Sex Slave Wife In Chains

Brenda Morton held her husband”s cock and studied the massive, purplish head. Slowly, she jacked the loose foreskin upward and saw a tiny, clear drop of fluid ooze from the cum-hole. She leaned forward and licked it into her mouth, then slipped her lips down the thick, meaty shaft. When she reached the furry base, she twisted her head around, separating his balls with her chin.

“Want me to fuck you in the mouth?” Leon asked, spreading his legs, touching her shoulders with his hands.

Brenda lifted bet head, letting his prick flop to his stomach, then sat back on her heels. She frowned, but even that didn”t mar her lovely features.

“I don”t know what I want,” she said, feeling her body ache with an unnamed hunger. Early on, just looking at her handsome, muscular husband was enough to set her blood to boiling. Lately, however, something seemed to be missing. “I… I just don”t know,” she added, stroking her tits.

“Well, I sure know what I want,” Leon grinned. He let his eyes trail over her body as he had countless times in their six-year marriage. His gaze took in the long, shoulder-length red hair, the oval, flawless face, the expressive emerald-green eyes. She was taller than most, just under six feet, but she carried her height with grace — like a Goddess. Her tits were large, firm and upturned, tipped with rose-colored nipples. Her waist was waspish, her hips rounded and sensuous. Between her long, shapely legs lay a patch of peach-colored hair, surrounding a delicate slit of pink cunt.

He reached out and touched the silky mass of hair, then slipped his index finger into the puckered rim to the knuckle. As her cunt fluttered around his finger, he felt a sticky fluid burn to his palm. He removed his hand and lifted it to his face. As he inhaled the heady aroma other cunt juice, his cock throbbed with anticipation.

“Let”s do something different tonight,” Brenda suggested, although she, herself, didn”t know what it was she wanted to do.

“You name it,” Leon said, pushing her to her back. “Anything.”

Brenda spread her legs and squirmed beneath him, placing her hands on his wide, muscular shoulders. She stabbed her bright-red nails into the taut flesh, then closed her eyes, waiting for his gentle assault.

That was, perhaps, the problem. He was always so gentle, treating her as if she were made of glass. She wanted to be crushed, to feel his massive form squeezing her hard.

“Make it hurt,” she whispered. “Please, Leon.”

“I wouldn”t hurt you for the world, baby,” her husband said, brushing his lips ever hers.

Brenda trembled with anguished desire. Christ, what would it take to make him love her like she wanted? She pushed him away and gave him an almost animal-like look.

“Oh… Leon!” she cried out, her gaze taking in the shock of dark-brown, curly hair, his angular, almost pretty-boy face, the thick, bulging muscles on his six-foot-two frame, the dark hair covering his taut flesh. “I… I want it!”

What did she want? Even she didn”t know.

She grabbed him and crushed her body to his, trying to make him squeeze her hard. As the wiry hairs scratched her soft skin, she trembled. And that was almost it, she said to herself. Almost.

Leon pushed her back down and covered her face with tender kisses, then ran the tip of his tongue to the hollow of her throat. After leaving her skin glistening with his warm spit, he kissed her upturned, melon-like tits. He took each nipple between his lips and slowly washed them, savoring the perfumed aroma, the delicate taste of her creamy skin.

“Oh… baby,” he murmured, stroking her waist and hips with his large hands. He nuzzled his lips between her tits and lapped his tongue over her smooth, flat stomach. “Mmnmmm, so fucking sweet — all… over…”

His words became a muffled groan of pleasure as he nestled his mouth between her thighs. He sucked the soft, silky hairs between his lips, then blew his warm breath into the pink, frothy hole. Slowly, his mouth opened fully, his tongue darted into the creamy recesses.

Brenda flinched with anguished passion when he probed deeply inside. She bent her knees then wrapped her legs around his neck, locking her ankles together against his back. She pulled him firmly forward, completely engulfing his face in her steamy warmth. Again, she felt a throbbing ache that gripped her like a vise. She half-sat and grabbed the back of his head, grinding his face harder against her oozing cunt. When she felt the sharpness of his teeth, she screamed out.

“Bite me!” she gasped. “Oh… God, make it hurt!”

Leon slipped his hands to the insides of her thighs and dug his thumbs into the loose folds of skin that adorned her cunt. After he pulled them back, completely revealing the smoldering entrance and the throbbing nub of clit, he licked the shaft into his mouth. He bit it teasingly, barely scraping his teeth over the slick, rubbery surface.

Brenda screamed out again, her tortured ecstasy building dramatically. She humped upward with her full strength and increased the pressure behind his head. Her move caused his teeth to stab into her sensitive flesh, sending a surge of pure pleasure to the base of her spine.

“That”s-that”s it!” she yelled, her orgasm bursting suddenly, fluttering her opening around his stabbing tongue. “Eat it! Eat my pussy hard, you bastard!”

As her climax peaked, his sucking became more gentle, causing the pleasure to evaporate. She was suddenly left empty, breathless with raw hunger.

“Sweet, hot pussy,” Leon whispered, licking through the delicate hairs. “Oooh… fuck it now, baby,” he added, lapping his tongue through the valley of her swollen tits. Brenda clutched his massive cock with both hands and tried to get him to thrust it in with one powerful move. As always, however, he resisted.

“Hard!” she begged. “Poke it to me! Make it hurt!”

“Not on your life,” Leon whispered, his mouth on hers. He eased into her boiling, sucking cunt slowly, taking almost a full minute to penetrate her fully. When his cock-base stretched her opening and their hairs intertwined, he squirmed around, feeling his nuts throb against her smooth, silky thighs. “Now… this is the way to do it,” he panted.

Brenda slipped her hands around to his tight, hairy ass and dug her nails into the narrow, greasy crack. When she felt the puckered opening of his shitter, she scraped over the smooth membrane, then nudged inside.

“Unh… that”s good, baby,” Leon grunted, withdrawing, then slowly inching back in. His cum-load was stretching the skin around his nuts, his cockhead was already throbbing, begging for release. “Get ready for some jism to fuck in your hot cunt.”

“Fuck me!” Brenda screamed out, her voice raw with emotion. “Fuck me hard! Screw it to me, you big bastard!”

He fucked in and out rhythmically, slowly, enjoying the delicious torture, the way her pussy molded itself around his cock. Then, when he knew his orgasm was just seconds away, he stopped moving altogether, letting the convulsions of her cunt suck his cum inside.

“No!” Brenda yelled, clawing at his ass, trying to get him to fill her with his cum-load. “Give-give it to me! Hard! Please!”

When she felt the sudden burst of jism flood her insides, she arched her back. The ecstasy was fantastic, gut-crunching, but still somehow empty. Her nerves were frayed, her flesh covered with goose bumps. She finally relaxed, her chest heaving with relaxation.

“Oh, sweetheart, that was great,” Leon murmured, rolling away. “I never get tired of that sweet pussy of yours. Never.”

Brenda”s body still trembled with hunger, but this time, her throat itched for what her pussy had received. She moved to his middle, then spread his meaty thighs. As she knelt over his crotch, she inhaled the heady smell of cum and cunt juice. She lifted his cock with both hands and crushed her lips around the greasy, milky head. When the full length pulsated in her throat a couple of seconds later, she shivered with pleasure.

“Oh… yes,” she gasped, eating back to the gigantic cockhead. Now she had some control over the situation. “Love this big, hard thing!”

She gobbled down hard, feeling the end of his prick stab between her tonsils. Her move caused slight spasms of pain to filter into her throat. Instantly, a convulsion of ecstasy shot into her cunt. She rubbed her knees together to relieve the horrible ache, but it somehow made it worse.

“That”s good, baby,” Leon grunted, lifting and lowering his hips. “Suck it all the way in like that. Gonna give you a whole fucking gallon of hot cum to suck.”

Brenda chewed and licked on his cock as if in a rage, working her head around so furiously her hair swept about her face like a flaming halo. Her forehead was slapping his stomach, her chin gouging between his vibrating nuts.

“Mrnmfff! Mmmffff!” she choked, flinching with anguished desire. Her orgasm grew, inflaming her guts, causing icy-hot sensations to sear into her fluttering flesh. Suddenly, her climax hit her with full force.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” she gurgled, her scream a muffle around his throbbing base.

“Wow… you really love prick, don”t you?” her husband gasped, rocking back and forth.

Brenda was only vaguely aware of his words, her full attention directed to the thickness of his meat, how it stretched her lips painfully. Another sweet climax burst into her cunt, then seemed to shoot upward, inflaming the back of her throat. She screamed out again, freezing with ultimate, raw release.

“Suck… cocksucker… suck,” Leon gasped suddenly, feeling his balls recede slightly into his loins. His cum boiled into the base of his prick, squeezing through the tightly constricted sphincter muscle. “Fuck… now… now!”

When his jism splattered into the back of her throat, Brenda swallowed greedily, gulping the precious fluid with smacking sounds. As the heat from the molten juices burned her throat, she rocked gently scratching his wiry hairs over her nipples.

“Mmmfffff!” she choked, tasting the bulk of his load, feeling it explode wildly in her mouth. Some of the thick cum blasted upward, behind her nose, where it dribbled from both nostrils. The twin streams of silvery, steaming juice oozed over her lip, then into his hairs. Other wads boiled into her cheeks, swept between her teeth.

“All — fuck… all of it, baby,” Leon gasped, feeling the last of his load spew from his cockhead. “Oh yes, every Goddamned drop.”

Long after he stopped blowing his wads of cum Brenda kept sucking, jerking her head up and down until her neck ached, her jaws burned with exhaustion. Finally, she buried her mouth into the cum-splattered hairs and collapsed, her murmuring groans greasy and satisfied. She lay like tat for perhaps five minutes, molding her lips around his withering cock. Then, when she pulled away, she rolled to her back, and looked at the ceiling. What was wrong with her? With her marriage?

“Night, love,” Leon said, giving her a peck on the cheek, then turned, wrapping the sheets about his body. Brenda looked at his form and frowned. He was what was wrong with their marriage, with her. They had gotten in a rut, had been in one for a long time. And each time she suggested doing something different, he would always win out. She”d never felt so frustrated before, almost angry that she”d even married him. And there had been others…

A germ of an idea formed in her brain. Others, she thought. He didn”t have the only cock in town, and what could it hurt to… To what? Be unfaithful? Christ, the idea had never presented itself before. Why should it? She had the best at home, everyone always told her that. Leon was a handsome man, sexy and charming.

He was also bland, blah and boring. Finally admitting it to herself eased matters. She played with the idea of going out and finding another man, someone who would, well, take her. Really fuck her… Fuck her hard.

She closed her eyes and let her mind drift to the darkness of sleep. And before she slept, she shivered with ecstasy, touching her cum-soaked cunt. She wondered whose cock it would be to fuck her next. Whoever it was, she told herself firmly, would do it her way. She wasn”t going to beg anymore.


Brenda”s heart was in her throat. It had all been so easy. She lay beneath one of the handsomest men she”d ever seen in her life. And his huge, hulking frame was engulfing her with delicious strength — his large hands were squeezing and kneading her flesh, his monstrous cock plunging in and out of her swollen pussy.

“Harder!” she gasped into his mouth. “Make it hurt, you big bastard. Really give it to me.”

As he fucked his tongue into her mouth, he lifted his hips and rammed his prick savagely into her entrance. He grabbed her thighs suddenly and threw her legs upward, nudging her knees into her armpits.

“Take it, you cum-hungry cocksucker!” the man growled, wrapping his arms angrily around her body, crushing her with his full strength. “Take it all the way… in baby.”

“Oh, this is fantastic!” she cried out. As he embraced her tighter, she felt delicious spasms of pain accompany the ripples of ecstasy that tore into her body. “Hard, you bastard,” she demanded. “Tear my pussy apart!”

She looked into his hungry eyes and felt her passion mount dramatically. From the first moment she”d seen him at the car wash, his muscular body glistening in the early morning sun, she knew he would be a good lover. At the time, she didn”t realize just how good. He was making all the right moves, stabbing his cock hard, jabbing his nails into her yearning flesh.

“Oh! Oh… God!” she cried suddenly, flinching. Her climax exploded wildly, tearing around his pulsating cockbase. “Fuck! Fuck meeee!”

They had driven from the car wash in his car, and stolen to the edge of town, near the lake, hardly exchanging a word. They didn”t even know each other”s names, merely that there was an instant attraction between them. He had practically thrown her to the mossy ground, then slammed between her legs with his full weight. Her clothes lay in a torn heap, his beside them.

“Screw it, you cunt,” the man growled, punching into her pussy with full, savage force. “I”m gonna ram your box so hard my cum is gonna squirt out your ears!”

He had hardly gotten the words out when he felt his prick expand, then explode, sending a shower of creamy warmth into her boiling cunt. He flexed every muscle in his body, then increased the pressure of his embrace until she couldn”t breathe.

“Aieeee!” Brenda shrieked, the last of her air wheezing from her lungs. “Fuck me to death, you bastard!”

Her orgasm thundered savagely into her pussy, building, roling, exploding. Soon, every cell in her body was inflamed with passion, causing her entire body to jerk and writhe. And each time his cum burst from his ballooning cockhead, she was driven to greater heights of pleasure.

“Unhhh… Fuck! Take it, you whore!” the man barked, slamming into her cunt with full force. His punching blows caused her cunt-lips to burn from the friction, showering her insides with an almost brutal warmth. The last of his jism shot from the end of his cock, then splattered back around his plunging shaft. He gave one final thrust forward, then collapsed over her yearning body.

“Oh… shit-fire!” he groaned, squirming his ass around.

“Wow, now that”s what I call a fucking!” Brenda moaned, still itching for more of his brutal moves. “Let”s… let”s do it again. Want to?”

“Hey, I have an idea if you”re game,” the man said, moving off her body. “You might think I”m a little kinky, but…”

“I hope you”re real kinky,” Brenda interrupted, giggling. “I”m in the mood for anything different.”

The man stood, then walked over to his car. He rummaged around in the trunk, extracting a long piece of rope. He shot her a wicked grin, then draped the rope over his right shoulder. He held the end with his hand and twirled it around, approaching her with sure steps.

Brenda was filled with immediate excitement. What was he going to do with it? She licked her lips, already able to imagine the ecstasy she would soon experience.

“Get off your ass, bitch,” the man said roughly, a sadistic gleam in his eye. Before she had time to react, he yanked her up by the hair of the head and slammed her against a large oak tree. “I said move your fucking ass, cunt!” he spat.

Although alarmed with his sudden change in behavior, Brenda was nonetheless shaking with excitement. She liked the way the bark of the tree scratched her flesh, the rough way he had grabbed arm. A reddish welt still clung to her wrist. A hungry moan escaped her lips.

“You like this, don”t you, whore bitch?” the man growled, kicking her legs brutally apart. He placed the rope around her left ankle, then tied it into a knot. He then threw the rope around the tree and tied her other ankle. He yanked the slack out of the rope so forcefully that Brenda fell, hitting the ground with a thump. Her chin scraped down the bark, bruising her flesh.

“Ouch!” she cried out. “That… hurt!”

“Really?” the man said, the glint in his eye more intense. “Well, baby, that was nothing. When I”m finished with you, you”re really gonna hurt. You”re gonna fucking beg, bitch.”

What swept through Brenda”s body now almost rattled her teeth. She was horrified, frightened more than she had ever been in her life. She didn”t even know this man! What would he do? Christ, he could kill her if he wanted!

“Now your hands, baby,” he said, yanking her arms around the tree. He crossed her wrists and tied them securely, then attached the rope to her feet. “There,” he said, admiring his work.

“Don”t,” Brenda gasped, feeling her tits crush into the bark. “It”s… it”s hurting me.” She turned her head and looked up his body, her eyes traveling over his thick, muscular thighs, passing the enormous bobbing cock, the sculptured chest, to his sadistic expression. She shivered with revulsion, pure terror. Still, her cunt was pulsating, throbbing like it never had before.

“Ready?” the man said, then kicked her thigh with his foot. “All right, you Goddamned whore, you say “yes sir” when I fucking talk to you!” he shouted. When she cried out, he kicked her again this time harder, “Say it, cunt!” he growled…

“Yes sir,” Brenda whimpered.

“Beg me for it,” he said, dropping to his knees, running his large hands over her back. “Tell me how much you want me to fuck you in the asshole. Tell me how much!”

“What?” Brenda gasped. “In my ass?!”

The man slapped her soundly, then squeezed his hand around her neck until her skin mottled.

“Don”t talk to me, cunt, until I say so,” he grunted. “You got it?” He then shook her head back and forth. “Goddamn it — you got it?”

“Yes sir,” Brenda moaned. She was in delicious agony, her cunt ready to explode with climax. And although she was scared to death, her mind was exploding with anticipation. “Oh… yes sir!” she cried out, her eyes closing with ecstasy.

“I”m going to hurt you so good, you filthy little slut,” the man said, lifting her ass, then scooting under her body. He thrust his cock into the crack of her ass and pushed her down hard. “Gonna tear this little shitter into a million Goddamned pieces.”

The mere touch of his body, the sudden move downward, caused Brenda”s body to convulse with climax. She threw her head back and screamed, writhing over his swollen cock.

“Yesssssss!” she hissed through clenched teeth. “Oh… God…”

“Wow, you do like this shit, don”t you?” the man said.

Suddenly, Brenda realized it was a game and he really wouldn”t hurt her. Somehow, she was disappointed, almost as if she really wanted to be in danger. Still, it was the best orgasm she”d ever had in her life. It was a start.

