Cass Milked and Fucked

“Well, that’s… setup now…” Batman said embarrassed as he finished
affixing the cups to the milking machine to Cass’ nipples. The young
batgirl was topless, without her mask or shirt, dressed only in the bottom
part of her uniform. Her breasts had grown significantly since they’d been
hit with Ivy’s mutagen and were now large E-cups, swollen with milk whose
nipples dribbled constantly. Scars dotted her body, burns, knife wounds,
even a bullet wound all the way through her left breast entering the top
and exiting the bottom. Her right breast looked like it had been clawed by
a small animal, but had healed well enough that only a faint tracery of
three raised lines across the side was left.

“I’m going to leave you here. Ace will watch over you until the mutagen
wears off.” Batman said, hastily making his exit.

Cass’ tits were extremely sore, they felt almost bloated from the sheer
amount of milk they were producing, but the milking cups were starting to
make a difference. With each tug on her nipples Cass could feel the
pressure abating. It felt wonderful. Cass couldn’t help but watch through
the clear cups as they sucked on her pink nipples, covering them almost
completely save for a tiny ridge of aerole that peeked out from under their
edges. She watched as milk spurted from her nubs, each squirt relieving
even more pressure as it tugged firmly on her tits.

Cass let out a moan, as the feeling coursed through her leaving a warm
aroused feeling between her legs. Her body trembled from excitement as the
milker tugged at her tits. She could feel her pussy dampen, and she
couldn’t contain herself any longer; her eyes wide with anticipation, Cass
let out a loud, ardent moan of enjoyment.

It wasn’t enough. Cass watched as the clear milking cups slowly
stretched her nipples one tug at a time. The feeling was building between
her legs but it was too slow! She needed more. Cass whimpered pleadingly
at the thought, before catching sight of Ace.

The dog was standing, watching her, but she could see the red tube
protruding from between his legs. He was excited, incredibly so. Cass
realized that Ace could smell her arousal. Cass looked at Ace’s canine
cock and had an idea.

Slowly, Cass stood up from her seat and unbuckled her utility belt.
Then careful not to dislodge the Milking cups still suckling at her teats,
Cass removed her boots and sensuously slipped off her pants. Cass’
unshaven pussy was revealed first, a fuzzy black tuft of hair above a puffy
camel toe. As she pushed her pants off further, her slender legs emerged,
scarred from her habits, but almost completely healed. Her fingers brushed
over a dog bite on her upper thigh as she stepped out of her pants, leaving
her completely naked. She wanted this.

Cass knelt down on all fours like a female dog, the milking cups
clacking against the floor as they dangled down beneath her torpedo shaped
tits still sucking on her nipples. She could see her milk running up the
tubes attached until it disappeared into the metal collection container
next to her. But that didn’t matter right now.

Cass presented her pussy, and was happy to see that Ace had already
walked closer in order to smell it. She shivered as he licked her lower
lips with his warm wet tongue, but it wasn’t enough. Reaching back with
one hand, Cass pulled on one of her labia, revealing her soaked pussy
behind it.

Ace scampered up her back, his front claws leaving red marks on her back
and ass that drove cass incrementally higher. She wanted more. More pain,
More pleasure, more cock. Cass looked back, Ace’s dick was poised at the
entrance to her snatch. The dog thrust forward, and she could feel his
cock graze backs of the fingers holding her pussy open for him. Cass
bucked with the force of the thrust, her tits swaying forward, the cups
dragging across the solid stone floor of the cave. But Cass didn’t feel
full. Her pussy squeezed tightly against the intruder. She could feel him
inside of her, but when she looked back, the majority of Ace’s dick was
still outside her snatch. She was too tight! Despite the force of it, Ace
hadn’t been able to get all the way in!

Of course that didn’t stop Ace. The Bat-hound thrust again, and again,
each new thrust shaking Cass’ petite frame and forcing his bright red
member further inside her tight snatch. Cass moaned loudly as her pussy
strained around the invader. Her cunt squeezed tight and she could feel
every inch of Ace’s hot cock as it slid further inside of her.

Ace thrust in and out of the petite Asian girl. Each new thrust was
rewarded by even more of Cass’ young snatch engulfing his cock. It wasn’t
enough. Shaking back and forth as Ace pounded further and further into
her, Cass reached out for the dial on the milking machine. She needed
more, the gentle tugging on her tits wasn’t enough. With a flick of her
wrist, Cass set the dial on the milking machine to “Max.”

Cass could feel the difference immediately. What before was a gentle
tug now felt like someone had merged a shop vac and a shower head to create
a fast, pulsating pattern of incredibly hard suction and then stuck her
nipples in into it. Far more milk spurted forth from her aching nubs than
had ever before and she was loving it. The feeling of liquid spurting from
her tits almost constantly was wonderful and she never wanted it to stop.

Ace was thrusting faster and faster. His front claws raking her back as
his cock dove ever farther into her cunt. Cass was moaning constantly,
panting for breath as she climbed higher and higher towards orgasm, but it
still wasn’t enough. Her gaze lowered to her tits, shaking back and forth
in rhythm with the fucking she was receiving as they hung beneath her.

Lines of fire spread across her back as the pace grew too fast for ace
to keep his balance on top of her and his legs slipped off to the side of
her. She could feel his warm body, pressing against her back, feel Ace’s
chest heave with each breath as he thoroughly fucked her, finally sheathing
almost all of his cock inside of her tight snatch. She could feel Ace’s
balls slapping against her clit, the fur teasing her delightfully, but it
wasn’t enough. She needed more. More pleasure, more pain.

Cass grabbed her right tit and pulled it to the side. “Bite it.” She
ordered Ace, firmly as she pushed back against his thrusts. She was so

Ace chomped down on center of the massive breast, leaving plenty of
space between the edge of the milking cup and where he sunk his teeth into
her flesh. Cass gasped in a combination of pleasure and pain, her blood
pumping through her, her body pulsing with excitement beneath Ace’s own.
Ace was gnawing on her breast, shaking his head from left to right
frantically even as he continued to pound her cunt faster and faster.

Cass would see the milker wiggle in time as Ace savaged her breast,
jiggling up and down, Milk purting out not just in time with the suction,
but with every new squeeze of Ace’s powerful jaws as well. She was close
now, almost to the edge. She could almost feel it…

Suddenly Ace bottomed out in her, the tip of his cock hitting her
cervix, pressing hard against the doorway to her womb. Ace chomped down
hard, and she could feel her pussy fill with something Warm and wet. Cass
shuddered as Ace’s teeth broke the skin, leaving visible marks as he came
inside of her. Her own orgasm overtook her, racking her body as her knees
went weak from the force of her release. She managed to keep upright
despite the force of her climax, and was rewarded with the feeling of Ace’s
cock knotting inside her cunt, Stretching her inner walls slowly until his
cock was stuck inside her, the entrance to her her pussy bulging around it.
It felt incredible. Wave after wave of pleasure racked Cass’ body as the
slighted movement of Ace’s cock was enough to set off yet another orgasm.

What seemed like minutes, but was probably only seconds later, Cass came
back to herself. The sound of milk spurting from her tits was gone. Her
tits felt sore and empty, and the milking cups were dry, despite having
sucked her nipples hard enough that they were now bright red and the ends
were pressed against the back of the cups. Ace felt nice atop her, warm
and fuzzy, as Cass savored the feeling of Ace’s knotted cock straining her
cunt wider than it had ever been stretched before.