Cousin Comes First

The process of growing up and passing through adolescence has been characterized by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family, close friends, and peer groups. Certainly, in our complex society, the problems youths now face seem more marked than ever before.

Brenda Bates is a teenager embarking on her own special journey to adolescence. She finds herself plagued by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling uncertain about her awakening sexuality, sometimes becoming angered over her youthful misjudgments.

COUSIN COMES FIRST — the story of a typical young American girl coming of age. A lesson to us all and a reminder that the journey to adulthood is not easy.


For teenager Brenda Bates, coming to spend the summer at her uncle’s house was like arriving on another planet. Brenda had had a very sheltered and overprotected life as the only child of wealthy parents. Now, staying with her Uncle Joe and his family, she felt like she was living in the real world for the first time.

Uncle Joe seemed worried about it. “I guess things at our place won’t be as fancy as you’re used to,” he said as he drove Brenda home from the airport.

“Oh, please don’t worry about it, Uncle Joe,” Brenda said. “Everything will be just fine.”

She was sure of that, and she was glad to get away from her parents and see how ordinary people lived. Brenda’s folks were going to Europe for the summer.

Uncle Joe was in his forties, a trucker, and ruggedly handsome. Brenda hadn’t seen him since she was tiny, and she’d forgotten how really sexy he was. She couldn’t stop staring at him as he drove through the streets of the small town where he lived, Brenda remembered now that his wife, Carol, was a waitress, and that they had two sons, Mike and Bob, who were just about Brenda’s age.

When they reached the house, Aunt Carol was on the front porch waiting for them. She gave Brenda a big hug and said, “Honey, you’re all grown up.”

Brenda beamed. She just wished her parents would say something like that to her. They wouldn’t even let her stay home alone while they went to Europe — they’d insisted she go stay at Uncle Joe’s. But Uncle Joe and Aunt Carol were treating her like a fellow adult, and that was just great.

“Remember your cousins?” Carol asked.

It had been a long time, all right. Mike and Bob were all grown up, too, both of them six feet tall. As Brenda said hello, they both flashed her sexy grins. No, she sure wasn’t going to be lonely around this place.

“Mike’s finishing his last year of high school,” Carol said, “and Bob’s learning to be a mechanic.”

“That’s terrific,” Brenda sighed.

She wished her parents would let her get a job, but they insisted on treating her as if she might break. Now she was eager to be like other girls, and she went to help Aunt Carol make dinner. Brenda didn’t even know how to boil water, and she figured it was time she learned a few practical things. All during dinner and later, she kept up a steady stream of questions, till Carol just had to laugh.

“Enough questions for now, Brenda,” she said. “You’ve had a long trip and you need your rest. Matter of fact, all you young people had better head for bed now.”

“Aw, Mom,” Mike complained, “it’s only nine-thirty.”

“Do as your mother says, Son,” Uncle Joe said.

Apparently nobody argued with Uncle Joe, because Mike and Bob got up and left the living room without another word. Brenda followed them after saying goodnight to her aunt and uncle. The boys were talking in low tones as they walked down the hall to their bedrooms, and they didn’t notice Brenda coming up behind them.

“I know why they’re sending us to bed early,” Bob said.

“Yeah, so do I,” Mike chuckled, “it’s so they can fuck.”

Brenda stopped still and blushed beet red. The word Mike had just used wasn’t allowed at her house. She wasn’t even quite sure what it meant. But perhaps she could find out. If Uncle Joe and Aunt Carol were going to fuck, all she had to do was watch them.

While she was thinking about it, Mike and Bob disappeared into their rooms. Brenda entered her room, which was right next to her aunt and uncle’s bedroom. Soon she heard them going into their room and locking the door. She wanted desperately to see what they were doing, but how? The door was a modern one, with no keyhole. Then she noticed that her window had been left partly open on this warm June night. Quickly she opened it the rest of the way and slipped outside.

She was in luck. Her aunt and uncle’s window was open, too, and she could see into the room. As she got comfortable, Uncle Joe pulled Aunt Carol into his arms and gave her a long hungry kiss, working his tongue around in her mouth. Brenda watched in total fascination. She’d never been allowed to date a boy yet, never been kissed. She began to feel that strange hot sensation between her legs.

Every time she thought about sex or about some guy she had a crush on, her pussy would get very hot and moist, and she’d want to touch herself down there. A couple of times she’d given in to the temptation and rubbed her horny virgin pussy till she came. She was starting to get that urge again as she watched Joe and Carol kissing and pawing each other.

“I wish I didn’t have to be on the road so much,” Joe sighed.

“Me, too,” Carol said. “How long are you going to be gone this time?”

“I’m not sure, but just a couple days,” he said. “Think you can wait that long for me?”

“Nope,” Carol grinned.

“Then I better take good care of you right now,” he leered.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said, kicking off her shoes.

They both started taking off their clothes, and Brenda’s brown eyes got huge. She’d never seen naked grownups before. Her eyes darted back and forth, and she didn’t know where to look. But Joe was undressing a lot faster than his wife, so she finally concentrated on him. His body looked powerful hard and hairy. It gave Brenda a very sexy feeling to watch him taking off his clothes.

When he got down to his shorts, she became really excited. She knew from her sex education class in high school that men were built differently from women, but the diagram in the textbook hadn’t told her much. Now she held her breath as her uncle shrugged out of his shorts.

To Brenda’s inexperienced eyes, Uncle Joe’s cock looked like it belonged to an elephant. It was about eight inches long and as thick as her wrist, and it was rigid, wagging stiffly before him and dripping hot cream. Below hung his massive balls, thickly furred with coarse dark hairs. Brenda thought over what she knew about making babies, and she shuddered. That enormous hunk of meat was supposed to go inside a woman’s cunt. She just didn’t see how it would fit.

Aunt Carol didn’t seem to be at all worried, though. She was smiling and humming to herself as she took off her clothes. She’d just turned forty, but she had the body of a young girl, supple and slim, with nice large tits. As she took off her bra, Joe copped a feel of her firm pink-nipples tits, and she giggled and jumped away from him, the big globes wobbling enticingly.

“Behave yourself,” she laughed.

“Why should I?” Joe grinned. “That’s no fun.”

“Then at least behave yourself till I get undressed,” Carol replied.

“I guess I can handle that,” Joe said.

He strolled over to the bed, his massive prick weaving obscenely, and stretched out to watch Carol. She tossed her bra on the floor and started easing down her panties, deliberately going slow to tantalize him. At last Brenda saw her pretty little triangle of golden bush fur. Carol walked over to the bed, taking her time, undulating her hips.

“I’m gonna stop behaving myself in about one second,” he said, his voice taking on a growly, horny tone.

“Okay, here I come,” Carol grinned.

She jumped onto the bed, and Joe grabbed for her, pulling her tight against him. Her lust stiffened nipples dug into his chest hairs, and his rigid cock got trapped between their bellies. They kissed hotly, exchanging tongues, and again Brenda felt a glow of heat between her legs.

Joe started kissing his way down his wife’s sleek hot body, over her neck and tits and belly and into the soft warm fur of her bush. Carol gurgled with eagerness and opened her legs wide. Brenda had a brief glimpse of wet red pussy flesh, and then Uncle Joe’s head was in the way. Again Brenda barely stifled a gasp of amazement. She’d never heard of anything like this. Uncle Joe was actually kissing Aunt Carol’s pussy. Carol shuddered with pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm, yes, baby,” she moaned, “lick me, lick me all over.”

Brenda watched intently and saw her uncle stick out his tongue and start lashing it up and down over Carol’s hot tangy slit. Brenda tried to imagine what that would feel like, and she instantly got a horny response from her creaming cunt. It would just have to feel terrific, she decided, a guy’s big wet tongue tickling all over her swollen pussy.

There were two attractive boys right here in this house. Of course Mike and Bob were her cousins, but that didn’t make them any the less sexy. Brenda decided that as soon as she was alone with one of them, she’d ask if they could have sex together. But that would have to wait.

“Unnnhhhh, Joe, that’s so good,” Carol was sighing.

She had her nice long legs bent and lolling wide open, giving Joe plenty of room to tongue her pussy. He was whipping his big red tongue roughly up and down, lathering her swollen slit with hot spit. Carol was gurgling and shivering with pleasure, digging her nails into the bedspread.

“Joe, I need to come so bad,” Carol whimpered. “Suck my clit, baby, get me off.”

“Only on one condition,” he leered.

“What’s that?” she panted.

“That you’ll suck my cock,” he said.

“You better believe I will,” Carol laughed. Brenda tried to imagine sucking on that enormous stiff pole of flesh, but no image came to her. She’d just have to wait and see how it was, done. Right now she was intent on watching Joe as he caught Carol’s clit between his lips. He sucked most of the pea-size bud of flesh into his mouth, and Carol gave a long hoarse moan. Then he began sucking her off, making an obscene wet slurping noise, and Carol wailed in ecstasy.

“Ooooooo, honey, yessss!” she cried.

By now Brenda’s virgin pussy was boiling with need, and she could hardly resist the urge to reach inside her panties and play with herself. The only thing that held her back was fear of detection. Sometimes when she came, she couldn’t help screaming — and it would be just too embarrassing if Uncle Joe and Aunt Carol caught her, spying on them and getting herself off. Instead she rubbed her thighs together, trying to give a little relief to her feverishly hot pussy.

“Unnnnnnhhhh, yeah, suck me off,” Carol was moaning.

Joe’s head bobbed up and down between her legs as he noisily sucked her clit. He obviously got off on it, sucking eagerly and gulping up her tangy cunt cream; Brenda was juicing uncontrollably as she watched, aching to have some man do that to her.

“Just a little more, baby,” she whimpered, “I’m gonna come real quick.”

Joe’s rugged face was soaked with her flooding cream, and his head bobbed with lightning speed as he sucked on her tasty little joy button. Slowly she began to arch her slim body upward, shoving her greedy clit even farther into the furnace of his mouth, and then suddenly she stiffened and gasped. A moment more, and her big-titted body started to jerk and buck. Brenda could hear the bedsprings creaking as her aunt started climaxing.

Joe raised himself on his elbows to watch her come. It was quite a sight. She convulsed helplessly, her big ripe tits wobbling and bouncing. A thick stream of pearly come-juice gushed from her cunt and flooded down the crack of her ass. Brenda shivered with envy. She could easily have come that hard herself, she felt so horny. At last Carol breathed a big sigh and went still, looking gratefully at her husband.

“You’re still the best pussy-eater in the West,” she grinned.

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” Joe leered. “How about a little reward?”

“Mmmmmmm,” Carol purred, eyeing his belly-hugging cock, “whose reward, yours or mine?”

Before he could answer, she was on her knees beside him, bending low, fanning his stiff prick with her hot moist breath. Joe shivered in anticipation, and a big glistening glob of cock cream oozed from his pisshole and ran down the granite column of his shaft. Just before it reached the hairy base of his dick, Carol caught it on the tip of her tongue. She gulped the salty juice eagerly.

“Yeah, baby,” Joe said hoarsely, “eat my juice.”

By now Brenda was horny enough to scream. Joe’s huge stiff cock kind of frightened her, yet she longed to touch and taste it like Carol was doing. Carol curled her fingers around the base of Joe’s prick and started pumping it, and that made a steady stream of juice ooze from his pisshole. She lashed her hot little tongue up and down the shaft, licking up the dribbling cream. His engorged cock bulged with big blue veins.

Brenda watched her pretty blonde aunt lick up every drop of Joe’s cock cream. She made a hungry, wet, gurgling noise as she swallowed it, and she left his cock gleaming with her hot spit. When she’d used her tongue tip to drill the last drops of cream from his piss hole, she drew back a little and sighed, as if still hungry for his juice. Then she opened her lips wide and brought them down around the massive purple head of his cock.

Brenda’s eyes got huge as she watched her aunt going down on Joe’s enormous rigid prick. Carol managed to cram more than half that eight-inch monster into her mouth. Then she caved in her cheeks and started sucking, and Joe just about flew off the bed. Soon his face was red with lust, his eyes hot and glassy, and he leered at Carol as she bobbed over his engorged boner. It turned him on like crazy to watch his lovely naked wife sucking his prick.

Brenda made a mental note that on her first date, no matter who the guy was, she’d ask to suck his cock. This was something she definitely had to experience. She could see how her aunt was getting off on it, and it looked like a really exciting thing to do. She wondered how cock juice tasted. She hoped she’d find out before the summer was over, but that depended on her boy cousins.

Tomorrow she’d get one of them alone and see if he’d cooperate in her personal sex education program. Right now she hardly dared blink for fear of missing something. Carol’s blonde hair was flying all over the place as she greedily sucked her husband’s cock, her head bobbing faster and faster. Joe was moaning steadily, aroused out of his gourd by her hotly sucking mouth.

Carol was literally drooling all over his cock as she sucked it, leaving it shining with her steaming spit. As her excitement grew, she sucked faster and harder on Joe’s bloated boner, and her throat muscles worked busily as she gulped down his uncontrollably oozing cream. Finally Joe sighed and gently pushed her head away, and his wet prick snapped from her lips.

“Shit, that was close,” he said. “I damned near came in your mouth.”

“I wouldn’t have minded,” Carol smiled.

“I know,” he grinned, “but I wanta get you off, too, honey. I don’t know when we’ll be together again.”

Carol rolled onto her back, and Joe came right with her, rolling on top of her and sinking down between her eagerly parted legs.

Brenda stopped breathing, utterly absorbed in watching. Now at last she’d find out just what fucking meant. Joe rose to his knees and pressed the enormous purple head of his cock against the juicing mouth of Carol’s cunt. She quivered lustily when she felt the hot contact.

“Yes, baby, get into me,” she panted, “shove that big ol’ cock up my cunt.”

Brenda blushed hotly. She’d never heard such language before, and she sure hadn’t expected it from her nice Aunt Carol. Then her eyes widened as Uncle Joe began to push his hugely engorged prick into Carol’s body. Brenda didn’t understand how her aunt could take that gigantic fuck tool. But Carol’s hot and juicy cunt was like elastic, expanding to take Joe’s huge eight-incher without any pain. She gurgled excitedly as she felt her twat being crammed full of his throbbing prick.

He thrust till his huge hairy balls touched her slit, then sank down on her and cupped her lustily churning ass. He started fucking her, not gently, and she dug her nails into his shoulders and bared her even white teeth in a snarl of lust. Even outside the window Brenda could hear the obscene sucking noise made by Joe’s cock as it reamed Carol’s juicy cunt.

Their bellies smacked together, and the bed creaked and groaned.

“Unnhhhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, honey, fuck my pussy good and hard,” Carol moaned.

“Take it, baby take my cock,” Joe panted. Brenda almost come just from rubbing her thighs together as she watched. Now that she knew it was possible for a woman to take that massive cock and survive, she wasn’t so scared of it. In fact, she was dying to try fucking for herself. She could see how much Aunt Carol loved that big stiff cock hammering in her cunt. She was squealing and gurgling and moaning with pleasure.

“Joe, it’s so damned good!” she cried.

Joe was beyond words. He was just fucking into her faster and faster, till his hips jerked with lightning speed. Carol’s eyes rolled crazily, then closed, and she let out a hoarse scream of ecstasy.

“Awwwwww, shit, I’m gonna shoot,” Joe groaned.

Brenda watched till they went still in each other’s arms, then crept back to her own room. She undressed fast, desperate to jump into bed and beat off, but she knew already that she’d never be satisfied with masturbation again, now that she’d seen the real thing. She wouldn’t rest until she’d been fucked by a boy. She just wondered which of her cousins would give her that first fuck — Rob or Mike?

Tomorrow she’d find out.


The next day was Saturday, but both Carol and Bob had to work. With Joe on the road, this left Brenda alone in the house with Mike. She couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity. They’d have the whole day together, absolutely undisturbed. Eagerly she waited for the others to leave.

Of course Mike had no idea of her plans for him. While she was washing the breakfast dishes, he got on his motorcycle and drove off.

Brenda could have screamed. If only she’d made her move earlier! She got the dishes done and waited. And waited. Hours passed, and there was no sign of her handsome young cousin. Then, just as she was about to give up, he finally pulled into the driveway.

When he strolled into the house carrying a six-pack of beer, he found Brenda practically jumping up and down in her excitement. “Mike, where have you been?” she demanded.

“Hanging out with some guys,” he said. “Why? Anything important happen?”

Brenda tried to calm down. “No, I was just kind of lonely,” she said.

