Our Mexican Honeymoon

When I married Kristi I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I’d been a bachelor for the past 2 years ever since I’d caught my first wife cheating on me. We split up right then and there and it wasn’t until I met Kristi that I had any sexual relations with a woman again.

My bride was 10-years younger than me at 24, and a whole lot sexier than my first wife. In fact sometimes I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep her satisfied. I mean Kristi was a real fireball. When we went out on a date she’d be going 100% all night long and around 2 or 3 in the morning I would start to flag.

Another little nagging doubt in the back of my mind was all the attention she received from strangers when we were out on the town. I always felt like I was fending them off; sometimes making me feel like her father instead of her boyfriend.

That’s why I asked Kristi to marry me only after 3 months of dating. I figured that once we were married I’d feel more secure and stop worrying about losing her to another guy.

Well, you can imagine my happy surprise and delight when she enthusiastically accepted my proposal of marriage. I was walking on air. I didn’t waste any time and set the wedding date for the end of the week so she wouldn’t have time for second thoughts.

The wedding went off without a hitch and we headed south to Mexico for a two-week honeymoon at a golf resort just south of San Diego, a few miles down Mexican Highway 1 in Baja.

I was in heaven that first night. I can still remember the feeling as I watched my beautiful wife stripping in front of me. We’d been having sex like a pair of rabbits ever since our second date but as man and wife something had changed between us and we both glowed with a special love for each other.

Something else had changed after Kristi had accepted my offer of marriage, we both had decided that we wanted kids as soon as possible and Kristi had gone off the pill. So that first night was extra special because I knew that our lovemaking could produce a child. It just made the whole thing extra sexy for both of us.


We woke up at the crack of dawn even though we’d fucked each other like crazy over and over until 2 am. I didn’t feel tired and Kristi looked as lovely as ever. We eat a leisurely breakfast on our balcony at the hotel then headed out for some sightseeing. We wanted to take in some of the local color.

For some reason I wanted to head into the interior of Mexico. Looking back at it I realize how important one decision can be to ones future. If I had it to do over again… well, what’s the point of second-guessing myself?

Anyway, my pretty new wife and I drove into the picturesque back country and lazed around in a couple of small villages purchasing exotic items to decorate our future home. I guess we lost track of the time and it was almost 5 o’clock in the afternoon before we started to head back up the coast.

Being a U.S. citizen makes you unprepared for unjust governmental heavy handedness. That’s why what happened, happened I guess.

We were heading north and were maybe 15 km away from out hotel resort when I had to slam on the brakes. A head of us was what looked like a military roadblock. I’d never actually seen anything like that before other than on TV and the sight of a bunch of young Mexicans standing there in uniforms with automatic rifles clutched in their hands made me instantly nervous. I heard Kristi say, “Shit,” softly under her breath when she realized what was happening.

I pulled to a stop behind the car in front of us. Then it was our turn and as I pulled up next to the soldier he said something in Spanish to me. I didn’t speak Spanish so all I could do was respond in English, “Sorry I don’t understand you.”

The young man looked a little closer at me then bent down and looked into our car. I watched his face as he saw Kristi for the first time. There was an evil gleam in his eyes as he surveyed her long shapely legs. She was wearing shorts so there was no way for her to cover herself up, and I noticed that she didn’t really even try. In the back of my mind I made a mental note to rebuke my new wife, I mean she could have at least taken a modest pose, not one with her feet up on the dashboard showing her beautiful butt and perfect legs to some strange man with a rifle.

Then I jumped as the soldier gestured with his automatic rifle for me to get out of the car. What else could I do? I had a crazy thought that maybe we should try to run the roadblock, but thought better of it when I looked over at the other 3 soldiers who had their weapons pointed in our direction.

I shakily stepped out of the car and stood in front of the man. I was at least 10″ taller than him and that seemed to annoy him. He pushed me aside and shouted at Kristi in Spanish and made another gesture for her to get out of the car through the same door as I had.

