How Diana overcome her shyness

Diana loved visiting her Master at his apartment, even though it terrified her. The ritual she was required to perform before she was even allowed to knock on his door was nerve-wracking and humiliating. It was also almost unbearably arousing and never failed to make her pussy soaking wet. Which was the whole point, of course.

As always, she was extremely nervous and looked around before beginning her ritual. There were three other apartments on the top floor of this old house, which meant that she would be performing within sight of each of the doors. She had never seen anyone entering or leaving those apartments and for all she knew they might all be unoccupied, though she doubted it very much.

No matter, she thought. The only important door that was the one leading to her Master, and she needed to prepare herself for him.

She placed her purse and her overnight bag on the floor. Then, standing up straight and facing his door, Diana began to strip.

He might be watching her through the door’s peephole or he might not, she never knew. But she always performed her ritual as though standing directly before him. She kept her gaze focused on the peephole as if looking into his eyes as she began to methodically unbutton her crisp, white blouse. She had always been conservative in her style of dress, which her Master seemed to enjoy, as it seemed to make it all the more humiliating for her to do the things he required of her.

The short-sleeved blouse, now fully unbuttoned, was pulled free of the waistband of her skirt, eased off of her shoulders and allowed to drop gently to the floor behind her, exposing her plain white bra. Once begun, Diana was not allowed to stop. She quickly unfastened and unzipped her knee-length denim skirt, pushed the waistband down past her hips and allowed the skirt to pool around her ankles before stepping out of it and pushing it to one side with her foot.

White cotton panties to match her bra. As always at this point, Diana wanted desperately to look around at the other three doors. What if someone were watching through one of the peepholes? But it was not allowed.

Diana had never been happy with her figure: too slim, small-breasted and, well, boyish, she thought. But the way her Master looked her over when she posed for him, as he often demanded, never failed to make her feel lusciously feminine and desirable. She had never known anyone who could turn her into an almost mindlessly erotic creature the way he did when she submitted herself to his will.

Now the ordinary black office shoes were toed off before she bent over to remove the white knee-socks that completed her outfit. She straightened up and took a deep, calming breath, then another. Here we go, she thought, reaching behind her to unfasten the bra, which joined the pile on the floor, followed quickly by her panties. Now Diana was left wearing only her rimless glasses and a small pair of gold earrings, each in the shape of a highly stylized letter ‘S’ that dangled below each earlobe.

‘S’ for Slave.

The ritual was not complete yet. Diana quickly knelt and gathered up her clothing. This had to be done in a very particular order. First the skirt, neatly folded and then replaced on the floor. On top of it, the blouse, also arranged with great care, followed by the two socks, folded and placed side by side. Then the shoes. The bra came next and finally the panties, which were never folded but draped across the top of the pile.

She removed her glasses, found their case in her purse and replaced them there. The purse was returned to the floor next to the overnight bag.

Diana quickly ran her fingers through her short black hair and smoothed it down. Then she carefully slid both hands under the pile and lifted it as she stood upright again.

Now came the slightly tricky part. She shifted the weight of the pile to her left hand and, being extremely careful not to let it become unbalanced, used her right hand to knock on the door.

Three sharp, evenly spaced knocks: three dots in Morse code.

‘S’ for Slave.

Then she quickly took the required pose: perfectly straight from head to heels, feet together, arms outstretched directly in front of her, the bundle of clothing once again balanced in both hands.

Ready to be offered to him.

Diana willed herself to stillness, willed her breath to become slow and even, her mind to be filled only with him.

As always, he answered her knock quickly. The door swung wide and he was there. And as always, she had to fight the impulse to fall to her knees before the power and compassion in his gaze as he inspected her. But it wasn’t time yet.

He looked her carefully up and down for nearly a full minute. Then, apparently satisfied with her presentation, he reached down to pick up her purse and overnight bag and place them inside the apartment.

Then he took the bundle of clothing from her hands without a word and closed the door again.

Now it was time to kneel.

Diana’s knees, already feeling like rubber, almost collapsed under her as she took the Waiting Pose: upright on her knees, legs spread wide, back straight and slightly arched, hands locked behind her back, face tilted upward and ready to meet his gaze whenever he returned.

