Helping and seducing granny

Every week I go over to my grandmother’s house to mow the lawn and
generally fix up and clean up her yard. She tells me how much she
appreciates the help, now that her husband is gone. One day this summer I
learned just exactly how much she appreciated me!

I walked into her kitchen that afternoon all sweaty, and drank a glass
of lemonade she made for me. She noticed how hot and tired I was and made
me sit in the kitchen while she fixed me a snack.

I sat and watched my grandmother move around the kitchen, opening
cupboards and making sandwiches. She was still pretty good looking for
fifty-seven, I thought. While she was a little overweight, she still had
nice legs and a nice fat rounded ass, Her graying blond hair was cut short
but made her look younger than her age, and she had a pretty face, blue
eyes and a great smile. She also has magnificent tits that had fascinated
me for as long as I remember. I had been staring at them since I was old
enough to appreciate things like that.

Today was no different, I found myself watching the way my grandma’s
breasts swayed and moved heavily under the cotton blouse she was wearing.
Once, she turned to look at me quickly and caught me staring. It made me
blush a little, but a funny wistful smile came over her face as she served
me the snack she had made.

“Why don’t you take off that grimy T-shirt and let me wash it while you
eat.” she suggested.

I shrugged and pulled it over my head, handing it to her as I sat at the
kitchen table. For the first time I noticed that grandma was staring
pretty hard back at me, her eyes drinking in the sight of my naked
shoulders and chest. I’m pretty muscular, and I could tell she really
admired what she saw.

When she came back from the laundry room, I was standing by the sink,
rinsing off the dishes. Grandma came up and put her hand gently on my

“You don’t have to do that,” she said. Her hand kind of trailed along
my shoulder. She was feeling the muscles across my shoulders and gently
caressing my skin as she moved closer to me. I didn’t mind the way she was
touching me at all.

“You are a very good looking guy,” she said. “I bet you get all the
pussy you want.”

“Gran!” I laughed. It was a shock to hear someone her age talk like

“Oh, don’t think you have to treat me like an old lady,” she said, her
voice getting sexily deep. “I’ve seen the way you stare at my tits.”

“They look pretty good, I have to admit, from what I can see of ’em,” I
teased, looking blatantly down into her blouse as she stood in front of me.

Grandma continued to run her hands over my body, slowly rubbing and
caressing my chest as she stood there in the kitchen very close to me.
“You don’t mind do you? I’m still a little bit of a whore, even at my

“I’d never think of you as a whore, grandma.” I said.

“Maybe you should …” she smiled.

Then with one hand she began unbuttoning her blouse. In a second or two
it was hanging open. I could see the sexy white lace of her bra, the big
cups straining to keep her boobies in place. Then she reached around and
unhooked it. Doing one of those shrugging movements women know, she pulled
the bra off her arms and looked up at me as she let it fall on the floor.

“Why not take a good look?” she said. She held the blouse open and
moved her body back and forth slightly, making her big, heavy titties sway
and jiggle as I feasted my eyes on them.

They were better than I ever had imagined! Her boobs sagged heavily,
but they were full and rounded, the dark pink nipples stood up taut and
stiffening under my gaze. They looked like fingertip-sized rosebuds
circled by puffy dark red aureole the size of half-dollars.

I had always wanted to see them this way and I looked down at grandma’s
naked breasts, pleased at the sexy, provocative way she made them sway in
front of me.

“God grandma,” I whispered. “Your tits are beautiful!”

Grandma didn’t say anything but reached down and took both of my hands
in hers and guided them up to her naked mammaries. She pressed my palms
against the stiffening tips of her mams, guiding my hands down forcefully
over her fat, hot titties. I cupped the big heavy jugs and squeezed
gently. “Touch me.”

“Mmmmmmm” she groaned, moving her arms to encircle my waist, pulling me
close until the lower part of her rounded belly was pressing against my
rapidly hardening prick.

I couldn’t believe it! I had my grandma’s naked breasts in my hands and
she was loving it! She groaned and pressed back against my hands. “Play
with ’em!” she demanded, looking up at me with lust-slitted eyes. “Squeeze
my breasts, Danny, ummmm squeeze ’em hard!”

I smiled and did as she asked, squeezing and caressing her soft, aroused
tit-flesh. I felt her nipples get totally hard and I slid my thumbs back
and forth over them, flicking them slowly as my fingers grasped and fondled
her sweet tit-mounds.

“Ohhhhhh, godd,” she sighed, “that feels so good.”

Then grandma was sighing and writhing under my touch as I rolled the
taut flesh of her nipples over the balls of my thumbs, then pinched and
teased them.

