Davy’s Loving Mother

A mother’s desire for her son is a subject as old as the world of literature, and its theme, incest, can be traced in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Lot’s scheme to repopulate a supposedly desolate earth by sleeping with his daughters. The subject has been probed by Sophocles, and Freud defined the problem of incest. Eugene O’Neill, a great playwright, encompassed the theme in one of his most important works.

An incestuous desire is now considered normal, healthy, and to be expected, but should this need on the part of a woman to physically possess her son remain unchecked, the possible catastrophe which might follow could be of such dimension that none involved will recover.

DAVY’S LOVING MOTHER is the story of an incestuous relationship between a young housewife and her young son Davy. It is a startling novel with an important message for society.


Molly stood gazing at her son.

Davy was sound asleep, sprawled on his back. His night lamp was still burning, and he had kicked the sheets to the foot of the bed. His pajamas hung low on his hips, the naked flesh of his stomach showing.

She was wearing a long nightgown, a nylon gown that clung to the curves of her slender body. The top of her gown was lace, and the light-brown color of her nipples showed. She entered her son’s room and stood over him, her eyes roaming about his youthful body.

Across his face was a pair of her panties.

This was not the first time she had seen her panties on his face while he slept. She had been peeking in on him for the past week, and each night the panties were either on his face or lying next to his head on the pillow. They were always the same pair of panties. They were pink, trimmed with white lace, the crotch usually turned outward.

Molly was very much aware that some men enjoyed fondling a woman’s panties during times of jerking off. She knew they enjoyed the scent of a woman’s worn panties, and at times wrapped the nylon about their cocks, to jack off. But that was men, not her son. Davy was young, and she felt he shouldn’t know what to do with his cock yet, let alone find pleasure in caressing a pair of panties.

But for a week she had seen him with those same panties near his head or draped over his face while he slept.

She thought the panties had been mysteriously lost while being washed. The washing machine sometimes ate a sock or two, but never panties.

Oddly enough, she didn’t feel anger at her son for having them. She felt an unusual tingling sensation between her thighs as she looked down on his sleeping body. One of his eyes showed through the leg of her panties, and the crotch rested lightly on his lips.

All day she had been wearing the same panties. Molly usually changed her panties at least twice a day, but today was different. Feeling a flush of excitement on her lovely face, she lifted her gown to her waist, and peeled her panties off. She held them up, turning them inside out. They were pink, too, but the whole front was black lace. She brought the panties to her face and sniffed. The scent of her cunt was there, along with two stray dark pussy hairs. Very carefully, she removed the panties from her son’s sleeping face and placed the other panties there.

She looked down at him for a while, her eyes straying toward the crotch of his pajamas. The fly gaped slightly, and she leaned over to look closely. She could see the base of Davy’s cock, the hint of one ball. Her hand began to itch with the desire to fondle him, to feel his cock and precious balls. Fighting the urge, she left his room, her panties balled in her hand. She tossed the panties into the laundry hamper of the hall bathroom where she was sure Davy would see them in the morning. Then, on an impulse, she stripped her gown over her head.

Molly had rich, dark, chestnut-colored hair, with hot green eyes and a full, wide mouth. Her face was beautiful, as beautiful as any cover-girl model. Her skin was smooth and unblemished, creamy to the touch. Her tits were full and wide-spaced, the nipples tilted upward. She had a small waist and a flat stomach, with just a delicious hint of roundness. Her hips were curvy and her thighs very long and shapely. Her ass swelled out in mouth watering firm cheeks, with a deep, inviting asscrack. The hair of her cunt was shaped like an open fan, with a very a faint line of thin hair growing toward her dimpled belly button.

Feeling delicious to be naked in the hall bathroom, the door wide open, Molly giggled with a lewd sound. She ran her hands to her cunt, parting the thick hair to expose the pinkness of her cunt. Pulling at the lips of her cunt, she parted them until her cunt jutted forth. Molly’s cunt was unusual in that it was extra long, perhaps a full inch. It was the most sensitive thing she had ever touched. Now, she rubbed lightly with the tip of finger over it, her hips jerking spastically as she moaned softly.

She resisted the powerful urge to stab a finger up her cunt and work it in and out, bringing herself to orgasm. As much fun as it was to fingerfuck, she wanted more than a stiff finger up her pussy.

Sighing, she picked her gown up, draped it over her shoulder, and nakedly stepped into the hall. She walked to her room, pausing at Davy’s door and looking in at him. If he was awake, he would have seen his naked mother standing there, her green eyes smoldering at the front of his pajamas. Molly trembled with strange hungers, and turned to her room.

The next morning, Davy said nothing.

Molly watched him carefully. Surely he knew there was a different pair of panties on his face than those he went to sleep with. But Davy gave no indication he knew. Dressed in her light summer robe, with a fresh pair of panties on, but her tits naked, Molly prepared his breakfast as he sat at the table. Davy wore his cut-offs, with sneakers on his feet. Cut-offs and sneakers seemed to be the summer uniform of the boys and girls, she thought.

As she turned from the stove, her robe swirled and her thighs were exposed briefly. But Davy had seen her legs, and Molly noticed a quick flare of interest in his young eyes. She wondered what he would do if she untied the robe, let it hang open so he could see her in the panties, her tits pointing at him suggestively.

Sitting across the table from her son as they ate, she asked: “What are you doing today, honey?”

“Nothing,” he replied.

“You mean you’re going to stay home today?” she asked, pleased. “With me?”

Davy nodded.

This was a change, she knew. Davy usually couldn’t wait to finish breakfast and leave, going off and doing whatever it was he did with his friends around the neighborhood.

“What brought this on, baby?” she asked, finishing her coffee. “Don’t tell me all your little friends are going out of town today.”

“I don’t know about them,” Davy said, raising his eyes. For a moment they fixed on the strain of his mother’s tits. The robe exposed the creamy, tantalizing valley between them. “I just feel like staying in today, Mother.”

“You’re not sick, are you?” she asked, unable to keep the sparkle out of her eyes.

Davy shook his head. He had lowered his gaze again to her tits. This time he looked boldly at them.

Molly found her breath catching in her throat. A warm flush crept over her face, down her neck. She sat still, feeling the heat growing between her thighs.

“Did you… find something different this morning?” she managed to ask, her voice low.

Davy nodded.

“Do you mind?”

His eyes came up to hers, and they gazed at each other for a long time.

“No,” he finally said, softly. “How long have you known, Mother?”

“All along,” she said, stretching the truth.

Suddenly Davy giggled. “What’s funny?” she asked. “Nothing,” he said. “Just… golly, Mother.”

Molly reached across the table and placed her hand on top of his. Her eyes were moist, a nervous smile playing about her full lips.

“Did you mind?” she asked again.

“Mind what, Mother?”

“That I changed… panties,” she said, her voice throaty.

Davy’s young eyes flared hotly as a grin spread over his face. He turned his hand beneath hers, and they held hands tightly across the table.

“I liked it, Mother,” he said, his voice going from high to low, as it usually did when he was excited. “Why did you do it?”

“You like my panties, don’t you, baby?” she asked. “What do you do with Mother’s panties, anyway?”

“I… like to feel them,” he said shyly. “And smell them?” she asked, unable to resist.

Davy nodded his head, lowering his eyes shyly for the first time.

Molly stood up and moved around the table to her son’s side. She placed his head against her stomach, hugging him there, brushing his hair.

“Don’t be embarrassed, baby,” she said softly. “I understand. I’m not mad at you. If you like playing with my panties, I don’t mind.”

Davy wrapped his hands about his mother’s waist and hugged her tightly as he pressed his face into her stomach.

“Davy,” she whispered, pulling his head from her stomach and tilting his face up to hers. “Oh, Davy,” she whispered again.

She leaned down to kiss his forehead, but at the last moment, pressed her lips to his. She had meant to give him a quick peck, but the feel of her son’s lips against hers sent a wild, blazing fire through her body. With a moan, Molly thrust her tongue past her son’s lips, deep into his mouth. A muffled gasp came from Davy, but his arms went about his mother’s neck tightly.

Molly’s eyes smoldered hotly. She released her son and stepped back. Her fingers trembled about her belt. She opened the belt and hesitated, then taking a deep breath, she flung her thin robe wide open.

Davy gasped, his eyes huge as he stared at his mother.

“Mother! Golly, Mother?”

Molly’s body trembled as she stood holding her robe wide. Her son’s eyes gazed at her nakedness, seeing her tits straining out, nipples jutting upward, the tightness of her bikini panties. The panties were orchid-colored, trimmed teasingly in black lace. Davy had turned in his chair when she hugged him, and Molly’s eyes moved to the front of his cut-offs. She saw the slow lifting of them, watching his concealed cock growing hard. She pulled her gown from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. She stood before her excited son, wearing only her skimpy, tantalizing panties. She cupped her tits, lifting them, thumbing her rigid nipples as her eyes blazed at the front of his cut-offs.

Davy gasped hotly as he watched his mother, his knees open.

Sliding her hands down her body, Molly drew upward on her panties, making the crotch cut into her cunt, outlining the swell of those hairy lips. Her extra-long clit throbbed hotly and she was very wet. Curls of dark pussy hair peeked from the tight panties, and Davy’s eyes looked as if they were about to come out of his head. Molly parted her feet on the floor, arching her hips forward slightly. Davy gulped as he stared, seeing the curls of cunt hair, the way that lace trimmed crotch pulled into his mother’s cunt. His cock throbbed into full hardness.

Molly wanted to jerk the crotch of her son’s cut-offs to one side, to let that beautiful hard-on free, expose it. But she didn’t, she stood pulling her panties tightly into her bubbling cunt, her hips twisting suggestively in slow motion.

Then, breathlessly, Molly began to peel her panties down.

“Oh, Mother!” Davy groaned, his eyes burning.

Molly stripped her panties off, lifting first one foot, then the other. Standing up, naked, legs now together, she held her panties out to her son. Davy lifted a shaking hand, then dropped it to his lap.

“Don’t you want my panties, honey?” she asked in a husky sound.

Davy nodded, but all he could do was press his hand hard against his hard-on.

Molly stepped closer, and turned her panties inside out. She rubbed the wet crotch of them aver her son’s face, then across his lips. Davy’s eyes half-closed as he smelled his mother’s cunt on the panties, felt the wetness on his lips.

“Nice, aren’t they, Davy?” she whispered. She dropped her panties to his lap, and stepped back. She leaned near the sink, her naked body vibrating sweetly. Her tits seemed swollen, her nipples ready to burst. She stared at her son as he stared back at her. Davy’s big eyes swiveled up and down, seeing his mother’s tits, then the bush of her cunt. His cock throbbed powerfully.

“Show me, honey,” Molly urged hotly. “Show me what you do with my panties. Let me watch you, darling!”

Davy, overcome by excitement, yanked the crotch of his cut-offs aside. Molly caught a glimpse of his young cock standing up before he wrapped her panties around it. His cockhead bulged tightly at the crotch of her panties, and she was fascinated as a slow wetness formed there. Gazing at his mother’s naked body, Davy closed his fist about his pantie-wrapped cock, and began to jerk up and down.

“Ohhhh, I see,” Molly gurgled, her eyes straining as she watched her son jacking off.

Davy gasped with excitement, his eyes riveted upon the thick, silky bush of his mother’s cunt, his fist racing up and down his cock in short, jerky pumping motions. Molly felt her cunt responding to his display of open sexuality. Her clit bulged from the pulsating lips of her pussy, and she squeezed her thighs tightly. She twisted her naked ass against the sink, her eyes shining with strange feelings.

“Look at me, honey!” she hissed, and parted her legs. Molly thrust her hips forward, her cunt showing. She ran one hand down between her thighs, a finger on each side of her juicy cunt. Her clit thrust between her fingers and she began to rub it. “Look at this, Davy! Look at Mother and jerk yourself off! Jerk off with Mother’s panties, baby!”

The words his mother was saying sent a shaking delight through Davy, who stared hungrily at his mother’s cunt, his fist pounding faster and faster on his cock. The nylon stretched around his bulging cockhead, and the wet spot grew wider. Molly shivered aid rubbed at her cunt, making sure her fingers never covered her bulging clit. Her eyes burned at the head of her son’s cock, anxious to see what would happen.

Her legs shook, becoming weak. There was a fire inside her cunt that she had never felt before. Her fingers, sliding along the puffy lips of her cunt, made a wet sound. She opened her thighs a bit more, bending her knees and bracing herself on the sink. Her eyes strained with liquid heat on his cock. Davy’s eyes seemed unfocused as he stared between his mother’s thighs, beating his fist frantically on his pantie-covered cock.

She felt as if she were going to come, yet the orgasm refused to burst.

She twisted her ass, moaning softly, gazing at her son as he sat at the table, jacking off in a frenzy.

“Look at me, Davy!” she sobbed hotly. “Watch Mother, baby! Ooooo, honey, can you do it? Can you come… in my panties?”

Davy’s only reply was quicker gaspings.

Molly wanted to come, wanted to very badly, yet each time she felt as if it would happen, something seemed to make it go away. Feverishly, she shoved both hands between her legs, and wantonly began to open and close the hairy lips of her pussy, smashing them against her clit. Tears were flowing from her eyes as she strained to come, feeling total abandonment with her son watching as he jacked off with her panties.

“Oh, damn it! Damn it!” she cried, suddenly smashing her fingers against her clit violently, agitating it almost brutally.

Her hips whipped about in jerky motion as she rubbed in a frenzy at her swollen clit. Her eyes never left her son’s cock or pounding fist.

“Oh, Davy!” she cried, her lovely face contorting with torment. “I can’t! Damn, damn, damn! I can’t come!”

Davy heard his mother’s frustrated cries, but his balls were aching now, drawing tightly into his crotch. His fist banged up and down with frantic movement, his young eyes burning on his mother’s hairy pussy, watching her fingers flying in a frenzy. He heard the wet sounds she made, and began to moan softly.

With a jerk of his body, creamy come juice gushed out of his cock.

Molly sobbed as she watched her panties drenched with his come juice.

Davy kept jacking his cock as he came, and within moments, her panties were soaked with that creamy sweetness.

For a moment, Davy slumped in the chair, his eyes dreamy, his mother’s panties dangling from the head of his cock. Then, with a sudden blush, he jerked her panties away and flung them to the table. He jumped to his feet, and while stuffing his cock back into his cut-offs, ran from the kitchen.

Molly started to call after him, but stopped herself.

She had seen the sudden embarrassment on his face, and knew he had to be alone for a while. She moved on shaking legs to the table, picking up her panties. The inside of the crotch was soaked with his come juice, glistening wetly.

Picking her panties up, she gazed at the evidence of his desires. With a shiver she drew the panties to her face. She closed her eyes as a sensation of rapture seemed to burn through her naked body. Suddenly, she shoved the crotch of her panties into her mouth, sucking at the come juice her son had placed there. She tasted Davy’s young come juice, finding it hot and sweet. She sucked hard at her panties and her tongue running about the crotch.

And she came.

The explosion of her orgasm ripped her to pieces. Her eyes shot open and she shook hard, her cunt convulsing like never before. She stood near the table, coming wildly, her panties dangling from her lips, eyes huge but not seeing anything.

The orgasm seemed to go on for a long time, and when it finally ended, she was so weak she slumped into Davy’s chair, leaning on the table with her head on her arms.

She had never come so strongly in her life.


Molly wasn’t troubled by what happened in the least.

She allowed her son to remain in his room for some time, then went down the hall, her robe covering her once more.

She found Davy sprawled across his bed, face down. She stood and looked down upon him, her eyes seeing his young back, his young thighs. She listened to him breathing, and then sat on the edge of his bed. She placed her hand on his back soothingly.

“What’s wrong, Davy?” she asked in a soft voice. “Didn’t you enjoy that, honey?”

Davy turned onto his back. Molly saw tears in his eyes.

“Oh, Davy! Please, honey,” she said. “It’s okay. I took my robe off for you, didn’t I?”

“That’s not it, Mother,” he said. “I feel terrible.”

“Why should you feel terrible?” she asked, caressing his chest. “I was the one that changed panties last night. I was the one that took my robe off a while ago. Davy, I asked you to show me what you did with my panties.”

“I know, Mother,” he said. “But… isn’t that supposed to be weird? You know, strange. Because I like doing that with your panties, does that mean I’m some kind of nut?”

“Oh, no!” Molly said. “You’re not any kind of nut, darling.”

She leaned down and kissed his forehead, her hand on his stomach, her fingers at the waist of his cut-offs.

“If you enjoy that, do it,” she whispered, running her hand along his stomach lightly. “Who can say what’s wrong with it? You’d be surprised at what people do when they’re alone. Men and women both. It’s no one’s business what you do, darling. Not even mine.”

She moved her fingers along the waist of his cut-offs, slipping them just underneath for a moment. She drew one leg onto his bed, and the robe opened to expose her thigh almost, to her crotch. She noticed her son looking, and grinned. She took his hand and placed it on her thigh, feeling how hot his palm was.

Davy squirmed, his hand trembling on her thigh. Molly slipped her hand across his stomach again as she looked down at him. She slowly drew her hand across his cut-offs, pausing lightly on his cock, then moved her hand to his thigh. She stroked his thigh, her fingertips slipping under the fringe of his shorts.

“It’s no one’s business,” she whispered again. “If you like to play with my panties, baby, you can play with my panties.”

She probed under his shorts, the tip of her finger brushing at his precious balls, then pulling back. She felt her son tremble, and his fingers tightened against her thigh.

“Mother, would you let me… you know, see you in your panties again?”

“Of course,” she gurgled softly. “I’ll put a pair on right now and let you look at me. It’s our business, isn’t it? I’d love to let you see me in panties again.”

“When?” Davy asked, showing excitement once more.

“When would you like?”


Molly let a soft hiss of pleasure escape her lips. She closed her palm over her son’s crotch briefly, cupping his cock and balls. She gave them a tender squeeze, then stood up.

“Why not now?” she said. “We have all day, don’t we?”

Davy nodded, his young eyes bright with excitement.

“I’ll be right back,” she murmured, and left him.

In her room, Molly pulled a pair of skimpy panties from her chest. They were very frilly, with black lace covering the front all the way to the crotch. The seat of them was blue, and they were trimmed with black. The lace in the front concealed nothing. She knew her son would like this pair, and she slipped them on. They hugged her hips with two narrow elastic bands. She adjusted the thin crotch so dark curls of hair swirled from it. She left her robe on her bed, and returned to her son’s room.

Davy’s eyes opened with pleasure as she stepped into the bedroom.

Molly paused, posing with one hip jutting, her tits lifted and her nipples arching to the ceiling. Dave stared open-mouthed with delight, his eyes very hot.

“You like them?” Molly asked softly.

“Golly, Mother!” Davy gulped, licking his lips. “They’re beautiful!”

Molly moved toward her son, hips swaying. She loved the way he looked at her, his eyes going from her naked tits to her pantied hips. Her chestnut-colored hair framed her smoldering expression.

