Auntie’s Hot Lessons

Ruth’s hands began to tremble. She felt the sticky wetness spreading down from between her thighs as the boy moaned again. There was no mistaking what he was doing.

She leaned against the wall, her legs suddenly feeling too weak to support her weight, and decided it would be best to go quietly back down the hall to her bedroom. She didn’t want her young nephew to suspect she had been furtively listening outside his door.

My God, she thought, sitting on the edge of her bed, her heart pounding, what’s the matter with me? Why are all these crazy thoughts filling my head? He’s my sister’s son!

Ruth hadn’t seen her nephew since his eleventh birthday. When her sister asked if he could spend the summer with her and her daughter Peg, she had been thrilled. Ruth hat been so lonely since her husband left her for that other woman — almost a year ago. Lonely and cheated. She would never forgive him for running out on her, leaving her to care for Peg, who was now Bill’s age.

At times her resentment would burn like fire in the pit of her stomach and she would start to cry and be unable to stop. But in just a short time Bill had changed all that. It was like having a man around the house again. Ruth felt years younger and more assured of herself.

But now something else was happening. Ruth didn’t want to acknowledge it — even to herself. Sooner or later she would have to give in to these strange feelings, as wrong as she knew them to be, and this frightened her. Excited her too. She had never felt such excitement welling up inside her before.

She had met Bill at the station. It had only been a week ago, but it seemed like much longer. It seemed now as if she had known the boy, all his life, as if she were his mother and not an aunt who hadn’t seen him in four years.

He stood on the platform, a suitcase on either side of him, looking small for his age. His blond hair was almost shoulder length. And he was one of the most handsome boys Ruth had ever seen! He looked almost angelic and a bit pale. He ran to her, smiling broadly, and they embraced.

Even then Ruth remembered feeling a certain pang in her chest as she held his face in her hands. He was so cute it made her ache! His cheeks were so soft, his body so slender. At first he had been disarmingly shy with Ruth, but now they were friends. He really liked her and this thrilled the woman.

Then several nights after his arrival, Ruth walked past his door toward her bedroom. She thought she heard him whimpering, as if in pain. She paused by his door and listened, ready to rush in and find out what was wrong.

He moaned. Then the bedsprings squeaked, as if he was slowly bouncing up and down on the mattress. She heard the rustling of sheets. She pressed her ear against his door, her heart beating faster. He groaned and it sounded like he’d thrown the sheets off his body. She heard the sound of… her knees were suddenly weak. Could it be? she wondered.

It was difficult, to hear clearly. She wanted to smile, after all he was only a boy, but then she heard him whispering her name.

“Aunt Ruth… touch me there… mmmmm… stroke it.”

The sound of his fist running up and down over his hard cock was now unmistakable. Now she knew he was masturbating, and thinking of her while he was jerking off. Ruth felt the overwhelming tingling sensation in her cunt. She wanted to reach under her summer dress and cum herself.

She wasn’t amused or embarrassed or shocked by the boy’s pants and grunts. She was aroused. More excited than she had ever been before. She thought she would collapse.

She wanted to throw open the door and leap into bed with Bill, feel his slim young buttocks, comb her fingers through his pubic hairs, feel the thickness of his hard cock. She wondered just how big his cock was. His jeans and cut-offs were so tight there always seemed to be an exciting bulge at his crotch.

She reached under her skirt and slipped her hand inside her moist panties.

“Suck me, Aunt Ruth… make me feel so good… lick my prick until I cum in your mouth… fuck me… fuck me… God… ohhhh God!”

Sweat ran down her face as she staffed finger fucking her oozing cunt. She tweaked her burgeoning clitoris until she came, falling down to her knees and stifling a cry of pleasure. Her orgasm washed over her. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from screaming in ecstasy.

Yes! She wanted to do all those things to him! She wanted to feel his cock slamming into her cunt. She wanted to taste his boyish member. But she held herself back. She pulled her fingers, now coated with her fragrant juices, out of her vagina and got weakly to her feet, feeling ashamed of herself now that her climax had passed.

She heard the boy yelp and the sound of his fist pounding his stiff cock became more liquid as he ejaculated. Ruth had gone back to her bedroom, just as she had tonight and the night before and the night before that. She had masturbated in bed for hours, cumming again and again, imagining what Bill looked like naked, his pale young body pressing excitedly against hers.

She never thought he could be like that — thinking of her in the same way she was thinking of him.

“This can’t go on,” Ruth said aloud, glancing out her bedroom window. It was almost midnight. The quiet was almost eerie. The beginning of June and already it felt like mid-August, hot and sticky. “What’ll I do when Peg gets here?”

Her daughter was spending two weeks in California with friends. She would be back in another week. She, too, hadn’t seen Bill since his eleventh birthday.

“How can I keep my feelings for Bill a secret from her?” Ruth wondered. She felt fidgety. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep. And she couldn’t take another night of lying in bed, fingering herself until she came, while Bill lay in his own bed down the hall.

Ruth stood up. It’s going to happen sooner or later, she thought, the exhilarating feeling overwhelming her entire body. Her nipples pressed against the flimsy see-through fabric of her nightie, exciting her even further.

She walked back to Bill’s door and listened. He was moaning. Very softly. Ruth could just about hear him. Now was the time for her to act…

She knocked on his door and the moaning stopped.

“Bill,” she whispered. She cleared her throat and called out louder: “Bill? Are you alright?”

She opened his door and peered inside. Moonlight filtered through the window next to his bed, casting ghostly light over him. He was under the sheets. Ruth walked to the foot of his bed. Bill sat up, a startled look on his face.

She sat on the edges of his bed and impulsively ran her fingers through his long blond hair, now dampened with his sweat. “I thought I heard you… it sounded like you weren’t feeling well,” she said, her voice hoarse with mounting emotion. She could feel herself starting to tremble again. Keep calm, she told herself. Don’t frighten the boy. He trusts you.

“I-I’m fine, Aunt Ruth. You-you must have heard something else,” he stammered nervously. She could see the guilty look in his blue eyes.

She caressed his cheek, his neck. “You feel warm…” Her hand went inside his pajama top. The flat of her palm rubbed gently over his chest. “You’re sweating. Here, take this off. You can’t sleep with wet pajamas. You’ll catch cold.”

“No, Aunt Ruth, it’s-it’s okay. Really…” His voice faded as she pulled down the covers to his lap and began unbuttoning his pajama top.

“You must have had a bad dream,” she said soothingly, pulling off the damp top.

“Yes, maybe I did.” He sounded breathless. Nervous.

She saw his eyes were resting on her tits. Her cunt started to tingle, demanding attention, the kind of attention only her young nephew could give. Now that it was about to happen, Ruth felt relaxed. Despite the fire coursing through her veins.

“I know why you’ve been sweating, sweetheart,” she whispered, running her hand over his chest.

He looked up at her, his eyes wide as saucers. “What-what do you… you mean, Aunt Ruth?”

“You don’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed with me, Bill. It’s perfectly natural for a boy your age…”

“What’s… what’s natural.”

“Sshh. Relax.” Ruth slipped the straps of her nightie off her shoulders. Her pear shaped breasts were suddenly revealed to the boy. Ruth thought his eyes would pop out of their sockets. She smiled, feeling in full control of herself now, as if she had been through all this before. In her imagination, she had.

“Aunt Ruth!” he gasped in amazement.

“Do you like my tits?” she asked huskily.

He was mesmerized by her beautifully shaped mounds. “Jeez, yes.”

“Do you want to touch them… feel how hard my nipples are for you?” she panted eagerly.

He nodded, unable to speak, and looked up into her eyes. She leaned toward him and took his chin in the palm of her hand. Then she kissed him, her tongue disappearing between his hot, dry lips. He sighed deeply, his arm hooking around her back, forcing them into an awkward embrace. Her tits flattened against his heaving chest.

He sucked on her tongue, slipping his instinctively into her mouth, running it over her teeth and gums. His hot breath fanned her face.

She reached down under the covers and felt the curliness of his soft pubic hair. He was fully erect. She grasped his tool and her heart leapt for joy. It was enormous! Almost nine inches long and thick as a tree trunk! She felt her whole body melting.

“Do you love me, Bill?” she whispered. “Do you want me?”

“Yes, yes! I-I can’t explain it, but… I don’t know… I’ve been thinking of you all the time… I mean, the two of us doing things… like… like… fucking… it’s wrong isn’t it, Aunt Ruth. I mean, we shouldn’t be doing this… it’s crazy… crazy to really be doing it, not just imagining it.”

“No, Bill, it’s not wrong… not if both of us want it to happen. I know you’re only a young boy and you’re my own nephew but I’ve thought the same things about you. I know you’ve been masturbating every night, thinking of me, imagining me in bed with you.”

He blushed to the roots of his hair, then looked down, suddenly realizing she was holding his cock.

She too looked down and saw for the first time how magnificent his adolescent peter was. Now, more than ever before, she wanted to feel it… to taste it!

“But what will Mom say?” he asked, fidgeting as she started to stroke him. He winced, as if in pain.

“We don’t have to tell her. You’ve never been with a girl before, have you, sweetheart?”


“Then it’ll be like an education. I’ll be your teacher. There’s a lot I could teach you about a woman’s body…”

He fell back against the pillow, fuck sensations swirling inside his young loins as she continued to fist fuck him. He could feel his tumescence getting even thicker. His mushroom-shaped prick head was swelling up and turning a purplish color.

“I’m going to cum, Aunt Ruth,” he said, his voice as high as a little girl’s. “Please Aunt Ruth…”

With her free hand she pulled down the nightie and lifted herself off the bed so it fell to her feet. She spread her legs slightly and took his hand, placing it on her dark pubic triangle.

“It’s all wet and sticky,” he said naively.

Ruth couldn’t help smiling. “It’s because you’re exciting me so. Don’t you want to fuck me… to feel your magnificent young tool inside me, where it’s so nice and hot and wet.”

She got on the bed and instructed him to lie back. She stopped her stroking, sensing he was just on the verge of cumming. She didn’t want all that jism going to waste!

“What are you going to do?” he asked, his forehead creased with concern. Everything was happening too fast for the teen. He still couldn’t believe this was actually happening to him. It was like a dream! A dream come true!

He couldn’t keep his hands off her tits. He had noticed how big and firm they were when she met him at the train station. She was so beautiful! He hadn’t remembered her looking so wonderful, so young, more like a girlfriend than a relative. Although he was shy with people, particularly girls, he felt instantly at ease with Ruth. His shyness soon disappeared as if they had been close friends for a long time.

What was now happening seemed like a natural progression. He had wondered what she looked like without any clothes on and each time these thoughts entered his head — and that had been often since he arrived to stay with her — he would get an aching hard on and would be compelled to jack off, to experience his aunt in that one burst of vicarious pleasure.

Now it was for real and it felt right. He was no longer ashamed as he had been only a moment before. Because she wasn’t ashamed.

Ruth held up his impressive penis and drilled the tip of her tongue into his now oozing piss slit. He moaned appreciatively, frantically fondling her tits, becoming more and more aroused. He could feel the cum boiling in his testicles. He yearned for release.

He tweaked her pointed nipples, seeing how big and red they were. Then his eyes wandered down to her sex, with its dark covering of wiry pubes. He traced the puffy outline of her cunt lips and she spread her legs giving him easy access to her swollen nubbin of pleasure.

He inserted his middle finger inside her pussy, feeling her cunt muscles pulling his digit inward. It was the most exciting sensation he had ever experienced! He could smell her fragrance, mixed with her sweat and the intangible scent of mounting excitement and anticipation.

Her tongue trailed under the domed shape of his dick head, her saliva running down his thick boy shaft. Then her lips covered the upper part of his penis and her head began bobbing slowly up and down. The bobbing motions soon got quicker as she struggled to swallow every inch of his dong.

In his growing excitement, the young boy had two, then three fingers up his aunt’s dripping cooze. Imitating her sucking motions, his digits stabbed steadily in and out of her fuck channel, paying special attention to her sensitive clitoris.

Bill didn’t know much about girls other than what he saw in girlie magazines. He had never even kissed a girl before, but he was learning quickly.

Ruth was unleashing all his pent-up desires. His hands were all over her, his fingers played havoc with her pussy until she felt a tremendous orgasm building, building, building.

“Ohhh God!” she groaned, kissing his member repeatedly, his pre-cum oozing out of his gaping dick hole.

“Going to cum,” he moaned, as if to himself. “Auntie… I can feel it… gonna feel so fucking good… Jesus it’s going to be good!”

She could feel his body tensing up. She fondled his well-hung balls, squeezing the bouncing globes gently as his ass began hopping up and down on the mattress. A wild grin was spread across his face. He looked more adorable than ever!

She pressed her forefinger against his asshole and she thought he would hit the ceiling.

“Jesus! Do that again!” he squealed, feeling her cunt juices dripping from his wrist. His entire hand was inside her. She was creaming up a storm, cumming a second, then a third time.

Bill knew he couldn’t hold back his own orgasm another second, especially with his aunt’s finger up his ass!

As if reading his very thoughts, Ruth sucked his saliva-coated tool faster and faster, building up pressure inside his shaft. At the same time she slipped her finger in and out of the boy’s tight rectum, the tip of her digit massaging his prostate.

“Fuck! FUCK!” he exclaimed, his body on fire.

He arched his back, his fingers falling from inside her red hot cunt, and screamed with pleasure, slamming his groin into his aunt’s face. Only seconds later she felt his first sizzling wad of boy-cum hit the back of her throat.

He spilled his seed into her mouth, her lips working like suction cups over his jerking pleasure pole. He moaned and squealed with desire, his hands clenching and unclenching the bunched-up sheets. Bill had never known such concentrated pleasure before. It was as if his entire body had been plugged directly into an electric outlet. Wave after intense wave of fuck sensations washed over him.

His arms and legs jerked spasmodically as semen filled Ruth’s mouth, spilling out of the corners. She simply couldn’t swallow quickly enough. She breathed through her nostrils only. His cock was just too big and thick.

Bill made guttural, throaty noises as he came, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. His chest muscles tightened as he rose off the bed, nearly throwing Ruth onto the floor. She had never known anyone to be so wild while cumming. It was as if this was the young boy’s first climax. Perhaps it was.

Ruth knew what he was now feeling had to beat those sensations he experienced by jacking off. There wasn’t any comparison!

She loved the soothing taste of his spicy sauce as it trickled in great viscous globs down her throat. She thought he would never stop cumming! She sucked his tool for all it was worth, milking every delicious drop of his jism.

He fell back on the bed, his head still rocking to and fro, moan after moan escaping his lips. He was bathed in sweat.

She gave his prick one final suck and let it fall back against his belly. It glistened in the moonlight. And it remained erect as Ruth wiped her cum-stained lips with the back of her hand, savoring the last of his semen.

He opened his eyes and looked up at her. “Aunt Ruth,” he panted. “It’s never been like that before… I never thought… never imagined it could be that good. I can’t tell you how good I feel. I thought my balls were going to split open! Jesus!”

“You still think it was wrong for me to blow you? For us to be in bed together, making love, expressing what we truly feel for each other?”

Ruth’s voice had a compelling strength behind it. “It can’t be,” he said, gasping for breath still. “Nothing that feels that good could be wrong, could it?”

Ruth smiled. “No, dear, of course not.” She looked down at his pale young body, so firm and agile. She ran her hand up and down his thighs, getting herself and the boy excited again.

“Now can I taste you?” he asked, eyeing her bushy cunt.

A tingle of pleasure ran through her loins. “I thought you’d never ask!”

“You lie down now,” he said, getting to his knees. “Let me do all the work now. Then we’ll fuck, okay?” he added enthusiastically.

“We’ll do everything together,” she said, spreading her legs. “Everything your heart desires, Bill. God, you are the cutest… you don’t know how happy you’ve made me feel. Suddenly, as strange as it may sound, you’ve given my life meaning again. You’ve made me feel like a woman again.”

“What happens when Peg arrives?”

“Oh, Bill, you mustn’t say anything about this to her. Leave that to me. I’ll know when it’s time to do so. We’ll have all this week alone together but Peg can’t know that yet. She wouldn’t understand. Our relationship is very special. You appreciate that, don’t you?”

Bill wondered fleetingly what Peg would look like. He hardly remembered her. She had left less of an impression on his mind than Ruth had. He wondered if Peg would have her mother’s beauty.

She pressed the back of his head down suggestively toward her tits. She felt herself sinking into the mattress as he sucked like an infant on her nipples, his fingers squeezing and caressing her mounds.

His tongue then trailed down the valley separating her boobs, leaving a wet line that curled down to her bush triangle. He positioned his head between her thighs and she spread wide for him. He kissed her vulva and she moaned his name.

“My clit,” she whispered, her eyes half closed. “Lick it with that wonderful tongue of yours. God, you’re learning fast. You’ll make a wonderful young lover…”

He pried open her dripping gash with thumb and forefinger, his eyes wide with curiosity. It was the first time he’d seen a woman’s cunt up close. Her inner pussy flesh glistened and was a pinkish red, her fleshy folds vibrating with anticipation.

Ruth squirmed with delight, pressing her thighs against the sides of his head, locking him into position. Her heart was pounding furiously. She had never felt such overwhelming excitement before. Not even with her husband, who, she had to admit as much as she now hated him, had been incredible in bed, willing to do anything.

She now realized just how starved for sex she really was. Her body ached for the intimate touch of a man. She had never been particularly attracted to young boys, though she knew many women were, just as many men were attracted to young girls.

She found Bill far more exciting than any man she had ever had. His inexperience, his willingness to do anything, his adolescent awkwardness stimulated her — made her blood boil! She felt like a young girl again.

And he had such a beautiful body. The features of an Adonis!

She moaned, throwing her head back, as Bill’s tongue gingerly entered her portal of pleasure, searching for her tear-shaped clitoris. He wrapped his tongue around it, tasting at the same time her sweet pussy juice and reveling in it. She could feel each and every pore of his tongue.

She thought she would cum right then and there!

“Mmmmmmm,” he murmured appreciatively, swallowing her delicious essence as he worked his tongue around inside her, getting to know his aunt as intimately as possible. He could feel his hard cock pulsating with expectation. But he found her cunt so fascinating, he was able to ignore the pressing need of his tumescence and his desire to enter her pussy and fill her with his fuck rod until she screamed for mercy. That would come next. First things first!

Bill wanted to give Ruth as much pleasure as she had just given him. He remembered how he had felt the moment of ejaculation. And seeing his own thick white sperm flowing out of the corners of her mouth as she struggled to suck every hard inch of his jerking peter.

He was going to eat out her cunt like it had never been eaten out before!

As his tongue continued to gently massage her burgeoned clit button, his first two fingers, formed in the shape of a V, slipped inside her, spreading her cunt at the same time. He caressed her cuntal walls, his fingers becoming sticky with her warm and fragrant juices.

Ruth marveled at the sensations he was already producing inside her. Maybe it was just beginner’s luck, but the boy seemed instinctively to know just where to place his tongue and fingers, creating a whirlpool of pulsating feelings which would lead to an orgasm that Ruth already knew would be one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

She fondled her own tits, feeling the jutting pointedness of her aching nipples, as the boy eagerly went to work on her dripping cooze. She arched her back, as if trying to give him, even better access to her portal of pleasure. Her limbs were turning to rubber. She felt wonderfully helpless, like a leaf being carried away by a strong gust of wind.

Her cunt juices, now flowing like a raging river down her thighs and over the boy’s face and hand, dripped onto the sheets, forming a stain below her ass.

With his free hand, Bill pressed against her anus, his finger lodged between her quivering buttocks.

“God!” she breathed, her nostrils flared like a bull’s. “You’re making me feel so Goddamn good. My sweet little nephew. Who would have thought such a quiet young boy would know how to make a woman feel this way?”

“So delicious…” he groaned, his words lost in her cunt as he pressed his lips between her wiry pussy hairs. They tickled his nose and, he suppressed a sudden desire to giggle. He felt so great! He had such control over his aunt. It was as if she was a puppet, and he was holding all the strings and could make her do whatever he wanted.

She climaxed, screaming with delight, her cries of pleasure exciting the boy. He could feel his prick oozing pre-cum. She wrapped her legs around his neck, forcing his tongue deeper into her. He concentrated on her thickening clit.

“Again!” she squealed. She sounded like a little girl. “Suck me, baby, SUCK ME!”