“Fuck me,” she panted. “Mmmmm. I want it so bad I can taste it, you big bull.”

Her cheek stung immediately as he slapped her. “Don”t talk until you”re spoken to,” he growled. “You”re a slow learner, whore.”

“Yes sir,” Brenda whispered, feeling her orgasm build once more, ready to explode in her guts.

“That”s more like it, baby,” he cooed into her ear, then dropped his face to her shoulder. He bit into her skin, almost drawing blood. As she flinched in pain, he grabbed her asscheeks and yanked them brutally apart. Immediately, he humped forward, drilling the end of his cock inside her shit hole. “Take it, bitch!” he gurgled, kissing the bruise he”d made on her shoulder.

“God!” Brenda screamed, her body racked with agonized pain. His cock was an instrument of torture, splitting her opening, tearing the delicate membranes. She inhaled and screamed out again, her voice like that of a banshee.

“Oh… fucking… tight!” the man growled, withdrawing, punching back in. “Best… hottest little asshole I”ve ever fucked!”

Brenda didn”t know if she was in heaven or had descended into hell. Never before had she known such ecstasy, such anguish. And just when the agony became completely unbearable, her body exploded with a raw, thundering climax that seemed to shred her spine.

She gave a long scream, her brain echoing with horrified release. Finally, she collapsed over his cock, spent, exhausted. Her eyes closed with a sleepy flutter.

“Hey, baby, we”re nowhere near finished,” the man said, slapping her again, then yanking her head back. He crushed his mouth down on hers, grinding his teeth against her lips and gums.

“In fact,” he gurgled, licking his tongue deeply inside her mouth, “we”re just starting.”

His kiss, then the pumping of his ass brought Brenda back to reality. Again her shitter burst with savage pain, the spasms digging into her bruised flesh like a million icy-hot needles.

“Tell me to fuck you, bitch,” the man said, grabbing her about the neck. “Tell me how much you like my big cock fucking the living shit out of this sweet asshole.”

“Fuck it,” Brenda cried out, obeying him, obeying her own wishes. “Fuck me with that big cock! Ream my asshole full of hot cum! God… ream me out again… and…”

The man thundered upward with his full strength, his move cutting off her voice. He dropped, then slammed back in, holding her hips with one hand, forcing her harder downward.

“Aieeee!” Brenda shrieked, experiencing another convulsion of orgasm. His cock seemed as big as a baseball bat, digging wildly into her guts. She squirmed and writhed, truly in pain, but it was delicious pain.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck meeee!” she wailed.

“Take it, you cum-sucking bitch,” the man said, his body tightening. He felt his cum boil from his balls, streaming into the base of his rock-hard prick. “Take it… now!”

When Brenda felt the bursting cum shower her asshole, her climax renewed itself. Then, when she thought it couldn”t possibly get any better, it did. Soon, her body was trembling with pure, raw ecstasy, her pleasures totally unbridled.

“Fuck… me,” she panted weakly, her body melting to rubber, “… God, don”t ever stop!”

The man hammered the rest of his creamy load of cum into her shitter, then relaxed, gasping against the side of her neck. A few minutes later, when his chest stopped heaving, he pulled her off his prick and stood up on wobbly legs.

“I”m sorry if I got a little carried away,” he said, looking embarrassed. “It”s just that I… well, I”ve always wanted to do this, and… well, you”re the first, and…”

“It was wonderful,” Brenda murmured, again feeling a sense of disappointment. He was now even nicer than her damned husband! Oh well, at least she was given what she wanted, for a while. Still, she wondered what it would be like if she were really in danger. “We”ll have to do it again, won”t we?” she added, almost polite.

“Yeah,” the man said, moving to untie her. “What”s your name, by the way?”

Brenda was about to reply when she beard the roaring of motors, then some loud, raucous laughter. She froze, hoping the man would be able to release her before they were seen. God, what would they think!

“Jesus,” the man said, all thumbs, unable to undo the knot. “Sounds like a bunch of…”

Six motorcycles plowed into the clearing as he spoke, and on the machines were the roughest looking characters Brenda had ever seen. They wore black leather jackets, and on the back were red skulls and crossbones. Beneath the logo words were printed in fiery-looking letters, “Devils” and they wore World War II flight caps. Two of than wore leather hip boots with silver chains. Behind each of the men was a woman, dressed in much the same way.

“Look what we have here,” the leader said, dropping off his bike, leaving his girl to hold his machine up. He withdrew what looked like a riding crop from his boot and smacked it against his palm. He walked over and touched the tip of the crop against Brenda”s back, then laughed.

“This isn”t what it seems,” the man said to the biker, forcing a laugh. “We were just…”

Brenda watched mesmerized as the biker hit the man, then brought his knee up. It took less than a couple of seconds, and he lay out cold, blood oozing from his lips.

Brenda was horrified. Why did he do that? It wasn”t even human! She was about to say exactly that to the biker, but her eyes widened in horror when he turned to face her. She”d never seen such a look of vile sadism before. He was smiling like a vampire, his white teeth exposed over sensuous lips. He dropped his hands to the bulge in his crotch and rubbed the outline of his cock.

“My turn,” he said, giving her a hideous leer. He yanked his swollen cock out and took a step closer, moving the tip of it toward Brenda”s parted lips. “You like sucking cock, baby?” he asked, grabbing her by the back of the head.

“No!” Brenda cried out, suddenly terrified. “Don”t!”

The biker held her head with both hands and jammed his hips forward. His move caused his prick to stab between her lips, then bang the back of her throat. He squirmed his ass around, then pulled his shaft back out.

“No?” he teased. “Well, you want it, don”t you?”

Behind her, Brenda heard loud laughter.

“Give it to her, Tony,” a girl said.

“That”s a way, Tony,” a deep baritone giggled. “Poke her full. Make her choke to death on it.”

Brenda felt her body go limp.

“Me next,” she heard another deep voice say from behind her. She then heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. “Don”t ruin her, Tony.” She felt a hard hand at the back of her neck. “Let me do it,” the voice added.

“Let me ruin her all over.”

“Oh… God,” Brenda gasped, getting dizzy. Dizzy, then raw, delicious pleasure.


Brenda felt a sharp spasm of pain in the back of her throat when the man jabbed his cock between her lips. His move was so quick and savage, his thick, cum-filled balls slapped the hollow of her throat with a dull, smack.

“That”s it, baby,” the biker said, grabbing her by the hair of the head. “All the way in like a good little girl.”

Brenda choked, then spluttered noisily around the base of his rock-hard prick. She could smell gasoline, dried cum and piss in the man”s golden-haired crotch, taste the raw acidity of masculinity. She looked upward, through the bush of wiry hair, letting her eyes trail over the muscled chest, the thickly corded neck, the bull-like shoulders, and the harsh, evil expression on his face.

She was glad he wasn”t smiling, for if he did, his features would soften, be almost angelic. He was one of the most handsome men she”d ever seen. But the cruelty in his eyes gave him a charm she found impossible to deny, even if she didn”t understand why.

“Suck, God damn it,” he said, his voice sharp as a knife. He punched into her throat, then swirled her red hair into his crotch. “Oh… that”s it,” he panted, “just like that, baby. You guys gotta try this little cocksucker.”

“We will,” several voices said behind Brenda.

Were they all going to violate her? She wondered.

“Ohhhh!” she cried out, flinching with pleasure. The mere idea of tasting all those pricks, having them gouge into her cunt, her shitter, was enough to set her passion to burning.

“Hey, I think this little whore likes it,” the biker said, stopping all movement for a second. He withdrew his cock and let it bob upward, brushing over her face, against her forehead.

“You like it, cocksucker?” he asked, grinning at her like the devil himself.

“Make her like it even better,” a girl”s voice said. “Want me to help?”

“Naw,” Tony said, again sinking his cock into Brenda”s mouth. “You can”t help me with this bitch.”

Brenda wondered why his statement caused laughter. She was suddenly frightened, her reasoning mind taking over.

This isn”t a game, she told herself. Who knows what they might do to her. She remembered something about two women being abducted by a gang of bikers. One of them had actually been fucked to death! They had tied her up and taken her over and over, their marathon fucking lasting several days.

What would it be like, she couldn”t help asking herself, to be fucked like that? Over and over. Every waking moment having a huge cock pumping in and out of her cunt.

“Unhhhhhhh!” she screamed, climaxing violently. She arched her back and gobbled down his cock wildly — chewing her teeth into the thick, pulsating cock root.

“Hey, this baby has potential,” Tony grunted. His face contorting with anguished ecstasy. “I think I just might keep her to myself.”

“Like shit you will,” Brenda heard the girl again. “I”m your old lady.”

“You are as long as I say you are, bitch,” Tony growled, his voice animal-like. “Now shut the fuck up. I”m busy.”

Brenda was glad that he began devoting his full attention to her once more, no matter what the consequences. The only thing she regretted was that she couldn”t touch those hard muscles, run her fingers over his rough flesh, feel the wiry hairs sting her skin.

“Suck it, cum-licker,” Tony said, hammering more violently into her throat. “I have a whole bucket of cum for you to lick down. You like eating cum, I know it.”

“Mmmm-hmmmmm I do.” Brenda heard herself moan. Until then, she hadn”t wanted him to know just how much she was enjoying it. For some reason, it would smell of disaster, she thought.

How right she was.

“Listen to you, you filthy whore,” Tony grunted, placing his hands around her neck, squeezing her until her face grew purple. “You like cunt?” His voice grew higher, meaner, sadistic. “Well, by God, you”re gonna choke on it?”

He thrust his left leg between her thighs and crushed his boot heel into her oozing cunt. At the same time, he choked her harder, heaving forward. Instantly, his cum-load burst from his balls, scalding the back of her throat.

“Aieeeee!” Brenda yelled, wondering how she could endure such pain and still be alive. His boot was crushing the tender opening of her cunt, sending fiery spasms all the way back to the base of her spine. Her lungs were ready to explode, yet her air was still cut off. And now his jism was blasting into her throat, etching the top of her tongue.

Finally, and after what seemed an eternity, he released the grip around her neck. When he did, the vacuum in her lungs pulled the jism and air in together. As they mixed and became steam, her throat rattled as if in death.

“Aaaaaghhhhh!” she spluttered, sending a spray of glistening cum into his crotch hairs.

“Suck it, cum-sucker,” Tony grunted. He withdrew his prick suddenly and aimed his cock over her tits. The last molten glob of jism hit the top of his boot and rolled over the leather, mixing with the dust, melting into her cunt hairs. “Suck it… all,” he panted, lifting his foot, shoving the toe of his boot between her lips.

Brenda bit the leather as if it were an extension of his cock. And the delicious mixture of dirt and jism caused another rippling sensation in her throat. As the spasms shot down to her stomach, then filtered through her guts, she gave a scream of anguished pleasure.

“More,” she gasped. “Let me suck some more!”

When she moved her mouth away from his boot and lunged her head toward his prick, he slapped her. She looked upward and swallowed hard. Rage was written on his face.

“You filthy…” he began, then stopped. “OK, guys, she”s yours. I don”t like that bitch any more.”

His words hurt Brenda more than his slap. Why did he stop? Didn”t he like it? Christ, she sure did! It was the most fantastic orgasm she”d ever had in her entire life. In fact, if you put all the past climaxes together, they wouldn”t even begin to compare. She wanted him, she…

Her thoughts were interrupted by strong, rough hands on her shoulders. To her left side, she saw the rounded angle of a woman”s hip. She turned and saw a dead-like stare from dark, piercing eyes.

“Hello,” the girl said, lifting one eyebrow, “I”m Carla. And I”m going to fuck you.”

“No,” Brenda grunted, swallowing hard, revulsion sweeping about her like a damp, smoldering. Before she could protest further, Carla slipped between her and the tree. She unzipped her jeans and revealed her dark-brown crotch, the tight, oozing cunt opening. She placed her hands behind Brenda”s head and jabbed forward.

“See if you lick pussy as good as you suck cock,” Carla grunted.

“Get after her, Carla,” a laughing voice said from behind Brenda. “I”ll take care of this end.”

Brenda felt her body lifted, then lowered against the rough texture of bare, masculine flesh. Her cunt lay over the underside of what felt like a cock bigger than any she”d had before. Slowly, the throbbing end of it eased into her hole, stretching her opening wide.

“No,” Brenda murmured, inhaling the sweet aroma of the girl”s pussy. Then, as she felt the hard throbbing sensations of cock, grinding into her guts, she gasped out. “Yes,” she said. “Oh…”

This had to be the strangest sensation she”d ever experienced in her life. Never before had she even considered making love to a woman, and now it was happening! Although it was against her will, she nonetheless felt a fascination. It was almost as if she had suddenly become aware of her own body for the first time.

“Lick your tongue in, bitch,” Carla said, pushing forward, squirming her ass around. “I… I want you to eat my cunt down and swallow it.”

When Brenda stabbed her tongue into the hot, sucking hole, she felt it immediately engulfed with rippling spasms. And unlike the taste of a man, the girl”s body was sweet. Opaque juices streamed from the insides, burning the back of her throat like perfumed acid. She felt her body quiver, not knowing or caring whether it was from doing this, or the way the man under her was grinding his cock in and out more forcefully.

“Take it, baby,” the deep baritone said against her left ear. “You like my cock as good as Tony”s?”

“Yes,” Brenda heard herself say. “It”s… so big and hard and…”

“Shut up and eat my pussy!” Carla barked, pressing Brenda”s face violently forward. “Ah that”s it. Screw that little tongue like a cock.”

Brenda gave a muffled groan, feeling a scalding orgasm about to burst around her cunt entrance. This was beginning to be even better than it was with their leader. And although they didn”t slap her around like he had, their grunts were animal-like and fierce, abusing her emotionally.

“Fuck me,” she murmured into the curly, dark brown hairs of Carla”s pussy. “Stick that thing in me and… and make it hurt! Fuck me… hard!”

“Get after her, Buddy,” she heard a voice say. “Rip that little pussy apart. But be sure and save some for me.”

Brenda had almost forgotten about the others. Would they take her one at a time, and then perhaps, start over? How long would it take? And how soon would it be before pleasure turned to agony?

“Oh… fuck!” the man they called Buddy gasped. “Now, you little whore!”

Brenda felt his cock swell, completely filling her insides. Almost immediately, a rich explosion of creamy cum splattered her guts. She flinched wildly, stabbing her tongue forward into Carla”s cunt, then began writhing and jerking.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” she screamed into the delicate hole. “Fuck… fuck… fuck meeeee!”

“Oh shit, take it, you little slut,” Buddy grunted, slamming the bulk of his cum-load into her boiling, spasming pussy. “Fuck it here! Ummmm… fuck! Here, bitch!”

When Brenda”s climax burst around his spewing cock, she felt Carla”s pussy suck violently on her tongue. And as the fluttering muscles pulled her more deeply inside, a stream of molten juice burned against her chin. She licked and nibbled hungrily, scraping her teeth over the throbbing clit.

“Eat, baby,” Carla groaned, punching her ass back and forth. “Eat it good, or I”ll break your cocksucking neck!”

Brenda sat sandwiched between them until they finally stopped moving, their climaxes subsiding to dull throbs. And when they pulled away, she let her head fall to her right shoulder, her cheek touching the wiry texture of a beard. She looked at the man who had fucked her and jerked. He was darkly handsome, his good looks ruined by a large scar that ran from the corner of his right eye, down his cheek, and ended in a jagged T-shape near the angle of his jaw. His blue-black beard was almost razor-thin, just covering the bony projections of his jaw and chin.

“You”re fine, baby,” he said, grinning at her. “I”m gonna love fucking you like this all night.”

He was about to say something else, when Tony”s voice cut in.

“Better beat it,” he said. “To the house.”

Obviously, his word was law, for both Carla and Buddy jerked away from her. As she plopped back down on the ground, she saw Tony move over. Slowly, he withdrew a long black handle from his jacket. He touched a silver, button and an enormous blade shot to a point.

“Wha-what are you going to do?” she gasped, her ass muscles giving away in fear. The cold steel of the blade glinted in the glare of the sun.

“Scared?” Tony asked, moving the blade toward her neck.

“Yes,” Brenda said, feeling her mouth go dry.

She closed her eyes, waiting for the sharp spasm of pain when he plunged the knife in her throat. So this is how I”ll die, she thought. Tied to a tree, cum dripping from my mouth, my cunt, my asshole. Suddenly, the tame life with Leon seemed more wonderful than ever. If only I could start this day over, she said, calling on some unnamed God, I wonder…

She felt him touch her arm, then heard a slicing sound. Her hands and feet were suddenly free. She crawled back and looked at him, more horrified than ever. He was going to tease her before he killed her…

“Get your clothes on,” he ordered. “You”re gonna ride with me.”

“Hey,” Carla said, “what about me?”

“What about you?” Tony asked, his eyes still on Brenda.

“If she”s going to ride with you, who will I ride with?”

“Ride with Buddy,” Tony interrupted, his voice dangerously soft.

“Buddy?” Carla gasped. “Christ, I”d rather walk.”

“You ain”t breaking any fucking hearts over here, cunt,” Buddy snapped. “So fucking walk.”

“Shit,” Carla said, moving toward Buddy”s bike. “Double damned shit.”

When Brenda gathered her clothes up, she shot Carla a helpless look. Carla glanced back, almost casually. She then mouthed some words that stung Brenda”s brain.