She stood at the side of his bed, and opened her legs. The tight band stretched cross her cunt. The shape of her pussy hair could be seen dearly through the lace. With a lewd mewling sound, Molly turned around, arching her pantied ass suggestively. She looked at her son over her shoulder, her eyes sparkling with erotic wetness. The lower half of her smooth ass showed, white against the tan of her thighs. She saw her son lick his lips again, and playfully wagged her ass before facing him once more.

“Do you really like these panties?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, Mother!”

Leaning over, Molly shoved her hand under the fringed leg of his shorts. She touched his balls with her fingertips, then pushed her fingers around it. But his shorts were too tight for that.

“I want it out,” she said huskily, fumbling with his shorts. “I want to see it in the open, baby!”

Molly opened her son’s shorts, and his cock jerked upward. With a squeal she grabbed his cock tightly. She stared as his cockhead bulged, and the throbbing of it seemed to move all the way up her arm.

Davy grunted as his mother squeezed his cock.

“I need your panties, Mother!” he gasped. “Feel them,” she moaned. “Feel my panties on me! It’s okay, darling! Touch me! Feel Mother’s panties while I’m wearing them.”

Davy’s hand moved up her thigh, stroking her hip. Molly shook her ass as he leaned over and began to pump on her son’s cock. Davy shoved his hand to his mother’s ass, feeling the stretching nylon eagerly. Molly shivered as her son ran his hand about her ass from cheek to cheek. She clutched his hard cock tightly, mewling softly, staring at his rounded cockhead, watching him drip from his piss hole. Davy hesitated about shoving his hand between her thighs, but Molly understood.

She released his cock and stood up, spreading her legs. She grabbed his wrist and shoved his hand to her cunt, making his fingers cup it. She then pressed her legs together.

“Feel how hot that is, baby?” she gasped. “That’s what you do to Mother! You make me hot, right there!”

Davy gurgled as his cock throbbed. He could feel the heat of his mother’s cunt through the thin band of her panties. He made a tentative rub, and Molly gurgled this time, her hips twisting.

“Oooooh, yes, Davy! Feel me, honey!” she urged in a thick voice. “Feel Mother’s pussy, baby! Feel my panties… feel them all you want to feel! Play with me, Davy! Please, honey, play with Mother!”

Bolder now, Davy rubbed at his mother’s pantied cunt, feeling the wetness against his palm.

Now that her son was feeling her cunt by himself, Molly drew her hands to her tits, squeezing them and making eager whimpering sounds. Her eyes stared at his cock, seeing his young, precious balls. His balls looked very full, loaded with that creamy come juice. His piss hole seemed to wink at her, seeping deliciously. She twisted her hips lewdly as her son fondled between her thighs, her clit trying to burst through the panties.

“Davy,” she groaned. “Davy, I want you to… Davy, you have to… oh, baby, fuck me!”

Davy gasped, his eyes bulging. His hand pressed hard into his mother’s cunt the crotch of her panties now so wet, even his fingers were slippery.

“Fuck you, Mother?” he asked, his voice squeaking.

“Yes, fuck me!”


Molly scrambled onto his bed, straddling her son’s thighs. His cut-offs near his knees, his cock thrusting straight up with youthful hardness.

“You do want to fuck me, don’t you, Davy?” she asked anxiously. “Don’t you want to fuck Mother now?”

Davy nodded his head, his expression showing surprise, but an eagerness that couldn’t be denied.

“With my panties on,” Molly hissed hotly. “Fuck Mother with her panties on, okay?”

“Oh, yes, Mother!”

Gurgling eagerly, Molly knee-walked up her son’s thighs. She held her crotch above his cock, and holding it at the base, rubbed his swollen cockhead along the nylon crotch.

“Ooooh, don’t come off!” she whimpered. “Don’t come until your cock is up my cunt, baby!”

Davy giggled, a lewd sound. “Say that again, Mother!”

“Say what again?”

“Cock and cunt and fuck!”

“Oh, you like that, do you?” she moaned.


She rubbed the head of his cock back and forth on her panties, feeling it burn though them and against her swollen pussy lips.

“You have a big, hard cock, baby! Mother wants your big hard-on inside her cunt and fucking her! Ohhhh, yes, darling… fuck Mother with that big, beautiful cock! Fucking right in the wet, hot cunt!”

Davy was trying to press his prick through her panties, shoving his ass up. Molly giggled lewdly.

“You can’t shove your cock through my panties,” she said.

“It feels good, Mother!” Davy choked. “I like the way your panties feel on my cock!”

“Mmmmm, so do I, but if you’re going to fuck me, I have to make a slight adjustment,” she cooed.

Turning loose of his cock, Molly slipped a finger into the crotch of her panties, pulling it to one side slowly, watching her son’s face. Davy had his chin tucked downward, his eyes wide and hot as he watched his mother slowly reveal her cunt to him. He had seen it in the kitchen, but it was if seeing her pussy for the first time. His mouth was open and he was panting with anticipation.

Holding the lacy crotch of her panties wide, Molly moaned. “Honey, hold your cock and rub it against my cunt!”

Eagerly, Davy gripped his cock, moving his swollen cockhead up and down the fiery slit of his mother’s juicy cunt. Molly moaned softly as she felt the contact, her hips shaking. Her nipples were painfully swollen as she tried to move her hips back and forth, wanting to feel the hot heat of her son’s cock against her extra long clit. With a slight shifting movement of her hips, she pressed the tip of her swollen clit against the head of her son’s cock. She yelped softly as his cock smashed into her clit. A fire seemed to roar through her body, and suddenly a muffled scream wailed out of her mouth.

“Oh, Davy!” she cried. “That made me come!”

The lips of her cunt twitched against the head of his cock as the unexpected orgasm rippled through her. Molly was stretching the crotch of her panties wide with the fingers of one hand, and with a tight squeal of hunger, she slammed her cunt downward.

Davy gasped as he saw his cock stab into his mother’s hairy cunt, felt the liquid fire that seared his prick. Molly’s eyes bulged as she felt her cunt stretch around her son’s cock, her puffy cuntlips smashed at the base. Her long clit seemed to be crushed there, throbbing as her pussy gripped his cock in orgasm. Her upright body trembled and her tits jiggled as she came, squealing with ecstasy.

When the orgasm faded away, she looked down at her son as if surprised to find his cock inside her pussy. Her eyes were large and wet, slightly unfocused.

“Davy! Oh, my Lord, Davy!” she hissed. “You’re in me! You’re really inside me!”

“Yeah!” Davy’s groaned, hardly believing it himself.

“Baby, honey, darling!” Molly sobbed softly. “Your cock! Baby, your cock is inside my pussy, in my cunt! I didn’t think I’d do it! I didn’t think I’d actually do it!”

“But, Mother, you said to fuck you!”

“I know!” she sobbed softly, sitting astride him, her lips grinding slowly. “I know what I said! But I didn’t believe I’d really to it, Davy! My Lord, your cock is actually up my cunt!”

“Are you gonna fuck me, Mother?” he asked anxiously.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I don’t know if I will or not, darling. I want to fuck you, want to badly, but…”

“You said it was okay, Mother,” he said, twisting his hips, feeling the heat of his mother’s cunt gripping his cock. “You said it wasn’t anyone’s business.”

“I know what I said,” she wailed. “But… I didn’t really intend to fuck you, Davy! I only wanted to make you feel good, make myself feel good. Now look at what I’ve done! Your cock is in me… your cock is really inside Mother’s cunt!”

She turned loose of her panties, and the crotch of them stayed to one side, opened by his cock buried into her cunt. She balled her hands into tight fists, gritting her teeth, fighting the urge to pound up and down on his cock, to fuck him wildly.

Her cunt seemed to grab and suck on his prick, squeeze and relax.

Drawing her knees along her son’s sides, Molly sat astride him, impaled by this hard, throbbing cock. Her balled fists rested on her thighs. She gazed down at his face, seeing the awe there. Every throb of Davy’s cock was transmitted against the tight, hot, sensitive lips of her cunt, sending sparks up and down her body. She sat trembling, gasping, as surprised as her son to find his cock inside her pussy.

Despite telling him she was going to fuck him, she really had no intention of taking his cock inside her. Her intention had been to caress the head of his cock with the hairy lips of her pussy, perhaps make them both come that way. And yet she was sitting on him, his cock so deep and hard.

Davy stared at her pussy, seeing her thick, silky pussy hairs, the way the crotch of her panties stretched away from her cunt. Like his mother, he was gasping, hardly able to believe where his cock was. A tremor went through his body, and without thinking, Davy’s lifted his hips.

“Oooooh, Davy!” Molly groaned as she felt his cock pressing into her, her wet, fiery cunt lips smashing at the base, her cunt crushed. A shiver ran about her creamy, flawless flesh. “Oh, my Lord!” Molly gasped again.

Her cunt convulsed once more with orgasm. She didn’t know how it was possible to come simply sitting on his cock, but she was, and coming very strongly, too. Her cunt gripped and sucked at Davy’s cock, the wet heat making his eyes roll in his head. Wave after wave of rippling orgasm burned through Molly’s cunt, her hips trembling in a grinding motion of their own.

A soft yelp bubbled from Molly, and she began to move, lifting and lowering herself on his cock with jerky movements. The orgasm was starting to fade, but the tight wetness of her cunt continued to cling to his cock. Her clit scraped along the hard shaft of his cock, and with a cry, Molly’s fists opened and she clutched her tits, squeezing them very hard.

“Ohhhh, Davy!” she sobbed, and began to churn her ass, bouncing on his cock, stabbing her sensitive cunt time and again. “Davy, I can’t help it! Oh, baby, I want it! I’ve got to fuck that cock of yours, baby! I have to! I want to!”

Drawing her feet forward, Molly used the muscles of her thighs to bounce up and down. She dug hard into her tits, her bulging nipples straining past her fingers. The slapping of her cunt on his cock seemed loud, and there was a delicious, liquid sound. Davy stared hotly, watching his mother’s crotch. He saw the way her hairy cunt wrapped about his prick, saw her extra-long clit sliding up and down. His cock glistened with the juices of her pussy, his balls glowing with fullness.

“Ohhhh, yes, honey!” Molly hissed hotly, churning and thrashing on top of her son. “Yes, yes!”

Davy gave in to the urge to lift his hips, to meet the down thrust of his mother’s fiery cunt. He pumped upwards as she came down, withdrawing as she lifted. He stared at his cock fucking into that wet, hairy cunt with hot eyes, fascinated and excited.

Molly leaned forward, her hands on the bed at each of her son’s shoulders. As she slammed her cunt up and down, her tits jiggled. Her eyes were wide open, but unseeing. She sobbed and cried out, gasping hotly. She twisted and swung her pantied ass round and round, her cunt corkscrewing on his cock. She stretched her long legs down his, her tits smashing in his face. She shoved her arms far above her son’s head, and with her hot thighs tight along his, she began to pump her ass up and down, fucking him. The only part of her body that moved was her ass.

Davy felt his mother’s tits resting on each side of his face, his nose and mouth pressed between them. He hardly moved, not sure what he was supposed to do. He strained his hips upward, but wasn’t thinking. His mother’s ass pounded furiously, her cunt taking his cock deeply and with hard plunging motions. His hands pressed at his own hips as he struggled to breathe.

Although Molly felt her son’s breath searing her flesh between her tits, she was absorbed with the ecstasy filling her cunt, with the throbbing hardness of his young cock penetrating her cunt. Her cunt burned and tingled with another swelling orgasm. The cheeks of her rounded ass, encased in her tight panties, bunched and flexed with her efforts.

With a wet sobbing sound, Molly’s hands rushed down her son’s sides, underneath his ass. She clutched at the young tightness of his ass cheeks, lifting him as she rammed her cunt up and down. She clung to his ass tightly, her fingers digging into the flesh. Her cunt slammed fast and hard, and each time she smashed her clit at the base of his cock, she grunted with rapture. Fire shot through her skin, searing the ends of her nerves, her cunt becoming insatiable. She slammed down hard, with his cock deep inside her boiling cunt, and began to grind wildly, gasping and sobbing with the unbelievable bliss.

“Oooooh, Davy, Davy!” she whimpered, lifting her chest off his face. “Oh, baby, it’s going to happen again! I’m going to come again!”

Molly stretched her head up, her eyes clamped shut. She panted and gasped hotly, straining her cunt as hard as she could onto her son’s hard cock. The checks of her ass tightened. She pulled up on Davy’s ass, trying desperately to get more of his hard cock into her greedy cunt.

“Oh! Ohhhhh, my Lord!” she yelped.

Her hips jerked, then the orgasm exploded.

A scream bellowed from Molly as she came. This orgasm was more powerful than the others, threatening to rip her to pieces. Her cunt clawed and sucked at Davy’s cock, hot wet waves pulling on it.

Davy’s cock felt as if it were being pulled from his body. He gritted his teeth, his hands turning into tight fists.

Molly, her cunt contracting with mind shattering ecstasy, screamed. “Grab my ass, Davy! Ohhhh, please, grab my ass and squeeze it hard! Hold Mother’s ass, Davy!”

Davy’s hands shot past her shaking hips, his fingers spreading over the stretching nylon of her panties. At the same time, he shoved upward with his cock, an explosion of air gushing out of his lungs.

Molly shrieked.

Davy’s cock was squirting rapidly, sending thick spurts of his come juice into her cunt. Molly thought she could feel his come juice spattering the hot, velvet walls of her cunt, but wasn’t sure. Each throb of his cock against the tight lips of her cunt increased the mindless power of her own orgasm. “Davy!” she screamed. “Mother!”

Molly smashed her cunt as hard as she could onto her son’s spurting cock, her clit crushed at his cock base. She was certain her son was filling her cunt more than it had ever been filled before. Her orgasm burned throughout the expanse of her crotch, making the hairy lips of her cunt blister, causing her asshole to suck inward.

Molly didn’t know when it ended. She lost several seconds.

She went limp on top of her son, gasping for air. She became aware that his cock was slowly slipping out of her cunt, and with a groan, she lifted herself from him. She stood weakly at the side of his bed, one hand cupped between her thighs, pressing at her cunt. She felt his come juice dripping out of her pussy and onto her palm.

Suddenly, she giggled.

Then Davy was giggling with her.


Molly thought a long time about what she had done.

She couldn’t find any shame or guilt. What she found was pleasure, total and absolute ecstasy. All night, her cunt burned and pulsated as if demanding more of her son’s cock. Despite that, she slept alone.

She woke up and turned her head on the pillow. At the edge of the bed were her panties. A slow smile spread over her face as she picked them up. The crotch was sticky with come juice, and with a fuck of her wrist, she tossed them to the floor. Stretching luxuriously, she swung her long legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Again she stretched, catching sight of her reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall. Her tits strained outward as she stood on tiptoe, anus high above her head. Impishly, she stuck her tongue out at herself and entered her bathroom. As she filled the tub, she sat on the toilet and pissed, her piss hissing deliciously into the water.

Before she stepped into the tub, she heard her son down the hallway. She had one foot inside the tub when Davy entered, grinning at her. Molly stood, giving her son all the time he wanted to look at her. She winked, then stepped into the water and sank down, her nipples just above the surface. She sat in the tub looking at him, seeing the head of his cock showing beneath the fringe of his cut-offs.

“Are you going somewhere?” she asked, finding her voice husky already.

“No,” he said, staring at her tits.

“Then why are you wearing those?”

“I have to wear something, don’t I?”

“Not around me, you don’t.” She grinned. “You have a lot of goodies I just love to see.”

Without hesitation, Davy stepped to the toilet, puffing his cock from the fringe of his cut-offs. Molly gasped and stared at the head of his cock. The golden stream of his piss gushed into the toilet. Molly’s breath caught in her throat as she gazed at him pissing. Beneath the water, she felt a lurch of her clit then the starting of a tingling hunger inside her cunt. She slipped her hand under the water and between her thighs. She gently rubbed at her clit and cunt, her eyes sparkling with heat as she watched her son piss. When he finished, she made a soft moan as he shook his cock, the final bead of piss dropping from the piss hole.

Davy lowered the toilet cover and sat on it, watching his mother. His eyes fixed upon her tits, and he ran his tongue over his lips.

“Breakfast isn’t ready,” she said, softly.

Davy grinned at his mother. “I see my breakfast, Mother,” he said.

Molly giggled, lifting her free hand to her tit and cupping it. “You want to suck my tits, honey?” she asked. “After last night, I thought you might not want… I’m not sure what I thought.”

Davy glanced at his mother, and pulled his cock from his cut-offs. Unabashedly, he closed his fingers about it and began to jerk up and down slowly. Molly gasped in pleasure as she watched him jerking his cock. The fingers under the water at her cunt moved faster, agitating her swollen clit and poking between her cuntlips a few times.

“That’s beautiful, Davy,” she whispered.

Suddenly, Davy stood, his cock waving from the legs of his shorts. He turned from her and began to rummage in the laundry hamper. Molly watched him, knowing what he was after. When he lifted a pair of her panties out, she watched him wrap them about his cock. Then, with her panties around his prick, Davy began to jack off again. He stood facing his mother, his eyes glowing with delight. Molly saw the head of his cock pressing at the crotch of her worn panties, and somehow this excited her.

She lifted herself out of the tub and sat on the rim. With her eyes gazing with heat at her son, she spread her thighs as wide as she could, and began to agitate her clit with the fingers of one hand, rapidly stabbing a stiff finger of the other into her cunt. Davy pumped on his pantie wrapped cock, his eyes hot as he watched his mother fingerfucking herself. His mouth gaped open as he panted, his fist moving rapidly, her panties swinging.

“Ohhhh, Davy!” she mewled. “Do you like that? Do you like the way my panties feel on your cock?”

Davy nodded, pounding his cock frantically. His eyes never left his mother’s fingers. Molly twisted and pinched and rubbed at her long clit, stabbing herself in the cunt with her other hand. Her eyes blazed with wild excitement as she watched her son jacking off, feeling wanton to be fingerfucking for him at the same time.

“Let me have my panties a minute,” she gasped.

Davy stopped pumping on his cock, unwrapped the panties, and handed them to her. Molly turned her panties inside out, and rubbed the crotch up and down her bubbling cunt. Juices smeared on the nylon. Then she stuffed the crotch into her pussy, watching her son with smoldering eyes. Once she had the panties soaked with the juices of her cunt, she handed them back to him. Davy wrapped the pussy-wet panties around his cock again, and began to slide his fist back and forth on his cock.

“Is that better?” Molly whispered huskily. “Oh, yes, Mother!” Davy grunted. “I like them nice and wet best.”

Molly watched him a while, then pulled her fingers from her cunt and stood up. Her legs were trembling as she slipped past him.

“Come into the bedroom with me,” she said, taking his free hand and pulling.

Davy came along, still pumping on his cock. Molly kept her eyes on her son as she rummaged about, finding a fresh pair of panties. She stepped into them, still watching his fist move on his cock. She adjusted the crotch, then rubbed her fingers up and down, feeling her cunt inside them. Her pussy seeped juices into the panties, and when she felt they were wet enough, she removed them, turning them inside out. She walked to her son, still gazing at him jacking off. She lifted the panties to his face.

“Smell, honey,” she said huskily. “Smell how hot and wet my cunt is on my panties.”

