My Best friend’s Mom

My bestfriends mom Suja 42 years old MILF, 4.8 feet height , fair look. I was like a son for her. I used to vist her home every weekend. Her family cosists of she and 2 daughters only. One among them was my best frind. The experience of fucking my bestfriend was already published.

One saturday around 12.30 PM I reached her home. There I found that the two girls are planning to go out. They told me that they will be back with in two hours. So me and her mom was alone.

While they stepped out she began to talk about her husband who was working abroad. Then she started washing the plates at kitchen. I sat in a chair there. There was a lot f plates to wash. When the tap was ON, the water began to flow down the floor. So she lifted her nighty little up like 3/4 length.She usually wore nighty.

There I saw white skined waxed lgs. My dick stands up. Then I noticed her boobs. It was bulged in the front. Istarted looking her from tip to toe. In betwwen our conversation, I stood up and slowly walked behind her back.

With a sudden spark in my mind, I hugged her from her back and pressed her boobs. She got shockedand the plate dropped down.

She turned back and pushed me. I lifted her up in my hands forcely and went towards the bedroom. I put her on the bed and jumped around her body and started to kiss at her lips.

At that time she was trying to pushing me back. But I hold her hands tightly. Slowly she came to my track. Then I started pressingher boobs. She layed in the bed helplessly and crying “leave me..leave me”. While her voice raised i bite her pink lips. She yeled with pain. I said…”Just corporate”….

Forcely I tried to remove her clothe, but she refused. So in between that her nighty was teared off. So now she was wearing a while bra & black panties. Her body shape made me horny in a high state. She used to do exercise daily, so she was having a good shape.

I suddenly removed her bra & pushed the panties down. Her boobs are little stiff and 42 D size.But her pussy made me shocked. It was a shaved one and little blacky.

I rubbed her pussy using my fingres and rubbed her boobs using my tounge. While these time she was crying and telling “please ..leave me…no…” then i kissed on her lips and told.. “U are damn hot and sexy”…

I removed my clothes and spread her legs and started inserting my dick. My dick easily entered into her pussy. I fucked her hard. She moaned in a light voice and sperm entered into her pussy and continued fucking. Finally sperm flows out through her pussy. I cleaned using her panties.

Then I sleep with her for 15 – 20 minutes. Then I wake up and we both enter to bathroom. There i said to clean her pussy. She sat on European closet and started peeing. Then she cleaned her pussy and we wore our dress ..

After some times my friend came back and we had a casual talk. Her mom behaved normally. Next day her mom called me and told that she need an anti pregnancy kit.

I bought it for her. That was her last call for me. Then after that when ever I asked permission to go there, she didn’t allow me.

So I fucked my bestfriend and her mom too. But both of them doesn’t know this each other… The remaining is her younger sister 19 years old short girl…Hope one day I will get her…..