Dirty Little Girl

The tremendous impact of a parent’s attitudes and behavior upon a growing child has been emphasized many times over by numerous renowned psychologists. Indeed, a parent’s influence often carries on into a child’s later years, leaving an indelible mark upon his personality.

DIRTY LITTLE GIRL is the story of Libby, a young girl whose attitudes and moral standards have chiefly been influenced by her mother, whose husband has deserted her long ago. Following her mother’s example, Libby learns early in life that sex can be a marketable commodity, indeed that it can be her one-way ticket out of the dead-end life she has helping her mother work a run-down, rural cafe. And when she does escape, it is natural for young Libby to continue on the path she has always followed, pleasuring a never-ending parade of men and developing a life style which, although socially unacceptable to many, becomes her norm.

DIRTY LITTLE GIRL — a timely novel about the coming of age of one young American girl.


Sitting quietly on the step, Libby anxiously looked down the dark road, waiting for the headlights of Billy Jefferson’s pickup. Billy drove out to her mother’s cafe every Thursday night so that Libby could suck him off.

Although only eighteen years old, for the past few years Libby had been charging the local boys two dollars for a blow job. She didn’t know how much money she had collected over that time, but she had two large cans stuffed with dollars, dimes and quarters hidden under a loose floor board in the pantry.

She was dimly aware that she could make a lot more money letting older men fuck her, but she wasn’t all that interested in fucking. She really enjoyed sucking off those hard young cock though.

The only person that she had really wanted to screw was Big Red, who was out in the house trailer behind the cafe with her mother. From the first time he had swaggered into the diner, Libby had dreamed of going to bed with this big handsome truck driver. She could never understand why he paid her mother for a piece of ass every Thursday when he drove through town. Little Libby was absolutely certain that almost every woman and girl in the world would give a piece of ass to Big Red for nothing.

As long as Libby could remember, sex had been a normal function in their home. Since she had been a baby, there had been a constant flow of men through her mother’s bed. Some stayed only overnight, others stayed for weeks or months, and Jim Crawford, whom she really liked, lived with them for over a year until her mother threw him out when she found him screwing Libby.

Libby had first been initiated into sex by a dishwasher. He was a skinny old red-faced man who had promised to buy her a pony if she would let him fuck her, and, being a very practical little girl, she agreed.

Libby remembered how the old man had shaken and trembled with anticipation when she spread her naked little body out on the pantry floor. When his prick made contact with the warm outer skin of her virginal cunt, he became so excited that his tick, sticky jizz gushed out all over her stomach. The old man had sat down and cried like a hysterical child.

It had hurt like hell when he finally penetrated her pussy the next day, but because of another quick ejaculation, his limp wet cock soon slipped out.

He told her that the pony had been ordered and should arrive any day. Every morning she would go to the kitchen and ask if her pony had come, and he always said that it would probably be there tomorrow; then, taking her by the hand, he would lead her back into the pantry. Later that summer when Libby went into the kitchen to ask about the pony, her mother told her that the old dishwasher had packed his meager belongings and left during the night. Libby’s new pony was never delivered.

Libby had never seen her father, but her mother had always told her what a grand gentleman he was.

“He wasn’t like any other man I’ve ever known,” her mother often told her. “He was a real aristocratic gentleman.”

Although he had disappeared long before Libby was born, her mother vowed to give the baby a name worthy of the child’s elegant father. Hence the name Elizabeth, after the Queen of England, but within a few short years, the regal name had deteriorated to Libby.

Libby was not an attractive girl. She had a wide mouth with full moist lips that somehow seemed too exotic for her rather flat, broad face, framed with long, straight sun-streaked hair. Yet, her half-closed lids drooping over dull, listless eyes gave her a profoundly sensual appearance.

When she waited on tables in the diner, she always wore extremely short dresses, a very low neckline and no bra. She was aware that her half-exposed body invited a few pats and pinches, but it also attracted a lot of nickels and dimes left discreetly under the saucers of departing male customers.

Although not fat, the girl had huge firm tits and full, ample hips. Her bare upper thighs, although always looking a bit grubby, were always deliciously exposed to the very appreciative male customers. There was no doubt that her earthy appearance and sensual movements produced an animal magnetism that few men could ignore.

Sitting on the step of the diner, waiting for Billy Jefferson, she looked over at Big Red’s rig parked in the shadows of the cafe. Sometimes she had dreamed that he had taken her away with him in the big truck. It would be so nice to travel down the highways with that big virile man.

Standing up, she reached under her dress to scratch her bare ass where a mosquito had raised a big welt.

“Damn that Billy,” she said to herself. “When the hell will he get here?”

Libby was anxious for the boy to arrive. Not only did she like the two dollars she would receive, but she genuinely enjoyed the pleasure of sucking erect cocks. She loved the feel of the hard, throbbing meat in her mouth, and there was nothing that tasted better to her than hot, juicy spunk.

She heard the clatter of Billy Jefferson’s old pickup long before it came over the bill. When she saw the lights, one much dimmer than the other, a little tingle of excitement flickered through her cunt.

“Hi, Billy,” she called when he had parked the pickup in the shadows of Red’s big rig. “Why so late tonight?”

“Shit,” grumbled the boy. “Pa’s makin’ me work the late shift at the service station, and I couldn’t get away till now.”

“Well, that’s okay, Billy, but I’m sure glad you’re here,” she smiled.

“Yeah,” he muttered. “But I can’t stay very long. Pa thinks I just went down to the corner for a bite to eat.”

“Okay,” she sighed. “Where’s your two bucks?”

“I-I only got one,” he stammered, pulling a worn bill out of his pocket.

“You know I ain’t gonna suck anybody off for a lousy buck,” she snapped.

“But,” he argued, “Pa was standin’ right by the cash register, and I couldn’t get no more.”

“No blow job for a lousy dollar,” she continued. “But I’ll jack you off for a buck.”

“Bullshit!” stormed Billy. “I ain’t paying anyone a dollar to jack me off when I can do it to myself for nothin’. Shit, I wouldn’t pay you to suck me off if I could reach it with my own mouth.”

“Then you might as well leave, Billy,” she calmly replied. “I still ain’t gonna suck nobody off for a stinkin’ buck.”

“Please,” begged the boy. “Please, Libby, I’ll bring the buck with me next Thursday.”

“But you still owe me fifty cents from last week,” the girl reminded him.

“That’s all right, Libby, I’ll pay it all back next Thursday, but please hurry up. I gotta get back.”

“All right,” she sighed, happy that he hadn’t left. After all, she had been looking forward to having his hard cock in her mouth. “Come over on the porch where nobody can see us.”

When he leaned back against the wall, Libby dropped to her knees in front of him and opened his fly.

“Shit!” she yelled when she had his cock in her hand. “I ain’t gonna suck this filthy thing!”

“What’s the matter with it?” he asked impatiently.

“It stinks,” she snapped. “And it looks like there’s cottage cheese in the cracks and under the skin. Didn’t you wash the damned thing?”

“I didn’t have time,” he defended himself. “I just run out of the station and jumped in my pickup.”

“Well, I ain’t gonna suck that filthy thing,” she said firmly, releasing his dick and rising to her feet.

“Please?” the boy begged.

“All right, Billy,” she answered reluctantly. “But go in there to the men’s room and wash the damn thing off with soap and water.”

When he returned, his cock was scrubbed and clean.

“Now hurry up,” he pleaded. “My old man’s gonna kick the shit outta me if I’m late.”

Gently she placed the warm, hard piece of meat into her soft, cock-hungry little mouth. She rubbed her lips and tongue over all the delicious sinews and bumps of his throbbing prick. She dreamily savored the taste and feel of the exciting, fleshy pole in her mouth. A delightful warmth surged through her body when she felt him trembling with excitement. Slowly she moved her hot, moist lips back and forth over his straining knob, stopping occasionally to flick her tongue against the sensitive underside of his quivering cockshaft.

“Oh, God,” the boy was moaning, his body trembling in wild ecstasy.

The girl was now sucking frantically on the cock that was embedded deeply in her hot, slavering mouth.

She felt him lurch and was prepared for the flow of hot jizz that gushed out of his straining cockhead. She swallowed and sucked frantically until she had withdrawn the last delicious drops of cum from his rapidly shrinking prick.

Watching the taillights of Billy’s pickup disappear over the hill, Libby relaxed on the diner steps, savoring the tingling aftertaste of his fuck juice burning gently in the back of her throat.

It was too hot in the stuffy kitchen to go to sleep on the cot, so Libby sat quietly on the steps, listening to the gentle night sounds. The hum of car on the distant freeway was more infrequent because of the late hour. The stillness of the night was occasionally broken by the sound of old Doc Monroe’s dog barking across the field. She watched with envy the blinking lights of a jet moving across the darkened sky, hoping someday to be up there flying to one of any hundred places she had heard about. She knew that someday, when she had sucked enough cocks, she would have the money to travel beyond the narrow horizons that surrounded the cafe.

She must have dozed off because she was startled at the sound of Big Red’s voice speaking to her.

“Hi, Red,” she answered, opening her eyes.

“You should be in bed, Libby,” he smiled, his strong white teeth shining in the darkness.

“It’s too hot to sleep,” she replied, stretching her arms into the air.

Looking up at the massive man standing before her, she wondered again why everyone called him Big Red. He had shoulder-length black hair and always wore a band around his head. His piercing blue eyes glowed out from a tanned, rugged face with a deep scar slashing across his left cheek. Some people said he was called Big Red because he was part Cherokee, others said he got the name because of the bright-red color of his rig, but regardless of where he got his name, every drive said he was the best damned trucker on the road.

“You leavin’ now?” asked the girl, looking up at his massive arms folded across his chest. His arms were bigger than most men’s thighs.

“Yep,” he smiled down. “I have to get this load into Marysville before sun-up.”

“I’ll suck you off for two bucks,” giggled Libby. It was a little joke they had between them for a long time.

“Sorry,” he smiled, glancing suggestively toward the trailer. “Whenever you make that offer, I’m not quite up to it.”

“Someday,” she laughed, “I’ll get to you before Mom does.”

“We’ll talk about that when you grow up,” was his reply as he started walking toward his rig.

Libby walked beside him. “You gonna stop by again next Thursday?”

“If God be willing,” was his reply as he gently patted her soft ass and swung up into the cab.

“‘Bye, Red,” she called as the powerful motor roared into life, shattering the stillness of the night.

“See you, Libby,” he called, jamming the big rig into gear and slowly moving out. The girl continued waving until the big truck was rumbling down the road. She kept listening to him shifting gears as the rig disappeared over the hill.

When its sound finally dissolved into the distant blackness of the still night, Libby walked slowly into the cafe and threw herself down on the little cot in the kitchen.


The following week passed rather uneventfully. Libby collected another seven dollars and fifteen cents by sucking three cocks. The extra dollar and fifteen cents had been collected from Reverend Daniels’ son, Luke, having given him this special rate for a second blow job during the same session.

It was Thursday night again, and her mother was in a bitchy mood because Big Red had not stopped by. He usually arrived around seven-thirty, had dinner, and then retired to the trailer with her when they closed the diner at nine o’clock.

“Hell,” grumbled her mother about eight-thirty. “I got a Goddamn headache. I’m afraid Red ain’t comin’ tonight and I’m dog tired. You mind clearing up and turning out the lights when those two customers leave? I think I’ll go to bed.”

“Sure, Ma,” Libby answered. She was waiting for Billy Jefferson to bring out the money he owed her, and he usually got there about closing time.

When the customers had finally left, Libby turned out the lights and went out on the steps to wait for Billy. The fresh air felt good to the girl, as there was a soft breeze blowing from the west. She kept listening and peering down the dark road, waiting for the lights of the pickup to appear.

When Billy Jefferson had not arrived by eleven o’clock, she got up and slowly walked toward the darkened trailer. She had learned the bitter rule of business-never suck a guy off on credit.

The next morning Libby’s mother was complaining of cramps due to her period that had started during the night. She was always impossible to get along with when she had her monthly, but this time she was more ornery than usual.

When the last lunch customer had left, her mother went back to the trailer, telling Libby to close the cafe for the day.

Locking the door and putting the closed sign out, Libby began mopping the floor. She hated the world today. She hated the crummy diner. She hated her mother, and most of all she hated Billy Jefferson for fuckin’ her out of a dollar and a half.

A loud knock on the door snapped Libby out of her dreary thoughts. Looking through the greasy glass, she saw Big Red beaming in at her.

“What’s going on?” he asked when she unlocked the door.

“Ma ain’t feelin’ well,” was her answer as she locked the door behind him.

“What’s the trouble?”

“It’s her Goddamned period,” she replied. “Why don’t you go out to the trailer and see her? Might cheer her up, and while you’re gone, I’ll put some coffee.”

When he returned a few minutes later, Libby put a cup of coffee on the counter in front of him.

“God,” he grumbled. “She sure is in a bad mood. Told me to get my ass out and leave her alone.”

“Don’t worry,” she giggled, leaning across the counter, making sure he could see her big luscious nipples daringly exposed under her low-cut neckline. “Libby’s always ready to take care of you.”

She was pleased with the expression that came over his eyes as he boldly stared at her nearly bare jugs.

“Do you like my boobs, Red?” she smiled, looking up at him with her lazy, hall-closed eyes.

“Yeah,” he grunted, draining his cup. “They’re pretty good for a kid. Now can I have some more coffee?”

Her ego deflated, she poured him another cup and walked around the counter, seating herself on the stool next to his. Pulling her short skirt up, exposing a big slab of her soft naked thighs, she placed her elbow on the table, and resting her upturned face in her hand, she looked straight into his eyes. “You still think I’m a fuckin’ kid, don’t you?”

“No,” he laughed pleasantly. “I don’t think you’re a kid. You’re just not my type. I like my women to be more mature, like your mom.”

“Shit,” she sulked. “Did you ever try a nice young piece of ass?”

“Look, Libby,” he said seriously. “I’m more than old enough to be your father, and I’m also old enough to know better than to chippy around with a young cock-hungry little girl.”

“Bet you can’t even git a hard-on,” was her sarcastic reply.

“Maybe I can and maybe I can’t,” he answered, slowly sipping his coffee.

Suddenly she reached down, grasping his crotch, and by the time he removed her hand, she was well-aware that his prick was not hard.

“You must be some kind of nut,” she said aloud, wondering why her nearly bare boobs and naked thighs had failed to excite him. She stared at him in a deflated silence, watching the man slowly drink his coffee.

After what seemed like ages, she gently, but boldly, took his hand and thrust it up her skirt. She detected a slight tremble when his finger made contact with the soft, juicy opening of her hot little slit. When he tried to withdraw it, she clung tightly to his hand, rubbing his finger against the slick, hot flesh of her quivering little cunt.

Feeling him relax his struggle, she reached up with her free hand and pulled his face down to her hot, open mouth. Their tongues intertwining deep in each other’s mouths, she felt his big middle finger glide deliciously up into her hot, sucking little cunt. Reaching down, she felt his cock now throbbing wildly against his Levi’s. Quickly opening his fly and releasing his big dick, she covered his blood-bloated knob with her hot, hungry mouth. She could feel his strong body shuddering in ecstasy as she tongued and sucked his sensitive cockhead.

Finally releasing his cock from her mouth, she stood up and, taking him by the hand, led him to her cot in the kitchen. Removing her dress, she rolled onto the grubby blanket, sensually caressing her own slippery cunt with her provocative fingers. “Come on, Big Red, let’s see how good you can really fuck.”

Dropping to his knees between her widespread legs, he grasped the big cock that was protruding from his open fly, slowly guiding it toward her excited little fuck-hole.

“No,” she whispered, pressing her small hands against his shirt. “Please take all of your clothes off. Fucking you means something special to me, Red, and I want it to be perfect.”

When he had completely disrobed, he once more positioned his big muscular body between her open, eager thighs. A delicious thrill surged through her body when she felt his hot, rubbery knob push gently against her juice-slickened little cunt hole. Her whole body trembled in delight as she felt his cockhead opening her soft, quivering pussylips. She grasped him tightly in her arms when the tip of his big rod slipped through the warm, elastic opening of her eager little pussy.

“Oh, God that feels good, Red,” she whispered, feeling his thick, hard dong sliding deeper and deeper into her hot little cunt. She could feel every vein, muscle and sinew of his massive, hard cock rubbing deliciously against her sensitive, stretched cunt walls.

When he had reached full penetration, she locked her strong, young legs behind his knees, screwing her hips up against his hard body to make certain that she had the whole beautiful prick embedded in her hungry cunt.

Slowly at first, he drove his massive tool in and out of her hot, grasping hole. The entire length of his throbbing shaft glistened with her hot, slippery cunt juice.

Faster and faster he drove his big tool into the depths of her hot little snatch while she frantically squeezed and clawed him. Open-mouthed and staring insanely at the ceiling, Libby’s head rolled crazily back and forth, her sun-streaked hair flailing wildly around her drawn, flushed face, her hips pounding up to meet his every wild thrust. The room was reverberating with her moans and the sounds of her hot cunt juices squishing around his glistening cock. Closing her eyes and grabbing his face, she thrust her tongue deep into his gasping mouth, covering his lips with hers.

As Big Red began fucking even harder and faster, Libby instinctively drew her legs up higher and spread her soft, naked thighs even wider, further exposing her slippery open slit to his battering assault.

Mewling softly into Big Red’s ear, Libby pulled him tighter and tighter against her hot, squirming flesh.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed, wildly tossing her head back and staring up at the greasy, spinning kitchen ceiling. “Fuck me, Red! Fuck me hard!”

Big Red’s juice-slickened cock was battering wildly into the furthest depths of her grasping, hungry little cunt.

“Oh, Christ!” she screamed hysterically, her eyes rolling wildly back her twitching facial muscles distorting her trembling, passion-crazed face. “Fuck, honey, fuck!”

Big Red humped even harder and deeper, propelling them on toward their inevitable climax.

“Oh, shit, honey!” she squealed in ecstasy. “Fuck, baby, fuck! I can’t stand it any longer! No, no, don’t stop! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!”

Screaming and mewling incessantly under the big powerful man, she was frantically throwing her hips up to meet every violent thrust of his vicious big dick. Grasping his asscheeks in her hands, she pulled him tightly against her, wanting to feel the full length of his delicious tool. The open lips of her hot, frothy cunt sucked and grasped at the very base of his cock, trying frantically to get more of it into her hot, greedy pussy.

Big Red could feel his cockhead growing even bigger as it slid smoothly up and down against the soft fleshy ridges of her grasping, sucking cunt walls. He thought his big, blood-engorged knob would explode from the wild sensations induced by his girl’s slutty little body.

Ramming his prick harder and faster into her eager fuck-hole, he ground his wet slippery body frantically into hers. Libby’s big hard nipples burned into his flesh as her soft lush boobs ground hotly against his big hairy chest.

“Oh, God!” she squealed again. “Fuck me hard, Red, fuck me good! Faster, baby, faster! Oh, shit, Red, it feels so fucking good!”

The lewdly humping pair were almost out of their minds with lust, their frantic, undulating bodies slapping together in wanton abandon. The room echoed with the sound of flesh slurping against hot, wet flesh as the gasping, groaning pair pounded on.

Frantically increasing the speed of their mutual thrusts, Red felt wild sensations building up deep in his balls, and he knew his lustful passions were hurling him toward a mountainous climax.

“Oh, shit, Red, I’m gonna come!” Libby screamed as she frantically wrapped her soft lush thighs over his broad shoulders, exposing the full length of her juicy, open slit to his relentlessly pounding cock.

“Harder, baby, harder! Fuck me, Red, fuck me! Oh, shit! Fuck! FUCK! FUUUCCCKKK MEEE!!”

Clutching frantically at his big muscular body, she sank her teeth into his broad shoulder. The wild ecstasy was almost more than her screaming, sex-crazed body could stand. His huge dong pounded mercilessly into her eager cunt, slithering deliciously against her throbbing clitoris, openly exposed just above her juicy, open cuntlips.

“Oh, shit! OOOOHHH!” she screamed hysterically, exploding into a wild orgasm at the feel of Red’s hot, wet jizz gushing into her flaming fuck-hole.

“Oh, God, Red, I love you! I love you!”

Shuddering violently, she pushed her trembling cunt up tighter against him, feeling little spurts of his cum still squirting into her deliciously glowing box. It was the first time she had ever attained a real orgasm. She smiled beneath the huge man as the delicious warm sensations flowed through her young flesh.

Drawing his face down to hers, she parted his lips with her sweet quivering tongue and, covering him with her hot, wet mouth, gently sucked and twirled her tongue around his.

“Oh, shit, Red, that was good,” she whispered, holding his scarred, rugged face in her soft little sweaty hands.

Lying side by side in each other’s arms, she gently caressed his soft, wet dick between her fingers. The stickiness of his flaccid cock sent a feeling of warm compassion surging through her body. Lowering her head, she placed the limp tool into her warm wet mouth, sucking and swallowing the tasty jizz that still clung to his flaccid rod.

She tan gently rolling his dick around her tongue and lips when the stillness of the room was shattered by her mother’s shrieking voice.

“What the hell are you doin’?”

Looking up, she saw her mother’s bloated face and mussed red hair looming above them. Quietly, Big Red got up and began to slowly dress while Libby sat up on the cot, avoiding her mother’s eyes.

“Well,” shouted her mother. “How long’s this been goin’ on?”

“Just today,” whispered the girl.

“How much did he pay you?” her mother hissed.

“Nothin’,” the girl answered.

“Nothing?” screamed her mother. “You mean you let this bastard screw you for nothing?”

“Yes,” she answered. “I asked him to do it.”

“You rotten little slut,” her mother hissed. “Don’t you ever give it away again. If a fuckin’ man is horny, make him pay for it. There ain’t a man in the world worth givin’ it to!”

“For Christ sake,” interrupted Big Red. “Get off the kid’s ass.”

“Shut up, you stinkin’ bastard!” she yelled at the man. “I’m not bringin’ her up to be a fuckin’ chippy that gives it away!”

Finished dressing, Big Red moved slowly toward the door, then turned and spoke to Libby. “I’m awfully sorry about this, honey.”

“I ain’t sorry,” the girl said softly. “It was the nicest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Her mother glared at Big Red. “Get outta here, you fuckin’ bastard. I never want to see you or that damned rig around here again!”

Libby stood quietly, listening to the sound of the big truck disappearing into a hot muggy silence. She knew she would never see Big Red again.