He forced his middle finger up Ruth’s asshole. She lifted her butt off the bed to give his digit a better angle of ascent. It was marvelous! Bit by bit he filled her anal passage, corkscrewing his finger into her.

Everything was so perfectly synchronized! His lips, his tongue, his fingers, even his hot breath stimulated her! The scintillation was almost too much for the young woman to take! She moaned incessantly, the ceiling seemingly to be rushing down to crush her. The bedsheets became entangled around her sweating body.

So many different sensations were bombarding her at once!

She reached another breathtaking orgasm, the boy’s finger all the way inside her butt hole, going in and out, in and out, while her cunt burned as his tongue and the fingers of his other hand created a symphony of pleasure between her thighs. The sensations in both holes merged to created one spectacular fuck sensation.

“Jesus… oh Jesus, Jesus… Bill do that again. AGAIN! Fuck I can’t believe this… it’s so good… so… so… AHHH!”

She thought he would never stop. He would slow down, change tempo, become fast and faster still, everything building to an incredible peak of pleasure when her entire body would burst like a big bubble and she would cry out in pleasure, her eyes filling with tears.

It seemed like hours before he finally stopped, panting for breath, his lower face smeared with her cream. He was trembling as much as Ruth was.

The boy wanted desperately to fuck his aunt. His body ached with the need to fill a woman’s hot wet pussy for the first time.

Ruth gathered him up in her arms and showered him with kisses of gratitude, telling him again and again how much pleasure he had given her. Never had she experienced THAT kind of intense stimulation!

“Can we fuck now?” he asked, like a child begging for a piece of candy.

“God, yes, my sweet young man. We’ll fuck all night long. You’ll see!”

That was just what the boy wanted to hear. He beamed from ear to ear, the smell of her body lingering in his nostrils.

Ruth reached down, and stroked his hard member, feeling his round hairless globes.

“Don’t, Aunt Ruth!” he cried out in alarm. “I’m so close to cumming if you do that any more I’ll shoot my load!”

“Alright,” she whispered, her voice trembling with emotion. “You know what to do, don’t you?”

“I-I guess so.” Now that the time had finally arrived Bill wasn’t quite sure he did. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself.

“Here. I’ll help you. Don’t worry, everything will turn out fine.”

Bill realized he still tad a lot to learn. He positioned himself between his aunt’s outstretched thighs, his hard cock pulsating more than ever before. Gently he got on top of Ruth and felt her hand gripping his hard cock.

His cock looked truly enormous as be knelt in front of her. It jutted at a manful angle from his young loins while his balls swung slightly as he maneuvered himself atop her. She found herself unconsciously panting in anticipation, already feeling his member slicing through her inner cuntal depths. Her pussy began to cream steadily.

She guided his shaft to her honey pot. She felt the mushroomed tip of it slipping between her open gash.

Bill was trembling uncontrollably, as if he had suddenly developed a high fever. He blushed when he realized he was dangerously close to shooting his load. He felt Ruth’s agile fingers on his shaft, stroking him slightly, just enough to set him off. He didn’t want to cum until he had given her the pleasure he knew she craved, but he wasn’t sure he could.

“That’s it, baby,” she cooed. “You’re doing just fine. God, you feel so big. Your cock is bigger than my husband’s. Or should I say my ex-husband. It’s bigger than any man’s prick I’ve come across. Wonderful. Just wonderful!”

“Aunt Ruth… ohhh it does feel good. So warm… so wet…” His eyes rolled back in their sockets as he pressed forward, slowly sending his nine inch dong into her pussy. She arched her back and whimpered with delight, feeling every delicious inch of his penis thrusting into her.

Her cunt muscles and membranes tugged at the teen’s hard shaft, massaging it like countless tiny fingers. Bill gasped with delight, biting his lower lip in an effort not to cum.

Not yet, he thought to himself, trying to hold himself back. Not yet, God! Please! But it was a losing battle. The sensations flashing through him were too keen. He was actually inside Aunt Ruth’s beautiful cunt! He couldn’t believe it. He heard her moans and felt his muscles tightening across his chest and down his thighs and arms.

His cheek was pressed against her tits. He felt Ruth’s nails running up and down his back, already leaving red marks.

“Now go in and out,” she urged him. “Slam that beautiful piece of fuck inside me. Again. Again. Yes, yes, yes!”

He slammed into her, once, twice, three times. Deeper and deeper, the sensations multiplying, becoming better and more intense, enveloping his entire body. He was fucking! He was actually fucking for the first time!

“Ohhh shit!” he said between clenched teeth. He fell forward, as if someone had suddenly pushed him from behind. “God! Jesus Christ!” he moaned, his teeth digging into her tit mound.

“Bill! Duly!” she cried, feeling his thickness. Was it possible he was still getting thicker and longer inside her? It certainly felt that way! She wrapped her legs around his slim young ass, knowing he was seconds away from shooting his aching own load. But there would be others. A boy as young and virile as her nephew was capable of coming repeatedly inside her and that was just what she wanted him to do.

The important thing was not to make him feel humiliated. She sensed how he wanted to please her so. She felt a rush of affection for him. Wrapping her arms around him she held him tightly, hearing his moans of pleasure.

Then it happened. His cock jerked furiously inside her oozing vagina and he came, filling her pussy channel with his spicy young fuck sauce.

“Aunt Ruth,” he sighed blissfully, being cradled in her arms like a baby. “Ohhhh, Aunt Ruth!”

Instinctively, he jabbed his cock into her, ramming through her pussy folds, his cock shooting wad after precious wad into her. It was pleasure beyond his wildest dreams!

He seemed to be melting like candle wax into her flesh, becoming a vital part of her. He wanted the feeling to go on and on forever.

He wriggled his ass, his cock slicing though her cunt like a knife through soft butter. She felt his muscles tightening as she held him close, her mouth open in silent ecstasy, not so much for what she was feeling, but what he was experiencing for the first time.

And I’m the one who initiated him. I’ve just taken his virginity. He was so hard inside her, rubbing directly across her clit button. Shivers ran up and down her spine. She was very close to cumming herself.

It’ll be my turn next, she thought, her fingers combing through his thick blond hair.


Bill felt too weak to move. His climax had drained all his energy.

“How does it feel to be a man,” Ruth asked, the tips of her fingers stroking his back and shoulders.

“Jeez,” he said softly in one drawn-out sigh of contentment. “It never felt like that before. Never!”

Ruth chuckled. His cock was still rock hard inside her. She pointed this out to him, instructing him to begin fucking her again. This time he would be able to keep from cuming longer and satisfy them both.

“We’ll fuck until we’re both exhausted!” she said excitedly.

He began stroking her slowly, sending his cock deeper inside her. He was buried in her pussy to the hilt, all nine inches of him. He rotated his ass, rising it up then slamming it back down, sending his cock like a shaft of lightning between her thighs.

“Beautiful,” she groaned, her eyelashes fluttering. “You’re learning so quickly… so quickly…”

As he fucked her, his strokes both rhythmic and powerful, more assured with every thrust, she reached underneath him to fondle his testicles. His globes were like two golf balls in the palm of her hand. Smooth and soft, the hairless flesh slightly wrinkled to the touch.

“Do what you did before, Aunt Ruth,” he suggested, his voice already growing hoarse with emotion. Your finger… up my ass… it felt so good… made my cum so much better.

“Later,” she said gently. “Just before you’re about to cum. Then I’ll finger-fuck you like you’ve never been before.”

He played with her tits, tweaking her nipples between thumb and forefinger, as his cock went repeatedly in and out of her. He experimented. He would first fuck her with long slow strokes, then with quick jabs. Several times he made the mistake of pulling back too far so his cock slipped out of her entirely and she had to help him reinsert it. But he was quickly getting the hang of it, his confidence returning.

She felt his golden pubes meshing with her dark hairs, making her belly tingle. His lips were both hot and wet on her nipples as he sucked. Ruth ran her fingers over his slim young buttocks, feeling their exciting roundness.

Then she slipped her middle finger into the crease separating his ass cheeks, pressing against his quivering anus with the barest of pressure, teasing and exciting him.

He became more aroused and his self-control began to ebb. He fucked her harder now and she tightened her scissors hold around his waist.

“Oh God here it comes, baby,” she moaned. “I can feel it… your cock is inside me… so big and thick… like a fucking tree! Jesus H. Christ you’ve made me feel so damn good! Only a boj lover could make a woman feel this good! Keep fucking me, Bill… my handsome young nephew… again… again… yes, yes, yes… harder this time. Faster!”

He balled her with all his strength, panting for breath, sweat coating his entire body. She was beginning to struggle against him now, her orgasm building inexorably. He could feel the telltale tremors deep inside her vagina.

The room began to spin. She couldn’t get over how pale his body looked, especially in the moonlight. The room was so hot! Despite the slight breeze brushing across their bodies from his bedside window. It was as if they were the only two people on earth.

After tonight, Ruth knew her life would never be the same. She would have to keep her clandestine affair with her nephew a secret from not only her daughter, but from the neighbors, her friends and of course her sister Muriel, Bill’s mother!

No one must ever suspect. God, she thought, her orgasm washing over her, if anyone ever found out…

“BILL!” Cunt sensations shot through and through her. Her bones melted. Her whole body seemed to be disappearing into the sweat and cum stained mattress. She could feel the distinct mushroom shape of his penis as it pressed against her swollen clitoris, renewing sensations inside her which had lain dormant since her husband left.

She no longer felt hollow. Bill had instilled a new life in her. His sweating body, struggling above hers, shoving his cock again, and again into her made her want to burst into tears. It was so beautiful! And at the same time so wicked, so dangerous.

He was finding little pockets of pleasure like bubbles of air inside her, pleasure which rose weightlessly inside her, making her body seem to float in mid-air. The pleasure was beyond words!

She clawed at his back, leaving great red welts. Her fingertips followed the indentation of his spine. She screamed for mercy and he fucked her harder. She came rapidly again and again and again, like machine gun fire. It wouldn’t stop. Each orgasm was better than the one before. She never imagined her body could offer her such ecstasy!

She was delirious with pleasure!

“Fuck me, baby. Really ram that hard prick inside me… again… ohhh sweet mother of God I love you… adore you… holy shit! I’ve never cum so many times in succession in all my life… your cock… so big… thick… slicing deeper… deeper… you’re wonderful… fuck, fuck FUCK MEEE!”

“I’m trying… Auntie I’m trying so fucking hard…” He could hardly talk. He could feel his own orgasm approaching. It was like a tidal wave. Its building intensity frightened him. It felt as if it would split his cock in half!

“I know you are… my little fucker… I know… I know…” She started humping back furiously at him, the two of them establishing an exciting and rewarding rhythm that soon had them both climbing the wall with pleasure.

“Your cunt… so hot… sizzling hot… like molten lava… I can feel your pussy juices dripping down my thighs… feels so fucking good… my cock feels so big… I’m getting closer Aunt Ruth. I’m almost there… almost!”

Ruth wanted to force his entire body into her cunt. Her excitement knew no bounds. She was writhing and jerking spasmodically, her arms dancing in the air. She thought she would pass out. The pleasure was now immeasurably keen. The orgasms just kept on coming, over and over, building, building!

Bill slammed into her, corkscrewing his fuck rod as deep into her cunt as was possible.

“Baby… baby…” he gasped, choking for breath.

“Bill… my little boy… my sweet handsome young boy… ohhh Jesus, Jesus! I can’t take any more. It’s too good. God, it’s just too fucking good. Aggggrrhhhh!” She burst into tears, her hands all over him at once.

He’s driving me insane! she thought, the room closing in on her.

She came again. Crying for him to stop. Then in the same breath she would cry: “Fuck me harder, faster, again, again!”

He fought to keep her on the bed. She was like a fish out of water. He had never known anything like it. Theft emotions were rising to a fever pitch. The boy’s loins were positively on fire. He was burning up!

Then Ruth added the clincher.

While with one hand she squeezed his balls, making him groan and squeal like a little girl, she pried his buttocks apart with her other hand and pressed her middle finger hard against his puckered red anus.

“AUNTIE! AUNTIE!” he cried ecstatically.

Her finger disappeared with sudden blinding force up his shit hole. The tip of it pressed forcefully against his prostate gland. Bill didn’t know what hit him. He thought his heart had stopped!

Her finger went in and out of his bung hole, imitating his cock thrusts. Bill came instantly, crying out in ecstasy, triggering off another chain of orgasms in Ruth.

They climaxed together, the boy’s wads, though less in volume, were startlingly severe in effect. Each one seemed to enhance her cums beyond words. Her clit button rang out like a church bell, proclaiming the woman’s intense pleasure.

“Ahhh! Auntieeee! Fuck, fuck fuck, FUCK!”

He sobbed in her arms, his lower body working like a machine, his ass wiggling ecstatically as his cum sauce filled her fuck channel to capacity. They were both floating in mid-air, the bedsprings sounding loudly and persistently. It was too good to be true!

Both had the same thought: that they would suddenly wake in their respective beds and find all that had transpired had merely been a dream. A wonderful wet dream! But it was far better than anything their imaginations could conjure up. It was actually happening!

Ruth kept climaxing, her body tingling from head to toe. She could feel every thick inch of the boy’s enormous dong slamming into her pussy again and again and again.

Gradually, the boy’s mighty fuck strokes slowed down. He pulled out of her and fell to his back alongside her, panting for breath, his chest heaving.

“It… as… good… as… think… it… was?” he panted.

She smiled. “Better. Far, far better, Bill!”

“I love you, Aunt Ruth,” he said softly. Ruth ran the palm of her hand over his belly, her fingers running through his golden pubic hairs. His cock was half erect and still oozing a steady trickle of cum. She cupped his testicles and gave him a gentle squeeze. He moaned appreciatively.

“Are you tired?” she asked, half jokingly, her eyes alight with renewed lust as they swept over his naked young body.

He giggled. “Not any more!” They embraced, resting on their sides, his tongue slipping wetly between her lips, aching to be sucked.

They French kissed for many minutes, the boy’s hands running over Ruth’s tits, up and down her back, finally resting on her buttocks. She gently pressed him back against the mattress and hooked a leg over him.

She caressed his cock shaft until he was fully erect again.

“Now it’s my turn…” she said mysteriously. Bill thought she was going to give him another blow job. But she surprised him.

She got up and straddled his belly, the tip of his cock pressing against the crease of her buttocks. He grabbed her swinging tits and played with them, making her nipples stand out. He pressed the flat of his thumbs against her pointed globes, making his aunt swoon with delight. She reached behind herself and grabbed hold of his prick, feeling its pulsating weight between her fingers.

She spread her legs slightly and at the same time forced his domed peter head between her puffy cunt lips. Then she slowly lowered herself, piercing her cooze with his thick fuck pole.

He moaned, writhing on the bed, his hands slipping down to her thighs. He opened his eyes and watched with both excitement and fascination as his cock shaft disappeared between her legs until she was sitting on his upper thighs, her dark wiry pubes mingling with his golden hairs.

He couldn’t speak. All he could feel was the liquid warmth of her cuntal chamber, the way her pussy flesh automatically stroked and embraced his lusty tool, urging it even further into her.

“So… so big!” she gasped, her eyes wide with pleasure.

She pressed her legs together, building up pressure inside her vagina as she squeezed his rod. She was very tight now, tighter than ever before. And Bill couldn’t believe how good it felt!

He reached behind to massage her ass cheeks. She kept just his prick head inside her, his whole shaft now glistening in the moonlight with her fragrant juices, then lowered herself. He groaned, his head rocking to and fro on the pillow.

“Jesus…” he breathed.

Up and down. Then she wriggled, forcing his cock to go into her with a corkscrewing motion, tantalizing her so quickly she felt an orgasm beginning, spreading through her like branches on a free.

“Aren’t you glad you came to stay with your aunt,” she whispered, tingles running up and down her spine, making her shiver.

“Yes!” Then he giggled. “I never thought it would be anything like this, though!”

Ruth couldn’t help laughing with him. He looked so adorable when he smiled. She would never let him go! Not now, not after all they had just been through and all that was yet to be experienced.

“I love the feel of your cunt,” he moaned, running his tongue over his dry lips. “It’s so fucking tight… fits my cock like a glove… ohhhh God it feels so fucking good!”

Ruth could hardly speak. She whimpered, her arms and legs going numb. Then she cried out, throwing her head back and grinding down on his pelvis. The young boy felt a flood of her juices run down his tool and out of her red gash, soaking the sheets beneath him.

Her orgasm was like the rush of all the winds on earth. He grabbed her ass cheeks and began fucking her, arching his back and sending his prick deep into her womb. He could feel the familiar sensations starting in his loins. The pleasure thrills shooting up and down his shaft.

Ruth climaxed, caught her breath, and started to fuck him again, her body moving in hypnotically rhythmic motions, releasing myriad sensations in Bill’s penis.

Bill became more and more excited as his own orgasm started to build. He wanted to keep fucking his aunt all night, to cum a hundred times, a thousand times!

She leaned over and they kissed, all the while her ass moved up and down, up and down, up and down, piercing herself repeatedly with his lusty young fuck pole. She came again, her cunt juices lubricating his cock.

“Send it up deep inside me,” she squealed, bouncing up and down on him, her hair fanning out in all directions. She could see by the wild look on the boy’s face that he was about to shoot his cum load into her pussy.

“Do it to me, baby,” she groaned. “Give me every fucking hard inch of your prick!”

He did just that.

The more he gave Ruth, the more she wanted.

“Harder!” she screamed, a wild grin of pleasure on her face. Her body was gyrating frantically. “Jesus… more… that’s it, baby. You’re learning fast what turns your aunt on! Beautiful! Beautiful! Again! Again! Ohhh sweet mother of God!”

“Can’t… hold… on… much… longer…” he gasped.

“You must! Just for a little while longer. I can feel another orgasm coming. It’s almost there, almost… ohhh baby you’re really doing it to me now!”

They quickly established a mutually stimulating fuck rhythm that had Ruth climbing the walls with pleasure. She reached her orgasm and in a matter of seconds experienced another.

“FUCK ME!” she cried, slamming down on him faster and faster.

“I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” he bellowed.

He covered his face with both his hands. It was too much to bear! His balls were going to be split in half! He could feel the cum rising up in his shaft like mercury in a thermometer.

He tried to get up, his fingers clawing her thighs, but Ruth pinned him down, a look of hysteria on her sweating face.

She mashed down on him, rotating her ass, his cock reaching so deeply inside her she could almost taste it. She could feel his shaft trembling. Seconds seemed like an eternity. Time stood still. She cried out, half crazed with fuck sensations.

She moaned like an animal in heat as his hot wads of thick cum sauce filled her cunt, washing over her inner fuck walls. She jerked convulsively atop him, squeezing his arms, wanting to experience every square inch of his young, pale flesh. Her hands were suddenly everywhere at once.

She looked down at the expression of supreme pleasure on his face. She never felt more aroused in her life. She went up and down with lightning speed, milking his tool with her cuntal muscles until he was screaming for mercy.

But Ruth couldn’t stop. His fuck pole became thicker and thicker, his cum wads hotter and like little sparks they shot pleasure sensations through and through her. She stopped counting her climaxes, there were just so many!

Then it was over as quickly as it had begun. Ruth wound down like a character in a slow motion reel of film. She rose slightly, letting the bay’s prick slip out of her ragged pussy.

Then, without a word, she took Bill’s firm peter in her mouth and began sucking it for all it was worth.


The following morning Ruth awoke and was startled to find her young nephew lying in bed next to her.

The previous evening, and all that had transpired between them, came flooding back over her, making her crotch tingle. Did it really happen? she wondered to herself. But of course it did. What a question! Why else would I be in bed with my own nephew?

She let her hand trail down her body as scenes of their lovemaking went through her mind like an erotic movie. She opened her legs, not wanting to wake Bill up yet, even though it was almost noon, and slowly caressed her vulva.

She was so close to the teen, his naked body hidden under the sheets, Ruth just had to touch him. It would be like a game — she would see how far she could stimulate his cock before he would open his eyes.

He looked so peaceful, so innocent, when he slept. She wanted to brush her lips against his, feel the creamy smoothness of his young cheeks, instead she gently slipped under the coven. Why not start the day off right?

She gasped in delight as she eyed his slim young body. He was lying on his back, his penis half hidden between his thighs like a snake. The sunlight filtered through the sheets as she combed her fingers through his pubic hairs. He moaned softly and muttered something incomprehensible. Ruth wondered if he was dreaming. Dreaming about her…

Tucking her long dark hair behind one ear so it wouldn’t tickle his belly, she ran her tongue up and down the inside of his upper thighs, just missing his dong. Even, limp it was impressive, his testicles round and full.