“Oh, hey, sorry,” Mike said, giving her a brotherly squeeze, “I shoulda taken you for a ride or something. But I’m back now. Let’s have a beer and watch some TV, okay?”

“Okay,” Brenda sighed.

She’d never touched beer or any other kind of drink in her life, but she didn’t want to act like a kid. They got comfortable on the couch, watched an old Tarzan movie, and sipped their beers, and very soon Brenda’s knees felt like rubber.

Not only that, she was getting horny. She was sitting so close to Mike, she could feel the heat of his body. Here she was, eighteen years old, and she’d never even kissed a boy before. It was high time she did something about that. She inched even closer to her cousin, till their thighs touched, and Mike looked at her in surprise.

“Cold?” he asked.

Brenda blushed and said, “Will you please kiss me, Mike?”

“Huh?” he exclaimed.

“You heard me.” Brenda said.

“You’re my cousin,” he said, wrinkling up his nose as if that were some kind of poison.

“I’m also a girl,” Brenda persisted, “and I’ve never been kissed before, and I wanta know what it’s like. Please, Mike, it’s not gonna kill you.”

“Oh, all right,” he sighed.

He bent his head down and kissed her, and right away Brenda felt dizzy with lust. She let her lips part, the way she’d seen Aunt Carol do with Uncle Joe, and, when Mike didn’t stick his tongue in her mouth, she took the initiative. She felt him start a little as she darted her hot little tongue into his mouth. She probed his mouth and felt her pussy getting hot and wet and swollen.

Mike was starting to breathe heavily. After a few seconds he timidly flicked his tongue against hers, and when she didn’t protest, he slid his tongue into her mouth. Brenda’s stomach did flip-flops, and a big hot rush of cream spurted from her aroused twat and soaked her panty crotch. If a kiss could turn her on this much, imagine what fucking would do! She felt herself melting against Mike, willing to let him do whatever he wanted with her.

What he did was pull away. His face was flushed, his eyes hot and glazed. “There,” he said hoarsely. “Anything else I can teach you?”

“Everything,” Brenda said, slipping her hands under his t-shirt.

She felt his smooth hard chest and a small patch of hairs. Mike sat there gawking at her, as if he couldn’t quite believe what was happening. Then, as he gained confidence, he grabbed her shirt and pushed it up over her bra.

“You can take my bra off if you want, Mike,” she said.

He opened his mouth, but no words came out. Instead of trying to talk, he reached around her and fumbled with the catch of her bra. He got it open, and Brenda dropped her arms and let the bra slide off. Mike licked his lips and ogled her luscious little pink nipples. Then he reached out and cupped her naked tits. They were a perfect handful for him. Brenda moaned softly as his firm hot hands closed over the sensitive globes.

She hadn’t dreamed it would be so exciting to have a boy touch her tits. Molten juice trickled steadily from her horny little cunt, and she quivered with arousal. Mike, began molding and squeezing her tits, and she felt her nipples going erect with lust, poking into his palms. She slumped back against the couch and panted, her tits swelling up taut under her cousin’s busy hands. Then she happened to glance down at Mike’s crotch.

“Oh, my gosh,” she gasped.

He didn’t even pay attention, he was so absorbed in playing with her tits. Brenda saw that the fly of his jeans was hugely tented, as if something big was struggling to get out. It just had to be his cock. She was dying to unzip his pants and take a look, but she didn’t know how he’d feel about that. She just didn’t know an awful lot about boys, that was the trouble.

She decided to start with something small. “Can I take your shirt off?” she asked Mike.

“Huh? Oh, sure,” he said.

Reluctantly he took his hands off her tits for the few seconds necessary to pull off his shirt. Brenda found his chest smooth and pleasant to touch, but not terribly exciting. It was his cock that interested her. Finally Mike was losing interest in her tits and eyeing the zipper of her jeans. If he wanted to take them off, she sure wasn’t going to stop him — she’d just demand that he take off his jeans, too! She smiled encouragingly, and Mike reached for her zipper.

Brenda was a girl of average height but very slender. It didn’t seem possible that that slim body was mature. But as he unzipped her jeans, Mike saw the womanly curve of her hips in sexy hip-hugger panties, and he saw the soft bulge of her crotch. Quickly he tugged off her jeans and then reached for the waistband of her panties, but for the first time his pretty cousin reached out and stopped him.

“Uh-uh,” she said, “I’m not taking off all my clothes unless you take off yours!”

“Okay,” Mike said, “it’s a deal. We’ll both strip.”

“Deal,” Brenda said, leaping to her feet.

She whisked off her panties, and for a moment Mike just stood there gawking. She had a flat belly, and she was tan except for the small patch covered by her bikini. Her bush was the same golden-brown as her hair, and it was small and triangular. She was a child-woman, with all a woman’s features in delicate miniature. Mike didn’t think he’d ever seen such a tempting body.

“Come on, Mike, you promised,” Brenda said.

“Huh?” he said.

“You promised you’d take off your clothes,” she reminded him.

“Oh, yeah, right,” he said.

He fumbled out of his clothes, not taking his eyes off her lovely naked body. Brenda held her breath as he got down to his shorts.

“Oh, wow!” she exclaimed.

“What’s the matter?” Mike laughed, “Haven’t you ever seen a cock before?”

“No,” Brenda lied. After all, she only seen Uncle Joe’s prick from a distance.

“You’re putting me on,” Mike said. “Next I suppose you’ll say you’re a virgin.”

“I am,” Brenda said.

Mike gave a lusty shiver. He’d been laid a couple times, by very experienced girls, and it thrilled him to imagine getting it on with a chick nobody else had touched. Of course his pretty cousin hadn’t said she’d go all the way, but he figured there was a pretty good chance of it. After all, she’d cooperated a hundred per cent so far. At the thought of fucking her, his cock gave a lusty lurch and began to leak hot bubbles of cream.

Brenda could barely contain herself. There was that same hot cream she’d seen oozing from her uncle’s cock, the tasty juice Aunt Carol had licked up and eaten. She moved closer, her big brown eyes glued to Mike’s drooling cock.

“Mike,” she said, “may I please touch your cock?”

“Sure,” he said, “but why don’t we sit down and be comfortable?”

They sat down on the couch, and she instantly touched his stiff-standing cock. It was hot, faintly throbbing, and smooth, very nice to touch. She began running her fingers up and down the taut pole of flesh, and Mike shivered lustily.

“Hey, you trying to jack me off?” Mike demanded.

“What’s that?” Brenda asked.

“Are you trying to make me come with your fist?” he said. “I mean are you some kind of cock-teaser?”

Brenda shook her head, having no idea what he was talking about. “I just wanta play with your cock, Mike,” she said. “You can play with my pussy if you want.”

“That’s more like it,” he grinned.

While she pumped his big, hot prick, he reached between her thighs and touched the searing, juice-soaked flesh of her pussy. As he ran his fingers over the slick flesh, Brenda felt little shivers of pleasure, and she moaned happily.

“So you’re a virgin, huh?” he said.

“That’s right,” Brenda said.

“Well, I’m just gonna check that out,” he said.

Slowly he began inching his finger up her cunt. Brenda had never felt anything like it before. She’d never masturbated that way, always getting off by rubbing her clit, and nothing had ever been up her twat. The feeling was delicious, really exciting, and she whimpered and creamed all over Mike’s finger as it glided up her tiny untried fuck hole.

“Ooooooooo!” she squealed.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked.

“No, I like it,” she panted.

Her cunt was incredibly tight, much tighter than the ones he’s fucked, and Mike now believed she really was a virgin. He could hardly get his middle finger all the way up her twat. As he worked it upward, she whimpered with excitement and soaked his finger with molten pussy juice. At last he was in all the way, and he could feel her little twat pulsating and juicing.

“Oh, wow, it feels terrific,” Brenda sighed.

“Think I could get you off this way?” Mike asked.

He started moving his finger up and down like a cock. The pleasure was instant and powerful. Brenda couldn’t believe it. Even when she was playing with herself, it was never this good, this exciting. She slumped back against the couch and opened her thighs all the way, giving him plenty of room to work. Her eyes went to half mast, and she began to pant and moan.

Mike felt about ready to come just from watching her. She was feverishly aroused and not bothering to hide it. Her whole body was flushed with lust, her nipples stiff, her gash soaked. He’d never seen a chick so turned on before. But the most exciting thing of all was her fantastically tight cunt. He could hardly wait to cram his swollen dick in there. But he figured he’d better get her warmed up first. He frigged her fast, jerking his stiff middle finger up and down in her slippery little pussy hole.

The pleasure was almost unbearable. She loved having something big and stiff in her cunt, loved to feel his finger stuffing her greedy little box. Her head lolled back, and she screwed her eyes shut in ecstasy. She was creaming helplessly, the sticky hot juice soaking Mike’s hand and puddling on the couch. The wonderful hot sensations built and built, till he wanted to scream with excitement.

It turned him on wildly to think that he could make her come with his finger, that he could watch her having an orgasm. All his previous fucks had been in the dark, in cars. Now he finally had the view he wanted. He could watch his juice-soaked finger pumping in and out of her cunt, stretching the delicate red lips. He could see everything between her legs, even the tiny puckered mouth of her shitter. But suddenly his attention was distracted as Brenda gave a hoarse scream.

“Ahhhhhhhh, yeah, I’m coming!” she wailed.

Mike felt his finger clenched and gripped by her convulsing cuntal tube. Her slender body began to rock and buck, her pretty tits wobbling like jello. Scorching floods of come cream drenched his hand. Brenda’s face was contorted in a wide grimace of ecstasy as she moaned and came. Her climax seemed to go on and on.

Her cunt was squeezing and releasing his finger in a hard hungry rhythm, and naturally Mike couldn’t help imagining how it would feel to have his stiff cock in that steaming little squeeze-box. He waited impatiently for Brenda to finish coming. Maybe now she’d let him fuck her. But when she finally came down from her orgasm and he slipped his drenched finger from her cunt, she surprised him by pushing him onto his back.

“Hey, what the hell?” he said.

“I wanta play with your cock,” she grinned.

It was a hard offer to refuse. She slid onto the rug and knelt there beside him, leaning so close that her hot breath fanned his stiff standing cock. She fisted the thick base of his prick and guided the swollen purple head over to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and touched the pointed tip to his piss hole, lapping up a glob of cream. She took it into her mouth and rolled it around, savoring the salty flavor. Mike shivered lustily, incredibly aroused.

“Hey, cousin, eat all you want,” Mike said eagerly.

Brenda grinned, then stuck out her tongue again and started lapping his prick like it was an ice cream cone. She liked the taste of his cream, and she wanted more. Now she understood why Aunt Carol had gotten so excited when she licked Uncle Joe’s cock. Eagerly she swirled her hot little tongue around and around the big fat head of Mike’s prick, licking up all his oozing cream and swallowing it with a greedy gurgle.

He’d never had a girl go down on him before, and he couldn’t believe how horny it was making him. He was in real danger of shooting his load right in her face. But, what the hell, he wouldn’t have traded places with anybody right now. He watched in lusty fascination as Brenda worked, her little pink tongue all over the head of his dick and gobbled up his cream. She was actually drooling onto his cock, drenching it with her hot spit.

Brenda was having the time of her life. She’d always wanted to get close to a cock and explore it, and she could hardly be closer than she was now. She remembered all the exciting things she’d seen Aunt Carol do to Uncle Joe, and she imitated them, coating Mike’s cock with her spit, leaving the blue-veined stalk of flesh glistening.

“Ahhhhh, shit, that’s good,” he sighed, “keep doing it, cousin, keep licking my cock.”

“I’ll do even better than that,” Brenda leered.

She did just what Carol had done — opened her mouth as wide as she could and brought it down around Mike’s rigid prick. As she sheathed half his swollen cock in the steam heat of her mouth, she thought he was going to fly right off the couch. His eyes got huge as he watched her cramming his meat into her mouth. Then, like she’d seen her aunt do, she caved in her cheeks and started to suck.

“Ahhhhhhh, shit, yeah,” Mike groaned.

It was the first time he’d had his cock sucked, and he loved it. It felt, terrific to have her hot juicy mouth all around his swollen cock head. With each strong greedy suck, he felt a hot jolt of pleasure. He got off on watching her, too. Her delicate pink-glossed lips were enormously stretched, her eyes hot and hungry as she sucked up his juice and swallowed it. She did it hard and fast, suctioning the hot cream out of his piss hole.

“Yeah, cousin, suck my cock,” he groaned, “suck it good and hard.”

There was no question in Brenda’s mind that he loved what she was doing. He lay back and closed his eyes, giving himself up totally to the hot stabs of pleasure he was getting from her sucking mouth. It was her first time at this game, but already she adored cock-sucking. She could have gone on for hours. She didn’t realize how insanely aroused her cousin was, how close to coming.

“Ahhhhhhhh, fuck, shit, ahhhhhhhh!” he moaned.

She could feel his cock swelling up even bigger in her mouth, throbbing violently. Thick streams of juice poured from the cleft of his cock, and she gulped the salty stuff hungrily and drooled all over his prick head. She was so absorbed in eating his cream that she didn’t notice how crazily aroused he was getting.

Suddenly he stiffened, whined, and then began to fuck her mouth.

Suddenly Brenda’s mouth was full of steaming jizz. Her cheeks bulged with it, and little rivers spurted from the corners of her lips. She had to gulp the stuff down or choke. No sooner had she swallowed it than Mike’s jerking cock filled her mouth again. She whimpered with excitement as she gulped load after load of the tasty cream. Then both of them leaped to their feet as they heard a car in the driveway.


Brenda couldn’t wait till tomorrow. Later, after dinner, as she sat in her room trying to concentrate on a book, she felt so horny she just couldn’t sit still. She kept recalling everything she’d seen when she spied on her aunt and uncle, and she remembered how excited Carol had gotten when Joe fucked her.

She waited till she heard Carol going into her bedroom. Then she sneaked out of her room and started tiptoeing down the hall.

Suddenly she stopped short and muttered a curse. She’d only been in this house a few days, and she didn’t know which bedroom was Mike’s and which was Bob’s. What if she snuck into the wrong room? She knew Mike would be overjoyed to see her, but she wasn’t so sure about his older brother.

Well, she’d just have to take a chance or go back to her room horny. She crept on and stopped outside the first door she came to. Ever so carefully she turned the doorknob and let herself into the room. It was pitch-dark inside. Brenda closed the door and started groping her way around the room. After awhile she heard soft even breathing, and she fumbled in that direction. She touched the bed, lifted the covers, and climbed in, suitably dressed in just her shortie nightgown.

“Mike?” she said.

No answer. The soft breathing went on. Brenda scooted over in bed till she touched another body. The body was naked, and it was hard, hairy and very male. She felt her pussy getting suddenly hot and moist. Tonight she’d go all the way and finally become a real woman! She reached out and began caressing that hot male form, and it gave a sudden start.

“Mike, it’s Brenda,” she said. “I just had to come. I’m feeling so horny I could die.”

There was a short silence, and then he turned toward her, grabbed her, and kissed her. Brenda gave a squeak of surprise, not expecting such a passionate response. But it was a great omen — if he was that glad to see her, she could get everything she wanted from him.

While he kissed her, he was running his hands all over her body, slipping them underneath her nightie to cop feels of her tits and pussy. It was making Brenda very excited. When he started taking off her nightie, she didn’t protest. The sooner they were both naked, the better, as far as she was concerned.

“Mike,” she said excitedly, “can we turn on the light so we can see each other?”

He didn’t answer, but she felt him draw away and reach for the bedside lamp. She quivered with eagerness. She could hardly wait to see his handsome big cock again, to touch it and play with it. Molten liquid leaked from her horny little twat and soaked the space between her thighs. As he finally found the light and turned it on, she blinked, then squinted at him. Something was not quite right — and she soon saw what it was.

“Bob!” she gasped.

Mike’s older brother was grinning like a fiend. As her eyes got accustomed to the light again, Brenda had to admit that Bob was every bit as sexy and attractive as Mike. Mike was only eighteen, too, while Bob was twenty. Surely the older brother was more experienced, especially when it come to fucking? Brenda shivered with anticipation. It was kind of a kinky thrill, she thought, to be making it with both brothers in one day.

“I guess I got the wrong room,” she smiled. “Yeah, but don’t leave on that account,” Bob said, his voice a little husky with lust. “I can give you anything you want.”

“Oh?” Brenda said teasingly. “Will you let me look at your cock?”