For the next few days, mother and daughter had very little to say to each other, speaking only when it was necessary. When Thursday came around again, Libby kept glancing through the window, hoping to see the big rig that she knew would never come. When the last customer had gone, Libby’s mother quietly retired to the trailer, leaving her daughter to close the cafe. When she had completed her chores and turned out the lights and the neon sign, Libby sat don on the front steps. Listening to the distant sounds on the freeway, she wondered if Big Red’s truck was out there in the traffic. It just didn’t seem fair to the girl that he would never be back again. She closed her eyes and pretended that he was holding her in his arms, her face snuggled against his big bare chest.

Libby was brought back to reality with the sound of a car grinding up the hill. When it came into view, the one dim headlight told her it was Billy Jefferson’s pickup.

“Hi, Libby,” he called cheerfully when he stepped out.

“Hello, Billy. Where were you last week?” she asked.

“Shit,” mumbled the boy. “My old man wouldn’t lemme leave.”

“Did you bring the buck and a half you owe me?” she asked.

“Well,” he muttered nervously, “I got two bucks to pay for tonight, and I’ll bring the rest next Thursday.”

“Okay,” she said reluctantly. “Gimme the money.”

When he handed her the two crumpled bills, she excused herself for a minute and went into the house. Returning, she handed him two quarters.

“What’s this?” he asked, looking at the coins in his hand.

“That’s the change for the buck and a half you owed me,” was her reply.

He stared at her with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Now,” she said in a low, even voice, “get back in that fuckin’ pickup, and get your ass out of here. I ain’t never gonna suck your damned cock again.”

“But-but, Libby,” he stammered.

“Shut your fuckin’ mouth!” she yelled. “I ain’t never gonna suck you off again, you cheap son-of-a-bitch! Now get the hell out of here and don’t ever come back!”

Sitting on the step, smiling to herself, she watched the taillights of his clattering pickup disappear over the hill.

The following day, when most of the lunch crowd had left, a rather thin man with yellowish-grey hair and pale, watery eyes came in and sat down at the end of the counter. Libby recognized him, as this was the third time he had been in for lunch this week. There was something about the man that disturbed Libby. The way he stared at her made the girl nervous. She knew that all the male customers ogled her and stared at her tits that she purposely exposed to them, but there was a different look in this man’s eyes. He had a drooling, lewd expression on his face.

When she had served him, she walked down to the other end of the counter, feeling his watery little eyes following her smooth, soft thighs. Leafing through a true-confessions magazine, she noticed that her mother had come out of the kitchen and was engaged in a quiet conversation with the man. It puzzled her when she saw her mother stuff a bill the man had given her into her bra and return to the kitchen.

“Libby,” her mother called from the kitchen a few moments later, “will you come in here for a minute?”

When the girl entered the kitchen, her mother looked up from the stove. “Libby, I want you to take that gentleman out to the trailer and give him a good time.”

“What do you mean?” asked the girl.

“Since you like to fuck so well, it’s time you start contributing to our income,” she answered calmly.

“No, I won’t do it!” she muttered defiantly.

“Yes, you will, you little chippy, and make damned sure you please him,” she commanded. “It’s time you start helping us make a living.”

“But, Mom,” she sobbed, “I just couldn’t do it with that ugly old man.”

“You can and you will,” she snapped. “I’m Goddamned tired of bringing in all the extra cash around here, and besides, it’s you he wants, not me.”

Leading the girl out to the man, her mother smiled. “Mr. Nelson, this is my daughter, and she’d love to spend some time with you.”

Walking numbly out to the trailer with him, Libby cringed inwardly, feeling his skinny, clawlike fingers groping at the soft flesh of her ass.

When they were inside, he turned Libby’s face to his and tried to kiss her. Seeing his leering lips and rotten teeth descending toward her mouth, she pushed him away.

“Listen,” she snapped, “I came here to fuck, not kiss.”

“For twenty bucks I’ll do anything I want,” mumbled the man.

“Just don’t try to kiss me again or I’ll kick the shit outta you,” she hissed, taking her dress off and spreading her naked body out on the bed.

She shuddered with revulsion, watching the man leering lewdly at her pink little pussy, fully exposed between her open thighs. She watched him remove his shirt, revealing his bony, sunken chest. Without taking his shoes off, he lowered his pants to his ankles and crawled up between her open, naked thighs. A sudden feeling of detachment came over her numb body. She felt like a observer and not a physical part of the scene in which she was participating. She stared with curiosity at the small, gray-colored cock that his trembling, bony hand was guiding toward her unexcited pussy. In her strange detachment, she was unaware of any feeling when his prick penetrated her twat. His skinny body trembling with excitement she watched him jerkily push his cock in and out of her unresponsive hole. She watched the glazed look in his watery eyes while spit dribbled out of the corner of his open, gasping mouth. His whole frail body trembled with excitement as his skinny arms and legs propelled him faster and faster. Suddenly, without warning, she felt his thin wet cum dripping into her cunt as he suddenly collapsed over her body in complete exhaustion.

Libby crawled from under the limp man, and slipping her dress on, returned to the diner. When the girl began picking up dishes from the table, her mother glanced over but said nothing.

The man came in a few minutes later, finished his cold cup of coffee and left. When Libby cleared his dishes away, she found a five-dollar bill folded under his saucer.

“How much did he pay us?” Libby casually asked her mother.

“Ten dollars,” was her reply.

You fuckin’ liar, Libby thought to herself as she walked out of the kitchen.

Within a few weeks, Libby was spending more time on the bed than she was spending in the diner. When the word got around that the little girl was available for a piece, she was getting almost more business than she could handle. Having discovered that she could detach herself from reality in bed, she really didn’t mind the parade of faceless, nameless cocks that passed in and out of the trailer. Even though she knew her mother was only giving her a percent of the action, it was easier than waiting on tables and paid better than sucking cocks for two bucks, a trick.

Early one evening she was sitting on a stool at the counter, facing the tables and waiting for a proposition. Her bare legs were crossed, revealing her luscious naked thighs to the male customers.

A big florid-faced man whom she had never seen before kept staring anxiously at her legs. Re-crossing them, she gave him a quick glance at her uncovered pussy. Noticing his excited reaction, she slowly walked to his table and leaned over, exposing her luscious big boobs. “Good evening, sir, is everything all right?”

“Yes-yes, thank you, Miss,” he stammered, staring at her with little pig eyes embedded in his fat, red face.

“Well,” she whispered suggestively. “If there’s anything you want, just ask, and I mean anything.”

His beady little eyes followed her back to her stool, and when she turned around, re-crossing her legs again, she saw the perspiration glistening on his red, puffy face.

Winking at him, she slowly got up and walked into the kitchen.

“Ma,” she said. “There’s a big fat slob out there who’s down to fuck me, but he’s afraid to ask. Why don’t you go out and make a proposition to him.”

Her mother returned in a few minutes with a big smile on her face. “God, honey, he’s really hot to trot. He says he’ll even give us an extra ten bucks if you’ll give him a special treat.”

“What the hell does he mean by a special treat?” she asked.

“Probably wants a blow job,” laughed her mother.

“Okay,” she giggled, opening the back door. “Get the money and send him out to the trailer.”

Libby was lying naked on the bed when she heard the knock.

“Come in,” she purred.

She hadn’t realized how disgustingly fat he was until she saw his huge girth squeeze through the door. Puffing and panting, he sat down on a chair to remove his shoes, his big protruding stomach making it a laborious operation. When he was finally undressed, Libby stared at his prick, almost obscured by his massive, sagging belly. Although his cock was fully erect, it wasn’t more than two inches long.

Crossing the room, he lay down on his back next to Libby and began stroking his erect little dick with his thumb and forefinger.

“Now,” he said in an excited voice, “will you please sit on my face and piss in my mouth?”

“What?” she gasped, sitting up. “Piss on my face,” he repeated. “Are you some kind of nut?”

“Goddammit,” he shouted, “piss on me!”

“I ain’t gonna piss on any damned bed that I have to sleep in!” she yelled, jumping up.

“Piss on me, you dirty little whore!” he sobbed hysterically, lumbering to his feet.


His face purple with rage, he grabbed her tits and began twisting them cruelly in his hands. “Piss on me! Piss on me!”

“Please don’t!” she sobbed in pain as his hands and fingers dug in and twisted her sensitive nipples. Frantic with fear and the unbearable pain, she grabbed a pewter vase from the dresser and brought it crashing down on his head. Releasing his grip, the man dropped to the floor, his deformed little cock pointing up to the ceiling from under his big, obscene belly. With his open, lifeless eyes staring at her, Libby watched the flow of blood and saliva spurting out of his slack mouth. There was a deep gurgling sound in his throat that soon stopped. Unable to move, the girl stared horrified at the blood gushing out of his mouth in ugly spurts, forming a red, sticky pool on the floor.

“My God,” she sobbed hysterically. “I’ve killed him! I’ve killed him!”

Trembling with fear, she slowly put on her dress and shoes. Then carefully stepping over the ghastly figure on the floor, she rummaged through the dresser drawers until she found a huge leather bag. Quietly, she closed the door behind her and cautiously walked toward the diner. Looking through the window, she could see her mother talking to some customers in the dining room. Quickly slipping into the pantry, she removed the loose floor boards and dumped her savings into her bag.

Her body trembling, teeth chattering, she stepped out into the early evening air. Her only thought was to put as much distance as possible between her and the cafe before the grisly body was discovered.

Not wanting to be recognized on the road, she crossed it and began running through the fields toward the distant freeway. Running and sobbing hysterically, she could vividly see that grotesque face spurting blood all over the floor. Shaking beyond control, she began to vomit. The poor child retched and gagged on the bitter bile that her shuddering body was forcing up. When the nervous convulsions stopped, she continued on her way. She walked and walked, and the car lights on the distant highway never seemed to get any closer. After what seemed like a lifetime, she finally stumbled to the shoulder of the highway. The strong suction of air from the speeding cars frightened her. She was almost hysterical with fear when she saw the stop lights of a passing car come on as it pulled to a screeching halt a few yards down the highway.

Running along the road, she quickly opened the door and peered in. The only person in the car was the driver, a rather pleasant-looking man in his late thirties. When she had settled down in the seat, he put the car in gear and moved it out onto the highway.

“My name is Gary,” he said after several minutes of silence.

“I’m Libby,” she replied.

“Where are you heading, Libby?” he asked with a pleasant smile.

“West,” was her reply.

“How far?”

“Just west.”

They lapsed into a long silence. Libby, with eyes closed, leaned back against the head rest. The drone of the engine, hurling them through the night seemed to lull her nerves.

“Where you goin’?” she finally asked.

“San Francisco.”

Another long period of silence as Libby dozed off in complete exhaustion.


It was daylight when Libby opened her eyes, and they were driving through the most beautiful mountains she had ever imagined. Her whole body and mind were invigorated by the smell of pine needles in the crisp morning atmosphere.

“Gosh, this is beautiful,” she sighed, drawing the delicious fresh air deep into her lungs, gazing eagerly at the high, pine-covered mountains above them, guarding the deep cool canyons below. The day passed by rapidly for Libby, captivated as she was by the scenic countryside they were passing through. They made good time, stopping only for gas and a two-hour nap for Gary, who was exhausted after driving all night.

Late that afternoon while passing through a flat farm area, Gary noticed steam seeping out from under the hood of his car.

“Hell, what’s the matter?” he muttered, half to himself.

It seemed to be getting worse as big clouds of steam began gushing out of the radiator. Slowing down, he continued on to what looked like a small town ahead. Limping in, the car snorting steam like an angry dragon, they stopped at the only service station in the little community.

Within minutes, the attendant announced that the fan belt was gone and could not be replaced until early the next morning. As much as she hated the idea of stopping her headlong flight, Libby reluctantly agreed when Gary suggested they go to a motel.

“We don’t have any choice,” Gary reminded her. Then, turning to the mechanic, he asked, “Is there any place around here where we could spend the night?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “There’s the Cozy Rest Motel just around the corner. It ain’t fancy, but it’s clean.”

“How soon can you have it ready in the morning?” asked Libby.

“Heck, I’ll have you on your way by six o’clock,” was his reply.

“Guess that’s fair enough,” Gary laughed, opening his trunk and taking out his suitcase. Libby gathered up her bag and followed him down the road toward the Cozy Rest Motel.

Unlocking the door to the unit they had rented, Gary walked across the room and lifted the shades, letting in the early evening light.

“I couldn’t see the sense wasting money on two rooms,” he said, surveying their confined quarters. “You can sleep on the bed and I’ll just sleep here on this couch.”

“I sure need a bath,” sighed the girl. “I wish I had something clean to wear.”

“Why don’t you wash your dress out and hang it up to dry?” he suggested. “I’ve got a robe in my suitcase that you can wear tonight.”

“That would be neat,” she smiled appreciatively.

He handed Libby his robe and she disappeared into the bathroom while Gary stretched out on the couch with an old copy of a magazine that he’d found on the table.

It seemed like hours before Libby returned, her face glowing with a well-scrubbed look, and the cuffs of his robe turned up so that her hands could hold the garment to her body.

“Gee, that felt good,” she giggled, crossing the room and sitting next to him on the sofa. She looked like a pixie with her wet hair tied up in a towel.

“I’m hungry,” she suddenly said. “Are you?”

“Not really,” he answered quietly.

“But we haven’t eaten since this morning,” she persisted.

When he hesitated, she went over to her bag and withdrew a five-dollar bill. “Please go over to that little cafe by the station and get us each a hamburger and a Coke?”

“I’m not taking any money from a girl,” he said defiantly.

“Don’t be silly,” she giggled. “I might only have one dress, but I’ve got plenty of money in that bag.”

He didn’t answer.

“And besides,” she continued, “you’re driving me out west, and I should pay part of our expenses.”

“Okay,” he smiled tenderly at her. “If you put it that way, two hamburgers coming up.”

Waiting for him to return, she realized that the man was probably running short of money, or why else had he quibbled with the motel manager about the rates and finally settled for the smallest unit available?

“Gary, what’s your last name?” she asked the man when she had finished her hamburger.

“Why? What’s yours?” he answered her question with a question.

“Just Libby,” she giggled.

“Then I’m just Gary,” he smiled at her.

“I like you, Gary,” she sighed contentedly, laying her head on his shoulder.

“And I like you, Libby,” he whispered, breathing in the fresh smell of her clean, damp hair. Snuggling up against him, her robe parted, revealing a lush bare tit that was topped with a deliciously big ripe nipple. Instinctively, he reached down and gently cupped the inviting orb in his hand.

A delicious tingle raced through her body at the touch of his hand on her naked flesh. Reaching her fingers up to his face, Libby gently drew his lips down against her hot, open mouth. Their tongues sensually entwined, she could feel his fingers gently kneading and caressing her hard, throbbing nipple. The only sound in the room was their heavy, even breathing.

Reaching down, she could feel Gary’s excited hard cock straining against his fly. Carefully lowering his zipper, she took the stiff fleshy pole in her little hand. The smooth sinewy texture sent delicious tremors of anticipation rippling through her body. Gently stroking his excited cock, she became aware of his hand urgently caressing her soft inner thigh. Trembling with delight, she felt his exploring hand moving sensually up toward her eager pussy. The whole world seemed to stand still when his probing finger first made light contact with the sensitive nerve ends of her juicy cuntlips. Faster and faster, she unconsciously stroked the beautiful pole of meat that she was grasping in her excited hand.

Suddenly dropping to his knees, Gary parted her smooth thighs with his hands and lowered his mouth against her hot, juicy gash. She trembled in ecstasy at the feel of his hot, excited mouth moving up and down her open, juice-slickened slit. She could hardly keep from screaming when his tongue worked gently against her hard, erect clitoris.

Finally lifting his juice-smeared lace from her hot, wet cunt, Gary stood up and removed her robe. Then quickly undressing himself, he carried her to the bed, his excited cock pointing the way.

“Oh, Gary, Gary, Gary,” she whispered as he crawled between her eager, open thighs.

Her whole body shuddered in wild anticipation when she felt his big hot, rubbery knob probing against her wet hungry fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she moaned in ecstasy as she felt his hard dick sliding up into her quivering, juice slickened cunt hole.

Wrapping her strong little legs around his hips and clutching him frantically in her arms, she sobbed and moaned in sheer ecstasy, feeling his big sinewy fuck-stick gliding smoothly in and out of her sex-crazed little body.

Her cunt juices were squishing and foaming around the base of his cock, flowing against his massive, crinkly balls and down his legs and onto the drenched sheets.

“Faster, baby, faster!” she screamed, thrusting her hips up to meet every thrust of his hard dick. “Oh, my God, honey, I’m coming! I’M COOOMMMILNNNGGG!!” she squealed, bursting into an overwhelming orgasm when she felt his hot jizz gushing into her eager, hungry little cunt.

When her violent orgasm had subsided, he held her gently in his arms. Body tensions completely relaxed by their mutual orgasms, they dropped off into a deep, restful sleep.

When Libby awakened, the sun was shining brightly trough the window. Rubbing her eyes, she looked over at Gary. He wasn’t in bed with her.

“Gary?” she called, thinking he was in the bathroom. When she received no reply, she opened the door and looked in. The room was empty. Glancing around the room she saw that his suitcase and clothes were gone. The reality of it all hit her with a cold, clammy stroke when she saw that her own bag, the bag with her savings was gone.

Frantically putting on her slightly damp dress, she raced trough the door and down the mad toward the service station. Her worst fears were realized when she saw that his car was not there.

“Where is he? Where is he?” she screamed at the mechanic.

“Who?” he asked.

“The man with the busted fan belt that I came in with last evenin’!” she sobbed.

“Oh, him. He left early this morning. Said you’d decided to return to West Falls on the bus.”

“The dirty bastard!” she shrieked, her teeth chattering and her little body trembling. “He stole my money, all my money!”


“What’ll I do? What’ll I do?” she sobbed to the attendant. “I don’t even have a penny to my name.”

Taking her by the arm, he led her into the small cafe that his wife operated adjacent to the service station.

“Dora,” he said to his wife, “fix this little girl up with some breakfast. Some dude’s taken her money and left her stranded here.”

Turning to the girl, he asked, “Where was you goin’, young lady?”

“I was on my way Reno to visit my aunt,” the girl lied.

“Well, honey,” he smiled encouragingly, “that’s only a few hundred miles from here. You just sit down and have a good breakfast, and if someone stops in my station on their way to Reno, I’ll see if I can git a ride for you.”

“Thank you,” she sobbed.

“Now dry your eyes,” smiled his wife. “There ain’t nothing so bad that it couldn’t be worse.”

All morning long, Libby sat by the cafe window watching traffic pass along the highway. Very few stopped at the service station, and those who did were local people, not travelers bound for Reno.

Late that afternoon a large black limousine pulled in by the gas pump. She could see the attendant talking to the occupants when he had finished serving them.

“Libby,” he called to the girl, “these folks’re going to Reno, and they say they’d be happy to give you a lift.”

When Libby approached the car, the man stepped out and smilingly opened the rear door for her. Libby liked him immediately. He was in his middle forties with dark hair sprinkled with gray, and he had the warmest, gentlest brown eyes she had ever seen. The woman with him was in her early thirties with short blonde hair cut in a shag.

Thanking the attendant, Libby sank into the luxuriously cushioned seats of the limousine as it moved majestically out onto the highway.

“The gentleman at the service station told us that some man stole your money and left you stranded,” the woman said, turning to look at Libby.

“He was a dirty, rotten bastard,” answered the girl in a hushed voice.

“Well, dear, you won’t have to worry any more,” the woman said softly.

Libby liked her, too. They seemed to be the kindest-looking people she had ever met in her life.

“So you’re going to visit your aunt in Reno?” continued the lady.

“Not really,” sighed Libby, feeling she could trust these people. “I’m runnin’ away.”

“Oh, that sounds exciting,” the woman smiled in a warm enthusiastic voice. “Tell us all about it.”

The dam suddenly burst around Libby’s pent-up emotions. Sobbing hysterically, she poured out the whole sordid story to the two understanding people in the front seat.

“You poor child,” whispered the woman in a soft sympathetic voice.

“And that fuckin’ bastard stole all my savings,” continued the hysterical child.

“Now, now,” the woman smiled tenderly. “You just stop worrying and we’ll get you all straightened out.”

Later that evening when they were having dinner and Libby had gone to the restroom, the woman smiled at her husband. “It looks like we’ve found a winner this time.”

“God, yes,” he laughed. “And this one won’t run away when she thinks she’s wanted for murder.”

“When we get the little slut washed up and into some decent, clothes, she could be quite attractive,” she mused.

“With her previous experience and our training, we can really turn that little cunt into something fantastic,” he said enthusiastically.

“You folks have been so kind to me,” smiled Libby when she rejoined them at the table.

“Honey,” smiled the woman, “would you like to live with us for a while?”

“Gosh,” Libby gasped. “I don’t expect you to do nothin’ like that. You’ve already done plenty for me.”

“But you don’t have any place to go,” the woman smiled gently.

“But I just couldn’t be such a bother to you,” sighed Libby.

“We’d love to have you as part of our family,” the woman continued. “Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Gee, yes,” replied the girl.

“All right,” beamed the woman. “We’re your new aunt and uncle.”

“Really?” Libby gasped.

“Yes, really,” was the reply. “This is your Uncle Luke, and I’m your Aunt Helena.”

“Hi, Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena,” giggled Libby. “I’ve never had an aunt and uncle before.”

“Well, you have now,” smiled Uncle Luke.

It was not until the next afternoon that they reached the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Libby stared in disbelief at the jewel like buildings and skyscrapers that seemed to be reaching up out of the clear blue waters of the bay. From the bridge they were crossing, ships looked like toys moving across the water below them.

Exiting from the bridge in San Francisco, Uncle Luke turned the car south, heading down the peninsula. Leaving the city behind, they moved slowly through the traffic toward the suburban area. Turning off the main highway, they were soon in a beautiful wooded area with gracious mansions gracing the landscape. They were now moving through hills, green with pines and gnarled, twisted cypress trees. Making one last turn, Uncle Luke guided the car into a narrow straight lane that led to what looked like a huge castle perched on top of a mountain. The windows reflected the late afternoon sunlight like colored flames against the dark, brooding stone of the imposing building.

Luke stopped the car in front of a gate in the high walls that surrounded the massive structure. An elderly man came out, and, after bowing low to Uncle Luke, he opened the gate. Looking up as they drove through, Libby noticed a sign that read: THE TEMPLE OF VALHALLA.

“What is the Temple of Valhalla?” she asked.

“This is your new home,” smiled Aunt Helena. “Uncle Luke is the High Priest and I am the High Priestess of Valhalla.”