Davy sniffed, his eyes rolling. “Oohhh, nice, Mother!”

While her son kept jacking off, Molly stood at his side and began rubbing the crotch of her panties about his face.

“Let me jack it, honey,” she hissed hotly. “Let Mother jack your cock!”

When her son pulled his hand away, she closed her fist about his pantie-wrapped cock, and began to jack him. At the same time, she rubbed the crotch of her wet panties across her son’s lips. She began to breathe hard, her fist pounding.

“Kiss them! Kiss Mother’s panties!”

Without hesitation, Davy kissed at the wet crotch.

“Lick them!” she urged, pounding faster on his throbbing cock. “Lick my panties, darling! Taste my pussy on my panties!”

Davy’s young eyes rolled as his tongue darted from his mouth. Molly sucked in an excited hiss of air as she watched him licking at her panties, tasting them. There was something wildly exciting about seeing her son taste her cunt on her panties. Her pussy tightened, juices seeping along her inner thighs.

“Ooooh, that’s sweet, Davy!” she crooned, jerking his cock hard and fast. “Lick Mother’s panties… I’m going to jack you off, make you come in these panties!”

With a finger, she pressed the wet crotch of her panties into her son’s mouth. Davy accepted them willingly. She felt her son sucking on her finger and panties, and stuffed every inch of the wet panties into his mouth.

“Ohhhh, yes, darling! Suck on those panties! Suck Mother’s panties and I’ll jack your hard cock off! Taste Mother’s cunt on those panties and I’ll make you come so hard!”

Dropping her hand from his face, Molly cupped a cheek of his ass. She squeezed his ass and pumped on his cock, watching him suck hard at the crotch of her panties. His excitement thrilled her, made her cunt pulsate with a wet heat of its own. She pressed her bushy cunt against his hip, rubbing the silky hairs on his flesh. She dug her fingers into his ass, gripping his pantie-wrapped cock as tightly as she could, pumping hard. She watched her son’s face starting to contort, then lowered her eyes to his prick. His prickhead bulged into the crotch of her panties.

“Come!” she hissed.

Her fist flew back and forth, beating against his thick cock base, jerking up to his round cockhead.

Davy began to grunt, his hips jerking.

“Come!” she urged hotly. “Come in Mother’s panties!”

With a drawn-out grunt, Davy came.

Molly squealed as she saw the come juice oozing through the crotch of her panties. With a cry of hunger, she dropped to her knees swiftly and darted her tongue out. She flapped the tip of her tongue about his cock, tasting his come juice as it seeped through the thin nylon panties. She clutched the tight cheek of his ass, moaning softly as she tasted that creamy sweetness of his tender young balls.

Molly groaned as her cunt contracted. She jerked her hand off his ass and began to claw at her pussy, darting two fingers in and out of her convulsing wet pussylips, fingerfucking herself frantically.

At the same time, she opened her mouth and closed her lips about the head of his cock. She tasted the nylon of her panties as she sucked, drawing the thick creamy juice through them. She closed her eyes, moaning with ecstasy. The taste of her son’s come juice sent rippling pleasure up and down her still-wet, naked body. Her ass trembled and jerked with the power of her orgasm.

Davy, his mother’s panties dangling from his mouth, stared down at his mother’s slightly upturned face, surprised at what she was doing. He danced about as he came, sending spurt after spurt through the panties and into his mother’s mouth. Molly sucked as hard as she could, her tongue licking until it felt raw. Sucking cock through a pair of panties wasn’t all that soothing for her tongue, but she knew it would please her son. She held her lips as tight as she could just behind the head of his cock, sucking hard. She didn’t get the full taste of his come juice this way, but the sheer perversity of sucking him off through her panties created a frenzy of orgasm between her thighs.

When she was sure he was finished, still on her knees, she pulled her panties off his cock. With a squeal, she turned them inside out and stuffed the wet crotch into her mouth, sucking the juices from them. She settled her ass on her heels, her knees opened, and rubbed at her exploding clit with abandonment.

The head of Davy’s cock glistened wetly, and puffing the panties out of her mouth, she cried out and began to rub her face about his crotch. She clutched her son’s hips, kissing and licking his hairless balls and prick wantonly, purring softly. The explosive orgasm began to recede, and she nuzzled into her son’s crotch for a while longer, inhaling the exciting scent of him.

“Ohhhhh, Davy!” she whispered. “You’re wonderful, darling.”

Davy pulled her panties out of his mouth, and playfully draped them over his mother’s head.

“You like to play with panties, too, huh, Mother?”

“Not until now,” she grinned, getting to her feet. “I never thought anything about panties until now. They were just something to wear.”

After a while, she prepared breakfast for them.

She wore a fresh pair of panties for her son. They were an emerald color, trimmed with a pastel green. Otherwise she was naked. Davy had removed his cut-offs, and wore a pair of jockey shorts now. He had them on at his mother’s suggestion; she found it exciting to see his cock and balls inside them.

As she cooked eggs and bacon, she shifted her feet often, letting her son watch the play of her shapely ass cheeks. When breakfast was ready, they stood up to eat, both of them gazing at each other’s bodies. Davy didn’t seem to have very much interest in her tits, but Molly didn’t mind. Her tits were quite sensitive to the touch, and she loved having them sucked, but her cunt demanded more attention than her tits.

Davy especially enjoyed seeing her with her panties pulled into her cunt, so her cuntlips showed. He liked to see the seat tight in the crack of her ass, so her smooth, sweet asscheeks were exposed. She knew, by now, that he preferred her to wear panties instead of being completely naked.

“I never did finish my bath,” she said when they had finished eating.

“You can finish later,” Davy said, and came around the table to her.

Molly stood while her son stood behind her, running his hands over her pantied ass, feeling her. She waggled her ass for him, cooing softly. She felt the heat of his palms through her thin panties, and gurgled with pleasure as he drew them into the crack of her ass. Davy cupped the creamy cheeks of his mother’s ass, squeezing gently. Slipping one hand down, Molly pulled at the panties until the crotch cut into her cunt.

“Do you like that?” she asked softly, thrusting her ass backward. “Do you like seeing my ass this way, honey?”

“You have a beautiful ass, Mother,” he replied, staring at her swelling asscheeks. “And a beautiful cunt, too.”

“Ohhhh, darling,” Molly breathed. “I love it when you talk that way to me. Hearing you say ass and cunt makes me so hot!”

Davy fondled his mother’s ass with one hand, sliding his other between her thighs. He caressed the puffy lips of her cunt that spread on either side of her imbedded panties.

“Are you getting hard, Davy?” she gasped, wiggling her ass. She leaned on the table, her arms shaking. “Is your cock getting hard, darling! Ooooooh, I hope it is!”

“You want my cock, Mother?” he asked, his voice slightly gruff. “You want my cock?”

“Oh, yes, baby!” she moaned. “I want your cock!”

Davy pressed his palm hard into her pussy, and Molly almost came.

“Fuck me, Davy!” she cried out. “Please, darling, fuck me!”

Davy pulled his hands back, but Molly hissed. “Don’t take your shorts down! Fuck me with them on!”

Feverishly, Davy yanked his cock from the crotch of his shorts. Molly leaned over, on the table, crushing her tits almost flat, arching her ass to him. She moaned hotly as his fingers pulled the wet crotch of her panties out of her cunt, stretching them to one side. Davy stared dawn at his mother’s creamy ass, seeing her hairy cuntlips, swelling in readiness for him.

“Hurry!” she panted. “Hurry and fuck me, Davy!”

Davy shoved his cock forward, and when his swollen cockhead touched the lips of her cunt. Molly’s eyes popped open, a gasp of eager anticipating bursting from her throat. Davy rubbed the head of his cock up and down the wet, fiery lips of his mother’s pussy for a moment, gazing at the contact.

Then, with a lunge, he drove his cock hard into her cunt.

“Ohhhhh, baby, yes!” Molly squealed, feeling her tits slid on the table from the force of his penetration. “Fuck me hard that way! Ohhhh, Lord, baby, fuck Mother!”

Davy grasped his mother’s hips, gazing down at her ass, seeing the panties pulling to one side. One cheek of her ass was fully exposed, the other covered by the nylon panties. He felt the tight wetness of his mother’s cunt clutch his cock, and Molly felt the deep throbbing power of him.

“Fuck it, darling!” she screeched, twisting her ass lewdly. “Fuck that cunt hard, baby! Oooooh, ram that cock to Mother’s hot cunt! Ooooh, give it to me as hard as you can!”

Davy, gripping his mother’s twisting hips, began to beat his cock in and out, smacking against her ass cheeks. Molly gurgled, choking with the delight. There was something exciting about her son fucking her with his shorts on, her panties drawn to one side to give him access to her boiling cunt. She couldn’t feel his balls swing, but that was okay for the time being.

“You’re hot and wet, Mother!” Davy groaned.

“Hot for you, darling!” she responded in a thick voice. “Mother’s cunt is so hot for you, for your hard cock! Fuck me, darling! Ohhhh, Lord, fuck me good!”

The rampage of her son’s cock sent every nerve of her body tingling. The way his cock throbbed inside her cunt made delicious waves of rapture burn through her. Although his cock was not big, it seemed to grow huge inside her pussy, stretching her cuntlips sweetly. Her long clit was just the right size to scrape and rub at the slippery shaft. She stretched her arms across the table, and gripped the edge. She closed her eyes to the ecstasy, moaning and sobbing as her ass danced wickedly for him. With each of his lunges, Molly strained her ass back against him, her cunt trying to suck his cock into her stomach.

“Hurry, baby, hurry!” she screeched. “My cunt is on fire and you’re going to make me come! Fuck hard and fast! Beat my pussy, darling! Pound Mother’s cunt raw, fuck me raw!”

Davy grunted and rammed his cock swiftly in and out. The wet sucking of his mother’s cunt caused his balls to draw up tightly.

“I’m about to come, too, Mother!”

“In me!” she screamed. “Oh, baby, come in me! Come in my cunt… fill Mother’s hungry cunt with sweet come juice!”

Davy gave a powerful thrust, and Molly screamed as she came. Her cunt rippled tightly about his cock, puffing hard, Davy grunted again, his cock gushing.

“Give it all to me!” Molly groaned. “Ohhhh, Davy, I love it! I can feel you coming in my pussy! Squirt it all into my cunt!”

Davy was stiff behind his mother’s shaking ass, his cock being drained into her greedy cunt. His eyes were unfocused but he gripped her hips with tight fingers.

With a cry, Davy slumped across his mother’s back, his hands leaving her hips and shoving beneath her body. Molly, feeling weak, managed to lift her chest enough so her son could hold her tight tits.

“Oh, Lord,” she moaned. “I can’t ever get enough of you, Davy. I don’t know what will happen with us, but I can’t stop fucking you, ever.”


That afternoon the wind came up, but it wasn’t bad.

Molly had decided she would take her son shopping. She wanted to buy him new shorts, the brief hip-hugging type. There was no reason to drive, since they lived within walking distance of a small shopping center. With her son wearing his usual cut-off jeans, she dressed in a becoming summer frock, with two thin straps holding it up over her otherwise naked tits.

Under the yellow dress, she wore a pair of frilly panties. The skirt swirled about her thighs and she wore leather sandals on her feet.

The wind was not cool, but warm.

The wind whipped her dress about her long thighs and shapely ass, outlining her body. Davy loved it, but Molly was slightly embarrassed, afraid her dress would fly up over her shoulders. Her panties concealed nothing, and if that happened, she would certainly provide onlookers with quite a show. The panties were two small triangles, with thin straps of elastic barely holding them on her hips. They felt nonexistent on her, which was exciting… if her dress didn’t blow up.

Davy wanted to walk behind her so he could see the wind press her dress against her body, and Molly found that exciting, too. They walked slowly in the sunny day, her chestnut hair blowing about her face. When the wind pressed her dress against her legs and ass, her cunt would respond him with a delirious twitch. She looked over her shoulder at her son, her eyes moving to the front of his cut-offs. She grinned when she saw his cock pressing at his shorts. She gave a more pronounced twitch to her shapely ass for his pleasure.

Then, just what she was afraid of happened. A quick gust of wind caught her skirt, and it billowed upward. With a squeal, Molly tried to fight it down, but her son behind her giggled. He had caught a glimpse of her upper thighs and a very quick peek at her tight panties before Molly got the skirt down again. Embarrassed, she looked around to see if anyone other than her son had noticed.

What few people she saw were not paying any attention to her. She looked over her shoulder at her son again, and she saw the head of his cock barely peeking from the fringe of his cut-offs. With a sharp intake of breath, she shook her head at him, but Davy paid her no mind. His eyes were glued to her ass, framed in her yellow skirt.

She paused, waiting for her son to catch up with her, to warn him about his cock. But Davy stopped, too. After looking around again. Molly started walking again. After her first embarrassment, she found she wanted her skirt to blow up again.

Inside the small clothing store, she tried to keep her son close, hoping his hard-on would not be seen by anyone. Fortunately, there were not many shoppers, and she began to search through racks of shirts. She had no intention of purchasing a shirt, but another idea had come to her. Davy was close, and as they stood near a ring of shirts, she shoved her hand down and caught the head of his cock. She pulled his prick from the leg of his cut-offs, making Davy giggle wickedly. With a quick glance around, Molly ducked down and into the tightly packed new shirts.

Davy stood pressed at the shirts, his cock boldly exposed. Squatting in her hidden position, Molly licked her lips, gazing at her son’s cock. The head was swollen, very smooth, and clear liquid beaded from his piss hole. She leaned forward through the shirts, kissing the head of his cock. She heard her son gasp, then his hips thrust forward. Trying to swallow a giggle, Molly ran the flat surface of her tongue about Davy’s prick, tasting him. Her cunt pulsated inside her skimpy panties, and she could resist sliding a hand under her yellow skirt. Rubbing at her pantied cunt, she closed her lips about the head of her son’s cock, her tongue licking. After she sucked him a moment, she pulled off and whispered.

“You keep a look out, Davy. Let me know if a salesperson starts our way.”

Davy didn’t answer by voice, but pressed his throbbing cock toward her face. Molly swallowed, hungry to have his cock inside her mouth. She licked her tongue across his piss hole, tasting the hot juice dripping there. With a very soft moan she could not suppress, Molly opened her mouth and gulped her son’s cock into it. She closed her lips tightly about his prick, swallowing it to her throat. Her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue pressing upward to shove Davy’s hard cock against the roof. Davy made a strangling sound, and she pulled from him.

“Shhhhh!” she warned.

And pulled his cock back into her mouth.

With her hand under her skirt, her fingers rubbing at her pantied cunt, Molly started sucking her son off. She felt she had to suck him off quickly, or they might be caught. She bobbed her head back and forth, her wet, hot lips gliding smoothly. She kept her tongue in constant motion. The heat of her cunt increased, and she pressed hard at the crotch of her panties, smashing her long clit, stuffing the nylon into her juicy pussylips.

She felt her son’s hand slip through the shirts and rest on top of her head. He started to move, to work his hips, and she was afraid he would be seen. She sucked as hard as she could, drawing tightly, desperate to have him coming off into her mouth before someone saw them. Molly fought the desire to whimper and moan with pleasure. She slipped her finger into the crotch of her panties, rubbing almost brutally at her burning cunt. She managed to stop her hungry moans, but there was nothing she could do about the wet sucking sounds she made. Her pussy was on fire, and reluctantly she removed her hand. She couldn’t make herself come, knowing she would scream with the convulsion, yet he couldn’t stop touching herself as she sucked greedily on her son’s cock. She caressed the creamy smoothness of her inner thighs, letting her cunt throb with wet heat, hoping she wouldn’t come.

Davy’s cock throbbed hotly inside her mouth, and she felt him pressing down on her head. She knew he was struggling to be quiet, and that he was getting ready to come. With swift darts of her mouth, she fucked his cock as fast as she could. Sliding the tips of her fingers into his cut-offs, she fingered his balls, finding them hard and hot. His cock seemed to become larger between her lips, and her throat burned with anticipation. The hot gasp Davy made caused her to jerk. For a moment she thought he was letting her know someone was approaching, but then her mouth was suddenly filled with the thick, hot come juice. Gurgling softly, Molly began to swallow, her tongue tight on his cock. The fiery come juice gushed into her mouth, splashing the back of her throat. She choked once, then recovered and began to swallow with hunger, her tongue sliding about his spewing piss hole. Her cunt became tight, her pussylips sucking inward, her cunt feeling ready to burst.

With a final squirt of come juice in her mouth, Molly pulled her lips from his cock, and quickly pressed her hand to her mouth, cutting off her soft squeal as her cunt contracted. The hand against her lips was the one she had used to feel her cunt, and the pussy juices seemed to sear them. To her surprise, she began to lick at her fingers as she squatted, hidden by the shirts, coming powerfully. Her body shook and she was in danger of falling, on her ass.

It was a moment or so when she realized her son was no longer pressing his cock through the shirts. When she felt strong enough to crawl out, she stopped suddenly.

There was a cock sliding through the shirts, and it wasn’t her son’s cock. This cock was long and thick and with a bulbous cockhead. Molly stared at it, suddenly afraid. The shirts parted a bit, and then she saw the slacks, the fly gaping open, a pair of hairy balls exposed. She drew her head back as the cock seemed to be searching for her mouth. She was shaking with fear, yet unable to crawl away. If she did, she would be even.

The cock jerked up and down only inches from her face, the cockhead huge and smooth, the piss hole wide open. The balls looked loaded, and she could see them writhe. A big hand moved through the shirts, and Molly felt it on her head. She started to jerk her head backward, but the hand pulled her face forward.

Wondering why her son had not warned her, and where he had gone off to, Molly found herself in a position where she had to suck this strange cock or be found out. Maybe she would be found out anyway. Yet she didn’t have much choice. With her face flushed with embarrassment, she found the head of this big cock brushing back and forth on her lips, from one corner to the other. The dripping juices smeared her lips, making them slippery, and the big hand on her head was urging her to take the cock between her lips.

As the head pressed against her lips, Molly found it impossible to resist. Impossible because the hand on her head was pulling her forward and the cock was moving between her lips. Her lips opened and the cock brushed her teeth. Silently sobbing, Molly found herself with a mouthful of strange cock. This one stretched her lips very wide, almost painfully so. It was so big she could hardly take it into her mouth. But the hand on her head kept puffing slowly. Her mouth filled, the hard cock crowding her tongue.

She didn’t think she could take any more cock, it was so big.

The swollen prickhead pressed at her throat, but that was as far as it could go. Still, half the unknown man’s cock was still out of her mouth. She had never seen such a huge cock before, and fearful that he would ram it down her throat and choke her, Molly began to suck as best she could. In that way, she thought, she could make this stranger come and she could find some way to get away. The faster she made him come, the better it would be.

But when she tried to suck, she found she couldn’t. All she could do was slide her lips back and forth on the throbbing, thick prickshaft. She heard a moan from the faceless man, and without touching him, Molly began fucking him with her mouth. She didn’t have to hold her lips tight; his cock did that for her. Her tongue was pressed downward, and she could feel his swollen cockhead brushing back and forth on the roof of her mouth. She heard the unknown man sigh as she darted her lips back and forth. This time her cunt didn’t swell, although her clit started to throb. It was partly with fear of discovery, but also because she wasn’t very comfortable with the size of this cock.