I started to protest, that is until I saw the man before me raise the barrel of his automatic toward my face. I gulped and shut my mouth. Then Kristi was standing beside me. I heard her say something in Spanish. I hadn’t known that she could speak it; I guess there was a lot we didn’t know about each other after only dating a few months before marrying.

The soldier looked menacingly at me as my wife spoke. Then suddenly he smiled and began to speak to Kristi almost in a conversational voice. I was momentarily relieved until one of the other soldiers came up to her and grabbed her arm.

As the man roughly began to lead my wife away into the dark I protested again. Only this time I got a rifle butt in the gut. Tears of pain and fear came into my eyes as I fell to my knees completely winded. I couldn’t speak, it was hard to even breathe, and I had to watch helplessly as the man pulled my wife along into the darkness.

What caught in the back of my mind and gave me a little hope was that she seemed to not be afraid at all. She actually seemed to be willingly following the guy. But my heart almost stopped beating when the other two soldiers turned and followed them out into the dark.

There I was kneeing on the pavement with a weapon pointing down into my face scared enough that I felt like I might piss in my shorts at any second. Then suddenly the blood in my veins went cold! I heard a triumphant laugh and then a female gasp, then more guttural noises. Occasionally I could hear my wife’s voice either moaning or saying something in Spanish that I couldn’t understand.

I was totally humiliated and shamed. I knew what these men were doing to her, they were raping my wife and there was nothing I could do about it, absolutely nothing. Finally I looked past the barrel of the automatic up to the man’s face that was holding it. I could tell that he was listening to the group and impatiently waiting his turn.

I wanted to murder him, I wanted to cut his balls off and feed them to him. But all I did was kneel there in front of him helpless.

Then after what seemed like an eternity one of the soldiers scurried up to us out of the dark. The man was pulling his pants back on as he came toward us. I saw red. I jumped up and jumped the unaware soldier next to me and he fell under my charge.

Then I felt cold metal thrust into my ear and knew that the other soldier was pointing the muzzle of his rifle directly at my brain. I froze.

The downed soldier got up and dusted himself off. He looked at me and laughed, then turned and disappeared into the dark in the direction of my wife’s gang rape.

The new guard kept leering at me saying things in Spanish that I couldn’t understand. Then finally he cocking his automatic weapon and held it with one hand as he reached down to the fly of his uniform pants and unzipped himself.

‘Oh fuck what now?’ I wondered silently. I hoped that the bastard wasn’t going to piss on me. He’d looked really put out at me when he’d disengaged me from the first guard and I wouldn’t put it past him.

But that’s not what he had in mind.

The asshole actually fished his cock out and pointed at it. I looked up at him not knowing what he was saying. I could see that his cock was still slick with my wife’s pussy juice and figured that he wanted to taunt me about his just having fucked her. But no, he was gesturing for me to move closer.

“No fucking way,” I said shaking my head. What was this pervert trying to pull?

Then I almost jumped out of my skin as a round went off with a blast that shook me to the bone. I felt a hot flash pass my left ear and heard the slap as the bullet penetrated the assfault beside me. That was enough to get me moving I was frightened shitless now.

As I crawled up in front of the Mexican I could see that his cock was bigger than mine. The man before me had a dong at least 7 inches long, and it was so heavy that semi hard as he was it still looked huge to me.

Pointing his weapon in front at my forehead he commanded me in Spanish to suck him. I knew that was what he was saying even though I couldn’t understand the language. His jestures made it plain.

I’d always been heterosexual, well, almost always. Back in elementary school I’d done a little experimental sexual activity with the boy next door. We’d felt each other up quite a few times culminating in him sucking on my dick and me sucking on his hairless nuts. After that day we started to lose interest in each other and to begin to notice girls. Ever since then I’d never even touched another male.