You have such a beautiful body, she thought to herself, biting her upper lip as she felt the tremors passing through her pussy. Her hard nipples touched his thighs as she licked around his pubic patch.

She suddenly thought of her daughter Peg, but quickly blotted out the image. When she came home it wouldn’t be this easy making it with Bill. There would be secrets and deceptions. Ruth didn’t want to think about that now. There would be time for all the lies. She didn’t care. All she cared about was having Bill.

What was even worse was that Bill would be going home to start school again in late August or early September. It would all be over between them then. Bill would go back home and would be more confident about girls, would probably soon have a girlfriend his own age and Ruth would be forgotten.

Gently, she lifted his prick and kissed the domed head, drilling the tip of her tongue into his gaping piss slit. Bill stirred slightly and moaned, but didn’t wake.

She clamped her lips over his limp penis and began sucking it. She reached underneath herself with one hand and began fingering her clitoris. Already the waves were building inside her loins.

She sucked him slowly, lovingly, feeling his prick coming to life, growing gradually thicker and harder, the veins gorging with blood, pulsating with desire.

She had two fingers inside her oozing cunt, resting on her side, her legs clamped shut over her hand, her digits buried deeply inside her snatch. She wanted to cry out with joy. She was feeling more and more excited!

His shaft glistened with her warm saliva. She cupped his balls. Then she let her hand rest over his wiry pubes.

She finger fucked herself as she sucked his lusty young tool. It was soon completely erect in her mouth. She would hold the bottom half of his shaft and trail the tip of her tongue up and down it, tracing the outline of his beautifully sculptured prick head.

His cock began to dance in her hand and he groaned, flinching slightly, his head turning to one side on the pillow. He remained fast asleep. Ruth was convinced he was dreaming of her, that what she was now doing to him was somehow entering that dream.

She loved the slightly salty taste of his peter. Its firmness. The way it would start to rumble before it exploded its cum wads, like a volcano at the moment of eruption.

“Mmmmmm,” the boy moaned, his body turning slightly, as if he was about to stretch. Ruth was enjoying herself thoroughly. She didn’t want her nephew to wake, not until she had had her fun!

She continued sucking languidly on his shaft. Then she let his cock slip from her lips and held up the boy’s nuts, sniffing their boyish aroma under the confines of the sheets.

She first sucked on one globe, then the other, reveling on their smooth shapeliness. She gently pulled the few hairs dotting his balls with her teeth, the skin rising up to touch her bottom lip. Then she ran her tongue over and between his wiry blond pubes.

She was completely intoxicated by his body, drunk on his pale young flesh. She lifted up his balls and licked the line of flesh which ran down to his anus. She wished she could lift his butt up too and lick out his asshole, but she was sure he would wake up if she tried.

Instead, she continued sucking his hard tool, changing her sucking rhythm until she felt the familiar tremors building from deep inside his loins. He was moaning steadily now. He called her name several times, she could just make out what he was saying, and she thought her heart would leap into her mouth.

As she blew him, taking in every hard inch and breathing through her nostrils, she ardently finger fucked herself. She climaxed, whimpering with pleasure, careful not to make a loud noise, though again she felt the helplessly uncontrollable urge to cry out with joy when she was near him. To let everyone know what they were doing and how much pleasure they were giving one another.

His legs opened and closed convulsively and his moans and sighs became louder, more distinct. She cupped his balls and sucked and sucked. She fingered her clit button until it sent out spasmodic fuck signals which lit her body up like a Christmas tree. She climaxed again, cunt juice oozing out of her ravaged gash, soaking the sheets under her naked body.

He squirmed in delight, his chest muscles tightening, his whole body preparing for the ecstatic pleasure she was about to give him. Her heart pounded. She had nearly ha entire hand inside her cunt, her eyes wide with delight as another orgasm washed over her.

She drilled her tongue into his cock slit, rewarded with an ooze of pre-cum which sparked her taste buds. She rolled his viscous essence on the end of her tongue, then swallowed, feeling the liquid warmth flowing down her throat. She could drink his prick juice for hours and still thirst for more!

“God!” she whispered to herself, running her tongue up and down his shaft as she went down on him, her lips touching his scrotum.

He whimpered, like a lost child, writhing slowly, pushing up his loins as if unconsciously forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. She felt the tip of his cock against the very back of her throat.

She sucked harder, enveloping every inch of his thick member.

Then he came, gushing hot bubbling jism into her mouth, down her throat. She nearly choked on it, there were so many wads to swallow.

Amazingly enough, he still seemed to be sleeping. He must think this is an incredible wet dream! she thought, cm oozing out of the corners of her mouth as she strove to swallow every delicious cum drop.

She had never tasted anything so delicious before. Like bananas and cream! Better than any man’s cock. Better than her husband’s could ever be! She came again, his spicy cream triggering off another orgasm.

When she had sucked him completely dry, she let his still hard cock slip carefully from her lips and fall back against his belly where it continued to quiver.

She licked her sperm-stained lips and smiled, nearly swooning with delight. She felt satisfied and content, having come more than enough times in such a brief span of time herself.

Holding back a giggle, Ruth peered up over the sheets and saw the blissful smile on Bill’s face.

He was still sleeping! Poor thing, she thought, he was so exhausted after last night. We fucked and sucked for hours! I’ve worn the kid out!

She sighed. Her cunt started to itch again. Maybe it was time he did get up. She drew the sheets off his body and carefully straddled his lower body. If this won’t wake him up, she thought, then nothing will!

Her legs quivering, she squatted over him, taking hold of his hard-on from behind and bringing it up so it was poised like an arrow directly under her pussy. Then she lowered herself down, spearing herself with his fuck pole. Then she started to fuck him, slowly at first, enjoying every inch.

When her up and down movements became quick and hard, her butt grinding into his pelvis each time she went down, his eyes suddenly shot open in surprise. He looked up at her, his eyes still sleepy and unfocused.

“Wha…? Auntie? What’s… what’s happening?”

This made her fuck him even harder. And faster.

A smile spread over his face. He tried to get up but she had him pinned down. After a few seconds he didn’t want to get up.

“I just had the best dream of my life!” he blurted out, seeming to take completely for granted that his aunt had been busy fucking him in his sleep.

“It was the best. We were on an island or something, way out in sea, just the two of us. Lots of sand and trees and a blue, blue sky all around us. And you were sucking me. But what a blow job. I-I don’t know. I could have sworn I came. It was such an incredibly intense feeling. The best orgasm ever. Wow!”

“It really felt like you came, huh?” she asked jokingly, trying to suppress a smile, as she felt the tension building dramatically inside her twat.

It was as if a light bulb had gone on over his head. “You! It was you! You were just sucking me, weren’t you. I came didn’t I?”

Ruth nodded, throwing her head back in delight as she climaxed, female juices running down his prick shaft.

“You were blowing me while I was sleeping. I don’t believe it. And-and I didn’t even wake up. Wow!”

“BABY! BABY! FUCK MEE!” she cried out ecstatically.

“Oh shit, I can feel it too. Oh shit, shit, shit!” he moaned, hooking both arms around her waist and fucking back at her for all his might.

“That’s my boy! Fuck me, really fuck me this time. Make it good for both of us. Make me cum a hundred times. Ohhhh my darling!” She did cum again, that same chain of orgasms, one right after another, peaking higher and higher than ever before. Pleasure unbounded!

“MOTHER OF GOD!” Ruth bellowed, nearly falling off him and onto the floor.


They came together, the boy’s cock erupting with a vengeance inside her fuck channel, showering her four cuntal walls with his rich spunk sauce.

She reached under him, squeezing his buttocks, trying desperately to get more of his prick into her, even though all nine inches were already buried deep inside her womb.

Ruth wanted his balls inside her too! She wanted all of him inside her. She thought she was going crazy. The pleasure was electric. It went on and on and on, an unending flow of energy that made her nerve ends tingle with delight. It was sheer magic!

Bill had his head thrown back in ecstasy. His neck muscles bulged, looking as if they were ready to burst. He gritted his teeth, his nostrils flared.

Her nails dug into his ass cheeks. She wanted to rip the flesh off his body, bite into his face, possess him entirely!

She fell on him and they kissed wetly, sucking on each other’s tongues, her body flat against his, her tits grinding into his chest, her sweat running with his. Bill had never known such ecstasy!

Then, taking Ruth completely by surprise, the boy spun around and forced her back on the bed. His cock remained hard inside her. He quickly positioned himself between her legs and began slamming into her with breathtaking swiftness.

“Fantastic!” she cried out, her legs automatically locking around his buttocks.

“I can’t get enough of that pussy of yours, Aunt Ruth,” he sighed, feeling her pointed nipples rubbing excitedly against his chest. He pounded into her unmercifully, knowing the harder his cock strokes were, the more his aunt enjoyed them.

And she was now in seventh heaven! Her toes wiggled ecstatically while her nails dug into his sides, making distinct marks on his flesh.

“Ohh Jesus you fuck so well now. You learn so quickly, baby,” she praised him, lifting her rump up to meet his downward strokes. They quickly established a mutually satisfying fuck rhythm.

Bill couldn’t get over the way her inner cuntal walls grasped his cock meat each time he entered her, pulling his shaft deeper inside her until he was buried between her thighs to the absolute hilt. She would squeeze her legs together, making the tension in her cunt almost unbearable.

She reached up and brought his face down so she could kiss him. He lay atop her, only the bottom half of his body moving — gyrating in an exciting dance of orgasmic ecstasy.

They French kissed endlessly. He ran his tongue around the inside of her mouth, tasting the sweetness of her breath, caressing her teeth and gums. She sucked on his tongue and wouldn’t let go, making the teens blood boil.

“God…” she whispered between kisses. “You fuck so hard I think my spine is going to snap in two! Jesus… ohhh!”

This only made the teen pound his cock into her all the harder, penetrating her innermost cuntal depths. Her pussy sang out for joy!

“Can you feel me?” he whimpered.

“Yes! Yes! So hard… so thick… I’m almost there, baby. Just a few seconds more and I’ll be over the edge. Keep it up, sweetheart. Don’t stop now. Jesus, it feels so damn good! I’m the luckiest woman, in the world!”

He could feel her clitoris swelling up to twice its size. Her pussy juice was flooding out of her red gash, lubricating his fuck thrusts and making the growing fuck sensations more intensely satisfying.

She climaxed, her body jerking spasmodically. He thought she was going to pass out. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and she was snorting like an animal in heat, her arms and legs quivering uncontrollably.

Then she let out a drawn-out wail of pleasure and he knew she was alright. That feeling of pride overwhelmed him. He felt like the most powerful human on earth, able to do anything he wanted.

“Ohhh my balls,” he moaned, squinting as if a powerful beam of light had just fallen on his face. He knew he was very close to cumming. He stopped his stroking, panting for breath, waiting for the hot feeling to subside in his cock. He didn’t want to shoot his cum load yet.

Ruth pried apart his ass cheeks and caressed his anus with the flat of her middle finger, rubbing it back and forth inside his ass crease.

“Ohhh shit!” he gasped as her middle finger slipped into his quivering asshole to the knuckle. She crooked her hand around his buttock so she could get as much of her finger into his butt hole as possible.

“How does that feel, sweetheart?” she moaned, arching her back as another orgasm overtook her.

She began finger fucking him, her nail digging into his inner ass flesh. He howled with pleasure, his cock expanding inside her fuck chamber. She knew it was time. She prepared herself for the sudden onrush of cum wads, waited for the pleasure they would bring her.

He came, growling with pleasure, his ass cheeks hollowing out as he shot his heavy load. It felt as if hot wax was being poured into her.

“OHH SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” he hissed between firmly clenched teeth. He fell with his head between her tits, moaning in ecstasy, letting the fuck sensations carry him off to another world.

She ran her fingers through his hair, pulling at it, unable to contain her own ecstatic pleasure. As she had anticipated, his sudden ejaculation had triggered another orgasm inside her. Her finger went in and out of his butt as he wriggled his ass, the sensations from his rectum joining with those pulsating from his loins.

He gradually stopped humping her. She pulled her finger out of his asshole with a faint pop and let her arms fall to her sides while her legs unlocked and fell like dead weights to the bed. He pulled out of her and slumped on his back beside her, panting for breath, still reveling in the afterglow of a stupendous fuck.

The telephone beside his bed rang.

“Christ, who could that be,” she said, brushing the sweaty hair from her eyes. She picked it up and said sleepily, a hint of annoyance in her voice, “Hello.”

It was her daughter Peg. Ruth was immediately sorry she had sounded so abrupt.

“No, dear,” she said. “You didn’t wake me. Is everything alright?” She cupped the receiver and told Bill who it was. He pressed against her back, his cock playfully wedged between her ass cheeks. He cupped one hand over her tit and squeezed her, feeling her nipple becoming hard in response.

Ruth tried to shove his hand away, but the boy smiled behind her back and squeezed her tit mound harder. Then his hand went down to her cunt. He inserted his middle finger between her ragged cunt lips and sought out her burgeoned clitoris, which he caressed gently.

Ruth was silent for a few minutes while Peg spoke.

“Okay,” she said, nodding her head, watching the boy’s finger lazily stroke her labia. “Of course that’s alright. Don’t be silly.” She was silent again. She cradled the phone between her neck and shoulder and placed her hand over Bill’s, forcing his finger deeper into her cunt. She was beginning to feel the telltale tingling sensations.

She looked over her shoulder at the smiling boy and said, “Oh, he’s fine. He looks wonderful.” She smiled. “He can’t wait to see you again.” She laughed. “Yes, he’s finding plenty to do. He’s not in the least bored.”

Bill grinned widely, his finger going rhythmically in and out of her cunt. He could see by Ruth’s languid expression she was close to cumming. He inserted two fingers into her, alternately tweaking her clit and massaging it as if his fingers were his cock.

Ruth was finding it difficult to talk.

“Yeah… no… that will be… fine. We’ll meet you… meet you at the station. I’m sorry to hear about Ann. It’s a shame she had to come down with the measles now. But… we’ll… have… fun… here. Just the three of us.” She giggled. “It’s good to have a man around the house again… see you tomorrow… at noon. Bye bye, love.”

She hung up the phone and turned around taking Bill in her arms. His fingers remained deeply lodged inside her twat.

“You silly toy!” she said, her eyes twinkling. They both laughed. “You’re incorrigible!”

Then she pulled out his fingers and inserted his hard cock between her puffy cunt lips instead. They fucked while lying on their sides, arms around each other, their lips joined wetly and lovingly.

He was so excited he came quickly this time, relief flooding through his body. Their bodies, now together as one, twitched as they climaxed, the woman enjoying one of the longest, most intensely enjoyable orgasms of her life.

Afterward, while lying still with their arms around each other, Ruth told him Peg would be returning home tomorrow at noon. Her girlfriend had suddenly come down with the measles. She had sounded disappointed over the phone, but glad at least that she would be seeing Bill again after so long.

“What’s she like?” Bill asked.

“Oh, you two will get along fine. I guess she’s a bit of a loner. Like you.”

“Does she have any boyfriends?”

“No. Frankly, I think she’s a virgin, but don’t go getting any ideas now!”

He smiled. “No one can take your place, Aunt Ruth.”

“Oh, I bet you say that to all your aunts.”

“Only the ones I go to bed with.”

“Very funny. Just remember, not a word to Peg. Christ, I’m sorry in a way she’s coming home sooner than expected. I was looking forward to having you all to myself for the week.”

“I know. Me too. What are we going to do with Peg around. Does she hang around the house a lot?”

Ruth nodded. “I’m afraid so. Otherwise she’s at a friend’s house, or at the movies, or in the library. It will be a problem. After all, her room is right between yours and mine. I really don’t know what we’ll do. She’s bound to guess something… shall we say unusual… is going on between us. I’m worried she’ll get the message. It’s going to be difficult for me to keep my hands off you for God’s sake!”

“Me too. Brother. I think I’d go crazy. We’ll just have to think of something.”

“And now that she’ll have you for company, that’ll make it even more difficult for us. God, it’s terrible to be thinking of Peg this way. It’s crazy, but I can’t look at it any other way.” She caressed his cheek, feeling its downy softness. Her heart skipped a beat.

“Why… why don’t we just tell her?” Bill asked.

“Put yourself in her position. I realize you don’t really know each other but you imagine what any daughter would think. It’s so… so…” Ruth struggled to think of the right word to describe her relationship with Bill. “Unconventional!” she finally blurted out.

Bill smiled understandingly and nodded in agreement.

“Perhaps I could sneak into your room at night?” Bill suggested.

“I’m worried Peg would hear us. Her room is next to mine. Well, of course the bathroom we both use does separate our rooms. I’m so used to thinking it’s part of my bedroom. Yes, maybe that’s the obvious solution, but we’d have to be very careful. If Peg ever caught us together there would be no explaining it away. Anyway, let’s not worry about it today. We’ll both think of something.”

“It’s beautiful out,” Bill said, stretching his lean body. “Let’s do something.”

“Okay. I’m open to suggestions.”

“Can we go swimming somewhere?”

“Well, let’s see. There’s a beautiful lake about an hour’s drive or so from here. Very quiet. Maybe we can even go skinny dipping.”

“That would be great. I’ve never done that before!”


“Hey, this is really neat!” Bill exclaimed.

Ruth breathed deeply, smelling pine needles. “It is lovely, isn’t it?”

“Fantastic. Hey, we completely forgot the cold chicken in the car.”

Ruth had prepared a hasty lunch for them. “Oh, don’t bother getting it now,” she said. “It’ll keep till later.”

“Well, how about going for a swim. You think it’s safe to take our bathing suits off?”

Ruth smiled. The boy was so anxious to swim naked he was practically jumping up and down. She paused to look around. “No. Looks like we’re okay. Last one in is a rotten egg, as the saying goes!”

Bill peeled off his tee shirt, throwing it on the pier. His chest and legs looked even paler in the bright sunshine. I’ll have to get him in the sun more, she thought, though at the same time realizing it was his paleness which excited her so. It made him seem, along with his lean young body, even more vulnerable and unprotected.

Ruth slowly began unbuttoning her blouse, her knees feeling weak as she watched Bill continue undressing. He had on a skimpy bathing brief underneath. They looked too small for him, as if he never used them much. They did much to emphasize the obvious bulge of his crotch. He seemed blissfully unaware of this. He was getting too old to be that careless about his appearance. He wasn’t a little boy any more.

His back was toward her. He slipped off his briefs, bending over as he did so. He nearly tripped himself in his enthusiasm to get into the water.

His ass cheeks were firm and boyishly slim. He turned to face her in naked splendor. His prick hung low. His balls hung just as impressively. He was so beautiful he took Ruth’s breath away. She felt the wetness beginning between her legs.

“Well?” he asked, hands on his side. He knew he was turning her on. She could tell by his cocky stance. Ruth couldn’t take her eyes off him. He walked to her.

“Do you want me to undress you?” he asked coyly.

“Yes,” she gasped, her eyes on his penis. She felt like a little girl seeing a boy completely naked for the first time. She felt silly, but was too excited to care. Besides, she knew she was turning the boy on. His fingers trembled as he slipped the blouse up off her shoulders. Then he pulled down her shorts. She was wearing a pale blue bikini underneath.

He undid the clasp holding the bikini bra together. Her tits came to view and he paused to kiss them both, briefly sucking her nipples.

Her legs felt like rubber. She closed her eyes and moaned. She felt his fingers hooking into the elastic of her bikini bottom. He knelt down and pulled the triangular shaped piece of material down to her ankles. She stepped out of them. She spread her legs and he buried his mouth inside her bushy mound. He tasted her sex and felt his cock stirring.

“Let’s make love now,” she gasped. “Here.”

“On the pier?” he asked, looking up, his hands around her buttocks.

“Why not. No one will see. We can always jump into the water and grab our bathing suits if necessary.”

He shrugged, his eyes sparkling with anticipation: “Like you said, why not?” He pulled her down to her knees and they embraced. He pressed his cock against her crotch and she felt it becoming thicker, like a snake uncoiling against her flesh. Shivers ran up and down her spine.

He moaned, his cheek resting against her shoulder, as she reached down and took hold of his stiff prick. It felt so thick and manly! She began stroking him with one hand, the other cupping and squeezing his well-hung testicles.