Libby was not prepared for what she saw when they entered the building. The grandeur of the entrance hall was like a page out of the Arabian Nights. Deeply carpeted floors, giant pillars, red and gold tapestries, and large, satin-covered lounges covered the spacious room. The centerpiece was a huge bronze statue of a man with a massive cock partly embedded into a frightened young girl.

“Isn’t that a beautiful statue?” smiled Aunt Helena.

“I-I guess so,” Libby stammered.

“It is a statue of what life is all about,” continued the woman. “The glories of life are passion and lust.”

“I don’t understand,” the girl mused.

“Well, let me explain it this way,” her new aunt continued. “You just murdered a man, and out there you are an evil murderess, and if they ever caught you, you could be hanged. Yet, here in the safety of the Temple of Valhalla you will be revered for your evilness. It is written in the prophesies of our religion that someday, a young girl will come to us, her hands dripping with human blood, and take her rightful place with us as Princess Aphrodisia. Today that revelation has happened. You, my child, are the long-awaited Aphrodisia, the true Princess of Evil and Lust.”

They were interrupted by a heavy-set, middle aged woman who entered the room, kneeling in front of Helena.

“Welcome, home, High Priestess,” she whispered in an awed voice.

“Thank you, Katrina,” Helena smiled.

Rising, the woman stared curiously at little Libby.

“This is Princess Aphrodisia,” the girl’s new aunt continued. “Please bathe and prepare her and then have her brought to our quarters.”

“You mean,” gasped Katrina, “the real Princess Aphrodisia?”

“Yes,” replied Helena.

Libby followed the woman down a long corridor and up a flight of wide carpeted stairs. They entered a huge room all decorated in pink and white with a huge canopied bed on an elevated dais. Opening the door they entered a beautifully ornate bathroom with a large sunken tile bath.

When Katrina had drawn the water and added aromatic oils and perfumes, she asked Libby to disrobe. When the girl had obeyed, the older woman helped her into the bath.

Libby settled back in the soft, warm suds and let Katrina take over. There was something about the way the woman practically caressed her with the lather that bothered the girl.

“It’s so exciting to wash someone as evil as you are,” sighed the woman was her fingers worked the soapy suds lightly over Libby’s lush full tits and hard erect nipples. Libby also felt that Katrina spent far too much time soaping her genitals, but she didn’t say anything.

At last the bath was finished and the girl was wrapped luxuriously in a big soft towel while Katrina brushed her hair. The last thing the woman did was to remove the towel and dust Libby’s lovely young body with a delicately perfumed powder.

At the woman’s request, Libby slipped into a white silk button less gown that tied around her with a black velvet sash. When the girl was ready to be presented, Katrina led her upstairs to the High Priest and Priestess’ quarters.

When the girl entered, she was shocked to see Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena spread out nude on a huge satin-covered bed.

“Did you have a nice bath?” Helena smiled pleasantly to the girl.

“Yes, Aunt Helena,” she replied.

“You look lovely,” the woman continued. “Now please remove your gown and join us.”

“But-but, Aunt Helena,” she stammered, looking over at her uncle.

“It’s perfectly all right, dear,” Helena smiled. “Uncle Luke is full of lust, and that is a good sign of evil.”

Libby quietly disrobed, and, facing the couple, she noticed Uncle Luke’s flaccid cock begin to stir against his leg.

“Come here and lie down, dear,” smiled Helena, “so we can all learn to know each other better.”

Not wanting to offend, Libby nervously lay down between the couple. She was startled when Helena reached over and cupped the girl’s firm boob in her hand. Libby couldn’t understand why a woman would want to touch another woman’s tit, yet the gentle feel of the soft fingers against her nipples was rather pleasant. Slowly, Helena bent down and covered the girl’s other nipple with her hot, wet mouth. Libby closed her eyes, loving the delicious feeling of Helena’s tongue flicking wetly against her now erect bud. Without warning, the High Priestess quickly moved down and buried her excited hot mouth in Libby’s perfume-scented little cunt.

“Oh, God!” she gasped in delight at the feel of the woman’s tongue moving sensuously around her sensitive clitoris.

When Libby glanced down and saw her Uncle Luke’s big excited cock standing up between his legs, she reached over and gently grasped the rod in her hand. She felt a tremor of pleasure surge through his body.

Libby began lurching in ecstasy at the feel of Helena’s hot tongue and lips frantically licking and sucking on her soft, juicy pussy.

“Oooohhh!” she squealed softly, unconsciously stroking Luke’s throbbing dick.

Her shuddering little body was aflame with passions induced by the woman’s madly whirling tongue. She could feel herself rapidly rising toward an orgasm as Helena’s talented mouth carried her higher and higher on a tidal wave of ecstasy.

“Suck, Aunt Helena, suck!” she squealed with unrestrained delight. “I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh, Christ, suck! Suck! SUCK!”

Her words trailed off into unintelligible sounds as the screaming orgasm engulfed her. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Aunt Helena juice-smeared face smiling down at her.

“You’re really a hot little fox,” Helena giggled. “You’re sure going to be one hell of a Princess of Lust.”

Suddenly aware that she was still grasping Luke’s big erect prick, the girl quickly released it.

“That’s all right, honey,” smiled Helena. “Hang onto it. I’m going to sleep in my own room tonight, and I’d like you to stay here with your Uncle Luke.”

Quickly bending down and passionately kissing Libby with her hot open mouth, Helena got up and quietly left the room.

Gently stroking her new-found uncle’s big hard dick, Libby and the man lay quietly on their backs for several minutes.

“Do you like it here at the Temple?” he asked finally breaking the silence.

“It’s kinda strange,” she giggled softly.

“Do you like us?” he asked.

“Oh, gee, yes,” she whispered excitedly. “You’re both just super. I just don’t know how I can ever thank you enough.”

Her young body filled with gratitude, Libby quickly moved down and covered his big throbbing knob with her hot mouth.

Luke trembled at the feel of her lips and tongue working deliciously on his sensitive cockhead. He began lurching frantically as the girl slurped and sucked up and down the entire length of his spit-drenched prick while her delicate little finger teased deliciously around the sensitive ring of his asshole.

“Oh God, Libby,” he moaned with uncontrolled pleasure.

“Do you like that?” she whispered playfully between sucks. “Does Uncle Luke like little Libby’s tongue bath?”

“Oh, Christ!” he almost screamed as she slipped her finger up into his quivering bung.

When she felt him rapidly approaching an orgasm, she withdrew her finger from his ass, and, removing her mouth from his cock, covered his open lips with a hot, tongue-sucking kiss.

“Take it easy, Uncle Luke,” she whispered gently to the trembling man. “We got all night, and I’m gonna give you the best damned fuck you’ve ever had.”

“Oh, God!” he gasped, turning Libby onto her back and crawling up between her open legs.

Reaching down, she took his rock-hard cock and slowly guided it up toward her eager, juicy, pussy. A shiver of ecstasy rippled through her cunt when she felt his big blood-bloated knob brush against her soft naked thigh. Up and up she guided the hard pole of meat until she felt it probing deliciously against her hot, juicy cuntlips. Her little body quivered in wild anticipation when she felt his knob slip sensually through her juice-slickened gash.

“Oh, God, Uncle Luke,” she whispered at the feel of his cock stretching the sensitive tissues of her grasping cunt walls.

Deeper and deeper the bone-hard shaft moved into the warm, eager depths of her quivering cunt.

Feeling his big hairy balls nestled against the soft cheeks of her ass, Libby knew that she had been fully penetrated, yet she grasped his naked body, trying to pull his dick farther into her horny snatch.

“Oh, God, that feels good,” she whispered, frying to screw her cunt up closer against him.

Slowly he began moving his big cock in and out of her oozing hole with long, gentle strokes. The feel of his hard prick rubbing deliciously against the sensitive nerve ends of her sucking cunt walls was driving Libby almost out of her mind.

“Uncle Luke,” she whimpered under the man. “Oh, God, Uncle Luke! God, that feels good!”

He could feel her hot, erect nipples burning into his fingertips. Slowly he increased the tempo of his thrusts. The feel of his big cock slithering in and out of her fuck-hole was driving the girl wild with lust.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered, feeling him drive his cock deeper and deeper into her inflamed little twat. “That’s it, Uncle Luke. Faster, honey, faster! Oh, God, baby, fuck me good!”

By now the man was driving his raging cock savagely into her fuck-hungry cunt hole. The room was filled with the sounds of his juice-slickened cock slurping noisily in and out of her sucking, grasping slit. Faster and faster he pounded his dick into her sex-crazed body.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she screamed while frantically thrusting her hips up to meet every vicious stroke of his big fuck-stick. “Fuck, baby, fuck! Faster, honey, faster! Fuck me good, honey! FUUUCCKKK MEEE!!”

Their two lust-crazed bodies continued pounding viciously against each other.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she squealed to the rhythm of his brutal strokes. Luke’s cock suddenly exploded a hot stream of jizz into her hungry fuck-hole as she reached her frantic, screaming orgasm. At last, the man collapsed over the girl’s quivering body.

“Oh, God, Uncle Luke,” she whispered when her orgasm had subsided. “That was one of the neatest fucks I’ve ever had.”

“You’re some little sexpot yourself,” he smiled down at her as she covered his lips with her soft, open mouth.

“Gee, Uncle Luke,” she giggled, “I’m sure gonna like it here. You really know how to fuck.”

“You really enjoy fucking, don’t you?” he smiled.

“Shit, yes,” was her reply. “I’d fuck all day long if I could.”

“Well,” Luke continued in a serious voice, “as Princess Aphrodisia, you’ll get all the screwing you want.”

“That’s neat,” she smiled. “I think I’ll enjoy bein’ the Princess of Evil.”

“I think you will,” was his calm reply.


The following morning, Helena and Luke were on the terrace, enjoying a late breakfast.

“We’ll make a fortune out of our new little princess,” he mused aloud.

“Do you really think she can handle the job?” asked Helena.

“Shit, yes,” he laughed. “That little bitch will do anything.”

“The beautiful thing about it is that she looks like such an innocent child. Now all we have to do is teach her to play the part,” she continued.

“She’ll work out fine,” was his reply. “Now it’s up to you to send out notices to our wealthiest members and inform them that the devil has sent us the prophesied princess.”

“Yes,” she smiled. “We’ll invite them all to her baptismal ceremony and hope they bring their checkbooks.”

“When do you think we should hold the ritual?” he asked.

“I thought probably on the twenty-fifth. There will be a full moon, and we can really play it up,” was her suggestion.

“The important thing,” Luke continued, “is to really convince her that she is the Princess of Lust and evil.”

“I’ve instructed Katrina to make her feel evil,” laughed the woman.

For the next few days, Libby was pretty much confined to her own quarters while the rest of the household was busy preparing for the upcoming ritual. Dressmakers came and went as they fitted the girl with exotic gowns. Hairdressers and beauticians were slowly turning her into a dazzling beauty, yet were able to retain her innocent, childlike appearance.

The guest rooms in the mansion were being prepared with an erotic touch of sensuality. There was a sense of expectancy and excitement throughout the building as workmen prepared the Temple for the well-planned ritual. Libby was not told what was expected from her at the ceremony.

“Don’t worry,” smiled Helena. “You will know what to do when the time comes because you are the Princess of Evil, your hands bloodied by the man you murdered.”

“But I don’t feel evil,” the girl protested.

“That’s because evil never sees evil,” continued Helena. “When the members of the Temple of Valhalla see your naked body, they will know you’re evil, and you will know it, too.”

“My naked body?” asked the girl.

“Yes,” Helena replied. “We are going to show your evil body to all the members, and you must be proud of being the true daughter of Satan.”

Two days before the ritual, members from all over the country began to arrive at the Temple. Libby was told not to leave her quarters under any conditions, as no one was to see her before the ceremony. Peering cautiously through the drapes of her window, she watched them arriving. There was a steady stream of luxurious limousines and airport taxis pouring through the gate. Uncle Luke and Aunt Helena, wearing long black robes, stood in the courtyard greeting each new arrival. Libby watched the members bow low and kiss the ring on Uncle Luke’s finger. She was proud to be the niece of the High Priest and Priestess of Valhalla. The girl was even proud that the devil had selected her to be Princess Aphrodisia.

Finally the long-awaited night arrived, and the members began filing into the sacred temple room. From their appearance, most looked like prosperous businessmen with a small scattering of jewel-bedecked women. Seats were arranged in a semicircle around a huge round bed draped with black satin, and behind and above the bed, the High Priest and Priestess sat on a raised dais, facing the congregation.

When the High Priest stood up to speak, a grim silence fell over the room.

“Fellow followers of Satan,” he began in a deep resonant voice. “We are gathered here tonight to witness the greatest thing that has ever happened to mankind. The blessed devil had sent us his own flesh and blood for our salvation. As prophesied for centuries, this prophesy has been fulfilled at last. Now, we know that the devil is supreme. We know, as all true members of Valhalla know, we were born in sin and lust. The act of conception is an act of lust, an act of filth and evil. We are born in blood through the lust-filled genitals of woman. Barn in lust and evil, we should live our lives in lust and evil.”

“Thousands of years ago, Judaism and Christianity tried to abolish sin. For centuries they had disclaimed our beloved devil and have tried in vain to drive him away. Have they succeeded? No, they have not. The world is still an evil place, and it always will be. We must accept and worship the devil. He is the only chance we have to survive on this good earth, the only chance of survival.”

“Now he has sent us his own flesh and blood for us to enjoy. A few of you people will have the opportunity to taste her unbelievable passions. Only the most devout among you will have the opportunity to indulge in a sexual experience of unequaled magnitude.”

“The lucky few of you who will get the opportunity to enjoy her magnificent flesh will be elevated closer to our all powerful leader, the devil.”

“I don’t know at this time who will be chosen to enjoy this Princess of Lust, but your names will be revealed by the devil, through the lips of his daughter. I know this much, it will be only for our most devout members. The names will be revealed to us tomorrow at our morning services.”

Having finished this announcement, the High Priest returned to his throne as the lights were dimmed. The sound of distant drums filled the silence of the eerie room.

“Worshipers of the devil,” he announced pointing to the rear of the Temple. “I give you the devil’s own flesh and blood, Princess Aphrodisia!”

Turning their heads, the congregation saw a pale-blue spotlight shining on the motionless young girl who had stepped through the curtain. She looked like a child standing so beautifully erect in her long white and gold robe, her lustrous hair falling gently against her bare shoulders. The spotlight reflected the soft glow of her seductive eyes. Slowly she walked down the aisle between the congregation toward the huge bed. Every eye was riveted on the lovely young girl as she advanced among them.

When she reached the bed, she turned and faced the membership, and, reaching up and releasing a clasp around her throat, she dropped her robe, revealing her dazzlingly naked body. There were audible gasps from throughout the room. Even with her huge firm tits and rounded hips, she was a picture of healthy young innocence.

“It has been the devil’s request,” continued the High Priest, “that before she is touched by any of our members she must be assaulted and defiled by two of the vilest, filthiest men in Satan’s kingdom.”

There was a roll of drums and vicious screams as two huge naked men rushed toward her from the back of the room. The monsters with huge erect cocks thrusting out above their big hairy balls were covered with obscene body paint. Every part of their skin was painted in grotesque designs of brilliant colors. Their big gnarly pricks were even painted with lurid stripes.

Not expecting them, little Libby was scared to death as the monsters charged down the aisle toward her. Grasping the terrified girl by the arms, they thrust her back on the huge bed. She shrieked out in fright as they mauled and pawed at her soft young flesh. One beast straddle her chest and, holding his cock in front of her face, shouted, “Suck me, you evil bitch! Suck my prick!”

“No!” she screamed, turning her frightened little face away from the big brutal-looking cock.

The other creature parted her thighs and buried his face into her hairy little pussy. Even though frightened, she felt a little tremor of pleasure when the man’s hot tongue contacted her clitoris. Still keeping her face away from the cock tat was waving in front of her eyes, she quivered excitedly at the feel of the thick, wet tongue slurping around in her slit. The wildly slashing tongue was sending delicious sensations surging through her whole body. Trembling with excitement, she grabbed the lewdly painted cock that was waving in front of her face and inserted it deep into her suddenly eager mouth. Frantically sucking and stroking the big obscene tool, she writhed her juicy little cunt up against the other man’s hot slurping lips. The feel and taste of the big fleshy cock in her mouth were driving her wild with excitement. Her hard clit was aflame with passion as the thick hot tongue moved deliciously against the tingling nerve ends of her sensitive passion-bud.

She could feel the huge body of the man straddling her begin to jerk and tremble as she stroked and sucked harder on his big throbbing dick. Suddenly, and without warning, a torrent of hot, thick jizz gushed into her throat. Unable to swallow fast enough, big glob of the thick fuck juice were running out of the corners of her mouth. As he withdrew his prick, it continued spurting cum onto her face and hair.

When he rolled over on the bed, temporarily exhausted, the monster who had been licking her slit quickly crawled up between her soft open legs.

She heard a murmur of excitement from the congregation as he poised himself for the penetration. In her enthusiasm, Libby had forgotten that she was being watched by the crowd of devil worshipers. A strange excitement surged through her body at the thought of these people watching her. There was a strange thrill at the thought of being fucked in front of a crowd. It added hot coals to her passion.

She heard the congregation gasp as he slipped his mighty dong up her juicy fuck-hole in one violent thrust.

“That’s it, baby!” she screamed with delight. “Fuck me hard, honey! Fuck me good!”

Slowly withdrawing his cock until only the big rubbery knob was still embedded, he thrust it violently back in her cunt, even harder than before.

“Oh, shit, baby,” she squealed, “bang me harder! Split me open!”

With his muscular arms and thick thighs propelling him, he rapidly drove his big fuck-stick faster and deeper into the squealing girl’s twat. With each violent thrust he raised her little ass off the bed. The whole room of spectators was now noisily cheering his brutal assault. Above the excited din of theft own voices, the congregation could hear the squeals of delight from the sex-crazed girl.

“Harder, baby, harder!” she was sobbing. “It feels so fuckin’ good, honey! Faster! Harder! Fuck me good, baby! Fuck me hard!”

The congregation was staring at the humping couple with glazed eyes, mouths gaping and drooling, and beads of perspiration standing out on their excited red faces. Most of the men were rubbing their own cocks through the material of their pants.

The monster that Libby had recently sucked off had revived and was standing up stroking his newly erect cock while he watched the couple fucking furiously toward their inevitable climax.

“Faster, baby, faster!” screamed the girl over the cheering of the crowd as she felt her orgasm surging through her body. “Oh, shit, baby! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! I’M COMING! I’M COMMMIIINNNGGG!!”

With a final violent thrust, he shot his load deep into her shuddering cunt. When he withdrew his spent cock from her pussy, it made a slurping, sucking sound as the congregation watched the sticky white jizz bubble out of her quivering hole, running slowly down her ass and leg.

Sitting up, the exhausted man saw his friend standing over them, stroking his mighty dick. Grasping Libby and laying her across his lap with her behind up, he gently opened her soft asscheeks with his fingers. When the man standing over them saw her puckered little bung, he dropped to his knees behind the upturned girl.

A hushed murmur passed through the crowd when they realized that he intended to ram his massive tool up into her dark little asshole.

While his friend gently massaged the tight ring of muscle around her bung, he slowly guided his big cock toward the forbidden opening. Libby quivered nervously as she felt the big rubbery knob probing against her brownie. Painfully at first, she felt his cockhead slowly pushing trough the sensitive flesh of her asshole.

“Oh, God,” she moaned in pain as she felt the big round bulb slip through. Once he had entered her ass, she felt his thick hard cockshaft sinking deeper and deeper into her bowels. In spite of the searing pain, a delicious tremor flitted through her body. The feel of the thick fleshy rod buried deep in her ass was very exciting.

Opening her sultry eyes, Libby smiled sensually at the sea of gaping faces tat were staring excitedly up at her.

“Look at this!” she squealed in girlish delight. “I’m getting fucked in my asshole!”

The congregation shouted with approval. The wild ovation they gave her added to the excitement of the massive cock plunging in and out of her luscious little hung.

“Harder, baby! Deeper!” she squealed. “Fuck my ass harder, you bastard!”

The members of the congregation were on their feet shouting and applauding. For the first time in her life, Libby was in front of a live appreciative audience, and the young exhibitionist was delirious with excitement.

The grotesquely painted monster was driving his big dong faster and faster into the squealing girl’s tight young butt. She gave a wild cry of excitement when she felt his thick hot jizz spurting up into her clinging bung. When he withdrew his withering cock and collapsed back on the huge bed, Libby quickly grasped the erect dick of the monster that had been holding her. Kneeling in front of him, she began violently stroking the big, lewdly painted prick with both hands. Faster and faster she pumped her soft little hands up and down the big fleshy pole. The man was jerking and trembling with the wild sensations she was inducing into his lurching body. Her hands were almost a blur as she pumped faster and faster on his big paint-striped cock.

“Come on, you bastard! Come!” she squealed, laughing into his distorted face. “Come! Come, you dirty bastard, come!”

The crowd was on its feet cheering the girl on.

Without warning, the lurching man gave a scream of delicious agony as his hot fuck juice gushed out all aver the girl’s hair, face and tits. She continued laughing and stroking his cock until the last spurts finally dribbled out of his big knob.

When the man dropped exhausted over the other worn-out beast, little Libby jumped to her feet and began dancing around the bed over their prostrate bodies. Jumping around with her big firm jugs bouncing up and down, she held her arms up in the sign of victory.

The congregation stamped, whistled and shouted their approval up to the juice-drenched girl who was dancing victoriously over the exhausted men while big globs of wet, sticky jizz oozed put of her asshole and cunt.

“My God,” Luke whispered to Helena. “What a show that kid’s put on for them.”

“The little whore’s a real exhibitionist,” she replied, watching the frantic applause of the crowd.

Luke, the High Priest, stood up and signaled for silence. It was several minutes before the crowd came to order. When total quiet was restored, Luke clapped his hands twice and two men in red velvet robes advanced down the aisle toward the girl. Wrapping her in a black silk shroud, they carried her from the room.

Holding up his hands, Luke addressed the membership. “Princess Aphrodisia had been returned to her quarters where she will spend the night in communication with the devil, seeking the names of tie very few members who have served him faithfully enough to spend a night replenishing his strength in her lust-filled young body. The ceremony is over for tonight, and we will now retire to the gold room for refreshments. Tomorrow at our morning services she will reveal the chosen few who will be anointed with her unequaled body.”

Sitting down by Helena, he watched the excited flushed members file slowly out of the Temple.

In the gold room, Luke and Helena were soon approached by Mr. Gary Baxter, a wealthy businessman from Detroit. Kneeling in front of the robed couple, he looked up at them through glazed excited eyes.