Her lips felt as if they would split as she pushed and pulled her mouth on the man’s prick. She closed her eyes, and tried to make him come swiftly.

Without a sound, the man came.

Boiling come juice squirted from his huge piss hole, nearly choking Molly. She tried to keep from swallowing it, but it came so fast and hard, it ran down her throat anyway. Her mouth filled time and again, and the creamy juices of his balls seeped from her tightly stretched lips and ran to her chin. She tried once to pull off his cock, but he held her face tightly on it, his prick throbbing with spurt after spurt.

Then the cock was gone.

Molly remained squatting, wiping at her chin and lips. Her lips felt bruised, and she was afraid to sneak from the packed shirts.

“You can come out now, Mother,” she heard her son whisper. “He’s gone.”

Peeking fearfully from the shirts, Molly moved forward, and then stood up, her legs like rubber. She looked around, her face burning with embarrassment. She saw only one man, and he was leaving the store. A young woman lounged near the cashier’s desk, and there was no one else around.

“I told you to warn me,” Molly hissed. “Why didn’t you tell me there was someone watching us?”

“I didn’t have time, Mother,” Davy said. “He was standing behind me when I turned around. I couldn’t warn you. What happened?”

“I got fucked in the mouth, that’s what happened,” Molly said, her face flushed pink. “That son of a bitch made me suck his cock off.”

“I’m sorry, Mother,” Davy said, looking down shyly. “I didn’t have time to let you know he was there.”

“I understand, Davy,” she replied, hugging him quickly. “It isn’t your fault. I should have known better than to try that in a store.”

She found the shorts she wanted to buy for her son. She kept tasting the come juice of the man in her mouth, and there was a quivering in her cunt. The insides of her thighs were slippery with her own juices. She paid for the shorts and hurried out with her son close behind her. She felt as if everyone knew what she had done, and she looked straight ahead of her and walked hurriedly, Davy behind her again.

They were halfway home when she stopped, Davy came up beside her, and Molly giggled suddenly.

“That was crazy,” she said. “Sucking some asshole off in a store, and not knowing who he was.”

Davy grinned. “Did you like it, Mother?”

Molly thought about it for a moment, then with her eyes sparkling, nodded her head. “I liked it, but he was too big. I couldn’t suck him very well at all.”

Davy grinned again. “But you liked it, huh?”

“I was so afraid! I thought I would piss my panties, honey,” she said, laughing in a low sound. “But, yes… I enjoyed it.”

“Did it make your cunt hot, Mother?”

Molly looked about quickly. They were the only ones on the sidewalk. She grabbed her son’s hand, jerked it under her skirt and pressed his palm over her crotch.

“Is that hot enough?” she whispered, smearing his hand into her drenched panties.

Davy giggled as she released his hand. He lifted his hand to his face and kissed his wet fingers. Molly moaned softly, and grabbed his hand again. “We’ve got to hurry home now,” she said.


“Because I’ll come right here if we don’t!” She began skipping like a child, gripping her son’s hand tightly. The wind plastered her yellow dress against her slender body, but now she didn’t care if it blew up. She didn’t care if it blew over her head and five dozen people saw her shapely ass.

Turning up the walk to the house, she said: “You better have a hard cock by the time I get the door open, Davy.”

She fumbled with the lock, her fingers shaking so badly she had some trouble. Behind her, Davy was grinning. The wind had her skirt molded against his slender thighs and ass, and his cock was already lifting out of his cut-offs.

With a sudden giggle, Davy flipped his mother’s skirt upward, and the wind pressed it there. He stared at his mother’s pantied ass, exposed to anyone who might be looking.

The door opened, and Molly darted into the house, shrieking in alarm.


Slamming the door as soon as her son was in the house, Molly whirled on him.

“You little sneak!” she cried, and immediately jerked his cut-offs down. His cock swung free, jutting upward. “You want everyone to see my ass, do you?”

She was laughing as she clutched at his cock. With her free hand, she was trying to get out of her dress. Davy pulled the straps off her shoulders, and somehow, between the two of them, with Molly, clinging to his cock, they managed to unzip the dress. It fell at her feet, and she stood in her flimsy panties. Davy’s fingers jerked the soaked crotch of his mother’s panties aside, and Molly pressed her naked son backward until he leaned against the door. She spread her legs and fitted his hard cock to her bushy cunt. She was just tall enough, Davy just short enough, so that his cock fit into her hairy cunt as they stood there.

With a gurgle of pleasure, Molly stuffed her son’s cock into her cunt and began jiggling her ass up and down, fucking him. She placed her hands on his shoulders, her fingers digging into his flesh. She hissed and whimpered as she squirmed her hips up and down, her cunt riding his cock. Davy leaned against the door, gasping with pleasure.

“Flip my dress up outside, would you!” Molly panted, thrusting her cunt onto his cock hard. “Show Mother’s ass, would you? Not tell me some fucking strange man was watching me suck your cock, would you? Walk off while I have to suck that fucking cock in the store, would you? I’ll show you, Davy! I’ll fuck your young cock off! Mother’s cunt will burn your fucking cock off!”

“Do it, Mother!” he gasped, grabbing for her hips. “Fuck my cock off, Mother! Fuck it hard, Mother!”

But Molly yanked her ass backwards.

With a single motion, she stripped her panties off. Then she once again spread her thighs and pulled her son’s cock into her cunt. She churned her naked ass furiously, fucking him easily as they stood there. She brought her panties to his face, smearing the pussy-wet crotch about his mouth.

“Taste my panties,” she hissed hotly. “Suck on the crotch of my pussy-wet panties, Davy!”

She stuffed her panties into his mouth, and seeing him sucking at the crotch so eagerly sent wild fire through Molly. She humped her hips powerfully, the upper part of her body almost rigid. She watched his young face contort with rapture.

“Hold my hips, Davy!” she urged. “Hold Mother’s hips, because I’m going to fuck your hard cock so fast! Ohhh, hang on, Davy! Suck on my panties and hang on tight!”

She could feel his cock throbbing with the sensitive lips of her hairy cunt. Her extra-long clit seemed to become the size of his cock as she smashed it time and again at his cockroot. She shoved her hand down and squeezed his tight balls, squealing with ecstasy. Leaving his balls, she scooted her hand feverishly behind him. Cupping a tight cheek of her son’s ass, she strained her cunt to him, whimpering hotly. Davy’s knees bent as he tried to hump his cock up and down in his mother’s thrashing cunt. He had sucked half her panties into his mouth, and his eyes rolled about with rapture. Molly gasped and clung to his shoulder with one hand, the other clasping a naked cheek of his ass. She pounded frantically on his cock, feeling an orgasm starting to burn and bubble deep inside her cunt.

“I’m going to come, darling!”

Davy only panted in reply.

Molly’s tits jiggled as she increased the fury of her pumping motions, riding her son’s cock desperately. She made a few choking sounds, her head lifted high, eyes tight. Her lips parted and a scream exploded from her throat. The hairy lips of her cunt began contracting on Davy’s cock, squeezing and rippling wetly.

“Ohhhh, Lord! Oh, baby!” Molly sobbed. As her cunt convulsed, she smashed it hard onto his prick, no longer thrusting, but grinding now.

“Davy, come in me!” she squealed. “Please, give it to me! My cunt is so hot, darling! Give Mother’s cunt your come juice!”

With a grunt, Davy came.

The hot splashing of his young come juice into her pussy made Molly’s mind reel. Her cunt kept a tight grip around his cock as he came, the throbbing squirts making her flesh shiver with ecstasy.

“Oooooh, baby!” Molly cried. “Can you feel it? Can you feel my cunt sucking your cock, drawing your come juice out of your sweet, sweet balls?”

Davy groaned a reply, slumping against the door as he finished. His knees buckled and he slipped down, his cock leaving her cunt. Molly stood spraddle-legged, bracing herself with her hands on the door, breathing harshly, her tits lifting and falling. Davy, sitting on the floor, looked into his mother’s cunt with unfocused eyes, seeing her long clit, watching the hair-lined lips of her pussy twitch.

“That was fantastic!” Molly gasped. “That was the best fuck yet, baby.”

Weakly, she squatted before him, gently removing her panties from his mouth. She pressed her lips to his, kissing him almost tenderly. The kiss became harder, and her tongue moved past his lips and teeth. She licked the insides of her son’s mouth, then pulled back. She remained squatting in front of him, her eyes taking on a glowing expression.

She began to piss.

“Mother!” Davy yelped, trying to move out of the way.

But Molly prevented him from moving. She sent hot, golden piss over his thighs, then shifted her hips slightly and pissed all over his cock and balls.

Davy, squealing, stared between his mother’s thighs, watching the golden piss spewing with a hissing sound. He felt it splashing over his cock and balls, then lifted his eyes to stare into his mother’s face.

Molly was grinning wickedly at him, moving her squatting hips slightly to keep the spurting piss raining dawn on his balls and prick. She drowned his crotch in her hot piss, her fingers digging into his shoulders to prevent him from moving away.

“That will teach you,” she said, grunting as she squirted a final gush of piss over his thigh. “Make me suck some strange cock off, jerk my dress up outside, will you? Well, piss on you, baby! I’ll piss all over you, you little fuck face!”

Suddenly Davy giggled.

“Okay,” he said.

Molly dropped her hands from his shoulders, cupping her tits. “What do you mean, ‘okay’?”

“Piss on me, I don’t care, Mother.”

“You don’t?” she asked, surprised.

“No,” Davy said. “It feels kind of good.”

She remembered watching him piss as she sat in the bathtub. She recalled now what she had felt, the excitement of seeing his hot piss gushing out of his young cock. She had thought nothing more of it once she began to fingerfuck while he jacked himself wrapped in her panties. She had pissed on her son now only as a joke, not realizing he would enjoy it. “It does?” she asked.

“Sure, hot and wet,” Davy giggled, sliding a hand to his cock and balls. “I liked it, Mother.”

Molly’s mind whirled with images of pissing over her son’s body. She gazed down at his cock and balls, his thighs. He was glistening with her piss from his waist down, and the sight excited her. She spread her knees as far apart as she could, her cunt fully revealed to her son’s eyes. Sliding a hand from one tit, she shoved it downward. With her fingers, she parted the hairy lips of her cunt, her clit sticking out. She strained, and managed to let go with another spurt of piss. It was a weak squirt, but splashed across the head of Davy’s cock.

“I like that, Mother,” he giggled lewdly. “Can you do it again?”

“I don’t think so,” she said, her voice husky. “I’m pissed out right now.”

Davy gazed at the wet, pink lips of his mother’s cunt as she held it open. He held his cock at the base, aiming his cockhead toward her pussy. “I bet I can piss,” he said.

“Oh, Davy, don’t!” she moaned, but didn’t move. She was looking down at his cock, shivering. “You wouldn’t do it, would you? You wouldn’t piss on Mother, would you?”

“You pissed on me,” he said, and sent a gush of hot piss out of his cock.

“Ohhh, you did!” Molly squealed, feeling the hot piss spattering across her cunt, then the lips of her open pussy. “Davy, Davy!”

The hot piss soaked her cunt as her son moved his cock up and down. The thick hair of her cunt became matted wetly. She clawed at her pussy, rushing her other hand down. She peeled her cunt open as far as she could, crying out with surprising delight. She felt the heat of his piss burning the inner smoothness of her cunt, and wished his cock was deep inside it. She twisted her ass, and felt the stream tingle the full expanse of her crotch, and then he pissed across her asshole. Molly gasped with surprised rapture.

“Oh, Lord, Davy! I know what you mean! Piss on it… piss on Mother’s cunt! It feels good!”

The stream of piss was weakening, and Molly squirmed her crotch downward. Davy rubbed the head of his cock along the fiery lips of his mother’s cunt, still pissing. Molly squealed and whimpered as she tried to lean over, wanting to watch his piss at her cunt. With a wail, her ass shook. Her cunt erupted with a wild, crazy, consuming orgasm.

“I’m coming!” she cried out. “This is making me come, baby!”

Davy managed to stuff the head of his cock into his mother’s cunt before he stopped pissing. Molly felt the last of his piss fill her pussy, and her naked body shuddered with an amazing orgasm.

“Oooooh, too much!” she sobbed, her feet sliding out from under her. She sat on the floor, her legs alongside her son’s hips. She leaned back, lifting her crotch and trying to pull his cock into her cunt. “I had no idea it would feel so good, Davy!”

Davy, sitting on the floor, gazed at his mother’s hairy cunt twisting and trying to pull his cock inside. He shoved a finger against her cunt, and Molly’s hips jerked.

“Ohhhh, don’t!” she gasped. “It’s too sensitive right now to touch!”

After a while, she got weakly to her feet. “We made a hell of a mess, didn’t we?” she breathed, her naked tits lifting enticingly. “But it was fun.”

She turned her back to her son, shaking her ass wantonly. “You can sit in that piss all day if you want, but I’m going to shower.”

She swung her hips invitingly as she left her son, knowing he was watching the cheeks of her naked ass ripple and bunch.

As she showered, Molly tried to understand this wild thing they had done. The desire to suck his cock off inside that store had been so powerful, she had been unable to resist. Then that man she wonder I vaguely who he was. She knew she would have loved it if his cock had been just a bit smaller. As it was, her lips still felt bruised.

She had pissed on her son playfully, getting back at him for jerking her dress up outside the door, yet discovered they both enjoyed it. No matter what they did, Davy loved it, she thought.

When she turned off her shower, she heard the one in the hallway going, and grinned. She found herself a fresh pair of panties and slipped them on, adjusting them at her crotch. Like alt her panties, they were skimpy and frilly and flimsy. The bulge of her cunt was defined in the panties, the thick hair making a becoming mound.

Passing the hall bathroom, she peeked in. She saw her son through the shower doors, working on his cock and balls with a bar of soap. She resisted the impulse to go in and wash him herself. She went on to the kitchen and made herself a glass of iced tea. She leaned against the sink and looked out at the back yard as she sipped it. The sun was fading now, but it was still light. The wind had died away, and everything was calm. That is, except her cunt.

The sound of her son entering caused her to turn. Davy wore a pair of his new shorts. He looked delicious in them. They rode low on his hips, his cock and balls lumping opt with a mouthwatering bulge. She gazed at his crotch, running her tongue about the rim of her glass suggestively. “Now those are better,” she said softly.

Davy looked over his mother’s panties, seeing the outline of her cunt hair, the slight bulge of her pussy in the crotch.

“You know what I’d like to do, honey?” she asked in a soft voice. “I’d love to eat those shorts off you.”

“If I can eat those panties off you, Mother,” Davy replied, his eyes taking on a glaze.

“You really love my panties, don’t you?” Davy nodded, moving close to her. He ran his hands about his mother’s hips, over her ass, then in front to feel the tight band of her crotch.

“I like the smell, Mother,” he said. “I like to smell them and taste them. It makes my cock hard.”

“Especially if I’ve worn them, huh?” she grinned.

“Yeah,” Davy replied. “I like to smell your cunt on them.”

Molly glanced out the window again. “Want to go out back?”


“Why not?” she said. “You didn’t seem to mind if someone saw my ass earlier, did you?”

“That was your ass, Mother, not mine,” Davy laughed. He pressed his palm into her cunt, feeling the heat bubbling against her panties.

“Oh, is that right?” Molly arched her eyebrows at him. “You don’t want anyone seeing your ass, huh?”

Davy shook his head, but his young eyes were sparkling.

“Well, you little fuck face,” she said, grabbing his wrist and putting her glass down at the same time. “You’re going outside anyway!”

She moved quickly before her son could struggle. She pushed him toward the back door, and then shoved him out. Davy, although laughing, was looking around nervously.

Molly stood inside the door, laughing at him.

“Mother!” Davy said. “Let me in! What about those people next door? They might see me!”

“Shake your cock at them,” Molly laughed. It was growing darker by the minute, and she knew if anyone looked into the back yard, they would think her son was wearing a swim suit. As she stood there laughing at him, Davy caught her hand, and with a jerk, pulled her into the yard with him.

“Davy!” she shrieked, frying to get away. But Davy pulled her from the door and to the middle of the lawn. He held her tightly as she struggled playfully to get away. “Davy, let me go!”

“Fuck you,” he laughed.

Molly stopped struggling. Davy held both her hands, his eyes burning on her naked tits. She dropped her gaze, and saw his cock outlined in hardness against the skimpy shorts.

“That’s not a bad idea, honey,” she whispered. “Why don’t you fuck me?”

“Here?” Davy said, looking around again. “It was your idea,” she said. “You threw me out the door, Mother,” he reminded her.

“I know, but you pulled me out, and you’re the one saying fuck you, not me.”

“Well, since we’re out here…”

Davy reached for his mother’s tits.


“Wait,” Molly hissed.

She dropped to her knees in front of her son. She held his hips in her hot hands, staring at his cock. It was getting quite dark, but she could still see how hard he was.

“You like my panties,” she whispered throatily, “and I love your new shorts. Like I said a while ago: I’d love to eat these shorts off you.”

Davy’s body trembled against her hands.

Molly pressed her face into his crotch, feeling the heat of his cock throbbing against her flesh. She kissed up and down the hardness, through the shorts. She ran her tongue from his bulging cockhead to his balls. Sitting on the soft grass, she shoved her hands behind him, cupping his ass. Leaning back, she buried her face into his crotch. She inhaled the fresh scent of his crotch, her mind reeling with delight. The night air made it more erotic to her as she pulled her son onto her.

She lay on the grass, her son squatting above her face. She held his hips, pressing her face into his crotch. Davy rubbed back and forth, feeling the heat of his mother’s wet lips and tongue as she licked. Molly ran her tongue about the stretching front of his shorts, moving it from his balls to the spread of his ass. She darted her tongue against his shorts, and felt the searing heat of his asshole. With a growl, she rammed her face tightly into his ass, his hard young balls on her nose. She sobbed with pleasure as she licked at his shorts until they were wet.

“Let me move my shorts to one side, Mother,” Davy moaned.

He slipped a hand down and to his ass, hooking a finger into his shorts. Puffing them away, Molly gave a sob of ecstasy and pressed her lips into the crack of her son’s ass. She kissed his asshole feverishly, her tongue lapping up and down. The heat of her son’s ass in her face sent a wild, throbbing lurch through her cunt.

“Ohhhh, Mother!”

“Mmmmn.” Molly moaned, licking frantically at her son’s asshole. She managed to get a finger into the crotch of his shorts, jerking them away so his balls rested naked on her nose and eyes. She whipped her tongue about his burning asshole with wild fury, tasting him, licking him. His balls writhed on her nose as Davy began to rub back and forth. He made gasping sounds with this new delight. The feel of his mother’s tongue rubbing around his asshole caused his cock to pulsate into straining hardness.

“My ass, Mother!” he gasped. “My ass… that feels so good, Mother!”

Molly whimpered as she drove her wet tongue against the tightness of his asshole. The sheer perversity of licking her son’s asshole was about to make her insatiable cunt explode. She smashed her thighs together, creating pressure against her swollen clit. She arched her hips up, grinding them as if seeking a hard cock with her pussy.