“I”m gonna get you,” she had said silently. Later, as Brenda rode behind Tony, feeling the wind in her face, sweeping her hair about her head like a blazing halo, she held his waist tighter. Where was he taking her? she wondered. He had said to the house. Maybe they weren”t the freaks they seemed. They couldn”t be if they had a house. At least they had to hold down jobs to pay rent and utility bills.

She leaned forward, as if blocking the wind from her face, then inhaled deeply. Tony”s body smelled of sweat, of love. She barely touched her lips to his leather jacket, then felt them sting, almost as it were a part of him.

“Knock that shit off,” Tony said, jerking his shoulder back. “Who the fuck do you think I am, anyway? Your boyfriend?”

Brend sat up straight, embarrassed with his rebuff, the fact that he had caught her. And anyway, who was she kidding? He was after one thing. And when he”d gotten it, he would toss her aside, if she were lucky.

She then thought of the hard look in Carla”s eyes, and grew more frightened than ever. Tony, if he really wanted to be cruel, could give her over to Carla. Something told her that would be a fate worse than death. She looked at the sun as it neared the western horizon and wondered if she would ever see the light of day again. She considered, for a brief moment, jumping from the bike. Going at this speed, it would kill her instantly, and wouldn”t that be better than [missing text].

“Oh… God, this isn”t happening,” she cried to herself, feeling tears sting her cheeks. She”d never been more frightened in her life. “Please tell me it”s not happening!”

They drove down the road toward the mountains.


Tony threw Brenda on the bed, then tore her clothes off. When she lay in a naked heap, he yanked her legs apart, then tied her feet and arms to the four corners of the frame. She felt her sockets ache from the tautness of the rope, her wrists and ankles burn from the scratching of the hemp.

“There,” he said, admiring his work. He took his knife out and ripped her clothing to shreds. “Not gonna need these,” he said. “Ever again, baby.”

“Wha-what are you going to do?” she gasped, looking at his intense expression.

“Slow, aren”t you?” he said, smiling, his eyes dead.

“I mean… can you let me go?” she whispered. “I won”t tell anyone, I promise. I won”t.”

“You won”t talk, because your sweet mouth is gonna be full of hard cock,” he interrupted, unzipping his fly. “This hard cock. And when I”m finished with you, I”m gonna turn you over to the others.” He threw his head back and laughed. “And you think I”m bad? Oh, baby, I”m a fucking boy scout compared to a couple of them.”

“Don”t,” Brenda pleaded. God, was this the same person she had ridden on the bike with? Whatever possessed her even to consider kissing him. She”d never been so repulsed in her entire life. And as she looked at the purplish, thickly veined cock, she felt her throat constrict. It was no longer a prick, but a cattle prod, capable of killing her. “Please… don”t,” she spluttered, beginning to sob.

“Oh, you don”t like me now, do you?” he teased. “Back there at the lake you were begging to suck me. Remember, whore? Fucking begging.”

“You bastard!” she screamed, her anger bursting through her fear. “You…”

“Oh, the kitten has claws,” he grinned, his eyes glinting. “Good. I like taking what I get.”

Horror shook Brenda”s body. Now she”d gone and done it. No telling what he might do to her now.

“I”m sorry,” she said quickly. “I didn”t mean to…”

He walked over and slapped her savagely across the face, then grabbed her throat. He leaned down, his breath hot against her mouth, his eyes flashing with pure hatred.

“Just watch it, you little cunt,” he spat.

“Please,” she begged, swallowing hard, feeling the room spin.

“What were you and that guy doing out there?” he asked, his voice softer. “He rape you?”

“No,” Brenda said, realizing that he would be able to detect the slightest dishonesty. “It… it was sort of a game.”

“A game?” Tony asked. “Huh? I don”t get it?”

“We were just fucking around…”

“Oh, I see,” he said interrupting. “You”re one of those housewives who fucks around on her old man, who”s probably some fucking accountant or something. Goes off to the woods on Tuesdays and Thursdays to act out your fantasies. Right?” He tightened the pressure around her neck. “Am I wrong or right?” he asked. “Who the fuck was that creep anyway?”

“I… I don”t know his name. I just met him,” she answered.

He took his hand away from her neck, then touched her firm, ripened tits. As his fingers played with the rubbery, coral-colored nipples, he gave her a look of almost sadness.

“You have a beautiful body,” he said. “Too bad I”m going to have to hurt you.”

“Hurt me?” Brenda dared ask. “What… are you going to do?”

“You”ll see,” he said, standing.

He undressed slowly, sensuously, yet almost as if he were in the room alone. And in spite of herself, Brenda was fascinated. As more of his hard flesh came into view, her heartbeat quickened.

She had always thought of bikers as being dirty, greasy, having pot guts, smelling of beer and gasoline. Tony couldn”t have been more different.

He was well over six feet tall, and his body was a study in masculine perfection. From the wide shoulders, down to his large feet, he reeked of animal sensuality. His waist was waspish thin, his hips narrow. And on his muscular flesh, blond, wiry hairs caught the light. His face was angular, framed by a shock of thick, golden-colored hair. His eyes were blue, cool as steel. She was reminded suddenly of the Nazis. If any clothing should cover that raw masculinity, it should be a Gestapo uniform.

The bet part of him, however, was his thick, meaty cock. As it swung back and forth between his strong thighs, she remembered the taste, the feel as it throbbed between her tonsils. Her throat twitched as she studied it more carefully. The rubbery foreskin was smooth, just barely covering the ball of his shaft.

“You ready, cocksucker?” he asked, getting on the side of the bed, kneeling over her right thigh. “You been looking at me like you could eat me. Here”s your fucking chance.”

“No,” Brenda gasped, angry with herself for allowing him to catch her like that. “Like you said, if you want me, you”re going to have to take me. I think you”re a filthy pig, and I”d like to see you…”

Her words became a gurgle as he fell forward, crushing his cock into her throat. He squirmed around, digging his knees into her armpits, then held the back of her head. He pushed her brutally into his crotch, then humped against her face with his full strength.

“Aaarghhh!” Brenda spluttered, feeling a convulsion of fiery pain burst the back of her throat. She tried to pull away, but he increased the pressure of his large hands.

“No you don”t,” he panted, lifting his hips, plunging back down. “You said for me to take you, baby and that”s what I”m gonna do.”

Brenda tried fighting him, but it was useless. With her hands and feet tied, she had no choice but to lie there and be assaulted. Still, she couldn”t help but resist. She tried jerking her head from side to side, dislodge his gigantic prick. Instead of doing the lob, it caused the full length to stab fully into her throat.

“That”s it, baby, choke on it,” Tony grunted. “Bet you just love the fuck out of this. Don”t know why you”re fighting it so much.”

I hate it, you bastard, she thought. I hate every cell in your body! And if it were up to me, I”d have you on a spit, turning slowly over a low fire.

“Suck it, sweetheart,” he whispered, lifting his ass once more, stabbing back inside. “Show me how much you like Tony”s big cock. I”m better than that guy in the woods, better than your little husband.”

Brenda”s feeling of hatred melted, almost as quickly as it had risen. Yes, he was better. He was the best, in fact. And even though she was frightened out of her mind, her body betrayed her. She loved the rough texture of his hairy muscles, the way his iron-like cock plunged into the back of her throat. She practically worshiped his huge, hulking frame, the way it smelled of sweat.

“Mnmmmmm!” she cried out, jerking her head upward, pursing her lips around the pulsating cock base. His nuts throbbed over her chin, rolled across her cheek. Just thinking about the cum-load they bore made her moan again, her voice racked with ecstasy.

“Oh yeah — suck, cocksucker,” Tony murmured, feeling the pressure of her mouth increase. “Just like that. You keep giving me good blow-jobs and I might not give you to those animals.” He laughed suddenly. “Not for a while, anyway,” he added, his voice cruel.

At that moment, Brenda didn”t care what he did. She couldn”t think of anything, not her freedom, not her torn clothes, not even of her husband. Nothing mattered but the acrid smell of his hairy crotch, the thrusting sensations his prick gave her. Her cunt was boiling, twitching like it never had before. And each time the monstrous cockhead rolled across her lapping tongue, her pleasure grew, almost bordering pain.

“Ooonmmmmm!” she gasped, lifting her hands, straining against the ropes. She wished she was free, that she could cup that hairy, bobbing ass. She would stab her fingers inside that hot little shitter and…

“Mmmnmffffff!” she choked, her orgasm hitting her savagely, almost with no warning.

“Fuck!” Tony barked, punching in and out of her mouth with savage force. “You… you really like it, don”t you? Well, suck it! Suck my cum and… gargle it down, cock-bitch!”

Brenda”s climax became so intense, so all-consuming her body jerked as if in the throes of death. And when her back arched, crushing her face violently into his jabbing crotch, the ropes at her wrists and ankles scraped into the delicate flesh. Burning spasms shot into her armpits, up the insides of her thighs. Still, even this pain was delicious.

“Aaaaaghhhh!” she choked again, freezing with raw ecstasy, then falling back. “Mnunnnnmmm!”

Tony was hating with his body, driving his cock in and out of her throat with wild abandon. Finally, his cum-load dribbled to nothing and he fell forward, crushing his entire weight into her mouth. He exhaled loudly as he squirmed his ass around, then lay his forehead against the corner of the mattress.

“Fuck,” he panted. “Goddamned… fuck!”

After a few moments, he rolled to one side and pulled his rock-hard cock from her cum-splattered lips. He raised his left knee over her body, to the hollow of her throat. Slowly, he exerted more pressure, crushing her between him and the bed. He looked down and saw a milky stream spurt from the corner of her mouth.

“I may not turn you over to those animals after all,” he said softly, almost tenderly. “You, how do you say in middle-class English, amuse me.”

Brenda was too exhausted to reply, to even think about what had happened. She certainly didn”t want to ponder what might happen. After all, when he was no longer amused, what would happen?

She looked around her and studied the room, wondering how they came to be here in the first place. It looked like an average cabin an accountant and his wife and kids might flee to over the holidays. Probably, it was. They had just come in, lock, stock and barrel.

Well, they couldn”t stay too long, she thought. Neighbors would notice. They would call the police.

Of course, that might be days, or even weeks from now. And something told her she might not even have hours. She shivered again, her fear turning her stomach.

“Tony, I…”

“So you know my name, huh?” he said. “That”s too bad.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, swallowing hard.

He was about to say something, when the door opened. Carla walked in and gave Brenda a look of pure hatred. When she looked up at Tony, her expression softened slightly.

“Hey, Tony,” she said, “let”s you and me…”

“You jealous?” Tony interrupted. “Think maybe she”s my new lady?”

“For her sake, I hope not,” Carla said, looking back at Brenda.

“You could learn a few things from this baby,” Tony said, a chuckle in his voice. “Stick around.”

“Oh… can I?” Carla said excitedly. “Just like the last one?”

“Yeah, like the last one,” Tony said, getting off the bed. “Only this time, she”s all mine.”

Although Carla was obviously disappointed with his remark, excitement still sparkled in her eyes. She licked her lips as she looked down at Brenda”s naked body.

“Want me to get the stuff?” she asked.

“Yeah, go get it,” Tony said.

“What stuff?” Brenda gasped, not wanting to hear.

“You”ll find out,” Tony laughed, crossing his arms, giving her the coolest look she”d ever seen.

“Wha-what are you going to do?” Brenda moaned, tears welling in her eyes.

“Why, baby, we”re just going to hurt you, that”s all,” Tony said, smiling like a vampire.


Brenda looked at the stiff, pulsating cock as it projected from Tony”s middle. Whatever it was he was going to do had certainly excited him. The end of his prick was tight as a drum-head, ready to burst. He was licking his lips, his eyes glazing with pleasure.

“Here they are,” Carla said, entering the bedroom. She deposited a red tool box at his feet. “Can… can I do something too?” she begged, looking Tony in his eyes.

“Maybe,” he said, turning to Brenda. “It all depends on her. I”ll give her a little test.”

He picked up a dull knife from the tool boxed began cutting the ropes at Brenda”s ankles and wrists. When she was free, he stepped back and dropped the knife back into the tool box. He then withdrew a pair of pliers. On the pincers, a raw silky-looking material had been wrapped.

“Now put your hands and feet back where they were,” Tony said to Brenda. “You”re gonna pretend you”re tied up.”

“Pretend?” Brenda asked, rubbing her wrists. “I… I don”t understand.”

“It”s simple,” Tony said. “I”m going to fuck you, and, well, play around a little.” He slapped the pliers into his left palm. “And if you move your arms and legs, then I give you to Carla. If you don”t move…”

“She”ll move,” Carla interrupted. “Oh, yes she”ll move.”

“If you don”t move,” Tony said a little louder, “then you stay with me.” He turned and grinned at Carla. “Maybe here on out.”

Brenda”s mind was thundering with horror. What on earth was he going to do? Those pliers! And that thing about not moving her hands and feet. And what would Carla do to her, if she did move?

“Ready?” Tony asked, approaching the bed. “You ready for your big test, and this big cock?” Brenda closed her eyes, wondering if it were possible to faint while lying down. She could, of course, bounce off the bed and hurl herself through the window, but what would it solve? She had no idea where she was, if there were anyone around for miles. And assuming they caught her — which they undoubtedly would — what would happen then? The mere thought was terrifying.

“Now you just put your hands and legs back where they were,” Tony said, kneeling between her thighs, looking into her pained eyes. “And baby, if you move them, Carla takes over.”

“Oh yes,” Carla said, sitting down on a chair near the foot of the bed. “Carla gets you.”

Brenda moved her hands and feet back to where they had been when she was tied up. She felt suddenly very embarrassed, humiliated. This was the first overt action she”d done, and it made her angry. She was playing along with them, walking right into the jaws of horror.

Tony leaned forward and stabbed the end of his cock between her oozing cuntlips. At the same time, he moved his right hand upward, brushing the cold steel of the pliers over her arms.

“No!” Brenda screamed out, her eyes on the pincers, feeling his cock tear her opening apart. “You”re… you”re going to…”

“She”s moving her hands, Tony!” Carla said, sitting up.

Brenda let her hands freeze, then clutched the material of the mattress. She had moved them a fraction of an inch, but could that matter? With Carla, it would, obviously.

“I”ll give her a little leeway,” Tony said. “Couple of inches.” He then looked at Brenda. “But that”s all, baby. If you fucking touch me, well… just don”t touch me.”

Brenda wanted to close her eyes, to block out the horror that was about to take place, she couldn”t. The steel pliers glinted in the amber light, touching her shoulder like a flame.

“Take it all the way in, baby,” Tony gasped, plunging the rest of his cock inside her swollen hole. “Ah… that”s it. Nice and snug. Now fuck it.”

When Brenda felt the entire length of his prick sear into her guts, she flinched. And although the massive size sent a spasm of raw pain into her sensitive membranes, it was delicious. It was a near impossible task to keep her hands and feet where they were. She wanted to reach around him, press his firm, hairy ass harder between her thighs. She wanted to lock her ankles together behind his legs.

“Oh!” she cried out, feeling the pain turn to raw pleasure. A delicate flutter quivered her insides, causing her cunt to melt, ooze with juice. “Big! Your cock is so big!” she cried out.

“Like it?” Tony murmured. “Baby, I sure as hell do. You have the tightest, hottest little cunt I”ve ever fucked.”

Brenda lay beneath him in agony, her climax building, tearing around her cunt entrance. Then, when she felt as if her ecstasy would explode, she felt the pincers of the pliers dig into the soft flesh of her shoulder. The teeth separated, then bit into her skin.

“Ohhhh!” she screamed, the spasm of pain evaporating all pleasure.

“Scream, baby,” Tony murmured, increasing the pressure of the handles. He slammed in and out of her pussy with driving force, crushing the air out of her lungs. “Scream and fuck me, you cocksucking whore.”

Brenda”s body shivered with an aching convulsion of raw pain, then beaded with sweat. Her arms and legs — stretched wide — were frozen, the joints locked. She was aware of every muscle in her body by the separate, and distinct throbs. Another jolt of fiery terror shot into her shoulder.

“Like this?” Tony asked, slowly twisting the silk-covered pincers, leaving a red welt on her flesh. “Huh, baby? You like getting hurt like this?”

Brenda was about to scream out for him to stop, or to kill her and get it over with, but an enormous explosion of pure, delicious ecstasy gripped her cunt. She bucked upward so violently, she almost rocked him off the bed.

“Aieee!” she wailed, gritting her teeth. “Fuck… fuck… fuckkkkk meee!”

“Jesus,” Tony grunted, amazed with her reaction. “I… I don”t fucking believe this!”

“Do it to her!” Carla barked out, standing. She ripped her clothes off and stood beside the bed, spreading her legs wide. She then jabbed the fingers of both hands between her legs and rolled them inside her oozing cunt.

“Make her hurt, baby. God, make her hurt so… so good!”

When Brenda felt Tony remove the pliers from the flesh of her shoulders, her pleasures exploded once more. Now all pain melted to delicious ecstasy. She relaxed slightly, exhaling loudly. His prick molded into the lips of her cunt, spreading her insides with buzzing vibrations.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she whispered. “That was good.”

Tony looked at her with rage, then dropped the pliers to her right tit. Carefully, he slipped the coral-colored nipple between the jaws and clamped them shut. At the same time, he lowered his mouth down on her left tit and gobbled the flesh inside. He bared his teeth and bit down hard.

