Donny’s Hot mom 4.

Marsha Gilroy stood impatiently on the front step, her pert eighteen-year-old body jiggling up and down as she bounced on one foot waiting for the door to open. Marsha, a pretty brunette, was chewing gum loudly and humming off-key. She was wearing a skimpy bikini and a half-open terrycloth robe.
Laurel remembered now. Marsha was supposed to come over this evening to stay with Donny in case Laurel’s date kept her gone all night and Laurel had casually mentioned that if the good-looking little babysitter wanted to come over early and use the pool with her and Donny, it would be okay.
Marsha obviously wanted to get a jump on the bathing suit season, too. She was four hours early!
“Donny, get your swimsuit on,” Laurel turned and yelled down the hallway. “Marsha’s here! We’ll just have to continue our… uh, lessons some other time.”
“Okay, Mom, I’m ready,” Donny’s voice came back to his mother.
Laurel nodded and opened the door. She smiled at the young girl, noting the fullness of the firm, youthful tits, the sleekness of the eighteen-year-old girl’s thighs.
“Well, hi, Marsha, didn’t expect you this early!” Laurel gushed as she invited the girl inside. “Come in, please.”
The lovely teenager sauntered in, her well-developed hips swaying provocatively as she moved. The brunette’s big tits jellied in their thin restraints when Marsha plopped herself on the couch.
“Are you and Donny gonna join me by the pool?” Marsha asked. “Remember, you said it’d be okay to come by and sun.”
Laurel nodded. She supposed she might as well lay out for a while longer. Now that the babysitter was here, she and Donny couldn’t do what they really had wanted to do – fuck each other silly!
“I’ll just slip this robe off and join you two,” Laurel said, wanting Marsha to think she had her suit on beneath the terrycloth. It seemed less suspicious that way.
Marsha smiled and went outside, grabbing the transistor radio off the kitchen table as she went. Before Laurel could even get out of the living room, she could see Marsha’s curvy young body spread-eagled on the warm cement, the radio blasting away on a rock station.
“Kids!” Laurel told herself, hurrying down the hallway to change to her suit.
The sun had grown caressingly, glowingly hot in the late afternoon. It beat down on the trio of sun bathers like warm oil flowing onto their languid bodies, relaxing them completely. Laurel made herself a jug of wine coolers and the kids a pitcher of grape drink. They had been pinching the wine behind her back, giggling and gulping it down, and the half-tipsy Laurel merely winked at it, letting them think that she didn’t see them pouring the dark wine into their plastic glasses.
By three o’clock, all three of them were acting silly and laughing a lot. Marsha seemed to sense there was some new bond between mother and son that hadn’t been there before, but she was too inexperienced to guess its nature. She just shrugged and gulped her wine and joined in the fun.
“Mmmmmm, Jesus! Look at the line I’m getting!” Laurel suddenly noticed aloud as she looked back over her body.
The statuesque blonde was lying on her stomach, looking back toward the house. The swimsuit tie cutting across her sumptuous flesh had moved a little when she turned, exposing the white crease.
Without even thinking about it, Laurel undid the strap, freeing her big tits from the top’s confining cups. Casually, the stunning blonde slipped the discarded top free and dropped it next to her, her mammoth tits puddling beneath her on the pavement as she lay her face on her crossed arms.
“W-Wow!” Laurel heard Marsha breathe excitedly.
Laurel got up onto her elbows and turned to face the girl. Marsha was sitting wide-eyed and staring a few feet away, her eyes riveted on the older woman’s spectacular set of tits. Laurel smiled and looked down, noting that from where Marsha and Donny sat, you could just see the very tops of her pink nipples. But because of the size of Laurel’s breasts that still meant you could see a lot of tit!
“What’s the matter, honey, haven’t you ever seen a pair of tits before?” Laurel asked innocently enjoying the younger girl’s discomfort at her casual nudity. “Don’t you take gym in school? Or do they have private shower rooms, one to a girl there now?”
Marsha turned red all the way down to her own bulging tits. She shook her head and shrugged.
“Uh, no, Mrs. Hutton, I mean… yes!” the embarrassed eighteen-year-old stammered. “That is, I’m trying to say that I do take gym and I’ve seen lots of ti… girls naked. It’s just that, you know, I mean with Donny here and all… I just thought that… I mean, it certainly doesn’t bother me! It’s just that…”
Laurel ended the girl’s hopeless attempt to get out of her verbal predicament by cutting her off. The beautiful blonde laughed.
“Oh, God, honey, Donny’s seen scads of knockers! You should see his room. It’s just bulging with Playboys and Penthouses, not to mention some of the porno magazines he keeps hidden at the top of his closet that show a lot more than a bare boob or two!”
Now it was Donny’s turn to blush in front of the two females. Marsha and Laurel giggled wickedly at the boy’s sheepish grin and helpless turn to crimson.
“Besides,” Laurel went on. “I don’t think it’s unhealthy for a boy to see his mama in the raw once in a while, not if she’s got a good shape. And I think my shape is at least… adequate, don’t you?”
The gorgeous older woman lifted her massive, solidly out thrust tits free of the concrete, presenting them like a pair of prize soccer balls for Marsha’s critical inspection. The pebbly little nipples stuck out like tiny pink knobs and the flesh was creamy white and utterly flawless.
“M-more that adequate!” Marsha gasped at the view. “You have got to have the biggest, prettiest tits I’ve ever seen!”
Marsha became embarrassed at the silence that followed her blurted admiration. She turned her eyes downward.
“I’d give anything to have tits like that,” the girl muttered just loud enough for Laurel to hear.