“Oh, High Ones,” he said with a quivering voice. “Have I served the devil well enough to enjoy the flesh of the Princess?”

“Only you can answer that,” replied the High Priest in a low voice. “Only you and the devil know how well you have served him.”

“I have served him well,” gasped the man. “But I must be certain that I will be selected.”

“The devil would be very receptive to someone who might contribute funds for the library he so desperately wants us to build,” smiled the priestess in a gentle voice.

“What is the amount needed?” asked the trembling man in an urgent voice.

“The total cost is about fifty thousand dollars,” continued Luke. “He would probably be well pleased if you could contribute a little money toward the project.”

“Oh, High Priest,” replied Gary Baxter, his voice trembling with excitement. “Let me contribute the entire amount. Please allow me to be the sole contributor to this very worthy project.”

“I’m sure that the devil will look upon you with great favor for this generous contribution,” smiled the High Priest, laying his hand on the excited man’s shoulder.

During the course of the evening, many lust-filled members approached the leaders, asking how they might better serve the devil. By the time the couple had retired, they had received over two hundred thousand dollars in checks.

“I can’t believe this,” Luke smiled as they entered their room.

“That little bitch is worth millions,” sighed Helena. “Her cunt’s made of gold.”


The next morning, the Temple was filled with excitement as the congregation filtered in early for the devil’s communion service. They were all dressed in their traditional communion attire, naked except for long black robes open down the front.

The big bed had been replaced by a low altar draped with red velvet. The High Priest and Priestess sat on the raised dais just above the altar. The congregation sat nervously awaiting the communion ritual that was about to begin.

“Dear worshipers of Satan,” began the High Priest as he arose from his chair. “There has never been a communion like this in the history of our religion. Today Princess Aphrodisia, the devil’s own flesh and blood, is going to administer communion.”

There was a rustling sound at the back of the room, and the whole congregation turned to see Princess Aphrodisia slowly walking down the aisle. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement as she moved slowly along in a black silk gown that covered her from neck to floor, except for two round openings across the front from which her firm naked tits were deliciously exposed. The front of the gown was open from the waist down, revealing her soft young thighs and her scented pussy hairs.

As she knelt on the velvet altar facing the congregation, the High Priest asked the members to file past and receive their communion.

The first man to approach the altar was a rather slightly built man in his early fifties. As he stood facing the kneeling Princess, she drew back his open robe and gently placed his hard prick into her warm little mouth. Swirling it around her tongue and lips for a few precious seconds, she released the rod and smiled up at the man. “May the devil bless you for allowing his own flesh and blood to taste your manhood.”

The man slowly turned and walked away as the next member stepped forward to receive the devil’s communion. One by one she kissed, sucked and fondled their cocks and gave them the devil’s blessing.

Libby was completely, thrilled with the variety of tastes offered by the parade of different-sized and different-shaped pricks that were presented to her eager, cock-hungry little mouth. It was with a feeling of disappointment when she had to release the last tool from her slurping lips.

When the members were all seated once again, the High Priest and Priestess stepped down from their dais and stood on the altar with the Princess kneeling between them.

“Arise, Princess Aphrodisia,” he intoned in a deep voice. “It is now time for you to reveal the names of the members whom your father has chosen to enjoy your lustful flesh.”

Glancing at the names that Luke had written on a slip of paper, she quietly stood up and faced the congregation.

“The first name my father has selected,” she smiled at the audience, “is Mr. Gary Baxter.”

The man smiled up at her, licking his lips in wild anticipation.

“The next,” she continued, “is Mr. Ronald Garvey.”

The girl went on down the list until she had completed calling the names of the six members who were to share her bed.

There was an audible murmur of disappointment from the followers who had not been selected.

“Now,” began the High Priest, “you six devout members who have been so highly blessed by the devil will spend a full night in Princess Aphrodisia’s bed in the order that your names have been called. The rest of you may depart when this service is concluded. In the meantime we will convene again in ninety days, and I advise those of you who were not selected to think about how you could better serve the devil. If you find a way to serve and enrich the devil, you may very well be selected. The meeting is now adjourned, but I want the six gentlemen selected to remain in the room with Princess Aphrodisia, the High Priestess and myself.”

When the other members had filed out, he gathered the small group of winners around him and explained the procedure. Starting tonight with Mr. Baxter, each man would spend a night with the girl. They would be escorted to her room at eight o’clock in the evening, and they could use her body any way they desired until nine o’clock the next morning when they must leave without communicating with any member who had not yet shared the girl. Each member would be a guest in the mansion until his evening with the girl was completed.

Libby smiled eagerly at the small group of men that was gathered around her. They were a fine-looking group, and she vowed to herself that she would give them all the greatest night of their lives.

Smiling affectionately at them, she was escorted from the Temple by the High Priestess.

When they entered Libby’s room, Helena called Katrina and suggested that she bathe and powder the girl. While this was being done, Helena disrobed and lay back on the bed. A delicious tremor ran through Helena’s cunt as she watched Libby’s sensuously scented naked body return from the bath.

“Come over here on the bed with me,” she smiled at the girl.

When Libby sat down, Helena put her arms around her and gently drew her face down against her own bare boobs. Helena’s big soft tits felt good against Libby’s cheeks. The girl loved the way the older woman held and caressed her when they were alone. She giggled with pleasure at the touch of Helena’s gentle fingers moving lightly against her sensitive little slit.

“Oh, God, that feels good,” whispered the girl when Helena moved down and inserted her tongue into Libby’s eager little pussy. The way the woman expertly worked her tongue around the girl’s clitoris always drove Libby wild with excitement.

Slowly the sensuous tongue moved in and out and around every sensitive nerve end in the young girl’s lust inflamed fuck-hole. Faster and faster the darting tongue and sucking lips swirled around the squirming girl’s juicy gash.

“Oh, Aunt Helena,” the child squealed in delight, “that feels so good! Oh, God, honey, suck! Suck! Suck!”

Faster and faster the swirling tongue was lifting the girl toward new heights of ecstasy.

“Oh, suck, baby, suck!” squealed the child. “Faster, honey, faster! I’m coming! I’m coming, Aunt Helena! Please don’t stop! Suck! Suck! Suck!”

With a wild scream, Libby felt the dam break as the delicious orgasm washed over her shuddering body.

“Oh, God, I love you, Aunt Helena,” she whispered when the overwhelming orgasm began to recede.

Kissing the girl gently on the lips, Helena got up and closed the drapes.

“Now, honey,” she smiled, “try to get some rest so you’ll be ready for Mr. Baxter tonight.”

Early that evening, Katrina again bathed the girl, then powdered and lightly sprayed her with a gently scented perfume. She tied her hair into two pigtails that accented her girlish appearance. The final touch was a flimsy baby-doll nightgown that barely covered her luscious little ass. The overall effect was one of erotic innocence.

At exactly eight o’clock there was a rap on the door, and she quickly ran over to open it. Gary Baxter stared down at the innocent young face that was looking up at him with excited expectancy in her warm passionate eyes.

“Good evening, Mr. Baxter,” she smiled softly. “Good evening, Princess,” he returned as the girl quickly bolted the door behind them.

He was wearing the traditional black robe that was open down the front, exposing his rather long, limp cock. Taking him by the hand, she led him to the bed. He sat silently on the edge far several moments before he spoke.

“Princess,” he smiled nervously, “you are the most exciting person that I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Thank you,” replied Libby, gently tinning her face up and kissing him lightly on the lips.

Fluffing up the pillows, she gently laid him on his back and crawled into his arms. Her face nestled against his chest, she reached down and, opening his robe, gently took his thick flaccid cock in her hand. After lightly stroking his prick for several minutes without it becoming erect, she slid down and inserted the fleshy rod into her hungry little mouth. No matter how much her expert little mouth worked it over, however, the thick cock remained limp.

“It’s no use, Princess,” he sighed, lifting her face and drawing her back up into his strong arms. “I’ve been impotent for several years. That’s why I joined the Temple of Valhalla, hoping against hope that through the devil I could overcome it. Nothing has worked, but last night as I watched you being ravished by those two men, I felt a stirring in my loins for the first time in years. I thought that maybe you might be the answer, but now I’m afraid I was wrong.”

“Heck, Mr. Baxter,” she smiled up at him. “We won’t worry whether your cock gets hard or not. You and I are going to have a real neat evening.”

“But I want you so much,” he practically sobbed.

“Now let’s not worry about your prick,” she whispered wit gentle intuition. “Let’s just relax and enjoy each other.”

The man smiled with relief when she again kissed him gently on his lips. Reaching down and taking his hand, she placed his finger against her warm moist slit.

“Do you like to touch juicy young pussies?” she whispered in his ear.

“God, yes,” he answered in a deep excited voice.

“That’s good,” giggled the girl, gently kissing him again. “I love to have someone play with my cunt.”

She felt his finger exploring deeper into her slippery little fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she whispered softly as she squirmed up and pressed her hard nipple against his mouth, “that feels so good. Please suck my tits while you finger-fuck me.”

Sucking her rock-hard nipple into his mouth, he began plunging his finger in and out of her juice-slickened cunt.

“Ooooh,” she moaned into his ear. “That feels so fucking good, honey. Please don’t stop.”

The feel of the soft young girl trembling in his arms filled him with excitement. His hot open mouth was working furiously over her lush boobs and hard nipples while his finger was pumping frantically into her hungry slit.

“Oh, God,” she moaned. “That feels so good, honey.”

In his crazed excitement the man was unaware that she was gently caressing his big limp cock. A thrill rushed through the girl’s body when she felt a faint throbbing in the man’s flaccid prick.

Grasping her hips, the man began pulling her cunt up toward his hungry mouth. Facing his feet, she quickly straddled his face, pushing her juicy cunt against his slurping mouth, and, leaning forward, she inserted his thick soft cock into her own mouth.

While the man frantically sucked and slurped on her dripping slit, she could feel his thick limp cock slowly expanding in her mouth. She could feel blood pumping up into his big swelling knob. Gary Baxter was so excited with the taste of hot dripping cunt juice and the feel of her wet pink inner twat flesh against his tongue and mouth that he was completely unaware that the girl was sucking on his huge, rock-hard cock.

Libby was going crazy with the excitement of her tongue and lips working on his big blood-bloated knob. Gary Baxter stared in disbelief as he watched the girl quickly turn around and straddle his hips as she slowly lowered her juice-drenched cunt down over his hard cock. He moaned in long-forgotten ecstasy as he felt his rod slip through the hot, moist flesh of her eager cunt. The feel of her hot pussy tissues sliding against his throbbing cock was driving him mad.

“Oh, my God!” she squealed in delight at the feel of his big cock stretching the sensitive walls of her cunt as he sank deeper and deeper into her hungry fuck-hole. When his dick was jammed in her twat balls deep, she began slowly rotating her cunt around his deeply embedded pole of hard meat.

The feel of her hot, sucking pussy flesh rotating around the full length of his hard prickshaft was almost more than the gasping, sobbing man could stand. Still rotating her hips, she began sliding up and down on his hard, slippery rod, while the man actually began screaming at the feel of these long-forgotten sensations. It was like being reborn again to feel his cock once more plunging in and out of a hot, slippery cunt.

Faster and faster she pumped up and down over the big delicious cock that he was thrusting up to meet every downward stroke of her grasping cunt. His entire body was lurching frantically under her gyrating little body.

“Oh, God!” she squealed, feeling his massive cock sinking deeper and deeper into her lust inflamed twat. “Bang me, honey, bang me! Oh, shit, baby, that feels good!”

The feel of his bloated dick ripping through her gushing snatch was propelling her toward a screaming climax.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she squealed in ecstasy as she felt her climax ready to engulf her.

“AAAUUUGGGHHH!!” she screamed in a delirium as she felt his white-hot jizz gushing into her throbbing fuck-hole.

“EEEEAAAGGGHHH! I’M COMING! I’M COOOMMMIIINNNGGG!!” she squealed as she threw herself against his body, covering his lips with her hot open little mouth.

The lewdly coupled pair lay lurching and shaking in each other’s arms until their frantic orgasms slowly began to recede. Libby could still feel little spurts of his cum dripping into her box. The huge discharge of fuck juice was dripping in wads out of her quivering slit.

“My God,” he hoarsely whispered. “How can I ever thank you?”

“Just keep fucking me all night with that big cock,” she giggled. “That’ll be plenty of thanks.”

With a gentle sigh, she snuggled into his arms while they rested from their delicious flight into the glorious land of sexual fulfillment. They quickly dropped off into a peaceful sleep.

When Libby awakened, Gary Baxter was sleeping on his back, his massive big cock erect and pointing toward the ceiling. Sliding down, she inserted his big rubbery knob into her mouth. Libby had never lost her enthusiasm for the taste of a big cock. Though over the years she had literally sucked hundreds of cocks, she still loved their varied tastes and the exciting feel of the smooth, hard meat against her lips and tongue. She licked up the delicious cum that had dried on his cock. Then slowly flicking her tongue against the sensitive flesh on the underside of his shaft, she worked her mouth up and down over the smooth surface of his big, swollen cockhead.

Waking up, Gary Baxter reached down and gently caressed her soft, gentle face as her hungry mouth continued sliding up and down over his rigid dick.

Releasing his cock from her mouth, little Libby rolled onto her back and, spreading her legs wide open, smiled up at the man. “Please, honey,” she whispered. “Put that beautiful big cock in my cunt.”

Crawling between her legs, he guided his big pole of meat toward her eager little pussy. An excited thrill tore through her body when she felt his huge dong brush against the smooth soft flesh of her inner thigh. Reaching down, she gently took the big tool and guided it toward her hot, eager fuck-h ole.

“Oh, God, that cock feels good,” she giggled as she squeezed the big fleshy rod in her little hand. Slowly it advanced until she could feel the head of his bloated cock pushing gently against her hot, slick gash.

“Oh, that’s it, darling, that’s it,” she moaned as she guided the head of his throbbing cock through her hot, juice-slickened pussylips.

The feel of her hot, sucking cuntlips sensually swallowing his throbbing cockhead was so intense that he unconsciously let out a roar and drove his rock-hard cock deep into her fuck-hole with one mighty thrust.

“EEEGGGHHH!” she screamed as his flesh splitting fuck machine tore cruelly up into her hot, hungry snatch.

She could feel his big swollen balls slapping against the soft, wide crack of her ass.

“Oh God, that’s a beautiful cock,” she moaned, slamming her crotch up tighter against his.

As he slowly withdrew his cock, preparing for another thrust, Libby could feel every inch of his bloated cock rubbing deliciously against the sensitive membranes of her fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered when she felt the massive tool rip into her lust-filled box again.

His hard, hot prickshaft glistened with her slippery cunt juice as he began plunging it in and out of the sucking depths of her grasping pussy.

Gary was completely out of his mind with lust as wild, long-forgotten sensations raced through his quivering loins. It was almost unreal to the man. He was sexually alive again and enjoying every shuddering second of it. Mewing incessantly beneath him, Libby was violently throwing her hips up to meet every thrust of his hard-plunging fuck-stick. The open lips of her excited cunt sucked and grasped at the very base of his pounding cock. He could feel his shaft sliding up and down against the soft fleshy ridges of her hot, juicy tunnel. Gary was now driving his big cock into her twat with savage brutality. The harder he fucked, the more she squealed with abandoned delight.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she cried in ecstasy. “Harder, honey, harder! Fuck me good, baby! FUUUCCCKKKK MEEEE!!”

Again she was exploding into an orgasm as his jizz once again gushed into her spasming, sucking ctmt.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed, clutching him in her arms, “that was so wonderful, honey.”


Libby was sorry to see the man leave that next morning, but she felt genuinely happy that she had cured his impotency. The man who spent the next night with her was a nervous little person who shot off within seconds after inserting his prick into her cunt. Trying to rejuvenate his rod with her lips and tongue, he once again had a quick unexpected orgasm, this time into Libby’s surprised little mouth. After that he rolled over, contented to sleep the rest of the night.

The third companion turned out to be a sexual athlete who could control his climaxes for hours. He spent the whole night pumping his never-falling cock in and out of Libby’s hot cunt. He literally brought the girl to dozens of organs, and although she frantically enjoyed every nerve-wrenching climax, she was completely exhausted when he left, and she slept most of the day.

Helena gently awakened the girl around five o’clock that afternoon.

“Wake up, darling,” she smiled. “It’s getting late and you have a busy evening ahead of you.”

“God,” giggled the girl as she opened her eyes. “That guy I had last night could really fuck. Shit, he must have popped my cookies at least fifty times.”

“Did you enjoy it?” asked her aunt.

“Hell yes,” Libby sighed. “It was neat, but it sure tired me out.”

“Tonight will be different,” said Helena. “You won’t entertain your guest in here. We’re going to use another room for him.”


“Because,” continued the High Priestess, “he has been very bad and you will have to give him a different treatment.”

“What kind of a treatment?” the girl asked. “You have to give him a whipping,” was her answer.

“A whipping?” Libby gasped. “I just couldn’t do that!”

“Yes, you can,” smiled her aunt. “He’ll enjoy it. He wants you to whip him.”

“But, Aunt Helena…” the girl began.

“Now stop worrying,” interrupted the High Priestess. “We must get you properly dressed for the party.”

She called for Katrina to come and bathe the girl, and when they returned from the bath, Helena had brought in the clothes for Libby to wear.

First she was told to put on a pair of little leather panties that consisted only of a small black triangle that covered her pussy and was tied around with leather thongs that left her luscious little ass completely bare. Next she was given a pair of black high-heeled leather boots that came up above her knees to mid-thigh. Her naked upper thighs were deliciously exposed between the brief leather patch over her cunt and the top of the boots.

Katrina pinned up the girl’s hair and placed a long, black-haired wig over her head. The lustrous dark hair fell down most to Libby’s waist. The final touch was to cover her lids with a dark-green eye shadow and paint her lips a bright red.

When Libby looked into the minor, she could hardly believe that she was the same sultry woman that stared back at her. When they were ready to leave, Helena placed a long black leather cape over the girl’s shoulders.

“Come now,” smiled her aunt. “We mustn’t keep your guest waiting.”

Leading the girl down the hall, she opened a heavy door that Libby had never noticed before. Passing through the door, they went down a long flight of stone steps and at the bottom they turned and walked through a long narrow corridor.

At the end of the hall, Helena opened a heavy vault-type door that opened into a large room with walls covered with heavy soundproofing material. There was nothing in the empty chamber but a round, black-covered bed in the center and a collection of whips, chains, leather thongs and other strange objects hanging from a rack on the opposite wall. Libby stared in disbelief at the ominous surroundings.

“My God,” she whispered in the silence of the soundproof room. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Just whip the shit out of him,” replied Helena in a cool, even voice. “The fuckin’ bastard loves it.”

The door slowly opened and Uncle Luke escorted the guest into the room. He was a big, rater handsome man attired in the traditional opened black ceremonial robe. Libby noticed that his cock was hanging flaccid between his muscular legs. When Uncle Luke removed the man’s robe, he walked across the room, dropping to his knees in front of Libby.

“Oh, Princess,” he sobbed putting his arms around her bare waist and rubbing his face against the little leather patch that covered her deliciously scented pussy, “I have been so wicked. Please whip the evilness out of me.”

Groveling in front of her, he licked her leather boots.

“Please, sweet Princess,” he sobbed, “whip me hard. Make me scream until all the evil has left my rotten body.”

Sobbing hysterically, he released the girl and crawled over to the round black bed on his hands and knees.

Lying face down on the black satin sheet, he screamed to Libby, “Whip me, Princess! Now! Now! Whip me!”

Helena walked over and handed Libby a whip. “Now beat the son-of-a-bitch.”

“I can’t,” the girl replied.

“I said whip the bastard!” shouted the enraged Helena.

Nervously, Libby brought the whip back and lashed it lightly across the man’s naked back.

“Harder, damn it, harder!” Helena screamed at the girl. “Make the bastard feel it!”

“Please!” begged the man. “Whip me! Whip me!”

Scared and confused, little Libby began slashing wildly at the cringing, screaming man. Red welts began appearing on his back as the girl continued lashing at him.

“That’s it!” the writhing figure sobbed as he reached down and grasped his cock in his hand. Blood was now seeping out of the bright welts that were crisscrossing his back.

“Oh, God!” he screamed as he furiously stroked his swelling cock. “Whip me, Princess, whip me!”

The confused girl continued lashing out at the pathetic figure who was now screaming and violently pumping on what was now a hugely erect prick. His eyes were staring wildly at the girl’s luscious thighs exposed between the small patch and the top of her boots. As she wildly lashed out with the whip, her big naked tits bounced deliciously before his glazed eyes. His whole body was covered with blood as he screamed and stroked his bulging dong.

“Fuck me, Princess, fuck me!” he sobbed, releasing his cock and standing up.

Libby dropped the whip and stared at the man who was approaching her with spread arms. The bloody mass of flesh that was advancing toward her was more than she could stand.

“Stop!” she screamed. “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!”

Clutching the girl in his strong arms, he reached down and tugged at her small leather patch. She could see and feel his blood oozing onto her own body.

“Please!” she cried. “Let go! Don’t touch me!”

Breaking loose, the girl quickly ran across the room.

“Stop!” shouted Helena who had been quietly observing the scene. “Let him fuck you!”

“No,” the girl sobbed, “I can’t!”

“Shut up, you little slut!” screamed Helena. “Let him fuck you!”

“Don’t you call me a slut,” the girl hissed at her aunt. “Don’t you call me a slut!”

“I’ll call you any damned thing I want to,” replied Helena. “Now lay down and let him screw you!”

“I will not and I’m no slut,” sobbed Libby.

“You’ll do whatever I tell you, you fuckin’ little whore,” the woman raged as she viciously slapped the young girl across the face.

“You fuckin’ bitch!” shrieked Libby as she grabbed the leather cape and fled from the room.

When she reached her own quarter she bolted her door and quickly turned the water on for a bath. She couldn’t wait to wash the vile sticky blood from her body.

Later, as she lay exhausted on her bed, she heard a knock on her door.

“Yes?” she called out.

“It’s Aunt Helena,” came the reply. “May I please come in?”

“No,” was Libby’s quick answer.

“Damn it, you little bitch,” she screamed, “you let me in!”

“No,” was once more the reply.

After a long period of silence, she heard Helena’s footsteps disappearing down the corridor. Libby began sobbing into her pillow. When she was finally calmed down, she decided that maybe she had been unfair with her aunt and decided to go to their rooms and apologize. Throwing the leather cloak around her shoulders, she walked slowly down the hall.

Just as she was about to knock on the door, she heard Luke’s voice.