“Mmmmm, nice,” she purred into his ass. “You asshole is so fucking hot and tastes so good, Davy! Oooooh, baby, I want to suck your hot ass… suck your sweet asshole!”

Davy gurgled and pressed his ass into his mother’s face, moving his hips.

Molly clung to his thighs now, her tongue flying about his puckered asshole, her lips kissing and sucking. She felt his cock throbbing against her forehead, and realized her son had moved his shorts enough to let it free. She felt the dripping juices of his piss hole smearing her forehead, and somehow that increased her hunger. She licked in a frenzy at his asshole, whimpering as her hips churned. She swirled her hot, wet tongue from his asshole to his balls, lapping the tightness. With a moan, she pulled her son’s balls into her mouth, sucking greedily, pressing her chin into his asshole. Davy gurgled and moaned with ecstasy, sliding his ass and crotch into his mother’s face with burning pleasure.

“Suck my balls, Mother!” he groaned. “Ooooh, suck my balls! Lick my ass, Mother! Suck my balls and lick my asshole! You’re gonna make me come off in your fucking face, Mother!”

Molly scooted her tongue back to his asshole, not caring if her son came off in her face. She plunged her tongue hard at the tight pucker of his asshole, and herd Davy’s grunt as her tongue penetrated his asshole. Molly cried out softly as the heat of her son’s asshole closed tightly around her buried tongue. With her lips glued tightly in a circle about the ring of Davy’s asshole, she began to plunge her tongue in and out, fucking him deeply. His balls crushed against her nose, burning the skin. She slipped a hand over one of his bent thighs, grasping his cock. She pressed his cock hard against her forehead sobbing quietly. The feel of his cock rubbing across her skin, his balls in her nose and eyes, sent delicious shivers through her. She plunged her tongue deeply, licking and wiggling it inside his tight, young asshole.

Drawing her feet backwards underneath herself, Molly arched her cunt into the air, feeling the wet tightness, the sweet pressure. Her clit felt enormous — thick and swollen, and pulsating hotly. She was dripping so much fucklube from her hairy cunt, she could feel the slippery juices running over the cheeks of her ass, her panties thoroughly soaked.

“Suck it, Mother!” Davy panted. “Suck my asshole! Ahhh, Mother, stick your tongue way up my asshole.”

Managing to get her fingers around his hard cock, Molly began to pump it swiftly, holding tightly. Jacking his cock with her hand, she tonguefucked her son up his boiling ass with wicked, hungry movements of her tongue. Her lips sucked hard, breath gasping from her. She writhed her upthrusting hips, feeling the power of steaming pressure in and around her cunt. She began to squeal into her son’s ass, then groan. She spread her knees wide, shoving her cunt high into the air.

The strength of her orgasm shattered her.

Screeching into her son’s asshole, Molly felt her cunt explode with juicy waves of ecstasy, her cunt ready to burst into a million pieces.

Her tongue, deep inside her son’s asshole, was no longer moving. Half dazed by the power of her orgasm, Molly’s upraised hips swung about in a frenzy, as if her cunt was searching for a hard cock. The sobs boiling from her brought tears to her eyes. She was vaguely aware that her son had lifted his ass from her face. She moaned a protest, feeling him scooting his hot balls and cock downward. She felt his cock throbbing across her swollen tits.

Davy, squatting across his mother’s stomach, stared in the darkness at his mother’s agonized face. The head of his cock brushed her sensitive nipple, and with a gasp, he shoved his cock between her tits. Molly, her cunt still contracting, humped her pantied ass up and down.

Davy pressed his mother’s tits about his cock, and began fucking back and forth. His cockhead, bulging and dripping, smashed at her neck, leaving wetness. He fucked into his mother’s tits with quick, short thrusts, feeling his balls sliding along her chest.

“Fuck me!” she hissed. “Damn you, Davy! Fuck me!”

Davy pulled his cock from between his mother’s tits. They glistened with the dripping juices as he moved quickly downward.

Molly opened her long thighs wide, straining to him. Davy, very excited, lunged forward with his cock, his swollen prickhead smashing against the crotch of her panties.

Frantic for his hard cock, Molly grabbed her panties and ripped them from her over-heated ass. She lifted the shreds of her panties, and Davy immediately grabbed them. Molly gazed, half-dazed with still-contracting orgasms, into her son’s face as he stuffed the pussy-soaked crotch of her panties into his mouth. As Davy shoved his mother’s panties into his mouth, he lunged again with his cock, and this time it rammed brutally up her hairy, fiery cunt.

“Ohhhhh, Lord!” Molly shrieked, her hips shooting upward as his cock slithered swiftly into her pussy. “Oh, yes, Davy! Fuck me! Fuck that hot cunt, baby! Ram that hard cock up Mother’s hot, wet cunt!”

Molly’s long legs lifted into the air, her feet kicking. She grabbed her son around his neck, pulling his mouth to hers. She began to kiss him wildly, drawing her knees as far back as she could. Her ass lifted from the grass, the full expanse of her juicy cunt open to his rampant thrusts. She sobbed into his mouth, sucking greedily when Davy jammed his tongue halfway down her throat.

Davy, grunting, banged into his mother’s cunt hard, sliding his hands past her uplifted hips, clutching the hot, round cheeks of her spreading son. Davy lifted her crotch higher. Almost standing on his knees, he pounded his cock in and out of her cunt, smashing her hairy, swollen cuntlips, crushing her long cunt.

Molly squealed time and again, her orgasm not letting up. Spasm after spasm burned through her cunt, causing her pussy lips to suck and pull and squeeze at Davy’s intensely hard cock. The friction felt as if it were about to make her cunt burst into flames.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Molly wailed. “Lord, baby, give it to me! My cunt needs your cock! Mother’s hot pussy loves your cock! Ohhhh, I’m coming so fucking hard and I don’t think it’s ever going to stop! I don’t want it to stop — ever!”

Davy, with his mother’s panties dangling from his mouth, plunged his cock in and out of her cunt violently, forcing the breath out of her. Her ass was high, her knees almost along her shoulders and head. The deeper her son went into her cunt, the more ecstatic were Molly’s cries.

Molly, her head twisting with mindless passion, caught the other end of her panties, and without thinking of it, pulled them into her mouth. She tasted her own cunt there, and began to suck at the wetness. Davy leaned his head down, pressing his mouth against his mother’s, her cunt-wet panties between them. The taste of her pussy-wet panties created a fiery hunger within Molly, and she began to hunch her uplifted cunt harder and faster onto her son’s stabbing cock.

Both of them sucked greedily at her panties, thrashing about on the lawn with the moon shining over their bodies. The fucking seemed to go on forever, without letup. Davy’s cock remained throbbingly hard, and Molly’s cunt contracted and convulsed time and again. The strain of her many orgasms sent agonizing pain through her pussy, yet it was a sweet, delicious pain. The wetness of her cunt grabbing and pulling on his cock seemed quite loud in the night air.

With a brutal thrust of her cunt, Molly screamed around the panties inside her mouth, a final orgasm crashing through her shaking body. The orgasm was so hot, so tight, Davy’s cock was gripped deeply. His balls smashed into the crack of his mother’s ass, and her asshole seemed to be trying to suck them inside with rippling rhythm.

With a growl Davy threw his head back, Molly’s panties dropping out of his mouth, draping across his mother’s fact. Molly shrieked, her mouth stuffed with her wet panties.

Davy’s cock squirted, gush after strong gush of come juice exploding out of his young balls, up his hard cock and out of his piss hole. The scalding come juice splashed the satiny walls of Molly’s cunt, and then the rapid spurts filled her completely. He strained powerfully into his mother’s hungry cunt until his balls were empty, then he slumped on top of her. With the sweet agony of her multiple orgasms fading. Molly slowly lowered her naked ass to the lawn, her legs spreading wide. Davy rested between her thighs, his cock soaking inside her pussy, his hot breath fanning her tits.

Molly, purring softly, caressed her hands up and down his back, over his ass.

“That was something, Davy,” she finally whispered against the top of her son’s head. “That was a fuck!”

Groaning, Davy rolled from his naked mother and spread out on the lawn at her side. Tossing her torn panties away, Molly sat up, drawing her knees to her chin, gazing down at him. She slipped a hand to his cock and balls, adjusting the crotch of his tiny shorts over them. She felt the wetness of his cock on the back of her hand, and lifted it to her face. She kissed her hand, then licked at the wetness on her fingers.

“You know, Mother,” he said, recovering, “you’re the best fuck in the whole world.”

“You’re not a bad piece of ass, yourself,” she giggled. “For a young little bastard, you’re a great fuck, darling.”

Davy wanted to know how many men his mother had fucked, and she teased him. “Oh, I’d say maybe two dozen.”

“Really?” he asked. “That many, Mother?”

“No, of course not,” she said softly. “If you want the truth, I’ve only fucked three or four, and you’re the last one.”

“I don’t want you to fuck anyone but me, Mother,” he said.

“Oh is that right?” Molly asked, lifting her eyebrows. “What about that blow job I had to give in the store this afternoon?”

“That was different,” Davy laughed. “You didn’t have any choice.”

“I hope that doesn’t happen again,” Molly said. “I didn’t really mind sucking his cock off, but I’d rather see whose cock I have in my mouth. I think we’d better be a little more careful in the future.”

She leaned over and kissed him.

“What will I do if I get a hard-on someplace?” he asked.

Molly cupped his cock and balls in her hot hand, feeling them through his shorts. “If that happens, we’ll find a way to take care of it. I can’t let you suffer with a hard-on, can I?”

“You’d suffer, too, Mother.”

“You bet I would,” she grinned, leaning down and kissing his cock through his shorts. “I couldn’t keep my hands off this and you know it. I see your cock hard, and my cunt gets so fucking wet!”

She sat upright again, holding her knees against her naked tits. On an impulse, she opened her knees. “Look at my pussy,” she said softly.

Davy could see his mother’s cunt quite well. The moonlight shadowed it, but all the details were clear. With her knees open, Molly leaned back, her hands behind her.

She began to piss.

Davy giggled as he watched. He couldn’t see as well as he wanted, but what he could see, and what he heard, delighted him. He moved his hand to his mother’s cunt and felt her hat piss flowing over it. Molly lifted her hips slightly.

“Ohhhh, hold Mother’s cunt, Davy!” she whimpered. “Hold my cunt while I piss. That feels wonderful, darling.”

Davy rubbed lightly at his mother’s cunt as the hot piss streamed over his palm. He breathed harder, enjoying the hot piss on his hand.

“Lift your ass higher, Mother,” he said.

Molly, using her hands and feet, lifted her body. She held her legs wide apart, sending a strong stream of hot piss past her knees. Davy shoved his face closer, and Molly gasped.

“Oh, Davy!”

Suddenly Davy had his face in the stream of his mother’s piss.

Molly could see her piss splashing about his young face as he turned it one way, then the other. Davy was making moaning sounds as he moved his face along the stream of piss.

“Oh, you darling!” Molly gurgled, spurting piss into her son’s face. “You sweet, sweet darling!”

The stream became weaker, but as it fell, Davy followed it with his face, his lips closed as the hot piss tingled across them. Just as the stream was ready to stop, he buried his face into his mother’s cunt, kissing it eagerly. With a final spasm, Molly squirted once more against her son’s lips. Davy began to lick at her cunt, his tongue moving up and down the piss-wet pussy. He probed at the bottom of his mother’s cunt, dragged his tongue along the slit, and twirled it about her cunt.

“Ooooh, Davy!” she whimpered, grinding her cunt into her son’s face. “Mmmmmm, that’s nice, baby. Lick Mother’s cunt for a minute.”

Eagerly, Davy lapped at his mother’s pussy with the flat surface of his tongue, his hands sliding under the cheeks of her ass, holding them. Drawing her clit between his lips, he sucked hard. Molly squealed, her hips jerking upward, smashing her cunt into her son’s mouth.

“If only I could piss again,” Molly mewled. “Davy, if I could piss again, I’d piss in your sweet, hot mouth!”

Davy, clutching the cheeks of his mother’s naked ass, glued his mouth to her cunt and sucked hungrily, his tongue snapping in and out, tasting the juices, her piss. The combination of being outside in the back yard, the night air, and the perversity of what they were doing, sent a wild tremor through Molly. Suddenly, she cried out. A new spasm of ecstasy began rumbling through her cunt.

“Oh, baby, I’m coming again!” she squealed hotly. “Oh, yes, Davy! Make me come again!”

“I love to come, darling!”

Davy buried his face into his mother’s hot cunt as she came feeling her hairy cuntlips twitching with orgasm. He kept his tongue in constant movement, from the bottom of her pussy to her swollen clit. When her orgasm began to recede, Molly’s arms and legs were weak, and she slumped back to the lawn, hugging herself and shivering with the afterglow.

Davy stretched out beside her, looking up at the stars, enjoying the wetness on his young face. Molly turned onto her side, facing her son. She caressed his naked chest and stomach, her touch light. She kissed his cheek, then moved her face to his chest. She ran the tip of her tongue about his very tiny nipples, and began to work her mouth downward.

Davy moaned with pleasure, running his fingers through his mother’s soft hair. He pressured her gently, urging her face downward.

Molly giggled. “You like my mouth, huh?” she whispered, kissing at his lower stomach. The taste of his flesh excited her, as always.

She ran her tongue along the waist of his hip hugging shorts, from one hip to the other. She felt her son shivering beneath her wet tongue, and moved her mouth past his waist. She licked lightly at the stretching fabric, and then touched the head of his cock with her tongue. It wasn’t the same as tasting his cock naked, but she was enjoying herself. Sliding her lips and tongue downward, she swirled wetly about his young balls, tasting his thigh flesh.

Davy, his hand in his mother’s hair, moved her face, positioning it where be wanted. First he pressed her lips against his cock, then his balls, then shoved her face downward to his crotch. Molly purred softly as she inhaled the exciting scent of his crotch, her tongue dragging along the crack of his ass, tasting only his shorts. Moving her face back to his cock, Davy positioned his mother’s lips near his prickhead.

That was when he started to piss.

He allowed a dribble to escape his cock, but enough to wet the shorts beneath her lips. At first Molly wasn’t even aware of it, although her tongue was licking that spot.

Grinning into the darkness, Davy pissed a little bit more.

“Davy,” Molly murmured, tasting his piss seeping through the shorts this time. “Oh, Davy!”

“Lick it, Mother,” he urged, moving her mouth about the head of his cock, and starting to piss strongly. “Lick it!”

With a soft cry of delight, Molly began racing her tongue feverishly where the head of his cock pressed at his shorts. The hot piss came through the fabric, and she whimpered, her lips opening wide. She tried to pull the head of his cock into her mouth, but his shorts prevented it. She pressed her lips as tight as she could on the head of his cock though, and flicked her tongue in hot, greedy circles.

Davy pissed a strong stream, his shorts becoming soaked. Molly sobbed with pleasure, sucking at the head of his sock through his shorts, tasting his hot piss, her tongue working. She began to swallow hungrily, thirstily, moaning with surprising rapture. She lifted her ass upward, her knees beneath her body. Davy watched his mother’s naked ass sway in the moonlight. He lifted his hips and pressed his cock hard at his mother’s lips. Molly whimpered and sucked his piss through the shorts, making liquid sounds as she swallowed it. She ran her hand to his balls, feeling them through the piss drenched shorts.

It came as no surprise when her cunt convulsed.

With a wild cry of pleasure, Molly’s ass twisted as she began to run her mouth all about her son’s crotch, lips wide open, tongue out. She tasted his hot piss from the waist of his shorts to the crack of his ass. She worked frantically, scooting her face from front to back, always sucking at his shorts.

Feeling the strength of the flow weaken, Molly whimpered with disappointment. She sucked as hard as she could at his shorts, and quickly pulled them away. She grabbed the head of his pissing cock between her lips, and sucked the piss from him, her throat working.

Davy sent his last squirt of piss into his mother’s mouth.

“Ooooh, Davy!” Molly cried softly. “I wanted more, so much more! You taste so wonderful! Darling, tasting your piss in my mouth made me come.”

“I know,” Davy said, and poked at his mother’s uplifted ass before she turned and sat back. “I saw your ass wiggling like crazy, Mother.”


Molly was on the floor.

She rested her shoulders and head there, her knees drawn up, her lovely ass jutting high. The panties stretched around the rounded cheeks of her ass, the crotch pulled into her cunt. Dark curls of pussy hair swirled from the band, and Davy sat back watching with hot eyes.

Molly was caressing herself for her son’s pleasure, showing him how she used her hands and fingers to make herself come before this started with him.

Molly loved to fondle herself, feel the soft wetness of her cunt. She enjoyed the heat of it when she worked her fingers in and out. She preferred a cock to her fingers though, and was doing this only for her son’s enjoyment. At the same time, being watched was exciting her, too.

Davy sat a few feet behind his mother’s uplifted ass, his cock straining in hardness. The panties on his mother thrilled him. They were a pale, green in color, with darker green trim. They were not as lacy as most of her panties, yet any panties his mother wore excited him. He loved to see the way the material outlined her sweet, shapely ass, her ass cheeks divided excitingly. He especially enjoyed seeing the crotch pulled into the puffy lips of her cunt, the pink lips showing, framed with that soft hair. The wetness of them made his young body shiver with anticipation.

Molly ran two fingers lightly along her crotch, pressing the panties deeper into her cunt. Her eyes were closed with self-induced pleasure. The wetness on her fingers felt good, and she mewled softly as she pressed the tip of her fingers against her swollen clit. Her ass wiggled lewdly, inviting her son’s eyes, his hands, his cock.

Davy couldn’t resist.

Scooting on his ass, he moved his face to his mother’s body. He inhaled the delicate, delicious scent of her, then kissed her ass. The panties were soft and smooth, and he darted his tongue out. Lowering his face slightly, he licked the exposed lips of his mother’s cunt, bringing a peal of gurgles from her. Molly waggled her ass wickedly as her son licked the lips of her hairy cunt. Davy ran his tongue at her pussy, pressing the crotch of her panties even deeper into it. Then he lifted his face, and buried his mouth against her ass. He chewed at her panties, sucking on them. The wetness of his mouth seeped through them and onto her flesh. Molly moaned and strained her ass to his face.

“Lick it, Davy,” she crooned, her fingers again rubbing at her cunt. “Oh, lick Mother’s hot ass, darling!”

She twisted her pantied ass in a lewd manner against his face, feeling the wet heat of his lips and tongue through her thin panties. “Oh, Lord, baby! It’s so good!”

Davy’s tongue twirled against her panties, pressing them wetly against her asshole. Molly squealed hotly, waggling faster, arching her ass tight as she could into his mouth.

“Pull my panties away!” she groaned. “Please, Davy, I want to feel your tongue on my ass! Move my panties so I can feel your tongue pressing at my asshole!”

With a feverish jerk of his mother’s panties, Davy stretched them wide. He gazed a moment at her creamy, round ass, seeing the winking pucker of her asshole. With a moan, he pressed his open mouth against it, sucking. The tip of his tongue played about the sensitive tightness, bringing squealing pleasure from Molly. He pressed his tongue hard, and Molly cried out when it penetrated her tight ass ring.