“I love it when you hold my balls,” he murmured, his tongue disappearing between her hot lips. Her tits flattened against his chest as they French kissed, her fist over his aging tumescence, moving unerringly up and down, slow and easy, feeling every wonderful inch of his pecker.

He began gyrating his hips, moving his cock in and out of her flailing fist as if it were her cunt. He lowered his head and took her left tit in his mouth, sucking eagerly on her pointed nipple.

Ripples of pleasure spread over her.

“I’ll cum if you keep on doing that,” he said tightly.

“I know,” she replied, her voice the barest of whispers.

“All that cum will go to waste,” he joked, his voice growing huskier.

“There’ll be more.”

They were both beginning to sweat. The boy’s body glistened. She stroked him harder, her fist flailing over his prick. She held his shaft tightly, making the pressure inside his penis increase with each stroke.

Bill wanted to fuck her but somehow what she was doing now felt immeasurably more exciting. He gave himself completely to the growing fuck sensations, rocking to and fro on his knees, feeling the rough wood of the pier under his legs.

“Harder,” he urged her. “Stroke me harder. Faster!”

Both hands were on her tits, squeezing and caressing her soft globes, her pointed nipples seeming to drill into his palms.

Her hand left his cock and combed through his pubic hairs, pulling at his curly blond fluff, then running up and down his chest, over his belly and upper thighs, massaging his balls, lifting them up, feeling their heavy cum weight.

Bill was dizzy with lust. His hands were all over his aunts voluptuous body.

“Stroke me,” he repeated. “Auntie… don’t stop… want to cum so badly… want to fuck you… stroke me… stroke…”

Her hand returned to fist his peter. He leaned against her, putting his face against her shoulder. He was powerless to do anything but let the tingling cock sensations overwhelm his entire body.

Her lingers seemed to know exactly how to touch, where to caress, when to pause and begin again. How fast and how slow to go.

He was panting with excitement, feeling the hot sun beating down on his back.

“My little fuck boy,” she whispered. His body felt as if it would collapse.

Her fist became a blur over his hard prick. She, too, started to pant heavily, as if he were fingering her cunt. Just stroking him made her want to cum.

“Oh shit, oh shit, ohhh shit!” he cried.

A moment later a wad of cum shot out of his prick like a rocket, splashing against Ruth’s tits. She fisted his cock harder as he ejaculated all over her and himself, jism oozing over her knuckles and dripping onto the floor.

“Christ!” he gasped.

“It feels good, doesn’t it, sweetheart,” she whispered in his ear, biting his lobe. “Feels so good, doesn’t it?”

“Jesus, Auntie… Jesus… ohhh!”

Her fist milked his joint dry. He sighed blissfully and lifted his head up. His eyes had that sleepy after look of a good orgasm.

Without a word, as if they had silently communicated their thoughts, their bodies automatically moved into the sixty-nine position, the boy lying atop Ruth. He eagerly opened her legs and his tongue quickly made contact with her anxiously awaiting clitoris.

She slipped his oozing tool into her mouth and began sucking it, tasting his cum residue and breathing in the musky boyishness of his penis.

Bill rejoiced in the exciting taste of Ruth’s quim. He felt her inner cuntal muscles and membranes quivering as he licked her vulva, her labia, his tongue going deeper between her legs, beyond her clitoris, his lips pressed hard against her flesh.

He sucked her with hardly a pause for breath, his tongue flicking across her red gash, slurping up her flowing honey, swallowing it as quickly as her cunt produced it. His ass wiggled slightly as she sucked his hard penis, renewing the wonderful fuck sensations he had just experienced.

Still excited by the touch of his jerking penis as it shot its cum wads, and now by the familiar taste of his firm shaft, Ruth reached orgasm quickly. The boy whipped his tongue against her clit, folding the tip of it around the bottom of her tear-shaped nubbin, producing instant gratification and making her squeal with pleasure.

She concentrated, meanwhile, on just his mushroomed cock head, her tongue ceaselessly circling around the bottom half of it, while her lips acted like two suction cups, drawing the jism up from his balls.

Their bodies were now drenched with sweat, slippery with it.

It seemed like hours later when Bill’s prick started to jerk spasmodically inside Ruth’s mouth, indicating one thing: that he was about to climax.

As if fighting against time, and the fact that Bill fully realized he was only moments from ejaculation, he did everything he could to stimulate Ruth’s clitoris. He tweaked it with his thumb and forefinger, sucked it hard and furiously. He nuzzled it between his teeth.

He achieved the desired results. Ruth gifted her teeth, controlling the urge to scream at the top of her lungs. She came and it was one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Waves of pleasure rushed over her.

Just when her pleasure was subsiding and she continued her relentless attack on Bill’s hard dong, he reached climax, cum filling her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed.

He moaned into her cunt, reveling in the fantastic fuck sensations. She sucked the cum from his jerking tool, holding the bottom half of it tightly in her hand, moving her fist up and down as she continued sucking.

When he had finished cumming she let his cock slip from between her lips. She ran her tongue over her teeth and gums, catching the rest of the jism and swallowing. They lay quietly in a heap, panting for breath.

“I can use that swim now,” she said after a while.

He grinned. “Me too!”

They got to their feet and Ruth stretched languidly, the boy following suit. Instead of feeling tired, they both felt completely elated. Coming at her from behind, Bill playfully pushed his aunt into the lake.

“You little devil!” she called out when her head appeared above water.

“This is terrific!” he called out in typical boyish enthusiasm. Ruth laughed, feeling terrific herself. She wished Peg wasn’t coming tomorrow, and instantly regretted the thought. She wondered for the first time if Bill would become attracted to her.

Bill interrupted her train of thought when he gripped both her legs from under the water and pulled her down.

When they came up for air he said, “I wonder if it’s possible to fuck under water?”

“You can’t get enough, can you?” she asked, grinning with pride.

“Not of you! Let’s try it. I’m ready to go!” He laughed at the puzzled look on her face. “You mean you didn’t notice my hard on just now?”

She reached down as they treaded water and sure enough his cock was fully erect.

“I’ll be damned!” she said in wonder. “I guess I must be getting used to seeing you with a hard on all the tine.”

“I can’t help it!” he chuckled, his face bright with expectation.

Ruth shook her head and smiled. “You’re really something.”

He shrugged. “Guess it comes naturally.”

“Here’s something else that comes naturally.” She grabbed his cock and they fumbled in the water, Ruth trying to hook her legs around his waist so they could fuck. It wasn’t easy. Each time she tried she fell back in the water.

“I got an idea,” he said.

“Surprise me.”

“Let’s swim back to the pier. I’ll press my back against one of the supports and you can wrap your legs around me that way.” It worked.

He wedged his back against the thick wooden support and Ruth successfully made a scissors hold around his waist with her legs. He reached down as she positioned herself and inserted his cock in her pussy. It felt strange and wonderful.

“It’s an eerie feeling!” Ruth exclaimed.

“It is, isn’t it? Feels great. Really slippery.” The water was refreshingly cool while Ruth’s cunt was hot with passion.

It was extremely awkward at first and several times his prick slipped out of her entirely and they had to reposition themselves, but gradually they both got the hang of it and he was soon slamming into her with breathless force.

Her pussy felt tight and slippery with her juices. She moaned softly in his ear as all nine thick inches slipped into her again and again.

“God this does feel incredible,” she groaned. “Jesus… yes, yes… mmmmmm!”

“Hold me tighter. Squeeze your legs around me. Really make your cunt tight for me,” he urged her, his voice tight with emotion.

Ruth did as he asked, the water lapping around them. The boy had his arms wrapped around her and she could feel his nails digging into her back as he pounded his meat into her.

Their fuck motions were making little waves around them which they could hear slapping against the pier and against themselves. Bill’s ass cheeks clenched under water as he prepared to cum inside his aunt.

“Ohh Bill, Bill, BILL!” she howled, a choking noise following from the back of her throat. She came, her whole body twitching and jerking in ecstasy.

“I’m cumming, Aunt Ruth,” he moaned. “I can feel it… I’m almost there… ohhh Jesus there’s nothing like fucking under water… thank you, thank you… Jesus it’s almost here… a few more strokes… uhh… uhh… yes, yes, yes!”

“I can feel it too, baby,” she enthused. “Your cock is getting thicker… thicker… Jesus it never felt so thick before. You’re so deep inside me… penetrating me like I’ve never been penetrated before… I love you… love you!”

“So good… so fucking good…”

“More… don’t stop now… so big inside me. God I can’t stand it anymore!”

“Here it comes, Auntie… are you ready? Ready for all my thick cum wads?”

“Yes! YES! Every hot drop!”


She held him tight as he climaxed, triggering another orgasm inside her… and they groaned and sighed ecstatically, their bodies quivering with fuck sensations. It was more pleasurable than either had imagined it would be!

They parted, and Ruth floated on her back for a while, feeling the hot sun on her breasts.

Bill treaded water as he caught his breath, content just to watch Ruth, his eyes on the swell of her tits.

They swam until their teeth started to chatter. Then they lay on the pier, letting the sun dry them off. Bill then got into his swim briefs and went to fetch the lunch Ruth had prepared.

They ate under a tree by the lake. More people gathered across from them, but no one near where they sat, the pier just to their right. Bill was already turning red. Ruth hoped be wouldn’t burn because of his fair complexion.

She cautioned him to stay out of the sun for the rest of the afternoon. She, on the other hand, tanned easily, and although she hadn’t been in the sun much herself lately, she still had a faint tan.

She wondered what Bill would look like with his skin a nut-brown color. Probably more exciting than ever. Especially with his groin area still pale. What an exciting contrast that would be!


They were twenty minutes away from the train station when Bill started getting horny as hell.

His tight shorts were rubbing against his crotch. Ruth’s dress was biked up to her thighs while she was driving, offering the boy a tantalizing view of her legs, now a slightly deeper color from yesterday’s sun. And they hadn’t fucked since last night in bed. All this, plus the hot late morning sun streaming in through the windshield, was adding up to a pulsating hard on.

“Aunt Ruth, let’s stop for a minute…” His voice trailed off and he rubbed his crotch suggestively.

Ruth looked over to him and smiled. “We’ll be late for Peg’s train, sweetheart.”

“Oh, come on.” He slid closer to her and placed his hand on her thigh, now visibly aroused, and began caressing her, pushing her dress further up to reveal her panties.

“Bill, I’m driving. You want us to have an accident?”

“Then let’s stop!”

“You’re really turned on, aren’t you?”

He nodded vigorously, his fingers reaching into the leg opening of her panties, feeling the beginning of her pussy hairs.

“Sweetheart, please, we can’t stop. We’ll end up being all sweaty. Peg might suspect something.”

Bill laughed derisively. “You’re getting paranoid about Peg. Why don’t I just go home.”

“Now, stop pouting. Show a little self-control.”

“Okay. Okay. But my cock feels like it’s going to burst. Here. Look.” He unzipped his shorts and pulled down his briefs, whipping out his hard on.

Ruth looked around as if they were being watched. Then she laughed. “Bill, please…”

She pulled down her dress so her legs were properly covered, as if this would automatically shrink the boy’s prick.

“Just a quick blow job?” he pleaded.


“Drive with one hand and jerk me off with the other!”


“Okay,” he said after a pause. “Then I’ll do it myself.” He pulled down his shorts and underpants down to his ankles. Then he began masturbating, sweat trickling down his sides from under his armpits, dampening his tee shirt.

“Bill, I think you’ve got cum on the brain!” She started giggling, trying hard to keep her eyes on the road. Fortunately traffic was light. “You’ll get jism all over yourself!”

“Don’t worry.” He spread his legs wide and she saw the muscles on his thighs tighten. “You’ve got Kleenex in the glove compartment. I’ll clean up afterward.”

“Bill, this is… silly!” But she found herself becoming aroused. She couldn’t help looking at his magnificent hard on while he slowly ran his encircled fist up and down, moans starting at the back of his throat.

“Push your dress up, Aunt Ruth. Please. I wish you weren’t wearing panties…”

She did as he asked. She felt the wetness spreading through her panties.

“I wish I could see your cunt,” he gasped, leaning back against the seat, squirming slightly as his fist went up and down over his cock faster.

“This is crazy,” Ruth said, breaking out in a sweat. “I might as well stop the car for God’s sake.”

“Why… don’t… you,” he panted, his eyes fixed on her upper thighs.

“Well be late. Peg will be suspicious.”

“Suspicious of what? You act like she already knows about us.” He laughed. “Now you’re being crazy.”

Ruth saw he was getting closer to reaching orgasm with every stroke of his fist. She could taste his jism. Her mouth watered for his joint. She pulled over to the side of the read.

She took his shaft in her hand and went down on him.

“Ohhhh… that’s more like it!” he whispered. “Oh, baby, yes, yes… yessss!”

He pounded his cock into her mouth, a wild grin of pleasure on his face.

“Here it comes… here it… AHHH!”

She tasted his stringy white jism as his ass bounced up and down on the seat, the end of his prick hitting the back of her throat. He threw his head back and made a gurgling noise, his eyes closed shut. He pressed both hands on the top of Ruth’s head, forcing her to take every inch of his spurting cock into her mouth.

When he finished cumming she quickly pulled down her soaked panties and straddled him, looking around to make sure they weren’t being seen. Fortunately, there weren’t many other cars.

She reached down and inserted his oozing cock between her puffy cuntlips.

“You’re the best, Aunt Ruth!” Bill said proudly, grasping her, buttocks.

She eased herself down on him, spearing herself with his shaft. “Oh Lord,” she moaned, digging her nails into his back, reaching up under his tee shirt to feel his smooth flesh.

She rested on her knees and let the boy do most of the work. He slammed upward, sending all nine inches of his tool into her, penetrating her innermost cuntal depths, her pussy juice flowing like a raging river, dampening his pubes and making his loins and upper thighs glisten as if they had a coat of polish on them.

“Oh, Bill, Bill, Bill,” she groaned, arms around his neck, showering him with kisses, then French kissing him longingly, her tongue slipping between his lips. He reached under her dress, hiking it up further, then he unclasped her bra and freed her tits, which he caressed excitedly.

Jesus, he thought, what more could a boy ask for!

They pawed at each other, kissing and fondling, their moans and sighs filling the air, until he finally erupted inside her. He bit her shoulder as he came, stiffing a scream of ecstasy.

When he was through, they quietly dressed. They both got out of the car for a few minutes, the mild summer breeze relaxing and cooling their bodies.

Ruth looked at her watch. The train was due any minute. Bill smiled and she smiled in return. They got into the car.

“Thanks, Aunt Ruth,” he said, giving her a kiss. “I needed that.”

“I guess I did too, baby,” she replied with a sigh of contentment. “From here on in it’s not going to be that easy.”

“What about at night, in your room?” he asked as she started the car and pulled back onto the road.

“Right now that looks like the only thing we can do. But not for a couple of days or so, much as I hate to say it. Until Peg settles in and we both think it’s right.”

“That sounds fair enough.”

She nodded. “Everything will work out. You’ll see.”

As it turned but, Peg’s train was late. They waited five minutes before it pulled into the station.

Peg ran into her mother’s outstretched arms, nearly throwing her suitcase to the side. Bill stood smiling while mother and daughter embraced and kissed. She looked a lot like Ruth. Her hair had the same dark, shiny color, shorter than Ruth’s. She really was quite a cute looking young girl, with a radiant smile. Bill liked her immediately.

Ruth introduced Peg to Bill, who blushed when the girl kissed him. Peg blushed too. They were both shy with one another.

“It’s been so long!” Peg said, her face flushed, making her look even prettier. “But I remember your birthday party. Do you remember me?”

Bill smiled, his eyes wandering momentarily to her tits, which were small and pointed under her tee shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, which surprised the boy, and he felt a hard on stirring in his shorts.

“Sure,” he replied. “You spilled ice cream all over yourself!”

Peg teared with laughter. “That’s right! You do remember!”

Ruth stood smiling at them both, glad they had taken to each other so well so quickly.

Two nights later, Peg and Bill were sitting downstairs in the living room, watching TV. Ruth had gone to bed early.

Both Bill and Ruth were feeling a little frustrated. They wanted desperately to fuck, but Ruth insisted they wait a couple more days. Then perhaps Bill could sneak into her bedroom late at night, after they allowed sufficient time for Peg to fall asleep. An earthquake couldn’t wake her once she was out.

“I really like you, Bill,” Peg said as the two of them sat on the large couch facing the TV.

“I like you too, Peg. It’s like we’ve known each other all our lives already.”

“Exactly! I feel the same way. It’s funny, isn’t it?”

Bill shrugged, trying to keep his eyes from her pointed young tits, which he had been finding more and more attractive. He could feel his cock stirring in his shorts. “It happens,” he said matter-of-factly.

“The three of us make quite a team,” she said, getting closer to him and becoming more animated. “I mean, you me and Mom. She’s something else, isn’t she?”

“She certainly is,” he said, sighing.

He noticed Peg had a funny look in her eyes.

“Can… can I ask you a question, Bill?” she said hesitantly. “I mean… a personal sort of question?”

Suddenly, Bill felt apprehensive. Nervous.

“Sure,” he said, feeling the closeness of her body. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a faded tee shirt. She had both legs hooked underneath her as she sat close beside him.

“Have you ever been to bed with a girl before?” she blurted out in one drawn-out breath, blushing immediately after she had spoken the words.

Bill blushed too. “Well, sure I have,” as he automatically thought of Ruth. He didn’t sound too convincing, as if somehow she had suspected about them and he wanted to hide the fact.

“You sure?”

He laughed nervously. “Yeah, I’m sure. I’ve balled two chicks,” he lied, his face a bright crimson.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” she said sheepishly.

“It’s okay,” he said, staring at the carpeted floor. “It was just… unexpected. How about you? Have you ever balled before?”

What a crazy conversation to be having, he thought. If only Ruth could hear this…

“No. I’ve-I’ve played with myself… but I’m a virgin.”

Bill found her reluctant candor exciting. His crotch tingled.

“How… how do you mean, played with yourself?”

“Oh, you know, masturbated. With my fingers.” She laughed nervously. “Sometimes with the handle of my hairbrush. I’ve broken my hymen.”

“Do you… masturbate a lot?” He found himself inching even closer to her until theft knees were touching.

She nodded. “I guess.”

“But you’re so pretty. You should have lots of boyfriends.”

She shrugged. “I’m… shy… with boys. I’ve never had a steady boyfriend.”

They were silent for a while, neither of them knew what to say next. Bill wanted desperately to touch her. Then he thought of Ruth sleeping upstairs. Still, the feeling was overpowering. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. His cock was erect now. He wondered if Peg could see it.

“Were you going to ask me something else, Peg?” he asked, his voice betraying the emotion he was feeling.

“Yes. Oh, I don’t know. It’s wrong and I know it.” She looked at him, her eyes pleading.

“What’s wrong, Peg?” He placed his hand on her thigh and she put her hand over it. As if by unspoken agreement, they leaned toward each other and kissed. She unhooked her legs and he wrapped his arms around her, his tongue slipping between her lips. She gasped, her eyes open wide with surprise, then her eyes closed and she sighed deeply.

He slipped his hand under her tee shirt. She didn’t stop him. He squeezed her tit and she pressed closer to him, her hand going hesitantly to his upper thigh.

“Is this what you meant?” he whispered, fondling her tits, feeling the pointedness of her nipples, which were surprisingly large, larger than Ruth’s.

“Yes,” she gasped. “But it’s wrong, isn’t it? It’s wrong…”

“No it’s not,” he insisted, his voice hoarse. “Not if we want it.”

“Oh God, Bill, I want you so much. Ever since you and Mom picked me up at the station. Maybe I didn’t know it then, but I do now. I want you so very much.”

“I felt the same thing for you, baby. I swear I did.”

He unzipped her jeans and reached inside her panties, his fingers combing through her pubic hairs. Her bush was not as thick as her mother’s, but her cunt lips were much more pronounced. She was wet. Very wet. And hot. And ready.

“Hold my cock,” he urged her.

She unzipped his shorts and he lifted his ass up, allowing her to pull his shorts and white briefs down to his knees.

“It’s so big, Bill!” she said, her eyes round as saucers. “Are all pricks this big and thick?”

She wrapped her fist around it and caressed his shaft. “I’m just lucky, I guess,” he panted, barely able to speak.

“It feels so soft and… and rubbery!”

“Mmmm. Just stroke it like that.” He pulled up her tee shirt, revealing her perky young tits. Then he quickly pulled down her jeans and panties, his fingers trembling. He wanted to fuck her more than anything in the world.