And now she had only to wait. That was all: kneeling naked in front of her Master’s door, doing nothing, nothing whatsoever, but wait, feeling nervous, aroused…and grateful.


She and James – as she had known him then – had met in college. Diana’s roommate was an acquaintance of his and had casually introduced them at lunch one day. As far as Diana could tell she had barely registered on his awareness, which didn’t surprise her at all. She was painfully shy and, she felt, mousy with her glasses and narrowish face. She had never had a real boyfriend and had an embarrassing tendency to stammer and fill in the gaps in her conversations with awkward blurtings of words like “wow” whenever she talked with men. She was socially inept and she knew it, which didn’t help at all.

James didn’t appear to be a “ladies’ man” in the traditional sense, but he genuinely seemed to enjoy the company of women and at whichever table he sat in the dining commons he was often the only man, joining in the conversation but rarely dominating it or trying to make himself the center of attention. The women in turn seemed drawn to his warmth, his intelligence, and his often nonsensical humor and self-deprecating wit.

And over time Diana found herself drifting into a kind of orbit around James, though she didn’t know why. He was attractive, she thought, with his longish brown hair, close-trimmed beard and clear blue-gray eyes, and was obviously outgoing and friendly, but that wasn’t it. There was something – something not at all obvious on the surface – that seemed to magnetize her. She would often sit at whichever of the long tables in the dining commons he did, though she rarely joined in the conversations around her and never, of course, spoke to him directly. Not at first, anyway. She would, while seemingly concentrating on eating her meal, watch him out of the corner of her eye and imagine just the two of them sitting alone together.

In this fantasy Diana was always completely at ease with him as they talked and laughed about little things. James was, of course, completely fascinated with her, and these imaginary conversations always ended with him asking her out. In real life, however, it took a great deal of courage, over several days, just to force herself to choose a seat that was closer to him. Then one a little bit closer. And finally one that was, all right, not directly opposite him but at least diagonally across from him.

Then, clenching her fists under the table, she attempted to join in a conversation he was having with the person who actually was sitting opposite him. She opened her mouth and…

Nothing. Unless you count turning beet-red and quickly closing her mouth again.

Three days later, after beating herself up continuously for her cowardice, she tried again. This time she managed to quaver out a “W-wow!” as a comment, though she was so nervous that she had no idea what was being talked about. Still, she was rewarded by having him turn his attention to her for a brief second, meeting her glance and giving her a slight nod to acknowledge her remark before returning to the conversation.


Her fascination became something of an obsession. She pestered her roommate, as subtly as possible, for information about him. She took note of which people seemed to be friends with him and did her unobtrusive best to hang around in their vicinity when he was around. And to her own amazement, actually did manage to exchange a few words with him once or twice, stumbling though they were. Each time his glance seemed sympathetic, as if he understood how she was struggling, which embarrassed her even more.

But then she did something completely crazy, which she knew she would regret even as she planned it out: she wrote him a note and sent it to his campus mailbox, holding her breath as she dropped it into the mail slot, her hand shaking as she did so.

It’s not that there was anything overtly mushy in what she wrote; she just told him that she’d enjoyed their conversations – if they could be called that – and that she thought he was a really nice, interesting guy. Nothing more than that, really. She wouldn’t have dared to suggest that she’d like to go out with him, oh my god no, even though that was her fantasy, of course. She’d made the note as deliberately bland as she possibly could. She just wanted to bring herself to his attention a little more and hope for the best.

Two days went by. Three. And then finally they ran into each other in the Student Union, each coming from their last class of the day. Diana saw him coming towards her and stopped dead in her tracks, a deer in the headlights. She wanted desperately to turn and hurry away, but forced herself to at least stay in place, trying not to cringe. Was he going to laugh at her? Make fun of her?

No. He walked up to her, greeted her by name, and thanked her for her letter. He apologized for not replying right away and, taking her by the elbow, guided her to sit on one of the couches that lined the main thoroughfare, sitting down beside her.

He couldn’t help but see how terrified she was and very kindly carried on most of the conversation himself. He told her again how much he appreciated her note, and that he hadn’t realized that she was interested in him. When Diana dared to meet his gaze she saw both understanding and sympathy there and managed to stammer out that she hoped she hadn’t offended him. But he waved this away with a smile and said of course not.