“Ohhh, yes, yes!” she sobbed. “Fuck me up the ass with your tongue, baby! Fuck Mother in the ass with your tongue!”

Her fingers at her cunt whirled and pressed, agitating her swollen slit violently. She shoved her panties away from her clit and began to pinch and pull at it. Juices dripped from her pussy onto her son’s chin. It felt to her as if Davy’s tongue slid very deep up her asshole. She felt a tingling burn around it, felt her asshole opening wide.

Davy’s hot breath seared her flesh as he stabbed his tongue in and out of his mother’s tight ass, tasting and sucking hard. The wetness on his chin scalded his flesh, driving him to increase the swiftness of his plunging tongue. His cock stood straight and hard, his balls tight.

Molly turned her face downward, seeing his cock and balls. She stretched her hand for him, but couldn’t quite reach. She swung her uplifted ass in tight, hot circles, moaning with swelling ecstasy. The pressure of her cunt transmitted to her asshole, and she started feeling that intense sensation of an orgasm swelling inside her body. The lips of her juicy cunt seemed to surround her son’s chin, as if her was attempting to fuck her cunt with his chin as he flicked her asshole with his tongue. Davy began to make side-trips from her asshole to her cunt, sucking at the pussy juices greedily before ramming his tongue back into Molly’s ass.

“Oh, I’m getting so close to coming again!” Molly wailed in a strangled voice. “My cunt… my asshole! Ohhh, Davy, everything is on fire, burning so hotly!”

Davy pulled his face away from his mother’s ass. He looked into it closely, his chin slippery with her wetness. The lips of his mother’s cunt were gleaming and ready. She was again rubbing and squeezing at her long, throbbing clit.

“Don’t stop now!” Molly sobbed. “Please don’t stop sucking my hot asshole now! Davy, I’m about to come!”

Davy grabbed his mother’s panties, and with one violent yank, ripped them off her hips. He quickly stuffed the wet crotch into his mouth, sucking and tasting his mother’s cunt on them. At the same time, he got to his knees, placing his hands on the cheeks other ass. Molly moaned as she felt her son parting her ass cheeks wider yet.

Davy moved the swollen head of his cock forward, and Molly knew what he was about to do.

“Davy!” she sobbed.

The head of his cock smashed into her asshole with one strong plunge.

Molly didn’t scream with pain. She gasped at the sudden stretching of her asshole, the quick filling her ass by his hard cock. His balls smacked against her cunt with that one quick stab.

“Oh, yes!” she cried out, pressing her ass back onto his cock as her mind spun with this new sensation. “Up my ass! Fuck my fucking hot ass, baby!”

Davy, awed by the tightness of his mother’s asshole, stared down at it. He saw his mother’s asshole squeezing about the base of his cock, feeling the power of that puffing. Molly, crying with perverse ecstasy, began to pump her ass back and forth, fucking his cock with her gripping asshole. She pulled forward until she thought his cockhead would come free, then slamming back into him with a wild sob.

Davy stared down at his mother’s ass fucking back and forth, his balls grinding against her juicy, steaming cunt. For a long time, he was rigid, watching. Then he dug his hands into her hips and began to fuck her up the ass, meeting her thrusts with his own.

“You’re so hot and tight, Mother!” he gasped.

“Yes, baby!”

“I wanna fuck your ass, Mother! I wanna fuck it and come in it!”

“Ohhh, yes!” Molly wailed, throwing her naked, uplifted ass onto her son’s plunging cock mindlessly. “Fuck it and come in it! Ohhh, Davy, this is so fantastic! Fuck my ass… fuck Mother’s hot asshole!”

The flexing of her asshole grabbed at his cock each time he pulled back, as if afraid he would remove it. Molly found the stretching, filling sensation amazing, wonderful. Her asshole closed about his throbbing cock without any directions from her spinning mind. There was a delicious burning in her asshole, yet her cunt was pulsating as if it, too, had a cock fucking into it. His balls smacked with wet sounds against her puffy cunt lips, and Molly clutched at them, trying to press those young balls into her pussy.

“That hard cock!” she wailed. “So hard and in my ass! Davy, oh Davy, fuck my ass! It’s driving me crazy, darling! Fuck that ass hard and fast and deep! Ohhh, I want to feel you come in my ass, Davy!”

Molly’s head lifted from the floor, her neck taut. Her eyes were closed, with hot tears seeping out of them. Her cunt seemed to explode. The contractions of her orgasm swelled outward from her cunt, spreading the length of her naked body, consuming her. She began to scream with intense ecstasy. Her asshole clutched at her son’s cock, the spasms causing it to suck greedily. She smashed his balls hard against her cunt, and rammed her ass onto his throbbing cock, feeling his feverish flesh against hers.

She heard her son grunt at the same time she felt the boiling thick juice of his balls splash the strangely sensitive walls of her asshole. Her orgasm suddenly increased, and then the spasms shot through her like some sort of fit. Her whole body shook, her toes curling up. Molly thought it would never end, and when it did, she found herself stretched flat out on the floor, her son resting on top of her, the head of his cock caught inside her asshole. A shiver ripped about her briefly, the cheeks of her ass clamping.

“Ohhhh, Davy, that was… I don’t know what it was, but it almost killed me,” she moaned. “It was so good, honey.”

Davy lifted his hips, and his cock pulled free of her asshole. Molly stretched flat out on her stomach, hands above her head, legs slightly parted. She listened to her son’s breathing at her side. The pressure against her tits and cunt felt good. There was a throb in and around her asshole.

“I didn’t count on getting fucked in the ass,” she said softly. “I thought you’d just lick it and kiss a little.”

“I saw your asshole, Mother,” Davy said. “I saw it and tasted it and, well, my cock was so hard, and your ass was up in the air.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining,” she said, rolling over onto her back. “Once you were in there, it was fantastic.” She placed her hand on his knee, stroking it lightly. “It felt so good, you can do it again, anytime you wish.”

Davy’s face brightened, and his hand cupped one of her firm tits.

“Mmmm, squeeze it for me,” she purred softly.

Davy fondled his mother’s tits, using both hands. Her nipples lifted into hardness, tingling sweetly.

“Suck my tits, honey,” Molly cooed.

Davy lowered his face, squeezing one tit until her nipple bulged up. His tongue touched the tip, and Molly gasped softly. Swirling his tongue about his mother’s tit, he looked up into her eyes. Molly’s eyes were taking on a glaze once more, her hips moving slowly. She had one hand on her lower stomach, and moved her fingers through the soft hair of her cunt. A fingertip touched her long clit, and she shuddered. Davy closed his mouth about her nipple, sucking it deeply. Molly gurgled as he pulled on her tit with his mouth, sliding her other hand to his cock. She wrapped her fingers about her son’s cock and squeezed, then began to pull on it. She was rewarded by the feel of it starting to harden again.

Davy swirled his tongue from one tit to the other, sucking each. Molly moaned softly as the pleasure began to build again inside her body. She worked her fingers along the puffy lips of her cunt, circling her clit, then pressuring it with her fingertips. She lifted her hips, the cheeks of her ass bunching. She could still feel the tingling throb in her asshole, but now it was her cunt that needed attention.

She pressed her other hand at her son’s head, urging his face down her body. Davy didn’t resist, and his lips and tongue moved across her hot flesh. He lapped beneath his mother’s tits, then swirled his tongue downward, tasting her flesh. He dipped his tongue into her belly button, making Molly gurgle with delight. Shivers rippled up and down her skin. Her fingers rubbed up and down the swollen lips of her pulsating cunt faster. She felt her son’s breath fanning the soft hair of her cunt, then his tongue was running through it.

“Lick me, baby,” she hissed. “Lick Mother’s cunt!”

Davy made a soft moan, then buried his face into the hairy wetness of his mother’s cunt. He kissed the pulsating lips, then sucked them into his mouth. Molly arched her hips to her son, pressing at the back of his head and grinding her cunt at his face. She closed her hot thighs around his face, pumping up and down.

“Use your tongue, Davy!” she gasped. “Oh, Lord, use your tongue like a cock! Tonguefuck Mother’s wet, hot cunt! Ohhh, that’s good, Davy! That’s so good!”

Davy’s tongue stabbed into the sweet wetness of his mother’s cunt, bringing a wail of pleasure from Molly. She swung her legs wide open, rubbing her fiery pussy about his face. She kept pressing at the back of his head, as if trying to get his head into her greedy cunt. With a cry of rapture, she closed her legs about her son’s head again, smashing his face hard.

“Oh, Davy, eat me!” she sobbed. “Eat Mother’s cunt! I love to have my pussy sucked, licked! Oh, you’re so good at it, baby!”

Davy slurped noisily, his tongue sliding in and out of her cunt wildly, then drawing his lips up to suck powerfully on her distended cunt. The suction brought an intense moan from Molly, and she clawed at her son’s legs, pulling him until she had a knee on each side of her head. She gazed with hot, wet eyes up at his cock and balls, seeing them throb. She stroked her hands up and down his thighs, cupping the cheeks of his spreading ass. She peered hungrily at his puckered asshole, all the while twisting and grinding her cunt into his greedily sucking mouth.

With a mewl, Molly shoved her face up, kissing at his tight balls, her tongue swirling and licking. She sucked at her son’s hairless balls, taking both into her mouth. She sobbed softly with the taste, her nose pressing close to his asshole. His cock scooted against her tits, the heat if it blistering her flesh. Clutching the cheeks of Davy’s ass, Molly licked and tasted and kissed and sucked the whole expanse of his crotch. Feverishly she pulled his hard prick back and stuffed it into her mouth, taking it deep. Immediately, Davy began pumping up and down, fucking his mother’s mouth and sucking and licking at her cunt with renewed vigor. Molly slammed her ass up and down, crushing her wet, hot cunt mindlessly into his face.

Davy’s balls swung up and down against her nose while he drove his cock wickedly into his mother’s hungry mouth. His tongue stabbed back and forth, licking up the steaming, sweet juices seeping out of her hairy cunt. Molly hung on tight to his bouncing ass, her fingers curled into her stretching ass cheeks, jerking him downward to make his swollen cockhead penetrate her throat.

Without saying anything, Molly shoved his cock from her mouth and as her cunt raced toward orgasm, began to suck and lick at his balls and asshole heatedly. She rammed her tongue up her son’s asshole, fucking in and out, then back to his balls, feeling deliciously perverse. His cock began to slide between her tits, smearing them with his dripping juices. She arched her cunt hard into his mouth, squealing into his crotch.

She was sucking hard on his balls and trying to press her nose into his tightly puckered ass when she came.

The power of her orgasm sent her naked body shaking, her hips twirling as she banged her cunt harshly into her son’s face. While her cunt exploded with ecstasy, Molly shoved her hands off her ass and closed her tits about his cock. Davy began to fuck swiftly into the valley, his balls and asshole banging into her face. Molly’s tongue darted out of her mouth, tasting his balls and asshole, feeling his hot hardness against her tits, her cunt convulsing mindlessly.

“Come!” she shouted.

With a muffled grunt, Davy’s cock spurted the hot come juice from his piss hole. The thick, creamy come juice splattered Molly’s tits, increasing her orgasm with stronger contractions. She wailed into his ass, her tongue racing, urging him to come and come all over her tits. Davy, while he came, kept tongue fucking his mother’s squeezing cunt.

Then he sagged on top of her. His legs stretched out past her head, and Molly’s face was in his ass. Her own legs straightened, too, spread wide as her son rested his cheek against her twitching cunt.

They rested a moment, then Molly felt her son squirming. When he started to roll from her, she grabbed at his ass, keeping him in position. His cock, soft and moist rested on her tits, and she wanted to hold the feeling as long as she could. Davy stopped squirming, relaxing on top of her. She caressed his ass and the backs of his thighs tenderly.

When she felt the warm wetness drenching her tits, she gurgled, knowing her son was pissing. She hugged him round his ass, pressing his cock tight against her tits, feeling the heat of his hot piss soaking her naked tits.

While Davy was still pissing, she put her hands on his hips and urged him lift up. As he drew his knees back under again, Molly dipped her chin down and saw the golden piss spewing from his cock, splashing over her firm, upstanding tits. She squealed softly with pleasure, and began to spurt piss against her son’s resting cheek. Davy felt it, and pressed his cheek tighter into his mother’s cunt. But that wasn’t enough for Molly.

She pulled her son’s hips back, and mewled as the hot piss streamed along her chest and then her neck. She pulled until her son’s cock was a few inches from her face, taking the delicious, golden piss into her face. Davy, too, lifted his head. He stared at he hairy lips of his mother’s cunt, seeing her pissing a strong stream. As his mother opened her mouth, Davy lowered his face into the hot stream of his mother’s piss, gurgling softly. Molly tasted her son’s piss between her lips, and spread her mouth wide. She didn’t swallow, but let her mouth fill and run over her cheeks.

Davy began to suck at his mother’s piss, his lips opened and around her cunt. Molly saw his cock jerk, and knew he was about finished. Eagerly, she lifted her head and closed her lips about the head of his cock, letting him finish pissing directly into her mouth, and she began to swallow wetly.


Molly kept thinking about what happened at the shopping center. The more she thought about it, the more she realized how much she had enjoyed it. Not necessarily sucking the cock of some strange man, but sucking her son off in a place where discovery was possible. She realized she had enjoyed it, too, when her dress had blown up.

She had never really thought of herself as an exhibitionist, at least not much of one. She found sonic mild pleasure in wearing skirts slit high to show off her legs, tight enough to mold to her shapely ass or tits. Most women enjoyed that sort of exhibitionism, she knew. Otherwise they wouldn’t wear such clothing. But she knew now that she wanted to expose more of herself than just a tightly clad ass, her long legs, or firm, upstanding tits behind tight sweaters and blouses.

Many times she had seen a girl or woman reveal their enticing thighs, and sometimes their panties, by sitting carelessly in public places. Now she understood why they did so.

“I see your cunt, Mother,” Davy said, breaking into her thoughts.

She smiled at him, opening her legs a bit more.

She was sitting on the front lawn, enjoying the hot weather, watching her son work on his bicycle. She had no idea what he was doing; anything mechanical was a mystery to her. He had chains and gears and tiny little metal pieces out of his bike, and was smearing some thick looking stuff on them. He was in his cut-offs, as usual. She wore a skirt and blouse, but was totally naked underneath.

Molly’s eyes dropped significantly to the front of his cut-offs, drawing her knees to her chin. Her skirt covered her knees, but from his position, Davy could see the backs of her creamy thighs and the hairy lips of her cunt. The fact that she was facing the sidewalk excited her. If someone should walk by, they, too, would see her cunt. Some boys and girls were up the sheet, riding bicycles and tossing a ball, but no one was anywhere near them to see her exposure.

“Look all you want, darling,” she murmured. “I don’t mind if you see my cunt out here.”

“I might get a hard-on,” he grinned back at her. “Then what?”

“Anything you want,” she teased, licking her lips with her pink tongue. “Anything at all.”

Molly adjusted her skirt so she was sitting with her naked ass on the lawn. She looked at the boys and girls down the street, ready to lower her legs if one of them started toward them. Letting her son see her pussy outside this way was exciting.

She noticed the head of her son’s cock could be seen, barely, past the fringe of his cut-offs. It pleased her that he wasn’t wearing shorts, even those new hip-hugging ones. They were for play anyway.

When she saw a little girl coming toward them, Molly shoved her feet out, her legs straight on the lawn, her skirt covering her knees. The girl was a cute little blonde, the cuddly type, she saw. She was wearing a pair of very tight shorts, her exquisite little ass revealed by the tightness. Her legs were long and slim, tanned beautifully. Molly glanced at the front of the girl’s T-shirt and saw only the very tiny beginnings of tits.

“Hi, Davy,” the girl said as she stood near Davy. “Whatcha doing?”

“Fixing my bike,” he replied.

Molly glanced at the head of his cock, wondering if the girl could see it, too. She saw the shorts of the girl were high and tight, and her little pink panties were showing. So many girls today wore shorts with the cheeks of their asses showing, she thought, and this little girl was no different. She wished it had been possible when she was this girl’s age.

There was something sweet and innocently delicious about the little girl’s body, those creamy slim thighs and rounded tight ass. Molly found herself wondering what it would be like to bury her face into that lovely little ass, to taste that succulent cunt, perhaps thrust her tongue into the small asshole. Then she imagined seeing the little girl pissing, perhaps squatting, knees wide open, her pretty face radiant with pleasure. She felt her own cunt starting to throb against the soft grass, and gazed at her son’s cock again. She paid no attention to their conversation, although she noticed that her son peeked up between the girl’s thighs secretly.

She imagined seeing her son fucking the girl, his cock stabbing into her tight, sweet, cunt. Her long clit became swollen and she wondered if she was about to come just thinking such things. The grass tickled her naked ass, and she gazed hungrily at the little girl’s body. She turned her eyes back to the head of her son’s cock, and almost giggled when she saw it starting to harden, stretching outward.

Someone called the little girl, and with a wave, she ran off to join the group down the street.

Watching that cute ass twist as the girl ran, Molly pulled her knees back to her chin again, and when she looked back at her son, the head of his cock was sticking from his shorts.

“You wanted to fuck her, didn’t you, Davy?” she asked softly.

“I saw her panties, Mother,” Davy said, staring at his mother’s once-again exposed thighs and cunt. “I wonder if she fucks.”

“All girls fuck,” Molly said. “The right place, the right time, the right person… they’ll all fuck. Just like men.”

Davy wasn’t working on his bike now; he was sitting there, greasy, staring at his mother’s cunt, his cock stretching outward, almost half of it showing now. Molly licked her lips, swallowing with hunger. Deliberately, she began to piss. She didn’t piss hard and strong, but just enough so her son could see the golden piss dribble from her hairy cunt to the grass. Davy’s eyes widened with pleasure, his cock jerking into a full hardness.

Giggling, Molly lifted herself until she was squatting. She kept her skirt at her knees so no one could see, but her knees were open for her son’s eyes. She didn’t mind if her skirt became wet as it draped about her ass.

Once she was squatting, she let it go with force. The golden stream spewed out with a hissing sound, the curls of her pussy hair getting wet.

“Your cock is showing, baby,” she said huskily.

“Yeah,” Davy replied, staring at his mother’s pissing cunt.

Playfully, Molly spurted piss in short bursts, giggling lewdly. She twisted her hips, trying to make designs with piss. By the time she finished, her son’s cock was stretched in full hardness from his cut-offs.

“I want that,” Molly whispered in a thick voice.

“Not out here, Mother,” he said, grinning at her.

“Why not?” she teased. “We might have an orgy.” She glanced at the group of boys and girls down the street. “But you’re right, we better go in.”

“Like this?” Davy asked, pointing at his cock.

“How else?” she said, standing up. The insides of her thighs were wet, with piss or pussy juice, she didn’t know or care.

Turning, she walked to the door, pausing to look over her shoulder to see if her son was following. She saw him look nervously down the street, then try to adjust his hard-on when he got to his feet. It didn’t work; the head of his cock kept sticking out from his shorts.