She took off his tee shirt and they both sat facing each other on the couch, unaware of the TV droning on in front of them, the picture flickering in the darkness.

“I’ve never felt like this before,” she said, her body quivering. “You-you won’t hurt me, Bill. I mean, I’ve never… well, you know that already. But I don’t even really know what to do. I’m suddenly so confused. Seeing you… like this… so… so handsome! Beautiful! Your cock… I-I…” The words rushed out of her mouth. Bill smiled, his fingers opening her cunt.

“Lie back, sweetheart,” he whispered soothingly. “I won’t hurt you. I promise not to hurt you… only give you pleasure. I want to make you feel so good, baby…”

“Bill… you don’t think Mom will…”

“Ssshh. She’s asleep. Don’t worry. Don’t talk…”

His lips slipped over her nipple, now more erect and sensitive than it had ever been before. His middle finger slipped into her cooze, caressing her swollen clit button.

Peg fondled the boy’s balls, lifting them up and feeling their heavy weight. She had never felt a boy’s penis before. And Bill’s was so big! She wondered if it would even fit into her cunt, which she knew was tight and small.

A shiver ran down the length of her spine as she felt Bill’s middle finger massage her sensitized clitoris. It never felt like that when she finger fucked herself! She started stroking his tumescence, feeling its pulsating hardness, the delicately shaped prick head, the smoothness of his balls. She ran her fingers through his pubes, tugging at them excitedly.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered, sucking on her nipple until she thought she would hit the ceiling.

He pressed her gently back against the couch and spread her legs.

“Hey, are you on the pill or anything?” he asked.

“I have some in my room. I haven’t been taking them, but I will now. Mom got them for me when I went to California. Just in case.”


He lifted her buttocks and pulled her slightly toward him. Her young sex glistened invitingly. Her pubic hairs were dark, like her mother’s. Bill could feel the tightness of her fuck channel when he fingered her. This is going to be a great fuck! he though to himself, shaking with excitement.

“This is gonna be great, Peg,” he said reassuringly. She smiled up at him, wanting to touch every part of his body, wanting to know him in the most intimate way possible. She trusted him unquestioningly.

He positioned himself between her thighs and guided his oozing cockhead between her pouting cunt lips. Then he eased himself down, thrusting forward with his hips. She was very tight indeed. It wasn’t as easy as he thought getting all the way inside her pussy.

She moaned, wrapping her legs around his buttocks. He shoved forward, sending another few inches inside her. Tears came to her eyes.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked, prepared to pull out of her and start again.

“Jesus, no! It feels so good! You’re so big… gigantic! No, don’t stop. I love it!”

That was all the grinning boy had to hear. He lifted her ass up and drove into her, burying his cock in her pleasure passage all the way to the hilt, sighing deeply. Peg arched her back and threw her head back, hissing through clenched teeth. Bill ran his hands up her belly, over her tits, holding onto her shoulders and settling down on top of her, his fuck strokes beginning with rhythmic force.

He kissed her passionately as her fingers ran frantically through his mop of blond hair. She whispered how good it was in his ear, moaning incessantly, her body arched to meet his downward thrusts.

She was very wet, lubricating his fuck strokes. God, she was tight! Incredibly tight! Her cunt muscles felt so close and hot against his shaft as he went in and out of her he thought that her cunt was made for his cock, and his cock alone! It was a delightful departure from Ruth’s larger, but equally voracious, opening.

She writhed and squirmed underneath him, her tongue going into his mouth. She was burning up with passion! His big dick was producing the most intense fuck sensations she had ever experienced. She couldn’t believe it!

“So tight…” he murmured, sweat running down his face. “Jesus Christ I love your pussy… so good… so wet… hotter than hell… I never want to stop fucking you, baby. You’re beautiful!”

“Ohh, Bill, I can feel it… it’s going to split me right in half. It’s like a tidal wave inside my pussy. Bill, I’m scared… it’s going to be too much. I won’t be able to take it!”

“Yes you will. This is what fucking is. Nothing like masturbating with a hair brush. Just like it’s nothing like jerking off for me. Keep thrusting back… that’s it… your ass is so smooth and round… slam into me, baby. Fuck me harder… yes, yes!”

Bill could feel the enormous pressure building up in his own loins. He felt her fingernails digging into his lower back.

“So good… so good,” she repeated again and again. Her head was thrown back and she opened her mouth in a wide O, but nothing came out. Her eyes opened wide with surprise, then seemed to melt into their sockets. Her entire body shuddered convulsively, as if she was having an epileptic seizure.

She climaxed, not once, but twice, with earth shattering intensity. It was more pleasure than she had ever experienced in her life. He continued fucking her hard and steady, his own orgasm quickly approaching. He couldn’t hold it back any longer!

He ejaculated, thrown forward as if pushed roughly from behind.

“Christ!” he whimpered. “Christ! Christ!”

He thought his balls had been split in half. His cock shaft too. His cum was sizzling hot as it spurted from his prick, filling her young fuck channel to capacity. He twisted above her, her nipples pressing into his chest. His body melted into hers. The heavy plush cushions seemed to devour them both. The sinking sensation they both felt only increased their pleasure.

They moaned and groaned and squealed in ecstasy, arms and legs wrapped around each other. He seemed to thicken immeasurably inside her, forcing her clitoris to explode with fuck sensations over and over again. Peg thought it would never end.

When it finally did, Bill got weakly to his knees, pulling his cock out of her oozing vagina. She made room for him and he lay beside her.

“Oh Bill, Bill!” was all she could say. Her face was weak with love. She looked at him with complete adoration.

They embraced, his hard cock pressed against her thigh. They kissed lovingly for many minutes.

“I want to taste you,” he whispered.

At first she didn’t realize what he meant.

“Your cunt, baby,” he said, sitting up. “I want to eat you out.”

Her eyes twinkled with anticipation. She spread her legs invitingly and Bill placed his hands on either side of the inside of her upper thighs.

“Just lay back and let me do all the work,” he said, lowering his head to her sex.

“Next it’ll be my turn,” she promised him. “I want to suck your cock and taste all that wonderfully hot jism.”

Bill wondered what it would be like in bed with both Peg and Ruth. He didn’t feel in the least guilty having fucked Peg. The irony made him smile. Here was Ruth, worrying that her daughter would find out about the two of them, while he had fucked Peg only several days after she arrived back home.

It seemed like a natural progression. First Ruth, now Peg. The only thing was, what would Ruth’s reaction be? Should he tell her, he took her daughter’s virginity, or should he and Peg keep it a secret? What a ridiculous situation that would be. Everyone keeping secrets from everyone else, when at this point we should be getting together for some real fun!

But there would be time to think of all that later. For now, the fragrant aroma of Peg’s young sex occupied the boy’s thoughts. It filled his nostrils.

The tip of his tongue flicked against Peg’s swollen nubbin of pleasure and the wondrous sensations in her cunt began again.

“Deeper,” she urged. “Bill… you’ve got the most incredible tongue in the world! Stroke my cunt with it… make me cum like before. Ohhh Jesus…”

Bill was intent on doing just that. He lapped up her cunt juices as fast as they flowed out of Peg’s cunt.

Peg’s head was spinning as Bill pressed his lips around her burgeoned clitoris and sucked on the tear-shaped button as if it were a nipple. She squirmed with delight as the light from the TV screen threw an eerie incandescence over them, making the boy’s body seem to glow as he hunched over the lower part of her.

She caressed her tits, lifting her mounds up and tweaking her pointed nipples. Fuck sensations seemed to be emerging from every part of her body. She was completely enveloped by them!

Bill’s mouth made a slurping sound as he licked and swallowed her cream. He was kissing her in places she had never been kissed before, touching where even she had never touched before. He seemed to know exactly what to do, how to stimulate her until she thought she would burst!

She climaxed, nearly throwing them both off the couch. She made as little noise as possible, not wanting to wake Ruth up, still frightened she would suddenly appear and find her and Bill like this. But that threat made what Bill was doing even more exciting.

“Again!” she whispered, her voice catching in the back of her throat. “OHHHH!”

Bill increased the tempo of his tongue whipping against her ringing clitoris? He sucked on it. Tweaked. Prodded and caressed it. Then he had not one but four fingers inside her, stretching her cunt passage the same way his thick cock had.

Peg loved that. She reveled in the ecstatic sensations! It was as he was fucking her again. Almost better than that!

Then he did something which nearly made her hit the ceiling.

He pressed his forefinger against her asshole. It quivered with apprehension. Then, he jammed his digit all the way up her butt hole in one thunderous motion. Peg had to hold her hands over her mouth to keep from screaming aloud. It was painful and felt funny at first, but the pain soon turned to pleasure, the swirling sensations from her butt hole quickly merging with those in her pussy.

His knuckles were pressed firmly between her buttocks, his finger clawing up inside her shit tunnel. He finger fucked her butt hole as his tongue and lips worked together inside her pussy.

She came. He licked up her pussy juice. She climaxed again. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. Another orgasm. Then another. And another. She finally had to pull his head out from between her legs.

“Please,” she panted, her face weak-looking. “Enough, baby. Let me suck you now. Let me taste your cum…”

He wiped the pussy juice which was smeared over his mouth, chin and cheeks. He had a raging hard on and was actually about to stop just before Peg forced him to. He craved the release only an orgasm could give. His cock ached for one.

Now Peg sat up, feeling slightly dizzy, as Bill lay back, his head nestled against one of the brightly colored pillows.

She positioned herself between his spread legs and gingerly took hold of his manly tumescence. She started to stroke it, then lowered her head and drilled the tip of her tongue into his gaping piss slit. He began oozing pre-cum fluid. She tasted the warm liquid and smiled, running her tongue over her hot lips.

“Go to it, baby,” he whispered, half closing his eyes and settling back comfortably against the couch.

“Mmmmmm,” she murmured, giggling.

Then she went down on him, struggling to take all nine inches of his shaft between her lips. It wasn’t easy. She had to do it gradually, inch by inch. She started to gag. For the time being, she contented herself with just sucking as much of his tool as she could.

“You suck like a pro,” he moaned, pressing down on the top of her head.

Her enthusiasm more than made up for the fact she was as yet unable to suck all of his cock as Ruth could. Bill wondered what Peg would say if she knew her mother had already blown him. Peg let her tongue run wild over the boy’s big dick. Saliva ran down his shaft, pooling among his pubic hairs and dripping from his balls onto the cushion, which was already stained with her pussy juice and globs of his semen.

She sucked on his balls, practically munching on them, rolling them around her mouth like candy. She seemed to get more and more excited. She began fingering her own cunt as she continued sucking.

Her mouth left his balls, and she lifted his scrotum up, licking at the smooth piece of flesh underneath his balls. Then with the palm of her hand rubbing in a circular motion over the tip of his cock, she forced his butt up and started, to the delight of the boy, licking his puckered asshole.

Something even Ruth hadn’t done! Bill was amazed!

Her tongue flicked against his butt hole and his anus opened for her. She inserted her tongue and licked out his shit passage. This seemed to turn her an even more. She then returned to sucking the boy’s cock, but, imitating what he had done to her earlier, the girl pressed her middle finger against his bung hole and slowly inserted her digit between his buttocks.

She finger fucked Bill’s asshole, her fingertip unknowingly massaging his sensitized prostate gland. He tried holding back his cum, but he knew it was a struggle he was bound to lose.

Her finger went in and out with an excitingly improvised corkscrewing motion, spiraling upward, hitting his prostate again and again, making the growing fuck sensations in his loins even more sensational. Bill had to keep himself from shouting out in ecstasy.

“Peggy… keep it up… I’m almost there… are you ready to swallow every drop of my thick cum sauce. Do it to me, sweetheart. Suck me! Suck me! Suck me!”

Peg gagged and choked, but bravely sucked more of his dong, his dick head pressing against the back of her throat. She had to concentrate hard not to ruin it for them both. She breathed through her nostrils, praying silently to be able to suck all nine inches.

“Fuck! Here it comes!” he gasped. He arched his back and at the same time Peg slammed her finger into his asshole as far as it would go, until her knuckles were pressing against his ass crease.

He came, a flood of semen filling her mouth.

She concentrated on sucking just the upper half of his thick tool. That way she could swallow most of his semen. Still, his jism oozed out of the corners of her mouth and onto his quivering belly.

She sucked his tool for all it was worth, swallowing his rich, creamy essence. His boyish aroma, a mixture of his sweat, his cock and his jism, rose to her nostrils, making her suck even harder. Her teeth raked up and down his shaft, her tongue swirling around it, creating a bevy of fuck sensations that had him hopping and jerking and writhing with ecstatic pleasure.

And she loved the taste of his semen! She wanted more and more of it! She milked him completely dry, continuing to suck him even after he had oozed his last drop into her mouth. Then she pulled her finger out of his butt hole and massaged his balls, letting her tongue trail up and down his shaft.

She licked her sperm-stained lips and saw the globs of spent cum on his belly and in between his pubes. She licked them up, smacking her lips.

Bill had never seen anything like it! He clasped her to him and kissed her, tasting his own sperm.

“Jeez, I’ve never been sucked off like that before,” he breathed, his tongue running over her lips. “God you were good. A natural!”

She smiled proudly. “I’m exhausted. My body’s a total wreck.”

“So’s mine!” he chuckled. “My cock feels as if it’s been split in half!”

“Maybe we better get to bed,” Peg whispered. She pointed to the TV. “Look, the test pattern is on!”

They both got weakly to their feet and stretched, then embraced, Bill pressing his cock against her mons.

Peg sighed. “I’m so glad you’ve come to stay with us for the summer.”

“Me too, baby.”

Peg laughed as they began dressing. “I wonder what Mom would say if she knew we’d been fucking. I still can’t believe it. It was so good, Bill, so good! We’ll do it again, won’t we?”

“Of course. We have all summer, don’t we?”

“I wish you lived with us always. How are your folks, anyway?”

Bill shrugged, looking a little sad. “I don’t know. They’ve been fighting a lot recently. I think that’s why they asked Aunt Ruth if I could stay with you both for the summer. So they could work things out.”

“Is it really that bad?”

Bill shrugged again, pausing in his dressing. “I don’t know. They don’t talk to me about it. I know it involves my dad’s job. He doesn’t like it much. I guess everything is going to be okay. I spoke to them on the phone a couple of times already. Maybe it’s good they’ll be alone for a while. I certainly don’t mind being here!”

They both giggled like little children.


Bill awoke thoroughly refreshed the following morning. His stomach growled as he went down the stairs two at a time. He found Ruth in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

“Where’s Peg?” she asked as the boy helped himself to a glass of milk.

“Guess she’s still sleeping.”

“Well, don’t I even get a good morning kiss?”

Bill smiled and they embraced. She caressed the crotch of his tight shorts. “And how’s my little man doing in there this morning?”

Bill giggled, his hand going up Ruth’s dress. “You going somewhere?” he asked. Usually she wore shorts or jeans around the house.

“Thought I’d do a little shopping.”

He reached inside her panties and slipped a middle finger up her cunt, pressing her back against the kitchen counter.

“God, I’ve missed having that beautiful cock of yours inside me,” she whispered, biting his earlobe. “It’s only been a few days and it seems like weeks. Months even!”

“Years!” Bill added, and they both laughed.

She unzipped his shorts and pulled out his peter, stroking it to full erectness.

“I’ve almost forgotten how good your prick feels…” As he inserted another finger into her wet pussy and begin finger fucking her deeply, she gasped, “Let’s fuck. We can hear Peg when she comes downstairs.”

“You sure? You’re the one who wants to be so careful.”

“It’ll be alright… I’m so hot I can’t stand it anymore. I need the beautiful hardness of your cock inside me. Let’s hurry!”

Bill looked around the kitchen. “But-but where?”

“Quickly! Sit down against the cabinets.” He did so, his cock jutting out of the fly of his shorts. Ruth pulled down her panties, giving them to Bill to stuff in his pants pocket. She lifted up her dress, revealing her bushy cunt, and straddled the boy, lowering herself to her knees. He held up his cock and she sat on his loins, his shaft going right up her oozing pussy.

They fucked quietly, a look of desperation on their faces. Bill pounded up at her, grabbing hold of her shoulders and pinning her down. She began making throaty noises, her head, thrown back as she wiggled atop him.

She came quickly, burying her mouth in the boy’s long blond hair and moaning, “Christ, oh Christ, oh Christ!”

They made love frantically, every move utilized to its fullest in case Peg interrupted them.

Each time Ruth came it was as if she had been hit in the stomach. She would bend over sharply and groan, grinding down on the boy’s pecker, driving it as deep as it could go up her fuck channel.

Bill’s hands were on her ass. He wanted to feel the fullness of her tits, but didn’t undo her bra-straps in case they had to pull apart suddenly. There wouldn’t be much time to rearrange their clothes if that happened.

“Ohhh Jesus you fuck me better than any man I’ve ever had!” she moaned, bending over again, his cock digging into her twat. Then he began pumping into her harder and quicker. She knew he was about to cum. She prayed Peg wouldn’t suddenly start down the stairs.

“I can feel it cumming,” she whispered hoarsely. “Your cock is getting thicker like it does before you shoot all that hot jism into me. Do it, baby. You’re almost there. Let it go this time. Don’t hold back. You’ve satisfied me… Jesus how you’ve made me feel good already!”

He came, shooting great thick cum wads into her, fucking her for all she was worth. They toppled over and he pressed her back on the linoleum floor, continuing to fuck her until she came again, her legs wrapped around his naked ass. His shorts and underpants had slipped down to his mid-thighs.

Her cunt muscles milked his throbbing tool dry. She got up, holding onto the counter top for support. He pulled up his shorts and white briefs and handed her damp panties, which she quickly slipped on. They straightened their clothes and it was as if nothing unusual had happened.

They exchanged knowing smiles and Ruth began preparing Bill bacon and eggs while he finished drinking the glass of milk. Five minutes later Peg arrived, looking a little sleepy.

“How late were you two up last night?” Ruth asked her shoulder after Peg gave her a peck on the cheek. Ruth was puzzled by her daughter’s guilty look.

“No, not too late,” Bill piped up. “We watched a horror flick on TV. Not too scary.”

“Yeah,” Peg added quickly, trying not to blush. “Not that scary.”

“Oh,” Ruth said pointedly and continued tending to the eggs. Then, after the eggs and bacon were finished and she began serving the teens, she told Peg she would be out for most of the day. “What have you two got planned for today. It’s another beautiful day. Looks like it’s going to be a good summer.” She caught Bill’s eye and winked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Peg said after swallowing a mouthful of eggs. “Maybe go for a walk or something.”

“Why don’t you invite some of your girlfriends over,” Ruth suggested. “Bill might want to meet them.”

Ruth was surprised to see her daughter blush. “No… we’ll, uh, spend the day doing something together.” As if realizing the secret implications of what she had just said, she added, “Maybe play some tennis or something. We have an extra racket around, don’t we?”

“Sure. Mine is upstairs in the closet. Up above I think. Or else in the garage.”

“We’ll find it, Mom. Thanks.”

Ruth looked at Bill, as if he had an answer for Peg’s nervous behavior. But he merely smiled and continued eating.

“Boy, I feel like a real idiot,” Peg said as she and Bill lounged on her bed after Ruth had left.

“Don’t be silly. Your mom didn’t suspect anything. Why should she?”

“Well, the way I acted. Like I was on trial or something. And that remark of hers about how late we stayed up last night. Think she was listening upstairs?”

Bill laughed. “Now you are being silly. Relax. You’re just letting your imagination get the better of you. Everything’s cool. And we have the whole house to ourselves for the afternoon!”

“What if she comes back unexpectedly. I mean, to check on us or something?”

“She won’t. You’re as paranoid as your mother.” Bill was glad she let that remark pass without comment. He regretted saying it as soon as it was out of his mouth.

“Maybe I should lock my door…” She started to get up. Bill grabbed her arm and pulled her back down.

“She won’t be back. What’s the matter with you this morning? Do you regret having done what we did last night?”

She didn’t fail to detect the hurt in his voice. She put her hand on his shoulder. “Oh, no, Bill. Of course not! It’s just that I feel a little funny. Maybe because I’m not a virgin anymore. And that fucking last night… well now it seems as if we did it while Mom was in the same room or something; I guess I feel a little guilty, as funny as that sounds. Oh, I know I’m just being silly. Make love to me now, Bill. We’ll ball all day long!”

“Now that’s more like it,” he said, putting his arm around her.