Then he took her hand in his.

He said, “Diana, I’m getting the sense that you haven’t had a whole lot of experience with guys. Am I right? I can see how scary this is for you.”

Diana, blushing furiously, only managed to nod jerkily and then look down at her lap. There was a long silence and when she finally glanced up again he was looking into the distance, as if considering something. Finally he replied, “There’s nothing wrong with that, Diana. Some people just get started earlier than others, that’s all. Now, obviously you’re not ready for a relationship, and in any case I’m dating some other girls right now. But what I was thinking is that maybe we could have a couple of ‘practice’ dates. You know, just so you could kind of get used to them. What do you think?”

He went on, “I was thinking that if there’s no pressure, if you know these dates aren’t going to lead anywhere, it might help you relax a little bit, y’know?”

She didn’t know. But his eyes were kind and she felt something unclench within, just the tiniest bit, and she nodded again, this time managing to meet his gaze, a moment later adding, in almost a whisper, “Th-that would be n-nice.”

To Diana’s everlasting surprise, the first date was not a complete disaster. She had agonized over what to wear, of course, alternating between wanting to be dressed up and not wanting to seem as if she was trying too hard, finally settling on a blouse and skirt that she thought would look nice without drawing too much attention. And of course she had become more and more of a nervous wreck as the day, and then the hour approached when James would come to pick her up, becoming so agitated during the last few minutes that when he finally did knock on her door she had to clap her hands over her mouth to keep from yelping.

But when she had finally managed, with trembling hands, to fumble the door open he had greeted her as if they were old friends, gathering her into his arms for a short hug and then holding her at arms’ length for a moment before telling her how nice she looked. Then he had escorted her out of her dorm

Their plans for the date had been kept very low-key, for which Diana was deeply thankful. Just dinner at the dining commons as usual, followed by a movie. James had kept up an easy flow of conversation, asking her about her classes, her music studies (she played the violin) and generally making it as easy as possible for her to keep up her end. Diana had stuttered and stammered badly at first but found herself relaxing, a little bit at a time, and actually enjoying herself somewhat.

Dinner was actually the most challenging part of the evening, since they were seated alone together. But aside from twice dropping her fork into her lap, which fortunately was protected by a napkin, and accidentally biting her lip once in an attempt to keep herself from stammering, it hadn’t gone too badly.

Once they got to the theater and the movie began, there was no need for conversation, of course, which was absolutely wonderful, and James actually made her giggle several times by leaning over and whispering humorous comments about the film. She had wished that he would take her hand again but hadn’t really expected it.

Afterwards he had walked her back to her room, asking her what she’d thought about the film and what other movies she liked and so forth, and Diana thought that the walk back to her dormitory had never seemed so short. At her door they had made plans for the second date. Then, as he had at the beginning of the evening, James took her in his arms for a brief hug and then held her at arms’ length once again, looking into her eyes. Diana fought the urge to look down and made herself meet his gaze, even though she was beginning to tremble again.

But his eyes, always kind, soothed her. She felt as if he were both truly seeing her and completely accepting her, just as she was. There was something peaceful about just resting in his gaze.

“Would you like me to kiss you, Diana?”

She blinked in astonishment a few times, tried unsuccessfully to speak and finally had to settle for nodding, slowly.

It wasn’t as if she’d never been kissed before. No, actually it was as if she’d never been kissed before, although she had. But this was the first time she had been kissed by someone who actually knew how to kiss; who took his time gathering her in, looked into her eyes for a moment longer to make sure she was ready…and then kissed her, deeply and thoroughly. It wasn’t a passionate kiss or even a romantic kiss, it was just a kiss. A really, really good kiss that first made her eyes fly wide open and then slowly close again as she melted into his embrace.

It couldn’t have lasted for more than a few seconds but it filled her entire consciousness: the feel of his lips on hers; the way his beard and moustache tickled her slightly; the comfort of his arms wrapped around her waist as he held her against him; the warmth of him; the scent of him.

It was overwhelming. It was wonderful.