“Ohhhhhh!” Brenda screamed, unable to believe that anything could be so horrible and wonderful at the same time. Her left tit was treated to the most fantastic assault it had ever known, while her right was bursting with agony. The twin sensations danced in her chest like angry snakes.

“No! God… no!” she screamed.

“Oh… this is better,” Carla said, her eyes widening, locked on Brenda”s feet. “She”s gonna move them, I know.”

When Brenda heard Carla”s words, she was filled with the courage of a saint. And although she wanted nothing more than to slap the pliers away from her body, she knew she could stand the pain.

“You… go to hell you lesbian bitch!” she spat at Carla.

“Hurt her! Goddamn you! Hurt her!” Carla screamed out.

For a moment, Brenda thought the girl would pounce on her, tear her eyes out. She”d never seen anyone go white with pure rage before, but Carla had. She looked like an angry ghost.

To their words, Tony only laughed. In fact, he decreased the pressure of the pliers, finally took them away entirely. He raised himself from Brenda”s chest and gave her a strange look, then smiled.

For Brenda, the pain of his smile, his sudden warm behavior was worse than the agony of the pliers. This moment was the most dangerous of all, for she felt her hands and legs stir, moving out of control. She exerted her last strength to nail them back down.

Tony kissed her then, the most gentle kiss she”d ever received. As their lips barely brushed against each other, he lifted his ass and thrust his cock slowly back inside her cunt.

“Think you can take it?” he murmured.

“No,” Brenda said honestly. “It… it”s too good.”

Without another word, he began fucking in and out of her pussy, touching her as if she were made of glass. And there was no trick he didn”t know. Soon, her body was rippling with anticipation, her arms and legs throbbing with burning pain.

If only I could reach around him just once, she thought. If I could touch that hard, muscled flesh, feel his hairy, firm ass.

“Take it, baby,” he grunted, moving a little faster. “Fuck my big cock in you and lap out my cum with that little pussy of yours.”

When Brenda heard the word cum, she knew she wouldn”t be able to last. Her fingers curled as if she had nails driven in her palms, an unseen force was pushing her legs closer together. She could almost see the delicious gobs of creamy jism bursting into her guts, etching her fluttering membranes.

“No!” she screamed to her body, commanding it to be still. “No! God damn it… no!”

“Yes,” Tony whispered, almost reading her mind.

With blessed relief, she felt the pincers of the pliers stab the flesh of her hips. Before, he had worked on her with them just to the border of agony. This time, he really hurt her. Flames shot through her body, but as they did, her legs and arms stretched out even wider than before.

“God!” she shrieked, freezing, experiencing the wildest climax in her entire life.

“Unh… fuck!” Tony cried out, biting down on her mouth like a striking cobra. He jabbed in the first of his explosive wads of jism. “Fuck it, whore,” he panted, lifting his hips, ramming in again. “Jesus… shit, fuck it!”

Brenda”s climax peaked, then exploded again, sending a shower of pure ecstasy into every cell of her body. Then, as the pleasure subsided, she felt him release the pressure of the pliers. The wound throbbed, then became cold and numb. But for some reason, it was a delicious feeling, a crown of victory.

“I”ll be Goddamned,” Tony said, grinning into her eyes.

“You didn”t hurt her!” Carla spat suddenly, realizing that she”d lost.

“Get lost, Carla,” Tony said firmly.

“Don”t tell me you”re…”

“I said get the fuck out,” he interrupted. “Now, bitch!”

The girl grabbed her clothes and stormed out of the room, slamming the door so hard the window rattled. When they were alone, Tony stretched out over Brenda”s body and nestled his face against her shoulder. A few moments later his breathing was rhythmic, his eyes closed. The pliers dropped from his fingers and fell to the floor.

Brenda lay beneath him for a long while, trying desperately to figure a way to escape. If she moved, he might awaken. And the only exit was where Carla was, and she certainly didn”t want to see her.

Home suddenly seemed light years away, Leon only a vague memory. She had played with fire and gotten burned.

If only I”d stayed home, this would never have happened, she thought. Somehow, the thought wasn”t as comforting as it might have been.

Slowly, she lifted her right hand and squeezed her fingers, getting the circulation back. She then trembled with growing excitement as she watched her arm move up to a right angle, then over his body. As her fingers neared his ass, she could feel the heat from his body.

When she cupped his ass, a savage climax tore into her pussy. She moaned, trying not to move then relaxed, her body spent, exhausted.

When Tony felt the pressure of her hand, the delicate flutterings of her climaxing cunt, and smiled.


When the morning sun caught her eyes, Brenda shivered. What a horrible dream, she thought. It seemed so real!

Suddenly, she realized it wasn”t a dream at all. She lay beneath Tony, her body bruised and aching from his savage sex. What would happen now?

She tried to squirm from beneath him, but his huge, hulking weight prevented it. His cock was still hard as steel, grinding in her cunt.

“Mmmmmm?” he said, stirring, thrusting his prick further inside.

“Ouch!” Brenda cried out, flinching.

“Hello,” the man said sleepily, lifting his head. “You sleep good?”

Brenda took her hand away from his ass as if she”d been stung. She nodded her head, then looked away, squinting into the garish light that flowed through the window.

“Ready to go at it again?” he said softly, running his rough hands over her tits. “I love it first thing in the morning.”

“I… I can”t do it again,” Brenda said honestly. The night before had been both physically and emotionally exhausting. “Please don”t ask me to,” she added.

“Ask?” he demanded. “Did I hear right? Ask?”

“I mean, don”t make me,” she said quickly.

He moved off of her suddenly and stood up beside the bed. He nodded his head toward the bathroom door, then looked away.

“Get your ass cleaned up,” he said gruffly. “But no funny stuff.”

Brenda meekly obeyed, but when her feet touched the floor, she felt weak as a kitten. The room seemed to spin and grow dark. Finally, she stood and stumbled toward the door, holding onto the wall as she went. She entered the bathroom, then locked the door. When she turned and looked into the mirror, she swallowed hard.

“My God!” she gasped, hardly able to recognize her own face. She looked drawn, used. Still, there hadn”t been any real damage, not even to her skin where he”d applied the pliers. She was thankful for that wrapping of silk, but also wondered why he used it.

She turned on the shower and stepped in the tub, feeling the water revitalize her almost immediately. She then sat down and leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes. As the rivulets of water hit her body, cleansed her of the night before, she stretched, feeling alive.

“Hurry up!” she heard Tony”s voice call out. “This aint no Goddamned hotel.”

She washed herself quickly, then stood up. She dried herself on a fluffy towel, then looked back at her reflection. As she smiled, noting that she”d never looked lovelier, she heard a banging on the door.

She darted her eyes toward the window and noticed that it was just big enough for her to get through.

“Just a second,” she called out, her heart pounding in her throat.

If she went now, she might be able to escape. She could climb through the window, and by the time he got dressed, she could be well in the woods. Since the house had electricity and water, they had to be somewhere close to neighbors. Without another thought, she clutched at the window and raised it.

“I”m gonna knock this Goddamned door down if you”re not out of there by the time I count to ten, you bitch?”

Brenda moved the window carefully.

“One, two, three…”

She grabbed the towel and threw it out the window, then squeezed her upper body through, clutching at the outside walls.

“… four, five, six…”

She hit the ground with a thud, then gave a hunted look around. Grasping the towel and throwing it around her naked body, she ran for the woods, stumbling and tripping.

“… seven, eight, nine…”

She could barely hear Tony”s voice as she entered the woods, but the sound of crashing wood was loud and clear a couple of seconds later.

“Ten!” he roared, kicking in the door.

Brenda ran wildly, ducking under branches, feeling weeds claw at her legs like fingers. She was well on her way to freedom, she knew. At least, she was still alive.

She stopped suddenly to see if she could hear the sound of him chasing her, but nothing, only the rush of blood in her ears, an occasional call from a bird. She took a deep breath and ran on, blindly.

After what seemed hours, she stopped, then sat down, cocking her head to one side, again listening for unusual sounds.

He must have given up, she thought, almost laughing. And anyway, what could he do? Chase after her in the woods, buck naked? What did he have to gain? Courage seemed to flow in her veins as she stood up. She wrapped the towel securely around her body, then walked more slowly, still alert, however.

She saw a slight clearing suddenly, like it might be a road. She squinted through the bushes, then laughed. It was a road! A beautiful, wonderful road!

She bounded through the woods and fell to the shoulder of the road, looking both ways. In the distance, she saw the glare of a windshield. She stood and lifted her right hand, then began waving frantically.

When she saw the brown van, she almost fainted. At last she would be rescued! She ran toward the oncoming vehicle, her towel flapping in the wind. When it stopped and the door opened, she practically fell inside.

“Thank God!” she spluttered, then looked upward at the face. “Thank… Carla!” she screamed, her blood turning to ice.

Before she had time to react, she was pulled violently inside the van and thrown on the back. The van took off with a jerk, throwing her to one side.

“No, no, no,” she moaned, closing her eyes in agony, in horror.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Carla said softly. She then turned to Buddy, who was driving and said, “Take the long way back. Tony said to bring her back, but he didn”t say when.”

When Brenda saw Carla move to the back of the van, she had reached her breaking point, and all her anger was turned on this woman. She lunged forward, catching the girl off balance, then tore at the pretty face with her nails.

“You bitch!” Carla screamed.

Whatever it was Carla had in mind to do, she didn”t accomplish. Brenda was a cat, alive with hatred. She kicked and hit, clawed and tore wildly. Within a matter of seconds, Carla was on the floor of the van, helpless. Victory was short, however, for a split-second later, Brenda felt a karate chop to the back of her neck, then she felt the van swerve. Sweet darkness surrounded her like a fog.

When she awoke, she was bound and gagged, lying on her side, the gritty carpet scratching her face. She looked up and saw that Carla was driving, Buddy taking off his clothes, just at her feet.

“What…?” she said, her voice muffled against the material of the gag.

“Well, it”s pretty fucking obvious you can”t take care of her,” Buddy was saying. “So you drive. I”ll handle the bitch.”

When he looked down and saw that Brenda was conscious, he removed the gag, then leaned over her body. As his face drew nearer, she shivered with horror. If she thought she”d seen anger and hatred in Tony”s eyes, it was nothing compared to this man.

“Don”t!” she gasped. “Please! I won”t tell anyone. I”ll just…”

“You”ll just suck this cock like there”s no tomorrow,” Buddy said, crawling over her body. “Now shut up and lick it in, baby.”

Brenda”s lips burned suddenly when he forced his huge, pulsating prick into her mouth. She gave a choking groan and tried to turn away, but he held her with both hands. He withdrew slowly, then gouged back in. As his balls crawled up the hollow of her throat and hung over her chin, he leaned forward, holding her face in his crotch.

“Ah that”s the way, cocksucker,” he said. “No fucking wonder Tony wants you all to himself. You suck cock so fucking good.”

“Mnmfffff!” Brenda choked, feeling the back of her throat burn with pain from his rough move.

“Like it, don”t you?” he murmured, slipping his prick about halfway out. He then banged in wildly, crunching the base of his cock savagely between her teeth. “Oh, I”ll just bet you love gargling down hot cum, whore.”

Brenda struggled, but it was useless. Not only were the ropes on her hands and feet securely tied, but his huge, hulking weight prevented even the smallest movement. It would be useless to fight. She could only lie there and… And what?

She hated herself for the thoughts, but she had to admit that he was handsome, in a savage sort of way. He wasn”t quite as tall as Tony, but stockier, his muscles in ribbons. His tanned body was covered with coarse, wiry hair, his chest sculptured. His face was angular, his eyes deep set and brown as the hair that covered his head. His thighs were large and meaty, powerful as a vise.

“Obhhhhhh!” she gurgled, suddenly feeling a spasm of pleasure inside her cunt. She hated herself even more now, unable to believe her reaction.

“Jesus, if your mouth is so fucking nice, just think what your pussy is gonna be like,” Buddy punted, stabbing his knees into her armpits.

“You know what Tony said,” Carla retorted. “He said to leave her pussy alone.”

“Who said anything about a pussy?” Buddy said innocently. “There”s all kinds of places to fuck this little baby. And besides, I”ve already had her cunt when she was tied around that tree.”

Revulsion and horror swept into Brenda”s mind. With him on top of her like this and Carla driving, she might not ever get back to Tony.

Get back to Tony? God, I must be cracking up! I was running away from him!

“Suck it, baby,” Buddy said, grinding his cock inside her mouth with his full strength. “Come on, show me what Tony got all flicking night.”

Brenda had every desire to bare her teeth and bite his cock off, but something held her back. It wasn”t his reaction, or her fear of what Carla might do to her — she would be defenseless tied up like this. Rather, it was the delicious way his cock tasted. So rich and meaty, and just a hint of cunt-juice.

“Mmmmm!” she groaned out, lifting her face, digging her nose into the acrid-smelling crotch hairs.

“Oh… shit, this is fine,” Buddy cried out, bucking up and down wildly. His cum-load was burning at the base of his cock, ready to shoot into her mouth. He gave a last effort to hold back, but found it impossible.

“Suck it in, whore,” he panted. “Come on, lick out old Buddy”s cum and suck it down!”

When Brenda felt his prick spasm, then explode with warmth, her own orgasm riddled her guts. She flailed about, feeling the pressure of the ropes increase as she tried to grab for his bobbing ass. She rubbed her knees together, her action stimulating her cunt.

“Aaaaghhhhh!” she choked, air and cum mixing in the back of her throat.

“Oh… fuck!” Buddy grunted, heaving into her mouth with full force, emptying the bulk of his cum over her tongue. “Eat it all, baby. Suck me dry!”

As his boiling jism burst in her throat, some of the hot juices shot upward, behind Brenda”s nose. A couple of seconds later, twin streams of silvery cum burned from both nostrils, then crept across her cheeks. As they etched her flesh, working toward her ears, another massive climax tore into her guts.

“There,” Buddy gasped at last, pumping in the final wad of hot cum. “Suck it all, bitch.”

He crushed his full weight into her mouth, then squirmed his ass around. Finally, he stopped all movement, then got to his knees, pulling his cock from her mouth. He moved further over her face and sat down, pressing the crack of his ass over her cum-splattered mouth.

“Suck out my shitter,” he said with a groan. “You lick mine and I”ll fuck yours, baby.”

When the greasy, hairy opening of his shitter touched her lips, Brenda gave a muffled, anguished scream of raw pleasure. She loved it. She actually loved being tied up, made to suck out his ass.

“Fuck… fuck me!” she begged, licking her tongue in and out of the tightly constricted hole.

“Oh God, please!”

“We”re almost there,” Carla said.

“Take her around again,” Buddy said. “I”m nowhere near finished with this baby.”

“But Tony…”

“Fuck Tony,” Buddy growled. “Now do as I say.”

Brenda felt the van swerve, then stop. It backed up, then started again. How long would they be gone before Tony came looking for them?

She suddenly hoped it would be hours.


Buddy rolled Brenda to her stomach, then untied her leg. Her hands, however, were still firmly clasped behind her back. He spread her thighs and squeezed in closer behind her, nuzzling his throbbing cockhead into the delicately formed crack.

“Want me to fuck your little shitter apart?” he grinned, thrusting his fingers into the tight crack. “Hmmmmm, baby? That what you want? Or do you want to suck some more cock?”

“Fuck me,” Brenda gasped out, hating herself for being so weak. She wished she had the power to scream, to call him every name in the book, but she couldn”t. And even though her legs were now free, she found her feet playing with his, trying to scoot him closer.

“I want to feel your big hard prick inside me,” she panted.

“Damn, she”s sure got a case of the hots,” Buddy said. “You hear that, Carla? She”s actually begging me to screw her asshole.”

“I heard, I heard,” Carla said, casting a backward glance. “So fuck her and shut up. Tony”s gonna get suspicious if we”re not back pretty soon.”

“Oh, I will,” Buddy murmured, spreading her asscheeks with his large, rough hands. When the tiny, puckered opening of her shitter spread slightly, he nuzzled his cockhead forward, touching the tender membrane.

“Mmmm, gonna fuck you right here,” he gasped, his muscles flexing with excitement.

When Brenda felt the throbbing sensation of his prick, she cried out with delicious anguish. She struggled with her tied hands and flinched. The ropes were burning her flesh, just like his cock would soon do to her shitter.

“Hurry!” she cried out. “I… I can”t wait! I want it, you big bastard! Screw me full of hot cum!”

“You got it, baby,” Buddy whispered, guiding the tip of his cock inside her asshole with the aid of his wrist band. When he felt the constricted opening gulp around his shaft, he fell forward, digging the rest of it inside. He gave a gurgling moan of pleasure, then kissed the back of her neck.

“Oh sweet fucking Jesus!” he groaned. “This is better than a pussy any Goddamned day!”

When the entire slab of prick gouged her guts, Brenda screamed out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. And although the fiery sensations were almost unbearable, the jolts of ecstasy made it more than worthwhile. She writhed about beneath him, completely forgetting all rational thought. Nothing seemed to matter but the fantastic way his prick fucked her.

“Yessssss!” she hissed, throwing her head to one side, closing her eyes with ecstasy. “Just like that, you big prick stud. Make it hurt. Fuck me apart!”

Buddy withdrew slightly, then lunged back in. When his cock slipped into the delicate, fluttering rim, he felt a spasm of raw torture in his balls. It was almost impossible for him to believe, but he was ready to blow his load again. And he”d just done it!

“Wow!” he grunted, reaching under her body, fumbling with her tits. “I might have to fight Tony over you, baby. I think I could fuck you like this forever.”