“Like I said — anything you want,” he grinned.

He kicked back the covers, and there it was, his rigid young cock, pointing at the ceiling. It was a gorgeous seven-incher, just like Mike’s, and there were big hot gobs of cream oozing from his piss hole. Brenda hurriedly got to her knees and bent close to look, her hot breath tickling his meat.

Bob was watching her with amusement. “Just what have you and my little brother been up to?” he asked.

“Not much,” Brenda sighed. “We wanted to fuck, but you guys came home.”

Bob’s eyes widened. “You wanted to what?” he said.

“Fuck,” Brenda repeated calmly. “I’m just dying to find out what it’s like.”

“Well, baby, you came to the right guy,” Bob said. “I’d be glad to fuck you, anytime you want. Right now, for instance.”

“Oh, would you, Bob?” Brenda squealed. “That’d be super. Tell me what to dd.”

“Have you ever fucked before, Brenda?” he asked.

“No,” she sighed.

“Well, it’s only fair to tell you,” he went on, “that it can hurt a girl the first time.”

Brenda thought about that a moment, then said, “Well, I guess it’ll just have to hurt. I have to know what it’s like.”

“Okay,” Bob said, “just so you know. Now I’ll get you ready.”

“Ready?” Brenda said with a puzzled took. She hadn’t realized that any preparations were needed.

“Hot,” Bob said, “and wet. Just lie on your back. That’s it, and open your legs.”

She did as he asked, lying on her back and opening her legs wide. He ogled her pretty little pussy, moist pink flesh fringed with delicate golden-brown curls. It was the nicest looking snatch he’d ever seen. He folded back the lips of her bush and isolated the pink pea size lump of her clit. He’d already learned that this little button was the most sensitive organ of a woman’s body, the key to getting her aroused. He placed a fingertip on Brenda’s joy button and began massaging it in a circular motion.

“Like it?” Bob grinned.

“Mmmmm, yeah,” she sighed, “don’t stop.”

Whatever he was doing, it felt a lot like what she did to herself when she beat off. Only it was a lot more exciting to have a boy doing it. She kept her thighs widely parted, and she gurgled and squealed with pleasure as Bob frigged her ultra sensitive joy button. A steady stream of pearly juice flowed from her cunt and down the crack of her ass, and she felt her pussy swelling up taut with horniness. She wished the delicious sensations would go on forever.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah, Bob, that feels so good,” she moaned.

Bob felt like he’d come if he sneezed. His eager young cock stood up stiffly, drooling and throbbing, and he ogled his cousin’s tits and pussy as he played with her clit. She was so slender, like a colt, yet so curvy. He’d never seen a more enticing body. And if she really was a virgin, he could just imagine how exquisitely tight her cunt was.

But he knew it would be a mistake to rush her. He wanted her first fuck to be terrific, so it was important to get her really juicy and eager first. He’d just have to ignore the fact that his balls were about to explode with their huge load of jizz. Gradually he frigged her clit faster, harder, and she responded with shrill squeals of pleasure. The river of cream from her cunt got thicker and thicker.

“Unnnnnhhhhh, Bob, you’re gonna make me come,” she whimpered.

“No, I’m not,” he said, taking his finger away.

Brenda looked as if she was about to cry. “Why did you do that?” she demanded. “I was almost ready to come.”

“Exactly,” Bob said. “I don’t mean to be cruel, cousin, but I want you really hot to fuck. If I get you off this way, you won’t be so up for it.”

“Well, then, let’s fuck,” Brenda said impatiently.

“Uh-uh, you’re not quite ready,” Bob said. He started easing his stiff middle finger up her cunt.

“Oooooooooo, yeah, do it to me,” she whimpered. “stick it in all the way, Bob.”

Again Bob almost came. He was feeling the inside of her cunt now, and it was incredibly tight. He had no doubt that she really was a virgin. He eased his finger into her, clear to the last knuckle, and she creamed all over it, moaning and writhing. If she loved fingerfucking this much, she sure ought to go for his cock — once she got used to it. He started jerking his finger up and down in her juice-slick twat, just like a miniature prick.

“Unnnhhhhhh, yeah,” Brenda gurgled, “that feels wild.”

As he finger-fucked her, Bob could feel the searing heat of her cunt and its delicious slickness. He could watch his finger plowing in and out between her little pink cunt lips, and he could hear the lewd sucking noise his finger made as it reamed out her juice. He wondered how far his kid brother had gotten with her today. Not all the way, that was for sure. In a way he felt sorry for Mike. Just because Brenda had stumbled into the wrong bedroom, Mike wouldn’t get to bust her cherry.

But he didn’t feel that sorry, really. Mike’s loss was his gain. He sure as hell wasn’t going to be Mr. Nice Guy about it and tell Brenda to go fuck his brother. No way! He patiently frigged her steaming little cunt and watched her get aroused out of her mind. Her pretty face twisted in a grimace of ecstasy, and she closed her eyes and whimpered steadily as she spun towards climax. Bob felt her cunt gripping his finger like a vise.

“Ooooooo, you’re gonna do it to me, I’m gonna come,” she squealed.

As fast as he could, Bob whipped his drenched finger out of her cunt. She groaned with frustration, and be said, “Sorry, baby, but it’s all for a good purpose. I think you’re ready to fuck now.”

“All I know is, I just have to get off,” Brenda groaned.

“Right,” Bob grinned, “that’s just what I wanted.”

He had her bend her knees and open her thighs as wide as she could. Then he put a pillow under her ass. That way, her luscious looking virgin slit was fully open to him. Almost shaking with excitement with the prospect of popping his first cherry, he knelt between her legs, seized his bloated dick, and touched the engorged purple head to the tiny mouth of her cunt. Brenda looked down to see what he was doing, and her eyes got huge.

“It’s too big,” she said.

“Naw, it isn’t,” Bob soothed.

“It looks way too big,” she insisted.

“Hey, at least let me try,” he begged.

“Well, all right,” she said timidly.

Bob pushed, and the rock-hard head of his cock began spreading the delicate lips of her cunt. Brenda quivered and stifled a whimper of fear. He pushed again and got maybe half an inch inside her strongly muscled twat mouth. Now it felt like he was shoving a cannonball up her cunt, and she was sure she’d be torn in two. Bob grunted and pushed again, but he didn’t get any farther. Her cunt was just too tight.

“Shit,” he groaned.

“What’s wrong?” Brenda said.

“You were right,” he sighed, “it’s too big. I just can’t get in.”

Brenda thought that one over. She’d come here to be fucked, hadn’t she? And if Bob didn’t do it to her, somebody else would have to. She might as well get the scary part over right now. Somehow, some way, his prick had to fit inside her cunt. It worked for everybody else, so it had to work for them. She found her curiosity outweighing her fear.

“Try it again, Bob,” she said.

“I don’t wanta hurt you,” he said.

“Never mind that, just push,” Brenda urged.

Bob couldn’t resist. He really didn’t want to hurt her, but he would never forgive himself if he backed off now and left her cherry to his kid brother. He knew Mike, and Mike wouldn’t hesitate to go for it. Bob took a deep breath and pushed again, harder this time. Brenda shuddered as he forced his steel-hard cock about an inch into her incredibly snug box. It hurt, but at least he was on his way.

“K-Keep going, Bob,” she panted.

“Christ, it’s tight,” he groaned.

Tight, but possible — if he just kept steadily pushing. He caught his breath and shoved again, watching his blue-veined prick glide another inch into his cousin’s virgin twat. Brenda just lay there trying not to panic. It didn’t exactly hurt, but it was very scary. She still felt like his stiff prick would tear her. He kept grunting and pushing, and she just closed her eyes and took it. An eternity seemed to pass.

“There,” Bob sighed.

“There what?” Brenda said.

“I’m all the way in,” he panted. “You’re not a virgin any more, Brenda.”

“No shit?” she exclaimed.

She looked down, and sure enough, Bob’s cock was all the way into her cunt. She’d survived. She wasn’t torn, and it didn’t really hurt all that much. She breathed a big sigh of relief. She was stuffed full of hotly throbbing cock, stuffed so full she could hardly breathe, but it was kind of exciting. She felt very grown-up now as she lay there with a man’s prick pulsating in her pussy hole.

“Oooooooo!” she squealed.

“You like it?” he said.

“I-I think so,” she breathed.

She just lay there awhile and let him do it to her, feeling his stiff prick reaming deep into her cunt and then drawing, back for another deep glide. Soon it started to feel really exciting, and she began to cream again, making his way slick and easy. Bob felt her molten cream soaking his dick, and he shivered lustily and almost came.

“Unnnhhhhh, yeah, so fuckin’ good,” he moaned.

“Ooooooo, Bob, I’m really starting to like it,” Brenda panted. “You can do it to me faster if you want.”

That was good news to Bob. It was practically killing him to restrain himself. He let himself down on her now and shoved his hands under her writhing ass. Cupping the hot little globes, he began fucking into her harder, faster. Brenda gasped and dug her nails into his shoulders. For a second he thought she might chicken out, but gradually she relaxed beneath him and began to sigh with pleasure each time he plowed his cock to her womb.

Her cousin’s jerking cock was feeling better and better to her. Now that he was lying on top of her, his stiff shaft rubbed her clit and gave her hot blasts of pleasure. With her clit involved, her arousal mounted very quickly, and soon she was creaming steadily and drenching his prick with the molten juice. Finally her instincts took over, and she began fucking back at him, jerking her slippery cuntal tube up and down the granite column of his cock.

“Unnnhhhhh, Bob, do it to me, fuck me good and hard,” she whimpered.

Bob pulled out all stops, letting himself go, fucking at her as hard as he wanted. Their bellies smacked loudly together, and his thick cock forced out her cream with an obscene sucking sound. Brenda felt herself going right over the top, her body exploding with pleasure. She bucked and rocked and howled.

She was coming, and she couldn’t seem to stop. One orgasm would fade, and then Bob’s hammering prick would bring her right into another climax. She kept her body arched, taking his pistoning prick as deep as she could.

“Unnnhhhhh, Bob, you’re making me come so good,” she whimpered.

“I’m gonna come, too,” he groaned.

“Yeah, do it, cream me,” Brenda begged.

“Awwwwwww, Christ, aaaggghhh, I’m coming!” he bellowed.

Brenda gurgled in ecstasy as she took her very first load of come. The steaming liquid triggered her right into another body-blasting orgasm. She knew she was hooked on fucking for the rest of her life. As they finally rolled apart, she gave Bob an adoring look.

“Thanks, cousin,” she sighed, “that was terrific.”

“I’ll do it again, any time you want,” he promised. “How about tomorrow night? I’ll come to your room.”

“Super,” Brenda grinned.


It dawned on Brenda the next morning that she didn’t have to wait for Bob. She and Mike would be home alone together again. Mike was out of school for the summer, while everyone else had to work. So if she felt horny, the solution was easy. And by the time everyone else had left the house, she was feeling about as horny as she ever had in her life.

Not surprisingly, Mike was feeling horny, too. Ever since his last encounter with Brenda, he’d been thinking of nothing but fucking her. It had been really exciting when she sucked him off, but that had been an accident. What he really wanted was to cram his stiff cock into bet virgin cunt. Of course he wasn’t aware that she wasn’t a virgin any more and that his own brother had taken her cherry.

Brenda didn’t propose to tell him this, either. Why risk making him angry and jealous?

When the others had left for work, Mike strolled into the kitchen where. Brenda was washing up the breakfast dishes. He tried to look nonchalant, but already he was getting a hard-on at the thought of fucking her. Brenda turned and smiled at him, but said nothing. Mike sidled up to her and started to speak, and his voice came put in a horny croak. He blushed, cleared his throat, and tried again.

“Can I dry those dishes for you, Brenda?” he said.

“Why, that would be very nice, of you, Mike,” she purred.

Mike wasn’t interested in being nice. Just the opposite. But he wasn’t sure how Brenda felt about him. Maybe she’d changed her mind after their first encounter and had decided she didn’t want to lose her virginity yet. He would just play it slow and careful. He found a dish towel and started wiping the dishes as Brenda rinsed than.

“I hope you’re not mad at me,” he said.

“Mad?” Brenda said. “Why should I be mad?”

“Well, I mean about yesterday,” he said. “I thought maybe I came on too strong.”

“Mike,” Brenda laughed, “I came on to you, remember?”

Mike thought for a second, then said hoarsely, “Well, it sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you come on to me again.”

“Let’s finish with these dishes, and then I’ll think about it,” Brenda said primly.

She knew she was driving him crazy with impatience, but she was enjoying the game. It would all come out to his satisfaction in the end, anyway, because she really wanted to fuck him. But she took her time about rinsing the rest of the dishes, folding and carefully putting away her apron, and smoothing hand lotion on her hands.

“There,” Brenda sighed, “we’re finished.”

“Well?” he said.

“Well, what?” she said, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Jesus Christ, Brenda,” Mike groaned.

He just couldn’t help himself, he was so achingly horny. He grabbed his cousin and kissed her hungrily, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. When he did that, Brenda lost all desire to play games. She melted against him and let him probe her mouth. Her easily aroused pussy began to heat and swell and cream. Most exciting of all, she could feel his cock pressing hard against her belly, throbbing through all those layers of clothes.

Finally the two teenagers came up for air, and both were flushed and breathing hard. “The kitchen isn’t a very good place for this,” Brenda said.

“Right,” Mike agreed, “how about my room?”

Brenda nodded, and they hurried through the living room and down the hall. She smiled to herself as she recalled trying to find Mike’s room last night. She’d made a mistake, but she sure as hell wasn’t sorry. It had been fantastically exciting, to fuck Bob. However she was sure it would be equally fun fucking his brother. They hurried into Mike’s room, and he closed the door and locked it.

Without another word they started to undress. There was no more point in being coy and innocent, Brenda decided. She badly wanted to be fucked, so why delay it? She hungrily ogled Mike’s lean muscular body, and when he tugged down his shorts she almost moaned aloud at the sight of his handsome seven-inch dick. It was rigid, hugging his belly and drooling thick hot cream.

Brenda whisked off her bra and panties, and it was Mike’s turn to stare. He ogled her pretty orange-size tits and their rigid pink nipples, and then his eyes darted to her cute little curly bush. Brenda frankly leered at him and got onto the bed, and he was right after her, rolling her onto her back and lying half on top of her. He kissed her, stroked her, and rubbed his drooling, throbbing cock against her leg.

“I’m sorry, Brenda, but I just gotta say it,” he groaned. “I wanta fuck you so bad, I can’t think of anything else.”

The feeling was mutual, of course, but Brenda remembered that she had to pretend to be a virgin. If she didn’t, he’d certainly wonder how she’d lost her cherry in twenty four hours, without even leaving the house, and inevitably he’d guess that his brother had done the job. Brenda didn’t want to create hard feelings.

“All right, Mike,” she said in a little breathy voice, “but please be careful.”

“Oh, sure, you can bet I will,” he said earnestly. “I don’t wanta hurt you, Brenda.”

He remembered hurting one girl he’d fucked. She’d seemed willing, but her cunt was dry, and it really hurt her when he eagerly crammed his rock-hard cock into her. He wouldn’t make that mistake with Brenda. He’d check first. He slipped a hand between her legs and touched her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, Mike, that feels so good,” she sighed.

“Want me to do that to you for awhile?” he said.

“Mmmmm, I sure do,” she said.

She knew she was being a pig, but today she wanted to come as much as she could, in as many different ways as possible. She could hardly wait to take his cock, but on the other hand, his finger-fucking felt great, too. He started plowing his stiff middle finger up and down in her greedy little twat, and she felt hot jabs of pleasure.

Mike was getting insanely aroused himself. He could feel and explore the inside of her cunt, and he was thinking how terrific it was going to feel when he had his engorged cock in there. It excited him hotly to get her so aroused with his finger, to know he could make her come. As he finger-fucked her, he felt her cunt getting tighter and tighter around his finger. The tiny tube felt hot as a blast furnace.

“Oooooo, Mike, you’re gonna do it to me,” Brenda squealed, “I’m gonna come, don’t stop!”

It felt like her gripping little box was going to burn his finger off. He kept frigging her very fast, his finger making a lewd slurping and sucking noise as it reamed out her helplessly gushing cream. Brenda threw back her head and closed her eyes in ecstasy, and he could tell she was about to go right over the top. She stiffened for a second, gasped, and then began to convulse.