When he gently pulled away from her it was like reluctantly waking from a lovely dream. He kissed her once more, lightly, on the lips and then kissed her on the forehead as a way of saying good night. He held her at arms’ length once more and looked deeply into her eyes again. This time his gaze was thoughtful, considering. He looked as though he were about to speak, then hesitated and said nothing.

Instead he laid one hand beside her face, said, “Good night, Diana. I’m sure we’ll see each other before our Friday date, right? Sleep well.”

Diana managed to whisper, “Good night. Thank you.” And then he was gone.

The second “practice date” went much like the first, up to a point. And Diana actually did feel a little less petrified, even though this time James took her to a restaurant in town instead of the more familiar dining commons. Once again he steered the conversation to subjects that she could talk about without becoming tongue-tied and made little jokes to help her relax. The only thing that seemed different to Diana is that at times he seemed to be looking at her intently, not in an intimidating way but as if turning something over in his mind and trying to reach a decision.

They went to a local community theater production and as it was a warm late-spring evening took a leisurely walk before heading back to campus. To Diana, James seemed a little preoccupied, although he was as friendly and outgoing as always. He asked her about where she had grown up and what her family was like. She told him about her kind but often preoccupied father and her somewhat high-strung mother, whose obsessive and fearful nature often made life difficult for Diana, their only child. She’d had a few close friends but certainly wasn’t one of the popular girls. She was expected to focus on her studies and her music lessons and wasn’t allowed much of a social life. Boyfriends? No, not really. A few dates here and there; one boy she spent time with at school but was really more of a friend than anything else.

James listened and nodded and looked thoughtful. His gaze, when he looked at her, was sympathetic. As they were walking through the small park near the center of town he took her by the elbow and guided her to one of the benches before sitting down beside her. He took her hand and turned to face her.

“I have an idea,” he began, “but I’m not sure if it’s a good one or not. These practice dates seem to be helping a little bit, right?” Diana nodded as he went on. “The sense I’m getting, though, is that you still have a lot of fear. I’m wondering if your lack of experience makes you feel as though you’re not attractive.”

Deer-in-the-headlights time again. Diana opened and closed her mouth a couple of times before finally managing to say, “I…I don’t know. I g-guess so.”

James looked down, considering, then back up at her. “What I was thinking is that maybe, if you’d like, I could show you a few things–sort of ‘Making Out 101’,” he added with a smile. “And maybe that would give you a little more confidence.”

He went on, “I’m not sure about this, of course. On the one hand it might be helpful, but on the other hand, I don’t know whether… I don’t know how you would feel about it, since we’re not in an actual relationship and this isn’t going to go on much longer.” He took her other hand in his, leaned towards her and spoke quietly. “I’m just saying that if you’d like to make that a part of these practice dates…we could.”

It was said so kindly that Diana felt tears coming into her eyes and had to fight for control for a moment. She was glad it was night so that he wouldn’t see. What she wanted to say was, “Oh yes, please!” but of course she was unable to get her mouth and tongue to form the words and simply looked down at her lap, unable to speak.

James released one of her hands, stood and used the other to draw her to her feet as well. Then without another word he led her back to campus and into the towering concrete monstrosity that was his dormitory. In the elevator, still holding her hand, he turned to her, silently asking if she was all right, and she managed to nod once more, even though her knees were literally shaking.

When they reached his floor he led her down the hallway and unlocked a door. The dormitory was organized into suites: two double rooms, two singles and a shared bathroom. James, as a third-year student, was entitled to one of the singles; he unlocked his door, pushed it open, and allowed Diana to enter first. It was nothing much to look at, just a cinder block cubicle with a bed, a desk and a wardrobe, plus some shelving, but Diana felt as though she were stepping into another dimension, similar to but completely different from the one in which she’d been living.

Her mouth was dry and her hands were clasped tightly in front of her. James, obviously aware of her discomfort, said, “Some music?”, and without waiting for a response stepped over to his desk and fiddled with his laptop for a moment. The sound of an acoustic guitar appeared, warm, sensual and inviting.

Then he simply turned back towards her and opened his arms.

