Raped Whipped Mom

Most people have it in their minds that they know exactly what normalcy and perversion are. Normalcy is, of course, what they do, and perversion is what they don’t do. Everybody tends to judge others by standards that are strictly personal.

Paula Maxwell, a young mother, certainly discovers that to be true in RAPED WHIPPED MOM. Raised by prudish parents, Paula herself becomes a prude, believing that no decent woman would enjoy sex, not even with her husband.

When Paula’s husband must leave for a few weeks on a business trip, she is somewhat relieved. Though she will miss his company, she will not be required to service him, to be degraded, as she sees it, by having sex with him.

Her house is broken into, though, and Paula suddenly finds herself and her daughter captives of two men who are not above doing anything at all to them. What follows, then, is two weeks of abuse and torture and rape. And neither Paula nor her daughter will ever be the same again.

RAPED WHIPPED MOM — a novel which tells of one woman’s transformation. It examines a situation which cannot be ignored.


“I’d rather not,” she said. “You know I don’t like that in the afternoon.”

Paula Maxwell was annoyed at her husband’s idea. Ray was suggesting they go up the bedroom and it was only two o’clock in the afternoon.

She did not like to fuck in the afternoon.

She did not like to fuck in the morning.

She did not like it that much at any time, even at night, but of course they were married and when a woman was married she had to do those things.

Sometimes she was amazed at herself. Here she was, a married woman with a teenaged daughter and she still felt awkward about the sexual side of her marriage.

But that was the way she was. She couldn’t help the way she was made. Ray had known from the time they were engaged that she would never be as enthusiastic about sex as he was.

Ray could fuck day or night, it made no difference to him. He was ready at any time.

Of course she had to service him at least once a week. That was what a wife was for. But she didn’t have to enjoy it, did she? Her mother had never enjoyed it and had told her that was the way it should be. Her father had been a pastor and he always insisted that a woman who enjoyed sex was a slut.

I’m not a slut, Paula thought. She did not enjoy it, not when she and Ray fucked. She sometimes did enjoy masturbating, but she was always conscious it was a sin.

Fucking with Ray was an occasional duty and not a sin, but she never enjoyed it.

The problem was that Ray was leaving tomorrow morning on a business trip and he would be gone almost a month.

He’d be going to bed early tonight and they wouldn’t have a chance to do anything then.

She felt obligated to go up to the bedroom with him. She had her duty as a wife. She told herself she had to do that much for him.

He was a good husband, there was no doubt about that. He did well in his business and they had this lovely secluded house on the edge of a lake. It was the kind of house she’d always wanted and Ray had made it possible for her to have it. She had a good husband and a lovely house and a lovely teenage daughter. Emmylou was adorable, a picture of adolescent purity.

Why am I so unhappy? Paula thought.

She had no idea. Ray came to her now. He put his arms around her and kissed her cheek. She felt his cock pushing against her belly. He had a hard-on, and his cock was pushing through his pants and against her body.

Men are such animals, she thought. Ray was like an impatient stallion pawing at the ground to get into a mare.

Now he dropped his hands from her shoulders and cupped them over the cheeks of her ass.

She quivered in his arms. The feel of his hands on her ass always made her tremble.

Ray said, “How about it, honey? Let’s go upstairs and relax awhile.”

“But what about Emmylou? She’ll be home soon.”

“So what? She’s smart enough to let us have some privacy. She’s not a kid any more. Anyway, we’ll lock the door and we won’t be bothered.”

“Well, all right, but only because you’re leaving tomorrow.”

“I’m dying for a go at that sweet pussy of yours!”

“Oh, bosh!”

“Feel it. Come on, put your hand on it.”

She did as he asked. When he was turned on like this it was always easier to go along with him. She put her hand on the front of his pants and fingered the outline of his cock.

“The blinds aren’t closed.”

Ray chuckled. “Never mind the blinds, the nearest house is a mile away on the other side of the lake. You feel that?”


“Go on, pull the zipper down and bring it out.”

He liked her to handle his cock. In the beginning she refused to do it, but then after some years she learned to do what he wanted. It was better that way. There was only so much she could refuse him. She would not take his cock in her mouth. She would not suck his prick. Just the idea of doing that made her sick.

If he really needed that, he could get it from some whore. She suspected he paid for a woman on occasion, a slut who would do all sorts of disgusting things for money.

Men had these animal desires and she understood that sometimes they had to be fulfilled.

But not by her.

She unzipped his fly and brought his prick out.

The heat of his cockflesh burned her hand. The tip of his cock was leaking fluid and as usual she was repelled by it. She did not like having his juices on her hand. She did not like the wetness of fucking.

He’s getting my hand wet, she thought. Sex was so miserably unclean. Sometimes Ray wanted to fuck her from the side or from behind, but she never allowed it. She did not want him to look at her like that. When they fucked, she wanted his face near hers. She did not want him looking at her body. She did not kiss his cock and he did not kiss her pussy. She would not allow those perversions.

She held his cock in her hand now because she had no choice.

She was sorry she wasn’t brave enough to jerk him off right here so they wouldn’t have to fuck.

She couldn’t do that. She did that one time when they were engaged and it was really too much.

She remembered how his jism had squirted like a geyser out of the tip of his cock, endless squirting all over her hand and dress, on the dashboard of his car. It was really too much.


One hundred feet away, Emmylou Maxwell walked along the road towards her house.

She was out of school early today and someone had given her a lift to the junction down the hill.

Emmylou loved her house. The lake was wonderful and from some of the windows she could see for miles around.

The one thing she didn’t like was the isolation. She had her friends at school, but now the term was over and she was afraid she’d be isolated again for the rest of the summer.

The boys she knew would be busy with other girls. They knew Emmylou wouldn’t put out but there were plenty of girls who would.

Emmylou was a virgin and she intended to stay that way until she was married.

I hope they all trip and break their legs, she thought.

Then she told herself that wasn’t kind at all. Her parents had always taught her to be kind and it wasn’t kind to wish harm to people.

All right, then, I hope they all have a lousy summer.

She felt better. It helped when you let things out. It was no good to hold the bitterness in.

Anyway, it wasn’t that bad. She would have the lake all summer and she knew some of the kids envied her.

Then it happened. As she turned down the steep drive leading to the house, she could see right through one of the living room windows to a window on the side facing the lake.

What she saw boggled her mind.

She saw her mother and father standing there in the living room.

They looked like they were just standing there and talking, but the room was lit up by the bright sunlight and Emmylou could see what they were really doing.

Her mother had her hand on her father’s cock. There was no doubt about it. His prick was hanging out of his pants and her mother had her hand on it.

Emmylou froze.

Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Her parents never walked around without any clothes and they certainly never did anything like this when she was around.

Sometimes she thought they never fucked. Her mother was such a prude, it was hard to imagine her mother ever doing anything with a man.

Emmylou was not a prude, not like her mother. She was bashful about sex and she had no experience to speak of, but she was not a prude.

She knew that men had cocks and women had pussies and, when the time was right, the cocks went into the pussies and made babies.

Since her father was a man, she’d always assumed he had a cock like every other man. But her father’s cock was an abstraction until now.

Now her father’s cock was very real and there it was in her mother’s hand.

Emmylou wondered if they were going to fuck. The idea of that made Emmylou’s pulse race and she made a sudden decision. If they were going to fuck, it was because they did not expect her home until later. That meant she might be able to spy on them.

Oh, yes, Emmylou thought. If they’re going to fuck, I’m going to watch it.

She waited until they started moving towards the stairs.

They were on their way to their bedroom. Emmylou smirked as she saw how her mother held onto her father’s cock as they began to climb the stairs.

Oh, yes, they’ll fuck, Emmylou thought. Her father was leaving in the morning on a long trip and they would fuck now, in the afternoon.

She knew a place. On the side of the hill near the house there was a place where she could look right into the master bedroom.

Would they close the blinds up there?

Emmylou prayed they would leave the blinds open long enough for her to get a look at them fucking.

Oh, wow, Emmylou thought with a giggle.

So far this day had turned out to be the hottest day of the year!

She climbed up the hill as carefully as she could, and within moments she was in position behind a tree. She had a clear view right into the master bedroom. She could see the bed, the headboard, and even her mother’s full-length mirror off to the side.

If only they wouldn’t pull the blinds.

There they were. Emmylou held her breath as her parents walked into the bedroom.

Paula still held onto Ray’s cock. Emmylou could see her father’s prick more clearly now. It looked huge. Her mother’s fist could hardly close around it.

Paula certainly did not look too happy. Well, that figures, Emmylou thought. She hates fucking him. She hates anything to do with sex.

It’s a wonder I got born, Emmylou thought.

Paula had dropped Ray’s cock now. They were undressing. Emmylou was mesmerized by the sight of her father’s fat cock bouncing around as he moved. Then she looked at her mother and she found herself fascinated as Paula’s lush body appeared.

She’s got a great body, Emmylou thought. Her mother might not like sex, but she was certainly beautiful.

Big tits. Paula’s boobs were naked now and the sight of them turned Emmylou on. Paula wore a C cup bra. The teenager hoped that someday soon her own tits would be as big as that. The boys went crazy when you had tits like that. Like cantalopes. Paula was a blonde like Emmylou and her tits had big pink nipples, fat juicy looking nipples that made Emmylou’s mouth water.

It seemed crazy to the teenaged girl that she had this desire to suck her mother’s tits, but there it was.

Now Ray was naked. He had a hairy body. His cock looked enormous, but so did his balls. He had big lowhanging nuts that swung back and forth as he moved.

Emmylou found her father’s big balls as interesting as his cock. That’s where the stuff was made, the jism that shot out to give a woman a baby. They were sexy. Emmylou wondered what her father’s balls would feel like in her hand.

When Paula was naked, she lay down on the bed and pulled her knees back to her tits. For the first time in her life, Emmylou had a good look at her mother’s pussy.

Paula’s cunt was covered with a thick bush of light brown hair. Emmylou could see her mother and father talking about something.

Ray was standing there looking at Paula’s cunt and Paula seemed to be objecting. She covered her pussy with her hands. Ray laughed and pulled her hands away and climbed into position between her thighs.

Outside the house, Emmylou trembled as she watched them. She couldn’t see any more. Her father seemed to be fiddling with his cock.

He’s putting it in, Emmylou decided. Her father was sticking his big prick inside her mother’s pussy.

She was right. A moment later, her father’s ass began pumping up and down as he fucked her mother.

“Oh, Jesus,” Emmylou moaned. It seemed incredible that she was actually watching her parents fucking. She slipped a hand between her legs and fingered the crotch of her panties. She was soaking wet. Flowing like a waterfall.

Inside the bedroom, Ray suddenly stiffened and threw his head back.

Oh, God, he’s coming! Emmylou thought.

Spellbound, she watched her father’s asscheeks as they flexed again and again. She imagined the hot jism shooting out of his cock and into her mother’s pussy.

A moment later Ray rolled off Paula’s body, his cock limp and his chest heaving.

Paula reached down and pulled the sheet over them. Outside the house, Emmylou furiously rubbed her cunt to a climax and then fell away on the ground.


The next morning when Paula opened her eyes, Ray was already gone. She thought about the previous afternoon, how they’d fucked on the bed in the afternoon light, how annoyed she’d been that Ray had deliberately spent time looking at her pussy.

She hated to be looked at like that. It was almost as if he was mocking her.

After he finished dumping his load of jism inside her cunt, she felt miserable. Then at last she went to the bathroom to wash her pussy.

Whenever Ray fucked her, she felt unclean. She sat on the toilet and let his muck run out of her cunthole and into the toilet bowl.

She remembered that now and she shivered with disgust.

It was a bright sunny morning and she had to get up. Ray would not be back for weeks and she had to get used to looking after things herself.

She stretched like a cat and threw the sheet off her body and finally left the bed.

In the bathroom she brushed her teeth and washed her face. Then she slipped into a robe and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to make some coffee.

Emmylou would be sleeping late this first day of her vacation. Paula knew Emmylou had been up late last night watching television.

After she poured her coffee, Paula sat at the kitchen table and idly turned the pages of the morning newspaper. She finished the first cup of coffee and rose up to get the second when the back door of the house suddenly opened and there was a man standing in the kitchen.

“Lord, you frightened me,” Paula said, stepping back. “What is it, please? Who are you?”

It was then she saw the gun.

He grinned, waved the gun at her and said, “Sit down, lady. Just sit down and keep quiet.”

Paula was sure she would faint, but she didn’t. She obeyed his order and sat down at the kitchen table.

“Look,” she said, “if you want money, I’ll give it to you, but please go.”

He chuckled and she didn’t like the sound of it. “Who else is in the house?” he said.

“My husband.”

“The hell he is, we saw him leave this morning. And it looks like he’s going to be gone awhile. That’s right, isn’t it?”

“He’s coming back this afternoon.”

“You’re lying, lady.”

“What do you want?”

“Who else is in the house?”

“Only my daughter. She’s upstairs asleep. Please don’t hurt us.”

Then the back door opened and another man appeared. He was a big man, bigger than the first man.

The big man said, “What’s happening, Frankie?”

Frankie continued holding the gun on Paula and said, “Nothing’s happening, dummy. I’m trying to find out who else is in the house. She says only her daughter. Go upstairs and see if there’s a girl asleep up there and bring her down here.” Then Frankie looked at Paula and said, “If there’s anyone else in the house except your daughter, lady, I’ll blow your fucking head off. Get the picture?”


“You better get it.”

“Please, leave my daughter alone,” Paula said. “She’s only a little girl.”

“You hear that, Vic? We got a little pussycat. Go upstairs and bring her down. And make sure she doesn’t scratch your eyes out.”

Frankie and Vic laughed at each other, and Vic left the kitchen.

“Come over here,” Frankie said to Paula. “Stand over here in front of me and turn around.”

She trembled as she rose and moved toward him. Three feet away from him, she turned her back to him the way he’d asked her to.

She felt him move close to her and then a moment later she felt the gun in her back.

“Don’t move,” he said.

Paula gasped when she felt his hand on her ass. He squeezed her asscheeks through her thin robe and then his hand moved around in front to wander over her tits.

“Please, don’t,” she whimpered.

“Shut up. What’s the matter, nobody ever feel your tits before? You got a nice pair. Nice ass too. Don’t move or I blow a hole in your back.” She stood there motionless while he fondled her tits. She wanted to cry, but somehow the tears wouldn’t come.

His hand slipped inside her robe and he brutally pinched her nipples.

He hefted her tits with his hand, first one tit and then the other, then at last he pulled his hand away and told her to sit down again.

“You don’t talk unless I tell you to,” he said. “Just keep your mouth shut.”

Dear God, what do they want? she thought. Was it money? She tried to remember how much money she had in the house. Whatever it was, it wasn’t much. They never kept much cash around. They might pull out some jewelry and appliances, but it wouldn’t amount to much.

Whatever it was they wanted, she prayed they would take it and leave.

She was afraid. There was a wild gleam in the eyes of this one, the one called Frankie.

The other one, Vic, reminded her of an ox. He might be more dangerous than Frankie.

If only Ray had been due to leave tomorrow instead of today, none of this would have happened.

It was awful how they’d guessed Ray would be gone awhile. They must have seen him loading the trunk of his car with his luggage.

Now her skin crawled as she remembered the clammy feel of Frankie’s hand on her tits, the way he’d pinched her nipples, the way he’d bounced her tits on his fingers to test their weight.

They’re animals, she thought. Emmylou and I have suddenly become the prisoners of two animals.

Then she heard shuffling feet and a moment later Emmylou came into the kitchen followed by Vic.

Emmylou’s hands were tied behind her back. She looked pale and frightened. When she saw Paula, she started crying.