Her cunt went vise-tight around his deeply lodged finger, and her slim body rocked and bucked. Mike watched her and felt his lust rising to a fever pitch. If this hot little chick wasn’t ready to fuck, nobody was. He couldn’t spend any more time warming her up. His balls ached to release their heavy hot load, and his prick felt ready to burst. He drew his cream-drenched finger from her twat and impatiently waited for her to stop coming.

“Unnnhhhh, it’s so good,” she whimpered. She was dragging it out on purpose, trying to prepare her act. She was going to have to convince Mike that she was a virgin, and so far she wasn’t doing a very good job. He’d fingerfucked her roughly, and she hadn’t even whimpered. Now she reminded herself to act like she felt some pain. She finally went still, and right away Mike drew her legs apart and knelt between them, his face red with lust. Brenda was wildly excited, but she tried to look scared.

“W-What are you doing, Mike?” she squeaked.

“You’re ready to fuck now, cousin,” he said roughly. “Your cunt’s nice and juicy.”

“Ooooooo, Mike, be gentle!” she cried.

Mike resigned himself to being gentle, even though every instinct urged him to cram his cock into her as hard as he could. He pressed the swollen purple head of his prick against the tiny fur-fringed mouth of her cunt and started pushing into her very slowly and carefully. Even so, his thick young cock stretched her cunt lips grotesquely wide, and the fit was very snug. He wasn’t an inch into her before she began to whimper.

“Ooooo, owwwww!” she cried.

“Jesus, Brenda, I’m being as gentle as I can,” Mike sighed.

“Go slower,” she pleaded.

“All right,” he groaned. “Unnnhhhh, Mike,” she moaned, “your cock’s so big.”

At least she didn’t say it was hurting her, and at least she was creaming. She acted scared, yet she was soaking his prick with molten juice. Mike caught his breath and kept pushing, sheathing his engorged dick in the velvety steaming tunnel of his cousin’s cunt. It felt terrific, and he could barely keep from jetting his load into her. After what seemed about a million years, he finally touched her womb and his achingly full balls glided to rest against her slit.

“Ahhhhhh, Jesus, I’m in,” he moaned. “Is that it?” Brenda said in a scared little voice. “Is my cherry gone now, Mike?”

“Yep,” he said with a triumphant grin. Brenda breathed a sigh of relief. She could quit acting now and get down to serious fucking. Mike was clearly convinced that he’d taken her virginity, and that was all she wanted. His big hard cock throbbed against every inch of her horny pussy hole, and she ached to feel him move it in her. She drenched it with steaming juice and began to writhe with lust, gliding her slick little cunt up and down the stiff pole of his cock.

Mike didn’t understand the meaning of her movements. “I’ll be real gentle,” he said as he started to fuck her.

He was so gentle, it was maddening, but what could she say? It wouldn’t be convincing to lose her cherry one second, then in the next second beg to be fucked. She’d have to play the game a little longer. Mike moved his rigid cock slowly and deeply in her cunt, and whimpered and creamed, aching for faster, harder action. What he was doing felt tantalizing and exciting, but it wasn’t going to get her off.

“Am I hurting you, Brenda?” he asked.

“Nooooo,” she squealed, “I like it, Mike! You can do it to me harder if you want.”

He fucked her just a little harder, not nearly enough to satisfy her. Brenda was really in a bind. She wanted him to fuck the living shit out of her, but just a minute a go she’d pretended his cock was hurting her. Now she just couldn’t hide her hot lust. She started fucking back at him, jerking her hips to his rhythm, slamming her famished little twat up and down his steel-hard cock.

“Yes, Mike, yessss,” she hissed, “fuck me, cousin, really fuck it to me.”

Mike could hardly believe what he was hearing. It seemed he’d scored fantastically with his pretty little cousin. Already she was loving his fucking, going out of her mind with it. She was writhing so lustily, he could hardly keep his cock in her slippery little box. He shoved his hands under her ass and got a good grip, holding her in place. With a snort of lust, he began fucking into her in a steady fast rhythm.

“Ooooooo, yeah, Mike, that’s it,” she squealed, “that’s how I want it!”

“You’re sure I’m not being too rough?” he panted.

“No, no, I love it this way!” she cried.

She sure as hell hoped she’d convinced him. He was fucking her very excitingly now, his belly smacking hers, his thick seven-incher plowing all the way to her womb. Her cunt was still a little bruised from last night, but she was feeling fantastic blasts of pleasure each time he crammed his dick into her. She was hooked on fucking for sure. She threw back her head and gurgled with ecstasy as she took her cousin’s hard-plowing prick.

“Unnnhhhh, Mike, I love it!” she wailed.

Legs bent and lolling wide open, she let him hammer his prick into her as hard as he wanted. Sometimes she got a little stab of pain, but it wasp nothing compared to the mounting pleasure she felt. In a way she really was losing her virginity all over again. Last night she’d hardly had time to feel pleasure today she could concentrate on getting off.

“Unnnnnhhhhhhh, shit, it’s so good,” she whimpered.

Too good, as far as Mike was concerned. He was dangerously close to shooting his load. For almost twenty-four hours he’d thought of nothing but fucking his cousin. Now he was actually doing it, and it was better than any fantasy. Brenda’s cunt was deliciously snug, slick and hot. His cock was achingly stiff. It wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t hold out, before he filled her twat with sizzling come.

“Unnnhhhh, fuck,” he groaned.

Brenda remembered something from last night, how great it had felt when Bob went from kneeling to lying down on her. Her swollen clit begged for more action. She grabbed Mike and pulled him down on her, greedily rubbing her engorged joy button against the pumping shaft of his cock. It worked like magic. Within seconds she was right on the verge of coming. She creamed furiously, the molten juice overflowing her twat.

“Oooooo, Mike, oooooo!” she squealed. “You’re fucking me so good.”

That did it for Mike. Much as the lusty teenager wanted to hold out, he just couldn’t. “Ahhhh, fuck, I’m coming, aaaggghhhhh!” he roared.

Just as the first hot blast of jizz hit her womb, Brenda started to come, too. “Ahhhhhh, yeah, whhaaaahhhhhhhhh!” she bawled.

Mike breathed a sigh of relief. He’d gotten her off just in time. Moaning blissfully, he fucked into her with lightning speed, shooting blast after blast of hot jizz into her womb. She took it with squeals and shrieks of ecstasy, her hips pumping to his rhythm. Long delicious moments passed before the two kids finally rolled apart and caught their breath.

“Oh, man, that was fantastic,” Mike sighed.

“It sure was,” Brenda gurgled.

“You’re sure I didn’t hurt you?” he asked. “Well, just at first,” Brenda lied. The truth was, he hadn’t hurt her at all, and she wanted to fuck again right away. So she got a real shock when she glanced at his cock. Somehow she’d thought a guy’s cock was always standing up stiff. After all, the only cocks she’d ever seen had been that way. Now it occurred to her that if guys always had hard-ons, they’d have to design pants differently. She definitely had a lot to learn about sex.

“I sure hope we can fuck again, Brenda,” Mike said.

“We can do it any time, as far as I’m concerned,” she said.

“Like right away?” Mike beamed. “Sure, but…” She looked doubtfully at his cock.

“Oh, that,” he chuckled. “You can get it hard again in no time.”

“I can? Me?” she exclaimed. “How?”

“Suck it,” he leered.

“Oh, far out,” she chirped. The next thing Mike knew, she’d stuffed his whole cock into her mouth and was sucking on it like she was starved for it. Being a healthy adolescent, he started to get lusty right away, and it was less than a minute before his prick responded by mushrooming in her mouth.

“That’s good enough, Brenda,” he said hoarsely. “We can fuck now.”

Brenda fell onto her back, bent her knees, and opened her legs wide, not at all shy about showing her lusty wet pussy. Mike was between her thighs in an instant, cramming his stiff cock up her cunt. He let himself down on her, and his engorged boner filled her twat, throbbing violently and butting her womb. She drenched it with molten juice and whimpered in ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, Mike, fuck me,” she moaned, “fuck me crazy, cousin.”

“I’ll sure as hell try,” he leered.

As he started hammering his steel-hard prick in her fantastically snug and juicy cunt, he thought how lucky he was — because it could very easily be Bob in his place. Just the fact that he was younger and not working had made this moment possible. Brenda had wanted sex with somebody, and she hadn’t been particular about who it was. Poor old Bob, he’d really missed out. Not that Mike felt sorry for him, of course.

Still he knew his older brother would eat his heart out if he could see them right now. Brenda was lying there completely submissive, letting Mike plow his dick to her womb, letting him fuck the shit out of her — and loving every second of it. She squealed and moaned and soaked his cock with her helplessly gushing cream. And before very many minutes had passed, she was coming again, her cunt going vise-tight around his cock.

“Unnnnnhhhhhhh, yeah, I’m coming!” she wailed.

“I’m gonna come with you, cousin,” Mike groaned. “Ohhhhhhh, shit, yeah!”


By the time Carol and Bob got home from work, Brenda felt almost fucked out. But only almost. Her pussy felt bruised, but she still doubted that she could ever get enough fucking. Mike had had enough for awhile, though. He’d gone to his room to take a nap, and he didn’t get up till dinner.

“My, you must have worked hard today,” his mother said as they sat down to eat. “Did you get the yard cleaned up?”

“Uh, not quite, Mom,” Mike said, reddening. “I’ll finish it tomorrow.”

Brenda noticed that Bob was trying not to laugh. He’d guessed what kind of “work” his kid brother had been doing. He caught her eye, and suddenly she felt wildly turned on. She knew what he was silently telling her — that he wanted whatever she’d been giving his brother. And since he’d already arranged to come to her room that night, he could be sure of getting it.

The next couple of hours dragged. They all watched TV till Carol began yawning, and then gradually people excused themselves and went to bed. Brenda was sure that Mike was going to bed for real. He still looked exhausted from fucking all day. Carol wasn’t faking her tiredness, either. At last the house was quiet, and Brenda lay naked on her bed, feeling more horny by the second. Then the doorknob turned silently, and Bob stepped into the room.

“You look gorgeous,” he grinned.

Matter of fact, his cock stood up at the very sight of her lying on her bed without any clothes. She lay on her back, pretty stiff nippled tits standing up firmly, and her legs were slightly parted, giving him a glimpse of wet pink flesh. His prick lurched into stiffness and strained against the fly of his jeans. Quickly, he began to undress, leaving his clothes in a careless pile on the floor.

All day he’d been thinking about fucking his pretty teenage cousin, and he’d been telling himself that if he wanted to go on fucking her all summer, he’d better make it interesting.

Brenda was a very lusty chick, but she didn’t know anything beyond basic fucking. Bob knew she’d appreciate some lessons. He finished undressing, walked over to the bed, and climbed on, pulling Brenda into his arms and giving her a deep hot tongue kiss. She moaned and melted against him, quivering with lust. It sure wasn’t any problem getting her aroused.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned.

As they kissed, Bob slipped a hand between her legs and felt her pussy. It was scorching hot and dripping wet. She was all ready to go, and he’d hardly even touched her yet. Yes, Brenda was definitely his kind of girl. There seemed to be no end to her lust. He was positive she’d been balling his kid brother all day, yet here she was all hot and eager again. He could have lots of fun with a girl like her.

“Hey, cousin,” he grinned as they finally came up far air, “ever had your pussy eaten?”

“What’s that?” Brenda giggled. “Sounds weird.”

“You’ll like it,” Bob promised. “Just open your legs nice and wide for me, okay?”

“Okay,” she said eagerly.

She had no idea what he was going to do to her, but she was sure it’d be fun. She obediently flopped onto her back, bent her knees, and let her legs fall wide open. Bob went to his belly between her legs, and she felt his hot breath tickling her exposed pussy. That was when she finally figured out what he had in mind. She’d watched Uncle Joe do the same thing to Aunt Carol, running his tongue all over her slit and driving her wild with pleasure.

“Oooooooo, yesss,” she gurgled.

Bob folded back the furry lips of her bush and isolated the glistening pink bud of her clit. That was where Sharon liked to be tongued the best. He could make her come again and again that way. He just hoped Brenda loved it, too. He stuck out his tongue and licked the pointed tip to tickle and fuck her little joy button. Brenda gasped, shuddered, and fed him a big hot burst, of tangy pussy cream.

“Oooooo, yeah,” she moaned.

She’d never felt such sharp pleasure before. Even playing with herself couldn’t approach this. As Bob’s big hot tongue whipped up and down over her clit, she felt such intense sensations, she couldn’t help moaning and creaming. She kept her legs wide open, eager for his tongue, wanting the wonderful feelings to go on forever. No wonder her Aunt Carol had gone crazy with excitement when Uncle Joe licked her pussy.

“Like it?” Bob asked.

“Unnnhhhhh, I love it,” Brenda whimpered. “Please, Bob, keep doing it, don’t stop.”

“I’ll get you off this way,” he promised.

Brenda let her head loll back, and she closed her eyes in ecstasy. Bob’s wet tongue whipped steadily, roughly over her clit, giving her hot blasts of pleasure that ripped through her pussy. Thick streams of molten cream ran from her cunt and down the crack of her ass. In her ecstasy, she forgot about everything else. She didn’t even notice the quick movement outside her half open window.

Mike had just started to drop off to sleep when he heard his brother leave the room next door and sneak down the hall. It wasn’t unusual for Bob to do that. Sometimes he wanted to go to a party on a week night, and rather than argue with their parents, he’d just sneak out. Mike wondered where he was going tonight. Maybe Mike could go along. He rolled out of bed and stepped into the hall — just in time to see Bob enter Brenda’s room without knocking and close the door behind him.

“What the hell?” Mike muttered.

As far as he knew, Brenda was his girl. So just what did Bob think he was doing? Was he going to force himself on Brenda? Mike got down the hall to her door as fast as he could without making noise, but when he put his ear to the door and listened, he heard only soft murmurs, as if everything was okay. He reddened. Was Brenda cheating on him? There was only one way to find out. He returned to his own room and dressed then went out the window.

He crept along the backside of the house till he came to Brenda’s window. He was in luck. The night was warm, the window partly open. As he peered in, he saw Brenda laying naked on her back, her legs hugely spread. Bed had his head between her thighs, bobbing up and down.

“Oooooooooo, yeah, Bob, I love it,” she squealed, “please don’t stop!”

Mike seethed with jealousy. He just had to know what his older brother was doing to get the girl so turned on. He crawled over a few inches, and then he could see every last detail. Bob was licking Brenda’s clit, whipping his tongue up and down over the swelling button. Brenda’s face was contorted in a grimace of ecstasy, her eyes screwed shut, and she couldn’t stop whimpering and moaning.

“Unnnhhhh, Bob, it’s so fuckin’ good!” she cried.

Bob leered triumphantly, then licked and lashed ever faster over her throbbing joy button. Mike watched with a mixture of envy and lust. He was pissed off at having to share his cousin with another guy, but on the other hand Bob obviously knew a few things that he didn’t know. It would pay to watch and learn. He had to be able to do everything Bob did, otherwise Brenda might prefer his older brother and not fuck Mike any more.

He couldn’t let that happen. So in spite of his jealousy and anger, he forced himself to watch everything Bob did. And as he watched, he felt his cock stiffening and swelling in his jeans. He hadn’t thought it was possible for him to get another hard-on today. His prick was actually sore from fucking. But here he was, as horny as ever as he watched his brother giving head to their pretty little cousin.

Mike observed how Bob used the stiff pointed tip of his tongue to flick and lash the girl’s swollen clit. Her clit was ultra sensitive, and the hot wet meat gave her wonderful sensations. Thick cream poured uncontrollably from her cunt, dribbling down her ass crack and puddling on the bedspread. She couldn’t stop creaming, couldn’t stop moaning.

“Unnnhhhhh, Bob, you’re driving me crazy,” she whined, “I just gotta come.”

“Okay, I’ll suck you off,” he leered.

All his tricks were working great. Everything Sharon had taught him would work just as well with Brenda. Now he prepared to do the thing that Sharon liked best, the trick that always made her come like a bomb. He shoved his hands under his cousin’s lustily churning ass and held her in place, then jammed his lips down around her clit and started to suck.

“Eeeee, yessss!” she shrieked.

Having her clit licked had been fantastic, but this was even better. Violent blasts of pleasure ripped through her pussy as Bob sucked her off. She drenched his face with her spurting pussy juice, and she sobbed in ecstasy as his hot mouth took her closer and closer to the orgasm she craved. She kept her eyes tightly closed, blotting out everything but the wild pleasure she felt.