And to her own astonishment, Diana didn’t hesitate for a second before stepping into his welcoming embrace, feeling everything else–all of her fears and anxieties–melt away as he wrapped his arms around her. She rested her head against his chest as he gently stroked her hair.

And then…

Absolutely nothing else. James simply stood there, holding her against him, allowing her to settle, waiting for her breathing to quiet, as the music continued to play. They swayed ever so slightly back and forth and Diana felt as if she were being tenderly rocked, even though they were standing. It was wonderful.

After a while James pulled back from her slightly, just long enough to reach up and remove her glasses, setting them on his desk before turning back and bending down to kiss her on the mouth, still holding her tightly against him. The first kiss had been a good, thorough kiss, and one which Diana would always remember, but this kiss was something else entirely as James slowly and deliberately took possession of her, teasing her lips apart with the tip of his tongue and then exploring her mouth, taking his time. It was sensuous, and even luxurious, and Diana loved having nothing more to do than stand there and be held, surrendering her mouth and tongue to his. Nothing to say, or do, or even think about. Nothing to be nervous about or second-guess herself about. She wanted it to go on and on.

Eventually, of course, it had to end, but also of course it wasn’t nearly the end. Without releasing her James pulled back and looked into her eyes. “Are you doing all right?” he asked softly. And when she nodded, still speechless, he went on, “Good. Now, we’re going to take this very slowly, but you need to let me know if anything is making you uncomfortable or if you want to stop or slow down for any reason, okay?”

Diana felt as if she were dissolving under his gaze. She knew she was supposed to respond…but instead she felt her eyes closing of their own accord as she tilted her face up towards his once more and parted her lips.

This time the kiss really did go on for a long, long time. He held her tightly against him as their tongues did their slow, sensual dance together. His hands massaged her shoulders and then gradually drifted downward, his fingertips tracing her spine to its very base and then…ohhh, spreading out to capture her behind, cupping her cheeks through her dress. He pressed her hips against his and Diana could feel his hardness. He began to rub against her in a very slow and subtle motion as he continued to kiss her and his hands continued to hold and fondle her behind.


Diana hadn’t known what to expect, of course, but she had vaguely imagined James just holding her and kissing her the way he had the other night, but for longer. But this, oh my god, the heat of it, of his body pressed against hers, of the arousal washing over her, the pulsing between her legs… She had never experienced anything so erotic in her life, it was overwhelming her, it was too much! She had to tell him to–

James pulled back again as if responding to her thoughts. He kept his hands on her behind and continued to hold her pressed firmly against him but said nothing, just questioned her with his eyes.

It could all stop right now, Diana thought. I’m not ready for this. He’s not my boyfriend, I shouldn’t even be doing this with him. He’ll think I’m a little slut…

She kissed him again and thrust her tongue back into his mouth.

James placed his hands on her shoulders and pressed her back against the door, grinding his hips against her, still slowly and sensually but more forcefully, causing the front of her dress to ride up. Diana groaned against his mouth, then groaned again more loudly as his hands drifted downward and found her breasts, cupping and squeezing them. Ohhh…! She was on fire, she was melting!

For several delirious moments James continued to fondle and possess her with his tongue, his hands and the insistent grinding of his hips. Diana felt her dress rucking up to the tops of her thighs as her own hips began to respond of their own accord, pushing and rubbing against his. Something began building inside her as the heat between her legs flickered higher and hotter. Oh! What was happening to her? She felt as if she were going to explode!

But suddenly everything stopped as James pulled away from her once more. He took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes again. But this time he wasn’t questioning or asking for permission. Holding her locked in his gaze he first unbuckled the slim, red leather belt around her waist, allowing it to drop to the floor. Then he unfastened the first of the matching red buttons on her light gray dress. And then the next..and then the next, never taking his eyes from hers, crouching slightly as he worked his way down. Diana’s mouth fell open and her knees began trembling beneath her. In a moment the dress hung open from the collar to the hem.

Then James stood and, parting her dress like a pair of curtains, pushed it off her shoulders. It fell, crumpling to the floor around her feet, leaving Diana wearing nothing but her red sandals and her white bra and panties.

Oh, this was too much, it had to stop! Diana tried to speak, tried to remember how to form words with her mouth. But at that very moment her treacherous knees gave way entirely and she fell against him, wrapping her arms around him for support.