“Well, look at that,” Frankie chuckled. “We got a crying little pussycat. Stop it, honey. I don’t like tears. Stop the fucking tears or you’ll get hurt.”

Emmylou stopped crying and sat down on a chair next to Paula. “My wrists hurt,” the girl sniffled.

Frankie rolled his eyes. “Go on, Vic, untie her hands and tie her to the chair. Make sure you tie her up good. I don’t want her running around.”

After Vic finished tying Emmylou to the chair, Frankie told him to do the same to Paula.

When mother and daughter were securely bound, Frankie patted Emmylou’s cheek and said, “Later, we’ll have a party, honey. You like parties?”

Paula groaned. “What do you mean by that? You leave her alone!”

Frankie’s hand lashed out against Paula’s face. “Listen, bitch, I told you to shut up. I told you to talk when I tell you to talk. Are you deaf or something?”

Paula wailed, “I don’t want you to do anything to her! I’ll do whatever you want, but don’t do anything to her.”

Frankie snickered and looked at Emmylou. “Are you cherry, honey?”

Emmylou closed her eyes. “Yes.”

“You hear that, Vic? We got ourselves a cherry pussy. I told you this house was a good idea. Didn’t I tell you that?”

“You sure did, Frankie?”

Frankie laughed. “One cherry pussy and one pussy not so cherry but still looking good. You like to see something? Look at the tits on the mother.”

Paula cried out as Frankie suddenly pulled her robe off her shoulders to expose her heaving tits.

Vic looked and grinned.

Frankie cupped one of Paula’s big tits in his hand and lifted it to point the fat nipple at Vic. “Look at this,” Frankie said. “I been dreaming about tits like these for six years — six fucking years in the pen and now look at what’s here.”

“Me, too,” Vic said.

My God, they’ve been in prison, Paula thought. A fresh wave of terror went through her. There was no telling what these men might do to them after six years in captivity.

Then, Frankie dropped Paula’s tit. He looked at her and chuckled. Raising the gun, he put the point of the barrel at her lips and told her to open her mouth.

Paula moaned softly, her blood cold with fear as she opened her mouth.

He slid the cold steel of the barrel inside her mouth, moved it in and out until the barrel was wet with her saliva.

“It’s like she’s sucking a cock, Vic. Look at it. Look at the way she sucks.”

Vic giggled.

When Paula made a move to twist her mouth away from the gun, Frankie warned her, “Stay still and listen, lady. You want that pussycat to stay cherry awhile you do exactly what we want. Otherwise I put this piece right up her ass and see how far it goes. You understand? Just nod your pretty head.”

Paula nodded.

“Good girl,” Frankie said.

When he pulled the gun out of her mouth, Paula said, “Please don’t hurt my daughter. I’ll do anything you want.”

“You’re damn right you will. Untie her, Vic. Just get her off the chair. Leave her hands tied and tie her mouth so she can’t scream. I hate cunts who scream.”

When Vic released Paula from the chair and she rose to her feet with her hands still tied, Frankie smiled and said, “I don’t think you need that robe, doll. Help her, get it off, Vic.”

Vic had to untie her hands to get the robe off, but finally it was done, her hands retied as she stood there naked in the center of the kitchen.

Frankie laughed when he saw her embarrassment.

“What’s the matter, nobody ever looked at you before? Your daughter? What’s your name, kid?”


“And what’s your mother’s name?”


“Nice name. Nice tits and nice ass and nice everything. Look at this, Vic, it’s like we hit gold. I told you, didn’t I!”

“You sure did, Frankie.”

Frankie walked around behind Paula. He pushed the barrel of the gun against her asscrack and used it to pull one asscheek to the side to expose her asshole.

Paula thought she would die right then. She closed her eyes and trembled.

“Nice little backdoor,” Frankie chuckled. Then he turned to Emmylou. “Tell me, Emmylou, you ever seen your mother naked before?”

Emmylou whimpered as she lied. “No.”

“Look at what you been missing. You got a beautiful mother, you know that? Mind the kid, Vic, I’m taking the mommy here for a little walk, okay?”

“Sure, Frankie.”

“Don’t do nothing to the kid, not yet. You get the mother next. Cherry pussy is nice, but what we got here is prime cunt and this one we try out first.”

Paula wanted to cry out that he’d promised her he wouldn’t do anything to Emmylou, but she was already gagged and the only sound she could make was a muffled gurgle.

One hand holding her ass, Frankie giggled crazily as he led Paula out of the room.


Paula found herself being led to the stairs by Frankie. He forced her to walk up the stairs and all the time he fondled her ass with his hand.

She was in agony. The horror of what was happening was beginning to sink in. She and Emmylou were at the mercy of these men. The men would do all kinds of unspeakable things to them and they were helpless.

As she mounted the stairs, Paula felt Frankie’s fingers occasionally pushing inside her asscrack. It was awful. He was taking liberties with her body that not even her husband had ever taken.

She tried to twist away from him when he touched her asshole, but he giggled and brutally slapped her ass.

“Sensitive, huh? Stop pulling away from me, bitch. I’ll bash your pretty face in if you try that again.”

She was afraid he meant it. When they reached the landing and he pulled her to a stop, she meekly waited to be tormented.

He leaned close to her and whispered in her ear, his voice taunting. “You like it in the ass?”

She could smell the whiskey on his breath. She shook her head violently.

“Too bad,” he laughed. “We’ll see if we can change your mind. Show me your bedroom.”

She trembled with fear as she led him into the master bedroom.

He looked around. He closed the blinds and turned the lights on. Then he stepped into the adjoining bathroom, inspected it and returned to her with a chuckle.

“Nice layout you got. I guess you and your old man are doing all right. You need to use the potty? Come on, fancy lady, show old Frankie how a fancy lady pisses.”

He pushed her into the bathroom and forced her to sit down on the toilet.

She wanted to scream. My God, it can’t be happening, she thought. Not this. Did he really expect her to pee in front of him?

He grabbed one of her nipples between his fingers and pinched it hard. She thought she would faint from the pain.

“Come on, baby, you know you got to do anything I want you to. You know that, don’t you?”

She did know it. He might hurt her horribly if she did not obey him.

She closed her eyes and relaxed and started pissing.

Frankie chuckled as the hot pee gushed out of her pussy and into the toilet bowl.

He forced her legs apart and he gazed down with hot eyes at the yellow stream pouring out of her cunt.

“Nice,” he said. “That’s a nice cunt. There’s nothing sweeter than watching the piss come out of a pretty cunt like that.”

She hoped God would strike her dead and end her misery. Then she remembered Emmylou. She had to stay alive in order to protect Emmylou as long as possible. She had to stay alive for that.

After she finished peeing, he pulled her out of the bathroom and pushed her onto the bed.

He forced her to kneel near the edge of the bed. Standing behind her, he ran his hands over her ass and thighs and reached underneath to cup her hanging tits.

Then he slid his hand over the pouch of her cunt and mercilessly pulled her cunt lips.

Using both, hands he pulled her cuntlips apart and inspected her cunthole from behind.

She felt like some farm animal being inspected by some potential buyer.

He chuckled as he fingered her pussy. She moaned as he forced two fingers inside her cunthole and fucked them in and out like a cock.

Her body betrayed her. It wasn’t long before her cunt channel lubricated and his fingers were sliding smoothly in and out of her snatch.

Suddenly she felt something else. A croaking sound came out of her throat when she realized it was his finger penetrating her asshole.

He had two fingers in her cunt and now a third finger in her ass.

No one had ever humiliated her like this. Her face pressed against the mattress, she began sobbing as he explored her pussy and shithole.

Frankie snickered as he gazed down at his fingers moving in and out of her body. He had his middle finger and forefinger in her cunt and his thumb in her asshole. She was a ripe looking woman, heavy tits and a meaty cunt and a pretty little asshole that sucked on his thumb like a small mouth.

Paula shivered as his fingers now jerked out of her cunthole.

He still had a finger in her ass, and now he twisted it like a corkscrew as he pumped it in and out of her shitter.

A moment later she felt something pushing between her cuntlips and she groaned as she realized it was his cockhead.

Now he would fuck her.

Now he would possess her.

The gag muffled the wailing sound that came out of her throat as she felt his cock slide into her juice-drenched cunt.

He kept his thumb inside her ass.

Holding her ass hooked on his thumb, he fucked his cock in and out of her cunthole with a steady rhythm.

She suddenly couldn’t take it any more. She pulled away, twisted away from him and fell on the bed.

She looked over her shoulder and saw his big red cock glistening with her cuntjuice.

He cursed and began opening the drawers in her dresser one after the other. Finally he pulled one of her belts out and hurried to the bed.

Before she had a chance to squirm away, the belt lashed out and caught the tender flesh of her ass. He hit her again and again, on her ass and thighs and then on her tits.

The pain was excruciating. She thought she would faint. Each time she tried crawling away on the bed, he grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her back.

She was helpless. She finally lay there and let him beat her. Kill me, she thought. Kill me now and end it.

At last the beating ended and he grabbed her cunt with his hand again.

“Come on, you fucking slut, get on your hands and knees and let’s finish what we started.”

She was resigned to it now. There was no use struggling any more. Once again she positioned herself on her knees with her head and shoulders on the mattress.

Once again Frankie’s cock slid inside her cunt.

Once again his thumb slid inside her asshole.

This time she remained motionless and let him fuck her.

She prayed it would be over with quickly. Please make him come, she thought. She tried squeezing her cunt around his cock. She had no idea whether or not it worked, but soon she could tell by the noise he made that he was close to a climax.

“Oh, yeah!” he grunted. “This is nice pussy, honey. Hot juicy pussy. You like it, huh? I bet it’s been a long time since your old man gave you a good fuck like this. He didn’t look like much, you know? Come on, baby, get that pussy sucking, on my cock, I’m about to blow a load right up your hole!”

He came. She shuddered with revulsion as he pumped his slimy jism inside her cuntchannel. She held fast as he pounded her ass with his belly. At the end he screwed his cock in and out with a grinding motion and then finally pushed her flat on the bed with a taunting laugh. “There you go, slut. That’s just for starters.”

She lay there sobbing. She felt him doing something with the belt, and then a moment later she found herself tied to one of the bedposts.

He left the room. She realized it was useless and she made no attempt to get loose. Her arms and wrists hurt and they were already partly numb.

After a few minutes someone entered the room, and when she turned her head to look, she saw it was Vic.

He had a crazy glitter in his eyes. She had no doubt what would happen now. Vic would fuck her as Frankie had fucked her. He would use her body and soil her and there was nothing she could do about it.

Vic was much stronger than Frankie. He lifted her body as though she weighed nothing and once more she found herself on her shoulders and knees.

His hands were brutal. He squeezed her ass with his huge hands and ran his thick fingers into the gaping trench of her cunt.

She could feel Frankie’s jism oozing out of her cunthole to wet Vic’s fingers.

Like Frankie, he probed her asshole, stretching it mercilessly as he screwed his finger in and out.

He chuckled. “You got a nice asshole, lady. I’m gonna fuck it sometime, you bet. But now you get some cock in the cunt. It’s been a long time since Vic had some hot pussy.”

She pretended it was a dream. She tried to pretend none of it was real and that she was on her bed like this because of a game she was playing with someone.

Some game, she thought.

Then she whimpered as he forced his cock inside her cunt.

His cock was bigger than Frankie’s, much bigger. His prick felt like a huge club inside her tender pussy.

She was thankful now she had Frankie’s jism in there. Frankie’s slimy spunk made it easier for Vic’s cock to fuck in and out.

Dear God, she thought, why have you done this to me? Am I being punished?

A similar question was being asked downstairs in the kitchen.

Emmylou was still tied to the chair. Frankie had torn her pajamas into bits, ripped the cloth away from her body to get at her tits and cunt.

Moaning softly, her eyes closed, the girl shuddered as Frankie toyed with her stiff nipples.

He smirked at her. “There’s nothing like cherry pussy,” he said. “We’re going to ream you out, honey. We’re going to make that cute little hole down there a little bigger. That little hole and the one right next to it. You got two holes, you know. Maybe sometime Vic and me will show you what a double-header’s like. Two cockheads at the same time. You think you’d like that?”

“I don’t know,” she whimpered.

“Well, you’ll find out, won’t you? Christ, what a pair of tits on you!”

He hefted and squeezed her tits, pulled her nipples with his fingers until the points of her tits were stretched out two inches.

Then he dropped one hand between her thighs and fingered her cuntlips. His fingertip probed around the mouth of her cunthole, but he did not push the finger inside.

“You any good at sucking cock?”

She bit her lip. “I’ve never done it.”

“Never sucked a cock? What the hell do the boys around here do with girls, play checkers? Okay, it’s time to learn.”

“Please, I don’t want to.”

He slapped her face. “Listen, little girl, I don’t give a shit what you want or don’t want, it’s what Frankie wants that counts, you understand?”

She nodded. She trembled with fear. Maybe they’ll kill us, she thought. She had to do whatever they wanted. If Frankie wanted her to suck his cock, she would have to suck his cock.

She had no idea how to do it, but she prayed she would be good enough so that he wouldn’t hit her again.

He pushed his chair back and rose up now.

She watched his fingers as he slowly pulled his zipper down.

A moment later his cock sprang out of his fly and bounced up and down in front of her nose.

She could smell his prick. She stared hypnotized at his fat cockhead and watched a glob of clear juice ooze out of his pisshole.

Holding his cockshaft with his fingers, he laughed and moved forward to wipe his cockhead back and forth across her lips.

“Come on, honey, get that pretty tongue out and lick it a little. Make believe it’s a lollipop.”

She stuck her tongue out and began licking his prick. It was awful. She tried not to think about what she was doing, but there was no way to avoid dealing with it.

For the first time in her life she was getting to know the smell and taste of a man’s cock.

His cock did have a strange taste, almost like her pussy. She had tasted her own cuntjuice more than once and his cock tasted something like that.

Then she realized with a shock that what she was tasting was her mother’s cuntjuice.

Frankie had fucked her mother and now she was licking her mother’s cuntjuice off his prick.

She wanted to scream.

Instead, she shuddered and continued licking.

“Okay, open up,” he said. “Open your pretty mouth and take it in.”

She hesitated, but she realized she had no choice. Opening her lips, she remained motionless as he moved his cock forward to fill her mouth. “Good, honey, just stay like that while I fuck your sweet face. Oh, man, what a cute little mouth. Just like a pussy, isn’t it? You like the feel of a cock in there? Come on, roll your tongue around. Let me feel your tongue on my prick. That’s it, cutie, you’re doing fine. Oh, yes, indeed, you’re doing fine. Suck it, baby, suck that prick!”

He fucked her face, sliding his cock in and out of her open mouth, and then suddenly she tasted something salty and sharp and she realized he was coming.

She swallowed in order to avoid choking. Most of his jism ran out of her mouth and over her chin, but she swallowed enough of it to make her retch.

Frankie laughed. He finished himself off with his hand, keeping his cockhead in her mouth and pumping his cockshaft with his fingers. He milked his cock, emptying his balls down her gulping throat.


When Vic was finished with her, Paula lay on the bed sobbing.

She felt humiliated and degraded.

Now she had the jism of two different men in her pussy. Nothing like that had ever happened to her before and she was thoroughly disgusted.

They were horrible animals and she was now nothing but a slave.

She heard a noise, and when she turned her head she saw Frankie leading Emmylou into the room.

Paula was horrified to see that Emmylou was completely naked.

The teenager was bound and gagged and her eyes were filled with tears.

Paula wanted to cry out to Frankie that he’d promised not to touch Emmylou.

It was hopeless, of course. She herself was bound and gagged and there was nothing she could do.