“Unnnhhhh, you’re gonna do it to me, I’m gonna come,” she whined.

Mike’s cock strained against his fly as he watched. He was memorizing everything his brother did, so he could use it on Brenda. But he was also getting turned on like crazy, and he wanted desperately to take out his swollen prick and pump it. It would feel terrific to jack off right now. But that might distract him, and he had to make sure to learn everything Bob did. He’d just have to try and ignore how horny he felt.

“Ahhhhhh, fuck, it’s so good,” Brenda sobbed.

Her whole body was flushed with arousal, her face twisted in ecstasy. She was hovering right on the brink of coming, and Bob was sucking faster and faster on her clit, making an obscene slurping noise that Mike could hear even outside in the yard. Brenda arched her body, shoving her greedy little clit into Bob’s mouth, and she clawed mindlessly at the bedspread. Then suddenly she began to convulse.

Bob felt his face absolutely flooded with steaming pussy juice, and Brenda’s body convulsed so violently, he couldn’t hold her still. He gave up trying, rising to his knees to watch her come. He ogled her wildly wobbling tits and watched the thick river of pearly juice that gushed from her cunt. His cock gave a horny lurch and leaked thick bubbles of juice. He wanted to throw himself on her, and fuck her hard — but he wasn’t finished with those introductory lessons yet. Tonight would be an experience she’d never forget.

“Unnhhhhh, I’m coming so good,” Brenda moaned.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you with my tongue,” Bob leered at Brenda.

Her brown eyes got huge and greedy. “Oh, wow, that sounds wild,” she grinned.

“You better believe it, baby,” he chuckled. “You’re gonna love it.”

He shoved his face between her thighs again, and Mike saw his tongue dart out. He made the red meat stiff and thick, and then he crammed it had into Brenda’s cunt. She gasped, writhed, and shuddered, and when she spoke her voice was hoarse with pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, Bob,” she whimpered, “it feels fantastic. Yes, do it to me, fuck me with your tongue.”

Bob obeyed immediately, his blond head bobbing up and down, his wet tongue stabbing in and out of her eagerly offered cunt. Brenda’s eyes rolled crazily, then screwed shut in bliss, and she fed him burst after burst of tangy cunt cream, unable to control the hot flow. She’d never felt such lusty excitement in her young life. Each deep thrust of her cousin’s tongue gave her a powerful wave of pleasure.

“Yes, Bob, yes!” she shrieked.

Mike thought his cock was going to tear its way right out of his jeans. He ached to be in his brother’s place, exploring Brenda’s tangy hot cunt with his tongue, making her go crazy with pleasure. You could bet she’d be hot to fuck when Bob got through with her. Now she was writhing and rolling her head back and forth as the pleasure built and built in her pussy. It wouldn’t be long before she’d explode with it.

Bob’s tongue was just like a slippery cock, probing and cramming and exploring her tight little fuck hole. She fed him musky mouthfuls of steaming pussy cream, and she could feel the hot juice soaking her pussy and the crack of her ass. She seemed to be swimming in her own helplessly gushing juice. The pleasure mounted till she was screaming with it, and only the thought of her Aunt Carol sleeping right in the next room made her try to control herself. Bob’s big stiff tongue jerked with lightning speed in her greedy little box.

“Unnnhhhh, Bob, you did it, I’m coming!” she wailed.

Mike almost came, too, he was so frantically horny by now. He watched her violent convulsions, watched her soak Bob’s face with blasts of pearly come. Bob rose to his knees to watch her come, and he was leering triumphantly. His cock was hugely bloated, blue veins standing out on the thick stalk, fat bubbles of cream oozing from his piss hole. It wasn’t hard to guess what he’d want to do next.

“Ahhhhh, fuck! It’s good,” Brenda whimpered.

She’d hardly stopped coming before Bob straddled her chest, his trim ass grazing her stiff nipples. He rubbed the creaming tip of his cock against her lips, and she looked down at it, a little cross-eyed and full of curiosity. She gingerly stuck out her tongue and tasted some of the hot cream that dribbled from his piss hole. She swallowed it with a greedy gurgling noise.

“Yeah, cousin, try some more of that juice,” Bob leered.

Brenda didn’t need much coaxing. She got off on the taste of his cream, and she eagerly lapped it up, cleaning the fat purple head of his cock. When she’d gotten it all, she wriggled the pointed tip of her tongue inside his piss hole and reamed out more salty cream. Bob shivered lustily as he watched her, and outside Mike gnashed his teeth with envy. His cock sure could have used some of that attention!

Brenda started licking Bob’s cock all over, exploring it with her tongue. She lapped her way down to the fat hairy base and back again, leaving the engorged stalk glistening with her spit. She licked back in the same direction, and this time she continued right on to his swollen hair-thatched balls, eager to test their texture. Bob gasped and almost shot his load right in her face as her hot little tongue touched his sensitive nut sacs.

“Shit, yeah, lick my balls,” he panted.

Mike rubbed the fly of his jeans in a vain attempt to give some relief to his achingly swollen prick. He vowed that next time he was alone with Brenda, he’d get her to do all these wild things with him. But when would that be? It looked like Bob was going to monopolize her all night, but Mike desperately needed her right now.

“Brenda,” Bob said hoarsely, “give me some head. Take my cock in your mouth and suck it.”

He didn’t know it, but that was the one thing Brenda had some experience with. She remembered the night she’d accidentally sucked off Mike, and she was eager to repeat the experience. She opened her lips wide and let Bob slide his hotly throbbing prick over her tongue. She was able to take about half his seven-incher, and she fisted and pumped the rest. As she drew in her cheeks and started to suck, Bob shivered and groaned.

“Fuck, yeah,” he cried, “suck me off, cousin!”

Mike barely stifled a groan of envy. His cock was threatening to explode in his pants, and his engorged young balls ached with their hot load. No way in the world could he wait till tomorrow for his turn with Brenda. If he didn’t get off soon, he was going to go bananas. The only thing to do was join the party — slip into Brenda’s room and demand a turn with her. But he knew better than to interrupt his brother in the middle of a blow-job.

He just prayed that wouldn’t be long. Bob was crouched over Brenda, watching with hot glazed eyes as she sucked his cock and left it shining with her hot spit. Her lips were hugely stretched, and her throat muscles worked busily as she sucked up his salty cream and swallowed it. He could feel her drooling all over his meat as she sucked and ate his cream. Her mouth was like a steam bath around his cock, and she was sucking hard and greedily, giving him long blasts of pleasure.

“Shit, that’s good,” he whined, “so fuckin’ good.”

Tell me about it, Mike thought miserably. He was positive he was going to come right in his jeans, without even touching his cock, if he didn’t get some relief soon. He was violently jealous of his older brother. He could just imagine how hot and juicy Brenda’s mouth was around Bob’s lust-swollen prick. He watched and shuddered with horniness as Bob’s face flushed with pleasure and his eyes rolled crazily, then shut.

“Yeah, I’m gonna come real quick,” Bob groaned. “Don’t stop, baby, keep sucking good and hard.”

Brenda was making an obscene sucking and slurping noise that Mike could hear clearly even outside the window. She was sucking on his brother’s cock, like she was starved for it — and maybe she was. Mike remembered how greedily and loudly she’d sucked his cock the other day. He ached to repeat the experience. Damn Bob anyway, wasn’t he ever going to come? It seemed like hours since Brenda had started sucking his cock.

He began fucking her mouth, unable to control himself any longer. Brenda gave a greedy moan as he jerked his prick over her tongue and fed her hot bursts of cream. A few seconds of this, and he gasped and yelled, “Awwwww, fuck, I’m coming!”

Mike watched Brenda’s throat muscles working furiously as she gulped up all of his brother’s come. Bob was groaning and fucking like crazy at her mouth. Mike simply couldn’t wait a second longer. His cock ached, his balls were ready to explode. He pushed open the window all the way and climbed into the room. Bob was groaning so loud, nobody heard him, but when the two of them opened their eyes, there he was, taking off his clothes.

“Just what in hell are you doing, little brother?” Bob snorted.

“Taking my turn,” Mike growled. “You gonna stop me?”

Bob grinned and drew his satisfied cock from Brenda’s mouth. “Naw, I’m not gonna stop you,” he said, “not as long as I get to stay and watch. How do you feel about that, Brenda?”


“Sounds good to me,” she said. Mike, half undressed, gawked at her. “Oh, wow,” he said, “you really mean that?”

“Just take off your clothes, and I’ll show you,” Brenda giggled.

But Mike looked uncertainly at his big brother. “You’re not just putting me on?” he said. “It’s really okay with you if we share Brenda?”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Bob laughed. “Anyhow, we don’t have a choice, do we, Brenda?”

He was right. Brenda just couldn’t confine herself to one boy, if she could have two. She figured she was way too young to settle for just one guy. She wanted to experiment, fuck around, until she learned exactly what pleased her best. And if she was going to be stuck in this house all summer with Bob and Mike, she sure as hell would want to fuck both of them. It would seem silly to fuck one and not the other.

“That’s right,” she smiled, “you don’t have a choice. I want you both. Hurry up, Mike, finish taking off your clothes — I’m really horny tonight.”

It was nice to see that the brothers weren’t going to fight over her. Both of than were looking kind of smug — and that was because they both believed they’d been the first guy to fuck her. She wasn’t going to do anything to spoil that illusion for Mike. She lounged on the bed and watched him tug down his jeans. He wasn’t wearing shorts. His handsome young cock snapped out of its confinement, steel-stiff and drooling.

“Mmmmm, for me?” Brenda purred.

“I don’t know who else,” he grinned as he climbed onto the bed.

Brenda felt a hot spurt of juice from her aroused cunt. This was going to be so kinky, fucking one brother while the other one watched. She found that the idea of having an audience really turned her on. Mike grabbed her and gave her a hot deep tongue kiss, and she rubbed her soft little muff against his straining cock. Her nipples went stiff against his smooth tan chest. Not three feet away, Bob was lying and watching them, and that made her insanely excited.

“Mmmmmm,” she murmured.

Mike was also very much aware that his big brother was watching, but that didn’t exactly excite him. It made him feel like he had to come off better than Bob had. He started kissing his way down Brenda’s slim firm body, over her lust-swollen tits, over her ribs and belly. She soon suspected what he was going to do, and she gurgled with excitement and opened her legs wide. Mike kissed his way right down onto her moist steaming pussy.

“Oooooo, yesssss,” she hissed, “eat my pussy, Mike.”

It was the first time he’d ever had his head between a chick’s legs, and he just hoped he’d do the right thing in the right way. His only information came from watching his brother go down on Brenda just a few minutes ago. He stuck out his tongue and started licking her slit, and he found it tasted tangy and arousing. With each stiff touch of his tongue, Brenda let out a squeal of pleasure.

“Ooooooo, Mike, that feels great,” she cried, “please keep doing it.”

He really didn’t need much urging, because he intended to do everything his brother had done to her — and do it better. Now he folded apart the honey-colored fur of her bush lips and exposed the pea-size lump of her clit. He stabbed at it with the stiff tip of his tongue, licking fast and a little roughly as he’d seen Bob do it. Brenda lurched violently, and he thought she was going to fly right off the bed.

“Shit, yes,” she gasped, “that’s it, Mike, keep licking me there.”

He beamed. He was on the right track. As he tongue-whipped her pulsating little joy button, he looked up and caught Bob’s reaction. Bob had been lying there just trying to look cool, but now he’d propped himself up on one elbow to get a better view, and he was squinting, very interested in what was making Brenda so excited. If he thought he was the only pussy-eater in the house, he was mistaken.

“Unnnhhhhhhh, yeah so damned good!” Brenda cried hoarsely.

Mike knew she wasn’t faking, because she was creaming all over his face. The molten juice spurted helplessly from her aroused cunt, and he lapped it up as it soaked her clit. Her hot pink joy button was swelling under his lashing tongue, getting its own little hard-on, and it was throbbing like crazy. Mike worked his tongue even faster, and Brenda gave a shrill squeal and dug her nails into the bedspread.

“Unnnhhhhh, Mike, I love it!” she wailed. Mike was having even, more success than he’d imagined. All he had to do, it seemed, was copy what he’d seen Bob doing. He didn’t realize how incredibly sensitive her pussy was, how the slightest touch of his tongue gave her hot pleasure. No matter, where he touched her, it felt great. But the point was, he was making her just as excited as Bob had — and that was all he cared about. He just couldn’t come in a distant second, to his older brother, that would be too humiliating.

“Ooooooooo, wow I just have to come,” Brenda groaned. “Please, Mike, suck me off.”

“You got it,” he said.

He caught her hotly pulsating clit between his lips and drew it as far as he could into his mouth. Then he began sucking it greedily, making an obscene slurping and snuffling noise. Brenda gave another hoarse scream and flooded his face with a huge rush of juice. It was clear that his clit-sucking gave her intense pleasure. Her whole body quivered with it.

“Yes, yesssssssss,” she whimpered, “Suck meeeeee!”

Her pussy pressed against his face and felt molten hot. More thick spurts of juice soaked his cheeks and bobbing chin. Brenda arched her body, greedily shoving her clit as far as she could between his lips. She was taut yet quivering, as if she was about to go off — and he knew she was very close to coming. He gave her clit a hard prolonged suck, and suddenly her slender body began to convulse.

Mike come up for air and watched her coming. Her slim body rocked and bucked, her pretty tits wobbling crazily, and a thick river of come-juice flooded out of her cunt and down the cleft of her ass. No way in the world could she be faking this hot climax.

“Oooooooooooo, shit, it’s good,” Brenda whimpered.

Bob turned to Mike and said wonderingly, “Hey, good going. Where’d you ever learn to give head?”

“That would be telling,” Mike smiled.

Bob had to be content with that. He didn’t realize that he had been his brother’s teacher. Brenda finally finished coming, but before she could fully catch her breath, Mike was nosing into her pussy again. This time she felt him rimming the tight little mouth of her cunt with the stiff tip of his tongue. It felt nice, but it made her impatient, too eager to feel his whole thick tongue up her cunt. She whimpered and writhed with anticipation, feeding him a hot burst of tangy twat cream.

“Yes, Mike, do it to me,” she panted, “stick your big ol’ tongue up my cunt.”

Mike got another astonished look from his brother, but he didn’t see it. He was already eagerly cramming his tongue up Brenda’s luscious little twat. He stuffed it all the way to the root in the sizzling pulp of her pussy hole, and then he began fucking her with it, whipping it up and down like a miniature cock.

Brenda screamed with pleasure and bucked so hard that his tongue slipped out of her box.

“Shit,” he muttered.

It was his first fuck-up, but he quickly remembered what to do about it. He copied what Bob had done, shoving his hands under Brenda’s writhing ass and holding her pelvis in place. Now he was able to jerk his stiff tongue in and out of her cunt without missing the target. She gave a happy gurgle and went limp and submissive, loving the sensations he was giving her.

“Unnnhhhhh, yeah, Mike, it’s so good,” she whimpered. “Do it really hard, make me come.”

Mike’s head bobbed up and down with lightning speed, his blond hair meeting the slightly darker fur of Brenda’s bush. As Bob lounged a few feet away and watched them, he felt himself getting turned on like crazy.

He had a sudden urge to pull his kid brother of I the squealing girl and cram his engorged cock up her tight little cunt. But of course he wouldn’t do that, because he couldn’t get away with it. He wasn’t bigger than Mike any more, dammit. He’d just have to wait his turn.

“Unnnhhhh, fuck,” Brenda was moaning.

Her head was thrown back, her eyes screwed shut in bliss. Her lovely face was contorted in a wide grimace of pleasure, and her body was stiffly arched so she could take Mike’s jerking tongue as deep as possible in her seething little fuck hole. She was clawing the bed, whimpering, panting — and Bob knew she was just about to come. It would be the second time in less than five minutes that Mike had brought her off with his tongue. Bob found himself a little jealous.

“Oooooo, you’re doing it to me,” Brenda gasped. “You’re making me come!”

She rocked so hard, the bed creaked, and Mike couldn’t keep his tongue in her convulsing twat. Again he rose to his knees and watched her coming. It was amazing how her slender fragile-looking body could buck and convulse so hard. She soaked the bedspread with a big steaming pool of come-juice before she finally went limp and tried to catch her breath. Mike eyed the tight little mouth of her cunt, and his engorged prick gave a horny lurch.

“Brenda,” he said hoarsely, “can I fuck you now?”

