pulsing cock as it pressed against the back of her mouth. Six inches of prick were lodged in her eager mouth. She moved her head back up, circling the prick-head with her locked lips, and began nodding and twisting her head in a circular motion as she jacked off the cock-meat. Swirling her tongue around the underside of the cockknob as she did so, she tried her best to please Drake’s cock. Now she drove her head down to her hand at the base of the stiff fucker and started sucking and stroking the prick with her mouth, going up and down at the same time as her swiftly jacking hand. Hand just beneath her lips, she pumped her hand in a steady, regular rhythm calculated to make the man shoot a load of cum.
After a few minutes of steady sucking and pumping, she stopped long enough to rapidly run her tongue over and around the sensitive cock-head. She licked back and forth over the piss slit, around the top of the knob and back underneath. Her tongue found the sensitive spot just underneath the prick-knob and made a circular swabbing motion at the spot, then licked up and down the underside of his whole cock-lance. Once more returning to the top, she opened her mouth and engulfed the whole thing. In a frenzy of desire, she resumed pumping and sucking his prick.
While sucking the hard prick, she reached into Drake’s pants and gently eased his balls out of the zipper opening. She caressed and fondled his balls as she sucked and licked his stiff cock. She rubbed and stroked the big hairy balls, begging them to give up their treasure.
Drake’s prick was completely soaked, thanks to Annette’s wet mouth. Her mouth slipped and slid up and down the hard cock while her hand kept up the rhythm. Up, up, up, until the fuck tool was almost totally withdrawn from her mouth, then down, down, down, until most of the cock-shaft had disappeared from view, Annette sucked cock for all she was worth. Soon, she felt Drake’s hands on the back of her head.
“Don’t stop! Here it comes!” he moaned.
She increased her pace until the hard cock began to pulse and twitch in her mouth. She could feel the contractions of his prick with her lips as the hot wad began its journey from his balls to her sweetly sucking mouth. A few preliminary spasms, and the steaming cockcream spurted forth into her waiting mouth. She felt the cum as it was spurted against the back of her throat, and with each spurt, she felt it splash against her throat and then run down to collect behind her tightly locked lips as they continued to suck and stroke the cum-spitting cock. Her mouth was full of creamy jism and became fuller still as Drake seemed to draw his cum from a never-ending well.
Annette kept up her licking and sucking in order to give Drake maximum enjoyment from the after-effects of his climax. His big cum load was still collected behind her slippery lips and she strove to not lose a drop of the precious cum as her head and hand continued to pump the cock-meat into her mouth.
Drake lay back in his chair, unable to move as Annette continued her sucking on his spent prick. He stroked her hair. “Okay. Enough.” Annette kept her lips locked in order to retain his cum in her mouth, as she slid her lips up and off of the fuck tool. Then she licked over the hole in its tip to collect any remaining jism. Not a drop of the delicious fluid was lost or wasted. Now she could fully enjoy the taste of the man-cream in her mouth. The cum-load rolled back and forth as she pushed it back with her tongue. The sticky wad stayed mostly together in her mouth as she savored its essence. Delicious, she thought. She sat back on her knees with a smile on her lips and continued to roll the sweet cock-cream in her mouth with her tongue so all her taste buds could sample its highly satisfying taste. Her nostrils were full of the heady aroma of cum, which only turned her on even more.
The smell of sex, combined with the exciting taste of Drake’s cum, gave rise to a very powerful desire to have her ass fucked, and to come again and again as a hard prick fucked into her clutching asshole.
“How was that, Mr. Drake?”
“Exquisite, child. Very good.”
“Well, I’ll take it for granted that I made an A in history this semester. Am I correct?”
“Not so fast, girl, not so fast. Think of this: B is for blow-job.”
“And what is A for?”
“A, my dear student, is for asshole.”
“Come, come, Annette. I said A is for asshole. In other words, if you still want to bargain for an A in my class, you must offer the proper incentive. However, you have made a B in the course. If you wish for an A, you must let me fuck you in your asshole.” “So, Mr. Drake. I hadn’t thought that you were so perverted as to want to stick your big prick up a girl’s ass. Besides, I don’t know if I could take a cock the size of yours up my ass. I’ve never been had that way.” Annette felt there was no harm in playing coy. “Won’t it hurt me?”