Grandma let me fondle and toy with her boobies for a long time, just
standing there in a loose embrace, pressing her body against mine.

“Come closer.” she rasped, brushing my hands away and pulling my body
tight. She molded her titties against my skin, crushing them flat against
me. The electric sensation of that touch made my cock spring to full
hardness inside my jeans. It was almost like her nipples were stinging and
burning me with a sweet lusty sensation.

“Mmmmm, yeah, grandma!” I groaned. I slid my arms around her shoulders,
and bent my face down to hers. Immediately we were wetly french kissing
and pressing breathlessly against each other. I was making out with my own

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“Hold still a second.” she whispered and I felt my fly come open.

Grandma reached into the opening and found my cock. She gently tugged
it out of the opening in my shorts and curled her fingers around the naked

“Ohhhhh,” she sighed, turned on by the feel of my hard dick in her hand.
“It’s so big and hard, …and nice!’

Grandma slid her fingers up and down my shaft, milking it gently. She
looked down between our bodies, watching as she jerked me off. “I love the
sight of a nice hard cock in my hand!”

I squeezed and caressed her mammaries harder, urging her on. I loved
the way she was making my penis feel!

“It’s Ok, isn’t it?” she teased, scratching her nail over the head of my
prick, sending thrills into my crotch. “You don’t mind your old whore of a
grandma playing with your cock?”

“God, yeah, grandma.” I sighed. “Your hand feels great! I almost wanna
cum right now. Don’t stop!”

“Don’t you dare cum, yet.” she scolded.

I bent down and frenched her some more, closing my eyes and making out
with my mom’s mom like she was some horny slut – which she was!

Then it was my turn! I slid my hands down into grandma’s loose slacks,
one hand moving behind to slide under her panties and cup her naked
butt-cheek. My other hand slipped down between us, sliding into the tight
space inside the front of her panties, my fingers raking through her thick
curly muff. I tugged and teased her pussy hair, feeling grandma begin to
tremble in arousal and excitement.

“Oh, yeah” she whispered. “Do that to me.”

Gran’s legs opened a little as she invited me to explore the forbidden,
sexy flesh between her thighs. She being shorter than me, I bent down a
little more, so that my hand could slide between her thighs. Grandma had
to let go of my cock, but I didn’t mind, she’d almost made me start
cumming, and I didn’t want to yet.

I felt around in the tight hot space where the panel of her panties
covered her pussy lips. My fingers slid softly over the pouting, rapidly
swelling outer labia of her hot pussy.

“Yess!” she hissed. Her hand curled into the hair at the back of my
neck and pulled my face to her chest. I opened my mouth and gobbled in her
soft, throbbing tit. “Ooooooo, yesss!”

I felt some moist gooey liquid begin to seep from the slit between
grandma’s fuzz-covered cunt lips. I dragged my finger along her slit. By
now my arm had forced her slacks down so that her pussy was exposed, the
material of her pants circling the upper part of her thighs. Grandma was
panting softly and moaning as I sucked on her titty.

We both curled in a contorted embrace, so that Grandma’s hand got back
on my cock. Rapidly, her hand began urging me on, jacking my cock
rhythmically back and forth. I moved my fingers along the inner flesh of
her cunt lips, then found a hard erect little nub of flesh at the top of
her pussy. I gently pinched it with my thumb and finger. The slippery,
oozing goo from her cunny coated my fingers and I smeared it over her
twitching clitty.

“oohhhhhhhhh, yeahhhh!” Gran groaned as I wiggled her little-girl sex
button back and forth between my slippery thumb and finger, pinching and
pinching, teasing the tip of her clitty. “Don’t stop!”

“That’s heaven!” she sighed.

“No,” I whispered. “This is heaven!”

I trailed my finger back down the hot slippery trench of her slit until
I felt the oozing opening to her cunny beneath the tip of my middle finger.
I made the one finger salute and eased it slowly, slowly into grandma’s
hungry, quivering vagina.

Gran groaned and cried out, spreading her legs wider, until the tight
waistband of her slacks was stretched to the limit and it circled her legs
just above her knees.

“Do me.” she hissed “Oh, don’t stop, baby.”

Her hand was harshly scrubbing back and forth over my cock, every once
in a while she would slip her fingers over the head of my cock, smearing
the copiously flowing precum away from the slit on the end of my prick. We
were beginning to get tangled up in each other’s clothing, and swayed

“Oh, shit this is ridiculous!” Grandma said in irritation. She reached
down with both hands and pushed her pants off her legs, so that she had on
only the open blouse. With a thunk she landed on her knees in front of me,
rapidly tugging my jeans down too and helping me step out of them.