“I’d say you better hurry if you don’t want someone to see that precious hard-on,” Molly said, opening the door. On an impulse, she flipped the back of her skirt to her waist, waggling her naked ass. “Take that, honey.”

She giggled and wiggled, she didn’t care if someone saw her waggling her naked ass; her cunt was on fire and desperate for her son’s cock.

Davy came to the house, walking fast, the head of his cock leading the way. The moment he was inside the house, he shut the door, jerking his shorts aside so his cock and balls were free. With a squeal of eagerness, Molly held her skirt around her waist, and dropped to her hands and knees in the middle of the floor.

“Ran it to me!” she urged hotly. “Ram that beautiful hard cock up my cunt hard and fast! Don’t fuck around, Davy! Fuck me hard and fast, quickly!”

Davy went to his knees and behind his mother, grabbing at her naked ass with both hands. His cock stabbed with perfect aim, penetrating Molly’s cunt with a single stab, Molly groaned. The immediate response of her cunt was to clutch tightly, her clit burning.

Holding his mother’s ass, Davy pounded frantically, smacking against his mother’s upturned, churning ass.

“Oh, fuck me hard!” Molly moaned, feeling her tits swinging inside her blouse from the force of his inward thrusts. “Fuck me hard as you can, Davy!”

Each thrust of his cock caused Molly to gasp with pleasure. Her head hung down, her dark hair swinging about her face. She loved the way he buffeted at her ass, his balls swinging. She strained her ass against him, the friction of his young hard cock sending shooting sparks of rapture throughout her being. She scooted slowly on the floor as her son beat his cock powerfully into her searing pussy. Her nipples rubbed at the fabric of her blouse, creating a more intense pleasure for her.

“Oh, yes!” she wailed. “Harder, baby, harder! Ohhh, Lord, ram it to me! My cunt is so fucking hot, Davy! Oooooh, Mother’s cunt is going to eat your lovely cock up!”

Davy stabbed swiftly, his cock sliding in and out of the juicy cunt of his mother, making liquid sounds. He stared down at the way her pussy clutched his prick, her asshole puckering. The base of his cock seemed to be coated with foamy wetness.

“Up my ass!” Molly suddenly yelled. “Fuck me up my ass!”

Hardly missing a stroke, Davy pulled his cock from his mother’s cunt and, as he had done with her pussy, stabbed quickly against her asshole.

Molly shrieked, but it wasn’t the scream of woman in pain. It was the sound of a woman experiencing a wild, lusting hunger. Her asshole parted and expanded for her son’s cock, stretching tightly about it. Davy drove his cock deep with a single plunge, and Molly’s mouth opened with that fantastic sensation of her asshole spreading wide.

Davy banged into his mother’s asshole brutally, the harder he rammed into her, the better Molly loved it. She felt as if her asshole was stretching more than ever before, and each sliding friction of his cock sent chills of perverse ecstasy about her creamy flesh. His balls now slapped at the swollen lips of her juicy cunt. Molly strained her ass back against her son, lowering her head and shoulders to the floor. She arched her ass high, lewdly, and shot her hands behind her body. She clutched the cheeks of her ass and pulled, stretching them as open as she could. It seemed her son could fuck her deeper now, and she began to cry with the intensity of hot pleasure.

“Ohhh, fuck my ass! Fuck Mother in the hot asshole!” she moaned. “Ohhh, that’s wonderful, Davy! Ohhh, baby, your cock stretches my fucking asshole so big! Ahhhh, yes, darling… ram Mother’s tight, hot asshole!”

Davy pumped hard, gritting his teeth as he gazed at the brown ring of his mother’s asshole gripping his cock.

“Now my cunt!” Molly groaned. “Fuck my cunt, now! Ohhh, darling, fuck Mother in the pussy! Please, baby, fuck my twat with your cock!”

Davy reacted quickly, jerking his cock out of her asshole, bringing a moan from Molly. Her asshole squeezed shut immediately, and her cunt seemed to open and accept his cock of its own volition. Once more, Davy drove his cock deep and hard into his mother’s cunt, grunting with the delight he felt. His balls were very tight at the base, tingling with a mild aching sensation. They were full and hard, loaded with the creamy sweetness his mother demanded so often.

“Fuck that cunt, Davy!” Molly kept groaning. “Fuck Mother’s cunt, fuck Mother’s twat, fuck Mother’s hot pussy, fuck… fuck Mother’s… ohhhh, yes, darling! I can feel your cock throbbing in my snatch, my cunt, my pussy! Oooooh, baby, my cunt is so hungry for your hard cock!”

“Take it, Mother!” Davy yelped, ramming powerfully into her pussy. “Take my cock up your wet, hairy cunt!”

“I am! Ooooo, I am and I will!”

Molly’s tits smashed and scraped at the carpet from the violence of her son’s thrusts. She loved it, and smashed her tits harder on the floor, lifting her ass high to his cock.

“Now my ass!” Molly screeched. “Fuck me up the ass!”

Quickly, Davy yanked his cock from his mother’s cunt and, as before, drove it into her asshole with one plunge. Molly, still holding the cheeks of her ass with both hands, screamed in ecstasy as the burning sensation again rippled around her fiery asshole.

Davy no longer listened to his mother’s directions. He began to fuck into her asshole and then her cunt, taking a few stabs into each. Molly, her mind soaring with lewdness, could hardly tell where his cock was at any given time, and didn’t care. As long as her son was fucking her cunt or asshole, that was all she cared about. Her pussy was squeezing inward, her clit throbbing. She was building to a tremendous orgasm, and she tried to pull the cheeks of her ass even more open, desperate to give her son complete and total access to her cunt and asshole. The insane desire to take her son totally into her asshole and cunt was driving her out of her mind. She wanted cock and balls and fingers and tongues inside her boiling cunt and fiery asshole, all at the same time.

Molly’s whole crotch felt widened, opened, to her son’s cock. She felt as if her cunt and asshole were her total being.

“Up your ass!” Davy grunted, plunging his cock into his mother’s asshole. “Up your tight fucking ass!”

“Yes!” Molly screamed. “Oh, yes!”

“Up your hairy cunt!” Davy yelped, jerking his cock from her asshole and ramming it violently into her pussy.

“Yes!” Molly shrieked.

“In your hot cunt!”

He drove his cock deep into Molly’s sucking pussy.

“Now your ass!”

His cock stabbed her burning asshole.

“Now your cunt!”

Davy called out in a strangled voice as he took turns fucking into his mother’s cunt, then her asshole.

“Your ass… your cunt! Now your asshole… now your fucking cunt! Up your tight asshole… up your wet, hairy twat…”

Over and over, he groaned, fucking from Molly’s asshole to her cunt.

Her tits smashed at the floor, being rubbed as he pounded into her. Molly was unable to keep her grip on the cheeks of her ass, and shoved her hands past her head and began to claw at the floor.

It couldn’t last much longer.

Molly’s cunt was on fire with throbbing heat. Her clit felt as if it were about to burst. She screamed loudly.


The spasms of her orgasms sent her body shuddering. Davy’s cock was inside it, and her hairy pussy lips grabbed at his prick, desperately sucking with rippling reflexes. Everything about Molly’s body seemed to explode.

“I gotta come, Mother!” Davy yelled.

The first spurt of his come juice splashed hotly along the walls of her contracting cunt. But by the time his second gush exploded from his piss hole, Davy had his cock up his mother’s asshole again. Molly didn’t know how her son had managed it, but he was driving his cock into her cunt and asshole as he came. Come juice smeared the crack of her ass, the curls of her cunt with most of it inside her pussy or asshole.

Every muscle of her body suddenly relaxed, and she sprawled forward on the floor. Her son’s cock came free of her pussy, and left him standing there on his knees. A last spurt of come juice exploded from his cock and smacked the crinkle of his mother’s asshole just before her rounded ass cheeks closed.

Molly lay on the floor, naked from the waist down, her flesh shivering with glowing pleasure. Her tits smashed flat beneath her body, and even that felt good to her. She turned her head to one side, eyes closed, her expression showing her wanton rapture. She panted for air.

Davy sat back on his heels, his chest heaving. Then, with a lewd giggle, he picked his cock up, and let go with a hot gush of piss. He pissed over his mother’s ass, causing Molly to gurgle with tired delight. She opened her thighs, and Davy swung his cock up and down, pissing on her cunt, ass, giggling wickedly.


Molly lay on her stomach on the floor. Sitting on top of her, Davy was rubbing and massaging her thighs and ass. Molly purred with pleasure as his hands moved about her flesh. She enjoyed the feel of his tight ass on her shoulders. Since he was naked, she could feel his asshole against her skin and his balls resting there, too.

She writhed her hips saucily for him as he cupped her asscheeks, squeezing them. When Davy pulled her ass open, she couldn’t resist lifting it suggestively. She felt her asshole tighten, then open. Davy giggled as he watched, sliding the tip of his finger around her ass ring.

“Oooooh, nice, honey,” she murmured.

Davy leaned forward, sliding his ass, on his mother’s back. The tip of his tongue darted, and Molly gurgled as she felt the wetness swirl about her tight ass bud. Davy dipped his head lower, lapping into his mother’s bushy cunt quickly, then dragging his tongue back up to her asshole.

“Wet and hot, Mother,” Davy said softly. “Your cunt is wet and hot, and you taste so fucking good!”

“Mmmm,” Molly replied, wiggling her ass lewdly.

Davy’s asshole burned against her shoulder as he leaned down and swirled the tip of his tongue about the tightness. Molly didn’t know which felt better, his tongue against her asshole, or his asshole rubbing at her back. She lay with her tits smashed on the floor, twisting her ass up into her son’s face, purring softly as the ecstasy began to grow within her body.

“Shove your tongue inside, baby,” she gasped as he swirled and licked against her asshole. “Stick your tongue up Mother’s asshole.”

Davy pressed his tongue against his mother’s asshole hard. The pressure there caused Molly’s breath to catch in her throat. A ripple of hot pleasure flowed through her body, her asshole clenching in reflexive rapture. As quickly as her asshole tightened, it relaxed, and Davy’s tongue slithered past the hot ring. Molly let her breath out with a hiss of delight, lifting her naked ass into his face. She felt his breath burning against her wet cunt as his tongue probed into her asshole. Her long clit lurched into a full, throbbing hardness, a demanding tingle of ecstasy. She twisted her ass into her son’s face, trying to pull his tongue deeper. Davy widened his mother’s ass by pulling at her firm, round asscheeks, slipping his tongue in and out of the tightness, his nose brushing her cunt. His cock was now pressing at his mother’s back, throbbing against her flesh.

She bunched her hands into fists as the rapture grew hotter. She wiggled her ass higher, trying to take her son’s tongue deeply, wanting his nose up her burning cunt at the same time. She wanted to turn and grab his cock, pump it frantically, stuff it into her mouth, suck it, then take it inside her cunt and asshole. She wanted to fuck her son furiously, fuck him with every hole of her body. She burned with the desire to have his young, hard cock inside her everywhere at the same time.

She twisted and moved beneath him, turning with his weight on top of her. She finally lay on her back, her long legs wide open, her hairy cunt exposed to her son’s hot eyes. Her clit bulged up in straining hunger, the juices of her desire gleaming on the hair-rimmed lips of her fiery pussy silt. She cupped one of her tits, brushing her nipple into the crack of her son’s ass. She stared with misty, slightly unfocused eyes, watching his asshole twitch as her nipple rubbed against it. His cock and balls delighted her as they throbbed on her body. She attempted to stuff her nipple into her son’s asshole, but found her nipple too rubbery. Still, her son squirmed his asshole against her tit, his tongue now licking at the soft hair of her twat.

“Your asshole is so hot, darling,” she breathed. “I bet your asshole could burn a blister on my tits, my nipples.”

Davy didn’t reply; his tongue was swirling about the juicy lips of his mother’s pussy. The taste and scent of her cunt were heady to him, making him press his asshole harder onto her nipple. His cock was dripping and smearing her flesh. Molly panted with excitement as she struggled to get her nipple into her son’s asshole. She pressed inward on it, but her nipple refused to penetrate. She lifted her crotch into his face, and felt his tongue dart into her cunt.

“Ooooh, eat me, darling!” she whispered hotly. “Eat that wet cunt, baby! Ohhhh, Lord, Davy!”

Davy’s tongue thrust into the wetness, licking at the juices, savoring the sweetness. His tongue plunged and swirled eagerly, his ass writhing as his mother rubbed her nipple against his asshole. His cock swelled into a greater hardness, his piss hole searing wetly at her stomach. Molly closed her thighs about her son’s head, squeezing his face into her crotch. She fucked at his face, crooning softly and gazing at his asshole. Sliding one hand between them, she managed to jack on his cock, pulling him backward, she lifted her face and feverishly kissed at his asshole, her tongue licking the smooth surfaces of his inner ass cheeks. Now she could jack his cock better, and began to stroke her fist back and forth as she sucked and licked his young asshole.

Davy lifted his smeared face, gasping with pleasure. He sat upright, looking down at his mother’s fist jacking his cock, his asshole planted on her open mouth. Molly whimpered softly as she thrust her tongue up his ass, fucking in and out, jacking his cock faster and faster. Molly held her son’s cock tightly, her other hand pulling at his hip, trying to get his asshole tighter into her mouth.

With a gasp, Davy leaned down and plunged his face into his mother’s hairy cunt again, his lips sucking hard at her clit, then driving his tongue in and out of her cunt. Molly squealed into her son’s ass, smashing her wet pussy firmly into his face, no longer able to jack his cock because of the tightness between their bodies. She shoved her hand against the back of his head, crushing his mouth to her fiery cunt. The spasms of a rippling orgasm started, and then grew with power. She humped her ass up and down, smacking her son’s mouth with her contracting cunt.

Davy, trying to lick and suck his mother’s pussy at the same time, grabbed hold of her naked ass with both hands, lifting her high, almost doubling her. Molly’s legs went up into the air and Davy devoured her convulsing cunt hungrily, his ass so hard and tight in her face now, Molly couldn’t breathe. Her tongue was deep inside his asshole as she came, her mind reeling with ecstasy.

Davy held his mother doubled, her ass and legs in the air with his face between them, sucking and licking, his tongue racing into the liquid heat, then over her exploding cunt. He clung to the cheeks of her ass with both hands. Molly’s orgasm shattered through her body and if her son had not been sitting in her face, holding her crotch high, she would have been much too weak to remain in that awkward position. His cock kept throbbing against her stomach.

Molly came for a long time, and when it finally ended, Davy let her ass fall back to the floor slowly. He shifted from her face, and Molly had tears of ecstasy in her shining eyes. She held his cock as he sat next to her, not stroking, but just squeezing it as if it would disappear if she turned loose.

“Ooooh, Davy, you always make me come so damned good,” she breathed. “No matter what you do to me, I come so fucking hard and good!”

His balls, she saw, were loaded, tight at the base of his cock. Turning onto her side, she cupped them in her other hand, rolling them about.

“Baby,” she said softly, with heat in her voice, “you’ve got one pair of loaded balls here.”

Davy’s balls felt hot in her palm, and she gently fondled them, her other hand moving along his cock. Closing her fingers about her son’s prick, Molly stroked it slowly, making little soft sounds of pleasure. Her eyes were bright as she gazed down, watching his piss hole seep clear liquid. Dipping her face, she swiped her tongue across the head of his cock, tasting the sweetness of his juices.

Davy gazed down his naked body, watching his mother’s hot, wet tongue swirl about the swollen smoothness of his cock, panting with pleasure. Molly’s fist pumped slowly, relaxed on the down thrust, but squeezing hard as she pulled up, making the juices bead on his piss hole. With his balls cradled in her other hand, she began jacking him, picking up speed with her fist. With a couple of quick, short jerks, she squealed happily, then slowed her movements again.

“We can’t have you coming off too fast, honey,” she breathed, her stiff-nippled tits lifting with excitement. “I want to play with your cock and balls before you come, baby. I love to feel it so hard, feel your sweet balls so full and hot.”

Davy lifted his ass from the floor, urging his mother to jack him faster, tighter. “Mother, I wanna come,” he gasped. “Make me come, Mother! Jack me off or… suck my cock! Come on, Mother, jack me off or suck me off or fuck me!”

Molly laughed, a low, sensuous sound. “Let’s not hurry this, baby,” she mewled. “It’s much more fun when we play awhile. You don’t really want to come too fast, do you?”

“But I wanna come!” Davy groaned, fucking into his mother’s tight fist, watching the head of his cock bulge up from her hand. “I’m so fucking hard! I wanna come, Mother!”

“Of course you want to come, and you will,” she whispered, watching him fuck her fist. “Mother will always make you come. But let me play with it for a while, honey.”

Davy twisted and writhed his hips, his eyes big and hot as he watched her hands. Molly began to twist and pull on his loaded balls, tenderly, letting him fuck her fist. She sat with her legs crossed, leaning over. Her tits moved tightly as she stroked and caressed his cock and balls. Davy grabbed one to his mother’s tits, squeezed the firm flesh a moment, then started pulling and twisting at a hard nipple. Molly gurgled and began to jack his cock a bit faster. She felt the increase in the throbbing hardness, and leaned down to lick away the oozing juices on his piss hole again.

There was a great deal more juice now, and she whimpered hungrily as it coated her tongue. Quickly she closed her lips about his smooth cockhead, finding his cock deliciously hot. Swirling her tongue around his piss hole, Molly gave in to the hungry urge to suck. She rammed her face down, the head of her son’s cock brushing at her throat. She clung to his hardness for a moment or so, her lips writhing at the base, enjoying the wild pulsations of it deep in her mouth. Then she sucked upward, strongly, her tongue moving [missing text].

“Ooooh, Mother! That’s good!” Davy moaned. “That’s real good, Mother! Suck my cock, Mother! Suck it hard and make me come! My balls hurt and I wanna come! Let me come in your cocksucking mouth, Mother!”

Molly drew off his cock, jacking it again, her eyes dancing toward his agonized face. “So I’m a cocksucker, am I?” she teased.

“Yes, Mother!” Davy groaned. “You’re a cocksucker!”

“You love it if I am,” she giggled lewdly. “You love to have a mother who sucks cock. You wouldn’t know what to do with this lovely cock if I didn’t suck it, fuck it.”

“Please, Mother! Do something!”

“I am,” she replied, her voice thick with erotic emotion. “I’m jacking it and tasting it, aren’t I?”

“I wanna get sucked off!”

“You’re spoiled,” she whispered, watching beads of juice collect on his piss hole again. “That’s what you are — spoiled.”

She leaned down and, with one swipe of her tongue, licked the juices from his cock again. The scraping of her tongue over the sensitive flesh of his cock brought a whine of ecstasy from Davy.

Molly was being deliberately cruel. She held his balls tightly, feeling the heat, knowing there was a real load, in them.