“Suck me and fuck me at the same time,” Brenda begged, twisting beneath him. When her right tit slipped upward, she felt his mouth bite down, pulling it inside.

“Oh… oh yes, just like that!” she panted.

While he chewed and sucked on her tit, Buddy screwed in and out of her shitter with growing speed. Soon his ass was a bobbing mass of blurred flesh. His nuts began to expand, then recede slightly into his loins.

“Shit… I can”t wait!” he moaned, lifting his face, his expression contorted with agony. “You… you”re too fucking good! Oh shit!”

His words were drowned out by Brenda”s scream. Her body bucked, then exploded with wild, savage release. Every cell, each nerve was alive with electric-like jolts of pure pleasure. Even the soles of her feet, her scalp tingled with passion.

“Aieeee!” she shrieked, freezing, her climax peaking with brutal pulsations. “Fuck! Fuck me full, you bastard! Ream out my asshole with-with a gallon of hot cum!”

“Oh… take it, whore!” Buddy gasped, humping savagely in and out of her hole. As his cum burst inside, he felt his shaft bathed with creamy warmth, sending ripples of pleasure into his loins. “Fuck it here! Goddamn you, cocksucker, here!”

For Brenda, it seemed like a delicious eternity as she lay beneath his humping, stabbing assault. And long after he”d stopped blowing his load, she felt one orgasm after another. In fact, it had even been better than it was with Tony. Maybe because Carla was so dangerously close, or the fact that she”d been caught and was being returned to her brutal lover.

“You… you”re the best,” she whispered. “God, the absolute best!”

“Even better than Tony?” Buddy dared, getting off her body.

“Better than Tony,” Brenda said stupidly, not realizing the consequences of her idle remark. “Much better,” she murmured.

“Well, ain”t that a note?” Buddy said, obviously pleased. “Then let”s see if we can make it even better, baby. Now a shot at that little pussy of yours.”

This time, Carla was unusually silent. She merely drove along, a smile forming on her lips.

“How do you like it, baby?” Buddy said to Brenda. He then began untying her hands. “Let me get rid of these things and we”ll…”

“No!” Brenda said quickly, wondering, herself, why she”d said it. “I… I like being tied up and fucked.”

“You like it?” Buddy asked, a shocked expression on his handsome face. “Jesus, I was gonna be nice to you.”

“Don”t be nice,” Brenda heard herself say. “Be mean. Make it hurt. Do things to me that Tony would never think of.”

“Well, I don”t know,” Buddy began stupidly, looking around the van, “what did you have in mind for…”

“For God”s sake, use your imagination,” Carla snapped from the driver”s seat. “You big, Goddamned bull.”

Having never before been called on to use his imagination, Buddy was rather at a loss. He began rummaging through the tool kit at the end of the van and brought out a can of shoe polish, a church key and a small oil can.

“How about these?” he asked.

“For Christ”s Goddamned sake,” Carla said, looking in the rearview mirror. She pulled the van over to the shoulder of the road and parked it. Quickly, she padded into the back of the van and pushed Buddy aside, looking into the tool kit. “Use this,” she said, holding up a small vise. “That bitch wants to make it hurt, well…”

“No!” Brenda said suddenly, wondering what had possessed her even to suggest anything like this when Carla was around. “I changed my mind. I don”t…”

“Changed your mind?” Carla said, her eyes glinting. “Oh, I”d say that was too bad. Too fucking bad.”

When Brenda saw the girl begin fumbling with her clothes, she felt pure terror race up and down her spine.

Stupid! That”s what I am. Stupid! She thought with a panic.

“You gonna join us?” Buddy asked, looking at the swollen tits when Carla yanked her blouse open.

“No, idiot, you”re gonna join us,” Carla replied, her eyes on Brenda”s horrified expression.

“But I was here first and…” he mumbled.

“Look, moron,” Carla said evenly, “you want to screw her, right? And if you do, Tony”s gonna be pissed, right? So you screw her and let me do my thing, and I won”t tell.”

“Sounds fair,” Buddy said, licking his lips.

Carla shucked out of the rest of her clothes and moved over toward Brenda. She then ran her fingers over Brenda”s tits, squeezing the rubbery nipples.

“This is gonna hurt, baby,” she whispered, lowering her face to Brenda”s. “It”s going to hurt so good.”

Brenda knew that Carla would not do her serious harm or she would have to deal with Tony later. And the man”s presence seemed to hang around them all. Still, Carla probably was a pro at this, knew how to hurt without leaving any marks.

“What are you going to do?” she gasped, looking up at the cruel, but lovely face.

“Me?” Carla asked. “Why, baby, I”m not going to do anything. You”re gonna do it. You”re gonna lick out my pussy. And if you don”t do it good enough, I”m gonna twist these sweet tits off.”

Before Brenda could even react, Carla took her blouse and draped it between the jaws of the small vise. She then placed the instrument on her chest and held Brenda”s nipple.

“No,” Brenda gasped, feeling the cool metal against hat flesh, “Don”t!”

“Shut up, you little bitch,” Carla said, tightening the vise slightly, clamping the cloth-covered metal into the yielding mound. “Just remember, sweetheart, the better you eat pussy, the less pain you get.”

When the vise was in place, Carla straddled Brenda”s body, her knees over Brenda”s shoulders, then lowered her cunt down to the gaping mouth. She had her hands behind her, beginning to tighten the vise jaws.

“Lick it baby,” she commanded, pressing her against Brenda”s mouth. “Stick your tongue in me and suck my pussy like a cock.”

Brenda had no choice but to obey. She stabbed her tongue into the dark patch of cunt hair, felt the juices sting the back of her throat. Almost immediately, she felt a fiery sensation of raw pain drill into hr chest, the vise was growing tighter, causing her to flinch with agony.

“Faster, baby, or it gets worse,” Carla said.

“Come on, you can do better than that. I”ve seen your work on cockmeat, remember?”

Although Brenda had almost no experience, she quickly learned how to please Carla. The girl liked her cunt chewed, the insides of her cunt opening licked quickly, like a snake”s flickering tongue.

“Oh, that”s it,” Carla cried out, pressing her pussy harder over Brenda”s lips. “Mmmmm, you might do a good job after all.”

Brenda sucked and chewed until her jaws ached, throbbed with exhaustion. But each time she paused, even to breathe, the vise tightened. She would scream loudly into the dark hole and renew her efforts.

“Now can I fuck her?” Buddy said from behind Carla. His eyes were drilling into the peach-colored cunt hairs.

“Sure,” Carla said, moaning with pleasure. “Fuck the living shit out of her.”

While Brenda lapped furiously on Carla”s cunt, she felt Buddy”s hands move up the insides of her thighs. Seconds later, his monstrous cockhead probed into her churning opening, spreading the puckered entrance. She gave a loud, gurgling groan, freezing with ecstasy.

“Eat my pussy, bitch!” Carla screamed out, giving the vise another turn. “Don”t let his fucking stop you!”

“Ohhhh God, you”re killing me!” Brenda shrieked, but lapped inside the swollen cunt nonetheless.

For the next few moments, she thought she would faint. Her body had never before been subjected to such sensations. While her throat ached for more of Carla”s cunt juice, and her pussy begged for the raw fucking Buddy was giving her, her chest was on fire with agony. The air in the van grew close, almost a fog of sensuality.

“Ohhhhh!” she screamed, bucking with nearing climax. “Just stop for a little while, and…”

When she felt Carla”s hand fumble with the vise, she knew the top of her head would blow off. She was expecting another jolt of savage pain, but instead, blessed relief. Carla took the clamp off and threw it aside.

“Here”s your chance, baby,” she said. “Do it good, or I”ll put it back on.”

Brenda was so thankful, so deliciously excited, she would have done anything for the girl. She tore into the delicious, smoldering cunt for all she was worth, slipping her forehead against the smooth, flat stomach.

“Oh, yes!” Carla screamed out, grabbing the back of Brenda”s head, crushing her fully into her steaming crotch. “Eat! Suck! Chew up my pussy and… and… aieeee!”

When Brenda felt the girl”s climax, the delicious way the pussy lips closed in around her teeth and tongue, her own orgasm exploded. When it peaked, her cunt opening locked firmly around Buddy”s plunging cock.

“Fuck!” she panted, twisting her face around. “Fuck me! Pump me full of hot cum.”

When her climax thundered wildly, she felt a sudden explosion of hot jism.

“Screw it, whore!” Buddy yelled out, cramming his prick savagely in and out of her spasming hole. “Goddamn you, screw it all the way in and fuck me dry!”

The three of them writhed in a huddled mass for several moments, almost as if sharing the same pleasure. Finally, they fell in an exhausted heap, gasping for air.

Carla pulled away and started to dress a few moments later, then stopped. She knelt down and looked between Buddy and Brenda, at the cum-splattered crotches.

“Get off her, clod,” she said. “I want to lick her pussy.”

“Oh, do I have to?” Buddy murmured, licking his tongue over the welt on Brenda”s tit. “It feels so good in her and…”

“I said get off,” Carla commanded. “I want some of that cum myself.”

Reluctantly, Buddy did as she asked, then sat and watched them for several moments. His eyes began to glisten with renewed hunger as Carla nudged her face between the silky thighs and lapped her tongue out.

“Mmmmmmm, the only way to eat jism,” Carla smacked, gobbling down the oozing, milky wads of cunt-flavored cum. “Right out of a hot, little pussy.”

Brenda couldn”t believe it, but the way Carla licked and sucked, she was about to have another climax! It built and built, then…

“Don”t stop!” she cried out when Carla lifted her face. “It was so…”

“We”d better get back,” Carla said.

“You”re not going to tell Tony, are you?” Buddy said suddenly. “Just gonna say we found her and we brought her back, right?”

“Look, kid,” Carla said, smiling sweetly, “Would I do anything to hurt you? Or this precious baggage?”

Brenda flinched with terror. Carla was acting so strangely, nothing like she”d imagined. In fact, she”d half-expected the woman to slit her throat and throw her in the bushes. Yet, for some reason, she seemed almost eager for her to be returned to Tony.


And then she thought of Tony.

He would be furious, absolutely crazy with rage. Still, he did want her, didn”t he? He had, after all, sent them out to find her.

She closed her eyes and thought about him. And in a way, she was almost eager to see his face, that huge, muscular body. And, that big, hard cock.


Brenda was again tied to the bed like she had been the night before. Tony had greeted her with an emotion bordering concern, even smiled when he saw her. She felt almost glad to see him, too, her eyes immediately dropping to the area of his crotch.

“So you didn”t like it here?” he said, looking at the knots against her arms and legs, as he stood over the bed.

“I… I was afraid,” Brenda said honestly. “I didn”t know what you”d do to me.”

“I thought you, well, liked it,” he said, looking now like a little boy. “I know I liked it.”

There was a spark between then suddenly, one of genuine affection. He sat on the edge of the bed and made a move to kiss her. Suddenly the door sprang open.

“Get out, Carla, we want to be alone,” Tony said, giving her a dirty look.

“Oh yes, the reunited lovers,” Carla said, taking a step inside the room. She looked at Brenda with a cruel smile, then lifted one eyebrow. “Too bad, Tony, she doesn”t get her rocks off with you. Takes an animal like Buddy to do a man”s work.”

“What did you say?” Tony said dangerously.

“Can I help it?” Carla said innocently. “I was driving, and she was fucking Buddy. He even untied her. And, boy, you should have been there. She was yelling and screaming how good that clod was, how big his cock was.” She then stopped for a second, emphasizing each word, “And how much better he was than you.”

Tony lunged at her like a cat, knocking her to the floor. He then stormed from the room, looking wild.

Carla picked herself up off the floor and brushed her hair away from her eyes. She was smiling.

“Now we”ll see who”s the queen bee around here,” she said.

When he left, Brenda felt her insides turn to ice. What was Tony going to do? Obviously, he had gone for Buddy, but when he finished there, what would he do to her? She looked at the closed door, her heart in her throat. As the seconds ticked away, she heard a loud crash in another room, then yelling. Silence, deadly and still, followed. Finally, the door opened slowly.

“So you liked Buddy”s cock,” Tony said, his face ashen.

Brenda had no choice but answer honestly. She nodded her head.

“That”s nice,” he said. “Well maybe you”ll like some more cock, too.”

Before Brenda could say anything, he turned and called out, motioning with his right hand.

“In here, Dan,” he said.

“What are you going to do?” Brenda gasped.

“Me? I”m not going to do anything, baby,” Tony said. “Since you like cock so much, and I”m not good enough for you, I”ll let you have all you want.”

Four burly men entered the room just then, looking sheepish as they walked past Tony.

“Fuck her,” he said, his voice metallic. “I want that girl to get so tired of cock, if you know what I mean.”

“We know what you mean,” one of the men said, looking at the red patch of cunt hair between Brenda”s thighs.

The door slammed, and Brenda was left alone with the men. The one called Dan was tall and skinny, and smelled of sweat and gasoline. His naked, hairy body was over Brenda”s, his ass bobbing up and down furiously.

“Take it, baby,” he moaned, licking his tongue into her mouth. “All the fucking way… in!”

Brenda shivered with a mixture of revulsion and pleasure. Although Dan would never be accused of being handsome, or having a nice body, he had what it took to fuck. His cock was thick and meaty, probably about ten inches long, slightly curved.

“God, fuck me,” she gasped suddenly, silent up to that point. “Stick it all the way in and blow my pussy full of hot cum, you bastard!”

She looked at his anguished expression, reading pure, animal lust in his dark-blue eyes. She thrust out her tongue to meet his, then twisted her face around, lifting her head. As their tongues danced together like snakes, her orgasm throbbed its beginnings, closing her cunt around his plunging meat.

“Hurting,” she gasped. “OOOh God… I want your cock so bad I can taste it!”

“You want to taste a big prick?” a voice said from the other side of the room. “I”ve one here that”s…”

“No!” Dan called out. “She”s all mine first. You guys just have to wait.”

“Well, maybe she wants to suck my cock,” the voice said, daring.

“Hey, baby, you want him or me?” Dan said, clutching at her breasts. He pushed them together, then bit over the nipples, drawing them across the roof of his mouth.

“You!” Brenda cried. “I… I don”t want you ever to stop! It”s so big and hard and… and God, just fuck me to pieces!”

Dan jerked her legs further apart and hammered his cock upward. When the base of his throbbing shaft ground into the delicate lips of her pussy, he felt his insides turn to butter. His balls constricted, receded slightly inside his body.

“Oh… shit, you ready for a hot load of cum?” he grunted. “I got one here that”s… that”s… unhhhhhhhh!”

When Brenda felt the spurting masses of boiling jism burst into her pussy, she threw her ass up, lifting him slightly off the bed. She strained against the ropes that tied her wrists until they burned into her flesh, trying to grab his pumping ass.

“Oh! Oh… fuck me!” she shrieked, flinching, moving with him. She fluttered her cunt muscles, sucking on his exploding cock like a mouth. “Give me all of it, you bastard!” she wailed.

Dan hammered the bulk of his load deeply into her cunt, then squirmed his ass around, almost pushing his balls inside her opening. He gave a final stab upward, then collapsed over her writhing, bucking body.

“Jesus, you”ve got the hottest pussy I ever fucked,” he panted. “I… I could stay parked between your legs for days.”

At that moment, Brenda wished he could, in fact, do exactly that. His prick was deliciously huge, completely filling her insides. And his cum! Christ, it was like acid, etching her sensitive, fluttering membranes.

Finally, when her climax subsided to a dull throb, she smiled. So this was supposed to be some kind of torture! What a fool that Tony was. She loved it! And not only that, she had three more studs to go through.

“Oh, I”m going to love fucking all of you,” she murmured softly. “Mmmmm, sucking and fucking and…”

“You ready to go again?” Dan asked, looking at her with surprised eyes.

“Mmmmm-hmmm,” she murmured, writhing beneath him. “Now let me suck that big cock. I”ll give you a blow-job you”ll never forget.”

Dan shook his head and got to his knees. As he did, his enormous cock flopped from her cunt and hit his stomach with a smack. He inched himself over her body and planted his knees in her armpits. Slowly, he lowered his crotch over her face, guiding his cockhead between her parted lips.

“Like this?” he gasped, touching the back of her head with his dirty hands. “You like me fucking your mouth like it”s a pussy?”

“Yes,” Brenda gurgled, sucking down the gigantic slab of cock. When her lips squeezed into the cum-splattered hairs, she lapped her tongue wildly around the rubbery surfaces, savoring the heady flavor of molten jism. “Mnmmmnmmm!” she grunted, rocking back and forth.

“Goddamn, would you get a load of that!” Dan said, his eyes wide with amazement. “This bitch can suck all of my cock in! Fuck, I ain”t ever had a woman do that before.”

Brenda was rather amazed, herself, that she”d taken it all in one gulp. It was absolutely monstrous! Another half-inch and she would have choked to death, she was sure. And at the base, he must be as big around as her wrist.

Dan pulled back until just his cockhead remained inside her mouth. He held himself there for several seconds, watching her tongue cover it with hungry laps, then cased back in. As his balls crawled up the hollow of her throat and hung over her chin, he felt his loins burn.

“Oh baby, that”s so fine,” he grunted. “Lick it all the way in and I”ll give you all the cum you want to drink.”

Brenda was wild with pleasure as she sucked on his thick, ballooning prick. She squeezed her knees together, straining her feet at the ropes, and felt a slight spasm at the entrance to her cunt. The sensation swept upward, then burst around his cockhead.