Her face was inches from my cock, And I could feel her breath brushing
my dick as she stared at my crotch.

Grandma looked up at me with a lusty, wicked smile. “I’m gonna suck
you, unless you don’t want me to!”

I couldn’t believe what was happening! But I didn’t want it to stop. I
just looked down at my grandmother and shoved my cock toward her face. “Go
for it, Gran!”

Her lips opened gently and she guided my prick to her mouth. I was
groaning and thrusting my cock into her face immediately. Her warm wet
mouth opened and I felt my cock slide inside. Gran’s tongue swirled around
and around my hot dick as it slid deeper and deeper into her sucking mouth.

“Awww, shit, yes!” I groaned, digging my fingers into grandma hair and
pulling her head into my crotch. Soon she was bobbing her face back and
forth, sucking my prick and groaning as she gave me the greatest blowjob I
ever had.

“Mmmmmmph,” she mumbled, making sexy sounds like she enjoyed the taste
of my man meat.

Grandma’s hands slid around to my naked butt and pulled me tight to her
face, kneading and squeezing my butt cheeks as she blew me. My balls
slapped gently against her chin as she sucked me off. I felt the sperm
boiling up in my cock and I knew that I was about to shoot my wad. Gran
was an expert at mouth-fucking my cock!

“Unnngh, unnnngggg!” I groaned, stiffening and thrusting my dick deep
into her mouth. I felt my cock slide wetly down her throat. “I’m gonna
cum! awww grandma, I’m gonna cum in your mouth!”

“Ummm umm!” she chided and let my cock slid out from between her lips,
with a spitty ‘plop’. “Don’t cum in my mouth, cum on my face!”

Gran leaned back and held my prick in both her hands. Rapidly she
closed her fingers over my throbbing cock and jacked it off, curling her
lips in an erotic grin of concentration. She kept jerking my cock until I
felt the first hot spurt of sperm speed up the inside of my shaft.

“I’m cummin'” I groaned and a hot string of milky goo spurted out of the
end of my prick, splashing over grandma’s cheek and nose.

I watched as Gran grinned and sprayed her face with my cum, six or seven
hard pulses of cum squirting out and painting her lips and her chin too.
The cum began to dribble down her face, dripping onto her bouncing,
luscious titties.

“OH. yes,” she said, smearing the pearl-colored goo over her skin, “oh
yes, ohhhh I love your cum!”

Grandma ran a hand over her boobs, smearing the hot semen into her flesh
and wiping more of it across her face, bathing in it. Then she pulled my
throbbing, still spitting cock back to her lips and licked and sucked the
last ebbs of my spunk into her warm mouth.

“Ohhhh god Gran, ohhh god, you suck me soo good!”

“ummmmmm!” Grand sighed around a mouthful of cock. I knew she was
getting off on the taste of my cum.

After sucking my prick dry and licking it clean, Grandma rapidly stood
up and grabbed a hand towel from the kitchen counter, wiping my cum from
her face. Quickly she grabbed my hand, entwining my fingers in her own and
pulled me toward the living room. “C’mon,” she cried. “let’s FUCK!”

In ten seconds we were naked on the couch together, me laying on top of
grandma and feeling my body slide in between her wide-stretched thighs.
She opened her arms and held me tightly to her, letting her titties be
mashed by my hairy chest as she writhed under me. She reached for my half
hard cock and guided it up to her wet, waiting pussy.

“I want you to fuck me Danny, oohhh stay hard and fuck me right now!”
She was in such a hurry!

“Wait Gran,” I panted. “I need a little time to get hard again, do it
right. God I wanna fuck you real bad!

“But first…” I grinned, “let me return the favor!”

I licked and kissed Gran’s neck, then licked and kissed my way down her
flesh, pausing to suck on her fat titties, then lick along her belly.

Gran moaned and stretched spread eagle on the couch, opening her thighs
wide in anticipation of my next move.

“Oh, honey, please yes” she whimpered,” Kiss it! Kiss and suck my nasty

I stared at her pink swollen pussy lips, the cunt juice oozing out in a
silvery stream. It was anything but nasty! Her pussy was sweet and
pretty, with a dark musky woman-smell that really turned me on. I let my
head slide into her crotch and I began kissing and sucking on her hot slimy
pussy lips. I darted my tongue in and out of her vaginal hole, making
grandma cry out in sensuous delight.

“Ooooooo,” she cooed, “Eat me! Eat me, eat me, eat me! Suck my pussy!”
I slavered my tongue all over her crotch flesh, licking and sucking, doing
the sweetest cunnilingus on my grandmother’s needy snatch.