Then Vic lumbered into the room. His eyes glittered when he saw Emmylou.

“She’s pretty, Frankie.”

Frankie chuckled. “Tie her to one of the bedposts.”

“Can I touch her?”

“Sure, but just touch her. Leave her pussy alone. I want her to stay cherry awhile.”

“Sure, Frankie.”

Emmylou cringed as the big man’s huge hands closed over her tits. Vic mauled and pulled the girl’s tits until Emmylou groaned.

Then one of his hands dropped down to her young ass.

He fondled each asscheek and pushed his fingers inside her asscrack to rub her asshole.

“She’s a sweet little thing,” Vic said. “I like this one, Frankie. When are you going to let me have some?”

“Soon, pal. Just have a little patience. You just fucked the mother, didn’t you? How’d you like it?”

“I think I like the kid better.”

Frankie laughed. “You’re a Goddamn gorilla, that’s what you are. Okay, just hold on.”

“You going to call Joanna, Frankie?”

“You bet your ass I am. She’ll cream her panties when she sees what we got here.”

“I can’t wait to see Joanna again. It’s been a long time.”

“You know it, pal.”

Paula wondered who Joanna was. It was hard to believe that any woman could be a friend of these two animals.

Now Frankie picked up the telephone and punched some numbers. In a few moments he was talking to someone, joking and sounding half human. Then he said, “Okay, baby, twenty minutes.”

It was more like fifteen minutes later.

The front doorbell rang and. Vic went downstairs to see who it was. Before long he returned with a woman.

A huge grin on his face, Vic said, “Here’s Joanna, Frankie.”

She was a tall brunette with a sensual face and a willowy body. She and Frankie moved towards each other and kissed.

Pulling away from him and smiling, Joanna said, “Let me look at you, honey. God, it’s been ages.”

“Too long,” Frankie said. “You see what we got here?”

“I sure do.”

“Mother and daughter. The mother’s a piece and the daughter’s cherry. The old man packed enough luggage to be gone a month. We got a great setup here. The house is in the middle of nowhere and if we play it right we got everything we need.” Then he saw Joanna looking at the women on the bed and he chuckled. “Go on, take a look at them.”

“Is the girl really cherry?”

“Find out for yourself.”

“I’ll say hello to Mommy first.”

Paula tried to pull away as Joanna approached her, but Vic held her down.

Joanna trailed her fingers along Paula’s calf and then along her thigh. When her fingers reached the inside of Paula’s upper thigh, Joanna grabbed the blonde’s flesh between her thumb and forefinger and pinched hard.

Paula screamed, but the sound was muffled by her gag.

“That’s just to say hello and let you know who I am,” Joanna said. “You’ll have a pretty mark there for a few days. There’ll be lots more, so you better get used to it.”

Then the brunette moved to Emmylou. The blonde teenager cringed as Joanna approached her.

“Oh, you’re a cutie,” Joanna smiled. “I can’t believe she’s cherry.”

“Go on, try her out,” Frankie laughed. “Give her a finger.”

Joanna blew a kiss at Emmylou. “Spread your legs, honey. Let’s play doctor.”

Emmylou hesitated and suddenly Joanna’s hand whipped across the teenager’s face.

The girl groaned into her gag and spread her legs.

Joanna teased the little blonde by playing around her pussy with her fingertips first, but then she finally pushed one finger inside Emmylou’s cunthole.

Joanna chuckled when her finger confirmed Emmylou was cherry. “No doubt about it, Frankie. She’s as cherry as can be.”

Pulling her finger out of Emmylou’s cunthole, Joanna brought the finger up to her nose. She sniffed the finger and then put it in her mouth to suck on it.

The brunette’s eyes met Emmylou’s as she sucked the flavor of Emmylou’s cunt off her finger.

A shiver ran through Emmylou’s body as she watched Joanna’s finger stroking in and out of her mouth.

When Joanna was finished sucking her finger, she turned to Frankie. “Listen honey, we’ve got to do this right. I’ve got some stuff in the trunk of the car. Some leather shit and some chains, you know what I mean. There’s a box of it in the trunk. Maybe Vic can go down and get it.”

Frankie laughed. “You haven’t changed, have you, baby?”

“You know how that shit turns me on.”

“Okay, Vic, go get the stuff out of Joanna’s car.”

The big man grunted and left the room.

Paula was still stunned by Joanna’s presence. The brunette was beautiful, but at the same time utterly sadistic.

She’s crazy, Paula thought. All of them were crazy. She and Emmylou were in the hands of three maniacs.

Joanna said, “You got any plans, Frankie?”

Frankie shrugged. “I don’t know. We’ll sit here awhile and maybe we’ll think of something.”

Joanna snickered. “We’ve got our little playmates to keep us happy. How come you haven’t been at that cherry pussy?”

“It’s a present for you.”

“You mean it?”

“Sure, doll. I thought you might get a kick out of it. I bet you already got something wild in mind for that kid.”

“You’re a honey.”

“That’s me.”

“Let me suck your cock.”

Frankie grinned. “Wait until Vic gets back. He’s been talking about you ever since we got out and I don’t want him too jealous.”

“Sure, Frankie.”

“He’s crazier now than he was. Sometimes he gets real bananas.”

Vic finally arrived with a large cardboard box.

“Put it down,” Frankie said to Vic. “We’ll get that stuff out later. Right now, Joanna is in the mood for some cockmeat and I told her to wait until you got back. See how I think of you, Vic?”

The big man smiled. “You’re my real friend, Frankie.”

“Come on,” Joanna said, “show me something to suck on.”

She sat on the cardboard box and the two men stood in front of her.

Paula could see everything clearly. She watched with wide eyes as the men unzipped their flies and brought their cocks out.

Both cocks had already fucked Paula’s cunt, but this was the first time she’d had a good look at them.

Vic’s prick was huge, Paula doubted she could close her hand around it. A man with a cock like that could hurt a woman. It seemed impossible that Joanna would actually get Vic’s prick in her mouth.

Paula looked at Emmylou. The girl was hypnotized by the sight of the two cocks dangling near Joanna’s face. Paula wanted to tell her daughter not to watch these perverted animals, but she was unable to do more than whimper.

Emmylou’s heart pounded. She’d already had Frankie’s cock in her mouth, but Vic’s monster prick was something else. She’d never known a man’s cock could be so big. It seemed like an elephant’s trunk dangling there out of his pants.

He’ll kill me if he ever fucks me with that, Emmylou thought.

She was already resigned to her fate. She knew that sooner or later both men would fuck her. She’d wanted to stay a virgin until she married, but there was no chance of that now. What they had to worry about now was staying alive.

Joanna closed a hand around each cock now. “Oh, yeah,” she said, her eyes glittering. “This is more like it. You guys remember that last night before you went in?”

“How could we forget it?”

“That was something, Joanna.”

“Did you both fuck the mother before I got here?”

“What do you think?” Frankie laughed.

“I can smell her cunt on your cocks. And what about the girl?”

“She sucked me off,” Frankie said.

“Not Vic?”

“He said he wanted to wait for you.”

Paula stared horrified at her daughter. Tears came to her eyes as she thought of Frankie’s cock in Emmylou’s mouth.

Emmylou knew her mother was looking at her, but she deliberately avoided Paula’s eyes.

The girl quivered as she remembered the feel of Frankie’s jism sliding down her throat.

Since Vic had waited for Joanna, the brunette gave him first crack at her mouth.

She had her lips on his huge cockhead now. She licked it thoroughly, swirling her tongue over his cock-knob and under his foreskin. There was still a taste of a woman’s cunt on his cock and Joanna found that delicious. Closing her lips and teeth around the groove behind his cockhead, she sucked hard on his fat dick.

Frankie slowly stroked his cock as he watched Joanna suck Vic’s prick. She had a wild mouth, luscious and ripe-looking, a mouth made for cocksucking.

Joanna was now gobbling more of Vic’s cock. Inch by inch, she forced her mouth over his cockshaft. She stopped a moment when the fat knob of his prick pushed against the back of her throat.

Then she relaxed her throat muscles and in a moment her lips were moving again down his cockshaft.

Vic leaned his head back and, grunted with pleasure as Joanna swallowed up two-thirds of his thick prick.

On the bed, Emmylou and Paula stared at the trio with amazed eyes. Neither one of them could believe what they were seeing. There seemed hardly enough room in Joanna’s throat for Vic’s huge cock, but his cock was certainly in there. They had the evidence before their eyes that a woman could actually take a cock that big deep inside her throat.

Paula was doubly horrified. She was horrified firstly at what Joanna was doing with that monster cock and secondly that Emmylou was watching such a thing.

Joanna had reached bottom now. She had a good eight inches of thick cock down her throat and she could take no more. She began pulling back, slowly withdrawing her stretched mouth along Vic’s cockshaft.

She left a trail of saliva on the skin of his prick. With her mouth wide open like that, it looked as if she had a huge sausage coming out of her throat.

Back at his cockhead, she sucked on the fruity knob and then pulled her lips completely off his cock with a smacking sound.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Vic groaned. “Nobody does that like you, Joanna.”

The brunette looked up at him and ran her tongue over her lips and smiled. “You like that, huh?”

“That’s worth waiting six years for.”

“We got more than that coming, honey. And talking about coming, I want two big ones right down my throat.”

She turned to Frankie’s cock and opened her mouth. Frankie pushed forward and buried his prick in her face.

His cock wasn’t as big as Vic’s, but it was wide enough. Joanna had to again open her mouth as wide as possible because Frankie’s prick was almost as thick as Vic’s.

She took all of his cock down her throat, every inch until she had her nose in his cockbush.

Frankie held her head and slowly humped his crotch at her face.

Now Joanna pulled her mouth off Frankie’s cock and returned to Vic’s prick.

This time she did no more than suck on his cockhead. Curling her hand around his cockshaft, she jacked him off as she sucked the fat plum of his cock-knob.

Once again her mouth slurped off Vic’s prick and she moved to Frankie.

She alternated between the two men, sucking one and then the other, her wet loose mouth covering one cockhead and then moving to the other fat knob.

She had a hand on each cock and she continued jerking them off no matter which cockhead she happened to be sucking.

It wasn’t long before both men were grunting and heaving, warning Joanna they were about to shoot their loads.

Opening her jaws as wide as she could, Joanna managed to get part of each fat cockhead inside her mouth.

Her two hands pumped rapidly now, and in a moment the two pissholes inside her mouth began spurting hot jism over her tongue.

She missed some of it. Some of the spunk sprayed out of the corners of her mouth and dripped over her chin.

But there was enough jism sliding down her throat to bring her off. The taste and feel of that thick slimy fuckcream pouring down her gullet brought her an orgasm.

She continued sucking until they were spent. She milked their cocks dry, nibbled on their pissholes, and then finally she pushed them away.

“I hope those two bitches over there learned something,” she laughed.


They opened Joanna’s cardboard box after that. They brought out chains and ball-gags and leather collars and leather cuffs.

The men giggled crazily as they followed Joanna’s directions. It wasn’t long before both Paula and Emmylou were trussed up in chains and leather like two bondage slaves.

Paula hated the ball-gag. It forced her jaws open obscenely and she was certain she looked grotesque.

Certainly Emmylou looked pitiful, her mouth stuffed with a black ball chained to her neck, her wrists and ankles in chains, her tender tits criss-crossed with a chain in a way that made her nipples puff out.

Paula was chained the same way as Emmylou and it made her miserable.

After the two women were firmly bound so they couldn’t escape, Joanna had the men force them onto the floor.

Joanna wanted the bed. She needed fucking and she wanted the men to fuck her. Paula had to lie on the floor in her own bedroom and watch the perverted brunette cavort on her bed.

Frankie took Joanna first. They were all naked now. Joanna’s lush tits and ass dominated the room. She was a beauty, Paula had to admit that. She had a thick bush of dark cunt hair covering her pussy and her pearshaped tits were mouth-watering.

Joanna lay on the bed with her knees pulled back to her tits and Frankie mounted her.

When Frankie slid his cock inside Joanna’s pussy, the brunette draped her legs over his shoulders and held onto his arms as he began fucking her.

On the other side of the bed, Emmylou was fascinated as she watched the two people fucking.

She remembered how excited she’d been watching her parents fuck. But this was different. This was more brutal, more animallike, and somehow it was more exciting.

Frankie didn’t last long. Joanna humped her ass up and down on the bed, fucking her pussy at his thrusting cock and urging him to fuck harder.

He pounded her crotch, slamming his cock in and out of her cunt.

Then finally he grunted and made a croaking sound and shot his load.

Joanna clutched his ass as he emptied his balls. She obviously adored fucking. She wriggled and squirmed under Frankie until she had every drop of jism she could get.

After that it was Vic’s turn. He knelt over Joanna, kissed her tits and belly. Then they whispered to each other and she rolled over. Vic mounted her from behind, holding her hips in his big hands as he drilled his cock inside her gaping dark-haired pussy.

Paula had never been fucked like that and she wondered what it was like. She hated the idea of showing her ass and cunt the way Joanna was showing hers, but she wondered what a cock felt like when it went in from behind.

It’s disgusting, she thought. They’re animals and the way they fuck is the way animals fuck. It’s disgusting.

Vic soon came. He bellowed as he shot his load in Joanna’s cunt. He pounded her ass, pumping his jism into the sucking depths of her pussy. When he finally pulled his cock out of her fuck-hole, his huge prick looked like a tree trunk as it slid wetly out of her gash.

Joanna rolled over on her back. Her eyes were glittering with pleasure as she basked in the aftermath of the fuck.

She had a cunt filled with two loads of jism and she had an idea what to do with it.

“Frankie, honey, I want the girl to suck me out. If you take the ball out of her mouth, she can get over here and get to work on my pussy.”

Frankie laughed and looked at Emmylou. “You ever suck a cunt before, cutie?”

Emmylou shook her head.

“Well, you better learn fast,” Frankie said. “If you don’t do a good job on Joanna, she’ll probably beat the shit out of you.”

They removed the girl’s ball-gag and forced her onto the bed.

Chains clinking, Emmylou knelt between Joanna’s upraised legs and gazed at the brunette’s hairy gash.

She could see the men’s jism oozing out of Joanna’s meaty cunt. The idea that she would have to suck that slime out of the brunette’s cunthole made Emmylou dizzy with nausea.

“What the matter, honey?” Joanna teased. “Never seen a pussy before? Get your pretty mouth down there and start sucking. I want you to clean me out. I’m just too lazy to get off the bed and go to the bathroom.”

There was a swishing sound behind Emmylou and suddenly she screamed as a belt came lashing down on her ass.

Frankie giggled and whipped her again.

The girl cried out, but before he could strike a third time she lowered her head to Joanna’s reeking cunt.

It was worse than Emmylou expected. The closer her face got to Joanna’s snatch, the stronger the smell.

Joanna’s pussy smelled of cuntjuice and jism and piss. The mixture of juices had been whipped into a white froth that covered her cuntlips and the hood of her clit.

Emmylou could see the dark pink head of Joanna’s large clit as it peeped out and looked back at her.

My God, look at the size of it, Emmylou thought. Her own little passion-button was nothing like that, certainly not as big. She wondered if Joanna could feel more because her clit was so big.

“You’re wasting time,” Joanna snapped. “Get that, pretty mouth against my cunthole and start sucking, honey.”

The brunette finally grabbed the girl’s ears and pulled her face against her wet cunt.

Emmylou thought she would suffocate. Her nose and mouth were surrounded by warm cuntmeat. She was overwhelmed by the smell and feel of it. Then she stuck her tongue out and the sharp taste of Joanna’s pussy was suddenly a reality.