“Aaaaghhhhh!” she gurgled, locking her lips tightly around his cock, feeling same of the skin that surrounded his balls touch her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Dan growled, exerting more pressure behind her head, crushing her face savagely into his humping crotch. “Screw my big cock right between your tonsils, whore. Come on, lick me good and hard. I”m gonna blow my cum out your cocksucking ears.”

As Brenda tasted the steam from his boiling jism, her pleasures increased dramatically. She began jerking her head up and down, meeting his lunges with hungry gobbles. Soon, their union caused loud smacking sounds to echo off the walls.

“Suck it, bitch!” Dan grunted, feeling his climax ready to explode. He flexed his muscles, then froze. “Oh shit, suck me… now!”

Brenda felt his cock grow to what seemed twice its already huge size. And as his lumps of jism shot up the center of his shaft, she could feel them vibrate between her lips. When the first of his molten load creamed between her tonsils, she gave a raspy, choking groan of raw, total release.

“Aaaagbhhmmfff!” she gurgled, twisting her head around hungrily, tearing at his exploding cock with her teeth and lips.

“Eat, bitch!” Dan panted, slamming his ass up and down, crushing his full weight into her throat. “Suck my cock and gargle down my cum!”

Each wad of jism brought with it new thrills for Brenda. She sucked and pulled wildly, oblivious to everything but the fantastic heat, the creamy taste. Soon, her mouth was full to overflowing, and even her starving mouth couldn”t take all he had to offer. Twin streams of boiling jism seeped from the corners other lips, while other globs burst from both her nostrils. And still he shot in more!

“Oh all of it, cocksucker,” he gasped finally, shoving in the last greasy gob.

As Brenda gulped the remaining juices into her stomach, her climax tore through her cunt with devastating power. She bucked and writhed as if on fire, her hungry moans bursting around the base of his pulsating cock. At last, her orgasm melted to delicious, fluttering sensations, leaving her satisfied and happy.

“Mmmnmm, delicious,” she murmured, letting his cock glide from her mouth and hit the side of her cheek. “I… I could drink gallons of this stuff.”

“Before the day is over, you probably will,” a voice said. “You ready for me now?”

“I”m ready for anything,” she whispered.

“Anything?” the voice said.

“Get after her, Rocky,” Dan said, crawling off. Brenda felt rough hands at her feet, then looked down. The man they called Rocky was untying her, looking at her with a hungry glint in his eye.

“Leave me like this,” Brenda said. “Oh… I like being taken.”

“I”m not finished yet,” Rocky said. “Just gonna reposition you baby,” he added, thrusting her legs upward.

As Brenda rolled in a ball, her legs almost straight over her body, she felt him attach the ropes to the two corners at the top of the bed. And he”d tied her so tightly, her cum-splattered cunt was just inches from her face.

“Look at that sweet ass,” he said, getting to the bed. “Just aching for a big cock, I”ll bet.”

“Oh, you”d win the bet,” Brenda groaned, passion in her voice.

She studied him carefully as he eased closer. He was red-headed and slim, his freckled skin taut over hard, sinewy muscles. His eyes were so blue they were almost clear. He had a red beard, and another fringe of hair the same color framed his bobbing cock. A pair of almost cream-white balls hung between his legs.

“Give it to me,” she cried out, her passion returning rapidly. “I… I want that big cock reaming the shit out of me!”

“Don”t worry, baby, I”m gonna give it to you all right,” he said, reaching over the side of the bed, pulling a length of chain into his palm.

“Wha-what”s that!” Brenda gasped, frozen with terror.

“Now don”t tell me you”ve never been chain-fucked,” he laughed, grinning at her sadistically.

“No,” Brenda groaned.

“Gonna start you like a lawn mower,” he growled.

Brenda felt the cold, metallic touch of metal, then flinched.


Brenda screwed out with pain when she felt the cold steel inch inside her shitter. The links of chain were about as round as a cock, but they lacked the warmth, the resiliency. Two of them lodged inside her asshole, sending raw spasms into the delicate membranes.

“Not…” she cried. “It… it hurts!”

“Does it?” Rocky laughed, squeezing in another link. “Oh, baby, this is nothing like how it”s gonna feel when they come out,” he added. “Like I say, I”m gonna turn you on like a lawn mower.” Brenda was almost beside herself with agony. When the third link, then the fourth nudged inside her puckered rim, she rocked her body back and forth. She could almost see it now, how he would force the entire length of the chain inside, then yank it out. What kind of damage would it cause when it happened?

“Just a few more, baby,” Rocky said, slipping in the last few links. “Ah, there,” he said, leaning forward. “I have just enough here to hang on to. Then I”m gonna pull them out like a rip cord.”

Brenda screamed out with horrified anticipation, but her yell was cut short when she felt a burning, delicious spasm in her cunt. Rocky had moved closer and planted his cockhead inside her cunt.

“Gonna fuck you, baby,” the man said, “and when you”re good and hot, yank!”

As his weight crushed down on her, it exerted an enormous pressure on her legs. The ropes strained, cutting off her circulation. She thrashed about, but it was useless to fight. She was totally at his mercy.

“Please… don”t,” she whimpered. “You”re gonna kill me! I… I know it!”

“Hey, someone shut this bitch up, OK?” Rocky said, looking around. “Maybe stick something in that cocksucking throat of hers…”

Brenda saw a movement from the corner of her eye, then the one they called Ace came to the head of the bed. Of all the bikers, this one was the least attractive. He was about six feet tall, but must have weighed three hundred pounds, a mass of blubbery flesh. He had yellow teeth and a foul breath she could smell from here. His arms were covered with hand-drawn tattoos. His belly hung over his belt buckle.

“This”ll shut the bitch up,” he giggled, yanking his prick from his jeans.

Brenda couldn”t have been more repulsed. Even his cock was ugly. Sure it was long and meaty, but it stunk. Underneath the foreskin, she could see dried flecks of cum. She could feel a rumbling in her stomach, taste vomit.

“No,” she gasped, trying to turn her head away.

“Suck it, baby,” Ace said, grabbing her by the hair of the head. “You”ll like it. All the girls do. They say, “Oh, Ace, let me suck your cock!””

His statement caused the others to laugh loudly.

“No,” Brenda gasped, then clenched her lips together.

“Just for that,” Ace growled, angry, “I”m gonna make you beg for it.”

He clamped his hand over her mouth and nose and with the other, held the back of her head. When her air was completely cut off, he leaned forward, his cockhead against the back of his hand.

“Tell me when you want it, baby,” he said hideously. “Just shake your head up and down.”

I would rather die, Brenda said to herself, looking at him with loathing. I”ll neyer…

Her lungs began to burn, throb and beg for air.

“Just shake your head up and down, baby,” Ace laughed, rolling his cockhead over her cheek. “Come on, you know you want it.”

Brenda”s lungs were ready to explode, but it was useless to struggle. She would be forced to suck him, to take that horrible slab of prick in her throat and eat out his cum.

She gave one final effort to resist. At last, she shook her head up and down slowly.

“You want it?” Ace teased. “Now you sure you want it??”

Brenda shook her head up and down a little faster.

“Shake your head up and down and beg. Come on, bitch, beg!”

Brenda shook her head up and down wildly, moaning and screaming against his palm. If it would give her air, she would do anything. She looked at his cock and suddenly it didn”t look half bad. In fact, it looked pretty good.

She shook her head up and dawn violently. That cock was her savior! When he released the pressure of his hand, she exhaled loudly, then inhaled, sucking in the delicious air. At the same time, she felt his cockhead grind between her lips, filling her lungs with the acrid flavor of piss and cum, sweat and gasoline.

“Now, suck it, you cum-eating cocksucker,” Ace grunted leaning over the bed, nudging her forehead with his enormous belly. “That”s a good girl lick ol” Ace”s prick down and suck him off.”

Brenda sucked and chewed on his prick like it was the last one on earth. And although it tasted terrible, there was something wonderful about it. She pulled her mouth away and ran her tongue down to the furry, cum-filled balls. She took them one at a time in her mouth, then both at the same time. As they throbbed inside her cheeks, she inhaled deeply.

“Oh, she likes my dirty prick,” Ace grunted, gyrating his ass around. “And look how she eats on my nuts.”

Brenda spit his balls out and licked back up the length of his prick. When her lips touched his cockhead, she opened her mouth wide and gulped the entire shaft into her throat. She then devoted every bit of her attention to him, hoping desperately to forget what was going on between her legs.

Her attention was short-lived, however, for Rocky began an assault on her cunt that put the others to shame. His prick was gouging in and out wildly, stretching her opening to the breaking point. And while he was fucking her, he was slowly moving the chain in and out of her asshole. As the links slipped through the rim, then back in, she bucked and writhed with pain.

“Get ready,” he warned. “Gonna turn you on any minute, whore.”

Although Brenda was dreading every moment she was still riddled with unbridled pleasure. Sucking Ace”s cock had turned into a delicious experience, and those sensations that swept into her cunt were fantastic! The only horrible thing was the way her asshole burned. Something told her, however, that this was pleasure compared to what was about to happen. She didn”t want to think about that.

“Faster, baby, faster,” Ace said suddenly, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. “I”m ready to blow my sweet load right into your cocksucking throat.”

Even without his telling her, she knew he was close. His prick was expanding, stabbing wildly between her tonsils, the steam from his churning jism billowing from his cum-filled balls.

“Mmmnmffff!” she choked, feeling her cunt jerk with ecstasy. Having a cock about to shoot off and another one in her cunt was making her hungrier than ever. She began gobbling up and down the man”s cock for all she was worth, her climax boiling, constricting her opening around Rocky”s plunging cock. Then it happened.

The very second she felt the blast of molten cum slap the back of her throat, two gut-crunching sensations burst inside her body. Her own climax throbbed around Rocky”s spurting cock, and then she felt the chain yanked from her asshole. The universe seemed to explode.

Raw pleasure and piercing agony exploded inside her body, causing her to flinch so wildly, she actually thought her spine would snap, her brains would burst from her ears.

“Aaaaaghhhhh!” she screamed finally, then fell back. As she did, Ace”s prick flopped from her mouth, the bulk of his cum-load squirting between her eyes. “No, no, no,” she gurgled, an anguished expression contorting her face.

“Oh… fuck… take it!” Rocky gasped, plunging in the rest of his jism, then squirming his ass around. “Take it all!”

It took Brenda several long moments to compose herself. The actual physical pain hadn”t been that great, just her anticipation of it. And when it had happened, the yanking of the chain from her shitter, she had actually felt pleasure. She shivered suddenly, remembering how each link had burst through the rim of her asshole. They had been like several cocks, poking in and out. And when the last one had ripped from her insides, she had actually felt empty, wanting more.

“I… I don”t believe it!” she panted, licking the cum that dropped from her nose. “I… I loved it!”

“Thought you would,” Rocky whispered, laughing, “Most chicks think it”s gonna be horrible, but they wind up asking for more.”

“More,” Brenda gasped. “God, I”m one of them! Give me some more!”

Rocky pushed the chain back into her asshole, a little faster this time. When all the links were inside, he pulled them back out, but not as quickly as before.

“Ohhhhhh!” Brenda screamed, bucking with wild ecstasy. “Yes! God… yessss!”

As thundering waves of orgasm pierced her guts, she lapped around Ace”s prick like a starving animal, pulling the wiry hairs between her teeth. The world was suddenly beautiful, even his blubbery cockhead, his dirty, acrid-tasting cock.

“Now my turn,” she heard the fourth man say. “I”ve watched enough of this bullshit. My nuts are about to throb off.”

Brenda turned to him with glazed eyes, her gaze taking in his large, muscular body. He was sandy-haired, almost clean-cut beneath the ridiculous leather and chains. His name, she remembered was Mike. He was the youngest of the lot.

“What are you going to do to me?” she panted, wondering what pleasures were possibly left.

“I”m gonna fuck you,” he said simply.

“I know,” she said, “but how?”

“You may think I”m kinda weird,” the young man said, a twinkle in his chocolate-brown eyes, “but I like it the normal way. No fucking chains and pliers.”

“Oh Jesus,” Brenda said, thinking this would be real torture.


While the other men sat in the corner and drank beer they had brought in, Mike untied Brenda. He then lifted her up to a sitting position and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“That OK with you?” he asked, his eyes dropping to the area of her swollen tits. “Just a little plain, ordinary fucking?”

“Hell, I”ll try anything once,” Brenda said, giggling.

“You”re very pretty,” the boy said, reaching for her tits. “Kinda makes me mad to see the way those guys treat you.”

At first, Brenda felt almost defensive, then shrugged her shoulders. Seeing a nice member of a bike gang was something new, almost hard to accept.

“If you don”t want to fuck me, I”ll understand,” Mike said, actually blushing.

“But I do!” Brenda protested, clutching at his arms.

“Really?” he asked, his eyes widening with pleasure. “Because I really want to fuck you.”

“Well, you just go ahead and do anything you want with me,” she said, fingering his shirt.

While he sat there, she slowly undressed him, kissing the exposed, taut flesh. When he was fully naked, she studied him more carefully. He looked a lot like Tony, like what Tony might have looked like at his age.

He was powerfully built, almost too handsome, and over his sculptured chest lay a furry mass of dark-brown hair. She”d never seen a man looking more inviting. Unless, of course, it was Tony.

“Where”s Tony?” she asked, trying to sound casual. “He leave?”

“No, he”s in there banging the shit out of Carla,” Mike answered. “Like there was no tomorrow. I never seen him go at it like that.”

Brenda was stunned. Not so much with what Mike had said, but with her own emotions. She felt angry and jealous. And the idea of Tony in there with that horrible Carla made her throat constrict.

“Oh… really?” she said, trying to sound casual. “I hope they have a blast.”

“Now, what do you want to do?” Mike asked leaning down, kissing her upturned tits. “I believe a woman should get exactly what she desires.”

Quite frankly, Brenda didn”t know what she wanted. Or, rather she was afraid to name it. Even to herself. Still, she knew that Tony was a part of it. The ropes too. She looked at the hemp and felt a shiver. Those were the same knots that Tony had placed on her ankles and wrists that first night.

That first night, she thought. God, it had seemed centuries away. Leon, her husband seemed centuries away. She could only think of that blond, young giant in the next room. His muscular body was flexing and humping over…

“Fuck me,” she whispered to Mike, shivering with desire. “Stick this big cock inside me and load me up with hot cum.”

“Wow, you are a firecracker, aren”t you?” Mike laughed, stroking her smooth, flat stomach. “Just like I like my women.”

As she felt the heat from his body, the softness of his mouth against her tits, she felt a delicious warmth surge into her cunt. If the boy”s hair were lighter, he might pass for Tony. The bone structure was the same, and even the shape of his cock.

“How long have you known Tony?” she asked suddenly, as if a part of that man had rubbed off on his body. “I… mean, where did you meet him?”

“Tony?” Mike said. “Oh, he”s my brother.”

“Your brother?” Brenda asked, excitement building instantly. “You and he are brothers?”

“Yeah, why?” Mike asked, wondering why she was shaking so.

“Oh, no reason,” she panted, clawing at his body, feeling her pussy about to snap with climax. “Just that the two of you looked a lot alike.”

As she closed her eyes, she could almost feel Tony”s arms around her. She threw herself forward and straddled the boy”s middle, rubbing her oozing cunt over his rock-hard prick. As the underside of his shaft rubbed the crack of her cunt, she flinched, biting clown on his mouth.

“Fuck… fuck me, you little bastard,” she cried, out.

Mike had never seen a woman get so excited in his life. And, Christ, he”d expected her to be in tears. She”d been raped, forced to suck Ace”s dirty cock, tied up. And God only knows what Carla and Buddy did to her when she”d escaped. And she was nothing like the other women they”d had. She was beautiful, like maybe she belonged in a centerfold, or on the cover of one of those fancy magazines! That red hair, and those flashing green eyes! Those tits!

He reached upward and clutched her enormous breasts, then lifted his face, slightly pushing her to a sitting position. He burrowed between them, wrapping the delicate flesh about his face. As the nipples throbbed against his ears, he humped upward, drilling the end of his cock inside the boiling entrance of her cunt.

“Baby, baby, baby,” he moaned, rubbing his large hands to her sides, then to her rounded ass. “Eat my prick in your pussy and fuck me.”

When Brenda felt his gigantic slab of prick stab her guts, she jerked with welling sensations of climax. She rocked back and forth, then slipped her knees upward, against his sides.

“So big and hard!” she screamed, louder than she meant. In a way, she wanted Tony to hear, to know that she was having a blast. He wasn”t the only one who could make her body scream with orgasm. Still, it was the thought of him that brought her to such excitement. “Fuck! Fuck me hard! Fuck me the best!” she yelled.

“Hold on, sweetheart,” Mike said, still amazed with her reaction, “I… I never had anyone as good as you before. Let me get used to it.”

“Do it!” Brenda shrieked, almost in a rage, her urges and needs almost animal-like. “Fuck me, you little prick, or give me a man who will!”

Mike threw himself forward suddenly, slamming her to her back. In the same move, he grabbed her soft thighs and yanked her legs savagely apart, like a wishbone. He then dug his toes into the mattress and heaved forward with his full weight. As the base of his cock crunched between her tightly constricted cuntlips, he squirmed his ass around.

“Like this?” he panted, chewing into the delicate flesh of her jutting tits. “You like it rough — whore?”