James slipped one arm under her knees, picking her up easily and then gently depositing her on his bed. He knelt down to remove her sandals. Then, approaching the other end of the bed, he lifted her by the shoulders long enough to reach a sitting position with his back against the side wall before lowering her again so that her head was resting on the pillow he had placed on his lap.

Diana was breathing heavily through her mouth, in a combination of terror and anxiety, as she stared up at him. Who was she? What had she become that she would be lying on this man’s bed in just her underwear? She had never felt so exposed and vulnerable in her life…or so utterly aroused.

James was lightly stroking her hair and the side of her face. His gaze was tender and Diana, in spite of everything, knew that she could trust him; knew that with one word from her everything would stop; knew, in fact, that he was giving her time to do exactly that.

But that word would not be spoken or needed and, as James lowered his mouth to hers once more, they both knew it.

Tongues intertwined. One hand lightly resting on top of her head, the other finding her breast again, squeezing and molding it through her bra while she clung to him, her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer.

His hand drifted downward, smoothing and warming her stomach. Then, for just a moment, it was between her legs, a quick stroke of the fingers, making her gasp and causing her hips to buck. Then it was gone again.

Diana felt herself being lifted and then his hands flickering behind her back for a brief second. Suddenly her bra was hanging loose…and then it was gone.

Diana made a sound that fell somewhere between a moan and a squeal as his fingers found her nipple and began to pinch it lightly as they continued to explore each other’s mouths with their tongues. She felt a flood of moisture between her legs.

Then his mouth and tongue were gone from hers. Diana’s eyes, which had been closed, flew open for a moment…then closed again of their own accord as James gently seized her other nipple between his teeth. Oh! He was sucking and licking her breast, causing her back to arch and her breath to hiss with the waves of overwhelming pleasure washing over her.

His free hand released her other nipple and slid downward once more. It was underneath the elastic of her panties! His fingers were combing through her pubic hair! They found her heat and her wetness and then…

Diana made a shuddering cry as James found and then began delicately stroking her clitoris with the tip of his middle finger as he continued teasing her nipple with the tip of his tongue. Oh, she was on fire! She began to whisper, “Please… Please… Please…” with absolutely no idea what she was asking for. She began to shake, her hips twisting beneath her, as the fire flickered higher and hotter and consumed her. Oh! Ohhh! Oh my god….!

Diana convulsed, her whole body spasming as she went into orgasm. Her pussy clenched over and over and she slapped her hand over her mouth to keep from crying out. James continued to stroke her for just a few seconds more and then wrapped his arms around her and held her as the aftershocks continued.

When the last ripples of her orgasm subsided, Diana lay there, stunned, gasping for breath and staring up at James with wide eyes. James bent down and kissed her mouth lightly, then asked, smiling, “Did you enjoy that, Diana?”

Still trying to catch her breath, Diana managed to nod, slowly. James looked at her more closely, a realization dawning. “That was your first orgasm?” Diana looked away, embarrassed, then back, nodding once more. James raised one eyebrow, “You’ve never even…by yourself?”

No. She hadn’t. She had touched herself there a few times, of course, but only briefly and had always felt guilty about it afterwards.

James looked thoughtful for a moment, then said softly, stroking her hair as he did so, “Okay, so now you know what it’s like.” He paused, then went on, “And you know, it’s really okay to do that on your own. Almost everyone does, and in your case I think it might help you to feel more relaxed. He smiled down at her again. “How are you feeling now?”

Diana did feel incredibly relaxed; so relaxed, in fact, that she was practically a puddle. She couldn’t believe how natural it now felt to be lying on this man’s bed with her head resting in his lap, wearing nothing but her panties – which, she suddenly noticed, were soaking wet. But even so she was unable to find the words to answer his question. Instead, she reached up and took his hand, the one that was stroking her hair, brought it to her lips and kissed it, looking shyly up at him as if asking if it was all right.

James leaned down once more and this time kissed her forehead before sitting up again. He left his hand in hers and began lightly tracing the outline of her lips with the tip of his thumb.