Half crouched on the floor beside the bed, Paula was in a state of shock as she watched her daughter suck the brunette’s gash.

Paula thought she would throw up. Joanna had two loads of jism in her cunt and Emmylou was sucking it out.

Paula could hear the sucking noises made by Emmylou mouth and tongue as she slurped away in Joanna’s dark cunt-gulch.

I’d rather she be dead, Paula thought. Now that Emmylou had been subjected to such degradation, she’d be better off dead.

But Emmylou thought otherwise. Despite what her mother thought, she was discovering it wasn’t that bad to suck a pussy.

She liked the wetness, the feel of it, even the taste and smell.

She burrowed her face in Joanna’s steaming gash, rubbed her nose over Joanna’s big clit, stroked her tongue in and out of the brunette’s fucked out cunthole.

I can taste Frankie and Vic, Emmylou thought. The idea that she was actually sucking jism out of another woman’s cunt blew her mind.

Joanna started humping her ass on the bed, grinding her cunt at the girl’s face. She realized what was happening. The blonde teenager had discovered she enjoyed sucking pussy. Joanna was pleased. She would have herself a time with this girl. Meanwhile she was about to get off. She hadn’t expected to come while the kid sucked her, but now she was close to getting off.

“That’s the way, baby,” Joanna groaned. “Suck the goodies, use your tongue on my clit. Come on, honey, don’t stop, just keep going like that, that’s the way. Oh shit yes, oh fuck I’m coming!”

The brunette shuddered and heaved and exploded her cunt against Emmylou’s sucking mouth.

It was a long orgasm, a series of groans and spasms that left Joanna limp. Emmylou seemed reluctant to stop sucking and Joanna finally had to push her away.

“Now there’s a kid with talent,” Frankie laughed. “I guess she got to you, huh, Joanna?”

“Christ, yes!”

“Her mother looks plenty mad,” Frankie snickered.

“Take the gag out of her mouth and let’s hear what the bitch has to say.”

When the ball-gag was pulled out of her mouth, Paula moved her jaw up and down a few times without making a sound. Then she said, “You beasts! You’re nothing but filthy animals! Perverted animals! I can’t believe what you made that girl do. I’ll see that you suffer for this!”

Joanna was off the bed in a flash. She hit the side of Paula’s face with her fist, knocked the blonde to the floor and kicked her ribs.

Paula wailed and rolled on the rug beside the bed.

“String her up on the bedpost,” Joanna snapped. “I’m going to whip her ass to ribbons!”

Paula struggled with the two men, but it was totally useless.

Within moments they had her standing and tied with her belly and tits against one of the bedposts.

Joanna came around behind Paula, laughed at the blonde’s moans and ran her hands over Paula’s lush ass.

“Come on over here and stand by my side,” Joanna said to Emmylou. “I want you to watch while I whip her.”

Emmylou was afraid to resist. She meekly shuffled over to stand beside Joanna. She remained motionless while Joanna put her arm around her and jiggled one of her tits with her hand.

“Let me have one of the whips in the box,” Joanna said to Vic.

The big man gladly obeyed her. He brought out a fierce looking whip with a dozen leather strands.

Still holding Emmylou’s heavy tit, Joanna took the whip in her free hand and pushed the business end between Paula’s asscheeks.

Smiling at Emmylou, Joanna said, “You like your mother’s ass, honey?”

The girl did not know what to say. She finally nodded, hoping that was what Joanna wanted. Emmylou was afraid of this lusty brunette. She still had the taste of Joanna’s cunt in her mouth.

“Well,” Joanna said with a smirk, “if you like her ass so much, why don’t you whip it for me? I’d like to watch that. Come on, honey, we’ll get the chains off your arm and you take the whip and get to work.”

“Please don’t make me do that,” Emmylou whimpered.

“You want me to whip you instead?”

“Please don’t!”

The whip suddenly slashed across Emmylou’s tender thighs and she screamed.

Paula moaned. “Do it, honey. Do whatever she wants or she’ll hurt you. Go on and do it!”

They freed Emmylou’s right arm and she took the whip. She thought she could get by with faking it, but she soon realized she was mistaken. Joanna demanded she strike her mother hard.

“I want to see the welts on her ass,” Joanna hissed. “You either put them on her ass or you get them on your own ass. Now get going!”

The teenager’s arm rose and fell as she whipped her mother.

Paula tried to avoid crying out, but after a while the pain was too much and she began screaming and sobbing and tossing her body from side to side.

Emmylou wanted to die. She couldn’t bear hurting her mother like this, but Joanna was standing right there beside her to make sure she did a thorough job of it.

“You had enough?” Joanna said to Paula.

“Oh, God, yes!” the blonde wailed. “Please don’t whip me any more. I’ll behave, I swear it!”

Joanna laughed. She took the whip from Emmylou and rubbed the handle up and down in the crack of Paula’s ass. “I’ve got something special in mind for you,” Joanna said. “Something delicious.”

“Just don’t hurt me,” Paula whimpered.

The brunette snickered. “Honey, by the time we’re through with you, maybe you’ll wish you had the whipping instead.”

Paula shuddered. Whatever they intended for her, she knew it would be horrible.

They untied her now, freed her from the bedpost and pushed her onto the bed.

She lay there sobbing, wondering what would happen, wondering what new indignity they would force her to suffer.

She soon found out. Joanna wanted her to work on the two men. The brunette moved close to Paula and grabbed the blonde’s face with her fingers.

“Have you ever rimmed an asshole, honey?”

Paula thought she would faint. “I don’t know. I don’t even know what it is.”

Joanna chuckled. “I guess you’re about to find out.” She looked at the men and motioned with her head. “Come on, guys, there’s a hot tongue waiting over here.”

Paula watched as Joanna arranged the men on the bed. The blonde found it hard to believe what was happening. She wanted to retch at the idea of what they would make her do, but she held back for fear she would get Joanna angry again.

Dear God, please help me! she thought.

But if God was listening, there was no answer.

Paula found herself facing the two upraised hairy asses of Frankie and Vic.

“Now listen,” Joanna said, slapping the whip against her hand. “First you lick up and down and get them nice and wet. Then you stick your tongue inside and work it around. Then you start fucking with your tongue, in and out, fucking them in the ass. If you do it right, you’ll have their cocks hard in no time, and that’s what I want to see. If you don’t do it right, I’ll whip you again and make you keep doing it until you learn now. You understand me?”

Paula nodded. She was in a daze. She moved mechanically, shuffled on her knees to get close to their asses. She chose Frankie first, she didn’t know why. Leaning forward, she pressed her face into the hairy crack of his ass.


Crouching there like an animal behind Frankie, Paula moaned as she nuzzled his ass.

The musky smell of his ass filled her nostrils. Joanna suddenly pushed her head and Paula found her mouth pressed against the space between Frankie’s asshole and balls.

“Suck his ass,” Joanna hissed. “You better do it before I put the whip on you.”

Paula told herself she had no choice. She had to obey. Lifting her mouth, she pressed her lips against Frankie’s asshole.

She half expected a bolt of lightning to strike her dead, but of course it didn’t happen.

Joanna moved closer and pulled Frankie’s asscheeks open with her hands. “Start licking like I told you,” the brunette said. She reached underneath to pinch Paula’s tit to remind the blonde who was giving the orders.

Paula finally began licking Frankie’s ass.

She found the musky taste and smell repulsive. She remembered what Joanna had said about getting him wet and she dribbled saliva into his asscrack. She hoped the taste of her own saliva would wash away the taste of Frankie’s ass.

She swabbed her tongue up and down over the puckered grommet of his asshole.

She knew what she was doing was filthy and awful.

Her father would roll over in his grave if he saw her now.

It was horrible that poor Emmylou had to watch her mother do this.

Joanna suddenly said, “Now do Vic.”

Paula felt Joanna’s hand on her neck and she found her face pulled towards Vic’s ass.

She worked on Vic’s asscrack with her mouth and tongue until it was as wet as Frankie’s.

Then she was pulled back to Frankie’s ass and told to tickle his asshole with her tongue.

She wanted to retch as she did it, but finally she began swirling her tongue over the puckered ring of his brownie.

Before long she was moving from one man’s ass to the other, licking their assholes, tickling their brownies with her tongue-tip.

When Joanna ordered her to stick her tongue inside, it was Vic’s asshole she happened to be working on.

Paula was too dazed by now to resist any order. Stiffening her tongue, she slowly pushed it inside Vic’s elastic asshole.

She stroked her tongue in and out of Vic’s shitter a few times and then moved over to do the same to Frankie.

Not far from the bed, Emmylou was mesmerized as she watched her mother. The pretty teenager had never seen or imagined anything so wild as what she was looking at now.

Her prudish mother was being forced to tongue-fuck the assholes of two men.

Emmylou tried to imagine what it would be like to have a tongue in her own asshole. She imagined her mother’s tongue in there, stroking in and out, wetting her brownie and then fucking it with a steady rhythm.

It must be wild, Emmylou thought.

The men certainly seemed to be enjoying it. She could see Frankie’s face and his face had a look of heavenly bliss on it.

Frankie’s cock was bone hard. His prick dangled from his crotch and the juice leaking out of his pisshole dripped on the bed.

Leaning to the side, Emmylou could make out Vic’s huge prick swaying back and forth between his thighs.

Emmylou chuckled and decided her mother’s tongue must be doing a good job in their assholes. She knew it was awful to find anything funny at a time like this, but she couldn’t help it.

Joanna finally pulled Paula away from the men. She held the blonde by the leather collar around her neck and forced her to kneel on the bed with her ass in the air.

“Okay, boys,” Joanna said, “let’s see how she likes it in the backdoor.”

Paula screamed and then she abruptly stopped when Joanna slapped her face.

Frankie and Vic came off the bed grinning and moved around to look at Paula’s ass. Each man fisted his cock and slowly pumped it while staring at Paula’s upraised ass.

Joanna now looked at Emmylou and snickered. “Honey, they’re going to fuck your mommy’s ass one after the other whether she likes it or not. Your mother’s probably dry in there and it might hurt like hell unless she gets some lubrication. You got any ideas?”

Emmylou’s voice quavered. “I don’t know…”

Joanna smiled. “Sure you do. We could use some Vaseline, but maybe good old spit is better. Why don’t you get over there and make your mother’s asshole good and wet. The wetter you get her, the less it’ll hurt her, remember that. But inside, you know? You’ve got to get her wet inside.”

Joanna and the two men laughed and Emmylou blushed.

What they wanted her to do was horrible, but her mother had just finished doing it and she knew she had no choice.

Besides, it was her own mother she’d be doing it to and it made sense that lubrication in her mother’s asshole would save her from getting hurt.

Paula could do nothing but groan. She heard what was going on, knew that Emmylou would be wetting her asshole with saliva so the men could fuck her. She knew all that but it failed to penetrate. What was happening was just too much for her. She couldn’t deal with it. She knelt there on the bed and waited for whatever might happen.

Emmylou finally shuffled around behind her mother’s ass.

The girl stared at her mother’s asscrack. She could see Paula’s pinkish-brown asshole and below that the pouch of Paula’s hairy cunt.

Remember it’s for her sake, Emmylou thought.

Bending forward, she pressed her mouth against her mother’s bunghole.

Paula moaned. She knew it was Emmylou’s tongue back there. The feel of it was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.

The blonde woman quivered as her daughter’s tongue fluttered up and down over her shithole.

Then the saliva came. At the first feel of the wetness on her asshole, Paula shuddered and gasped.

Emmylou’s tongue slithered inside her mother’s ass.

The girl was determined to get her mother’s asshole as wet as possible so the men wouldn’t hurt her.

Behind the mother and daughter, Joanna stood between the two men with a hand on each cock.

“Look at that,” Joanna said. “Isn’t that pretty?”

“It sure is,” Vic said.

“Christ, that turns me on,” Frankie grunted.

“Vic, honey, is it okay if Frankie gets first crack at her ass? Maybe he ought to loosen her up a little before you get this donkey prick in there.”

All three of them laughed. Vic said he didn’t mind Frankie fucking Paula’s ass first. Joanna kissed the big man as she squeezed his huge cock in her fist.

At last they pulled Emmylou’s face away from her mother’s ass.

Paula’s asshole looked loose and wet and more open than it had before.

Frankie moved forward. His hands ran over Paula’s lush asscheeks. He rubbed his thumbs over her asshole and gradually pushed both thumbs inside the elastic grommet.

Paula groaned. She had no idea he was using his fingers and she thought it was his cock.

Then she felt her asshole being pulled wide open and she realized what was happening.

Dear God, she thought. How can I live through this?

Holding his cock with one hand now, Frankie rubbed his cockhead up and down in the crack of Paula’s ass.

Then he placed his cock-knob against her asshole and pushed it into her bung with his thumb.

Paula cried out as his fat cockhead stretched her shitring. She tried to pull away, but Frankie held her hips and pulled her towards him.

He gave a sudden lurch forward and buried half his cock inside the heat of her ass.

“Oh, God!” Paula moaned.

“Christ, she’s tight!” Frankie hissed. “What a tight fucking hole!”

Joanna laughed. Reaching between Frankie’s legs, she grabbed his balls and urged him to get all of his cock inside Paula’s shitter.

Emmylou was spellbound. Her eyes were fixed on Frankie’s thick cock stretching her mother’s asshole. It was hard to believe that an asshole could stretch wide like that, but there was the proof in front of her.

The girl wondered what it would feel like to have a cock in her ass. Could a woman feel pleasure that way?

Frankie was all the way in now, his cock balls deep in Paula’s ass, his hands clutching her asscheeks.

He pulled out slowly, withdrawing his prick from her shit-tube until the bulge of his cockhead stretched her asshole even further.

Then he pushed forward again, rammed his prick inside her shitter and chuckled at the moan that escaped her throat.

Joanna held Frankie’s balls as he began pumping his cock in and out of Paula’s shitter. He grunted at the end of each thrust, corkscrewed his cock in the hot grip of the blonde’s shit-tube.

“Oh, yeah!” he croaked. “Here it comes, honey! Here comes a royal flush right up your old ass!”

He bucked and heaved as he shot his load. Emmylou feasted her eyes on his flexing asscheeks. She imagined his hot jism spurting inside her mother’s shitter. She bit her lip with excitement as she watched him pump and grind against Paula’s butt.

When Frankie finished coming, he pulled his softening cock out of Paula’s asshole and backed away with a grunt of satisfaction.

Paula’s asshole looked completely loose now, and as they all watched a glob of Frankie’s jism drooled out of the hole and rolled down to her cunt.

Now it was Vic’s turn. Joanna invited him forward, fondled his mammoth cock until he was completely stiff again.

Vic positioned himself behind Paula’s upraised ass and Joanna helped him get his cockhead on target.

It won’t go, Emmylou thought. She was sure Vic’s huge cock would kill her mother.

His cockhead suddenly popped inside Paula’s shitter and Joanna mewled with satisfaction. She urged him on, rubbed his back and fondled his balls as he slowly slid his monster cock inside Paula’s oily shit-tube.

Paula was too wrung out to cry. There was no pain any more. Frankie’s cock had left her ass completely numb. She felt now as if someone were shoving a telephone pole up her ass. The pain was heavy and deep, but she was too far gone to react to it.

Vic finally hit bottom, his balls slapping against Paula’s cuntlips. He socked his prick inside her shitter, squirmed his hips from side to side to get the last fraction of an inch inside the tight hot grip of her bung.

Emmylou’s mouth hung open as she watched him pull back. His huge cock came out of her mother’s ass slowly and steadily until finally the flared rim of his big cockhead was stretching the elastic ring of her asshole.

He did it, Emmylou thought.

Her mother was not dead.