By way of answer, Brenda grinned, bent her knees, and opened her legs as wide as she could. Mike gave a hoarse horny growl and threw himself down on her, cramming his famished young cock up her juice-slick pussy hole. They both groaned as he went into her.

“Unnnhhhh, yessss!” Brenda moaned.

“Ahhhhh, shit, yeah!” Mike howled.

Her cunt was even nicer than he’d remembered, hot as fire, slippery with juice, and clinging greedily to his prick. He pushed into her till his swollen nut sacs touched her pussy, and then he paused for breath, feeling her gripping cuntal tube throbbing all around his cock. He cupped her writhing little ass and started fucking her, and she sighed with ecstasy and soaked his dick with molten juice.

“Unnnhhhhh, yeah, Mike, fuck me,” she moaned, digging her nails into his shoulders, “Fuck me silly, cousin.”

“I’ll sure try,” he leered.

His prick was making a loud obscene sucking noise as it reamed the thick juice from her snug little cunt. That noise didn’t help Bob’s state of mind at all. It was bad enough to watch them — now he had to listen, too. He watched his kid brother’s ass knotting and jerking as Mike worked his cock blissfully in Brenda’s red-hot little fuck hole. He watched Brenda throw back her head and howl in ecstasy as she took Mike’s steady hard fucking. It was just too much for the insanely horny older brother.

But would Mike ever finish with her? He’d probably been balling her all day, so he wasn’t going to come very fast now. He seemed to go on and on, lusty and tireless, working his rigid boner deep into her molten cuntal tunnel and sighing with bliss each time he hit bottom. Bob was ready to yell with frustration. But what could he do? Brenda had only one cunt, and there were two stiff young cocks that needed relief.

“Mike,” she whimpered, “fuck me harder now, give it to me as hard as you can.”

“Yeah, give it to her, brother,” Bob leered, “fuck the living shit out of her.”

He knew that the faster a guy fucked, the quicker he’d get off. Excited by Brenda’s hoarse request, Mike started fucking into her like a stallion, his belly smacking loudly against hers. The bed shuddered and creaked, and Brenda gave a hoarse wail that told how much she loved the hot blasts of pleasure she was getting from his pile-driving cock.

“Ahhhh, fuckin’ shit,” he groaned.

Brenda’s snug little twat seemed to be burning his dick, it was so hot, and it seemed to be getting tighter by the second. She arched her body, rubbing her greedy clit against his sawing shaft, and she drenched his meat with sizzling cream. She had to be right on the verge of coming — and so was Mike. He got a tighter grip on her lustily churning ass and fucked into her as hard as he could, too insanely excited to control himself.

“Take it, cousin, take my cock,” he groaned.

“Yet, give it to me, cousin,” Brenda moaned, “give it to me hard.”

Some instinct drove her to throw her legs around his heaving back and lock them there. She used her legs to drive his steel-hard cock right to her womb, and then she exploded with pleasure, her cunt clamping vise-tight around his deeply thrust prick. Mike bellowed and filled her cunt with a lava-like flood of jism.

“Take my come,” Mike gasped.

Bob shivered lustily as he watched them. It had been very tempting to jack off and sizzle his come all over his brother and his cousin — but there was something even more exciting to do with his hard-on. He watched Mike fucking with lightning speed into Brenda’s spasming cunt, filling her with load after load of jizz. At last they went limp and panting, then rolled apart.

“Ahhhhhhh, fantastic,” Mike sighed. Then he glanced at his brother and got out of the way.

Bob had a hard-on that looked ready to explode, big thick blue veins standing out on the engorged shaft, thick streams of juice pouring from his piss hole. Brenda saw it, too, and the sex-hungry little girl eagerly opened her legs again.

“Roll over,” he commanded. “What?” Brenda exclaimed. “Get on your hands and knees,” he said. “B-But that’s how dogs do it,” she giggled. “You got it,” Bob leered. “Did anybody ever say dogs don’t have fun?”

Brenda’s eyes glowed with lust, and she quickly rolled over and poked her pretty little ass up in the air. Bob knelt behind her, grasped her slim hips, and socked the swollen head of his prick into the tight little mouth of her box. He began to push into her slowly, so Mike could watch every detail. Mike was fascinated, all right. He moved in close, practically breathing on his brother’s prick. Brenda whimpered and clawed the bed as Bob slowly crammed her full of violently throbbing prick meat.

“Oooooo, yeah, Bob, get into me,” she moaned, “give me every inch of your cock.”

Bob leered down at her as he eased his steelhard meat into her tiny cunt. Her pussy lips were enormously stretched, and his thick shaft was forcing molten cream from her box. He pushed till at last his taut hairy balls touched her ass, and then he paused for breath, fully into her.

Brenda gave an impatient wiggle, and Bob got down to business. He began sawing his lust-engorged prick up and down in her slippery hot cunt, fucking her hard and deep. He sensed the girl’s incredible lust and knew she didn’t want to be fucked gently. She wanted the living shit fucked out of her, and he was just the guy for the job.

“Ooooooo, shit, yes,” Brenda screeched, “fuck me good and hard Bob!”

Mike was watching every single detail of his brother’s technique. He could hardly wait to try this doggy style fucking himself. Although he’d just come like a bomb, he was getting horny again, his tireless young prick lurching into stiffness. Bob fucked faster and faster into Brenda’s juicy little pussy hole, forcing out her pearly cream and making her squeal with pleasure. Soon he was fucking her so hard, she had to dig her nails into the bed to keep from being knocked over.

Brenda began to wonder if there was any limit to how often she could come. She never seemed to get tired of it. Now Bob’s brutally hammering cock was driving her helplessly towards another body-blasting orgasm, and she was creaming and moaning uncontrollably. She felt the pleasure building in her pussy till she was almost blacking out with it. Then at last came the delicious explosion she craved.

Bob had intended to hold out a little longer, but when her cunt spasmed hard around his prick, it was just too much. He gasped, shuddered, and began pounding his load into her, his belly slapping her ass in resounding smacks. Brenda whimpered with ecstasy as she took the older brother’s steaming load of come.

“Oooooo, cream me, Bob!” she cried.

“Awwwww, fuck, shit, aaaggghhhhhh!” he roared.

Mike’s cock gave a violent horny lurch as he watched them coming. He shivered with excitement as he realized he’d be fucking Brenda next, right after his brother. Bob would hardly pull his prick out of her cunt before Mike would stuff his inside. But his expectations were disappointed when the bedroom door suddenly shot open, and there stood his dad!

“Jesus Christ,” Joe exclaimed, “what in hell’s going on here?”


“Dad,” Bob said numbly, “we didn’t expect you home today.”

Brenda and Mike just stared at the boys’ father, who was standing there looking grim, hands on hips. It looked like they were all in for a lot of trouble.

“I didn’t expect to get back so soon,” Joe finally said. “Where’s your mother?”

“Asleep,” Bob said.

“Thank God for small favors,” Joe sighed.

“It would have killed her to see this. Now, you boys go to your rooms and stay there till I talk to you. Right now I want to talk to Brenda alone.”

The boys shot Brenda helpless looks and left the room. Brenda was thinking fast. If she didn’t find some way to deal with Uncle Joe’s anger, her fun was over for the summer. He’d make sure she and the boys were never alone together again. Brenda didn’t think she could take that. She’d die of horniness. Somehow she had to get permission to go on fucking Bob and Mike — but how?

“Cover yourself up,” he snapped.

Brenda sighed and got under the covers, pulling them up to her chin. “You might as well sit down, Uncle Joe,” she said politely. “I suppose we’re going to have a long talk.”

“Not as long as you might think,” he said, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “It’s really pretty simple, Brenda. What you did was very, very wrong, and I’m not going to let it happen again. I think the best thing would be to send you to a girls’ camp for the rest of the summer.”

She burst into tears. She figured that would throw him off balance, and she was right. As she began to sob, Uncle Joe reddened and looked uncomfortable.

“Brenda,” he said awkwardly, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else to do.”

“All right, Uncle Joe,” she moaned, “but will you please rub my back? That always makes me feel better.”

“Sure, honey,” he said, pulling back the covers.

Brenda took her time about turning over on her belly, making sure he got a good glimpse of her luscious high-riding tits and stiff pink nipples. His face got even redder. When she was settled on her stomach, he gingerly touched her back, as if it were a hot potato. He started to rub, and Brenda purred with contentment and drew the covers down just a little more, showing the rounded top of her pert little ass.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s better,” she sniffed.

“Just take it easy,” Joe said soothingly.

“Uncle Joe,” she said, “be honest — what’s really wrong with what the boys and I did?”

“Brenda, you’re way too young for that,” he said.

“Bull,” she replied. “Lots of girls are my age when they get married. And Bob and Mike are older than I am. I really don’t understand what we did wrong.”

“It’s hard to explain,” he muttered.

“Didn’t you and Aunt Carol sleep together before you got married?” Brenda persisted.

She felt his hands start to sweat as he rubbed her back. “That’s none of your business, honey,” he said.

“Ha,” Brenda chuckled, “I thought so. You and Aunt Carol were getting it on when you were our age, weren’t you?”

“Well, that was different,” Joe sputtered. “We were engaged. Brenda, you were making it with two guys in the same bed — and they were your cousins.”

“I know,” Brenda sighed, “and it sure was great.” She cased the covers down some more. “Rub a little lower, okay?” she said. “And go on explaining what we did wrong. I still don’t understand.”

Joe was confronted with his niece’s bare ass. “I, it, don’t think you realize what incest means,” he said hoarsely. “I’ll try to explain.”

He went into some long-winded explanation with big words. Brenda didn’t understand it, and she wasn’t interested in it anyway. She was conscious only of him slipping his big callused hands onto her ass and starting to rub. It made her feel very sexy — and she hoped it was having the same effect on him. That was her plan, to seduce her Uncle Joe. How else could she possibly change his mind?

She didn’t know it, but her plan was working all too well. Most of her slim young body was uncovered now, and he could even see the rounds of her tits and the faint shadow of pussy flesh between her slightly parted thighs. Joe felt himself getting aroused, and there was nothing he could do about it. Rubbing her smooth hot flesh didn’t help matters, either, especially when she insisted he rub her ass.

Brenda was pretty, and she had a child-woman’s body that turned him on like crazy. He knew she was hot-blooded, too, from the brief glimpse he’d had of her with his sons. As he’d walked into the room to see what all the weird noises were, Bob was just slipping his cock from her cunt, and she was eagerly looking at Mike’s hard-on. The girl was prepared to take two stiff cocks in a row, so she could hardly be frigid.

Joe warned himself not to think about such things. He was a happily married man, and this girl was his brood niece. He was old enough to be her father. His faithful and loving wife was asleep right in the next room. There were all these reasons and a hundred more why he shouldn’t let himself think sexy thoughts about Brenda. But in spite of everything, he couldn’t help, wanting to cram his stiff cock up her exquisitely tight teenage pussy hole.

And as he thought about it be got an enormous hard-on. It strained at the fly of his work pants. He knew his palms were sweating all over the girl’s ass. He’d been trying to explain to her about incest, but now his voice just trailed off. He couldn’t think of anything but how urgently he wanted to fuck her snug girlish twat. It was time to get the hell out of her room while he could still control himself.

“There, that ought to do the job,” he said, taking his hands off her ass.

“Wait, Uncle Joe,” Brenda said, rolling over, “please do the other side.”

Joe’s eyes got huge and lusty. He gawked helplessly. Her tits were gorgeous, perfectly firm and round, capped with lust inflamed pink nipples. His eyes wandered lower and took is the golden-brown fur of her small triangular bush. As he ogled the little curl patch, Brenda slowly parted her thighs and showed him the glistening pink flesh of her pussy and its fine fringe of light brown curls. He eyed the tiny drooling mouth of her cunt.

“If you rubbed me there, Uncle Joe, I’d be sure to feel better,” she said softly.

Joe thought his cock would tear its way right out of his pants. A few times in his marriage he’d been tempted to cheat, but never like this. He felt paralyzed with lust, unable to move or speak. Brenda’s dark eyes traveled down to his fly and widened mischievously. She reached out and grabbed the zipper and started tugging it down. Joe watched her helplessly, too dizzy with lust to interfere.

Brenda seethed with lusty curiosity as she unzipped her uncle’s pants. She’d seen his cock once before, but only from a distance. Now she was going to have a really close look. She got his pants open and then tugged them and his shorts down over his hips. His massive hard-on snapped free of its confinement and stood straight up, bulging with blue veins and looking ready to burst.

“Oh, wow,” Brenda breathed, “it’s huge!” Joe swallowed hard and tried to speak, but nothing came out except a horny croak. He could feel the girl’s hot breath on his bloated prick, and in a flash of a fantasy he imagined her sticking out her tongue and licking his meat. Just the thought of it made his cock start to drool. A fat glistening bubble of juice oozed from his piss hole and trickled down the granite column of his shaft. Brenda’s eyes followed it, fascinated. Her plan was working much better than she’d dreamed. Uncle Joe was helplessly aroused — and all she had to do was keep him that way.

So she stuck out her small pink tongue and lapped the drop of cream off his prick.

“Mmmmmm, I love the taste of your cock, Uncle Joe,” she cooed.

“Oh, Jesus,” he groaned.

It was his fantasy coming true. Brenda was lapping eagerly at his swollen purple cock head, licking up each fat glob of cream as it bubbled from his piss hole. Her tongue was hot and slippery, and it felt terrific on his sensitive prick head. He began to shudder with longing, feeling as if he could shoot his load just from the hot sensations her tongue was giving him. He didn’t even think about controlling himself any more.

“Why don’t you lie down, Uncle Joe?” Brenda said soothingly. “Then I could lick your cock a lot easier. Take off your clothes, too, okay?”

Joe obeyed without a word. Somehow this teenaged sex-pot had gotten him completely under her control. He still knew all the reasons he should have nothing to do with her. But none of that seemed to matter. His balls, were taut with their steaming load of jizz, his cock hugely swollen. Nothing mattered but getting off.

He got up quickly and scrambled out of his clothes. Brenda was thrilled at the sight of his adult male body — big, hard, and hairy. He lay down on his back, and she knelt beside him, bending low, darting out her wet little tongue. As the big glistening globs of cream oozed out of his piss hole, she speared them up on the tip of her tongue, then rolled them around in her mouth, savoring the strong salty flavor. Then she swallowed them with a greedy gurgle.

“Holy Christ,” Joe moaned.

It was just blowing his mind to have, this lovely young girl licking his cock and eating his juice. It added to his excitement that she was his niece and that she was young enough to be one of his own kids. She wasn’t faking her arousal, either. He could feel her literally drooling onto the huge purple head of his prick. She was hungry for his juice — and not ashamed to show it. He gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to shoot his load right in her face.

Brenda loved licking her uncle’s massive hard-on, so she figured sucking on it would be even better. She opened her pink-glossed lips as wide as she could and brought them down around the fist-size head of his dick. It was a very tight fit, stretching her lips grotesquely, but she just managed to suck his cock into her mouth. Joe gasped and shuddered as he felt half his eight-incher sheathed in the steam heat of her mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh, shit, yeah,” he moaned, “suck it, honey, suck Uncle Joe’s cock.”

Brenda knew then and there that she’d won. Uncle Joe wouldn’t dare punish her or the boys, not when he was equally guilty. All she had to do was keep him happy in bed for the rest of the summer, and that was going to be a pleasure. She was hotly turned on by making it with a grown man, and she could hardly wait to take his enormous stiff cock in her cunt. Bob and Mike had nice-size cocks, but their dad’s prick was a monster.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned as she started sucking his cock.

She felt stuffed breathless with the rockhard meat, and it throbbed against the whole inside of her mouth. But her excitement and lust kept her from gagging on it. She began to suck hard and greedily, suctioning the delicious cream right out of his piss hole, and Joe groaned and shivered with delight. His rugged face twisted in a grimace of pleasure, and he began to breathe harshly. Clearly he loved what she was doing to him. As long as her mouth held out, she’d be having no problems with her uncle.

“Ahhhhhh, shit, that’s good, baby,” he moaned.

Dizzily he watched his slender young niece going down on him, her head bobbing, her lips enormously stretched, as she sucked his cock. She left the blue-veined meat gleaming with her hot spit, and she drew out his juice with powerful vacuum pressure.

“That’s great, honey, really great,” he panted.

He wanted to flood her mouth and throat with his bursts of jizz, but he struggled to bold but as long as he could. He wanted to prolong this fantastic experience with his niece. It was the first time he’d ever cheated on Carol. He wasn’t exactly proud of that fact, but he had to admit that Brenda’s greedily sucking mouth was driving him out of his mind with excitement.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he whined.