Brenda nodded her head, flailing her arms about. The back of her hand touched the coarse texture of the ropes. She grabbed them and pressed the hemp to her lips. She could almost smell Tony”s presence in the wiry strands. She opened her mouth and sucked the end of the rope over her lips. As she closed her eyes and lapped her tongue over the hair-like filaments, her body burst with a searing, explosive climax.

“Aaaaghhhhh!” she wailed, bouncing beneath his hulking frame. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck meeeeee!”

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Mike growled, hammering in and out of her cunt with jerking spasms, his body flexing wildly. “Take it, you cum-licking whore!” he barked. “Take my cock… and… and… fuck! Unhhhhhh!”

“Aiccee!” Brenda yelled out, her orgasm peaking, exploding. The fiery sensations swept into every inch of her being, jolting the base of her spine.

When her pleasures neared the level of pain, she felt her cunt swell under his pumping assault. His prick expanded, squeezing her cuntlips apart, almost to the breaking point. She could almost feel the thick steam from his nearing climax. She flexed her muscles tightly, milking him with the fluttering squeezes.

“Take it… take it!” Mike yelled suddenly, his body going limp. His cum burst from his nuts, burning up the center of his cock. When the first stream shot from his cockhead, he withdrew and slammed back in. “Oh Jesus… Goddamned take it!”

The thickness of his load almost drove Brenda insane. The juices filled her entirely, almost etching her spasming walls. A couple of seconds later, a massive steam of milky fluid shot from the bottom of he pussy, blasting over his throbbing nuts. “Yessss!” she screamed, freezing in a paroxysm of total release. “All of it, bastard! All of it!”

As more of his thick jism showered her insides, she began sucking up and down the end of the rope, pretending it was Tony”s cock. She gagged suddenly as it stabbed between her tonsils, then fell limp. She gave a panting groan of raw, unbridled pleasure.

“Fuck it!” Mike said, continuing to bang into her cunt like an animal. “Fuck it silly. Screw it inside you and… fuck it, bitch!”

Finally, he stopped all movement, then released the pressure around her thighs. As her legs fell to her sides, he squirmed around, nudging out some more of his molten cum. As it spread into her cunt hairs, his own, he licked from her tits to her shoulders.

“The best,” he grunted. “God, I… I think I”m in love!”

Brenda giggled, then kissed the top of his head. It was unfortunate that he, himself, couldn”t have excited her so much. She would enjoy making love to him like this over and over. It was his brother she wanted.

I want Tony, she thought suddenly. Yes, by God, I want Tony! I don”t care if he”s cruel and insensitive. I don”t even care if he doesn”t want me, prefers Carla. Just to have him on occasion, to…

“All right, assholes, clear out!” Tony said, bursting through the door.

The men turned, then shrugged their shoulders. Mike, however, hadn”t heard. He continued kissing Brenda”s body, running his hands over her sensuous, firm body.

“Move it, little brother,” he said, slapping Mike on the ass with a resounding smack.

“Hey, what”s the matter with you?” Mike grunted, not about to move, not even for Tony. “She and I are…”

“You and her are finished,” Tony interrupted. “Now get your big cock out of her and… well, just get off her. Now.”

As Brenda looked into his flashing eyes, she almost swooned. He looked angry, ready to murder. Her heart skipped a beat as she remembered those rough hands, the way he”d hurt her with the pliers. Was he about to hurt her again? And what would he do?

After the men had left, Tony stood there with his arms folded over his chest, his legs stretched wide. He looked at her with his steel-blue eyes, his jaw muscle jerking.

“Enjoy it?” he asked, his voice flat.

“As a matter of fact, I did,” she said, her eyes on his. “Why? Does that disturb you?”

“You”ve got to be kidding,” he said, smiling humorlessly.

“What are you going to do with me?” Brenda asked after a few moments of silence. “You just going to keep me here. Or what?”

“Why, Mrs. Housewife?” he asked. “You afraid?”

“Yes,” Brenda said honestly.

She had the impression that Tony had given her to the others, but had told them not to hurt her. If he should desire, he might simply snap his fingers, and they would obey, do anything he asked. Thoughts of burning cigarettes, branding irons, knives, filled her mind.

“So, the lady”s scared, huh?” he said, an odd glint in his eye. “Tell me how scared you are, baby.”

“Why should I tell you anything?” she asked, her voice shaking with fear. “You”ve kidnapped me, raped me, and…”

“And, baby,” he interrupted, taking a step forward, his expression menacing, “you loved every second of it.”

“Parts of it,” she said, wondering if she might go too far, but continued anyway, “parts I didn”t.”

“What turns you on?” he asked, his voice a threat.

“Buddy really turns me on,” she dared. “And your little brother is better than most.”

“You… little slut,” he said, tensing. “I ought to…”

“Don”t,” she said softly. “Please… don”t.” She slipped up on the bed and brought her knees up to her chest. She was now really frightened, wished she”d kept her mouth shut. If she”d been nice, perhaps, he might have given her another chance to escape.

“Well, baby, I may not be the best, but I know what you want,” Tony grunted, kneeling on the bed.

“Don”t,” Brenda said again, flinching. She didn”t like the look in his eyes at all. He wasn”t even human. “Please.”

He slapped her with full force, knocking her to her side. Almost instantly, he grabbed the ropes grabbing her right and her left legs.

“You cocksucking whore,” he grunted, “you”re gonna get it now. And when I”m finished with you, all I gotta do is snap my fingers and the guys will… you don”t want to know what they”ll do.”

Brenda suddenly realized she”d bought her own ticket to hell.


Brenda fought Tony, but all the while knew it was useless to struggle against his superior strength. Finally, he had tied her securely, just as he had that first night, her legs spread wide, her arms outstretched. The ropes were burning her ankles and wrists, cutting into the soft skin.

“Get ready, cunt,” he panted, crawling over her body, nuzzling his knees into her armpits. “This is gonna be a day you”ll never forget. Mainly, because you just might not live another day.”

His tone frightened her more than she could realize. This was no game. He might actually kill her. But before he did, what horrible things would he do to her body? She was even more frightened to consider the terrifying possibilities.

“Please, Tony,” she begged, “I”m sorry. Don”t hurt me. Please don”t…”

He slapped her hard, his hand leaving a red welt on her cheek. He then grabbed her by the hair of the head and yanked her face up to his crotch.

“Suck me, whore,” he commanded, jabbing the end of his swollen prick between her lips. “Ah, that”s it, baby. All the fucking way in. You know you love Tony”s prick. You know you just dig the shit out of eating his cum.”

“Mmmfffff!” Brenda spluttered, gagging on the monstrous side of his cock. She tried to turn away, to relieve some of the horrible pressure, but he held her tightly.

“There,” he grunted, watching the base of his prick stab between her lips. He squirmed around, then withdrew, only to punch savagely back in. “Now… you got it, slut. Big cock in your sweet little mouth.”

Brenda hated him more than she could imagine. In an equal situation, she would have gladly slapped his face, told him to so straight to hell. Who was he anyway? Just a punk biker, taking a defenseless woman, raping her, tying her down.

Her pussy throbbed suddenly with a spasm of raw pleasure.

Tying her down and…

Her climax began to build, constricting her insides.

“Aaaaaghhhhhh!” she screamed, gulping forward, sucking around the root of his prick.

“Suck it, cocksucker,” Tony growled, humping forward, rubbing his stomach over her forehead. “All the way in, like that. I… I fucking love it, cocksucker.”

Brenda”s climax had hit her so quickly she almost lost contact with reality. Fortunately, it subsided almost as fast. She lay there gasping, refusing to move.

“I said suck it, cunt,” Tony yelled, hammering her face savagely against his crotch. “You got yours, now give me mine!”

Brenda jerked her head to one side.

“I don”t give. You take, you bastard,” she spluttered.

“Goddamned right, whore,” Tony gasped, shoving his cock back into her throat. “I fucking take! Except for this. You”re gonna take my cum and you”re gonna love it.”

Brenda could hardly wait for his climax. When the thick gobs of cum shot from his cock, she clenched her throat, she would let them collect in her mouth, then spit them violently out. She wouldn”t take him. No part of him. She couldn”t wait.

“Suck it, bitch,” Tony growled. “I”m so fucking close and you”re gonna love t. I didn”t blow any in Carla. Saved it all for you, cum-sucker.”

I”ll spit it out, every drop… she thought.

“Suck it, cocksucker!” Tony commanded, feeling his balls throb as they never had before. “Goddamn you, suck me dry!”

Come on, you bastard, blow your wad. See exactly what I do with it. I”ll spit it out as quick as it comes in. And I won”t swallow until the horrible taste is out of my mouth. Come on, asshole, I can”t wait!

“Ready?” he moaned, freezing, feeling his cum load burst from his nuts, seeping into the center of his shaft. “You ready for a good load of cum to suck?”

Bring it on, see what I do with it.

She could now taste the flavor of his jism, almost felt the steam billow into the back of her throat. Suddenly, her cunt became inflamed. The heat spread through her guts, clawing at her insides like icy-hot needles. The sensations swept upward, constricting the back of her mouth.

“Now!” Tony grunted, heaving forward, his cockhead bursting with the first wads of cum.

No! God, no! Brenda thought, commanding her throat, her pussy to obey. Don”t do it!

“Aaaaghbhhh!” she panted, sucking on the wads of cum as if they were life itself. She gobbled them down, every cell in her body pleading for more. “Mmmmfffffff,” she gurgled, twisting her face around, milking his cock with savage sucks.

“Oh… yes!” Tony grunted, leaning forward, pumping his ass back and forth. “I just fucking knew you wanted it, even when you fought me.”

At that moment, Brenda didn”t care who was right, who was wrong. Nothing mattered but the delicious taste in her mouth, the way her pussy exploded again and again with thundering convulsions of pure, raw ecstasy.

Finally, Tony crushed his full weight into her mouth, depositing the last of his creamy release between her tonsils. He held himself there for a few moments, then fell to one side, gasping for air.

His move caused about half his cock to slip from her lips, his balls to roll over her cheeks. Brenda gave a moan of subsiding pleasure and lapped around the throbbing shaft, collecting all the stray wads of cum she hadn”t sucked.

“Mmmmmmmmn!” she murmured, her eyes closed with satisfaction.

Coming back to reality a few seconds later, Brenda was once more overcome with fear. This was only the beginning of his brutal attack, something told her. And when he was finished, it was only, a matter of moments when she would again have those men in here. This time, however, he would give them full rein. She thought of Ace, how cruel he had been, and the chain-fucking of Rocky.

“Let me go, please,” she gasped, spitting his cock from her mouth. “Please, Tony, don”t do anything to me. Please!”

“Thought you liked it, baby,” he laughed, although his voice was angry still. “At least I didn”t hear any fucking complaining when you were licking out my cum.”

Brenda”s hatred for the man rekindled itself. Mostly because he had such control over her emotions. The worst part of it was the fact that they both knew it.

“I hate you!” she spat suddenly.

“I don”t hear the sound of any hearts breaking,” he said sardonically.

“You… bastard!” she yelled, squirming beneath him, clutching at the ropes until her ankles and wrists burned, ached.

“Shut up,” he said dangerously, sliding down her body, brushing the underside of his cock against her stomach, then her cunt. “Or I might be tempted to stick my cock back in your throat,” he added, looking at her evenly.

Brenda clamped her lip together primly and turned away from his face. She wouldn”t give him the satisfaction of knowing she would, indeed, like that very much.

“Hope those guys didn”t ruin this little cunt of yours,” he murmured softly. “I”d like to do it myself.”

When Brenda felt his cockhead roll around her cunt entrance, she flinched. She was already raw from so much fucking, and something told her he was going to give it to her wildly, savagely. Her puckered hole tightened as fear coursed through her veins.

“No,” she gasped, “Please… no!”

“Unh!” Tony grunted, shoving the entire length of his prick inside her pussy. “Take it, you filthy slut! Unhh!”

Lightning jolts of raw pain shot into her cunt when she felt the enormous shaft grind between her torn pussy lips. She squirmed around, but it was useless to fight. He was determined to hurt her, to make his prick an instrument of torture.

Before she could scream out in anguish, she felt his mouth crush down on hers, his hands squeeze her tits. She squinted her eyes, then exhaled, her lungs ready to bust.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” she gasped. “It”s… killing me!”

“Want me to quit?” Tony asked, suddenly stopping. “Why, baby, all you had to do was ask.”

When he withdrew his cock and sat on the side of the bed, Brenda gave him a startled look. She flinched, afraid of what he might be planning. She shot a quick glance toward the door.

“Oh,” he said sarcastically, “You think I”m gonna send my, uh, gang in here?”

Brenda nodded her head.

“Please… don”t,” she whispered, her voice barely audible.

“Why, baby, I wouldn”t do that,” he said, smiling. “I promise you, sweetheart, those guys aren”t gonna touch you at all.” He patted her stomach. “And neither is Carla.”

Brenda didn”t know whether to be relieved or not. He was looking at her insanely, his teeth bared, as if ready to bite down on her neck.

“Wha-what are you going to do?” she gasped.

“You know,” he said, laughing, “you ought to learn some new lines. You”re beginning to sound like a broken record.”

“It”s just that you”ve done so many terrible things to me lately, and…”

“Terrible things?” he asked, his eyes glinting. “Terrible things? Now, look, baby, I haven”t done a thing you haven”t loved. Absolutely fucking loved. I bet your old man never gave you so much fun. Come on, admit it.”

“Why should I admit something that isn”t true?” Brenda dared, now furious. The sonofabitch just had to be right! “Leon and I…”

“Leon?” Tony chuckled. “Leon? Leeeeeee-on?”

“You go to hell,” she said, anger rising. “You go straight to hell!”

“My, my, my,” Tony said, standing, “the lady”s acting just like a queen all of a sudden. A real fucking dyed-in-the-wool queen.”

Resolve hit Brenda all of a sudden. It was useless to banter with him any longer. She exhaled loudly and closed her eyes. Whatever he had in mind, she just wished he”d get it over with. She didn”t like the waiting, the horrible anticipation.

“And a queen should have a king, don”t you think?” he asked, grinning like a maniac.

“You?” she said. “A king? Never!!”

“Oh, I”m not talking about me,” Tony laughed. “I”m talking about… the King.”

“King?” Brenda asked, swallowing hard.

Tony jumped up. And moved toward a large machine Brenda hadn”t seen before, in the corner of the room. He hefted it up on the bed and flicked a switch, starting an ear-splitting vibration to rock the bed and everyone on it. Brenda was too confused, too afraid for her mind to work. What on earth was happening?

“Like your king?” Tony said to her.

Almost immediately, Brenda saw an enormous dildo — dark red and pulsating — spring from beneath a blanket that had covered the terrifying machine. Pure horror chilled her blood.

“No!” she screamed finally. “You wouldn”t!”

“Let”s get her, King,” Tony said, lifting Brenda and positioning her over the rattling contraption.

She threw her head to one side when she felt the rubber and metal touch her flesh, and closed her eyes. This wasn”t happening? It couldn”t be!

“Fuck her, King,” Tony commanded the machine, as if it were a friend, “Stick it in her and ream out that little pussy. She thinks I”m a mean machine… You show her what a real monster is like.”

Brenda felt the sensation of being forced open, a large ball of rock-hard flesh pierced her cuntlips. The shaft slid further inside, then she felt the cold, hard texture of the metal scraping her body.

I am being fucked by a… a… machine!

“That”s it, King,” Tony said, watching with wide eyes, his eyes on Brenda”s anguished expression.

Brenda”s mind almost snapped when the entire slab dildo plunged into her guts. And as the vibrating balls — hard as unripe plums — slid up the insides of her thighs and lay in the crack of her ass, she could feel the shaking rock her entire body, inside out.

“Fuck her, King,” Tony grunted, “Rock her good and hard.”

Brenda felt the massive steel and cock monster twist and turn in her cunt, then curve at an even greater angle. As the cockhead pulsated over her torn walls, she was shocked to feel a steady vibration of cum, churning out of her pussy, responding to the horrifying rape.

Finally, Brenda screamed loudly, her own voice scaring her. She had descended into a hell she couldn”t understand, couldn”t tolerate. Blessed darkness swept around her like a blanket.

When she awoke a short time later she saw Tony”s smiling face. If possible, he looked even more demented than before. He was kneeling above her, his rock-hard cock dangling just above her lips.

“How was your nap?” he grunted. “All refreshed? Ready to go again?” He turned his head to one side and flicked the switch again, causing the pulsing to tear into her body with deep rocking vibrations.

“Nooooo!” Brenda shrieked.

“No?” Tony said. “You don”t want King to ram it to you again?”

Brenda shook her head wildly, her eyes about to pop out of her sockets.

“You”d rather I fucked you? Why, sure, baby. King can ram that big prick down your cock-hungry throat.”

What Brenda thought was horror before was nothing compared to what shook her body now. The thought of that monstrous fake cock in her cunt, now seemed almost inviting.

“No! Let me have… you,” she begged, lifting her head, opening her mouth like a hungry bird. “Let me suck you! Please!”

“You really want it, don”t you?” Tony laughed.

“Yes!” Brenda gasped.

“And you also want that big machine cock in your pussy again, don”t you?”

“Yes!” Brenda screamed, her voice quivering. “Anything but that…” Her words became a muffle as he stabbed his prick between her lips. And as the thickness of his shaft stretched her mouth, she shot a look toward the foot of the bed.

“Unhhhhhh!” she choked, flinching.