“No, no. You know I’d never do anything to hurt you, Annette. I promise you I’ll take my time and go slow. I’ve done this many times before and know what I’m doing. You have my word on that; while there might be a slight amount of pain at first, you’ll soon experience such pleasure as you’ve never felt before. You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before now. Come on, Annette, think of that big A you’ll get!”
Deciding that she might as well stop holding back, she said: “Well, okay. But remember, take it easy on my virgin asshole.”
Drake’s prick, which was only half limp, began to stand upright. Her glorious curves were only partially concealed by her dress, and as she started to remove the dress, Drake stopped her from doing so.
“You can leave your dress on, Annette. I like it better that way. Now, bend over the desk there.”
Annette complied with his request, her taut ass thrust back in his direction. Breathless, Drake dropped to his knees to worship the sacred ass cheeks. He placed one hand on each ass cheek, then began kissing them through the dress material, all the while kneading and massaging the plump flesh.
As Annette felt Drake fondling her ass through her dress, she was further excited at the sensuous feel as the dress material slid over her skin. All she wanted to do was relax and let him do the work. By now, her hot ass wanted a stiff cock inside it. Suddenly, she could no longer see. Drake had thrown the back of her dress over her head.
“Spread your legs and pull your ass as wide open as it can go,” he said anxiously.
Moving her legs far apart, she grabbed some skin in each hand and pulled until her asshole was fully exposed for inspection. Drake let out a sigh as he spied her bald asshole. The area between her cunt and asshole was flat and smooth. Around the asshole itself, there ran a puckered ridge, standing slightly open like a socket inviting penetration. Once at the hole, the ridge made a steep dive into the depths of her butt. The ridge was a tender pinkish-brown in color, until it turned brown as it went inside.
Annette, standing with her ass held wide open, quivered in anticipation as Drake began fondling the bare ass flesh. She felt him lightly rub his hands over her smooth ass cheeks, then run them into the crack between. His fingers contacted the puckered rim. They rubbed around the pink ridge, then over the asshole. She loved it when he massaged the puckered rim. He circled the ridge with his fingers, then rubbed them down to her cunt. Lightly, he played with her cunt lips for a moment, then ran his fingers back to her asshole, there to circle and rub the tender opening.
As his fingers crossed the tight opening, they dipped inwards slightly. Each time Drake’s fingers brushed the inside of her brown chute, Annette had a taste of what was to come. Her asshole was on fire with lust which became more intense each time he rubbed the puckered hole.
Now his fingers ran up and down her ass crack, until they settled on her horny clit. She felt his tongue on her crack and groaned in delight. Drake licked up and down the smooth butt crack, but avoided contact with the brown asshole. Each time his tongue neared the hot fuck hole, he swerved and rode around the outside of its wrinkled rim. After several trips of this nature, Drake finally allowed her asshole to feel the delights of his tongue.
First, he licked around and around the wrinkled, puckered ridge, without actually coming into contact with it. Then, in decreasing circles, moved in and licked over the rim. His tongue circled on the rim itself. Around and around his tongue went, teasing Annette until she could hardly stand it. Finally, the wet tongue made its way to the bull’s-eye. After several tentative licks across the open asshole, he centered on the brown socket with his tongue. He probed the hole, licking and stabbing with his tongue.
By now, Annette was breathing hard, extremely turned on by the tongue-lashing Drake was handing out to her. She attempted to spread her ass cheeks farther apart in an effort to allow closer access to Drake’s tongue. She was in ecstasy as the tongue licked around her ass rim, lightly brushing across the puckered hole. She felt the stiff tongue enter her asshole slightly, and she pushed back against Drake’s face, trying to ram the tongue home. But the tongue was not hard enough for much more than superficial penetration. It did, however, provide a deliciously stimulating sensation.
As the teacher’s tongue worked her up into a frenzy of unfulfilled desire, Annette became impatient to have his cock fucking inside her ass. She began to gyrate her hips and ass back into Drake’s face. She dropped her hips down, then lifted them up again to get every ounce of pleasure that could be gained from the soft tongue. As she ground her butt into Drake’s face, she clenched and unclenched her itching asshole, squeezing it tightly shut and then releasing it to further increase her enjoyment of his tongue.