Paula had taken that big fat cock up her ass and she looked very much alive.

Then Vic was fucking her, slowly ramming his cock in and out of Paula’s gaping asshole, sliding his big prick in and out of the depths of her shitter.

He roared like a lion when he came. He threw his head back and bellowed as his hot load of cum spurted into Paula’s shit-tube.

He finished fucking her. When his cock came out, it made a sucking sound as it pulled free of Paula’s oozing asshole.

Emmylou was certain she would never see anything more exciting than that huge cock coming out of her mother’s violated asshole.

Joanna came over to Emmylou now. The brunette grabbed the teenager by her neck and pushed her forward towards the two men.

“Suck them clean,” Joanna said. “Get a taste of your mother’s ass, honey.”

The girl blanched. She closed her eyes as she moved forward, unable to believe what was happening.

But there they were, two cocks dangling like sausages, still half-hard and glistening with cockjuice and jism and saliva and traces of shit and oil from her mother’s ass.

Emmylou knelt before them as though she were praying. She took their cocks in her small hands and began licking, first one cock and then the other, licking and sucking to get them clean.

She tasted everything, the jism and the shit and the hot juices out of her mother’s ass.

She knew she would never be the same again. From now on fucking and sucking would mean something else to her. From now on she knew what it was she would crave.


Frankie and Vic led Emmylou out of the room and Paula found herself alone with Joanna.

The brunette walked over to Paula with a mocking smile. “Now it’s just you and me, honey.”

Paula backed away. “How can you be so cruel?”

Joanna laughed. “Don’t be silly, bitch, I haven’t even started yet. The important thing now is that you know what you are. Do you know what you are?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’re my slave, honey, that’s what you are. Who’s calling the shots around here?”

“You are.”

“That’s right.” Joanna’s palm suddenly whipped across Paula’s face. “You’re my little slave, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Paula whimpered.

“Maybe we ought to prove it. It’s too easy to say it and not mean it. Come into the bathroom, bitch. I’m going to show you what you are.”

Paula was still chained, and she had to shuffle as she moved into the bathroom.

Joanna walked behind her, chuckling and prodding Paula’s ass with the handle of the whip.

“In the bathtub,” Joanna said. “Lie down and get comfortable, honey, right there on the bottom of the tub.”

Paula had no idea what Joanna intended to do, but she knew that if she did not cooperate she would be whipped or even worse.

She was afraid of Joanna. The brunette was evil and unpredictable and she seemed capable of anything, even murder. Paula stretched out on her back in the empty bathtub.

Joanna smiled at her and climbed into the tub to stand with her legs on either side of Paula’s hips.

Holding the whip in one hand, the brunette ran her fingers through the bush of dark hair covering her cunt mound.

“Do you like my pussy, honey?”

“I’m not a lesbian.”

“I didn’t ask you that, slut, I asked you if you like my pussy.”

Paula began crying. “I don’t know what you want from me.”

“Say you like my pussy.”

“All right, I like your pussy.”

“Then look at it. Come on, look right at it and watch what happens.”

Paula looked. She watched as Joanna slowly spread her cuntlips apart with her fingers. A moment later a thick stream of hot piss gushed out of Joanna’s cunt and splashed down on Paula’s body.

The blonde tried to crawl out of the tub, but the whip came down on her tits and she screamed at the pain.

It was hopeless. There was no way she could escape. She finally slumped there in the bottom of the tub, her eyes closed, cringing as Joanna continued pissing on her.

When Joanna finished pissing, she smiled down at Paula. “Now you know who’s the boss, don’t you, honey? Now you understand what I mean?”

“Yes,” Paula wailed.

“Lick it, baby. Lick my pussy clean.”

Paula sat up, her eyes closed, her tongue extended. Joanna moved forward, pushed her cunt against the blonde’s mouth and Paula began licking.

She licked up and down, cleaning up the residue of piss off the brunette’s cuntmeat.

Then Joanna turned around and spread her asscheeks with both hands. “Here, too,” Joanna said. “Do my asshole, honey. Get it nice and clean, too.”

Once again Paula licked. She was helpless. She knew she had to do whatever Joanna wanted. No matter how awful it was, she had to do it.

She ran her tongue up and down over the brunette’s dark puckered asshole. She swabbed Joanna’s asscrack with her tongue, leaving it wet with her saliva.

“That’s good,” Joanna grunted. “Lay that tongue in there, honey. Stick it inside and let me feel it.”

Paula obeyed. She stiffened her tongue and drilled it inside Joanna’s elastic shithole.

The horror of what she was doing made the blonde quake with disgust.

I hope God strikes them all dead, Paula thought.

In the meantime she was in Joanna’s clutches and her tongue was deep inside Joanna’s ass.

Joanna mewled with pleasure and pushed her ass at Paula’s face. Finally the brunette pulled her ass away and turned around.

“Now suck my clit,” Joanna said. “Get me off and do a good job of it.”

Paula groaned and clamped her lips over the brunette’s large clit. She sucked hard, instinctively moving her head from side to side to give the brunette the stimulation she wanted. Paula hoped she’d have some peace awhile if she could give Joanna a quick climax.

But Joanna took her time coming. When at last she began hunching her cunt against Paula’s face, the blonde’s tongue and jaws were aching with fatigue.

Joanna was aware of it. She smiled down at Paula, grinding her cunt against the blonde’s mouth as she came. At the end of the orgasm, the brunette gave a final wiggle and rubbed her dripping cuntjuice over Paula’s nose.

“Okay,” Joanna said, “get out of here now and get on the bed. I’m not finished with you yet, not by a long shot.”

“Won’t you let me wash? I’m covered with…”

“My piss?”


“That’s your cologne, honey. You better get used to it, because that’s the way it’s going to be.”

“You’re evil.”

“You bet I am, and I’m going to enjoy you right down to your pretty toes.”

When they were back in the bedroom, Joanna made Paula kneel on the bed with her ass in the air.

Paula waited, wondering what the brunette had in store for her. She heard Joanna rummaging in the cardboard box. Curious, Paula looked over her shoulder.

Joanna was strapping something around her waist. Paula gasped when she recognized it was a dildo.

The rubber cock was a good ten inches long and dangled menacingly from Joanna’s crotch.

Joanna saw the blonde’s glance and smiled. “Ever had one of these used on you, honey?”


“Well, you’ve got some learning to do, don’t you?”

Paula groaned. She buried her head in her arms and waited for Joanna.

At last the brunette moved behind Paula’s ass. She ran her fingernails over the blonde’s ivory asscheeks.

Paula moaned. Her ass was still tender from the whipping she’d received earlier and Joanna’s fingernails hurt terribly.

Suddenly Paula felt something rubbing against her asshole. Joanna’s finger.

Oh, no, Paula thought. Please, God, not that.

Her prayer was not answered. A moment later she felt the tip of the dildo pushing against her shithole.

Joanna did not care about any pain she might cause the blonde. She pushed forward, slowly but steadily, and in a few moments she had the full length of the dildo deep inside Paula’s ass.

Paula groaned and sobbed, shook her head from side to side and pleaded with Joanna to stop.

Joanna told her there was no way she would stop, not until she’d fucked Paula’s ass and brought herself off.

“It’s good for you,” Joanna teased. “Just think of how nice and loose your asshole is going to be by the time I get through with you.”

It took a long time. Paula’s asshole was numb with pain long before Joanna shuddered through a climax.

When it was finally over, Joanna pulled the dildo out of the blonde’s shitter and made her suck it clean.

Paula wanted to die. At this moment she decided death would be a relief.

When the dildo was clean, Joanna unbuckled the harness and tossed it back in the cardboard box.

Now she brought out two metal devices attached to thin chains.

“Know what these are?”

“No,” Paula said.

Joanna chuckled and approached Paula. “Nipple-clips, honey. Just sit straight while I put them on.”

Horrified, Paula watched as Joanna opened the clips and fastened them on her nipples.

The pain was sharp at first, but then it died down.

Joanna smirked and tugged at the chains attached to the clips.

Paula screamed.

“Nice, huh?”

“My God, you’re a sadistic beast!” Paula wailed.

“You can say that while you eat my cunt, honey. You do it right or you get your nipples pulled off.”

Moments later Joanna was on the bed with her back against the headboard and her knees raised to her tits. Paula crouched between the brunette’s thighs, her mouth on Joanna’s reeking cunt, her lips and tongue working feverishly on Joanna’s oozing cuntflesh.

At intervals Joanna giggled and pulled one or both clips.

Whenever the clips were pulled, Paula groaned into Joanna’s cunt and sucked harder.

Paula suddenly felt a hand on her ass. Frankie had come into the room.

“Jesus Christ, Joanna, what the fuck are you doing?”

The brunette giggled and pulled one of the chains. “I’m training her. Isn’t it neat?”

Frankie chuckled. “It really hurts, huh?”

“You want to try it?”

“Shit, no.” He probed Paula’s asshole with a finger. “Hey, she’s got a real loose asshole now. Did you fuck her in the ass with that rubber cock of yours? You still have that thing?”

“You bet.”

“What else did you do?”

“I pissed on her.”

“No wonder it stinks in here.”

“Would you like to do it?”

“Do what? Piss on her? Sure, yeah, why not? Where do I do it, right here?”

“No, moron, we put her in the bathtub.”

And so Paula once again found herself being led into the bathtub.

This time it was Frankie who straddled her.

Holding his cock in one hand, he started pissing.

He giggled like a lunatic as he directed the stream of hot piss up and down her body.

He pissed on her tits and cunt and then he moved the stream up to piss on her face.

Paula lay there limp and defeated, her eyes and mouth tightly closed as the hot reeking piss rained down on her.

When he finally finished pissing, he stepped out of the bathtub and they turned the shower on to clean her up.

“She’s a lovely little bitch,” Joanna said. “I’m going to have all kinds of fun with her.”

“That pissing business turned me on,” Frankie said. “Come on, I’ll fuck you on the bed.”

Paula was pulled along with them. Dripping wet, she was led to the bed and forced to get her head under Frankie’s ass as he fucked Joanna from behind.

Paula’s job was to suck Frankie’s balls while he fucked the brunette.

When Frankie finally shot his load, Paula had to suck his jism out of Joanna’s cunt.

Joanna held Paula’s ears and forced the blonde’s nose up and down over her clit.

After that Joanna pushed Paula off the bed. The brunette grabbed one of the chains attached to the collar around Paula’s neck and ordered her to stand.

“Let’s go,” Joanna said. “We’ll set you up in the basement. You’ll have your own private party down there.”

She chuckled as she led Paula out of the room.

In a daze, Paula meekly followed Joanna down to the basement.

She wondered how Emmylou was doing.

Was the girl suffering as much as she was?

When they reached the basement, Joanna quickly secured Paula to one of the posts.

Chained like an animal, her body quivering with fear, Paula groaned as she watched Joanna raise the whip.

“Let me hear it, honey. I want you to scream.”

The whip came down on her ass and Paula screamed.

Later she screamed again when Joanna had her fun with the chains attached to the nippleclips.

The screaming went on and on and then after awhile Paula could take no more and her eyes rolled up as she passed out.


Joanna left Paula tied to the post in the basement. The blonde was exhausted and happy to be free of the sadistic brunette, but being chained to the post was an agony.

Finally after an hour Vic came down the stairs to the basement with some food.

He untied Paula, but left her secured to the post with a length of chain.

I’m like a dog, Paula thought. She could wander so far from the post and no more.

She was hungry and she greedily ate the food on the tray.

Vic sat on a wooden chair with his eyes on her. She was sitting on an old mat, her legs folded under the tray of food, and she was embarrassed because she was naked and he could see her crotch.

She still had the nipple clips on and the long thin chains dangled from her tits and clinked against the tray as she ate her food.

Finally she said to Vic, “How long will I have to stay down here?”

The big man shrugged. “Don’t ask me, lady.”

“Don’t you think it’s wrong to treat a defenseless woman like this?”

He grinned. “Don’t you like the food? Your kid made the food, so you ought to like it.”

“I’m not talking about the food.”

“Then what?”

“I’m talking about being chained like this.”

“That’s Joanna’s idea.”

“Does she give the orders?”

“What’s the difference? Come on, finish up.”

“I’m finished.”

“You got to go?”

“Go where?”

“To the toilet.”

“Well, yes, I do.”

He grinned and unlocked the chain from the post. She thought he would take her upstairs to one of the bathrooms, but instead he pulled her along to the cubicle and the bare toilet near the boiler in the basement.

“Go on,” he said, “leave the door open.”

She avoided his eyes as she sat down on the toilet. He held onto the chain and watched her as she peed and wiped her pussy with some toilet paper. She was about to get up when he moved forward and took hold of the chains attached to the nipple-clips.

“Suck my cock,” he said.

It was a simple direct order and she could tell he expected to be obeyed. She did not want him pulling on the clips attached to her nipples. She remembered the terrible pain when Joanna had done it.

Still seated on the toilet, she unzipped Vic’s fly and pulled his huge cock out of his pants.

It seemed unbelievable to her that she’d actually taken this monstrous thing in her ass.

His fat cockhead was half out of his foreskin and his pisshole was dripping.

She touched her lips to the tip of his cock and sucked up some of the leaking juice.

Vic tugged at one of the chains and she groaned as the clip bit into her tender nipple.

“Come on, open your mouth,” he said. “Take some more cock.”

There was nothing she could do. She opened her mouth and he shoved forward and buried half his mammoth prick inside her face.

His warm cockflesh filled her mouth, pushed at her throat and made it difficult for her to breathe.

She began sucking, moving her mouth back and forth on his prick, sucking at his pisshole to draw his juice out.

On occasion he tugged at the nipple-clips to remind her to keep busy.

Then she felt his fingers touch her lips, and when she opened her eyes she discovered he was holding the base of his cockshaft and slowly jerking off as she sucked on his huge cockhead.

“Just stay like that,” he croaked. “Here it comes.”

His pisshole began spurting hot jism over her tongue. Glob after glob of his ropey spunk jetted into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it down, trying hard to avoid the taste and feel of it.

He continued pumping his cock with his hand until his balls were drained. Then he grinned and rubbed the tip of his cock over her lips.

“You got a nice mouth, lady.”

She blushed and turned her face away to avoid looking at him.

After that he led her back to the post and attached the chain to it again.

Late in the afternoon Vic returned to the basement. He had some clothes with him, some frilly black things she’d never seen before. He freed her from the post and told her to put them on.

She was happy to have some covering, but it wasn’t much. Nothing more than a lace g-string and an underwired half-bra that raised her tits and offered them like two ripe fruits. There was also a lace and ribbon garter belt and a pair of black back-seam nylons. Vic watched her pull the stockings on and garter them, and then he handed her a pair of her own high-heeled pumps.

The pumps were red and she’d never worn them because after she bought them and brought them home she decided they were too flashy.

That didn’t matter now. Now she wore the red pumps with the black lingerie and she knew she looked whorish as hell.

And still in chains. Vic bound her up again in the chains.

“Please tell me about my daughter,” she said. “Is she all right?”


“I don’t believe you.”

“You’ll see pretty soon.”

He looked her over and put his hands on her tits. She still wore the nipple-clips and now he checked them to make sure they were firmly biting her nipples.

Then he dropped one hand to her ass and his finger probed between her asscheeks to find her asshole.

He grinned at her and said, “Joanna said she fucked the starch right out of your asshole. How was it?”

She moaned. “It was horrible, what do you think? Listen, Vic, you seem nicer than the others. Why don’t you help me?”


He grabbed hold of the chain attached to the leather collar around her neck and pulled her to the stairs leading out of the basement.

He made her mount the stairs first.

He climbed the stairs behind her, his hands playing with her ass, his fingers pulling at her cuntlips.