“You dumb bitch!” she heard him shout at her aunt. “That little tramp has made over two hundred thousand dollars for us this week, and you had to piss her off.”

“Well,” shouted Helena, “I’m not taking any back talk from that snot-nosed little slut!”

“You don’t have to,” he snapped back. “But you don’t have to say those things to the dumb little shit’s face!”

Libby stood frozen as she heard what they were saying.

“Suppose the little bitch tries to run away?” Luke continued.

“Hell, she won’t,” Helena laughed. “The little fool thinks she’ll be hanged for murder if the police find her.”

“Well, I’m not going to take any chances,” she heard him reply. “I’m going down and have one of our men guard her door tonight. I sure don’t want our million-dollar pussy to run away.”

Quickly turning, Libby ran down the hall in the opposite direction of her room. Turning the corner, she tiptoed silently down the stairs to the reception hall. Cautiously she opened the big front door and stepped out into the cool courtyard. Keeping in the shadow of parked cars, she slowly worked her way toward the gate.

She saw the gatekeeper in his booth reading a magazine. Hoping that he would leave his post for a few seconds, Libby huddled in the shadows for over an hour. When she saw the man turn his back to answer the phone, she made a wild dash for the gate. Quickly lifting the heavy latch, she slipped through and disappeared down the lane.

She had only gone a few yards when she heard loud voices and shouting as lights began coming on all over the Temple building. She realized that her escape had been discovered and she turned from the lane, plunging into the thick brush and trees.

Slowly she worked herself through the undergrowth toward the sea that she could hear breaking on the surf below her. The night was cool with a damp mist blowing in off the ocean. She pulled the leather cloak around her bare body to keep out some of the night chill.

Finally reaching the sandy stretch of beach, Libby quickly ducked behind some brush when she heard the sound of laughing voices directly in front of her. Crouching in the darkness, she could barely see a group of people sitting on blankets around a small campfire.

Peering over the brush, she was startled to hear a voice right behind her.

“Hi there,” spoke the voice of a young man.

“H-H-Hello,” she stuttered, pulling the cloak tighter around her body.

“What the hell you doing out here alone?” he asked.

“Taking a walk,” she shivered.

“Do you always walk bare-assed?” he laughed.

“No,” she replied.

“You better come down by the fire and get warm,” he grinned, taking her by the arm.

When Libby was seated on the blanket, the boy indicated the group with his hands. “This is Turk, that’s Patty, this is Frankie, and I’m Whirley Bird.”

“Hello,” she smiled at the group. “I’m Libby.” Whirley Bird poured some wine into a paper cup and handed it to her. “Here, take this, it might warm you up.”

“You some kind of a leather freak?” asked the boy called Turk.

“What’s it to you?” snapped Patty. “If leather’s her bag, that’s her business.”

Not bothering to answer, Libby sipped on her wine.

“Who the hell’s that?” muttered Frankie as they saw two figures running across the sand toward the fire.

“Please don’t let them find me,” Libby whispered, slinking down on the blanket. Turk quickly threw another blanket over her and placed wine bottles and a cardboard carton against it to disguise the figure underneath.

“Hello there!” shouted one of the men as they drew closer. “Have you seen a young girl down here on the beach?”

“Yeah,” giggled Turk. “We got a young girl here with us. You want her?”

When the men stepped up to the fire, he pointed to Patty. “Here she is.”

“No.” Libby recognized Uncle Luke’s voice. “Have you seen a young girl running around bare-assed with only boots and a leather cape?”

“Shit, man,” laughed Turk, “this grass is pretty good stuff, but it sure hasn’t made us see any little moon Goddesses.”

“Are you sure?” the other man continued.

“You must be some kind of nut,” grinned Frankie. “If some bare-assed little chick ran down the beach, don’t you think we’d be sure?”

“Well, thanks just the same,” mumbled Luke as they turned and walked back down the beach.

“Thank you,” whispered Libby when she crawled out from under the blanket.

“Are you in deep trouble?” asked Patty.

“Yeah, sorta,” Libby replied. “I’ve just got to get away from here, and I haven’t anything except this fuckin’ G-string, boots and cape.”

They laughed sympathetically with the frightened young girl.

“Have you any place to go?” Turk asked her. “No, not really,” was her reply. “Hell, why don’t you crash with us in our pad for a while?” suggested Frankie.

“Sure, honey, why not?” smiled Patty.

“Well,” Libby hesitated.

“Do you like to fuck?” Whirley Bird kidded. “Shit yes, I love it,” Libby giggled far the first time.

“That’s our kind of girl,” smiled Turk to the group. “Let’s get little Miss Leatherpuss out of here before those guys come back.”


The group of young people was quite high when they reached their pad in San Francisco. Libby enjoyed the ride in Turk’s old battered van, and she liked her new-found friends. She especially liked Patty, who appeared to be in her early twenties. She had long blonde hair and a ready smile that revealed strong white teeth sparkling against her deeply tanned face.

Turk, who wore shoulder-length black hair and a beard, appeared to be in his late twenties. It didn’t take Libby long to find out that he was the perpetual comic of the crowd. He kept them laughing most of the way home.

Whirley Bird, the youngest of the men, kept his head shaved clean, and his tall, muscular body made him a very imposing figure.

Frankie was the quietest of the group and was seemingly half-asleep most of the time.

There was a relaxed companionship within the group that made Libby feel very much at home.

Their pad consisted of two rooms and a small kitchen. The bathroom was down the hall and was shared by all the tenants on that floor. The two rooms were sparsely furnished with make-shift furniture.

“Well, this is home,” laughed Patty when they entered. “I bunk in the other room with Frankie. You can fight with these guys for your share of the mattress.”

Libby saw the mattress in the corner of the room with rumpled blankets thrown over it.

“Honey,” smiled Patty, “let’s get you out of that leather shit and into something more comfortable.”

“Yeah,” Libby giggled, “I feel sort of dumb in this junk.”

“Then why the hell were you wearing it?” asked the usually quiet Frankie.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Libby replied, dismissing the subject as she followed Patty into the other room.

When they returned, Libby was wearing a long, sleeveless cotton dress.

“Hell,” smiled Whirley Bird, “now you’ve covered up that cute little bare ass.”

“You know where to find it if you want it,” Libby giggled.

“Well, here’s to sex,” laughed Turk as he opened another bottle of wine, pouring it into their cups.

Libby felt more relaxed than she could ever remember. The wine had given her a warm glow, and the bantering conversation with the carefree group was a whole new world for the young girl.

When the wine bottle was empty, Frankie gave Patty a light pat on her ass. “Come on, Pat, let’s go in and see if you’re as sexy as you feel.”

“Try me,” she laughed, following him into the other room.

“Do you guys want to try me?” giggled Libby, throwing herself back on the mattress.

“That sounds like a good trip,” Turk laughed as he started to take off his pants. Sitting up on the bed, Libby quickly removed her dress and lay back down again. Within a matter of seconds, Turk was lying beside her.

“God, that’s a neat cock,” whispered the girl as she reached over and lightly caressed his erect rod.

Standing and watching the girl stroke his friend’s big pole sent wild shivers of lust through Whirley Bird’s loins. He stared down at the girl’s open cunt, so deliciously exposed between her lush thighs. She was smiling invitingly up at Whirley Bird while she stroked Turk’s big, throbbing prick.

“Come on, honey,” she whispered up to him. “There’s enough here for both of you.”

Still staring at her puffy pink gash, Whirley Bird slowly dropped his pants, revealing a long, smooth cock to Libby’s appreciative eyes.

Gently stroking Turk’s massive prick, she watched excitedly as his friend moved up between her open thighs.

“Oh, God,” she whispered when he buried his face and mouth against her warm little pussy.

The feel of his thick tongue moving sensually over her clitoris sent streaks of flame rushing through her body. Unconsciously Libby began pumping faster and harder on the big cock of the man who was lurching and moaning beside her.

Raising her head, she inserted the huge, throbbing cock into her mouth while Whirley Bird continued licking and sucking her trembling little pussy. The feel and taste of Turk’s swollen cockhead in her mouth sent a warm glow into her eager fuck-hole that was being so delightfully attended to by Whirley Bird’s talented tongue.

When the man momentarily removed his mouth from her juicy little box, Libby crawled up between Turk’s legs while still keeping his cock embedded in her slurping mouth. Getting on her knees, her bloated pink slit was deliciously exposed to Whirley Bird’s eager eyes. Still sucking savagely on Turk’s throbbing tool, she could feel Whirley Bird’s hands grasping her hips in preparation for entering her cunt from behind.

She was shuddering with delight, feeling her lips sliding over the thick, rubbery ring at the base of Turk’s bloated knob, when she suddenly felt Whirley Bird’s long cock probing at the entrance of her hungry cunt. With a wet slurping sound, she felt his prickhead slip through her juice-slickened cuntlips.

“Oh, God!” she gasped between slurps as she felt the rock-hard cock sliding smoothly up her hot fuck-hole.

Still sucking frantically on Turk’s big dick, she raised her ass up higher to take the full length of the other man’s rigid pole. She could feel his big heavy balls crushed warmly against her soft asscheeks.

Her whole young body trembled with ecstasy as the big, juice-slickened tool drove in and out of her pink-lipped slit. Her mouth was working wildly over the big cock of the man lurching excitedly beneath her. The quick jerking motions of his hard cock in her mouth warned her of his impending ejaculation. She was eagerly awaiting the load when Turk screamed and lurched as hot, thick wads of jizz gushed out of his throbbing knob and into her greedy little mouth. She savagely sucked and swallowed the creamy fuck juice that she loved so much. She didn’t release his shrinking cock from her mouth until she had sucked the last thin drop from his tender cum-slit.

“Oh, Christ!” she shrieked in delight at the feel of Whirley Bird’s long dick driving deeper and faster into her lust-crazed cunt.

“Faster, honey, faster!” she sobbed, thrusting her ass back to meet every violent stroke of the pounding cock. “Oh, God, honey, faster! Faster! Fuck me good, baby! Fuck me good!”

Through the corner of her eye she noticed Patty and Frankie watching them from the door. The strange excitement of knowing she was being watched brought Libby to an even higher plane of ecstasy.

Patty stared in fascination at Whirley Bird’s wet, glistening cock sliding in and out of the juicy pink flesh of Libby’s grasping cunt. The room was filled with the squishing sounds of the girl’s cunt juice slurping out around the big cock that was pumping savagely in and out of the girl’s fuck-hole.

“Faster, honey, faster!” she squealed as she felt her climax building up in her shuddering body. “Oh, Christ, baby, I’m coming! AAAHHHGGG!! I’M COMMMIIINNNGGG!!”

Falling forward, she could feel Whirley Bird’s hot fuck juice squirting into her convulsing cunt.

When she felt him remove his limp, juice drenched prick from her grasping twat, she quickly bent down and stuck it in her mouth, sucking out the last bittersweet drops of jizz and licking his tool clean.

“My God, honey!” gasped Patty from the doorway. “You’re really a little sex machine.”

“Yeah,” Libby giggled, rolling over on her back and rubbing her sperm-drenched slit with trembling fingers. “I love to fuck and suck.”

“You sure do!” laughed Patty.

“Hey, I’m still horny,” whispered Libby with a deep sultry sigh. “Can Frankie fuck me?”

“If you can take it, be my guest,” Patty answered as she reached down and patted the erect cock that had exploded in her own cunt only a few moments earlier.

As Libby lay back, opening her luscious legs to receive him, Frankie lunged at her inviting cunt.

The next few days were the happiest of Libby’s life. The five people all got along so well together, exhibiting no jealousy and generously sharing their, bodies with each other. Patty was happy tat Libby had joined the group, and although she considered herself Frankie’s old lady, she had taken care of the others’ sexual needs as well. But now, with Libby there, it was a much more satisfying sex life for all of them.

It was a good life. There wasn’t much money, but they all seemed to survive. Occasionally the boys would pick up an odd job here and there when it was necessary. When they would run real low at times, Patty would leave for an hour or so and return with some money. No one asked her where she got it, but Libby assumed that she probably sold a piece of tail.

“Hey,” laughed Turk when they were sitting around half-stoned one night. “What happened to you, Libby? When we first found you, you were a leather freak.”

“Oh, shit,” she giggled, “I was never a leather freak.”

“Then how about that scene on the beach when we first met?” asked Whirley Bird.

Half-stoned and relaxed, Libby decided to tell them the story of the Temple of Valhalla.

They listened in attentive amazement until she had finished.

“That’s heavy, man,” gasped Turk in a low, breathless whisper.

“God,” Patty stared at the girl, “that’s the wildest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“You should have seen the wild look on all their faces when I was being fucked by those two guys,” Libby giggled.

“Doesn’t it turn you off when people are watching you fuck?” asked Patty.

“Hell, no,” Libby replied. “It’s funny, but I get even more excited when I know someone’s watching. That really turns me on.”

“Gee,” laughed Patty. “I love to be screwed, but I can’t do it in front of anyone. That’s why I always go into the other room to get laid.”

“I guess I’m strange,” Libby giggled. “But when I saw you and Frankie watching us from the doorway the other night, it really turned me on.”

“Hell, honey,” Patty smiled excitedly. “If you dig being fucked in front of a crowd, I know where you can make some bread.”

“How?” the girl asked.

“I know this dude down in North Beach who has a little joint where he puts on live sex shows,” she answered. “He’s always looking for some broad who doesn’t mind being fucked on the stage.”

“I think that would be fun,” giggled Libby.

“If you want to try it, we can go down and talk to him tomorrow,” was her suggestion.

“I’m game,” laughed Libby.

Late the next afternoon the two girls walked over to North Beach. There was no sign or marquee over the entrance, but Patty opened the door and they walked down a long hall to a second door that was locked. Patty pressed a button and waited until they heard the lock release. Then opening it, they walked into the room.

It wasn’t large. There were about ten tables crowded against each other, a horseshoe-shaped bar with a small stage above it. There was nothing on the stage but a box mattress covered with a red sheet. The wings and back of the stage were fully mirrored as well as over the bed. It gave the illusion of several beds in a variety of positions. There was no one in the room but a heavy-set bald man behind the bar counting money.

“Hi, Patty,” he mumbled through teeth that were clamped on a cigar butt. “Haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“Hello, Rico,” she smiled. “I want you to meet my friend Libby.”

He grunted a low acknowledgement, continuing to count his money.

“Libby’s looking for a job,” Patty volunteered.

“Doin’ what?” the man asked.

“Working on your stage,” replied Patty.

“How old are you?” he asked, looking up at her for the first time.

“Eighteen,” Libby lied.

“Don’t bullshit me,” snapped the man. “You’re not over fifteen.”

“If you ever had a chance to fuck me, you’d sure know I’m over fifteen,” she snapped defiantly.

“So you’re a smart-ass,” he replied, leering at the girl. “And if you work for me, I know damn well I’ll fuck you. That’s the fringe benefit in hiring you little tramps.”

Libby glared at the repulsive man.

“You ever been laid on a stage before?” he asked, taking the cigar from his mouth.

“Yes,” was her quiet reply.

“You having a period?” he suddenly asked. “No,” she answered.

“Then come on down about midnight tonight, and I’ll try you out. The chick that was supposed to be on tonight just called in with a period.”

“Who screws me?” the girl asked.

“What differences does it make?” he replied sarcastically. “One hard prick’s as good as another.”

“How much do you pay?”

“Fifty bucks,” was the reply.

“Hell,” Patty interrupted. “You’ve been paying the other girls seventy-five.”

“Yeah, I know,” he grinned. “But I don’t know anything about your friend. Maybe she’ll be a flop.”

“All right,” Libby interrupted. “I’ll be down here at midnight.”

“And come down the alley and knock on the back door. I don’t want any of my guests to see the star until she’s on stage,” he laughed sarcastically.


That evening Libby arrived at about five minutes to twelve. After knocking several times, the door was finally opened by a hug, muscular man in his late twenties.

“Hi,” he drawled with a broad smile. “I guess you’re gonna be my new partner tonight.”

“I-I guess so,” she stammered, still a little shocked at the man’s unexpected bluntness.

“When do we go on stage?” she nervously asked.

“In about fifteen minutes,” was his reply. “I sure hope you’re better than the chick I had last night. She had such a big sloppy cunt I could hardly keep a hard-on.”

“Don’t worry about me,” she whispered. “You’ll get a real workout with my little pussy.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” he laughed as he began removing his shirt.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said hesitantly. “What do we do?”

“Hell,” he laughed, “we put on a show. First you suck my dick for a minute, and then I go down on you and we finish the act just fucking.”

“Sounds all right to me,” she smiled up at him.

“Well, I guess it’s time for you to get me ready,” laughed the man as he dropped his pants, revealing his big, flaccid cock to Libby’s appreciative eyes. Reaching down, she gently squeezed the big purple knob into her soft little hand. Releasing the knob, she ran her fingers up along the smooth velvety skin of his fleshy cock until she reached his big balls which she cupped gently in her little hand.

“Jesus, that’s a terrific cock,” she whispered up to him as she felt it beginning to stir and swell to her touch.

“Hey, baby, you’re some chick,” he smiled down at her.

Dropping to her knees, she inserted his rosy cockhead between her hot little lips. She shivered with delight as she felt it throbbing and swelling in the warm moistness of her excited mouth. There was a rich, mellow taste to the big rubbery bulb that was swelling in her mouth.

It had reached full erection in all its glory when Rico came back and told them to get on stage. Quickly slipping off her dress, Libby led the way. Stepping onto the stage, she was startled by the glaring lights that almost blinded her. There was a scattering of polite applause as she slowly walked around the stage and over by the bed so they could view her young, lush body from every angle. Then slowly lying back on the bed, she opened her smooth thighs, exposing her delicious little cunt to the gaping patrons. A murmur of appreciation rippled through the crowd as she began sensually caressing her juicy silt with her own fingers.

Suddenly her partner appeared, slowly stroking his magnificent big pole. There were gasps and sighs from the women in the audience as they watched him move his fingers up and down the length of his huge dong.

As he approached the bed, Libby sat up and, reaching out, gently grasped the big lusty cock, drawing it toward her. The audience sat breathlessly silent, watching her rub his big swollen knob against her hard nipples. She rubbed it between her soft lull jugs, under her chin, against her neck and cheeks, even trough her thick, lush hair. Then holding the big rod in her hands, she bent forward, fucking his lust-swollen cockhead with the tip of her little pink tongue.

Without inserting it in her mouth, she continued licking his knob and shaft until his tool glistened with her warm spit. Continuing to lick the massive pole of meat, she gently fondled his big balls in her soft hands.

There was a rumble of excitement from the crowd when she suddenly opened her lips and sucked the big cockhead into her hat, eager mouth.

Feeling the man shuddering with rapture, Libby quickly released his cock to avoid having him climax. Smiling up at him, she rolled onto her back, opening her legs and exposing her trembling little pussy to his hungry eyes.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he thrust his big handsome face against her juicy pink slit. She squealed and squirmed in ecstasy at the feel of his broad tongue and thick lips slurping against her sensitive cuntlips.

“Oh, my God!” she squealed aloud at the feel of his tongue swirling against her throbbing clitoris.

On his knees and with his ass pointed directly at the audience, they could see his massive balls swinging back and forth between his legs as his head worked furiously up and down her juice-slickened little slit. The crowd began applauding with excitement as his lips and tongue lashed faster and faster against her passion-crazed cunt, his mighty balls swinging like pendulums between his straining legs.

“Suck, baby, suck!” the girl squealed over the voices of the cheering audience. “Suck! Suck! Suck, baby, suck!”

When the man realized that Libby was rapidly approaching an orgasm, he stood up, looking down at the girl writhing in ecstasy on the bed.

Libby opened her legs even wider as she watched her partner moving slowly toward her, clutching his big cock in his trembling hands. Watching him slowly crawl up between her legs, she lifted her knees even higher to better expose her open, juicy slit to the audience so they would get a better view of the impending penetration.

Her excited body shuddered with anticipation as she felt his big knob probing against the juice-drenched lips of her steaming twat. Reaching down, she opened her cuntlips with her fingers as she felt his spongy cockhead slip into her eager fuck-hole.

The audience gasped with uncontrolled excitement as they watched her pink, fleshy cuntlips close over his purple knob as it slid into her hungry snatch.

Libby mewled with delight as she felt his thick rigid pole sliding slowly up into her lust-crazed belly. She could feel it pushing out against her grasping, sucking cunt walls. Deeper and deeper his cock sank until Libby felt she could no longer stand the delicious ecstasy induced by this big fucker. Burying her little face against his big smooth chest, she arched up her hips to help him reach full penetration.

“Oh, God, that’s a cock,” she whispered into his ear. “That’s the neatest fucking cock I’ve ever had.”

“And that’s the hottest, juiciest, tightest little cunt I’ve ever been in,” he smiled down at her.

Slowly he began thrusting his big tool in and out of her slurping, grasping cunt. Her abundant juices were flowing out and around his big, thick dong. The audience stared at her pussy juice glistening against the flushed, slippery skin of his magnificent prick.

To the audience’s delight, Libby reached down and lightly traced her finger around the sensitive ring of his asshole, making him lurch with excitement, driving his cock deeper into her greedy little fuck-hole.

“That’s it!” she squealed with delight. “Harder, baby, harder! Fuck me good!”

As he began humping faster and deeper, the crowd shouted with approval when she slipped her finger into his bung. The huge man was now thrusting his massive tool with all his strength. Breath was exploding out of Libby’s lungs with every crashing blow. Each mighty trust was lifting her little juice-smeared ass off the bed. Her swirling little finger was now embedded clear up to her hand in his warm, sensitive asshole.

“Fuck me, baby! FUCK ME!” she screamed hysterically as the lust-crazed man relentlessly pounded his big cock into her grasping cunt. The audience was on their feet, cheering wildly at the thrashing, pounding couple on the bed.

The cheers of the audience sent a wild thrill through Libby’s body. She loved the applause of the crowd arid played up to it with all her enthusiasm.

“Look, everybody!” she screamed. “I’m getting fucked! I’m getting fucked! Look at me getting fucked by the biggest cock in the world! Fuck, baby, fuck!”

The room was a bedlam of shouts and cheers as the wildly entangled couple pounded relentlessly on toward their inevitable orgasms.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she screamed hysterically when she felt the explosive climax building up. “I’m gonna come! I’M GONNA COME!”

Frantically pounding his massive cock into Libby’s clutching cunt, the man felt his white-hot jizz streaking up his rod.

“Oh, Christ, I’m coming! I’M COMING! COMINNNNGGGG!” she screamed in hysterical ecstasy as she felt his thick fuck juice gushing into her convulsing twat.