“Oh, baby, stick it in me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my tender asshole with your hard prick!”
Drake tried to lose as little time as possible. He reached into his desk, trying to find a suitable lube, and came up with a bottle of hand lotion, which was the only thing he had that would do. He squirted some of the fragrant lotion on his fingers, and began rubbing it onto the pink asshole rim. He circled the fuck hole with his lubed fingers, spreading the lotion all around the outside of the hole. He squirted another shot of lotion onto his fingers, and returned them to her asshole. He spread the slick stuff around the asshole once again, adding to the supply which was already in evidence, this time dipping into the hole a wee bit. He squirted some more lotion on his fingers. Annette felt the slick fingers press against her aching asshole and slightly penetrate, moving back and forth about a half inch or so to spread the lube inside her tight chute. The fingers withdrew and returned wetter than before, once again to enter the brown hole. This time, the fingers plunged several times the distance that they had the first time, and lubed up her ass channel with a back-and-forth motion.
“Do you think you’re ready, Annette?”
“Yes, fuck my ass!”
“Here, rub this lotion on my cock. When you’re done, lean over the desk and crack your butt wide open. I’m going to fuck your ass good. You’ll love it.” He let his pants fall to the floor.
Annette released her slicked ass cheeks as she turned around to lube Drake’s prick. His fucker was throbbing and pulsing in anticipation of the snug nest it would soon roost in. She squirted some of the lotion onto her hand and grabbed the hard cock with her other hand to steady it. She spilled lotion all over the head of his prick and down its shaft. Another generous amount was applied in the same manner, and she rubbed the cock-shaft up and down to spread the lube evenly. She sat back to review her work.
The thick prick-meat stood proudly at attention, the reddened mushroom head displaying a gaping hole in its tip, the same hole which had previously spurted cum into Annette’s sucking mouth. The whole prick was covered with the slick lotion. It throbbed and pulsed. Annette could no longer wait to have that hard fuck pole stuck up her asshole.
She turned around and again lay over the top of the desk, believing that no further words were needed. She was right. Drake needed no urging as he moved up behind her. Annette flipped the dress onto her back and grabbed a handful of ass cheek in each hand, spreading them wide. Her beautiful asshole was covered with the slick lotion. It was made to be fucked.
Drake lifted the dress off her back and threw it over her head so she could not see, only feel. He leaned back and located her horny asshole, then placed his stiff prick up against it. He gave a slight push upwards, due to the angle, and the cock-head began to slip inside.
Annette was almost lost in total euphoria. Still, she tried to keep control of the situation in order to extract pleasure from the stiff cock, and also to give Drake all the pleasure he could handle. Relaxing her asshole all the way open, she rammed back onto the fleshy spike. Then, tightly clamping down with her powerful asshole, she jerked herself forwards and allowed some of the prick to slide out of the clutching hole while pulling the loose flesh upwards from the base of Drake’s prick with her tightened asshole. She was jacking him off with her cocktrap asshole.
All the while, Annette kept her ass cheeks pulled far apart so that her hams would not interfere with Drake’s fucking into her ass. She wanted him to be able to fuck the full length of his cock all the way up her shit-chute. Annette’s asshole shuddered in pleasure. Annette’s whole body throbbed with the good feeling as she was reamed inside out by hard cock. Drake slammed into her again and again, fucking her tight brown hole with an expertise that was thrilling to Annette. She loved feeling the stiff bone as it was rammed home.
While Annette ground herself onto the buttfucking prick, Drake kept up with her as best he could. He slammed and fucked with all his power. They fucked back and forth at each other, in a futile contest to see who could withstand the most punishment. Drake’s lust-filled prick was doomed to lose the battle. Annette’s tightly shut asshole was too much for any man to endure for very long without shooting his hot cum-load up inside her ass guts.
Annette was determined to get as much pleasure as possible while Drake’s prick was still hard. She knew the effect her hot, tight asshole had on a prick. She had never been assfucked for more than fifteen minutes. Usually, her hot asshole made a prick spurt jism within five minutes. Still, she could not help herself as she ground herself down onto the cock-meat. She could climax from being butt-fucked without even having to frig her clit, though it did increase the pleasure to do so.