While that hot blow job was going on, Mike and Bob were restlessly waiting for their father. They were sitting in Bob’s room, wondering what he was saying to Brenda and bow he was going to punish everybody. They waited and waited, and finally the suspense was unbearable.

“Let’s go talk to him right now,” Bob said.

“Right,” Mike agreed.

They walked down the hall to Brenda’s room, then stopped still and stared at each other when strange noises came out — panting, groaning, harsh breathing. Without another word the two brothers raced back to Bob’s room and slid out the window. They crawled to Brenda’s window and peered inside. There was their dad, naked and flat on his back, and there was Brenda, bending over him and sucking like crazy on his cock.

“Yeah, honey, suck my cock,” Joe groaned.

Bob and Mike exchanged delighted grins. Obviously they’d be having no more trouble with their dad. Brenda had him fully under control. Now all the boys had to do was enter the room and announce that they’d seen everything. Dad wouldn’t dare punish them after that. But of course they weren’t going to go busting in right this second. It would be a tactical error not to let the old man come first.

The boys got comfortable outside the half open window, and as they watched Brenda greedily and noisily sucking their father’s cock, they naturally became turned on. Within a minute both brothers had hard-ons straining at the flies of their pants. Brenda was sucking the old man’s prick like she was starved for it — and knowing Brenda, she was. Even outdoors they could hear the obscene slurping noises she was making as she sucked up Joe’s juice.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned.

Then Joe reached out and gently drew her head up, and his massive hard prick snapped wetly from her mouth. “That’s enough, honey,” he said hoarsely. “Now I wanta stick it in your tight little cunt.”

Brenda gurgled with anticipation. Her uncle easily lifted her up to straddle his belly, and she found her dripping little cunt mouth poised right over his stiff standing cock. With an eager squeal she slammed her hips downward, impaling the tight-ringed mouth of her twat on the enormously swollen head of his dick.

“Do it to me, Uncle Joe,” she panted, “stick your big ol cock all the way into [missing text].”

It was another fantasy come true, this delicate-looking teenaged girl begging him to fuck her. Joe held her by the waist, gave a snort of lust, and crammed his massive boner in the way to her womb. Brenda gasped, stuffed breathless with cock. But in a second she recovered and drenched his fully buried prick with a molten rush of juice. Joe began to fuck her slowly and sensuously, and she whimpered with bliss.

“Ooooooo, yeah, Uncle Joe,” she moaned. “give it to me; fuck my pussy good.”

Joe’s eyes wee glassy with lust as he watched his wrist-thick cock working in and out of the girl’s tiny twat. The delicately furred lips of her cunt were grotesquely stretched, and it looked as if her tiny pelvis couldn’t accommodate his massive hard-on. But inside she was slippery and eager, her cunt hot as a blast furnace. As his excitement mounted, he fucked her faster, harder, and she didn’t seem to mind. On the contrary, the harder he fucked her, the more he liked it.

“Unnnhhhhhh, that’s it, Uncle Joe,” she moaned, “really fuck it to me, fuck hard!”

Outside Bob and Mike were both breathing hard and were tempted to jack off, they were getting so aroused. Brenda was a mind blowing sight as she rode their dad’s giant cock. It didn’t look as if she could take a prick that huge, but she was doing it — and loving it. As they watched, she threw back her head and squealed with pleasure.

“Unnnhhhhh, shit, it’s so good,” she moaned. “I’m gonna come real quick, Uncle Joe.”

“Me, too, baby,” he groaned.

It was almost time for Bob and Mike to make their big entrance. They eased closer to the open window as their dad began to fuck with lightning speed into Brenda’s sizzling little twat. Her whole body shook with the force of his fucking, her ripe tits wobbling crazily. Then her eyes rolled and closed, and she moaned and began to convulse, hot pearly cream gushing out around her uncle’s deeply hammering cock.

“Oooooo, shit, ooooo, I’m coming!” she howled.

“Awwwwwwww, Christ, aaaggghhhh!” Joe bellowed.

He closed his eyes in a grimace of bliss as he hammered his load into the girl’s womb. Both he and Brenda were oblivious to everything else as they moaned and came. Mike and Bob chose that moment to come into the room, and they positioned themselves as close to the bed as they could, so their father would be sure to see them. Finally he gave a big sigh of satisfaction and opened his eyes — then gawked to see his two sons standing right there grinning fiendishly.

“Hi, Dad,” Bob said, “having a nice time?”

“We’re kinda puzzled, Dad,” Mike said. “How come you got mad when we did this? How come it’s okay for you?”

“Okay, you guys win,” he sighed. “Now what do I have to do to keep you quiet about this?”

“Easy,” Bob grinned, “just share Brenda with us.”

“Nobody gets to hog her, and nobody gets left out,” Mike said.

“Well, how do you feel about that, honey?” Joe asked Brenda.

“It’s great with me,” she said eagerly.

“Then it’s settled,” Joe said with relief. “Your mother isn’t going to hear a word about this, right?”

Just then the door flew open and Carol walked into the room. “It’s too late, Joe,” she spat. “I already know everything.”


Carol had been awake and listening longer than anyone thought. First it had been the kids who woke her up. She’d been deeply asleep, and at first she didn’t quite comprehend what she was hearing. Then slowly it dawned on her that her two sons were in the next room, making love to their cousin.

Carol was shocked and outraged, but she wasn’t quite sure what to do. All by herself, she knew she couldn’t control three active and lusty teenagers. If only Joe were home! But in the end she decided to do nothing, just to wait for her husband to handle the punishments.

While she lay in bed and fretted about these things, Carol could hear the kids carrying on. They must have forgotten how thin the walls were, because some of their shouts and moans came through quite clearly. Carol could hear Brenda urging the boys to fuck her. It was outrageous — but at the same time Carol found herself getting turned on. That was even more outrageous.

“Dammit,” she told herself, “cut it out and go to sleep.”

It was no use. Every time she started to drift off, there’d be a new burst of noise from Brenda’s room. As she listened, Carol got more and more aroused, in spite of her disgust for what was happening. Maybe it was only natural. Her husband had been on the road for a few days, and she missed him. It was hard to listen to Brenda getting laid, time after time, and have no man of her own.

Still it was really beginning to bug her. She was just about to get up and tell, the kids to knock it off, when she heard Joe getting home unexpectedly early. Thank goodness — he’d take care of the problem for sure. Carol listened till she heard him enter Brenda’s room and demand to know what was going on. After that, it got very quiet, and she drifted off into a sound sleep.

She woke again to bear her husband making love to Brenda.

At first Carol simply couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It just had to be a bad dream. But over and over again she heard her niece calling out Joe’s name, urging him to keep fucking her.

“Oh, yeah, Uncle Joe,” Brenda moaned loudly, “fuck it to me, fuck hard!”

Carol sat up and turned on the light. There was no chance of her sleeping any more tonight. She wanted to rush in there and wring her husband’s neck. As far as she knew, this was the first time he’d ever cheated on her. She could understand how he might want a little novelty after twenty years of marriage, but did he have to get it with their niece? Carol was furious.

Just as she was putting on her robe, she heard Bob and Mike’s voices again. Somehow they’d returned to the scene. She hurried out into the hall and pressed her ear against Brenda’s door. She heard the deal the guys made — to share Brenda between them and not to tell Carol anything. That was the final straw. That was when Carol angrily burst into the room and confronted them.

“Honey,” Joe said lamely, “it isn’t what it sounds like.”

“Like hell it isn’t,” Carol snapped. “I’ve been awake for a long time, and I’ve heard everything. I want that little hussy out of my house — right now!”

Bob and Mike almost groaned with frustration, and Joe didn’t look too pleased, either. Every male in the room had been looking forward to a long delicious summer of fucking Brenda. But Brenda was more disappointed than any of them. She burst into tears at the thought of going away, of spending three whole months without sex.

“Oh, please, Aunt Carol,” she sobbed, “don’t make me leave.”

“Sorry, Brenda,” Carol said coldly, “but that’s the only solution. Now I’m going back to bed, and I want the rest of you tote quiet. In the morning we’ll find a school for Brenda.”

She marched out of the room, and the others looked at each other. “Shit,” Bob said, “what’re we gonna do? We gotta change her mind.”

To everyone’s surprise, Brenda broke into a broad grin. “I know how to do that,” she said.

A few minutes later Joe entered the master bedroom to find his wife still in her robe, sitting on the edge of the bed and shaking with anger. He hurried over to her and put his arms around her.

“Hey, honey,” he said soothingly, “it’s gonna be okay now.”

“Are you sure about that?” Carol said miserably.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” he said, starting to untie her robe. “I’ve been an asshole, for sure, but I’ll make it up to you.”

Carol began to rein. She really had missed Joe, and she was very horny. She figured she could forgive him this one time. After all, he’d a been a good husband for twenty years. She let him take off her robe and then her nightie, and they stretched out naked on the king-size bed, kissing and feeling each other up.

“Damn you,” she chuckled, “you still turn me on like crazy.”

“The feeling is mutual, baby,” Joe said hoarsely. She could feel his stiff cock pressing hard against her thigh. “You want me to go down on you?”

“Mmmmmmm, always.” Carol purred. He kissed and licked his way down over her big ripe tits and flat belly, and she moaned and opened her legs wide. Soon his mouth was on her sizzling wet pussy, kissing and licking. She quickly forgot her anger, forgot everything but the wonderful sensations that radiated from her slit. Joe found the fat little bud of her clit and began tongue-whipping it, and she gasped with pleasure.

“Oooooooh, honey, yes!” she cried. Really, what did it matter if Joe had fucked that little girl? Carol had been tempted to cheat herself, more than once. It wasn’t going to make any difference to their marriage. Joe was eating her pussy just as eagerly and hungrily as ever. She really couldn’t complain. Not many women had husbands who were so fantastic in the sack. She gurgled with pleasure as Joe lashed his big wet tongue up and down over her swelling joy button.

“Unnnhhhhh, Joe, I love it,” she whimpered, “I love the way you’re eating me, baby.”

So far, so good. Joe tongued her clit faster and faster, driving her to a fever pitch of arousal. He just hoped Brenda’s plan would work. If it didn’t, they’d all be in big trouble. But he had to admit he couldn’t come up with a better plan himself. After all, it had worked on him. He whipped his tongue roughly over his wife’s erect and pulsating clit and when he sensed she was just on the verge of coming, he raised one hand and made a signal.

The kids had been standing in the half-open doorway, watching everything the adults did. They were getting turned on like crazy as they watched Joe tonguing Carol’s clit and driving her wild with pleasure. Bob and Mike had belly-hugging hard-ons, and Brenda felt hot cum gushing from her cunt and running down her inner thighs. Finally Joe beckoned to them, and they all three marched into the room, the boys in the lead with their cocks wagging stiffly.

“Hey, Mom,” Bob grinned, “can we join the party?”

“Yeah, Mom, no fair leaving us out of the fun,” Mike said.

Carol’s mouth dropped open. There she was naked, on her back, legs hugely spread, Joe licking her pussy — and suddenly the kids had walked, into the room. She was too mortified to speak. She saw Bob and Mike ogling her ripe naked body, while Brenda stood behind them and grinned. It was outrageous. Why didn’t Joe do something about it? She finally found her voice.

“Joe,” she began.

“Yeah, honey,” he said, raising his face from her pussy and leering, “I, know.”

“Know what?” Carol sputtered.

“That you’d rather have the boys doing this,” he said. “Go ahead, Bob, takeover.”

Before Carol could react, Joe had rolled away and Bob had dived for his place, sinking down between her legs and snaking out his tongue. His tongue met her in a hot burst of sensation, and Carol gasped. He began tonguing her joy button fast and hard, just like his father had done. He couldn’t blot out the intense pleasure she felt. But of course, it was very wrong to have her pussy eaten by her own son!

“B-Bob,” she stammered, “stop that right now!”

“Hey, easy, Mom,” Mike said, sliding onto the bed beside her. “We just wanta make you feel good. No harm in that.”

As he spoke, he cupped her big ripe tits and began squeezing and molding them. To her humiliation, her nipples instantly went aroused and stiff against her younger son’s palms. She sank back on the bed, too bewildered to do anything more for the moment.

“Oh, my God,” she moaned.

“That’s it, honey, give in to it,” Joe said soothingly. “We just wanta show you that the whole family can have fun together.”

As Carol looked at him dizzily, he beckoned Brenda to join the scene on the bed. She hurried to him, and he leaned back against the headboard and let the excited girl fist and pump his big stiff cock. Brenda bent low, stuck out her tongue, and began lapping up the hot juice that oozed from her uncle’s piss hole. Watching her, Carol was outraged — yet at the same time insanely turned on.

She was outnumbered, all right. They were conspiring to arouse her, and they were sure as hell succeeding. Bob’s tongue was fiery hot and deliciously slick on her ultra sensitive joy button. Mike was bending low over her lust swollen tits, lashing the big stiff nipples with his tongue. Carol gurgled with pleasure and creamed helplessly, and her older son eagerly lapped up the tangy cream.

“Yeah, Mom, get wet for me,” he said hoarsely. “We’re all gonna have a super time.”

Carol was about to make an indignant reply, when Mike suddenly sucked her right nipple into the boiling heat of his mouth. “Oooooo,” she gasped.

He started sucking her tit — and now she knew that Joe had coached the boys for this little scene. Only Joe knew her secret and impossible sex fantasy — to have her pussy licked and her tits sucked at the same time.

She shot him an accusing look, but he just grinned. “Got your wish, right?” he said.

Brenda was sucking his cock now. The slender teenager knelt beside him, bent practically double as she took his massive eight incher into her throat. She was making an obscene slurping and gurgling noise as she suctioned the hot salty juice from his prick and ate it. Joe was starting to lose his cool. He was getting red in the face, and his eyes were hot and glassy with lust.

“Yeah, baby,” he said hoarsely, “suck your uncle’s cock.”

Carol’s face flamed. The whole scene was incredibly wicked and kinky. Joe lounged there panting and leering while his little niece gave him a blow-job, and Carol was struggling with mindless pleasure as her two sons ate her pussy and sucked her tits. She really ought to put an end to this incestuous orgy right away — yet she couldn’t bring herself to move or protest.

Her sons were just as excited as she was. Bob and Mike had never seen their mother naked before. They’d often remarked on what a fantastic body she had, but it was even nicer than they’d thought. She had nice big tits and a wide blonde bush, and her body was sleek and firm and curvy. As they set to work arousing her in the way their dad had suggested, they both fantasized fucking her. With any luck, tonight they’d be cramming their stiff young cocks in her velvety hot cunt.

But first they had to get her aroused out of her mind. That was Brenda’s plan. Brenda figured that if they got their mom to join the fun, she wouldn’t have any excuse for punishing them or sending Brenda away. She’d be as guilty as the rest of them. The plan might not work, but it was their only chance to salvage a summer of fun. They sucked and licked and tongued as if their future depended on it — and in a way, it did.

She was totally losing control of herself, but she seemed helpless to do anything about it. Bob was forcing her legs into a bent and lolling position so he could reach her cunt with his stiffly jabbing tongue. Her resistance was feeble, and in another second she felt her older son cram his thick wet tongue up her hotly aroused twat. She felt such a violent burst of pleasure, she almost blacked out.

“That’s it, Son,” Joe said excitedly, “keep up the good work.”

Bob was practically coming as he crammed his tongue right to the root in his mother’s tangy-tasting fuck hole. She was incredibly hot inside, almost burning his tongue, and her powerfully muscled cuntal walls gripped and squeezed. As he started tongue-fucking her, she fed him enormous flood of molten cream. He gripped her writhing little ass and started reaming her out with his tongue, jabbing with lightning speed.

“Unnnhhhhh, baby, yes!” Carol screamed. Mike left her violently wobbling tits and sat back to watch as his brother tongue-fucked her. Everything seemed to be up to Bob now. He had to get her so wildly aroused that she’d do anything they wanted. His blond head bobbed furiously up and down between his mother’s widely spread legs — and Carol responded. She threw back her head, closed her eyes, and wailed with pleasure.

“Oooooo, don’t stop, baby, make me come!” she screamed.

That was the moment Joe had been waiting for. He knew her better than anybody, and he knew when she’d passed the point of being able to control herself. “Go for it, Bob,” he shouted, “NOW.”