At the top of the stairs he pushed her down the hall to the living room.

The others were in there. Joanna and Frankie were sitting on the sofa and Emmylou was kneeling on the floor between Frankie’s legs.

Paula gasped when she saw that Emmylou had her mouth filled with Frankie’s cock.

“Well, here’s the queen,” Joanna laughed.

Her mouth still stuffed with Frankie’s hard prick, Emmylou turned her head and looked at her mother.

Their eyes met. Paula thought she would find tears in Emmylou’s eyes, but instead the girl’s eyes were completely blank.

What have they done to my daughter? Paula thought.

Joanna had one of her hands dangling between her thighs and now the brunette began frigging her cunt. “Make her stand in the center of the room where we can see her,” Joanna said to Vic.

The big man pushed Paula forward until she stood in the middle of the living room.

They teased her about the way she was dressed. Emmylou kept her mouth on Frankie’s cock while he ran his hands over the girl’s hair.

Paula wondered if her daughter was enjoying what she was doing. Was it possible? Had they converted Emmylou to their evil ways?

Joanna suggested the men fuck Paula and both Frankie and Vic agreed.

At first Paula thought they intended to fuck her one after the other, but then she was horrified to learn that wasn’t the plan at all.

Both men would fuck her at the same time, one in her cunt and one in her ass.

Paula was frightened. She was sure they would kill her if they put both cocks in her at the same time.

Emmylou was between Joanna’s legs now. Paula watched with a heavy heart as the teenage girl slurped and sucked at the brunette’s hairy cunt.

She doesn’t seem to mind it, Paula thought.

Emmylou seemed to be having a good time.

Vic stretched out on his back on the rug and they made Paula mount him.

He used his hand to get his cock in her cunt and she groaned as she settled down on his huge prick.

When she had all of his cock in her pussy, he grabbed her exposed tits and then tugged on the chains attached to the nipple-clips.

The pain was unbearable, but they all laughed at her and urged Vic to pull her nipples way out.

Vic did just that. She thought she would faint when she looked down and saw her nipples pulled out two or three inches from her tits.

Frankie moved behind her now. He pushed her forward and slapped her asscheeks. He ran his fingers inside her asscrack and probed her asshole.

She moaned as he pushed two fingers inside her asshole and pumped them in and out to loosen her shittube.

A moment later his cock replaced his fingers.

He grunted as he shoved forward to pack her shitter with his hard prick.

Her shit-tube was constricted because of Vic’s huge cock in her cunt and Frankie’s prick felt like a telephone pole inside her ass.

She found it difficult to breathe. She felt as though she had one gigantic cock rammed throuih her body from her crotch to her throat.

The feeling was like nothing she’d ever had before.

Frankie began fucking her ass. Each time he thrust forward he sent her cunt partly off Vic’s cock. Each time Frankie pulled back he grabbed her hips and pulled her back with him so that once again she had Vic’s prick balls deep in her fuck-hole.

“How is it, guys?” Joanna laughed. “Having a good time?”

Frankie grunted. “She’s got a hot little ass, I’ll say that for her.”


“Tight cunt,” Vic said. “I can feel Frankie’s cock.”

Paula was dismayed at the way they talked about her as though she were an animal. She turned to look at Emmylou and saw the girl was still sucking Joanna’s cunt. Joanna had her hands on Emmylou’s head to hold the little blonde’s face tight against her pussy.

The men fucked her cunt and ass together until they came.

Vic shot his load first. The big man grabbed her waist and slammed his huge prick deep inside her cuntchannel as he spurted.

Frankie was next. He pounded her ass, ramming her without mercy, his thumbs pressing against the ring of her stretched asshole as he pistoned his cock in and out of her shitter.

When they finally released her, she rolled away on the rug with their jism streaming out of her cunthole and asshole.

She thought they would leave her alone awhile, but her torment was not over.

They made her suck their cocks clean. She almost gagged when she took Frankie’s shitstreaked cock in her mouth, but somehow she got through it and cleaned away the jism and shit.

Then they made her clean Emmylou. They made her stretch out on her back and they ordered Emmylou to squat over her face to get her crotch cleaned.

When Emmylou was hanging over her, their eyes met and Paula saw that Emmylou took pleasure in it.

Paula was shocked. Something had happened to Emmylou, something terrible. The girl was enjoying these perverted sadistic things they were doing!

Then her daughter’s crotch covered her face and she had no time to think about anything except Emmylou’s cunt and ass.

Joanna instructed Emmylou how to rub her ass back and forth over Paula’s face until Paula’s mouth had been everywhere.

Emmylou did such a good job of rubbing, she had a climax. They all laughed when they realized what had happened.

Paula was also aware what had happened, but she was not laughing. When Emmylou shuddered and came, she lost control and pissed in her mother’s mouth. Paula did not like that at all.

“Let the fancy lady suck the kid’s ass,” Frankie said.

Joanna pinched Emmylou’s chin and said, “How about it, honey, would you like that?”

Emmylou blushed. “Yes.”

“Do it so we can see,” Frankie said.

They made Emmylou get on her hands and knees and then they punched Paula until she crawled behind her daughter.

Joanna held Emmylou’s asscheeks open so the men could see how Paula’s tongue slithered inside Emmylou’s asshole.

Paula tried to pretend she was eating a pumpkin pie. It didn’t work. She knew what she was doing and she could taste her daughter’s ass.


Paula cooked dinner that evening, and she and Emmylou served it to their captors in the dining room.

When they were alone in the kitchen, Paula whispered to Emmylou: “We’ve got to escape.”

The girl shook her head. “I don’t think we can. They watch me all the time.”

“Maybe we can do something to distract them. Aren’t you afraid of them? These are dangerous people.”

Emmylou shrugged. “I was afraid in the beginning, but not any more. They’re crazy and dangerous, but if they wanted to kill us they would’ve done it already.”

“You’re wrong. We’ve got to escape!”

“I really don’t want to, Mother.”

Paula looked at the girl. There was a new look in Emmylou’s eyes, a look Paula had never seen before. Emmylou had grown up. She was still a virgin, but she’d done everything else with these awful people.

The teenager was naked and Paula could not help running her eyes up and down the girl’s ripe-looking body. She was lovely. Her tits hung like tender pears off her young chest. Her ass was firm and round and the bulge of her blonde cunt-mound was adorable.

Paula blushed as she remembered the taste of her daughter’s cunt and ass.

Emmylou caught the look and smiled. “I liked what you did to me before, Mother. It was nice.”

“I forbid you to talk about that!”

The teenager giggled and moved closer to her mother.

Paula was too shocked to move as Emmylou’s hands rose to her tits. Emmylou smirked as she tugged gently on the nippleclips.

“Joanna says you really like these.”

“That’s a lie!” Paula hissed. “That’s a filthy lie!”

The girl hefted her mother’s tits on her palms.

“You shouldn’t be touching me like that,” Paula whimpered.

“Oh, Mother, what’s the difference? I’ve already sucked your pussy and you’ve sucked mine. What difference does it make if we touch each other now?”

Paula realized the world she had known before today no longer existed. Here she was standing naked in her kitchen and her fifteen year old daughter was playing with her tits. Nothing was the same any more.

“Touch my tits, Mother.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Please, Mother. Don’t you want to touch me?”

Paula finally yielded. She did want to touch the girl. She knew it was a horrible sin, but she could not resist the impulse to fondle the teenager’s juicy-looking tits.

She reached out and cupped her hands under Emmylou’s tits.

“You’re pretty,” Paula said.

“Am I as pretty as you were when you were my age?”

“You’re prettier.”

Joanna suddenly walked into the kitchen and laughed at what she saw. “Well, look at the two lovebirds.”

Paula quickly dropped her hands from her daughter’s tits, but Emmylou kept her hands where they were.

“Go on,” Joanna said to Paula with a leer, “touch her cunt. See if she’s still cherry.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care what you want, just do as I say.”

Paula cried out as Joanna yanked one of the chains attached to her nipples.

Paula reached out, ran her fingertips over the mound of Emmylou’s pussy and touched the girl’s cuntlips.

“Inside,” Joanna said. “Get your fingers inside and touch her cherry.”

Paula quivered and carefully pushed a finger inside her daughter’s cunthole.

Yes, the girl was still a virgin.

When she pulled, her finger out and looked at it, she saw it was wet with Emmylou’s cuntjuice.

Joanna laughed, grabbed Paula’s wrist and forced the finger inside Paula’s mouth. “Suck it, dearie. She has a sweet-tasting cunt and I’m doing you a favor.”

Paula groaned and shuddered but she sucked her finger.

She could taste Emmylou’s cuntjuice on her finger and she had to admit the taste was pleasant.

That’s because it’s my own daughter, she thought. But she wasn’t sure.

Paula returned to serving them food. As she moved around the dining room table, they deliberately taunted her.

When she was near Frankie, he grabbed her ass and brutally pinched her.

Then Joanna made her get under the table to suck her cunt while she ate.

Paula was miserable as she crawled under the table and knelt between the brunette’s legs.

Joanna had her legs wide open and her ass shifted forward on the chair so that Paula could get her mouth on her pussy.

Paula settled down to suck the brunette’s meaty cunt while they ate their dinner.

“Listen,” Joanna said to the men, “Maybe it’s time we did something about the kid’s cherry. If we don’t take care of it, she’s liable to beat us to it with a cucumber.”

The men laughed and teased Emmylou. “How about that, kid? You been looking at cucumbers?”

Emmylou blushed but said nothing. She continued serving the meal. She wondered how her mother was doing under the table. Everything was crazy now. Here she was walking around naked in front of strangers while her mother was under the table sucking off a woman.

She did want them to do something about her cherry. She was hoping it wouldn’t be too long before someone fucked her pussy. She was dying for it. All the sucking and fucking around her had put her in a state of constant horniness.

They played with her now. Whenever she came near one of them, she would get her tits squeezed or one of their fingers tickling her asshole.

Joanna drilled her finger into Emmylou’s bunghole now and said, “After dinner I’m taking her cherry.”

Emmylou was puzzled. Why Joanna? Why not one of the men? She couldn’t figure it out.

Joanna saw the look on the girl’s face and chuckled. “I’ll use the dildo, honey. You’ll remember this fuck the rest of your life.”

Emmylou found the idea exciting, but she wasn’t sure whether she wouldn’t like a real cock better.

Anyway, it didn’t matter. She had no choice how she would lose her cherry. All she cared about was losing it and she was already quivering as she thought about Joanna’s rubber cock fucking her cunt.

When the dinner was finally over, Joanna let Paula get up from under the table to watch her daughter get her cherry busted.

“You get to suck her off right after,” Joanna said. “You’ll get her nice and clean, won’t you, dearie? You’re our cleaning lady.”

They all laughed, and even Paula smiled weakly at the joke. That’s what she was, a cleaning lady. They had her cleaning their cocks and cunts and assholes with her mouth. She knew the taste and smell of every one of them, including her own daughter.

I won’t come out of this alive, Paula thought. If they don’t kill me, I’ll do it myself. How could she go on living after all this degradation and suffering?

They all went to the living room.

Joanna brought out the dildo and the harness and she had Emmylou help her strap it on.

Emmylou couldn’t keep her eyes off the rubber cock. She quivered with anticipation. It looked so thick and hard, she was a little afraid of it. Had Joanna really fucked her mother in the ass with it?

Paula stood off to one side and watched them. She remembered the feel of that dildo sliding in and out of her ass. It was horrible that Joanna would now fuck Emmylou’s pussy with that thing.

When Joanna was satisfied the dildo was on right, she had Emmylou kneel on one of the easy chairs.

“Get some corn oil,” Joanna said to Paula. “She’s got a tight little pussy and I don’t want her to scream too much.”

Paula went for the corn oil. She wished Joanna cared as much about her as she seemed to care about Emmylou.

When Paula returned with the corn oil, Joanna poured some on her fingers and spread it over Emmylou’s pussy.

Paula stood behind her daughter and she found herself stimulated by the sight of Emmylou’s cunt bulging like a luscious fig.

She almost wished she could fuck Emmylou herself. Then she realized with a shock what she was thinking and she stepped back with a quiver.

Joanna wasted no time once she had the girl’s pussy sufficiently lubricated. She positioned herself behind the teenager’s upraised ass and used her hand to fit the head of the rubber cock in Emmylou’s cunthole.

Emmylou moaned, Joanna jerked her hips forward and then forward again, and suddenly a sharp cry came out of Emmylou’s throat as her cherry said goodbye.

The corn oil worked wonders. The teenager’s cuntchannel was slippery and easy to fuck and Joanna started a slow pistoning of the dildo in and out of the girl’s freshly opened fuckhole.

Her face flushed and sweaty, Emmylou rolled her eyes and moaned each time Joanna hit bottom. It felt heavenly. The girl couldn’t imagine cock could feel better. She came twice before the brunette finally pulled the dildo out and unstrapped the harness.

When Emmylou tried to climb down from the chair, Joanna stopped her. “Just hold still, honey. We’re not finished yet. Get your pretty ass in the air again.”

Emmylou once more lowered her head and shoulders to the back of the chair and raised her ass.

Joanna smiled and ran her hands over the teenager’s creamy asscheeks.

She tickled the girl’s asshole and then worked her fingers inside Emmylou’s recently fucked pussy.

“You all watch this,” Joanna said.

As Frankie and Vic and Paula watched, Joanna gnarled all the fingers of her right hand together and slowly forced them into Emmylou’s cunthole.

Inch by inch Joanna’s hand squeezed inside the girl’s fuckhole. When she reached the widest part of her hand, she turned her hand from side to side until it gradually disappeared inside Emmylou’s cunt-channel.

A moment later Joanna had all of her hand up to her wrist inside Emmylou’s cunt.

“All of it,” Joanna exulted. “I’ve got my whole damn hand in there!”

Emmylou thought she would faint with pleasure. Her cunt was stretched to the maximum and the feel of Joanna’s hand in there was exquisite.

Joanna’s fingers were turning and twisting and touching places that neither the dildo nor any cock could ever touch.

The teenager started coming again, and this time the orgasms came one after the other as Joanna’s wrist rasped against her swollen clit.

When the fistfuck was finally over, Emmylou collapsed on the easy chair in a heap. Joanna slowly withdrew her hand, popped it out of the girl’s gaping cunthole and ordered Paula to lick it clean.

Paula was in a daze as she moved forward to do Joanna’s bidding. She couldn’t believe what she’d just witnessed. But the evidence was there on Joanna’s hand, Emmylou’s cuntjuice and even some of her blood glistening on Joanna’s fingers and wrist.

Paula started licking. She licked Joanna’s fingers and palm and wrist. She licked until the brunette’s hand was completely clean and then she took each of Joanna’s fingers inside her mouth and gave it a final suck.

“Your tongue turns me on,” Joanna snickered. “Come on to the bathroom, dearie. There’ll be something else to clean.”

Joanna took hold of the chains attached to Paula’s tits and led her out of the room. At the door, Paula turned and looked at Emmylou. She was up and around now and the men were getting ready to fuck her pussy.

She looks happy, Paula thought. Emmylou looked as happy as a bird.


Paula tried to escape.

She was in the kitchen alone early the next morning, and she decided to make a break for it through the back door.

After spending the night on the floor in the basement she was tired as hell, but she told herself she had to get away.

She couldn’t take it any more. No matter what happened, she had to try to escape from them.

They were all in the dining room eating breakfast when she slipped through the backdoor and started running.

She did not know where to go.

She was also wearing nothing except a pair of panties and she realized that maybe the idea was crazy.

Instead of running up to the highway, she ran down towards the lake. She reasoned she had more places to hide down there.