Annette was lost in a pleasure world, totally given up to having her asshole fucked. The feeling had been building up for some time now, and she felt that a climax was imminent, though her clit had not been touched since Drake had stuck his cock up her ass. It was at this time that Drake reached under her and latched onto her clit. He began strumming the little bud, stroking and rubbing it until Annette could stand it no longer.
She bucked back and stifled her cry of orgasm. She unconsciously held her breath and let the climax take over her body. Her whole body, asshole included, tensed and convulsed. She shook with the force of her climax and, out of control for the moment, rammed back and forth as fast as she could onto the assfucking cock and clit-stroking fingers.
Waves of climax flooded her brain. Asshole stretched wide, and clit played like a violin, she came. She jammed her bunghole down on the prick, then pulled it up and rammed it down again, fucking the big cock up her brown hole. The tight hole gripped and stroked the prick lodged inside it, and her clit throbbed with intense pleasure as she climaxed. The prick fucking into her ass made a regular orgasm pale into insignificance. A climax with a stiff, fucking prick digging into her gripping asshole was ten times more powerful and enjoyable than one with just her clit being stroked or sucked.
Slowly, the orgasm died down, until Annette was hardly moving back onto the prick. Instead, Drake was now doing most of the work of fucking his slick cock in and out of her greedy asshole. Annette was breathless with the aftermath of her climax, but still smiled at the good feeling the butt-fucking prick gave her. It would not be too long, if Drake could fuck a little longer, before another hard climax hit her. But, alas, she knew that if Drake kept up his present hard fucking pace, he would not last very much longer.
“Slow down. No, stop and rest for a minute. Keep your prick up my ass and rest.”
Bewildered, Drake had to comply with her request. After all, she was doing him the favor of letting him fuck her in her superb ass. He slowed down to a halt, his prick giving an involuntary twitch every few moments as it rested in its comfortable hole.
Annette once again relaxed and shut her eyes, letting her head rest on the desk. She released her ass cheeks, letting them enfold Drake’s immobile prick while she regained her breath. Her real purpose was to cease the stimulation of Drake’s cock, thereby allowing her to get fucked in the ass for a little longer than if he kept up his nonstop fucking. She knew that he was probably very close to spurting his jism.
She rested, feeling the hard cock twitch and pulse every now and then. Her asshole was now fully relaxed, and she loved the feel of the big cock inside it. She was complete, fulfilled. Now and again she clenched her tight ass muscle shut and jerked her hips in a sideways motion, enjoying the tremendous pleasure she was receiving.
However, Annette knew that if they stayed together too long, someone would probably come around checking the rooms and find them still inside. Not wishing to raise any suspicions, she decided to go ahead and allow Drake to cream her ass guts.
“Fuck me hard!”
Drake withdrew his prick almost to the tip and slammed forward into her ass with all the power at his command. He dug and churned at her insides with his cock, driving and fucking with the force of a jackhammer. He bucked and slammed and drove his prick forward in a fury of desire. His prick fucked in and out of the moist hole in a blur of motion. It slipped and slid in and out like greased lightning as he fucked.
Annette’s asshole was aglow with good feeling as Drake fucked and slammed like a madman. This was how Annette wanted to be manhandled. Her asshole thrived on this kind of treatment. It wanted to be fucked, dug in, slammed hard. She wanted to be reamed in and out, to have her puckered asshole purified with steel prick.
Drake slammed and fucked with such energy that Annette could not even fuck him back. All she could do was lie there and enjoy the fucking. She tried to pull her ass cheeks all the way off her body so Drake could get at the very center of her being, but was only successful in spreading them so as to present a flat surface to Drake’s probing prick; a flat surface only broken by the puckered ring of her asshole. This was sufficient to allow Drake to fuck all the way in to the root of his prick. Annette’s tight brown hole was flush up against Drake’s balls every time he slammed into her. Next thing, it was five inches away as he withdrew all of his prick but the head, and then, in an instant, her asshole was backed up to his balls again.