“You know you’re the first boy I’ve ever had up in my room?”

“And the first one in your bed too!”

“Help me pull down the covers so we can do this right. As if we’re, you know, mated.”

Bill loved her girlish enthusiasm. He helped her and then they lay side by side on the bed and began to kiss. His cock was hard and it pulsated against the front of his shorts.

He ran his hand up and down her bare thighs, over her shorts and up inside her loose blouse. She was braless as usual — a factor which seemed so contradictory to her basically innocent, sweet nature. But he was finding out she wasn’t all she seemed. Bookish, he remembered Ruth describing her. Passionate was more like it! A little fox!

He wondered if Peg’s first impressions of him had been altered much. He would have to remember to ask her. For now he had more pressing things on his mind. Like unbuttoning her blouse.

In his haste, he nearly tore off several buttons. He slipped the blouse off over her shoulders and took a tit in each hand, pressing her back on the bed and kissing her passionately. He rubbed her large erect nipples between his fingers, exciting her until she began trembling.

She reached underneath him and caressed the crotch of his shorts, feeling the distinct outline of his raging hard on. The tip of it was practically sticking out of the upper half of his pants.

He maneuvered his body so she could reach inside his shorts and take hold of his peter, stroking it, trying to unzip his shorts and pull them off. He let go of her tits and they undressed each other. They both knelt on the bed, facing each other, her jutting tits swinging slightly.

They embraced, the boy’s cock pressing against her vagina, between her puffy cunt lips. He ran his hands over her buttocks and in between them, rubbing her anus with the flat of his forefinger when an exciting idea struck him.

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” he said, already panting in anticipation.

“In my ass?” She couldn’t have been more surprised if he had said her ear.

“Sure. I’ve-I’ve never done it before. I bet it’s even tighter than your sweet little cunt.”

“But… but… I mean, how… won’t it hurt? Your prick is so big, Bill. I don’t think it’s possible…”

The mere thought of Bill fucking her in the butt repulsed her. But, seeing how aroused Bill obviously was, she began having second thoughts. It did feel so good with his finger lodged deep inside her bung hole. Maybe it was possible… maybe even as good as cunt fucking…?

“Okay,” she said hesitantly.

“You’re beautiful!” he said, kissing her. “Now, let’s see… get on your stomach and spread your legs.”

She did as he asked, her heart pounding.

Bill positioned himself between her thighs, holding his cock and guiding it to her quivering shit hole as he lowered himself. She winced, in anticipation of the pain she expected to feel. He pressed his prick head against her anus.

After a few more futile attempts to penetrate her, he said disappointedly, “It won’t work… oh, wait! I’ve got it!” He ran into the adjoining bathroom and returned with a small jar of Vaseline. He opened it and smeared the jelly all over his prick and the tip of his middle finger, which he inserted in her ass to fully lubricate her anal passage.

“Feel good?” he asked, his finger spiraling up her shit chamber.

She squirmed and moaned appreciatively. A smile spread across her face: “Now I’m ready. That feels much better with the Vaseline. I want your cock inside my asshole now… every thick inch of it, baby!”

He repositioned himself and this time his shaft slipped gradually, inch by inch, into her bung hole. Her passage opened readily for him. He pressed, his hand guiding his shaft in deeper and deeper.

The pressure was steadily building inside Peg. She thought she wouldn’t be able to stand it much more. There was pain too, and discomfort, but that slowly lessened and waves of sensual pleasure began blanketing her entire body.

The last couple of inches weren’t easy, but with patience, Bill was able to successfully insert his entire cock. He began fucking her slowly, getting the feel of her shit passage.

“Ohhh baby that does feel good!” she exclaimed. “You were right, Bill. So fucking right! JESUS, that’s BEAUTIFUL!”

He began slamming into her then and she lifted her ass to meet his thrusts. As he rammed into her he reached underneath her and slipped as much of his hand as he could into her vagina, caressing her cunt repeatedly.

“Bill, this is fabulous… Jesus H. Christ, I can’t begin to tell you… how good… ohh Lord… do that again… yes, that! Again… more… more… really give it to me… fuck me harder, harder… HARDER!”

“Sooo tight,” he said, clenching his teeth and throwing his head back, his chest muscles straining. “Much lighter than your cunt. I love the way your ass muscles grip my cock… pulling me in further… baby, I love it, love it!”

He was fucking her harder than he had ever fucked before and she was loving every minute of it. Her asshole had expanded just enough to accommodate his prick, yet remained just tight enough to give him that extra added degree of pleasure.

The pain hadn’t left her entirely. But now it mixed with the pleasure, creating one incredibly intense sensation that was one of the most pleasurable the girl had ever experienced. That, added with the wonderful fuck sensations from her cunt, as he fucked her with four fingers, made her head swim!

“More!” she cried. “More! MORE!”

And he gave it to her, trying desperately to hold back from cumming as long as possible. But it was a downhill struggle. The cock sensations were just too strong! He was so excited by the newness of butt fucking that he was shaking like a leaf.

He tugged at her clitoris, tweaking it, pulling it, rubbing it, driving Peg crazy!

She came, pussy cream oozing over his fingers. He thrust practically his entire hand inside her.

“Can’t… take… any… more so… good! Bill… can’t… can’t… aggrhhhh!”

“Not long now, baby. Coming any second… can feel it… Jesus, Peg, Jesus.”

He corkscrewed his cock up inside her, stopping, then starting again, shoving deep into her, then pausing for quick short cock jabs. She came again and again, a chain reaction of orgasms!

The bedsprings creaked as Bill pounded into her, removing his fingers from inside her dripping pussy and fondling her tits, leaning over her back and moving just his lower body. Slamming, hard, over and over again.

Then he climaxed, howling with pleasure, his face radiating with delight. Peg moaned as his first wad of hot cum shot into her bowels. He kept thrusting into her, his thrusts now squishy with his thick cock sauce.

It was pure ecstasy!

When his prick was milked completely dry, he pulled out of her slowly. She winced as the last couple of inches of his shaft were extracted from her. He collapsed on the bed, holding his aching balls and panting for breath. She ran her hand over his chest, finally laying her head on it and listening as his heartbeat slowly returned to normal.

“God…” was all he could say.

“My poor ass hurts,” Peg said, smiling weakly. “It’s sore as hell, but it’s all worth it. That was incredible, sweetheart. Just incredible!”

“I don’t think I can ever fuck again,” he sighed, putting an arm around her.

She combed through his pubic hairs, now damp with sweat and cum and Vaseline. “I don’t believe a word of it.”

They both giggled.

“Why don’t we take a shower,” Peg suggested. “You could use one to get all that goop off your prick.”

“Another first!” Bill proclaimed. “I’ve never taken a shower with a girl before.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” she laughed, getting to her feet and holding out her hand fin Bill to take.

He heaved himself out of bed with a grunt, took her hand and walked with her to the bathroom.

Peg adjusted the water temperature and stood leaning into the shower stall, waiting until the water splashing against her upraised palm was just right. Bill, meanwhile, was looking at himself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.

His cock was limp now and hanging between his legs, still glistening with the Vaseline. Peg came silently behind him and cupped his balls in both her hands. They looked at each other in the mirror and smiled.

“It’s like we’re brother and sister,” Peg said, fondling his scrotum. Suddenly it didn’t feel sore any more.

“Funny,” Bill said. “I was just thinking the same thing. We make quite a pair, don’t we?”

Peg gave his balls a gentle squeeze. “Let’s get in the shower. I want to wash your body.”

“All of it?” he joked, following her into the shower stall.

“All of it!” she replied.

They got under the water. Peg took the bar of soap from its tray on the tiled wall and got up a lather in her hands. She began washing his face, his neck and shoulders. Then his chest, his back, under his arms. Down to his belly, his ass, and the crevice separating his buttocks.

“You’re doing a good job so far,” he commented with a smile, letting the water run down his head and face.

She made a face at him and got to her knees.

“Now for the best part,” she said under her breath.

She washed his prick and balls several times, to make sure she had gotten off all the Vaseline. Then she soaped his prick again, more leisurely this time. Her hand slippery with soap lather, she began listing his dong.

“Hey! What’s going on down there?” Bill asked with mock surprise.


His prick thickened in her hand as her fingers caressed it, her palms sweeping over it, soaping it, making Bill grit his teeth as his legs grew all rubbery. She played with his balls, her middle finger reaching underneath his scrotum to massage his anus.

Then she let the water spray away all the soap. She took his rack hard peter in her mouth and started sucking it, her arms locked around the boy’s firm young ass cheeks. Bill pressed down on the top of her head.

The tip of his prick pressed against the side of her cheek as her tongue trailed up and down his gorged shaft.

“Do you expect me to stand like this for much longer?” he asked, his legs trembling with excitement.

“Mmmmmm.” That was all she could say with almost all nine inches of his dong between her avidly sucking lips.

She let his cock slip from her mouth, slapping back against his belly, where it arched upward enticingly. She fisted it harder, from the mushroom-shaped cock head down to the hilt of his shaft.

His knees buckled and he slumped to the tiled floor, sitting with his back against a corner, the water cascading over his legs. She hunched down over him, the water falling on her back, and continued to suck his torrid member.

He reached out and ran his hand over her sex. Her pubic hairs were wet, each hair dotted with water. He pried apart her quim and slipped several fingers inside her, concentrating on stimulating her clitoris.

She sucked him more feverishly, as if her life depended upon it.

He began pumping his loins up at her. She was succeeding in sucking all nine thick inches of him at once. This excited her further. She was sucking him like crazy, her head bobbing furiously up and down.

Again, Bill had a picture of the three of them — he, Peg and Ruth — in bed together. Think of all the different positions! he thought. I could be fucking Ruth and eating out Peg at the same time! Or Ruth could be sucking me off and I could be finger-fucking Peg. The variations seemed endless!

“Ohhh shit!” he suddenly cried, nearly throwing Peg off him.

His prick erupted, sending a geyser of cum into her mouth. She nearly choked. She was unprepared for such powerfully ejaculated cum wads! She swallowed and sucked, swallowed and sucked, breathing through her nostrils as the water continued to shower over her back, enveloping them both in a fine mist, as if they were in a steam bath.

He screamed at the top of his lungs, pleasure shooting through him as if his prick was plugged into an electric outlet. His cries of ecstasy reverberated inside the shower stall, echoing in Peg’s ears.

When he had finished cumming she quickly got to her knees and straddled his loins. She reached underneath him and guided his prick to her portal of pleasure. He groaned appreciatively as he felt her cunt muscles gripping hold of his hard on.

Then she went up and down on him, his fuck pole seeming to split her in half. He watched his cock going in and out of her, as she rose and fell. Her dark hair partially covered her face, the water matting it down. He brushed her hair aside and took hold of her tits.

She was like a human dynamo, springing up on the balls of her feet, then slamming down and grinding into him, her pubes meshing with his.

She flung her head back, her neck muscles pressing outward. “Bill… my baby… never had anything so big inside me before! It’s like fucking a tree trunk!”

The more she fucked the more animated she became, nearly falling off him several times. She came, gasping for breath. Screaming with pleasure.

He loved the feel of her slippery body as she bounced up and down on him, the water getting into his eyes, making him giggle as the fuck sensations increased. He felt giddy with lust, wanting to feel the blissful release of orgasm.

She was like a human fuck machine, unable to stop. She climaxed so many times, his cock so firm and thick inside her, she thought her body would be split right up the middle.

Then Bill pulled her down firmly on his dick, at the same time pressing upward, sending his member deep into her body. He came, squealing with pleasure, his voice as high as a little girl’s.

“PEG-GY!” he cried between clenched teeth.

She tried to make herself tighter for him, to increase the last moments of his pleasure. She gripped his thighs with her own, squeezing, squeezing, a wild grin of pleasure on her face, gurgling sounds coming from deep inside her throat.

He rammed into her with breathtaking abandon, her whole body going up and down like a yo-yo.

When he had finished she climbed up off him and sat, waiting for him to catch his breath. She was about to get up when he told her to stay on the floor. To get on her knees instead. It was now his turn to wash her.

He fetched the soap, which was lying in another corner of the shower stall, and began soaping her pointed young breasts. His fingers started sparks of desire running up and down her spine. She was putty in his hands. It was wonderful!

He slowly worked his way down to her triangle of pubic hair. By this time his cock was rock hard again. But he had other ideas. After he finished sticking several soapy fingers up her cunt, making her moan with exquisite pleasure, he pressed her back on the lilted floor and fisted his cock shaft with the soap lather, watching her bung hole eagerly.

He wanted to repeat the pleasure be had experienced cornholing her tight virgin asshole.

Gripping her thighs, her legs up in the air, he slid her ova to him and entered her bung hole. She cried out in pain, as he penetrated her to the hilt, but the pain soon changed to pleasure.

He slammed into her, his young body squirming with delight as the water fell over them. Peg could hardly keep her eyes opened. She couldn’t speak. The pleasure now coursing through her had taken her voice away. She had only one thing on her mind — the pure anal sensations shooting up and down her burning rectum.

When finally she did find her voice all she could moan was, “Harder! Faster! More! More!”

He pulled out of her asshole and slammed into her cunt Peg could feel the tip of his prick slamming against her backbone! He switched from one hole to the other, thrusting deeper and harder than ever before, becoming more and more excited as his own cock sensations intensified.

“Ohhhh sweet Jesus, this is beautiful!” he wailed. “God, I can’t believe it! I don’t know which is tighter — your cunt or your wonderful little butt hole!”

“Fuck me! FUCK ME!” she screamed, her hands running up and down his back.

She came as his dick head pressed against her swollen clitoris, massaging and prodding it good and hard.


“Can you feel it, baby?” he said huskily.

“Shit, yes, yes!”

“Every fucking inch?”


“Get ready,” he warned her. “I’m nearly… there!”

He pounded into her without mercy, intent on experiencing the best orgasm of his young life. Both her cunt and her asshole accepted his hard, driving prick each time he entered them. Her mind was numb, her body awash with intense fuck sensations.

Eventually, he came inside her cunt, moaning with passion, collapsing on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her cunt muscles milked his cock as dry as a bone. His balls shot wad after precious wad into her twat.

When he finished he thought Peg had fainted. He shook her several times, afraid he had killed her, but her eyes slowly opened and she moaned, reaching out to touch his cock.

“Again,” she sighed. “Fuck me again. Now. This very minute. Jesus…”

He balled her until he came twice more. His cock was aching. He thought he would never cum again in his life!

They wanted to remain in the shower for a few more minutes, to catch their breaths, but the water was turning cold now. Only then did they realize just how long they had been in the shower.

“We look like two prunes,” Peg said as they dried each other, steam misting up everything in the bathroom.

They went into Peg’s room naked, their clothes in their hands, and got into her bed, under the sheets. They both felt a renewed energy and began making love again. She fondled his balls and caressed his cock to full thickness. Then he entered her, fucking her long and hard, the sheets becoming stained with their sweat and cum juices.

Peg stopped counting how many times she climaxed. All she knew was she never wanted Bill to leave. She didn’t even want to think about the end of the summer. God knows when we’ll see each other again, she thought, tears coming to her eyes.

But she made up her mind not to think about it. Instead she went down on the delighted boy, sucking on his tool until he writhed with pleasure, cumming in her mouth, moaning in ecstasy.

For now, that was all that mattered.


Ruth couldn’t have been happier when, several nights later, during dinner, Peg announced, “I think I’m going to bed early tonight. I’m really tired.” She and Bill had been at it virtually non-stop, fucking behind her mother’s back every opportunity they could get. It was all beginning to catch up with her.

“You do look a little tired, baby,” Ruth piped up. “You’re not coming down with anything, are you?”

“No, nothing like that. It’s all the, uh, tennis Bill and I have been playing. I, uh, ache all over.”

Bill suppressed a smile.

“Well, I’ll keep Bill company tonight,” Ruth said, her heart pounding with anticipation. “We’ll watch TV or something.”

Ruth was aching for the boy’s touch, for the feel of his cock slamming into her hot pussy. She couldn’t wait until her daughter went upstairs to bed.

Peg helped her mother with the dishes, then said goodnight and went up to her room. Once Ruth heard her daughter’s bedroom door close she took Bill into her arms, her fingers digging into his firm young buttocks.

“God, I’ve missed this,” she whispered. Bill returned her feverish tongue-kisses. Her hands were all over his body, as if trying to make up for lost time. “As soon as we’re sure Peg’s asleep we’ll go up to my room. God, finally a night to ourselves!”

Her excitement was infectious. Bill felt her hand slip under his tee shirt to caress his boyish teats. Unlike Peg, he wasn’t in the least tired from all their lovemaking. He was ready for a full night with Ruth. When he was in her arms Peg was forgotten.

They stood in the living room, kissing passionately, her hand sweeping over his body, practically undressing him right then and there, but she held herself back, making the anticipation of a joyous night of lovemaking all the more keen.

“Tell me you’ve missed me too!” she panted, as if it had been months since they had last held each other, instead of days.

“I don’t have to,” he said, his voice quivering. In way of reply, he placed her hand on his crotch so she could feel his pulsating hard on.

“I never thought anyone could ever have the effect on me that you’re having,” she sighed, combing her fingers through his long blond hair. “You’re getting a nice tan I see. All those picnics with Peg…”

Her voice trailed off as if in accusation. Bill chose to ignore any hinted questions. He had yet to make up his mind what he was going to do. He was in the middle now. On the one hand, he and Peg were fucking without Ruth knowing about it — though she may be suspicious — and on the other he and Ruth had been fucking, and were about to again, without Peg having a clue about their lascivious relationship.

He knew the situation could only get worse if it wasn’t let out in the open. Someone would be hurt sooner or later. Better to be honest and go on from there.

“Let’s go quietly upstairs,” Ruth said, interrupting his flow of thought. “If I know Peg, she’ll be fast asleep already. You two must have been playing a hell of a lot of tennis lately.”

Bill blushed. “I guess Peg’s not used to all that exercise.”

“No, I guess not.” She took Bill’s hand. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s get upstairs. My cunt’s burning like fire!”

Bill couldn’t help feel a twinge of guilt as they passed Peg’s door, but he knew the closeness of Ruth’s naked body would soon erase it. At least for the time being. She quietly shut her bedroom door behind them.

In a flash she had the young boy’s clothes off. He lay naked on her bed while she did a little tongue-in-cheek striptease for him, her eyes fixed on his pulsating hard on. He stroked himself while she undressed, exciting her more. She stood before him, completely naked, fingering her cunt. Then she lay down beside him.

“Now this is more like it,” she sighed. “Just like old times!”

They wrapped their arms around each other and French kissed for many minutes. She reached down to stroke his hard on, almost forgetting how thick and manly it was. Enough for two women! she thought.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, squeezing his dick.

He groaned and pressed her backs on the bed. She spread her legs and he got between her thighs, entering her quickly and expertly, to the hilt. She shuddered with delight, automatically wrapping her legs around his ass. They began rocking, the bedsprings sounding softly.

“Do it to me, baby,” she croaked. “Let me feel every fucking inch of your beautiful prick!”

“Jesus, I’ve missed that hot, wet cunt of yours!” he whispered hoarsely. “Wow!” He penetrated her inner cuntal depths, sparks seeming to fly inside her with each hard thrust of his torrid member.

“You get better each time we fuck,” Ruth moaned, thrusting back at the teen with all her strength.

He rammed into her with quick short pelvic moves.

“Slower,” she sighed. “That’s it… nice and easy… make it last, baby, we have all night. Mmmmmm, isn’t that better? See? There are still a few things I can teach you. Ohhh better. That’s it!”

He looked down and saw his cock shaft going in and out of her fuck channel. With each outward pull of his cock her cunt seemed to flower out, her delicate pink flesh petals glistening with her juices. Then he would sink back into her flesh and grind into her, their pubic hairs merging together, the dark hairs and his light ones.

She reached underneath him, first to play with his well-hung balls, then to hook her hand around his buttocks and press her middle finger against his quivering young asshole.

“Fuck!” he whimpered as her finger slowly slipped into his orifice. She stimulated his sensitive prostate gland, further enhancing the cock sensations now swirling in his loins. “Again,” he instructed. “Harder this time. Ness your finger right into me… yes, ohhh Christ yes, YES!”

The bed seemed to rock as if they were on a raft on a raging ocean. Ruth gasped and came, her fingernails digging into his buttocks. She had almost forgotten how good he could make her feel. Despite his age, he was the best lover she had ever had, and she had had a fair number before marrying her ex-husband.