Before Carol realized what was happening, Bob whipped his cream-soaked face from her pussy, scooted forward, and jabbed his rockhard cock up her cunt.

“Ohhhhh, my God!” she gasped.

Her own son was fucking her, and there was nothing she could do about it. She tried to move, but Mike held her down by the shoulders, and Joe and Brenda were right there to stop her if she tried to get away. What would be the point, anyhow? The damage was already done. Bob’s stiff seven-incher was hammering deep in her cunt — and she couldn’t help admitting that it felt terrific. She shot one final agonized look at her husband.

“Carol, baby, it’s okay,” he said. “This is our private family affair. Relax and enjoy.”

Carol sank back with a gurgle of lust and decided to just stop fighting it. Her marriage could use a little livening up after twenty years, and her son’s rough tireless fucking was just what she needed. Bob leered down at her, and she leered back, arching her body up to take his pile-driving prick as deep as she could get it. The hot pleasure was building in her pussy till she could think of nothing else.

“Do it to me, baby, fuck my pussy good and hard,” she whimpered.

“I sure will, Mom,” Bob groaned, “I’ll make you come.”

Joe was practically coming just from watching them — and of course Brenda’s hot hungry cock-sucking helped, too. He’d never seen Carol so sexy-looking, and it aroused hell out of him to watch her taking their son’s pounding cock. She let her legs fall open wider and wider, allowing the frantically horny boy to hammer his prick right to her womb. When she screwed her eyes shut and her face twisted in a grimace of ecstasy, Joe knew she was about to come.

“Unnnhhhhh, baby, you’re fucking me so good,” she whimpered. “Just a little more, please.”

Bob looked down at her and started to come. She was gorgeous, golden-blonde, big titted, her body flushed with arousal — his very own mom, going crazy with pleasure as he fucked her. He was only human. He just couldn’t hold out, and he began splattering her womb with steaming jizz. Just at that moment Carol, too, began to climax.

Joe shuddered with excitement and almost shot his load into Brenda’s hungrily sucking mouth. He watched Carol’s ripe body bucking and rocking with ecstasy as she took her son’s hot loads of come. Gradually her spasms faded, and when Bob finally finished coming and drew away from her, she gave a big sigh of satisfaction. That was followed by a squeak of surprise as Mike quickly took his brother’s place between her legs.

“Sorry, Mom, I just can’t wait,” he panted.

“Unnnhhhhh!” Carol gasped.

Mike was just as well hung as his brother, and the first frantic thrust of his cock left her breathless. He threw himself down on her and started fucking her like a stallion, too insanely aroused to be slow or gentle. Carol loved it. She really wanted the shit fucked out of her tonight. She spread her legs as wide as she could and let Mike drill his rigid fuck tool right to her womb.

“Mmmmmmmm, baby, that’s good,” she moaned.

“Ahhhhhhh, Mom, your cunt’s so hot,” Mike groaned.

That just about did it for Joe. He’d known that his wife was hot-blooded and a little kinky, but he’d never dreamed Brenda’s plan would be so successful. Carol wasn’t just politely going along with the others — she was loving every second of the incestuous fucking she was getting from her two lusty sons. No, there’d definitely be no more problems with Carol. It would be one big happy family from here on in.

Joe shivered with lust and said hoarsely to Brenda, “I’m about to come, honey. You want it in your mouth or in your cunt?”

“Mmmmmmm!” Brenda replied, renewing her grip on his cock and sucking it even harder.

“Then eat my come, baby,” Joe growled.

Brenda gurgled with excitement as she felt the sizzling come hitting the back of her throat, and she eagerly gulped down her uncle’s steaming jizz. Out of the corner of her eye she watched Mike fucking his mother. He was fucking into her with lightning speed, his ass knotting and jerking, and Carol had her head thrown back in total bliss.

“Baby, you’re doing it to me,” she whimpered, “oh, my God, I’m coming, ooooooooo!”

Her cunt went vise-tight around his cock, and Mike cried hoarsely, “take my come, Mom, awwwwwww!”

Joe was still moaning and feeding Brenda load after load of hot jizz, when his eyes met Carol’s. She was coming violently, and she leered at him and he leered back. There wasn’t going to be any jealousy between them, no hard feelings about cheating. This went beyond cheating. It was a whole new dimension to their marriage.


Everybody had gotten off except Brenda. She’d found the whole scene incredibly exciting — sucking off her uncle while they watched Bob and Mike fucking their mother. Nevertheless, her hot little pussy was still unsatisfied. The others had hardly caught their breath before Brenda was ready to go again.

Bob had had the most rest, so she crawled over to him and started kissing and pawing him. Bob didn’t mind at 41. He gave her a deep lingering tongue kiss that made her belly do flip-flops, and at the same time he reached down and started stroking her swollen wet slit. Brenda gurgled and writhed with pleasure, soaking his fingers with hot sticky cunt cream.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah, that feels great,” she sighed.

“My goodness, I thought we all could rest for awhile,” Carol said with an amused smile.

“Not Brenda,” Joe chuckled. “Nothing keeps Brenda out of action for long.”

“Hey, no fair,” Brenda cried. “I didn’t get off, remember?”

“Why, that’s right, honey,” her uncle said, “so you just go ahead and have all the fun you want. Us old folk’s will take a breather.”

He sat back against the headboard of the huge bed, and Carol curled up next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. If husband and wife had been angry with each other, it sure didn’t show now. They kissed and gently caressed each other as they watched Bob and Brenda. Mike lounged near them, also watching — and getting more turned on by the second. His tireless teenage cock was soon rising to the occasion.

Meanwhile Bob was getting aroused, too, as his pretty little cousin, darted her hot tongue in and out of his mouth and ran her hands over his body. He’d seen Brenda horny before, but never this horny. It must have aroused her out of her mind to go through that whole group scene without coming. Her pussy was dripping wet, violently throbbing against his stroking fingers. She was hot to fuck — and he was going to be the lucky guy who took care of her.

Just then he thought of something else his older lover Sharon had taught him. “Hey, Brenda,” he leered, “you wanta do sixty-nine?”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I’ll show you,” Bob said. “And I guarantee you’re gonna love it.”

“Did we do things like that when we were their age?” Joe laughed.

“Of course we did, dummy,” Carol snorted. “Why do you think I married you?”

Bob flopped onto his back and arranged Brenda so she was crouching over him backwards. It was a super arrangement, she decided. Her head was poised right over his stiff-standing cock, so she could lick it and suck it, and her steaming little slit was within easy reach of his mouth. Now they could double their fun. Drooling with eagerness, she bent down, stuck out her tongue, and started licking up his oozing cock juice.

“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed.

“That’s it, cousin, you’ve got the idea,” Bob panted.

Not that he’d had any doubts about her. Brenda always caught on fast to new sex tricks. She eagerly lashed her hot juicy tongue all over the taut and swollen head of his prick, while he eyed the moist pink flesh of her pussy and its fine fringe of golden brown curls. He had a super view of her gash, from her swollen little clit right down to the tiny puckered mouth of her shitter.

After surveying the territory, Bob sneaked out his tongue and began jabbing at her clit, and she responded with squeals of delight. “Ooooooo, yeah, cousin, lick my clit,” she cried, “get me off!”

“That shouldn’t be hard,” Joe laughed.

“Sssshhhhh, don’t tease them,” Carol scolded.

Still she had to admit the scene was fascinating, and that she couldn’t mind her own business any more than Joe could. She found herself getting hot and horny all over again as she watched her son and niece doing sixty-nine. Bob’s rigid prick was gleaming with Brenda’s hot spit as she lashed every inch of the blue-veined column with her greedy wet tongue. Bob’s darting tongue was jabbing swiftly at her joy button, making it swell and pulsate.

“Ooooooo, Bob, it’s so good!” Brenda squealed.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, lick my cock, baby,” Bob moaned.

Mike wished he’d beat his brother to Brenda. He had a hard-on that wouldn’t quit, and the best place to put it would be his cousin’s tight hot fuck hole. But Bob was busy with her now, and he’d just have to wait his turn. Sighing, he fisted his achingly swollen dick and pumped it gently to get some relief. But jacking off was out of the question. That was kid stuff. He was going to hold out for the real thing — a slippery red-hot pussy hole.

He almost came in his pumping fist, though, when Brenda suddenly opened her mouth wide and brought it down around Bob’s stiff cock. As she caved in her cheeks and started to suck, Bob groaned in ecstasy. Her head bobbed up and down, her hair flying, and she made a lewd slurping noise as she greedily gobbled up his cock cream. Joe and Carol got flushed with lust as they watched.

“Shit, yeah, cousin, suck my cock,” Bob groaned, “suck it good and hard.”

“I thought we taught the boys not to use dirty words,” Carol grinned.

“Well, there are certain exceptions to every rule,” Joe said. “and I think this is one of them.”

Bob’s eyes were hot with lust as Brenda noisily sucked his cock. He abandoned her clit made his tongue rigid, and crammed the slick meat up her cunt.

“Uuunnnhhhhh!” Brenda gasped. It was a delicious surprise. Without warning, her cunt was suddenly full of hot slippery meat. Rob’s tongue dug deep, pulsating against every inch of her hungry cuntal tube. She moaned and fed him a huge blast of tangy cream, and she drooled all over his cock. He begun tongue-fucking her, plowing his thick tongue in and out of her gripping twat, and she sucked even faster and harder on his cock. They went at each other so hard, the bed began to quiver.

“You’d think we never fed that boy,” Carol said.

“Brenda seems pretty hungry, too,” Joe grinned.

As adults, they were trying to be cool, but by now both of them were wildly turned on by the sight of the kids eating each other. Carol could hardly sit still, her pussy was so hot and itchy with lust. Joe’s massive eight-inch dick was up again and wagging lewdly and stiffly. Suddenly Carol got an idea. It was wicked and kinky — and it sounded like terrific fun.

“Darling,” she purred, “why don’t you fuck me while we watch?”

“Hey, great idea, honey,” Joe leered. He started to roll her onto her back, but Carol slipped away from him.

“Uh-uh,” she grinned, “doggy style — so we can both go on watching.”

“Right,” Joe chuckled.

Carol got onto her hands and knees, facing Bob and Brenda who were carrying on hotly just a few feet away. Joe got behind her and grasped her beautiful curving hips. She felt him wedging the bloated rock-hard head of his cock into the greedily gripping mouth of her cunt, and she instantly soaked the fleshy knob with a huge hot burst of cream. She dug her nails into the bedspread and whimpered with excitement as her husband pushed his massive prick into her.

“Unnnhhhhh, yes, you big bastard, yes!” she gasped.

Carol’s throaty cries caught everybody’s attention. Bob and Brenda looked over and shivered with lust as they watched Joe slowly and deliciously cramming his engorged prick into his wife from behind. Carol bent low, her pert ass up in the air, her big tits swinging back and forth. Her pretty face twisted in a grimace of pleasure as she felt her cunt stuffed full of hot throbbing prick.

“Give it to me, give it to me,” she chanted. “There,” Joe gasped, “you got every fuckin’ inch of it, baby. And now I’m gonna fuck you silly.”

He started pistoning his big horse-cock roughly in and out of her juice-slick cunt, and she gurgled and whimpered with ecstasy. This was one big reason their marriage had lasted twenty years — they adored fucking each other’s brains out. But even a terrific marriage like theirs needed a little variety now and then — and they sure were getting it tonight! Practically within touching distance they watched their son and niece greedily and noisily eating each other. It made their own love-making doubly exciting.

The only person left out of all this kinky fun was Mike. He sat on the bed glancing back and forth between the two couples, as if watching a tennis game. It was hard to decide where to look. He found it a wild turn-on to watch his parents fucking, but it was equally exciting to watch Bob and Brenda eating each other. Of course it would be even more exciting if he got in on the action — but how? Both females were busy just then.

“Ummmmmm,” Brenda was moaning.

Her cries were muffled because her mouth was crammed with cock, but it was obvious that she was just on the brink of coming. Bob’s thick tongue plowed in and out of her cunt, roughly stuffing her, giving her hot blasts of pleasure. She stiffened her body and tightened her twat, creating all the red-hot friction she could get. The pleasure built and built — and suddenly exploded.

Bob knew she was coming when he got a hot faceful of her tangy come. Then her body started rocking so hard, he couldn’t keep his tongue in her cunt. He drew back and watched her pussy as she climaxed. The tiny fur-fringed mouth of her box opened and closed in greedy rhythm, and it gushed creamy spurts of come juice. Brenda had let his prick slip from her mouth, fearful that in her frenzy of coming she’d bite him. Bob decided that the next stop for his cock would be that tiny juice-spurting cunt.

“Brenda,” he panted as she came down from her climax, “let’s fuck.”

“Yeah,” she said eagerly, “let’s do it like they’re doing it.” She looked lustily at Joe and Carol.

“Okay,” Bob speed. He would have done it standing on his head if she’d asked, he was so intensely horny.

Brenda rolled off him and onto her hands and knees. She’d hardly gotten into position before he was kneeling behind her and cramming his engorged boner into her steaming-hot little pussy hole. She took the rough thrust with squeals of excitement, and when his throbbing dick touched her womb, she shivered and drenched his meat with molten juice. He felt her velvety cunt close around his cock and grip it hungrily.

“Ooooooo, yeah, Bob, your big cock feels so good in me,” Brenda whimpered.

“It’s gonna feel even better,” he promised. He grasped her slender hips and started fucking into her deep and hard, just the way she craved it. They were lined up side by side with his parents, so the two couples could watch each other. Brenda’s hot eyes focused on her Uncle Joe’s massive boner as it plowed in and out of Aunt Carol’s cunt. Carol lustily watched her son’s handsome prick reaming Brenda’s little fuck hole. It was hotly exciting and full of pleasure for everybody — except Mike, of course.

“Damnit,” he finally exploded, “I’m the only one that’s left out of this.”

Everyone looked sympathetic, but nobody could think what to do about it. Then Brenda broke into a mischievous grin. “Hey, Mike,” she said, “I know what — come over here and let me suck your cock.”

“Oh, wow, will I ever,” he exclaimed.

He hurried over and knelt in front of her, and Brenda eagerly opened her mouth wide and brought it down around his rigid drooling prick. “Shit, yeah,” he gasped.

She caved in her cheeks and began to suck. Why hadn’t she thought of this before? It was wild fun taking on two boys at the same time. While Bob’s steel-stiff cock pounded in her cunt, giving her hot blasts of pleasure, she could suck on his brother’s salty-tasting prick and eat his delicious juice. Two guys were a lot more fun than one. She gurgled and sighed with contentment.

She was so absorbed in her own fun, she didn’t realize how much she was turning on the adults. Joe and Carol moaned with lust when their sexy little niece started taking care of both boys at the seine time. As they watched Brenda sucking deep and hard on Mike’s cock, while Bob fucked her furiously from behind, they knew that they, too, had to do something really new and wild.

Joe knew what it was when his eyes happened to light on Carol’s tiny puckered asshole. That was the only thing they hadn’t done in their married life — ass-fucking. Eagerly he whipped his huge cream-soaked cock out of her cunt and pressed the rock-hard tip against her little shitter. Carol got the idea right away and shuddered with lusty anticipation.

“Yes, baby, do it,” she moaned, “stick your big ol’ cock up my ass.”

Naturally her words got the kids’ attention and they all watched wide-eyed, as Joe snorted with excitement and started pushing his engorged prick up Carol’s tiny tight asshole. She gasped and clawed the bed, and her face twisted in a grimace of lust as she felt her little shitter crammed full of hot throbbing cockmeat. It was an incredibly wicked and thrilling sensation.

“Yes, baby, yessss,” she hissed, “give me every inch.”

“Ahhhhh, Christ, it’s tight,” Joe moaned.

The kids were practically coming just from watching them. Joe grunted and shoved, and finally he was all the way into his wife’s deliciously snug shitter. He started fucking her in the ass — and all hell broke loose. The excited kids went at each other like rutting animals, snarling and whining and growling, and Carol screamed in ecstasy as she took her husband’s stiff boner deep into her bowels.

“Ahhhhhh, Joe, my God,” she cried, “it feels so good.”

Everything they were doing felt good — and nobody was jealous of anybody else. When they all started coming a few minutes later, everybody was in on it. Brenda had to laugh to herself when she realized that she’d started all this. It was just a few days ago that she’d seduced Mike so she could find out what fucking was like. Now the whole damned family was involved.

Not that she had any objections, of course. It was going to be a summer none of them would ever forget.

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