Such frenzied fucking could not go on for long, against even the most determined resistance. Drake convulsed and started to come.
“Aagggh! Unngh!”
Annette, her clutching asshole being very satisfactorily fucked, felt Drake jerk and twitch, and heard his cry of ultimate joy. His rhythm was slightly broken as his body was racked with convulsions. Her sensitive asshole told her that Drake was sending spurt after hot spurt of hot cum into her gripping brown hole. She felt him fuck even harder than he had been in response to his foaming cock. He was out of control as he came.
Drake held onto Annette’s waist as he came, his hands tightly gripping the soft flesh. He lunged and jerked, fucking into the barrier of her puckering asshole. Every time his prick hit bottom, he gave a powerful jerk and twitch, sending another spurt of hot jism into her brown hole. His whole body convulsed with each spurt, and his eyes were tightly shut. His knees turned to jelly and he held onto Annette for support as he came. He was a mindless fuck machine for the moment, neither thinking of nor caring for anything but the girl’s slick fuck hole and his cum-spurting prick. Again and again, he slammed home while his stiff cock-meat was milked dry of cum by her tight, clutching asshole.
At the moment of Drake’s first spurt, Annette had felt her own orgasm hit her. She hadn’t even felt it necessary to hold onto her clit this time. Her pleasure-giving asshole was sending enough good messages to her brain to cause waves of orgasm to ride over her entire body. She jerked, and her ass ring throbbed and clenched open and shut on the cum-spurting prick. She could still feel Drake’s hard prick each time it jerked and spurted, and her own asshole snapped shut on the prick each time a jet of cock-cream shot out of it. Her brown hole snapped open and shut in double time as her climax took control of her body, wringing and milking the hard prick until it was dry.
Drake rested against Annette’s back until his knees were strong enough to support his weight, leaving his spent prick lodged inside her tight backdoor hole. Annette could find no cause for complaint, as she always liked having something stuck up her greedy ass. Besides, she needed these couple of minutes to regain her breath, too.
Her brown hole gave an occasional twitch as the pleasure continued to emanate from the ass ring. She could still feel Drake’s prick as it gave its own occasional twitches every now and then, encased as it was in her snug-fitting asshole. Annette felt so good with his prick in her ass that she never wanted to uncouple.
Drake raised himself on shaky legs and began to slip his fuck tool out of her ass. Slowly, he pulled himself back and the dwindled prick began to follow along. When the base of its reddened head almost appeared, the powerful asshole snapped shut and his prick was once again free.
Annette felt empty as Drake withdrew his spent cock. She always felt this way after she had been fucked in the ass. However, she knew that she could always find something to stick in her asshole when the need arose.
She lifted herself off of the desk and let her dress hang back down like it was supposed to. She brushed herself off and hoped that no one would be able to gain any idea of what had just happened in the classroom. She stood and squeezed her asshole shut a couple of times in remembrance of the fine prick fucking she had just received. The hole was slightly sore as a result of the stretching out it had gotten, but Annette had no objections to this. To her, this aspect of receiving a butt-fucking was just as pleasurable as the rest of it.
She picked up her panties, then decided not to put them back on. She didn’t want to get lotion and cum from her greased-up asshole on them, so she stuck them in her purse. Besides, it was so sensuous to wear a dress with nothing on underneath. Especially feeling the pleasant soreness of her throbbing brown asshole.
When she again looked at Drake, he had pulled his pants back up and was presenting a quite respectable appearance. No one looking at him would suspect that he had just gotten sucked off by, and then ass-fucked, by one of his young female students. He was quite a good actor.
She faced him. “Mr. Drake, I presume I made an A in my history course this semester.”
The crafty Drake replied: “Hmmm. I still haven’t decided, Annette. You do have a delicious asshole, you know. I might like to have another taste of it.”
“Bullshit. If you don’t give me an A in this course, I’m going to tell what just happened in this room. I’ll cry rape, anal rape. What do you think will happen to your career? We’ll be able to kiss your ass good-bye for good.” And she meant it.
“Now, now, Annette. Of course you’ll receive an A. I only meant that I would like to get together with you some other time, if it’s okay with you. I really like you.”