Mmmm… So sensual, so nice. Diana closed her eyes and allowed her mouth to open slightly, reveling in his attention. They sat silently like that for some time, Diana slipping into a half-dream state, aware of nothing but the feel of his hand in hers and his touch upon her lips.

Gradually she became aware that the pressure of his thumb was increasing, moment by moment. He was pushing her lips this way and then that way as he continued circling her mouth, and to Diana it felt as if he were taking possession of it. It felt wonderful. Then his thumb was gently pushing its way into her mouth. It was something like when they had been kissing and using their tongues earlier, but this was less seductive and much more aggressive, and Diana moaned as James began sliding his thumb in and out of her mouth, slowly at first but then more quickly and forcefully.

Oh! Diana had never felt anything like it before and she found herself responding eagerly, closing and softening her lips around his thumb and meeting it with her tongue. She felt her nipples begin to stiffen again and the heat between her legs rekindling.

But then suddenly his thumb was gone from her mouth and Diana’s eyes flew open as she felt her head and shoulders being lifted from James’ lap as he slid out from beneath her. Then, with one arm under her shoulders again and the other beneath her knees he turned her so that her head, still on its pillow, was nearly touching the wall and her legs were hanging over the side of the bed.

He stood over her for a moment and then, without taking his eyes from hers, bent down and placed his hands on either side of her hips.

He yanked off her panties and tossed them aside.

Then he seized her by the knees, pushing them upward and forcefully parting her legs wide, planting her feet on the edge of the bed.

Oh my god! Diana was now naked and completely exposed while James, still fully dressed, stared down at her. It thrilled her to her very core, and her mouth fell open once more as she looked back up at him. He could do absolutely anything with her right now and she would welcome it.

What he did do, however, surprised her. She had half-expected – had already visualized, yearning – that he would begin unzipping his pants as a prelude to taking her virginity.

Instead he sank slowly to his knees in front of her. He continued looking directly into her eyes as his hands began smoothing the insides of her thighs with excruciating slowness. Then he slowly lowered his head between her legs. There was a brief tickling sensation as his beard and moustache grazed the sensitive flesh there and then…ohhhh, the tip of his tongue, teasing the outer lips apart and sliding, snakelike, inside her.

Diana’s hips bucked once more as a bolt of energy shot up her spine, and James placed his hands on her hip bones to hold her steady as his tongue teased, explored and penetrated her there. She gripped the sheets beneath her with both hands, whimpering, biting her lip to keep from crying out as she was overwhelmed with the waves of sensation.

But when the tip of his tongue found her clitoris, still swollen and sensitive from his previous ministrations, Diana lost all control, this time needing both hands to cover her mouth as she writhed and twisted, loving the feel of his hands on her hips controlling her, making it impossible to escape. And this time her orgasm arrived as a wave that seemed to crash between her legs before rippling outward to every cell in her body.

Once again James waited for her to subside, gasping, back onto her pillow. Then he gently lifted her back into her original position, making room so that he could lie down next to her.

Diana’s eyes suddenly blinked several times and she was startled to realize that she had fallen asleep – or passed out – for what must have been several minutes. But there was James, leaning on one elbow and smiling down at her, his free hand resting lightly on her stomach.

“Welcome back,” he said softly.

They lay there together for a while longer, James telling her how well she had done, answering her questions about what she’d experienced and asking a few of his own. Diana had never felt so easy and comfortable with a man before and she was amazed at how natural it felt to be lying naked with him and talking about such intimate things.

But it was getting very late and at last James said it was time to say good night. Diana’s heart sank a little at this but she got up and James helped her to get dressed, straightening her clothes and buttoning her blouse for her. And then he walked her back to her dorm, holding her hand while they talked about inconsequential things. When they were almost there he pulled her into an embrace and said, “You’ve been through quite a lot tonight, young lady. Maybe take a few days to sort it all out and then we can talk again, all right?”

“Okay,” Diana whispered.

James saw her to the door, kissed her lightly and took his leave. Diana was a little disappointed that he hadn’t said anything about a third date but took comfort in knowing that she would be seeing him again soon.

She slept like a rock that night, but woke to the sound of her roommate’s giggling and realized, to her acute embarrassment, that she had her thumb in her mouth.