It didn’t make any difference one way or the other. Vic and Frankie came after her, and within ten minutes they had her pinned on the ground and captured like a runaway dog.

They dragged her back to the house and of course Joanna was in a fury.

“Damn filthy slut!” Joanna snapped, and her hand whipped out to strike Paula’s face.

“She oughta be branded,” Frankie snickered.

“Why did you do it?” Joanna said.

Paula wailed. “Because you’re all horrible, that’s why! I can’t take it any more!”

“We’ll see what you can take, bitch. By the time I’m through with you, you’ll think what you had before was a picnic.”

They bent her over a chair and tied her up so she couldn’t move. Once again Joanna whipped her, but this time the brunette used a thin strap that hurt like hell and made vicious welts on Paula’s bare body.

After the whipping, they pushed her into the tub in the downstairs bathroom.

She knew something awful would happen now. She could tell by the way they snickered at each other.

Even Emmylou seemed expectant. The girl hadn’t said anything to her mother about the attempted escape, but Paula could tell Emmylou didn’t approve.

She’s on their side, Paula thought. These evil people had thoroughly corrupted her daughter.

Her eyes fiery, Joanna looked down at Paula cringing in the bathtub. “You’ll never forget this, honey. Just wait and see if I’m not right.”

The brunette stepped aside and Frankie chuckled as he took her place.

He unzipped his fly and brought his cock out and started pissing.

Paula groaned as, his hot piss rained down on her defenseless body.

He whipped his prick from side to side, making sure he covered her with piss from head to toe.

When Frankie was finished, he stepped back and Vic took his place.

Vic pissed on her the same way Frankie had, and now she was drenched in piss and completely overcome by the horror of what was happening to her.

After Vic it was Emmylou’s turn.

Paula couldn’t believe that her own daughter would do such a thing to her, but Emmylou calmly stepped into the tub and squatted over Paula’s face and let loose a gush of piss on Paula’s head.

Joanna had made sure the stopper was in the drain, and there was now enough piss so that Paula was almost swimming in it.

The stink was awful. She’d given up struggling, and she lay there now moaning and praying it would somehow end.

But it wasn’t, time for the end yet. It was Joanna’s turn now, and when the brunette squatted over Paula’s face she gave Paula much more than Paula expected.

Much more.

Joanna pissed like the others, pissed hard on Paula’s face, but when the brunette finished pissing she remained in the tub and grunted and started shitting.

Paula screamed.

The blonde felt hypnotized as she looked up and watched the first turd squeeze out of Joanna’s dark little asshole.

The cucumber-sized lump of shit came out brown and heavy and dropped like a bomb on Paula’s throat.

Joanna wiggled her ass to take better aim and dropped the second turd on target, smack on Paula’s face, right across her forehead and nose and chin.

One more turd, the last one. It came out thick and long and when it finally dropped down on Paula her face was now buried in Joanna’s hot shit.

Joanna finished her shit with a series of farts.

Then she stepped out of the tub and turned and laughed at Paula.

“You lay like that awhile,” the brunette said. “Maybe we’ll let you clean up later and maybe we won’t. But in the meantime you swim in it, honey. And get used to it, huh? This is just the beginning.”

They left her lying in the bathtub. She lay there sobbing and groaning, her hands still tied, the shit still covering her face.

She was sure hell couldn’t be any worse than this.

She wanted to die. She wished there was some way a person could will themselves to die so she could end her torment.

But after a while a strange peace came over her. The stink of the shit and piss was no longer so unbearable. She quivered as she remembered how it happened, how four people had taken turns degrading her. Even her own daughter had pissed on her.

A long shudder ran through Paula’s body.

Oh, no, she thought.

She had an orgasm.

A hot spasm ripped through her pussy and washed over her body.

She rubbed and squeezed her thighs together and a moment later she came again.

Moaning and squirming in the piss and shit, she flexed her thighs and brought herself off a third time and then finally she collapsed.


They did let her clean up. She cleaned herself and powdered herself and put on fresh make-up and Joanna even let her put on some of her sexy lingerie.

Paula was subdued now. There would be no more attempts to escape. She was a slave and she knew what she was and now she accepted it.

Now she recognized that she was turned on by certain things she had previously thought were horrible.

Those three orgasms she had in the bathtub were not to be denied.

Joanna recognized the change in Paula and she gave the blonde to Frankie for the rest of the evening.

“She loves everything now,” Joanna said to Frankie. “Don’t hold back.”

The brunette smiled and patted Paula’s ass and then cruelly dug her fingernail into the edge of Paula’s asshole.

Paula closed her eyes and bit her lip at the pain, but after a few more moments of it she came.

Joanna was pleased when she saw the way Paula responded and the brunette dug her slender finger all the way inside Paula’s ass.

“Feel that?”

“Yes,” Paula groaned.

“Like it?”


“Do you want Frankie’s cock up your ass?”


“Go, Frankie, take her upstairs.”

Frankie grinned and took hold of the chain attached to Paula’s collar and led her away.

He playfully pinched her ass as she climbed the stairs in front of him.

He took her to one of the spare bedrooms. He told her that if she behaved herself she could sleep in this room from now on instead of in the basement.

He kissed her. He fondled her ass and dug his fingers inside her asscrack and soon she was dying for him to fuck her shithole.

She wanted his thick cock reaming out her bung.

She wanted the feel of his cockmeat packed tight inside her shit-tube.

He had her purring by the time he told her to suck his cock and get it wet enough to fuck her ass.

She sat on the edge of the bed and sucked his hard prick. She dribbled saliva over his cockhead and cockshaft and spread it all the way down to his balls with her fingers.

She hefted his balls with her fingertips. His nuts felt heavy and she was turned on as she thought of his big load of jism spurting inside her ass.

Finally she knelt on the edge of the bed and raised her red satin robe to show him her ass. Frankie chuckled as he squeezed her asscheeks. He ran his fingers up and down her asscrack and tickled her asshole.

Paula kept her head and shoulders down on the mattress and waited.

She groaned at the first touch of his swollen cockhead against the ring of her asshole.

She pushed out like she was taking a shit and opened her asshole to his cock.

First the tip of his cock, then his cockhead, then his cockshaft slid inside the hot tunnel of her shit-tube.

A deep groan came out of her throat at the marvelous feel of his prick in her ass.

He began fucking her shitter, his hands gripping the flesh of her hips, his crotch pumping as he pistoned his cock in and out.

She moaned and groaned and shook her head from side to side.

She had one orgasm before he started coming, and then when he let her know he was about to shoot his load in her ass, she began coming again.

The hot pleasure blasted through, her body as he spurted his cock-cream in her shit-tube.

When he finally pulled his deflating cock out of her ass, she immediately turned around to suck him clean.

Frankie patted her cheek as she sucked and licked the shit and juices off his cock.

The smell and taste of her own shit turned her on, and as she sucked his cock she slid her hand between her thighs and frigged her cunt.

Frankie laughed when he saw it. “Okay, come on in the bathroom and I’ll do you up brown.”

She quivered with excitement as she hurrried into the bathroom.

She threw him a coy look as she removed her robe and climbed into the bathtub.

She lay down on her back and a moment later Frankie climbed in and squatted over her with ass near her face.

The old Paula no longer existed.

The new Paula gazed with hot lust at Frankie’s hard ass and hair-rimmed asshole.

She hissed with pleasure as he reached back and pulled his asscheeks apart with his hands.

“Watch it,” he said. “Here it comes.”

She watched it.

His asshole opened like a tiny mouth and slowly the dark brown knob of a turd appeared.

She watched spellbound as two inches of turd came out. Unable to resist the impulse, she lifted her hand and touched it. She ran her fingertips around the stretched ring of his shithole.

Frankie grunted and another two inches of turd squeezed out of his bung.

Then he grunted again, and as the rest of it came out Paula caught the turd with her hands.

“That’s all I’ve got,” he said. He looked at her over his shoulder and snickered when he saw her holding his shit. “Put the damn thing in the toilet,” he said, “otherwise you’ll stink the place up again.”

The toilet was next to the bathtub and it was easy for her to reach over and drop the lump of shit in the toilet bowl.

She turned on the faucet in the bathtub and washed the shit off her hands.

Frankie’s ass was still hanging over her face, and now he reached back and once again pulled his asscheeks apart with his hands.

Paula knew what she had to do.

She touched his ass, pulled him down a bit, and then she extended her tongue and began cleaning his asshole.

Frankie groaned. “Oh, yeah, baby, that’s good! Get your tongue inside. Lay some tongue up the old brown hole!”

Stiffening her tongue, she screwed it inside his hot shithole and began fucking him with it.

She loved it.

She pistoned her tongue in and out of his asshole as he groaned and wriggled his hips.

At intervals she closed her lips over his asshole and nibbled the muscular ring of his grommet.

Frankie grunted and rubbed his ass over her face. “Suck it, baby!” he cried. “Suck my ass!”

She sucked and licked and tongue-fucked his hairy asshole until his cock was hard again.

Then he turned around, grinned at her and told her to suck his prick.

She held his heavy nuts in her hand as she sucked the knob of his cock.

Closing his fist around his cockshaft, Frankie made a croaking sound as he jerked himself off into her gaping mouth.


“It’s time you got out to see the world again,” Joanna said to Paula. “Put some clothes on and we’ll drive into town and get some food.”

This was the first time in more than a week that Paula would be getting out of the house and she was eager for it.

She gave them no trouble now. She did whatever she was told and one day passed into the next without much change.

Her husband Ray would eventually return home and then of course things might be different. Joanna and Frankie and Vic were even now talking about leaving soon for Mexico.

In the meantime Paula had become accustomed to her role in the house. She and Emmylou were like servants to the others, but Emmylou was their favorite, especially Vic’s.

Emmylou had confided to Paula that Vic fucked her day and night and never seemed to get enough. Emmylou complained to her mother that her pussy and asshole were sore from Vic’s big cock.

“But I guess it’s worth it,” the teenager said. “He turns me on like crazy, especially when he fucks my ass.”

Ten days ago Paula would have been shocked to hear her daughter talk like that, but everything had changed and Paula simply nodded and smiled and patted Emmylou’s cute little ass.

Now Paula hurried to get ready for her trip into town with Joanna. All her clothes were in the bedroom Joanna was using. She knocked on the door and she heard Joanna call out and invite her in.

It seemed natural to Paula that Joanna would make herself at home in her bedroom. Joanna came out of the bathroom blowing her hair dry with Paula’s hair-dryer.

Joanna smiled at Paula and said, “I want you dressed up and looking pretty, you know what I mean?”

Paula nodded. She was happy to have the opportunity to dress up. She walked around the house naked or nearly naked all the time and it would feel good to get some decent clothes on.

Paula started looking through her closet to find something to wear and Joanna came over to help her.

Joanna finally picked out a tailored blue outfit and a pair of blue high-heeled sandals.

“I bet you look smashing in this suit,” Joanna said. “Come on, get dressed and let me see how it looks.”

Paula thought the suit was a bit too dressy for an ordinary trip, but of course if Joanna wanted her to wear it she would.

The blonde opened a drawer to find some underwear but Joanna stopped her. “No, baby,” Joanna said, “I want you naked under that. Maybe a garter belt and stockings but that’s all. No bra and no panties.”

Paula blushed as Joanna reached out to squeeze one of her bare tits. The brunette smirked as she pinched Paula’s nipple. “Hurt?” Joanna said.

Paula nodded. “A little.”

“But you like it, don’t you?”


“Maybe you’d better clean me before we get dressed. We wouldn’t want to ruin that pretty suit, would we?”

Paula quivered as Joanna turned around and bent forward to offer her ass and cunt.

As Joanna continued blow-drying her hair, Paula crouched behind the brunette and swabbed her crotch clean with her tongue.

Joanna chuckled and held the corner of the bureau with one hand to support herself. She wiggled her ass from side to side as Paula’s tongue lapped up and down on her bunghole.

Nearly an hour passed before the two women finished dressing, but finally they were in the car and on the highway into town.

“Now listen,” Joanna said, “don’t you think of running away because the boys still have Emmylou at the house. You understand?”

“I won’t run away,” Paula said.

“If you see anybody you know, just act natural. You can tell them I’m a cousin or something. You make any trouble and you’ll be sorry.”

“I won’t make any trouble,” Paula said.

Joanna smiled. “I know you won’t, honey, but I’m just making sure.”

Paula had no intention of making any trouble. She felt good sitting there in the car beside Joanna. The brunette was driving, and now she slipped her hand between Paula’s legs and pinched the soft flesh on the inside of Paula’s thigh.

“Maybe we’ll find a man for you,” Joanna said. “Somebody who’ll know how to treat you. I think Frankie and Vic have been getting too easy on you. Would you like that, honey? Would you like us to find someone for you after we do the shopping?”

Paula’s voice quavered. “All right.”

The blonde wondered what she was letting herself in for. She hadn’t imagined anything like that would happen, but now she remembered how Joanna had insisted she go naked under her suit.

She wore nothing under her skirt except a thin garter belt and beige nylons. She hoped her pussy wasn’t wet. If it was, the juice would certainly stain her skirt in the back.

She wants a stranger to do things to me, Paula thought. And the more she thought about it, the more she wanted it too.

When they finally arrived at the market where they would shop for food, they found the place almost empty. They did all the shopping in half an hour and they had one of the market boys carry the groceries out to the car.

Joanna looked the boy up and down, but she shook her head and told Paula she wanted someone more substantial.

After the boy smiled and took his tip and left, Joanna spotted a man at the edge of the parking lot. He was a tall lanky fellow and he was leaning against a truck that had just delivered fruit to the market.

Joanna guessed he was a truckdriver. “That’s the one,” the brunette said. “You wait here while I talk to him. Don’t you run away now.”

Paula promised she wouldn’t run away. She watched Joanna as she walked off to talk to the man. Paula thought Joanna looked terribly sexy. The brunette wore a red blouse with a sweetheart neckline that showed off her tits and tight jeans that showed the curves of her ass. She looked lovely as she pranced across the parking lot on her high heels.

Paula watched as Joanna approached the truckdriver and talked to him. At first the man seemed to have no reaction to Joanna except what you would expect a man to have to a pretty girl. But then he straightened up and Paula could see the grin spread across his rugged face. Soon the man was nodding and giving directions of some kind to Joanna, pointing at someplace behind the supermarket building.

Joanna finally left the man and returned to Paula. The man climbed into the cab of his truck and backed the truck out of the parking lot.

“We’re meeting him at a place a few blocks away,” Joanna said. “Come on, honey, let’s get the car moving.”

Paula was in a daze. She realized now that Joanna had been offering her to the truckdriver. She trembled as she tried to imagine what Joanna had in store for her.

Five blocks from the supermarket was an industrial park of some kind. Joanna turned the car through a gate and there down at the end of a short deserted road they could see the truck that had pulled out of the parking lot.

The truck was standing beside a small shed and the truck driver was out of the cab and waiting for them. Joanna parked the car behind the truck and then she and Paula climbed out of the car and walked over to the truck driver.

“Luke meet Paula,” Joanna said.

“Is this her?”

“It sure is,” Joanna said.

He grinned at Paula and Paula blushed and smiled back.

“Let’s go inside,” he said. “I got about twenty minutes and then I have to split.”

He stepped aside to let the ladies enter the shed first. When they were all inside, he closed the door. Then he walked over to the two women and grinned. His eyes on Paula, he unbuckled his belt, pulled his zipper down and dropped his jeans and shorts to his ankles.

He had a thick mean-looking cock surrounded by lots of dark curly hair.

Cupping his balls with his left hand, he fisted his cockshaft with his right hand and waved the knob of his cock at them. “Come on,” he said. “I don’t have much time.”