“That big dick of yours will be the death of me yet,” she groaned, her eyelashes fluttering like two tiny bird wings. He could make her feel pleasure where she had never felt it before. He unlocked all her emotions with the sure thrust of his prick. Cunt sensations rose inside her, rising to a fierce peak of pleasure.

He began moaning loudly.

“Ssshh,” Ruth warned him, covering his mouth with her hand. “Peggy will hear you.”

“Ohh Lord, another one!” she gasped, her eyes wide with expectation. She clutched the boy tightly and bit his shoulder in order to stifle the cry beginning deep inside her throat. This only made him pound into her harder. It felt as if the knob of his cock was hitting her back bone!

He lay on top of her, ardently sucking on one of her pointed red nipples, the bottom half of his body hard at work slamming repeatedly into her portal of pleasure. Ruth was half crazy with the wondrous sensations shooting through her entire body.

“Mercy,” she moaned, tears coming to her eyes. “Have mercy, baby. Ohhh Jesus I can’t tell you how good you’re making me feel… ohhhh my God!”

He began to whimper, trying desperately to hold back his approaching orgasm for just a few seconds longer. Ruth began sobbing quietly, another orgasm racking her body. She was almost senseless with pleasure, her arms and legs twitching convulsively.

“Jesus,” she sobbed. “I can’t take any more, baby. You’ve got to cum inside me now… let it go, sweetheart. I want to feel your cock erupting… sending all that thick hot cum sauce deep into my flaming pussy!”

Tears streamed down her face. She fucked back at the boy now, the two of them establishing a mutually satisfying fuck rhythm that had them both climbing the wall in ecstasy.

The boy’s orgasm kept on building… and building… and building…

“Auntie… here it cums… can feel it ohhhh, man, this is gonna be good… for both of us… all that hot cum… more than you ever thought I could shoot into you… God, my balls, my balls!”

“Cum! Cum! Cum!” she whispered hoarsely, wiping the tears from her eyes. But they kept overflowing and running down her flushed cheeks.

“Shit, Aunt Ruth… Jesus Christ… it’s almost there… almost… there… I think it’s gonna fucking rip me in half… my aching cock… shit you never felt so hot and tight and wet and good before… can’t believe it… the best fucking cunt in the whole world… baby, baby… help me, help me… ahhhhhh!”

He lurched forward and suddenly her cunt was filled with countless wads of thick, stringy jism. She wanted to scream with delight but held herself back, as she saw Bill was doing. He whimpered and moaned and spluttered, his face going a bright red as he continued slamming into her for all he was worth.

“Ohhh, Bill, yes, yes… yes, sweetheart… keep cumming… that feels so fucking good, doesn’t it… so big inside me… thick as a fucking telephone pole… Lord I can feel your cock jerking and spurting all that wonderful hot sauce inside me… keep going, baby, ohhhh Jesus it’s good… it’s good… good!”

It felt as if he had been cumming for hours. The pleasure was so intense it simply wouldn’t stop. Wouldn’t lessen at all. The pleasure was so intense he began to cry too, the tears overflowing his eyes.

Ruth saw how good it was for the boy and thanked God. She held him tight, running her fingers affectionately through his hair as he kept pumping his spurting tool into her. The pleasure sensations were simply unequaled to anything either one had ever experienced before.

Finally it was over and the boy whispered, “God… oh God… God…”

“Ohh, Bill,” she said, jokingly, “we have to do this more often!”

Then they both started laughing hysterically, covering their mouths for fear of waking up Peg. The orgasmic relief had been so great they felt as if their bodies were now floating above the bed. They couldn’t stop laughing.

“Man, what a fuck!” Bill muttered when he was all laughed out, as he fondled his aching nuts.

When he had finally caught his breath, Ruth’s head pressed against his chest. Hilly was ready for more. He remembered how it had been butt fucking Peg. He and Ruth hadn’t cornholed yet. He wanted to try it now.

“Be right back,” he said, going quietly into the bathroom separating Ruth’s bedroom from her daughter’s.

“Be careful!” Ruth whispered after him in the dark.

He came back with something in his hand. Ruth couldn’t make out what it was.

“It’s a surprise,” he said, as if reading her thoughts. “Lie on your stomach, Auntie.”

“Please, just do it. Trust me. I’m going to give you the best cum of your life.”

“I’d like to see you top the last one,” she whispered, chuckling to herself. She rolled over on her stomach, anticipation building inside her.

He unscrewed the cap of the small jar of Vaseline and smeared the jelly over his cock, listing himself several times and moaning softly, enjoying the creamy feel of his own hand.

He put the jar on the table beside the bed and pried apart her ass cheeks, telling her to spread her legs wide apart. Her cunt began to tinge.

When his domed cock head pressed against her asshole she gasped with delight. So that was, the surprise! She couldn’t have been more happy. She had always had a secret desire to butt fuck, but her husband had refused to engage in cornholing.

Like Peg, she wondered how his big cock would ever fit into her rectum. He would split her in half!

She reached behind herself and pried apart her buttocks so he could concentrate fully on entering her to the hilt. She relaxed her muscles. She felt her heart pounding against her chest.

She winced as the first half of his dong penetrated her anus. It made her shiver from head to toe. It was painful at first, but the pain gradually gave way to exhilarating pleasure. It was such a tight feeling!

She praised his inventiveness. She hadn’t even thought of butt fucking. She had been completely content with his dong in her cunt. She knew, however, it would have only been a matter of time. They would have done it sooner or later, particularly since she had wanted to for some time.

“Ohhh my Lord,” she moaned, wriggling her butt. She lifted her ass up, giving him better access to her shit channel.

He held onto her cheeks and plowed into her, feeling her shit chamber expanding to accommodate his thick penis. In another few minutes, after careful manipulation, he was all the way inside her.

She panted for breath as he filled her butt hole again and again, his fuck thrusts getting harder and his pecker going deeper. She was wet with her natural ass secretions, but Bill felt only the jelly lubricant. It made a wet sound each time he entered her, his cock slipping effortlessly in and out of her passage.

“Harder,” she squealed, choking on the word. “Oh… oh… oh!”

He slammed into her again and again, fucking her asshole for all it was worth. Her tightness stimulated him more than anything else. She was even tighter than Peg. Was it possible?

He came inside her quickly, grimacing with pleasure as his semen oozed out of the corners of her puckered hole, her shit passage unable to hold all the steaming cum wads.

When he finished, he pulled out his cock and quickly inserted it into her awaiting pussy. “Ohh, Bill, you’re amazing. My wonderful little fuck boy!”

He sliced through her cunt folds again and again.

Her whole body was on fire. She covered her mouth with her pillow, afraid this time she really would scream out loud. The sheets beneath her were stained with cum and Vaseline. She rubbed her tits against his palms as he reached around to fondle her mounds.

It seemed like hours before he finally came inside her, after Ruth had climaxed too many times to count. He lay on top of her, his cheek pressed against her back, his lower body thrusting forward as he gasped and panted for breath, his body glistening with sweat.

He pulled out of her and lay back on the bed, his cock still twitching on his belly. As he caught his breath, Ruth got up and got a towel from the bathroom. She wiped his dick clean of the Vaseline.

They lay quietly for a while, enjoying the silence and the closeness of their naked bodies. Bill was deep in thought. It had suddenly hit him like a flash. It was pointless to conceal his relationship with Peg from Ruth. And it was wrong for Ruth to keep her relationship with Bill from her daughter. Bill slowly got up enough courage to speak.

Finally he said softly, almost too low for Ruth to hear, “Aunt Ruth. I have something to tell you.”

She turned to face him, something in his voice telling her what he was about to say was important and she should listen carefully. “Yes, baby?”

“I don’t know how to say this… except to come right to the point… don’t be mad at me, Aunt Ruth. Promise me you won’t be angry with me…”

“Of course not. Now what’s the matter?”

“I’ve been fucking Peg.”

“I see.”

“You are mad.”

She smiled, giving him a kiss on the cheek and putting her arm reassuringly around him as they lay side by side in the dark. “No I’m not. I’m not surprised either. Guess I had a feeling you two would finally… get together. It was inevitable, I suppose. And I bet you want me to tell Peg about us.”


She nodded. “I think you’re right. I’ve been giving it some thought lately and it seems there’s no point keeping it from her. Besides, now that she’s been balling you, my little revelation shouldn’t come as a surprise. At least I hope not. Did you think I’d hate you for making it with Peg?”

“Yes. I mean, my not telling you earlier. I’ve felt bad about it. That’s why I know we’ve got to tell Peg about us. Bring everything out in the open… like adults.”

“I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head,” she said. “But what is Peg going to say when you tell her I now know about the two of you?”

“I don’t know. She has no idea I was going to tell you now. But she won’t be hurt. I think she’ll be glad. We won’t feel… guilty… I mean, fucking behind your back…”

“And I was also thinking…”


“Well, the three of us… I mean, I love you and I love Peg too. You shouldn’t feel jealous because I fuck Peg and she shouldn’t feel jealous because I dig making it with you. Why don’t we all… all make love together?”

Ruth smiled. “It would be exciting…”

“It would, wouldn’t it? I mean, it would be great! Just great!”

Ruth giggled. “I can’t believe this is actually happening! It’s like a soap opera come to life!”

“Peg would dig it too,” Bill said, propping himself up on one elbow. “We haven’t talked about it… I mean, how could we? But I know she’d do it once she thought about it. She’d be excited too!”

“Do you want me to talk to her?”

“I think we should all get together. That way no one will be hurt. The main thing now is not to hurt Peg, right?”

“Right. You know… the more I think of it the more exciting it gets… I’ve got shivers running up and down my spine.”

Bill giggled like a little boy. “I know. Me too! Shit, my cock’s hard again just thinking about it. All the different positions and shit. Wow!”

“But tonight, it’s just you and me. We’ll talk to Peg tomorrow after breakfast.”

“It’ll be fantastic. I promise! I’ll make both of you so fucking happy.”

“We’ll make each other happy.” She pressed her lips against his. “For now, just make me happy.”

She spread her legs and arched her back as his tool slipped into her. They started to fuck.


Peg took the news of theft relationship better than Ruth and Bill had hoped.

“And you’re not mad, Mom, about Bill and me?” Peg asked Ruth.

“No, sweetheart. As I told Bill last night, I’ve suspected it all along. All those picnics. All that exercise. Now I know why you’ve looked so tired the past couple of days. It’s a wonder we’re not all in the hospital!”

They all laughed.

“It’s funny,” Peg said. “I guess I should be surprised to hear about you and Bill, but I’m not. Not really. It’s like we’re all part of a pattern. Like pieces from a jig-saw puzzle. Only now the puzzle’s complete!”

“Well said,” Ruth commended her. “Now what do you say to Bill’s suggestion that the three of us go to bed together and let it all hang out?”

Ruth giggled. “I don’t know. This is like a dream. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. But… it’s a great idea. Sure, I’d love to! Gets me excited just thinking about it!” She was delighted when the others admitted they felt exactly the same.

“How about now,” Bill said eagerly, his eyes shining brightly.

“What do you say, sweetheart?” Ruth asked her daughter.

Peg looked at Bill, then at her mother. She smiled broadly. “I still can’t believe how matter-of-factly we’re all taking this. But it’s like we’re all one big family, isn’t it?”

“Does that mean yes?” Bill asked, his heart pounding like a jackhammer.

Peg found herself blushing. She wondered how it would be making love with her mother lying beside her on the same bed. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” she replied.

Ruth breathed a sigh of relief. “Shall we go up to my room, then? I think I’ve got the biggest bed in the house.”

“And, next to Peggy’s, one of the most active!” Bill quipped.

They walked up the stairs solemnly, keen with anticipation. Bill already had a raging hard on, which was pressing uncomfortably against the tight confines of his shorts.

When they got upstairs and Ruth had closed her bedroom door behind them, as if to shut out the rest of the world, they sat uncertainly on the edge of the bed. Ruth made the first move, deciding it was time the ice was broken. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Then she unclasped her bra, her full round tits tumbling out for the teens to see.

Bill turned to Peg and smiled. She nodded and without a word he pulled off her tee shirt. She then tugged off his tee shirt, running her hands excitedly over his bare chest. His skin had a healthier, darker color since they had spent more time out in the sun. Peg thought for the hundredth time that the boy had the most beautiful body she had ever seen. He was like a young Adonis.

Ruth put her hands on his shoulder and began kissing his back, her tits pressing against his skin, as he unzipped Peg’s jeans.

Ruth unzipped Bill’s faded cut-offs as he slipped his hand inside Peg’s panties. She put her arms around him and they French kissed, sucking one another’s tongues. Bill was getting more and more turned on every second. He could feel the excitement building up inside him like some sort of wild animal ready to burst through his ribcage.

Neither of the two teens, nor Ruth, said a word. But their panting and their moans and sighs filled the air.

Peg lifted her ass off the bed so that Bill could pull off her panties. Ruth looked at her daughter’s pale young body and saw why Bill could be so excited, so aroused by it. She found herself becoming aroused, wondering if the next step would be making it with her own daughter. She was so horny now she could make it with Peg without thinking twice.

Peg moaned as Bill pulled two fingers out of her cunt. She lay back on the bed, her legs apart, fingering her clitoris, and watched Bill finish undressing Ruth.

The young girl found herself becoming excited at the sight of her mother’s large tits. And the way her tongue would go between Bill’s lips as they kissed. She had his cock in her hand, stroking it rhythmically.

Peg realized that it was her mother, after all, who had taken Bill’s virginity. Just as Bill had taken hers. It made a sort of a circle, drawing her even closer to the boy and her passionate mother.

“My Bill…” Ruth moaned as he pulled down her jeans and panties, immediately going to work on her clit as she continued fisting his impressive penis. Then, as if by some pre-arrangement, they stopped and eased themselves to the center of the bed, where Peg lay, fingering her oozing cunt and ready for action.

Peg looked up at them questioningly.

“I’ll lie down,” Bill said to the girl, “and you get up and straddle me. That way my tongue will be free to give your mom’s clit a little whipping!”

Peg did as he instructed, easing herself down, embedding his firm young peter in her gaping cunt hole. Bill placed his hands first on her hips to steady her as he entered her, then up to her tits, which he caressed, repeatedly tweaking her pointed red nipples.

Ruth hadn’t realized until now just how big and prominent her daughter’s rosy knobs were. She wanted to reach out and fondle them herself. Instead, she straddled the boy’s face and lowered her muff down on his eagerly awaiting mouth.

He kissed her vulva, his tongue slipping like a cock into her fuck channel. She groaned as he made contact with her slippery, cream-covered clit button. He darted his pointed invader in and out of her hot, wet pussy, while at the same time slamming upward with his loins, sending his nine inch member all the way inside Peg’s steaming twat.

Gradually they all lost their inhibitions, or whatever inhibitions they still felt at this point, and began enjoying themselves thoroughly, Peg in particular. She was all worked up, her body gyrating excitedly above the boy. She slammed herself down, spearing herself with his prick, loving every thick inch of it.

Ruth threw her head back and moaned as she felt an orgasm quickly approach.

“Hold me,” she said to Peg, who was facing her as they both straddled Bill’s body. They reached out and embraced, Peg still hopping up and down, Ruth still grinding her muff into the boy’s face.

They kissed, Ruth’s tongue slipping between her daughter’s dry lips. Peg opened her eyes wide with surprise, but was soon eagerly sucking on her mother’s tongue, her hand going to caress Ruth’s swinging tit globes.

“Did you ever imagine we’d be doing this?” Peg asked, giggling like a little girl.

“Never!” Ruth replied joyously. “I’ve never felt so happy in all my life!”

They clung to each other, Ruth’s hands going to her daughter’s pointed young breasts. She felt their shape. The warmth radiating from them. Peg moaned appreciatively, doing the same to her mother’s fuller orbs.

Bill made a gurgling sound as he swallowed Ruth’s pussy juices. Her fuck chamber was awash with the slippery goo. It tasted sweeter than ever! He flicked his tongue against her clit until Ruth screamed out loud, nearly falling off the bed.

Then she climaxed, mashing her vagina into the boy’s face. His nostrils were clogged with her sweet sauce. His head was filled with the pungent aroma of her sex. He rammed his dick into Peg’s tight adolescent cunt and she ground down on him, her pussy hairs mashing into his pubes.

“Jesus I’m cumming!” Peg cried out. Ruth took her daughter’s tit in her mouth and sucked eagerly on her large nipple, while she squeezed her daughter’s other boob, her hand clamped over it like a vise.

“Ride him, baby,” Ruth whispered in her daughter’s ear, sharing her excitement, becoming turned on by the expression of ecstasy now on her face.

“Harder!” Bill enthused. “Ohhh sweet shit this is gonna be good… so fucking good!”

He held her hips, her skin almost too hot to touch. She went up and down on him so fast she became a blur. She came, slowing down slightly, then climaxed again and again, each one better than the last.

“Mom!” Peg cried out. “Ohhh, Mommy, it’s never been like this… NOT LIKE THIS!”

Ruth sprayed cunt cream over Bill’s lower face, nearly drowning him in it. She came too, with breathtaking intensity, as if a hurricane was being unleashed from inside her groin. It was sheer bliss!

Peg pressed both hands down on Bill’s chest, fucking him like a mad woman. She was half crazy with the fuck sensations swirling through her like an electric current. He grunted each time she landed on top of him, her body twisting atop his, sending his cock corkscrewing its way up her vaginal passage. It felt sensational!

Bill made several quick, successive upward jabs, piercing the young girl’s innermost cuntal folds. Then he came, cum wads shooting into her with sizzling intensity.

“Jesus Christ!” he yelped as she collapsed on top of him. He held her tightly against his chest, flattening her tits, his mouth pressing hard against Ruth’s pussy. He clenched her swollen clitoris and nuzzled it between his grinding teeth. Ruth nearly hit the ceiling. He let out a squeal of passionate delight, squirming in ecstasy as she climaxed.

Only the lower part of Peg’s body moved with such intensity. She loved the way his cock jerked and trembled inside her as it shot its load. She wanted to keep it hard and moving, like a snake inside her forever.

“Baby… you can fuck so well… Peggy, I love it… love the tight wet feel of your hot little twat!”

“Ohhh… oh yes, yes… yes…” she panted, sucking on his boyishly erect teats. “Ohh, Mom, ohhh, I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels… the biggest, hardest cock in the whole fucking world… the whole fucking universe.”

His repeated pounding cut her off from all reality. All she knew and felt were cunt sensations. All she ever wanted to feel were those incredibly intense fuck sensations!

She rolled off him when he finished ejaculating. Ruth, meanwhile, had cum again, not only from the boy’s furious tongue lashing, but from the excitement she knew her daughter was experiencing. It was a turn-on just to watch her and Bill get it on!

She slid close to Peg and put her arms around her. They kissed. Not as mother and daughter, but something which felt even more natural, more spontaneous. As lovers. As complete equal yearning for the delights only their bodies could give them.

“Why don’t you two make it while I watch,” Bill suggested.

“And what will you do?” Ruth asked between wet kisses.

Bill smiled. He began fisting his cock to complete erectness again. “Guess,” he said.

Ruth smiled and continued French kissing her daughter.

Peg reached down and combed her fingers through her mother’s damp, bushy cunt hairs. Ruth moaned, feeling her daughter’s more sparse hairs. She loved the puffy feel of her daughter’s sharply defined pussy-mound. Peg spread her legs and Ruth slipped two fingers inside her glistening pussy.

Bill gasped, his eyes getting wider and wider. He was completely absorbed by what was going on between Ruth and Peg. He had never seen anything so exciting, or arousing!

He sat Indian-style on the bed, eagerly watching what the young girl and her voluptuous mother were doing to one another, his fist going rapidly up and down over his pulsating member.

“Feel deeper inside me,” Ruth whispered, biting her daughter’s earlobe. The girl moaned with appreciation, her middle finger pressed all the way inside Ruth’s oozing twat. She concentrated on her mother’s clitoris, giving it the maximum amount of stimulation with the tip and sides of her finger.

“That’s it!” Ruth sighed, her eyelashes fluttering. “Ohhh, Lord, that’s it, baby. Keep doing that… little faster now… that’s it… just like that… like… that!”

Bill could feel the cum swirling in his balls. His cock shaft never felt as thick as it was now.

“Ohhhh, Mommy… Mommy… lick me… taste me… with your tongue… now… ohhh, Jesus, now.”