“Let”s fuck her again, King,” Tony said. “We”ll go at her at the same time.”

Tony lumbered over her body and shoved Brenda forward, burying the entire slab of prick inside her box. Brenda knew now that she was, indeed, going crazy, that she”d crossed that fine line from sanity. What else could explain the sudden ripple of pleasure that surged inside her body? She relaxed slightly and felt the hammering cock glide over her fluttering tissues.

A vibrating machine cock!

Wonderful! Delicious! Fantastic! “Mmmmm,” she moaned, locking her lips firmly around Tony”s prick. Her, reaction seemed to infuriate Tony. He grabbed the back of her head and began banging in and out of her mouth wildly, savagely.

“Take it, you dick-sucking whore!” he panted. “Two… fucking… cocks at the same time!”

Brenda”s body suddenly exploded with a brutal spasm of raw, unbridled passion. She began humping upward, sucking hungrily at the same time.

“Mmmmfffff!” she gurgled, alive with fiery ecstasy.

As her climax burst, riddling her guts with convulsions of ultimate release, she felt a burning in her cunt. She froze, again almost losing consciousness. This time, however, it wasn”t from horror, but delicious lust.

“Suck bitch!” Tony shouted, jabbing into her throat with his full strength. His hands were behind her head, crushing her mouth savagely around the base of his cock. “Suck my cum and drink it down!” Brenda was just getting used to the fantastic sensations that shot in and out of her cunt, when the first glob of Tony”s cum-load showered the back of her throat. Ecstasy became electric, almost painful. “Aaaaghhhhhh!” she shrieked, her exploding air blasting the thick cum around the root of his hairy prick.

“Suck dildo-fucker!” the man moaned, pounding in the bulk of his load. “Suck… me dry!”

What was happening now took on a dream-like quality for Brenda. The surging warmth in her body, however, remained the same. Delicious, exciting, all-consuming. Finally, Tony pulled back and grabbed the machine, hauling it to the foot of the bed.

“Well?” Tony panted, looking at Brenda”s peaceful expression.

“Mmmmnnn,” Brenda moaned, smacking her lips, still able to taste the delicious texture of jism.

“Goddamn you!” Tony spat.

He left the room suddenly, dragging the vibrating monster cock with him. Alone with her thoughts, Brenda was immediately repulsed, angry with herself for allowing him to humiliate her so. How could she ever look herself in the mirror?

Maybe I won”t have to, something told her. Tony had tried desperately to humble her, make her scream for mercy. And she hadn”t. Until now.

The door would be opening soon, she knew, and the rest of the gang would enter. They would have chains and belts and lighted cigarettes. Carla would lead them with the savage, slow assault while Tony watched. And he would watch her become humble. She would beg to live. God, would she beg to live.

And then she would probably beg to die.

“Oh!” she cried out, watching the door slowly open. “No!”

“Put this on,” Tony said, flinging a dress at Brenda. He withdrew a knife from his jacket that hung on the back of a chair, then cut her bonds. “We”re taking a ride, baby.”

“Where?” Brenda asked, her voice sounding far away.

“I”m taking you back where I got you,” Tony said, his voice dull. “I don”t want you anymore.”

Unable to believe this wasn”t another cruel game, the beginning of something truly horrible, Brenda merely sat there, her eyes on the window.

She was free now. She could jump from the bed and crash through the glass. And as she lay on the ground, she could pick up a piece of the shattered pane and tear her wrists, her neck. At least she would have the satisfaction of knowing she was still in control of herself.

“I said get dressed, bitch,” Tony said, moving toward the window, as if reading her mind. “I want you out of here. Now.”

Brenda got up on wobbly legs and pulled the dress on her eyes on Tony, behind him, at the window. Her heart was thundering wildly, her throat constricting with terror.

“Lets go,” he said softly, almost kindly.

Dazzled by the bright sun, Brenda almost fainted. She fell to one side, grabbing Tony”s arm. For a split second, he touched her, held her, his move almost gentle, loving. Still, after that horrible assault, anything would seem gentle. At this moment, she couldn”t trust her emotions, perhaps never could again.

“Hang on,” Tony said, pushing her to the back of the motorcycle. “I can”t get you out of here fast enough.”

Although Brenda couldn”t believe that he was actually giving her her freedom, she sat behind him stoically. Unlike before, she kept alert on this ride. And if she did get her freedom, she would lead the police to their hide-away. She would see that bastard suffer, rot behind bars.

The ride took a little over twenty minutes, yet for Brenda, it seemed only a few seconds. She was never more aware of male sensuality than now as she felt the heat from his body, smelled the air whipping through his blond hair. Touching the leather of his jacket, his flat stomach, made her fingers numb with pleasure.

Finally, he stopped the bike and pushed her off. Without a backward glance, he roared back. Brenda stood there stunned, hardly able to move. At last, she stumbled over to the tree where it had all begun, and fell to her knees. As tears stung he cheeks, she turned her face and kissed the rough bark.


The police were at her house when she arrived. An older couple had picked her up on the road, deposited her on the corner. She had taken only a step inside when Leon grabbed her, his strong arms crushing her violently against his chest.

“My God, baby!” he cried out. “Where… what happened?”

“I… I was kidnapped!” she blurted out.

The police immediately took over, giving her a barrage of questions. Brenda, however, seemed oddly quiet, feeling as if she were in a stranger”s house. She looked at the furnishings, hardly recognizing them. Leon, also, seemed a stranger.

“I”m sorry,” Brenda said to the two uniformed officers, “I… I can”t help you at all.”

“What do you mean?” Leon asked, pulling her to the couch. “Is it too painful, baby?”

“Yes,” she said honestly. She swallowed hard, then added, “But you see, I was blindfolded the entire time. I don”t know who they were, or where they took me. They didn”t mention names, or anything. If they were in the same room with me, I wouldn”t be able to identify them.”

“That”s too bad,” one officer said, making a move to leave, “We can, of course, give you protection if you desire and…”

“That won”t be necessary, officer,” Leon said, holding his wife. “I”ll be staying here. I”m not going to let her out of my sight again.”

After the officers left, he lifted Brenda in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He removed her dress and lay her on the bed, then snuggled close to hr, his right hand on her stomach.

“You don”t have to talk about it, baby,” he murmured into her ear. “Ever. I just want you to know I love you.”

“Thank you, Leon,” Brenda replied, suddenly wondering why she”d lied to the police. She could have taken them right to the spot, could have easily identified the entire gang. “Let”s just forget about it.”

She threw herself at him, crushing her mouth savagely against his, darting her tongue between his lips. She grabbed the bulging muscles of his biceps, then tore his shirt open.

“Take me, Leon!” she gasped. “God, take me and… and…”

“Baby, baby, baby,” her husband whispered, shucking out of his clothes, at the same time covering her body with kisses. “I”ve missed you so much. I was worried sick. I…”

Brenda rolled him to his back and thrust her dangling tits against his open mouth, cutting off his words. At the same time, she squirmed her ass around, digging the underside of his swollen cock into the lips of her churning pussy.

“Fuck… fuck me,” she cried out, her body freezing with greedy anticipation. “I… I have to have it!”

She reached between their bodies and lifted his massive prick to a right angle. Quickly, she humped upward and caught the end of his cock inside her fluttering opening. She banged downward, gulping the entire slab of prick inside her, crying out when the huge base stretched her torn, raw muscles.

“Unhhhhhh!” she wailed, rocking back and forth, jamming her knees upward, clamping them against the sides of his body. “Yessss! God… God… yesss!”

Although Leon found it impossible to believe her reaction he couldn”t control his own lust. As her pink, rubbery nipples brushed over his teeth and lips, her cunt sucked on his cockbase, he felt his loins burn with hunger. He heaved upward, planting his prick fully inside.

“God, I love you!” he grunted, chewing into the delicate flesh of her tits. “Mnmmmm, I… love… this!”

An immediate, gut-crunching climax riddled her insides, sending spasms of pure release into every cell, each nerve.

“Aieee!” she screamed. “Fuck! Fuck meeee!”

While she fucked up and down brutally, Leon matched her move for move. Each time she slapped her cuntlips down around his cockbase, he lunged upward. Soon the room was echoing with the smacking sounds of flesh hitting flesh.

“Unh! Take it!” he panted, barely touching her bobbing ass. “Fuck it all the way in, baby!”

After Tony and his gang, Leon”s fucking was so mild it was almost sickening. In fact, Brenda felt as if she were screwing air. She couldn”t seem to get him to touch her with those big, brutal hands, to dig his fingers into her bruised flesh. Her climax was almost a mockery, leaving her begging for something he couldn”t ever give her.

“Hurt me!” she begged. “God, I want you to fuck me to death!”

“Never hurt you, baby,” Leon murmured. “Especially not now. Not after what you”ve been through.”

“But… I want it!” Brenda pleaded. “Always wanted it!”

“No, baby, you just think you do,” her husband said, slowing his movements. “Now, I”ll show you how a woman like you should be treated.”

He pushed her to her back and thrust his legs between her thighs. Slowly, gently, he began fucking in and out, his cock just barely moving between her buzzing cuntlips. Seconds later, his prick enlarged, totally filling her insides.

“Fuck me,” he whispered, brushing his lips over her cheek. “Do it slow and soft, sweetheart.”

Brenda thought she knew horror until this moment. Her body was bucking with raw hunger, starving for a brutal assault. Nothing, however, she could do would make him do it like… Tony.

Tony would have taken her brutally.

As she saw his handsome face in her mind, she froze with a mixture of terror and pleasure. At the same time, her body jerked with a gigantic convulsion of pure, raw release.

“Ohhhhh!” she screamed, clawing at Leon”s muscular back. “Yesssss!”

As her orgasm peaked, she felt the surge of his cum, the throbbing of his cockhead. The juices were now mixing with the fiery cum of the Great Dane”s, of Tony”s.

“See, baby, I knew you liked it like this,” Leon murmured, gently pushing in the bulk of his load. “It”s so… fucking good like this.”

Finally, Brenda lay beneath him, gasping for air. She let her hands fall away from his body, let her legs relax. She looked away, then closed her eyes, trying to block out the memory of that blonde giant, his cruelty.

“Want to talk?” Leon asked, moving off and getting a cigarette. “I mean, if you want to.”

“No,” Brenda answered dully. “I… I just have to work some things out for myself.”

As she lay there, trying desperately to concentrate on Leon, on their marriage, Tony kept coming back, haunting her every thought.

He had tied her up in more ways than one, she realized. And until she did something about it, she would never be released. But what?

She fell into a deep sleep a few moments later, and in those moments when spidery dreams surged in her brain, she could see that man, almost feel the rough toughness of his fingers. She was running down a darkened hall, screaming out his name. And each time her voice echoed off walls, she heard laughter. Tony! Tony! Tony!


Brenda drove into the mountains, feeling her heart beat faster with each passing mile. She had left Leon sleeping peacefully, taken a few possessions, and a note explaining everything. And although saddened for her husband, she knew they were finished, had been before this happened.

“Tony!” she called out to the deserted-looking house. Fear thundered in her brain. They were gone! Nothing remained but a pile of beer cans, her torn clothing on the porch. “Tony!” she screamed again, running inside the house.

She ran from room to room, then finally stopped outside the bedroom door where everything had happened. She touched the doorknob and felt an almost electric-like jolt. His very fingers had touched this metal. God, was it her imagination, or did it still feel warm? Slowly, she opened the door.

“Oh, Tony,” she whispered, closing her eyes, wishing desperately that he would be there, hadn”t gone out of her life forever. “Oh… God Tony…”

“Hello, Brenda,” the voice said, shattering her mind. “I was hoping you would come back.”

“Tony!” Brenda screamed, falling against the door. Her legs had turned to melted rubber, her mind reeling with disbelief. He lay there on the bed, naked and beautiful, his arms and legs tied to the corners of the bed. “Tony!” she gasped, looking at the ropes.

“I asked Carla to tie me up,” he said, blushing beet red. “Before she and the others left,” he added. “I was beginning to feel, pretty stupid. I mean, what if you hadn”t come? I could lay here until I starved.” He laughed, revealing even, white teeth. “Now, untie me and let”s get the hell out of here.”

“Untie you?” Brenda smiled. “Now, why would I do a thing like that?”

“Come on, Brenda,” he said, looking at her with frightened eyes. “A joke”s a joke, but…”

“Remember the pliers? That was a joke? That big machine-cock of yours? He was a joke?”

“I didn”t hurt you,” he said, licking his lips. Fear was written all over his face. “I… I didn”t mean to hurt you, anyway. If I did, I”m sorry, I…”

Brenda cut him off with a dark laugh, then spread her legs, her hands on her hips. She had control now, and the idea was making her so excited her cuntlips were quivering. She looked over to where his clothing lay.

“You like jokes?” she asked, fingering her blouse. “I”ll tell you a good joke, Buddy boy.”

“What are you going to do?” he gasped.

“You know,” she said sarcastically, “you should learn some more lines.”

“What are you talking about?” Tony asked, following her gaze. “Jokes?”

“Ah, yes,” Brenda said, slipping out of the rest of her clothes, standing before him naked, alive. “The joke. Did you hear the one about the woman who took a leather belt to a blonde man while he was tied up?”

“You wouldnt!” Tony grunted.

“Don”t worry, sweetheart,” she whispered softly, “I”m not going to do anything to you that you didn”t do to me.”

She walked over and picked up the wide, dark brown leather belt. She placed the silver buckle in her right palm and wrapped about ten inches of the soft material around her hand.

“Ready?” she asked, looking at his rock-hard cock. “You ready to get what you dished out?”

“No,” Tony panted. “Don”t.”

Brenda slapped him across the chest with the belt, watching a red welt rise. As he flinched, his face contorted in pain, she raised her hand and struck him again.

“I love you!” he screamed, bucking with agony. “I loved you the first…”

His words became a howl as she slapped him again.

“… minute I saw you…”

She hit him again, as hard as she could. A tiny rivulet of blood seeped from the side of one welt.

“… always loved you, you fucking bitch!”

With her chest heaving, Brenda tossed the belt aside, then knelt on the bed. She reached out and touched the welts on his chest, then lowered her face to the wounds. As her lips brushed over the sensitive flesh, she felt surges of warmth tickle her cunt. She tasted his blood, became animal hungry.

“Where”s King?” she asked, moving her mouth toward his rigid cock. “Did they take that, too?”

“No,” Tony answered, wondering what she had in mind.

“What a fucking treat,” Brenda laughed.

She got off the bed, heedless of his protests, his cries of anguish. She padded through the house and found the huge vibrator. She stopped, searching through the shelves in the kitchen. She found a container of honey, then dipped her fingers into the sticky, oozing fluid. She rubbed her gooey hand all over the head of the monster cock.

She hefted the machine back to the bedroom, coated thick with wet honey. When she opened the door, she gave Tony a vampire-like smile.

“Two”s company,” she said huskily, “three”s a darn good time. Right?”

“You realize all I have to do is flip a switch and that thing could rip you apart,” Tony said, white with fear. “That thing could turn you inside out.”

“I plan on it,” Brenda giggled, dipping her fingers into the honey. She smeared the fluid into the crack of her ass then got onto the bed. “It”s gonna tear into us both.” She then straddled his middle, jabbing his rigid cock into her swollen cunt. As she did, some of the honey dripped to his balls.

As she snuggled his prick fully into her pussy, she leaned forward and kissed Tony soundly on the mouth. As their tongues lapped together, she scooted down until she felt the cold metal and pulsating plastic cock against her backside. Seconds later, the tip of the slavering dildo slipped into the crack of her ass.

“Oh… God!” she screamed out, freezing with an immediate spasm of climax. “Fuck me! Monster!”

“Oh… Brenda,” Tony moaned, jerking his body up and down. “Fuck me… Christ, fuck me like this forever! I… I”ve always loved you!”

It took less than ten stabs of his powerful cock for his orgasm to explode, sending a rush of hot, creamy cum into her churning cunt. And when the first wads splattered noisily against the fluttering walls, they both screamed into each other”s mouths.

“Fuck meeee!” Brenda wailed.

“I love you!” Tony screamed.

The machine kept working into her ass, reaming her from behind while Tony pushed furiously into her cunt.

Finally, Brenda fell against Tony, running her fingers over his muscular, tanned body. She could almost feel as if she were melting into his very flesh, feel their hearts become one.

“Shall I untie you?” she asked at last, sitting up. “Yes,” he answered. “I”m going to break your Goddamned neck,” he added, grinning.

“Then I”m not going to untie you,” she replied with a giggle.

“Mnmmmm, I was kinda hoping you”d say that, baby.”

Brenda ground her ass down on the machine, it”s pulsating rocking drilling into her, driving her to a delicious madness. “Ooooooaaah,” she groaned.

“That”s it, baby,” Tony murmured, flexing, yanking his right arm up. His move caused the rope to snap. He laughed suddenly. “Hey, I”m free,” he said, touching her shoulder.

“So am I,” Brenda whispered, letting his cock slide from her mouth and hit his stomach. “We”re… both free.”

She then took the rope and wrapped it around both their wrists, tying it securely. As the hemp bit into their skin, she felt her cunt explode.

Later, with the taste of cum on her lips, she kissed the side of his neck, rubbing their bound hands over her tits.

“I”m your slave,” she whispered. “I”ll forever be in bondage to you, my darling.”

“Oh… Brenda,” Tony said, kissing into the peach-colored hair. “My love, my bondage. My sweet bondage!”