His hips twisted and jerked as she clung to his cock, letting him fuck into her fist. She kept her fingers as tight as she could, staring at the beautiful way the head of his cock bulged, his piss hole opening, glistening wetly. Turning loose of his balls, she slipped her hand between his thighs. She dragged her fingertip about his ass, up and down his hot asscrack. When she inserted the tip of her finger into the crack, Davy flung his young legs wide open, lifting his hips high. Molly gurgled as she rubbed at his tight asshole, her other hand once more pumping on his cock. She watched his preciously loaded balls jump about. She eased her finger up his asshole slowly, causing Davy to hold his breath.

“Does this feel good, darling?” she asked softly, working her finger in and out of his asshole, jacking on his cock once more. “Do you like this?”

“Mother, I like anything right now!” Davy gasped. “I just wanna come! I don’t give a fuck what you do with me — just make me come!”

“I will,” she replied. “I’ll always make you come, baby.”

With her finger darting in and out of his asshole, pumping on his cock with her other hand. Molly leaned down and swirled her tongue about his fiery balls. She licked downward, toward his asshole, the tip of her tongue tasting his stretching assring about her finger, then back up again. She pulled his loaded balls into her wet mouth, sucking them, then ran her tongue over her own fingers to the head of his smoothly swollen cock. Her tongue twirled in hot circles about the head of his cock, then lapped up the seeping juices. She pushed his piss hole with her tongue, her eyes flashing upward to see her son’s grimacing expression.

She jacked faster on his cock, her tongue licking at his bubbling piss hole, fucking him up the ass with her other finger. Davy groaned and gasped, clutching one of his mother’s naked tits desperately. His balls were very tight, painfully tight.

“I’m gonna come, Mother!” Davy grunted. Molly twisted her tongue about his piss hole rapidly, increasing the jerking of her fist on his cock, stabbing her finger into his tightly gripping asshole frantically.

With a yelp, Davy came.

Molly tasted the sweet creamy juice as it bubbled over her tongue. She squealed and lifted her face a few inches, jacking swiftly on his gushing cock. She tasted a scalding squirt of come juice on her lips, and then angled his prick to make him come over his shaking stomach. She hissed and gurgled as she watched the glistening sweetness of his balls cover his flesh. She stabbed her finger in and out of his puckering, tightening asshole quickly.

“Oh, Mother!” Davy gasped.

“Come, Davy!” she hissed. “Ooooh, look at it, darling! You’re coming so fucking much! It’s all over your stomach, honey! Look. Oh, that’s beautiful, Davy! Seeing your come is beautiful!”

When the squirts lost force, Molly pulled up on his cock tightly, her eyes glassy as she watched the final beads of creamy come juice seep upward. She darted her tongue down, lapping at the head of his wet cock hungrily, tasting the hot juices of his sweet balls. With a soft growl, she began to run her tongue up and down his body, licking up the come juice that had spattered his flesh. Her finger remained deep inside his ass, and she felt his asshole holding it with flexing spasms.

Her tongue darted about his lower stomach, then about his belly button. She sucked with her lips at his flesh, kissing and licking up onto his chest, swirling her tongue through the sweet creamy juices there. Her cunt throbbed and with a soft squeal, Molly came. The contractions weren’t as strong as she liked, but any orgasm she had was good. She twisted her tongue about his tiny nipples, then worked her mouth back down his body. With her thumb and forefinger, she milked his cock, bringing up one small drop of come juice, her lips sucking it into her mouth hungrily. She ran her tongue about his piss hole, then down around his balls.

Davy opened his legs wider, and mewling, Molly shoved her face into his crotch, breathing in the arousing scent of him. She moved her tongue downward and pulled her finger out of his asshole. Her fiery tongue licked at the puckered opening, delving into his asshole almost gently.

“You sure know how to make a guy feel great Mother,” Davy whispered, breathing hard. “I didn’t know being jacked off could be this much fun.”

Molly pulled her face out of his crotch, looking at him. Her eyes danced erotically as she grinned at him. “Haven’t you learned that we can have fun doing everything yet?”

“I’m learning,” Davy grinned back at her. Molly held the base of his softening cock, and turned to look it again.

“You know what you should do now, honey?” she said softly. “You should take a nice, long, delicious piss.”

Davy, always agreeable, giggled.

The golden piss spurted from his cock; Molly was holding it at the base, his cockhead aimed upward. She whimpered as the hot piss splashed into her face. She closed her eyes, savoring the excitement of Davy pissing into her face. She felt her cunt responding to it, and shoved a hand between her crossed thighs. She began to fingerfuck her cunt swiftly, aiming his cock so he pissed across his chest and stomach.

Then, holding his cock upward again, she opened her mouth and started lapping at the golden piss as if from a drinking fountain. The wet sounds of her finger stabbing into her juicy cunt mingled with her hot breathing. Davy kept up a strong stream for as long as he could, watching his mother drinking. As the stream lest force, Molly opened her lips wide and followed it downward. The taste of his piss sent chills of perverse ecstasy racing up and down her naked body, raising goose bumps on her smooth flesh.

Just before Davy finished, Molly closed her lips about his piss hole, taking a last squirt into her mouth, shivering as it ran into her throat. Then, with a wild cry of ecstasy, she jerked her finger out of her still-convulsing cunt, and began to lick at his piss-wet stomach and chest.

Her orgasm grew tighter and tighter, and finally she fell back, sprawling on the floor, legs and arms flung wide, shaking happily.


Sitting on the couch, Molly had one leg thrust out straight, the other bent at the knee. Her foot rested on the edges of the cushions, with her crotch exposed.

She wore a tight sweater that molded her shapely tits, her nipples pressing against the stretching fabric. On her hips were a pair of skimpy panties. Sitting on the floor before her, Davy was gazing at his mother. Molly rubbed up and down the crotch of her panties with her fingers, her eyes slightly glazed as she fondled herself for her son’s enjoyment. It wasn’t for his enjoyment alone; she loved to have him watch her. Satiny soft hair swirled from the tight band of her panties, and now and then Molly drew the panties into her cunt so her son could see her pink, puffy cuntlips. The crotch of her panties were wet with her pussy juices.

“Want to taste my pussy, honey?” she murmured softly. “Would you like to kiss Mother’s cunt through these nice, wet panties?”

Davy nodded his head vigorously. It had been some time since they had played with her panties. He scooted close to her, and Molly lifted her feet to the couch, holding her knees wide. Davy kissed and licked at the hot, creamy flesh of his mother’s thighs, his tongue tasting the flesh. He moved his tongue along the exposed lips of her cunt and then lapped up and down the crotch of her panties, tasting the slippery wetness.

“Is Mother’s cunt sweet, Davy?” she asked, watching him as he pressed his open mouth against her pantied cunt. “Do you really love to suck Mother’s hairy cunt?”

“Mmmmm, I sure do, Mother,” Davy said, his mouth buried into her crotch.

Molly worked a finger down between his mouth and her pussy, moving aside the crotch of her panties. She dipped her finger into her cunt as his tongue swirled about her cunt. Bringing her finger to her own mouth, Molly licked and tasted her juices, her eyes smoldering. She was thinking of that pretty little girl who had spoken to her son, the one she had seen with her panties showing in the tight shorts. She was sure Davy would enjoy feeling the cute girl, playing with her little cunt and tight ass. Molly hesitated only for a moment before admitting to herself that she, too, would love to feel that sweet body. She wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to suck the little girl’s cunt, but knew she would if the opportunity presented itself. Once her passions started boiling, Molly knew she would do anything with her son, and the little girl, too.

She stretched the wet crotch of her panties wide, looking down as her son stabbed his tongue into her cunt, then sucked at her long clit. She returned the pressure by pushing her hairy pussy into his young face, squealing with increasing pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmm, you suck Mother’s cunt so nicely, baby,” she whispered. “I just love it when you tonguefuck me, Davy. Honey, would you like to fuck that pretty little girl, that cute blonde friend of yours?”

Davy pulled his face out of his mother’s cunt. She saw her pussy juices glistening on his mouth, his cheeks and chin.

“Well, would you?”

“Mother, I don’t think she knows she has a cunt, let alone what to do with it,” he replied.

“All girls know what to do with their cunts,” she giggled.

“But not her,” Davy insisted.

“Don’t you get hard when you see her in those tight shorts, her pretty little ass outlined? Didn’t you see her pink panties… the way her cunt showed?”

Davy nodded his head. “I look all the time, Mother, and not just at her, but all the girls. Sure, I get hard, and so do all the other guys. Who wouldn’t get a hard-on looking at them?”

Molly giggled. “It makes my pussy wet, too,” she said. “I got awfully wet the other day. I saw her panties showing and my cunt started throbbing, and then I came. I didn’t come hard, but I came.”

Davy giggled, but wasn’t surprised. “You come easy, Mother. You can come just seeing me take a fucking shower!”

“Why shouldn’t I?” she asked, working her finger back into her cunt and stabbing deeply. “I love to come, and I love to see you, and I bet I’d love to see that pretty little girl, especially her young pussy and sweet, tight ass.”

She withdrew her drenched fingers and plunged them into her mouth, sucking her own juices.

“You’d kiss her cunt, Mother?”

“Mmmm, I think I would,” she answered. “Yes, I think I’d kiss her little cunt.”

Davy watched his mother take turns thrusting her finger into her cunt and then licking it clean. His cock, already hard, throbbed in a tight way inside his shorts. There was already a wet spot where his piss hole strained at the shorts.

“Davy, take your shorts off,” she hissed hotly.

Davy quickly removed his shorts, handing them to his mother. Molly turned his shorts inside out, and then had her son stand up. She rubbed the crotch of his shorts about his balls, over his cock, and made sure they got nice and wet with his seeping juices. Then she ran the crotch of his shorts into his ass, bringing them back again to his cock. Satisfied, she smeared the crotch of his shorts about her face, cooing softly. Watching her, Davy peeled his mother’s panties from her hips, and as she had done, he turned them inside out. Stuffing them into his mouth, sucking at the hot juices, he got to his knees, his cock swaying in hardness.

“Shove that cock to me!” Molly urged hotly through his shorts. “Fuck my hot cunt with that beautiful hard-on!”

Davy rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the hairy lips of his mother’s cunt. He pressed it against her swollen clit, making his mother sob with anticipation. Molly sucked at the crotch of his shorts, her eyes hot as she gazed at her panties dangling from his mouth. She adjusted her hips, the lips of her greedy cunt trying to suck his cock into it. She spread her knees wide, the whole expanse of her hairy cunt available to her son.

Davy slipped the head of his cock up and down her juicy cunt, then along the hot crack of his mother’s ass. With a squeal, Molly shoved her hands down and under, clutching the cheeks of her ass and spreading them wide. Davy pressed and rubbed the head of his cock against her tight asshole, and then began to pump his fist back and forth. He pressed his cock upon her asshole and jacked it. Molly gurgled and brought one hand to her cunt and began to fingerfuck herself in a frenzy.

“Don’t jack off, darling!” she pleaded. “Play with me, but don’t make yourself come yet!”

She pounded her finger into her cunt brutally, feeling the head of his cock burning against her asshole. She twirled her finger deep inside her cunt and then quickly brought it to her mouth, sucking and licking at her own cunt juices hungrily. Although her eyes were wide open, she wasn’t seeing anything. In her mind she was picturing her son’s cock penetrating the pretty little girl, seeing his cock stretch that succulent cunt open. She saw her son fucking the girl, with her own finger rubbing at the tiny clit. Then she saw her son stabbing his cock up the girl’s pink little asshole, and finally past those young lips.

She saw the girl sucking her son’s cock hungrily, saw the come juice dripping from that little mouth.

Molly came.

She screamed and her hips lifted. Her cunt contracted powerfully, and Davy saw her hairy pussylips moving. He quickly pulled his cock up from her ass, and with a grunt, plunged it into his mother’s contracting cunt hard and deep.

“Oooooh, yes!” Molly screeched, churning her hips in all directions, her cunt gripping her son’s cock with scalding waves of orgasm. “Fuck me! Fuck me, Davy!”

Davy pressed his mother’s legs back, her knees in her shoulders. He plugged his cock wildly, driving it deeply into those gripping, hairy cuntlips. His balls swung and banged against her puckering asshole, making Molly shake with rapture. Scooting her ass over the edge of the couch, Molly thrashed about, gritting her teeth, her orgasm growing in power. Still, she could feel her son’s cock pounding deliciously into her, feel his balls swinging back and forth on her eager ass.

“Davy, I want to suck that cunt!” Molly screamed mindlessly. “I want to suck her sweet little cunt and see you fuck her, and I want to suck your cock and eat her twat and… ohhh, I can’t stop coming, baby!”

Davy rammed hard and fast, his cock stretching his mother’s hairy pussy wide, her long clit smashed each time he thrust down.

“I’ll suck her ass!” Molly shouted. “I’ll eat her sweet little asshole and suck her pussy and you can fuck her and fuck me and… ohhh, Lord, Davy! I’m coming so hard, so long and hard!”

Davy shaved her sweater up, releasing her swollen tits. He dug his hands into the mounds of creamy flesh, watching her nipples strain upward. Leaning forward, he caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, his lips smacking frantically into his mother’s still spasming cunt. He raced his mouth from one tit to the other, and Molly kept screaming with ecstasy.

“Take it out!” Molly shouted suddenly. “I want to suck your cock!”

She shoved her son’s hips away, his cock pulling from her cunt with a wet sound. Growling with cocksucking hunger. Molly shoved her face down and swallowed her son’s cock, the wet taste of her cunt on it thrilling her. She sucked hungrily, darting her face back and forth, one hand digging into his hip, the other gripping a cheek of his ass.

She moaned and whined and sobbed as the images of the pretty little girl burned in her mind. The images swirled and mingled with impossible combinations, positions. She saw her son’s cock in the girl’s cunt, then up that tight little asshole, and then the little girl sucked Davy’s cock as frantically as she was doing now. Her cunt seemed to be caught in a never-ending orgasm, contracting and sucking, her clit feeling as if it would burst into pieces, throbbing in an almost painful way.

Davy held the back of his mother’s head, watching her devour his cock with her hot mouth. She sucked him with more greed than ever before, and his balls were getting very tight. Molly gobbled like a starved woman, her tongue licking in a frenzy. Then with a wail, she jerked her mouth off his cock and darted it to his balls. She sucked at his hairless balls wetly, feverishly, the images in her mind driving her crazy. She twisted her son around and began to lick wetly at the cheeks of his ass, trying to imagine the taste of the little girl’s ass flesh. She stretched her son’s ass open, her tongue snaking between his asscheeks and fluttering about his hot asshole. She probed Davy in the ass, one hand sliding around him and grabbing his throbbing cock. She jacked him in a frenzy of motion, sobbing into his ass.

It was Davy who turned this time.

He was amazed at his mother’s hunger. He had seen her this way before, of course, but still it always amazed him. His cock slapped across her face when he turned, and Molly cried out as she quickly gulped it into her mouth, his cockhead pressing into her throat.

Holding his mother’s head, he began to fuck her mouth, his balls bouncing off her chin.

“Suck it, Mother!” he cried out. “Suck my cock! I’m gonna come in your fucking, cocksucking mouth and down your throat!”

Molly gurgled hungrily, feeling his cock sliding in and out of her tight lips, the friction delicious. The harder and deeper his cock went, the better she liked it. Her cunt was no longer in spasms, but it felt as if she was about to come again, anyway. With her mind whirling, images of the little girl, naked and legs open, Molly sucked with strong hunger on her son’s cock. The desire to kiss and lick and suck that pretty little cunt was intense, the hunger to lick the cheeks of the girl’s ass, stick her tongue into that tight asshole, increased more and more.

She began to struggle with her son, pulling her head back. Davy relaxed his grip, but his cock was jerking up and down and he was getting very close to coming.

“Up my ass!” Molly wailed.

She leaned back on the couch quickly, grabbing the cheeks of her ass and spreading them wide. Her asshole puckered up, exposed and ready for her son’s cock. She scooted her ass over the edge of the cushions as Davy shoved his prick downward, his cockhead sliding along the slit of her fiery cunt.

Molly screamed with rapture as her son stabbed his cock with one strong plunge up her ass.

“Ohhhh, yes!” she sobbed. “Fuck Mother’s hot asshole! I love it, Davy! Oooooh, your cock is so hard and big, and it stretches my asshole deliciously! Bang my ass, darling, bang the shit out of Mother’s hot ass!”

Holding her knees tight into her shoulders, her flawless, rounded tits straining between them, she rammed her ass up and down, meeting her son’s plunge for plunge. The ring of her asshole burned and stretched, and her hairy cunt slapped at the bottom of his stomach wetly. Tossing her head wildly from side to side, Molly kept seeing the pretty girl in her mind. It was almost as if her son was fucking the girl now instead of her. She wanted to see his cock going into that pink little asshole, and she wanted her mouth sucking that succulent young cunt at the same time.

“Oooh, Davy, let me suck your cock again!” she wailed.

Davy, very close to coming, managed to jerk his cock from his mother’s asshole, and Molly immediately opened her mouth when it came up. She tasted shit on his cock, but found herself delirious with passion and didn’t mind. She sucked greedily, her tongue licking, lips pulling. The desire to taste his come juice burning across her tongue and down her throat was very strong, and she sucked as hard as she could.

But Davy suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth.

“No, Davy!” she cried. “I want to suck it! Please, come in Mother’s mouth!”

But Davy rammed his cock back up her cunt, fucking in and out quickly.

Molly began crying with desperation, wanting his cock everywhere at the same time. She wanted him to keep fucking her cunt, but she wanted his cock in her mouth, too, and in her asshole.

Davy pounded a few times into her pussy, then yanked his cock out and without warning, buried it into his mother’s asshole again. This time he rammed faster and deeper, his balls very tight.

With a loud grunt, he strained deep inside his mother’s asshole.

Then the fiery squirts of his come juice boiled along the hot walls of her asshole. Molly screamed again, and her cunt exploded with a wet convulsion.

“Fill my fucking ass, Davy!” she screeched.

“Fill Mother’s hot fucking asshole with that sweet come juice! Oooooh, Lord, give it all to me!”

Davy gasped as he flooded his mother’s greedy asshole. The throbbing of his gushing cock inside the ring of her squeezing asshole seemed tighter and hotter than ever before.

Molly’s asshole milked her son’s cock, squeezing the come juice out of his precious young balls, and she wailed with disappointment when there was no more come juice for her. Davy started to pull his cock out, but she grabbed his hips and held him tight.

“Piss in my ass!” she sobbed. “Piss in Mother’s fucking asshole now, Davy!”

It did not take much for Davy to comply. Molly felt him pissing in her asshole, his cockhead captured by the tightness of her ass ring. She cooed and shivered with the sensation. When she felt he was about to finish, she shoved his hips away, his cock jerking free.

“Piss in my mouth now.”

Closing her lips around the head of her son’s cock, she drank down the rest of his boiling piss. Tasting shit and not caring. She gurgled and swallowed, and released his cock after he spurted the last of his piss into her mouth.

With a satisfied sigh, Molly leaned back on the couch, her legs wide, her hairy cunt gleaming with slippery juices. She smiled at her panting son.

“We’re going to get that girl, darling,” she whispered. “You and I are going to get that pretty girl, and we’re going to play with her and fuck her and eat her and yes, we’ll get her…”

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