Ruth tasted her daughter’s sweet, adolescent fuck cream. She sucked on her swollen clit button like candy, reveling in every delicious drop of Peg’s fuck cream. They gradually moved into a sixty-nine position, lying on their sides, Ruth’s mouth firmly pressed against Peg’s sex, while the girl’s pointed tongue went in and out of Ruth’s dripping vagina.

Bill’s ass began hopping excitedly on the bed. His fist was a blur as it flailed over his raging hard-on.

“Jesus, you two are really digging each other,” he moaned, hunching over slightly as he masturbated.

Peg and Ruth made loud sucking and slurping noises, both of them seemingly completely unaware Bill was even in the same room with them, let alone next to them on the same bed.

A new world had been opened to them!

Their hands were all over each other’s bodies. Ruth pried open her daughter’s ass cheeks and pressed her forefinger against Peg’s puckered asshole. Peg relaxed her anal muscles and allowed the woman’s digit full access to her slit channel. It felt marvelous.

Bill was getting closer and closer to cumming. He wanted to make the pleasure thrill last as long as possible. He wanted to savor every second of it. He stopped stroking himself when he was about to cum, grimacing as the hot jism ran back down his shaft.

Then he started again, the momentum of his fuck sensations becoming greater and greater until he stopped fisting his cock, waiting for the molten hot liquid in his tool to cool down and subside again.

Peg came as her mother sucked on the girl’s swollen nubbin of pleasure.

Ruth reached orgasm, sobbing with delight, as Peg expertly tongue fucked her oozing pussy.

Bill gasped between clenched teeth. His cock erupted in his hand, semen flying into the air and splashing down on the sheets, some of it on Peg’s back. She was too preoccupied with eating out her mother’s cunt to notice.

Bill wailed with pleasure, rocking back and forth, his fist like a dynamo over his spurting prick. The fuck sensations drilled up his cock shaft, consuming his entire body. It was ecstasy!

He watched Peg and Ruth eat each other’s pussies, his fist going up and down, up and down over his prick shaft. Cum oozed over his knuckles, dripping onto his lap.

“Jeez!” he moaned. “Man, oh man oh man, that’s good!”

He continued fisting himself even after he was dry. He didn’t want the ecstatic sensations to end. But when he knew they had, he wiped himself off with the bedsheets and edged over to where Peg and Ruth lay curled together. Theft moans filled the air.

He fetched the jar of Vaseline, which was in Ruth’s bedside table, and quickly smeared his hard cock with the jelly. He was watching Peg’s perky little ass with lustful anticipation.

As the girl was on top of Ruth, her tongue deeply embedded inside the woman’s dripping twat, it wasn’t hard for the boy to press his achingly hard member against her puckered red hole and press into her.

She moaned, as if having a pleasant dream, and her anus opened readily for him. He shoved all nine inches of his prick into her butt, watching with delight as it disappeared between her pale ass cheeks.

Peg groaned as he filled her completely. She squirmed on top of her mother, pausing in her sucking long enough to cry out when he started letting her have it. She loved each and every hard, manly stroke.

His balls slapped against her buttocks each time he slammed into her, penetrating her as deeply as his shaft would go.

The sensations his cock was producing inside her butt merged with those generated by Ruth’s flickering tongue inside her hot young cunt, creating one magnificent fuck. She climaxed, her fragrant pussy juices filling Ruth’s mouth. The woman swallowed eagerly, pining for more.

Peg ate out her mother’s twat with even more enthusiasm. Their sweating bodies writhed and turned passionately on the sweat and cum-stained sheets.

The Bill came, howling with delight, his fingers digging into Peg’s hips as he slammed into her. He pulled out of her, a smile of satisfaction on his face, and lay back to catch his breath.

Ruth and Peg drew apart, both of them wiping female jism from their lips and chin and cheeks.

“Boy, that was something!” Peg gasped, smiling at Ruth.

As soon as Bill saw Ruth’s gaping, glistening red cunt he felt the familiar tingling sensations in his cock. Once again, he was ready for action. He stroked his cock to complete hardness. Ruth watched him. She spread her legs invitingly, beckoning to the teen to fuck her.

Peg sat with her back to the wall, feeling a voyeuristic urge to just watch them fuck, not to participate. She decided to masturbate instead. She remembered her hairbrush and rushed off to get it just as Bill positioned himself between Ruth’s legs.

She returned, breathless, and sat down again on the bed, her legs wide apart. As the boy prepared to enter Ruth’s hairy box, Peggy rubbed the handle of the hairbrush against her vulva. She bit her lower lip and sighed.

“Fuck me,” Ruth moaned sensually.

Bill saw that Peg was content to watch them ball. He smiled, noting her hairbrush, thinking to himself that that was the only cock she had before his.

“Now, sweetheart,” Ruth insisted, squirming with anticipation. “Stick that wonderful thing of yours inside me now!”

Bill slid his hands under her ass, cupping each cheek, and pulled the woman toward him. She raised her legs up in the air and positioned them over the boy’s shoulders. Her muff was staring him right in the face. For a moment he had a desperate urge to eat her out, but he knew she wanted something more substantial than that now.

Holding his cock with his right hand, he pressed his swollen dick head between her pussy lips, and she hissed like a snake, her ass wriggling delightfully. Her hands were stretched out on her sides and she grabbed handfuls of the bedsheet as he slipped his cock slowly — inch by thick inch — into her pussy.

He could feel her clit. It was swollen beyond belief!

Peg slipped the handle of the hairbrush into her cunt, imitating Bill’s casual penetration. It was as if his cock was going into her, not her mother. She began to feel the swirling sensations in her loins.

Her back slipped down the wall as her hairbrush handle went in and out of her with rhythmic intensity. So slowly it was as if she was teasing herself.

And that was exactly what Bill was doing to Ruth. Teasing her pussy. Going in and out of her as if in slow motion. As if daring her to climax. Actually his slowness only increased her breathless anticipation, made the climb to her peak of orgasmic pleasure more enjoyable, more exciting!

Ruth could feel every thick square inch of his manly tool. She loved the way the ridge of his mushroom-shaped prick head caressed her tear shaped nubbin of pleasure. It made her want to climb the walls!

She looked down her belly and saw his prick going in and out of her. Saw the way his chest and stomach muscles were tightened, the look of complete abandon on his handsome young face.

Peg threw her head back and moaned, shoving the hairbrush handle as deep inside her vagina as it would go. She shivered uncontrollably and climaxed, moaning with pleasure. Her eyes were sleepy looking as she continued watching Ruth and Bill fuck. She was already anticipating her next orgasm.

“Ohh you fuck so well,” Ruth groaned, her legs locking around the boy’s neck. “I’ve never been fucked so well before… so well… before…”

Peg had a view of the boy’s prick slamming harder and harder into Ruth’s dripping cunt. A pool of her female sauce had formed under her ass, darkening the white sheets. She started masturbating again, her thrusts as hard and penetrating as Bill’s.

“Delicious…” Ruth moaned, her head moving ecstatically to and fro. “Bill… so big inside me… thick and good… cum, baby… let me feel all that thick rich semen filling me completely… cum, cum, cum!”

“Auntie Ruth,” he panted, sweat glistening on his body. “I can’t hold back… much… longer.”

Ruth tightened, then untightened her hold around his neck, causing her cuntal muscles to masturbate the boy like a hundred soothing wet fingers.

“Ohh Jesus when you do that… you’re going to make me cum any fucking second now… baby, I don’t want to shoot yet… want… to fuck… you… forever!”

Ruth arched her back and climaxed, screaming in ecstasy, cunt juice flowing from the corners of her ragged red gash.

“Almost there not yet… can’t shoot my load yet…” The boy stopped his cock thrusts.

“Don’t stop!” she pleaded, fucking back at him. She ran her hands over her tits. “Not now. It was so good!”

Peg climaxed again, the hairbrush handle lodged deep inside her. She let the brush fall from her cunt and slid over to Bill, kissing him passionately from head to foot. He reached out and hooked his fingers inside her pussy and started finger fucking her as she knelt by his side.

Soon he had four fingers inside her. She spread her legs wider, willing her cunt to open up more.

Ruth moaned and squealed with delight as Bill continued to fuck her, slamming into her with all his might.

Peg took hold of Bill’s hand, now wet with her oozing juices, and made it into a fist. He didn’t have big hands. Perhaps it was possible to actually fit his entire hand inside her.

She forced her twat to expand, holding her breath. She pressed his fist up between her puffy cunt lips and felt it sinking into her. She couldn’t believe it! She opened to accommodate his balled-up hand.

She cried out. The pleasure, the sudden tremendous pressure inside her loins, was beyond words! Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She swayed on her knees as the boy awkwardly fist fucked her. She looked down and saw part of his wrist disappear inside her. She couldn’t believe her eyes!

“Bill, Bill, look, look!” she cried.

“Wow! Hey, Ruth, dig this!”

But Ruth was in another world, oblivious to what was going on around her. Peg and Bill smiled knowingly at one another and the boy continued fucking Ruth.

Peg could hardly stay still. She climaxed with truly shattering intensity, screaming with pleasure. He was getting SO turned an by the wet, sight feel of her cunt over his fist he had to hold himself back from cumming with all his might. But it was a losing battle.

Peg gripped his arms, hunched over his fist, breathing through her nostrils as the exquisite sensations quickly built up to another mind blowing orgasm. Tears came to her eyes. She thought she was being split in half.

She winced, as if with pain, and her entire body shuddered convulsively. She climaxed, whimpering like a little girl.


At that moment the boy climaxed, his cock spitting out its seed inside the wet and wonderful confines of Ruth’s pussy. Ruth came with him, pulling him down on her. Peg held onto his arm for dear life as he moved his fist just enough to make her explode in ecstasy once again.

She inadvertently pulled away from him, his fist popping out of her. She rubbed her legs together like an insect, circling the last waves of pleasure.

Now that Bill was free to fully concentrate on balling Ruth, he finished off with a flourish, slamming into her like a madman, giving her complete satisfaction as she climaxed repeatedly, each climax better and longer lasting than the previous one.

They lay panting for breath on the bed, Bill’s balls aching like they were on fire.

“Oh wow,” he said to himself, his chest heaving up and down, “wow! Wow!”

He quickly came to the conclusion that sex was better with a threesome, particularly if the other two were Peg and Ruth!

Peg kissed Bill wetly on the mouth, telling him again and again how good it felt with his fist up her cunt. As she spoke, she slowly fisted his cock, getting it hard again very quickly even though it had gone completely limp.

He was ready to fuck again. This time with Peg. But before he could do anything she went down on him, eagerly sucking his thick cock, forcing him back on the bed with her hand pressing on his belly.

While Peg sucked his big cock he reached out to grab Ruth’s tits. He felt the hard pointedness of her nipples between his fingers. He caressed her round, beautifully shaped tits, lifting them up, feeling their voluptuous weight, their smooth paleness.

Then he and Ruth French kissed, his tongue trailing longingly inside her mouth, running sensually over her teeth and gums, pressing against her tongue, rubbing against the tender insides of her mouth.

Ruth sucked on his tongue, tasting the boy’s sweet, hot breath. She covered her lips over his, her arms going around him. His flesh was wet with sweat. Almost too hot to touch.

Peg now had no trouble taking in all nine inches of his magnificent tool. She relished every inch of his shaft, feeling the blood-gorged veins pulsating with life. She ran the tip of her fleshy tongue up and down the underside of his tumescence, tasting him, smelling his musky, boyish odor.

She tugged at his pubic hairs with her teeth, mashing the hairs, her tongue running among them, making them glisten with her saliva.

The young girl sucked on his balls like candy, filling her mouth. She ran her tongue under his scrotum, tonguing out his puckered young asshole.

She could feel his entire body quivering with anticipation. She held his nuts in her hand, rubbing his balls together and making him moan with desire. She played with his balls for many minutes, enjoying just holding them, then tasting them, sucking them, rolling them around in her mouth.

Bill’s fingers inched between Ruth’s buttocks. First he inserted his middle finger up her bung hole, then up her dripping, fragrant-smelling cunt. He combed his fingers through her wiry pubic hairs, which were matted with cum and sweat.

“Delicious…” Ruth moaned appreciatively. “Bill, you have magical fingers… I can cum just thinking about them!”

“But it’s better this way, isn’t it?” he asked, finger fucking her rapidly, four fingers working away between her thighs.

“Mmm. Much better… baby, so much better…” Then after a few minutes of lying passively while he manipulated her clit to near orgasm, she moaned, “And there’s even a better way…”

She got up and straddled his face, placing her bushy cunt directly on his open mouth. She gasped as his tongue entered her, running across her burgeoned clitoris.

“Better…” she sighed blissfully. “Fucking better… ohhh… ahhhh!”

Peg’s saliva dripped down his cock shaft as she sucked him, her tongue and lips working together. She fisted the lower part of his hard dick at the same time, while concentrating her lips on his prick knob, knowing this was the most sensitive part of his thick dong.

“Yes,” she whispered under her breath. “So good… delicious… yes… yes… yes!”

She inserted her forefinger up his butt hole, pressing hard against his sensitized prostate gland, increasing his pleasure immeasurably. She rubbed the tip of her finger against the gland until he was climbing the walls in ecstasy. He was just about ready to shoot his cum load.

Peg could practically taste it already!

She sucked harder, her lips like suction cups, her mouth like a vacuum-cleaner. He squirmed underneath her while Ruth bounced up and down, mashing her sex against his lips.

The air around them smelled of sweat, cum and sex.

Oh, Peggy, he thought, licking Ruth’s cream coated pussy walls, keep sucking my cock. Baby, just like that… Christ, you get better each time you go down on me.

He loved the way she was spiraling her finger up his shit hole so that the sensations building in his cock merged with those in his asshole. He knew this was going to be one of his best cums ever!

“SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” Ruth cried out. She arched her back, nearly falling off the bed, as she climaxed, her cream flooding down the boy’s throat. He nearly choked from the amount of her pussy juice. She never tasted as delicious before!

Peg stopped sucking on his dong just before he was ready to climax. He groaned, continuing to swallow Ruth’s spicy fuck cream, feeling the molten hot cum go back down his shaft.

After a few seconds had elapsed, the young girl continued to suck him, fingering her clitoris until she, too, was about ready to explode.

She repeated what she had just done, stopping his climax just at the right time. Pre-cum oozed in clear, viscous drop’s from his gaping piss slit. She ran her tongue over his glans, tasting his hot essence.

Then she went down again. This time when she stopped sucking she got up and straddled his loins, guiding his cock to her portal of pleasure. She went up and down, moaning and sighing with delight, a wild grin of pleasure stretched across her face, and soon thereafter he ejaculated inside her, triggering in her an explosion of sensations.

Bill reached up and fondled her swinging tits as she fucked him, the smile on his face even wider than hers. She rode him, grinding down on his cock, increasing the tension inside her fuck chamber until she thought she would pass out.

Just then the phone rang.

Peg slipped off the boy, sighing with satisfaction, her ass reared up so his cock could exit easily. They embraced and kissed, giggling like children.

Ruth picked up the phone. “Dorothy! How are you, my love?” It was her sister. “Yes, he’s here. He’s fine. Getting a nice tan. No, I don’t think he’s read a book since he’s got here. I’m keeping him busy. And he and Peg have really… hit it off. We’ve all been having a good time. Wait, I’ll put him on.”

She put a hand over the receiver. “It’s your mom,” she whispered to Bill.

“Is there anything wrong?”

Ruth shook her head. “I don’t think so. Actually your mother sounded happy as hell. I think she wants to tell you something. Here.” She handed Bill the phone.

He cleared his throat. Peg rested her head on his thigh. “Hello. Mom? Hi! Yeah, I’m fine. Is everything okay? Yeah… yeah… hey, that’s terrific!” His eyes lit up. He sat up. “I-I don’t believe it! That’s-that’s fantastic! Is everything settled? Surprised? You bet I’m surprised. I can’t believe it!”

Peg looked up to her mother and they both shrugged.

“Okay… alright… sure. Okay, I’ll tell her. How’s Dad? Terrific! Happy? Of course, I’m happy. Peg and Aunt Ruth will be thrilled. Okay… talk to you tomorrow. Bye.”

He hung up the phone and leapt off the bed, doing a little dance that sent his balls and cock jumping. Peg and Ruth laughed.

“Well, what is it?” Ruth asked. She put an arm around Peg.

“You won’t believe it?”

“Try us,” Peg said, giggling.

“Well… you remember, Peg, how I was telling you Mom and Dad were fighting lately and it had to do with Dad’s job? Well, he quit and found another job with a firm right here. We’re going to move here. They’re looking for a house now and think there’s one just a couple of blocks from you and Aunt Ruth!”

Both Ruth and Peg got up and embraced Bill.

“That’s wonderful!” Ruth cried.

“We can be together now!” Peg said, laughing until tears ran down her cheeks.

“I still can’t believe it,” Bill said, kissing them both. “Mom and Dad wanted it to be a surprise. Mom sounded really happy. They’re both calling tomorrow. Dad was at the office, getting the rest of his stuff together.”

They sat on the bed, their cheeks flushed with excitement. Ruth never felt so happy. Now she wouldn’t have to worry about not seeing her nephew after the summer ended. He would be with them always!

There was, of course, the problem of Bill’s parents. They would have to be kept in the dark. But who knows? she thought. Who would have thought Bill, Peg and I would be in the same bed together, making it together like it was going out of style!

Peg showered the boy with kisses. She sighed with relief. “What a gas! It’s like a great big weight has been lifted off my shoulders!”

“I feel the same way,” Bill, said. “I was thinking what was going to happen when I had to go home. I was even thinking of running away! I would have gone crazy without you two around.”

“Looks like we were just made for each other,” Peg said, laughing.

“We’ll still have my parents to worry about,” Bill noted.

Ruth smiled. “We’ll manage. We’ve gotten this far!”

Bill felt Peg’s hand on his limp peter. She began stroking it. Her eyes had that look of longing he had seen so many times in the past few days. He could feel his cock growing in her hand, getting thicker and longer.

Soon it was thoroughly stiff. Ruth took hold of it too. They both stroked it.

“You have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen, sweetheart,” Ruth said. She pressed him back on the bed. “And it’s all ours…”

Peg drilled the tip of her tongue into the boy’s piss slit, giving his shaft a quick squeeze and being rewarded with a viscous drop of pre-cum fluid. He moaned, his hand going to Ruth’s bushy twat.

“We’ll take care of you, baby,” Ruth sighed. They French kissed.

Peg trailed her tongue up and down his thick shaft, then in circular motions over his domed cock head. It seemed to be getting thicker and thicker as she caressed it lovingly, coating it with a layer of her saliva.

She cupped his balls in hand, lifting them up, testing their cum-weight in the palm of her hand. Then he reared up his ass and she pressed her forefinger against his puckered young anus.

Bill’s fingers curled inside Ruth’s pussy. They quickly became saturated with her aromatic fuck cream. She groaned, running her hand through his blond mop of hair, pulling it back on his head and kissing his forehead, his nose, his cheeks, his mouth. Her tongue slipped between his hot lips and he sucked on it like candy.

“Let me taste your delicious cunt,” he whispered, his tongue darting over her face.

She positioned herself with one leg across his chest, the other hooked around the top of his head. She inched toward him until he could insert his tongue into her pussy. She lay back and waited for the sensual feelings to begin.

Peg went down on him, finger fucking his asshole at the same time, her other hand running in circles over his quivering belly.

“Jesus, that’s nice,” he sighed. “So, so nice!” He then pried apart Ruth’s puffy cunt lips and went to work on her clit button. Her hot juices started to run down his throat.

I have to be the luckiest boy in the world, he thought, as he swallowed another delicious mouthful of Ruth’s cunt sauce. He felt Peg’s hand on his balls, squeezing his cum-filled globes until he wanted to shout out loud. He could feel his orgasm building… building… building…

He started to think of all he and Peg and Ruth had done together, how much he had learned from them both. Scenes of their lovemaking ran through his mind like an old, cherished film. He whipped Ruth’s swollen clitoris with the end of his fleshy tongue. He was almost there… that wonderful tingling, burning sensation in his cock shaft… building… building.

What more could a boy want? he wondered, but his train of thought was suddenly broken. He arched his back and gritted his teeth. He let out a loud moan of pleasure. His cock jerked in Peg’s mouth and she sucked harder.

He climaxed, and in that split second of absolute ecstasy he was already looking forward to his next orgasm. And the next.