“Oh, baby!” she squealed, pushing her hungry little cunt up against the base of his cock. “You’re the greatest! You’re the greatest fuck in the world!”

When they collapsed on the bed, the crowd stood up, screaming and applauding with uncontrolled excitement. Lying there exhausted, Libby thrilled to the cheers of the audience. She loved every second of it. She didn’t want it to end.

In a moment of reaction, she rolled over and began licking the big globs of jizz from her partner’s slowly shrinking cock. The crowd roared with approval as she licked and sucked on the spent lump of meat.

When the last delicious drop of spunk had been withdrawn from the man, she spread her legs and faced the audience. The crowd stared in disbelief as she began dipping her fingers into her sperm drenched cunt and licked them off in her greedy little mouth. Quickly standing up, she placed her hands beneath her pussy as big, thick gobs dripped down into her palms. Then saturating her face with the sticky cum, she bowed and left the stage amid the roars of the cheering audience.

“Shit, baby, you’re really something!” laughed her partner as he followed her from the stage.

“Heck,” giggled Libby, “that big cock of yours is really something.”

“No,” he corrected her. “I mean the way you play up to the audience. Most chicks just lay up there and let me fuck ’em, but you really make the crowd think you’re loving it.”

“I am,” she laughed. “I really get turned on when I know people are watching me. It makes me horny as hell.”

“By the way,” the man muttered as he began to dress, “my name’s Stan.”

“My name’s Libby,” she replied, “and thanks for the neat fuck, Stan.”

“Was my pleasure,” he grinned.

“Nice show you kids put on,” muttered Rico who entered the room chomping on his cigar.

“Thanks,” was their reply.

“Listen,” he continued, “I’m opening a fancy new joint named The Pink Stud, and I’d like you to be featured every Saturday night. I’ll pay you two hundred dollars, a hundred each.”

“Are you shitting me?” snapped Libby, still giddy from the cheers and applause. “We won’t do it for less than two each.”

Rico stared at her. “You’re sure a smart-assed little cunt.”

“Oh, and another thing,” she continued, “I don’t like being called a smart-assed cunt.”

“All right,” grumbled Rico, removing the cigar from his mouth. “I’ll give you a hundred and fifty each, and that’s final.”

“Sorry, Rico,” she smiled. “You know we’re worth at least two hundred. Go out and ask your bug-eyed customers if we aren’t.”

“All right,” he grunted. “Two hundred but make damn sure you show up every Saturday night.”

“We’ve got a deal,” she smiled, kissing him on the cheek. “But no fringe benefits.”

Rico stared at her in disbelief as she turned and walked out.

“That’s some broad,” he muttered when she was gone.

“You’re right,” grinned Stan. “She’s sure some broad.”

Libby’s friends were waiting for her in Turk’s old van.

“We’re rich, we’re rich,” she giggled as she climbed in. “He’s gonna pay me two hundred bucks every Saturday night.”

“For one night’s work?” gasped Patty.

“Yep, just one night’s work.”

“My God,” asked Whirley Bird, “what do you have to do to earn it?”

“Just get fucked by a big delicious cock,” she giggled excitedly.

When Libby’s money started coming in, the five friends moved into a new apartment with a private bathroom, but their frugal, carefree life style remained basically unchanged. They bought a few additional pieces of used furniture, and for the first time in her life, Libby bought some new clothes and was still able to open a savings account.

Every Saturday night they drove her down to The Pink Stud and waited across the street in the van until her act was over. The act was always performed before a full house of cheering customers. Word was out all over the city about Libby’s wild performance, and the Saturday-night show was sold out weeks in advance. Afraid that she might leave, Rico had recently raised her pay to three hundred dollars an act.

Other than her Saturday-night performance, they had no schedule and spent long hours at the beach or in the country. The evenings were spent getting a little high and ended with the usual rounds of fucking and sucking.

Libby loved her life and her friends, and she fervently hoped noting would ever happen to change it.


With the approach of Christmas, Libby began to get excited about the holidays. When she had lived with her mother at the diner, Christmas consisted of hanging a cardboard wreath in the dirty diner window, doing dishes, waiting on tables and wishing the weary customers the usual Merry Christmas. But this year was different. Her friends were her own dear family and the young girl was really excited about it.

They had bought a tree and decorated it in the corner of the room, and little Libby thought it was the most beautiful tree in the world. She spent long afternoons in the gaily decorated stores, trying to find special gifts for friends. The big variety of gifts that were displayed confused her, but she loved to be part of the crowds in the stores. She even planned to buy Rico a box of cigars and a wide leather belt for Stan.

She went shopping every day, hoping to find something real special that her new family would like. It was one afternoon when she spotted a delicate little china vase with a figurine of a beautiful girl with long blonde hair. The girl looked exactly like Patty. She was so excited that she could hardly stand still while the clerk carefully packed and wrapped it. Knowing how much Patty loved flowers, Libby was certain that she would be thrilled with the lovely vase.

Shaking with excitement, she clutched the package and turned away from the counter. Without warning, she was suddenly bumped, and her precious gift was jarred out of her hands and crashed to the floor.

She stared down at the package, afraid to pick it up, afraid it was shattered. Eyes filling with tears, she looked up at the man who had accidentally jostled her. There was a helpless expression on his face.

“I’m so sorry,” he said to the trembling young girl. Not answering, Libby looked back down at the lonely package lying on the cold tile floor.

Picking it up and noticing how badly the girl’s hands were shaking, he placed it next to her on the counter. He watched her nervously frying to unwrap the package.

“It’s broken. It’s broken,” she sobbed when it was finally opened.

“Please let me buy you another one,” he offered.

“No! No!” she cried. “There isn’t another one. I wanted this one. Just go away and leave me alone.”

“We had two of these in stock,” volunteered the clerk. “Let me see if the other one has been sold.”

“Please!” the man began when the saleslady had gone.

“Just bug off and leave me alone,” she sobbed. “You’ve caused enough trouble.”

When she saw the hurt look in his eyes, she suddenly felt sorry for the embarrassed man.

“Please forgive me,” she sobbed. “I’m just upset.”

“Well, here’s the matching one,” smiled the clerk as she returned with an identical vase.

“Oh, thank you,” Libby smiled. “will you please pack it real well for me?”

“And I insist that you let me pay far it,” continued the man. “It was my fault.”

“No,” she smiled. “It’s a very special gift and it wouldn’t be a gift if someone else paid for it.”

“But you’ve paid for it once,” he argued.

“That doesn’t matter,” she smiled. “I want to buy it with my own money.”

“I feel like such a bumbling fool,” he desperately interjected.

Looking up, she really noticed him for the first time. He was a tall, handsome young man with dark hair and gentle brown eyes.

“I’m sorry I was so rude,” she smiled for the first time.

“Then let me buy you a drink or a cup of coffee,” he persisted.

“That won’t be necessary,” she answered, picking up her package and heading for the entrance.

Stepping onto the sidewalk, she was greeted with a torrential rain. She had no umbrella, and there wasn’t a taxi in sight on the crowded street.

“You can never find a taxi when you need one,” smiled the man who had followed her out.

“You are persistent,” she laughed.

“My car’s just around the corner,” he offered. “Please let me drive you home.”

“Oh, that’s too much trouble,” Libby answered. “There’ll be a taxi along soon.”

“It’s no trouble,” he insisted. “Please wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Libby smiled as he disappeared into the rain-soaked crowd. Within a few minutes a sleek new Jaguar pulled up to the curb and the man jumped out, opening the door for her.

“My name is Mike Roberts,” he muttered as he guided the car out into the slow-moving traffic.

“Hi, Mike,” she smiled. “I’m Libby.”

The two of them talked all the way over to Libby’s apartment, and almost without the young girl realizing it, she accepted a luncheon date at Polo’s with the handsome man for the next day.

Mike was waiting for her when she arrived at Polo’s the next afternoon.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t come,” he said with a relieved smile.

“I never break a promise,” she answered as they were escorted to a small secluded table.

Sipping martinis before lunch, she learned a lot about Mike Roberts. He was single, had never been married and was a junior partner in his father’s law firm. He was obviously well off financially but was not the least bit showy about it. She learned that he had traveled a lot and was a graduate of the Stanford Law School. She learned that he was thirty-two years old and had an apartment in Sausalito.

What Mike learned about Libby was absolutely nothing.

“Do you like the ocean?” he suddenly asked when the soup had been served.

“Very much,” she answered.

“We have a beach house down at Big Surf, he continued. “I’d love you to come down there with my family some weekend. We really have a great time swimming and riding.”

“Maybe, sometime,” was Libby’s evasive answer.

Libby found something very fascinating about this gentle man who was trying so hard to make her like him. It was almost pathetic the way she could feel him trying to reach a closer communication with her. She instinctively avoided his not-too-subtle hints of future meetings.

“What are you doing Christmas Eve?” he asked. “My father’s having a cocktail party, and I’d love to take you.”

“Sorry,” she smiled. “I’m spending it with some friends.”

“Libby, when can I see you again?” he asked after a long silence.

“I’ll be very busy until after the holidays,” she replied.

“Would you mind giving me your phone number?” he asked desperately.

“We don’t have a phone,” she answered honestly. “Why is it so important that you see me again?”

“It’s hard to explain,” he answered in a low voice. “But I find you a very fascinating girl, and I’d like to know you better.”

“Maybe you wouldn’t like me if you knew me better,” she giggled.

“How will I ever know?”

“Okay,” smiled Libby. “We’ll get together when the holidays are over.”

“How?” he asked. “You don’t have a phone.”

“You know where I live,” she smiled at him. After that, he seemed to relax and they had a very enjoyable lunch. When they parted at the restaurant entrance, Libby stood up on her toes and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Thanks for lunch and I’ll see you after the holidays.”

The next afternoon, Libby and Patty were alone in the apartment listening to records when there was a rap on the door.

“Yes?” said Patty, opening the door. “I have some flowers here far a Miss Libby,” announced the deliveryman.

“Thanks,” replied Patty, taking the flowers and closing the door.

“How about my tip?” called the man from the hall.

“Go screw yourself,” Patty laughed. Opening the box, they found a dozen long-stemmed roses. The card simply read, “Till after the holidays.”

“What the hell is this all about?” asked Patty with a puzzled frown.

“It’s from a guy I had lunch with yesterday,” Libby giggled with embarrassment.

“You mean there are still jerks that send hearts and flowers?” Patty asked.

“He’s no jerk,” smiled Libby. “He’s really very nice.”

“You’re not serious about him, are you?” Patty inquired with a puzzled look on her face.

“Shit no,” was the quick reply.


When Christmas Eve finally arrived, little Libby was as excited as if she expected Santa Claus. It was the first real Christmas Eve she had ever experienced. The young girl expressed her delight by taking on all three of the guys and giving them each a Christmas Fuck.

It was a Christmas Eve that Libby would always remember.

The following Sunday, Libby slept rather late, as her act the night before at The Pink Stud had been a wild one. Stan had been in excellent form, and his big cock had brought Libby up to three mind-blowing orgasms in the one performance.

Since she was alone in the apartment, Libby decided to walk down to a little cafe on the corner for breakfast. Just as she stepped out onto the sidewalk, she saw Mike’s Jaguar pull up to the curb.

“Hi,” he called to the girl.

“Hello,” she smiled, realizing tat she was a little happy to see him.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Just down to the coffee shop for breakfast.”

“This must be my lucky day,” he smiled warmly. “I haven’t eaten yet, so let’s drive over to Sausalito for brunch.”

“I’d love to,” Libby replied. She couldn’t quite understand why she felt so glad to see him again.

They had a pleasant relaxing lunch, then decided to drive up the coast to Stinson Beach. It was a cold, cloudy day, and the ocean was a dark gray, punctuated with foamy white caps. Parking, they sat in the car watching the angry surf pounding against the deserted beach, then decided to go for a walk.

When they had wandered along the shore for about thirty minutes, it began to sprinkle. Turning, they started back up the beach toward the parked car. Without further warning the vicious dark skies opened up with a drenching cloudburst. Running as fast as they could, the driving winds seemed to lash the cold rain into their soaked bodies.

They were drenched and shivering with cold when they finally reached the shelter of his car. Her wet, fresh smelling hair hung limply down over her shoulders. The wet material of her blouse clung against her tits, deliciously revealing her big hard nipples.

Leaning over, Mike gently kissed her half-opened, child-soft lips. Libby enthusiastically returned the gentle, warm kiss. She enjoyed the feel of his hard, yet tender mouth.

Turning on the car, he headed back down the highway, both of them shivering in their cold wet clothes, and finally suggested they stop by his apartment for dry clothes.

Libby was impressed with the beautiful high-rise apartment as they rounded a corner, and turned into the underground garage beneath the building. She was even more impressed with his luxurious apartment and the breathtaking view of the bay and the San Francisco skyline.

“There should be plenty of clothes in the closet in that bedroom,” he said, indicating a door. “My sister often stays here when I’m out of town.”

“Thank you,” she smiled.

“There’s a bathroom to the left of the closet,” he continued. “I’m sure you’ll want a warm shower.”

When she had gone, he went to his own room and quickly showered and changed into dry clothes. He was waiting for her in the living room when she came out. She looked beautiful in a short, simple sleeveless dress.

“You look lovely,” he smiled appreciatively.

Libby walked over and sat next to him on the wide sofa.

“Gosh, that’s a beautiful view,” she sighed, looking out through the window.

“So are you,” he smiled down at her.

Instinctively Libby turned her soft parted lips up to his. A warm glow surged through her body when her probing little tongue made gentle contact with his.

Drawing her face back and looking up at him, she softly whispered, “You kiss neat.”

Smiling, he drew her soft pliant lips against his eager mouth again. Slowly their tongues entwined.

The feel of her warm little tongue swirling sensuously around in his mouth was driving Mike wild with excitement. He drew her soft, resilient little body tightly against his. He could feel his hard cock throbbing in the confines of his clothes. With her body being held so close to him, she, too, could feel it pressing against her. Instinctively she reached down and lightly touched the hard bulge in his pants.

It was like an electric shock to Mike when he felt her delicate fingers lightly caressing his straining cock through his clothes.

Their mouths locked in a deep, delicious kiss, she continued to gently stroke his excited prick.

“Your little friend down there acts like he wants to come out,” she whispered as she lightly flicked her tongue against his ear lobe.

“He sure does,” gasped the excited man.

Deftly opening his zipper, she slipped her little hand in and gently withdrew his hot fleshy pole.

“Oh, God,” he moaned at the touch of her warm gentle fingers on his excited bare cock.

Libby’s gentle squirming had pulled up her short dress, revealing a big slab of soft naked thigh.

A searing flame rushed through his excited body when he placed his trembling hand on her warm, naked flesh. The feel of her softly yielding thigh made his cock throb wildly in the girl’s hand.

Gently she squeezed and massaged his big rubbery knob in her fingers. The feel of the big hard bulb sent delicious tingles rushing through Libby’s hot little fuck-hole.

Slowly caressing the soft yielding flesh of her naked inner thigh, Mike’s hand was slowly creeping up toward the hot muskiness of her steaming little cunt.

Their mouths slightly locked in a deep, tongue-entwined kiss, their hands continued to gently explore each other’s sensitive naked flesh.

“Oh, God,” Libby whispered with delight when his probing finger finally made light contact with her eager little slit.

The feel of her hot, wet cunt flesh sent a shudder through Mike’s big frame.

Feeling his finger slowly slipping through her juicy cuntlips, Libby began stroking her hand up and down the entire length of his stiff prick.

“Honey,” she whispered. “Why don’t you take off your dumb clothes?”

When he stood up to disrobe, Libby quickly slipped out of her dress and lay back against the cushions to watch him. Warm sensations raced through her cunt when he dropped his shorts, revealing himself completely. Libby always enjoyed the sight of an erect cock, but there was something erotically delicious about the sight of Mike’s smooth, hard dick trusting up from his crinkly, hairy balls, swinging gently between his muscular legs. She loved the jaunty angle of his big prickshaft pointing proudly up in front of him.

Looking at the lovely naked girl on the sofa sent the blood pumping even faster into his swollen tool. He stared at her luscious, wet pussy, deliciously exposed between her open thighs.

When he walked back to the sofa, Libby reached out and gently grasped his throbbing cock. As he stood trembling with excitement, she sat up and slowly began licking the tip of his hard prick with her little wet tongue.

Holding his cock in one hand, she continued licking it while she reached up between his legs with the other and gently caressed the sensitive underside of his balls, letting her fingers occasionally brush lightly over his asshole.

Slowly opening her mouth, she wrapped her soft warm lips around his blood-bloated knob. Sucking gently on the big swollen bulb, she fucked her hot little tongue against the sensitive flesh at the base of the cockhead.

“God, that tastes good,” she sighed, moving her soft lips back and forth over the end of the big tool.

Standing there, Mike’s legs were trembling violently with excitement. Removing the knob from her mouth, she began licking the entire underside of his big, spit-soaked dick. When she had completely saturated his rod with her warm saliva, she began licking and sucking on his balls. When they were fully soaked, she again inserted his cock deep into her hotly sucking mouth.

Feeling his body tensing up, Libby quickly released it to prevent an early ejaculation. Sensuously lying back, she opened her arms and smiled up at the big handsome man.

Shaking with excitement, Mike quickly lay down beside Libby and drew her warm body tightly against his. The feel of her soft naked flesh pushing against the full length of his hungry body was almost more than he could stand. Her lush tits and hard nipples seemed to burn into his bare chest.

Sensing this, Libby sensuously rubbed her big jugs against his tingling flesh. Holding him tightly against her, she covered his lips with her open mouth and passionately trust her tongue deep into his throat. Reaching down, she grabbed his hard, fleshy pole and rubbed it against the soft warm flesh of her smooth belly.

Slowly rolling onto her back, she spread her legs.

Then, taking his hand, she inserted his finger up into her juicy little slit.

“Please fuck me,” she whispered into his ear. “Please fill my cunt with tat beautiful big cock.”

Needing no further urging, Mike crawled between her open thighs.

Reaching down and grasping his hard dick, she slowly guided it up toward her hot, steamy little fuck-hole. Her body tingled with excitement when she felt his spongy cockhead probe against her slippery cunt hole. Raising her hips to help him, she felt his huge knob slip trough the hot juicy opening of her eager cunt.

Mike shuddered with delight as he felt his big cock rubbing against the soft, inner twat flesh that was so deliciously squeezing his throbbing meat.

“Oh, my God, that feels good,” he gasped as his sensitive cock continued sliding up through her hot, grasping cunt hole.

The feel of his massive tool pressing against the deliciously stretched walls of her hungry little snatch sent thrill after thrill racing through her body.

When he had his dick in her cunt balls deep, they lay perfectly still in a warm embrace, enjoying the ecstasy of their tightly coupled bodies.

After several motionless moments, Mike began gently sliding his hard shaft in and out of her hot, slippery cunt.

Libby shuddered in ecstasy at the feel of his smooth pole slithering in and out against the hot slippery walls of her sensitive fuck-hole. The thick ridge of his bloated knob rubbed deliciously against the hot inner flesh tat seemed to suck and squeeze on his powerful shaft.

“Oh, God,” she whispered as his fuck machine slithered in and out of her twat like a well-oiled piston. Closing her eyes, she was conscious of the delicious slurping sound of his cock pumping in and out of her hot, slippery hole. She could feel the sticky juices dripping down over her ass. She was conscious of his warm balls slapping against her tingling asshole.

She seemed to be suspended, floating under this beautiful big body that was giving her such intense pleasure.

“Oh, Christ, honey!” she squealed hysterically when he began speeding up the tempo of his long, smooth fuck thrusts. “That’s it, baby, give it to me good!”

It felt like her whole body would explode with ecstasy as he began humping faster and deeper into her hungry little cunt.

“Oh, yes, Mike!” she squealed with delight. “That’s it, honey! That’s it!”

His driving cock was quivering excitedly as it rubbed against the smooth, slippery ridges of her foamy cunt passage. The pleasure was so intense that Mike was no longer in control of his own movements and muscular spasms were now driving his cock in and out of her juicy twat with savage intensity.

“That’s it, baby!” she squealed in rapture as his prick ripped madly in and out of her red-hot pussy. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard!”

Her squeals of delight made the lurching, pounding man screw even faster and deeper.

“Faster, honey, faster! Fuck me, baby! FUCK ME!!” she screamed hysterically as she felt the iron-hard cock ripping and tearing into her sex-crazed cunt.

“Split me open, baby!” she shrieked, sinking her teeth and nails into his shoulders. “Fuck, honey! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCCCKKK!!”

The whole world seemed to explode into one giant orgasm for her when she felt his tick jizz gushing against her spasming cunt walls.

“Oh, Christ!” she shuddered. “I’m coming! I’M COMING! COOMMMIIINNNGGG!!”

Her little body lurched and shuddered in ecstasy as she felt his fuck juice still spurting into her ravaged, trembling cunt.

“Oh, God,” she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “Oh God, Mike, that was terrific.”

When he rolled over onto his back, Libby quickly crawled down and slipped his throbbing, shrinking lump of meat into her mouth. Sucking frantically, she withdrew the last tasty drops of spunk into her slavering mouth. His body was lurching in delicious agony as she continued savagely sucking on the spent cock. Libby wanted it to stay hard. Her body was writhed with intense excitement. She continued sucking, hoping his prick would become rigid again. She wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked by this wonderful man.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered with delight when she felt the fleshy cock begin to swell again in her mouth.

Mike shuddered with pleasure as he, too, felt his cock beginning to throb with new excitement.

Still sucking his dick, she reached under his big crinkly balls and gently slipped her finger up into his quivering asshole. It was like an exciting electric shock racing through Mike’s body when he felt her finger inside his sensitive bung.

“Oh, Christ, Libby!” he groaned with unrestrained joy.

She could feel his cock throbbing and swelling in her mouth as she gently swirled her little finger around in his dark, hot shitter.

When his rod was fully erect, Mike drew the girl up into his arms.

“Oh, God, Libby, I love you,” he gasped into her ear. “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

After that first night, Libby spent more and more time at Mike’s apartment. While still living with, and enjoying the company of her family, she stayed with Mike two or three nights a week.

She had brought him over to meet her friends, and although he found them a bit strange, he liked them, and in return they seemed to accept him as Libby’s old man. She continued having sex and fun with her family when she wasn’t with Mike.

At first he resented the fact that she preferred to spend Saturday nights with her friends, but gradually came to accept it as one of her special little oddities. He constantly proposed marriage, and although Libby was very fond of him, she always laughingly evaded the question.