When I got to her naked hard little clitty, first I flicked my tongue
over it back and forth until she was writhing in pleasure and bucking her
hips up off the couch to meet my mouth. Then I gently sucked her little
girl-dick between my teeth and chewed gently on her sensitive sin-button.

“Ohhh, jeezus, YES!” she cried. Grandma exploded into action, wrapping
her legs over my shoulders and squeezing my head tight into her pussy

I licked and sucked and speared my tongue into Gran’s pussy until she
was groaning and quivering and bouncing in a wild sex-gyration. Her heels
bounced against my shoulders and her cross-legged embrace of my face held
my lips tightly to her cunt.

“Yes, yess, yesssss!” she hissed,. Then I felt my tongue gently
squeezed by her clenched sugar walls and I knew she was cumming. My
grandmother was orgasming against my tongue!

My cock was getting rock hard again, and grandma waited no longer.
Spreading her legs, she pulled me up until I was laying on top of her. She
covered my slimy, cunt-juice covered face with kisses and she reached down
and guided my cock into her just-sucked pussy.

“Now,” I sighed. “Now I’m gonna fuck your ass off!”

I meant it! My dick slid into her hot, surprisingly tight cunt and we
both cried out at the sweet pleasure it gave us. I began fucking my
grandmother hard, each thrust coming faster and faster. I kept going
deeper and deeper, making Gran grunt and pant as I rhythmically slid my
penis in and out of her warm wet pussy.

“Harder, harder,” she urged looking up at me with lust and pleasure
written all over her face. I fucked into grandma for several wonderful
minutes, then slid out of her and quickly spun her over on her tummy,
pulling her up on her knees on the couch cushions. I slid my cock back
into her marvelous cunt and began fucking her doggie style, real hard.

“Awwww, goddamn!” groaned grandma. “You know how to FUCK! Ohhhh shit,
stick it in meeee!”

I saw her knuckles whiten as she gripped the arm of the couch and thrust
her ass back so it pounded against my crotch. I thrust my cock deep in her
pussy. I could feel the tip of my cock touch and graze off her rounded
cervix nub. Grand cried out in pleasure pain and gyrated her ass in a sexy
oval as we fucked faster and faster.

I reached around with my hands, balancing myself on my knees as we
screwed, and grabbed her big soft titties. I was cupping them and
squeezing them tightly, making Gran moan in delight. She arched her back,
throwing her head up. “Ohhh that feels so goood!”

We had been fucking for a long time now, and grandma was panting, a thin
sheen of sweat glazed her silky flesh.

“I, I want you to cum in me!” she urged.’ Ohhhh, cum in me now!
…’cause, I’m cumming, I’m orgasming right now! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

Like clockwork I obliged, feeling myself let go deep inside. I felt the
first hot jet of cum spurt out into my granny’s cunt, painting her sugar
walls with hot sperm.

“Uuuuhhhhhh,” I groaned, “Uhhh, Uhhhh, Uhhhh!”

I felt pulse after pulse of hard squirts of cum fill up my grandmother’s
pussy as she cried out, going rigid in pleasure as she came in time to my
cum spurts. I felt her hot pussy tighten and quiver around my deep-buried

Grandma pushed herself away from the armrest, mashing her butt into my
crotch, we swayed and climaxed, cumming and cumming until we were both
moaning quiet “ohs” of pleasure.

Gran finally slid down prone on the couch, relaxing under me. Then she
slowly turned over, fitting herself under my body, reinserting my
still-hard prick into her softly oozing pussy. She looked up at me with
love and good humor.

“Do you think I’m an old whore?” she asked.

“You sure fuck like one!” I teased.

We laughed and kissed some more, laying naked on the living room couch.
I must have fucked grandma two or three more times before we got tired and
fell asleep in the living room, nestled together.

I awoke to feel her fondling my flaccid pecker, milking it gently with
her fingers, I looked down and saw a little cum ooze out into the palm of
her hand.

“You look real strong,” she said sexily, tugging on my hardening cock.
Can you do this all night?”

“Wow, Gran, I’d really love to. I love fucking you! It’s such a

“Then call your mom and tell her you won’t be home for dinner,” she
giggled, “tell her you’re helping me with some more chores.

“I moved out last month, Gran, I have a roommate, and he doesn’t need a
phone call.”

She smiled in delight and guided my cock back up to her cum-soaked

“Then let me show you what an old whore can really do …” she said. I
could feel her pussy tighten around my hard cock.

Grandma and I continue to have a close sexual relationship, and feel no
false guilt about what we do. Even in winter when the lawn doesn’t need
mowing, Grandma finds other things for me to do.