“Oh, I don’t know, yours look pretty nice right now,” Laurel was quick to compliment the girl. “And you’re young. You might gain an inch or two in cup size over the next couple of years!”
Marsha looked very pleased at that prospect. “Do you really think so? And do you really think they look good now? I was always afraid that they were a little too… uh, you know, big on the ends. Too big in the, uh, well, that is to say, I always wished I had small, pretty nipples, like yours!”
Marsha was painfully aware of Donny’s presence again. It was clear that, like most young girls, she wanted desperately to believe that she was as pretty as she hoped she was. Assurance from a knockout like Laurel Hutton would go a long way to ease her girlish mind. But the young boy sitting next to her made talking about breasts size and shape and things in that category very difficult.
“Let’s see what you’ve got, honey,” Laurel suggested in a bright, easy tone.
“Wha-What?” Marsha burst out.
“You know. Why don’t you join me in going topless?” Laurel asked, an impish grin playing across her pretty features. “Let’s take a look at your tits, and you can get a better tan at the same time.”
“B… But… Donny!” Marsha croaked, turning and staring at the boy.
“It’s perfect!” Laurel assured her. “Donny’s not really all grown up yet, but as I told you, he knows a good set of tits when he sees one. It’s all boys think about when they’re his age, from what I read about it. He can give you the male view. Come on, Marsha, don’t be such a young prude! Have another slug of that wine you’ve been filching all day and join the party! Hell, I thought all you teenage chicks were liberated and unafraid!”
Marsha shook her head as if she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Laurel’s verbal jab about being a prude and unliberated had obviously reached the girl, but she wasn’t quite ready to prove that she was as liberated as the next girl by taking off her top – not quite yet. She took another big blast of wine, straight this time as Laurel had suggested.
“I dunno, ’bout thiz!” the girl slurred awkwardly as the heady wine hit her solidly and almost immediately, courtesy of the warm afternoon sun.
“You do what you want, honey,” Laurel sighed, pretending she was tired of waiting. “But I’m not letting this good tanning light go to waste a second longer. No sir, I’m getting me an all over tan, while the getting is good!”
With that, Laurel drained off what was left in her wineglass, feeling the rush overtake her as she finished it. Calmly putting down the empty glass, Laurel undid her bikini bottom and wriggled out of the tiny triangles of cloth that had barely covered her pussy and ass crack.
Marsha watched in something like awe, as the delicious body of the older woman came into view. Laurel spread her long, sleek legs and poured suntan oil onto them, massaging her ass and thighs until they gleamed with the shiny stuff.
Sitting up, Laurel bathed her entire, heart-stopping body in oil. She worked it into her mountainous tits, smoothed it across her ribcage and down onto her nonexistent tummy. The trailing, caressing fingers rubbed the warm goo into the velvety skin until Laurel glowed like a perfectly chiseled, well-oiled alabaster statue.
“Good God! What a fuckin’ bod you got!” Marsha sighed under her breath.
“Well, don’t just sit there,” Laurel smiled back at the girl. “Show us yours.”
Objections somehow overcome by the wine and the sight of Laurel’s naked, gleaming body, Marsha reached back and started to undo her own top. She fumbled with the ties a little, her motor reflexes reduced by the wine.
“Next to you, I look like a boy, practically.” Marsha said shyly, finally getting the stubborn top loose. She let the ties slide through her fingers, the long strands of material and the cups fluttering off her chest and hanging into her lap.
“No danger of anyone thinking a boy could have tits as big and pretty as those!” Laurel hissed excitedly as the round, firm tits spilled into view.
Marsha’s tits were as she had described them. Large and full and globe-shaped, with big, brown nipples that jutted defiantly outward into the bright spring sunlight. Both Laurel and her son’s eyes were glued to the springy spheres as they gradually bobbled to a stop.
“I sure know some boys who’d like to have tits like that,” Donny whispered hotly. “To play with, I mean!”
Marsha blushed but not as badly as before. It obviously pleased her that a good-looking youth like Donny approved of her bared tits with their nipples.
“Yes, they’re really nice,” Laurel agreed, slightly mesmerized by the younger girl’s naked, gently rising and falling tits. “Their size is perfect, darling. They’re just big enough to really get a man’s attention, and hold it. And yet they’re not a bit saggy. And they make your waist look so TRIM! I never realized how thin your tummy was before, dear. Nor how well developed your ass is. It’s really very shapely. You ought to take off your suit bottom, before you ruin your tan with those ugly white lines.”
Laurel made the suggestion in a friendly, off-hand manner. She was trembling with excitement and lust inside. It had been many years since Laurel had handled another girl’s body with sex in mind, but she could sense that Marsha was going to be different. Laurel somehow had to have this one. She had to share Marsha with Donny, to bring all three of them into the closest most intimate of bonds.
“Uh… Gee, this is kind of neat,” Marsha’s voice was shy and tentative as she looked around the high-fenced, very private little yard. “I mean they sun-bathe nude in France and places like that all the time, don’t they?”
“Sure,” Laurel was enthusiastic, encouraging. “And that nice little ass of yours would look so much better with an all-over tan instead of those awful suit lines!”
Marsha looked around guiltily, a gleam of adventure in her big, brown eyes. Donny was playing it as cool as he could, staring off the other way as if he had grown tired of the sight of his mother’s cunt and had no interest in seeing Marsha’s bared, dark-furred muff.
“Well,” Marsha drawled, teasing all three of them for a moment longer. “I don’t really see any harm, and an even tan would look a lot better.”
Her voice trailed off and the thin bikini strings trailed slowly down her shapely thighs, uncovering her pretty pink slit and its surrounding thick brown fur. She kicked the suit away and sat facing Laurel with those big eyes full of fear and longing.