Early that spring, she was having lunch downtown with Mike. She had an appointment with a doctor but had told Mike that she was going shopping. It was decided that they would have a late lunch at Polo’s, and ten they would meet again for cocktails.

While waiting for their table, a tall blond man with a big friendly smile on his face rushed across the room toward them.

“Well, Ted!” exclaimed Mike when the man approached him. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for months.”

“Hi, Mike,” he beamed. “It has been a long time.”

“Ted,” he said, turning to the girl, “I want you to meet Libby.”

“Hi,” he smiled.

“Hello, Ted,” Libby softly replied.

“Old Ted here is my very best friend,” continued Mike, “and we haven’t seen each other for ages.”

Mike insisted that Ted join tern for lunch. Sitting quietly, Libby listened to them reminisce over old times. There was a carefree buoyancy about the man that she liked.

When they had finished their lunch, Libby glanced down at her watch. “Oh, I didn’t realize it was this late. I have to go. I’ll meet you at five, honey,” she said to Mike, kissing him on the cheek.

When she had gone, Mike turned to his friend. “She’s really a great gal.”

“You’re telling me!” Ted gasped. “Where the hell did you meet her, you sly old dog.”

“Oh, I’ve known her for a few months,” was his reply.

“For a few months?” sighed Ted. “You must be worn out.”

“Why should I be worn out?” Mike asked. “Shit,” laughed his friend, “it wears me out watching her!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Mike asked.

“Shit,” Ted laughed, “who the hell are you trying to kid?”

“Sorry, Ted,” replied Mike in a puzzled voice, “I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“How long have you known her?” he asked again.

“Since last December,” Mike replied.

“How well do you know her?” asked his friend. “Well enough to marry her if I can talk her into it,” was Mike’s reply.

Ted stared at him in disbelief.

“You really don’t know, do you?” he gasped at Mike.

“Shit,” snapped Mike, “you don’t even make sense.”

“Do you know what she does for a living?” Ted asked.

“Nothing,” was the answer. “She lives with some friends.”

Ted sat looking at his friend.

“Christ, Ted,” Mike finally said, breaking the silence. “I don’t understand you.”

“My God, Mike,” he suddenly blurted out, “she’s a fuck artist.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Hell no, I’m not crazy,” was his reply. “I’ve seen her act three or four times.”

“You must be mistaken,” Mike hissed.

“Sorry Mike,” was the soft reply. “I’d know her anywhere. She puts on one hell of a show with a big stud.”

“But she couldn’t,” argued Mike. “She’s with me most of the time.”

“Maybe so,” Ted sighed, “but she’s on the stage at The Pink Stud every Saturday night.”

When Libby left the doctor’s office, her suspicions had been confirmed. She was pregnant.

Walking down the street, she was filled with a glowing excitement. She was thrilled that she was carrying Mike’s baby, and she knew how happy he would be about it. He had asked her so many times to marry him, and now tonight she would accept.

She arrived at the lounge early, but Mike was already waiting for her.

“Hi, honey,” she smiled, sitting down next to him.

Not answering, he just stared at her. Libby could tell he was half-drunk, something he seldom did.

“What’s the matter, darling?” she asked.

“Libby,” he replied in a dull voice, “have you ever heard of The Pink Stud?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“What do you know about it?” he continued. “I work there,” was her honest reply.

“On the stage?”


Getting to his feet, Mike laid some money on the table.

“Here’s your fucking cab fare,” he whispered as he quietly walked away.

Libby never saw him again.


Libby’s daughter was born in November. Wanting the baby to have a family name, Libby christened her Patty.

During her pregnancy, the family took care of her, and because Libby had saved enough money, they had been able to live quite comfortably while waiting for the baby’s arrival. The boys picked up some extra part-time work, which was a big help.

When little Patty was four months old, Libby went down to see Rico about going back to work.

“Hello, Libby,” he smiled when he saw her. “It’s nice to see you again.”

“Hi, Rico,” she giggled. “How are you doing with your fringe benefits?”

“So you’re still a smart-ass,” he grumbled. “How’s your kid?”

“Fine,” she replied. “But now I need a job to support her. Can you still use our act?”

“Shit, honey,” he sighed. “Things ain’t the same with this new Goddamned police commissioner. Everytime I try to put on a show, they raid the joint.”

“God,” she sighed. “I really need work.”

“Well,” he said after a pause. “I got a few contacts where I can send you out to private parties, but they don’t pay much.”

“What do they pay?” she asked.

“They pay a hundred bucks,” he answered. “Fifty for the broad and fifty for the stud.”

“Christ,” mumbled Libby. “That’s a crock of shit.”

“I know that, honey,” Rico sighed. “But that’s the goin’ rate these days.”

“Hell,” she continued. “I’ve gotta make some bread. Can you fix me up?”

“There’s a party Thursday night, if you want it,” he answered.

“With Stan?” she asked eagerly.

“Nope, he disappeared months ago,” was his reply. “But I’ll make sure you get a good stud.”

“What’s the deal on this party?” she sighed.

“It’s a business meeting. They’re all officers of some corporation that’s gathered here. They want some entertainment with their dinner tomorrow night,” he answered.

“Where and at what time?” she asked.

“Ten o’clock,” as he began scribbling a Nob Hill address on a piece of paper.

At exactly ten o’clock the next morning, she stepped out of her cab in front of an imposing mansion. The door was opened by a very impersonal butler, who immediately escorted her to a small library that adjoined the big reception hall.

After waiting for about ten minutes, a man entered the room.

“I’m Grant Darwood,” he smiled. “Where’s your partner?”

“I’m Libby,” she replied. “Isn’t he here?”

“Not that I know,” was his answer. “Well,” she smiled. “He’s probably a little late.” Libby studied the man standing over her. He was a tall, distinguished-looking person in his early forties. His deeply tanned face was accented by the sprinkling of gray hair around his temples. His strong features seemed to give him an expression of calm authority.

“I certainly hope he gets here soon,” he said in a gentle, deep voice. “My guests are getting anxious.”

With that, he turned and let the room. Libby stood up, impatiently pacing back and forth.

“Well, it looks like he won’t be here,” the man sighed when he returned a few minutes later.

“I’m sorry,” she said with genuine remorse. “So am I,” was his reply. “My guests are going to be very disappointed.”

“Maybe I can put on an act by myself,” she timidly suggested.

“Well,” he laughed quietly. “I don’t think a solo would excite them. They’ve seen plenty of naked dancing girls.”

“But I’m not a dancer,” she giggled. “Im a fucker, and I’ll just bet I can give them an exciting act.”

“Well,” he paused. “They are expecting something. What will you do?”

“I don’t know yet,” replied Libby. “But if I can go in there, I’ll think of something.”

“I guess I don’t have any choice,” was his answer as he opened the door for her.

They entered a deeply carpeted room where eight or ten men were sitting around, nervously sipping drinks and waiting for the show.

Smiling coyly, she sat down between two men on a wide sofa.

“All right, boys,” she called out merrily. “Pull your chairs and sofas up closer so we can all get to know each other better.”

There were a few moments of confusion as they pulled and dragged the furniture up around the girl. This was followed by a nervous silence when they finally sat down again.

“First of all,” she began with a big innocent smile, “I was invited to come here tonight to give you an exhibition of fucking.”

There was a restrained laugh from the group of men.

“But,” she continued, “my partner didn’t show up, and it’s awfully hard for a girl to fuck without a hard cock.”

This remark was answered by a few more quiet laughs.

“Without my partner, you won’t be able to watch me get fucked,” she said in an innocent little voice, “so all I can do is describe it to you.”

There was an audible grumble from the men.

“Now don’t be rude to your teacher,” she teased, standing up, removing her panties. Pulling her short skirt up above her hips, she sat back down and spread her soft young thighs, lewdly exposing her juicy little slit to their lustful eyes.

“This,” she smiled, pointing suggestively between her show, “is a cunt.”

Closing her eyes and laying her head back, she began sensuously running her fingers up and down her luscious, wet slit.

“A girl loves the feel of having her clit touched,” she whispered, her eyes still closed.

There was a murmur of excitement as they watched her. Libby’s head was thrown back, eyes closed, mouth half-open as she writhed her cunt against her probing fingers.

“But,” she giggled, opening her eyes, “it feels better when a man touches it.”

Reaching over, she grasped the hand of the man next to her and guided it toward her pussy.

“Don’t be afraid,” she teased sweetly when she felt him resisting. “It won’t bite you. Hot little pussies don’t have teeth in ’em.”

The men all chuckled at his embarrassment.

“See how juicy it feels,” she whispered as she pressed his fingers against her wet pink gash.

“Now, honey,” she smiled, laying her head back and closing her eyes, “please put your finger way in deep. It makes me feel so good.”

Already excited by the feel of her moist cuntlips, the nervous man quickly thrust his finger into her oozing cunt hole.

“Oh God, that feels good!” she gasped. “Now push it in and out. That’s it, baby! Oh, Christ, that feels good!”

Writing her cunt up against the plunging finger, she began squealing in delight. “Thats it, baby! That’s it! Faster, honey, faster! Oh, shit, that feels good!”

Sitting up, she removed his finger from her twat and slowly brought it up and sensuously licked it clean with her soft little mouth.

She smiled slowly at the flushed group of men.

“Now,” she giggled, standing up and slowly removing her dress, exposing her lush boobs. “A girl loves to have her tits caressed and sucked.”

Placing her hands beneath the big jugs, she gently pushed them upwards and together, then twirled the hard nipples between her fingers.

“Oh, God, that feels good!” she whispered, closing her eyes.

“Here, honey,” she said, bending over an excited man who was sitting across from her. “Please touch these tits.”

“Come on, baby, touch ’em,” she teased when he made no advance. “You must do what the teacher says.”

Taking his shaking hands, she rubbed them gently against her soft, naked boobs.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it,” she gently moaned.

Then slowly moving around the room, she let each man fondle her knockers for a few seconds. She could tell that the men were losing their nervous restraint as they eagerly grabbed for her luscious boobs.

“Now,” she smiled, returning to her seat between the two men on the sofa. “There’s something tat feels better to a girl than a finger, and it’s called a cock.”

The men burst into laughter.

“Don’t laugh,” she whispered with a naughty little twinkle in her eyes. “There’s nothing in the world that I like better than to be fucked by a big, hard cock.”

The men were moving excitedly in their chairs. She knew that she was breaking down their nervous reserve.

“Now,” she smiled to the man on the other side of her, “may I use your cock for a little demonstration?”

Blushing and moving away from her, he nervously crossed his legs.

“Come on, honey,” she whispered softly. “I’ll handle it very carefully.”

He pulled farther away.

“Go on, Frank,” said one of the men. “Let her use your cock.”

“Yeah,” laughed another. “Show her how big it is.”

“All right,” she giggled to the heckler, “why don’t you bring yours over here?”

“Yeah, Sam!” the crowd shouted. “Let her use yours.”

Sexually excited and being spurred on by the crowd, Sam walked bravely over to the girl.

Reaching up, she quickly opened his fly and removed his cock. Although it wasn’t the largest cock she had ever seen, it was rock-hard and felt good to her. The men sat in a state of excitement as they watched her gently stroke Sam’s stiff, fleshy pole. Pulling him closer to her, she pressed his rod between her full jugs. The shy man next to her stared excitedly as he watched Sam’s big rubbery knob working up and down between her lush knockers.

Releasing the man’s cock, she smiled up at him.

“You’re a good boy. Now if you’ll remove your pants and shorts and go sit down for a minute, the teacher will have a big surprise for you.”

Sam quickly obeyed.

Turning to the shy man beside her, she gently placed her hand on his crotch.

“Now doesn’t that feel good?” she whispered as she felt his cock throbbing trough his pants.

When he didn’t answer, she quickly pulled down his zipper and released his big prick.

“That’s a beauty,” she whispered, lightly running her fingers around the base of his big cockhead. “Please take your clothes off.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he stood up and began to disrobe.

“Gentlemen,” she smiled to the group as he was undressing, “if you will all please take your clothes off, I have a big, delicious surprise for all of you.”

There was a big scuffle in the room as they hurriedly obeyed.

When the man next to her had completely disrobed, he sat back on the sofa. An excited hush fell over the room when Libby crawled between his legs and, taking his big cock in her hands, began rubbing it gently against her innocent-looking face.

There was an audible gasp of excitement when they saw her warm open lips slide over his blood-bloated knob as it disappeared into her hot little mouth. She sucked and licked it gently for several minutes before she released his dick.

“Now don’t go away,” she whispered, kissing him gently on the lips. “I’ll be back.”

Standing up, she looked at the excited group of men, their rock-hard cocks standing eagerly out from their naked bodies.

The only person in the room who was not undressed was Grant Darwood, leaning nonchalantly against the wall.

“How am I doing?” she whispered, walking over to him.

“Fantastic,” he smiled.

“Then get your fuckin’ clothes off,” she giggled.

“I’m the host,” was his smiling response.

“Maybe you are,” she grinned teasingly as she reached for his fly, “but I’ll bet you’ve got the best-tasting cock in the room.”

“Please don’t,” he said nervously, gently moving her hand away.

“Come on, Grant!” the men shouted when they saw him resisting. “Join the party.”

Slightly embarrassed, he slowly removed his pants.

“Now your shorts,” she persisted.

When he was finally completely undressed, Libby was stroking the biggest, thickest cock she had ever seen. Wild flashes raced trough her cunt as her fingers lightly traced over the big sinewy pole of hard meat.

Inserting the swollen knob in her hungry mouth, she reached up between his legs, cupping his heavy balls in her hands. His body was trembling with excitement as her soft hot lips slipped up and down over his bloated cockhead while her talented little tongue fucked deliciously around the sensitive underside of its base.

“Oh, my God,” he whispered hoarsely as he leaned back against the wall for support.

Her hot slavering mouth was frantically slurping and sucking on his rigid meat. His legs were shaking violently from the delicious ecstasy of her blow job.

The group of frantically excited men was staring in disbelief, most of them absently stroking their own hard dicks.

Animal like grunts and groans were coming out of his gasping throat. Little Libby was out of her mind with the excitement of the big cock in her mouth. Clutching at his ass, she pulled him closer to her, sucking madly on the delicious big dong. There was a glazed expression on his face.

Feeling him tensing for an orgasm, she sucked his prick faster and harder.

She heard him let out a wild, uncontrollable scream as his hot, thick jizz gushed into her eager mouth. It spurted faster than she could swallow, and the other men stared at the thick, sticky fuck juice drooling out of the corner of her frantically sucking mouth. She continued sucking until the last drop of cum was extracted from his tense balls, then gently licked his big shaft clean a the men stared in wild excitement.

Libby left Grant Darwood leaning limply against the wall when she joined the others.

“Now,” she giggled in a naughty little voice, “you guys are going to give me the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life!”


Lying down on the deep, plush carpet, Libby spread her thighs and looked up to the group of naked, stiff-cocked men who were standing around her.

“Now, boys,” she smiled softly. “I want you to form a line, and you will take turns fucking the slit out of me. The first man gets thirty strokes, and if he hasn’t come, he goes to the back of the line and the next man gets thirty strokes. We’ll keep it up as long as you guys can. When a person comes, he’s out of the game and must go sit down. Do you understand?”

“Yeah!” they answered excitedly.

“And,” she continued, “I want to hear all of you counting the strokes.”

She smiled up at the first man in line who was eagerly grasping his stiff cock.

“Okay, baby,” she whispered softly as she brought her knees up, spreading her thighs even wider apart. “Here’s my juicy little pussy, so start fucking.”

Quickly dropping to his knees between her soft, luscious little legs, he guided his quivering stiff prick up against her hot slit. He shuddered with excitement as he felt his knob touch the hot, juicy flesh of her smoldering fuck-hole. Waves of ecstasy washed through his loins as his sensitive cock slid into the hot sucking tissues of her hungry little cunt.

“That’s it, baby,” she whispered excitingly as she felt the stiff rod sliding up into her steaming twat. “That’s it, honey, now fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“One… two… three… four…” the men began chanting in cadence as he started driving his cock in and out of her warm little box.

By the time he reached thirty strokes, he was fucking her with deep, hard thrusts.

The man behind him frantically tore him loose and excitedly dove between her legs, slamming his hard cock up into her cunt with one lusty stroke.

“Oh, Christ, baby, that feels good!” she squealed as the man wildly pounded his cock in and out of her snatch at a furiously fast speed.

On his twenty-second stroke, Libby unexpectedly felt his jizz spurting into her cunt. He shuddered violently for a few seconds, ten rolled over to make room for the next man.

By the time the last man in line had his turn, three had been eliminated through ejaculation.

“Hi,” she giggled when the man who had been first to start crawled between her legs for the second time.

Without answering, he plunged his big dick up into her slick, juice-drenched little slit. Not rushing, he took long, lusty strokes that ripped deliciously up into Libby’s quivering little cunt.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed with delight. “That’s it, baby! Oh, Christ, that’s good! Harder, honey, harder! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Libby could feel her orgasm building up, and she tore and clutched at the man, thrusting her cunt up in wild anticipation of each flesh-ripping drive of his big, brutal prick.

“Oh, baby!” she shrieked as her climax neared. “Fuck, baby! FUCK!”

She was just on the verge of exploding when she felt the throbbing cock pull out of her twitching cunt. He had completed his thirty strokes.

“Don’t!” she screamed hysterically. “Don’t stop, you bastard!”

By the time she had shrieked the sentence, she felt a fresh big cock slithering up her excited hole.

Grasping the new partner tightly in her arm and screwing her grasping little cunt up against him, she whispered, “Fuck me hard, baby. Please fuck me good.”

Her pleading voice excited the man to the point of driving his pole in and out of her grasping twat with a wild ferocity.

“That’s it, baby!” she squealed, feeling her orgasm building up again. “Don’t stop! Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard!”

Clutching the man even tighter, her little body began shuddering violently as she exploded into a mid-shattering orgasm.

“AAAUUUGGGHHH!! EEEEEHHHH!!” she screamed, covering his mouth with hot wet kisses.

Realizing what had happened, the man stopped pumping.

“No, don’t stop!” she sobbed. “I want more! I want to come again and again!”

The man continued fucking Libby until he had completed his thirty strokes and then his cock was replaced by another.

As the night wore on, Libby hazily realized that this was the longest fuck she had ever experienced. During the course of the marathon, she had climaxed several times, and there were only two men left, the man who had been first in line and Grant Darwood.

Her body smeared with jizz and cunt juice, her eyes glazed with sex and her little mouth hanging open with passion, she eagerly welcomed the two men in and out of her grasping arms.

It was with a little pang of regret when she felt the first man’s sperm squirt into her twat. She knew that with only one person left, this deliciously long fuck session would soon end.

Opening her thighs wide, she welcomed the last man, Grant Darwood, between her sperm-slippery legs.

“God, honey,” she whispered into his ear as she felt his big cock sliding up into her cunt. “You’ve really got staying power.”

“Do you mind?” he smiled, grasping her slippery little asscheeks and pulling her up tighter against the base of his cock.

“Shit, baby, I love it and there’s no thirty strokes this time. You can just keep that gorgeous big cock in my hot pussy until you come.”

Libby trembled in ecstasy at the delicious feeling of the big, thick pole of meat rubbing delightfully against her inflamed cunt walls.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, holding him tighter. “Give me a good ride, baby. Fuck me good!”

Soon her legs were flying up in the air as his massive whang pounded ferociously in and out of her dripping snatch. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper he sank his huge tool into her writhing, grasping cunt.

The circle of men stared excitedly at the two, wildly fucking bodies on the floor. They could hear the slap of hot, slippery flesh. As his big prick pumped into her hole, they could see the flow of white sticky juices oozing out of her swollen pink cuntlips. Their eyes bugged out with excitement watching her delicate little fingers probing around the tight sensitive ring of his hairy shale.

They gasped as loudly as Grant Darwood did when she unexpectedly rammed her finger up his ass to the last knuckle.

The feel of her finger swirling around in his sensitive bung sent the man reeling to new heights of ecstasy. Roaring like a bull, he drove deeper and harder into the writhing cunt beneath him.

“Shit!” she squealed with delight. “Oh, shiiiitttt! Oh, that’s it, Daddy! Fuck me good!”

The two frantically coupled people crashed on and on toward the inevitable climax that was rapidly approaching.

Everything was a delicious blur to Libby as she felt the orgasm building up, ready to explode through her whole body. The feel of his hard, thick tool ripping into her hungry cunt was so profoundly delicious that her pleasure-crazed nerves could hardly stand it.

Unaware of what she was doing, the girl was screaming and squealing with uncontrolled passion.

She was only dimly aware of the thick, hot fuck juice gushing out of his relentlessly pounding dong as she violently exploded into an earth-shaking orgasm. Her body shuddered and trembled beyond control as she rocketed into the dizzying heights of complete fulfillment.

Pulling his face to hers, she covered his lips with her open mouth.

“Oh, God, baby, that was great,” she whispered into his ear as the intense orgasm began to recede.

It was wonderful tat the longest fuck of her entire lifetime had ended with such a fantastic climax. When they got off the floor, it was obvious to everyone that the party was over. The men began dressing when they saw the sperm-soaked little girl putting on her dress.

Grant Darwood escorted her to the library, where he asked her to wait until his guests had departed.

When they had gone, he returned to the library where he sat down in a chair across from Libby.

“You’re some girl,” he smiled at her.

“And you’re some cocksman,” she giggled.

“Libby,” he said, “I know that we had agreed to pay you fifty dollars for an act with a partner who didn’t show up, but what you did tonight is worth five hundred dollars.”

“Shit,” the girl laughed, “I had a real ball.”

“Take this,” he smiled, handing her two five-hundred-dollar bills. “Five hundred for tonight and an extra five hundred if you’ll stay here with me over the weekend.”

“Gee, Mr. Darwood,” she replied appreciatively, “I’d love to stay, but I’ve got to go home and make arrangements for someone to take care of my baby.”

“You have a baby?” he asked in surprise.

“Yes,” she replied. “I have a little four-month old girl.”

“But you’re just a child yourself,” he continued. “How old are you, Libby?”

“I just turned eighteen,” she giggled.

“Okay,” he suggested. “Let me call a taxi for you, and you can come back tomorrow evening after you’ve made arrangements for your child.”

“I’d like that,” she whispered suggestively. “I’d love to spend a weekend with you and that delicious big cock of yours.”

Smiling, he got up and went over to the phone and called for a taxi.

When Libby awakened the next day, she could hardly wait to show the thousand dollars to her family.

“Where the hell did you get that?” asked Patty. “Five hundred dollars for the longest fuck I’ve ever had in my life, and another five hundred for spending this weekend with the biggest, juiciest cock I’ve ever tasted,” she laughed proudly.