But now suddenly all that came back to me ae this man’s up thrust organ throbbed in front of me all slick with my wife’s lubrication and another helping of his pre-cum starting to ooze out of his pisshole. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

Then the bastard grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my face to his massive cock. I let him rub it over my face and lips keeping my mouth closed all the while. It was a strange feeling that hot wet dick touching my face. It was slick like oil and felt like an invader as he positioned it against my closed lips.

I could hear his insistent urging; I knew he was telling me to open my mouth. Then I did just that. Originally it was to cry out in pain as he wrenched the clump of hair in his fist. But he took that opportunity and shoved himself deeply into my throat.

I gagged and struggled but to no avail, he kept his grip on my hair and the weapon against the side of my head. Then he was thrusting into me making me gag more and I couldn’t help but struggle against him even more. I couldn’t breathe.

My knees hurt from the rough asphalt and my throat was on fire from his deep thrusts. The feeling of his cock as it pasted my windpipe was unbelievable. It felt like it was going down my throat and into my intestines. It was like eating a meal each time he thrust into me.

I felt totally humiliated as the soldier dropped his rifle and gabbed both of my ears and began to ride my mouth like I was a cheap Mexican whore. I heard him grunting as his passion rose and his thrusts became faster and faster.

After a few moments I was able to adjust my breathing to his thrusts and the feeling of his big meat slipping down my throat became bearable. I controlled my gagging by swallowing when he jammed into me to the hilt. For some reason I didn’t gag when I swallowed.

But that technique seemed to make the soldier go even faster. I vaguely heard him hollering in glee as he road my face, then his body stiffened and he jammed his cock hard down my throat and held me there with both hands as he came.

I was somewhat in shock; a man was cumming in my throat. I could taste his cum as it coated the back of my mouth. I had to swallow or take the chance that his cum would go into my windpipe. It was hot and slimy but for some reason his sexual passion, the obvious pleasure he was receiving made me realize that I was as hard as a rock and aroused as hell.

Then as his last jet of passion hit the back of my throat he pulled out and gasped loudly in an incredulous tone. I couldn’t understand the language but the gist of what he was saying wasn’t lost one me. He looked at me with a strange expression and I could tell that he was surprised at how well I’d sucked him off.

Then I looked over to one side and saw the other 3 soldiers watching me, also with strange expressions on their faces. And then to my horror I saw that my wife was also there.

Her clothes her held in her hands and her naked body was all sweaty looking with her backside covered in dirt where she’d been lying on the ground.

But the look in her eyes made my face burn, then when she said, “Gee honey, that guy just said that you were better than me. He said that he’s never gotten a better blow job from anyone before in his life.” She looked at me in silence and I looked back in shame, disgusted with myself.

Then, “Wow honey it looks like you liked it too. looks like you came in your shorts!” She made the statement almost like an accusation.

I looked down at myself and saw the spreading stain of my own cum on my shorts. I’d cum while blowing another guy. How could I ever live this down?

The soldiers let us go. Cars were backing up and they needed to get back to work. Kristi and I drove silently the 15 km back to the hotel. We decided not to make a public fuss about what had happened. I mean my part in the whole thing was just too embarrassing.

To my surprise after we’d cleaned ourselves up and showered, Kristi jumped me and fucked my brains out. We fucked twice more during the night, each time she was the one who initiated the sex. She ended up telling me that she’d often fantasized about being taken against her will. And that she’d always wanted to see two guys “doing it” and the sight of me on my knees taking the dark Mexican’s cock like that made her hot every time she thought about it.

Well, even though I would never want to repeat that experience again, it changed our sexual direction from that day forward. Nine months later Kristi gave birth to a dark haired brown skinned baby boy. And after he was old enough for a babysitter on occasion we started doing threesomes. Usually me and another guy and Kristi.

I personally like it best with Kristi and another woman, but I’ve grown used to sucking cock for Kristi and have even begun to enjoy giving and receiving while she watches. Sex is never boring around our house that’s for sure.