Bearded Man, Bearded Lady

Deanna Troi had a fetish for bearded men.

Ever since she had been a girl on Betazed, she had felt a warm buzz
between her legs whenever she saw a man with a beard. Not that there
were many men with beards on Betazed — beards seemed to be a Human
thing, and even on Terra beards were out of style.

The rarity and exoticism made each encounter with a bearded man more

The kind of beard she preferred was a corona of whiskers — not too
short and not too long — which surrounded the mouth and almost
covered the mouth, so that the smooth skin of the lips only barely
peeked out, pink or red or rose.

Betazoid children were encouraged to explore their sexuality and not
repress it. Deanna imagined how those bearded lips would feel against
her; not against her face and chin where they would tickle, but
against her nipples and thighs and against her sex. The image in her
mind of a bearded man sucking at her juicy labia, scraping his teeth
along the outer folds and poking his tongue as far as it would go
inside her, then sucking and hipping her clit while his beard dripped
with her cum, was one of her favorite fantasies. She could get hot so
quickly just thinking about it, and it would fuel her masturbatory
pleasure for hours.

Had she been of an analytical bent, she might have considered how a
the mouth of a bearded man resembled her own pussy, wiry, curly hairs
surrounding wet lips and a steamy interior, the hairy, hard chin like
her hairy mons. But it never occurred to her, for to hold the head of
a bearded man tight between her thighs was so much better than
holding the sex of a woman there. That clever tongue, pleasuring her
heated folds, and those teeth. If she had known of the legend of
vagina dentata, she might have understood.

But Betazoids are not interested in understanding their fantasies,
only in pursuing their pleasures to the exquisite end.

Deanna was 17, on holiday in Elmekia, a resort on the Karpashian
coast, when she came across the bearded man of her dreams.

He was alone. A trim man, whose mostly-bare body was lightly tanned.
He wore only swim trunks and sun glasses, showing off his
unostentatious fitness and hairy chest. He had a salt-and-pepper
beard, trimmed to just the right length. In a flash of vision Deanna
knew she wanted him, now.

He reminded her of her professors. She had sashayed over to where he
lay sunbathing, and he had smiled and removed his sunglasses. They
had spoken a bit and he was quite cultured. He spoke with a foreign
accent, was undoubtedly human, with his narrow pupils and brilliant
blue irises, and Troi felt the thrumming of her blood intensify with
each carefully chosen word that escaped his lips.

Deanna was not new to the arts of seduction. She gazed at him
attentively, sidling closer, eventually laying her hand on his
thigh. She turned the conversation towards the natural wonders of
Betazed, knowing that he was willing and growing more so by the
second, but also aware that humans sometimes bolted when offered the
sort of frank proposition that Betazoids preferred.

As soon as she judged that the moment was right, she stroked a hand
down his side. “I find you very attractive,” she said in a throaty
voice. He did not resist. “I know a place we can go,” she said. He
followed her.

“Isn’t this a bit out in the open?” he said when she stopped at a
natural depression, a few hundred meters from the beach.

“There is nowhere on Betazed that is truly secluded,” she told him.
“Here we will not be disturbed.”

He shrugged and then grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her.
She allowed it for a moment, before pushing him away, laughing.

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind,” she said. He looked
dejected. She squared her shoulders. “I want you to suck pussy,” she
said. His eager reaction told her that she had made the right choice.

He removed her skimpy one-piece garment quickly, dropped to his knees
before her and buried his head in her crotch. He reached up with one
hand and began massaging her breast while his other hand groped the
globes of her perfectly rounded ass, pressing her towards him. He
greedily slurped at her dripping juices, causing her to gush more.
The friction of his beard against her pubic hair turned her on like
nothing before. Soon she couldn’t stand anymore, so he laid her down
on her back on the sand, never pausing in his lingual assault.

He had a rough and muscular tongue. He teased around her opening she
was moaning with pleasure, and when he thrust his tongue into her she
cried “More! More!” Then he scraped his tongue along her vulva up and
down before settling his mouth around her clit and sucking hard, just
like in her fantasies. When she felt his teeth graze the clitoral hood
every muscle in her went rigid and she came.

Hastily he discarded his shorts and mounted her. With on hand on his
dick he pushed himself into her. She was surprised by the girth and
length of his hard cock. He pumped into her vigorously and she arched
back in ecstacy. He cupped his hands under her ass and angled her
body for his maximum pleasure, giving two long strokes before cumming
like an unstopped hose, unleashing gout after gout.

Troi tweaked her erect and throbbing nipples with one hand and pulled
at the skin of her mons with the other, stimulating her clit. As the
last jets of come spurted into her, she came with an anguished moan
and collapsed, spent, onto the sand.