“The longest fuck you’ve ever had?” asked a puzzled Turk.

“Yep,” she replied. “It lasted over four hours.”

“Who the hell can fuck for four hours?” asked Whirley Bird.

“Nine or ten guys,” she giggled.

The boys shook their heads in disbelief.

“I’ve found the neatest game that we can play when I get back from my weekend,” she smiled at the boys. “You all take turns fucking me, thirty strokes each.”

“Christ,” laughed Patty. “You’re the damnedest sex machine I’ve ever met in my life.”

Patty was more than willing to take care of the baby, and Libby returned to Grant Darwood’s home the next evening.


“Hello, Libby,” he smiled, opening the door himself. “I’ve let all the household help have the weekend off so that we can be alone.”

“I’m glad,” she whispered, standing on tiptoes and kissing him lightly on the cheek. Taking her bag, he escorted her up the stairs to a fabulous master bedroom with a balcony that overlooked the city.

Placing her bag on the bed, he led her to the terrace where he had prepared a table with a cold supper and iced champagne.

“Oh, this is neat!” she squealed with delight as he held a chair for her.

“I’m glad you like it,” he replied.

“Wait a minute,” she exclaimed excitedly. “Let me change into something fresh for this little dinner party.”

“Okay,” was his reply as she dashed for her little bag in the bedroom.

Grant stared in stunned silence when she reappeared, slowly spinning around for his benefit.

“Do you like it? I just bought it this afternoon,” she giggled excitedly.

“My God!” he gasped. It was a sheer, flimsy white gown that clung seductively to her curvaceous little body. Her big luscious nipples were boldly revealed trough the thin material, as was the soft triangle of pussy hairs nestled between her lovely thighs.

“You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met,” he whispered softly as he seated her at the table.

They conversed and laughed easily as they slowly ate and sipped the cold, bubbly champagne.

When the meal was over, she quickly moved over and cuddled herself into Grant’s lap. Grant trembled with excitement, feeling the warmth of her body through the sheer material of her flimsy gown.

Gently reaching under, he moved his hands up against the soft warm flesh of her inner thighs. She mewingly fucked her tongue around the lobe of his ear.

She felt relaxed and comfortable in the man’s lap. Little ripples of excitement ran through her body at the feel of his hand slowly caressing the naked flesh of her thigh.

Taking his face in her hands, she drew his mouth down to her moist open lips, her tongue delicately twining around his. Libby trembled in anticipation as she felt his hand slowly moving up her leg to the warm musky area of her eager little pussy. Their lips locked in a deep soul kiss, she felt his finger probing against the tingling flesh of her juicy slit.

“Mmmm,” she whispered into his ear as she felt his finger slipping into her hole. She opened her thighs a bit wider, giving him better access to her eager pussy. Even through his trousers she could feel his big cock straining to be released.

Quickly standing up, she lowered his zipper and freed his big cock. Turning her back to the seated man, she raised her gown and slowly lowered her hot juicy cunt down over his purple knob.

“Oh, God,” she whispered with delight as his rod slipped smoothly into her eager little fuck-hole. When she finally had lowered herself all the way down on his lap, she could feel his throbbing cock deliciously buried deep in her snatch.

Feeling him reach around her waist, grasping her big soft tits through the sheer material of the upraised gown, she began to rotate her hot little pussy around the base of his deeply embedded cock.

He was excitedly kneading and twisting her big hard nipples while her grasping little cunt continued to slowly swirl around his fleshy pole.

After what seemed like hours of sensually rotating her pussy around the base of his cock, she began a slow up and down movement. She was trembling at the delicious feeling of the big hard piece of meat moving up and don against the sensitive, grasping flesh of her slippery cunt walls.

“Oh, Christ!” she squealed in ecstasy as she quickened the strokes. “That’s the biggest, hardest prick I’ve ever felt!”

Grant Darwood was now violently thrusting up to meet every downward stroke of her little ass. His body was lurching frantically toward a shattering climax when she suddenly stood up, his big cock making a slurping, sucking sound as it reluctantly slipped out of her cunt.

“Don’t come yet, honey,” she whispered dropping to her knees in front of him. “I want to suck you off, and then we’ll go to bed and really fuck up a storm.”

He smiled down at the childlike face, looking up at him through innocent eyes, as her baby-soft lips slid over the head of his throbbing cock.

“You’re so lovely,” he whispered to her.

“So’s your prick,” she giggled, temporarily removing it from her mouth.

Her hot, wet tongue twirled deliciously around the sensitive base of his knob while her ups gently sucked the throbbing cockhead. Grant’s body was shaking and twitching in ecstasy as he watched her lovely little face working up and down over his pleasure-crazed prick. Her excited eyes were smiling mischievously up at him as she sensed that his lurching balls were about to explode a load of delicious hot fuck juice.

His hands frantically clutching the arms of the chair, his head thrown back with glazed eyes staring at the spinning night sky, his huge frame shuddering with uncontrollable ecstasy, he could feel the impending orgasm building up deep in his nuts. The whole terrace seemed to disintegrate into flashing lights as he felt his jizz gush wildly out of his throbbing cockhead.

Libby was ready when she felt the delicious hot jizz squirt into her eager little mouth. Frantically sucking and swallowing, she clutched and milked the big fleshy shaft.

“God, that tasted good,” she whispered, removing the spent cock from her mouth while licking her sperm smeared lips.

The exhausted man gently caressed her face as she laid her cheek against the sticky flaccid meat of his soft dick.

Slowly getting up and sifting in a chair, she watched her companion reach into the ice bucket and pour them another glass of champagne.

“Here’s to the most exciting young lady I’ve ever met,” he hoarsely whispered, lifting the glass in his trembling hand.

“You’re neat,” she giggled, sipping her wine. “And you have the biggest fuckin’ cock I’ve ever felt in my life.”

He smiled, and for the next few minutes, they silently drank their wine, watching the glittering lights of San Francisco spread out below the terrace.

When the cool chill of the evening fog began to creep across the city, they decided to go inside. Taking off her flimsy gown, Libby threw herself onto the big luxurious bed.

Lying naked with her hands behind her head, she seductively opened her legs, exposing the moist pink flesh of her cunt.

“See what’s waiting for you?” she smiled up at him as she watched him slowly undress. When he dropped his shorts, she was pleased to see that his thick cock was slowly becoming erect again. As he lay down on his back beside her, she reached over and gently brushed his prick with her fingers. Feeling it throb at her light touch, she began gently massaging his rod. Gradually, the big pole of meat reached a full erection that was almost too big for her to grasp in her hot little hand.

“Jesus, I love to feel that big cock,” she whispered, reaching down and cupping his massive balls in her other hand.

Getting onto his knees and grasping his hard dick in his hand, he brushed his rubbery knob lightly over her luscious nipples.

“Oh, shit, that feels good,” she giggled excitedly at the feel of his hot knob rubbing on her sensitive buds.

Gently straddling the girl’s waist, but not putting any weight on her, he placed his throbbing dong between her big jugs. Taking her soft tits in her hands, she squeezed them around and against his trembling cock. He began excitedly thrusting his prick up and down between her soft boobs while she squeezed them around his smooth rod.

Suddenly stopping, he moved back down and buried his face in the musky dampness of her hungry little cunt.

“Ooooh!” she squealed in delight as his hard tongue gently pushed through the opening of her slit.

Her body trembled delightfully at the feel of his tongue swirling around in her juicy pussy.

“Oh, God, honey, that feels good,” she whispered, arching her hips and running her fingers trough his thick wavy hair.

Removing his tongue from her puffy gash, he sucked her hard clitoris into his warm mouth.

“Oh, honey, suck! Suck! Suck!” she screamed in ecstasy as his tongue fucked deliciously around the sensitive organ. “Don’t stop, honey! Don’t stop! That’s driving me crazy!”

Her squeals of pleasure sent a maddening thrill through his prick, propelling his tongue at a quickening pace.

“EEEEAAAGGGGHHH!!” she screamed hysterically. “I’m gonna come, baby! I’m gonna come!”

Quickly removing his mouth, he violently spread her thighs with his hands and drove his big cock up her slippery fuck-hole in one savage stroke.

“AAAUUUGGGHHH!!” she shrieked in both pain and ecstasy. “OH, Mr. Darwood, fuck me good!”

“Please call me Grant,” he gasped, plunging his prick in and out of her drooling twat.

“All right, Grant,” she moaned. “But fuck me good, Grant baby, fuck me good!”

Clutching his ass with her hands, she thrust her hips up to receive every battering blow of his savagely driving fuck machine.

“I’m coming, Grant baby! I’M COMING!” she screamed hysterically, her orgasm beginning to swallow her just as she felt his hot sperm gushing up into her trembling snatch.

“Oh, Christ, that feels good!” she sobbed, sinking her nails and teeth into his smooth flesh.

When their trembling, passion-riddled bodies finally recovered from their shattering orgasms, they drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep, locked in each other’s arms.

For the remainder of the weekend. Grant and Libby spent every minute in the bed or on the terrace, leaving only long enough to go down to the kitchen and prepare light meals.

When Sunday arrived, Grant was quiet and seemed troubled. Libby could feel tat his thoughts were miles away, and it bothered her because she was very fond of the handsome man.

“Libby,” he suddenly asked when they were sitting quietly on the terrace, “would you go away with me?”

“Go away with you?”

“Yes,” he continued, not looking at her. “I’m the president of Darwood Construction Company, and because of our many overseas contracts, I must spend most of my time abroad. Our main office is in Paris, and I must return next Wednesday. I want you to go with me.”

“But, Grant,” she answered softly, “I can’t do that.”

“Why not?” was his reply.

“Honey,” she smiled, “have you forgotten that I have a baby?”

“No,” he replied. “I want to take the baby with us.”

“This is crazy,” was her confused reply.

“It’s not crazy,” he argued. “I’ve been thinking about it for the past two days and it really makes sense.”

“But, Grant,” asked the girl, “why do you want me to go with you?”

“Because,” he replied slowly, “I think you’re the most exciting girl I’ve ever met. I even think I love you, and I’ve never thought about love before.”

“But…” she began.

“I know,” he interrupted. “I know that I’m old enough to be your father, but I’m in a good financial position, and I can give you and your daughter a fine life.”

“Grant,” Libby replied in a soft firm voice, “I’m only eighteen years old, but one thing that I’ve learned in my short life is that I’m a free spirit. I could never stand to be tied down.”

“But I don’t intend to tie you down,” he pleaded. “It’s your free spirit that makes you so exciting. We don’t have to get married. Just come with me and see if it could work out.”

“Honey,” she smiled, placing her small hand over his, “I don’t want anyone to own me.”

“I don’t want to own you,” was his argument. “All right,” she giggled. “What would you say if I was in a horny mood and met some stud and wanted to let him fuck me?”

He stared at her for a long time.

“See,” she continued. “I must be free. I’m being honest about it. Forever is a long time, and I don’t ever want to feel guilty about what I might do.”

“You’re a very honest girl, Libby,” he said.

“You do understand how much my freedom means to me, don’t you?” Libby smiled to him.

“Yes, Libby,” he smiled softly. “And I promise not to take it away from you. Will you come with me?”

“Honey,” she said in a confused voice, “this is all so sudden. I don’t have clothes to wear. I just can’t grab up my baby and run away.”

“Look,” he argued. “I’ll have my secretary go out and select some proper clothes for traveling, and when we get to Paris, we’ll buy you and the baby a whole new wardrobe. You’ll love it over there.”

Libby giggled, “It sounds exciting.”

“Honey,” he quietly asked, “How do you feel about me?”

“I think you’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met,” was her honest answer.

“Will you go to Paris with me?”


Libby’s family was stunned when she got home and told them the news.

“I can’t believe that you’re leaving,” smiled Patty. “But it is a wonderful opportunity for you.”

“Shit,” grumbled Whirley Bird. “When you’re gone, we’ll only have Pat to fuck.”

“You rotten bastard!” Pat laughed, playfully swatting him across the ass. “If you keep talking like that, you won’t even have Pat to screw.”

They all laughed at the girl’s remark.

“I’ll sure miss all of you,” sighed Libby. “You’ve been a real family to me.”

“And we’ll sure miss that juicy little cunt of yours!” Turk shouted from the kitchen.

“I’ll bet you will,” Libby called back to him. Then quickly taking her dress off, she flung herself onto the bed.

“Come on, guys,” she giggled. “Let me show you how to play the thirty-stroke marathon fuck game.”

Later that night, when an exhausted Whirley Bird was the final one to shoot off into her sperm-drenched cunt, Libby smiled over at Patty.

“Now that I’ve taught you the game,” she giggled, “you guys can play it with Pat.”

“Oh, shit,” Pat laughed. “My poor cunt will never replace your little fuck machine.”

Wednesday night the family was at the airport to wave good-bye as Libby, clutching the baby in her arms, walked up the ramp with Grant Darwood to board Flight 16 to Paris.


Two years later they were married.

Grant legally adopted little Patty, and the three of them moved to a lovely old house just outside of Paris. Libby kept her girlish figure and temperament as the years passed on. Deeply in love with Grant, she still had a few of her outside sex orgies that he quietly ignored.

One evening when she was hornier than usual, Libby had gone down to a little cellar bar on Place Pigalle where she presented a free fuck show on a table. Laughing and squealing with glee, she took on several men to the audience’s big delight. When she got home and told Grant about it, he just smiled and thanked her for her honesty.

Then there was that time in Rome when she spent a full weekend in a hotel with four bullfighters. Grant had been worried to death when she had not come home for two nights, but he was so relieved when she returned that he forgave her when she told him where she’d been. Regardless of her occasional escapades, the best part of those years was the beautiful sex life with her husband. Instead of decreasing in intensity, their bedroom sessions improved with the years.

Regardless of Libby’s occasional affairs, she never did anything to embarrass Grant. Their friends and business acquaintances all considered her a sweet vivacious wife, completely loyal to her husband.

Most people considered him to be little Patty’s father, and he could not have treated her daughter any better had she been his own flesh and blood. Patty grew up with the security of her loving parents, who always included her in all their activities.

Although their home was in Paris, his business took him all over the world, always accompanied by his wife and daughter. They even spent a few weeks out of the year back in the United States. On one occasion when they stopped in San Francisco, Libby had gone over to see her family, but the old apartment house had been replaced by a parking lot.

Libby and Patty were in New York on her daughter’s eighteenth birthday. Grant had flown down to Miami on a two-day business trip and had promised to be back that night to celebrate Patty’s birthday.

The young girl was spending the afternoon shopping while her mother was doing some errands. It was agreed that they would meet back at the hotel around five o’clock, and at seven-thirty they would meet Grant’s plane and go out to dinner to celebrate the girl’s birthday. Libby finished earlier than she had expected and returned to the hotel shortly before one o’clock.

Waiting for the elevator, she noticed two well-built young men standing there. They were probably of college age, in their late teens or early twenties. As they stepped aside to let her enter, the one boy gave a low whistle.

“Thank you for the complimentary whistle,” she said when the door opened.

The young men blushed embarrassedly.

“What-what floor?” stammered one of them.

“Seventeen,” was her reply.

“Gee,” blurted one of them. “That’s our floor.”

“Where are you boys from?” she asked politely. “Indiana,” one of tern replied. “We’re graduating this spring and Carlisle Industries invited us to New York for a job interview.”

“Mothers should keep their daughters locked up while two handsome brutes like you are roaming the streets,” she kidded.

“Maybe you should watch out, too,” the big blond kid said nervously, trying to show bravado in front of his friend.

“Maybe I’d like it,” she answered their corny remark in a seductive voice.

The two boys blushed, not knowing how to answer.

Libby suddenly had a wild desire for their strong young inexperienced bodies.

When the elevator stopped on the seventeenth floor, the three of them walked down the hall together.

When they reached her door and she began to unlock it, one of the boys said, “Gee, you’re right across the hall from us.”

“Weil,” she giggled softly. “Then why don’t you try seducing me?”

“Then would you like to come in and see our etchings?” blushed this dark-haired young man, trying to be impressive.

Smiling to herself, she looked up and said, “Yes, I’d love to see your etchings.”

Not knowing what to say, the other young man nervously unlocked the door, and without a moment’s hesitation, Libby strode in ahead of them.

“Don’t lock the door,” she smiled over her shoulder. “If you fellows try to get fresh, I want to be able to escape.”

“Where are the etchings?” she continued, surveying the room.

When there was an embarrassed silence, she turned to them. “You boys didn’t get me in here for any funny business, did you?”

She was really enjoying the boys’ nervous confusion.

“May I use your bathroom?” she suddenly asked.

“Certainly,” stammered the blond young man. “It’s right through that door.”

When she was alone, Libby quickly removed her hose and undergarments, stuffing them into her bag.

Returning, she seated herself in a chair opposite a sofa where the two young men were nervously sitting. Seating herself, she had made certain that she pulled her skirt up to reveal plenty of bare leg.

“Well, fellows,” she smiled warmly. “What shall we talk about — sex?”

“Hell, yes,” they laughed nervously.

“Okay,” Libby whispered in a soft voice, recrossing her legs. “What do you know about sex?”

“Everything,” was their bold answer. Pretending to adjust her shoe, she raised her knee, and opening her legs, blatantly exposed her cunt to their unbelieving eyes.

When she looked up at them, their eyes were riveted on her little pussy.

“Haven’t you guys ever looked at a pussy before?” she giggled in a childlike voice.

The boys were too nervous and excited to answer. Standing up, she walked over in front of them and slowly lifted her skirt above her waist.

“Now, fellows,” she purred in a low whisper, running her finger lightly up and down her pink cuntlips, “take a real good look.”

Their faces flushed with excitement and embarrassment, they stared bug-eyed at her soft, juicy slit.

“Come on, honey,” she smiled, taking the blond boy’s finger in her hand. “Touch it. I love to have my pussy touched.”

She could feel his hand shaking with excitement as she guided his finger into her hot little cunt hole.

Removing her dress, she quickly laid on her back across both of their laps.

“Come on, guys,” she giggled. “There’s enough cunt and tit here for both of you to play with.”

The dark-haired boy, who she later learned was Rex, began caressing her big round tits while the other one began stroking his finger in and out of her slippery cunt.

“Oh, Christ, that feels good,” she whispered. “Oh, yea, don’t stop.”

After a few minutes, she stood up and faced them. “Now take your own clothes off, and we’ll have a real party.”

When they had hurriedly disrobed, she was pleased to see that they both had smooth, hard young cocks.

The blond young man named Ed quickly sat down on the chair, his delicious hard pole thrusting up toward the ceiling. Without hesitating, Libby quickly dropped to her knees between his legs, and, gently grasping his throbbing prickshaft, she began licking the tip of his knob with her warm little tongue. She felt the boy jerk with excitement when her tongue flicked the underside of his sensitive cockhead.

Then slowly opening her hot, juicy lips, she sucked his big knob into the warmth of her eager mouth.

Moving her head up and down, she was taking his throbbing tool deep down into her throat. They boy was lurching and trembling as her hungry mouth bobbed up and down over his pleasure crazad cock. Through the corner of her eyes she saw Rex, wild with the excitement of watching them, madly stroking his own blood-bloated cock.

“Don’t waste that juice on the floor,” she giggled, momentarily removing her mouth from Ed’s dick. “Slip it up my cunt from the rear.”

Quickly dropping to his knees behind the kneeling woman, he grasped her hips with one hand while he guided his cock toward her wet, juicy hole with the other.

Libby squirmed with delicious anticipation as she felt the head of his hard cock probing against her eager cuntlips. Feeling the quivering cock slowly moving through the juicy opening of her cunt, she threw her little ass back against him, squealing with delight as his cock plunged smoothly up into her hot snatch.

Slurping greedily on the delicious cock embedded in her mouth, she trembled with excitement, feeling Rex’s hard smooth pole racing in and out of her passion-crazed cunt.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed between sucks. “That’s it, baby! That’s it! Fuck me hard, fuck me hard!”

Grasping her hips, the boy was driving furiously into the woman’s grasping, sucking fuck-hole. Every wild stroke tore deliciously through Libby’s pleasure-mad body. The feel of the hard rubbery cock in her mouth and the flesh-ripping tool screaming in and out of her cunt was almost more than she could stand.

Feeling the other boy’s dick start to jerk in her mouth, she was prepared for the stream of hot delicious fuck juice tat squirted out. She sucked and swallowed frantically as the young healthy boy continued spurting his big load into cock-hungry mouth.

Finally releasing the spent cock from her juice-smeared lips, she began violently throwing her ass back to get the full penetration of the other boy’s savage lunges.

“My God!” she shrieked hysterically. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me good! Split my cunt open, honey! That’s it! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

The big rod continued pounding into her pleasure-saturated box.

“Oh, shit! EEEEAAAGGGHHH!!” she screamed, exploding into a star-studded orgasm at the feel of his thick warm jizz gushing into her eager fuck-hole.

While the three exhausted people rested, Libby cradled their faces against her big, soft jugs.

“Gosh,” she suddenly said, getting up, “I’ve got to leave. I have an appointment at a very special birthday party.”

After making herself presentable in the bathroom, she kissed the boys on the cheek and slipped quietly across the hall to her own suite.

Entering, she heard a soft giggling sound from the bedroom. Walking across the room she opened the door and was about to speak when she saw Grant’s big balls and ass pumping up and down between her young daughter’s little thighs.

She stood frozen with shock.

“Oh, gee, Daddy,” she heard little Patty giggle, “I love it when you fuck me.”

Libby stared at her husband’s big juice-slickened prick sliding in and out other daughter’s wet little slit, so delicately surrounded by downy pussy hairs.

Her little thighs were trembling with uncontrolled excitement.

“Fuck me good, Daddy, fuck me good,” she was passionately whispering into the man’s ear.

Libby could hear the exciting sound of his big dick squishing in and out of the child’s hot juicy cuntlips. She could see the stream of twat juice running down the girl’s soft little ass.

Libby felt a surge of excitement ripple through her body when she heard her little girl’s squeals of delight when Grant began fucking harder and deeper into the girl’s hot little snatch.

“That’s it, Daddy!” she squealed. “Fuck me hard, honey! Shit, Daddy, you’re the best fuck in the world! Oh, God, that’s good, Daddy! Faster, honey! Faster!”

Libby turned away and quietly closed the door on the two naked people who were fucking madly toward an orgasm. Smiling softly to herself, she thought about Big Red. It had been a long time since the memory of Big Red had entered her mind.

The cycle had been completed.

Quietly leaving the suite, she rapped on the boys’ door.

“Hi, guys,” she smiled. “Would you like a little more fucking? My party started without me.”

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