“Turn around,” Joanna said.

“Is she really going to do it?”

“I told you she would, didn’t I? Turn around and you’ll see.”

He shrugged and turned around to show them his ass. He had a hard looking handsome butt and Paula found herself quivering as she gazed at it.

“Go on,” Joanna said to Paula, “eat his ass, honey. After that you can suck him off.”

Paula hesitated only a moment. She told herself she had to obey Joanna and anyway she did want to do it. She couldn’t deny that.

The more she looked at that dark split between his muscular asscheeks the more she wanted to taste what he had in there.

Suddenly Joanna pushed her forward and Paula found herself crouching behind Luke’s ass.

The truck driver looked over his shoulder at her and smiled. Then he spread his legs and leaned forward with his hands on his thighs and shifted backwards a bit to get his ass closer to Paula’s face. “Go on, cutie,” he said, “make a meal out of it.”

Her heart pounding in her ears, Paula put both hands on his asscheeks and spread them apart to expose his asshole.

He had a hairy asscrack, the dark hair curling up from his balls to circle his brown grommet.

His nuts hung down like two plums in a leather sack. He grunted as she trailed her fingers over his ball-bag and then over the stretch of hairy skin between his balls and his asshole.

She wanted to spend an hour licking his hairy balls and his dank asscrack, but a sudden lust overwhelmed her and instead she pushed her face forward and clamped her mouth directly over the wrinkled grommet of his shithole.

“Oh, Christ!” he groaned. A wheezing gasp came out of his throat as she nibbled his asshole and then slowly pushed her stiffened tongue inside his bung.

Paula was aware of nothing now except his ass. From the smell of him, she guessed he hadn’t had a bath in a week. She could taste the sweat and shit in his asscrack and she loved it. She loved the musky maleness of his asshole. It was thoroughly degrading to have her nose and mouth in the asscrack of a stranger like this, and the more degrading it was the more she loved it.

She ate his ass, fucked her tongue in and out of his bunghole until his grommet was loose and wet.

He grunted and groaned, pushed his ass back against her face to get more of her tongue inside his shitter.

Then finally he pulled away and turned around. “Okay,” he said with a croaking voice, “suck the lollipop, baby. Suck me off.”

His cock was stiff and throbbing and looked like a baseball bat as it moved from side to side in front of her face.

She opened her mouth wide and a moment later he shoved forward to bury his prick halfway down her throat.

She thought she’d choke at first, but she held on, caught her breath and started squeezing his cockhead with her throat muscles.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he groaned, and a moment later his cock erupted as he began blasting a load of thick jism down her throat.

She gulped and swallowed, her throat working convulsively as she milked his spurting prick.

When his balls were finally empty, she pulled her mouth back to the knob of his cock and sucked the remnants of his cum out of his pisshole.

He looked down at her, his eyes glazed, his mouth stretched in a grin. “Jesus, what a fucking mouth!” he said.

Joanna chuckled. “Piss in it,” she said.

He looked at her. “Huh?”

“I said piss in her mouth. Don’t you have to piss? Go on, do it. She loves it.”

He looked down at Paula and blew his breath out through his teeth, and then suddenly the hot piss spurted out of the tip of his cock and into Paula’s mouth.

Paula sucked and swallowed. She loved the taste of this too. She closed her eyes and worked her throat muscles as she gluttonously drank the stream of hot piss gushing out of his prick.

When the truckdriver was finished pissing, he groaned and pulled his soft cock out of Paula’s mouth.

Paula caught the last drop of piss on her lips and rolled it over her tongue and swallowed it down.

Luke shook his head and grunted as he pulled up his jeans and shorts to get himself dressed again.

“Well, you’re really something,” he said. “Anytime you feel like doing this again, I’m at the market every Thursday. You come down and I’ll take care of you.”

When he walked out of the shed a few minutes later, Joanna turned to Paula and smiled. “Nice?”

Paula blushed and nodded. “Yes.”


“I’ll miss them,” Emmylou said, “I really will.”

“So will I,” Paula smiled.

They were watching Joanna’s car as it moved up the driveway to the highway. Joanna and Frankie and Vic were on their way to Mexico, and a few minutes ago they had all said goodby to Emmylou and Paula.

Ray had telephoned that he would be home at noon today. Paula was uncertain about the future. Emmylou insisted everything would be all right, but Paula wasn’t so sure.

Now Emmylou put her arm around her mother’s waist and said, “Are you worried again?”


“Don’t be silly, Mother. Daddy’s going to be easy, I know it. Anyway, we have a few hours until he gets here, so lets keep each other busy.”

Paula threw the girl a coy look and smiled. “What do you have in mind?”

“You know what I have in mind,” Emmylou said with a snicker. “You haven’t done it to me for two whole days and I think it’s time.”

They were mother and daughter, but Emmylou called the shots. Paula accepted it. She felt more comfortable with Emmylou when the girl gave the orders. That was one thing Paula had discovered these past weeks. It thrilled her to take orders from someone, and the more nasty the things they made her do the more she liked it.

As they walked into the house, Emmylou ran her hand over her mother’s ass. Paula was naked under her thin cotton dress and Emmylou loved the feel of her mother’s lush butt under her fingers.

Paula giggled as Emmylou pushed her fingers inside her asscrack.

“That’s awful,” Paula said.

“And that’s why you love it,” Emmylou replied.

The girl led her mother to the living room. As Paula stood there and watched, Emmylou slipped her panties off and held them up to Paula’s face.

“Sniff my pussy,” Emmylou said. “Does it smell nice?”

Paula blushed. “Yes.”

Emmylou chuckled. She knew what turned her mother on. Now that they were alone, Emmylou intended to have a good time with her mother.

Tossing the panties away, Emmylou smiled at her mother. “I think Paula wants to be naked. I think she wants to show Emmylou her big titties. Doesn’t she want to do that?”

Paula quivered and began unbuttoning her dress. When she had all the buttons undone, she let the dress slip from her shoulders and drop to the floor.

Emmylou smirked. She cupped her hands under her mother’s heavy tits and raised them. “Fat juicy-looking nipples,” Emmylou said.

“Let’s see if we can get them stiff.”

The girl lowered her head and took one of her mother’s nipples between her teeth. She bit down slowly. Paula groaned, closed her eyes as the girl’s sharp teeth nibbled her sensitive nipple-flesh.

When Emmylou removed her mouth from Paula’s tit, the older woman’s nipple was swollen and stiff.

“Look at that,” Emmylou said with a smile. “Look how pretty it is.”

The girl dropped a hand to her mother’s cuntbush and fondled Paula’s thick cuntlips with her fingers.

“You’re sopping wet,” Emmylou teased. “You’re very naughty, Mother. You shouldn’t get turned on by your own daughter, you know. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” Paula said with a weak voice.

“Do you want to suck my pussy?”

Paula closed her eyes and nodded. Her mouth was watering for a taste of her daughter’s young cunt. She was still not used to the things they did with each other, still afraid there would be retribution of some kind. But she hungered for them. She wanted her mouth on her daughter’s pussy. She wanted to lick and suck and chew the girl’s delicious cuntflesh.

“All right,” Emmylou said, “if you want to suck my pussy, I’ll let you. But you better do a good job of it, you hear? If you don’t, I think I’ll whip you. Do you understand that, Mother?”


The girl snickered, pinched her mother’s fat nipples and went to sit down on the sofa.

Raising her skirt, Emmylou pulled her knees back to her tits and opened her thighs to expose her young cunt.

“Come and get it, Mother.”

Paula moaned softly and quickly knelt on the rug at her daughter’s feet.

Emmylou purred, grabbed her mother’s ears and pulled Paula’s mouth against her wet pussy.

“Suck me,” the girl said. “First you’ll suck me off and then we’ll get you dressed up for Daddy. Do you remember that nice straightjacket Joanna left us? We’ll dress you up in that for Daddy. I know he’ll love it.”

Her mouth filled with her daughter’s cuntflesh and hot cuntjuice, Paula quivered as she listened to Emmylou. Would seeing her bound and gagged really turn Ray on?

Emmylou came twice in her mother’s face.

She made Paula suck every last drop of juice out of her cunthole. Then she told her mother to get her lips on her peehole and she gushed a torrent of hot piss down Paula’s throat.

The teenager giggled as she saw how much her mother loved it.

When Paula couldn’t hold it all and some of the girl’s piss leaked down to her asshole, Emmylou made her mother lick it up with her tongue.

Having her mother’s tongue swabbing up and down over the grommet of her asshole made Emmylou excited all over again.

Leaning back, her hands hooked behind her knees, the girl told her mother to suck her ass and bring her off.

After that Paula had, to kneel on the rug on her hands and knees while Emmylou fingerfucked her mother’s gaping cunt until she came.

When they finally brought out the leather straightjacket and ball-gag, Paula was loose and mellow and ready for it.

Paula’s blood raced as Emmylou slipped the straightjacket over her arms and began buckling it down.

Paula trembled as she realized how helpless she was. Then Emmylou pushed the ball-gag into her mouth and now she was unable even to talk or scream.

Maybe it’s too much, Paula thought.

But it was too late. No matter what she thought now, she was trussed up and gagged and she could do nothing about it.

Emmylou led her mother up to the master bedroom. The girl made Paula kneel on the bed with her head and shoulders down on the mattress and her lush white ass raised in the air.

“You look delicious,” Emmylou said. “I bet Daddy comes in his pants when he sees you like this.”

Either that or he’ll kill me, Paula thought. She wondered what Ray would think about her transformation. All these years he’d known her as a prude, as a woman who tolerated fucking only because she thought it was her duty.

Now she was a different person and she was anxious to have Ray accept the change.

Emmylou frigged her pussy with one hand while she ran the other hand up and down between her mother’s cunthole and asshole. She thought her mother looked sexy as hell bound and gagged like this. She pried open Paula’s thick cuntlips and giggled as she looked inside her mother’s gaping cunthole.

It wasn’t long before they heard Ray’s car coming down the driveway to the house.

Paula remained as she was, but Emmylou ran down to the living room to greet her father.

Ray walked into the house grinning and in a moment Emmylou was in his arms. She kissed his cheek and he patted her head.

He told her about his trip. She said nothing about Joanna and Frankie and Vic. Finally Ray said, “Where’s your mother?”

“She’s upstairs in the bedroom, Daddy. She’s waiting for you.”

“Is she sick?”

“Of course not. She just told me to tell you to go up there, that’s all.”

Ray looked puzzled as he left her to climb the stairs.

Emmylou was amused. She watched her father as he walked up the stairs to the master bedroom and she wondered what his reaction would be when he saw Paula.

Well, we’ll soon find out, the teenager thought.

She pressed her pussy through her skirt. Thinking about her father finding her mother trussed up on the bed had turned her on. The teenager smiled and rubbed her cunt and then decided she had to go up there and see what was going on.

She’d go crazy standing down here and wondering.

She moved quietly up the stairs and slipped along the hall to the bedroom.

The door was open. She heard groaning. Finally Emmylou was close enough to look inside the room.

The teenager covered her mouth to muffle a giggle.

Paula was still on the bed, still trussed up in the leather straight jacket, still gagged with the black ball chained to her head, but now Ray was behind her.

He stood behind Paula’s upraised ass, his pants and shorts dropped to his ankles. He held her hips and slowly pumped his cock in and out of her cunt.

Now Ray chuckled. “Some homecoming present, honey. I wouldn’t believe it, except that here it is in front of me. You sure that thing isn’t too tight? Well, shit, you can’t answer me, can you? All you can do is listen.”

He laughed and suddenly slapped her ass. Paula wiggled her hips and he slapped her ass again.

Emmylou rolled her eyes with delight and decided now was the time to act. The teenager quickly stripped her clothes off and walked into the room.

Ray heard her coming and turned and looked at her with amazement.

His eyes drank in the sight of his daughter’s naked body, her young bouncing tits and her tender cunt-mound.

Paula turned her head and also looked at Emmylou. Then she looked at Ray. Husband and wife looked at each other and Paula nodded. Ray said nothing, and then a grin slowly spread across his face. “Holy shit,” he said.

Emmylou giggled and moved closer to her father.

Ray continued fucking Paula, holding her hip with one hand, but now he moved the other hand to Emmylou and fondled her tits.

Their eyes met. “I think you had all of this planned,” Ray said.

Emmylou nodded. “Don’t you like it?”

He chuckled. “I love it, honey.”

“Touch my pussy, Daddy.”

Ray made a hissing sound of pleasure and dropped his hand to Emmylou’s cunt-mound. She moved her legs apart so he could get his fingers inside her pussy. She closed her eyes and groaned as he probed her sopping cunthole.

Ray continued fucking Paula’s cunt, his cock sliding in and out of her stretched cunthole with a steady rhythm. After a while Emmylou moved against her father and ran her hand over his pumping ass.

The girl’s fingers dipped inside his hairy asscrack and moved down to grab his swinging balls.

She held her father’s nuts in her young hand as he fucked her mother.

“Is it good, Daddy? Does Mommy’s pussy feel good?”

“It feels great, sugar.”

“I love holding your balls like this, Daddy, but I think I’m going to do something else.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll see.”

She moved around behind him and crouched down to get her face in front of his lean-looking butt.

Ray groaned as he felt his daughter’s wet tongue slither into the crack of his ass.

Emmylou licked her father’s hairy asscrack and then moved underneath to lick and suck his balls.

She couldn’t fit both nuts in her mouth, but she managed to hold onto one while he continued fucking her mother.

The girl slid her hand along the front of his thighs until her fingers made contact with the junction of pistoning cock and sopping wet cunt.

Keeping one hand on her father’s cock as it slid in and out of Paula’s gaping pussy, Emmylou dropped his nuts out of her mouth and moved her tongue along his asscrack to find his asshole.

A deep grunt, came out of Ray’s throat as the teenager’s warm tongue slipped inside his shithole.

Emmylou tongue-fucked her father’s bunghole, and then finally she pulled her mouth away from his ass and said, “Daddy, why don’t you fuck Mommy in the ass? I think she’d like that very much.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. Just ask her.”

Ray looked at Paula and Paula looked back at him over her shoulder and nodded.

“Sweet Jesus,” Ray said. He looked down at his wife’s winking asshole and smiled.

Scooping some cuntjuice out of Paula’s dripping cunt, he brought the juice up to her bunghole and smeared it over her puckered grommet.

A moment later he pulled his cock out of Paula’s cunthole and brought his cockhead up to her wrinkled asshole.

Two weeks of daily assfucking had loosened Paula’s shitter to the point where she could take a cock up her ass without any difficulty.

The only sound she made was a groan of pleasure as Ray’s thick prick slid inside the hot cavern of her ass.

He went wild as he fucked her ass.

Emmylou made him pull out before he came because she wanted him to fuck her too.

He fucked Emmylou’s cunt and then he fucked her ass until she saw stars.

He finally shot his load in the teenager’s asshole. When he pulled his cock out of her ass, Emmylou smiled at him and leaned over to get the ball-gag out of Paula’s mouth.

“Watch this, Daddy.”

The girl nodded at her mother and Paula swiveled around to get her mouth on Ray’s cock.

Paula cleaned Ray’s cock and then he cleaned Emmylou’s pussy and then she moved her mouth back to Ray’s cock again.

She nibbled and licked his cock and held his cockhead inside her mouth.

Emmylou smiled at her father and said, “Piss in her mouth, Daddy. She really likes that.”

Ray’s eyes widened. Then he chuckled and a moment later Paula was gulping as she swallowed his hot piss.

Emmylou put one arm around her mother and one arm around her father and hugged them both.

The teenager decided she didn’t care about her school friends any more. What she had here was much better.

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